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Vol.19, Issue 8 ͮŶŶƵĂů^ƵďƐĐƌŝƉƟŽŶ ͮŶŶƵĂů^ƵďƐĐƌŝƉƟŽŶ`` 420

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June 2020

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GENERAL SESSIONS 08:00–09:15 in Chicago, USA (Convert Chicago time to the date and time for your area) Saturday, 20 June: Together, We Connect Speeches by RI President Mark Maloney, Foundation Trustee Chair Gary Huang, Foundation Trustee Chairelect K R Ravindran, and Convention Chair Celia Giay. See how our Rotary family is connecting across the globe to support each other and the fight against COVID-19, and find out how we can continue to support these efforts. Sunday, 21 June: Together, We Learn Be inspired to action by President Mark Maloney, Convention Chair Celia Giay, RIPE Holger Knaack, General Secretary John Hewko and RIPN Shekhar Mehta. “Travel” to Hawaii and experience the Honolulu Mural Project. Learn how e-clubs work and discover how Rotary clubs are leveraging new platforms to meet virtually and stay connected. Watch Rotary Peace Fellows in action around the world and see how an RIBI club innovated to expand membership. FEATURED BREAKOUTS Monday, 22 June 08:00 - Using virtual tools to engage members 12:00 - Engaging Rotary Alumni 18:00 - ‘Greening Rotary’ events: Be plastic-free, offset carbon, and more!

Tuesday, 23 June 08:00 - Grow Rotary through new club types 12:00 - Coffee with Shekhar for District Governorsnominee and Club Presidents-nominee 18:00 - How to start and manage RAGM microfinance projects (presented in Spanish) Wednesday, 24 June 08:00 - Adopt-a-River initiative: A Rotary & UNEP partnership model 12:00 - Rotaract Elevated, Now What? 18:00 - Disruptive innovation in Rotary clubs (presented in Spanish) Thursday, 25 June 08:00 - How to submit a great Global Grant application 12:00 - Forum for 2019–20 District Governors and Club Presidents 18:00 - Digital Trends of 2021: Using tech to engage millennials Friday, 26 June 08:00 - Engage young families with service and alternative meetings 12:00 - The Rotary Brand 18:00 - Personal Growth Opportunities: Rotary’s alliance with Toastmasters

For more details visit riconvention.org

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lrH$m§V H$mobmWm¶m amoQ>ar Šb~ nwÎmya - amo B© ‘§S>b 3181 AnZo {dMma g§nmXH$ H$mo ^oO|: rotarynews@rosaonline.org; rushbhagat@gmail.com

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OyZ 2020

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{චamoQ>o[a¶Zm|, amoQ>aoH$Q>am|, Am¡a XmoñVm|, ‘oar amoQ>ar ¶mÌm 40 gmb nhbo ewê$ hþB© Wr O~ ‘¢ 25 gmb H$s C‘« ‘| amoQ>ar Šb~ S>oH$mVwa, Ab~m‘m, go Ow‹S>m Wm, Am¡a BgZo ‘oao n[adma Am¡a ‘wPo H$B© A{dñ‘aUr¶ jU {XE h¡& bo{H$Z Hw$N> ^r ‘wPo amoQ>ar A§Vam©ï´>r¶ Ho$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| Xþ{Z¶m go Ow‹S>Zo Ho$ {bE V¡¶ma Zht H$a gH$Vm Wm& ‘oar ì¶{º$JV amoQ>ar ¶mÌm Amn g^r Ho$ gmW gmPm amoQ>ar ¶mÌm ~Z JB© h¡& Jo Am¡a ‘¢ Bg gmb {OZ ^r A{dœgZr¶ bmoJm| go {‘bo - amoQ>o[a¶Z, amoQ>aoH$Q>a, Am¡a amoQ>ar H$m {dñVm[aV n[adma - do h‘mao {bE AmOrdZ EH$ àoaUm ah|Jo& h‘Zo Cé½do go ¶yH«o$Z, ZmBOr[a¶m go ݶyOrb¢S>, Am¡a BgHo$ A{V[aº$ Aݶ ñWmZm| Ho$ Šb~m| Am¡a n[a¶moOZmAm| H$m Xm¡am {H$¶m& ‘mM© ‘| {Oå~mãdo ‘| ahVo hþE, h‘Zo ^maV Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ho$ gmW EH$ {M{H$Ëgr¶ ì¶mdgm{¶H$ à{ejU Q>r‘ {‘eZ ‘| ^mJ {b¶m, {OgZo BbmO H$amZo AmE hμOmam| bmoJm| H$mo ñdmñ϶, Amem Am¡a OrdZ àXmZ {H$¶m& h‘Zo hamao ‘| EH$ amoQ>ar ¶wdm g§Jmoð>r ‘| 300 go A{YH$ ¶wdmAm| H$s D$Om© H$mo ‘hgyg {H$¶m& BZ ¶wdmAm| Ho$ gmW hmoZo H$m amo‘m§M AØþV Wm! Bg df© amoQ>ar Zo h‘mar ZB© H$m¶© ¶moOZm ewê$ H$s h¡& ‘¢ Cgo g‘m{dï> H$aZo Ho$ à¶mgm| go CËgm{hV hÿ±: n[admam| H$mo em{‘b H$aZm, g^r C‘« Ho$ {bE ZoV¥Ëd Ho$ Adga àXmZ H$aZm, g§¶wº$ amï´> Ho$ 75d| df© ‘| BgHo$ gmW h‘mao B{Vhmg H$m Oý ‘ZmZm, Am¡a g~go ‘hËdnyU©, amoQ>ar H$m {dH$mg H$aZm& O~ H$mo{dS>-19 Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| nhþ§M MwH$m h¡, h‘Zo IwX H$mo EH$ ~Xbr hþB© Xþ{Z¶m ‘| nm¶m h¡& h‘Zo Šb~ ~¡R>H$m|, ‘§S>b gå‘obZm|, Aܶj gå‘obZm| H$mo aÔ H$aZo Am¡a, h‘mao {bE g~go ~‹S>m Xþ…I, hmoZmobyby ‘| hmoZo dmbo 2020 amoQ>ar A§Vam©ï´>r¶ gå‘obZ H$mo aÔ H$aZo O¡go ~hþV go H$R>moa {ZU©¶ {bE h¡&

O~ h‘ hmoZmobyby ‘| hmoZo dmbo amoQ>ar H$Ýd|eZ Ho$ {bE VËna Wo, h‘Zo Abmohm ^mdZm Ho$ ~mao ‘| grIm& hdmB© ‘| h‘mao amoQ>ar {‘Ìm| Zo h‘| {XIm¶m {H$ Abmohm H$m AW© h¡ Amngr gå‘mZ Am¡a ñZoh& Xþ{Z¶m ‘| h‘ Ohm± ^r ahVo h¡ dhm± Abmohm H$s ^mdZm bmJy hmoVr h¡& amoQ>o[a¶Z, amoQ>aoH$Q>a, Am¡a amoQ>ar Ho$ n[adma Ho$ gXñ¶m| Ho$ ê$n ‘|, h‘ OwS‹ >o hþE h¡, Am¡a O¡gm {H$ Abmohm

‘oao {bE n[a^m{fV {H$¶m J¶m h¡: EH$ Xÿgao Ho$ gmW h‘mam g§~§Y h‘mao ‘V^oXm| Ho$ gmW-gmW h‘mao ~rM H$s g‘mZVm Ho$ {bE Amngr gå‘mZ na AmYm[aV h¡& g‘wXm¶ ì¶{º$¶m| H$m ¶moJ h¡ - {OZ ì¶{º$¶m| H$mo EH$ Xÿgao Ho$ {bE qMVm h¡, Omo XoI^mb H$aVo h¡, gmPm H$aVo h¡, Am¡a {Oå‘oXmar boVo h¡& O~ ‘¢Zo H$moamoZmodm¶ag ‘hm‘mar Ho$ ~rM ‘mZdVm H$s XoI^mb Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar g‘wXm¶ Ho$ gXñ¶m| H$s J{V{d{Y H$mo XoIm Vmo Cg‘| ‘¢Zo amoQ>ar Ho$ Abmohm H$mo XoIm h¡& h‘ dmñVd ‘| H$m¶©dmhr H$aZo dmbo bmoJ h¡& ha {XZ, bo{H$Z {deof ê$n go Bg ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, amoQ>ar g‘wXm¶ Zo AnZr Abmohm ^mdZm H$m àXe©Z {H$¶m h¡& ¶h gmPm {H$¶m OmZo dmbm EH$ Cnhma h¡, Am¡a h‘ ‘| go à˶oH$ ì¶{º$ amoQ>ar Ho$ Bg Cnhma H$m à~§YH$ h¡& Jo Am¡a ‘¢ amoQ>ar n[adma Ho$ ^rVa Amn g^r Ho$ Ûmam Amü¶©M{H$V, ào[aV, Am¡a {dZ‘« aho h¡& dmñVd ‘|, ‘¢ H$hÿ§Jm {H$ h‘mao Ûmam gmPm {H$E JE amoQ>ar df© H$m A§{V‘ ^mJ n[adV©ZH$mar Wm& h‘Zo Xÿgam| Ho$ OrdZ H$mo ~ohVa ~ZmZo, gmW ‘| AmJo ~‹T>Zo Ho$ ZE VarHo$ ImoO|& Am¡a, EH$ gmW, h‘ amoQ>ar H$mo AmJo ~‹T>mVo ah|Jo Vm{H$ h‘ AnZo ñWmZr¶ Am¡a d¡{œH$ g‘wXm¶m| Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar Ho$ Cnhma ‘| d¥{Õ H$a gH|$& Jo Am¡a ‘¢ AmnHo$ gmW {~VmE JE df©, h‘mar gmPm H$s JB© ¶mÌm, H$s ¶mX H$mo h‘oem AnZo nmg g§OmoH$a aI|Jo, Š¶m|{H$ amoQ>ar Xþ{Z¶m H$mo

Omo‹S>Vr h¡&

‘mH©$ S>o{Z¶b ‘bmoZr AÜ`j, amoQ>ar B§Q>aZoeZb 6

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

g§nmXH$ H$m g§Xoe

‘wpíH$b g‘¶ ‘| ^r Zm¶H$ C^aH$a gm‘Zo AmVo h¡...


gZo gmoMm Wm {H$ Eogm ^r g‘¶ AmEJm O~ h‘ AnZo hr XmoñVm|, gm{W¶m|, ¶m AnZo ng§XrXm {H$amZo dmbo go {‘bZo ¶m ~mVMrV H$aZo go ^r S>a|Jo? AmO h‘ S>a go H$m±n aho h¡ Am¡a h‘Zo h‘mar gyMr ‘| ‘m¡OyX ng§XrXm ñWbm| H$s ¶mÌm H$mo ñW{JV H$a {X¶m h¡, Am¡a ‘mñH$ Ho$ nrN>o Nw>n JE h¡, Eogo g‘¶ ‘| E§S>r {‘bmoZm{H$g H$m Q‰>rQ> XoIH$a h¡amZr Zht hmoVr: CZ AÝV[aj ¶m{̶m| H$mo ~YmB© Omo AmO YaVr N>mo‹S>H$a Mbo JE& ~{‹T>¶m ng§X& Bgo 3.8 {‘{b¶Z H$s ^mar ‘mÌm ‘| bmBŠg {‘bo! EH$ {චd[að> amoQ>ar A§Vam©ï´>r¶ ZoV¥ËdH$Vm© Omo ‘B© ‘| h‘mao g§H$Q> go ^ao J«h H$mo N>mo‹S>H$a CƒV‘ bmoH$ ‘| Mbo JE, Am¡a {OZH$s J‘©Omoer, H$éUm, CXmaVm Am¡a amoQ>ar Ed§ gw{dYmAm| go d§{MV ì¶{º$¶m| XmoZm| Ho$ à{V OwZyZ Ho$ {bE gd©Ì emoH$ ‘Zm¶m J¶m, dh ‘opŠgH$mo go nyd© amo B© Aܶj ’«¢$H$ S>opìbZ Wo& {Og J{V Ed§ J‘©Omoer Ho$ gmW g‘ñV ^maV, Ed§ nyao amoQ>ar OJV Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ûmam gmoeb ‘r{S>¶m na lÕm§O{b Xr JB© dh {dñ‘¶H$mar Wm& nyd© ‘§S>b JdZ©am| H$s EH$ C„oIZr¶ g§»¶m Zo ¶mX {H$¶m {H$ H¡$go CZ A§Vam©ï´>r¶ g^m ‘| do CZH$m A{^dmXZ H$aVo Wo {OZ‘| do Zd{Zdm©{MV JdZ©am| Ho$ Vm¡a na em{‘b hþE Wo, CZH$m J‘©Omoer go H$hm J¶m Hola Am¡a Buenos Dias, Amigos Ho$ gmW-gmW Cg M‘ËH$mar ßbmpñQ>H$ {nZ H$mo ^r ¶mX {H$¶m J¶m {Ogo CÝhm|Zo em¶X ~hþV go bmoJm| H$mo CZH$s Q>mB© H$mo R>rH$ aIZo Ho$ {bE ~m±Q>r Wr& H${WV Vm¡a na Xþ{Z¶m H$s Xÿgar g~go ~‹S>r Am°pßQ>H$b l¥§Ibm Ho$ ‘m{bH$ hmoZo Ho$ ZmVo, dh ~‹S>o amoQ>ar H$m¶©H«$‘m| ‘| hmoZo dmbr am{Ì^moO ~¡R>H$m| ‘| nyd© amoB© Aܶjm| H$s npËZ¶m| Ho$ {bE ~«m§S>oS> AmBeoS²g bmVo Wo& amoQ>ar ݶyμO Q´>ñQ> (RNT) ‘| h‘ ¶h OmZH$a CËgm{hV hþE {H$ EH$ g‘¶ dh ‘opŠgH$mo H$s amoQ>ar joÌr¶ n{ÌH$m Ho$ g§nmXH$ ah MwHo$ Wo& CÝh| ^maV ~hþV ng§X Wm, Am¡a dh ¶hm± H$B© ~ma AmE Wo& My§{H$ do ‘opŠgH$mo go h¡, Bg{bE ‘wPo {dœmg h¡ {H$ CÝhm|Zo Am¡a CZH$s nËZr ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Zo {~Zm {H$gr naoemZr Ho$ O‘H$a ‘gmboXma ^maVr¶ ImZm Im¶m hmoJm& dmñVd ‘| S>opìbZ Zo Xmo ~ma RNT H$m¶m©b¶ H$m Xm¡am {H$¶m Wm Am¡a EH$

~ma Vmo MoÞB© ‘| h‘mao ZE H$m¶m©b¶ Ho$ CÓmQ>Z Ho$ R>rH$ ~mX {H$¶m Wm, O~ PDG H¥$îUZ Mmar g§nmXH$ Wo& RNT Zo CZH$s VrZ {H$Vm~| Frank Talk, Frank Talk-II Am¡a Vrgar {H$Vm~ X amoQ>ar μ’$mC§S>oeZ na àH$m{eV H$s& AJZme¶ Ho$ H¢$ga go Mbr EH$ N>moQ>r b‹S>mB© Ho$ nümV h‘| N>mo‹S>H$a JE S>opìbZ H$m O~ amoQ>ar emoH$ ‘Zm ahr h¡, Cgr g‘¶ h‘ EH$ Eogr Xþ{Z¶m Am¡a OrdZe¡br H$m emoH$ ‘Zm aho h¡ {Oggo H$^r h‘ n[a{MV Wo Am¡a CgH$m AmZ§X CR>mVo Wo& H$mo{dS>-19, g~go gyú‘ Ordm| ‘| go EH$, Zo h‘mao ‘Z ‘| Eogm S>a ~¡R>m {X¶m h¡ {H$ AmZo dmbo Hw$N> g‘¶ Ho$ {bE, Am¡a {Z{üV Vm¡a na BgH$m Q>rH$m ~ZZo VH$, h‘ h‘mao ^¶^rV ApñVËd ‘| hr OH$‹S>o ah|Jo& ‘mñH$, ½bdg, g¡{ZQ>mBOa Am¡a hmW YmoZo Ho$ gm~wZ go {Kao ‘Zwî¶ A~ ha EH$ ˜mgr ¶m N>tH$ H$mo ^r eH$ ^ar {ZJmhm| go XoI|Jo& bo{H$Z h¡amZr H$s ~mV ¶h h¡ {H$ amoQ>ar O¡gm EH$ g§JR>Z, Omo {‘ÌVm Ed§ gmhM¶© H$s ~w{Z¶mX na ’$bm-’y$bm h¡, {OgHo$ Šb~/‘§S>b gXñ¶ EH$ gmW {‘bH$a à{V{ð>V gm‘wXm{¶H$ H$ë¶mU n[a¶moOZmE§ H$aVo Wo, n[adma Ho$ gXñ¶m| Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a CËgd, ‘ñVr Am¡a {nH${ZH$ ‘ZmVo Wo, Zo Bg ‘hm‘mar Ho$ ~mX H$s Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ {hgm~ go ñd¶§ H$mo {~Obr H$s J{V go AZwHy${bV {H$¶m h¡& Am^mgr ~¡R>H|$ Am¡a ZE Šb~ ZoV¥ËdH$Vm©Am| H$m à{ejU Amü¶©M{H$V H$a XoZo dmbr aâVma go Mb ahm h¡& bo{H$Z Ohm± CZH$s ì¶{º$JV CnpñW{V H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoVr h¡, ‘hm‘mar-g§~§Yr amhV J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ {bE O¡go h‘mao ’§$go hþE Am¡a ^yIo àdm{g¶m| ¶m {Xhm‹S>r ‘OXÿam|, g‹S>H$ na ahZo dmbm| Am¡a ‘hm‘mar go nr{‹S>V Aݶ bmoJm| H$mo Ja‘m-Ja‘ ImZo Ho$ bmIm| n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV H$aZo Ho$ {bE, do ‘¡XmZ ‘| Hy$X n‹S>Vo h¡& ~oeH$ ‘mñH$, ½bìg Ed§ n¶m©á gmdYm{Z¶m± ~aVZo Ho$ ~mX, bo{H$Z Bg g§H$Q> go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE do ñWmZr¶ à~§YZ Ho$ gmW H§$Yo go H§$Yo {‘bmH$a I‹S>o h¡& ñdmñ϶ XoI^mb, nw{bg, ñWmZr¶ àemgZ Am¡a ‘¡XmZ ‘| g{H«$¶ Aݶ NGO Ho$ gmW, ¶o amoQ>o[a¶Z ^r AnZo à¶mgm| H$s dOh go hramo h¡&

aerXm ^JV OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 7

Governors Council RI Dist 2981 RI Dist 2982 RI Dist 3000 RI Dist 3011 RI Dist 3012 RI Dist 3020 RI Dist 3030 RI Dist 3040 RI Dist 3053 RI Dist 3054 RI Dist 3060 RI Dist 3070 RI Dist 3080 RI Dist 3090 RI Dist 3100 RI Dist 3110 RI Dist 3120 RI Dist 3131 RI Dist 3132 RI Dist 3141 RI Dist 3142 RI Dist 3150 RI Dist 3160 RI Dist 3170 RI Dist 3181 RI Dist 3182 RI Dist 3190 RI Dist 3201 RI Dist 3202 RI Dist 3211 RI Dist 3212 RI Dist 3231 RI Dist 3232 RI Dist 3240 RI Dist 3250 RI Dist 3261 RI Dist 3262 RI Dist 3291

DG N Manimaran DG Natesan A K DG Dr A Zameer Pasha DG Suresh Bhasin DG Deepak Gupta DG M Veerabhadra Reddy DG Rajendra Madhukar Bhamre DG Dhiran Datta DG Harish Kumar Gaur DG Bina Ashish Desai DG Anish Shah DG Sunil Nagpal DG Jitendra Dhingra DG Rajeev Garg DG Hari Gupta DG Kishor Katru DG Sanjay Agrawal DG Ravee Dhotre DG Suhas Laxmanrao Vaidya DG Harjit Singh Talwar DG Dr Mohan Chandavarkar DG Pandi Sivannarayana Rao DG Nayan S Patil DG Dr Girish R Masurkar DG Joseph Mathew DG Ramesh B N DG Dr Sameer Hariani DG R Madhav Chandran DG A Karthikeyan DG Shirish Kesavan DG S Sheik Saleem DG Sridar Balaraman DG G Chandramohan DG Dr Debasish Das DG Gopal Khemka DG Ranjeet S Saini DG Debasish Mishra DG Ajay Agarwal

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amo B© {ZXoeH$m| Am‘Zo-gm‘Zo


{dS> ‘hm‘mar Zo Xmo ‘hËdnyU© V϶m| H$mo h‘mao gm‘Zo aIm h¡& nhbm ¶h {H$ AÀN>r gohV ~hþV ‘hËdnyU© h¡ Am¡a Xÿgam, {H$ ¶h dm¶ag gh-é½UVm dmbo bmoJm| H$mo AbJ Vah go à^m{dV H$aVm h¡& gh-é½UVm dmbo ì¶{º$¶m| Ho$ J§^ra ê$n go ~r‘ma n‹S>Zo H$s A{YH$ g§^mdZm h¡, Bg{bE CÝh| AmB©gr¶y CnMma Am¡a d|{Q>boQ>a H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoVr h¡; gh-é½UVm dmbo bmoJm| - ‘Yw‘oh, Cƒ aº$Mmn, öX¶ amoJ, JwX} H$s {d’$bVm, ñQ´>moH$ - g^r EZgrS>r H$s ‘¥Ë¶w Xa A{YH$ h¡& ¶h amoQ>ar Ho$ àmoOoŠQ> nm°{O{Q>d hoëW- ñQ>m°n EZgrS>r H$mo bmJy H$aZo H$s ‘hËdnyU© Amdí¶H$Vm na VoOr go ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$aVm h¡& ‘¢ Šb~ Am¡a ‘§S>b Ho$ ZoV¥ËdH$Vm©Am| go AmJ«h H$aVm hÿ± {H$ do Bg n[a¶moOZm H$mo Ho$db EH$ ¶m Xmo gmb Ho$ {bE hr Zht, ~pëH$ AmZo dmbo H$B© dfm] VH$ MbmE& EH$ Må‘M H$‘, Mma H$X‘ AmJo A{^¶mZ na ܶmZ Ho$pÝÐV H$a|& ñdmñ϶ godm H$m ^{dî¶ {ZdmaH$ ñdmñ϶ XoI^mb ‘| {Z{hV h¡& Q>obr{dOZ H$s ewéAmV Zo nwñVH$m| Am¡a n{ÌH$mAm| H$s ~~m©Xr H$s ^{dî¶dmUr H$s& d¡gm hr B§Q>aZoQ> Ho$ g‘¶ hþAm& bo{H$Z {H$Vm~| Am¡a n{ÌH$mE± A^r ^r à^mdembr h¡&amoQ>ar ݶyO Am¡a amoQ>ar g‘mMa Bg{bE Img h¡ Š¶m|{H$ do AÀN>r g‘mMma nÌH$m[aVm àñVwV H$aVo h¡& AmO O~ g‘mMma AŠga EH$ ñdmWu, Mm¢H$mZo dmbr dñVw hmoVm h¡, Omo g§Kf©, ^«ï>mMma ¶m {ddmX H$mo Xem©Vm h¡, dht amoQ>ar ݶyO Xþ{Z¶m ‘| hmo aho ~hþV gmao AÀN>o H$m¶m] H$m CËgd ‘ZmVm h¡& ¶h amoQ>ar Am¡a amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$s H$hmZr ~VmVm h¡& g§nmXH$ aerXm ^JV Am¡a CZH$s Q>r‘ H$mo CZH$s H$‹S>r ‘ohZV Am¡a g‘n©U Ho$ {bE ~YmB©& ¶h H$B© ‘m¶Zm| ‘| EH$ Eo{Vhm{gH$ df© ahm h¡& H$mo{dS> ‘hm‘mar, μOmoZ 4,5,6,7 ‘| ‘§S>bm| Am¡a Šb~m| Ûmam {H$E JE H$m‘ Ho$ CËH¥$ï> {ZH$m¶, gXñ¶Vm na {Za§Va ܶmZ, AZwXmZm| H$s AXm¶Jr ‘| amoQ>ar g§ñWmZ H$s AJ«g{H«$¶ Am¡a gm‘{¶H$ à{V{H«$¶m, nWàXe©H$ JdZ©am| Am¡a CZHo$ Xb Ûmam àXmZ {H$E JE ZoV¥Ëd& ¶o g~ MrμO| Bg df© H$mo ¶mXJma ~Zm XoJr& amoQ>ar Ho$ {bE O~aXñV H$m¶© H$aZo hoVw g^r S>rOr¶m|, ‘§S>bm| Am¡a Šb~m| H$mo ~YmB©& OyZ amoQ>ar ’¡$bmo{en ‘hrZm h¡& ‘¢ g^r amoQ>ar ZoVmAm| go Anrb H$aVm hÿ± {H$ do AÀN>r KQ>ZmAm| H$m Oý ‘ZmE§, amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$s gamhZm H$a| Am¡a CÝh| YݶdmX X| Am¡a ¶moJXmZm| H$mo nhMmZ|& Am^mgr ~¡R>H$m| H$m Cn¶moJ CZ g^r MrOm| H$mo H$aZo Ho$ {bE H$a|, {OÝh| Amn Am‘Zo-gm‘Zo ~¡R>H$a H$aVo& amoQ>ar ‘| h‘mao gXñ¶m| H$s {Za§Va é{M gw{Z{üV H$aZo Ho$ {bE CZHo$ gmW Ow‹S>o ahZm nhbo go H$ht A{YH$ ‘hËdnyU© h¡& amë’$ dmëS>mo B‘g©Z Zo H$hm Wm, “Eogm H$moB© ^r J«h, gyaO ¶m Vmam Zht h¡ Omo AmnH$mo amoH$ gH$Vm h¡ ¶{X Amn OmZVo h¡ {H$ Amn Š¶m h¡&” {‘bZo Am¡a godm H$aZo Ho$ ZE Adgam| Ho$ gmW, ghr ‘m¶Zo ‘| amoQ>ar Xþ{Z¶m H$mo Omo‹S>Vr h¡ H$s ewéAmV hmo ahr h¡& amoQ>ar H$m AmZ§X bo, ñd¶§ AmZ§{XV ah|&

S>m° ^aV nm§S>çm amo B© {ZXoeH$, 2019-21


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

Board of Permanent Trustees & Executive Committee

H$m g§Xoe {ච{‘Ìm|, “Oê$aV‘§Xm| H$mo ^moOZ Ed§ Amdí¶H$ {M{H$Ëgm Amny{V© {dV[aV H$aZo dmbo ñd¶§gdo H$m| H$s ‘mZdVm H$s AZ{JZV H$hm{Z¶m§ ~ohX àoaUmXm¶H$ h¢& Bg g§H$Q> Ho$ Xm¡amZ, ‘‘¢’ ¶m ‘‘oa’o O¡go eãX h‘ Am¡a ‘h‘mao’ ‘| ê$nm§V[aV hmo JE h¢ Am¡a h‘Zo EH$OwQ>Vm H$s e{º$ H$mo g‘Pm h¡&”

- AmñWm ~hb (n§Om~) Bg H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ EH$ ZE ¶wJ H$s ewê$AmV hþB© h¡ Ohm§ h‘| b¢{JH$ g‘mZVm Ho$ à{V A{YH$ OmJê$H$ ahZo H$s Amdí¶H$Vm h¡, Ka Ed§ n[adma H$s {Oå‘oXm[a¶m| H$mo eo¶a H$aZo, ‘mZ{gH$ ~mYmAm| H$mo VmoS‹ >Zo Am¡a ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ {bE {ejm ‘| H$m¡eb {dH$mg Am{X Adgam| H$mo VbmeZo H$s Amdí¶H$Vm h¡& ¶h g§H$Q>H$mb h‘| àmoOŠo Q {S>{¾Q>r> (‘{hbmAm|/{dYdmAm| Am¡a {dYdmAm| Ho$ ~ƒm| H$m H$m¡eb {dH$mg) Ho$ g‘mZ {d{^Þ ¶moOZmAm| H$s ewê$AmV H$a h‘| ì¶{º$JV Ed§ amï´>r¶ {dH$mg H$mo H$aZo Ho$ {bE Jo‘ M|Oa ~ZZo H$m Adga àXmZ H$aVm h¡& H$B© VH$ZrH$s VarH$m| Ho$ {bE YݶdmX, dMwA © b ‘rqQ>½g A~ ݶy Zm‘©b hmo JB© h¢ Am¡a Am¶mo{OV H$s Om ahr h¢& Q´>qo ZJ Am¡a ’o$bmo{en ^r {’$a go ewê$ hmo aho h¢ Am¡a BZ ~Xbmdm| H$s dOh go amoQ>[o a¶Zm| H$mo ~mYmAm| H$mo VmoS‹ >H$a Am¡a ~Xbmdm| H$mo AnZmH$a grIZo H$m n¶m©á AZw^d {‘b ahm h¡& ’o$bmo{en amoQ>ar Ho$ àmW{‘H$ ‘yë¶m| ‘| go EH$ h¡& OyZ amoQ>ar ’o$bmo{en H$m ‘hrZm h¡& ¶h dh g‘¶ h¡ O~ amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Ho$ J«nw , CZHo$ n{V-nËZr Ed§ amoQ>aŠo Q>ag ‘ZmoaO§ H$ J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ {bE EH$ gmW AmVo h¢ Am¡a A{YH$ go A{YH$ d ~ohVa godm XoVo h¢& dMwA © b ‘r{S>¶‘ h‘| ’o$bmo{en Ed§ {‘ÌVm Ho$ ’$m¶Xm| H$m nVm bJmZo Ho$ {bE ZdrZ aMZmË‘H$ VarH$m| H$mo ImoOZo Ho$ ‘hmZ Adgam| H$mo àXmZ H$aVm h¡& ‘¢ ha gXñ¶ H$mo amoQ>ar H$s nyar Xþ{Z¶m ‘| ’¡$br ’¡$bmo{en H$m AmZ§X CR>mZo Ho$ {bE àmoËgm{hV H$aVm hÿ&± ‘¢ Aܶjm| H$mo VoOr go Ed§ Hw$ebVmnydH© $ à^mdr ~Xbmd H$aZo Am¡a dMwA © b ‘§Mm| na g^r à{ejU Ed§ N>mÌd¥{Îm ~¡R>H$m| H$mo Am¶mo{OV H$aZo Ho$ {bE ~YmB© XoVm hÿ&± ‘¢Zo ~hþV gr A{^Zd ’o$bmo{en ~¡R>H$| XoIt - A§Vmjar, Vå~mobm, g§JrV Am¡a Z¥Ë¶ à{V¶mo{JVmE§ Am¡a ‘hmZ ì¶{º$d Ho$ ZmJ[aH$m| go {‘bZm& ‘¢ {Obo Ho$ Aܶjm| go CZHo$ Amogrdr H$mo dMwA © b ê$n go Omar aIZo Ed§ nyam H$aZo Am¡a CZH$s godm df© Ho$ A§V VH$ 100 à{VeV gXñ¶Vm H$mo ~ZmE aIZo Ho$ {bE ^r AmJ«h H$aVm hÿ&± AnZo g^r gXñ¶m| VH$ nhþM± Zo Ho$ {bE dMwA © b ‘§Mm| H$m Cn¶moJ H$a|, CZ‘| godm Ho$ OwZZy H$mo ào[aV Am¡a àÁd{bV H$a|, Cg g§gma ‘| Ohm§ CZH$mo h‘mar H$ê$Um Ed§ ghmZw^{y V H$s Amdí¶H$Vm h¡& ¶mX aI|: “AHo$bo h‘ ~hþV H$‘ H$m‘ H$a gH$Vo h¢, naÝVw gmW ‘| h‘ ~hþV Hw$N> H$a gH$Vo h¢&” h‘| ‘O~yV ~ZZo Ho$ {bE EH$OwQ> hmoZm n‹S>Jo m Am¡a EH$OwQ>Vm Ho$ gmW AnZm H$m‘ H$aZm hmoJm, ¶hr EH$Vm Ed§ ‘O~yVr Ho$ {bE Z¶m eãX h¡& “EH$ a§J B§ÐYZwf Zht ~ZmVm h¡, EH$ noS‹ > go O§Jb Zht ~Z OmVm h¡ Am¡a EH$ ZoVm ~Xbmd Zht bm nmVm h¡& BZ à¶mgm| Ho$ H${R>Z g‘¶ ‘| ¶h ZdmMma Am¡a gh¶moJ hr h¡ {OgHo$ n[aUm‘ñdê$n H$moB© ^r OrV hm{gb hmoVr h¡, ‘O~yVr g’$bVm H$s Hw$§ Or h¡&”

H$‘b g§Kdr amo B© {ZXoeH$, 2019-21

PRIP Rajendra K Saboo PRIP Kalyan Banerjee RIPN Shekhar Mehta PRID Panduranga Setty PRID Sushil Gupta PRID Ashok Mahajan PRID Yash Pal Das PRID P T Prabhakar PRID Dr Manoj D Desai PRID C Basker TRF Trustee Gulam A Vahanvaty RID Dr Bharat Pandya RID Kamal Sanghvi

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Executive Committee Members (2019–20) DG Deepak Gupta Chair – Governors Council

RI Dist 3012

DG Nayan Patil Secretary – Governors Council

RI Dist 3160

DG Dhiran Datta RI Dist 3040 Secretary – Executive Committee DG Ajay Agarwal RI Dist 3291 Treasurer – Executive Committee DG Rajendra Madhukar Bhamre RI Dist 3030 Member – Advisory Committee

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amoQ>ar g_mMma 9

H$mo{dS> Ho$ ~mX H$s Xþ{Z¶m aerXm ^JV


Zm {H$gr AndmX Ho$ nyar Xþ{Z¶m, H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar H$s dOh go ‘mZd, ñdmñ϶ Am¡a Am{W©H$ nVZ go OyP ahr h¡, Omo Eogo dm¶ag, S>m¶Zmgmoa Am¡a Aݶ Ordm| Ûmam ‘mZd Om{V Ho$ {dZme H$mo Xem©Zo dmbr g~go ^¶mZH$ {’$ë‘m| H$s ¶mXm| H$mo VmμOm H$aVr h¡ {OgH$s BÝgmZ H$^r H$ënZm ^r Zht H$a gH$Vm& Am¡a h‘mao {X‘mJ ‘| g~go ~‹S>m gdmb ¶h h¡ {H$ Q>rH$m {‘b OmZo Ho$ ~mX OrdZ H¡$gm hmoJm Am¡a h‘ AnZo {~Iao OrdZ H$mo nQ>ar na H¡$go bmE§Jo& EH$ MrO Vmo {Z{üV h¡; d¡{œH$ ñVa na Am¡a ^maV Ho$ {bE ^r Bg ‘hm‘mar H$m Am{W©H$ ZVrOm ^¶mZH$ hmoZo dmbm h¡& bo{H$Z Bggo nhbo {H$ h‘ Am{W©H$ {JamdQ> Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoM gH|$ h‘mao CÚmoJm| Am¡a ì¶dgm¶m| H$mo hmoZo dmbo ZwH$gmZ Am¡a bmIm| bmoJ Omo AnZr Zm¡H$ar ImoZo dmbo h¡, Am¡a Omo AZH$hm ‘mZdr¶ XþI bmIm| àdmgr ‘μOXÿam| Ho$ OrdZ ‘| Am¶m h¡, ¶o g~ h‘| XeH$m| VH$ naoemZ H$aVm ahoJm& Am¡a Eogr H$B© Vñdra| h¡ Omo h‘mao ApñVËd H$s ~w{Z¶mX H$mo {hbm H$a aI X|Jr AmpIa H$m¡Z Cg N>moQ>o ~ƒo H$s Vñdra ^yboJm Omo AnZr ‘ar hþB© ‘m± H$mo OJmZo H$s H$mo{ee H$a ahm h¡, Omo ^moOZ Am¡a nmZr Ho$ {~Zm JwOamV go {~hma H$s ¶mÌm H$aZo Ho$ ~mX aobdo ßboQ>’$m‘© na EH$mEH$ {Ja JB© JB Wr? ¶m AnZo AnZ Ka OmZo OmZ HoH$$ {bE b§~r Am¡a H${R>Z n¡Xb ¶mÌm H$aZo dmbo àdmgr ‘OXÿam| H$s ‘rbm|-‘rb b§~r H$Vmam| H$s Vñdra|, Omo AŠga ^yIo-߶mgo Am¡a nyar Vah go gm‘mݶ Am¡a

{deofm{YH$ma àmá ~‹S>o {Xbdmbo ‘Zwî¶m| H$s X¶m na Am{lV h¡ Omo CÝh| Hw$N> ImZo Am¡a nrZo H$mo XoVo h¡& O~ CZgo nyN>m J¶m {H$ do Aà¡b/‘B© H$s Pwbgm XoZo dmbr ^rfU J‘u ‘| Š¶m| Eogr IVaZmH$ ¶mÌm H$a aho h¡ O~{H$ CZ‘| go H$B© bmoJ ~ohmoe hmo JE Am¡a ‘a JE, CZH$m Odm~ AmnH$mo PH$Pmoa H$a aI XoZo dmbm Wm: h‘mao Jm±d h‘| ImZm pIbmZo ‘| gj‘ hm|Jo& ¶{X Eogm Zht hmoJm, Vmo h‘ ^yIo ‘a OmE±Jo, na H$‘ go H$‘ dhm± na h‘mar ‘m¡V na amoZo dmbm H$moB© Vmo hmoJm& {Og Vah go nyao ^maV ‘| amoQ>ar Šb~ Am¡a amoQ>o[a¶Z àdm{g¶m| H$mo ^moOZ Am¡a nmZr XoZo Ho$ {bE AmJo AmE, dh ~hþV hr gamhZr¶ h¡, bo{H$Z CZH$s XþX©em h‘mao gm‘y{hH$ A§V…H$aU na EH$ Yã~m h¡... h‘Zo CZ bmoJm| H$mo H¡$go {Zame {H$¶m {OÝhm|Zo BªQ>-BªQ> Omo‹S>H$a h‘mao Kam| H$mo ~Zm¶m, CgHo$ XadmOo H$mo R>rH$ {H$¶m, CgH$s Xrdmam| H$mo a§Jm, Am¡a Cgo bH$‹S>r Ho$ O{Q>b Am¡a ‘Zmoa‘ H$m‘ go gwemo{^V H$aZo Ho$ {bE nyar bJZ Ho$ gmW H$m‘ {H$¶m& EH$ amï´> Ho$ ê$n ‘| h‘ ¶h gw{Z{üV H$aZo ‘| H¡$go {d’$b hmo gH$Vo h¡ {H$ bm°H$S>mCZ ewê$ hmoZo go R>rH$ nhbo, AnZo Ka VH$ nhþ§MZo ‘| CZH$s ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE CÝh| {deof aobJm{‹S>¶m±, ~g|, Q´>H$ Am{X Zht CnbãY H$am¶o JE? Vm H$m{dS> Vmo H$mo {dS> ‘hm‘mar HoH$ ~mX H$s Xþ{Z¶m H¡H$gr $gr {XImB© XoJr Am¡a AmJm‘r ‘hrZm| ‘| ZE gm‘mݶ Š¶m hm|Jo? h‘| AmZo dmbo ‘hrZm| ‘| g^r àH$ma Ho$ ì¶dhma n[adV©Zm| Ho$ AZwHy$b hmoZm hmoJm, {’$a Mmho

