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Party like a gardener Plant a Row–Grow a Row event kicks off the season By Theresa McManus

DIGGING IN Claude LeDoux, coordinator of the Plant a Row–Grow a Row program, is getting set for a kickoff spring party. The program provides fresh produce to the food bank through collections from local gardeners. PHOTO JENNIFER GAUTHIER

If you dig gardening and helping those in need, you’ll want to attend the Plant a RowGrow a Row program’s spring gardeners’ party. Along with speakers offering valuable tips on growing fruit and vegetables, the 16th annual spring gardeners’ party will include coffee, tea and goodies, as well as lots of door prizes. It’s being held on Thursday, March 12. “I have lots of things to give away,” said program coordinator Claude LeDoux. “We have plants to give away, some seeds.There will be some garden-starter kits.” The Plant A Row-Grow a Row program holds weekly collections from June to October at St.Thomas More Collegiate and transports the donations to the local food bank. continued on page 8

Seismic upgrades could be delayed Education Minister sets new date for completing upgrades on schools after discovering depth of work required to meet goals By Tereza Verenca

It’s unclear if Richard McBride and F.W. Howay will be affected by recent news that seismic upgrades to all B.C. schools listed as high-risk will take longer than originally anticipated. At a press conference last week, Education Minister Peter Fassbender addressed why the province’s $2.2-billion seismic mitigation program will be completed by 2030 for Vancouver schools and 2025 for everyone else.The original forecast pegged the completion date at 2020.

Stephen Gorrie CELL

“When we announced the program, there was a lot of misunderstanding of what it would take to seismically upgrade the projects.What we didn’t know is the reality, when you get into it and take down walls and you look at foundations, and all the engineering necessary to achieve that goal,” Fassbender told journalists. The revised date was suggested by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C., a group that’s worked closely with the government over the years to roll out the program. “In the overall scheme of things, I think everyone at the end of the day will be very

happy that it’s done and that it’s still a reasonable time period. In the big scheme of things, we don’t see the extra five years being highly significant, considering what is being achieved in that period,” said APEG member Graham Taylor. Meanwhile, the superintendent of the New Westminster school district told the Record he’s planning on making some phone calls. “I want to make sure we’re still on target and that the two schools that are due for seismic upgrades will still be done as per schedule,” John Gaiptman said. Fassbender said an issue for the Vancouver School Board has been its inability to bring forward “project definitions that are bathed in good engineering and good science.”

Tracey Davies,


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Gaiptman said this is not the case for his district and that the relationship with the ministry is very collaborative. “We’re good at getting all our proposals in on time.There has been no issues between New West and the ministry when it comes to timelines,” he said. McBride Elementary School currently has over 400 students and is on the province’s radar for being replaced, while F.W. Howay is in need of some retrofitting. “The fact is we are learning what highrisk means, and it keeps changing.What I want to see, as a parent and a superintendent, is work being done at all times to ensure our schools and students are kept safe,” Gaiptman said. To comment on this story, go to

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2 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

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Candidates face late-filing fees Two of the 13 candidates vying for seats on the New Westminster Board of Education will face financial consequences for failing to file financial disclosure statements by the Feb. 13 deadline. Elections B.C. has notified the city that Glen Armstrong and James Pepa didn’t file disclosure statements as required by the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act and will now face a $500 late filing fee. The Local Election Campaign Financing Act requires candidates to file disclosure statements within

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: New Westminster/Burnaby medical health officer Dr. Lisa Mu distributes leaflets at the Patterson SkyTrain

station in support of a Yes vote in the upcoming transit plebiscite. PHOTO CORNELIA NAYLOR

Vote Yes: A prescription for a healthier lifestyle

Health officer says aYes win in upcoming transit referendum could boost the city’s health more than many of the drugs doctors prescribe By Cornelia Naylor

Dr. Lisa Mu, whose job is to promote health among the residents of NewWest and Burnaby and protect them from health risks, came out in support of the Yes side this week. “This is one of the most critical decisions that we can make for public health in the Lower Mainland probably for this decade and probably many more to come actually,” she told the Record. In NewWest, Mu said the biggest transportationrelated health challenge facing local residents are the 450,000 vehicles streaming through the city daily. “They don’t have an origin or a destination in New Westminster,” she said, “and that has huge negative impacts for the health of that community: congestion, air pollution, longer commute times.We know that people who spend more time commuting in their cars are less likely to engage with their commu-

nities and they have lower levels of social connectedness, which is really important for health and well-being.” Approval of the proposed $7.5-billion transportation plan and a new 0.5 per cent regional sales tax to help fund it would mean a new, four-lane, tolled Patullo Bridge, 50 per cent more service on the Expo Line, doubling of Millenium-Line service, new all-day service every 15 minutes on Eighth Avenue and more frequent peak service on 12th Street. It would also help reduce NewWest traffic congestion by increasing rapid rail south of the Fraser. All that would be good for the health of the local population, Mu said. She said she decided to speak out this week because the campaign is at a critical point and she has come to realize most people don’t associate transportation with health. “I want residents to have the opportunity to consider all of the facts before they make a decision,” Mu said.

Beside the negative health impacts of traffic congestion (air pollution, stress and community disconnectedness), Mu is urging residents to consider the health benefits of making transit better. “A bus trip is really an interrupted walking trip,” she

People walk to the bus stop, they walk to the SkyTrain ...

said as an example. “People walk to the bus stop, they walk to the SkyTrain and then they walk at the other end. People who take transit to work are not going to be driving to go somewhere for lunch.They’re going to be walking for their errands, walking for lunch during the day, and these are all steps that accumulate over the course of the day.Then, over the course of months to years, we see huge differ-

ences.” Transit users in the Lower Mainland are twice as likely to walk 30 minutes a day and more likely to meet daily activity recommendations than non-transit users, according to a study last year cited by Mu. “That has huge benefits in terms of chronic disease prevention and in terms of mental health and well-being,” she said. For Mu, who walks, cycles, takes transit and drives to get around, the upcoming plebiscite is not about TransLink, but a No win would delay what she calls “critically needed transportation improvements.” “I think that there’s been a lot of conversation about the politics,” she said, “and I think that folks really deserve to hear what some of the facts are, and I think that as a medical health officer, I have a responsibility to speak up on issues that I think are really important for the health of my communities and for the health of the region.”

90 days after general voting day for a local election. Disclosure statements may be filed for another 30 days (120 days after General Voting Day) but must be accompanied by a $500 late filing fee. Armstrong placed ninth in the race and Pepa came in 11th spot. Rajiv Pandey didn’t spend any money on his quest for a seat on the New Westminster Board of Education, while Mark Gifford topped all candidates in spending at $15,801 – By Theresa McManus

High-fives for lacrosse program By Tereza Verenca

The New Westminster school district is applauding a local partnership that has taught lacrosse to some 3,000 elementary school students over the last two years. At a committee meeting on March 3, school board trustees heard from Paul Manville, the inspiration behind a district-wide kindergarten-to-Grade 5 lacrosse program. The Qayqayt Elementary principal wanted to introduce an initiative that would expose kids to the sport. “Lacrosse is huge in New West and I have deep ties to it. Both my kids play, so it seemed like a really good idea at the time,” he told the Record. Instructors come in every day for a week and teach the basics, like how to cradle or pass. “It’s an impressive partnership that provides a sporting experience to kids across the district. It’s always really important to give them opportunities to try new things,” said board chair Jonina Campbell. Two years ago, Manville connected with Darren Flintoff, president of the New Westminster Minor Lacrosse Association, and asked him if the club would sponsor the endeavour. Flintoff jumped on board with a $10,000/year commitment.Three staff mem-

bers from the city’s parks and rec department were then hired for the job. “The strength of this program is definitely the instructors.We’re really proud of it because it would be extremely expensive for the schools to provide something like this,” Manville added. “The kids love it.What’s neat is that there are some who play the game and when they come, they’re excited because they’ve had some experience, but despite the fact minor lacrosse has the most registrants per capita across Canada, there’s still a lot of kids who have never picked up a stick.” This year, the association also gave every school a class set of 30 sticks, a gesture Manville hopes to capitalize on. “It’s great, because it might allow us to extend (the program) to an afterschool program, now that we have the equipment in place,” he said. Despite the success of his idea, Manville admitted he isn’t certain about its future. “The way it exists now, in terms of funding, that’s a question I couldn’t answer. Whether it’s something we can sustain will be up to wait and see,” he said. As for a possible lacrosse academy, Manville said there’s a lot of interest in setting one up, but plans are still in the “development stage.”

