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2 Ready for anything: The Rotman Commerce advantage 4 Class of 2019 by the numbers 6 Ready for the future: Career development at Rotman Commerce 8 Ready to support: Our alumni network 10 Ready to connect: Corporate engagement opportunities 12 Ready to partner: Building strong relationships 14 Our corporate partners 16 Connect with Career Services

Everyone who appears in this publication is a student, alum or faculty member from the Rotman Commerce community. 2 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Ready to contribute to your success

At Rotman Commerce, we take exceptional students and help them grow into accomplished and career-ready young professionals. The commerce program at the University of Toronto began in 1920 with a mission to provide students with broad business and economics studies integrated into a liberal arts foundation. Over the years, our growing community of over 15,000 Alumni have helped shape the world of business. Similarly, I see burgeoning talent of future leaders within our current student body because Rotman Commerce provides one of the most rigorous and modern curriculums of any undergraduate business program in Canada. As the Director of Career Services for Rotman Commerce, I’m honoured to present our

2019/2020 Employment Report. Along with all my colleagues in Recruitment and Admissions, Academic Services, Advancement, Student Life and our Centre for Professional Skills, our efforts are all centered around the development and future of our students. At Career Services, our goal is to prepare students for rewarding careers, not just a job upon graduation. Our Career Journey model places students at the focal point of our lens. We work closely with students throughout their time with us to help them uncover their talents and aspirations, develop a career plan and ultimately, embark on a professional journey.

This year, we’ve witnessed extraordinary change. I applaud our students’ resiliency, commitment and readiness to apply their business education to your organization’s success. Thank you for engaging with our team and students.

Warm regards,

Mark C. Green Director, Career Services Rotman Commerce

Ready for anything: The Rotman Commerce advantage At Rotman Commerce, we work with top students from day one. With a mean entering high school average of 93%, our students have the intelligence, determination and drive to succeed in our rigorous program. Once here, we help them gain the skills to thrive in their careers — to anticipate, pivot, innovate and communicate in response to shifting business environments. To be prepared for — and shape — the future, our students must be versatile, well-rounded problem solvers who get the encouragement and support they need to reach their goals. With an education that balances high academic standards with applied learning opportunities, our graduates have the skills, knowledge and expertise to be connected and empowered future change-makers.

Our specialists No matter which specialist program they pursue, all Rotman Commerce students gain an extensive foundation in economics, which forms the basis for their unparalleled understanding of business theory. Each specialist curriculum builds upon this to make sure students develop relevant and actionable expertise in their chosen areas of study.

Management Prepares students for a broad range of careers across industries

• Highly flexible curriculum that allows students to develop strong understandings of the key business subdisciplines while gaining expertise in their particular areas of interest • Students can also choose to pursue optional focuses in Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, International Business, Leadership in Organizations, Marketing and/or Strategy and Innovation • Our Management students can combine this specialist with a minor in other fields of interest, or take several elective courses from the Faculty of Arts & Science, giving them unique perspectives on business and society

You’ll find more details about our specialists on our website.

2 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Finance & Economics Builds skills for success in capital markets and financial services

• Rotman Commerce is a recognized program partner of the CFA Institute • By the end of their third year, finance students have completed courses in Financial Accounting, Financial Markets, Investments, Capital Market Theory and Corporate Finance, so they have a strong base to draw from when they are hired for internships • Our trading courses are taught in the Rotman School’s professional and state-of-the-art BMO Financial Research and Trading Lab, and students have access to Marquee Group training for technical skills, such as financial, merger and expansion models; valuation analysis, and Python for financial professionals. Accounting Charts a path towards CPA certification

• Meets the requirements for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program • Students gain in-depth understanding of core accounting areas of financial and managerial accounting, taxation and audit as well as a foundation in a full range of business subdisciplines to instill a knowledge of the different business environments in which they will apply their skills • RSM426, our mandatory accounting capstone case course, focuses on the pervasive competencies and skills required from future professional accountants and advisors

We don’t just prepare our students for their first jobs — we make sure they have a foundation for rewarding careers that equips them to be ready for anything.

