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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My grattitude goes out to the many wonderful designers, makers and photographers for their submission of their content and images for the book. The entire project would not have been possible without the team, with special thanks to Sir Wildan and Michelle for fearlessly steering the book with completion. To my parents, thank you for all your wisdom and your guidance, i’m so grateful for all of the ways you help achieve my goals. You challange me to ask the hard questions in life and belive in myself. Finally, i would like to thank all of the people who has given me some ideas. You have given me the privilege to turn may passion into business. Sincerely, thank you.


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INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Paper is the perfect craft material: cheap, readily, available and endlessly versatile. Craftsmen have explored the possibilities of creating beautiful paper pieces for centuriesby cutting, folding, tearing, curling, or gluing, a simple sheet of paper can be transformed into a stunning artwork, a thoughtful gift or an original greetings card. You do not need an expensive array of tools and materials, while the techniques of the craft are easy and fun! There is something for everyone in this book and I have taken inspiration from around the world: the traditional art of paper cutting in Poland; the decorative arts of Mexico; the craft of paper holding from Japan. With today’s hectic lifestyles, not everyone has time to devote to a craft, so I have created a book for variety of projects, some of which take only minutes. Papercraft may be an ancient tradition, but the ideas here are fresh and contemporary, an in a world where technology and cyber entertainment are the norm, it is very satisfying to make something by hand. Have the confidence to experiment and develop your own ideas to reveal the artistic creativity that is within all of us.


DO IT YOURSELF DO IT YOURSELF Do it yourself (DIY) is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals. Academic research describes DIY as behaviors where “individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and component parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment (e.g., landscaping)”. DIY behavior can be triggered by various motivations previously categorized as marketplace motivations (economic benefits, lack of product availability, lack of product quality, need for customization), and identity enhancement (craftsmanship, empowerment, community seeking, uniqueness). The term “do-it-yourself” has been associated with consumers since at least 1912 primarily in the domain of home improvement and maintenance activities.The phrase “do it yourself” had come into common usage (in standard English)

by the 1950s, in reference to the emergence of a trend of people undertaking home improvement and various other small craft and construction projects as both a creative-recreational and costsaving activity. Subsequently, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets. DIY is associated with the international alternative rock, punk rock, and indie rock music scenes; indymedia networks, pirate radio stations, and the zine community. In this context, DIY is related to the Arts and Crafts movement, in that it offers an alternative to modern consumer culture’s emphasis on relying on others to satisfy needs. The abbreviation DIY is also widely used in the military as a way to teach commanders or other types of units to take responsibility, so that they’d be able to do things themselves just as a preparation for their own future.

WHY? Do it Yourself projects are becoming more and more popular each year. And it’s not kind of surprise why buying something already made just doesnt give the same satisfaction as doing the work yourself. And there is no better way to give your friends and family a gift than one that comes with some of your personal time and creativity included.


gift wrapping gift wrapping Gift wrapping refers to the act of enclosing a gift in some sort of material. Wrapping paper is a kind of paper designed for gift wrapping. Gifts may also be wrapped in a box. They may be held closed with ribbon and topped with a decorative bow (an ornamental knot made of ribbon). HISTORY The use of wrapping paper is first documented in ancient China, where paper was invented in 2nd century BC. In the Southern Song dynasty, monetary gifts were wrapped with paper, forming an envelope known as a chih pao. The wrapped gifts were distributed by the Chinese court to government officials. In the Chinese text Thien Kung Khai Wu, Sung Ying-Hsing states that the coarsest wrapping paper is manufactured with rice straws and bamboo fiber. Although the Hall brothers Rollie and Joyce Hall, founders of Hallmark Cards, did not invent gift wrapping, their innovations led to the development of modern gift wrapping. They helped to popularize the idea of decorative gift wrapping in the 20th century, and according to Joyce Hall, “the decorative gift-wrapping business was born the day Rollie placed those French envelope linings on top of that showcase.


BY CULTURE Western Cultures In Western culture, gifts are often wrapped in wrapping paper and accompanied by a gift note which may note the occasion, the receiver’s name and the giver’s name. In the United States, an additional 5 million tons of waste are generated over the Christmas gift-giving period; four million tons of this is wrapping paper and shopping bags. Some people attempt to avoid this by unwrapping gifts with care to hopefully allow the paper to be reused, while others use decorated cloth gift sacks that can be easily reused many times; both of these concepts are part of the Green Gifting trend that encourages recycling. Additionally, some people use old newspapers instead of wrapping paper. Asian Cultures In Chinese culture, red wrapping connotes luck. In Japanese culture, wrapping paper and boxes are common. However, the traditional cloth wrapping called furoshiki is increasing in popularity, particularly as an ecologically friendly alternative to wrapping paper. In Korean culture, bojagi are sometimes used for gift wrapping.