4 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

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Opinion OUR VIEW

AGLG’s office a huge disappointment

Even Premier Christy Clark sounded a bit underwhelmed by the work – or lack of – of her very own B.C. office of the auditor general for local government (AGLG). And so she should be. This past week a report was leaked which revealed that the department suffers from a lack of direction, constantly shifting priorities and an overworked staff who are dissatisfied with the new organization and the

work they do there. Sound familiar? Actually it could characterize a lot of workplaces, but with a couple of huge differences.The first one being that this dysfunction is paid for with taxpayer dollars, and the second one being, not only were staff overworked they didn’t even complete many of the assigned goals of the office. Which seems like a bit of a contradiction in terms – but apparently you can have overworked people not pro-

ducing work. In the two years the office has been open, it has completed only one audit – one on the town of Rossland – when it was expected to produce 18 – yes, 18. And, to top it off, it took two years to produce that one at a cost of $5.2 million. given that the office operates on $2.6 million a year. Clark said: “I would have hoped that there was more than one audit out the door by now.”

We would have hoped she might have noticed about a year and $2.6 million ago. But to cut the AGLG’s Basia Ruta some slack, she may have underestimated the task set before her. Municipalities and towns often develop their own very personal financial practices. Those practices are intertwined with political policies creating a potential labyrinth of elements in any audit. As well, we suspect, most towns and municipali-

ties – unless they have been abandoned by their political honchos – will not be trying to make it easy for the AGLG’s office. Ruta put it more diplomatically when she said: “There’s quite a bit of diversity in how local governments actually conduct business, and so the processes they have, they’re quite individualized.” We can see some politicians wringing their hands with delighted glee.The

AGLG’s office was considered a potential tool for the Liberals to muck around with left-leaning cities under the guise of making sure taxpayer money was being used properly. But if the AGLG’s office can’t even operate its own shop – well, they’ve pretty much lost any credibility they may have had to begin with. And, frankly, that’s too bad. They could have done some good..


Yes side isn’t winning votes The transit plebiscite ballots are set to arrive in homes starting next week, which means the campaign over whether or not to hike the sales tax by a half point in MetroVancouver is really just beginning. Up until now, much of the “debate” between the Yes side and the No side (which largely takes place in media news stories) has been lost on most voters. But what has become clear, judging from comments on social media and media web sites, is that the No side has uncovered a simmering anger directed at the organization that is most directly linked to the plebiscite issue: TransLink. I pointed out several weeks ago that theYes side had to get voters focused on potential transit improvements flowing from that tax increase, and away from thinking about TransLink. But I see no evidence that theYes side has been successful on that front. Last week, the Mayors’ Council announced that billionaire Jimmy Pattison, who oozes credibility, will chair a committee to oversee the money collected by the tax hike. All well and good, but I doubt Pattison’s appointment will trump the ill will directed at TransLink over a number of issues. For example,TransLink’s decision to change its CEO, while a good one, became a public relations fiasco when its board admitted it was actually going to keep the out-

going CEO on full salary while paying the new CEO a full salary as well.That was done to avoid a huge severance payment, but any rational explanation was lost in the furor over the bad optics of paying two huge salaries. While most transit experts rank the TransLink system as one of the best in North America and other jurisdictions, it has earned a reputation (unfairly at times) as a bloated, wasteful and tonedeaf organization. The new CEO, Doug Allen, should be able to make some much-needed changes.TransLink is also getting a capable new communications director, Marc Riddell, which should also lead to some improvements. But to turn TransLink’s public image into a positive one will take a lot longer than the few weeks voters will have their hands on those plebiscite ballots. TheYes side seems increasingly desperate, as it flings out big numbers when it comes to reduced travel times or costs if the tax hike is approved and suggests an apocalyptic outcome if it is not. But all of that talk, I suspect, is nothing more than noise for most folks.What isn’t noise, however, are those entrenched negative attitudes towards TransLink. And that is reason enough to worry theYes side. Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global B.C.



This is one of the most critical decisions that we can make for public health Dr. Lisa Mu on the transit vote




Party like it’s 1999 Fears about theY2K bug weren’t keeping city staff in New Westminster up at night. On the eve of the new millennium, while some electrical department staff were on standby in case of glitches, residents were encouraged to ring in 2000 with an old fashioned town square party. From 2 to 5 p.m. families were invited to take in Hyack Square for an Old English Town Square celebration.

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Here’s why I’m voting No to transit tax hike

Split opinions on parkade demolition

Dear Editor Despite the encouragement of Mayor Cote and others, I am voting no and here is why. In addition to the increasing property tax rate, we just received our water, sewer, garbage bill. I seem to recall that this used to be part of the property tax; however, with this year’s charge being north of $1,200, I can see why they separated the two. Considering the parking tax, carbon tax, gas tax, property tax, I’m somewhat surprised there isn’t a “you’re breathing” tax. And now those in power want another 0.5 per cent increase in sales tax. (Editor’s note: utility rates have not been included in property taxes.) Fellow residents, please consider very carefully the amount of transit that serves our humble burg. We are quite well served with numerous SkyTrain stations with decent bus connections. So, what’s in it for us? Reduced traffic? No, because the plan is to rebuild the Pattullo Bridge, and anyone who believes in a quaint four-lane bridge is dreaming (as are those who believe that no bridge is an option). The better question might be whatever happened to the Newcombe Connector? Considering the size of the new Cariboo overpass, any diversion of traffic from Canada Way, Cariboo Road and 10th Avenue seems like a dream. It is time for a comprehensive traffic management plan for the region. New Westminster has neither been effective in protecting areas from traffic (Alberta Street), nor is it seen as bringing solutions to the region’s traffic issues (Bailey bridge). Paying more tax will not do anything to reduce traffic congestion in New West. Voting no to increasing the sales tax will send a message to politicians at all levels. Residents and taxpayers deserve better. It’s time to hold our elected officials responsible and to stand up against poor planning and waste. John Mayr, New Westminster

Dog park is in the wrong location Dear Editor Moody Park residents are getting a fenced dog park – we should be happy. The city has told us they did a lot of public consultation and we were listened to. This is all good, right? What they don’t tell you, is the consultation was flawed from start to finish. They don’t mention the parks department had pre-determined the “spots” – not where dogs currently play, but simply “space” they shoe-horned in and called a dog park with little planning. They don’t tell us that our public input was all but meaningless and recommendations and numerous health and safety fears for babies, toddlers, children and pets using this area were simply dismissed. They sure don’t tell you, in the entire consultation process the children’s playground was PhotoShopped out. This is the “toddler’s corner” of the park with a playground, spray park and day care centre. This is where our babies, toddlers and youngest children play. Moody Park is the only green space serving 25 per cent of New Westminster’s population. An estimated 1,000 dogs live in our neighbourhoods. We need a dog park. What we don’t need is a dog park that is unsuitable and one that puts our youngest children at risk. The “toddlers’ triangle” of the park is not the place to put a dog park. D. McKenzie, New Westminster

@savetheparkade Developers limited vision should not limit ours. Parkade #demolition makes towers less liveable.

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@savetheparkade Give public views not mews. Best views from top of parkade so no #demolition Rata4u Not to rain on the “save the parkade” group but I think it’s safe to say that everybody on Begbie Street Interurban condo are thrilled to see the parkade removed and I’m pretty certain that the residence of the Trapp Block development would say the same. If we were allowed to vote on the fate of the parkade, it would be a landslide win in favor of its destruction.

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So, about those dog park plans … @RemoP MPRA unanimously votes against dog park location & council makes bigger? Thx for listening like u promised during elxn! #newwest @604V3M Moody Park to place dog park next to children’s playground Unsafe!

Mixed opinions on Alberta Street traffic

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Kelly Shkuratoff This is great news! I’ve seen an increase in large trucks coming down Alberta Street, in fact some overhead lines were just ripped down not long ago outside my house (presuming from a tall truck). I think a diverter will definitely help on our street. Bobby Black So I guess this means no one on Keary St. has friends on council? Clearly that’s where all the diverted traffic will go.

More on TransLink Kisai Both the province and the mayors need to get out of meddling. TransLink should be deciding what is the most cost-effective transport options, not the mayors or the province. This means picking the automated grade-separated driverless options over “at-grade” dangerous options like what Surrey wants. The automated options give TransLink the flexibility to run service as much or as little as needed over all hours of the day. Light rail that has grade crossings, kill people, damage property, and result in dozens of lawsuits a year. The grade-separated options are far safer. Assume people are idiots, and don’t build surface-rail to begin with.