Centre for Professional Skills As one of Canada’s most rigorous undergraduate business programs, Rotman Commerce prepares students to meet the strategic, analytic and quantitative challenges of business. Throughout their academic and professional journey, these young professionals will also be expected to demonstrate a broader range of skills, including writing and presenting, fluency with digital tools and platforms, and the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues, whether in person or working remotely. That’s where the Centre for Professional Skills (CPS) comes in. During the four years of the Rotman Commerce BCom, the CPS team works with faculty and staff to ensure students develop these essential skills in and out of the classroom so that they graduate with the right balance of knowledge and professionalism. 3

Class of 2019 by the numbers

Where our graduates work

93% Greater Toronto Area 3% Rest of Canada 4% US / international



Graduates seeking work employed within nine months of graduation

4 Rotman Commerce 2021/22

600 1,299 +

Employers involved with Rotman Commerce Career Services 

Job postings by 217 different employers

Diverse. Career-ready. Ambitious. Our students are prepared to add value for our corporate partners anywhere they’re needed.

Class of 2019 by industry

Our students


Canadian citizens


International students

Accounting 22%  Advertising/Marketing/PR 1%  Consulting 9%  Consumer Goods and Retail 10%  Education 3%  Financial Services 35%  Not for Profit 1%  Technology 9%  Other * 10%  * includes Energy / Natural Resources, Entrepreneurship, Government, Pharma / Healthcare / Biotech, Real Estate, Transportation / Logistics, Manufacturing


Our students come from 31 different countries and regions

60% 40% Female


Class of 2019 by job function


Of our graduates chose to pursue further education

Employer engagement


Other* 9%

145  Operations 9%

Consulting 12%

June 2019

Sales and marketing 13%


Accounting 28%


Finance  29%

Employment offers accepted in 10 countries around the world

*Technology, Entrepreneurship, Rotational / Leadership, General Management

On-campus employer information sessions held in 2019–20


Off-campus employer events 5

Ready for the future: Career development at Rotman Commerce To match their talents with the needs of our employers, we work with our students from their first year onwards to help them develop a career plan that is actionable and authentic. From core workshops that delve into resumés, cover letters, job search, networking and interview skills, to one-onone career coaching and technical training sessions, our career education team focuses on bringing out the best in our students. Building on the philosophy that successful careers begin with a self-reflective understanding of aptitudes, values and motivations, our career education model emphasizes early discovery and ongoing refinement of each student’s goals and relevant abilities. We encourage our students to chart their own paths and assist them in identifying and developing the unique talents that they can bring to their future endeavours. In the upper years, our programs cater to each specialist — Accounting, Finance & Economics, and Management — so that our students gain the necessary industry-specific competencies to deliver results for employers, whether in internships or full-time jobs.

6 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Student Story

Alumni Story

Arbab Kamran BCom 2021 Specialist in Accounting Summer Intern, KPMG

Emily McCullough BCom 2020 Specialist in Management Consultant, Oracle NetSuite

My courses at Rotman Commerce have really prepared me for professional accounting. Our professors make sure we’re ready to apply our knowledge to real situations; this helped me win a KPMG case competition in Argentina. I think our students have an advantage in grasping the complexities of any given situation, and the addition of data analytics to our curriculum really helps in being able to propose datadriven solutions.

I met with a coach at Rotman Commerce Career Services who not only provided me with great advice, but shared additional resources and opportunities to explore different career paths. During my final year, I had the opportunity to participate in the program’s Silicon Valley Trek, which exposed me to different roles and functions in technology. This helped validate my interest in the field and has led to my fulltime role as a consultant in the tech space.

We prepare our students from day one to understand their career goals and how to reach them. When it comes time for them to pursue employment, they’re confident, capable and ready to thrive.

Rotman Commerce career education at a glance


Dedicated Career Educators

12 2.5k Dedicated Career Peers


Coaching Appointments Offered

82 28 48 Career Services Drop-In Sessions

Technical Training Sessions Offered

Excel / Marquee Group / Case interview prep

Core Workshops Delivered

Topics: Resumés that get results / Persuasive cover letters / Interview essentials / Network like a pro / Standout LinkedIn profile / Job search strategies

Ready to support: Our alumni network

Our engaged and dedicated alumni network plays an important role in the success of our students. At Career Services, we want to give students a versatile foundation in career preparation and connect them with employers who value their talent and abilities. Our graduates are vital in bringing the career landscape to life and offer firstperson inspiration and advice that helps students discover their career potential. Alumni at various levels of their careers — from recent graduates to experienced CEOs — engage with our students in experiential learning and industry training programs. Our Management Consulting Alumni Program, NYC Finance and Silicon Valley Treks, Careers in Accounting, and Careers in Capital Markets Program are just a few of the initiatives in which we rely on the wealth of expertise and experience of the Rotman Commerce alumni community. In addition, our grads regularly volunteer at Career Services and student group events, such as case competitions, networking receptions and speaking engagements, in addition to connecting one-on-one with current students as mentors in our Alumni Mentorship Program.

