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a woman of substance

Roula Rouva is nobody’s fool. When you first meet her, you know you are in the presence of someone utterly determined, completely focussed and very, very switched on. But that’s just the first impression. Because the moment she smiles at you, you know underneath the business powerhouse that you see is a real lady, one that is warm and understanding and decent and inherently kind. Roula Rouva started her career working for the family business. It was a small, private, family-run hotel and she worked the kitchen, the supermarket, the bar, in housekeeping, reservations and wherever else was needed. And often when asked by guests she would turn up the music and teach them the Sirtaki too. She remembers these times with great fondness, one of her rare and beautiful smiles breaking out over her face, “We had so much fun in those days. Everyone was so happy and we would all be laughing and dancing, hotel staff and guests, and we would fall asleep in the early hours of the morning, to wake up and do it all over again. Our guests became our friends and they would come back each year, sending us cards and pictures of themselves while they were away. It was beautiful.” However good things tend not to last forever, and the area in which Roula’s family had their business saw a drop in tourism, and as a result she had to find other opportunities that would enable her to raise her two young daughters. As a single parent and a young woman, Roula decided to set her goals high. In 2003, she started a lettings agency in partnership with a fellow Corfiot who had returned from Australia. She then went on to start her own lettings agency out of a small office in the north-west assisted by an English friend. Over a period of time Roula branched out into sales, as well as lettings, and in 2010 moved into her current offices at Corfu Town. Other than per personal powers of persuasion and the vision to provide a quality service to clients, she also used the most innovative of means to promote her business. She even got a local TV channel to carry a small show about real estate in Corfu, and the rest, as they say, is history. Overnight she was flooded with people who wanted to sell their homes through her and before she knew it she had over a thousand listings. “I was famous,” she says laughingly.

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From teaching the Sirtaki to selling homes, the story of the woman who built Corfu’s most successful real estate business is one that merits respect and recognition

These volumes required more personnel, and so in 2011 she was joined by Andy Marshall and Jenny who worked from Paxos. Today there are over 25 staff, including Roula’s own daughters who are now graduates and hard workers just like their mother. It wasn’t all smooth sailing however. The crisis in Greece left no one untouched. Roula had a team to keep motivated, two daughters who were still at university at the time, and a business to grow. “It was such a tough a time. I had to convince my team to keep going despite the fact that there were houses to sell, but almost no buyers. My girls needed me, emotionally and financially, and it was a rough ride, to say the least, and I had to do it single-handedly,” she admits. “I had no life of my own beyond my work during that time, as I had to make sure that everyone else’s needs were being met, often at the expense of my own. But her vision never wavered, and she kept the dream strong. She took ideas from everywhere, networked religiously, egged on her staff to keep the faith… and eventually the good times came, and business picked up once more. In fact, it not only picked up, it soared. Today most of the staff are long-termers and each one has been hand-picked and groomed by Roula. She is utterly committed to their welfare, both personal and professional and her staff know that in a crisis she is their first port of call. She has maintained a sense of family amongst those that work with her and it is a palpable thing when you visit their office. Their head of security (he has a vest that says so) is an adorable poodle cross who will inspect you carefully for worthiness as soon as you enter. The inevitable Corfiot smile greets you from everyone, and one gets a sense of having walked into a friend’s house rather than a real estate office. As a leader Roula understands the need to run a tight ship, but she does it with a feminine hand that brings compassion, understanding and gentleness to the table, as well. “My people are my priority. Their happiness is my happiness,” she says firmly. And this is reflected in the quality of service her clients get. Clients who buy from RR Estate get an after-care package that beggars belief. From being shown where to buy white goods, to coordinating with engineers and builders if needed, to being invited to get-togethers, to being directed to doctors and mechanics and accountants… the range of assistance is comprehensive and comes at no additional price tag. It’s just part of the package that Roula developed to offer customised support to both sides of the sale. “It’s just something we want to do and that we like to do. People trust us with their hopes and dreams and their savings, and so we want to provide them with all that Corfu can offer; friendship is an integral part of this island, so we want to make sure we give that as part of the offering, as well,” she says. During the process of a sale, home owners can expect a critical and fair evaluation, along with an appraisal of the legal paperwork required to ensure clear transactions; while buyers are presented with comprehensive documentation to ensure there are no hitches post the sale.



Roula Rouva with her parents and her daughters “In all our years we have never had a single complaint, or any legal issues with the properties we have sold,” says Roula, justifiably proud of this achievement. It is no mean feat on an island fraught with real estate complications of various kinds. So are there any regrets. “Not one,” says Roula, firmly. “This is an aggressive business, but I have made my mark. I am building something for myself, for my daughters, and leaving a legacy of what a woman can do if she is determined enough. This example I have set is the best legacy I can leave my girls.” Today RR estate is a group of companies. They also have a luxury travel division with exclusive concierge services. They have recently started off a new chapter devoted to the luxury housing market called They have opened offices in Athens to deliver the inviting Golden Visa programme for people looking to invest in real estate in Greece. They have partnered with associates all around the island to offer RR Real Estate hubs in all four corners of the island. They have a thriving branch office on the pretty island of Paxos. They also have a charitable bent and often help out a local children’s charity with clothes and food from time to time, and they are keen to extend this into an active CSR arm of the company. They are currently focussed on entering international markets with their various ventures, and unsurprisingly all of this has won them some impressive international recognition. In 2016, at the European Property Awards, in association with The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK, RR Estate Agency was Highly Commended in the category “Real Estate Agency Greece”. In 2017 they were an Award Winner in this category.

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Roula is justifiably proud of her achievements. But her pride is not merely personal. She is proud to be a Corfiot and her love for the island is clear in her tone of voice when she speaks of it. “From the greenery, to the olive trees to the sea, to Corfu Town, there is no place like this. We even had the first university ever in Greece on this island. If you want paradise, it is here,” she says. “I want everyone to find happiness here.” And so she encourages her clients to check out the areas on the island carefully and only settle on an area once their heart has spoken. She strongly advises RR Estate Agency clients to only work with professionals that they can trust, because that gut feeling is all important when one is buying a home and will make all the difference as to how the transaction plays out. With an incredibly demanding business to run, Roula does not stop herself from engaging in the things that truly matter. She is a caring mother, friend and daughter, giving time and importance to her close circle. Saturday is always family day, and she encourages her children and her team to find a balance between work and play. With all her achievements she has no intention of stopping any time soon and intends to keep going. Her quest to keep building her business is an ongoing one. Her passion for Corfu remains a guiding light and her dedication to helping people find the home of their dreams is a driving force. To do so she will go to considerable lengths; and that includes teaching her clients how to do the Sirtaki if they so wish it, just as she did many years ago, at her family restaurant. Lucky clients – it isn’t often one can find a real estate agent and a dance teacher all in one impressive package.

Roula Rouva Founder | Managing Director Investment Projects

Christiana Rouva Real Estate Consultant & CFO Corfu Island

Maria Michelle Rouva PR & Marketing Manager

Natalia Tsiro Rouva Real Estate Consultant

Vladimir Bojev Real Estate Consultant

Russian Representative

Jenny Konstantopoulou General Manager

Luxury Department

North East | Lefkas Island

Andy Marshall Real Estate Consultant North

Ioanna Aroni Real Estate Consultant Paxos Island

Spiros Koursaris Real Estate Consultant & Construction Developer Constructor

Georgia Koursari Real Estate Consultant

Sotiria Kandouri Lawyer

Thanos Pitis General Manager

Georgia Tselliou Secretarial Assistant

Corfu Island

Corfu Office

Corfu Office

Athens Office

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P ho to s by:

MEETtheTEAM Anna Moraiti Real Estate Consultant Central West

Lia Barba Real Estate Consultant Corfu Town | Suburbs

Alexis Manolis Real Estate Consultant

Roula Tziliou Real Estate Consultant Central East

Andrew Jacobs Real Estate Consultant North West

Sofia Ruth Koursari Real Estate Consultant

Central Corfu

Corfu Island

Mary Markou Secretarial Assistant

Stamatis Aspiotis Secretarial Assistant

Corfu Office

Corfu Office

Vasso Zarra Real Estate Consultant South

Christina Panagiotidou | Alex Christou Real Estate Consultants North West

Efi Vourou Certified Surveyor Engineer Auth | Energy Inspector Corfu Island

Paraskevi Tsirika Reception | Secretarial Assistant Corfu Office



“Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency is a proud

supporter of LifeLine Hellas , an International Humanitarian Organization , which is under the patronage of HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia and is dedicated to helping all of those in need.

Lifeline was founded with one mission. To help those in need and their moto is “We work for the benefit of all those in need, regardless of ethnicity or religion since we believe that there are no borders in suffering.” Lifeline Humanitarian Organization was founded in 1993 and HRH Crown Princess Katherine Humanitarian Foundation was founded in 2001 with the aim of helping children, sick/disadvantaged children, refugees, IDP’s, the Elderly. We are delighted to support this great act of love to those less fortunate. We believe that everyone deserves a good quality of life no matter their place of birth or the circumstances. We believe in equality and that all children deserve a bright future. This is why when the chance of sponsoring a live concert in our home town –Corfu, was raised where all the profits would be donated for a good cause, we were delighted to be part of this beautiful gesture. We were the main sponsor. The live concert took place in our historic Old Fortress, which was used as a protective castle back in the past. Every time that foreigners were coming in order to conquer Corfu and take it under their occupation, the brave Corfiots used to hide behind the high thick walls of the fortress in order to avoid the gunfire and fire back so as to protect their territory. In this iconic place, one of the most famous and well known singers, Tolis Voskopoulos, also known as “the Prince” performed for over two hours straight and “filled” the open space with his crystal clear voice. The money gathered from this unforgettable night will be used for buying new equipment for the children’s wing in the hospital and, indeed, will be a gift of life for all the children who are in need of treatment. Another event that was organized by HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia was a night full of glamour in one of the finest hotels of Athens. The dinner Gala was organized as a fundraiser for new equipment for the children’s wing in Greek hospitals. The

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event was very successful as it did attract many tycoons, investors and entrepreneurs who were all delighted to join and support this cause. This night was dedicated to raising money for the children and the Princess herself gave a very emotional speech about the importance of giving and sharing. The Master of PR, Mr George Davlas, was the Head of press release. As Gandhi said “ You have to be the change you want to see in the world” , we always take the opportunity to support good causes and help the world to become better . This is why we are extremely proud to have been one of sponsors of this amazing night.

The locations where LifeLine offices can be found around the world: L o n do n | Ne w Y o r k | C h i ca g o To r o n t o | At h e n s


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To infinity


RR Infinity is a boutique real estate agency providing exclusive properties and personalized customer service. RR Infinity is a branch of RR Group of Companies , consisting of “Roula Rouva Corfu Leading Agency” a three times awarded real estate agency from European property awards. “RR Luxury Travel” and “RR Concierge Services” are also part of the RR Group of Companies.

3rd Klm Paleokastritsa National Road, 49100, Corfu, Greece Tel.: +30 26610 23032 | +30 26610 86025 Mob.:+30 6941 671061 Email: w w w . r r i n f i n i t y . c o m




Whilst Corfu today is famous for its villas, five star luxury hotels, seaside resorts, and azure blue seas, it was originally the mountain villages that were historically held in high esteem. Prior to the emergence of tourism, the land by the sea was something you gave your daughter as an inheritance, as no one felt it had any use. The valuable land was in the villages, and so ordinarily left to the sons.

Tourism and Traditional Villages Tourism began to take off in the 1960s on the island of Corfu, making it the popular tourist destination it is today. But, the heart and soul of Corfu, outside of the main town (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) could still be found in the rural mountain villages dotted around the island, where many families had continued to live for their entire lives. However, with tourism drawing communities, their schools and their infrastructure to the coast, a number of these remote villages were subsequently all but abandoned, left to fall into disrepair, failed to get proper investment and support, or simply disappeared altogether. One such village, that has survived and is now in the throws of a revival, is Old Perithia. It is Corfu’s oldest, best preserved village, and one of the finest examples of Venetian architectural origins outside of Corfu town, located in the affluent north east corner of the island. This hidden gem, which came under the protection of the archaeological department back in 1995/6 had, until tourism drew pretty much everyone away, been a wealthy, thriving

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and buzzing community of approximately 1200 residents. An atmospheric village, surrounded by 8 churches, and nestling in the palm of The Almighty just beneath Mt. Pantokrator, the island’s highest mountain at 906m. History as a Hideaway This ancient village, of which records still exist, dates back to 1357. It was typically used as a hideaway from pirate attacks (the Saracens and Turks) during the summer months and also during the first and second world war. It was too high for olives to grow successfully but, as far as the Venetians were concerned at the time they ruled the Ionian islands, perfect for oak, used for ship and house building, with fertile land for crops, fruit, herbs and vegetables, many 1000s of livestock, as well as endless acres of vineyards that produced an excellent local wine. A few noble families and noble houses arose from the wealth generated by the village, the most iconic of which is Skordilis Mansion, with its imposing entrance and crest. Their family


Perithia home latterly became the village school and, after the village was all but abandoned back in the 60s, the ancient building was then handed to the church. To this day their entrance arch and crest can still be seen, albeit hanging by a thread. To the right of Skordilis you can still find the remains of a key ‘look-out’ tower (vigla), one of the check- points for this strategically located settlement which, along with a number of the churches, were each in a raised position so that ‘you could see the sea, but not be seen.’ An ideal hiding place but also a warning beacon for Corfu town and the other fortresses that guarded the island. In the past the local community would work the fertile land and manage the vineyards; village life was good, and summers were spent there in relative safety and near self-sufficiency. As winter came, and the removal of any threat from the sea, the families would then return to their second homes nearer the coast in and around New Perithia. So what happened to Old Perithia, its 130 houses, 8 churches and community? As mentioned earlier, the onset of tourism saw the popularity of coastal properties, adjoining land, and the income potential all greatly increase. So, the question became, “why work all day farming the land in the mountain village of Old Perithia, when you could ‘sell a few cans of coke on the beach’ for

more money and requiring far less work?” The majority of the community wanted to be part of the new economic ‘tourism’ force and the ever increasing number of villas, apartments, shops, businesses, seaside bars & tavernas etc. needed people to work in them, so those communities migrated to the coastal regions. Old Perithia was a classic example, and subsequently all but abandoned except for a handful of people who remained their whole lives. Over the following decades nature decided to reclaim the land, and in doing so she enveloped the village, vineyards and many of the properties. The effect of which also either protected many old buildings and churches, or sped up their ruination. The terraces and land adjoining the homes all but disappeared during nature’s takeover, and yet at the same time the village was becoming an untouched, living ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ with wild flowers, herbs, plants, bushes, orchids, “horta”, oregano, wild mint, wild asparagus, rare plants, the list goes on… and a diverse variety of insects, bees, butterflies and array of wildlife, all living in an undisturbed peace and environmental harmony. While Mother Nature was busy weaving a new landscape, some of the remaining grandmothers and grandfathers from the village saw a business opportunity for their sons and daughters, in feeding the few visitors that were turning up on


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walking trails along overgrown paths and tracks and keen to get under the skin of the island by discovering the real Corfu. The ‘deserted’ places and ancient historic villages. Subsequently, one kafeneion re-established itself, then another, and another, and these evolved into tavernas. Soon, four taverna owners were amongst the only ones who made the daily journey up to Old Perithia for work. Wine production had ceased, the bakeries and village stores turned to ruins and there was just two familes who remained in the village making honey, and one old couple still tending their sheep and goats as they had their entire lives, until they passed away a couple of years ago. Heritage Protection and Natural Beauty However, whilst the village had been given its official status of protection around circa 1996, ‘A Heritage Protected Village’ in a ‘Designated Area of Natural Beauty.’ Not much was happening with regard to the preservation, upkeep, maintenance of properties, paths, land and/or general care. The village had achieved a reputation for its tavernas with their traditional ‘mountain dishes’ being served throughout the summer, and on weekends in the winter. But, aside from that income feeding the tavernas, by 2009 the village itself had been neglected and gradually declined. Whereas the visitors who made the trip up the mountain, as well as the locals themselves, had always found the attraction of Old Perithia

happened to the ‘Protected Village.’ Litter was uncollected, bins obscured the view of the first church, and the first impression and the first sign you saw on entering the village displayed the word ‘skata’ written in white graffiti against a blue background. By 2010 the Greek and world economic situation was worsening. What had already been little (if any) support and/ or funding became zero. The village by then had four tavernas, of the 8 churches all were closed, three in complete ruins, and just 4 were in reasonable condition and each in (occasional) use. One or two foreigners had bought houses, and few locals had maintained or restored the properties and land they owned. Reinvestment, Restoration, Vision and Future Then, that same year an Anglo-Dutch couple decided to take the unusual step of purchasing three ruined properties and faithfully restoring them into a 6 suite boutique bed & breakfast, along with the purchase of an attractive piece of land next to Skordilis Mansion, locally and fondly referred to as ‘The Perivoli’ (the orchard).

in its history, charm, cleanliness, accessibility and natural beauty, any actual care for the village had all but ceased when practically all of the villagers had left some years earlier. Since which time it had neither been managed nor maintained and fell into decline. All very quaint, but without redress it was fast becoming yet another ‘ruined tumbled down, near forgotten and irreparable village’. As with so many other similar mountain villages on the island, such as Old Sinies on the other side of Mt. Pantokrator, Corfu was losing its past. From Neglect to Gently Coming Back to Life Up until 10 years ago, apart from the week of the annual procession, which takes place on the last Sunday in July, the rest of the year the village paths were left to become overgrown. There was no information about either the history, significance, nor how to get around, and cars were parking all over the village itself - making any visitor wonder what had

those wishing to escape the crowds, and get back to nature and the ‘real Corfu’ after a busy day on the beach.)