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8 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

News New West SkyTrain station getting upgrades TransLink is seeking to improve acoustics, security, pedestrian flow and esthetics of the New Westminster SkyTrain station in its proposed upgrades, says a staff report to city council. The project includes upgrades to the existing stairs

and replacement of existing escalators, replacement of the original south elevator, better lighting and installation of new windscreens on the SkyTrain platform level. Coun. Patrick Johnstone said he’d like the city to stress to TransLink that clo-

sure of the elevator at the station needs to be “vigorously avoided” during construction. “Elevator access at all times is fundamental,” he said. – Theresa McManus

Gardening for a good cause Continued from page 1 “People grow their own food and put in an extra row for the food bank,” LeDoux said. “You give it to us at our pickup … and we take it to the food bank.” The local food bank is thrilled to be able to offer fresh, right-from-the-garden produce to its clients. Brian Minter, national spokesperson for Plant a Row-Grow a Row, will kick off the gardeners’ party presentations. Conway Lum (GardenWorks Mandeville),

Pasquale Porico (mason bee expert), June Hewko (Lee Valley Tools) and Michael Campbell (Edible Oasis-New Westminster) will speak on topics such as mason bees, new garden gadgets and edible gardening. Besides being a great family activity, LeDoux said growing food is a hot horticultural trend.Vegetables and fruits can be grown in containers, with perennials and in a community garden or backyard plot. “Every year it is increas-

PACIFIC BREEZE Winemaker’s Dinner Mar 26, 6pm - $75 five fabulous wine paired courses call us for reservations

ing,” he said. “More people are looking to grow their own fruits and vehicles. It’s an amazing explosion of interest.” Admission to the spring gardeners’ party is free, but donations of non-perishable food for the food bank are appreciated.The launch of this year’s program is taking place on Thursday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at St.Thomas More Collegiate, 7450 12th Ave.

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#301 327 9TH STREET - $248,800

#412 509 CARNARVON ST - 229,900

OPEN SUN 12-1:30

Top floor, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 830 sf., corner suite in the award winning “Winchester” just steps to Queens Park, elementary & middle schools & shopping & transit. This immaculate bright & spacious unit has new laminate floors, electric f/p, insuite laundry, kitchen w/wood cabinets, granite counters, SS appliances, open to DR/LR area with electric f/p & large covered deck. Building is well maint’d & managed & still under warranty. Pets of. No Rentals.

Kellie Vallee

OPEN SAT 2:30-4:30

2 bdrm, 928 sq. ft. end unit T/H in the desirable, Whistler inspired, “Crofton” complex facing the inner courtyard. This bright suite feats a quaint front porch, lots of windows, laminate & tile floors, 9’ ceiling on the main, gas f/p, maple kitch w/EA, covered balcony off the LR, laundry upstairs & bright master bdrm w/cheater ensuite. This award winning development is located just steps from beautiful Queens Park, Canada Games Pool, Justice Institute, shopping, transit, schools & more.

#101 7533 GILLEY ROAD - $529,800


Beautifully reno’d top floor 874 sq. ft. 2 bdrm 1.5 bath suite at Kennedy Manor, close to schools, transit, parks & shopping. Upgrades include newer open kitc w/granite counters & SS applcs, tile backsplash, newer baths, engineered HW laminate flring, newer light fixtures, designer paint, master w/walk in closet & much more. This lovely suite has a covered private deck & a great layout. Bldg is well maint’d & managed & has FREE shared laundry, sauna, meeting rm, new boilers, roof & hallway upgrades. 1 cat OK, no rentals.

Beautiful quiet & immaculate top floor 21 year old, 716 sf., 1 bdrm + storage room/den in Hillside Place w/river views & just steps to Skytrain, Downtown NW, Quay, shopping & recreation. This lovely suite is very open w/gas f/p, insuite lndry, bright kitch w/new Fisher Paykel fridge & EA, laminate & tile flrs, newer paint, cheater ensuite w/ soaker tub & more. 2 small pets ok.

Beautiful 2 yr old, 3 level, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 1067 sf + 461 sf tandem dble garage end unit in Casa D’Oro close to Skytrain, schools, shopping & recreation. This bright & spacious former show home feats high ceilings on main, modern white kitch w/Island & SS applcs, crown moldings, quality light fixts + 3 ceiling fans, large closets w/organizer, lots of built-in extra shelving & storage, sundeck + 2 patio/yard areas & 2 entrances. Pets & rentals ok.

RECENTLY SOLD: 1426 Nanaimo St Visit for online photos, virtual tours & more details on all our listings.

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 9


Drug store signs OK’d Theresa McManus

New Westminster city council has given a green light for directional signage for Rexall Drugs despite concerns from area residents. Some uptown residents expressed concern about Rexall Drugs request for a variance to the sign bylaw for its business at 700 Sixth St.The city’s bylaw states that there can be no more than two signs at the entrance or exit of a parking area (the applicant proposed three), signs can’t be more than 1.0 square metres (the applicant is proposing 3.0 square metres) and there can be no more than one sign for each street frontage of a buildings (the

building currently has several signs and requested three additional directional signs.) Council received correspondence from a number of uptown residents opposed to the request for additional signage at the drug store. “I think this sign business is getting a bit out of hand,” said one resident in an email to the city. “A while ago we were asked about another variance for Wal-Mart … Keep on going like this and our city will look like Las Vegas shortly. Please don’t let this get out of hand.” A representative from Rexall Drugs told council on Feb. 23 that the variance is for three directional parking signs to help customers access the store’s free underground parking.

Council approved the sign variance. “In the end, the signs that were approved are already up there.They are just going to change the colour of the signs,” said Mayor Jonathan Cote. “It’s just about the parking directional signs.We did receive a lot of letters from the neighbourhood.The letters were mainly complaining about the big Rexall sign at the front, which was not a part of what we were doing.We were just dealing with the directional parking signs. I think people were taking this as an opportunity to express their frustration about the big sign at the front even though that isn’t what we were considering.”

Cyndi Manager

Are you putting off

dental treatment

because of financial concerns? You will be pleased to know that March is

Month h rc of Ma

“Manager’s Special” Cyndi will give each new patient a

$5000 off coupon when you reserve your new patient exam and cleaning.

Columbia Square Family Dental Centre also offers a very unique payment plan that hundreds of our patients are taking advantage of!

An examination is first requires to determine one’s eligibility for treatment.

111-1015 Columbia Street New Westminster

Call Cyndi today for details.



Clinic for cancer survivors Theresa McManus

New Westminster MLA Judy Darcy is elated that survivors of childhood cancer will be getting a clinic of their own. Darcy, the NDP health critic, has been pressing the government to create a clinic to address the needs for helping those who have suffered from childhood cancer. “These are people who have been bumped around the health-care system for 10 or 20 years often, with none of their health specialists understanding that what they are dealing with right now has to do with the treatment they got as kids,” Darcy told the Record. “This is treatment that saved their lives, it was the best treatment available,

but they didn’t know they course I will.’ I went to bat would have secondary unre- for them – that’s my job,” lated cancers, organ failures, she said. “That’s what I was all these things. Now they elected to do.” are going to have one place According to the B.C. to go to.” Cancer Agency, adult surAdults who once battled vivors of childhood cancer childhood cancers who suffer from have faced a wide the effects of their range of health iscancer treatment sues as adults. will have support They’ve been seekthrough the adult ing a treatment childhood cancer centre that adsurvivorship prodresses the comgram, which will plex physical and be a program dedimental issues ariscated to the cliniing from their cal and research Judy Darcy childhood cancer needs of adult NDP health critic treatments. childhood cancer According to survivors. Darcy, the government’s deThe program will build cision is important for the on the existing expertise 3,500 survivors of childand resources for B.C. Chilhood cancer living in B.C. dren’s Hospital, the B.C. “They said, ‘Will you be Cancer Agency and primary our advocate?’ I listened to care providers. their stories and said, ‘Of








at your fingertips! View our full online Seniors Guide to Health and Well-Being online at








Donna Tays .com #2-5708 208TH ST. LANGLEY


Immaculate Bridal Run Townhome! • 2 bedrooms

59 X 165 FT R10 Lot with back lane

• 2 bathrooms

• 2 bathrooms

• 2 fireplaces

• Huge mountain view

• 2 decks

• Prime location

• 3 bedrooms

604-526-2888 604 526 2888 2888



10 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD


Chef recognized for community service Theresa McManus AROUND TOWN

Longtime New West resident Amber Anderson has earned more kudos for her efforts to help those who are less fortunate. Anderson is the executive director of the HAVE Culinary Training Society, which helps people in the Downtown Eastside better their lives through the culinary arts. An executive chef for more than 20 years, Anderson was accredited as a Chef de Cuisine in 2006 – the highest culinary recognition in Canada. It was just a few months ago that Anderson was named the New Westminster Citizen of theYear for 2014. Last month, she received a Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals leadership award for Outstanding Contributions in Community Services and Leadership, an award that recognizes strength of character, mentoring abilities, dedication to industry associations and dedication to improvements in the food service industry. Anderson received the award at the B.C. Leadership Night on Feb. 26 at the Pacific Gateway Hotel.