Ohm± Cn^moº$m AnZo n¡go IM© H$aZo ‘| gmoM|Jo Zht dh {Z{üV ê$n go {H$amZm H$s IarXmar h¡& AmpIa Amn AnZr agmoB© ‘| ߶mO, Q>‘mQ>a ¶m har {‘M© H$mo IË‘ hmoVo XoIZm Zht Mmh|Jo&

dh h‘mao H$m¶© H$aZo H$m VarH$m hmo, ZoQ>dH©$ hmo, XþH$mZ hmo, ^moOZ hmo ¶m ¶mÌm hmo& IarXXmar H$s AmXV| g~go nhbo h‘mar IarXmar H$s AmXV| ZmQ>H$s¶ ê$n go ~Xb OmE§Jr& na§namJV ê$n go h‘mar IarXmar H$s AmXV| ~hþV Yrao-Yrao ~XbVr h¡, Am¡a {Og Vah go h‘ ^moOZ Am¡a eam~, H$n‹S>o Am¡a Aݶ gm‘mZ IarXVo h¡, g^r EH$ ~‹S>o ~Xbmd go V~ JwOaVo h¡ O~ h‘ AnZm eha ~XbVo h¡ ¶m H$moB© ~‹S>m H$m¶©H«$‘ hmoZo dmbm hmoVm h¡... O¡go {H$ EH$ ~ƒo ¶m nmoVo/nmoVr H$m AmJ‘Z& gmW hr, h‘| ¶h ¶mX aIZm hmoJm {H$ AW©em{ó¶m| Am¡a g^r Ho$ÝÐr¶ ~¢H$m| Ho$ OrS>rnr H$s {JamdQ> Am¡a ZH$mamË‘H$ d¥{Õ Ho$ nydm©Zw‘mZ go, Cn^moº$m IM© ‘| ^mar {JamdQ> AmEJr& bo{H$Z H$‘r Ho$ h‘mao S>a go, EH$ joÌ Ohm± Cn^moº$m AnZo n¡go IM© H$aZo ‘| gmoM|Jo Zht dh {Z{üV ê$n go

Ho$ab Ho$ EH$ {Obm Zo gm‘m{OH$ Xÿar gw{Z{üV H$aZo Ho$ {bE N>V[a¶m| H$m A{Zdm¶© Cn¶moJ ewê$ {H$¶m h¡&

{H$amZm H$s IarXmar h¡& AmpIa Amn AnZr agmoB© ‘| ߶mO, Q>‘mQ>a ¶m har {‘M© H$mo IË‘ hmoVo XoIZm Zht Mmh|Jo& Am¡a {’$a amoQ>r, Mmdb, XÿY, A§S>o, Aݶ gpãO¶m§, Hy$‹S>oXmZ H$s W¡br, nona Z¡n{H$Z Am¡a g^r gm‘{J«¶m§ h¡ Omo {H$gr ^r agmoB©Ka H$mo Mbm¶‘mZ aIVr h¡& Bg{bE O~ H$n‹S>o, OyVo-Mßnb Am¡a Ádobar ñQ>moa ~§X aho Am¡a O~ Hw$N> joÌm| ‘| Am°ZbmBZ {S>brdar H$s AZw‘{V hmoZo Ho$ ~mdOyX ^r BZH$s ‘m§J ‘| H$‘r XoIr JB©, dht {H$amZm na Am¡gV IM© ~‹T> J¶m& A‘o[aH$m ‘| EH$ Aܶ¶Z ‘| nm¶m J¶m h¡ {H$ ‘mM© ‘| EH$ gámh Ho$ Xm¡amZ, {H$amZo H$s XþH$mZ H$s {~H«$s {nN>bo df© H$s VwbZm ‘| 77 à{VeV ~‹T> JB©, Š¶m|{H$ AmV§{H$V hmoH$a IarXr ewê$ hmo JB© Wr (¶mX H$a| {H$ Q>m°¶boQ> nona amob H¡$go IË‘ hmo JE Wo?) dht aoñVam§ H$s {~H«$s ‘| 66 à{VeV H$s {JamdQ> AmB© Wr! Aà¡b Ho$ A§V ‘|, {H$amZo H$s {~H«$s V~ ^r Am¡gV go 8 à{VeV D$na Mb ahr Wr, O~{H$ aoñVam§ H$s {~H«$s 48 à{VeV H$‘ Wr& Ka go H$m‘ Bg g§H«$‘U H$m IVam ‘§S>amVm ahoJm, Am¡a O¡gm {H$ h‘| ñdmñ϶ emoYH$Vm©Am| Zo MoVmdZr Xr h¡, H$mo{dS>-19 O¡go ZE dm¶ag, ha Xmo gmb ‘| EH$ ~ma Xþ{Z¶m H$mo AnZr MnoQ> ‘| bo gH$Vo h¡& Am¡a g§H«$‘U Ho$ S>a H$s dOh go Xþ{Z¶m ^a Ho$ H$m¶m©b¶m| VH$ nhþ§MZo H$s MwZm¡{V¶m| Ed§ bJmVma Xmo ‘hrZo VH$ Mbo bm°H$S>mCZ Zo H§$n{Z¶m| H$mo ¶h {XIm¶m {H$ CZHo$ H$‘©Mmar dmñVd ‘| Ka go H$m‘ H$a gH$Vo h¡& JyJb Zo H$hm h¡ {H$ CgHo$ A{YH$m§e H$‘©Mmar 2021 VH$ Ka go H$m‘ H$a gH$Vo h¡& {Q‰>Q>a Ho$ grB©Amo O¡H$ S>mogu Zo AnZo H$‘©Mm[a¶m| H$mo gy{MV {H$¶m h¡ {H$ CÝh| H$mo{dS> Ho$ ~mX ^r ñWm¶r ê$n go Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo H$s AZw‘{V h¡& hmd©S>© {~OZog [aì¶y Ho$ EH$ boI ‘| H$hm J¶m {H$ A‘o[aH$s OZJUZm Ho$ AZwgma, bJ^J nm§M à{VeV A‘o[aH$s H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Zo ‘w»¶ ê$n go 2017 ‘| Ka go H$m‘ {H$¶m, df© 2000 go VrZ à{VeV A{YH$, Am¡a 2018 VH$, A‘o[aH$m ‘| 29 à{VeV H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Ho$ nmg Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo H$m {dH$ën Am¡a j‘Vm Wr&

O~ {~{„¶m| Zo gm‘m{OH$-Xþar H$m Aä¶mg {H$¶m! Am¡a A~ {Z¶moº$mAm| Zo nm¶m h¡ {H$ bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ H$B© hâVm| Ho$ Xm¡amZ, O~ g§H«$‘U H$m IVam ‘§S>am ahm Wm, Am¡a do AnZo H$m¶m©b¶m| H$mo ~§X aIZo Ho$ {bE ‘O~ya Wo, V~ Ka go {H$E JE Am°ZbmBZ H$m‘ Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go CËnmXH$Vm ‘O~yV ~Zr ahr& ~oeH$, Hw$N> CÚmoJm| ‘| ¶h ~hþV AmgmZ h¡... O¡go {d{Z‘m©U H$s VwbZm ‘| AmB©Q>r... Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo Ho$ {bE ~{‹T>¶m h¡& bo{H$Z {’$a ^r, AmB©Q>r à‘wI

‘mBH«$mogm°âQ> Ho$ grB©Amo g˶m ZS>obm Zo nhbo hr Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo H$s ~r‘m[a¶m| H$mo bmb P§S>m {XIm¶m h¡, Omo EH$ ‘V H$mo Xÿgao Ho$ gmW ~Xb XoJm Am¡a H$hm {H$ ¶h H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Ho$ gm‘m{OH$ g§nH©$ Am¡a ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ Ho$ {bE hm{ZH$maH$ hmo gH$Vm h¡& ݶy¶m°H©$ Q>mBåg H$mo {XE EH$ gmjmËH$ma ‘| CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ Am^mgr dr{S>¶mo H$m°b d¡¶{º$H$ ~¡R>H$m| H$mo à{VñWm{nV Zht H$a gH$Vo& ‘wPo Omo OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 13

H$mo{dS> Ho$ ~mX H$s amoQ>ar Ho$ ~mao ‘| Xmo ZoVm ~mV H$aVo h¡


amoZm go g§~{§ YV amhV H$m¶© (Bg A§H$ ‘| AݶÌ) Ho$ {bE amoQ>[o a¶Zm| go {‘bo AmdoXZ H$mo amoQ>ar g§ñWmZ go {‘br Ëd[aV à{V{H«$¶m Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$aVo hþE, ‘¢Zo lrb§H$m Ho$ EH$ à‘wI CÚmoJn{V, Zd{Zdm©{MV ݶmgr à‘wI Ho$ Ama aqdÐZ go dm{UÁ¶ Am¡a CÚmoJ na n‹S>Zo dmbo à^md Ho$ ~mao ‘| gdmb {H$E& do H$hVo h¡ {H$ H$mamo~ma H$s Xþ{Z¶m ‘| dm¶ag Ho$ à{V ewéAmVr à{V{H«$¶m AmJ go IobZo dmbr Wr& Bggo nhbo {H$gr Zo ^r Eogm Hw$N> AZw^d Zht {H$¶m Wm& bo{H$Z {’$a HM², bwBg {dÅ>Z g‘yh, Am{X O¡gr ’¡$eZ ’$‘m] Zo ‘mñH$ Am¡a h¢S>-g¡{ZQ>mBμOa ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE CËnmXZ H$mo {’$a go ewê$ {H$¶m& OZab ‘moQ>g,© ’$moS>,© ߶yOm|, dmoëdmo Am¡a Aݶ H$ma {Z‘m©VmAm| Zo dmhZm| H$m CËnmXZ H$aZo Ho$ ~OmE d|{Q>boQ>a H$m CËnmXZ H$aZm ewê$ H$a {X¶m& VËH$mb ^{dî¶ CZHo$ {bE MwZm¡VrnyU© {XImB© XoVm h¡ Š¶m|{H$ ‘moQ>a dmhZm| H$s {~H«$s 25 à{VeV VH$ H$‘ hmoZo H$m AZw‘mZ h¡& H$moB© ^r AW©ì¶dñWm ‘m§J ¶m InV Ho$ AZwgma MbVr h¡& O~ n[adma AnZo ñdmñ϶ Am¡a {dÎm Ho$ ~mao ‘| A{YH$ qMVm H$aVo h¡, Vmo do IM© H$aZo Ho$ ~OmE ~MV na A{YH$ ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$aVo h¡& BgH$m Aga ì¶mnma Am¡a dm{UÁ¶ na n‹S>Jo m& 20 Aà¡b H$mo, Vob ~oH$ma go ^r H$‘ hmo J¶m& A‘o[aH$Z ~|M‘mH©$ 40 S>mb° a à{V ~¡ab VH$ bwT‹ >H$ J¶m& Š¶m Amn H$ënZm H$a gH$Vo h¡? Vob CËnmXH$m| H$mo AnZo Ûmam CËnm{XV Vob boZo Ho$ {bE {H$gr H$mo ^wJVmZ H$aZm n‹S>m Wm! {S>μOZrb¢S> Zo AnZo e§KmB© {S>μOZr [aμOm°Q>© Ho$ EH$ {hñgo H$mo {’$a go Imob {X¶m Š¶m|{H$ MrZ H$s ‘hm‘mar H$‘ hmoZo bJr h¡& bo{H$Z {S>Oμ Zrb¢S> H$s ¶mÌm {’$a H$^r nhbo O¡gr Zht hmo gH$Vr& ‘oh‘mZm| H$mo ha g‘¶ ‘mñH$ nhZZm hmoVm h¡, Ho$db ImVo g‘¶

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h¡& Bg{bE {H$gr ^r d¡¶{º$H$ ~¡R>H$ ‘| ì¶{º$JV ñne© H$m ZwH$gmZ Zht hmoJm& Oμ ‘y na h±gr-‘OmH$ H$aZm H${R>Z hmoVm h¡ bo{H$Z h‘| ’o$bmo{en Ho$ ~§YZ H$mo ‘O~yV aIZm Mm{hE& n§mS>çm Zo Bg ~mV H$s Amoa ܶmZ {Xbm¶m {H$ amoQ>ar Ho$ g§ñWmnH$ nm°b h¡[ag Zo ha g‘¶ {dH$mgdmXr hmoZo Am¡a Adgam| na n[adV©ZdmXr hmoZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| Š¶m H$hm Wm& ¶h n[adV©ZdmXr hmoZo H$m g‘¶ h¡ - AbJ Vah go gmoM,| gr‘mAm| go nao& ¶h h‘oem H$s Vah gm‘mݶ Zht hmo gH$Vm& ‘¢ Hw$N> ‘hrZm| go N>mQo >o g‘yhm| ‘| ~¡R>H$ hmoVo XoI ahm hÿ,± g^r gmdYm{Z¶m| - W‘©b ñH¡$qZJ, {S>ñQ>q| gJ, ng©Zb àmoQ>Šo eZ - Ho$ gmW& bo{H$Z Šb~, ‘§S>b Am¡a A§Vam©ï´>r¶ ñVam| na ¶h {Oå‘oXmar amoQ>ar ZoVË¥ dH$Vm©Am| H$s h¡ {H$ do amoQ>[o a¶Zm| go OwS‹ >o ahZo Am¡a CÝh| ì¶ñV aIZo Ho$ {bE A{V[aº$ à¶mg H$a|& CÝhm|Zo Šb~ Am¡a ‘§S>b ZoVmAm| go ’$moZ na AnZo gXñ¶m| go {Z¶{‘V ê$n go ~mV H$aZo, {d{^Þ àmê$nm| ‘| ~¡R>H$| - N>mQo >o g‘yhm| ‘|, Ka na, hmB{~«S> Am¡a Am^mgr ~¡R>H$| - Am¶mo{OV H$aZo, godm n[a¶moOZmAm| H$mo H$aZo Ho$ {d{^Þ VarH$m| na MMm© H$aZo, ~‹S>r g^mAm| go ~MZo H$m AmJ«h {H$¶m& ¶o Eogo {dMma h¡ {OZH$m g‘¶ Am J¶m h¡& amoQ>ar Ho$ gm¡hmX© Am¡a gmhM¶© Zo h‘ g^r H$mo T>mb {‘Ì ¶m gƒo XmoñV {XE h¡, Omo Iwer Am¡a Xþ…I, àgÞVm Am¡a g§H$Q> Ho$ g‘¶ ‘| AmnHo$ gmW AmnHo$ g‘W©Z ‘| I‹S>o ah|J,o Am¡a ‘wPo Bg‘| H$moB© g§Xho Zht h¡ {H$ amoQ>ar Bg ‘hm‘mar go A{YH$ ‘O~yV hmoH$a C^aoJr& n§mS>çm Zo XmoñVr Am¡a OwS‹ >md H$m gma AÀN>r Vah g‘Pm {X¶m O~ CÝhm|Zo AmJo H$hm: AJa ‘wPo EH$ XmoñV Mm{hE, Vmo nhbo ‘wPo EH$ XmoñV ~ZZm hmoJm& ¶h à˶oH$ amoQ>[o a¶Z H$s AmZ§XnyU© {Oå‘oXmar H$m gma àñVwV H$aVm h¡ {H$ A~ CÝh| ¶h gw{Z{üV H$aZo Ho$ {bE A{V[aº$ à¶mg H$aZm n‹S>Jo m, A{V[aº$ ‘rb MbZm n‹S>Jo m {H$ amoQ>ar H$mo OmoS‹ >o aIZo dmbm ¶h ½by EH$ Eogm ~§YZ ~Zm aho Omo H$^r Zht Qy>Q>&o amoQ>ar H$s XmoñVr hrao H$s Vah h¡ - C‚db, gwX§ a, ‘yë¶dmZ Am¡a h‘oem {d{eï>& M{bE Bg àd¥{Îm H$mo ~Xb| Am¡a EH$ {‘Ì ~Z|& ¶h amoQ>ar OJV Ho$ {bE h‘mam Cnhma hmoJm&

MrμO g~go Á¶mXm ¶mX AmVr h¡ dh ¶h h¡ {H$ O~ Amn EH$ ^m¡{VH$ ~¡R>H$ ‘| OmVo h¡, Vmo Omo AmnHo$ ~Jb ‘| ~¡R>m hmoVm h¡ Amn Cg ì¶{º$ go Xmo {‘ZQ> nhbo Am¡a Xmo {‘ZQ> ~mX VH$ ~mV H$a gH$Vo h¡& A{H«$¶merb H¡$gm {XIVm h¡? ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ H¡$gm {XIVm h¡? dh g§¶moOH$Vm Am¡a gm‘wXm{¶H$ ~ZmdQ> H¡$gr {XIVr h¡? {OZ MrOm| H$mo ‘¢ ‘hgyg H$aVm hÿ± CZ‘| go EH$ ¶h h¡, O~ h‘ XÿañW hmoH$a H$m‘ H$a aho h¡ Vmo em¶X h‘ Bg AdñWm ‘| h‘mao Ûmam {Z{‘©V gm‘m{OH$ ny§Or ‘| go Hw$N> H$mo Imo aho& Ka na ImZm ~ZmZm ~Zm‘ ~mha ImZm EH$ Am¡a ~‹S>m ~Xbmd Omo Bg ‘hm‘mar Zo bm¶m h¡ dh h‘mao ImZo H$s AmXVm| ‘| EH$ ~‹S>m ~Xbmd h¡... A~ h‘ ‘O~yar Am¡a ng§X XmoZm| H$s dOh go Ka na A{YH$ ImZm ImVo h¡ Am¡a em¶X Eogm H$aZm Omar aI|Jo& Bg{bE AmZo dmbo {XZm| Am¡a ‘hrZm| ‘|, h‘ Ka na Am¡a A{YH$ ImZm ~ZmZo ¶m ^moOZ Ho$ {bE ImÚ XþH$mZm| ¶m Am°ZbmBZ Am°S>©a na {Z^©a hmoZo Om aho h¡& Bg g‘¶, A{YH$Va bmoJ aoñVam§ Ho$ ^moOZ go ¶m Bgo bmZo dmbo {S>brdar ~m°¶ go g§H«${‘V hmoZo H$mo boH$a S>ao hþE h¡, ‘wPo nVm h¡ {H$ ^maV ‘| H$B© Ka ~mha Ho$ ^moOZ H$mo Ny> ^r Zht aho h¡&

Am¡a H$B© AnmQ>©‘|Q> n[agam| Ho$ gmW, {deof ê$n go CZHo$ {Zdm{g¶m| Ho$ g§K Kaoby l{‘H$m| H$mo Bg S>a go H$m‘ H$aZo hoVw AmZo H$s AZw‘{V Zht Xo aho h¡ {H$ do H$mo{dS> H$mo Cg n[aga ‘| bm gH$Vo h¡, Bg dOh go ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ D$na ImZm nH$mZo, g’$mB© H$aZo, YwbmB© H$aZo H$m ~moP H$B© JwZm ~‹T> J¶m h¡& Jw‹S>Jm§d ‘| ‘oar ^VrOr, Omo EH$ AmbremZ AnmQ>©‘|Q> n[aga ‘| ahVr h¡, AnZo n[aga Ho$ gdm} ƒ nmJbnZ H$m dU©Z H$aVr h¡! bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ Kaoby ‘XX H$s AZw‘{V XoZm Vmo Xÿa, ¶hm± Vmo {S>brdar ~m°¶O H$mo ^r AZw‘{V Zht Xr JB©& h‘oem ^yIo ahZo Am¡a D$~ OmZo dmbo ~ƒo Omo h‘oem Hw$N> Zm Hw$N> ImZo H$s ‘m§J H$aVo ahVo h¡, Ho$ gmW, ‘wPo {H$MZ go ~mha AmZo Ho$ 15 {‘ZQ> Ho$ ^rVa {’$a go agmoB© ‘| OmZm n‹S>Vm h¡, CgZo H$hm& hVmem ‘| CgZo ImZm Am°ZbmBZ Am°S>©a H$aZm ewê$ H$a {X¶m, bo{H$Z ImZm bmZo Ho$ {bE Cgo {Mb{MbmVr Yyn ‘| ‘w»¶ JoQ> VH$ 700 ‘rQ>a MbH$a OmZm n‹S>Vm Wm, Am¡a AnZo ãbm°H$ ‘| bm¡Q>Vo g‘¶ {S>gBÝ’o$ŠQ>|Q> go {N>‹S>H$md H$admZm n‹S>Vm Wm& h‘mao RW- dmñVd OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 15

gyQ>Ho$g na gmo aho EH$ WHo$ hþE ~ƒo H$s N>{d, CgH$s ‘m± Ho$ gmW Omo EH$ àdmgr H$m‘Jma h¡, n¡Xb ¶mÌm H$a AnZo Ka Om ahr Wr&

‘| gwajm ‘mZX§S>m| H$mo boH$a nmJb hmo JE h¡, CgZo Pw§PbmVo hþE H$hm& Vmo Am¡a Š¶m ~XbZo dmbm h¡? ~oeH$ ~hþV Hw$N>. ¶h Agw{dYmOZH$ ‘mñH$ Hw$N> g‘¶ Ho$ {bE ah|Jo Am¡a Myntra O¡go Am°ZbmBZ ñQ>moa, Omo J«mhH$m| Ho$ {bE ~oVm~ h¡, A~ ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ {bE ‘mñH$

‘mBH«$mogm°âQ> Ho$ grB©Amo g˶m ZS>obm Zo nhbo hr Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo H$mo bmb P§S>m {XIm¶m h¡, Am¡a H$hm {H$ ¶h H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Ho$ gm‘m{OH$ g§nH©$ Am¡a ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ Ho$ {bE hm{ZH$maH$ hmo gH$Vm h¡&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

Ho$ ñQ>mB{be Am¡a a§JrZ goQ> noe H$a aho h¡! O~ H$m¶m©b¶ ewê$ hm|Jo, Vmo dhm± ~hþV gmao g¡ZrQ>mB©μOa Am¡a Aݶ H$sQ>mUwZmeH$ hm|Jo, qμ’$JaqàQ> gmBZ-BZ H$mo Mohao H$s nhMmZ H$aZo dmbo CnH$aUm| Ûmam ~Xb {X¶m OmEJm, Am¡a bKw H$jm| ‘| {H$gr àH$ma Ho$ gwajmË‘H$ {d^mOZ H$s g§^mdZm hmoJr& μ’$m¶Xm| Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoM| ... kmZ H$m¶©H$Vm© O¡gm {H$ CÝh| ~wbm¶m OmVm h¡, H$mo A~ ^mar {H$am¶m XoVo hþE AnZo CZ H$m¶m©b¶m| Ho$ nmg Zht ahZm n‹S>oJm Omo ‘w»¶ ê$n go Img [a¶b EñQ>oQ> OJhm| ‘| pñWV h¡... do ^r‹S> ^ao eham| Ho$ ~mhar BbmH$m| ‘| Om gH$Vo h¡ ... Am¡a em¶X AnZo H$m‘ H$s g‘¶ gmaUr H$mo Bg Vah go {ZYm©[aV H$a gH$Vo h¡ {H$ do AnZo ~ƒm| H$mo ñHy$b go bm gHo$, Am¡a ¶hm± VH$ {H$ ha {XZ amV Ho$ ImZo Ho$ {bE n[adma Ho$ gmW em{‘b hmo gHo$!

bo{H$Z g‘ñ¶m ‘w»¶ ê$n go ‘m{bH$m| H$s h¡, Xr ݶy ¶m°H©$a Ho$ EH$ boI Ho$ AZwgma, {OÝh| ‘m{bH$ ~ZZo H$s Oê$aV hmoVr h¡& Ka go H$m‘ Ho$ gyÌ H$s g’$bVm ‘| ‘w»¶ ~mYm ‘m{bH$m| H$s Aé{M hmoJr& à~§YH$m| H$mo AŠga Ka go H$m‘ H$aZo H$s ~mYm Ho$ ê$n ‘| XoIm OmVm h¡& μOy‘ na H$mZ©a Am°{’$g CVZm AmH$f©H$ Zht hmoVm, Am¡a, BgHo$ {dnarV, EH$ ~m°g Ho$ {bE H$‘©Mm[a¶m| na ZμOa aIZm AmgmZ hmoVm h¡ O~ dh CÝh| CZH$s S>oñH$ na ¶m hm°b ‘| XoI gH$Vo hmo& bo{H$Z O~ J‘©Omoer go Jbo {‘bZo Am¡a hmW {‘bmZo Ho$ MbZ h‘mar Xþ{Z¶m go Jm¶~ hmo OmE§Jo, do AnZo gmW Hw$N> bo OmE§Jo... ‘mZd ñne© H$s J‘©Omoer... emar[aH$, ‘mZ{gH$, ^mdZmË‘H$ ...

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AmnH$s CXmaVm Ho$ {bE YݶdmX O~ ‘¢ ¶h g§Xeo {bIVm hÿ,± Xþ{Z¶m H$mo{dS>-19 ‘hm‘mar H$s MnoQ> ‘| h¡& ‘¢ Bg boI H$mo CZ VarH$m| H$mo g‘{n©V H$aZm MmhVm hÿ,± {OZH$s ‘XX go amoQ>ar gXñ¶m| Zo H$m¶©dmhr H$aZo dmbo bmoJm| Ho$ ê$n ‘| ‘XX H$s h¡ Am¡a ‘XX H$a gH$Vo h¡, Am¡a h‘ AmnH$mo g‘W©Z XoZo Ho$ {bE ’$mC§S>eo Z ‘| Omo Hw$N> ^r H$a aho

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XmoñVm|, O~ Xþ{Z¶m ^a Ho$ amï´> H$moamoZmdm¶ag H$m gm‘Zm H$aZo Am¡a BgHo$ àgma H$mo amoH$Zo ‘| OwQ>o hþE h¡, Bg ‘hm‘mar Zo qμOX{J¶m| H$mo nyar Vah go {hbm H$a aI {X¶m h¡, {deof ê$n go A{J«‘ n§{º$ Ho$ {M{H$Ëgm H${‘©¶m|, X¡{ZH$ doVZ ^mo{J¶m| Am¡a àdmgr ‘OXÿam| H$s& AnZr ^m¡{VH$ g§n{Îm¶m| H$mo AnZo nrR> na bmXo hþE, AnZo N>moQ>o ~ƒm| Ho$ gmW g¢H$‹S>m| Am¡a ¶hm± VH$ hOmam| {H$‘r H$s nX¶mÌm H$aZo dmbo n[admam| H$mo XoIZm {Xb Xohbm XoZo dmbm Ñí¶ h¡ Omo ‘wPo Aë~Q>© ñdoËμOa Ho$ eãXm| Ho$ ‘hËd H$s ¶mX {XbmVm h¢: “‘mZd OrdZ H$m CÔoí¶ godm H$aZm, Am¡a Xÿgam| H$s ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE X¶m Am¡a BÀN>me{º$ {XImZm h¡&” BÝht H$ï>Xm¶r g‘¶ ‘| Q>rAmaE’$ Zo AnZr nyar VmH$V bJm XoZo H$m ’¡$gbm {H$¶m h¡& O¡gr hr Bg ‘hm‘mar H$s KmofUm hþB©, d¡go hr ݶm{g¶m| Zo H$m¶©dmhr H$s: H$mo{dS> go g§~§{YV d¡{œH$ AZwXmZm| Ho$ {bE CÝhm|Zo Bg Amdí¶H$Vm H$mo g‘má H$aZo H$m {ZU©¶ {b¶m {H$ d¡{œH$ AZwXmZm| ‘| {dÎmnmofU H$m 30 à{VeV Cg Xoe Ho$ ~mha go AmZm Mm{hE Ohm± n[a¶moOZm hmoVr h¡& BgHo$ Abmdm, amoQ>ar H$m AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m AZwXmZ (DRG) ñWmZr¶ AmnXmAm| na à{V{H«$¶m XoZo Ho$ {bE EH$ VoO Am¡a à^mdr VarH$m àXmZ H$aVm h¡& ݶm{g¶m| Zo ’¡$gbm {H$¶m h¡ {H$ H$mo{dS> H$m¶© Ho$ {bE, ‘§S>b 25,000 S>m°ba (Ho$db 1 à{V ‘§S>b) VH$ Ho$ DRG Ho$ {bE AmdoXZ H$a gH$Vo h¡ Am¡a {dœ {Z{Y go DRG H$mo Hw$b 3 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba hñVm§V[aV H$a gH$Vo h¡& BZ DRG¶m| Am¡a GG¶m| H$m Cn¶moJ ameZ, V¡¶ma ^moOZ, nrnrB©, ’o$g ‘mñH$, g¡{ZQ>mBμOa, d|{Q>boQ>a, AñnVmb Ho$ {~ñVa, ~«moÝH$moñH$mon, narjU {H$Q>| B˶m{X H$s Amny{V© Ho$ {bE {H$¶m OmVm h¡& 19 ‘B© H$mo Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| GG¶m| Am¡a DRG¶m| XmoZm| Ho$ {bE, Q>rAmaE’$ Zo 19.1 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba (bJ^J <143 H$amo‹S>) H$s ‘§Oyar Xr Wr& ^maV Ho$ {bE, {deof ê$n go, Hw$b 5.36 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba (bJ^J <40 H$amo‹S>) h¡& BVZm g~, AmR> gámh Ho$ AÝVamb ‘|& gM‘wM, amoQ>ar Xþ{Z¶m H$mo Omo‹S>Vr h¡& Xþ{Z¶m ^a Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ho$ CXma ¶moJXmZ Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go hr h‘mam g§ñWmZ AnZo CÔoí¶ - Xþ{Z¶m ‘| AÀN>m H$aZm - na Iam CVa nm¶m h¡& AmnH$m {Za§Va g‘W©Z Oê$aV‘§X bmoJm| H$s ‘XX H$aZo ‘| g§ñWmZ H$s ‘XX H$aoJm& O¡gm {H$ boIH$ {Mn BZJ«m‘ Zo H$hm, “CXmaVm EH$ H$m¶© Zht h¡, ¶h OrdZ H$m EH$ VarH$m h¡;” Am¡a O¡gm {H$ EH$ AkmV F${f Zo H$hm Wm, ‘AmnH$s ‘hmZVm Bg‘| Zht {H$ AmnHo$ nmg Š¶m h¡, ~pëH$ Bg‘| h¡ {H$ Amn Š¶m XoVo hmo&’ YݶdmX& ñdñW ah|& gwa{jV ah|!

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amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo ’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ H$mo ^md^rZr lÕm§Obr Xr aerXm ^JV


amo B Aܶj ’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ Zo 27 ‘B© H$mo 81 df© H$s Am¶w ‘| Bg Xþ{Z¶m go {dXm br, do A¾me¶ (n¢{H«$¶mμO) H¢$ga go O§J b‹S> aho Wo& CZHo$ {ZYZ H$s I~a AmZo Ho$ ~mX go amoQ>ar J{b¶mam| ‘| emoH$ H$s bha N>m JB©, gånyU© amoQ>ar Xþ{Z¶m go emoH$ g§Xoe H$s ~m¡N>ma hmoVr ahr& nr Ho$ AmMm¶© Zo, Omo gmoeb ‘r{S>¶m na ~hþV g{H«$¶ h¢, erK«Vm go ìhmQ²gEn na EH$ lÕm§O{b g‘yh ~Zm¶m, Omo ha {‘ZQ> AmVr CZH$s ñ‘¥{V/ lÕm§O{b Ho$ gmW Jy§OVm ahm, CgHo$ ~mX ^r H$B© {XZm| VH$ emoH$ gÝXoe AmVo aho&. hmbm±{H$ ‘¢Zo nyd© amo B Aܶjm| amO|Ð gm~y Am¡a H$ë¶mU ~ZOu go {Xd§JV AmË‘m Ho$ g§ñ‘aU H$b‘~Õ H$aZo H$m AZwamoY {H$¶m Wm, CZ‘| go g~go A{YH$ gyMZmàX lÕm§O{b nrAmaAmB©nr ao pŠb¨Jpñ‘W H$s Wr, Am¡a Cgo nrAmaAmB©nr Ho$ Ama aqdÐZ Zo ‘oao gmW gmPm {H$¶m& Bggo EH$ amoMH$ OmZH$mar {‘br; S>o{dZ joÌr¶ n{ÌH$m, 18

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

‘¡pŠgH$mo amoQ>ar Ho$ g§nmXH$ Wo, Am¡a dmo {Z¶w{º$ CZHo$ {bE Hw$N> VZmdnyU© jUm| go ^r JwOaZm n‹S>m Wm, O~ 1984-85 Ho$ {bE CÝh| amo B {ZXoeH$ Ho$ ê$n ‘| godm XoZo Ho$ {bE MwZm J¶m Wm& EH$ Eogr KQ>Zm, {OgZo amoQ>ar ‘| CZH$s àJ{V H$m ‘mJ© H$ar~ H$ar~ ~Xb {X¶m Wm, pŠb¨Jpñ‘W H$hVo h¢, ‘B© 1985 ‘| O~ ‘¢Zo EH$ gm‘mݶ gXñ¶ Ho$ ê$n ‘| ‘oar nhbr amo B ~moS>© H$s ~¡R>H$ ‘| ^mJ {b¶m Wm Vmo ~‹S>r I~a ¶o Wr {H$ nmo{b¶moßbg Ho$ {bE 120 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba Ho$ bú¶ Ho$ gmW VrZ dfu¶ YZ AZwXmZ g§M¶Z (’$ÊS> aoqOJ) A{^¶mZ H$mo Am¡nMm[aH$ ‘§Oyar {‘b JB© Wr! nmo{b¶moßbg H$m¶©H«$‘ H$m ¶h nhbm ‘hËdnyU© H$X‘ Wm& ~moS>© Zo df© n¶©ÝV Bg na H$m‘ {H$¶m Wm Am¡a ¶h EH$‘V go nm[aV hþAm& ~¡R>H$ H$m amo‘m§MH$ jU ¶h Wm {H$ ’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ Zo 1984-85 H$m MwZmd amo B {ZXoeH$ Ho$ ê$n ‘| OrVm Wm Am¡a CZHo$ à{VÛ§Ûr Zo {eH$m¶V XO© H$amB© Wr& ‘m‘bm

nyd© amo B© Aܶjm| Ho$ Ama aqdÐZ (~rM ‘|),Am¡a bwBg {Jdm¶ Ho$ gmW ’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ&

O~ nyao ~moS>© Ho$ gm‘Zo Am¶m Vmo {H$gr Zo gwPmd {X¶m {H$ ’«¢$H$ H$mo ^r AnZm nj aIZo H$m ‘m¡μH$m {X¶m Om¶o & Vmo ’«¢$H$ H$mo ‘opŠgH$mo {gQ>r ‘| ~wbm¶m J¶m Am¡a AJbr gw~h dh gmjmËH$ma Ho$ {bE CnpñWV Wo& gmjmËH$ma Ho$ ~mX ~moS>© Zo {ZU©¶ {H$¶m {H$ CÝhm|Zo MwZmd àMma Ho$ {Z¶‘m| H$m C„§KZ Zht {H$¶m Wm Am¡a 1 OwbmB©, 1986 H$mo ’«¢$H$ Zo {ZXoeH$ Ho$ ê$n ‘| nX^ma J«hU {H$¶m& AnZo amoQ>ar H$[a¶a ‘| dmo ~mb ~mb ~Mo Wo ! Bg KQ>Zm Ho$ ’$bñdê$n ~mX ‘| MwZmd àMma A{^¶mZ Ho$ àmdYmZm| H$mo ñnï> H$aZo Am¡a gwYmaZo Ho$ {bE EH$ g{‘{V H$m JR>Z hþAm& g{‘{V H$s AܶjVm MH$ Ho$ba Zo H$s Wr Am¡a Xmo Aݶ gXñ¶ nrS>rOr dH$sb Wo; ‘¢ Bg g{‘{V H$m g§nH©$ {ZXoeH$ Wm, Am¡a A^r VH$ ‘¢Zo {OVZr ^r g{‘{V XoIr h¢,Bg g{‘{V H$m H$m¶© gd©loð> ahm Wm& BgZo àMma Ho$ {Z¶‘m| H$mo BVZr à^mdr ê$n go ñnï> {H$¶m Wm {H$ àñVm{dV Cn{Z¶‘m| H$mo 1986 H$s grAmoEb ‘| Vwa§V AZw‘mo{XV H$a {X¶m J¶m& Am¡a AmO VH$, bJ^J 35 dfm] go BZ {Z¶‘m| ‘| g§emoYZ H$s Amdí¶H$Vm Zht nS>r h¡! Bg àH$ma ’«¢$H$ Zo MwZmd àMma, H¡$ZdqgJ Am¡a MwZmd Ho$ {Z¶‘m| H$mo à^m{dV H$a amoQ>ar H$m ñdén {ZImaZo ‘| ghm¶Vm H$s! AnZr lÕm§O{b ‘|, amo B Aܶj ‘mH©$ ‘¡bmoZr Zo H$hm: ’«$¢ H$ amoQ>ar ‘| EH$ à^mdembr ZoVm Wo {OZHo$ ñZohnyU© A{^dmXZ, àoaUmXm¶H$ eãX Am¡a godm Ho$ à{V g‘n©U Zo CZgo {‘bZo dmbm| Ho$ nQ>b na EH$ ñWm¶r N>mn N>mS‹o >r h¡ &

àma§{^H$ df© dh AmR>-df© H$s C‘« ‘| ‘¡pŠgH$mo H$s CÎmar gr‘m na pñWV AnZo J¥hZJa go ‘mg© Am¡a pñZH$g© O¡gr Mm°H$boQ> ~ma IarXZo Ho$ {bE Q>oŠgmg Ho$ Eb nmgmo OmVo Am¡a AnZo n‹S>mog ‘| A‘o[aH$s H$Ý’o$ŠeZar ~oMVo Wo, Cg OJh go CR> H$a dh EH$ g’$b Am°pßQ>H$b gm‘«mÁ¶ Ho$ g§ñWmnH$ ~Zo& Omo ì¶{º$ AnZr Am±Im| H$s XoI^mb H$aZo ‘| Aj‘ Wo Am¡a Mí‘o IarX Zht gH$Vo Wo, S>od{bZ ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go S>o{d{bZ Zo 1 {‘{b¶Z ‘opŠgH$m| {Zdm{g¶m| H$mo ‘wâV Mí‘o ~m§Q>o Wo& Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| amoQ>o[a¶Z CÝh| EH$ ‘mZdr¶, ‘¡ÌrnyU©, Am¡a X¶mbw B§gmZ Ho$ ê$n ‘| ¶mX H$aVo h¢ Omo H$^r ˜Ë‘ Zm hmoZo dmbo {MaOrdr CËgmh Ho$ gmW amoQ>ar Ho$ {bE g‘{n©V Wo& S>od{bZ n[adma ‘| AnZo nrN>o nËZr ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Am¡a VrZ ~o{Q>¶m| ‘obmZr, ñQ>oμ’$Zr Am¡a Oo{Z’$a H$mo N>mo‹S> JE h¢& amo B Aܶj ‘ZmoZrV eoIa ‘ohVm Zo AnZr AmpIar ‘wbmμH$mV H$mo ¶mX H$aVo hþE H$hm {H$ CZH$m {ZYZ amoQ>ar Am¡a amer Am¡a ‘oao {bE EH$ AnyaUr¶ j{V Wr, {OÝhm|Zo ’«¢$H$ Am¡a ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Ho$ gmW emZXma dμŠV JwOmam Wm, Am{˜ar ~ma Bgr gmb OZdar ‘| g¡Z {S>EJmo ‘| Am¶mo{OV B§Q>aZoeZb Ag|~br Ho$ à˶oH$ {XZ& dh h‘| Ty>±‹T>Vo Am¡a A{^dmXZ H$aVo, AJa h‘ nhbo CZgo Zm {‘b {bE hm| Vmo& B Agoåãbr ‘| ‘¡pŠgH$mo Ho$ {bE Hw$N> ¶moOZmAm| na MMm© H$aZo Ho$ {bE dh ‘wPgo {‘bZo Xmo ~ma ‘oao H$m¶m©b¶ ‘| AmE Wo& CÝhm|Zo ¶mX {H$¶m S>od{bZ Ho$ gmW {~Vm¶o nbm| H$mo, O~ dmo S>rOr Wo V~ h‘mao ‘§S>b