8 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Alumni Story

Student Story

Sherry Xu BCom 2011 VP Debt Capital Markets, Crédit Agricole CIB  New York, USA

Sukhcharahat Dhillon BCom 2022 Specialist in Finance & Economics Summer Analyst, Macritchie Inc

Rotman Commerce provided me with a solid foundation on the basics of business. Case studies are important but it’s not possible to learn about every scenario. That’s why students need to have a foundation and a framework to refer to. Even if you specialize in one area, having learned a bit of everything helps you think about problems and find solutions from different angles, which is immeasurably helpful.

I chose Rotman Commerce for its international reputation, rigorous academic program and placement in Toronto — the financial centre of Canada. Studying in the downtown core has enabled me to not only connect with, but also establish meaningful relationships with numerous alumni and industry professionals. Career Services has supported me tremendously in planning out and preparing for the goals that I have opted to pursue.

Connections between our students and graduates unlock potential, inspire performance and lead to long-lasting business relationships that nurture success.

Alumni by the numbers


Rotman Commerce alumni





Alumni volunteers

Alumni live in 35 countries and regions

Alumni mentors

RC Link and Alumni Mentorship Program 9

Ready to connect: Corporate engagement opportunities One of the most effective ways for employers to source and shape talent is by engaging directly with students. We work with individual companies to develop recruitment strategies and identify opportunities for student involvement that align with each company’s values and objectives. Whether your firm is interested in participating in a specialized program or speaker series, providing a learning case for a case competition or building an initiative that is unique to your goals, we’re ready to welcome you. Our team of relationship managers are committed to ensuring that you have access to the highest quality of support in reaching our student talent.

Connect with our students Recruitment Work with us to develop customized recruitment strategies and identify new opportunities to reach our students. Our team of relationship managers are here to help you through the campus recruitment process by arranging information sessions, posting job opportunities and assisting with scheduling interviews.

Student Story

Heather Ngo BCom 2021 Specialist in Management Summer Intern, Procter & Gamble In addition to attending information sessions and applying for jobs online, it’s really important for students to be interview ready. By participating in the Management Consulting Alumni Program, I had the opportunity to practice case and behavioral interviews with employers and alumni. This was one of many steps that helped me secure a summer internship at P&G.

Site Visits and Career Treks Site visits and career treks provide an opportunity for you to showcase your company and opportunities to students. These events introduce your company culture and brand, and can include office tours, networking sessions, panels, or “day in the life” activities.

10 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Industry Programming Whether you’re looking to target students by their year of study or their field of interest, our industry programs allow you to reach up-and-coming talent and contribute to the development of the next generation of business professionals. We’re always looking for industry professionals to contribute to the education and experiential learning objectives of our programming, such as Ask the Expert, Management Consulting Alumni Program, Careers in Accounting, and Careers in Capital Markets. Office Hours Connect with students online or in person for one-on-one or small group sessions with our hosted office hours. Your company staff can answer questions and offer advice about interviews and job search strategies, review resumés or provide valuable first-hand information about your firm or industry.  Career Connections Through our Career Connections events, Rotman Commerce students practice their networking skills and build relationships with potential employers and alumni. From networking sessions to industry mixers to panel events, these are great opportunities to connect with our students while helping them develop communication skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Career Services team can help you develop and find the talent you need to drive your business.

Student Groups Want to work directly with our students? Our 28 official student groups are at the core of student life at Rotman Commerce. Each group is led by a team of student executives who collectively organize more than 100 events and activities each year. From conferences and case competitions to technical training and industry networking events, our student groups work hard to offer a wide variety of professional and social opportunities for students to engage with each other and the business community outside of the classroom. Alumni Mentorship Program If your company includes Rotman Commerce graduates, encourage them to participate in our Alumni Mentorship Program! This yearlong program pairs students with alumni mentors who meet regularly with them and help guide them in their career journey. Our students value these unique connections, while our mentors hone their own skills in leadership and gain valuable insight into what students are looking for. 11

Ready to partner: Building strong relationships

We’re immensely proud of the partnerships we’ve built with organizations in Canada and across the globe. In working with these employers, we’ve created lasting partnerships that benefit our students and their recruitment needs.

