Antonio Lapone's Sketchbook

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Atomik Strip

“Nite Club 1� copyright Antonio Lapone All right reserved Editor: Tony Lariviere Art & Design: Antonio Lapone Published by: Atomik Strip For more information

Printed in Belgium by Adrenaline First printing: December 2012

Atomik Strip

“My graphic roots run deep into the worlds of creative advertising, poster design and fashion illustration. Numerous pages from ‘50s and ‘60s magazines, a universe of elegant graphic compositions, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

“I definitively feel more “graphic art” than “comics”.

When I work on a comics page, I first consider its graphic composition. There is always a graphic link between my pages and my artworks.”

“When I make references to Expo’58,

it is not out of nostalgia. That universal exhibition was such a magical moment for modernity, design and graphic art. I have no nostalgia for the life in this period, but I want to share that dream of modernity.”

“I have studied the graphic compositions of Marcello Dudovich,

one of the fathers of Italian advertising poster design. Achille Luciano Mauzan and Leonetto Cappiello, with their plays of contrast between black and white, have also nourished by compositions and colour palettes. Among my other “masters”: Leyendecker, Savignac and Peter Arno. In the comics field, my magic square is made of Yves Chaland, Serge Clerc, Ever Meulen and Avril.”

Lapone - Gihef

was born in Turin (Italy) in 1970. He actually lives in Belgium. He works as graphic artist and as illustrator and alternates constantly works for comic strips and illustrations. His first steps in the comics field were A.D.A - Antique Detective Agency (3 volumes for swiss publisher Pierre Paquet) In 2002, French editor Le 9ème Monde published the portfolios Girl Atomik, and Club Colonial in 2003, while the collection “BD Musique” (Nocturne editions) welcomes his vision of The Platters (2006) and Stravinsky (2010). Additionally, Alain Beaulet published Rainy Day (2012). The very “jazzy” comic-book Accords sensibles (story by Régis Hautière) appears in 2011 from Glénat/Treize étrange. Antonio published a lot of limited prints an sketchbooks and he recently showed his works in the private art gallery “Champaka” (Brussels).