‘| CZH$m AmZm hþAm Wm Am¡a O~ do Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r Mo¶a Wo V~ ‘oao Ka Am¶o Wo Am¡a ‘¢ ^r ‘opŠgH$mo ‘| CZHo$ Ka na Am¡a ’«|$H$ å¶y{O¶‘ J¶m Wm& {H$VZo {‘bZgma AmX‘r Wo& amoQ>ar H$s Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ gmW gmW h‘| ^r CZ H$s H$‘r IboJr& AnZo lÕm gw‘Z A{n©V H$aVo hþE, nrAmaAmB©nr Ama Ho$ adtÐZ H$hVo h¢: ’«¢$H$ EH$ ‘hmZ ì¶{º$Ëd Ho$ YZr Wo Am¡a ‘wPgo bå~o Wo, Am¡a CZH$m ‘ã¶yZg S>r¶g, A‘rJmo’ A{^dmXZ Ho$ gmW CZH$m Omoe ^am AmqbJZ& AnZr X¡{hH$ CnpñW{V Ho$ gmW-gmW dh AnZo àoaUmXm¶H$ ì¶{º$Ëd Ho$ {bE ¶mX {H$¶o OmE§Jo& dh EH$ ‘hmZ Am¡a g’$b ì¶dgm¶r Wo& AmO S>o{dZ Am°pßQ>H$b J«wn, {OgHo$ dh grB©Amo Wo, Cg Ho$ X{jU A‘o[aH$m Am¡a ¶yamon ‘| 700 go A{YH$ ñQ>moa h¢& O~ ‘¢Zo EH$ ~ma ’«¢$H$ go H$hm {H$ CZHo$ Xþ{Z¶m ‘| g~go ~‹S>o hmoZo H$s g§^mdZm h¡, Vmo OëXr go ‘wPo R>rH$ {H$¶m Am¡a H$hm Xþ{Z¶m ‘| Xÿgam g~go ~‹S>m& CZHo$ {d{OqQ>J H$mS>© g§J«h H$aZo H$s AmXV Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$aVo hþE, CÝhm|Zo H$hm, dmo ‘wº$ hñV go H$mS>© H$m AmXmZ àXmZ H$aVo Wo& CZHo$ nmg bmIm| H$mS>© H$m g§J«h hmoZm Mm{hE Š¶m|{H$ ‘¢Zo hr CÝh| H$ar~ 20 H$mS>© Xo {XE hm|Jo! AŠga CZ‘| Am¡a bwB {J¶o (AO] Q>rZm go nyd© amo B Aܶj) ‘| Bg ~mV na ~hg {N>‹S> OmVr Wr {H$ g~go A{YH$ A{YdoeZm| ‘| {H$gZo ^mJ {b¶m Wm& em¶X ’«¢$H$& CÝhm|Zo h¡å~J© go nhbo bJmVma 45 H$Ýd|eZ ‘| {eaH$V H$s Wr& {Xd§JV ZoVm H$mo Ab{dXm H$hVo hþE a{dÝÐZ H$hVo h¢, OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 19

{ච’«¢$H$, EH$ hOma XodXÿV AmnH$mo AmnH$s {Ma{ZÐm ‘| brZ H$a|& S>od{bZ H$mo EH$ {‘bZgma, Z‘©{Xb Am¡a X¶mbw B§gmZ ~VmVo hþE, Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr ¶mX H$aVo h¢ {H$ dh CZgo ^br ^m§{V n[a{MV Wo O~ dmo Q>rAmaE’$ Aܶj aho Cg g‘¶ ‘¢ AmaAmaE’$gr Wm& ‘XX Ho$ {bE h‘oem V¡¶ma ahVo Wo, CZH$s Am¡a ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m H$s Omo‹S>r ~hþV hr bmoH${චWr& ‘oar CZgo Am{˜ar ‘wbmμH$mV Hw$N> hr ‘hrZo nhbo B Ag|~br ‘| hþB© Wr Am¡a CZH$m dhr A§XmμO, {‘bZgma Am¡a Za‘ {‘μOmO& amoQ>ar Zo EH$ A˶§V CËH¥$ï> ZoVm Imo {X¶m h¡& g§H$Q> Am¡a Xþ:I H$s Bg K‹S>r ‘|, h‘ àmW©Zm H$aVo h¢ {H$ B©œa ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Am¡a CZHo$ n[adma H$mo Bg AnyaUr¶ j{V H$mo ghZ H$aZo H$s e{º$ Xo & amo B {ZXoeH$ ‘ZmoZrV E Eg d|H$Q>oe H$hVo h¢ {H$ {dJV 20 dfm] ‘|, S>rOr {Zdm©{MV ahVo O~ ^r H$moB© B Ag|~br OmEJm Vmo em¶X nhbr ‘wbmμH$mV S>od{bZ go hr hþB© hmoJr& à^mdembr ‘wñH$mZ Ho$ YZr Am¡a EH$ XmoñVmZm ep»g¶V, CZHo$ ^rVa Xÿgam| H$mo ghO ‘hgyg H$amZo H$s H$bm Wr& amoQ>ar {dœ Bg CËH¥$ï> ì¶{º$Ëd H$s H$‘r ‘hgyg H$aoJr&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

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J^J ha amoQ>ar ZoVm OmZVm h¡ {H$ amoQ>ar H$mo dZ amoQ>ar g|Q>a, AnZm ‘w»¶mb¶ {eH$mJmo Ho$ BdmÝñQ>Z bmZo ‘| ’«¢$H$ S>o{d{bZ H$m Š¶m ¶moJXmZ ahm h¡& Am¡a nyd© amo B Aܶj ao pŠb¨Jpñ‘W Ho$ nmg BgH$m {ddaU h¡& ’«¢$H$ Zo amo B ~moS>© na AnZo nhbo df© Ho$ Xm¡amZ amoQ>ar H$mo à˶j ñdén Am¡a AmH$ma XoZo ‘| ‘XX H$s Wr, Am¡a 1986-87 ‘| H$m¶©H$mar g{‘{V Ho$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| ~moS>© na, dmo ‘oao H$m¶©H$mb H$m Xÿgam df© Wm& BdmZñQ>Z pñWV 1600 [aO Edoݶy ‘| nyd© amo B ‘w»¶mb¶ H$s B‘maV N>moQ>r n‹S>Zo bJr Wr, Am¡a h‘Zo B‘maV Ho$ {bE EH$ A{V[aº$ {S>OmBZ V¡¶ma H$aZo ‘| H$m’$s ‘e¸$V H$s Wr& hmbm§{H$, h‘Zo XoIm {H$ ¶h ~hþV ‘h§Jm n‹S>Vm Š¶m|{H$ B‘maV EH$ Eo{Vhm{gH$ joÌ ‘| pñWV Wr Am¡a g^r nm{Hª$J O‘rZ Ho$ ZrMo ~ZVr Am¡a

eoIa ‘ohVm Am¡a amer (~mE§) Ho$ gmW S>od{bZ&

Bg Vah ^y{‘ Ho$ Ob ñVa go ZrMo OmZm n‹S>Vm! Bg{bE, ’«¢$H$ Zo H$hm Mbmo eha Ho$ ‘ܶ ‘| e‘©Z Edoݶy na “A‘o[aH$s AñnVmb Amny{V© ^dZ’ H$mo IarXVo h¢ Omo Imbr n‹S>m h¡& bo{H$Z ¶h B‘maV 18 ‘§{μOb D$§Mr Wr, {Og‘| amo B H$s μOéaV go H$m’$s A{YH$ OJh Wr, Am¡a CgH$s H$s‘V Wr 22.5 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba&ñnï> Wm {H$ ¶o h‘mar Amdí¶H$Vm go H$ht A{YH$ Wr Am¡a ~OQ> go ^r A{YH$! bo{H$Z ’«¢$H$ A‹S>o aho, Am¡a O~ h‘Zo F$U bo H$a Am¡a A{V[aº$ ñWmZ {H$amE na XoZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| OmZH$mar EH$Ì H$s, ¶h EH$ ~hþV hr AmH$f©H$ àñVmd ~Z J¶m& ~moS>© Zo ^dZ IarXZo Ho$ {bE gh‘{V Xo Xr, {Ogo AmO dZ amoQ>ar g|Q>a Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZm OmVm h¡, Am¡a Bg gm¡Xo Ho$ {bE à‘wI ‘ܶñW {Z{üV ê$n go ’«¢$H$ hr Wo!

nrAmaAmB©S>r gr. ^mñH$a Omo V~ amoB© ‘§S>b 3000 Ho$ ‘§S>b JdZ©a Wo O~ S>opìbZ amoB© Aܶj Wo H$hVo h¡ {H$ ‘¢Zo CZHo$ gmW H$m‘ H$aZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ H$s JB© AZoH$ ’$bXm¶H$ Am¡a ~m¡{ÕH$ ê$n go CÎmoOH$ ~mVMrV H$m A˶§V AmZ§X CR>m¶m& CZHo$ dmH$nQw>Vm H$m¡ebm| Ed§ g‘mO H$s {ZñdmW© godm Ho$ àoaH$ g§Xoem| Zo CÝh| EH$ Eogr AmdmμO ~Zm {X¶m {Ogo Xþ{Z¶m ^a Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Z Am¡a {deof ê$n go ^maV Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Z ~‹S>o ܶmZ go gwZVo Wo& CZH$s Am¡a CZH$s nËZr ½bmo[a¶m Ho$ gmW hþB© ‘mbm Am¡a ‘oar ~mVMrV ‘wPo gXm AmZ§{XV H$a|Jr& CZH$m {ZYZ Zm Ho$db CZHo$ n[adma Ho$ {bE ~pëH$ amoQ>ar Ed§ Xþ{Z¶m^a Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ho$ {bE ^r EH$ j{V h¡& „

AmM© Šbå’$ gmogmBQ>r:

AÀN>mB© go H$B© A{YH$


AmM© Šbå’$ gmogmBQ>r, {OgH$m Zm‘ Cg AmX‘r Ho$ Zm‘ na h¡ {Ogo amoQ>ar g§ñWmZ H$m OZH$ g‘Pm OmVm h¡, amoQ>ar Ho$ Cg CƒV‘ loUr Ho$ XmZH$Vm©Am| H$m gå‘mZ H$aVm h¡ {OÝhm|Zo g§ñWmZ H$mo 250,000 S>m°ba ¶m Cggo A{YH$ {XE h¡& J¡ar gr. Ho$. hþAm§J AmM© Šbå’$ gmogmBQ>r ‘| em{‘b hmoZo H$mo BVZm ‘hËdnyU© ‘mZVo h¡ {H$ CÝhm|Zo 201920 ‘| amoQ>ar g§ñWmZ Ho$ ݶm{g¶m| Ho$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| AnZo H$m¶©H$mb ‘| Bgo EH$ ‘w»¶ ܶmZmH$f©U ~Zm {X¶m h¡& OwbmB© 2019 go ‘mM© 2020 VH$, Bg gmogmBQ>r Zo 95 ZE gXñ¶m|

H$mo em{‘b {H$¶m h¡ - Omo {nN>bo amoQ>ar df© H$s g‘mZ Ad{Y go 25 à{VeV A{YH$ h¡ Am¡a 2018-19 Ho$ Hw$b go ^r A{YH$ h¡& g§ñWmZ Ho$ g^r ¶moJXmZm| H$s Vah AmM© Šbå’$ gmogmBQ>r H$mo {XE JE ¶moJXmZ H$mo{dS>-19 O¡gr ~r‘m[a¶m| go b‹S>Zo ‘| ‘XX H$aVo h¡& do ñdÀN> nmZr ^r àXmZ H$aVo h¡, ‘mVmAm| Am¡a ~ƒm| Ho$ OrdZ H$mo ~MmVo h¡, {ejm H$m g‘W©Z H$aVo h¡, Am¡a ñWmZr¶ AW©ì¶dñWmAm| H$mo ~‹T>Zo ‘| ‘XX H$aVo h¡& amoQ>ar g§ñWmZ Ho$ ~mao ‘| A{YH$ OmZZo Ho$ {bE, rotary.org/foundation na OmE±&

AŠQy>~a 2019 ‘| BdmÝñQ>Z ‘| dZ amoQ>ar g|Q>a ‘| X AmH©$ Šbå’$ gmogmBQ>r Zo VmBdmZ go 30 XmZXmVmAm| H$mo gå‘m{ZV {H$¶m&


United States 509

Taiwan 111

India 106

*As of 31 March

Korea 95

Japan 47

Canada 40

Philippines 23

Australia 20

Brazil 14

Nigeria 13

OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 21

emoH$ gÝXoe

’«¢$H$ AnZr qμOXm{Xb ‘wgHw$amhQ> Ho$ gmW ñdJ© H$mo am¡eZ H$a|Jo H$ë¶mU ~oZOu

$ H$ S>od{bZ amoQ>ar ‘| h‘oem ‘oar g~go


ng§XrXm ep»g¶Vm| ‘| go EH$ Wo, dmo e»g {OÝh| ‘¢ EH$ AmXe© amoQ>o[a¶Z ‘mZVm hÿ±& H$ar~ 6 ’$sQ> 3 B§M bå~o, BH$ham ~XZ, Iy~gyaV, AmH$f©H$ AmdmμO Ho$ YZr, {H$gr ^r g‘mamoh ‘| dh AbJ go ZμOa Am OmE§Jo& Am¡a, O~ dh Amn H$mo XoI b|Jo Vmo AmJo ~‹T> H$a H$h|Jo ã¶yZg {S>¶g, E{‘Jmo, ¶m {g’©$ Amobm, Am¡a A~«mOmo (ñn¡{Ze ^mfm ‘| AmqbJZ) AnZo A§XmμO ‘| AmnH$mo AmJmoe ‘| bo b|Jo& Am¡a, Amn H$mo Vwa§V Ahgmg hmoZo bJoJm {H$ ¶h EH$ emZXma {XZ Wm& {dœmg Zht hmoVm {H$ ’«¢$H$ A~ Zht aho Am¡a {H$gr ~‹S>o H$m‘ Ho$ {bE D$na H$ht Mbo JE, A~ CZHo$ Amobm Am¡a AmJmoe H$s H$‘r h‘oem IboJr& Vmo, O~ ‘¢ CZHo$ ~mao ‘| AnZo {dMma ~¡R>m Vmo gmoMm, H$hm§ go ewê$ H$ê$§? em¶X ¶hm§ go {H$ CZH$m OÝ‘ 1939 ‘| hþAm Wm, Am¡a amoQ>ar ‘| nmo{b¶moßbg 22

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

Ho$ OZH$ S>m° H$mbm}g H¡$ZgoH$mo Zo CÝh| AnZo g§ajU ‘| Vamem Wm& 1977-78 ‘| dh ‘¡pŠgH$mo ‘| amo B ‘§S>b 4170 Ho$ JdZ©a ~Zo Am¡a VoOr go AmJo ~‹T>Vo hþE 1986-88 ‘| amo B {ZXoeH$ ~Zo {’$a 199698 ‘| Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r, Am¡a 2000-01 ‘| amo B Ho$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| godm H$aZo Ho$ {bE MwZo JE& hmbm±{H$ ’«¢$H$ amoQ>ar Ho$ {bE hr OrVo Wo Am¡a Bgo ~hþV ߶ma H$aVo Wo, na gmW hr do XÿaXeu

O~ dh Amn H$mo XoI b|Jo Vmo AmJo ~‹T> H$a H$h|Jo

ã¶yZg {S>¶g, E{‘Jmo, ¶m {g’©$ Amobm, Am¡a A~«mOmo AnZo A§XmμO ‘| AmnH$mo AmJmoe ‘| bo b|Jo&

^r Wo Am¡a H$‹S>r ‘ohZV H$aZo dmbo ì¶dgm¶r& ghr ‘m¶Zm| ‘|, Xþ{Z¶m H$mo Ñ{ï> àXmZ H$aZm hr CZH$m ì¶dgm¶ Wm Am¡a S>od{bZ Am°pßQ>H$b J«wn, Omo Mí‘m, b|g Am¡a Ñ{ï> g§~§Yr g^r dñVwAm| H$m CËnmXZ H$aVm Wm, ’$bVm ’y$bVm J¶m, amoQ>ar ‘| {μOå‘oXm[a¶m| Ho$ gmW-gmW& dmñVd ‘|, ’«¢$H$ Zo ZoÌm| H$s XoI^mb Am¡a BgH$s OmJê$H$Vm ~‹T>mZo Ho$ {bE 10 bmI Mí‘o ‘wâV ~m§Q>o Wo Am¡a AmJm‘r dfm] ‘|, CÝh| ‘¡pŠgH$mo Ho$ EH$ ‘hmZ Am¡a namonH$mar ì¶{º$ Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZm J¶m& CZH$m Am°pßQ>H$b ì¶dgm¶ ^r Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ g~go ~‹S>o ì¶dgm¶m| ‘| ew‘ma hmo J¶m& EH$ {XZ ‘¢ A‘o[aH$m ‘| ’«¢$H$ Ho$ gmW EH$ amo B g{‘{V H$s ~¡R>H$ ‘| Wm, O~ CÝh| BdmÝñQ>Z go Zm°{‘ZoqQ>J H$‘oQ>r H$m ’$moZ Am¶m, Omo H$m’$s g‘¶ go CZgo g§nH©$ H$aZo H$m à¶mg H$a ahr Wr& CÝhm|Zo ~g BVZm H$hm: hm§, godm H$aHo$ ‘wPo Iwer {‘boJr Am¡a ’$moZ H$mQ> {X¶m& ‘¢Zo nyN>m, ’«¢$H$, ’$moZ {H$g gå~ÝY ‘| Wm? ‘CÝhm|Zo Odm~ {X¶m: bJVm h¡

CÝhm|Zo ‘wPo 2000-01 Ho$ Aܶj nX Ho$ {bE MwZ {b¶m h¡& Am¡a ‘¢Zo H$hm: ho ^JdmZ! Amn Iwe Zht h¢ Š¶m? CÝhm|Zo Odm~ {X¶m: hm§& bo{H$Z ‘wPo BVZr OëXr BgH$s Cå‘rX Zht Wr& AnZo df© Ho$ {bE ’«¢$H$ H$s Wr‘ Wr ‘{H«$EQ> Ado¶aZog E§S> Q>oH$ EŠeZ& CZHo$ ‘§S>b Aܶjm| Zo CZH$s “EŠeZ Q>r‘“ ~ZmB© Wr& CZHo$ amo B Aܶj ~ZZo go nhbo Am¡a ~mX ‘| ’«¢$H$ Am¡a CZH$s nËZr ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Ho$ gmW H$B© ~ma ^maV Am MwHo$ h¢, ‘§S>b gå‘obZm| ‘| amo B Aܶj Ho$ à{V{Z{Y Ho$ ê$n ‘| Am¡a ^maV Ho$ bJ^J g^r à‘wI Am¡a Hw$N> N>moQ>o ~‹S>o eha ^r XoI MwHo$ h¢& ‘¡pŠgH$Z hmoZo Ho$ ZmVo, h‘mao VrIo Am¡a ‘gmboXma ^maVr¶ 춧OZ CÝh| ~ohX ng§X Wo& ’«¢$H$ Zo h‘oem ^maVr¶ Šb~m| H$mo Z {g’©$ amoQ>ar ‘| ~pëH$ ZoV¥Ëd Ho$ Aݶ nXm| na ^r A{YH$ ‘{hbmAm| H$mo bmZo Ho$ {bE àmoËgm{hV {H$¶m& 2002-05 ‘| Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r Ho$ ê$n ‘| Am¡a Cggo AJbo df© 2005-06 ‘| BgHo$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| AnZr amoQ>ar godm Omar aIr, CÝhm|Zo Q>rAmaE’$ ‘| C^aVr AdYmaUm â¶yMa {dμOZ H$s AܶjVm


H$s Am¡a 2001-2003 ‘| AdmoBS>o~b ãbmB§S>Zog Q>mñH$ ’$m°g© H$m ZoV¥Ëd {H$¶m& Q>rAmaE’$ ‘| AnZo H$m¶©H$mb Ho$ ~mX ^r, CÝhm|Zo amoQ>ar EŠeZ J«wn ’$m°a nrg ‘| AnZr godmE§ XoZm Omar aIm& BZ dfm] ‘|, ’«¢$H$ amoQ>ar ‘§M na h‘oem g~go A{YH$ ‘m§J dmbo dº$mAm| ‘| aho& do àIa dº$m Wo, O¡go-O¡go CZH$s bmoH${à¶Vm ~‹T>r, ’«¢$H$ Zo AnZo à‘wI amoQ>ar gamoH$mam| H$mo boIZ Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go 춺$ {H$¶m& AmJm‘r Hw$N> dfm] ‘| CÝhm|Zo nm§M ~oñQ> gobg© H$m boIZ {H$¶m npãbH$ ñnrqH$J,amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ, brS>a{en na Am¡a Xmo nwñVH|$ {OZH$m erf©H$ Wm ’«¢$H$ Q>m°H$, ‘oå~a{en J«moW EÝS> [aQ>|eZ& bo{H$Z ‘hmZ ì¶{º$Ëd Ho$ YZr hmoZo Ho$ ~mdOyX, ’«¢$H$ Ho$ n¡a h‘oem O‘rZ na ahVo Wo& Amngo {d{OqQ>J H$mS>© Ho$ {bE nyN>Zm ¶m h‘oem AmnH$mo Zm‘ go nwH$maZm ¶m Amn H$s Q>mB© grYr aIZo Ho$ {bE ßbmpñQ>H$ Q>mB© {nZ XoZm CÝh| ng§X Wm ¶m AnZo Mí‘o H$m ßbmpñQ>H$ Ho$ Mí‘o H$m g¢nb Xo H$a Cgo AmO‘mZo Ho$ {bE H$hVo Wo -½bmgoO ’$m°a X ‘mgoμO’, ¶m AmnH$mo ~¡O {XImVo {H$ CÝhm|Zo 46 amo B H$Ýd|eZ ‘| ^mJ {b¶m Wm!

’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ Ho$ gmW PRIP H$ë¶mU ~oZOu&

‘wPo AmO ^r ñnï> ê$n go ¶mX h¡ OyZ 2001 ‘| Q>oŠgmg ‘| ’«¢$H$ Ho$ g¡Z E§Q>mo{Z¶mo H$Ýd|eZ H$m g‘mnZ gÌ& A§V ‘|, CÝhm|Zo nmg I‹S>r ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m H$mo g‘mnZ na {Q>ßnUr Ho$ {bE nmo{S>¶‘ na Am‘§{ÌV {H$¶m Am¡a O~ dmo ~mobr: ‘’«¢$H$, Ka MbZo H$m g‘¶ hmo J¶m h¡&’

dmH$B© ¶o AØþV h¡ {H$ ’«¢$H$ Zo Omo Hw$N> ^r {H$¶m CgH$s ¶mX| nrN>o N>mo‹S> JE {Og na CZHo$ hñVmja A{‘Q> h¢& CÝhm|Zo amo B H$mo BdmÝñQ>Z ‘| AnZo 18-‘§{Obm dV©‘mZ ‘w»¶mb¶ IarXZo ‘| ‘XX H$s Wr, Š¶m|{H$ h‘mam nhbm ‘w»¶mb¶ 1600 [aO Edoݶy na h¡, Omo {H$ N>moQ>m n‹S> ahm Wm& BVZo dfm] go h‘mam ‘w»¶mb¶ ^dZ h‘mar μOê$aVm| H$mo nyam H$a ahm h¡& ‘wPo AmO ^r ñnï> ê$n go ¶mX h¡ O¡go H$b hr H$s ~mV hmo, OyZ 2001 ‘| Q>oŠgmg ‘| ’«¢$H$ Ho$ g¡Z E§Q>mo{Z¶mo H$Ýd|eZ H$m g‘mnZ gÌ& H$Ýd|eZ A§{V‘ MaU ‘| nhþ±M MwH$m Wm Am¡a g‘mnZ gÌ ‘| ’«¢$H$ H$m A§{V‘ dº$ì¶ Mb ahm Wm& A§V ‘|, CÝhm|Zo nmg I‹S>r ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m H$mo g‘mnZ na {Q>ßnUr Ho$ {bE nmo{S>¶‘ na Am‘§{ÌV {H$¶m Am¡a O~ dmo ~mobr: ’«¢$H$, Ka MbZo H$m g‘¶ hmo J¶m h¡, nyam g^mJma Vm{b¶m| go J‹S>J‹S>m CR>m! H$b 28 ‘B© H$mo ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Am¡a CZHo$ ~ƒm| ‘obmZr, ñQ>o’$Zr Am¡a Oo{Z’$a Zo {~bIVo hþE ¶o XþIX g‘mMma {X¶m H$hm {H$ h‘mao ’«¢$H$ Zo n¢{H«$A{Q>H$ H¢$ga Ho$ gm‘Zo AnZo KwQ>Zo Q>oH$ {XE, Am¡a nyar Xþ{Z¶m Zo I‹S>o hmo H$a H$hm: Ab{dXm, ’«$¢ H$: Amn gX¡d h‘mao {Xbm| ‘| ah|Jo& AnZr qμOXm{Xb ‘wñH$amhQ> Ho$ gmW Amn h‘oem ñdJ© H$mo ^r am¡eZ H$aVo ah|& boIH$ nyd© amo B© Aܶj h¢& OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 23

emoH$ gÝXoe


H$ S>do {bZ bå~o H$X Ho$ ì¶{º$ Wo Am¡a h‘ O~ ^r {‘bVo, dh ‘wPo ~hþV J‘©Omoer go H$hVo, ‘m¶ ào{OS|>Q>, A~«mOmo& O~ dmo ‘wPo grZo go bJmVo, ‘wP O¡go N>moQ>o H$X Ho$ ì¶{º$ H$m {ga CZH$s N>mVr VH$ nhþ§M OmVm& ‘¢ h‘oem H$hVm Wm, ‘oao XmoñV, Vwåhmam {Xb ‘oao {X‘mJ go ‘wbmμH$mV H$a ahm h¡& ’«¢$H$ Ho$ gmW ‘oar amoQ>ar ¶mÌm H$m Amaå^ ‘B©, 1978 ‘| ~moH$m a¡Q>Z, âbmo[aS>m, A‘o[aH$m ‘| hþAm, {Og df© do ‘§S>b Aܶj {Zdm©{MV Wo Am¡a ‘¢ B§Q>aZoeZb J«wn H$m brS>a (A~ B§Q>aZoeZb {S>ñH$eZ brS>a)& h‘ 1983 go gh-¶mÌr ~Z JE, V~ amo B Ho$ AmJm‘r Aܶj S>m° H$mbm}g H$m|goH$mo Zo ¶o H$h H$a {‘bdm¶m, amOm, Amn ’«¢$H$ H$mo Agr‘ D$§MmB¶m| na ~‹T>Vo XoImoJo& ’«¢$H$ Zo amoQ>ar ‘| Am¡a AnZo noeo XmoZm| ‘| ZB© D$§MmB¶m| H$mo Ny>Am& AnZo à^mdembr ì¶{º$Ëd ‘| AXå¶ Omoe Am¡a gmhg H$s ^mdZm H$m g‘mdoe H$a, CÝhm|Zo gr‹T>r Xa gr‹T>r H$m‘¶m~r hm{gb H$s& 1986-87 ‘| nyd© amoQ>ar Aܶj ‘¡Q> H¡$namg Ûmam CZHo$ Aܶj H$mb Ho$ Xm¡amZ ewê$ {H$¶o JE H$m¶©H«$‘ amoQ>ar {dboO H$m°ßg© Ho$ {bE ’«¢$H$ Am¡a ‘¢ nyar Vah go à{V~Õ hmo JE Wo Am¡a ‘¢ Cg g{‘{V H$m Aܶj ~Zm& AJbo gmb, ‘¢ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| H$m‘ H$aVm ahm Am¡a g{‘{V Ho$ {bE ’«¢$H$ amo B Ho$ g§nH©$ {ZXoeH$ ~Z JE& ¶h H$m¶©H«$‘ E{e¶m Am¡a X{jU A‘o[aH$m ‘| Vmo ~hþV bmoH${චhþAm bo{H$Z {dH${gV Xoem| ‘| Zht& AmJm‘r amo B ZoV¥Ëd Bg H$m¶©H«$‘ H$mo bo H$a ~hþV CËgm{hV Zht Wm Am¡a EH$ gwJ~wJmhQ> ^r CR> ahr Wr {H$ Bgo hQ>m {X¶m OmEJm& Am¡a {’$a Am¶m 1989 H$m grAmoEb, Ohm§ ’«¢$H$ Am¡a ‘¢ XmoZm| hr ‘VXmZ à{V{Z{Y Wo& Šb~ ‘| CnpñW{V Ho$ lo¶ go g§~§{YV EH$ A{Y{Z¶‘ àñVm{dV Wm& Bgo ’«¢$H$ Zo CR>m¶m Am¡a g§emoYZ àñVm{dV {H$¶m {H$ amoQ>ar {dboO H$m°ßg© H$s ~¡R>H$ ‘| ^mJ boZo dmbo amoQ>o[a¶Z H$mo CnpñW{V H$m bm^ R>rH$ d¡go hr {‘boJm, O¡go amoQ>ma¡ŠQ> H$s ~¡R>H$ ‘| ^mJ boZo go {‘bVm h¡& {~Zm {H$gr {damoY Ho$ dmo g§emoYZ nm[aV hmo J¶m& EH$ AÀN>r gmoM Ho$ 24

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

’«¢$H$ g~go D$§Mo, gƒo hramo Wo amO|Ð gm~y


’«¢$H$ S>od{bZ Am¡a amO|Ð gm~y&

gmW, amoQ>ar {dboO H$m°ßg©, amoQ>ar Ho$ g§d¡Ym{ZH$ XñVmdoO H$m {hñgm ~Z J¶m Am¡a A~ àmoJ«m‘ go H$moB© N>o‹S>N>m‹S> Zht hmoJr Am¡a Zm hr Bgo hQ>m¶m OmEJm& Eogo Wo ’«¢$H$& g§¶moJde EH$ ‘OoXma KQ>Zm KQ>r, ‘B© 1989 ‘| O~ ’«¢$H$ Am¡a ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m, Cfm Am¡a ‘¢ amoQ>ar H$Ýd|eZ ‘| ^mJ boZo Ho$ {bE AbJ AbJ C‹S>mZm| go {g¶mob E¶anmoQ>© na nhþ§Mo Wo& amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$mo hmoQ>b B§Q>aH$m§{Q>Z|Q>b ‘| bo OmZo Ho$ {bE EH$ Am‘ ~g H$s ì¶dñWm H$s JB© Wr& h‘ ~g ‘| M‹T>o Am¡a Mmam| AmpIar n§{º$ ‘| ~¡R>o Wo& AMmZH$, ’«$¢ H$ Zo I‹S>o hmoH$a KmofUm H$s, AJbo amo B Aܶj h‘mao ~rM ~g ‘| ~¡R>o h¢& O~ g^r Zo BYa-CYa XoIZm ewê$ H$a {X¶m Vmo CÝhm|Zo H$hm, dh h¡ amOm gm~y& Vm{b¶m± ~O ahr Wt& ‘wPo Eogm H$moB© Am^mg Zht Wm& nmaån[aH$ ê$n go amo B Aܶj Ho$ {bE AJbm Zm‘m§H$Z A‘o[aH$m go hmoZm Wm, bo{H$Z XopI¶o, H$‘mb H$s ~mV ¶o h¡ {H$ {g’©$ nm§M ‘hrZo ~mX AŠQy>~a 1989 ‘|, Zm‘m§H$Z g{‘{V Ûmam ‘wPo 1991-92 Ho$ {bE Aܶj MwZ {b¶m J¶m Wm& Š¶m ’«¢$H$ EH$ Á¶mo{Vfr Wo ? 1988-89 ‘|, CZHo$ {ZXoeH$ H$m¶©H$mb Ho$ Vwa§V ~mX, ’«¢$H$ A§Vam©ï´>r¶ Amadrgr g{‘{V Ho$ Aܶj Am¡a H$ë¶mU ~ZOu BgHo$ Cnmܶj Wo& ’«¢$H$ H$mo YݶdmX, amoQ>ar {dboO H$m°ßg© (Amadrgr) amo B H$m EH$ ñWm¶r H$m¶©H«$‘ ~Z J¶m Am¡a ¶h A^r ^r amoQ>ar H$å¶w{ZQ>r H$m°ßg© Ho$ ê$n ‘| Omar h¡& 1986 Ho$ ~mX go, ’«¢$H$ nmo{b¶moßbg Ho$ à{V nyU© ê$n go g‘{n©V hmo JE Wo Am¡a dh nyao Omoe Ho$ gmW Bg‘| OwQ> JE& 1991-92 ‘| Q>rAmaE’$ H$s 75 dt df©Jm§R> H$m g‘mamoh ‘ZmZo Ho$ {bE EH$ Cƒ ñVar¶ g{‘{V H$m JR>Z {H$¶m J¶m Am¡a ’«¢$H$ BgHo$ gXñ¶m| ‘| go EH$ Wo& Cg dμŠV dmo Q´>ñQ>r Mo¶a Wo Am¡a ‘¢ amo B Aܶj& erK« hr ’«¢$H$ amo B Aܶj Ho$ erf© nX na nhþ§M JE, bo{H$Z AnZo H$m¶©H$mb Ho$ Xm¡amZ ¶m CgHo$ ~mX ^r, CÝhm|Zo H$^r ^r AnZr ghOVm H$mo {‘Q>Zo Zht {X¶m, do EH$ gab ñd^md Ho$ ì¶{º$ Wo, amoQ>o[a¶Z go {‘bZm, H$mS>© H$m AmXmZ-àXmZ H$aZm Am¡a H$Ýd|eZ ‘| AnZo ar¶y{Z¶Z ‘| bJ^J 700800 à{V^m{J¶m| go {‘bZm& CZHo$ XadmOo g^r Ho$ {bE Iwbo Wo EH$ à’w${„V A{^dmXZ Ho$ gmW hmobm ... bo{H$Z dmñVd ‘| ~mV dmo {Xb go H$aVo Wo&

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S>od{bZ Am¡a ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m Ho$ gmW PRIP amO|Ð gm~y&

CZH$mo ^maV ~hþV ng§X Wm Am¡a O~ ^r Adga {‘bVm Bg Xoe ‘| Ky‘Zo Am OmVo Wo& 1980 Ho$ XeH$ Ho$ A§V ‘| dh AnZr ~oQ>r ‘obZ Ho$ gmW M§S>rJ‹T> AmE, Am¡a ~mX ‘| H$B© gå‘obZm| Am¡a B§pñQ>Q>çyQ> ‘| ^mJ {b¶m& 2000 ‘| dh amoQ>ar Am¡a H|$Ðr¶ ñdmñ϶ ‘§Ìmb¶ Ûmam g§¶wº$ ê$n go {X„r ‘| Am¶mo{OV A§Vam©ï´>r¶ OZg§»¶m {eIa gå‘obZ ‘| ^mJ boZo Ho$ {bE amo B Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| ^maV AmE Wo& Mmho H$Ýd|eZ hmo ¶m B§Q>aZoeZb Ag|~br, Cfm go {‘bZo Ho$ {bE do h‘oem dμŠV {ZH$mb boVo Wo, gXñ¶Vm, amoQ>ar àmoOoŠQ²g, npãbH$ Ado¶aZog na MMm© Ho$ {bE& Cfm Zo h‘oem amoQ>ar H$mo Šb~ ‘rqQ>J H$s MmaXrdmar go ~mha {ZH$b H$a ~mhar Xþ{Z¶m H$mo ¶h ~VmZo H$s dH$mbV H$s h¡, {H$ AmpIa amoQ>ar Š¶m H$aVr h¡& ’«¢$H$ Zo CÝht {dMmam| H$mo {O¶m Omo CZH$s Wr‘ go A{^춺$ hmoVo Wo, J«oQ> Ado¶aZog-Q>oH$ EŠeZ& dh D$Om© go ^anya Wo, AnZo {dMmam| Ho$ gÝX^© ‘| ñnï>dmXr Wo& nyd© amo B Aܶjm| H$s n[afX H$s ~¡R>H$ ‘|, dh AnZr am¶ XoVo Am¡a Aݶ Ho$ {dMmam| H$m ^r gå‘mZ H$aVo Wo& ‘wPo ¶mX h¡ {H$ BZ am{Ì^moOm| ‘| dh h‘oem ~«m§S>oS> Jm°Jëg bmVo Wo, {deof ê$n go ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ {bE&

’«¢$H$ ~hþV ߶ma Am¡a XoI^mb H$aZo dmbo n{V Wo, A§Vam©ï´>r¶ ~¡R>H$m| ‘| h‘ CÝh| ½bmo[a¶m arQ>m H$s ìhrbMo¶a H$mo YHo$bVo hþE XoI gH$Vo Wo& dh dmñVd ‘| EH$ n[adma H$mo g‘{n©V Wo Am¡a EH$ ‘hmZ CÚ‘r Ho$ ê$n ‘| CÝhm|Zo AnZr ~o{Q>¶m| ‘obmZr, ñQ>oμ’$Zr Am¡a Oo{Z’$a Ho$ gmW {‘b H$a AnZo Am°pßQ>H$b ì¶dgm¶ H$mo H$B© JwUm ~‹T>m¶m& dh ‘mZdVm Ho$ {bE àoaUm Wo ‘mZdr¶ Am¡a CXma& ¶h CZ Ho$ ì¶{º$Ëd Ho$ Am§V[aH$ JwU Wo {OÝhm|Zo ’«$¢ H$ H$m H$X BVZm D$§Mm H$a {X¶m& dh AnZo OrdZ H$mb ‘| hr EH$ ‘hmZ ì¶{º$ Zht Wo ~pëH$ AmZo dmbr nr{‹T>¶m| Ho$ {bE h‘oem AmXe© ~Zo ah|Jo& ‘wPo ’«$¢ H$ go 16 ‘B© H$mo EH$ B©‘bo {‘bm, {Og‘| CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ CÝhm|Zo PRID gwXe©Z AJ«dmb Ho$ JwOaZo H$s I~a {‘br Wr& Cfm AJ«dmb H$s B©‘ob AmB©S>r Ho$ {bE ‘wPgo nyN>m Am¡a CÝhm|Zo ‘wPgo n[adma Ho$ à{V g§doXZm 춺$ H$aZo H$m AZwamoY {H$¶m& Cg g‘¶ dh IwX ^r n¢{H«$A{Q>H$ H¢$ga go nr{‹S>V Wo Am¡a CÝh| nVm Wm {H$ CZHo$ nmg g‘¶ H$‘ Wm , {’$a ^r dh h‘mao XmoñV gwXe©Z Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoM aho Wo& {Zñg§Xoh ’«¢$H$ CZgo ñdJ©XÿVm| H$s Xþ{Z¶m ‘| {‘b|Jo&

boIH$ nyd© amo B© Aܶj h¢& OyZ 2020

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H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar Ho$ {bE Q>rAmaE’$ H$s Ëd[aV à{V{H«$¶m aerXm ^JV Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| H$mo{dS>-19 dm¶ag Ho$ AMmZH$ C^aZo Ho$ gmW hr ‘mZdr¶ ¶§ÌUm, ~r‘mar Am¡a ‘m¡V H$m ^yMmb Am J¶m Am¡a amoQ>o[a¶Z AnZo g‘mO H$s VËH$mb ‘XX Am¡a godm H$aZo Ho$ {bE Vwa§V {ZH$b n‹S>o, X amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ Zo ^r Bg‘| erK«Vm {XImBª& ’$mC§S>e o Z Zo ¶h erK«Vm Bg {bE {XImB© Vm{H$, g‘¶ ahVo amoQ>o[a¶Z Bg {dn{Îm go à^mdembr VarHo$ go {ZnQ> gH|$& “h‘Zo EH$ AmnmVH$mbrZ ~¡R>H$ ~wbmB© Am¡a H$mo{dS> -19 g§~§{YV IMm] na Hw$N> JhZ Am¡a ‘hËdnyU© {ZU©¶ {bE,” X amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ AmJm‘r Q´>ñQ>r Aܶj Ho$ Ama adtÐZ Zo amoQ>ar ݶyO H$mo EH$ gmjmËH$ma ‘| ~Vm¶m&