CPP Investments

CPP Investments seeks out high performing students interested in making a meaningful impact in a fast paced and collaborative culture. They look to recruit students who stay open-minded and curious with outstanding academic performance and approach challenges and opportunities with passion and enthusiasm. When recruiting at schools across Canada, they look for programs that attract premier talent and challenge their students to be thought and people leaders. CPP Investments is invested in continuing to build a strong partnership with Roman Commerce to hire and develop top talent into their campus programs. “ We love working with Rotman Commerce students because they are consistently driven, display a high level of intellectual curiosity and often seek a challenge. We are always available to connect with high potential candidates who are well balanced academically and through extracurricular activities. Rotman Commerce students are highly motivated and able to succinctly communicate their passion for finance, investing and the valuable skills and knowledge they bring. What sets Rotman Commerce apart is the partnership from the Career Services. We receive excellent support on requests and postings throughout the recruiting season. It’s well documented that inclusive and diverse teams lead to better business outcomes, especially in investments. That’s why CPP Investments places a large priority

12 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

on our inclusion and diversity objectives and Rotman Commerce has been there every step of the way to help us meet our goals.”


MNP’s recruitment plan focuses on relationship building and mentoring. They recognize that successful and prestigious academic programs attract students with keen minds and eagerness to learn and be mentored to be future leaders. MNP values the incredible effort the Rotman Commerce program puts into developing both the technical and soft skills of their students. “ When our recruitment team goes to campus, we look for the next generation of partners and business advisors — students who are both technically strong but also have developed soft skills like communication and teamwork. In each event we host, we are looking for an opportunity to allow students to showcase these skills. Rotman Commerce students are keen to register, attend and most importantly, actively participate in these events and showcase their skills. We’ve interacted with hundreds of Rotman Commerce students and see their drive and passion for continuous learning.”

Procter & Gamble

P&G believes that today’s talent will be the leaders of tomorrow, so they invest in their development and surround them with worldclass leaders and highly talented people who will mentor, challenge and coach them. New hires and interns get to make an immediate impact on the business — working on iconic global brands like Tide, Pampers, Gillette and Pantene — by

being responsible for their own part of the operation, leading projects, and being accountable for results from Day 1.

encourage each one of them to bring their whole selves to work every day to inspire new perspectives, ideas and solutions.

“ We’ve had great success partnering with Rotman Commerce to find future leaders for P&G. As we are a build-fromwithin company, it’s important for us to find candidates who are a great fit with our culture, demonstrate a strong track record of leadership and are analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. With the breadth of student organizations at Rotman Commerce, we find that their students have many opportunities to gain these experiences. We’ve also found a very diverse group of students, which enables creative thinking and new ideas that we really value at P&G.

“ When you look at the framework of any school, they’re all very similar, so as an employer it’s important to look at what happens at school outside of the classroom. How does the school empower their students with hands-on experience? How are their students set up for success in the workplace during their academic career and post-graduation? The students at Rotman Commerce are extremely involved in extracurricular activities that the faculty and staff are very supportive of. These extracurricular activities — such as student groups, sports, and community work — build resilience and business acumen (that you truly cannot just learn in the classroom), and give students an added advantage in the workplace.

We truly appreciate the partnership we have developed with the Rotman Commerce Career Services team; they’ve been a key stakeholder in helping us identify strong candidates, and together, we have delivered events for their students to drive awareness of P&G and the roles we offer.”