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A decision which was considered quite a risk at the time, given that on Corfu visitor accommodation in mountain villages barely existed, and a bed & breakfast was simply unheard of. Added to which, staying in a ‘remote’ mountain village would mean a 15 minute drive to the nearest beach (which interestingly latterly became one of its greatest attractions for

The three houses had a variety of owners and uses over their many years of existence, and as with many two-storey houses, the lower rooms were often used for livestock and/or a storage space (Katoi). Each house has a fascinating history with them being occupied by a doctor, a carpenter, a shepherd, and with uses such as, a kafeneion, a weaving room and shops, amongst many other trades over the preceding centuries. The couple understood that they needed to bring the houses faithfully and gently back to life, but to also reverse the decline of the village that they had witnessed in each of the previous three years they had visited. The restorations had to be an exact copy of the houses as they were back in the mid 17th century, which along with the assistance of the archaeological department, is exactly what

happened. Inside each house is a memento of its previous occupants and trades, with furnishings that are handmade copies of pieces from that period with a distinct Venetian feel. They stuck to ‘bed and just breakfast’, to help the community by supporting the tavernas with their lunchtime and dinner business. They also realized and understood that people (like they had been unable to on previous visits) needed the paths around the village to be cleared to help them walk around and uncover the many forgotten properties and stunning views. Also, that the litter was a turn off to visitors and needed regular collection. The ‘skata’ sign needed to become a ‘welcome’ sign instead, the bins needed to be hidden and away from the first visible church (Iakovos Persis) and the cars needed to be parked away from the village properties to allow people to see the village as it used to be. So, they funded and did just that, along with recently rehanging the church bell at Agios Spyridon, no through road signs, replacing lamps around the village and general maintenance. Back in 2010 one of the couple, a travel and tourism publisher, researched and wrote a book about the history (incl. a selfguided tour) of the village to ensure the history of the village would not be forgotten, and they both erected a new ‘Village Map & Sign’ to inform people who visited, and enable them to explore and understand the history and significance of Old Perithia. So what of the village today?

The Journey back to Life Against one of the worst economic backdrops, over the past 9 years the village has been growing and improving, not one single business has closed, but each one has thrived throughout. At last there are signs of improvement for Greece and the local economies with land and property values back on the upturn. The village has now gained a reputation as one of the best places to visit on the island, and retains its uniqueness, whilst remaining 95% as it one was all those centuries ago. Enquiries by visitors and renewed interest from locals wishing to buy and restore properties in this reviving location are at an all time high. There’s never been a better time to invest and shape the future of Old Perithia. There is an opportunity for more homes, accommodations, small businesses and shops, a kafeneion and a bakery, and it’s an ideal location for reviving the use of the fertile land, with more sheep, goats and other livestock. It’s an idyllic agritourism (farmstay) destination or even for a yoga retreat. With the revival of local trades and further restorations, the community will continue its renaissance, and the village continue its gentle return to life, 24/7 365 days a year. Article by Mark Hendriksen Publishing, May 2019

The village has lifted from less than 15% to over 33% restored, or in process, with 10+ house restorations, purchase of land, an extra taverna and the restoration of a church. Phone lines and wifi have been improved, and all the utilities now work well for the majority of the time. Visitor numbers have increased by over 200% with the publicity given by the B&B, and additionally their actions acted as catalyst for further restorations from local and foreign families alike creating a balance and building towards a revival of the community. Of the restorations since 2010, Iakovos, Persis at the top of the village (restored thanks to the archaeological dept. and some EU funding) has many astonishing frescoes inside. It recently had its first weddings and baptisms there for over 60 years! Vasilis the beekeeper on the far side cares for his land around the many beehives he owns, and you can just wander in and buy jars of perhaps the most organic honey anywhere. The shepherd Lambis, can often be seen tending his sheep on the mountains and ‘off season’ you can still see bulls meandering around the village and on the mountain paths. The couple from the B&B made a further great impact when they encouraged and then project managed the restoration of an attractive house on the other side of the village, and assisted the owners in buying the adjoining land and property, where another restoration has now taken place and the couple are continuing to buy more more land. The overall restoration mix of the past few years is still weighted on the local side, mainly Greek, but the village also has British, Dutch, Swedish and South African property owners.


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Justin Smith “Investors in Greece. Let’s Talk About Money” For some, buying a property in Greece is the fulfillment of a wild dream, for others Greece is a paradisiacal summer destination and for the clever business man, a long term plan. It is widely known that Greece offers amazing summer holidays, endless sunny days and crystal clear blue waters. But how about when it comes to property investment? Can Greece be considered among the top property investment destinations for multiplying your investment capital? Can Greece offer a long term plan of solid investment value? Can Greece offer a good ROI? We have an example of a very smart, well established and brave investor, who left aside the “catastrophic” rumors about the Greek crisis and has decided to make his investment dream come true. The dream of combining work and pleasure in Greece. Mr Justin Smith is American born, but with a Greek heart. This is the feeling someone gets when speaking with him about Greece. The way Justin’s face brightens up when he refers to Greece could be proof that he was meant to live in

18 | corfu

Greece. “Well, you never know, I might someday” he says with a smile. He was born in a modest town near Seattle, Washington (northwestern USA), raised by his parents on a farm where he was taught about the values of healthy eating and living. This farm and the surrounding nature is the place where he first developed respect and a strong connection with Mother Earth for what it offers to one’s life and vitality. During his youth, his grandfather whom was a painter inspired his artistic point of view---, always looking to find the beauty in everything. This may have been why Justin decided to pursue his studies in Architecture after he left his hometown at age 18. Large buildings, strange shapes and big construction sites always attracted him and he wanted to be a part of it. During his initial two years of architectural studies, although he was very good at it, he decided to choose another path. Working as a door-to-door book seller during his summer breaks at university, he was introduced to the business world and he saw the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur and being “your own boss”.

He was very successful with the book-selling business, so much, that he was able to pay the full university fees and his living costs all by himself for his five years at university. This early business success compelled him to abandon his architecture studies and to then enroll in the Business and Economics school where he eventually earned his degree. The combination of his university experience and four years of running a door-to-door book selling business would give him all the critical knowledge and skills to chase his dream of entrepreneurship. After finishing university, he started his career as a real estate broker with the largest investment real estate brokerage company in the USA, working with investors interested in buying and selling large-block rental apartment communities. His intuitive people skills and new found selling talent acquired during university combined with an analytical mindset helped him to become a very successful investment broker, always pointing out the best deals to his clients. After 8 successful years of investment property brokerage, Justin left behind his successful career in San Francisco to travel numerous countries in the South Pacific Ocean and Europe for more than one year. It was during these travels he first visited Greece. Following his European travel adventures, he returned to California and joined a small growing real estate investment company which had been searching for an executive to lead and develop its investment program by expanding its portfolio of owned properties and open new markets. While his investment career was successful and the future remained promising in USA, Justin had the urge to shift his investment path internationally. In 2013, he elected to relocate to Paris and launch a boutique advisory company which consults European and American investors with their real estate investing across borders. Subsequently, he made some personal investments in the Serbia and Montenegro region and with his new base in Paris, Justin began actively researching different European property markets for unique and compelling property investment opportunities which would could be promising for the long term for himself and his investors. Having spent many years enjoying family holidays on various Greek islands and regions, he decided to begin researching the luxury villa market on the islands of Corfu and Paxos.“On Paxos, I was instantly captured by its unspoiled beauty and the exclusive feeling offered by this small island. The colors of the sea, the green and dramatic nature, private beaches, low density development and its laidback atmosphere never escaped me after the very first visit.”Ultimately, Justin decided Paxos would be his first target market for villa and land investments in Greece based on the incredible unique and exclusive experience Paxos offers to those seeking to escape today’s frenetic pace in the big cities. Also, Paxos is highly unique in that it has no “mass tourism” and it’s slightly less accessible compared to higher profile islands in Greece and other regions throughout the Mediterranean which have major airports or cruise-ship terminals.

“I was not initially pre-disposed to invest in the Greek holiday making sector, however the unspoiled and exclusive experiences which I have repeatedly enjoyed in Paxos with family and friends completely captured me and eventually influence my decision. I have travelled extensively in many countries for pleasure, and I believe it is increasingly rare to find locations like Paxos where one can truly unplug from the chaos of metropolitan life.” Justin says that the island is not overbuilt and never will be given the land development restrictions and the island’s natural geographic constraints. He adds, “in today’s frenetic digital information age where tourists and holidaymakers can see which international hot-spots are trending, an unspoiled destination can quickly become spoiled with mass tourism.” The story of my entry into the Greek property market would not be complete without describing my experience with Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency. In fact, I contacted their agency via email initially and then Christiana Rouva responded almost immediately, which then led a phone discussion where she carefully listened to my investing criteria. She then happily shared various properties which their agency had for sale to help me get started. I then was introduced to Ioanna Aroni whom runs their Paxos office and began visiting and evaluating properties and specific sub-markets on the island. After spending a few full days with Ioanna on Paxos, I realized that Roula Rouva Real Estate agency had a very large presence and coverage on both Corfu and Paxos which was extremely valuable to me as an outsider. Roula ,Christiana, Ioanna and Maria-Michelle were not only extremely willing to help educate me as a newcomer, but I was especially impressed with their professionalism and sincerity from the very beginning. Their agency operates with a high standard of diligence and professionalism and they really work as a team. Collectively, with their number one agency position on Corfu/Paxos, they really know their markets extremely well. As Ioanna will attest, I ask a lot questions and demand to be highly informed with all my investment decisions. Eventually, I did acquire my first land plot in Paxos which was introduced to me by Roula Rouva Real Estate. The transaction process went very smooth and my experience with Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency was pleasant. I am now working on a second property purchase with Roula Rouva Real Estate which is pending and I can happily recommend Roula Rouva Real Estate to anyone interested in buying or selling in Corfu or Paxos.


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4. What do you expect in return?- Mainly, I am investing for

Short Interview:

1. How did you hear about Paxos/ Corfu – In 2014 I first learned of Paxos during my three week holiday on Corfu. I first visited Paxos and AntiPaxos that year and only spent one night. Every year since, I have been spending 2 weeks on Paxos during July !! As for Corfu, I was strongly encouraged to visit for the first time by my Greek-American friend whose father is Corfiot. 2. Why did you choose Paxos / Corfu for your investment? Firstly, both islands are undeniably beautiful and offer incredibly high quality nature, beaches, crystal blue seas and an exclusive island experience. I prefer the green forests and olives of the Ionian Islands compared to the more barren rock islands found in the Cyclades. Of course, Paxos was very familiar to me given the many years I had been visiting during summer holidays. I prefer to invest in places I know and can comfortably understand. Paxos is small and what it offers as a destination is very understandable. Long term property and rental values on the island are very stable given the high level of loyal, repeat visitors each year and the limited supply of land and accommodations. Corfu is a large island and more diverse and it is taking me more time to understand where I would like to focus. I have not yet acquired any investments in Corfu, but I can say it’s an incredible island which offers amazing cultural experiences, including the Venetian-built Corfu Town, along with an endless variety of nature, beaches, dining, nightlife, shopping, hiking and sea activities. I am sure I will invest in Corfu in the near future. 3. Would you recommend someone to invest their money in Greece? – I happily recommend investment in Greece to foreigners, with the caveat one has carefully evaluated how the local economics, laws, taxation and business practices function in reality. I think there is tremendous potential for property investment in Greece with a targeted and well planned strategy. The ongoing economic crisis in Greece, which stemmed out of the 2009-10 period, continues to inhibit the recovery of the domestic economy. The collective austerity measures in Greece which remain in place today continue to impede growth of its core economy. However, the tourism sector in Greece is a clear exception. Especially on the islands, tourism has proven to be sustainable during the horrific economic storms of the past 10 years. In fact, foreign tourism in Greece has expanded every year since the inception of the crisis, despite the country’s macro problems. I am bullish on the sustainability and growth of Greek tourism, despite the current and future economic headwinds; however I believe investors should become as informed as possible and align with top professionals to execute their investment plan.

20 | corfu

the ongoing, stable cash flow which is generated from renting luxury villas throughout the holiday season. The strategy is to hold long term, but re-selling for profit is always a possibility. 5. Would you permanently live in Paxos/Corfu or any other location in Greece?- Easy question !! No doubt, I could imagine living on either island, at least partially every year. One should never say “never”! I travel regularly in Europe and USA and have two children going to school in France, so any permanent move to Greece in the short term is unlikely. I believe that island life has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life. There are numerous advantages over big metropolitan cities which are highly systematic and increasingly crowded and stressful. Corfu and Paxos residents and the part-time foreign residents value the surrounding nature, sense of space, slower pace of living and the incredible year-round weather on these islands. 6. Is it the History , the culture , the people, the food or the combination of all that made you fall in Love with Greece?Really, it was all of these factors which touched me in a meaningful way when I first visited Greece 17 years ago. The Greek people are natural experts in hospitality and live honorably despite all the difficulties the country has endured. I would add that the island and small village experience struck me right away. There is something very tangible about island living. Its boundaries give one a sense of definition and connection with reality while offering a sense of exclusiveness and tranquility which all contribute to a high quality of life. Greece is composed of thousands of islands with amazing colors, beauty, culture and diversity. To this day, I remain mesmerized by these initial impressions of the country. 7. How do you see the market going in a 10 years time?- It’s a fools game to forecast what could happen in Greece, Europe or the world given the frenetic pace of economic and political turmoil witnessed these days. However, I believe strongly that high quality, established tourist destinations in Greece will remain buoyant, appealing and valuable irrespective of the macro problems which may unfold in the future. Even if Greece were to radically elect to adopt a new currency or become independent from the EU, I personally believe that property investment in locations like Corfu and Paxos will be resilient in the long term. 8. Tell us something in Greek ! – Φιλότιμο (filotimo)… Greek, it means doing what is right or honorable out of a sense of loyalty or duty, regardless of the possible outcome. It also indicates a general feeling of compassion and duty towards humanity. It is to prioritize the well-being of others, to live for something greater than yourself. Ironically, I did not learn this word from a Greek. I discovered this word last year while watching a short video which was produced by the “Oxi Day” Foundation in USA. After discovering this word and its meaning, I now understand my unexplainable attraction and admiration to the many Greeks whom I’ve met informally or have worked with over many years which have inherently displayed this unique trait of “filotimo”. This is unique and rooted in the Greek culture.

Efi Vourou is a Certified Surveyor Engineer AUTH Energy Inspector She was born on the island of Lesvos in the Aegean, where she was raised and lived her early years. Efi is a graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), class of 2010. She has lived in Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, where she gained her experience in the field of engineering . In 2016 Efi decided to relocate to Corfu, where she has been practising her profession , in collaboration with Roula Rouva Real Estate Agency as an engineer and energy certificator. Since 2018 she has been an active member of the Surveying community of Corfu, where she has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Surveying Association of Corfu. Efi has 10 years experience in topographics, energy certificates and legalisation of buildings. Her capability in choosing the right collaborators, in combination with her excellent communication skills, allows her to provide professional services, always meeting the deadlines that have been set. Her biggest asset is a happy client. As an active young professional, Efi always sets new goals and challenges herself in achieving each one of them.