TAKE A WALK DOWN MAIN STREET The second part of a presentation about Main Street – At the Heart of the Community will be featured in this month’s New Westminster Historical Society evening. February’s presentation looked at New Westminster’s “main street” from 1859 to 1898, while March’s event will cover 1899 to present time.

You may just find some gold in them thar hills … “The earlier views of this city’s “main street” were well received,” said a press release about the event. “In the upcoming presentation, the photos of Columbia Street downtown will show the streetscape that directly set the tone for the street that has evolved into what is here today. A guest at this program will be Katherine Freund, artist and historian, who recently had a display at the public library on the “main street” theme. The New Westminster Historical Society evening is taking place on Wednesday, March 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the New

Westminster Public Library, 716 Sixth Ave.The program is free and everyone is welcome to attend. CATCH GOLD FEVER AT DISCOVERY CENTRE Families will be able to test their skills to uncover a secret stash of gold at Fraser River Discovery Centre. Discovery Centre is holding a special Gold Fever event on Saturday March 21. Families will work as a team to complete a series of gold-rush-related skill tests, including practising gold panning withYukon Dan, using a compass, learning how to build a shelter and more. “If you can complete the five challenges in our Gold Rush activity kit, you may












Come socialize & have fun with us.

Thursday through Sunday meat draws, 60/40 and membership draws.


Thursdays - Free Meat Bingo 6:00-8:00pm - Karaoke with Cal 8:00-Closing Time - Meat Draws 5:00, 6:00, 6:45pm Friday Saturdays - Meat Draws 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm Sundays - Meat Draws 3:00, 4:00, 5:00

roland kaulfuss personal real estate corporation



631 - 6th St., New Westminster 604-522-4522


321 S! AR E Y

Top chef: Chef Amber Anderson, Citizen of the Year for 2014, has earned another honour – a recognition from the Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals for her community service and leadership.

just find some gold in them thar hills …” said a press release from Fraser River Discovery Centre. “The five activity challenges will take about an hour to complete. Families will receive a swag bag and a certificate for participation.” Tickets are $20 for a family of up to six people or $5 per person for gold panning only.They must be purchased in advanced at www. goldfever. Fraser River Discovery’s Centre’s regular exhibits will be open during the Gold Fever event, with admission by donation. Discovery Centre is located at 788 Quayside Dr., next to River Market.

301-681 Columbia St., New Westminster Entrance at 680 Clarkson St.


sells real estate … a tree gets planted

RE/MAX Advantage Realty’s #1 Individual Realtor 2004, 2004, 2006, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014 RE/MAX Advantage Realty's #1 Individual Realtor 2007,2009, 2008,2010, 2009, 2010, 2012 $1,488,000




• 3 Year Old Family Home • Custom Built With Warranty • 4 Bedrooms Upstairs • Legal One Bedroom Suite • 3,000 Sq Ft



Advantage Realty








• 2 Bdrms Plus Den/2 Baths • 1,773 Sq Ft • Quality Renovation • Quartz Counters & S/S Appliances • Great Location





• Beautifully Renovated Family Home • 5 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms • Gorgeous New Kitchen • 2,500 Sq Ft • One Block From Queen’s Park

• 2 Bdrms/2 Baths • 1,050 Sq Ft • Corner Suite • Investor Friendly • Great Complex

• Two Bedroom Corner Suite • South Facing • 856 Sq. Ft. • Extremely Well Run Building • Great Uptown Location

#108 15120 108TH AVE

#605 740 HAMILTON ST.

call 604-526-2888 today



There is an extreme shortage of listings right now. Call me to see how you can take advantage of this low supply situation.


roland also supports the bc children's hospital through the children's miracle network

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 11

Arts & Entertainment

Cast members reunite for Mousetrap Julie MacLellan LIVELY CITY

Tickets are $23.20 general, $18 for seniors.You can also buy a family pack of four tickets for $72. Check out for more details.

They were onstage together 14 years ago when the Raymond Burr PerWRITING WORKSHOP forming Arts Centre in LOOKS AT QUERY LETTERS downtown New West preSo you’ve just written a sented its first full-length great book, or you have an play back in 2001. Now James Rowley and idea for the best magazine article no one’s read yet. Leanne Koehn are back Now what? onstage reprising their roles An upcoming free workin that very same play: Agatha Christie’s The Mouse- shop at the New Westminster Public Library is looktrap. Rowley appears as the ing at the art of the query moody Giles Ralston, while letter in the writer’s world. Koehn is the mysterious Building a Better StoMiss Casewell. ry: A Blueprint for As most loSuccess is set for cal residents will Thursday, March know, the Burr 19 at 6:30 p.m. Theatre has since It’s being led taken on new life by Sylvia Tayas the Columbia lor, who’ll discuss and the home of how a query letLafflines Comedy ter is a writer’s key Club. to unlocking the This time publishing world. around, The James Rowley Participants will Mousetrap will actor learn how to grab be onstage at the and keep an ediACT Theatre in tor’s, publisher’s or Maple Ridge. But agent’s attention – another face reif you’re interested, mains familiar to you’re invited to local audiences – come with a quein the person of diry draft or specific rector Ellie King, project in mind. former artistic diThe workshop rector of the Burr is presented by the Theatre, who went Royal City Literary on to found the Arts Society and Royal Canadian Leanne Koehn sponsored by the Theatre Company. actor library. New WestRegister in perminster resident son at the library, Stephanie Bruce, 716 Sixth Ave., a recent performcall 604-527-4667 ing arts grad from or email listener@ Capilano sity, is the production’s stage manENJOY TEA WITH ager. A CONCERT The company’s Music lovers, production of The don’t miss out on Mousetrap comes Stephanie Bruce your chance to with a special bostage manager enjoy what’s tranus: If you can figditionally one of the most ure out who the killer is by popular concerts in the Muintermission, you can win sic at Queens series. tickets to one of the plays The concert series at in its next theatre season Queens Avenue Unit(which will be Dracula, Puss ed Church continues this in Boots and Spider’sWeb). Saturday, March 14 with And even if you can’t, well, you’ll have a chance to its spring tea concert – in which the audience gets a enjoy what is arguably the chance to enjoy tea and rebest-known mystery play freshments in elegant surof all time – which assemroundings (yes, tablecloths, bles a cast of suspects at a fine bone china and all) remote country house in while taking in first-class Berkshire during a blizzard music. that strands them all withThe 2 p.m. concert, Mesout outside contact. sages from Home, will feaIt’s onstage at the ACT ture the Kallisto Trio, an a Theatre March 17 to 21, with performances at 8 p.m. cappella women’s trio, performing folk songs and othplus a matinee at 3 p.m. on er favourites from Canada, March 21.

the U.S. and Latin America. The trio includes Fabiana Katz, Catherine Laub and Leora Joy Perrie. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for students and seniors and $10 for children. Queens Avenue United Church is at 529 Queens Ave. – enter from the Queens Avenue door for this concert. It’s part of a busy month of music at the church – the following Saturday, March 21, the West Coast Symphony performs a 7:30 p.m. concert; on Sunday, March 22, the church’s Memorial Handbell Ringers will ring at 10:30 a.m.; and on Sunday, March 29, the senior choir presents Choral Sunday starting at 10:30 a.m. Check out www.queens WRITING AND TAROT How can tarot reading help your writing? Find out at an upcoming workshop hosted by Carol Shillibeer. The Royal City Literary Arts Society is holding the Tarot and Storytelling workshop on Saturday, March 28 from 2 to 4 p.m. Shillibeer, who’s a poet, teaches people how to read tarot and also runs writingrelated workshops. During this workshop, participants will practise making layouts of three or more cards, “talking about and writing to the potential narrative arcs that result,” as a press release describes it. The workshop is $20 for members or $30 for nonmembers. Email secretary@ to reserve a spot. It’s being held at 737 Sixth St. – park and enter from the rear of the building. YOUNG TALENT ONSTAGE You can hear from some emerging talents in the music world in a series of upcoming concerts at Douglas College. The college’s free Arts at One concert series starts up again March 26. The 1 p.m. concerts are held Thursdays at the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre, on the fourth floor north at the college’s 700 Royal Ave. campus. Three student showcase concerts will be featured in the next three dates: March 26, April 2 and April 9. For more information about Arts at One, call 604527-5723 or see www.