Rogers Communications

Rogers showcases their values (People, Customer, Integrity, Innovation, Community and Teamwork) in their work every day, so they want to ensure that the schools they recruit from share those values. Because they’re committed to embedding inclusion into everything they do, they also look for schools that recognize and truly celebrate inclusion and diversity. Their people are at the heart of their success and they

We also value the team at Rotman Commerce Career Services. They are always a united front and when we speak to team members outside of our account managers, they know exactly who we are, what activities we have planned as a company and our history! To be able to master something like that is an accomplishment. We always know what is happening at Rotman Commerce and the Career Services team always has their ears to the ground with what is happening on the Rogers campus as well. They truly respect and listen to their students and give us advice and ideas on how to best engage with them.” 13

123Dentist 360insights 7Cake Accenture Adastra Business Consulting Adecco Adidas ADP Agentis Capital Agincourt Community Services Association

Bank of Canada Banyan Software Barclays Barometer Capital Management BaseCore Metals Baskin Wealth Management BDO Canada LLP Bedford Consulting Group Bedrock Capital Management Bell Canada

Caldwell Investment Management Callian Capital Group CAM Living Camino Modular Systems Canaccord Genuity Canada Life Assurance Company Canada Post Canada Revenue Agency

CITI CITIC Securities Company City of Calgary City of Oakville City of Toronto Clarity Recruitment Clarke Inc Clearbanc CLSA CMLS Financial CN Investment Division (CNID) Coactuate

Direct Diamonds & Gold Dragon Securities Dream Office REIT Dun & Bradstreet Easy Group eBay EcoPackers Electronic Arts Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Endy Enercare Environics Analytics Epic Investment Services Equitable Bank EquitySim Ericsson Ernst & Young Estée Lauder Evercore Export Development Canada Ext. Marketing ExxonMobil FAAN Advisors Group FactSet Research Systems Fallsview Group Fast Enterprises Federation of Canadian Municipalities Fengate Capital AIM Group BenchSci Canadian Country Coca-Cola Management Airbnb Benjamin Moore Music Association Enterprises FGF Brands Alex Wei & Co Canadian Marketing Colliers International Fidelity Investments Accounting Office Berkley Canada Association Collins Barrow LLP Fiera Infrastructure Alice + Whittles Bibby Financial Canadian Security Compass Group Financeit Alignvest Services Intelligence Service Canada First Derivatives Management Bilsar (CSIS) Constance Financial First National Corporation Black Creek Canadian Standards Inc Financial LP Allegion Investment Association (CSA) CoPower Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Allstate Management Canadian Tire Cortex Design Forbes Anderson Alluence Capital BlackBerry Corporation Cossette LLP Advisors BlackRock CanFirst Capital CoStar Group Forever 21 Alpha Square Group Blair Franklin Capital Management Coty Forté Foundation Alpine Canada Partners Cansbridge CPA Four Seasons Hotels Alta Corp Capital Bloomberg Fellowship CPG Connect and Resorts Alterna Savings & BlueKey Education Capco CPP Investment Foyston, Gordon Credit Union BMO Capital Capgemini Board and Payne Inc Altis Recruitment Markets CapGrow Capital Credit Agricole Fresh City Farms Amazon BMO Financial Capital One Credit Suisse Frontwater Capital American Express Group CAPREIT CRH Canada Fulcrum Technology AMKA Holdings Inc BMW Group Career Connections Crowe MacKay LLP Group AML Compliance BNY Mellon Caudalie Crowe Soberman Fuller Landau LLP Solutions Bombardier CBRE Crown Capital GEE Beauty Anson Funds Bonfire Interactive CC&L Private Capital Partners General Electric AON BookBird CDW Currency Exchange General Mills Apotex Boston Consulting Celestica International Generation Capital Apple Group CentreCourt Cuttfield Freeman Generation Ventures AquaMobile Inc Bridegable Developments & Co George Weston ARAG Bridgemarq Real Ceridian Daggerwing Group Glencore Canada Aritzia Estate Services CGI Daisy Intelligence GLH Asset Asia Pacific British Columbia ChargeSpot Danone Management Foundation of Investment Chatime Canada DAS Legal Global Capital Canada Management Corp China Construction Protection Traders ASPIRE (BCI) Bank DBRS Morningstar Global Governance Attila Glatz Concert Brookfield Asset CI Investments Dell EMC Advisors Productions Management CIBC Deloitte Golden Gate Capital Audi Bruce Power CIBC Capital DemandHub Golden Spruce AVESDO Burgundy Asset Markets Desjardins Capital B2B Bank Management CIBC Live Labs Securities Goldman Sachs Bain & Company Business CIBC Private Wealth DHL Express Good and Well Banana Republic Development Bank Management Dialectica Toronto Bank of America of Canada (BDC) Cineplex Odean Dicon Google Merrill Lynch C2P Inc Citadel Securities Transportation Government of Bank of Anshan CAA Citco Group Canada

Our corporate partners

We have been grateful to work with the following employers over the 2019–20 academic year. Their participation in on-campus recruitment activities, their involvement and sponsorship of our student groups, and their support of our curricular and co-curricular activities have enriched our students’ experiences.