Hw$N> A§e Š¶m Amn ~Vm gH$Vo h¢ {H$ AmJm‘r Q´>ñQ>r Mo¶a Ho$ ê$n ‘| d¡{œH$ H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar go CnOo hmbmV Am¡a ZB© MwZm¡{V¶m| go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ Am¡a amo B ~moS>© H$s aUZr{V Am¡a à{V{H«$¶m Š¶m ahoJr? Bg‘| H$moB© g§Xoh Zht h¡ {H$ bJ^J nyar ‘mZdVm Bg nr‹T>r H$s g~go ~‹S>r AmnXm H$m gm‘Zm H$a ahr Wr& AnZo B{Vhmg ‘| nhbr ~ma Q>rAmaE’$ H$mo EH$ Eogr pñW{V go {ZnQ>Zm n‹S> ahm h¡ Ohm§ nyar Xþ{Z¶m EH$ IVaZmH$ dm¶ag go KmVH$ ê$n go àVm{‹S>V hmo ahr h¡& g§¶wº$ amï´> Ho$ {dœ ImÚ H$m¶©H«$‘ Zo MoVmdZr Xr h¡ {H$ Xþ{Z¶m ‘| ^yI go àVm{‹S>V bmoJm| H$s g§»¶m, {OZ‘| go A{YH$m§e A’«$sH$m ‘| ahVo h¢, Bg df© XmoJwZr hmo gH$Vr h¡&

A‘y‘Z O~ ^r V~mhr hmoVr h¡ Vmo Xþ{Z¶m H$m H$moB© EH$ {hñgm ¶m joÌ à^m{dV hmoVm h¡, Eogr pñW{V ‘| ‘XX Ho$ {bE Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ Aݶ Aà^m{dV joÌm| ‘| Anrb H$aZm ghO hmoVm h¡& bo{H$Z Bg ‘m‘bo ‘| Vmo ha H$moB© à^m{dV Wm Am¡a ~‹S>o XmZXmVm amï´> Vmo Am¡a ^r J§^ra ê$n go à^m{dV bJ aho Wo! Q>rAmaE’$ H$mo à^mdembr à{V{H«$¶m H$aZr Wr dmo ^r erK«Vmnyd©H$& h‘| amoQ>ar Xþ{Z¶m H$s VmËH$m{bH$ Oê$aVm| Am¡a Amdí¶H$VmAm| H$mo ‘Ôo ZμOa aIVo hþE BgH$m Odm~ Vwa§V XoZm Wm& Bggo ^r A{YH$ ‘hËdnyU© ~mV ¶o {H$ h‘| EH$ Eogr Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ {bE à{V{H«$¶m H$aZr Wr Omo Aà˶m{eV ê$n go ~Xbo hþE ‘mhm¡b ‘| EH$ J§^ra AmKmV go JwμOar Wr&

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‘ZmoZrV Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r Aܶj Ho$ Ama aqdÐZ Am¡a Q>rAmaE’ Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr&

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n¶m©daUr¶ à^md Bg nyar ‘hm‘mar go AJa {H$gr H$mo ’$m¶Xm hþAm h¡ Vmo dmo h¡ n¶m©daU& ‘Zwî¶ Ho$ H$‘ ZμOa AmZo H$s dOh go, no‹S> nm¡Ym| Am¡a OmZdam| H$mo n¥Ïdr J«h na AnZm ¶Wmo{MV ñWmZ {‘b ahm h¡& AŠQy>~a 2019 ‘| Q´>ñQ>rμO ‘rQ> ‘| ({ddaUr Ho$ XñVmdoO AZwgma), AmnZo EH$ {df¶ go n[aM¶ H$adm¶m Wm n¶m©daU {Ogo dV©‘mZ ‘’$moH$g joÌ’ H$s gyMr ‘| EH$ Am¡a ‘’$moH$g joÌ’ Ho$ ê$n ‘| Omo‹S>Zo H$m AZwamoY {H$¶m Wm& A~ Vmo Amn H$mo Iwe hmoZm Mm{hE! O¡gm {H$ AmnZo H$hm, hm± ‘¢Zo àñVmd aIm Wm Am¡a ~moS>© Zo gh‘{V OVmB© h¡ {H$ n¶m©daUr¶ ‘wÔm| H$mo ’$moH$g Ho$ EH$ ZE joÌ Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmoS‹ >m OmZm Mm{hE ¶m ’$moH$g Ho$ ‘m¡OXy m joÌ ‘| gpå‘{bV {H$¶m OmZm Mm{hE& nyd© amo B Aܶj B¶mZ [agbo H$s AܶjVm ‘| Cg nhby H$m Aܶ¶Z H$aZo dmbr EH$ g{‘{V J{R>V h¡ Am¡a BgH$m {ZU©¶ Bg amoQ>ar df© Ho$ ^rVa hr hmo OmEJm& bo{H$Z AJa AmnH$m ¶o ‘Vb~ h¡ {H$ H$mo{dS> -19 H$s dOh go n¶m©daU na n‹S>o A{V[aº$ à^md H$mo bo H$a ‘¢ Iwe

Vmo AmnH$s àmW{‘H$Vm Š¶m ahr ? gdmb ~hþV gmao Wo; bo{H$Z EH$ ~mV ñnï> Wr& h‘| VoOr go {ZU©¶ H$aZm Wm Vm{H$ h‘mao amoQ>[o a¶Z g‘¶ go à^mdr Am¡a ‘hËdnyU© VarHo$ go {Z¶§ÌU H$a gH|$& h‘Zo EH$ AmnmVH$mbrZ ~¡R>H$ ~wbmB© Am¡a Hw$N> JhZ Am¡a ‘hËdnyU© XÿaJm‘r {ZU©¶ {bE& h‘Zo 15 ‘mM©, 2020 Ho$ ~mX hmoZo dmbo H$mo{dS> -19 g§~{§ YV IMm] H$mo 2020 -21 Ho$ amoQ>ar df© ‘| {S>pñQ´>ŠQ> J«mQ§ > Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go nwZ^©aU H$s AZw‘{V XoZo H$m {ZU©¶ {b¶m & h‘ H$mo{dS>-19 n[a¶moOZm go g§~{§ YV {H$gr ^r ZE d¡{œH$ AZwXmZ Ho$ {bE 30 à{VeV {dXoer {dÎmnmofU H$s A{Zdm¶©Vm H$mo hQ>mZo na gh‘V hþE&

hÿ§; Vmo hm± {H$gr ^r Aݶ ì¶{º$ H$s Vah ‘¢ ^r CVZm hr Iwe hÿ±, AnojmH¥$V BZ ‘wpíH$b n[apñW{V¶m| ‘|& AmO do{Zg H$s Zham| ‘| gm’$ nmZr ~h ahm h¡, Ohm§ Ymam Ho$ {dnarV V¡aVr ‘N>{b¶m| H$s PbH$ {‘b OmVr h¡& O¡go hr ‘mZdr¶ J{V{d{Y ê$H$Vr h¡, àH¥${V H$m g§JrV {’$a go ewê$ hmo OmVm h¡& H$‘ {XImB© XoZo dmbr EH$ Eogr hr H$hmZr Amg‘mZ ‘| ^r Mb ahr h¡& n§Om~ Ho$ {Zdm{g¶m| H$m H$hZm h¡ {H$ do {h‘mb¶ H$s ~’$s©br Mmo{Q>¶m| H$mo gmμ’$ XoI gH$Vo h¢, EH$ Eogm Ñí¶ {OgH$m AdbmoH$Z dm¶w àXÿfU H$s dOh go dfm] go AdéÕ Wm& H$mob§~mo ‘| h‘ n{dÌ ES>åg nrH$ H$mo ñnï> XoI nm aho h¢& Xþ{Z¶m ‘|, ~H$[a¶m§ emZ go Q>hb ahr h¢ CÝhm|Zo doëg eha na H$ãOm H$a {b¶m h¡, Amohm¶mo eha Ho$ gmμ’$ gwWao ~JrMm| ‘| {haU Kmg MaVo hþE {XI aho h¢ Am¡a H¡${b’$mo{Z©¶m ‘| ZJar¶ gr‘m Ho$ nmg nhm‹S>r eoa ZμOa Am OmVo h¢& E{S>bSo > ‘|, H§$Jmê$ gwZgmZ eha ‘| Mmam| Amoa Ky‘ aho h¢, Am¡a BμOamBb Ho$ Vob Adrd ‘| JrX‹S>m| Ho$ EH$ PwÊS> Zo EH$ ehar nmH©$ na H$ãOm

h‘ ‘§S>bm| Ho$ S>rS>rE’$ ¶moJXmZ H$mo {S>OmñQ>a [añnm°Ýg ’§$S> ‘| {Z{X©ï> H$aZo Ho$ {bE gh‘V hþE h¢ Am¡a ‘§S>b h‘ go AZwamoY H$a| (CÝh| Zht H$aZm Mm{hE?) {H$ H$mo{dS>-19 AZwXmZ gå~§{YV J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ {bE AbJ go àmdYmZ aI|& na ¶h ZJX ¶moJXmZ na bmJy Zht hmoJm& g~go ‘hËdnyU© ~mV ¶o h¡ h‘Zo VwaV§ dëS>© ’$ÊS> go {S>OmñQ>a [añnm°Ýg ’§$S> ‘| 1 {‘{b¶Z S>mb° a hñVm§V[aV {H$¶o h¢, {OgH$m Cn¶moJ {deof ê$n go H$mo{dS> Ho$ {bE {H$¶m OmEJm; h‘Zo {ZYm©[aV {H$¶m {H$ à˶oH$ ‘§S>b H$mo ¶o AZwXmZ am{e 25,000 S>mb° a VH$ hr gr{‘V ahoJr, nhbo AmAmo nhbo nmAmo Ho$ AmYma na&

O‘m {b¶m h¡& Q>mao Q§ >mo ‘| bmo‘{‹S>¶m|, {haUm|, H$mo¶moQg² Am¡a Iy~gyaV a§J {~a§Jo AmH$f©H$ n{j¶m| H$mo g‹S>H$m| na XoIm Om gH$Vm h¡& ~m{g©bmoZm H$s g‹S>H$m| na O§Jbr gyAa CVa Am¶o h¢& ^y‘ܶ gmJa ‘| ìhob OhmO Ho$ ‘mJ© ‘| Q>hb ahr h¢& ~«mOrb Ho$ CÎma-nydu g‘wÐr VQ> na g¡H$‹S>m| ZdOmV H$Nw>E nmZr H$s Amoa OmVo hþE {XI OmE§J,o {~Zm {H$gr ^¶ Ho$, bmoJm| ¶m nmbVy newAm| go ~o{’$H«$& g{X¶m| go, ‘Zwî¶ Zo dݶOrdm| H$mo n¥Ïdr Ho$ N>moQ>o, N>moQ>o H$moZm| ‘| IXo‹S> {X¶m h¡& bo{H$Z A~, Aa~m| bmoJm| Ho$ EH$m§Vdmg Ho$ MbVo Am¡a eha H$s Imbr g‹S>H$m| na, àH¥${V dm{ng YHo$b ahr h¡& ‘wpíH$b go Hw$N> hr ‘hrZo nhbo VH$, àXÿfU ’¡$bmZo dmbr ’¡$pŠQ´>¶m| H$mo ~§X H$aZo Am¡a ¶mÌm go hmo aho CËgO©Z ‘| H$‘r H$aZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoMZm ^r Ag§^d Wm na AmO h‘ OmZVo h¢ {H$ gm’$ gwWam Amg‘mZ Am¡a Im‘moe g‹S>H|$ Mm¢H$mZodmbr J{V Ho$ gmW àH$Q> hmo gH$Vo h¢, bo{H$Z bJVm h¡ ¶h H$m¶© Ho$db B©œa hr H$a gH$Vm h¡ na BgH$s H$s‘V {H$VZr μÁ¶mXm h¡!

bo{H$Z h‘ ¶h ^r OmZVo Wo {H$ ¶h am{e ~hþV OëX g‘má hmo OmEJr& Bg{bE h‘Zo {’$a go H$mo{dS> -19 n[a¶moOZmAm| Ho$ Cn¶moJ Ho$ {bE A{V[aº$ 2 {‘{b¶Z S>mb° a ñWmZm§V[aV {H$¶o h¢, à{V ‘§S>b 25,000 S>mb° a H$s gr‘m Ho$ gmW& ¶o ’¡$gbo Vmo OëXr hmo JE& ì¶{º$JV ê$n go Vmo ~¡R>H$| Ag§^d Wt, Š¶m ¶h g~ Am°ZbmBZ ~¡R>H$m| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go {H$¶m J¶m Wm? Am¡a amo B ñQ>m’$ H$s ^mJrXmar H$m Š¶m ? hm±, ¶o {ZU©¶ ‘mM© / Aà¡b H$s ewéAmV ‘| Am^mgr ~¡R>H$m| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go {H$E JE Wo& bo{H$Z AJbm gdmb ¶h Wm {H$ h‘ Bgo {Zînm{XV H¡$go H$a|! ¶m{Z OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 27

{H$, O¡go {H$, h‘| ܶmZ aIZm Wm {H$ ñQ>m’$ Ho$ bmoJ Ka go H$m‘ H$a aho Wo& H$moamoZm ‘m‘bm| Ho$ BbmO Ho$ {bE AñnVmbm| ‘| d|{Q>bQo >a H$s Amny{V© H$aZo Ho$ {bE amo B ‘§S>b 3060 (JwOamV) go Xmo d¡{œH$ AZwXmZ AmdoXZm| Ho$ ~mao ‘| OmZ H$a ~hþV AÀN>m bJm, Omo 30 K§Q>o Am¡a 6 K§Q>o ‘| nm[aV H$a {XE JE Wo; nhbm 8 H$amoS‹ > én¶o H$m {demb AZwXmZ ( 240,500 S>mb ° a)& ’$mC§S>e o Z H$mo BVZr VËnaVm go H$m‘ {Zînm{XV H$aZo Ho$ {bE Š¶m H$aZm n‹S>m, Š¶m|{H$ J«mQ§ > EpßbHo$eZ na Vmo amo B ñQ>m’$ H$mo ^r H$m‘ H$aZm n‹S>Vm h¡? O~ VH$ h‘| BZ AZwXmZm| Ho$ {bE AmdoXZ àmá hþE, V~ VH$ BdmÝñQ>Z ‘| amoQ>ar ‘w»¶mb¶ H$s nyar B‘maV H$mo Imbr H$a {X¶m J¶m Wm& h‘mar {~pëS§>J Imbr Wr! bo{H$Z ‘wPo h‘mao ñQ>m’$ H$s Vmar’$ H$aZr hmoJr {OÝhm|Zo {~Zm WHo$ Ka go H$m‘ H$aVo hþE, AmdoXZm|

Ho$ {ZñVmaU H$m emZXma H$m‘ {H$¶m h¡, H$^r H$^r EH$ hr {XZ ‘|& Aà¡b Ho$ A§V VH$ AmVo AmVo H$mo{dS> -19 Ho$ {bE h‘Zo bJ^J1.22 {‘{b¶Z S>mb° a Ho$ 177 {d{eï> d¡{œH$ AZwXmZm| H$mo ‘§Oay r Xo Xr Wr Am¡a H$mo{dS>-19- hoVw {deof ê$n go 193 {S>OmñQ>a aoñnm°Ýg J«mQ§ > ( 25,000 S>mb° a à{V ‘§S>b ) bJ^J 4.8 {‘{b¶Z S>mb° a Ho$ AZwXmZ& bo{H$Z ‘oao {dMma go AmnZo Vmo H$hm Wm {H$ Bg ImVo ‘| Ho$db 3 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba ñWmZm§V[aV {H$E h¢... ¶h gM h¡, 740,000 S>m°ba H$s A{V[aº$ am{e S>rS>rE’$ go H$mo{dS> -19 AZwXmZ ‘| ñWmZm§V[aV hmoZo go AmB© Wr& h‘mar Anrb Ho$ Odm~ ‘| {XE JE Am°ZbmBZ ¶moJXmZ go h‘| 480,000 S>mb° a àmá hþE Am¡a H$Ýd|eZ Ho$ [a’§$S> go 312,000 S>mb° a Omo gXñ¶m| Zo H$mo{dS> {S>OmñQ>a ’§$S> ‘| ñWmZm§V[aV H$a {XE Wo&

h‘mar Anrb Ho$ Odm~ ‘| {XE JE Am°ZbmBZ ¶moJXmZ go h‘| 480,000 S>mb ° a àmá hþE Am¡a H$Ýd|eZ Ho$ [a’§$S> go 312,000 S>mb ° a Omo gXñ¶m| Zo H$mo{dS> {S>OmñQ>a ’§$S> ‘| ñWmZm§V[aV H$a {XE Wo&

H$mo{dS> ¶wJ Ho$ CnamÝV, AmJo, Amn H$s ZμOa ‘| amoQ>ar B§Q>aZoeZb Am¡a amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>e o Z H$m éI Š¶m ahoJm, H$‘ go H$‘ {ZH$Q> ^{dî¶ ‘|? gånyU© amoQ>ar {dœ EH$ narjU Ho$ Xm¡a go JwOμ a ahm h¡, {OgH$m Jham à^md nS>Jo m {H$ h‘ H¡$go H$m‘ H$aVo h¢ Am¡a ZmJ[aH$, n‹S>mg¡ r Am¡a amoQ>[o a¶Z Ho$ ê$n ‘| h‘mam ì¶dhma Š¶m ahVm h¡& {Z{üV ê$n go h‘| dV©‘mZ à{VHy$bVm Am¡a A{Z{üVVm H$mo g§^mbZo H$s H$gm¡Q>r na naIm OmEJm& ¶{X h‘| n¶m©daU H$s ajm H$aZr h¡ Am¡a ^{dî¶ ‘| ‘hm‘m[a¶m| H$mo Am¡a Bg Vah H$s AmnXmAm| H$mo hamZm h¢, Vmo ¶o H$m‘ h‘| EH$ gmW {‘b H$a H$aZm hmoJm& AmJm‘r Aܶj hmoëJa ñZ¡H$ Ho$ gmW ‘¢ ~hþV ZμOXrH$s go H$m‘ H$aVm hÿ&§ h‘ g^r AJbo df© g§JR>Z go amoQ>[a¶Zm| H$mo Omo ^r AnojmE§ h¢ Cgo nyam H$aZo H$s ha g§^d H$mo{ee H$a|Jo {H$ {Og na CÝh| Jd© hmoJm& gånyU© {dœ ‘| ì¶dgm¶ J§^ra ê$n go à^m{dV hþE h¢ Bgr Vah doVZ^moJr H$‘©Mmar Am¡a Aݶ noedo a ^r& AmJm‘r Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘|, Š¶m Amn qM{VV h¢ {H$ Hw$N> dfm] Ho$ {bE Q>rAmaE’$ ¶moJXmZ ‘| H$m’$s {JamdQ> Am gH$Vr h¡ Am¡a amï´> Am{W©H$ ‘§Xr ‘| Om gH$Vo h¢? Amn R>rH$ H$h ahr h¢, ì¶dgm¶ Vmo dmñVd ‘| à^m{dV hþE hr h¢& Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| N>mQo >r, ~‹S>r H$B© H§$n{Z¶m| Zo AnZo H$‘©Mm[a¶m| H$mo {ZH$mb {X¶m h¡& X¡{ZH$ H$‘©Mmar Am¡a {Xhm‹S>r ‘OXÿa ~war Vah go à^m{dV hþE h¢& AmB© Eb Amo H$s [anmoQ>© Ho$ AZwgma, Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| bJ^J 1.6 {~{b¶Z bmoJ AZm¡nMm[aH$ AW©ì¶dñWm ‘| H$m¶©aV h¢ - {dœ H$m bJ^J AmYm H$m¶©~b AnZr AmOr{dH$m H$mo Zï> hmoVo hþE XoI gH$Vm h¡&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

{Z{üV hr h‘ {Xdm{b¶m hmoZo dmbm| H$s g§»¶m ‘| d¥{Õ XoI|Jo& Hw$N> à‘wI H§$n{Z¶m§ O¡go Zr‘Z ‘mH©$g, Oo gr noZr, hQ²O©, WmB© E¶adoO, Xo~|håg, d{O©Z Am°ñQ´>o{b¶m nhbo go hr g§H$Q> go OyP ahr h¢& h‘ XoI aho h¢ {H$ hmoQ>b Am¡a aoñVam§, Q>rdr Am¡a {’$ë‘, Iob Am¡a ñdmñ϶, {Z‘m©U, E¶abmBZ Am¡a n¶©Q>Z, IwXam CÚmoJ, hm°pñnQ>{¡ bQ>r B§S>ñQ´>r g{hV g^r H$mo{dS>-19 H$m X§e Pob aho h¢ Am¡a BÝh| nwZñWm©{nV hmoZo ‘| Hw$N> g‘¶ bJoJm& Xÿgar Amoa, Aë’$m~oQ> Am¡a ’o$g~wH$ O¡go ~‹S>o {S>{OQ>b ßboQ>’$m°‘© g§^dV… Bg g§H$Q> go Am¡a ^r ‘O~yV hm|Jo& Am°ZbmBZ godmAm| H$s ‘m§J ‘| Aà˶m{eV {dñ’$moQ> hþAm h¡& μOy‘ O¡go ZdmJ§VwH$, AmO Kaoby Zm‘ ~Z JE h¢& Xÿag§Mma Am¡a ’$m‘m© CÚmoJ ~{‹T>¶m H$a aho h¢ Am¡a ¶o ~‹S>o {Zdoe AmH${f©V H$a aho h¢& Bg{bE Vm{H©$H$ ê$n go, hmbm§{H$ gXñ¶Vm ‘| Wmo‹S>r {JamdQ> Am¡a ¶moJXmZ ‘| ^r H$‘r H$s Anojm H$aZr Mm{hE, ‘wPo ܶmZ h¡, h‘ amoQ>o[a¶Z AnZoAmn H$mo {H$gr ^r n[apñW{V Ho$ AZwê$n T>mb boVo h¢& H¥$n¶m Bgo {dñVma go ~VmB¶o? B{Vhmg Jdmh ahm h¡ {H$ amoQ>o[a¶Z {^Þ-{^Þ ê$n ‘| ì¶dhma H$aVo h¢& 1919 ‘| ñn¡{Ze âby Ho$ ~mX, gXñ¶Vm dmñVd ‘| 19 à{VeV ~‹T> JB© Wr& 1921 H$s ‘hm‘§Xr Ho$ ~mX Bg‘| 26 à{VeV H$s, 1957 ‘| E{e¶mB© âby Ho$ ~mX VrZ à{VeV d¥{Õ hþB©; bo{H$Z 2009 ‘| ñdmBZ âby Ho$ ~mX, gXñ¶Vm ‘| d¥{Õ Vmo Zht hþB© naÝVw Q>rAmaE’$ ‘| ¶moJXmZ 20 à{VeV ~‹T> J¶m! hm±, AmnH$s OmZH$mar Ho$ {bE ~Vm Xÿ± {H$ ½bmo~b J«mÝQ> Ho$ {bE AJbo gmb h‘mam ~OQ> dmñVd ‘| H$‘ h¡& bo{H$Z BgH$m H$mo{dS> -19 go H$moB© ZmVm Zht h¡& BgH$m gå~ÝY Cg ¶moJXmZ go h¡ Omo amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo VrZ df© nhbo {X¶m Wm, Š¶m|{H$ ܶmZ aho {H$ h‘ VrZ dfu¶ MH«$ na H$m‘ H$aVo h¢& VrZ df© nhbo, h‘mao eVmãXr df© Ho$ Xm¡amZ {H$E JE ^mar ¶moJXmZ H$s dOh go, {nN>bo gmb,dëS>© ’$ÊS> ‘| H$m’$s d¥{Õ hþB© Wr& ¶{X AJbo gmb ¶moJXmZ H$‘ hmo OmVm h¡ Vmo BgH$m Aga 2023-24 Ho$ IM} na {XIoJm&

BgHo$ gmW gmW ‘¢ ¶h ^r OmoS‹ >Zm MmhÿJ§ m {H$ AJbo df© YZ H$s CnbãYVm, H$m’$s hX VH$, ’$mC§S>eo Z Ho$ dm{f©H$ ’§$S> ‘| {H$¶o JE {Zdoe H$s H$‘mB© na {Z^©a H$aoJm& {Z{üV hr dm°aZo ~’o$Q> ^r AZw‘mZ Zht bJm gH$Vo {H$ AJbo gmb amoQ>ar H$m {Zdoe nmoQ>’© $mo{b¶mo {H$VZr H$‘mB© H$aoJm& {Zdoe Ho$ {bE h‘mao nmg VrZ lo{U¶m§ h¢& EZwAb,E§S>m‘o Q| > Am¡a nmo{b¶mo ’$ÊS>& Am‘ Vm¡a na, E§S>m‘o Q| > ’§$S> H$mo h‘, {Za§Va d¥{Õ Ho$ {bE 7 go 8 à{VeV H$m bm^ A{O©V H$aZo H$s Anojm Ho$ gmW B{¹$Q>r ‘| {Zdoe H$aVo h¢& h‘ Bg nmoQ>’© $mo{b¶mo ‘| A{YH$ OmopI‘ CR>mZo Ho$ {bE V¡¶ma h¢& bo{H$Z h‘ AnZm ~OQ> h‘oem nmaån[aH$ VarHo$ go ~ZmVo h¢& O~{H$ EZwAb ’$ÊS> H$s Amdí¶H$Vm VrZ dfu¶ MH«$ H$s Ad{Y ‘| n‹S>Vr h¡ Bg{bE h‘ Cg H$m {Zdoe nma§n[aH$ ê$n go H$aVo h¢& nhbo H$s Anojm, EZwAb ’§$S> ‘| gmYmaU bm^m§e A{O©V H$aZo Ho$ {bE {Zdoe {H$¶m OmVm h¡

Am¡a Bg àH$ma ZwH$gmZ H$m OmopI‘ H$‘ {H$¶m OmVm h¡ Vm{H$ ’$mC§S>oeZ d¡{œH$ AZwXmZ, ‘§S>b AZwXmZ Am¡a ’$mC§S>oeZ H$s bmJV Ho$ gmW gmW AnZo ’§$qS>J Xm{¶Ëdm| H$mo {Z^m gHo$ Am¡a {‘eZ H$mo nyam H$a gHo$& Bg àH$ma na§namJV VarHo$ AnZmZo H$s dOh go Bg df© bm^ hþAm O~{H$ ~mOma ÜdñV hmo J¶m Wm& bJ^J 425 {‘{b¶Z S>mb° a Ho$ nmoQ>’© $mo{b¶mo na 2019-20 ‘| h‘mao {Zdoe na [aQ>Z© 4.5 à{VeV Wm, bo{H$Z Bg gmb dmñV{dH$ [aQ>Z© em¶X ~OQ> go H$‘ ahoJm& df© 2020-21 ‘| H$‘ [aQ>Z© H$s g§^mdZm Ho$ ‘ÔoZOa h‘Zo A{YH$ ê${‹T>dmXr Ñ{ï>H$moU aIVo hþE 3.5 à{VeV H$m ~OQ> aIm h¡& nmo{b¶mo ’§$S> H$mo Am¡a ^r A{YH$ gmdYmZr go, ~hþV H$‘ OmopI‘ dmbo, AënH$m{bH$ ~m§S> ‘| {Zdoe {H$¶m OmVm h¡ Š¶m|{H$ Bg ’§$S> H$mo h‘mao AZwXmZ Ho$ ^mJrXmam| ‘| AnojmH¥$V OëXr {dV[aV {H$¶m OmVm h¡&

Eg H¥$îUàVre Ûmam ê$naoIm OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 29

‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ ^maV Ho$ ~ƒm| H$s gwajm Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m <1.5 H$amo‹S> à{V~Õ H$aVr h¡ O¶lr


ëS>© {dμOZ B§{S>¶m Ho$ gmW NDTV Ûmam Am¶mo{OV Xmo K§Q>o Ho$ ‘Q>obrWm°Z’ Ho$ à{V^m{J¶m| ‘| EH$ amoQ>ar ^r Wr& Xoe ^a ‘| àgm[aV ‘Qw>JoXa {dX {MëS´>Z’ erf©H$ dmbm ¶h bmBd H$m¶©H«$‘ H$mo{dS>-19 ‘hm‘mar Am¡a bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ ^yI Am¡a Aݶ àH$ma Ho$ Xþ충dhma H$m gm‘Zm H$a aho bmIm| ~ƒm| H$s ghm¶Vm H$aZo Ho$ {bE EH$ AZwXmZ g§M¶Z g‘mamoh Wm& amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m H$s Amoa go RIPN eoIa ‘ohVm Zo Bg A{^¶mZ Ho$ {bE <1.5 H$amo‹S> {XE& H$B© ~ƒo Eogr OmopI‘ ^ar n[apñW{V¶m| ‘| ah aho h¡; ‘hm‘mar Ho$db Bgo ~XVa ~Zm ahr h¡& h‘mao g^r H$m¶©H«$‘ - {ejm, nmofU, ñdÀN>Vm CZHo$ Mmam| Amoa Ky‘Vo h¡, ‘ohVm Zo H$hm& CÝhm|Zo ewéAmV ‘| <1 H$amo‹S> H$s à{V~ÕVm OVmB© Am¡a H$m¶©H«$‘ Ho$ A§V ‘| Bgo g§emo{YV H$aHo$ <1.5 H$amo‹S> H$a {X¶m, ¶h H$hVo hþE, h‘ gdm} ƒ ¶moJXmZH$Vm© ~ZZm MmhVo h¡& amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m g¡{ZQ>mB©μOoeZ {‘eZ Ho$ Aܶj a‘oe AJ«dmb Zo Bg H$m¶©H«$‘ ‘| amoQ>ar Ho$ ñdÀN>Vm Am¡a WinS H$m¶©H«$‘m| Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$s& ¶hm± {’$a go, ‘ohVm Zo ñHy$bm| ‘| h¢S>dme ñQ>oeZ ñWm{nV H$aZo Ho$ {bE OZVm H$mo ¶moJXmZ XoZo hoVw Am‘§{ÌV {H$¶m Am¡a KmofUm H$s {H$ amoQ>ar g‘mZ am{e Ho$ gmW gmd©O{ZH$ ¶moJXmZ go {‘bmZ H$aoJr& h‘ Bg gmb

1,000 ñHy$bm| ‘| <1 H$amo‹S> Ho$ h¢S>dme ñQ>oeZ ñWm{nV H$a|Jo& CÝhm|Zo AnZo ‘mVm-{nVm Ho$ gmW n¡Xb ¶mÌm H$aZo Ho$ {bE ‘O~ya ~ƒm| H$s XþIX XþXe© m Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$s, Omo bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ ~war Vah ’§$g JE Wo& gyQ>Ho$g na gmoVo hþE Am¡a Hw$N> ^yI Am¡a ߶mg go amoVo hþE ~ƒm| Ho$ gmW àdmgr H$m‘Jmam| Ho$ nbm¶Z H$mo XoIZm Am¡a CÝh| WH$s hþB© hmbV ‘| hmBdo na n¡Xb MbVo hþE XoIZm, EH$ õX¶ {dXmaH$ AZw^d h¡& do h‘mao g‘mO Ho$ g~go H$‘Omoa gXñ¶ h¡ Am¡a ¶h gw{Z{üV H$aZm h‘mam H$V©ì¶ h¡ {H$ do gwa{jV ah| Am¡a C{MV nmofU àmá H$a|& CZH$s {ejm ‘| ~mYm Zht AmZm Mm{hE, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& Bg ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, amoQ>ar ~‹S>o n¡‘mZo na ^maV ‘| Jar~m| Ho$ {bE ImÚ gwajm Am¡a {ejm na ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$a ahr h¡& amoQ>[o a¶Z bJ^J <35-40 bmI ^yIm| H$mo pIbmZo ‘|, bJ^J <15-20 H$amo‹S> {M{H$Ëgm CnH$aU Ed§ Amny{V© àXmZ H$aZo ‘| IM© H$aVo aho h¡& ^maV ‘| 4,000 amoQ>ar Šb~ h¡ Am¡a CÝhm|Zo bJ^J 1 H$amo‹S> ‘mñH$ àXmZ {H$E h¡& h‘Zo nrE‘ Ho$¶g© ’§$S> H$mo <105 H$amo‹S> {XE h¡ Am¡a Bggo A{YH$ ^r Xo aho h¡& ‘hm‘mar go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE amoQ>o[a¶Z Omo H$m‘ H$a aho h¡ CgH$m bmJV <75 H$amo‹S> én¶o hmoJr& Š¶m|{H$ bmoJ Bg n¡go H$mo AnZr ì¶{º$JV ~MV ‘| go {ZH$bH$a Xo aho h¡, ¶h EH$ ~hþV ~‹S>m à¶mg h¡, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& amoQ>ar Ho$ gmjaVm H$m¶©H$« ‘ H$m C„oI H$aVo hþE, ‘ohVm Zo H$hm, Am°ZbmBZ {ejm ‘| 10 go A{YH$ dfm] Ho$ AZw^d Ho$ gmW, h‘Zo gaH$ma

H$mo gwPmd {X¶m h¡ {H$ h‘ ha amÁ¶ H$mo 1-12 H$jm Ho$ {bE AnZm nmR>çH«$‘ àXmZ H$a gH$Vo h¡& AJ«dmb Zo H$B© ñdÀN>Vm n[a¶moOZmAm| H$mo {Zînm{XV H$aZo ‘| dëS>© {dOZ Am¡a amoQ>ar Ûmam gmPm H$s JB© XrK©H$m{bH$ gmPoXmar na àH$me S>mbm& NDTV Ho$ gh-g§ñWmnH$ àU¶ am°¶ Zo amoQ>ar Ho$ {demb ¶moJXmZ Ho$ {bE ‘ohVm Am¡a AJ«dmb H$s gamhZm H$s& ‘hm‘mar ~mb A{YH$mam| Ho$ g§H$Q> ‘| ~Xb gH$Vr h¡ Š¶m|{H$ ~ƒo Jar~r, ^wI‘ar, Hw$nmofU Am¡a g~go ~war MrμO, Xþ충dhma go OyP aho h¡& ¶hm± VH$ {H$ EH$ H$n Mm¶ ^r CZHo$ {bE {dbm{gVm H$s EH$ dñVw h¡ Am¡a ZtX ^yI go nbm¶Z H$aZo H$m EH$ VarH$m h¡& ¶h Cn¶wº$ h¡ {H$ h‘ MwZm¡Vr H$m gm‘Zm H$aVo h¡ Am¡a BZ ‘mgy‘ N>moQ>o ~ƒm| VH$ nhþ§MVo h¡, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& Bg nhb go bJ^J <5 H$amo‹S> EH${ÌV hmo JE {Og‘| amoQ>ar Šb~ {X„r AemoH$m Ho$ gXñ¶ AM©Zm Am¡a A{Zb Jwám Ho$ <20 bmI Am¡a amoQ>ar Šb~ {X„r {‘S>dño Q> Ho$ nyd© Aܶj Or Eg H$moMa Ho$ <10 bmI, Am¡a BgHo$ Abmdm Xmo AkmV XmZH$Vm©Am| Ho$ <1.35 H$amo‹S> Am¡a <95 bmI em{‘b h¡& Anmobmo hm°pñnQ>ëg H$s H$m¶©H$mar Cnmܶj emo^Zm Im{‘ZoZr Zo ~mb H$bmH$ma Amad d‘m© (13) H$s n|qQ>J <2 bmI ‘| IarXr {Ogo CgZo Bg nhb Ho$ {bE ¶h



Ho$ Aܶj a‘oe AJ«dmb Am¡a RIPN eoIa ‘ohVm&

H$hVo hþE XmZ H$a {XE, ‘¢ Am^mar hÿ§ {H$ ‘oao nmg EH$ n[adma h¡ Omo ‘wPo pIbm gH$Vm h¡& {’$ë‘ {Z‘m©Vm H$~ra ImZ Zo 50 ~ƒm| H$mo àm¶mo{OV H$aZo H$s noeH$e H$s& YZ H$m Cn¶moJ nmofU Am¡a ñdmñ϶ godm àXmZ H$aZo, AmOr{dH$m H$mo ~hmb H$aZo Ed§ gwYmaZo Am¡a H$‘Omoa g‘wXm¶m| Ed§ n[admam| H$mo H$mo{dS>-19 H$s amoH$Wm‘ na {e{jV H$aZo Ho$ {bE {H$¶m OmEJm&Q>obrWm°Z Zo bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ ~ƒm| Ho$ Ûmam gm‘Zm H$s OmZo dmbr Aݶ MwZm¡{V¶m| H$mo COmJa {H$¶m&

‘ohVm NDTV M¡Zb na MMm© H$aVo hþE&

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amoQ>ar g_mMma 31

amoQ>ar ^maV gaH$ma Ho$ gmW H$mo-~«m§S>oS> noQ´>mo{b¶‘ H«o${S>Q> H$mS>© àmá H$a gH$Vr h¡: ‘§Ìr dr ‘wÎmwHw$‘maU


ñQ>-H$mo{dS> gmogm¶Q>r ‘| “ݶy Zm‘©b’’ Ho$ {hñgo Ho$ ê$n ‘|, noQ´>mo{b¶‘ Am¡a àmH¥${VH$ J¡g ‘§Ìmb¶ nyao Xoe ‘| amoQ>ar Ho$ gmW EZOu [aQ>ob AmCQ>boQ²g na Cn^moº$mAm| Ho$ {bE {S>{OQ>b ^wJVmZ hoVw H$mo-~«m§S>oS> H«o${S>Q> H$mS>© bm°ÝM H$aZo H$m BÀNw>H$ h¡& “ha amoO 45 {‘{b¶Z go A{YH$ bmoJ AnZr EZOu Amdí¶H$VmAm| H$s ny{V© Ho$ {bE [aQ>ob AmCQ>boQ²g O¡go noQ´>mob, S>rOb Am¡a EbnrOr {’$qbJ ñQ>oeZ OmVo h¢, Am¡a amoQ>ar H$mo hmS>© H¡$e H$mo g§^mbZo Ed§ Q´>m§ÝO¡ŠeZ H$aZo H$s bmJV ~MmZo Ho$ {bE [aQ>ob no‘|Q> Ho$ {bE {S>{OQ>b ßboQ>’$m‘m] H$mo Cn¶moJ H$aZo Ho$ {bE àmoËgm{hV H$aZm Mm{hE&’’ ¶y{Z¶Z noQ´>mo{b¶‘ {‘{ZñQ>a lr Y‘]Ð àYmZ Zo EH$ dMw©Ab ~¡R>H$ ‘| H$hm, {Og‘| AmaAmB©nrZ eoIa ‘ohVm Ho$ ZoV¥Ëd ‘| gr{Z¶a ZoVmAm| Ho$ gmW hr 500 amoQ>o[a¶Z em{‘b hþE& noQ´>mob n§n na bJ^J 75 à{VeV Q´>m§ÝO¡ŠeZ Am¡a EbnrOr [a{’$qbJ ñQ>oeZm| na 95 à{VeV Q´>m°ÝO¡ŠeZ H¡$e ‘moS> ‘| hr hmoVm h¡& ‘§Ìr Or Zo amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m go {S>{OQ>b no‘|Q> hoVw EH$ g»V A{^¶mZ MbmZo Am¡a H$mo{dS> ‘hm‘mar Ho$ ~mX “ݶy Zm‘©b’’ H$mo AnZmZo Ho$ à{V bmoJm| H$mo àmoËgm{hV H$aZo Ho$ {bE AmJ«h {H$¶m& “‘¢ Bg Vah Ho$ [aQ>ob ^wJVmZm| Ho$ {bE H$mo-~«m§S>oS> H$mS>© Ho$ ‘wÔo na Am°¶b nrEg¶y go ~mV H$ê$§Jm&” - CÝhm|Zo dmXm {H$¶m& Bg ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, bmoJm| Ho$ H$m‘ H$aZo Ho$ Vm¡a-VarHo$, CZH$m OrdZ Ed§ gm‘m{OH$ g§~§Y 32