Our aim is to inspire you to think outside the box and put a little love and creativity into the gift while you wrap it. In this book, you will find the basics to make a variety of different gifts. From these basics you will be able to make an endless variety of creation; the only limit is your imagination.



Fabric Poppy Flower Gift Toppers Materials A ventilated work space Candle Lighter or matches Chiffon or lightweight satin – 100% polyester Tulle in black Fabric scissors Embroidery thread in black Matching red thread Button Seed beads


1 Cut out squares of chiffon in 2 varying sizes ranging from 3.5 to 2 inches You will need 3-4 squares per flower (at least 1 small, 1, medium, and 1 large).


Stitch through the center of your flower (all three layers plus the tulle and pom pom) until everything feels secure.

Snip around the edges to round them into rough circles. They don’t need to be perfect.


Add a double-sided glue to the back for easy gift topping. You could also attach a pinback to make it into a wearable accessory. 06


For the poppies, first added a small circle of black tulle to the middle, then made a mini pom pom stitched in into the center of pom pom.


Coffee Filter Pom Pom Decor Materials Coffee Filters; Natural or White 24-32 per Hanging Pom Pom Large Metal Brads or Brass Fasteners 1/8� Hole Punch Tool Twine Small Ornament or Object for Center of Gift Topper


1 Fold filters (one at a time) in 2 Fold in half again (repeat for 3 Punch a hole in the corner of half.



5 Add prepared filters to the 6

Insert your brad through the punched hole.

each folded filter.

brad – stacking behind your first filter. Take care to keep the folded edge of your filters facing the same direction. 11

As you add filters onto your brad you will begin to fan each one out. Don’t worry about it looking perfect at this point.


Tape Stickers – Alphabet Edition Materials Printed Letter Template(s) Japanese Paper Masking Tape Parchment Paper Sharp Scissors Craft Knife Self-healing Matt Mini Binder Clips or Paper Clips Wrapped Gift



Start by printing letter template(s) onto standard copy paper and place a piece of parchment paper on top of it.


Place your taped parchment paper down on top of a selfhealing matt, set template on top of that, use a tape to secure the template.


Begin sticking strips of masking tape onto the parchment paper, ends of each strip are slightly wider than the edges of the letter template.

3 Overlapping the tape edges will ensure the sticker holds together as one solid shape.

5 Cut any interior spaces in the 6 letter design out first then cut around the outside of the letter template it has trimmed around the entire shape. 14

Carefully peel the paper backing from your design, starting at the top.


Desk Accessories Materials Printable Fabric Flower Template Medium Weight Fabric Scissors Fabric Glue (permanent) Standard Pushpins Brooch Pinback Standard Pencil Set with Erasers Small Empty Paint Can Scrap Paper Mod Podge Adhesive Paintbrush


1 Place

the backside of another petal on top of the glued portion on your first petal. Press together to adhere.

2 Place a dab of glue onto the 3 Apply glue onto the one side outer edge of the final petal and place the open first petal edge on top of it. Press together to adhere.

of your flower backing piece.

4 Place the glued side of your 5 Apply a line of glue lengthwise 6 Use scissors to cut a tasflower backing piece onto the bottom center of your prepared flower. Press down to adhere.

along the centre of the rectangle and fold in half. Press along folded edge to adhere.


seled edge along the open side of your fabric. Apply a dot of glue onto the end of one side.


Tightly roll up the fabric tassel, applying small dabs of glue along the inner folded edge.Secure with a final dot of glue when you reach the end.


You should now have a prepared flower and flower centre. You will also need a standart pushpin.

9 Place a drop of glue into the centre of your flower. Insert the pushpin into the centre of the flower through the glue and press down to adhere.

10 Place the flower centre on 11 You can create a more in- 12 top of the glued of portion of the pushpin. You can use your floral pushpins once the glue has dried fully.

tricate flower by creating two flowers and gluing them inside of one another before adding on the center tassel. 18

For a gift-worthy presentation, poke your flower pushpins into the erasers of a pencils. Repeat until you have created a bouquet of pushpins.

