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DIE MEISIE BY DIE BUS STOP A 5 minute live-action screenplay By Rowen Smith

10 lothian road Rondebosch Cape town 7700 079 647 0077

Alternate Draft 1 : Afrikaans version


INT. "WESTLINER BUS STATION" - DAY(09:00) JACO, a well groomed young man in his early 20’s, is sitting inside the Westliner Bus Station waiting for the bus. MARIAAN, a beautiful young woman, also also in her 20’s, enters the room. The receptionist takes her details and issues her a ticket. Jaco notices her and is captivated by her bleach blond hair and shining eyes as she turns around and sits down. Jaco peeps at her from time to time from behind a magazine. A Westliner bus arrived outside the bus station. The RECEPTIONIST gives the information over to the passengers. RECEPTIONIST Westliner 104 has arrived. Mariaan looks at her ticket, takes her bags and leaves the waiting area for the bus. Jaco watches her leave and looks downhearted. He notices that she had dropped her bracelet on the seat. He picks it up, in order to return it to her, but the bus had already left. FADE TO:


EXT/INT. BUS - DAY - TRACKING(09:45) The bus driver loads the last few bags while the people board the bus. Jaco stows his bags in the overhead compartment and sits down. As the bus leaves Cape Town, he looks outside the window, holding the bracelet and reminiscing about Mariaan.


EXT. "SHELL ULTRA CITY" - DAY(14:00) - TRAVELING The bus stops at a Shell Ultra City in Laingsburg to fuel up. Jaco gets off the bus and lights up a fag. He walks toward the male toilets. Just before he enters, he turns and throws away his cigarette bud. At that very moment, Mariaan leaves the female toilets and walks past him. They just missed each other. She walks toward the bus driver with her luggage. Meanwhile, Jaco returns and gets back in his seat. The bus driver rounds the passengers up. (CONTINUED)


2. BUS DRIVER(V.O) Leaving in 5 minutes, all aboard!


INT. BUS - DAY(14:15) - TRAVELING A lot of people were dropped off therefore the bus is quite empty. Jaco is sitting somewhere in the front listening to his Ipod. Mariaan boards the bus. As she makes her way through the narrow corridor to her seat, she passes Jaco and accidentally drops a novel on his lap. Jaco is quite shocked gives back the book and smiles at her. She smiles back. The driver starts the engines and they depart.


INT. BUS - DAY(15:30) - TRAVELING Jaco wants to go and sit next to her, but he is too nervous. He peeps back at her from time to time, while holding the bracelet. Mariaan removes her handbag from the seat next to her, hoping that Jaco might be smart enough and invite himself over. Eventually Jaco gets up, nervously walks to her and takes the seat next to Mariaan. JACO (afrikaan accent) Haai, my name is Jaco. MARIAAN (flattered) Hey, eks Mariaan, jy kan maar afrikaans praat hoor. Ha-Ha JACO My jinne, ’n boeremeisie. Ha-Ha. My engels is maar power jong, So Hoe het jy hier? MARIAAN (interrupts) Ek was getransfer, my bus het gaan staan. Toe join ek die een. Jaco is dumbstruck. He wipes his hands on his jeans and grins at Mariaan. JACO Uh, ek het iets vir jou. He takes out the bracelet and gives it to Mariaan. (CONTINUED)


3. JACO Jyt dit in Kaapstad vergeet. MARIAAN g my jinne mamma, jy’s te duurbaar!

Mariaan grabs his arm with embrace. MARIAAN So waantoe is jy oppad? JACO Die familie, daar in Pofadder? En jy? MARIAAN Ek kuier bietjie by my Pa vir die naweek. JACO So jy kom terug Kaap toe? MARIAAN Yip, ek’s ’n waiters by Greens in Claremont. An Old lady interrupts their conversation. OLD LADY (chirpy) Hey, bly nou stil man, die ou mense wil rus! Jaco looks over his shoulder and see’s no old people on the bus except her. He whispers MOS in Mariaan’s ear. They burst out LAUGHING. 6

MONTAGE OF JACO AND MARIAAN BEGIN(18:45)- TRAVELING 1. Bus driving along dirt road.(SUPER: Road Map) 2. Jaco and Mariaan are affectionately talking MOS. 3. Jaco and Mariaan are dancing in the alleyway. 5. Road Map of Traveling bus. 4. Smoke break at another Shell Ultra City. 5. They are eating hamburgers together. 6. They are reading a book together. 7. The Movie Screens. 7. Jaco’s hand makes its way onto Mariaan’s. (CONTINUED)



8. They kiss passionately. 9. Mariaan’s scarf falling on the Old lady. 10. Bothered Old Lady’s face. 11. Mariaan sleeping on Jaco’s Shoulder. 10. Jaco falling asleep. MONTAGE OF JACO AND MARIAAN END(00:00) FADE TO: 7

INT. BUS - DAY(06:00) The stewardess wakes Jaco up. Jaco immediately looks next to him to see if Mariaan is still there. The seat is empty except for the bracelet.


EXT. PARKING LOT - DAY(06:15) The bus arrived in Pofadder. Jaco gets off the bus and is welcomed by his Mom and Dad. He is very happy to see them, but also sad about Mariaan leaving. FADE TO:


INT. FARMHOUSE - DAY(ABOUT 2 WEEKS LATER) Jaco is eating brunch with his family. They are all joyfully enjoying the meal. Jaco’s mind is elsewhere. He takes the bracelet out of his pocket and reminisces about the great time he had with Mariaan. FLASHBACK TO:


INT. BUS - DAY - TRAVELING SERIES OF SHOTS BEGIN 1. Mariaan dropping her book in his lap. 2. Jaco and Mariaan LAUGHING. 3. Mariaan talking to Jaco. MARIAAN ... waiters by Greens in Claremont. SERIES OF SHOTS END



BACK TO PRESENT Jaco realizes that he can still find her. He rushes out the front door, gets in his truck and drives off.


INT. "GREENS RESTAURANT" - DAY Jaco runs though the doorway. He stops at the reception desk. JACO (breathless) Can I please speak to Mariaan? HOSTESS Mariaan? No one by that name works here, sorry. Jaco turns around. He moves around aimlessly, looking miserable. Someone bumps into him and he drops the bracelet.


INT. BUS - DAY - TRAVELING Mariaan is on the bus again, looking out of the window. A young and handsome man in his early twenties, sits down next to her. RANDOM GUY Haai daar, ek dink die is joune? MARIAAN My armband! Ag my jinne mamma, jy’s te duurbaar! RANDOM GUY Ek’s Andre. MARIAAN Jolandie, aangenaam. FADE TO BLACK. THE END

Die Meisie by die Bus Stop  

DRAFT 1 of my 5 minute student film