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

g^r Hw$N> Ag‘§Og nyU© Ed§ A{Z{üV hmo J¶m h¡ Am¡a h‘| {S>{OQ>b {gñQ>‘ Ho$ ~mao ‘| AnZr OmZH$mar ‘| d¥{Õ H$aHo$ ~Xbo hþE g§gma Ho$ AZwê$n AmZm hmoJm Omo {dH$mg H$aVo hþE ZE Am{W©H$ ‘m°S>b ‘| Z¶m ~|M‘mH©$ ~ZmEJm- CÝhm|Zo H$hm& MrZ, OmnmZ Am¡a X{jU H$mo[a¶m ‘| H$m‘ H$aZo dmbo bmoJm| (16-59) Ho$ gmW CZH$s ~mVMrV hmoZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ CÝh| ¶h nVm bJm {H$ H$mo{dS> Ho$ àH$mon Ho$ nhbo go hr ¶o bmoJ AnZo ~¡J ‘|

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OrdZ ~Zm‘ amoOr-amoQ>r gZ² 1918 ‘| ñno{Ze âby ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, CZ Xoem| Zo {OÝhm|Zo {OÝX{J¶m| H$mo ~MmZo na ‘hËd {X¶m, dh Xoe gwnanmda ~ZVo Mbo JE Š¶m|{H$ CZ Xoem| H$s OmJê$H$ gm‘m{OH$ Ed§ ñd¡pÀN>H$ g‘yhm| Ho$ Ûmam AÀN>r Vah go ghm¶Vm, godm àXmZ H$s JB© Wr& bm°H$S>mCZ H$mo bmJy H$aHo$ Ed§ AW©ì¶dñWm Ho$ nwZO© rdZ Ho$ {bE àmoËgmhZ n¡H$o O àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go CÝhm|Zo H$mo{dS> H$s ‘m¡Vm| H$mo H$‘ H$aZo Ho$ {bE gaH$mar à¶mgm| H$mo gyMr~Õ {H$¶m& ‘hm‘mar Ho$ g‘m{OH$, ‘Zmodk¡ m{ZH$ Ed§ Am{W©H$ à^mdm| H$mo ~‹S>o b§~o g‘¶ VH$ ‘hgyg {H$¶m OmEJm, CÝhm|Zo H$hm, bo{H$Z ^maV, ¶yEg, ¶yH$o Am¡a ê$g O¡go {dH${gV Xoem| H$s VwbZm ‘| ^maV Zo ~hþV AÀN>r Vah go Bg ‘hm‘mar H$mo ‘¡ZOo {H$¶m h¡, amoQ>ar Am¡a amÁ¶ gaH$mam| O¡go ñd¡pÀN>H$ g‘yhm| Ho$ g§¶ºw $ à¶mgm| Ho$ {bE YݶdmX& ñd¡pÀN>H$ EO|{g¶m|, gaH$mam| Ed§ {g{db gmogm¶Q>r H$s gm‘y{hH$ ~w{Õ‘Vm Zo H$mo{dS>-19 Ho$ pIbm’$ AnZr Bg b‹S>mB© ‘| Xoe H$s ‘XX H$s h¡& BZ ¶moOZmAm| ‘| Jar~ H$ë¶mU ¶moOZm ImÚ-gm‘J«r, Xmb| Am{X Jar~m| H$mo XoZm, Jar~m| H$mo grYo hr YZ Q´>mg§ ’$a), OZYZ ¶moOZm (n¡gm S>m¶aoŠQ> Q´>mg§ ’$a), àYmZ‘§Ìr C‚mdbm ¶moOZm (VrZ ‘hrZo Ho$ {bE AmR> H$amoS‹ > {dYdmAm| H$mo ‘wâV ‘| EbnrOr {gb|S>a XoZm), {dH$bm§JOZm|, d¥ÕOZm| Ed§ {dYdmAm| Ho$ ~¢H$ ImVm| ‘| n¡gm Q´>mg§ ’$a H$aZm Am¡a nrE‘ {H$gmZ gå‘mZ {Z{Y ¶moOZm Ho$ Ûmam 10 H$amoS‹ > go A{YH$ ImVm| ‘| n¡gm S>mbZm Am{X Hw$N> ¶moOZmE§ h¢& Xmo ‘hrZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ amoQ>ar Zo ‘m°ñH$, g¡{ZQ>mBOa, nrnrB©, ‘o{S>H$b Ed§ CnH$aU gßbmB© g{hV d|{Q>bQo >a {dVaU {H$¶m h¡ Am¡a Oê$aV‘§Xm| H$mo ^moOZ àXmZ {H$¶m J¶m h¡, bJ^J <200 H$amoS‹ > IM© {H$E JE h¢, Bgo ‘§Ìr Or Zo ~Vm¶m& CÝhm|Zo Amo{S>em ‘| amoQ>ar Šb~m| Ho$ Ûmam MbmE Om aho {d{^Þ ZoÌ {e{dam| Am¡a AñnVmbm| H$m ñ‘aU H$aVo hþE ~Vm¶m {H$ “”‘¢Zo Bgo ñd¶§ XoIm h¡ Am¡a ‘¢ AnZo amÁ¶ ‘| BgHo$ à^md H$m gmjr h°&y ’’ ^maV gaH$ma Zo Xmo ¶moOZmAm| H$mo ‘§Oay {H$¶m H$jm 1 go 10 VH$ Ho$ {bE B©-b{ZªJ nmR>çH«$‘ H$mo gaH$ma Ho$ Ûmam AnZo {dÚmYZ {ejm àmoJm« ‘ Ho$ VhV ‘§Oay r Xr JB© Wr {Ogo 10 amÁ¶m| ‘| nhþM± m¶m Om gH$Vm

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h¡ Am¡a ~mH$s Ho$ {bE, {deof Oê$aVm| Ho$ ‘wVm{~H$ {hÝXr Am°{S>¶m|-{dOwAb gm‘J«r H$m AZwdmX H$a àXmZ {H$¶m OmEJm, AmaAmB©nrEZ ‘ohVm Zo AnZo g§~moYZ ‘| ~Vm¶m& h‘ grEgAma ’§$S> Ho$ {bE à¶mgaV h¢ Š¶m|{H$ {S>{OQ>b nmR>¶H«$‘ H$mo {dH${gV H$aZo H$s bmJV <15 H$amoS‹ > h¡& B©-b{ZªJ àmoJm« ‘ H$s nmQ>-© ’§${S>J Ho$ {bE h‘ Am°¶b nrEg¶y Ho$ gmW ^mJrXmar H$aZm MmhVo h¢& O~ ^maV gaH$ma H$m {S>{OQ>b ~moS>© Am°naoeZ ’$bXm¶H$ hmo OmEJm V~ h‘mam B©-b{ZªJ ha gaH$mar ñHy$b Ho$ ha ~ƒo VH$ nhþM± Jo m, - CÝhm|Zo AmœñV {H$¶m& ì¶ñH$ gmjaVm Ho$ A§VJ©V, ^maV gaH$ma Zo 13 ‘B© H$mo amoQ>ar Ho$ n‹T>Zm {bIZm A{^¶mZ H$mo ñdrH¥${V Xo Xr h¡, ¶h dh àmoJm« ‘ h¡ Omo EMAmaS>r {‘{ZñQ>a lr àH$me OmdoS‹ >H$a Or Ho$ Ûmam ~hþV ng§X {H$¶m J¶m& Bg H$m¶©H$« ‘ H$m CÔoí¶ 10 H$amoS‹ > ì¶ñH$ {Zaja bmoJm| H$mo gmja ~ZmZm h¡ Am¡a 10 H$amoS‹ > bmoJm| H$mo gmja ~ZmZo Ho$ gmW hr h‘ AJbo nm§M dfm] ‘| Hw$b gmjaVm Xa H$mo 74 à{VeV (A§{V‘ OZJUZm) go ~‹T>mH$a 95 à{VeV VH$ H$a gH$Vo h¢& ‘ohVm Zo H$hm {H$ ì¶ñH$ gmjaVm ¶moOZm H$mo bmJy H$aZo Ho$ {bE BgH$m ImH$m, nmR>çH«$‘ Ed§ ^mJrXmar V¡¶ma hmbV ‘| h¡& C„oIZr¶ n[a¶moOZmE§ amoQ>ar gaH$ma H$s 10 à{VeV Ob n[a¶moOZmAm| H$mo ^r {H«$¶mpÝdV H$aZm MmhVr h¡ O¡go MoH$ S>‘o Am¡a Ob-{ZH$m¶m| H$mo nwZO© rdZ àXmZ H$aZm& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ h‘ AJbo nm§M dfm] ‘| 10,000 MoH$ S>‘o H$mo b|Jo Am¡a 10,000 Ob-{ZH$m¶m| H$mo ny[aV H$a|J&o ha Ka Ob OrdZ {‘eZ Ho$ VhV, amoQ>ar 1000 Jm°dm| H$mo JmoX b|Jo Am¡a AJbo nm§M dfm] ‘| 5,000 Jm°dm| ‘| AmoS>rE’$+àmoJm« ‘ H$mo {H«$¶mpÝdV H$a|J&o 30,000 go A{YH$ ñHy$bm| H$mo h¢S>dme-ñQ>eo Z Ed§ ñdÀN>Vm

gw{dYmAm| H$mo àXmZ {H$¶m J¶m& AJbo nm§M dfm] ‘| 30 H$amoS‹ > noS‹ > bJmE OmE§J,o 12 bmI Kam| H$mo gmoba bmBQ>| àXmZ H$s OmE§Jr Am¡a 4000 Jm§dm| Ho$ nmg gm°{bS> doñQ> ‘¡ZOo ‘|Q> {gñQ>‘ hmoJm& ñdmñ϶ joÌ ‘|, ha gmb 50 ZoÌ AñnVmbm| H$s ñWmnZm Ed§ 2.5 bmI ZoÌ gO©ar H$s OmEJr, 40 ãbS> ~¢H$ AmJo AmE§Jo Am¡a EH$ bmI S>m¶{b{gg ‘erZm| H$mo bJm¶m OmEJm, Šb~m| Ho$ Ûmam {M{H$Ëgm {e{dam| H$m Am¶moOZ ^r {H$¶m OmEJm Omo {H$ AJbo nm§M dfm] ‘| 50 bmI ‘arOm| H$s Om§M H$a|J&o lr ‘ohVm Zo H$hm {H$ amoQ>ar ñdmñ϶, nmZr, ñdÀN>Vm, g’$mB© Ed§ gmjaVm H$m¶©H$« ‘m| H$mo {H«$¶mpÝdV H$aZo hoVw gaH$ma H$m EH$ ‘O~yV hmW ~ZoJr& H$mo{dS>-19 hoVw amhV à¶mg àYmZ‘§Ìr amhV H$mof ‘| amoQ>[o a¶Zm| H$m ¶moJXmZ 105 H$amo‹S> ê$n¶o Ho$ Am§H$‹S>o H$mo nma H$a J¶m h¡ Am¡a A^r ^r n¡gm Am ahm h¡& O‘rZr ñVa na, amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Ûmam {H$E JE H$m¶© H$m ‘yë¶ <85 H$amoS‹ > h¡, CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m& amoQ>ar Zo A^r VH$ EH$ H$amoS‹ > go A{YH$ ‘m°ñH$, 75,000 go A{YH$ nrnrB©, Mma {‘{b¶Z go A{YH$ H$s ^moOZ ImÚ-gm‘J«r Ed§ ‘o{S>H$b CnH$aU Am¡a 16 H$amoS‹ > ‘yë¶ Ho$ d|{Q>bQo >ag àXmZ {H$E h¢& amoQ>ar H$m Am°ZbmBZ ‘|Q>b hoëW àmoJ«m‘ 4000 K§Q>o H$m Mbm¶m h¡& O~ H$m°anm}aQo g² XoVo h¢ V~ do Bgo AnZo àmo{’$Q> go XoVo h¢ bo{H$Z h‘| Bgo AnZr ~MV go {ZH$mbZm h¡, Omo {H$ EH$ H${R>Z H$m‘ h¡ bo{H$Z amoQ>o[a¶Z Bg MwZm¡Vr H$mo boZo Ho$ {bE VËna h¢& - CÝhm|Zo H$hm& ^maV ‘| 38 amo B© {Obm| ‘| go à˶oH$ EH$ gmb ‘| 1,500 àmoOoŠQ> H$aVm h¡& CÝhm|Zo àYmZ‘§Ìr lr Za|Ð ‘moXr Am¡a gaH$ma H$s Xoe ‘| H$mo{dS>-19 Ho$ ’¡$bZo H$mo amoH$Zo Ho$ {bE CR>mE JE CËH¥$ï> H$X‘m| H$s àe§gm H$s, Omo {H$ 135 H$amo‹S> bmoJm| H$m Xoe h¡& CÝhm|Zo amoQ>ar H$s ¶y{Zgo’$, ¶yg grS>rgr, dbS>© hoëW AmJ©ZmBOoeZ Ed§ JoQg² ’$mC§S>eo Z H$s ^mJrXmar ‘| amoQ>ar Ûmam nmo{b¶mo CÝ‘ybZ (nm{H$ñVmZ Ed§ A’$Jm{ZñVmZ H$mo N>mS‹o >H$a) Ho$ à¶mgm| H$mo ¶mX {H$¶m& amo B© ‘§S>b Ho$ ^maV n§S>çm Am¡a H$‘b g§Kdr, amo B© ‘§S>b Ho$ E. Eg. d|H$Q>eo Am¡a a{d dS>bm‘{U Ed§ Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr Zo g§~mo{YV {H$¶m& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 33

{d{^Þ nhbm| ‘| amoQ>ar ^maV H$s ^maV gaH$ma Ho$ gmW ^mJrXmar {H$aU μOoham


g ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, {OgZo Xþ{Z¶m ‘| EH$ R>hamd bm {X¶m h¡, amoQ>o[a¶Z AÀN>o H$m‘ H$aZo Am¡a H$mo{dS> -19 go b‹S>Zo ‘| gaH$ma H$s ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE Adgam| H$s Vbme H$a aho h¡& BZ eãXm| Ho$ gmW amo B© {ZXoeH$ ^aV n§mS>çm Zo H|$Ðr¶ g‹S>H$ n[adhZ Am¡a amO‘mJ© Ed§ {eqnJ ‘§Ìr {Z{VZ JS>H$ar Ho$ gmW EH$ do{~Zma H$s ewéAmV H$s&

d[að> amoQ>ar ZoVmAm| Zo ^maV gaH$ma Ho$ gmW ^{dî¶ H$s gmPoXm[a¶m| na MMm© H$s& ^maV gaH$ma H$mo H$mo{dS> -19 g§H$Q> go {ZnQ>Zo ‘| C„oIZr¶ ZoV¥Ëd {XImZo Ho$ {bE ~YmB© XoVo hþE RIPN eoIa ‘ohVm Zo H$hm, h‘ Jd© go H$h gH$Vo h¡ {H$ h‘ Bg Xoe ‘| ahVo h¡ Omo H$mo{dS> -19 ‘hm‘mar Ho$ pIbm’$ g~go gwa{jV h¡& amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ûmam {H$E Om aho H$m¶© Ho$

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amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

~mao ‘| ~mV H$aVo hþE CÝhm|Zo H$hm, h‘Zo nrE‘ Ho$¶g© ’§$S> ‘| <105 H$amo‹S> H$m ¶moJXmZ {X¶m h¡& H$m°nm}aoQ> AnZo grEgAma {Z{Y go ¶moJXmZ H$aVo h¡, bo{H$Z ¶h n¡gm Omo h‘Zo XmZ {H$¶m h¡, dh h‘mao amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo AnZr ~MV ‘| go {X¶m h¡& O‘rZr ñVa na h‘mao amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo ^moOZ Ho$ n¡Ho$Q>, g¡{ZQ>mBμOa, nrnrB© {H$Q>m| Am¡a {M{H$Ëgm CnH$aUm| na <90 H$amo‹S> IM© {H$E h¡&

CÝhm|Zo ¶h ^r ~Vm¶m {H$ ¶o Am§H$‹S>o EH$ gámh nwamZo h¡ Am¡a amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Ûmam IM© H$s JB© am{e <200 H$amo‹S> H$mo nma H$a JB© h¡& h‘Zo AnZo H$B© amoQ>ar AñnVmbm| H$mo H$mo{dS> AñnVmbm| ‘| ~Xb {X¶m h¡ Am¡a g~go ‘hËdnyU© ~mV ¶h h¡ {H$ h‘ ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ na ^r ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$a aho h¡& ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ na Omoa XoVo hþE, ‘§Ìr Zo H$hm, g‘ñ¶m J§^ra h¡,

bmoJm| Ho$ ‘Z ‘| S>a h¡& ¶h OmZH$a AÀN>m bJm {H$ Amn gH$mamË‘H$Vm ’¡$bmZo H$s {Xem ‘| H$m‘ H$a aho h¡& ‘¢ MmhVm hÿ± {H$ amoQ>o[a¶Z A{YH$ bmoJm| go ~mV H$aHo$ CZH$m AmË‘{dœmg ~T>mE§ Am¡a CÝh| {dœmg {XbmE§ {H$ g~Hw$N> OëX hr R>rH$ hmo OmEJm& EH$ H$‘ J§^ra ~mV H$aVo hþE, CÝhm|Zo H$hm, h‘ g^r H$mo H$moamoZm Ho$ gmW OrZo H$s H$bm grIZr hmoJr& ‘¢ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| go AZwamoY H$aVm hÿ± {H$ do ñd¶§ H$mo Bg dm¶ag go ~MmZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| OmJê$H$Vm ’¡$bmE§& CÝhm|Zo Eogo H$B© H$m¶©H«$‘m| Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$s {OÝh| ^maV gaH$ma ^{dî¶ ‘| bmJy H$aZo H$s ¶moOZm ~Zm ahr h¡& h‘ nyao ^maV ‘| no¶Ob g§H$Q> H$mo hb H$aZo H$s {Xem ‘| H$m‘ H$a aho h¡& h‘| ˜wer

amer Am¡a RIPN eoIa ‘ohVm&

hmoJr AJa amoQ>ar nmZr ~MmZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| OmJê$H$Vm n¡Xm H$aZo ‘| ‘XX H$a gHo$& EH$ ewéAmV Ho$ {bE, h‘ hmWm| go ItMo OmZo dmbo [aŠeo H$mo BboŠQ´>m°{ZH$ [aŠeo go ~XbH$a H$mobH$mVm Ho$ [aŠem MmbH$m| H$s ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE gmPoXmar H$a gH$Vo h¡& ¶h l‘ H$m g~go Iam~ ê$n h¡, Am¡a Bgo amoH$m OmZm Mm{hE, JS>H$ar Zo H$hm& CÝhm|Zo amoQ>ar ^maV go AZwamoY {H$¶m {H$ dh H$í‘ra ‘| ~mam‘ybm ImXr CÚmoJ ‘| H$m‘ H$aZo dmbr 2,000 ‘{hbmAm| H$s ‘XX H$a|& à˶oH$ ‘{hbm à{V {XZ nwéfm| Ho$ 80 ê$‘mb ~ZmVr h¡ Am¡a 5 à{V ê$‘mb H$‘mVr h¡& ¶{X Amn CZHo$ OrdZ H$mo ~ohVa ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE Hw$N> H$a gH$Vo h¡, Vmo ¶h ~hþV AÀN>m hmoJm& ‘ohVm Zo Vwa§V H$hm, h‘ 5 bmI ê$‘mb H$m AmS>©a X|Jo, {Og na amoQ>ar H$m bmoJmo H$‹T>mB© {H$¶m hþAm hmoJm& ‘§Ìr Zo àñVmd ñdrH$ma {H$¶m Am¡a H$hm, amoQ>ar Zo ^maV ‘| J«m‘rU ñdmñ϶ godm Am¡a gmjaVm Ho$ joÌm| ‘| ~hþV Hw$N> {H$¶m h¡& ^maV gaH$ma BgHo$ gmW gmPoXmar H$aHo$ Jm¡admpÝdV

h¡& JS>H$ar Zo ¶h ^r C„oI {H$¶m {H$ gaH$ma amï´>r¶ amO‘mJm] na no‹S> bJmZo H$s ¶moOZm ~Zm ahr h¡& Bggo nhbo {H$ dh AnZr ~mV IË‘ H$a nmVo, ‘ohVm Zo ~rM ‘| Q>moH$Vo hþE nyN>m, BgH$s ewéAmV Ho$ {bE h‘ {H$ggo g§nH©$ H$a gH$Vo h¡& h‘Zo H$amo‹S>m| no‹S> bJmE h¡& RIDN E Eg d|H$Q>oe Zo Bg ~mV na Omoa {X¶m {H$ gaH$ma Ho$ gmW amoQ>ar H$s ~mVMrV ^maV ‘| amoQ>ar ZoV¥Ëd Ho$ {bE EH$ ‘yë¶dmZ {Zdoe h¡, Am¡a H$hm {H$ Bg àH$ma H$s ~¡R>H|$ gaH$ma Ho$ ܶmZHo$ÝÐm| H$mo g‘PZo ‘| h‘mar ‘XX H$aVr h¡ Vm{H$ h‘ CgHo$ H$m¶©H«$‘m| Ho$ {bE AnZm ¶moJXmZ Xo gH|$& ^maV ‘| amoQ>ar Ho$ nmg 1.6 bmI {e{jV, {ZnwU Am¡a à{V~Õ n¡Xb g¡{ZH$ h¡ {OZHo$ gmW gaH$ma Bg Vah Ho$ g§H$Q>m| Ho$ g‘¶ Ow‹S> gH$Vr h¡& PRID nr Q>r à^mH$a Zo 12 n¡Zb gXñ¶m| H$mo noe {H$¶m Am¡a XoIm {H$ g^r 38 S>rOr, S>rOrB© Am¡a S>rOrEZ AmO Bg ~¡R>H$ Ho$ {bE CnpñWV hmo& RID H$‘b g§Kdr Zo EH$ àýmoÎma gÌ H$mo g§Mm{bV H$aVo

hþE, ‘§Ìr go nyN>m, MSMEs Ho$ {bE gaH$ma H$s XrK©H$m{bH$ Am¡a AënH$m{bH$ ¶moOZmE± Š¶m h¡ Š¶m|{H$ h‘mao H$B© amoQ>o[a¶Z Omo Eogo CÚ‘m| Ho$ ‘m{bH$ h¡ OmZZm Mmh|Jo& JS>H$ar Zo H$hm, MSME h‘mar AW©ì¶dñWm H$s ar‹T> h¡, Am¡a AmJo H$hm {H$ 45 {XZm| Ho$ ^rVa, ^maV gaH$ma MSMEs Ûmam CZHo$ b§{~V ^wJVmZ àmá H$aZo Ho$ {bE EH$ AmXoe Omar H$aoJr& BgHo$ Abmdm, {Z¶m©V H$mo 60 ’$sgXr go ~‹T>mZo Am¡a nm§M H$amo‹S> ZE amoOJma g¥{OV H$aZo H$s ¶moOZm h¡& CÝhm|Zo MSMEs Ho$ Bg g§H$Q> H$mo EH$ Amerdm©X Ho$ ê$n ‘| XoIZo Ho$ {bE H$hm& ha Xoe ZE Xoem| Ho$ gmW ì¶mdgm{¶H$ ê$n go gmPoXmar H$aZm MmhVm h¡& h‘mao MSMEs H$s ‘XX Ho$ gmW ^maV dh gmPoXma hmo gH$Vm h¡ {OgH$s Xþ{Z¶m H$mo Vbme h¡, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& Bg AmH$f©H$ do{~Zma ‘| 2,000 Ho$ H$ar~ bmoJ Wo Am¡a 25,000 go A{YH$ bmoJ Bgo ’o$g~wH$ na bmBd XoI aho Wo& RIDN a{d dmS>bm‘mZr Zo YݶdmX kmnZ {X¶m& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 35

Om‘ZJa Ho$ amoQ>ar Šb~ goݶmoag Vmbm~§Xr Ho$ Xm¡amZ Zem‘w{º$ A{^¶mZMbm aho h¡ aerXm ^JV


B ‘§S>b 3060 ‘| Om‘ZJa H$m amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°’$ goݶmoag, O¡gm {H$ Zm‘ go hr àVrV hmoVm h¡ nyU© ‘{hbm Šb~ Zo H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar ‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ AnZo ‘Zng§X àmoOoŠQ> hm{ZH$maH$ JwQ>H$m Am¡a Aݶ V§~mHy$ CËnmXm| go Zem‘w{º$ na H$m‘ H$aZo Ho$ {bE bm°H$S>mCZ H$m ^anya Cn¶moJ {H$¶m& Bg Šb~ H$s MmQ>©a Aܶj S>m° H$ënZm I§S>o[a¶m Zo H$hm {H$ ¶wdmAm| H$s H$mC§gqbJ H$a, g‘mO H$mo hm{ZH$maH$ CËnmXm| H$s bV go Nw>Q>H$mam {XbmZm h‘mao Šb~ H$s amoQ>ar ¶mÌm Ho$ nhbo {XZ go h‘mar àmW{‘H$Vm ahr h¡& Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| Zo ‘hgyg {H$¶m {H$ Bg bm°H$S>mCZ ‘| Zem‘w{º$ na H$m‘ Omar aIZo H$m g‘¶ g~go AÀN>m Wm, Š¶m|{H$ IVaZmH$ Zerbo nXmWm] Ho$ ì¶gZr bmoJ Ka na hr {‘bZo dmbo Wo, XmoñVm| Am¡a g‘mamohm| go Xÿa Ohm§ Zeo H$s bV AmgmZr go n‹S> OmVr h¡& CÝhm|Zo ‘hgyg {H$¶m {H$ Zerbo nXmWm] go Xÿa ahZo H$s dOh go ¶wdmAm| Am¡a ì¶gZ ‘| n‹S>o Aݶ bmoJm| H$mo g‘PmZm AmgmZ hmoJm Š¶m|{H$ EH$ Vmo dmo n[adma Ho$ 36

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

gXñ¶m| Ho$ ~rM ‘| ah aho h¢ Omo CÝh| ~war AmXV N>mo‹S>Zo Ho$ {bE àmoËgm{hV H$a|Jo Am¡a gh¶moJ H$a|Jo& Am¡a bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ, JwQ>H$m d Aݶ V§~mHy$ CËnmX AmgmZr go CnbãY ^r Zht Wo& Bg{bE Šb~ Zo JwQ>H$m Ho$ {dH$ën Ho$ ê$n ‘| EH$ hm{Za{hV Am¡a ñdm{Xï> ‘¡{OH$ {‘Šg ‘w»dmg ~m§Q>Zm ewê$ H$a {X¶m,

{Og‘| XmbMrZr, Oram, AOdmB©Z, gm¡’$, Mmdb H$m AmQ>m Am¡a bm¢J em{‘b h¢& Bg OmXþB© ‘wIdmg H$s H$hmZr Xmo gmb nwamZr h¡& S>m° H$ënZm ¶mX H$aVr h¢ {H$ CZH$s ZμOa EH$ gmoeb ‘r{S>¶m nmoñQ> na nS>r, {Og‘| CÝhm|Zo CÝhm|Zo ‘w§~B© H$s ~oñQ> ~gm| go Ow‹S>o EH$ S>m°ŠQ>a Ho$ ~mao ‘| n‹T>m Wm {Og‘| {bIm Wm {H$ CÝhm|Zo

JwQ>H$m Am¡a Aݶ V§~mHy$ CËnmXm| Ho$ ì¶gZr, ~oñQ> Ho$ 300 H§$S>ŠQ>am| Am¡a S´>mBdam| Ho$ ~rM ¶o n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV {H$¶o Wo & ‘¢Zo CZH$m Z§~a Ty>ÝT> {ZH$mbm, ~mV H$s Am¡a Bg ‘wIdmg H$s {d{Y OmZr& noeo go S>m° H$ënZm ór amoJ {deofk h¢ Am¡a Om‘ZJa H¢$ga [agM© B§ñQ>rQ>çyQ> H$s Aܶj ^r h¢ Am¡a Bg{bE H¢$ga H$s amoH$Wm‘ ‘|

bm¢J, XmbMrZr, gm¢’$, Mmdb, H¡$a‘ Am¡a Oram - ‘¡{OH$ ‘Ido V¡¶ma H$aZo H$s gm‘J«r&

CZH$s Jhar {XbMñnr ^r h¡& h‘mao S>rOrB© àem§V OmZr Zo AmJm‘r df© Ho$ {bE ‘wPo ‘§S>b Aܶj ‘¡‘moJ«m’$s Am¡a Amoab H¢$ga H$s {Oå‘oXmar Xr h¡, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& ‘w§~B© Ho$ S>m°ŠQ>a go Bg ‘¡{OH$ {‘Šg H$m ZwñIm boZo Ho$

~mX, CÝhm|Zo AnZo nm[adm[aH$ Q´>ñQ> (lr ~Qw>H$^mB© IÝYo[a¶m M¡[aQ>o~b Q´>ñQ>) Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go EZOrAmo Am¡a H¢$ga H$s amoH$Wm‘ Am¡a V§~mHy$ d Aݶ Zerbo nXmW© Ho$ joÌ ‘| H$m‘ H$aZo dmbo Aݶ g§JR>Zm| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go Bg

‘wIdmg Ho$ 5,000 n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV {H$¶o& 2014 ‘| AnZr amoQ>ar ¶mÌm Ho$ nhbo {XZ go, goݶmoag Šb~ Zo ì¶gZ ‘w{º$ Am¡a ¶wdm nam‘e© H$mo AnZm hñVmja àmoOoŠQ> ~Zm¶m Wm& Šb~ ñWmnZm Ho$ nhbo {XZ

S>m° H$ënZm Ho$ pŠb{ZH$ ‘| EH$ ¶wdm nam‘e© H|$Ð H$m CÓmQ>Z {H$¶m J¶m& Šb~ H$s Aܶj {Zem Aæ¶a H$m H$hZm h¡ {H$ {nN>bo N>h dfm] ‘|, h‘Zo Om‘ZJa Am¡a Xod^y{‘ ÛmaH$m {Obm| Ho$ 436 ñHy$bm| Am¡a H$m°boOm| ‘| 55,997 N>mÌm| H$s H$mC§gqbJ H$s h¡ Am¡a BZ {Obm| Ho$ g^r Am¡Úmo{JH$ joÌm| Ho$ 5,000 go A{YH$ l{‘H$m| H$mo Zem‘w{º$ XdmE§ àXmZ H$s h¢& Šb~ Zo g^r Y‘©JwéAm| Ho$ gmW {‘b H$a EH$ Zem‘w{º$ A{^¶mZ Mbm¶m Wm& Ah‘Xm~mX Ho$ H$Zmo‹S>r¶m AñnVmb Ho$ gmW gmPoXmar ‘|, Ohm§ Zem ‘w{º$ Ho$ {bE ‘arOm| H$mo ^Vu H$aZo H$s gw{dYm h¡, Šb~ Zo MoñQ> {’${O{e¶Z S>m° S>~dmbm Ho$ Ûmam à{ejH$m| Ho$ à{ejU H$s ì¶dñWm

amoQ>ar Šb~ goZmoag H$s Aܶj {Zem Aæ¶a (~rM ‘|) ‘¡{OH$ H$s S>ã~r ~m±Q>Vr hþ¶r& OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 37

(XmE§ go) {Zem Agdma Am¡a {‘ZmŠgr emh XoVr h¢ H$s CnpñW{V ‘| nyd© Aܶj {hZm ‘ohVm ‘| EH$ ì¶{º$ H$mo ‘wIdmg Ho$ g¡eo XoVr h¡ & H$s, Am¡a EZOrAmo H$mo ‘wIdmg Ho$ n¡Ho$Q> {XE& S>m° H$ënZm H$m H$hZm h¡ {H$ CZHo$ Šb~ H$s ¶h hñVmja n[a¶moOZm {Za§Va Mb ahr h¡ Am¡a goݶmoag Šb~ Bg n[a¶moOZm H$mo Aݶ amoQ>ar Šb~m| ‘| ^r XmohamZo H$s CËgwH$ h¢& {‘Šg Ho$ à˶oH$ nmCM H$s H$s‘V ‘wpíH$b go <15-20 h¡, Bgo Ka na ~ZmZm AmgmZ h¡ Am¡a Bgo ~ZmZo H$s {d{Y Bgr na N>nr hþB© h¡ Vm{H$ IarXZo dmbo Bgo Ka na ~Zm gHo$& h‘Zo bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ gmoMm {H$ Bg H$m‘ H$mo AmJo ~‹T>mZo H$m ¶o g‘¶ C{MV h¡ Am¡a h‘Zo ‘¡{OH$ {‘Šg ~m§Q>Zm ewê$ H$a {X¶m& Omo bmoJ Zeo 38

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

go ‘w{º$ MmhVo h¢ ‘oao AñnVmb Am H$a do Xmo {S>ã~r bo OmVo h¢ {’$a do Bgo Ka na ~Zm gH$Vo h¢& S>rOr AZre emh H$s gbmh na, CÝhm|Zo {bpIV ‘| Aݶ Šb~m| go Bg n[a¶moOZm H$mo XmohamZo H$m AZwamoY {H$¶m h¡, ¶o n[a¶moOZm Z Ho$db g‘mO Ho$ ñdmñ϶, H¢$ga Am¡a Aݶ ~r‘m[a¶m| H$s amoH$Wm‘

Ho$ {bE ~ohVa h¡ ~pëH$ ¶o J{V{d{Y amoQ>ar H$s N>{d ‘| ^r d¥{Õ H$aoJr& Bgo AmgmZr go Xmoham¶m Om gH$Vm h¡ Am¡a ¶o gñVr ^r h¡ - {g’©$ <1,500-2,000 ‘| 100 nmCM ~Zm¶o Om gH$Vo h¢, dh H$hVr h¢& BÀNw>H$ Šb~ BÝh| ¶m Vmo Zem N>mo‹S>Zo H$s ‘§em aIZo dmbo ì¶{º$¶m| ‘| ~m±Q> gH$Vo h¡ ¶m ‘o{S>H$b ñQ>moa

Omo bmoJ Zeo go ‘w{º$ MmhVo h¢ ‘oao AñnVmb Am H$a do Xmo {S>ã~r bo OmVo h¢ {’$a do Bgo Ka na ~Zm gH$Vo h¢&

S>m° H$ënZm I§S>o[a¶m

na Hw$N> nmCM aI gH$Vo h¢, {OZ‘| go Hw$N> ‘wâV ‘| {dV[aV {H$E Om gH$Vo h¢, {OgHo$ ~mX BÀNw>H$ ì¶{º$ Bgo Ka na ~ZmZm ewê$ H$a X|, Š¶m|{H$ Amdí¶H$Vm go A{YH$ ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ Zm‘ na CZH$s noemZr na gbdQ>| Am OmVr h¢! dh H$hVr h¢, {g’©$ <2,000 go ^r H$‘ am{e ‘| Bg {‘lU H$mo h‘ H$B© bmoJm| VH$ nhþ§Mm gH$Vo h¢& 100 nmCM V¡¶ma H$aZo Ho$ {bE, XmbMrZr, Oram, AOdmB©Z, gm¢’$ Am¡a Mmdb H$m AmQ>mà˶oH$ 250 J«m‘ Am¡a 50 bm¢J H$s Oê$aV h¡ Am¡a CÝh| J«mB§S>a ‘| ‘W H$a BgH$m MyU© ~Zm b|& „

lr lr a{d e§H$a

amoQ>ar Am¡a X AmQ>© Am°’$ {bqdJ {dœ em§{V Ho$ {bE gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$a|Jo {H$aU Ooham

ar-B§d|qQ>J, g{d©g E§S> nrg ’$m°a ¶y{Zdg©b dZZog nmoñQ>-noZoS>o{‘H$ do{~Zma (B§Q>aZoQ> na go{‘Zma) ‘| AmaAmB©nrEZ eoIa ‘ohVm Am¡a AmܶmpË‘H$ Jwê$ lr lr a{d e§H$a Ho$ ~rM dmVm© ‘| MMm© H$m ‘w»¶ {df¶ em§{V Wm& ‘ohVm Zo gwPmd {X¶m {H$ CZH$m X AmQ>© Am°’$ {bqdJ ’$mC§S>oeZ {dœ em§{V Ho$ H$m‘ Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$a gH$Vm h¡ Am¡a CÝhm|Zo ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ H$m‘m| H$s gamhZm H$s, ^maV ‘| H$í‘ra go boH$a H$mob§{~¶m, BamH$ Am¡a gr[a¶m VH$, AmnHo$ àmoJ«m‘ Zo CZ bmoJm| na à^md S>mbm h¡ Omo bmoJ nhbo geó g§Kf© ‘| em{‘b Wo Am¡a A~ em§{V Ho$ amñVo na Mb aho h¢& amoQ>ar Ho$ nrg ’¡$bmo{en àmoJ«m‘ Ho$ ~mao ‘| lr lr H$mo OmZH$mar XoVo hþE, CÝhm|Zo gwPmd {X¶m {H$ ’$mC§S>oeZ Am¡a amoQ>ar H$m nrg àmoJ«m‘ (em§{V H$m¶©H«$‘), {OgZo nhbo go hr 1400 em§{VXÿV ¶moÕAm| H$mo n¡Xm H$a {X¶m h¡, CÝh| gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$aZm Mm{hE& h‘ {Z{üV ê$n go g§gma H$mo Am¡a A{YH$ em§{VnyU© Ed§ Iwehmb ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE EH$ gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$a|J,lr lr Zo Odm~ {X¶m ... h‘ AmnHo$ ¶yW qdJ-amoQ>maoŠQ> Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$a|Jo- CÝhm|Zo AnZr BÀN>m 춺$ H$s& ¶wdmAm| H$mo ào[aV H$aZo H$s CZH$s j‘Vm na CZH$s gamhZm H$aVo hþE lr ‘ohVm Zo H$hm {H$ hmbm§{H$ dh CZgo H$^r ^r ì¶{º$JV ê$n go Zht {‘bo Wo, ‘¢

Amü¶©M{H$V hÿ± Am¡a ~hþV Jhao ê$n go Amn go à^m{dV h°y§ {H$ {H$g Vah go AmnZo ¶wdmAm| H$mo em§{V H$m Aä¶mg H$aZo Ho$ {bE ào[aV {H$¶m&amoQ>ar Am¡a ’$m°CS>oeZ na ~mV H$aVo hþE CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ h‘ XmoZm| Ho$ g§JR>Z Omo H$m‘ H$a ah| h¢ Cg‘| ‘¢ EH$ Vmb‘ob XoIVm hÿ±& XmoZm| hr g§JR>Z AI§S>Vm, em§{V, ‘§Jb-H$m‘Zm Ed§ godm H$mo ~‹T>mdm XoVo h¢& Jm§dm| ‘| ~g-ñQ>m°n ~ZmZo go boH$a nyao g§gma Ho$ bmoJm| H$mo EH$OwQ> H$aZo VH$, Amn {dœ g‘wXm¶ Ho$ EH$ AmXe© h¢& lr lr Zo g{d©g eãX Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~Vm¶m {H$ ¶h g{d©g eãX g§ñH¥$V ^mfm Ho$ “godm’’ eãX go Am¶m h¡&’’ ‘¢ AnZo ¶wdmH$mb go hr amoQ>ar go n[a{MV ahm hÿ± Am¡a AmnZo g§gma H$s AÀN>r godm H$s h¡& lr ‘ohVm Zo lrlr H$mo bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ Ho$ ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ Ho$ {H$E JE H$m‘m| Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~Vm¶m& AmܶmpË‘H$ brS>a Zo BZ à¶mgm| H$mo gamhm Am¡a H$hm {H$ {Og pñW{V H$m gm‘Zm h‘ A^r H$a aho h¢, CgH$s VwbZm ‘| ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ Ho$ ‘m‘bo Cggo Á¶mXm J§^ra hmoZo Om aho h¢& bm°H$S>mCZ ‘|, bmoJ ¶m Vmo AdgmX ‘| Om aho h¢ ¶m AmH«$‘H$ hmo aho h¢& EH$ Vah Vmo Jwñgm h¡ Am¡a Xÿgar Vah S>a ì¶mnV h¡ ...EH$ ñdñ϶ {MÎm g‘mO H$mo ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE h‘ g~H$mo EH$ gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$aZm hmoJm& CÝhm|Zo ¶h ^r ~Vm¶m {H$ AmO {dœ ñVa na AmR> bmI bmoJ AmË‘h˶m H$a aho h¢& gmam