Following this mindset, Efi is now proud to be turning one of her biggest dreams into reality. Currently Efi is leading the newly founded Engineering and Development Solutions company called “Compass”, a proud member of RR Group of Companies,which was created in order to serve the clients who are interested in building their dream property. It will offer all services from the initial studies and plans through its final construction and completion stage, where the client will be handed the key of the property. It will also provide professional services regarding the renovation of existing buildings. Efi’s new and “out of the box” ideas, combined with the experience, the professionalism and the diligence that she has displayed all these years ,combine to manifest modern architectural designs, always taking into consideration the quality , the functionality and the aesthetics of each project. Tel: +30 26610 23032 | Mobile : +30 6944 109980 Email: w w w . c o m p a s s g r e e c e . c o m


| 21


the Legal team

Article by Georgia Koutsouri Buying a property in Greece is a quite easy procedure. You find your dream property, you make an offer and when it is accepted you can start planning your future moves. Throughout the process though, it is highly important for any foreign investor to keep in mind some important tax issues that may cause disappointment. Because we all feel stronger when we have the power of the knowledge! Perhaps, many of you during your stay in Greece have heard of the term “Tax Residence” which actually means the place where you are taxed by the government. During the procedure of your new Greek tax number, so called “A.F.M.” it is crucial to declare the place of your permanent residence, such as “resident of abroad “or “resident of Greece”. In the first case, once you declare yourself as a tax resident of abroad and in accordance with the European guideline which protects you from the double taxation given the fact that this legislation has been signed and absorbed by your own country, then you will be taxed in Greece just for the assets which you might have acquired here. In this case the only obligation for you as owner of Greek property is the property tax, which is normally paid once per year and can also be paid with an installment. For any further information regarding this issue you can also be consulted by your personal financial accountant in Greece. In the second case though where you declare yourselves as tax residents of Greece, during the filling of the application for the issue of your new Greek tax number, then things could change

22 | corfu

dramatically for you and here is why; Firstly, your global income will be taxed in Greece from now on based on the Greek tax rates and not these of your country of origin. For instance, even if you have an income coming from G.B. and Spain you will be taxed in Greece for your total income in these two countries and the implication of your tax will only be based on the Greek tax system. In this case, the tax which you might have already paid in the other countries will be counterbalanced according to the tax regime between the countries. Furthermore, everyone who is a tax resident of Greece is being treated the same as Greek citizens which practically means that the presumptions on maintenance costs in Greece will occupy most of your thoughts and time. In simple words, you must justify the money that you spend for your living in this country otherwise you can find yourself totally exposed towards the Greek tax control. In addition to this, another huge consequence is that all kind of luxurious lifestyle presumptions which includes pools, vehicles up to 1926 cc, boats, etc. are now being activated for you as well. You can only buy what you can afford with evidence. So, it is of high importance that you pay attention while settling up your documents in Greece and keep in mind that there could be some detailed points which need to be clarified to you. You could also seek for an advice from a specialist who will provide you with all necessary information and will steer you carefully throughout the whole process. Once you have made sure of your tax residence issues, you might then plan for a new business in Greece. It really sounds great for you to run your own Greek business but shouldn’t you spend a little more extra time in order to examine all aspects of this step? Questions such as, what my tax obligations will be, how does the tax system works in Greece, is this the same for all types of business or are there any special rules in my case, is there any social (national) insurance I have to pay as a businessman/woman, what is the ideal kind of company I can establish in Greece, etc. should definitely overrun your thoughts. The most important thing to be aware of is that once the business activity is based in Greece, then you will pay the taxes here no matter where the financial transactions actually took place. It is also of your main obligations to be insured as an employer in the competent public organization paying on a monthly basis your own contribution. Still for those who are paying such contributions in their own country filling up the so called “A1” form, it is then possible that they will be excluded from this obligation. This type of form “A1”refers only to European countries. A tax accountant is able to give you some further advice on this issue as well. So in order to avoid any disappointment, make your choices carefully and always advise a professional before taking action as anyone should normally do once he/she decides to invest in any foreign country around the world. *Our warm thanks to the accountant MR. George Agious for his contribution to this article.

G eor gi a K o utso ur i Attorney at law Diploma in Negotiations Tel.: +30 26613 01417 | Mob.: +30 6934 111648 Email.: |

An astasi a M er k o ur i Attorney at law LLM University of East London Tel.: +30 26610 20920 | Mob.: +30 6942 989551 Email.:

Sotir i a K a n do ur i Attorney at law Democritus University of Thrace Tel.: +30 26610 23032 | +30 26610 86025 Email.: w w w . r r c o r f u r e a l e s t a t e . c o m


| 23

What People

Say... So, what made us visit the beautiful Island of Paxos, Greece? In July 2017 we got married, went to a small independent Travel Agent who managed to book us the honeymoon of a lifetime! The first time we experienced Paxos, resulted in falling in love with everything it represents…… peace, serenity and making you want to go back for more. After a lot of thinking and deciding, we looked into coming back to the Island with the sole purpose of making a dream come true! We researched the real estate options and booked a week to explore land, properties and projects. The aim was to get to see as much as possible in a short space of time. We had contacted different Real Estate agents and consultants….. but one stood out from the rest! We both feel Roula Rouva and her team held our hands all the way, they don’t worry about the silly questions you don’t want to ask and always have time to help with the Greek way of doing things. We didn’t know what it would be like to buy in Paxos, but have had a huge amount of support and expertise all the way. Roula Rouva Real Estate has the right approach to prospective buyers….. no pressure, honesty and the aim to help you understand the daunting villa/ property hunting process. Our Villa Petalouda (butterfly) represents so much for both of us and we are more than happy to recommend Roula Rouva Real Estate and her team to anyone wanting to take the first steps in making a change, in their life. A special thank you to Ioanna Aroni….. we won’t forget the bumpy car rides around the island to see all the properties…. navigating up the narrow roads/tracks and continuously smiling at the boundless enthusiasm she always has…. her endless genuine kindness, professionalism and determination to make sure you feel ok, she’s made a huge difference to our journey, to be homeowners on Paxos. Pick up the phone or go online…… you won’t be disappointed!

24 | corfu

During our second visit to Corfu, we decided to buy a family vacation home in Corfu. Corfu is a rather large island and we had been only two locations at north east, and we desperately needed a good advice from competent real estate agents. It was our luck to come across Roula Tziliou and Vasso Zarra. They knew which properties would suit our wishes and budget better than ourselves.

We first did not even consider their suggestions very seriously, but we felt in love with our vacation home at once. The entire purchase process was very quick (as necessary since we had to go back home the next day) and also water tight with a very reliable jurist, with whom an appointment could be made in the evening at the same day. Roula and Vasso, thank you very much for your help with our second home in Corfu. We are really looking forward to going back this summer and having amazing summer in our home in Corfu! Thank you, Roula ;-)! JooYeon

Our experience of working with Roula Rouva has been entirely positive and rewarding. We contacted Natalia from the agency and were given excellent customer service from day one. Natalia explained the process for buying abroad and narrowed the number of properties to view down so we were able to fly to Corfu and visit each of them. We were at all times looked after and nothing was too much trouble. When we decided on a property we were then given complete back up to find a solicitor and notary who dealt with the purchase and legal matters and we gave power of attorney so that we did not have to deal with a lot of the paperwork ourselves. Once the purchase was complete we were then put in touch with a Building Company without any obligation and again supported throughout the process of obtaining quotes and selecting tiles fittings etc as well as deciding on other design features. At all times we felt that we were in the hands of professionals and had complete confidence in the process despite our lack of Greek vocabulary. I would fully recommend Roula Rouva to anyone considering buying a property on this beautiful Island. Thank you Natalia Linda and Keith Brewer


| 25

Spiros Koursaris is a construction developer and proprietor of HSH (High Standard Homes) since 1985. He has been working on building sites and development projects since the age of twelve. He has no formal qualifications and is proud of the fact that his knowledge and experience has been gained practically over personal study, and hands-on experience of more than four decades. HSH undertakes new builds and renovations, specializing in stone houses and reconstructions of heritage properties. They have an impressive number of clients who have used HSH services over the last 40 odd years to considerable satisfaction.


Building a house is a special experience fraught with both pain and pleasure. Here are some tips from an expert to make life a little easier

Anyone who has ever contemplated building a house, or has even built one, will know that the joy of owning a home that is truly yours from concept to finish is sometimes rivalled by the aggravations that can come with the territory. The internet is filled with horror stories of how things went wrong, or expenses mounted, or work stalled for reasons out of anyone’s control. This is why getting things right with your builder and civil engineer at the very beginning is vitally important to the end quality of your construction and your peace of mind. Once you have gone through the arduous process of choosing your plot of land, no mean feat on an island as beautiful and varied as Corfu, it is important to keep in mind your future lifestyle as this will define your build, going forward. When planning to build a house in Corfu the single most important step is after your architectural design is ready, is to identify the civil engineer (your builder can help in this selection process) and to get a detailed costing in place from the logistics he or she has provided. Ideally, this costing should stay fixed, but with market fluctuations in things like price of cement or steel, oil and gas hikes, or taxes, or even the cost of bathroom fitments that are finally chosen, the build cost can vary from what was initially projected. If one is looking for an average size family of four, it is recommended that one builds a house of at least 120 sqm, as this will give enough space for a small guest bedroom in the case of unexpected or expected visitors. A house of this size, from the time that all the permissions have been received and clearances granted, can actually be completed in about three to four months, all conditions being equal. However, the weather has its vagaries, and this can hugely impact building time. Last December, Corfu had one of the wettest winters on record, and

26 | corfu

the heavy rainfall delayed a lot of building projects across the island by a couple of months. Sometimes, material requested by a client may take a while coming from a supplier… these are things normally outside the control of a builder. It is vitally important to assess the reputation of the builder you choose and if possible see his or her other builds. That due diligence is vital, as for the time of your build your builder/ developer is likely to be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how things turn out. Some of the things to check on are the builder’s relationships with suppliers and the knowledge he or she has on current building techniques and technologies. As to the build quality, a developer is only as good the suppliers and manufacturers used, but the proper use and fitting of the supplies is very much the responsibility of the builder. All materials are normally EU or ISO certified, but reading through the fine print is arduous. This is something else that a builder takes care of through the process of construction. While building laws all across Greece are pretty much the same, it must be remembered that building on hilly, rocky terrain such as found in Corfu will be a different ball game than building in Athens. A good developer/builder will use a team of professionals to best complement the needs of the plot and manage the process and time frame of the construction. While it may be tempting to outsource or do some of the work yourself, it is always wiser to let the experts do what they do best and will probably save you costs in the long run. In a nutshell, a good builder will give you the home you always wanted and give you peace of mind during the duration of the build, and peace of mind well after. It is possibly, one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make, so take your time and do your due diligence. It will be well worth it.



people get to dive down to explore what lies on ocean floors, but to do it an ex-Navy Seal – now that’s an experience to treasure

“Few people get to dive down to

explore what lies on ocean floors, but to do it an ex-Navy Seal – now that’s an experience to treasure

When talking to Angelos Moumouris one is reminded of the famous line from John Legend’s song, ‘All of me’ – ‘My head’s underwater, but I’m breathing fine.” In fact, it’s his earliest recollection of diving when he was fourteen, and he realised that even though he was a few metres under water he was breathing in and out most comfortably. “I first began diving in Paxos where the visibility was one of the clearest I have ever seen, and the caves and the blue of the waters, and the sea life all held me in the most magical of trances,” he says smiling, “and when you are underwater nothing else matters. It is just you lost in a whole other world of wonder and mystery,” he finishes with a half-smile. Angelos rarely dives alone, but he really enjoys it when he has an experienced diver with him to share the incredible world one gets to enjoy beneath the sea. His passion for the sea and for all things related to physical fitness saw him gravitate automatically to a life with the Greek Navy. He underwent a gruelling training for six months to qualify and was one of the very few of the 150 selected who made it past the Devil’s week without losing his mind. The Devil’s week kicks off roughly around the 8th week of training, during the which the cadets are not allowed sleep for an entire week, snatching perhaps an hour here or there, but even these are interrupted by sudden and rigorous drills. “We are not allowed to question, complain or speak during the entire time. You are stretched to the very end of

28 | corfu

your endurance, and physical and mental capabilities” says Angelos, grimacing slightly as he reminisces about the intense period of training he made it through, And made it though, he did. He was one of the 18 to graduate from the 150. Angelos started his first dive centre on Corfu, but also opened a centre in Paxos, called Paxos Oasi Sub as he felt the clear waters there would offer his clients a whole other viewing experience. He is a skilled teacher, patient, with a sense of humour that makes learning with him a pleasurable experience. He is an able story teller and will recount his times underwater with much dramatic flair. He especially recounts a time diving for bait in Vidos, and while swinging down to collect a sea worm suddenly found the entire ocean floor rising up to meet him at a startling speed. He barely made it out of the way as a giant stingray rose up from the ocean floor where it had been beautifully camouflaged by the sand, and had he not had the skill to dart off to the side it’s very likely that might have been his last dive. He has had a couple of hair-raising near-misses with 2-metre long reef sharks while he was filming underwater, and once while he was swimming through a series of caves, he came up-close and personal with a moray eel. But that is not the sum of his whole story. There are the good bits, Dives around the world, for example, and someday he hopes to swim off the coast of Iran and explore those waters. There is the joy of swimming in the waters of his home country, in the Mediterranean, and he has seen some incredibly amazing sights under water here, including two Monaches seals – which are extremely rare.

“You see dolphins when you are out in the boat, but if you dive into the water they take off, as they are justifiably very scared of humans, given the overfishing and tourism that has slowly been taking its toll on the waters of the Med. He is keen to see a time when governments in the area will start to create sanctuaries and marine parks to preserve the delicate balance of underwater life and ecology in this area. He is not hopeful, but he shrugs his shoulders cheerfully and grins and says, “Perhaps one day…” Angelos in the meantime does his best to introduce newcomers to the joys of diving in as safe and fun a way as possible. He is happy to share his many tales with those who come his way, and even the most water-wary of folk are entranced by his tales from the deep. He does about three dives a day, and he realises that anything more will not be physically feasible, but one gets the impression he would like to grow gills as well and spend more time below water than on land. His eyes light up when he describes what it is like to inhabit a world few of us get to see. One is once again reminded of a famous song from the movie, ‘A Little Mermaid’ that goes, “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me…” If anyone proves this to be true, it is Angelos Moumouris, the ex-Navy Seal who, unlike most people, decided to dive into doing what he loved best. Lakka, Paxos Island, P.C.: 49082, Greece Tel.: +30 2662 033 493 Mob.: +30 6945 784 034 Email:


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“What if we organized a TEDx event?”, said a member of TEDxIonianUniversity’s team back in September of 2018, when TEDxIonianUniversity seemed like an idea impossible to achieve. Today we are proud enough to announce the realization of the first ever TEDx event on the Ionian islands, taking place on May 18, 2019 at the Ionian Academy in Corfu. But let’s start from the very beginning. Back in 1984, a group of professionals in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design got together and thought it would be a great idea to create TED, a conference where ideas could be shared and people could become inspired. This is how TED Talks were born. Having “Ideas Worth Spreading” as its slogan, TED continues its non-profit work,putting on stage people willing to share their stories and thoughts on various topics, thus giving them the chance for 18 minutes to try to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. TED Talks had such a great impact on people, that the organization of TED-like events globally was suggested. The x in TEDx stands for independently organized events discussing issues that matter to society, free from corporate, political and religious agendas. Today, TED allows the organization of TEDx events by universities, schools,

32 | corfu

businesses or other groups of people interested in creating a local TED experience. Over the world, more than 16.000 TEDx Conferences have taken place, while in Greece more than 20 different organizational groups have assumed the conduction of TEDx events, each one having its own unique identity, but all of them having the same goal: to spread ideas and change consciences. This year, the student community of Corfu took the initiative to organize its own TEDx event under the auspices of Ionian University, known as TEDxIonianUniversity. It aims to promote knowledge, inspiration and concern through distinguished people’s speeches in order to change the mindset of people belonging to different age groups. The central subject of the first TEDxIonianUniversity is the different ways of approaching a situation and comprehending reality. In order to enlighten this question, the organizing team has chosen the Greek term “PRISMA”, which can be interpreted in various ways as we find it in mathematics, in everyday life when referring to perspectives, even in photography. Figuratively, prism can be mentioned as the ability of each person to take ideas, process them and externalize them in their own, unique way.