13 Use your ruler to measure 14 Place

15 Brush an even coat of Mod

the height of the can.

Podge onto your can and place one end of your fabric on top of it.

your template onto the backside of your fabric and trace your template onto the fabric using a pencil. Cut the fabric out along the pencil lines.

16 Continue to wrap your fabric 17 around the can, brushing on a thin layer of glue underneath the fabric as you go.

Trim off excess fabric or allow end to overlap the starting point. Use modge podge to secure the open end.



Now your pencil cup is complete.


Hexagon Candy Box Materials Scissors X-acto Knife Ruler Cutting Board Pencil Gold Foil Card Glue Double-Sided Tape Printable White Card Twine Tape


1 Place the petal template on 2 the back of a sheet of gold card and trace around with a pencil then cut out with scissors. Make three gold petals.


Fold and press together your concertina pieces and slip each of them into the small rectangular holes on either side of your box.

Using glue or double-sided tape on the tabs, start attaching the gold petals to the main body.


Finally, if you wish to make hanging decorations simply attach some twine to the back accessory you’d like.



Once all of your petals are attached, begin folding them inward, each piece will overlap the petal on one side.


Holiday Bonbons Materials X-acto Knife Ruler Cutting Board White String White Paper Double-Sided Tape Glue Small Candy (about jelly bean size) Mini Plastic Bag to Hold The Candy


1 Print out the design and using x-acto knife and

4 Begin folding the other side of your bonbon.

ruler, begin scoring gently along fold.

2 Open it back out again and fold along the

5 Stick down firmly.

scored lines and it should look like the example shown above.


6 Tie some string tightly to hold it together. Trim

Stick some double-sided tape or glue on horizontal line running across the design. Peel off the white backing to reveal the sticky bits.

the ends of your string as close to the knot as possible. 25


Dynamite Party Materials Red Crepe Paper Glue Black Cord Scissors A Wooden Skewer Paper Tubes Star Wire Garland


1 Cut

2 circles slightly larger than the ends of the paper tube.

2 Cut a rectangle of red crepe 3 Glue a ring around the outjust large enough to cover the exterior of the tube. Set aside.

4 Press and hold onto one end. 5 Fill with goodies.


side of a circle.


Glue a ring around the outside of a circle.


Press and hold the second circle on the other end.


Insert 3-4 inches of black cord. You may need to use the skewer to poke the cord in.


Wrap the tube with the rectangle of crepe paper. Glue the long end closed.


Cut 3-4 inches of star garland.


9 Poke a hole in the top of the tube.


Twist and attach the star garland to the black cord.


Honeycomb Pom-Poms Materials Tissue Papers Glue Stick Scrap Paper Scissors Cardboard (Thickness of Cereal Packets) Needle Thread



1 Decide what size pom-pom you want to make

Take one sheet of the tissue paper and place it on a larger piece of scrap paper. Divide the width of the tissue paper into a few equal sections by drawing marker lines in 2 alternating colors. The first one with roughly 43mm wide spacing and another one with 30mm spacing. Make sure the spacing lines are fairly even.

and cut a circle from cardboard. Cut the circle in half. Take multiple sheets of tissue paper and layer them on top of each other, now fold these in half to make double the layers, then fold in half again to create loads of layers. Now cut out a rectangular square that’s comfortably bigger than the half circle, you want to end up with around 40-50 sheets.

3 Pick a line in one color first, grab your glue

4 Now place another sheet of tissue paper on

stick and run vertically across the tissue paper as if connecting the lines. Hold your glue stick at an angle if necessary so the glue line is not too thick. Do the same for the rest of the lines in the same color.

top. Rub it well. Now choose the line in the other color and repeat the gluing procedure as before. You’ll be gluing the lines in areas that were not glued on the previous sheet. Repeat this with the rest of the sheets of tissue paper.


5 When you’re through all the remaining tissue

6 Cut along the lines. You’ll be cutting 40-50

papers. You can now cut it into any shape you like but here we’ll use the half circle to make a pom-pom. Place your half circle on top and trace loosely around it.

sheets together so large scissors really help.

7 Glue the cardboard half circles on both sides

8 Put a threaded needle through tight in the

of your honeycomb paper. The full half circle made the pom-pom a little heavy on one side, so later cut out the inside of the circle to reduce the weight.

corner of your half circle.