EH$ Vah Vmo Jwñgm h¡ Am¡a Xÿgar Vah S>a ì¶mnV h¡ ...EH$ ñdñ϶ {MÎm g‘mO H$mo ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE h‘ g~H$mo EH$ gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$aZm hmoJm&

g§gma BgHo$ g‘mYmZ Ho$ {bE nya~ H$s Amoa XoI ahm h¡& CÝhm|Zo ¶moJ, ‘o{S>Q>oeZ àmoJ«m‘ Ed§ ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ J{V{d{Y¶m| H$mo H$amZo H$m gwPmd {X¶m CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ ~r‘mar go Á¶mXm h‘| BgHo$ S>a go {ZnQ>Zo H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoJr Am¡a CÝhm|Zo gwPmd {X¶m {H$ bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ ñdñ϶ ‘Z Ed§ ‘wº$ AmË‘-^md’ H$mo àmá H$aZo Ho$ {bE g^r H$mo gmW {‘bH$a H$m‘ H$aZm Mm{hE& ‘ohVm Zo CÝh| ~Vm¶m {H$ amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ Zo H$mo{dS>-19 H$s amhV J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ {bE à˶oH$ H$mo 25,000 S>m°ba H$s ½bmo~b J«m§Q> Xr h¡& ^maV ‘| amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo nrE‘ Ho$¶a ’§$S> ‘| 50 {‘{b¶Z S>m°ba {XE h¢ Am¡a CÝhm|Zo AnZo g‘wXm¶m| H$mo g§H$Q> go {ZnQ>Zo ‘| ‘XX àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE CVZr hr am{e IM© H$s h¡& „ OyZ 2020 amoQ>ar g_mMma 39

H$‘bmå‘m H$s AgmYmaU CXmaVm aerXm ^JV


~ H$mo{dS> -19 ‘hm‘mar Zo EH$ ZB© MwZm¡Vr noe H$s, V~ amoQ>ar Šb~ Am°’$ ho[aQ>oO ‘¡gyé, amo B© ‘§S>b 3181, Zo CZHo$ eha ‘| ’§$go hþE ^yIo Am¡a Aghm¶ àdmgr l{‘H$m|, X¡{ZH$ ‘OXÿam|, ’o$ardmbm|, {^Im[a¶m|, Am¡a Aݶ gw{dYmAm| go d§{MV bmoJm| H$mo ^moOZ CnbãY H$amZo H$m H$m‘ ewê$ {H$¶m& 20 ‘mM© go, Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| Zo eha Ho$ {d{^Þ {hñgm| ‘| EH$ {XZ ‘| 500 n¡Ho$Q> nH$m hþAm ^moOZ XoZm ewê$ {H$¶m& ‘’bo{H$Z X¶m Ho$ ^md Ho$ ê$n ‘| Omo ewê$ hþAm dh XmoñVm|, [aíVoXmam|, Zm¡OdmZm|, N>mÌm| Am¡a {Zanoj AOZ{~¶m| go {‘bo XmZ Ho$ ê$n ‘| EH$ AmÝXmobZ ~Z J¶m, Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶ S>r. E‘. amKd|Ð H$hVo h¡& OëX hr amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo AnZo X¡{ZH$ H$m¶© ‘| d¥{Õ H$aVo hþE EH$ {XZ ‘| ^moOZ Ho$ 2,400 n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV H$aZm ewê$ H$a {X¶m Am¡a 40 {XZm| ‘|, 17 ‘B© VH$, CÝhm|Zo eha ‘| bJ^J 62,000 ^moOZ Ho$ n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV {H$E& Hw$b bmJV <18.35 bmI h¡& O¡go-O¡go Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶, CZH$s npËZ¶m§, EoZ, EZoQ>, [aíVoXma Am¡a XmoñV Am¡a N>mÌ Bg H$m¶© ‘| em{‘b hþE, do eha ^a ‘| H$B© Am¡a ^yIo bmoJm| VH$ nhþ§MZo ‘| gj‘ hmo nmE& OëX hr AÞXmZ‘ Zm‘H$ n[a¶moOZm H$mo Cƒ Ñí¶Vm {‘br Am¡a 40

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

gm§gX, {dYm¶H$, erf© nw{bg Am¡a {ZJ‘ A{YH$m[a¶m| O¡go VIP¶m| Zo agmoB© Ka H$m Xm¡am {H$¶m Am¡a ñdÀN>Vm Am¡a ñdmñ϶, gm‘m{OH$ Xÿar, {ga H$s Q>monr, hmW Ho$ XñVmZo, ’o$g ‘mñH$, Am{X nhZZo O¡gr gmdYm{Z¶m§ ~aVo OmZo H$s gamhZm H$s& g^r Zo ^moOZ MIm Am¡a BgH$s JwUdÎmm Am¡a nm¡{ï>H$ ‘yë¶ H$mo à‘m{UV {H$¶m, CÝhm|Zo AmJo H$hm& h‘mao Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶ IwX hr Eë¶y‘r{Z¶‘ Ho$ ~V©Z ‘| Ja‘mJ‘© ImZm n¡H$ H$a aho Wo Am¡a CÝh| ‘erZ go grb H$a aho Wo& Am¡a bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo ^moOZ {dV[aV {H$E JE, Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj VbmH$‹S> ‘§OwZmW H$hVo h¡& EH$ {XZ, O~ gXñ¶ nH$m hþAm ^moOZ n¡H$ H$aZo ‘| ì¶ñV Wo, EH$ Jar~ {XImB© XoZo dmbr, 70 dfu¶ ‘{hbm n[aga Ho$ A§Xa AmB©& h‘| bJm {H$ CÝh| EH$ n¡Ho$Q> Mm{hE Wm, Am¡a h‘Zo CZH$s Amoa EH$ n¡Ho$Q> ~‹T>m¶m& bo{H$Z CÝhm|Zo Bgo boZo go BZH$ma H$a {X¶m, Am¡a XoIZo H$s Wmo‹S>r {hå‘V OwQ>mH$a, AnZr gm‹S>r Ho$ n„z ‘| go H$moB© {N>nr hþB© MrO ~mha {ZH$mbr, Am¡a H$hm: ‘¢ Vw‘ g~ H$mo AnZo joÌ ‘| {nN>bo 30 {XZm| go ^r A{YH$ g‘¶ go ^moOZ H$s Amny{V© H$aVo hþE XoI ahr hÿ±& Am¡a ‘wPo bJm {H$ ‘wPo ^r Hw$N> ¶moJXmZ

XoZm Mm{hE& Bg{bE ¶h <500 b| Omo ‘¢ AnZr 600 H$s ‘m{gH$ n|eZ go bmB© hÿ±& ‘¢ OmZVr hÿ± ¶h ~hþV N>moQ>r amer h¡, bo{H$Z H¥$n¶m Bgo ñdrH$ma H$a|, CÝhm|Zo H$hm, amKdoÝÐ ¶mX H$aVo h¡& Amü¶©M{H$V amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo CÝh| YݶdmX {X¶m Am¡a CÝh| Cg n¡go H$mo aIZo Ho$ {bE ‘ZmZo H$s H$mo{ee H$s {OgH$s CÝh| Bg ‘wpíH$b g‘¶ Ho$ Xm¡amZ Oê$aV n‹S>oJr& bo{H$Z CZgo ~hþV AZwamoY H$aZo Ho$ ~mdOyX, CÝhm|Zo Omoa XoH$a H$hm {H$ h‘ Bgo ñdrH$ma H$a|, {Ogo h‘Zo H¥$VkVm Ho$ gmW ñdrH$ma {H$¶m& O~ CÝhm|Zo ’o$g~wH$ nmoñQ> ‘| Bg ‘m{‘©H$ KQ>Zm H$mo Bg {Q>ßnUr Ho$ gmW nmoñQ> {H$¶m {H$ Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| H$mo CZH$m ¶h ^md Q>mQ>m, Aå~mZr, AOr‘ ào‘Or, Zmam¶U‘y{V© Am¡a Aݶ Aa~n{V¶m| go ^r ~‹S>m bJ ahm Wm, Vmo ¶h nmoñQ> dm¶ab hmo JB©& Am¡a A~ H$‘bmå‘m ñWmZr¶ Q>obr{dOZ M¡Zbm| Am¡a qàQ> ‘r{S>¶m ‘| EH$ à{gÔ hñVr ~Z JB© h¡, {Og‘| ì¶mnH$ ê$n go CZH$s CXma ^mdZm {XImB© XoVr h¡&

D$na: MmQ>©a Aܶj Ho$‘§OwZmW H$s CnpñW{V ‘| Šb~ Aܶj VbH$‹S> ‘§OwZmW, H$‘bmå‘m H$mo YݶdmX XoVo h¢ & ’o$qgJ noO: H$‘bmå‘m AnZo Ka na amoQ>[a¶Zm| H$m ñdmJV H$aVr h¢& ZrMo: Šb~ gXñ¶ S>r E‘ amKd|Ð {dVaU Ho$ {bE ^moOZ H$s n¡qH$J H$aVo h¡&

CZH$s n¥ð>^y{‘ Ho$ ~mao ‘| OmZH$mar XoVo hþE, Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj ‘§OyZmW AmJo H$hVo h¡ {H$ ha ‘hrZo H$‘bmå‘m H$mo gaH$ma go {dYdm n|eZ Ho$ ê$n ‘| 600 {‘bVo h¡& CZHo$ VrZ ~oQ>o h¡, bo{H$Z dh AHo$br ahVr h¡ Š¶m|{H$ CÝhm|Zo h‘| ~Vm¶m {H$ dh {H$gr na ~moP Zht ~ZZm MmhVr& dmñVd ‘| CZH$m ¶h ^md àXe©Z h‘| Ny> J¶m& CÝhm|Zo EH$ ñWmZr¶ CÚmoJn{V amOÞm H$mo ^r YݶdmX {X¶m, {OÝhm|Zo amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$mo ^moOZ V¡¶ma H$aZo Am¡a n¡H$ H$aZo Ho$ {bE AnZm gå‘obZ hm°b, agmoB©, ñQ>mod Am¡a ~V©Z ‘wâV ‘| {XE& ¶hm§ na CZ agmoB¶m|, {OÝhm|Zo AnZr gm‘mݶ Vm¡a na br OmZo dmbr amer Ho$ ~Xbo Bg nhb Ho$ {bE 40 {XZm| VH$ h‘mam gmW {X¶m, Am¡a gmW hr CZ n[admhH$m|, {Obm àemgZ, ZJa {ZJ‘ Am¡a ñWmZr¶ ZJagodH$m| H$m C„oI H$aZm ^r ‘hËdnyU© h¡, {OÝhm|Zo ‘¡gyê$ Ho$ AbJ-AbJ {hñgm| ‘| nH$m hþAm ^moOZ {dV[aV H$aZo ‘| h‘mar ‘XX H$s& ‘§OyZmW AmJo H$hVo h¡ {H$ Šb~ Zo l{‘H$ aobJm{‹S>¶m| go ¶mÌm H$aZo dmbo 6,000 go A{YH$ àdmgr H$m‘Jmam| H$mo ZmíVm Am¡a nmZr XoH$a CZH$s ‘XX H$s& BgZo ñZohm M¡[aQ>o~b Q´>ñQ> Am¡a àem‘H$ XoI^mb H|$Ð Ûmam <2 bmI H$s A{V[aº$ bmJV go ~oghmam bmoJm| Ho$ {bE MbmE OmZo dmbo S>o Ho$¶a H|$Ð H$m ^r g‘W©Z {H$¶m&

EZ H¥$îU‘y{V© Ûmam ê$naoIm OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 41

H$mo{dS>-19 amhV

‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o H$s O~X©ñV godm aerXm ^JV


aV H$m EH$ {d{eï> amoQ>ar Šb~, {OgHo$ gXñ¶ H$^r OoAmaS>r Q>mQ>m Wo, amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o, amoB© ‘§S>b 3141, ‘hmamï´> gaH$ma, {deofH$a g§H$Q> go ^ao ‘w§~B© eha, Omo H$mo{dS> -19 Ho$ H«y$a à^md Ho$ VhV H$amh ahm h¡, H$s H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar go {ZnQ>Zo ‘| ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE EŠeZ ‘| AmZo dmbo ^maV Ho$ nhbo Šb~m| ‘| go EH$ Wm&

BgHo$ gXñ¶ d|{Q>boQ>a, nrnrB© (ng©Zb àmoQ>opŠQ>d B{¹$n‘|Q>), ‘mñH$, g¡{ZQ>mBOa, {àd|{Q>d ‘o{S>{gZ O¡go ‘hËdnyU© XoI^mb CnH$aU XoZo go Ow‹S>r H$‘ go H$‘ 19 AbJ-AbJ J{V{d{Y¶m| H$mo ewê$ H$aZo Am¡a BZ g~go D$na àdmgr l{‘H$m|, X¡{ZH$ ‘OXÿam| Am¡a ‘w§~B© Ho$ Aݶ d§{MV dJm] H$mo ^moOZ àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE EH$ gmW AmE&

àdmgr l{‘H$m| Ho$ {bE OyVo& 42

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

Xmo ‘hrZm| ‘|, BgZo AnZo ñd¶§ Ho$ YZ H$mo O‘m H$aHo$ Am¡a AnZr grEgAma J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ VhV H$m°nm}aoQ>m| go ¶moJXmZ àmá H$aHo$ <4.5 H$amo‹S> go A{YH$ H$s H$mo{dS>-g§~§{YV amhV àXmZ H$s& Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶ Am¡a Q>rAmaE’$ ݶmgr Jwbm‘ dmhZdQ>r Zo H$hm {H$ ’§$qS>J H$m EH$ {hñgm - <90 bmI H$s EH$ ~‹S>r amer - d¡{œH$ AmB©Q>r à‘wI ATOS go Am¶m Wm& ‘mZd g§gmYZ Ho$ à‘wI, Cnmܶj, Zm{ga e¡˜ Ho$ AZwgma, h‘| gaH$mar AñnVmbm| ‘| d|{Q>boQ>a Am¡a nrnrB© {H$Q>| àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o Ho$ gmW {‘bZo ‘| Iwer hþB© Š¶m|{H$ H$mo{dS> -19 Zo Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| A^yVnyd© ñdmñ϶ IVao n¡Xm H$a {XE h¡& h‘mao nmg nhbo go hr Ho$ab ‘| amoQ>ar Ho$ gmW H$m‘ H$aZo H$m EH$ gH$mamË‘H$ AZw^d Wm, Ohm± {nN>bo gmb h‘Zo 2018 H$s ~m‹T> go {dñWm{nV n[admam| Ho$ 28 Kam| H$mo {’$a go ~ZmZo Am¡a CÝh| gm¢nZo ‘| ‘XX H$s Wr& amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o Zo {Q‰>Q>a na Ëd[aV AZwH«$‘ ‘| AnZr J{V{d{Y¶m| H$mo Q‰>rQ> {H$¶m& ‘B© Ho$ nhbo gámh VH$ Šb~ H$s Amoa go Xr JB© EH$ àog {dk{á ‘|

H$hm J¶m h¡, h‘ h‘mar XoIaoI ‘| g§Mm{bV agmoB© go ~oKa, àdmgr H$m‘Jmam| Am¡a X¡{ZH$ doVZ ^mo{J¶m| H$mo ha {XZ 30,000 n¡Ho$Q> ^moOZ Xo aho h¢& BgHo$ Abmdm, BgZo ‘mboJm§d Ho$ H$â¶y© dmbo I§S> (‘w§~B© go bJ^J Mma K§Q>o H$s Xÿar) na Cn‘m Am¡a nmohm Ho$ Ëd[aV ê$n go V¡¶ma hmoZo dmbo ImZo Ho$ n¡Ho$Q> Ho$ 40,000 n¡Ho$Q>m| H$s Amny{V© H$s& BgHo$ Abmdm, h‘ 17 ‘B© VH$ ha {XZ ‘wâV ‘| nHo$ hþE Am¡a n¡H$ {H$E hþE ^moOZ Ho$ 1,000 n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV H$a aho h¢& Šb~ Zo ‘hmamï´> gaH$ma Ûmam g§Mm{bV AñnVmbm| H$mo 52 d|{Q>boQ>a ^r àXmZ {H$E h¡& ‘B© Ho$ ‘ܶ VH$ BgZo ‘w§~B©, MoÞB© Am¡a ~|Jbwé Ho$ {d{^Þ AñnVmbm| H$mo 11,250 nrnrB© {XE; 1,150 N95 œgZ ‘mñH$, Am¡a ‘w§~B© Ho$ {d{^Þ AñnVmbm| ‘| g§nH©$ a{hV {S>{OQ>b W‘m©‘rQ>a Am¡a Am°Šgr‘rQ>a nëg ‘erZm| H$s AÀN>r Amny{V© H$s; ‘w§~B© H$s Pw½Jr ~pñV¶m| ‘| gm‘wXm{¶H$ em¡Mmb¶m| H$m aIaImd H$aZo dmbo ñdÀN>Vm H$m¶©H$Vm©Am| H$mo 1,200 ’o$g erëS>; Am¡a {d{^Þ EO|{g¶m| H$mo 5,000 ñdÀN>Vm h¢S>dme H$s ~moVb| Xr& ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ nam‘e© A{YH$ ^ma Pob ahr ‘w§~B© nw{bg H$s ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE, Šb~ Zo {d{^Þ nw{bg ñQ>oeZm| na H$m°’$s/Mm¶ d|qS>J ‘erZ| bJmB©& h‘Zo 600 go A{YH$ à{e{jV ñd¶§godH$m| Am¡a nam‘e©XmVmAm| Ho$ gmW EH$ Q>mob-’«$s nam‘e© hoënbmBZ (ApIb ^maVr¶)

ñWm{nV H$s Vm{H$ ‘m¡OyXm pñW{V Ho$ ‘ÔoZOa ì¶{WV, naoemZ ¶m AnZo ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ H$mo boH$a qM{VV H$m°b H$aZo dmbm| H$s ‘XX H$s Om gH|$& BgHo$ Abmdm, hoënbmBZ CZ bmoJm| H$s ‘XX H$aZo H$m ^r à¶mg H$aVr h¡, {OÝh| ^maV ‘| H$ht ^r gyIo ameZ H$s Oê$aV hmoVr h¡, EH$ Šb~ gXñ¶ Zo H$hm& amoQ>ar Šb~ H$bH$Îmm Ho$ ~mX ^maV Ho$ Xÿgao g~go nwamZo Bg Šb~ Ho$ Q>mQ>m ‘o‘mo[a¶b AñnVmb Ho$ gmW EH$ ñWm¶r g§~§Y h¡, Am¡a H$moamoZm g§H«${‘V amo{J¶m| Ho$ BbmO ‘| ‘XX H$aZo Ho$ {bE, BgZo AñnVmb H$mo <20 bmI go A{YH$ H$s bmJV dmbr 2,500

AñnVmb H${‘©¶m| H$mo ñZ¡Šg ~m§Q>o JE& H$mo{dS> -19 narjU {H$Q>m| H$s Amny{V© H$s& amoQ>ar H$s EH$ Am¡a emIm Ho$ gmW gmPoXmar ‘|, BgZo KEM² Am¡a Hy$na AñnVmbm| Ho$ H$‘©Mm[a¶m|

Šb~ Zo R>mUo Ho$ {g{db AñnVmb ‘| d|{Q>boQ>a H$m XmZ {X¶m&

H$mo nm¡{ï>H$ ZmíVo Ho$ 2,000 n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV {H$E& bo{H$Z Šb~ H$s EH$ H$hmZr Omo dmñVd ‘| {Xb H$mo Ny> JB©, dh àdmgr l{‘H$m| go g§~§{YV EH$ AZwamoY H$s Wr, {OgH$s X¶Zr¶ XþX©em Zo h‘| PH$Pmoa H$a aI {X¶m& Šb~ Ho$ EH$ gXñ¶ H$mo Jw‹S>Jm§d go Hw$N> XmoñVm| H$m ’$moZ Am¶m, Omo {Xb go àdmgr H$m‘Jmam| H$s ‘XX H$aZm Am¡a CÝh| Mßnb| XoZm MmhVo Wo& Š¶m h‘ Hw$N> H$a gH$Vo h¡, CÝhm|Zo nyN>m? CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ CÝhm|Zo ’$Q>o Am¡a Z§Jo n¡am| Ho$ {MÌ XoIo Am¡a do BZ l{‘H$m| H$mo Mßnb àXmZ H$aZm MmhVo h¡ Omo AnZo Kam| Ho$ {bE BVZr b§~r Xÿar V¶ H$a aho Wo& ‘wå~B© ‘| bm°H$S>mCZ hmoZo Ho$ H$maU Mßnbm| H$m B§VOm‘ H$aZm bJ^J Ag§^d Wm, Bg{bE CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ do H$mo{ee H$a|Jo, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& EH$ K§Q>o ‘| Jw‹S>Jm§d Ho$ XmoñVm| Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ do 100 Omo‹S>r Mßnbm| H$m B§VOm‘ H$aZo ‘| g’$b hþE, bo{H$Z do Ho$db {X„r Ho$ nmg ZmoES>m ‘| CnbãY Wr& Š¶m amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o Ho$ gXñ¶ Jw‹S>Jm§d ‘|

àdmgr l{‘H$m| VH$ ¶h nhþ§MmZo ‘| ‘XX H$a nmE§Jo, ¶h AZwamoY Wm& h‘Zo amoQ>ar Šb~ ~m°å~o ‘| ~¡R>H$a Vwa§V Hw$N> ’$moZ H$m°b {H$E Am¡a 20 {‘ZQ> Ho$ ^rVa B§{S>¶m â¶yMa ’$mC§S>oeZ, {X„r Ho$ H${ZîH$ Jm¡a Zo Zm {g’©$ ZmoES>m go 100 Omo‹S>r Mßnb boZo Ho$ {bE ~pëH$ CÝh| àdmgr l{‘H$m| H$mo {dV[aV H$aZo ‘| ^r gh‘{V 춺$ H$s! ¶h EH$ N>moQ>m gm CXmhaU h¡, Omo ‘mZdVm H$s godm Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar H$s Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ {H$gr ^r H$moZo VH$ nhþ§MZo H$s e{º$ Am¡a Ow‹S>md H$mo {XImVm h¡, Šb~ Ûmam {H$E JE EH$ Q‰>rQ> Ho$ AZwgma& Šb~ ’§$S> OwQ>mZo ‘| bJm hþAm h¡ Am¡a dh H$mo{dS> go g§~§{YV J{V{d{Y¶m| H$mo {dÎm nmo{fV Am¡a {H«$¶mpÝdV H$aVm ahoJm, {Og‘| 31 ‘B© VH$ EH$ {XZ ‘| nHo$ hþE ^moOZ Ho$ 30,000 n¡Ho$Q>m| H$m {dVaU em{‘b h¡& ¶h namonH$mar bmoJm| go XmZ {‘bZo H$s Amem H$aVm h¡ Am¡a Omo bmoJ ‘XX H$aZm MmhVo h¢, do contact@ rotaryclubofbombay.org

na Šb~ Ho$ gmW g§nH©$ H$a gH$Vo h¡& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 43

amoQ>mßbmñQ> H¢$n 148 pñH$Z J«mâQ> gO©ar nyU© H$aVm h¡ dr ‘wÎmwHw$‘maU

Vrg gmb H$s ~~rVm H$mo nhbo 20 gmb VH$ XX© Am¡a ‘Zmod¡km{ZH$ VZmd H$mo ghZ H$aZm n‹S>m Wm, CgH$m AmJam Ho$ nmg {’$amoOm~mX Ho$ ¶y{ZQ>r AñnVmb ‘| EH$ 10 {Xdgr¶ amoQ>mßbmñQ> ‘o{S>H$b H¢$n ‘| B‘oO ‘oH$Amoda {H$¶m J¶m&Y‹S> g{hV CgHo$ D$nar A§J ~war Vah go Ob JE Wo, CgHo$ hmW n§Jw hmo JE Wo Am¡a dh JX©Z ‘| H$‹S>mnZ AmZo H$s dOh go AnZm Moham Zht {hbm gH$Vr Wr& h‘| CgHo$ ’$sJa ~XbZo Ed§ dV©‘mZ j‘Vm ‘| bmZo Ho$ {bE AmR> K§Q>o VH$ CgH$s ~‹S>r pñH$Z J«mâQ> gO©ar H$aZr n‹S>r&amoQ>ar AmJam

VmO‘hb, amo B© ‘§S>b 3110 Ho$ Mo¶a amhþb dmYdm Zo ~Vm¶m& ~{~Vm A~ AnZr gO©ar Ho$ ~mX AnZo A§Jm| H$mo {hbm gH$Vr h¡ Am¡a ñd¶§ H$s XoI^mb H$aZo ‘| g‘W© h¡, bo{H$Z {’$a ^r Mohao Ho$ XmJm| H$mo R>rH$ hmoZo ‘| Hw$N> g‘¶ bJoJm& CgHo$ XmoZm| ^mB© Iwe Wo {H$ dh b§~o g‘¶ VH$ nr‹S>m Am¡a H$ï> ghZ H$aZo Ho$ ~mX A~ dh nhbr ~ma ‘wñHw$am gH$Vr Wr& dmYdm Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ g§¶ºw $ Am¶moOH$m|, amoQ>ar Šb~ AmJam VmO‘hb, {’$amoOm~mX, AmJam ZmW© Am¡a {eH$mohm~mX Ho$ amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Ho$ {bE ¶h H¢$n g~go A{YH$ g’$b ahm Š¶m|{H$ A‘o[aH$m Ho$ g{O©H$b

Ed§ ñd¶§gdo H$ Q>r‘ Ho$ 25 gXñ¶m| Zo 148 ŠboâQ> {bn, nboQ> gO©ar H$s Am¡a 82 amo{J¶m| H$s ~Z© gO©ar à{H«$¶m H$s JB© {Og‘| 185 amo{J¶m| H$m BbmO AmonrS>r ‘| {H$¶m J¶m& Šb~ H$m amoQ>mßbmñQ> H¢$n Ho$ Am¶moOZ H$aZo H$m ¶h Vrgam gmb h¡& ‘arOm| H$mo ¶y{ZQ>r AñnVmb ‘| aIm J¶m Am¡a CZHo$ AñnVmb ‘| ahZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ CÝh| ^moOZ Ed§ ZmíVm {X¶m J¶m& CÎma àXoe Ho$ Xÿa-XamO Ho$ {Obm| go AmE ‘arOm| go H$moB© ^r n¡gm Zht {b¶m J¶m, gmoeb ‘r{S>¶m, hmo{Sª>½g Am¡a ~¡Za Ho$ Ûmam ‘o{S>H$b H¢$n go N>h ‘hrZo nhbo go hr h‘mao {demb àMma A{^¶mZ H$mo eha

amoQ>mnbmñQ> Q>r‘ Ho$ gmW àmoOoŠQ> Mo¶a‘¡Z amhþb dmYdm (Ma‘ XmE§)&

{e{da ñWb na ‘arOm| go ê$~ê$ hmoVo {M{H$ËgH$& Ed§ Amgnmg Ho$ Jm§dm| ‘| MbmZo Ho$ {bE YݶdmX& ¶hm§ VH$ {H$ n[adhZ bmJV H$mo ^r amoQ>ar Ho$ Ûmam {X¶m J¶m Š¶m|{H$ ~hþV go ‘arO H¢$n ñWb VH$ H$s BVZr b§~r Xÿar Zht V¶ H$a gH$Vo Wo& amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Zo {’$amoOm~mX Ho$ Amgnmg 70 Jm§dm| ‘| bmoJm| go H¢$n ‘| AmH$a BbmO H$m bm^ CR>mZo Ho$ {bE AmJ«h ñdê$n 30,000 nM} ~m§Q>&o BgHo$ Abmdm, nrE {gñQ>‘ ¶wº$ Am°Q>m[o aŠem H¢$n hoVw àMma H$m¶© H$aZo ‘| bJo hþE Wo Am¡a Bg ‘¡gOo H$mo ’¡$bmZo Ho$ {bE CZH$mo {’$amoOm~mX Ho$ Šbr{ZH$m| na bJm¶m J¶m Wm& lr dmYdm Zo H$hm {H$ h‘Zo nhbo ‘arOm| H$m M¶Z 13 ñH«$sqZJ H¢$nm| go {H$¶m {OÝh| g{O©H$b H¢$n ‘| bm¶m J¶m& O~{H$ S>mŠQ>a ½dmQ>‘o mbm, H$mob{§ ~¶m Am¡a A‘o[aH$m go AmE Wo, CÝh| A‘o[aH$m Ho$ AmR> amoQ>ar ñd¶§gdo H$m| Zo gh¶moJ {X¶m&

Ho$ ObZo dmbo Ho$g Zht XoIo h¢& ‘¢ Bg A^yVnyd© àmoOŠo Q> H$m {hñgm ~ZZo Ho$ {bE Xmo~mam AJbo df© ^r ¶hm§ AmZm MmhÿJ± m& {‘eZ Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a amoQ>o[a¶Z Q>m°‘ ’$m°Šg, amoQ>mßbmñQ> B§Q>aZoeZb Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a Zo AnZo Ûmam nyam {H$E JE A{^¶mZm| H$m ñ‘aU H$aVo hþE H$hm {H$ AÀN>m H$aZo H$s j‘Vm {’$amoOm~mX Ho$ Bg {‘eZ ‘| Ma‘ na Wr Š¶m|{H$ dh Cg ~‹S>r g§»¶m Ho$ g‘wXm¶ VH$ nhþM± nmE Omo ~w{Z¶mXr ñdmñ϶ XoI^mb H$mo dhZ Zht H$a gH$Vo Wo& My{§ H$ S>mŠQ>a AnZo 10 {XZm| Ho$ eoS>çby ‘| EH$ {XZ ‘| Ho$db 13-15 gO©ar hr H$aZo ‘| gj‘ Wo, lr dmYdm Zo H$hm {H$ ~hþV go amoJr {OÝh| gO©ar H$s

‘¢Zo AnZo OrdZ ‘| Bg Vah Ho$ ObZo

g’$b {‘eZ ¶y{ZQ>r AñnVmb Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a S>mŠQ>a a{d nMm¡ar Zo AnZo {‘eZ H$mo nyam H$aZo Ho$ {bE amoQ>mßbmñQ> Q>r‘ Ho$ {bE VrZ Am°naoeZ {WEQ>a, nmoñQ>-Am°nao{Q>d AmB© gr ¶y, Ed§ VH$ZrH$s d ghm¶H$ ñQ>m’$ àXmZ H$aHo$ ~hþV gh¶moJ àXmZ {H$¶m& AnZo AZw^d H$mo eo¶a H$aVo hþE amoQ>mßbmñQ> ‘o{S>H$b Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a EboŠg ‘¡H$ Hw$bmoM Zo H$hm {H$ ‘¢Zo AnZo OrdZ ‘| Bg Vah

dmbo Ho$g Zht XoIo h¢& ‘¢ Bg A^yVnyd© àmoOoŠQ> H$m {hñgm ~ZZo Ho$ {bE Xmo~mam AJbo df© ^r ¶hm§ AmZm Mmhÿ±Jm&

EboŠg ‘¡H$ Hw$bmoM amoQ>mßbmñQ> ‘o{S>H$b S>m¶aoŠQ>a

Oê$aV Wr dh Mbo JE h¢ Am¡a AJbo df© amoQ>mßbmñQ> {‘eZ VH$ B§VOma H$aZm n‹S>Jo m& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ h‘ AJbo gmb CÎma àXoe Ho$ g^r {Obm| ‘| OmE§Jo Am¡a ~‹S>r g§»¶m ‘| J«m‘rU, Jar~ ‘arOm| H$mo bmE§J&o Amo[aE§Q>e o Z goeZ A§{V‘ {XZ, S>mŠ° Q>am| Zo bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo ~Vm¶m {H$ O~ do AñnVmb go {S>ñMmO© hmo OmE§ Vmo {H$g àH$ma CÝh| AnZo nÅ>r ~§Yo Kmdm| H$s XoI^mb H$aZo H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoJr Am¡a CÝhm|Zo BgH$s drH$br S´>o qgJ H$aZo H$s à{H«$¶m Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~Vm¶m& lr dmYdm Zo H$hm {H$ ¶h Cg Vah H$m go{b~«oeZ Wm {Og‘| amoQ>[o a¶Z Ho$H$ H$mQ> aho Wo Am¡a amoJr ‘o{S>H$b {‘eZ H$mo YݶdmX Xo aho Wo& Hw$N> ‘arO Omo Ka Zht nh°Mw gHo$ CÝh| Am¡a Xmo gámh H$s AñnVmb ‘| ahZo H$s AZw‘{V Xr JB©& ñWmZr¶ gO©Z S>mŠQ>a XrnH$ Jwám Am¡a gh¶moJr ñQ>m’$ lr AO¶ namea Zo amo{J¶m| H$s {M{H$Ëgm Ho$ ~mX H$s XoI^mb H$s& MwZr JB© Aܶj, amoQ>ar Šb~ AmJam VmO‘hb H$s {Xì¶m dmYdm, nrS>rOr bú‘r H$m§V ~§gb (amoQ>ar Šb~ {’$amoOm~mX), nrS>rOr Zaoe gyX (amoQ>ar AmJam ZmW©) Am¡a amoQ>[o a¶Z AemoH$ ~m~y AJ«dmb (amoQ>ar Šb~ {eH$mohm~mX) àmoOŠo Q> H$m°a{S>Zeo Z Q>r‘ H$m {hñgm Wo {OgH$m ZoVË¥ d dmYdm Zo {H$¶m& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 45

amoQ>ar Šb~ ‘oÅx>nmb¶‘ @ 60

60 gXñ¶m| Zo ‘mZH$ ñVa H$mo D$§Mm CR>m¶m O`lr


Q>ar Šb~ ‘oÅ>x nbm¶‘, amo B© ‘§S>b 3202 Ho$ Šb~ Ho$ g^r 60 gXñ¶m| Zo g‘wXm¶ Ho$ {bE A{YH$ emZXma H$aZo Ho$ {bE Omoe go ^ao hþE h¢& ewê$AmV ‘| h‘Zo gmb Ho$ Xm¡amZ VrZ ½bmo~b J«m§Q> H$mo H$m¶m©pÝdV {H$¶m - nhbm Wm EH$ grEgAma {dÎm nmo{fV Or.Or. Omo {H$ EH$ ‘mo~mBb ‘¡‘moJ«m‘ ¶y{ZQ> H$mo IarXZo Ho$ {bE Wm, Xÿgam Wm gaH$mar AñnVmbm| H$mo AnJ«oS> H$aZm Am¡a Vrgam Wm EH$ {S>Om°ñQ>a [añnm§g J«m§Q> - Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj S>m°ŠQ>a S>r {dO¶m{Jar Zo H$hm Omo {H$ EH$ Hw$eb ~mb amoJ {M{H$ËgH$ Ed§ boàmoñH$mo{nH$ gO©Z h¢& dh drQ>rQ>r ‘o{S>H$b {‘eZ H$m {hñgm Wo {OgZo

Bg df© OZdar ‘mh ‘| ZmBOr[a¶m ‘| AnZr godmE§ àXmZ H$s Wt& ¶h EH$ A{ÛVr¶ AZw^d Wm& ~mb amoJ {d^mJ ‘| 1,000 go A{YH$ ~ƒm| H$s Om§M H$s JB© Am¡a 50+ gO©ar H$s JBª& ZmBOr[a¶m ‘| ‘wâV ‘| H$moB© ^r hoëWHo$¶a gw{dYm CnbãY Zht h¡& dhm§ bmoJm| Ho$ nmg ^wJVmZ H$aZo H$m gmYZ Zht h¡ Bg{bE CZHo$ {bE Ohm§ VH$ g§^d hmoVm h¡ b§~o g‘¶ VH$ dh gO©ar H$mo Q>mbVo h¢& Bgr H$maU go, h‘Zo H$B© ES>dm§ñS> Ho$gm| H$m BbmO {H$¶m Omo {H$ h‘ gm‘mݶV: ^maV ‘| Zht XoIJ| &o ’CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m Am¡a ¶h ^r H$hm {H$ Bggo ‘wPo nhbr ~ma ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ {bE ¶moJXmZ XoZo Ho$ ‘hËd H$m nVm Mbm& AJa amoQ>[o a¶Z Q>rAmaE’$

Ho$ {bE BVZo ì¶mnH$ ê$n go ¶moJXmZ Zht XoVo Vmo Or.Or. g§^d Zht hmo nmVm& ES>dm§ñS> {S>{OQ>b ‘¡‘moJ«m’$s CnH$aU dV©‘mZ ‘| Am¶mV {H$¶m Om ahm h¡ Am¡a ìhrH$b ’¡${~«Ho$eZ àJ{V na h¡& ñVZ H¢$ga Ho$ {bE g§nyU© {Obo ‘| J«m‘rU Ed§ Jar~ ‘{hbmAm| H$s Om§M Ho$ {bE OyZ ‘mh ‘| àmoOoŠQ> ewê$ {H$¶m OmEJm& àmoOoŠQ> hrb, O¡gm {H$ BgH$m Zm‘ h¡, EH$ arOZb nmQ>©Za ‘m°S>b na H$m‘ H$aVm h¡, g~go nhbo amoQ>ar Šb~ BamoS> H$m°ñ‘m°g h¡ Omo {H$ BamoS> joÌ H$mo H$da H$aoJm, àmoOoŠQ> hrb Q´>ñQ> Ho$ grAmoAmo AZ§Wm H¥$îUZ Zo ~Vm¶m& àmoOŠo Q> H$s Hw$b bmJV 264000 S>mb° a Wr&

‘¡‘moJ«m‘ BH$mB© ñWm{nV H$aZo Ho$ {bE dmhZ H$s IarXr Ho$ ~mX S>rOr S>m° E H$m{V©Ho$¶Z, amoQ>ar Šb~ ‘oÅx>nmb¶‘ Ho$ Aܶj S>m° S>r {dO¶{Jar, àmoOoŠQ> hrb Q´>ñQ> Ho$ grAmoAmo gwaoe AZ§VH¥$îUZ, Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| Am¡a amoQ>ar Šb~ BamoS> H$m°g‘m°g Ho$ gXñ¶m| Ho$ gmW CZH$s Aܶj Jm¶Ìr ~mbmOr& 46