P R I S M A Thus, every person who thinks or is about to take action can be considered a prism reflecting different shades of light and colors both to themselves and to society. The way we understand things, our perspective, allows us to act, evolve and eventually set our path. Since regularity is only a norm, each one of us could think out of the box and create their own purpose in life. In fact, even someone else has the power to inspire us and become our personal prism. Therefore, only magic can happen when different “prisms” interact...Looking through another’s prism might broaden our horizons. After long and constructive discussions, the organizing team thought that the best way to frame the subject and the spirit of TEDx was to choose speakers with interesting experiences and stories to share deriving from different social backgrounds and professional fields. Among them we found Georgios Cherouvim, a visual artist, writer and director known for his work in many famous movies such as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Fast & Furious 6”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and in various Marvel productions. Also, this year one of speakers is the neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, best known for his pioneering work surrounding brain-machine interface technology and neuroprosthetics,

including the creation of a mind-controlled exoskeleton that helped a paraplegic kick off soccer’s World Cup competition in Brazil. Chloe Kritharas Devienne, our next speaker, is a well-knownGreek-French photographer, whose work is characterized by an emphasis in humanity, often revealing different aspects of social injustice. A speech is also going to be held by Evgenia Thanou, the director of Doctors of the World (MdM) a nonprofit organization devoted to help those in need. The business field is represented by the following acclaimed entrepreneurs: Roula Rouva the “Queen of Real Estate” and owner of the most successful Real Estate Agency in Greece, Akis Palamidis the co-founder of “Gastronaut” a mobile app that delivers homemade immigrant-soul cuisine in Stockholm, Alexandra Polymenakou, founder of AP Showroom which contributes greatly to Greek fashion and Dimitris Faitas, founder of the innovative website named Corfuland. The next speaker Dimitrios Damigos, is an assistant professor of Medicine at University of Ioannina and an expert at the field of clinical psychology. Finally, TEDxIonianUniversity welcomes on stage the well known street artist, Cacao Rocks, whose distinctive and vibrant style of working has shaped many artworks glorifying Greek landscape while his colorful paintings decorate many streets of Athens. All these speakers are ready to shed their own light on public’s way of thinking. During the event, performances will also be held, in order for TEDxIonianUniversity to be an unforgettable experience. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxIonianUniversity aims to bring every year distinguished people on stage that will share with the attendees their unique experiences. However, it is not just the public who gain from a TEDx conference. The island will take the most out of it, too. Corfu being one of the most visited Greek islands, known for its long history, traditions and cultural events, is considered the ideal place to host such an event. Local people will have the chance for the first time to attend a world-renowned conference liable to redefine their beliefs. If it only takes a spark of light in your chaos to set you free, then what are you waiting for? It is time to change our mindset!


| 33

Love Becomes Heritage Where

34 | corfu


| 35

The fame of the gatherings, the parties and the gala dinners that took place in the endless gardens of Mon Repos , reached not only Europe but even the far East, with many talking about the Elite and how they spend their private moments. In 1832 Lord Adam was appointed as Governor of India and he moved to India with his wife Nina and their stepdaughter Albana Miniati. The latest news regarding Ms Nina Palatianou comes from Ms Elli Palatianou , heiress of Nina. Elli lived a life full of happiness and she was a grand lady with a smile always written on her face. She lived in a small palace in Kapodistriou street, built under the Venetian domination, with its characteristic architecture, where she used to invite friends to spend some quality time together. She was a great hostess.

It was in early 1828 when Sir George Whitmore, a British architect, started creating this masterpiece. He was following the orders of Frederic Adam who fell under the spell of Corfiot young lady, Nina Palatianou and wanted to build a residence equal to her beauty and finesse. He could dream nothing less than a palace stretching into 285,000 sqm, and in 1831 his dream came true, as their private palace was built with gardens so well groomed, that they looked like they have burst out of a fairytale. The tall trees allowed the couple to live their love away from the prying eyes and enjoy their walks in the nature feeling like the only two people in the world.

36 | corfu

Elli’s little palace could be characterized as a “museum of memories” as heirlooms, paintings and photographs in silver and woodcrafted frames used to dominate the space , keeping alive the spirit of another era , a time in life of which Elli was really proud as it gave her such an imposing past. Every time someone entered her home she used to proudly show them around and speak about Nina, the woman that Frederic loved so much that he built an empire for her. Elli died in 2008, after having lived her life to the fullest and creatingbeautiful memories to accompany her forever and ever…

In 1863 , the little palace of Mon Repos hosted another important figure . It was the Empress Elisabeth – known as Sissy – of Austria who fell in love with Corfu so fast and so unexpectedly that she decided to spend the rest of her life in this paradise on Earth, the little gem called Corfu island. She then built her own palace in the area of Gastouri, called Achilleion Palace, which is still today a must see for everyone visiting Corfu.

In 1864 after the union of the Ioanian islands with the mainland, the palace was given to the King George I of Greece by the municipality of Corfu. King George was the one who gave the palace the name “Mon Repos” to the palace, which means “My resting place” ,by which it is still known today. In 1956 the Royal family of Glücksburg Pavlos ,Frideriki and their three children started spending summer every year in the palace by the water. They used to arrive on the 29th of June and they stayed for two months, enjoying themselves in their own little paradise. Konstantinos was a naughty and cheerful young boy with sailing boats being his passion. At the age of 18 he was requesting permission to leave the palace daily, but of course this was something that was not acceptable. In the eyes of this young adult though, staying in the palace was not an option, so he used to secretly escape from a small side door. In one of his secret getaways, with a Swedish friend of his, the car that he was driving was involved in a car accident, but fortunately no one was hurt. This was on his way back from Paleokastritsa where he went swimming with his friend in the crystal clear waters. He also used to sail to Sagiada for hiking and climbing. He was a very active young man, always on the go. One day, as he was returning to Corfu after a full day on the sea, a young Corfiot helped him to tie his boat.They became friends and Konstantinos invited the young Corfiot to follow him to England. The young Corfiot did accept the invitation and his life changed forever.


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In 1964 Konstantinos married Anna-Maria and they became the youngest Royal couple to get married. He was 23 years old and she was only 18 years old. Thousand of Athenians were gathered in the centre of Athens in order to witness the Royal wedding. Alexia, the first child of Konstantinos was actually born in the palace on the 10th July 1965 and her arrival in this world was celebrated with 21 cannon shots fired by the fortress troops. Many journalists from all over the world were in Corfu during this period, waiting to witness the birth of the little princess. This historical palace, after having witnessed so many events and galas and accommodating several famous personalities is now a museum, guarding all the memories for the next generations to see.

Today: Five acres of the Royal beach has been renovated and brought to modern and luxury standards. The Corfiot family of Mr Konstantis, a very well known and established business man, had the pleasure of rejuvenating this part of Corfu, which has made itself a brand name. Today, the family is running a very successful business which combines a restaurant, beach bar, spa facilities and weddings events. Its name could be nothing less than its history, so it became “Royal Baths, Mon Repos”. It is an all day destination as you can swim in the crystal clear water and sunbathe under the golden sun or you can relax by the sea with your favorite cocktail. If you are dreaming of a fairytale – like wedding, then there is no better alternative. This place still keeps the sparkle of magic of an ageless and strong love story. A love story that promises a happy ever after ending. You can choose the decoration that matches your taste and enjoy your first dance as Mr and Ms by the sea, in breathtaking scenery. Of course you can “click” your forever memories in a wooden “runaway” which is on the sea and feel like the Royalty you truly are.



With the magnificent Albanian coastline soaring up in the horizon to the crystal blues of the sea to the bustling life of the Corfu’s second-biggest town, Acharavi that stays open around the year offering people access to great food and community living, to the pretty village of Arillas and it’s new-age centres of healing and meditation, the north of the island offers wonderful year-round living and an easy way of life that would be hard to match anywhere else in the world.


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Residential listings

Almiros | RR3087

Agios Ioannis | RR183

Loutses | RR2829

A beautiful five-bedroomed villa. The ground floor consists of a large living room, dining room and a well laid out kitchen, a large bedroom a gymnasium, and a WC. Upstairs, there are four more large ensuite bedrooms. The villa has air conditioning and under-floor heating. The outside area is beautifully landscaped and, along with the swimming pool, a perfect space for outdoor living and relaxation.

This beautiful villa is a favourite hiding place for people wanting to get away from it all. It has 4 bedrooms – each with breathtaking sea views and balcony, 4 bathrooms, living area, state of the art kitchen air conditioning, and infinity pool. Solar powered heating and automated barbeque house.

Villa of 250sq.m, consists of two floors. On the first floor has an open plan kitchen/diner, two large double bedrooms and one bathroom. The master bedroom has a walk in wardrobe and ensuite. The ground floor consists of two more bedrooms. An amazing infinity pool. There is also a private driveway and adequate parking space.

Pr i ce: 2 .00 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 1.600. 000€

P r ic e: 900. 000€

Acharavi | RR3170

Pelekito | RR2955

Agioi Douli | RR1348

This amazing two storey villa of 275sq.m sits on a plot of 1800sq.m and is only 250m from the beach. The ground floor consists of a large living/dining room with a fireplace, kitchen, one bedroom with en suite bathroom and a separate bathroom. On the first floor is one master bedroom with en suite bathroom, three more bedrooms, two bathrooms and balconies with partial sea and country views. The outside space also includes a garage, storage area and BBQ. Pr i ce: 8 99 .00 0€

This amazing villa of 140sq.m is set amongst the lush green countryside in a quiet and peaceful area. It sits in a plot of 3.000sq.m. The villa is set in one level and consists of a large living room with a fireplace, a fully fitted kitchen, 3 bedrooms (the master with en suite bathroom) with fitted wardrobes and 2 bathrooms. On the outdoor space there is a BBQ area, a beautiful swimming pool and a paved sunbathing area.

The outside of this character villa mansion is 'Durrellsesque'. It is the second largest villa in Agioi Douli village and was built in the 1800s. It has beautiful sea and mountain views with easy access to the village amenities. The property has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Each bedroom has either a veranda or balcony facing out to the sea.

P ric e : 65 0. 000€

P r ic e: 490. 000€

Perithia | RR3010

Ano Korakiana | RRL1554

Sfakera | RR1909

For sale stone two-storey villa of 223sq.m. The ground floor consists of a living/dining room, a kitchen leading to a terrace with pergola, a bathroom and a bedroom with a stone wall enclosing the preserved old wood burning oven and fantastic sea view . A wooden staircase leads to the master bedroom, which is spread above the kitchen. The first floor consists of a bedroom and a high ceiling, bright living room provides access to a large veranda and a small back patio. Pr i ce: 3 99 .00 0€

The property measures 340sq.m. and consists of the basement which needs completion, ground floor and one floor. On the ground floor an open plan kitchen fully equipped and functional. A spacious living room and dining area with eco fire, master bedroom, a bathroom and a WC. A staircase lead on the floor and the bedrooms. The external area is paved with traditional corfiot stone and lawn. It also has a BBQ. P ric e : 37 0. 000€

For sale, a lovely, renovated, traditional house of 180sq.m. It consists of two separate buildings with a common garden. The larger house of 120sq.m consists of a spacious living room, kitchen, 2 large bedrooms and one bathroom. The second house of 60sq.m consists of an open space living room/ kitchen, 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.The garden has a BBQ. P r ic e: 280. 000€

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Residential listings

Pelekito | RR3050

Agios Panteleimonas | RR2721

Acharavi | RR2967

For sale beautiful, newly built house of 100sq.m on a plot of 1.000sq.m. It is built on 2 levels and it is in excellent condition. The ground floor consists of a large, open plan living room / dining room, a modernly equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a storage room. An internal staircase leads us to the first floor, that has 3 bright bedrooms and a bathroom.

Beautiful 2 storey detached house of 120sq.m on a plot of 2.200sq.m with terraced olive grove. Breathtaking, panoramic sea and mountain views. Feel carefree and enjoy amazing sunsets! The ground floor consists of a hallway, 2 bedrooms (1 master bedroom with en-suite and walk-in wardrobe), WC and covered verandas. The First floor consists of an open plan lounge/dining area/ kitchen with large balcony.

A beautiful house of 97sq.m on a plot of 1.100sq.m, (approx) 200 meters from the beach of Almiros. It has a large living room, 3 bright bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The outside space has a large veranda and a garden of 1.100sq.m.

Pr i ce: 2 70 .00 0€

P ric e : 219 . 000€

P r ic e: 199. 000€

Prinilas | RR427

Karousades | RR3074

Acharavi | RR2252

Traditional restored house of 125sq.m providing beautiful uninterrupted countryside views. The ground floor has marble floors throughout, lounge with fireplace, large fitted kitchen and a shower room. On the first floor there are three large bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes, bathroom and balconies.This property is ideal for all year around.

A lovely house of 65sq.m set on a plot of 700sq.m. It consists of an open plan living room with an eco friendly fireplace, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. It also benefits from aluminium frames, double glazing, air conditioning and wireless internet connection.The house will be sold furnished. The outside space has a veranda with a sitting area and a hammock.

A stone house of 180sq.m. set on a lush green plot of (approx) 4.000sq.m. It is a two-storey house with a large terrace with sea view. On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, while the ground floor consists of 2 more bedrooms, a traditional oil press room and a storage area. The house need renovation.

Pr i ce: 1 80 .00 0€

P ric e : 160 . 000€

P r ic e: 124. 000€

Rahtades | RR2862

Loutses | RR2334

Antiperni | RR784

A lovely traditional semi-detached house of 90sq.m. It is a two–storage building with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, living room, garden and 2 parking. The view of the living room balcony on the sunset, surrounding countryside, mountains and sea are amazing. It will be sold furnished.

A lovely 120sq.m traditional two-storey stone house which needs minor renovation. It is set on a 300sq.m. Each floor has its own entrance and consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. An external staircase leads us from the ground floor to the first floor so the house can easily be converted into two independent apartments.

The house is approx 100sq.m and has been fully restored to a good standard, ground floor and first floor feature lounge, kitchen/dining room, two bedrooms and bathroom. There is also an attic space on the third floor which could be converted into a further room. Externally there is a small yard.

Pr i ce: 1 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 78. 000€

P r ic e: 69. 000€


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Commercial listings

Sidari | RR743

Old Perithia | RR3064

Almiros | RR429

Hotel for sale which is Situated in beautifully landscaped gardens measures approx 1,100sq.m and sits on a plot of 4,000sq.m. The property is in very good condition and offers studios and apartments, there is a lovely swimming pool, bar and garden. Located just metres from the beach and shopping centre. Opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a business which is already successful, with returning clients each year.

For sale a luxurious property of 327,28sq.m, set on a plot of 522,55sq.m. This traditional stone house is presently operating as a Boutique Bed & Breakfast. Each of the six suites has its own private entrance, a double bedroom, a sitting room, a good sized bathroom and access to an attractively planted terraced garden, paved with local stone and laid with lawn. It’s the result of the combination of three restored stone-built houses.

A great investment opportunity for a villa complex of 340sq.m, it consists of two levels. On each of the ground floor and first floor there are two apartments each having 2 bedrooms plus one studio. The lower ground floor has two apartments each having three bedrooms, the entire villa has 32 beds in total.

Pr i ce: 1 .50 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 1.200. 000€

P r ic e: 630. 000€

Acharavi | RR2008

Acharavi | RR2456

Sfakera | RR1718

For sale, apartment complex, consisting of 4 apartments: 2 apartments of 60sq.m each, with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and balconies. 2 apartments of 40sq.m each, with 2 bedrooms, an open space living room/kitchen, bathroom and balconies. The complex is situated in a quiet area, is in perfect condition and has a beautiful and well maintained garden of approx 800sq.m.

A great investment opportunity for an apartment complex of 269sq.m in a 665,39sq.m plot that offers amazing sea views. It consists of two levels and includes six studios and two apartments with two bedrooms each. All apartments are furnished and have air conditioning. Only 30 metres from the beach and a 5-minute walk to shops, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, tavernas, post office, doctors etc.

The complex consists of 8 two-bedroomed, fullyfurnished apartments. It measures 400sq.m with each apartment being 50sq.m. They are spread over 2 floors with 4 apartments on the ground floor and 4 apartments on the 1st floor, all sitting within grounds measuring 3,300sq.m. With an additional plot of 1,300sq.m which is being used as a parking area. The property is being sold furnished.