14 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

GP Wealth Management Grand Challenges Canada Grant Thornton LLP Gravitas Financial Greenhouse Juice Co. GreenSky Capital Grip Limited Group Medical Services Gryphon Advisors HarbourVest Partners Havas Canada Haven Developments Hawkbridge Capital Hazelway HDCPA Professional Corporation Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions HealthyPets Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada HelloFresh Canada Henry Global Hershey Hewlett-Packard HFG China Hilti HiMama Hitachi Capital Canada HomePro Pest Control Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Hootsuite HSBC Hubdoc hubTGI Hudson’s Bay Humi Huntstone Capital Husky Energy Hydro One Hyundai IBI Group IBM IG Wealth Management IMAX IMG Events Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Imperial Oil Imperial Tobacco Indigo9 Digital Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services INFOR Financial Informa Innovo LLP Insurance Institute of Canada Intact Financial Corporation Interac

International Tax Solutions Intok Entertainment Intuit Invesco Investors Group Invictus Analytics + Strategy ISB Canada Ivanhoe Capital ivari J. Zollo & Associates J.C. Golden Investment Management J.Crew Group Jarislowsky Fraser JCM Power Jefferies Financial Group Jewlr Johnson & Johnson JOLT Marketing Jones DesLauriers Insurance JP Morgan Jrop JTE Claims Consultants K & K Recycling Services Kanuk Katalyst Real Estate Corp Kearney Kennedy House Youth Services Kia Motors Kijiji KIK Custom Products Kinross Gold Corporation KMPG Konrad Group Kotn Kraft Berger LLP Kraft-Heinz Kruger Products L’ Occitane En Provence Labatt Breweries of Canada Landpower Real Estate Brokerage Laurentian Bank of Canada Lazard Le Cordon Bleu Japan League Left Lane Associates Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP LEVEL5 LG Electronics Liberty International Investment Management Liberty Mutual LIM Advisors Lime Connect LinkedIn Loblaw Companies Limited Loblaw Digital LOGIQ3 London Stock Exchange Group

Longview Asset Management Loomis|Sayles Loopio L’Oréal Louis Vuitton Loyalty One/Air Miles Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise (LIFE) M2T Collective Mackenzie Investments Magen Boys Entertainment MakerKids Manulife Financial Maple Diversity Communications Maple Leaf Foods Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Markham Centre Financial Services Marquee Group Mars Canada MaRS Discovery District Marsh Canada Mastercard Mattamy Homes Mawer Investment Management McCain Foods McGovern Hurley LLP McKinsey & Company MD Financial Management ME to WE Mercedes-Benz Mercer Metrolinx Miami Ad School Michaelangelo Foundation Microsoft Midland Group of Companies Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network MKTG MNP Moelis & Company Monitor Deloitte Montréal Exchange Morgan Stanley Morrison Park Advisors Mosaic Canada MTFX Group Munich Re MyHealth Centre National Bank National Hockey League Natural Gas Intelligence Navacord Nestlé Neuberger Berman NewCo NewPoint Capital Partners Nexus Systems Group Ninepoint Partners LP NMG Noble Wealth Financial

Northbridge Financial Corporation Northland Power NorthStream Capital Novantas Nudge Rewards NuPhysics Consulting Oak Hill Advisors OceanLink Management Odgers Berndtson Office of the Auditor General of Ontario OLAP Vision OMD Canada OMERS OneLocal Ontario Creates Ontario Hardwood Products Ontario Public Service Ontario Securities Commission Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board OpenText OptimusSBR Options Development Oracle Orbis Investment Management Oriental Fortune Capital Origin Merchant Partners OttoAir Overbond Oxford Properties Group Panamira Corporation Passionfruit Peerage Capital PeopleScout PepsiCo PHD Media Philips PIMCO Plaza Ventures Polar Asset Management Partners Polaris Intelligence Porsche Portag3 Ventures Portland Investment Counsel Powder Bride Precima Precision Castparts Corp Presidents Choice Financial Pricewaterhouse Coopers Prime Marketing Prime Quadrant Prince Real Estate Management Procter & Gamble Province Brands of Canada PSP Investments PUBLIC Inc Public Services and Procurement Canada