The power of song: Fabiana Katz is part of the Kallisto Trio, an a cappella group that’s offering up a concert tea at Queens Avenue United Church this weekend. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED GOTTA SING? GOTTA DANCE? GOTTA SIGN UP! Is there a young talent in your house who loves to perform? Kids aged nine to 19 are invited to apply for the Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! summer program, which has been running for 20 years at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver. Director-creator Perry Ehrlich has assembled a professional faculty that includes musical directors Wendy Bross Stuart and Lonnie Delisle, director Chris McGregor, choreographers Isabelle Maheux, Anna Kuman, Keri Minty and Andy Cohen, acting coach Advah Soud-

ack, and Shizuka Kai and Stephen Beaver on set construction and costume coordination. The program has become well-known for turning out successful young performers, with many alumni going on to careers in the performing arts. It’s been popular among talented young New West kids, too – over the years, such familiar faces as Sarah Quinn, Sofie Newman and Keira Jang, who’ve been featured in these pages, have been part of the program. There are two summer sessions available – July 7 to 30, and Aug. 4 to 27 – and applications must be received by April 1. Sessions run Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with an end-of-day “finish-

ing school” also offered for serious students that delves into aspects such as audition technique and intensive dance workshops. Check out www.the ARTISTS SOUGHT Do you know a local artist who deserves to be in the spotlight? We’re always looking for people to feature in our Fill in the Blanks series. Send ideas me by email, jmaclellan@royalcityrecord. com – if you can, please include contact information for the person you’re suggesting. Do you have an item for Lively City? Send arts and entertainment ideas to Julie,, or find her on Twitter, @julie maclellan.

12 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

Arts & Entertainment

Safety is Always in Style

College play explores the immigrant experience

FREE CORDLESS on selected Signature Series Blinds/Shades OFFER VALID UNTIL MARCH 31st


Don’t miss the Prime Rib Dinner for $17 when the FoxHole opens at 5:30PM every game





The crisscrossing lives of several immigrants are at the centre of a new play at Douglas College. Students in the theatre and stagecraft departments are presenting Agnes Under the Big Top:A Tall Tale, onstage in the college’s Studio Theatre March 13 to 20. Playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil’s dramatic comedy explores the experiences of a Liberian home care worker, a former Bulgarian ringmaster and his wife, an Indian call centre escapee, a bedridden American woman and a wandering busker. “The play illuminates both the immigrant experience and the American one in a tale that follows the universal story of searching for one’s place in the world. The six characters in this story all find themselves exploring their mortality in a place that is surrounded by death,” director Deborah Neville said in a press release. The student cast includes Michael Bernard as the bus-

Call Today forYour Free In-Home Consultation 604-466-5115



Fans can bid on GAME WORN JERSEYS in support of BCLA’s Lacrosse on the Move Fund, presented by

Onstage: Elise Wilson stars as Agnes in Agnes Under the Big Top, onstage at Douglas College March 13 to 20. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED

ker, Emily Brown as Ella, Jessica Kabesh as Roza, Brendan Saltel as Happy, David Sitar as Shipkov and Elise Wilson as Agnes. The studio theatre is on

the fourth floor north at Douglas College, 700 Royal Ave.Tickets are $8 to $12, available through www.tick or by calling 604521-5050.

91TylerGarrison Coquitlam, BC

Reserve Your Seat call 1.855.985.5000

MICK McLENNAN 604-526-1784



Serving your Real Estate needs for 35 years.

RE/MAX Advantage Realty

To view interiors, visit my website at: CALL MICK 604-526-1784 46 COURTNEY CRES, NEW WESTMINSTER







This is a Family Dream Home that is ready to Just Move In! 4 Bedrooms up, the Master with a Huge W/I Closet & Ensuite + a 2nd full bath. Main has a Spacious, Open Kitchen w/5 burner gas stove top, double ovens, blush Oak cabinets, Corian counters, an Island & Eating area that flows into the wonderfully bright Family Rm w/gas F/P, Skylights & vaulted ceiling + access to the large, covered back deck. Crown Moldings & baseboards in the formal Living Rm w/gas F/P & Dining Rm. Oak H/W in the hallway. Down has a massive Rec Rm, Wet Bar, Storage Rm, Full Bath (very easy to suite). The 22’10 x 24’6 garage also hosts a Workshop & additional storage area. Lane access to the Double garage + parking pad on side of home for RV accommodations.






Looking to Build YOUR Dream Home? Look no further than this property that is on a 31,411 sq ft lot (101 x 311) in the Big Bend neighbourhood of Burnaby. The Existing Home has 3 bedrooms & 2 full baths. It is completely livable with an Oak Kitchen & hardwood floors with inlay in the Living Room. There are also some double windows & a newer roof. There is a singe, detached garage + loads of space for additional parking. This home offers a great opportunity to build, live in or hold as an investement until you are ready to develop your ideas. Conveniently close to Metrotown & Shopping, Walking/Biking Trails, Golf Course + easy access to Highway 99 & Marine Drive. Zoned as A2 land.











OPEN SAT 2p-4p Welcome Home to the Kingsgate complex built by the Bosa. On the fourth floor, conveniently located near the elevator, this 2 bedroom, 2 bath Home is in immaculate condition with designer colours throughout. Tile flooring in the entry, kitchen & baths + warm laminate flooring in the living areas. A cozy gas fireplace in the living room warms the Spring chill. The spacious deck is accessed through both the living room & the 2nd bedroom. The Kitchen has Stainless appliances, a sit up bar & built in microwave. Insuite laundry. Some water view from the partially covered deck. 2 pets permitted & monthly fee includes gas & hot water. Great location to parks, Royal City Mall, Schools + transit is outside your door!

#208 - 19122 - 122nd AVE, PITT MEADOWS












OPEN SUN 2p-4p This Home is on the quiet side of the building. A bright 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit in the well run Edgewood complex. Cozy gas fireplace in the living rm, the master bedroom has double closets + full ensuite w/soaker tub & separate shower. High efficiency washer/dryer, quartz counters, double sink & Stainless appliances + quiet run dishwasher. A 13’ x 12’ partially covered sunny balcony is accessed by both the living room & master bedroom. Complex has new roof + balcony resurfacing has been done. Walk to everything! Located near the West Coast Express, easy Highwas access, shopping, theatre, library, rec centre, parks + biking/walking trails. Monthly fees include your gas & hot water. 2 parking & storage locker. 2 pets allowed, no rentals permitted.




20588 - 73A AVE, LANGLEY



22346 - 46A AVE, LANGLEY



Sell YOUR home for top value with the McLENNAN real estate professionals. if YOU are thinking of making a move, give US a call & WE will share an updated market analysis of YOUR Home. you may be pleasantly surprised at the VALUE of YOUR property! let us put our 34 years of experience to work for you & start packing!

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 13

Catch a White Spot Tradition Halibut is back on the menu at White Spot! Sourced from Pacific waters, our crispy tempura battered halibut is served with creamy coleslaw and ‘endless’ fries cut from fresh BC Kennebec potatoes. It’s a tradition worth catching. On now for a limited time. and tasty traditions

* Valid after 11am at participating White Spot Restaurants until April 12th, 2015. Not to be combined with any other promotional offer. Plus taxes.