Pr i ce: 5 00 .00 0€

P ric e : 40 0. 000€

P r ic e: 399. 000€

Roda | RR2253

Sidari | RR747

Roda | RR3106

A unique investment opportunity to purchase an apartment and studio complex. The complex consists of 6 studios of 25sq.m, 4 apartments of 55sq.m, one bungallow of 45 sq.m and a 16x8m swimming pool. The total area of the buildings is approx 430sq.m, all set on a 2350sq.m plot. The complex needs partial renovation. The distance from Roda is (approx) 500m, while the nearest beach is (approx) 300m. Pr i ce: 3 90 .00 0€

Studio and apartment complex consisting of two large apartments of 75sq.m and 80sq.m respectively, plus four studios measuring approx 30-35sq.m each. The property is fenced on a plot of 2,100sq.m. The garden is nicely laid out and there is also a play area with a watering well. Located just 20m from the golden beach it is an ideal investment as the complex is ready for immediate use. P ric e : 28 0. 000€

For sale apartment complex of 200sq.m on a plot of 2.000sq.m. It has 4 apartments of 50sq.m each. The property is built in 2 levels and needs renovation. The plot has enough space for the installation of a pool and a children’s playground. Opportunity for anyone looking to invest in a successul ongoing business.

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P r ic e: 150. 000€

Land listings

Acharavi | RR1983

Agnos | RR2917

Ano Korakiana | RR3032

For sale this amazing plot of 26,000sq.m in Acharavi, North Corfu. The plot is located in the countryside, in a peaceful area, surrounded by olive trees. It is ideal to build your dream villa as it also has amazing sea views. It has an easy access from the main road and is suitable to build a hotel. The centre of Acharavi is approximately 1,5klm and is full of stores, restaurants, super markets and pharmacies. It is indeed an exclusive opportunity for who wishes to invest their money in a villa or a hotel in this location as it will never lose its value. Pr i ce: 2 50 .00 0€

For sale a plot of 3.896,27 sq.m. This unique plot is flat and builds up to 400sq.m offering a breathtaking view to the Ionian Sea. It is privileged by its prime location as it is right on the seashore, just a step away from the sandy beach and the marina, where boats can find shelter. Water and electricity supplies are nearby. It is a great opportunity to purchase a plot where you can build your dream seafront house!

For sale plot of land measuring 5.286sq.m. This lovely plot is slightly elevated providing great view to the countryside, while a lush green olive grove spreads on it. It is fenced and builds up to 200sq.m. Water and electricity supplies are in a close distance. It is a great opportunity to purchase for those searching to build their dream house in a quiet area.

P ric e : 250 . 000€

P r ic e: 200. 000€

Loutses | RR2164

Aspiotades | RR2954

Loutses | RR3068

For sale an amazing plot with seaview in Loutses, North East of Corfu. The plot of 5,009sq.m is located in one of the most popular areas of Corfu. It is buildable up to 200sq.m, suitable as a permanent residence for all year round since it is just 300km away from the village. It is fenced and situated on a hillside with an exquisite sea view.

Fantastic plot of 4700sq.m land with beautiful views across the headland offering a spectacular sunsets. Water and electricity are close to the plot and access is by the main road between Aspiotades and Dafni. It is in an ideal position close enough to the beaches .

An exciting opportunity has arisen to purchase a beautiful plot of 2740.70sq.m. It is ideally situated to build a dream home with spectacular and open views over the sea. The plot is clear and terraced and has easy access from the main road through Loutses and is not overlooked at the rear.Water and electricity are close by.

Pr i ce: 1 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 130 . 000€

P r ic e: 100. 000€

Loutses | RR3069

Perithia | RR1673

Episkepsi | RR2541

An exciting opportunity has arisen to purchase a beautiful plot of 2279.95sq.m, It is ideally situated to build a dream home with spectacular views over the sea and surrounding mountains. The plot is clear and terraced and has easy access from the main road through Loutses.Water and electricity are close by.

For sale a plot of 1250sq.m with spectacular panoramic sea view. Situated just a 10 minute drive to Acharavi and Kassiopi. This exceptional plot is gently sloping with olive and fruit trees and buildable up to 170sq.m has good road access with water and electricity being close by.

This elevated plot of 703,41sq.m is in the centre of the village of Episkepsi. The plot is in the town planning so a good size house or apartments can be built. The plot benefits from great country and sea views. Electric and water supplies are very close by. The busy town and the beach of Acharavi are within a ten minute drive.

Pr i ce: 8 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 69. 000€

P r ic e: 45. 000€


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The South of the island is gaining much popularity with party-makers and the younger set, but it does not detract from it’s unparalleled beauty, the lush marshlands and some truly great restaurants and dining opportunities that stay open around the year. The South of Corfu is flatter and the beaches are sandy for the most part, and it’s affordable quality of life attracts people from around the world throughout the year, either to holiday or to make it a permanent home.

44 | corfu

Residential listings

Chalikounas | RR3155

Gastouri | RR2163

Chalikounas | RR3120

Opportunity to buy two impressive villas with panoramic sea views of living space within a plot size of 5000sq.m. Each villa is 150sq.m, has 3 en-suits bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, large kitchen, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a BBQ. While one of them has a studio of 35sq.m that can be used as staff accommodation, or it can be rented alongside the villa.

Luxurious villa 460sq.m in a plot of 11.670sq.m offering panoramic, striking sea views. The villa is built in two levels. It consists of five bedrooms and a guest house. There are five bathrooms, one guests WC, two shower rooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. In the garden there is a small flat house for staff. There is a large heated swimming pool with two massage and bubble positions and BBQ on 650sq.m of sun terrace.

Three unique villas are set on a plot of 4.123sq.m. The first villa comprises of a living room/kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a pool and a bbq. The second villa consists of 3 bedrooms, an open plan living room/kitchen, a bathroom, a pool and a bbq. And the third villa which is ideal for a couple,It has one bedroom, an open plan sitting room/kitchen, a bathroom, a Jacuzzi and a pool. Each villa stands out for their special aesthetics and decoration.

Pr i ce: 2 .20 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 1.580. 000€

P r ic e: 1. 300. 000€

Lefkimi | RR2878

Agioi Deka | RR2629

Agios Georgios | RR3000

Fantastic villa of 220sq.m set on a plot of 4.000sq.m just a few steps away from the water.It is built on 2 levels. The ground floor consists of an open plan living room / dining room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. On the first floor we find 2 bedrooms, a bathroom,living area. The outside space has a large patio with a seating area,a BBQ and covered verandas. The beach is very easily accessible.

This beautiful with 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom villa of 200sq.m is set in a superb panoramic position above the transparent waters of the Ionian Sea. The villa blends elegant interiors and al fresco areas that are fully equipped for dining, ran relaxation. It features stylishly furnishings and with high-beamed ceilings, solid wood floors, a fireplace and colourful artwork.

Wonderful two –storey villa of 192sq.m, set on a plot of 1.652,10sq.m. It has a large open plan living room with a fireplace / dining room, a functional kitchen, five bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The property is surounded by a wonderfully landscaped garden while a covered outdoor dining room with a BBQ dominates. In a unique surrounding with absolute privacy, there is a crystal blue swimming pool and 2 stone built outdoor showers.

Pr i ce: 7 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 680. 000€

P r ic e: 650. 000€

Kato Pavliana | RR1274

Pelekas | RR1920

Issos | RR2279

Lovely 220sq.m house for sale it consists of two floors. On the ground floor there is a large living, dining room and a kitchen. There are three bedrooms on the upper floor, the master bedroom has an en suite bathroom with a whirlpool spa bath. Large terraces on the property give wonderful views of the deep blue sea. The garden is being ready for a pool.

Detached house of 140sq.m with a plot size of 2,500sq.m. The house is habitable but does require partial renovation and consists of. Ground floor which measures 70sqm with lounge and fireplace, separate kitchen and one bedroom with bathroom and central heating. The second floor measures 70sq.m with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.

Pr i ce: 5 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 29 9. 000€

For sale a traditional 200sq.m stone house set on 4.000sq.m plot. The ground floor consists of a spacious living room with fireplace, dining room, a fully equipped modern kitchen and a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The first floor has two large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, an office and a storage area. The wellmaintained garden can offer moments of relaxation and peace while overlooking the greenery of the nature. P r ic e: 280. 000€


| 45

Residential listings

Kinopiastes | RR2359

Agios Ioannis | RR2707

Agios Ioannis | RR2355

Detached house 210sq.m in a plot of land 2.000sq.m. The house is in two levels and consists on the ground floor of an open plan kitchen and dining area, sitting area, one bedroom and a shower room. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and large balconies. The floors are wooden in all the internal spaces. Externally, there is a big garden, parking space, barbeque area and two storages.

Wonderful villa of 156sq.m on a plot os 1800sq.m. The main entrance leads on a large living room. It has dining room, kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The property also comprises a studio of (approx) 50sq.m that has a living room, a bedroom, kitchenette and a bathroom. This beautiful setting is completed by a swimming pool and two parking.

Cozy house 180sq.m in a plot of 435sq.m. It is built in two levels and consists in the ground floor of a comfortable open plan kitchen and dining area, two spacious bedrooms and a shower room. On the first floor there are another two bedrooms, a big bathroom and the living room with big balconies. In the exterior there is a big yard with colorful flowers and nice plants, barbeque area and three storages.

Pr i ce: 2 70 .00 0€

P ric e : 230 . 000€

P r ic e: 220. 000€

Kinopiastes | RR3051

Agios Nikolas | RR3140

Lefkimi | RR3107

For sale renovated stone built detached house of 204 sqm on a plot of 380sq.m. The property is built in 2 levels and needs completion. The ground floor has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage room. The first floor has an open plan living room / dining room / kitchen. On the same plot there is a separate building of 40sq.m that has a large bedroom, a modern kitchen and a bathroom.

Detached house in a delightful location right by the sea, on the southern part of the island. The house which requires renovation is 45sq.m and sits on a plot of 258sq.m. This would make a lovely home or holiday rental for anyone looking to have a property by the sea, where they would enjoy endless moments of relaxation and fun.

For sale detached property 121sq.m on a plot of 4.671sq.m.The property is in good condition. It has 2 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen / living room, a sitting room with a fireplace and a bathroom. The outside space has a large yard. It is a great property with lots of potential, ideal for someone who enjoys the traditional life in the countryside.

Pr i ce: 2 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 140 . 000€

P r ic e: 105. 000€

Agios Nikolas | RR3089

Chlomos | RR2919

Argirades | RR3090

For sale semi detached 2-storey stone house of 70sq.m is set on a plot of 233sq.m. The ground floor consists of an open plan living room / kitchen / dining room and a WC. A wooden internal staircase leads us to the first level, where there are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, as well as a balcony where you can sit enjoy the lovely views to the countryside but also the sea. Pr i ce: 9 0.0 00 €

A semi - detached stone built house of 80sq.m plus an attic of 40sq.m, it is built on 3 levels and it needs total renovation. The ground and first floor have an open plan space each, while the attic offers views to the sea. This is a great opportunity to own a house that is ideal for permanent residence or an investment.

For sale detached house of 47sq.m on a plot of 171sq.m. The property consists of a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The outside space has a patio where you can enjoy moments of relaxation, a storage room of 20sq.m and parking space large enough for 2 cars.

P ric e : 70. 000€

P r ic e: 67. 000€

46 | corfu

Commercial listings

Kavos | RR1508

Agios Gordios | RR2842

Benitses | RR1327

This hotel sits on 8,500sq.m, approximately 80m away from the sea. It consists of three floors, total area of approximately 2,150sq.m and 200sq.m of additional basement space. There are 52 double rooms, reception, restaurant, kitchen, lounge and bar, a swimming pool, a pool bar, mini golf course with 18 holes, a beach bar with gazebo and landscaped areas suitable for events.

A complex of tourist accommodation of 400sq.m which sit on a plot of 6000sq.m approx. It consists of 10 apartments 40sq.m each. The apartments are totally furnished and have got air-conditioning, wonderful swimming pool (55sq.m) ,a pool snackbar, comfortable parking space and magnificent sea view. The nearest beach is only 100m.

Pr i ce: 4 .00 0.0 00 €

For sale apartment complex of 400sq.m plus an attic of 80sq.m that needs completion on a plot of 1050sq.m. It is built in 2 levels, it has 2 separate entrances, it consists of 4 apartments with 4 beds each. The property also has a bar, a restaurant and space for 3 separate stores. The outside space consists of a parking area on the side of the property. This property presents a great investment opportunity. P ric e : 1.900. 000€

Gastouri | RRL1535

Agios Nikolas | RR596

Agios Gordios | RR2327

This complex is situated in Corfu just 3klm from the beach. It is surrounded by a big garden with trees. It consists of two ground floor apartments 120sq.m each with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a living room, a maisonette 110sq.m with 2 bedrooms, 2 wc, a bathroom and a living room. Finally there are seven 1st floor studios.

This apartment complex is located in a great location at Agios Nikolaos in the south of Corfu. Consisting of 12 apartments each with a kitchen and a balcony. The building is in very good condition with parking space. From the apartments you have wonderful panoramic sea views, with the sea being just a few minutes away.

Charming apartment complex, consisting of one large apartment with 5 rooms, three apartments with 2 rooms and six studios which are all fully equipped and furnished. Situated in landscaped grounds of 1,000sq.m and only a few metres from the sea. It has been operating since 2002 with returning clients and full occupancy. This is a very good investment for anyone looking to buy a healthy business.

Pr i ce: 8 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 750 . 000€

P r ic e: 650. 000€

Kavos | RR1664

Kavos | RR2081

Gastouri | RR2356

The property of 370sq.m, built on a fenced plot of 2,000sq.m, is located on a lovely sandy beach. It consists of a ground floor plus two floors, of 11 studios and one apartment fully equipped, with kitchen and bathroom in excellent condition. All have spacious balconies overlooking the deep blue sea. There is also the possibility to build a pool in the grounds, where there is a beach-bar. Pr i ce: 6 00 .00 0€

This sunny apartment complex is situated in the South part of the island. It is a 2 level property on a approx 1.900sq.m plot and consists of 6 apartments. On ground floor has two apartments with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a bathroom each and one studio with 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The first floor consists of 3 studios, each with one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Every apartment has covered verandas and air conditions. P ric e : 450 . 000€

Business opportunity. Apartment complex with stunning sea view. The complex measures a total surface of 300sq.m and sits on a plot of 2.135sq.m. It consists of eight studios, one double-bedroom apartment and one apartment of 100sq.m with three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and a patio.They have air-conditioning. The sea view is fantastic and there are lots of small pebble beaches nearby. P r ic e: 370. 000€

P r ic e: 1. 350. 000€


| 47

Land listings

Messonghi | RRL1618

Lefkimi | RR661

Paramona | RR969

For sale property 24,000sq.m in area of Messonghi. It is an amphitheater with 10 acres of forest and the rest is free to built with a declassified document from the Forest Service, which build 4000sq.m for commercial use. It has a magnificent view in the sea and the distance from the village of Messonghi is only 200m.

Unique plot of land situated right at the southern tip of the island, opportunities like this are very rare. This amazing plot which lies in a tranquil position right on the seashore has breathtaking views across the ocean, with a great expanse of sandy beach. This flat plot measures approximately 18,000sq.m and builds approximately 500sq.m for a residential, or approximately 2,000sq.m for a hotel.

Unique sea front plot offering fantastic sunsets, situated in a tranquil area of natural beauty. The land has a very slight elevation with 33m of sea frontage to one side of the plot and to the other side there is 24m of cliff frontage. Facing south west you have the benefit of all day sunshine and amazing night skys, this is a truly unique spot to build a villa, which also has access to a private beach.

Pr i ce: 1 .00 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 990 . 000€

P r ic e: 550. 000€

Chlomotiana | RRL1628

Agios Gordios | RR2549

Prasoudi | RRL1387

For sale land measuring 40.000sq.m. Land offers stunning sea views as well as lake Korission. Building permission is included in the price. Corfu Town is thirty minute drive away and the village of Chlomotiana is 500m far. Potentially this land could be easily converted into an eco friendly hotel or a farm. There are olive trees and fruit trees.

This unique plot of 11.500sq.m is situated is Agios Gordios, it is flat with electricity and water supplies being nearby and has easy access through a private road. It is the ideal plot to build either a large villa of up to (approx) 700sq.m or two villas of (approx) 350sq.m each.Wonderful, breathtaking views to the crystal clear waters can be enjoyed.

At the famous sandy beaches of southwest Corfu are found in the Prasoudi area which is where the plot is located. It measures approximately 5,500sq.m, and one can build a house of 220sq.m. It overlooks the blue sea and amazing sunsets. The plot leads to the beach that offers you endless hours of carefree relaxation and serenity. In a short distance there are restaurants and tavernas.

