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DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Over the next few years, Rotman Commerce will be embarking on some ambitious projects to improve the customer experience for both our students and our corporate partners. Beginning last year, we began to grow our Career Centre and streamlined our staff into two new teams that will better support student and employer needs. The Corporate Relations Team – With expertise in student interests, market trends, and successful hiring practices, our corporate relations team works with companies to develop and execute recruiting strategies to maximize each company’s impact at Rotman Commerce and help them connect with student talent that fits their needs. The Career Coaching and Education Team – This experienced team of coaching professionals provides holistic programming designed to help our students prepare for their careers from day one. Our Career Coaching and Education Team helps students explore and refine their career aspirations while partnering with them to meet their individual career needs. In addition to our new structure, we have also started to make some other big changes here this year. We are excited to increase our opportunities for employers and alumni to help students learn about the various careers they can look forward to upon graduation. At the same time, we are helping employers build longerterm relationships with our students from year one onwards. As a program with a highly diverse student body, we are committed to deepening our partnerships with organizations that support and encourage inclusive communities. And we are going beyond traditional career preparation methods to ensure that our students have a strong foundation in the professional skills that will allow them to excel in the workplace. Rotman Commerce is a truly international program that draws students from the furthest reaches of the globe, as well as domestic and local students who wish to learn within an institution that encourages diverse points of view. We are extremely proud that students from 37 countries have chosen to study with us. Gathered here, in the halls of Rotman Commerce, are students whose lived experiences, talent, and skills contribute to what is arguably the most internationally diverse, astonishingly intelligent, and immensely interesting undergraduate business community in Canada. You can read more about our Class of 2017, our program as a whole, as well as career stories from of our amazing students and graduates in the following pages. Whether you are a prospective student, or a future employer, I hope you will partner with us and explore the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

Lauren Shanahan Director, Career Services Rotman Commerce



PROFILE: CLASS OF 2016 Where our Class of 2016 is going by job function Sales & Marketing


Accounting Finance Consulting

of graduates were employed as of December 31, 2016

Operations Other

Where our Class of 2016 is going by industry Accounting 22 Advertising / Marketing / PR 3 Consulting 7 Consumer Goods and Retail 13 Education 3 Financial Services 33 Not-For-Profit 3 Pharma/Healthcare/Biotech 2 Technology / Telecom 5 Other* 10 *Other includes Government, Human Resources, Energy & Natural Resources, Transportation / Logistics, Restaurant Food Services & Hospitality, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship

Total graduates June 2016

International & Domestic Students

Citizens of 18 countries represented in Class of 2016



90% 5%


Offers accepted in


countries around the world

“The Career Centre brings CEOs, VPs, and senior level execs to come and speak to students from first year on at Rotman Commerce, which increases our exposure to the people that we aspire to be as a future leader. I am confident that I made the right choice in studying at Rotman Commerce.”

BASSAM ABDELATIF Class of 2018, Finance & Economics Jordan, Oman

of class pursuing further education



OUR BCom As part of our BCom program, students complete one of our three specialists: Accounting, Finance & Economics, or Management. Each of the specialists comprises cutting-edge business courses taught by world-renowned faculty from the Rotman School of Management and UofT’s prestigious Department of Economics. These core business courses are supplemented by student-selected liberal arts and science courses offered through the University’s globally recognized Faculty of Arts and Science. As a result, our graduates possess in-depth expertise in their chosen areas, as well as a broad view of society, politics, and culture gleaned from their arts and science studies.




▪▪ Recognized by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario)

▪▪ Rotman Commerce is a Program Partner of the CFA Institute

▪▪ Meets the requirements for direct entry into the “51-credit hour path,” which allows students to challenge portions of the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP)

▪▪ Prior to beginning third-year internships, finance students have completed courses in Financial Accounting, Financial Markets, Investments, Capital Market Theory, and Corporate Finance

▪▪ Multiple areas of concentration within the specialist program: innovation and entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, organizational behaviour, and strategy

▪▪ RSM426 – Capstone Case Course stressing the pervasive competencies and critical thinking skills required from future professional accountants and advisors ▪▪ High level of faculty involvement in co-curricular programming ▪▪ Active and engaged student professional organization (the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society, established in 1983)




▪▪ Trading courses are taught in a nationally recognized, stateof-the-art financial research and trading lab ▪▪ Program enjoys a high level of integration with established financial firms through site visits, alumni networking, and industry engagement in student-run conferences and competitions

44% Finance & Economics


▪▪ Highly flexible and diverse program that encourages broad thinking, innovation, and creativity ▪▪ Annual special topics courses and guest speakers target trending and developing areas of management




2,685 STUDENTS University of Toronto students can study abroad at 140 universities

201 Rotman Commerce students have studied abroad

Students on the University of Toronto Dean’s List

The mean high school average of incoming students of the Class of 2020 is Countries represented Rotman Commerce Alumni Network is