NORTH RD & LOUGHEED 4075 North Road 604-421-4620

KINGSWAY BURNABY 5550 Kingsway (3.5 blocks east of Metrotown) 604-434-6668

MARINE & BYRNE 7519 Market Crossing 604-431-5100

LOUGHEED & GILMORE 4129 Lougheed Hwy. 604-299-4423

NEW WESTMINSTER 610 - 6th Street 604-522-4800

KENSINGTON SQUARE View more 6500 Hastings Street with 604-299-2214

14 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD


So Proud. Java joint: Stephanie Vu is one of three business partners who have opened up Old Crow Coffee Co. on Front Street in New West. PHOTO TEREZA VERENCA

Old Crow Coffee Co. swoops into the city Tereza Verenca

Coffee enthusiasts have a new joint to frequent on Front Street. Tucked under the parkade at the corner of McKenzie Street, Old Crow Coffee Co. blends an industrial and heritage feel. What used to be a photo shop is now a gathering place. Decor is simple, with a white colour scheme to balance a grey brick wall and the wooden furni-

ture.Your eyes are met with bright photographs depicting life in Cuba, while your ears take in the sound of ambient folk music. The cozy environment is just the start. Business partners Stephanie Vu,Tim Lajambe and Rob Mosser hope to stand above the competition by offering patrons two things – different brewing methods and highquality coffee. “Our drinks are manually brewed, and we use methods like aero press and pour over.We really want to give

Dance more

the highest level of care and attention to your cup of coffee,”Vu said. “You don’t really see that in New West right now, so that’s our No. 1 focus.” The 30-year-old East Vancouver resident said a big part of the barista-customer relationship is education. “Some people are not familiar with these techniques, so I’m going to really try and inform everyone who comes in, be friendly about it and just have fun.” Continued on page 16


• Personalized, one-on-one lessons from highly trained professional dance teachers • Attend group lessons and fun-filled practice parties • Arthur Murray... 100 Years of Proven Results! • Couples and Singles invited - Flexible Scheduling

Your first lesson is



Dance more. Sit Less. TEACHING the TRI CITIES SINCE 2004


Sarah Morse recently chose McQuarrie Hunter -- Surrey’s largest law firm -- as the best place to practice law. We’re delighted because she’s here to help you.

Sarah’s interest in people and law has culminated into a passion for resolving family law matters. Her client-centric approach, effective guidance and support, empowers her clients to claim their independence. She takes pride in gently transitioning clients in these often life-changing situations, especially for women who have experienced domestic violence or trauma. When necessary, she will take a matter to trial and will soon receive her accreditation to mediate family-related disputes. We’re glad she’s with us, but she’s here for you.

Central City Tower, Surrey 604.581.7001

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 15

Introducing Dr. Aaron Van Gaver ND to New Westminster!



Hey everyone! I am so excited to be joining the New West community. For over 10 years I have been practicing in downtown Vancouver - but this year, I am stepping outside of the city limits to join an AMAZING practice on Columbia St. - Polo Health and Longevity Centre.


New patients & emergencies are welcome. Open 7 days a week.

The area I work mostly in - is Mental Health and Addiction. So what does that mean? If you are someone struggling to find some support, to find a way of living that is NOT dependent on medications or substance misuse - give me a Call now, if you are someone looking to: call to see how I can help you overcome those • Come off prescription antidepressants, but obstacles in your life that are keeping you from living at your GREATEST potential. need some support • Find alternatives to dealing with depression

The time is NOW! Contact Dr. Van Gaver to see how he can help YOU make those changes you have always wanted to but couldn’t.

or anxiety, and just don’t know what else to do • Overcome addiction (alcohol, cigarettes,

ACCEPTING MOST EXTENDED HEALTH BENEFITS Call 604.544.7656 or email 711 Columbia St., New Westminster

Royal City Centre Mall 108 - 610 Sixth Street, New westminster, B.C. V3L 3C2



• Dedicated in providing the best service • Best nail technicians in BC

prescription drugs, substances), but need

• Staff with over 20 yrs of experience

some support

• Salon is well ventilated

• Make BIG changes in your life - but need someone to help coach you along



It’s time to butt out for good. Join Dr. Aaron Van Gaver for the 6-week Smoking Cessation program and take that step towards smoke-free living. CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Direct billing for most extended health insurance plans 604.544.7656 711 Columbia St., New Westminster I am a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association and a Life Skills Educator. I can help you move through life’s challenges – big and small. Through personalized counselling, let me help you to: • Gain control of your life • Heal past trauma • Change self-destructive patterns • End addictions • Make positive changes in your relationships • Build self-esteem and confidence • Understand and manage anxiety, stress, anger, and depression All sessions are one hour in length.

See clients I lookmy forward to feedback meeting youatand helping you succeed. For more information: 604.544.POLO (7656)

Belmont Dental Centre

711 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC Facebook: /polohealth

Francesca Tomas RPC, RTC Registered Professional Counsellor clients at 50% See off my your firstfeedback 60 min. consultation.

• Reasonable prices #110-555 Sixth Street, New Westminster


16 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

Community New coffee shop keeps a focus on local products Continued from page 14 And with only two other baristas on staff, you can expect to see Vu behind the counter every day. Besides coffee, Old Crow also carries a full menu of fresh salads, sandwiches and baked goods (with some gluten-free and vegan options, too). If you want to know where all their products come from, you don’t need to look far. The loose-leaf teas are sourced from Granville Island, while the sweets come from South Vancouver. Coffee beans, meanwhile, are being brought in from different roasters across the Pacific Northwest.

We really wanted to stay local. “We really wanted to stay local because I feel this city does well when the community is supporting each other. Also, the level of quality tends to be better than buying from a massive whole food supplier.” While the coffee shop may look small at first glance (roughly 1,200 sq. ft.), another 800 sq. ft. exists in the back. Depending on how business goes,Vu said the goal is to turn it into an area that could host entertainment or an open mic night. The trio met while working in New Westminster’s industrial area.Vu, who’s originally from California, came to the Lower Mainland three years ago to go to school for motorcycle mechanics. Plans changed after Lajambe and Mosser offered her an apprenticeship at their hot rod shop in New

New to town: Stephanie Vu in her new coffee shop, the Old Crow Coffee Co. on Front Street. PHOTO TEREZA VERENCA

West. “I spent my early 20’s working as a barista in small mom-and-pop coffee shops. Since then, it’s been a dream of mine to open a local spot I could call my own,” she told the Record. Talk of getting into the java biz started just this last year, when the group began to look at locations in East Vancouver. “Then one day, we were driving down Front Street and saw this space for lease and it kind of clicked for all three of us.We thought, ‘This is it!’ and called the Realtor immediately,”Vu said. The inspiration behind the name Old Crow comes from the group’s love of the

bird and Vu’s admiration for theYukon. “It’s actually a small gold mining city up there, so it just rang really nice to us,” she said. The business has been receiving a lot of good feedback, according to Vu, who added local residents have been nothing but welcoming. The self-proclaimed free spirit isn’t looking to move back to the Golden State anytime soon, despite all her family living down there. “I’m currently looking at apartments in New West. I think when I see them in May, they’ll know why I want to plant roots here.” Old Crow is located at 655 Front St.


Drs. Matthew Ng, Victor Taddei, Steven Chau and Their Friendly Staff Welcome All Patients to Visit Our Practice

Suite 201-1108 Austin Ave., Coquitlam directly across from Pharmasave

We provide all dental services and accept most insurance plans Hours: Mon & Tues 8am | Wed & Thurs 10am - 7pm | Fri & Sat 8am - 5pm



Creating Beautiful Smiles • Gentle Touch for Anxious Patients • Great with Kids

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 17

Community COMMUNITY CALENDAR WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 Travel show at the library, take a trip to East Africa with Chris and Dennis Magrega, who will show their photographs on safari in Kenya and Tanzania, 7:30 p.m., New Westminster Public Library. The free travel shows are co-sponsored by the library and the University Women’s Club of New Westminster. The New Westminster Public Library is at 716 Sixth Ave., www., 604-527-5660. THURSDAY, MARCH 12 Have you considered becoming a foster family? There are children and youth in New Westminster, who require skilled, caring, foster parents. To learn more, the Ministry of Children and Family Development invites you to attend an information session, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., 200-906 Roderick Ave., Coquitlam. For more information, call the North Fraser recruitment team at 604-764-8098. SATURDAY, MARCH 14 Job search skills for

newcomers with basic English skills, 10 a.m. to noon, New Westminster Public Library, at 716 Sixth Ave. Newcomers with limited or basic English skills can learn how to search for a job and prepare for an interview at a free program at the library. The workshop will cover resumes, cover letters, interview skills and strategies, and labour market information. It will be conducted in English with translation available in French. If you have a permanent resident card or landed immigrant documents, please bring them to the program. Co-sponsored by the New Westminster Public Library and SUCCESS. Register in person or phone the library at 604-527-4667 or SUCCESS at 604-430-1899. TUESDAY, MARCH 17 Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 20, St. Patrick’s Day celebration, fundraiser dinner for Sky Wright and her challenge to send 45 kids with cancer to Camp Goodtimes. Features buffet dinner, toonie toss, auction, 50/50 and Irish dancers. Tickets are $30