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

EZgr Eamo‘¡{Q>Šg, Omo EH$ H¡${‘H$b Am¡a ’y$b AH©$ {Z‘m©Vm h¡, CÝhm|Zo AnZo grEgAma ’§$S> go 33,800 S>m°ba H$m ¶moJXmZ {X¶m, S>rOr S>m°ŠQ>a E H$m{V©Ho$¶Z Zo S>rS>rE’$ go 20,000 S>m°ba H$m ¶moJXmZ Am¡a 15,000 S>m°ba H$m ¶moJXmZ AnZo ng©Zb ’§$S> go {H$¶m& nƒrg Šb~ gXñ¶m| Zo 71,000 S>m°ba O‘m {H$E& ‘¡pŠgH$mo ‘| amoQ>ar Šb~ OwAmaoO H¡$ånoñQ´>o Zo B§Q>aZoeZb nmQ>©Za Ho$ ê$n ‘| hñVmja {H$E& ñVZ Kmd dmbo g§{X½Y ‘arOm| hoVw ‘wâV gO©ar H$aZo Ho$ {bE Šb~ Zo H$modB© ‘o{S>H$b E§S> hm°pñnQ>b, H$mo¶å~Qy>a Ho$ gmW ^mJrXmar H$s& BgHo$ Abmdm, BgH$s gdm©BH$b H¢$ga Ho$ {bE ‘wâV Om§M ^r àXmZ H$aZo H$s ¶moOZm h¡& àmoOoŠQ> Ho$¶a H$mo{dS>-19 ‘hm‘mar H$s ewê$AmV go hr Šb~ Zo Vwa§V hr ghm¶Vm àXmZ H$aZo hoVw AnZm ê$I ~Xbm Am¡a g‘wXm¶ H$mo ‘XX àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE, ‘oÅx>nmb¶‘ Ho$ gaH$mar AñnVmb Ho$ {bE 15 ~oS>, 15 ‘ëQ>r-n¡am ‘m°{ZQ>a, 2 B©grOr ‘erZ| Ed§ EH$ {S>{bQ>b EŠg-ao ‘erZ H$mo IarXZo Ho$ {bE EH$ gmW {‘bH$a 44,000 S>m°ba H$s EH$ ½bmo~b J«m§Q> àmoOoŠQ> H$mo nyam {H$¶m& AñnVmb ha ‘mh 40,000 amo{J¶m| H$m BbmO H$aVm h¡ {Og‘| 60 à{VeV ~rnrEb n[admam| go h¢ Am¡a 10 à{VeV Am{Xdmgr Zrb{Jar {hëg go h¢& lr AZ§WmH¥$îUZ Zo ~Vm¶m& CÝhm|Zo AmJo ~Vm¶m {H$ g‘ñV J«mQ§ > (àmoOŠo Q> Ho$¶a H$mo{dS>-19 Am¡a [aŠ¶ynao{Q>d B{¹$n‘|Q>) H$mo EH$

Vmbm~§Xr Ho$ Xm¡amZ bmoJm| H$mo ^moOZ ~m§Q>o Om ahm h¡& gámh Ho$ ^rVa EßbmB© Am¡a ‘§Oya H$a {b¶m J¶m Wm Ed§ AñnVmb ‘| Am°ZbmBZ A{V[aº$ j‘Vm ‘ܶ-OyZ ‘| Am OmEJr& {S>Om°ñQ>a [añnm§g J«m§Q> ’§$S> H$m Cn¶moJ H$aHo$ bJ^J 650 {H$Q>m| H$mo V¡¶ma {H$¶m J¶m Wm {Og‘| ha {H$Q> ‘| ar¶yOo~b ’o$g {eëS>, Jm°½ëg Am¡a Ho$EZ95 ‘m°ñH$ Wo Am¡a Bgo gaH$mar gw{dYmAm| Am¡a {ZOr {M{H$ËgH$m| g{hV AñnVmbm| Am¡a S|>Q>b pŠb{ZH$m| H$mo {dV[aV {H$¶m J¶m& BZ à˶oH$ ì¶{º$JV n[a¶moOZmAm| Ho$ à^md Ho$ Abmdm ¶h dh J{V hr Wr {OgHo$ dOh go

ZmBOr[a¶m VTT {‘eZ ‘| Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj S>m° S>r {dO¶{Jar BbmO Ho$ {bE Am¶o hþdo EH$ ~Mo Ho$ gmW&

Šb~ EH$ Q>r‘ Ho$ ê$n ‘| H$m¶© H$a nm¶m Am¡a Aݶ g§JR>Zm| go ^mJrXmar ~ZmZo H$s h‘mar j‘Vm Zo h‘| Bg gmb g’$bVm àmá H$aZo ‘| gj‘ ~Zm¶m, {dO¶m{Jar Zo H$hm& CXmhaU Ho$ {bE, ¶h ܶmZ ‘| aIVo hþE {H$ ñVZ H¢$ga EH$ g§doXZerb Q>m°{nH$ h¡, Bg{bE hrb àmoOoŠQ> Ho$ {bE, g‘wXm¶ H$m ‘yë¶m§H$Z hoVw ‘oÅx>nmb¶‘ Ho$ B©Za ìhrb Šb~ H$mo MwZm J¶m& Šb~ Zo Om§M {e{dam| H$mo Am¶mo{OV H$aZo Ho$ {bE Aݶ EZOrAmo Ho$ gmW g‘Pm¡Vm kmnZ (E‘Amo¶y) na hñVmja {H$E& 20 go A{YH$ amoQ>ar Šb~m| Zo Šb~ H$s ½bmo~b J«m§Q> ‘| AnZm ¶moJXmZ {X¶m Am¡a Šb~ Zo ‘XX H$m AmXmZàXmZ ^r {H$¶m& Jd© Ho$ Aݶ jU Šb~ Zo Bg df© Q>rAmaE’$ Ho$ {bE 132,000 S>m°ba OwQ>mE h¢ Am¡a BªQ> Am¡a nËWam| na Jd© ñdê$n Bg‘| ‘oQ´>mo (‘oÅx>n„m¶‘ amoQ>ar) hm¶a goH|$S>ar ñHy$b {Og‘| 2,000 go A{YH$ {dÚmWu h¢, EH$ J¡g H«o$‘oQ>mo[a¶‘ Am¡a Am°{Q>pñQ>H$ ~ƒm| Ho$ {bE EH$ ñHy$b em{‘b h¡& Šb~ H$m Ì¡‘m{gH$ EbEZ-4 h¢S> {’$Q>‘|Q> H¢$n gZ² 2019 go Mbm¶m J¶m Wm Ohm§ ~hþV bmoJ AmVo h¢ Am¡a amoQ>ar ìhrb H$m ~g ñQ>¢S> ‘| D$§Mm K§Q>m-Ka (Šbm°H$ Q>m°da) AnZr npãbH$ B‘oO H$m ܶmZ aIVm h¡& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 47


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B© ‘§S>b 3060 H$mo JwOamV Am¡a ‘hmamï´> Ho$ AñnVmbm| ‘| H$mo{dX-19 ‘hm‘mar go b‹S>Zo Ho$ {bE d|{Q>bQo >a CnbãY H$amZo hoVw <1.8 H$amo‹S> (240,533 S>m°ba) H$m ^mar d¡{œH$ AZwXmZ, 30 K§Q>o go ^r H$‘ g‘¶ ‘| ñdrH¥$V {H$¶m J¶m& h‘mao ‘§S>b ‘| A^r VH$ H$m ¶h g~go ~‹S>m AZwXmZ ñdrH¥$V hþAm h¡, ‘§S>b Aܶj AZre emh Zo CËgm{hV hmo H$a ~Vm¶m& Bg OrOr H$m AmdoXZ H$mo{dS> -19 go g§H$« {‘V bmoJm| go {ZnQ>Zo ‘| amÁ¶ àemgZ H$s ghm¶Vm Ho$ {bE Xmo amÁ¶m| Ho$ 31 AñnVmbm| ‘| d|{Q>boQ>a Ho$ XoZo Ho$ {bE Vwa§V {dÎmnmofU Ho$ {bE {H$¶m J¶m Wm& AmdoXZ g§¶wº$ ê$n go amo B© ‘§S>b 3060 Am¡a

2430 Zo {H$¶m Wm& nyao ‘Zmo¶moJ go h‘Zo Q>rAmaE’$ Ho$ g^r ‘mnX§S>m| Am¡a gyMZmAm| H$mo ܶmZ ‘| aIVo hþE gå¶H$ VËnaVm Ho$ gmW gámhm§V ‘| AmdoXZ {H$¶m Wm& g§^dV… Bgo gmo‘dma H$mo XoIm J¶m hmoJm Am¡a ‘§Jbdma H$mo Vmo Bgo ‘§Oyar ^r {‘b JB© Wr& CÝhm|Zo AZwXmZ AmdoXZ Ho$ {bE S>rOrEggr ‘Zrf lm°’$ H$mo Am¡a Bg OrOr na ‘mJ©Xe©Z Ho$ {bE S>rAmaE’$gr Amerf AO‘oam H$mo Am¡a {Z{üV hr Q>rAmaE’$ Am¡a Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr Ho$ gmW amo B {ZXoeH$ S>m ^aV nm§S>çm Am¡a H$‘b gm§Kdr H$mo ^r CZHo$ g‘W©Z Ho$ {bE Am^ma àH$Q> {H$¶m& do ~mobo {H$ ‘§S>b Zo AZwXmZ Ho$ {bE erK« hr AmdoXZ H$aZo H$m {ZU©¶ {H$¶m, Š¶m|{H$ h‘| Ehgmg hþAm {H$ O~ A‘o[aH$m Am¡a ¶yamon Ho$ BQ>br O¡go

n[aîH¥$V Xoe ^r CËH¥$ï> {M{H$Ëgm gw{dYm hmoZo Ho$ ~mdOyX Bg dm¶ag Ho$ h‘bo go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE g§Kf© H$a aho h¢ Vmo ^maV ‘| h‘mar ñdmñ϶ àUmbr, g§H«${‘V hmoZo dmbo g§^m{dVm| H$s ~‹S>r g§»¶m go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE {~bHw$b V¡¶ma Zht h¢& AmB©grE‘Ama (B§{S>¶Z H$mC§{gb ’$m°a ‘o{S>H$b [agM©) Ûmam {H$E JE emoY Ho$ AZwgma, ¶o nydm©Zw‘mZ bJm¶m Wm {H$ {~J‹S>Vo H$moamoZm dm¶ag Ho$ n[aÑí¶ ‘| ^maV H$mo g§^dV… H$B© hOma d|{Q>boQ>a H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoJr, ‘§S>b Zo ¶o ‘hËdnyU© CnH$aU 31 AñnVmbmo± H$mo ‘wh¡¶m H$admZo Ho$ {bE EH$ OrOr H$aZo H$m ’¡$gbm {H$¶m& bo{H$Z ^maV ‘|, J§^ra Am¡a {df‘ n[apñW{V go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE ~‹S>o AñnVmb ‘hmZJam| Am¡a ~‹S>o eham| ‘| hr pñWV h¢

amo B© 3060 Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Z AnZo gm‘wXm{¶H$ AñnVmbm| H$mo H$moamoZm ‘hm‘mar go {ZnQ>Zo ‘| ‘XX H$a aho h¢&


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VWm J§^ra ê$n go ~r‘ma ‘arO H$mo, Jm§dm| Am¡a N>moQ>o eham| go Am{W©H$ ê$n go H$‘Omoa bmoJm| H$mo eha bmZm, {deofH$a H$mo{dS> bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ, EH$ ~‹S>r g‘ñ¶m h¡& Xÿgar Amoa, gaH$ma Ûmam g§Mm{bV H$B© AmB©gr¶y ‘| g§gmYZ gr{‘V h¢ Am¡a ~w{Z¶mXr gw{dYmAm|, CnH$aUm| Ho$ gmW à{e{jV ghm¶H$ H$‘©Mm[a¶m| H$s ^mar H$‘r h¡& bo{H$Z O~ ñd¡pÀN>H$ joÌ H$s g§ñWmAm| O¡go amoQ>ar Am¡a {ZOr gh¶mo{J¶m| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go ‘XX Xr OmVr h¡, Vmo OrdZ ~MmZo H$s g§^mdZm Aà˶m{eV ê$n go H$m’$s à~b hmo OmVr h¡& {H$gr ^r n[aÑí¶ ‘|, {deof ê$n go EH$ ‘hm‘mar Ho$ Xm¡amZ, H$s Cƒ H$mo{Q> H$s XoI^mb Am¡a BbmO H$aZo H$s bmJV ~hþV A{YH$ h¡, Am¡a Am{W©H$ ê$n go Aj‘ amo{J¶m| Ûmam Bgo dhZ H$a nmZm Vmo {~bHw$b hr Ag§^d, S>rOr emh Zo H$hm,

EH$ Am¡a OrOr ‘§Oya - amo Šb~ dbgmS> S>rOr emh Zo H$hm {H$ ‘§S>b Ho$ {bE AZwXmZ H$mo VrZ {XZ go ^r H$‘ g‘¶ ‘| ‘§Oyar Xo Xr JB© Wr, bo{H$Z h‘mao Šb~ Ho$ {bE EH$ Aݶ d¡{œH$ AZwXmZ ‘| Bggo ^r H$‘ g‘¶ bJm Wm& ‘oao Šb~ - amo Šb~ dbgmS> - H$s ¶moOZm Wr {H$ Cƒ H$mo{Q> Ho$ d|{Q>boQ>a bJmE OmE§ Am¡a ZmμOwH$ XoI^mb Ho$ {bE ‘hËdnyU© CnH$aUmo± H$m Cn¶moJ H$aZo Ho$ {bE ñWmZr¶ Y‘m©W© AñnVmb - H$ñVya~m AñnVmb Ho$ H$‘©Mm[a¶m| H$mo à{ejU {X¶m OmE, Ohm± Bg CnH$aU H$s A˶§V Amdí¶H$Vm Wr& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ dbgmS> eha EH$ Eogo {Obo ‘| pñWV h¡ Ohm§ Am{W©H$ ê$n go {nN>‹S>o bmoJm|

H$m à{VeV μÁ¶mXm h¡ Am¡a Šb~ Zo XmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE gmdYmZrnyd©H$ EH$ Eogm d|{Q>boQ>a MwZm Wm Omo 3-BZ-1 godm Xo gH$Vm Wm, ZdOmV {eewAm| H$mo, ~ƒm| Am¡a d¶ñH$m| VrZm| H$s ‘hËdnyU© XoI^mb H$a gH$Vm Wm& ¶h AñnVmb EH$ Y‘m©W© Q´>ñQ> Ûmam Mbm¶m Om ahm h¡ Am¡a ~hþV ‘m‘ybr am{e boVm h¡ Omo ñWmZr¶ bmoJ AmgmZr go dhZ H$a gH$Vo h¢& hmbm§{H$ BgHo$ nmg Hw$eb Am¡a ¶mo½¶ S>m°ŠQ>a, Zg© Am¡a Aݶ VH$ZrH$s H$‘©Mmar Vmo h¢, bo{H$Z OrdZ ajH$ AmYw{ZH$ {M{H$Ëgm CnH$aU àmá H$aZo Ho$ {bE YZ H$s ì¶dñWm h‘oem EH$ MwZm¡Vr ~Zr ahVr h¡& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ Bg AZwXmZ H$m Hw$b ~OQ> <38.65 bmI (51,547 S>m°ba) h¡ Am¡a ¶h n[a¶moOZm ’«$m§g Ho$ amo Šb~ ~obo{db bog 2 âboìg H$s gmPoXmar ‘| H$s Om ahr h¡& „

gmV ZE B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~ Šb~ Ho$ B©-~wb{o Q>Z {gëda AmoH$ H$s bmoH${à¶Vm na ~¢{H$J H$aVo hþE, {Ogo ñHy$bm|, gaH$mar H$m¶m©b¶m| Am¡a à‘wI bmoJm| Ho$ ~rM ~‹S>o n¡‘mZo na àgm[aV {H$¶m J¶m Wm, OmdZ‘Xu Am¡a CZH$s Q>r‘ Zo Mma àgwá B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~m| H$m H$m¶mH$ën H$aZo (nwZ©OrdZ àXmZ H$aZo) Ed§ gmV Am¡a B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~m| H$mo gw{dYm XoZo Ho$ {bE {d{^Þ ñHy$bm| go g§nH©$ ñWm{nV

{H$¶m&B§Q>aoŠQ> gbmhH$mam| H$s {Z¶w{º$ S>rOr gwhmg d¡Ú Ûmam H$s JB© Wr& Šb~ gZ² 2021-22 AnZr JmoëS>Z Ow~br ‘ZmZo H$mo VËna h¡,BgH$s B§Q>aoŠQ> gXñ¶Vm H$mo 350 go ~‹T>mVo hþE ¶h BgH$s ¶wdm e{º$ Ho$ {bE EH$ ~‹S>m àmoËgmhZ hmoJm Omo “BgH$s e{º$ H$mo ~‹T>mEJm Am¡a ¶h Šb~ H$mo AnZo g‘wXm¶ H$s ~ohVa ê$n go godm H$aZo ‘| gj‘ ~ZmEJm’’ Šb~ g{Md gwZrb H$m§~bo Zo H$hm& „

Bg YZam{e go h‘| 31 d|{Q>boQ>a IarXZo ‘| ‘XX {‘boJr {OgH$s g»V μOéaV h¡&

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{Vhmg ‘| nhbr ~ma, amoQ>ar Šb~ n§MJZr, amo B© ‘§S>b 3132 Zo ‘hmamï´> Ho$ gVmam {Obo Ho$ Bg {hb ñQ>oeZ Ho$ {Zdm{g¶m| Ho$ {bE EH$ H¢$gaOm§M {e{da H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m& bJ^J 500 bmoJ {e{da go bm^mpÝdV hþE, {OgH$m ZoV¥Ëd Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj emham‘ OmdZ‘Xu Zo {H$¶m& Šb~ Zo ‘w~§ B© Ho$ Anmobmo AñnVmb Am¡a Za{Jg XÎm ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a {M{H$Ëgm {e{da H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m& g^m H$mo g§~mo{YV H$aVo hþE nyd© gm§gX Am¡a ’$m§CS>oegZ H$s Q´>ñQ>r {à¶m XÎm Zo H$hm {H$ amoQ>o[a¶Z Ho$ ‘XX Ho$ {~Zm {M{H$Ëgm {e{da H$m Am¶moOZ H$aZm g§^d Zht hmo nmVm Am¡a CÝhm|Zo Bg “A^yVnyd© gmPoXmar’ Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar Q>r‘ H$mo YݶdmX km{nV {H$¶m&

OyZ 2020

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H¥${f H$mo bm^Xm¶H$ CÚ‘ ~ZmZm dr ‘wÎmwHw$‘maU Š¶m ^maVr¶ {H$gmZ H$mo{dS> ‘hm‘margo CËnÞ hmoZo dmbo CZHo$ ApñVËd na AmE Bg g§H$Q> ‘| ’§$go ah|Jo ¶m d¡km{ZH$ CnH$aUm| Am¡a IoVr Ho$ VarH$m| go gwgp‚mV hmoH$a do ~ohVa Vmb‘ob Ho$ gmW Bg bm°H$S>mCZ go ~mha Am gH|$Jo? O~{H$ Xoe ^a ‘| {H$gmZm| H$m AmË‘h˶m H$a boZm EH$ ~hþV ~‹S>r qMVm H$m {df¶ h¡& ^maV gaH$ma H$mo AnZr d¥hX Zr{V¶m| Ho$ g‘m¶moOZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE EH$ ~ma {’$a go ~‹S>r Oê$aV H$s Amoa ܶmZ {XbmVo hþE, MoÞB© pñWV ZoeZb EJ«mo ’$mC§S>oeZ AnZo B©H$mo{gñQ>‘ ‘| ~Xbmd H$a J«m‘rU ^maV ‘| ñWm¶r IoVr H$mo EH$ dmñV{dH$Vm ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE em§{V go AnZo H$m¶© ‘| g§b¾ h¡& Bgo 30 OZdar, 2020H$mo nyd© H|$Ðr¶ ImÚ Am¡a H¥${f ‘§Ìr gr. gw~«m‘ʶ‘ H$s 90dt O¶§Vr na EH$ Mo[aQ>~b Q´>ñQ> Ho$ ê$n ‘| ~Zm¶m J¶m, do h[aV H«$m§{V (1964-72) Ho$ dmñVwH$ma Ho$ ê$n ‘| g~go

bmoH${චWo, EH$ ñdñW, gmja Ed§ g‘¥Õ J«m‘rU ^maV H$m {Z‘m©U H$aZo ‘| NAF g~go AmJo h¡& bo{H$Z 1960 ‘| H¥${f Ho$ AnZo ñdßZ H$mo gmH$ma ê$n XoZo Ho$ {bE grEg O¡go ZoVm H$mo H$B© H$‹S>o g§Kfm] H$m gm‘Zm H$aZm n‹S>m& NAF Ho$ ‘¡ZoqOJ Q´>ñQ>r lr Eg Eg eoIa Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ ‘oao {nVm H$mo ‘opŠgH$mo go Zm°‘©Z ~moabm°J Ho$ Ûmam {dH${gV {H$E JE Cƒ CnO XoZo dmbo ~rOm| H$mo Am¶mV H$aZo Ho$ AnZo à¶mg Ho$ {bE {dnjr Xb Am¡a H$m§J«og nmQ>u Ho$ EH$ dJ©, XmoZm| Ho$ hr H$‹S>o {damoY H$m gm‘Zm H$aZm n‹S>m& gXZ ‘| H$moB© g‘W©Z Zht {‘bZo na grEg 1964-65 A’$gmog OVmVo hþE H$hm ‘¢ ^maV Ho$ {H$gmZm| H$mo g‘PmZo ‘| g‘W© hÿ± bo{H$Z {’$a ^r ‘¢ g§gX ‘| ‘oao gh¶moJr, Zm¡H$aemh Am¡a d¡Om{ZH$m| Ho$ ‘Zm gH$Vm hÿ±& gZ² 1980 ‘| grEg amï´>r¶ amOZr{V H$mo N>mo‹S>H$a MoÞB© bm¡Q> AmE Am¡a AnZo ng§XXrXm

{dMmam| Ed§ n[a¶moOZmAm| H$mo AmH$ma XoZm Ama§^ {H$¶m& O~ ImÚmÞ CËnmXZ Ho$ d¥{Õerb CËnmXZ Ho$ gmW h[aV H«$m§{V Ho$ n[aUm‘ pñWa hmoZo bJo Vmo ¶h g‘¶ Z¶r J«moW aUZr{V ~ZmZo H$m Wm, Š¶m|{H$ C^aVr MwZm¡{V¶m| H$m gm‘Zm H$aZo Ho$ {bE nwamZm ‘§Ì seeds to grains H$mo {’$a go ~ZmZo H$s Oê$aV n‹S>r& nyd© amï´>n{V AãXþb H$bm‘ V~ Q>rAmB©E’$EgrHo$ Mo¶a‘¡Z Wo, {dkmZ Am¡a àm¡Úmo{JH$s {d^mJ Ho$ EH$ qWH$-Q>¢H$Am¡a grEg Zo NAF H$s ñWmnZm na EH$ g‘Pm¡Vm kmnZ na hñVmja {H$E {Og‘| ݶmgr ~moS>© Ho$ Aܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| E‘. Ho$. amOy gbmhH$ma Wo Am¡a AmR> gXñ¶m| dmbr Jd{ZªJ H$mC§{gb H$bm‘ Ho$ ZoV¥Ëd ‘| Wr& ewê$AmVr {XZm| Ho$ Xm¡amZ, NAF H$m EH$ gab gm Am¡a grYm EO|S>m Wm: {H$gmZm| H$s dm{f©H$ Am¶ H$mo H$‘ go H$‘ <10,000 go ~‹T>mH$a <50,000 VH$ H$aZm Am¡a J«m‘rU ^maV go ehar H|$Ðm| Ho$ {Za§Va

M|JbnoQ> Ho$ B„xSw> Jm§d ‘| NAF à~§Y Q´>ñQ>r Eg Eg amOgoH$a (~mE§ go Vrgao) CFRD gw{dYm ‘| {H$gmZm| Ho$ gmW ~mVMrV H$aVo hþE& 50

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

CS, em§V AmMaU Ho$ gmW {dÐmoh


X§~a‘ gw~m« ‘ʶ‘ OÝ‘ go hr {dÐmohr ñd^md Ho$ Wo& CÝhmoZo na§nam ¶m amO^{º$ Ho$ Zm‘ na H$^r ^r g§H$sU©Vm H$mo ghZ Zht {H$¶m& dh H$^r ^r EH$ ê${‹T>dmXr ì¶{º$ Zht aho& AmO ha H$moB© CÝh| H|$Ðr¶ ImÚ Am¡a H¥${f ‘§Ìr Ho$ ê$n ‘| CZHo$ ¶moJXmZ go n[a{MV h¡, gZ² 1964-72 Ho$ Xm¡amZ ¶moOZm Am¶moJ Cnmܶj Ho$ ê$n ‘| CZHo$ H$m¶©H$mb Ho$ ~mX, ~hþV bmoJm| H$mo ¶h Zht nVm h¡ {H$ CÝh| àYmZ ‘§Ìr B§{Xam Jm§Yr Ho$ Ûmam ’$ñQ> gmBªg Am¡a Q>Šo Zmbm°Or {‘{ZñQ>a Ho$ ê$n ‘| MwZm J¶m Wm& CZHo$ ~oQ>o Eg Eg amOeoIaOmo {H$ amo B© 3232, amoQ>ar Šb~ ‘Ðmg B©ñQ> Ho$ gXñ¶ h¢, ^maV Ho$ gdm}ƒ ZoVmAm| ‘| go EH$, CS Ho$ {XbMñn nhbwAm| H$mo gmPm H$aVo h¢& àrgrS>Ýo gr H$mboO go ^m¡{VH$s ‘| ¶yOr nyam H$aZo Ho$ ~mX, CÝhm|Zo ‘Ðmg bm° H$mboO go H$mZyZ H$s {S>Jr« br Am¡a 23 df© H$s Am¶w ‘| ñdV§ÌVm Am§XmobZ ‘| em{‘b hmo JE& {~«{Q>e emgZ H$m {damoY H$aZo na CÝh| Oob OmZm n‹S>m Wm Am¡a ñdV§ÌVm {‘bZo Ho$ ~mX CÝh| {dYmZ g^m (1946-52) Ho$ gXñ¶ Ho$ ê$n ‘| MwZm J¶m&

àdmg H$mo amoH$Zm, ¶{X Bgo [adg© Zht {H$¶m ... ‘oao {nVm dëS>©dmM B§ñQ>rQ>çyQ> go àH$meZm| H$mo àmá H$aVo Wo Am¡a Cg g‘¶ CgHo$ g§ñWmnH$ boñQ>a ~«mCZ Ho$ boIm| ‘| MoVmdZr Xr OmVr Wr {H$ h‘ YaVr H$s XmohZ j‘Vm H$mo nma H$a JE h¢& grEg Zo ~«mCZ H$mo CÕ¥V {H$¶m 3 nr go A§Va-g§~§{YV hmoZo H$m - nm°nwboeZ, nm°ë¶yeZ Am¡a nm°ddoQ´>r, Am¡a dh A‘ra Am¡a Jar~ Ho$ ~rM ì¶mnH$ Ag‘mZVm Ho$ ~mao ‘| qM{VV Wo& amOeoIa Zo ~Vm¶m& 11 Zd§~a, 2000H$mo amOeoIa Ho$ ‘¡ZoqOJ Q´>ñQ>r Ho$ nX na {Z¶wº$ hmoZo Ho$ ~mX NAF Zo ‘soil to market’ eãX H$mo {ÛVr¶ h[aV H«$m§{VH$m

O~ ‘Ðmg àm§V ‘| nhbo MwZmd ‘| ñnï> ~hþ‘V Ho$ A^md ‘| EH$ {Ìe§Hw$ {dYmZg^m hmo JB©, V~ ‘oar {nVmOr Zo grE‘ nX Ho$ {bE gr. amOJmonmbmMmar Or H$m Zm‘ àñVm{dV {H$¶m, {OÝh| amOmOr Ho$ Zm‘ go ^r OmZm OmVm h¡& CS AnZo Jwê$ amOmOr Ho$ à{V ~hþV Am^mar h¡ Am¡a bJmVma Xmo H$m¶©H$mb (1952-1962) VH$ CÝhm|Zo {ejm {d^mJ, {dÎm {d^mJ Am¡a H$mZyZ {d^mJ H$mo ñQ>Qo > H¡${~ZoQ> ‘| g§^mbm& O~ gZ² 1954 ‘| amOmOr gm§gXm| Ho$ ~rM {dœmg ‘V hma JE Vmo àYmZ‘§Ìr Odmhabmb Zohê$ Zo hñVjon {H$¶m Am¡a ZE grE‘ Ho$ H$m‘amO H$mo CS H$mo ‘§Ìr‘§S>b ‘| ~ZmE aIZo H$m AZwamoY {H$¶m& O~ MaU qgh àYmZ‘§Ìr (1979) Wo V~ grEg Zo ajm ‘§Ìr Ho$ ê$n ‘| ‘Green Army’Ho$ {dMma na MMm© H$s& CZ OdmZm| Zo {OÝhm|Zo 30-35 H$s C‘« Ho$ ~mX goZm H$mo N>mS‹o > {X¶m Wm, CZH$mo {h‘mb¶ H$s VbhQ>r na ~gZo Am¡a EJ«mo ’$m°año Q´>r ‘| em{‘b hmoZo H$m {dH$ën {X¶m J¶m Wm& goZm Zo J«rqZJ àmoOŠo Q> (h[a¶mbr n[a¶moOZm) H$mo ewê$ H$aZo dmbo g¡{ZH$m| H$mo {dÎm nmo{fV {H$¶m Omo {H$ A{YH$m[a¶m| Ho$ {bE Zht Wm&

gZ² 1966 ‘| grEg Zo nyao {dœmg Ho$ gmW g§gX ‘| KmofUm H$a Xr {H$ ^maV ImÚ CËnXmZ ‘| AmË‘{Z^©a ~Z OmEJm, ¶Ú{n ¶h dh g‘¶ Wm O~ O~ h‘ OhmO Ho$ Ûmam A‘o[aH$m go ^mar ‘mÌm ‘| Joh°y Am¶mV H$a aho Wo& CZH$m {dOZ/ gnZm, A§V©Ñ{ï> gZ² 1971 ‘| nyar hþB© O~ h‘ h‘Zo h[aV H«$m§{V Ho$ à^md go AZmO ‘| [aH$mS>© CËnmXZ hm{gb {H$¶m& àYmZ‘§Ìr AQ>b {~hmar dmOno¶r Zo 1992 ‘| CS H$mo h[aV H«$m§{V ‘| CZH$s ^y{‘H$m H$mo XoIH$a gdm}ƒ ZmJ[aH$ nwañH$ma ^maV aËZ àXmZ {H$¶m& amOeoIa H$mo CZHo$ {nVm H$s ‘¥Ë¶w hmoZo Ho$ ~mX NAF$ ‘| em{‘b {H$¶m J¶m Wm Am¡a em{‘b H$aZo Ho$ {bE nyd© amï´>n{V AãXþb H$bm‘ Am¡a E‘ Ho$ amOy, ~moS>© Am°’$ Q´>ñQ>r Ho$ Mo¶a‘¡Z Zo CÝh| ‘Zm¶m& gZ² 2010 ‘| CS Ho$ OÝ‘ eVmãXr g‘mhamoh Ho$ Xm¡amZ O~ EH$ boIH$ Zo amOeoIa go AnZo {nVm Ho$ ~mao ‘| EH$ hr dmŠ¶ ‘| dU©Z H$aZo Ho$ {bE H$hm Vmo ~oQ>o Zo Odm~ {X¶m - ^maV CZH$m {Zdm©MZ joÌ Wm Am¡a Xþ{Z¶m CZH$m Xoe Wm&

AnZm Zmam ~Zm¶m& h‘mam ‘w»¶ à¶moOZ H¥${f H$mo EH$ gmW©H$ Ed§ CËnmXH$ ì¶dgm¶ ~ZZm h¡& Xÿgam, h‘ H¥${f Ed§ H¥${f g§~§Yr CnH«$‘m| ‘| amoOJma n¡Xm H$aZm MmhVo h¢& CÝhmoZo ~Vm¶m&

$ EH$ S>o‘mo àmoOoŠQ> H$mo ¶h Xem©Zo Ho$ {bE {dH${gV {H$¶m J¶m Wm {H$ Cƒ CnO H$mo JwUdÎmmnyU© ~rOm|,H$R>moa {‘Å>r H$s D$nar gVh H$mo Jhao ê$n go ZwH$sbo Am¡Omam| Ho$ Ûmam OwVmB© H$aHo$ Ed§ d¡km{ZH$ VarH$m| go àmá {H$¶m Om gH$Vm h¡& amOeoIa Zo g‘Pm¶m {H$ ’$gb Ho$ {bE h‘mam S>o‘mo {H$gmZm| Ho$ {bE EH$ CXmhaU Ho$ Vm¡a na Wm {H$ CÚmoJ Ed§ g‘mO Ho$ {bE {H$g Vah H$s IoVr H$s Oê$aV h¡, Am§I ‘y§XH$a AZOmZo ‹T>§J go IoVr H$aZo Ho$ ~Om¶& CFRD ‘| 70 à{VeV à¡pŠQ>H$b kmZ Am¡a 30 à{VeV ϶moar Šbmg AmYm[aV EH$ S>m¶Zo{‘H$ {gbo~g Mbm¶m OmVm h¡& Bg gw{dYm Ho$ Abmdm,

g|Q>a ’$m°a ê$ab S°>dbn‘|Q> (grB©AmaS>r) EH$ A{^Zd nhb {OgH$s dOh go CFRD H$s ñWmnZm hþB©, {H$gmZm| Ho$ {bE EH$ Q´>oqZJ g|Q>a, V{‘bZmSw> Ho$ M|JbnoQ> {Obo Ho$ BboSw> Jm§d ‘| SHG Ho$ ’$m‘© ‘¡ZoOa Ed§ ~¢H$ ‘¡ZoOa Zo ’$adar 2001 ‘| NAF Zo CZ VarH$m| Am¡a gmYZm| H$mo Vbme H$aZo hoVw EH$ AmonZ ’$moa‘ {Og‘| h‘ CZH$mo ‘XX H$a gH$Vo h¢ 24 {H$gmZm| H$mo Am‘§{ÌV {H$¶m&

OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 51

EH$ {‘Å>r Q>opñQ>§J b¡~, EH$ AZwg§YmZ Am¡a {dH$mg BH$mB©, ~m¶moQ>oŠZm°bmOr g|Q>a, MoÞB© Ho$ Vmam‘Ur AÞm ¶y{Zd{g©Q>r H¢$ng {H$gmZm| H$mo H$B© Vah H$s godmE§ àXmZ H$aVm h¡& Zm~mS>© Ho$ gmW,do Mma n[a¶moOZmAm| ‘| dmQ>aeoS> ‘¡ZoO‘|Q> ‘| h¢ Am¡a V{‘bZmSw> ‘| H$m°nm}aoQ>g ‘| AmR> Am¡a nhb H$s h¢& gmV Aݶ amÁ¶m| ‘| - Am§Y« àXoe, Vob§JmZm, ‘hmamï´>, CÎma àXoe, C‹S>rgm, H$Zm©Q>H$ Am¡a h[a¶mUm - 14 H$‘m§S> loÌ (à˶oH$ H$‘ go H$‘ 1,500 hoŠQ>o¶a) àmH¥${VH$ g§gmYZ à~§YZ H$aZm,O¡go MoH$ S>¡‘ H$m {Z‘m©U Am¡a Ob {ZH$m¶m| H$m H$m¶mH$ën, AmOr{dH$m nhb, pñWaVm na ’$moH$g H$aVo hþE IoVr H$s àUmbr H$mo {dH${gV {H$¶m Om ahm h¡, NAF Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a Eg. dr. ‘wê$JZ Zo ~Vm¶m& H$m°nm}aoQ> bmg©Z E§S> Qw>~«mo, Q>mQ>m J«wn H$s H§$n{Z¶m§ Ed§ BNY ‘obm°Z CZ J«m‘rU n[a¶moOZmAm| H$mo àm¶mo{OV H$a aho h¢ Omo ñWm¶r Ed§ {Q>H$mD$ H¥${f hoVw ñWmZr¶ {H$gmZm| H$mo nam‘e© àXmZ H$a aho h¢& V{‘bZmSw> ‘| N>moQ>o Am¡a gr‘m§V {H$gmZm| Ho$ g‘W©Z Ho$ {bE EH$ Aݶ nhb Ho$ {hñgo Ho$ ê$n ‘|, 49 ’$m‘©a àmoS>çwga H§$n{Z¶m| H$mo Zm~mS>© Am¡a bKw {H$gmZ H¥${f ì¶dgm¶ H§$gmo{Q©>¶‘ (SFAC) Ho$ gh¶moJ go ñWm{nV {H$¶m J¶m h¡&

{Xdmbr na amOgoH$a Zo BboSw> Jm§d ‘| {H$gmZm| Am¡a CZHo$ ~ƒm| H$mo ZE H$n‹S>o {dV[aV {H$¶o& {ÛVr¶ H«$m§{V ~Xbmd ñdê$n AmXe© Ho$ ê$n ‘|, NAF Zo ñWm¶r Ed§ {Q>H$mD$ IoVr Ho$ {bE, àmH¥${VH$ g§gmYZm| Ho$ g‘J« {dH$mg, dmQ>a eoS> ‘¡ZoO‘|Q> Ed§ CZH$s AmOr{dH$m ‘| n[adV©Z H$aZo g{hV, NAF Zo Xoe Ho$ {d{^Þ ^mJm| go Jm§dm| Ho$ g‘yh H$mo {b¶m h¡&

H$mo{dS> amhV H$m¶©


H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ, EZEE’$Zo MoÞB© Am¡a ‘XþaB© Ho$ nw{bg, ñdmñ϶ H$m¶©H$Vm© Am¡a Aݶ ñd¶§gdo H$m| H$mo bJ^J 50,000 ’o$g ‘mñH$, 17,000 XñVmZoAm¡a g¡{ZQ>mBOa (1750 brQ>a) àXmZ H$aHo$ H$mo{dS>-19 Ho$ pIbm’$ ’«$§ Q>bmBZ dm°[a¶ag VH$ nh°Mw ~Zm br h¡& ameZ {H$Q> {Og‘| Mmdb, AmQ>m, Xmb, Hw$qH$J Am°¶b, ‘gmbo, Z‘H$, MrZr, Mm¶ Am¡a gm~wZ, à{V ~¡J <850 H$s‘V Ho$ ameZ {H$Q> H$mo 3,500 go A{YH$ {Xhm‹S>r ‘OXÿam| H$mo {X¶m J¶m Wm& MoÞB© Ed§ {d„xnaw ‘ Ho$ ñQ>Zo br AñnVmb Am¡a