10 Hold the cardboard on both ends and pull


Knot the thread but keep some slack, otherwise it won’t open. Do the same on the other corner. You can leave the thread long on one end to hang up the pom-pom later.

apart slowly. Some parts that shouldn’t be glued might have a little glue residue and not come apart straight away, just keep pulling gently and they should all separate cleanly.

11 Glue the cardboard ends back to back to

12 Taa-daa! Simple pleasures.

form a sphere. Used looped masking tape so can store them flat later.



Honeycomb Birds Materials Scrap Cardboard One 14” Honeycomb Egg One 10” Honeycomb Ball Assorted Card Stock Masking Tape Hot Glue Gun Pencil Scissors Craft Knife String Ruler


1 Set all the supplies. Using card 2 Cut two wings about 8” and 3

Cut off any string loops on the honeycombs. On a flat surface open them halfway and arrange the bird’s head in relation to the body.

stock that matches the head and body of your honeycombs

one tail about 8” from base to each tip. Cut two black circles about 2” in diameter and one orange diamond about 5”.


5 Cut and glue down two pieces 6 Cut the pieces for your bow.

Fold them back closed as pictured. Cut a piece of cardboard in an L shape – the corner of it will extend past the curves of the honeycombs.

of card stock for both sides of the exposed cardboard corner – use the color you want the bird’s neck bow to be. 37

Cut two 1” by 5” strips with triangle cut-outs for the tails, one 11” long strip that is 1 1/4” on the ends.

7 Hot

glue the both ends of the 11” long piece to the center. Wrap the plain 1” by 5” strip around the center to hide the seam.

8 Attach the cardboard L back 9 Use masking tape to attach in place on the two honeycombs using masking tape.

a piece of string onto the cardboard L – when the string it pulled taught upwards, it should touch the outer curve.

10 Fully open up the honeycomb 11 Attach the beak to the face 12 One at a time, apply hot glue balls and use masking tape and/ or hot glue to keep open. Make sure the string isn’t caught.

by gently wedging the cut slit onto a tissue paper joint. You can adjust this until you are happy with the placement. 38

in a squiggle over the backs of the card stock eyes and gently attach onto the honeycomb.


Do the same for both wings, holding both ends of the wings down to be sure they adhere.

14 Curl 1� of the base of the 15 Apply card stock tail slightly, apply hot glue to the curl, and attach to the end of the honeycomb egg – to be sure the tail is wellsupported, attach where the two thin cardboard layers of the honeycomb egg touch.


a line of hot glue to the edge of the card stockcovered cardboard and attach the bow. Hang from the ceiling using several pieces of heavyduty masking tape or tie a loop in the string and hang from a hook.


Mini Cactus Pi単atas Materials Newspaper Green Tissue Paper Confetti and Candy Masking Tape Clear Tape White String Green String Glue Toilet Paper Roll Green Crepe Paper Scissors


1 Set all your supllies.

2 Scrunch a piece of newspaper 3 into a ball and use masking tape to attach it to one end of the toilet paper roll.


Use clear tape to attach a 6� piece of green string directly onto the X. Make sure the string is attached well.

Cut a 3� square of tissue paper and cut an X in the center of it.

5 Fill the tube with candy and/ 6 or confetti. Use the glue stick to apply glue to the the sides of the tube at the open end and attach the tissue paper. 42

Cut a length of green crepe paper and fold it several times. Green streamers, cut the folded pile in half lengthwise, about 3/4� wide and then fringe it.

7 Apply white glue in vertical 8 Once the arms get in the way 9

Apply more glue stripes between the two arms and apply the crepe paper between the arms. Do this for both sides.

lines along the cactus and start attaching the fringed crepe paper, spiralling upward around the cactus.

of spiralling around the cactus, cut the crepe paper.


11 Finally, if you wish to make 12 Finally, if you wish to make

Fold and press together your concertina pieces and slip each of them into the small rectangular holes on either side of your box.

hanging decorations simply attach some twine to the back accessory you’d like.


hanging decorations simply attach some twine to the back accessory you’d like.

13 Place the petal template on 14

15 Once all of your petals are

the back of a sheet of gold card and trace around with a pencil then cut out with scissors. Make three gold petals, one will need to have the rectangular hole.

attached, begin folding them inward, each piece will overlap the petal on one side.