and include tax, gratuity and $10 donation to Skye’s Challenge. Meet and greet at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., Castle Neighbourhood Grill, #101-319 Governors Court. For tickets, call John at 604-657-5600 or email WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 New Westminster Downtown Residents’ Association general meeting, 7 p.m., Holy Trinity Church, 514 Carnarvon St. Features three speakers: Coun. Bill Harper (fibre optics and Intelligent City); Coun. Chuck Puchmayr (mayors’ transportation plan); and NWDRA members (Save Our Parkade initiatives). THURSDAY, MARCH 19 Building a better story: writing workshop, 6:30 p.m., New Westminster Public Library, 716 Sixth Ave. Get writing tips from author Sylvia Taylor, who will discuss how a great query letter is your key to unlocking the publishing world. Learn how to grab and keep an editor, publisher or agent’s attention by giving your query sales appeal. Participants are

invited to come with a query draft or specific project in mind to help turn theory into reality. This free workshop is presented by the Royal City Literary Arts Society and sponsored by the library. Register in person, at 60452704667 or listener@nwpl. ca. The New Westminster Public Library is at 716 Sixth Ave.,, 604-5274660. FRIDAY, MARCH 20 SFU Café Scientifique series, Boston Pizza, private room, 1045 Columbia St., 7 to 8:30 p.m. Free. Hosted by the Faculty of Science, the series enables the public to participate and learn from experts on key topics in science. Paul Tupper, an associate professor of mathematics, will take a skeptical view of Big Data, looking at the power of techniques used in data mining and some of the surprising claims of new data science. Info: http:// outreach-program/cafe_ scientifique.html. FRIDAY, MARCH 27 Ukrainian Perogy Supper, 5 to 8 p.m., Holy Eucharist

Church hall, Fourth Avenue and Fifth Street. Perogy sales from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For information, call 604526-0988 or 604-522-7711. SATURDAY, MARCH 28 Thrift sale, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Century House, 620 Eighth St. Recycled treasures include clothing and linens, small appliances, kitchenware, knick-knacks, toys, DVDs and CDs, plants, jewelry, books, children’s boutique and more. Refreshments available. All proceeds go directly to the Century House Association. Bake sale at Holy Eucharist hall, Fourth Avenue and Fifth Street, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Features traditional Ukrainian Easter paska, babka, cakes, pies, beet horseradish and more. Lunch will be available. Info: 604-526-0988. TUESDAY, APRIL 7 Parent Education seminar presented by Queen’s Park Preschool, Co-creating healthy communities with our kids. This 1.5 hour interactive program delivered by a certified sexual health educator

takes participants through exercises to discover why they might feel unconformable talking about sex with their children and provides strategies for caregivers on how to overcome these feelings. You will hear suggestions on what kind of sexual health information is needed at various ages, how to handle questions, what kinds of words to use, how to discuss feeling, emotion and family values and exploring your own personal beliefs around sensitive topics. Tickets are $10 per person. To reserve tickets, phone 604-5265527 or email tashamurray@ APRIL 12 AND 13 Computer help for seniors, everything photos – learn how to manage digital photos online. Register for both sessions, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. New Westminster Public Library is offering computer help for seniors. The sessions are free and run for one hour. To register, call 604-527-4665 or email The New Westminster Public Library is at 716 Sixth Ave., www., 604-527-4660.


HYACK AMBASSADOR PAGEANT & AWARDS GALA Please join us at The Bernie Legge Theatre Friday March 27th

Taylor, daughter of Deborah Coppen and Michael Atherley, is a 16 yr old student at St. Thomas More Collegiate where she is involved with the Blessed Edmund Rice Club and a member of the STMC Dragon Boat and Curling clubs. She works part-time as an electrician's assistant, is involved with the STMC drama production as the stage manager, enjoys travelling and karate. Taylor also plays the guitar, drums, saxophone & flute and her future plans are to work with autistic children as a Behavioral Consultant to help make a difference in people's lives and the world.

Talent & Speech presentations (tickets at

and at

The Anvil CentreTheatre Saturday March 28th Awards & Crowning Ceremony (tickets at

Tickets on sale NOW

Who inspires you and why?

Special thanks to our

Premiere Event Sponsor

“As cheesy as it sounds, I am most inspired by my parents. I've watched my mother improve the lives of This Weeks Feature Candidate autistic children, which is also what I want to do as a career, and I've watched my father go out of his way Taylor Atherley Sponsored by to help people he doesn't even know. That's the way I think its supposed to be.” KIWANIS NEW WESTMINSTER Photo credit: Jenni Slinn

Thank you to our Candidate Sponsors

our Media Sponsor &

our Event Sponsors Lucky Strike Lanes

Upcoming events Team Dave Vallee

Chef Dez


One of the best things about Italian cuisine can be its simplicity, and one of the best things about winter is eating soup. One of the commonly asked questions directed to me is for easy, fast and delicious soup recipes. This is the one I recommend all the time.This soup is hearty, and because it is loaded with Italian sausage, gnocchi pasta, tomatoes, garlic and incredible cheese, it is everything you would expect from an Italian soup – but also very quick and easy to prepare. If you have never heard of “gnocchi” pasta before, don’t despair – vacuumsealed packages of the small dumpling-like pasta shapes can be found at almost all major grocery stores down the pasta aisle. Don’t underestimate the choice of the pecorino romano cheese as the finishing garnish for this soup, as it adds incredible flavour and complements and balances all the other flavours in this soup beautifully. Large shavings of this cheese are easily prepared with a simple vegetable








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romano, a chunk of parmigiano reggiano will have to suffice. Enjoy and keep warm this winter.

It is everything you would expect from an Italian soup – but also very quick and easy.

more rustic and gourmet than simply grating it, but either way is fine. If you can’t find pecorino

Italian Sausage Gnocchi Soup 500g raw mild Italian sausage, casings removed and discarded 1 tbsp olive oil 6 garlic cloves, minced 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1.5 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 796 ml can of diced tomatoes 800 ml chicken broth 1 tsp sugar






1 500 g package of potato gnocchi pasta 1 packed cup fresh baby spinach leaves 1/4 cup thinly sliced fresh basil generous amounts of shaved pecorino romano cheese

Add the sausage meat, olive oil, garlic, onion, salt and pepper to a large pot.Turn the heat to medium and cook for approximately five to seven minutes until the sausage is cooked through, while breaking up the sausage meat with a spoon as it cooks. Add the can of tomatoes, chicken broth and sugar.

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18 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD


Gnocchi, sausage make for a hearty winter soup Increase the heat to medium high to bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the gnocchi and continue to cook for three minutes. Remove the pot from the heat. Stir in the spinach and basil and portion out immediately, garnished with generous amounts of shaved pecorino romano cheese. Makes approximately 13 cups. Chef Dez is a food columnist, culinary instructor and cookbook author.Visit him at Write to him at

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 19


Sport to report? Contact Tom Berridge 604.444.3022 or

STM wins 3rd medal

Knight girls take second straight bronze medal at AA hoop provincials Tom Berridge

St.Thomas More won a third consecutive medal at the B.C. high school girls’ basketball championships. The varsity Knights, runners-up at the 2013 junior provincials and a bronze medalist last season, withstood an early fourth quarter rally to defeat independent rival Notre Dame Jugglers 70-62 to win a second third-place medal at the provincial AA girls’ hoop championships at the Langley Events Centre on Saturday. Leading 51-45 heading into the final quarter, STM gave up the lead early in the period after backto-back, game-tying threepointers from first team all-star Laura Bondi of Burnaby. Notre Dame teammate Trisha Francia then gave the Vancouver regional school a two-point lead from the foul line on two of her 18 points. But STM had an answer. Nikko Sahagun replied with a trey of her own, one of four in the second half for the Grade 11 guard/forward. Zion Corrales-Nelson led the Knights’ attack with 25 points, on nine-of18 shooting, six rebounds, four assists and three steals, and was named a first team tournament all-star. A day earlier, STM lost its semifinal 82-77 to eventual provincial champion Immaculata. “It’s tough obviously,” Corrales-Nelson said of the semifinal loss. “But you get what you get.We fought the whole way.” Corrales-Nelson also scored 24 points in STM’s opening 65-57 win over Lambrick Park.