Pr i ce: 4 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 390 . 000€

P r ic e: 290. 000€

Pelekas | RR2331

Chlomos | RR3078

Benitses | RR2461

"Gradually the magic of the island settled over us", quoted the well-known author, Gerald Durrell. In a magical location this 6,900sq.m plot is buildable up to 300sq.m and offers panoramic views. Situated in a lush green forest where the smell of pine trees revitalize the senses. The turquoise waters of Adriatic Sea and the songs of cicadas offer moments of relaxation and tranquillity. Pr i ce: 1 35 .00 0€

Opportunity for a plot of 2.223,16sq.m offering beautiful views to the sea in the region of Chlomos. It is situated within settlement, it is flat, fenced, it is buildable up to 400sq.m and the supplies for water and electric are nearby. It is a great opportunity to own a plot with large building allowance at a great location, with excellent views to the crystal blue waters. P ric e : 135 . 000€

Great plot of 2,415sq.m situated on a hill, it offers amazing views and is only 1 km away from the beach. The plot includes olive trees, fruit trees and a well, builds up to 200sq.m. The area is quiet and peaceful and offers beautiful views and privacy, while being situated very close to the centre of the village, the beach and necessary amenities.

48 | corfu

P r ic e: 79. 000€



Home to the famous Kensington-on-Sea, where the Rothschilds have their abode, the east of the island boasts a beautiful coastline that has to be seen to be believed. The village of Perama on this side of the island was where the Durrell family first made their home, and it is here that you can view the quaint and oft-photographed Mouse Island with it’s pretty little church. There east of the island is the land of beautiful sunrises for those who like an early start.


| 49

Residential listings

North East | RRL1619

Kassiopi | RRL1747

Gastouri | RR2414

A stunning property located on the North East coastline of Corfu. It consists of two separate 3-level attached villas with separate private entrances. Each villa has a sitting room, leading to the kitchen and dining room, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In front of the villas there are two swimming pools. The property enjoys majestic coastline views which almost take your breath away and was built from locally quarried stone.

This is a rare find, a seaside villa in Corfu, with direct access to the sea. It is a spacious, luxury family villa in a prime location. It is designed in order to enhance the spectacular views. The garden and pool are beautifully landscaped, with terraces and balconies from which you can enjoy the deep blue sea that stretches endlessly before your eyes.

A 163sq.m three-storey, fully furnished house. The ground floor has two levels. The upper level has a living room/dining room with fireplace, and the lower level consists of a kitchen and a dining room. At the first floor has a hallway, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The second floor consists of two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The land is 11093,79sq.m and has a fully equipped covered bbq area.

Pr i ce: 5 .00 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 4.800. 000€

P r ic e: 3. 080. 000€

Komeno | RR1239

Agni | RR1051

Kassiopi | RR714

The villa is located within a well-guarded complex of residences with a fencing wall for maximum security, and with breathtaking sea view. It has a total surface of 410sq.m, built within 2,000sq.m, enclosed with a carven stone wall for security. The villa is of top quality construction, built on three levels, connected with a wide indoor, wooden staircase, and has a swimming pool.

Luxurious stone made, fully firnished villa of 175sq.m situated in a plot of 900sq.m, built on the hill side combining the magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding green scenery. It consists of 3 bedrooms, a spacious lounge, fully-equipped kitchen and a WC. There is a pool of 50sq.m, as well as a garden decorated with stone, and a garage with an electric gate.

Opportunity to buy two impressive villas with panoramic sea views. Each villa has approximately 240sq.m of living space within a plot size of approximately 2500sq.m, 3 en-suite bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool and BBQ. They can also be sold separately.

Pr i ce: 2 .50 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 1.450. 000€

P r ic e: 1. 200. 000€

Avlaki | RR697

Kassiopi | RR2138

Vigla | RR452

Beautiful villa only 50m from the beach with crystal water. Ground floor has two bedrooms with double bed and en-suite bathroom, two bedrooms with two single beds and en-suite bathrooms. Open plan kitchen/sitting and dining area with a fireplace leading out to a canopied eating area overlooking the big pool. Has its own totally private garden and patio area with heated pool and built in BBQ. The villa is surrounded by 4.300sq.m beautiful lawned grounds. Pr i ce: 1 .20 0.0 00 €

An amazing villa of 285sq.m on a plot of 600sq.m. Designed and furnished with the highest quality materials, with the massive private pool area, 2 large verandas, balcony and terraced areas plus gardens. Built in 3 floors consists of 3 large en suite bedrooms, a master en-suite bedroom with private veranda, kitchen and living room with terrace doors leading to a large veranda overlooking the pool.

A spacious villa, furnished in uncluttered style, consists of two floors is a self-contained apartment. Each has its own fully equipped kitchen, two smart bathrooms and an openplan living/dining room and doors to a terrace or balcony overlooking the bay. The ground floor apartment has two double and two twin bedrooms, while the upper floor has one double and two twin rooms. And the villa’s pretty terraces include a dining pergola in dappled leafy shade, a built-in barbecue, and the lovely swimming pool area. P r ic e: 900. 000€

50 | corfu

P ric e : 1.000. 000€

Residential listings

Dasia | RR3021

Agios Markos | RR2871

Kato Korakiana | RR3075

A luxury villa of 200sq.m just a few meters from the sea. The ground floor with its imposing front door comprises a large open plan living room / dining room with an eco fireplace, large verandas, two en suite bedrooms, kitchen, an office with its own WC. The second floor consists of 2 more en suite bedrooms and a large terrace.

Beautiful villa of 260sq.m on a plot of 2.068sq.m with amazing sea view. On the first floor there are an open plan living room / dining room / kitchen with doors that lead to a veranda, 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. On the second floor has a large open plan living room / kitchen / dining room, a bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a WC. The outside space has space for 6 cars and a pool.

A wonderful villa of 300sq.m. It lies on a fenced plot of 3.000sq.m, it is built in 2 levels. The ground floor comprises of an open plan bright living room with a fireplace / dining room, a kitchen. There is also a large bedroom with its own bathroom. At the first floor, there is a master bedroom with its own bathroom. There are also 2 more bedrooms that share a bathroom. The outside space has a lovely lawned area, covered patios as well as a pool.

Pr i ce: 8 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 795 . 000€

P r ic e: 700. 000€

Gouvia | RR1803

Kontokali | RR2897

Agni | RR2565

A luxury villa of 400sq.m on a plot of 4100sq.m. It consists of four double bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities. Master bedroom has two en-suite wash rooms. The second bedroom has a large covered balcony. The third bedroom has its own covered veranda with a kitchenette, table and chairs and private garden with a pond. The fourth bedroom is adjacent to a large study and is suitable for up to two people. A spacious open plan atrium with olive tree inter-connects all the rooms. Pr i ce: 6 80 .00 0€

Detached house of 138sq.m on a plot of 2322sq.m, it is built in 3 levels. It consists of an open plan living room kitchen / living room with direct access to the garden and a WC with a shower. Going up on the main house has a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, storage room and a WC with a shower. At the upper level has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and verandas that offer views to the sea.

Sea front stone house only a few steps from the sea.It is fully renovated and tastefully decorated. It consists of one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom a spacious veranda right by the sea, parking and a perfect spot to place your boat just outside your house.

P ric e : 490 . 000€

P r ic e: 450. 000€

Barbati | RR3180

Barbati | RR3175

Sinies | RR3104

For sale beautiful detached house of 145sq.m on a plot of 450sq.m. The property is built in three levels. The ground floor consists of one bedroom, a living room, kitchen / sitting room and a bathroom. The first level comprises an living room with an eco fireplace / kitchen / dining room and a master bedroom with a bathroom. The second level has one more bedroom with an en suite bathroom. The outside space has 4 parking and verandas with lovely sea view. Pr i ce: 3 85 .00 0€

A beautiful property of 81sq.m situated at a residential complex, in a well organize resort approx 70m away from the beach. The ground floor has a bedroom with an en suite bathroom, a beautiful kitchen with a bbq and a living room. The first floor has one more bedroom, a bathroom and a comfortable balcony with great view to the sea. The property also has a storage room and a designated parking space.

For sale stone built house of 157sq.m on a plot of 1.918sq.m. The main building is 121sq.m, it is built in 2 levels, it is in great condition and can be lived in. The ground floor has an open plan living room with a fireplace / dining room / kitchen and a bathroom. A wooden internal staircase leads us to the first floor, which has 3 bedrooms, along with balconies along the perimeter of the building, where one can admire the wonderful views to the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea. P r ic e: 270. 000€

P ric e : 270 . 000€


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Commercial listings

Nisaki | RR2001

Kassiopi | RR2403

Nisaki | RRL1391

A unique opportunity to buy a tourist complex in a 2.507sq.m plot of land with private beach which consists of: A beach bar of 60sq.m with a 200+sq.m veranda facing the sea and a newly built house of 100sq.m. It has amazing view to the sea and the mountains of Corfu. This seaside complex is situated near the picturesque village. A fantastic opportunity for a new business.

For sale a traditional building of apartments with an amazing view of the Ionian. The property consists of one 2 bedroom apartment, three 1 bedroom and six studios which sleeps 2 persons. Each of these sea view apartments/ studios is spacious with a private balcony/terrace and entrance.

Pr i ce: 1 .50 0.0 00 €

A very rare opportunity to purchase an investment property on the beach. The complex is 400sq.m in size and sits a well tended lawned garden of (approx) 900sq.m. The overall condition of the building is great but the new owner with a little modernisation would really finish off this amazing opportunity. The complex consists of 8 studios designed for self catering, 2 two bedroomed apartments, 2 one bedroom apartments with kitchen/diner with optional sofa beds in the kitchen. P ric e : 1.000. 000€

Kassiopi | RR2567

Kassiopi | RR2968

Barbati | RR3128

Complex of (approx) 170sq.m set in a 420sq.m plot. It consists of two apartments and two spacious studios. Each apartment consists of an open space living room/kitchen, two bedrooms and one bathroom. Each studio has an open space living room/kitchen, one bedroom and one bathroom. The complex is fully furnished, benefits from air condition, is in an excellent condition and has a large swimming pool.

A beautiful apartment complex of 180sq.m with wonderful views to the sea. It has 4 apartments in total, 2 of which have 2 bedrooms, an open plan living room / kitchen and a bathroom. The other 2 have one bedroom, an open plan living room / kitchen and a bathroom each. The complex is in excellent condition, with stable, returning clientele. It is located just 100m from the port.

Charming apartment complex with wonderful sea view, consisting of one large apartment on the first and the second floor with 3 en-suite rooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Two apartments on the ground floor each of them has one bedroom, bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, while sharing one veranda.

Pr i ce: 4 49 .00 0€

P ric e : 390 . 000€

P r ic e: 310. 000€

Kassiopi | RR2559

Kassiopi | RR3183

Barbati | RRL1590

Apartment complex of (approx) 439sq.m. The property is built on 2 levels and is in need of renovation. It consists of 4 apartments and 8 studios. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, a hallway, a kitchen and a bathroom. Each studio consists of a bedroom, hallway, a kitchen and a bathroom. It also benefits from 2 storage rooms, one on each floor. It is situated (approx) 400m from the beach. Pr i ce: 2 99 .00 0€

For sale a three apartment complex of 174sq.m, in a plot of 2000sq.m .Two of the apartment are 50sq.m each and consist of two bedrooms, kitchen-living room in open plan, WC and balcony with view. The third and lower apartment is 74sq.m and consists of three bedrooms, kitchen-living room in open plan and WC. There is also plenty of parking space and a pool. P ric e : 239 . 500€

For sale a Maisonette which belongs in a housing complex, in the area of Barbati. It is an amphitheatrically built structure facing the open sea, the only one of its kind in the island of Corfu. It consists of homes, with or without private swimming pool, just a few steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu, the Barbati beach.

52 | corfu

P r ic e: 795. 000€

P r ic e: 230. 000€

Land listings

Barbati | RR208

Sinies | RR1117

Gimari | RR1140

An opportunity to own a piece of land in the north east coast of Corfu, Ideal location to build your holiday home or for investment. This plot of land has it all!!! Great views, perfect location. It measures 5,230sq.m, the beach is just 150m away and there is direct access to it via a pathway. Distance from Corfu town and the international airport is just 20 minutes

Plot of land for sale in Sinies, measuring 49.000sq.m. The land which is terraced is situated on a hillside with a slightly elevated position offering excellent panoramic sea views. The village of Porta is close by. Opportunity to build and impressive villa or could be used for commercial use. Only 5km from the beach. Approx 39km from Corfu town.

Rare opportunity to buy this magnificent plot of land of 6.621sq.m located in Gymari, which is close to the popular area of Kalami and Kouloura in North East coast. The land is situated on a hillside with a slightly elevated position, offering excellent panoramic sea view of the Ionian Sea. Mature olive trees are in the plot.

Pr i ce: 4 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 399 . 000€

P r ic e: 390. 000€

Nisaki | RR1048

Nisaki | RRL1422

Agios Stefanos | RR2602

Fantastic plot of land for sale in Nisaki on the east coast of Corfu. This beautiful plot situated only 600m from the sea, has amazing 180 deg panoramic views. The plot is divided into two, the main plot measures 4,090sq.m with a further plot of 740sq.m on the other side of the road, this could be used as a parking area. A truly lovely spot to build a home, or even to create a property offering rental income if desired.

For sale plot of (approx) 2.160sq.m situated in the village of Agios Stefanos in the East side of Corfu. It offers fantastic sea views and is buildable up to (approx) 200sq.m, with additional building for terraces, storage room and a pool. It has easy access to the main road, with the electricity and water supplies being very close.

Pr i ce: 2 60 .00 0€

Prime plot measuring 2.400sq.m with olive trees. The plot has a light slope giving a magnificent 180 degrees round unobstructed sea view having a distance from the sea just 300m. Is buildable up to 400sq.m and there is a building licence for 4 properties of 100sq.m each and pool. This makes the property very attractive as an investment project and ideal for anyone who would like to invest on it either as holidays homes or: a) as residential or b) investment property. P ric e : 200 . 000€

Kassiopi | RR597

Kalami | RR2357

Sinies | RR2601

Fantastic opportunity to acquire a plot of land so close to the sea. Situated just metres away from the beach in Kassiopi. The plot measures 280sq.m which is located within the village, allowing a build of 196sq.m. This would make a very good investment, as this very popular resort attracts visitors from everywhere.

For sale plot of 2.020sq.m with stunning view to the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, situated only (approx) 350m from the beautiful beach with its sparkling waters. The plot is an opportunity as you can build up to 208sq.m plus a pool, verandas, garage and warehouse. It is slightly elevated with electric and water supplies being very close making it an easy build. P ric e : 136 . 000€

Plot for sale in the traditional village of Sinies with fantastic sea views. It is 1.276sq.m, buildable up to 200sq.m with additional building for basement, storage room, a patio and a pool. It has easy access to the main road, with electricity and water supply being close by. It is situated just 1 (approx) km away from the picturesque village of Porta and (approx) 3.5km from the beautiful beach of Kerasia. P r ic e: 110. 000€

Pr i ce: 1 40 .00 0€

P r ic e: 160. 000€


| 53



If sunsets are your thing, then few places will afford you the glorious sky vistas that the west of the island does. From the stunning visual splendour of Paleokastritsa and the jagged rock of Agios Giorgios, the west of the island is everything one could want from a peaceful, quiet existence with its magnificent views, lush cypress forests and winding, picturesque roads. Life here progresses at an unhurried rate and it’s the perfect part of the world to escape from it all.

54 | corfu

Residential listings

Paleokastritsa | RR1855

Arillas | RRL1452

Kalafationes | RR2298

Located on the top of a cliff, this property has the advantage of the breathtaking sunsets. The unique feature is the marina which is located just at the end of the property. The property belonged to a British Consultant and consists of the main house and two bungalows all needing renovation. There is also a private path leading to an exclusive small beach.

This luxury villa offers a peaceful and private environment, with abundant accommodation in the form of 8 bedrooms, 5 of the bedrooms are ensuite – and 3 being completely self-contained, guest apartments. A large horizon pool occupies the rear of property, separated by stone walling and gateway. The cantilevered terraces look onto sunsets, north and west coasts and islands.