International & Domestic Students

graduates strong

On-campus information sessions

Off-campus employer events

Employers involved with our program

Job postings by 268 different employers



CAREER STORIES LEILA MARTIN (BCom ’18, Finance & Economics) ON THE BALANCE OF ACADEMICS AND CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Leila got an early start on her career by balancing academics with involvement in Rotman Commerce activities outside the classroom. Through her participation in case competitions, leadership of student associations, and the personal connections she made in the program, she was able to establish a balanced pathway to success. “Beyond the class side of it, I think the ability to get very involved in co-curricular activities has really helped prepare me,” she explains. “Building up that support network within Rotman Commerce and learning from others’ experiences has been extremely useful.” Leila credits this approach with providing her with the tools and experiences she needed to get an early start on her career, and she stresses that she found it useful to access these resources right from the beginning of her first year. “Getting involved allows you to better balance all of your activities,” she says. “The people that you will meet in the student groups, or on the competition team, or just throughout your classes, are going to be able to connect you to other resources you may not have found on your own. Having that support network has really helped me personally.” Leila feels her academic experiences have allowed her the freedom to explore and try different skills. She appreciates the openness and encouragement afforded to her by both the faculty and fellow students. “They give you a lot of autonomy to build or create something you think might be missing,” she says. “Here there is a lot of opportunity for each student to take the initiative and support others.”

Leila Martin, BCom 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia Future Associate, The Boston Consulting Group



Mouhib Nourallah, BCom 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Trading Products Analyst, Capital Markets, The Bank of Montreal

MOUHIB NOURALLAH (BCom ’17, Finance & Economics) ON FINDING THE TOOLS FOR SUCCESS For Mouhib, choosing a business school was all about finding the best combination of reputation and faculty. “I chose Rotman Commerce because it’s an internationally recognized international institution,” he explains. “And the quality of instruction from our professors was something I really enjoyed. Not only did I gain valuable working experience as a Teaching Assistant for two years, many of my professors helped me throughout the recruiting cycle with guidance and introductions to people within their network.” He also recalls that the facilities and the connections he made at Rotman Commerce were crucial to his success. “I loved the financial trading lab,” he says. “It’s where we had a lot of our core finance classes and where we all studied together. I formed strong bonds with the other students who used the lab.” This emphasis on the interpersonal aspects of the program is something that Mouhib found incredibly valuable, but he stresses that students must avail themselves of all the various avenues for advancement that the school provides. “The program gives you the necessary resources,” he emphasizes. “But it is up to the students to make use of those resources to achieve their career goals.” Mouhib feels that the tools that he found at Rotman Commerce gave him an early advantage, and he endorses a high level of engagement with all aspects of the program. “Get involved from the very first year in order be fully prepared for your future career,” he says. “If you start early enough, then time is on your side and the chances of landing the job you seek are significantly higher.”



Nuha Siddiqui, BCom 2018 Ottawa, Ontario Summer Intern at EY & Entrepreneur

NUHA SIDDIQUI (BCom ’18, Public Accounting & Minor in Economics) ON ENGAGING WITH THE COMMUNITY Nuha found her passion for entrepreneurship through her engagement with the community at Rotman Commerce. Her early involvement in student clubs led her to the idea of starting her own business as a kind of civic engagement. “I realized that I was in business school because I wanted to become an entrepreneur one day and do something really good for the community,” she says. Nuha felt there was only one place where she could gain the wide perspective she needed to contribute globally. “Rotman Commerce seemed like the perfect place to be, especially because it was so globally recognized,” she explains. “As an aspiring entrepreneur or business professional, I think it’s so important to have a global mindset, and I think that’s one thing Rotman Commerce gives you.” That way of thinking brought her to an interest in entrepreneurship, which led directly to co-founding an innovative start-up while she was still a student. “What we’ve done is found a way to repurpose starch that you find in regular potato factories and turn it into biodegradable eco-packaging,” says Nuha. Taking her interest in community engagement a step further, her team has collaborated with McCain Foods. This in turn allowed them to assist a municipality in need of employment opportunities. “We picked a community in New Brunswick which is close to the McCain factories,” she recalls. “And we’re going to be hiring the youth in that community.”



Troy Peschke (BCom ’18, Finance & Economics) ON NETWORKING Troy Peschke was first introduced to Rotman Commerce by a student group, the Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance (RCPA). “That was my first interaction with a business school and I felt like it fit like a glove,” he recalls. “I really connected with the students and professionals I met at the event and I was really impressed with the RCPA as well.” That interpersonal resonance helped him to understand the importance of a supportive academic environment that fosters connection. “You could see that the school supported the club – that the program had a very large commitment to diversity and inclusion,” says Troy. Appropriately, Troy had networking potential in mind while selecting a post-secondary institution. “What really drew me to Rotman Commerce was the proximity to downtown Toronto,” he says. “I knew that going into a business program, you are going to need to network a lot, and I feel like it’s a lot easier to do that when you’re ten minutes away.” Troy says that networking one’s way to success is often a matter of perseverance. “Don’t feel because you don’t have success after second year, and some of your other friends are going out and getting summer programs at top firms, that you won’t become successful too,” he says encouragingly. “Stay persistent. It’s a tough program but if you make use of all of the resources available to you, you are going to come out on top.”