Sixth in B.C. The New Westminster Hyacks placed sixth at the B.C. high school junior girls’ basketball championships. PHOTO SUBMITTED

N.W. juniors sixth at B.C.s Tom Berridge

On the march: Leilani Carney, seen with ball at the Lower Mainlands, was named an honourable mention following the B.C. high school AA girls’ basketball championships. PHOTO LARRY WRIGHT

Honourable mention allstar Leilani Carney had 24 in STM’s 73-63 victory over Seycove in the quarter-finals. Carney, one of five graduating Knight seniors, had 12 points in her final game, most of them coming at the charity stripe. “It hurts, but it’s really nice to have a medal again,” said Carney after the game. “We worked hard for this and I think we

really deserved this.” Stephanie VonRiedemann chipped in with 11 points and 10 rebounds for the Knights. Notre Dame’s Jolene Robinson, with 13 points, joined Bondi on the provincial first team. “We gave it all we could,” said Bondi, who led all scorers with 29 points, including nine-of-15 threepointers. “At the beginning of the year, we were won-

dering if we’d even get out of the Mainlands – we’ve come a long way. Overall, we’re happy with how we finished.” Immaculata defeated Little Flower Academy 65-55 in the B.C. high school AA girls’ final. Little Flower’s Jessica Hanson, with a gamehigh 31 points and nine rebounds in the championship final, was named the provincial MVP.

New Westminster was a Hail Mary away from a final four appearance at the B.C. junior girls’ basketball championships. The junior varsity Hyacks, the eventual sixthplace finishers, were leading Oak Bay by a point with 2.3 seconds left to play in their quarter-final matchup when a desperation shot from the floor ended New West’s hopes of a top-four finish. The shot rattled around the backboard and bucket before finally falling through the ring, giving No. 3 seed Oak Bay a 47-46 win and a trip to the semifinal. Second team tournament all-star Sarah Forgie led the Hyacks with 20 points. Player of the game Devin Strome chipped in with eight points and a dozen rebounds, while ably defending Oak Bay’s star Georgia Alexander. “I have been watching March Madness for years and seen this happen but never experienced it. … It was one of the most devastating feelings in my sporting life.We were all in shock

afterwards,” said New Westminster head coach Stephen Bruyneel. The following day, the Hyacks rallied to a 30-28 win over Vancouver Island runner-up Claremont in a tough defensive struggle. Forgie was the hero in the game, sinking a pair of free throws with the game tied and just 11 seconds left on the clock to give New West the win. In the ensuing battle for fifth and sixth spot, New West fell 53-38 to W.J. Mouat after playing the Abbotsford school even up in the opening half. “I think we just ran out of gas,” said Bruyneel after the game. “When we started the year, we had six Grade 9s, three of whom were starters. We had a dream to be here. To finish sixth in the province is a great experience.” Forgie had 16 points for New West, while player of the game Aly Fieber added 15. The Hyack juniors opened with a 47-36 win over Westsyde. “It’s good for next season,” Bruyneel added. “We have a pretty good nucleus for next year. It’s very positive.”

Royal teams medal at provincials Tom Berridge

Douglas College did one better at the PacWest women’s basketball championships. The Royal women, thirdplace finishers in the regular season, won a second consecutive silver medal at the PacWest provincials, following a 76-48 loss to unde-

feated and defending champion Quest University in the gold-medal final at Columbia Bible College last weekend. In the semifinals, Douglas held off Vancouver Island University 62-57 on a 24-point effort from Chloe Kennedy to advance to the provincial college finals for a second straight year. Kennedy was also the hero in the Royals’ 66-

58 win in overtime over Kwantlen Polytechnic in the quarter-finals. The third-year forward tied the game at the freethrow line and then nailed three three-pointers in OT to send Douglas into the semifinals. “It’s a testament to the girls,” said head coach Courtney Gerwing. “We’re working for a (championship). It’s always our goal.

But the bigger thing is we continue to make improvement and it makes it worthwhile in the end.” The Douglas men’s team came close to advancing to the final as well but settled for a bronze medal with an overtime win over Capilano. The Royal men outscored the North Shore university 109-97 in the consolation final at CBC. Continued on page 20

Silver finish: Nanaya Miki, in black, helped Douglas College to second place at PacWest women’s provincials. PHOTO JENNIFER GAUTHIER

20 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD


Clan entering a wasp’s nest Tom Berridge

Simon Fraser University didn’t let a first-place team get in the way of a good playoff run. The fourth-place, regular-seasonfinishing Clan polished off league champion Trinity Western University in straight games in the opening round of the B.C. Intercollegiate Hockey League playoffs. SFU stole a 3-2 decision over the first-place Spartans on a third-period goal by first star Adam Callegari at the Langley Events Centre last Thursday. Callegari also gave the 12-12 Clan a one-goal lead with his first of the game on a power play in the opening period.Teammate Jono Ceci made the score 2-1 midway through the second period. Jordan Liem was solid in goal for the Clan, making 34 stops. On Friday, Callegari sparked a

three-goal third period that sent SFU through to the playoff final following a 6-4 win over Trinity Western at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre in the best-of-three playoff. Liem was called on to make just 16 saves for his second playoff win in goal. Ceci shaved a first-period deficit to 2-1 on a power play, while game star Trent Murdoch briefly tied the game at 3-3 in the middle period with his second goal in the stanza. In the third, Callegari and Murdoch teamed up for the game-tying goal, before Jesse Mysiorek, with the game-winner, and Nick Sandor, both scored less than four minutes apart for the win. SFU also ended the regular season with a pair of back-to-back wins over the Langley school. “I think we did a good job fixing some of the problems we had earlier in the year,” said Clan head coach Mark Coletta.

Eh Team is a perfect seven

The change came at the wrong time for the league champs. Last season, a 10-13-0-1 Trinity Western team knocked off runner-up SFU in three games in the first round of playoffs. “It’s a disappointing end to a season that had so much promise and potential,” said TWU coach Barret Kropf in a Langley press release. “(SFU) fed us the same medicine that we gave them last year.” The Clan will take on the defending B.C. Intercollegiate champions Selkirk College in the first of a bestof-three final series in the unfriendly confines of the Castlegar rec centre, beginning on Friday, March 13. Coletta relishes the idea of walking into a hostile environment to complete SFU’s playoff march. “There’s nothing better than being on the road. It’s motivating,” Coletta said. “(Castlegar) is a good place to play. … We know the type of guys we got.”

The Eh team, a traveling Lower Mainland girls’ field lacrosse team, rolled a perfect seven games at a Best of the West tournament in Las Vegas last weekend. The junior varsity squad, including New Westminster’s Graceyn Dean and goal-

Royals win semi over Cap in OT

Continued from page 19 Ethan McKean led all scorers with 27 points, including seven threes. Rookies Martin Bogajev, with a team-high 20 points, and 2014 B.C. high school AAA MVP and player of the game Reese Morris, with 11 of his 14 points and nine rebounds in the second half, led the way for Cap. Trailing by as many as 17 points at one stage of the contest, Douglas coach Denis Beausoleil was unsure his team could come back. “We went a little smaller, brought in a few more shooters, which defensively helped a little bit,” Beausoleil said in a provincial press release. “We grinded back slowly – really in the end (points) just came in waves.” Earlier, Douglas threw a scare into league runner-up Vancouver Island before dropping an 89-82 scoreline to the eventual provincial champs. Player of the game Andrew Baron had a near triple-double to lead the Royals.The fourth-year guard scored nine points, while adding 12 rebounds and a dozen assists in the semifinal. Douglas led off with a 79-66 win over Camosun in the quarter-finals. Jacob Juras posted a game-high 21 points for the Royals.

ie Mady Morrison, dominated clubs from Arizona, California and Utah in the round robin, outscoring the combined opposition 45-5. The Lower Mainlanders advanced to the tournament final with wins over Utah and

Nevada. The Eh Team defeated Edmonton’s Vimy club 10-6 in the championship final. The team was also made up of players from Port Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey and the Adanacs.

You made incredible things happen! Community schools are the heart of many neighbourhoods. They provide safe places where children and youth can join after-school programs and where families can find the support they need. Margaret arrived in Canada as a refugee when she was six years old. She has benefitted from community schools all her life and now she is paying it forward. She graduates from high school this year and the sky’s the limit. “I believe that everyone is a hero and can save the world.” United Way funds community school initiatives in Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Surrey and Vancouver. They were featured at this year’s Scotiabank & United Way Community Spirit Awards.

Margaret, student and Winnie Leong, Scotiabank

You help make our work possible. Thank you. 2015 United Way Community Schools Initiative video was proudly presented by Scotiabank

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 21

22 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

New Westminster RECORD WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 23

24 WEDNESDAY March 11, 2015 • New Westminster RECORD

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New Westminster Record March 11 2015  

New Westminster Record March 11 2015

New Westminster Record March 11 2015  

New Westminster Record March 11 2015