Using glue or double-sided tape on the tabs, start attaching the gold petals to the main body.



Colorful Yarn Pom Pom Ornament Materials Ruler White String Wooden Spool


1Choose your yarn color(s). You 2 can go with as many or as few as you’d like.

Start with your first color. Wrap it around three of your fingers until it is fairly thick.



Carefully remove your wrapped yarn from your fingers, keeping its shape.

Place the wrapped yarn on top of a long piece of yarn. Try to center it.



Snip off the end of the first color and repeat the same process with your next roll of yarn. Continue this process.


Tie the long piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn, pulling it as tightly as possible. Use scissors to cut through the loops on one side.

7 Cut through the loops on the 8 other side of the wrapped yarn as well.

You will end up with a very shaggy misshapen blob of yarn. This will need to be trimmed into a much smaller ball shape. Basically, give it a hair cut!



Fabric Cozy Parisian Holiday Materials Waverly Fabrics: Tres Chic Waverly Yarn: Tibetan Red & Birch White Kraft Gift Wrap 3-D Glue Dots Glue Stick Paper Craft Glue Gel Glitter Velvet Ribbon Japanese Masking Tape Wooden Spool



2 Next





In this case wrapped everything up in basic kraft paper. Affordable and classic!

Attached it to your wrapped gift using a standard glue stick (applied directly to the wrapping paper).

picked out a Waverly fabric with a whimsical Tres Chic Parisian print that would look adorable topping a gift.

Once the main “image” is attached you can really go nuts adding any sort of adornment you like.


Next, cut the Eiffel Tower “photograph” out of the fabric

Such as masking tapes. The key is to let the main element shine.


For a vintage sparkle, you might also enjoy gluing the fabric element to an old book page.


Let it dry and attach it to your wrapped gift with a glue stick.


Cut out around the image

9 Use as-is, or take it a step

with enough of a paper border so that it shows nicely.

further by adding a line of glue topped by a dusting

11 But in this case I decided 12 to keep it cozy by finishing my gift with a wrapping of red yarn along with a few yarn pom poms. 52

To make the yarn pompom, see the previous tutorial.

13 Be sure to leave the tails 14

15 After tying a ticking ribbon

on your pom poms so that you’ll have a way to easily attach them to your gift

Next, make some easy ribbons by quickly ripping some gorgeous black ticking into long 1.25� wide strips.

around another wrapped gift, add an extra touch of charm with a fabric element from the same Tres Chic fabric.



Carefully cut out the images, applied a layer of glue to a piece of heavy-weight cardstock, placed fabric cutout on top of the glue.

Then carefully trimmed around the image to remove the excess paper, leaving a nice sturdy paper-backed cutout.


18 You can also add additional touches to your toppers using glitter, sequins, or beads


Paper Wreath Materials Cardboard frame Colorful Paper Scissors Glue Wrapped Gift


1 First cut your paper into strips 2 of 2 inches wide. Decide on a pattern for your color selection.

You will need a large cardboard frame. Cut an oval out of a large cardboard box for a sturdy back frame.

4 Finish completely around your 5 Used as toppers for presents, circle and end the last paper on top of both previous strips.

favors or strung up as party bunting the tiny versions bring a pretty dose of color to any space. 56

3 Starting

at one end, begin attaching the strips to the frame. Wrap them around by using glue. Overlap each strip onto the one before it.


Washi Tape Box Materials Unfinished Wooden Box Matte Decoupage Glue Craft Paint Washi Tape In Various Colors Craft knife Paintbrushes


1 Place the backside of another 2 Paint the box a base color.

3 Add the washi tape to the box

petal on top of the glued portion on your first petal. Press together to adhere.

in a confetti pattern by using the craft knife to cut the tape into little triangles, dashes, and other shapes.

4 Steal the box with a layer of 5 Using a little decoupage glue decoupage glue.

over top of the finished design helps the tape to stay stuck.


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Do it Yourself projects are becoming more and more popular each year. And it’s not kind of surprise why buying something already made just doesnt give the same satisfaction as doing the work yourself. And there is no better way to give your friends and famil y a gift than one that comes with some of your personal time and creativity included.

Gift wrapping book  

This is a book about DIY projects and gift-wrapping. I made this book because I think these things are becoming increasingly popular each ye...

Gift wrapping book  

This is a book about DIY projects and gift-wrapping. I made this book because I think these things are becoming increasingly popular each ye...