Troy Peshcke, BCom 2018 Toronto, Ontario Private Banking Intern, RBC Wealth Management



JUDE HAJALI (BCom ’18, Management, Minor in Political Science) ON SEEKING NON-TRADITIONAL BUSINESS ROLES Jude Hajali sees more for herself than just a career in the corporate world. With aspirations of not-forprofit work and an eventual career with organizations like the United Nations, she knew that a commerce education would be crucial to comprehending global affairs. “I realized that if you want to be part of the governing body of the world you have to understand how business works,” she explains. “I picked Rotman Commerce because it’s so internationally renowned, and the research that comes out of the Rotman School is world-class.” Jude knows that a diverse, well-rounded education is the key to a successful career in the modern world, and she knew where she could achieve that. “I chose Rotman Commerce specifically, because I knew it would equip me with the skills I need to apply to any scenario,” she says. “I’m a lot more efficient at any job that I’m given, and I look at things more analytically.” With her minor in political science, Jude has explored a non-traditional path, including working for not-forprofit (NFP) organizations like Sick Kids Foundation. She says she wanted to test the transferability of the skills she has learned at Rotman Commerce. “Turns out that a NFP runs exactly like a business, it’s just the revenue channels that are different,” she explains. Rotman Commerce gives students like Jude the preparation they need for whatever path they choose.

Jude Hajali, BCom 2018 Oakville, Ontario Direct and Digital Marketing Intern at SickKids Foundation



Hamza Shaikh, BCom 2018 Chicago, Illinois Intern at EY

HAMZA SHAIKH (BCom ’18, Public Accounting) ON DEVELOPING SELF-CONFIDENCE Through strong academic programs and co-curricular initiatives, Rotman Commerce allows students to develop crucial self-awareness, and an understanding of how to relate to the larger business world. Hamza credits this for giving him the confidence necessary to advance his career goals, which included an internship with Ernst & Young. “Being optimistic and believing in myself the whole time helped me land my internship,” he says. “I learned at that time that the only person that can pick you up is yourself. You need to have self-belief.” Hamza says that the education he received at Rotman Commerce helps him maintain this strong self-belief as he pursues his profession. He sees it as a matter of investing in himself. “Rotman Commerce gives you the intangibles you can build your career on,” he says emphatically. “My number one rule is to walk into any networking event with confidence. Be your own critic and be self-aware.” Hamza says this also stems from the quality of instruction he received at Rotman Commerce. “I love RC because the professors are the best in the world,” he explains. “I always aspired to be a business leader and be the best at what I do. You don’t really become the best unless you’re learning from the best. The résumés of every professor I learned under are flawless, and I wanted to learn about their career goals, and learn from them to start my own career.”



CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Our corporate partners play an integral role in the Rotman Commerce student experience and we are always seeking new and innovative ways to engage employers in our program activities. We work with individual corporate partners to develop recruitment strategies as well as identify opportunities that align with each company’s values and objectives. Whether your firm is interested in participating in a specialized program or




At these popular events, Rotman Commerce students practice their networking skills and build relationships with potential employers and alumni. These are great opportunities to get to know our students while helping them develop communication skills that will last a lifetime.

Our programs, which cater to both year of study as well as field of interest, can be as general as résumé workshops or as specific as a capital markets boot camp. We are always looking for industry experts to contribute to the education and experiential learning objectives of these programs.

We regularly seek guest speakers to participate on industry panels, judge student club competitions, and network with students at alumni events. We introduce our students to business leaders from first year to give them role models who will inspire them to consider a breadth of career possibilities.













speaker series, or providing a learning case for a case competition, or building a custom initiative, our team is ready to work with you to ensure that you have access to the highest quality of support in reaching our emerging student talent.

PARTNER WITH STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Our student clubs are critical to building our students’ knowledge, skills, and network. They provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for corporate partners to share industry knowledge and connect with targeted groups of candidates from our student community.





The Rotman Commerce Alumni Mentorship Program matches students with alumni mentors based on career interests. Mentees and mentors connect one-on-one, as well as attend events that bring together the full alumni/student mentor community. We also offer an online mentorship platform for students and alumni seeking to develop connections in a less structured environment.