Purpose Investments Qatalyst Partners QuadReal Property Group Limited Partnership Quarterback Transportation Questrade RADD Capital Rally Assets Raymond James Rayonier Advanced Materials RBC RBC – Investor & Treasury Services RBC Capital Markets Realstar Group Recipe Unlimited Corp Red Oak Succession Capital Regal Heights Village BIA Regulus Capital Management RescuBeat Restaurant Brands International Reynolds and Reynolds Company RGAX LLC Richardson GMP Richter LLP Risk Management Association RIWI Corp Rogers RSM Canada LLP Saks Fifth Ave Samsung Electronics Schroders Schwartz Levitsky Feldmen LLP Scotiabank SDG, Chartered Professional Accountant SDImktg Second Cup Sensibill Senso Sephora ServiceNow Sharno Group Shell Canada Sherwin-Williams SHIFT Shire Pharma Canada ULC Shopify Shoppers Drug Mart SiG Partners Sightline Wealth Management Skylight Slack Slate Asset Management SmartCentres REIT SmartGrowth Snipp Interactive Sobeys SOCAN Softchoice Somnitude Sprucegrove Investment Management

SRCO Professional Corporation Standard Chartered State Street Statistics Canada StepStone Infrastructure & Real Assets Stinson Design Stonebridge Ventures Subterra Renewables SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Sumo Logic Sun Life Financial Suncor Energy Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Sure Mortgage Capital Syntegrity Group TAL Group Tangerine Tao Asset Management TBWA Group TC Energy TD TD Bank Wealth Management TD Canada Trust TD Greystone Asset Management TD Securities TDS Personnel TEALEAVES TechTO Teleflex Medical Canada Telna TELUS Tennis Canada Terrapure Environmental Tetra Pak The Aber Group The Daniels Corporation The Hong Kong Economic Trade Office The Innovative Group The Sud Group Thomas Gold Pettingill LLP Tidal Royalty Corp TilesInspired TimePlay TJX Canada TMX Group Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Boutique Apartments Toronto French School (TFS) Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Torquest Partners Total Credit Recovery Limited

TouchBistro Toyota Traction on Demand TradeGecko Trapeze Group Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat TribalScale TSYCCO Group of Companies Turner Construction Company Uber UBS Ulula Unilever United Nations Association in Canada United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees United Natural Foods University Health Network UPS Valitas Capital Partners Vaughan Public Libraries Vault Mortgage Corporation Verily Life Sciences Verstra Ventures Vigilant Global Trade Services Vigilant Technologies Visa Vision Capital Corporation Vision Critical Voiceflow Volaris Group Volkswagen Vortex Pictures VWK Capital Management W A Robinson Asset Management Walmart Waratah Capital Advisors Waterstone Human Capital Wealthsimple WeHire Solutions Wells Fargo WH Partners LLP WhereIPark Whitehorse Liquidity Partners Willis Towers Watson Willowbridge Associates Women in Capital Markets (WCM) Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Xesto XPV Water Partners Yamaha Motor Yellow Point Equity Partners YouTube Zahra Properties ZS Associates ZZY Investment Group 15

Connect with Career Services

We’re eager to work with you and our students to help meet your recruitment and talent development goals. Recruit with us When you recruit with the support of our Career Services team, you connect with highachieving students with a diverse set of skills and a wide range of backgrounds. Rotman Commerce students are ready to meet the demands of a complex, rapidly changing global business environment.

Connect with us If you’re looking to recruit new talent, there are lots of ways to get involved. Learn how the Rotman Commerce Career Services team can help you build awareness of your organization, meet with candidates and hire exceptional people.

16 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

Looking to get in touch? You can find us on the University of Toronto’s main St. George campus in the heart of downtown Toronto. With our location at the intersection of St. George and Bloor, we’re easily accessble by transit. Feel free to contact us in whatever way suits you best! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Rotman Commerce Career Services University of Toronto 252 Bloor Street West, Suite 4-499 Toronto, ON M5S 1V6 +1 416.949.0616

@rotmancommerce 17

More than ever, organizations need to attract smart, versatile people who are ready to tackle the challenges ahead. That’s what Rotman Commerce graduates are all about, combining technical skills and real-world experience with a proven ability to jump in wherever they’re needed and start contributing from day one.

18 Rotman Commerce 2020 Employment Report

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