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VOL . 2

"Sketchbook Collection" Icon-O-Clash & Artwork Š Mauricet All rights reserved. Editor : Tony Lariviere Book Design : Mauricet Published by La Grande Ourse A.S.B.L. 187b, rue Salm B-5300 Landenne (Belgium) Write to : Visit our website at For more information on Mauricet, please visit Printed in Belgium by Adrenaline. First printing, October 2010


VOL . 2


Up : pencils and photoshop sketch for the killer eyes illustration.

right : killer eyes. photoshop illustration.

left : Sad Jojo. preliminary pencils.

Below : Sad Jojo. photoshop illustration. "homage to my friend andré geerts, creator of the jojo comic book."

opposite : Le Tricycle de l’enfer. photoshop illustration.

background : le tricycle de l’enfer. preliminary pencils.

above : AndrÊ lefort. pencil and markers illustration. "homage and birthday present for eddy paape’s 90th birthday."

left : docteur poche. color pencils and markers quick sketch. "one of my all time favourites series by the Ăźber talented marc wasterlain."

right : hĂŠcate. photoshop illustration "it was used as a bookmark for the bifff 2010."

below : panthire. color pencil and marker sketch "costume idea for a party."

opposite : hush now my baby. photoshop illustration.

below : who me? pencils, washes and markers sketch.

above : sticky lips. marker and photoshop tones illustration.

below : peter lorre. marker quick sketch.

below : my 70’s fantasy. color pencil and markers sketch. "a figment of my childhood rising libido I guess... Now, where did I put that shrink’s phone number again, dammit?!"

background : arizona boobies. pencil and marker preliminary sketch.

opposite : arizona boobies. Photoshop illustration. "after putting this image online, I’ve been asked countless times if it was for a comic book project. the answer is no. It was done just for fun."

"The next 8 pages are what I came up with when a buddy of mine asked me to participate to a fanzine he was starting. The fanzine is called "cyprine" and the theme of the issue was "le minotaure intĂŠrieur", the inside minotaur or something. At first I tried to escape my usual way of drawing. I tried and tried. But hey, you know the old saying "old habits die hard." So I ended up doing pages with my regular style. The story was inspired to me by waiting for the moon, a song from the eponymous album of the tindersticks. I used that same title for my little tale. Enjoy!"

left and below : brush, india ink and washes. "My first tryouts for the story."

this page : color pencils, washes, markers. "some more sketches and research for my waiting for the moon story."

above : marionnette. preliminary pencil and marker sketch.

opposite : marionnette. photoshop illustration. "The micronauts used to be my favourite series with spider-man when I was a kid."

right : red ribbon. photoshop illustration enhanced with pencil. "You gotta love a tied up girl..."

opposite : fist of justice. marker illustration and photoshop colours. "A pin-up I did for fist of justice, an american comic book."

below : frazetta girl. photoshop illustration. "my tribute to Frank frazetta."

right : the eels princess. brush, watercolors and india ink illustration. "one of my favourites."

opposite : starfish. marker illustration. "She was supposed to carry a golf club... it probably got lost in the scanner." Vahiné. pencil illustration. "her eyes are a bit off. probably the scanner aswell." the ‘what-do-you-thinkI’m-thinking-girl.’ pencil illustration. "one of my numerous warm-up sketches.."

left : land of the pink. pencil and markers illustration. photoshop tweaking.

right : Morpheus and death. brush and india ink illustration and photoshop tweaking.

below : The red skull. digital speedpainting.

right : dear john. marker, washes, and color pencils illustration.

opposite : Isabelle. photoshop illustration. "one of the most poetic comic book series ever. If not the most poetic."

right : fear. color pencils and washes illustration. photoshop enhancing. "a gaga-esque girl again..."

below : vanessa. pencil and marker quick doodle. "I got hundreds of those in my sketchbooks."

opposite : cabaret burlesque. color pencils and markers illustration.

upper right : love is the word. color pencils and markers illustration. photoshop enhancing.

right : land of the blue. pencil and markers illustration.

background : solitaire. washes sketch. photoshop enhancing.

left : andenne 2010 poster. photoshop illustration.

below : andenne 2010 poster. photoshop preliminary sketch.

opposite : war effort girl. marker and washes sketch. photoshop enhancing.


was born in 1967. He always knew that he’d become a comic book artist. He had the chance to learn the basics of the craft with eddy paape. at twenty, he started working for Spirou magazine, drawing hundreds of cartoons and co-creating the series cosmic patrouille, a superhero parody, among other things. a fan of american comics, he fulfilled his dream of working for them when he was asked to draw a set of batman illustrations and some superman pages for dc. He also drew a tellos tale for Image and the crossovers for crossgen comics. for casterman he co-created the series mort de trouille. He penciled a mademoiselle louise album for éditions dupuis. he’s now busy working for bamboo éditions on two series. Basket dunk and une bien belle nuance de rouge, a personal project. he hopes you will enjoy this selection of rarely seen drawings done between 2009 and 2010 and collected in this second issue of icon-o-clash.

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Icon-O-Clash 2  

Sketches and drawings by Belgian artist MAURICET

Icon-O-Clash 2  

Sketches and drawings by Belgian artist MAURICET

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