Companies are often looking to do things differently to capture students’ attention. Our Career Centre can help develop programs that meet our corporate partners’ needs while contributing to student learning. Among these specialized initiatives are interactive events, office hours, orientation activities, site visits and work shadowing programs.





CORPORATE PARTNERS Thank you to our many corporate partners who have enriched the Rotman Commerce student experience in 2016-2017 through their participation in on-campus recruitment activities, their involvement with and sponsorship of our student groups, and their support of curricular and co-curricular activities

500 Startups Canada

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp

A.I.M. Group Canada

(CMHC) Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Canada Post Canadian Tire Capgemini CAPREIT Carly Rian Group Cenovus Energy

A.T. Kearney Accenture Adidas Group Canada Air Canada Alluence Capital Advisors Alpine Growth Partners Alsco Alta Corp Capital American Express Analysis Group AON Aviva Canada Bain & Company Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bank of Canada Barclays Capital BASF Canada BBDO BDO Shanghai Bell Blackrock Financial Management Blackstone Energy Services BMO Capital Markets BMO Financial Group Boston Consulting Group Brain Station British American Tobacco Brookfield Asset Management Brookfield Financial Brooks Brothers Burgandy Asset Management Business Development Bank of Canada Buytopia CAA Canaccord Genuity Corp.


Chubb Insurance CIBC CIBC Mellon Cineplex Cisco Citibank Canada City of Burlington Coca-Cola Canada Collins Barrow Cosette CPA Credit Agricole Credit Suisse DBRS Deloitte Department of Finance Canada Deutsche Bank Dream REIT DRW Holdings Dundee Private Equity Edward Jones Enbridge Gas Distribution Equitable Bank Ernst & Young Estee Lauder Companies Exact Media Exchange Bank of Canada Export Development Canada Facebook


FactSet Research Systems Ferrero Rocher Fidelity Investments Ford Forté Foundation General Electric (GE) Canada George Weston Google Government of Ontario – Ministry of Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation Grant Thornton LLP Gravitas Financial Great-West Life Company Grey Advertising Canada Hendricks and Associates Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Hillsdale Investment Management Holt Renfew Home Depot HSBC Hudson’s Bay Company Hydro One Networks Hyundai Auto Canada IBM ICICI Bank IESO Imperial Tobacco Canada Intact Financial Corporation Invesco Johnson & Johnson JP Morgan Kinross Gold Corporation KPMG LLP Kraft Heinz Labatt Lazard Level5 Strategy Group LexisNexis

“Partnering with the Rotman Commerce Career Centre goes beyond on campus recruitment. By working personally with their team, we have become more strategic in seeking new and innovative ways to connect with students and build the TD brand on campus.”

LG2 Loblaw Digital Longview Asset Management Lord & Taylor Mackenzie Investments Macquarie North America Manulife Maple Leaf Foods Marquee Group MaRS Mary Kay Master Minds Mastercard Mawer Investment Management Maxim Group McKinsey & Company Medisys Health Group Mercedes-Benz Mercer Metrolinx Ministry of Transportation MNP LLP Moneris Monitor Deloitte Morgan Stanley National Bank of Canada Navigant Nestlé Oliver Wyman OMERS Onex Ontario Power Generation Ontario Public Service Ontario Securities Commission Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board Optimus SBR Orbis Investment Management Origin Merchant Partners

Oxford Properties Group Parliament of Canada PepsiCo Philips Portfolio Management Association of Canada PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Primus Group Princeton Review ProCredit Bank Procter & Gamble Protiviti PSP Investments Raymond James Real Star Management Reliance Home Comfort Restaurant Brands International Reynolds and Reynolds Company Richter RioCan Risk Management Association Rogers Communications Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Royal Bank of Canada Royal Bank of Canada – Capital Markets Royal Bank of Canada – Dominion Securities Royal Bank of Canada – Investor & Treasury Services SalesSpider Media SAP ScotiaBank ScotiaMcLeod Shell Canada Sid Lee Siemens Societe Generale Sprackman Terrence LLP

NANCY MOULDAY Director, University Relations TD Bank Group

Sprott Asset Management Statistics Canada Sun Life Financial TAXI TD Asset Management TD Canada Trust TD Securities TEK Systems Telus The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong The Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce The New York Stock Exchange Thomson Reuters ThoughtWire TJX Canada TMX Group Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Toronto Western Hospital Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat UBS Securities Canada Unilever United Way Valitas Capital Partners Venture for Canada Vision7 International Walmart Wells Fargo Weston Foods Willis Tower Watson Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Xerox ZS Associates





Robert Ste-Croix Associate Director

Elly Barandeh Relationship Manager

Jeffrey Ferrer Relationship Manager

Melissa Siah Relationship Manager

Ryan Hand Coordinator 416-946-0612

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▪▪ Finance ▪▪ Real Estate ▪▪ Insurance

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Rotman Commerce Employment Report 2016-17  
Rotman Commerce Employment Report 2016-17