A stone, new-built. It is sit on a 6.000sq.m. plot. It is a two-storey house of 210sq.m. The ground floor consists of a living room with energy fireplace, dining room, fitted kitchen and a fireplace, one bedroom with en-suite bathroom, WC and storage area. The first floor consists of two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, large hall area and a storage area.

Pr i ce: 1 .50 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 795. 000€

P r ic e: 580. 000€

Arillas | RR3119

Kavadades | RR2664

Doukades | RR2706

An amazing luxurious villa with swimming pool. As we enter the main entrance, we find an open plan living room, kitchen and a quest bathroom. On the second floor we can find two bedrooms, both with an en-suite bathroom with bathtub. Behind the main building is the annex, with another bedroom with its own bathroom, and a decent storage room. The total area of the villa is 167sq.m and the plot is 1690sq.m.

A fantastic 2-storey villa of 130sq.m sits on a plot of 4380sq.m. The ground floor of the villa consists of 2 self contained studios/rooms with small kitchen area,ensuite,both with balconies. On the first floor has kitchen/ lounge/ diner, a family bedroom and a bathroom.The villa benefits from air-condition, central heating, solar panels, pool and a BBQ.

Wonderful villa of 207sq.m on a plot of 1,800sq.m. It is on three levels and it is in excellent condition. Consists of, kitchen on the ground floor, open plan living room / kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. The first floor consists of a 40sq.m apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, a shower and storage areas. There is a wonderfully landscaped garden with palm and fruit trees.

Pr i ce: 4 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 395. 000€

P r ic e: 385. 000€

Pelekas | RRL1435

Arillas | RR1299

Arillas | RR2240

A beautiful Wood and stone house measures 190sq.m and consists of an open plan kitchen, dining area, a bathroom and three bedrooms on the ground floor. A wood staircase lead to the upper floor were are two bedrooms and a useful WC. There is also an one bedroom apartment right next to the house with fitted appliances, air condition and a separate bedroom with wardrobes.

This beautiful villa nestles in 1,455sq.m of land, offering amazing sunset sea views. It has 4 en-suite bedrooms, 2 with full baths. The second floor has a very large open plan kitchen/living/dining. There is also a basement of 120sq.m which is currently being used as a work shop/store room. There is permission for a swimming pool.

This is an amazing, newly built high-tech luxury villa with a fantastic sea view. It consists of an open plan kitchen, fully equipped, a large living/dinning room, bathroom, a sea view bedroom and a mezzanine level that could be used as an extra bedroom and an office. There is also a large 65sq.m basement, swimming pool, patio and pergola.

Pr i ce: 3 65 .00 0€

P ric e : 299. 000€

P r ic e: 290. 000€


| 55

Residential listings

Lakones | RR935

Pagi | RR3073

Kavadades | RR2108

Lovely property with magnificent views. It has three levels, the basement level is open with rendering to the walls. The ground floor comprises of a fully furnished studio of 34sq.m plus another area of 55sq.m. The first floor comprises of a 60sq.m apartment which has open plan lounge/ kitchen and two bedrooms.

Situated in the quiet traditional village, this immaculate, three-bedroomed, detached house was completed by the current owner around 6 years ago. It has since been very well maintained. There are 3 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is currently being used as an office and the master bedroom has a very large walk-in wardrobe. There is additional storage space in the attic.

Amazing, free-standing 3-bedroom house of 120sq.m on a plot of 2560sq.m. The house consists of a large living/dining area, a separate kitchen, a big bathroom, a large terrace on the front side plus smaller balconies at each bedroom.At one end of the plot is a building of 32sq.m with lots of storage space plus a small kitchen. There is a well with a pump that provides fresh water to the house throughout the year.

Pr i ce: 2 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 250 . 000€

P r ic e: 220. 000€

Armenades | RR1233

Agios Georgios | RR316

Magoulades | RR1650

An amazing detached two-bedroom villa with swimming poll, consisting of two floors. In the lower level there is two double bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom with a full bath. First level has a a fully fitted kitchen diner, an open plan living area, fireplace and a bathroom. There is a private driveway leading to a brick built car port attached to the Villa.

Old traditional house that has been renovated and consists of differeent levels. It has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge area and a large garage with private access. In good condition, could be turned into a guesthouse or bed & breakfast to cater for customers of a nearby meditation center.

Pr i ce: 1 99 .00 0€

A detached single storey Eco Friendly house of 75sq.m plus a basement area of 63sq.m, it will sit on a plot of 540sq.m. The plot is located near a small river with shade given by trees and ideal if you are looking for peaceful and quiet surroundings. Access is from the country lane. Comprising of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a lounge area. It will also have the benefit of a verandah and pergola ideal for alfresco dining. P ric e : 145 . 000€

Peroulades | RR3186

Drosato | RRL1641

Gavrades | RR3182

This renovated cottage of 100sq.m is in the heart of the traditional village .The property is within a 3 minute walking distance to the famous Loggas sunset. The property consists of a good sized lounge, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor and the first floor has two double bedrooms and great outside covered veranda.It is ready to move in and personalize. Pr i ce: 9 9.0 00 €

Opportunity to purchase a large property of 150sq.m with sea view at a reduced price. The ground floor consists of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, a utility room and a beautiful courtyard. The first floor consists of an open plan kitchen and living room, one bathroom and two bedrooms. All areas lead onto balconies with beautiful views. The property is fenced.

For sale stone house of 50sq.m on a plot of 2.000sq.m. It consists of 2 bedrooms, an open plan living room / dining room / kitchen and a bathroom. The interior of the property needs renovation, while the exterior is in good condition. The outside space has a spacious veranda, a garden, as well as an outside WC. It is a very good opportunity for those who seek to be in a tranquil enviroment, surrounded by nature. P r ic e: 50. 000€

56 | corfu

P ric e : 65. 000€

P r ic e: 110. 000€

Commercial listings

Agios Georgios | RR405

Peroulades | RR1093

Paleokastritsa | RR2893

The hotel is situated in the lovely peaceful resort. It has 31 bedrooms, bar, restaurant and swimming pool. It stands on the side of a hill with mature gardens, olive groves to the rear and an agricultural valley in front. Set back behind the terraced gardens higher than the road the elevated position offers fantastic views to the hills across the valley. The distance from the beach is approx 700m. This is an excellent investment opportunity. The hotel has many returning clients. Pr i ce: 3 .00 0.0 00 €

This charming hotel which was built in 2003 to a very high standard offers 78 beds (36 rooms) three swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. Restaurant, two bars, tennis court, pool table and table tennis area, private parking. The hotel is contracted out until 2013 with an option to extend, currently operating as an allinclusive with a tour operator.

Rare opportunity to buy a sea front property .The complex is built on a plot of 1000sq.m and consists of 3 buildings with 5 studio, 2 bed roomed house and self-catering studio. Each has a TV, air-condition, a kitchen with cooking hobs and a dining table. The complex is to be sold furnished so provides immediate investment.

P ric e : 1.5 00. 000€

P r ic e: 1. 100. 000€

Afionas | RR1675

Peroulades | RR777

Agios Georgios | RR133

Complex of four independent bungalows of 42sq.m Each. Also a 170sq.m villa with a 96sq.m basement and a swimming pool. The bungalows sleep 2-3 persons and the main building 4-8 persons each. It is on a mountain slope among the olive groves, close to the village Afionas, with breathtaking sea views. Sold fully furnished ready for immediate use.

Small complex of studios and apartments for sale in Peroulades. The property which sits on a plot of 1,500sq.m consists of two ground-floor two apartments each with 2 bedrooms and 2 first floor studios and one two-bedroom apartment. The complex has its own fantastic swimming pool of 200sq.m.

This property is set in a hillside above Agios Georgios Bay and consists of 15 studio apartments in 3 single storey blocks, each block positioned one below the other for maximum benefit of the views. Each studio features a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette as well as a covered verandah. The apartments are sold fully furnished.

Pr i ce: 7 95 .00 0€

P ric e : 490. 000€

P r ic e: 420. 000€

Agios Stefanos| RR2284

Afionas | RR1943

Ropa | RR1104

A complex of 3 rental apartments only 200m from the beach with sea views. The two smaller apartments are 43sq.m each with a bedroom, open-plan kitchen and living room, bathroom and veranda. The larger apartment is 79sq.m with three bedrooms, openplan kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom. Fully equipped and tastefully decorated.

This is a two-floor complex in Afionas with three onebedroom apartments and a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor and a huge 5-bedroom apartment on the first floor. The total built area is 340sq.m on a plot of 2.236sq.m. From the top floor there is a sea view to Agios Georgios beach. It was built in 1984 and renovated in 2016.

Pr i ce: 4 00 .00 0€

P ric e : 270. 000€

A traditional buildings of apartments for sale. The complex consists of two buildings which sit on a plot of 6,000sq.m. First building is 300sq.m and has 15 studios with own terrace. There is a swimming pool and a bar . The second building measures 200sq.m and has 4 studios and one fully equipped apartment of 100sq.m which offers three bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, a bathroom and a WC. The buildings sit 200m apart and need a renovation. P r ic e: 290. 000€


| 57

Land listings

Arillas | RR2986

Agios Georgios | RR998

Kavadades | RR2840

This is a unique investment property, with a panoramic sea view. The property is more than 47.000sq.m in total, consisting of 3 contiguous plots with sizes of 33.745, 11.704 and 1.919sq.m. From most of the property you have an amazing sea view, sunsets are spectacular! The plot has around 300m frontage on the main road, where all utilities (water, electricity, telephone) are located. It is possible to build a hotel, camping, or villas.

Unique seafront plot of 5.655sq.m for sale. It is facing south-west and has sunlight throughout the day. It is in a quite location with stunning sunsets. The building allowance is 240sq.m, making it suitable for a wonderful residential or holiday home with great rental potential. The plot has access from the road and electricity and water supply connections are nearby.

A unique property of 13.000sq.m of gently sloping hill with a panoramic sea. This is one of the very few big plots in the area. It is buildable up to 340sq.m, offering you the chance to create one, two, or even three amazing villas, with unobstructed sea views. The plot is accessed by two agricultural roads, water and electricity are virtually on the plot, making building easy.

Pr i ce: 1 .60 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 320 . 000€

P r ic e: 320. 000€

Agios Stefanos | RR193

Liapades | RR2844

Paleokastritsa | RR1941

Just a kilometre away from both Arillas and San Stefanos beaches, this plot is situated in a prime position panoramically overlooking the sea. Ideal for your holiday home or even for your all year round residence. The plot is on a mild slope and is buildable up to 200sq.m.

For sale plot of 6.000sq.m in Liapades. It is flat, fenced, with very easy access from the road, while the water and electricity supplies are nearby. It has building allowance of 400sq.m for a house and there is also the possibility of commercial use. This property presents a very good opportunity, since it is close to a famous resort, with visitors throughout the year.

For sale, a beautiful plot of land with amazing view to the famous Paleokastritsa. It is 5.600sq.m and ideal for anyone who wishes to build their dream house or establish their company. Electric and water are in a close distance. It is planted with olive and fruit trees and has 3 wells. There is easy access from the road and the nearest beach in only a 5 minute drive.

Pr i ce: 2 50 .00 0€

P ric e : 220 . 000€

P r ic e: 210. 000€

Magoulades | RRL1425

Afionas | RR2949

Agios Georgios | RR1457

Olive grove of just over 4000sq.m buildable up to 200sq.m. It has a fantastic sea view , which is just a few minutes drive away. Apart from the panoramic view, this plot is extremely quiet and secluded, making it the perfect spot to build a private villa or house, either for recreational or for commercial use.

Very nice, flat and convenient plot of land, with an unhindered sea view to the West. The plot is at the beginning of Afionas, is 1200sq.m in total and is buildable up to 103sq.m. Water and electricity are on the plot, access is very easy. The perfect plot for building a beautiful house with panoramic sea views, very close to a couple of the best beaches of Corfu!

Plot of 1.180sq.m providing great sea view. It builds up to 147sq.m plus balconies, basement and swimming pool. The plot has easy access from the main central road. It is situated only (approx) 900m away from the beach and 27km from the town of Corfu and the airport.

Pr i ce: 1 00 .00 0€

P ric e : 92. 000€

P r ic e: 32. 000€

58 | corfu



Sitting on the east coast of this sickle-shaped island, Corfu Town offers a little something for everyone. From trendy boutique shopping, to lovely Garitsa bay that sweeps along one side of town, to the architecturally splendid line if Liston Square and its colonnaded walkways, to the grand sight of the Old Fort, to some of the best food to be found in Greece‌ to cultural activities throughout the year, Corfu Town is the most wonderful mix of old and new and funky and traditional.


| 59

Residential listings

Corfu Town | RR2259

Corfu Town | RR1916

Corfu Town | RR2553

For sale a 4-storey building of the centre of Corfu town. It consists of a ground floor, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor. It is fully renovated and in excellent condition. It is bright, and has elevator and panoramic sea view. The distance from the central square is (aprrox) 3 minutes. It is a great opportunity either for investment or for permanent residence.

That beautiful apartment situated in the old Corfu town on the second floor. It measures 175sq.m. and there is an attic which measures 175sq.m. that needs to be finished. A spacious living room, a functional kitchen, three bedrooms, one bathroom and a WC. A staircase leads to the floor and the attic.

A 125sq.m neoclassical floor apartment situated very close to Corfu town, built in 1910. The ground floor has a living room, kitchen, one bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The lower level is an open space. The centre is only a few minute walk, so offers great opportunity for anyone who wants the facilities and amenities of the town.

Pr i ce: 1 .65 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 650 . 000€

P r ic e: 320. 000€

Corfu Town | RR2825

Corfu Town | RR2885

Kira Chrisikou | RR3145

A wonderful apartment of 120sq.m in Corfu town centre. It consists of an open plan living room / dining room, 3 bedrooms, separate kitchen and a bathroom. It is in a very good condition. This is an excellent opportunity to own a property in the heart of the city, with all available comforts and amenities within easy reach. The sea is (approx) 300m away.

Apartment of 129sq.m in the centre of Corfu town. It is situated on the first floor of a building that has an elevator, a designated parking space, it has been renovated and it is in excellent condition. It is bright, airy, with doors that lead to the balcony. The apartment also has central heating and aluminium frames.

Plot of 6.850,76sq.m nearby the traditional village of Kira Chrisikou, which was named after the lady Chrisikou who once lived in the area. The plot builds up to 200sq.m. It provides lovely views to the deep blue waters of Ionian Sea and the surrounding lush green olive grove and the mountain peaks. The view creates a wonderful feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

Pr i ce: 2 99 .00 0€

P ric e : 255 . 000€

P r ic e: 150. 000€

Alepou | RR1291

Kira Chrisikou | RR2010

Alykes | RR2324

A unique investment opportunity to buy a complex of 4 buildings, surrounded by around 7000sq.m of beautiful, landscaped gardens. The apartments are fully equipped, and there are all the facilities required for the proper and excellent condition of a touristic housing complex. There is a pool bar, swimming pool , children’s pool and a playground.

Villa of 275sq.m with amazing sea views built on plot of 2.319sq.m. Ground floor consisting of a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms and sitting room with a fireplace. First floor has sitting room with fireplace, kitchen, ensuite bedroom and WC. Second floor consists of two large bedrooms and bathroom. On a higher level of the outdoor space, there is a beautiful. The outdoor space has kiosk with barbecue and swimming pool. P ric e : 1.200. 000€

For sale, 3 floored detached house of 400sq.m set in a n 1130sq.m plot with stunning sea view. The ground floor is incomplete and can be used as an independent house. It consists of a fitted kitchen, fully equipped bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a living room. The first floor has a spacious living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a fireplace. The second floor consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. There is a prospect for building a swimming pool. P r ic e: 1. 100. 000€

Pr i ce: 6 .00 0.0 00 €

60 | corfu

Residential listings

Alykes | RR1748

Kefalomantouko | RR2157

Koulines | RR2216

For sale modern luxurious villa of 343sq.m with swimming pool with sea water with its own deck for your boat. On the ground floor there is the sitting area and kitchen with bar. On the mezzanine floor there is a WC and a second sitting area. On the first floor there is an office area, a master bedroom with its own bathroom. There are also 2 bedrooms ensuite. On the lowest floor there an autonomous apartment with sitting area, a small kitchen and two rooms.

This is a lovely house with a sea view close to the centre of Corfu town. It consists of an open space dining room/living room with a fireplace and separate kitchen. Three bedrooms, a bathroom and one WC. Every room leads to spacious verandas. The plot is fenced with a stone wall and is beautifully paved and planted with fruit trees and decorative plants.

An amazing three-storey detached house of 234sq.m. The ground floor consists of a spacious dining room, a living room with a fireplace, kitchen and a bathroom. The first floor which consists of the main bathroom and three bedrooms. The third floor is a lovely attic consisting of an open plan space and a small bathroom. Parking space for 5 cars and a garage-workshop of 35sq.m.

Pr i ce: 9 90 .00 0€

P ric e : 370. 000€

P r ic e: 350. 000€

Kefalomantouko | RRL1341

Potamos | RR2232

Kanalia | RR2546

A lovely 3-storey 113sq.m apartment consists of a large kitchen, dining and living room with a large verandah, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is autonomous heating, a/c, a fireplace and parking space. The apartment has a very nice sea view.

Apartment of 170sq.m consisting of four bedrooms, a functional kitchen, an open plan living room/dining room with an eco-fireplace and large terraces. The property has double glazing, two bathrooms and a storage room. There is also parking space. The distance from the nearest beach is only 3km away and Corfu town and the airport within ten-minute drive.

For sale, a wonderful 75sq.m house sits on an (approx) 200sq.m plot. The house consists of a spacious living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The beautiful terrace is the best option to enjoy the morning coffee, while admiring panoramic view of the surroundings.

Pr i ce: 2 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 22 0. 000€

P r ic e: 160. 000€

Corfu Town | RR2732

Potamos | RR3036

Figareto | RR2880

This wonderful apartment is (approx) 83sq.m, on the second floor of a two-story building. It has 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The property is sold fully furnished and equipped. The outside space has curved balconies and a terrace .

For sale apartment of 78,50sq.m situated in Central Corfu. It has independent entrance and spreads on the ground floor of a 2- storey building. It consists of an open plan living room/dining room/kitchen space, two bedrooms, one bathroom and a veranda, while on the basement there are two storerooms. On the outdoor space we find a beautiful yard and two parking spaces P ric e : 15 0. 000€

For sale detached house of 112sq.m on a plot of 404sq.m. The house consists of 3 large bedrooms, a comfortable living room, a large kitchen and also a large bathroom. The outside space consists of a garden surrounding the property and there is also a patio that is used as parking space.

Pr i ce: 1 60 .00 0€

P r ic e: 135. 000€


| 61



Paxos is where you go to truly escape from the world. It is home to beautiful beaches, stunning coves, olive groves, soaring cliffs, and some of the best underwater visibility to be found anywhere in the world. Easily accessible by ferry, the island offers luxury and simplicity simultaneously, with a calming energy that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Come home to quaint restaurants, gentle living , peace and quiet on one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

62 | corfu

Residential listings

| RRL1450

| RR2526

| RR2747

Luxury, simplicity and good taste are the main characteristics of this property. Situated in a prominent location with unobstructed sea views and a beautiful pool. The house has of a living room with a fireplace, 2 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and balconies and one fully functional kitchen. There is an extra bedroom with bathroom and kitchen.

Τhis traditional jewel of 400sq.m is situated in a plot of 2,000sq.m providing a great view of the olive groves and the beautiful pool. The mansion is renovated with elegance and modern functionality. It consists of a main building of 2 floors, a separated studio, a separated office and an outdoor kitchen, all of them fully furnished and equipped.

Two storey villa of 220sq.m on a plot of 2.070,20sq.m. The ground floor consists of a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. Large verandas provide access to the paved yard, which has a beautiful swimming pool. To the first floor which consists of a spacious living room and a lovely bedroom. By the pool side lie a practical kitchenette and two studios of 45sq.m each. The studios consist of an open plan bedroom/living room and a bathroom.

Pr i ce: 2 .20 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 1.7 99. 000€

P r ic e: 1. 200. 000€

| RR3110

| RR2944

| RR1877

For sale a two storey detached house, 284sq.m project on a plot of 1.747sq.m. The main house will be 184sq.m and it will have a basement of 100sq.m On the ground floor it will be an open space livingdining room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. On the first floor there will be a large hall/lounge area with access to a big veranda, a bathroom, two bedrooms and the master bedroom with its own en suite bathroom. Pr i ce: 9 30 .00 0€

A wonderful villa of 172sq.m which spreads into two levels. The lower level has a fully equipped studio, while on the upper level you will find the main house consisting of two bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The villa is accompanied by two independent studios. There you will find a swimming pool, luxury sunbeds, a stone barbeque and a dining area.

Luxury villa with modern architecture has been completed and consists of a master suite, plus an additional large bedroom, both with en-suite bathrooms, a living room, a modern fitted kitchen with dining area and utility room, and spacious covered exterior areas with steps leading up to the belvedere terrace from which you will enjoy everchanging vistas and an infinity swimming pool.

P ric e : 900. 000€

P r ic e: 890. 000€

| RR2916

| RR3103

| RR2769

A marvelous 2-storey villa of 261sq.m in the heart of the village offering the chance to stay in a historic and quiet setting. Will give to the new owners the opportunity to experience the real Paxos. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and at the first floor outdoor sitting area where you can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet and the stunning panoramas over the Adriatic.

For sale project, unfinished villa with stunning sea viewing of 200sq.m. On the ground floor it will have two individual entrances and it will consist of an open plan living/dining room, one large kitchen, three bedrooms one of which will have an en suite bathroom and two main bathrooms. On the first floor there will be an open plan living/dining/kitchen area, one bedroom. The outdoor space will have a patio, a beautiful garden, a lovely swimming pool and a parking area. P ric e : 750. 000€

Complex of apartments in total 210sq.m and it consists of four identical apartments of 50sq.m each. One of the apartments is detached, while the other three are adjoined. The apartments are composed of an open plan kitchen/living room, a bedroom and a bathroom while all of them have balconies that provide great views to the surrounding green landscape. The complex is set on a plot of 4.000sq.m with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool. P r ic e: 730. 000€

Pr i ce: 8 75 .00 0€


| 63

Residential listings

| RR3096

| RR3099

| RR2787

Τwo storey villa of 200sq.m an under construction. The ground floor will consist of a bedroom, an openplan living/kitchen area and a bathroom, while on the first floor there will be two bedrooms. It is set on a plot of 2.615sq.m and will have her own patio and swimming pool. The view of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea and the coasts of the Mainland is breathtaking.

Detached house of 153sq.m spreads into two levels. The ground floor consists of an open plan kitchen/ dining/living area with an electric fireplace, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is a combination of lounge sitting area and bedroom with access to a large terrace. There is also an adjacent studio of 30sq.m, which has an open space kitchen/living area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Pr i ce: 7 00 .00 0€

P ric e : 700 . 000€

Amazing stone detached house of 140sq.m providing stunning views of the Ionian Sea, on a plot of 4.000sq.m. The house consists of two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom, a master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom and also an open plan living room/dining area, fireplace. Stairs lead to the elevated paved veranda with the outdoor covered dining area, the barbeque and the white stone built bench. P r ic e: 650. 000€

| RR3187

| RR2611

| RR1065

A lovely two storey villa, 135sq.m project. It will be delivered to the new owner completed. Entering the ground floor there will be an open space livingdining room with a spacious kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom with en suite bathroom. A staircase will be leading to the first floor where there will be two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. This lovely house will be built on a plot of 305sq.m with a beautiful pool. Pr i ce: 5 40 .00 0€

A beautiful stone Villa of 112sq.m. It consists of a master bedroom with en-suit bathroom, two onebed bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms, one spacious kitchen, a large living room and a lovely attic of 50sq.m, which could be used as an extra room. The outdoor space measures (approx) 1000sq.m and has a garden, a barbecue area and a swimming pool. The distance from the beach and the picturesque village of Gaios is (approx) 2,5klm. P ric e : 500 . 000€

Villa of 180sq.m with swimming pool. The ground floor consists of open plan lounge/dining and kitchen bedroom and bathroom. The first floor has two bedrooms and family bathroom. There is also a lower ground floor of 64sq.m which consists of large living area, kitchen space and a bathroom. Parking space for three cars and a large sterna of 100 cubic metres. The closest beach is Gianas only 600m away.

| RR1314

| RRL1656

| RR2291

Two buildings for sale just 15m away from the sea on the beautiful island of Paxos. Standing on a plot of 1,500sq.m are two buildings with 2 maisonettes. The properties measure 40sq.m each and consist of a living room, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor with a single room on the second floor. The gardens are landscaped and feature olive trees and native plants. Pr i ce: 4 00 .00 0€

For sale traditional 2 storey house of approx 200sq.m in Loggos. The first floor has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room. The ground floor consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The house is situated in a 1.500sq.m plot with olive trees, swimming pool and a well. The amazing sea view will definitely captivate you.

Stone detached house of 118sq.m consisting of 2 floors connected by an external staircase. First floor consists of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom, WC and terraces with view to the sea and mountain. It is bright and it needs partly renovation. The ground floor is a storage area. Set on a plot of 1.487sq.m with an old oil press building requiring full renovation and 2 water tanks. P r ic e: 380. 000€

64 | corfu

P ric e : 380 . 000€

P r ic e: 460. 000€

Residential listings

| RR2438

| RR2517

| RR2431

This 75sq.m two-storey, stone maisonette set in a 303sq.m plot was built in 1901 It is fully renovated in sympathy with local architecture. The ground floor consists of a living room, bedroom, WC and a storage area. The first floor consists of living room, kitchen, WC and bedroom. The garden is decorated with flowers, olive trees and a barbecue area.

A 2-storey detached house of 120sq.m, set in a 500sq.m fenced plot. The ground floor consists of an open space living room/dining room, separate kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. The first floor consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. The nearest beach is (approx) 1,5km away.

Situated on the northern side of Paxos island very close to the area of Lakka, we offer this 102sq.m set on a 579sq.m plot. This ground-floor house consists of 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, WC and bathroom with shower. Within the plot, next to the house, there is a water tank and a 24sq.m warehouse which can be easily converted into a lovely and independent studio apartment.

Pr i ce: 3 60 .00 0€

P ric e : 349. 000€

P r ic e: 280. 000€

| RR2521

| RR2915

| RR2838

A stone detached house of 97sq m, in good condition, set in a 584sqm plot. The house needs internal completion, consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and an open plan kitchen/living room and offers lovely sea and mountain views. The house also has fireplace, garden and rain water tank. The nearest beach is (approx) 1500m away.

A stone detached house of 85,68sq.m. Τhe house consists of a large open plan living room/dining room, a well equipped kitchen area and a bedroom with ensuit bathroom. It is set on a plot of 133,09sq.m where you will find a courtyard with a small warehouse of 5,61sq.m. The house is (approx.) 2,5km away from the village of Gaios.

For sale this 90sq.m stone maisonette set in a 1000sq.m plot. It consists of a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom, all needing renovation. Τhe outdoor space consists of a paved yard where you can relax or have fun with friends and family.It is a great opportunity to purchase either as a permanent residence either as a holiday house.

Pr i ce: 2 80 .00 0€

P ric e : 275. 000€

P r ic e: 260. 000€

| RR2950

| RR3022

| RRL1610

A traditional detached house of 80sq.m. It consists of an open plan living room/ kitchen place, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The house is set on a plot of 400sq.m. featuring a small paved yard with a big olive tree which provides shade in hot days.

For sale detached house of 70,48sq.m in the beautiful island of Paxos. It consists of one bedroom, living room, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. This lovely house is set on a plot of 792,93sq.m with olive trees and various fruit trees, while there is enough space to build a swimming pool.

Two-storey detached house of 70sq.m. The ground floor consists of a living room with fireplace, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.An internal staircase leads to the attic-like first floor, where we find two bedrooms providing distant sea views and a bathroom.A beautiful garden and a covered barbecue. The nearest beach and the center Gaios is only (approx) 500m.

Pr i ce: 2 15 .00 0€

P ric e : 190. 000€

P r ic e: 110. 000€


| 65

Land listings

| RRL1693

| RR2791

| RR1974

Unique piece of land of 25,000sq.m, untouched by crowds, a heavenly peninsula with an accessible pebble beach on one side, while on the other side a path leads to a ‘private’ beach only accessible through the peninsula or via sea. Is buildable up to 317sq.m for residential use or buildable up to 4,970sq.m for a hotel.

A plot of 7.000sq.m, flat, fenced and builds 250sq.m. Has a beautiful olive grove, but what really makes it unique is that there are two natural pools at its side, ready to offer you and your loved ones precious moments. Electricity and water supplies are nearby. It is just a breath away from the sea overlooking the endless blue.

For sale this unique sea front plot of 4707sq.m. It comes with a valid construction permit for one luxurious villa. The sea is remarkable clean and clear ideal for any activity. The villa is possible to be delivered ready to move in, including the landscaping according to the valid permit and there is the chance for the new owner to put their own taste in the finishing.

Pr i ce: 1 .80 0.0 00 €

P ric e : 600 . 000€

P r ic e: 600. 000€

| RR3142

| RR2215

| RR1848

A plot of 4.168,37sq.m. It has a building license and it builds (approx.) 200sq.m. Located in a verdant area with olive groves, it has also a great view to the blue sea and the Moggonisi and Antipaxos. It is ideal for anyone that loves peace and quiet, while Gaios is (approx.) 2km. away. The distance from the beach with the famous turquoise waters of Paxos is (approx.) 1.000m.

For sale plot of 5.784,98sq.m. It is elevated, having the advantage of unobstructed sea view and it can offer magnificent sunsets. It is fenced and builds up to 235sq.m, while it is located in a tranquil and beautiful area. The distance from the nearest beach is only (approx) 150m., while the village and the shops are (approx) 1km away.

For sale a plot of land measuring 6024sq.m, located in Paxos island, with a spectacular view of the Ionian Sea. The plot is buildable and offers amazing view. One of its advantages is, that it is situated just 100m distance from the nearest beach, giving a very privilege position in the best of Paxos shoreline.

Pr i ce: 5 25 .00 0€

P ric e : 459 . 000€

P r ic e: 459. 000€

| RR2895

| RR1844

| RR3143

An amphitheatrical plot of 4.466,68sq.m. with olive trees. It builds up to 220sq.m and has a fantastic view both at Loggos bay and the crystal clear waters of the sea. Water and electricity supplies are nearby.It is (approx.) 100m. away from the village of Loggos.

An amazing plot measuring 4.734,91sq.m in the south part of Paxos island. This plot builds up to 214,68sq.m providing stunning view of the Ionian Sea. This plot is ideal for those searching peace and privacy, while seeking to enjoy the cosmopolitan life of Paxos.

An amphitheatrical plot of 4.466,68sq.m. with olive trees. It builds up to 220sq.m and has a fantastic view both at Loggos bay and the crystal clear waters of the sea. Water and electricity supplies are nearby. It is (approx.) 100m. away from the village of Loggos.

Pr i ce: 3 20 .00 0€

P ric e : 320 . 000€

P r ic e: 210. 000€

66 | corfu

Investment opportunities in Greece

Its natural beauty, mild climate, geographical position and geopolitical situation has made Greece one of the most favorable investment destinations, attracting investors from all over the world, as property in Greece can provide high rental income and reselling returns. Also, since Greece is both a member of the European Union and of the eurozone, it enjoys all the benefits and stability that derive from sharing the common currency, without risks of devaluation or inflation volatility. It is also important to know that for the time being capital gain tax is not imposed on transactions. Moreover, since 2014, the Greek Immigration and Social Integration Code contains provisions that facilitate thirdcountry investors whose investments are characterized as strategic investments, via the provision of extended stay time

limits for the representatives of investment bodies and their partners. Furthermore, it allows the granting of residence permits to third country nationals and to members of their families, who purchase real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds â‚Ź 250,000. Once you select the desired property, as a buyer, you would need to appoint a solicitor to perform all the required legal searches and ensure that the property in question indeed belongs to the seller and that it is clear of encumbrances. A technical survey is highly recommended as well (especially for planning and / or structural issues). The buyer (natural person or legal entity) needs to issue a Greek tax number which is unique and necessary to proceed to the transaction and pay the transfer tax, which is currently calculated at the 3% of the value of the transaction. The transaction is completed before a notary public and the notarial deed is registered at the local Land Registry, providing the absolute proof of ownership. If all the above sound complicated, they do not need to be. Our office is highly experienced on real estate transactions and can provide you with a wide range of legal services of every kind related to the above area, in English, French, Italian or Czech, with step by step explanations, accompanying you before, throughout and after the process. Elissavet Dellarta Solicitor | Graphologist | Mediator Honorary Consul of Czech Republic at Ionian Islands


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