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

gaH$mar AñnVmbm| ‘| 250 PPE {H$Q> H$m nyam goQ> XmZ ‘| {X¶m J¶m Wm& NAF Ho$ H$m¶©nmbH$ {ZXoeH$, am‘mgw~«‘ʶZ Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ h‘mao g‘wXm¶ H$s agmoB© go {Vê$d„za {Obo ‘| Xmo gámh VH$ 600 àdmgr ‘OXÿam| H$mo {XZ ‘| VrZ ~ma ^moOZ {X¶m J¶m Ed§ BgHo$ Abmdm am°¶nwa‘ ‘| 4,000 ‘Nw>Amam| H$mo Bg agmoB© ‘| V¡¶ma {H$¶m J¶m ^moOZ {X¶m J¶m& Hw$b {‘bmH$a,AmB©Q>r g‘yh Ho$ BNY ‘obm°Z go grEgAma H$s ’§${S>J Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go {d{^Þ bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo <1.5 H$amoS‹ > H$s amhV gm‘J«r àXmZ H$s JB© h¡&

gZ² 2016-17 ‘|, C‹S>rgm Ho$ g§~bnwa {Obo ‘| OoZwnm¡br ŠbñQ>a ‘| EH$ ‘oJm dmQ>aeoS> Am¡a {Q>H$mD$ H¥${f n[a¶moOZm H$mo nyam {H$¶m J¶m& NAF Ho$ EŠOrŠ¶y{Q>d S>m¶aoŠQ>a E‘ Ama am‘mgw~«‘ʶZ Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ h‘Zo qgMmB© Zham| H$m {Z‘m©U, M¡H$ S>¡‘m| H$m H$m¶mH$ënAm¡a ñWm¶r IoVr (CÞV IoVr) na ’«§$Q>bmBZ S>¡‘mo H$mo AnZmH$a 900 EH$‹S> Ho$ qgMmB© joÌ H$mo {dH${gV {H$¶m h¡& ‘hmamï´> Ho$ 15 Jm§dm| ‘| Mb aht VrZ n[a¶moOZmE§ Omo 3,000 hoŠQ>o¶a ‘| ’¡$br h¢, dmQ>aeoS> gw{dYmE§ ñWm{nV H$a ahr h¢ H¥${f {deofk, dmQ>aeoS> B§Or{Z¶a, IT Ho$ bmoJ (GIS, [a‘moQ> g|qgJ), gm‘wXm{¶H$ à~§YH$ Am¡a 11 n[a¶moOZm A{YH$m[a¶m| g{hV 122 H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Ho$ gmW, ZEE’$ H$m bú¶ ghm¶Vm àUm{b¶m| Ed§ {dñVma H$m¶m] Ho$ Ûmam AnZo H$m¡eb H$mo ~‹T>mH$a ^maVr¶ {H$gmZm| H$mo geº$ ~ZmZo Ho$ CZHo$ gnZo H$mo nyam H$aZo Ho$ AnZo {‘eZ na h¡& {nN>bo 20 dfm] Ho$ Xm¡amZ NAF AmR> amÁ¶m| Ho$ 770 go A{YH$ Jm§dm| VH$ nh°wM J¶m h¡ Am¡a BgZo bm^m{W©¶m| Ho$ àmo’$mBb ‘oH$Amoda ‘| ‘mJ©Xe©Z H$aHo$CÝh| gdm}Îm‘ H¥${f àUm{b¶m| go gwgp‚mV H$aHo$ hOmam| {H$gmZm| H$s Or{dH$m H$mo CÞV ~Zm¶m h¡& „

B§Q>aoŠQ>ag Zo gå‘obZ H$m AmZ§X CR>m¶m Am¡a nmda Am°’$ Àdm°Bg H$mo grIm {H$aU Ooham

H$m§’«|$g ‘| B§Q´>ŠQ>g© Ho$ gmW S>rOr AZre emh, CZH$s nËZr ñdm{V, H$m°Ý’«|$g H$s Aܶj H$ënm aÀN> Am¡a (~mE§ go Mm¡Wr) ‘§S>b à{V{Z{Y Am¶wfr T>mob{H$¶m&


Q>ar B§Q>aoŠQ> EZwAb ’o$pñQ>db (AmaAmB©EE’$) 2020, amo B© ‘§S>b 3060, {Ogo amoQ>ar Šb~ ~‹S>m¡Xm H$m°ñ‘monm°{bQ>Z Ho$ Ûmam Am¶mo{OV {H$¶m J¶m Wm, CÝhm|Zo {deof ê$n go nyao JwOamV Am¡a ‘hmamï´> Ho$ Hw$N> ^mJm| Ho$ 260 Q>rZEoO à{V^m{J¶m| H$mo nmda Am°’$ Àdm°Bg (ng§X H$s e{º$)H$mo g‘PmZo Ho$ {bE Bg {df¶ na {dñVma go MMm© H$s& S>rOr AZre emh Zo {dÚm{W©¶m| H$mo g‘PmVo hþE H$hm {H$ AmnHo$ Ûmam H$s JB© ng§X H$m n[aUm‘ A§V ‘| AmVm h¡ Bg{bE ghr {dH$ën MwZ|& {Obm B§Q>aoŠQ> Aܶj H$ënm aÀN> Zo H$hm {H$ Bg Am¶moOZ H$mo {dÚm{W©¶m| Ho$ {bE Am¡a A{YH$ B§Q>a¡pŠQ>d Am¡a B§Q´>¡pñQ>§J ~ZmZo Ho$

{bE h‘mao nmg CZgo ~mV H$aZo dmbo ¶§J EMrdg© Wo& B§Q>aoŠQ> {Obm à{V{Z{Y Am¶wfr T>mob{H$¶m {OÝhm|Zo {‘g Q>rZ B§Q>aZoeZb 2019 OrVm h¡, ‘ram EaS>m Omo ¶yamo {garO ‘| aog H$aZo dmbr nhbr ^maVr¶ S´>mBda h¢ Am¡a C‘§J emh Omo {H$ EH$ Q>rZ grB©Amo h¢, Zo {dÚm{W©¶m| H$mo g§~mo{YV {H$¶m& VrZm| dº$mAm| Zo AnZr n‹T>mB© Omar aIZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ hr CZ joÌm| ‘| g’$bVm A{O©V H$s {OgHo$ à{V dh amo‘m§{MV Wt& bJ^J g^r {dÚmWu ¶h OmZZm MmhVo Wo {H$ CÝhm|Zo ¶h H¡$go {H$¶m? H$ënm Zo ~Vm¶m& EH$-{Xdgr¶ gå‘obZ AmCQ>S>moa Am¡a BZS>moa, Xmo ^mJm| ‘| ~m§Q>m J¶m Wm& H$m¶©H«$‘m| ‘| {df¶ na EH$ N>moQ>r dr{S>¶mo Am¡a A§JXmZ na EH$ ZmQ>H$ Ho$ ~mX

gmB§Q>{’$H$ pIbm¡Zm| Ho$ àmoOoŠQ>, An{eï> H$mo n¥WH$ H$aZo H$s OmZH$mar Am¡a nm°da Am°’$ ÀdmBg na EH$ AmonZ hmD$g MMm© Ho$ gÌ em{‘b Wo& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ JwS> Q>M ~¡S> Q>M, ‘m{gH$-Y‘© ñdmñ϶ Ed§ ‘{hbmAm| H$s gwajm O¡go g§doXZerb ‘wÔm| na à{V^m{J¶m| H$mo AmË‘{dœmg go ~mV H$aVo XoIm OmZm à^mdembr Wm& bo{H$Z Omo g~go Á¶mXm CËgmhOZH$ Ed§ hm{X©H$ Wm dh Wm ldU-~m{YV Am¡a Ñ{ï>-~m{YV {dÚm{W©¶m| H$mo EH$ A{ÛVr¶ qàQ>‘|qH$J AmQ>© EpŠQ>{dQ>r ‘| ^mJ boVo hþE XoIZm Wm {OgH$m g§MmbZ H$bmH$ma H${dVm emh Zo {H$¶m Wm& H$ënm ¶mX H$aVr h¢ {H$ do gdm©{YH$ CËgmh go ^ao hþE à{V^mJr Wo {OÝhm|Zo ~ƒm| go ^ao H$‘ao ‘| aMZmË‘H$Vm Ho$ AmZ§X H$mo ~‹T>m¶m&

amoQ>ar Šb~ ~‹S>m¡Xm H$m°ñ‘monm°{bQ>Z Ho$ amoQ>a¡ŠQ>am| Zo {d{^Þ B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~m| Ûmam H$ëMab gm§ñH¥${VH$ àñVw{V¶m| Ho$ ~mX {dÚm{W©¶m| Ho$ {bE EH$ amo‘m§MH$ Q´>oOa h§Q> M¡O|b H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m& gå‘obZ H$m g‘mnZ amï´>JmZ Jm¶Z Ho$ gmW hþAm {Ogo A‘aobr Ho$ Amo‘ B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~ Ho$ ldU~m{YV B§Q´>mŠQ>ag Ûmam Jm¶m J¶m& {~bm~m|J hmB©ñHy$b Ho$ B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~ H$s Aܶj lr‘Vr {ටOb qgKb Zo H$hm - ¶h EH$ emZXma AZw^d Wm& h‘Zo amÁ¶ Ho$ {d{^Þ {hñgm| Ho$ {dÚm{W©¶m| go ~mVMrV H$s Am¡a ‘¢ Bg Vah Ho$ Am¡a ^r gå‘obZm| H$m {hñgm ~ZZm Mmhÿ±Jr& ‘¢ grIZo Ho$ Bg {Zambo AZw^d Ho$ {bE AnZo B§Q>aoŠQ> Šb~ Am¡a h‘mao àm¶moOH$ amoQ>ar Šb~ H$mo YݶdmX XoVr hÿ±& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 53

A‘’$mZ go JmoaIm Am§XmobZ H$s ¶mX| VmOm hþB© Xo~r nmÌm

{Obm ‘{OñQ´>oQ> Ho$ ~§Jbo Ho$ ~mha Jm‹S>r ‘| S>o~r nmÌm&

gr {H$ Ame§H$m Wr, bm°H$S>mCZ 4.0 Ho$ ~rM ‘|, ~§Jmb H$s Im‹S>r ‘| Am¶m Aå’$mZ MH«$dmVr Vy’μ $mZ Bg eVmãXr Ho$ g~go ^¶mZH$ MH«$dmVr Vy’$mZm| ‘| go EH$ ahm& H$mo{dS> -19 Zo Vmo nhbo hr g~ H$mo M{H$V H$a g^r H$mo gmoMZo na ‘O~ya H$a {X¶m Wm {H$ Š¶m qμOXJr {’$a go nhbo O¡gr hmo nmEJr; Am¡a Aå’$mZ Ho$ AmZo go {Zamem Am¡a ~‹T> JB©&& Q>rdr ݶyOμ {M„m aho Wo; Q>H$amZo go H$ar~ 48 K§Q>o nhbo Bg gwna gmBŠbmoZ Zo XrKm Ho$ 600 {H$bmo‘rQ>a X{jU ‘| 270 {H$‘r H$s aμâVma go C‹S>mZ ^ar, Am¡a Amg‘mZ ‘| H$ar~ Mma ‘rb D$§Mm CR> J¶m Wm& ~§Jmb Ho$ XrKm ‘| H$ha ~anmVm hþAm Aå’$mZ VQ> go Q>H$am J¶m, VQ> na BgH$s 54

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

AZw‘m{ZV J{V ahr hmoJr - 190 {H$‘r, H$mobH$mVm ‘| 130 {H$‘r& A˶§V S>amdZm & EH$ {XZ nhbo, 19 ‘B© H$mo Vy’$mZ Ho$ AmZo go nhbo g~ Hw$N> em§V Wm& Xmonha ~mX AMmZH$ VoO hdmE§ MbZo bJt Am¡a ~m[ae Ho$ N>tQ>m| Ho$ gmW KZo ~mXb N>m JE {Oggo AmZo dmbr Am’$V H$s ^¶mdhVm H$m Am^mg hmo J¶m Wm & {ZYm©[aV {Xdg H$s gw~h ‘mZgyZ Ho$ Ma‘ na nhþM± r gw~h H$s Vah Wr na Xmonha VH$ hdm Zo J{V nH$‹S> br& X{jU ‘| 100 ‘rb Xÿa Vy’μ $mZ Ho$ Q>H$amZo H$s I~a go h‹S>H$§ n ‘M J¶m& hpëX¶m Ho$ H$maImZo gwna aoS> AbQ>© na Wo& EH$ K§Q>o Ho$ ^rVa hr Am¡Úmo{JH$ eha Ho$ gmW g§nH©$ Am¡a g§Mma Qy>Q> J¶m& H$B© OJh go ì¶mnH$ j{V H$s ˜~a| AmBª;

‘wPo ~Vm¶m J¶m Wm {H$ Bg joÌ ‘| MH«$dmVm| H$m AmZm H$moB© ZB© ~mV Zht h¡ na BVZr A{YH$ j{V nhbo H$^r Zht hþB© Wr& em‘ 5 ~Oo VH$ Vy’$mZ H$mobH$mVm nhþM± J¶m& OëX hr {~Obr H$s bmBZ| ~§X hmo JBª& VoO aâVma hdmAm| Zo noS‹ >m| H$mo AnZr MnoQ> ‘| bo {b¶m, Am¡a EH$ VrIr grQ>r O¡gr AmdmO {ZH$bZo bJr& àH¥${V EH$ AbJ hr AdVma ‘| Wr& ~oMZ¡ Am¡a AmH«$m‘H$& H$‘Omoa noS‹ >m| Zo amñVm Xo {X¶m, Hw$N> Cå‘rX go nhbo hr Qy>Q> H$a {JaZo bJo& Vy’$mZ H$s JhZVm VoOr go ~‹T>Vr ahr& ‘mo~mBb go g§nH©$ Qy>Q> J¶m& Am¡a em‘ 6 ~Oo VH$, pI‹S>{H$¶m§ O‘H$a ~OZo bJt - O¡go {H$ ~mha H$moB© ^yV H$‘μOmoa {Xb

dmbm| H$mo S>amZo {ZH$b n‹S>m hmo& Bgo XoIZo Ho$ {bE ~mha H$X‘ ^r Zht aI gH$Vm Wm, Š¶m|{H$ VoO Vy’$mZ Ho$ ^mar X~md Ho$ gm‘Zo g§Vbw Z ~ZmE aIZm AnZoAmn ‘| EH$ MwZm¡Vr Wr& VrZ K§Q>o VH$ Mbo Vy’μ $mZ Ho$ Bg Vm§S>d Ho$ ~mX Mmam| Amoa N>m¶o KZo A§Yao o ‘| ¶h XoIZm Ag§^d Wm {H$ Amgnmg Š¶m hmo ahm h¡& H$moB© Q>rdr Zht& ‘mo~mBb H$ZopŠQ>{dQ>r Zht& g~go ^¶§H$a MH«$dmV Ho$ EH$ A^yVnyd© AZw^d go JwOaZo Ho$ {bE ‘¢ AHo$bm Am¡a Aghm¶ ‘m¡g‘ Ho$ OëX gm‘mݶ hmoZo H$m B§VOma H$a ahm Wm& amV Ho$ bJ^J 10 ~Oo, A§Yao o ‘|, VmOr hdm H$m EH$ Pm|H$m nmZo Ho$ {bE Am¡a àH¥${V Ho$ {dZme na ZμOa S>mbZo Ho$ {bE ‘¢Zo EH$ gmBS> qdS>mo Imobr& R>S§ >r hdmAm| go {‘μOmO VamoVmμOm hmo J¶m& ‘Z Zo Xm¡S‹ >Zm ewê$ H$a {X¶m - CZ {XZm| H$s ¶mX Am JB© O~ ‘¢ X{jU 24 naJZm ‘| {Obm ‘{OñQ´>Qo > Wm, {Obo H$m AmYm ^mJ Ûrnm| Am¡a Q>mnwAm| go AmÀN>m{XV h¡& Vy’μ $mZ go {ZnQ>Zo Ho$ {bE AmnXm à~§YZ H$s ¶mX| à~b hmo CR>t& gX© hdmAm| Zo Bggo ^r R>S§ >r OJh H$s ¶mX {Xbm Xr - Xm{O©qbJ, Ohm± ‘¢Zo AnZo OrdZ H$m g~go AÀN>m Am¡a g~go ~wam dμŠV {~Vm¶m h¡& EH$ n¥WH$ JmoaImb¢S> Ho$ {bE CJ«dmXr Am§XmobZ H$s ¶mX|& Xm{O©qbJ ‘| - OrEZEbE’$ Am§XmobZ Ho$ Ma‘ na - 1986-89, ‘| (~§X Ho$ Xm¡amZ, EH$ ~ma ¶h 40 {XZm| VH$ Mbm Wm), Ka na, amV ‘| H$^r H$^ma, H$moB© {~Obr Zht - ’«$| M pI‹S>H$s Ho$ nmg, pìhñH$s H$s KyQ± > bJmVo hþE, ‘¢ A§Yao o ‘| AHo$bm ~¡R>m ahVm Wm - ‘oao Hw$V} H$s Oo~ ‘| [adm°ëda ahVm Wm Am¡a Mm§XZr ‘| ‘wpíH$b go ZμOa AmZo dmbr H§$MZO§Jm H$mo Q>H$Q>H$s bJmE XoIVm ahVm Wm& ¶o ‘wPo Xÿgar Xþ{Z¶m ‘| bo OmVm Wm ... gwaå¶ e§Jr« bm H$s Amoa! dmo nb nyU© AmZ§X Ho$ Wo& àH¥${V Ho$ nyU© d¡^d Ho$ gmW CgHo$ OmXþB© AmH$f©U Ho$ ~rM, O¡go O¡go ~mha ¶wÕ Ho$ ì¶mnH$ ‘mhm¡b ‘| H$‘r AmVr h¡, ‘Z em§V hmo OmVm h¡ Am¡a EH$mH$snZ H$s ^mdZm H$‘ hmoVr OmVr h¡& (~rM-~rM ‘| em§{V ^§J H$aZo dmbr ~‘m| H$s AmdmOm| Ho$ ~mdOyX)

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dmo {XZ ‘wPo ~hþV ¶mX AmVo h¢ - VH$br’$m| Ho$ {XZ, h‘bo H$s Ame§H$m h‘oem ~Zr ahVr Wr Am¡a ¶wÕ ^‹S>H$mZo dmbo bmoJm| Ho$ ~rM em§{V Am¡a {ddoH$ H$s EH$‘mÌ AmdmO hmoZo H$s VH$br’$m| go JwOaZm n‹S>m Wm... {g’©$ g~go AÀN>r ñ‘¥{V ‘Z ‘| g~go D$na h¢, AmO ^r ‘Z H$mo Am§V[aH$ gwI Am¡a em§{V XoVr h¢& ¶o ^¶mdh Vy’$mZ ‘wPo 17 OZdar, 1987 Ho$ AVrV ‘| bo J¶m & EH$ amV nhbo, S>rAmB©Or hm§S>m Am¡a ‘¢, Xmo AmB©nrEg A{YH$m[a¶m| Am¡a bJ^J 150 nw{bgH$‘u¶m| Ho$ gmW {gbrJwS‹ >r go Jmoé~WmZ Ho$ amñVo H$m{bånm|J Ho$ {bE {ZH$bo Wo& h‘Zo H$ar~ 11 ~Oo MbZm ewê$ {H$¶m Wm& AmJo H$s Mma Jm{‹S>¶m§ {g{d{b¶Z H$ma Wr Am¡a Oo~ ‘| [admëda {bE h‘ g^r gmXo H$n‹S>m| ‘| Wo& J§Vì¶ Wm H$m{bånm|J ‘| 10 dm§ ‘rb& CÔoí¶ - gr Ho$ àYmZ H$mo AMmZH$ {JaâVma H$aZm Omo 10 dt ‘rb na ahVo Wo& dh OrEZEbE’$, H${bånm|J Ho$ {Z{d©dm{XV emgH$ Wm& EH$ H«$y a Zm‘ ... EH$ ì¶{º$ Omo am°{~ZhþS> H$s qμOXJr Or ahm Wm, {OgHo$ AZw¶m¶r ~hþV ~‹S>r g§»¶m ‘| Wo&

h‘ bJ^J 5 ~Oo 10 ‘rb na nhþM± JE& MwnMmn H$mam| go ZrMo CVa JE& CgH$m Ka g‹S>H$ go bJ^J 200 ‘rQ>a D$na nhm‹S>r na {XI ahm Wm& h‘ N>h bmoJm| Zo MwnMmn D$na M‹T>Zm ewê$ H$a {X¶m& CgHo$ Ka nhþM§ JE Am¡a ‘moM} ‘| h‘mao Xmo A{YH$mar gm‘Zo H$m XadmOm VmoS‹ > H$a Ka ‘| Kwg JE& bo{H$Z nmbH$ PnH$Vo hr gr Ho$ àYmZ nrN>o H$s pI‹S>H$s go ~mha Hy$Xm Am¡a Jm¶~ hmo J¶m& {Zamem Am¡a Hw$§ R>m& Eogm bJ ahm Wm ‘mZmo eha na H$ãμOm H$a {b¶m hmo& h‘ g^r Zo AJbo Hw$N> {XZm| Ho$ {bE H$m{bånm|J ‘| S>ao m S>mbZo H$m ’¡$gbm {H$¶m (O~{H$ h‘ EH$ amV Ho$ {bE ^r ê$H$Zo H$m gmoM H$a Zht Am¶o Wo)& Eogo joÌ H$mo {Z¶§{ÌV H$aZm Ohm§ Aà˶j ñdm¶ÎmVm Kmo{fV H$a Xr JB© h¡ - Xm{O©qbJ go ¶hm§ H$s Xÿar Am¡a nyd© g¡{ZH$m| H$s AÀN>r Imgr VmXmX Bg qhgH$ Am§XmobZ H$m ZoVË¥ d H$a ahr Wr& J{b¶m| ‘| EH$ go Xÿgao N>mao VH$ apñg¶m| na OrEZEbE’$ Ho$ BVZo Áμ ¶mXm P§S>o bham aho Wo, {H$ Amg‘mZ ‘wpíH$b go ZμOa Am ahm Wm& h‘ WmZo nhþM§ JE, {OgHo$ ~mha bJ^J 120 grAmanr Am¡a amÁ¶ Ho$ nw{bgH$‘u V¡ZmV Wo O¡gm {H$gr ~‹S>o Am°naoeZ go nhbo hmoVm h¡& h‘Zo gmoMm {H$ Bggo ñWmZr¶ bmoJm| ‘| ^¶ CnOoJm

MH«$dmV Aå’$mZ Ûmam N>mo‹S>o JE ‘b~o H$m EH$ Ñí¶& OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 55

AJñV 1988, Xm{O©qbJ g‘Pm¡Vo Ho$ ~‹S>o EH$ àog H$m§’«|$g ‘| GNLF ZoVm gw^mf Krqgh Ho$ gmW boIH$& bo{H$Z gƒmB© Hw$N> Am¡a hr Wr& O~ S>rAmB©Or hm§S>m Am¡a ‘¢ ~mha {ZH$bo, Vmo dhm§ h‘| H$moB© ^r ñWmZr¶ ì¶{º$ Zht {XIm, H$B© bmoJ Am‘u O¡gr O§Jb H$s dXu ‘| Wo, dmo h‘mar Va’$ XoI ^r Zht aho Wo Am¡a AZXoIm H$a aho Wo& ‘mZmo h‘mam ApñVËd hr Zht h¡& hm§S>m Zo Xmo {H$emoa b‹S>H$m| H$mo amoH$m; EH$ b‹S>H$o Ho$ ~¡J ‘| hmW S>mbm Vmo Cg ‘| ~‘ {‘bm& dh Cg na {M„m¶m - Am¡a ‘¢Zo VwaV§ Cgo Wßn‹S> O‹S> {X¶m& ~g, BVZm H$m’$s Wm, grAmanr Zo {H$gr AmXoe H$s àVrjm Zht H$s Am¡a ewê$ hmo JB©, {OYa Omo ^r ZμOa Am¶m, Cg na bmR>rMmO© ewê$ H$a {X¶m& XþH$mZ| ~§X H$a Xr JBª, nËWa~mOr hþB© Am¡a H$B© {JaâVm[a¶m§ H$s JBª& AJbo Mma K§Q>m| ‘| Eogr H$B© dmaXmV| hþBª {OÝh| ^ybZm ‘wpíH$b h¡& EH$ AmX‘r Zo AnZm Zm‘ H$mby ~Vm¶m Wm Am¡a {H$gr Zo H$hm {H$ dh gr Ho$ àYmZ H$m S´>mBda Wm& EH$-Xmo {‘ZQ> hr ‘| Cg na bJ^J 200 bmR>r-S§>S>o ~agmE JE& bo{H$Z O~ ‘¢Zo Zonmbr ‘| nyN>m, Vmo Cg ì¶{º$ Zo A˶§V nr‹S>m ‘| H$hm {H$ dh h‘ Omo gmoM aho h¢ dh dmo Zht h¡& ‘¢Zo Cgo g§Xho H$m bm^ Xo H$a N>mS‹o > {X¶m, EH$ {ZXm}f ì¶{º$ H$s {nQ>mB© H$mo bo H$a ‘Z ~hþV XþIr hþAm& ¶h H$hmZr ha OJh H$s h¡& 56

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

BgHo$ nrN>o ^mdZm ¶h Wr {H$ Xmonha VH$ h‘ AnZr CnpñW{V Om{ha H$a {H$gr àH$ma gm‘mݶ pñW{V ~hmb H$a gH$Vo Wo,AnZo eó ~b Ho$ àXe©Z Ho$ Ûmam, OrEZEbE’$ Ho$ g^r P§S>m| H$mo ZrMo {Jam H$a, H$B© bmoJm| H$mo {JaâVma {H$¶m Am¡a JmoaIm dmb§{Q>¶g© gob (CZH$s {ZOr goZm) Ho$ H$m¶©H$Vm©Am| H$s Vbme ewê$ H$a Xr& bo{H$Z JmoYy{b hmoZo VH$ H$hmZr nbQ> MwH$s Wr - nyam eha O¡go Xrdmbr ‘Zm ahm Wm& nhm{‹S>¶m| H$s Va’$ go ~‘ C‹S>Vo hþE Am aho Wo, g‹S>H$ na Ohm± h‘ I‹S>o Wo,h‘mam nrN>m H$aVo hþE-H$ar~ H$ar~ g^r Kam| go& H$B© hVmhV hþE, {JaâVma ^r hþE& Cg amV h‘Zo gmoMm Wm {H$ Amam‘ H$aZo Ho$ {bE g~go AÀN>r OJh WmZo Ho$ gm‘Zo {gëda AmoŠg hmoQ>b ahoJr & bo{H$Z H$‘©Mm[a¶m| Zo EH$ Vah go hmoQ>b H$m ~{hîH$ma H$a {X¶m Wm Am¡a Bgo N>mS‹o > JE Wo, dhm§ ~mha Ho$ Ho$db 2 bmoJ Wo& CZ‘| go EH$ H$mo ImZm nH$mZo Ho$ {bE ‘O~ya {H$¶m Wm; h‘mao gyIo Jbo H$mo Va H$aZo Ho$ {bE ~ma H$m Vmbm VmoS‹ >Zm n‹S>m Wm& A{YH$m[a¶m| Am¡a g¡{ZH$m| XmoZm| H$mo ~war Vah WH$m XoZo dmbo {XZ ‘| WmoS‹ >r amhV {‘br Wr& AmYr amV Ho$ ~mX, O¡go hr h‘ amV ‘| ImZo Ho$ {bE ~¡R>,o dhm± JJZ^oXr AmdmμO Ho$ gmW, EH$

~‘ {Jam Am¡a Qy>Q>o hþE H$m§M Ho$ N>tQ>o h‘mao eara Am¡a ^moOZ ‘| {Ja JE Wo & gm¡^m½¶ go, {H$gr H$mo H$moB© MmoQ> Zht AmB©& h‘Zo A§Xa go ~mha A§Yao o ‘| Jmobr~mar H$s, O~ H$moB© à{V{H«$¶m Zht {‘br Vmo h‘ AnZo amV Ho$ ImZo na bm¡Q> AmE& bo{H$Z Bg ~ma ~§XHÿ $ H$s Jmo{b¶m| Ho$ em°Q> Wo Am¡a A~ h‘| bJ J¶m Wm {H$ ¶h ‘m‘bm J§^ra Wm& XmoZm| Va’$ go ’$m¶[a¨J hmoVr ahr Am¡a ¶o Vmo h‘| ~mX ‘| nVm Mbm Wm {H$ CÝhm|Zo hmoQ>b H$mo AmJ bJmZo H$s ¶moOZm ~ZmB© Wr ... ‘wI{~ar go I~a ~mha AmZo H$m nwamZm VarH$m& Am¡a Bg Vah CZ Aem§V {XZm| ‘| h‘Zo Xm{O©qbJ ‘| g~go VZmdnyU© amV JwOmar Wr& Am§XmobZ H$m ¶h EH$ Am¡a ‘moS‹ > Wm& Am§XmobZ A{YH$ qhgH$ hmo J¶m Wm, h‘mar à{V{H«$¶m ^r Am¡a JhZ hmo JB© Wr& ^‹S>H$o hþE Aå’$mZ Vy’$mZ Zo 18 ’$adar, 1987 H$s Hw$N> Am¡a ¶mX| VmμOm H$a Xt, ‘¢ S>rE‘ H$s Eå~ogS>a H$ma Mbm ahm Wm, S>rAmB©Or ‘oar ~Jb ‘| Am¡a ~mH$s nrN>o H$s grQ> na ~¡R>o Wo& h‘ bmoJ nyar amV Mbo EH$ b§~o Am°naoeZ go bm¡Q> aho Wo Am¡a h‘mao H$m{’$bo ‘| 24 dmhZ Wo& {‘[aH$ go 5 {H$‘r nhbo h‘ na h‘bm hþAm - h‘bo ‘| h‘mar H$ma H$mo {ZemZm ~Zm H$a, bJ^J 1,000 ’$sQ> H$s D$§MmB© go, H$ma H$s ~mBª Va’$ nhm‹S>r go EH$ {demb ~moëS>a H$mo bwT‹ >H$m {X¶m J¶m Wm& ~moëS>a Xm{hZo Va’$ H$ma Ho$ {nN>bo {hñgo go Q>H$am¶m XþKQ© >ZmJ«ñV hmo J¶m, Xm{hZo Va’$ Ho$ {nN>bo XadmOo H$mo AbJ H$a {X¶m, Am¡a {’$a KmQ>r ‘| 4,000 ’$sQ> H$s JhamB© ‘| g‘m J¶m Am¡a gmW ‘| amñVo H$s EH$ PmonS‹ >r ^r bo J¶m& bo{H$Z H$moB© Km¶b Zht hþAm; Am¡a O~ h‘ dmng AmE Vmo ‘¢Zo ‘OmH$ ‘| H$hm: 45 {XZm| ‘| ¶h Vrgar ~ma h¡ O~ h‘ ‘m¡V go ~M JE h¢& h‘ OëX ‘aZo dmbm| ‘| go Zht h¢& O~ H$^r ^r ‘¢ ~§Jbo go ~mha OmVm Wm, {H$gr Zm {H$gr ñZmBna Ûmam h‘bm {H$¶o OmZo H$s Ame§H$m h‘oem ~Zr ahVr Wr& Am§XmobZ Ho$ 28 ‘hrZm| ‘| bJ^J ha g‘¶ ‘m¡V H$s AmhQ> bJr ahVr Wr, Am¡a dmo ‘oao OrdZ Ho$ g~go ¶mXJma nb Wo&

boIH$ EH$ godm{Zd¥Îm AmB©EEg A{YH$mar h¢&

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amoZm ‘hm‘mar Am¡a bm°H$S>mCZ H$s ‘ma Ho$ ~rM ‘|, amoB© ‘§S>b 3181 Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo H$Zm©Q>H$ Ho$ H$moS>mJw Ho$ bmoJm| go {H$¶m J¶m AnZm dmXm {Z^m¶m, {OZH$s qμOX{J¶m± Ho$ab Ho$ H$B© {hñgm| Ho$ bmoJm| H$s Vah hr Xmo gmb nhbo AmB© ~m‹T> go V~mh hmo JB© Wr& h‘mar n[a¶moOZm [a{~ëS> H$moS>mJy (<2.56 H$amo‹S> H$s bmJV go 50 Ka) Ho$ Xÿgao MaU ‘|, h‘ 10 ‘B©, 2020 H$mo H$moS>mJw ‘| J‹T>J§Ywa-‘mXmnwa joÌ Ho$ 25 Am¡a bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo nyU© hmo MwHo$ Ka gm¢nH$a ~ohX Iwe hþE, n[a¶moOZm à‘wI nrS>rOr a{d AßnmOr Zo H$hm& CÝhm|Zo ¶mX {H$¶m {H$ OyZ 2019 ‘| nhbm MaU nyam hþAm Wm, Am¡a Bg n[a¶moOZm Ho$ VhV ‘§S>b Zo PRIP H$ë¶mU ~oZOu H$s CnpñW{V ‘| 25 Kam| H$mo bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo gm¢n {X¶m& ¶h n[a¶moOZm h¡{~Q>Qo > ’$m°a øy‘{¡ ZQ>r B§{S>¶m Ho$ gh¶moJ go ewê$ H$s JB© Wr& amoQ>ar [a{~ëS> H$moS>mJy amoB© ‘§S>b 3181 ݶmg Ho$ Aܶj AmB©nrS>rOr nr amo{hZmW Zo H$hm {H$ BZ 50 n[admam| H$mo g~go Iam~ à^m{dV Am¡a g~go ¶mo½¶ O¡go ‘mZX§S>m| Ho$ AmYma na MwZm J¶m Wm, Am¡a

EH$ bm^mWu H$mo Ka gm¢nZo Ho$ ~mX nrS>rOr ¶m| Ama Eg ZmJmOw©Z, Ho$ H¥$îUm eoÅ>r, nr amo{hZmW, XodXmg am¶, àmoOoŠQ> Mo¶a nrS>rOr Ho$ a{d AßnmOr Am¡a S>rOrB© E‘ a§JZmW ^mQ> Ho$ gmW nrAmaAmB©nr H$ë¶mU ~oZOu& bm^m{W©¶m| H$s nhMmZ Amdmgr¶, gm‘wXm{¶H$ ZoVmAm| Am¡a ñWmZr¶ bmoJm| Ûmam g§¶ºw $ ê$n go H$s JB© Wr& ^y{‘ Am¡a CgHo$ hμH$ bm^m{W©¶m| Ho$ Zm‘ h¡, Bg{bE Ka CZH$s ñd¶§ H$s O‘rZ na nwZ{Z©{‘©V {H$E JE Wo& AßnmOr Zo H$hm {H$ à˶oH$ Ka H$s bmJV <5.05 bmI Wr, Am¡a <2.56 H$amoS‹ > H$s am{e ^maVr¶ Ed§ {dXoer XmZH$Vm©Am|, amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Am¡a XmoñVm| Ho$ ¶moJXmZ go OwQ>mB© JB© Wr& 2018 ‘| AmB© ~m‹T> Ûmam CZHo$ Kam| Am¡a CZHo$ OrdZ H$mo V~mh {H$E OmZo Ho$ ~mX, ¶h n[a¶moOZm PRIP ~oZOu Am¡a VËH$mbrZ amoB© {ZXoeH$ gr ^mñH$a Ûmam ewê$ H$s

JB© Wr, Am¡a Bgo g^r ‘§S>b JdZ©am| Am¡a ~oeH$ amoQ>ar H$s ‘hmZ bm^mWu Am{X˶ {~‹S>bm ’$mC§S>eo Z ’$m°a H$å¶w{ZQ>r B{Z{eE{Q>ìg H$s Aܶj amOlr {~‹S>bm Ûmam g‘{W©V {H$¶m J¶m Wm& nhbo MaU Ho$ {dnarV, {Og‘| Kam| H$mo bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo gm¢nm J¶m Wm, Bg ~ma H$moamoZm bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ H$maU, H$moB© Am¡nMm[aH$ ‘§M g‘mamoh, {Z‘§ÌU ¶m Aݶ ì¶dñWm Zht H$s JB© Wr& Omo ~mV Ah{‘¶V aIVr Wr dh ¶h Wr {H$ bm^mWu OëX go OëX AnZo ZE Kam| ‘| ahZm ewê$ H$a X| Bg{bE ~‹S>r gabVm Ho$ gmW CÝh| Ka gm¢n {XE JE& ¶h

gw{Z{üV H$aZm ‘hËdnyU© Wm {H$ Bg gmb ~m[ae ewê$ hmoZo go nhbo Kam| Ho$ ‘m{bH$ AnZo Kam| ‘| ahZo bJo& ¶h n[a¶moOZm h¡{~Q>Qo > ’$m°a øy‘{¡ ZQ>r B§{S>¶m Am¡a A{^d¥{Õ g‘yh Ûmam {Zînm{XV Am¡a H$m¶m©pÝdV H$s JB© Wr& h‘ AnZo àm¶moOH$m|, XmZXmVmAm|, amoQ>[o a¶Zm| Am¡a ñWmZr¶ AmnXm g{‘{V, Omo Ëd[aV ê$n go H$moS>mJy Ho$ ~~m©X hmo MwH$o bmoJm| H$s ‘XX H$aZo hoVw ~ZmB© JB© Wr, Ho$ gXñ¶m|, ñWmZr¶ n§Mm¶V Ho$ ZoVmAm| Am¡a {Z{üV ê$n go øy‘{¡ ZQ>r Am¡a A{^d¥{Õ g‘yh H$mo YݶdmX XoVo h¡, CÝhm|Zo AmJo H$hm& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 57

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H$ Šb~ brS>a C‘« Ho$ Vrgd| XeH$ ‘|, {OZH$s Iobm| Ho$ à{V JhZ ê${M h¡ Am¡a {OÝhm|Zo ~hþV gr ‘¡amWZ Xm¡‹S>m| ‘| ^mJ {b¶m h¡ Am¡a A§VV: CÝhm|Zo Am¶aZ‘¡Z pIVm~ H$mo OrVm h¡, H$moB© Eogo ì¶{º$ Zht h¢ Omo h‘| amoO {‘b|& dh amoQ>ar Ho$ ZdrZV àmoJ«m‘ - àmoOoŠQ> nm°{O{Q>d hoëW H$mo g‘W©Z XoVo h¢, Omo EZgrS>r H$mo Xÿa aIZo Ho$ {bE bmoJm| H$mo emar[aH$ {’$Q>Zog H$s Amoa ào[aV H$aVm h¡& 33 gmb Ho$ {ZHo$V Xmoer Vrgar nr‹T>r Ho$ amoQ>o[a¶Z h¢ Am¡a dh amoQ>ar Šb~ H$moëhmnwa Bdm°ëd Ho$ MmQ>©a Aܶj h¢, amo B© ‘§S>b 3170 Šb~ Ho$db EH$ gmb nwamZm h¡& CZHo$ {nVm lr amO|Ð (amOy) Xmoer gZ² 1999-2000 ‘| {Obo Ho$ JdZ©a Wo Am¡a CZHo$ XmXm lr ‘moVr^mB© Xmoer Zo gZ² 1977-78 ‘| {Obo H$m ZoV¥Ëd {H$¶m Wm& {ZHo$V Zo Jmodm ‘| Am¶mo{OV Xoe Ho$ nhbo Am¶aZ‘¡Z Q´>m¶Wbm°Z ‘| AŠQy>~a,2019 ‘| Am¶aZ‘¡Z 70.3 pIVm~ OrVm& ‘wPo 1,000 à{V^m{J¶m| Ho$ gmW à{VñnYm© H$aZr Am¡a {Og‘| 1.9 {H$bmo‘rQ>a V¡amH$s, 90 {H$bmo‘rQ>a gmB{H$b MbmZm Am¡a 21.1 {H$bmo‘rQ>a H$s Xm¡‹S> em{‘b Wr - g^r H$mo AmR> K§Q>o Ho$ ^rVa H«${‘H$ ê$n go {H$¶m OmVm h¡ - Am¶aZ‘¡Z Zo ~Vm¶m& bm°J {S>ñQ>|g aZa hmoZo Ho$ ZmVo Am¡a EH$ XO©Z hm’$-‘¡amWZ Xm¡‹S>Zo Ho$ ~mX, CÝhm|Zo EH$ gmb go A{YH$ g‘¶ VH$ Bg Am¶moOZ H$s V¡¶mar H$s& ‘oar j‘Vm go nao H$s gr‘mAm| ‘| OmZm hr dh Wm {OgZo ‘wPo dmñVd ‘| ^mJ boZo hoVw ào[aV {H$¶m Am¡a V¡amH$s, ~mBH$ Am¡a Xm¡‹S> H$m g§¶moOZ Hw$N> hX VH$ OmZbodm Am¡a amo‘m§MH$ Wm&CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m Am¡a ¶h ^r H$hm {H$ ghZ-e{º$ ¶m Y¡¶© EH$ MwZm¡Vr h¡ eara Ed§ {X‘mJ Ho$ g»V AZwemgZ, ñdmñ϶dY©H$ Amhma Am¡a {Z¶{‘V ì¶m¶m‘ H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoVr h¡ - nm°{O{Q>d hoëW Ho$ {bE EH$ na’o$ŠQ> [aJm‘m}b, ImgH$a ¶wdmAm| Ho$ ~rM& 58

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

dh AnZo Ka na lr amO|Ð gm~y, H$ë¶mU ~ZOu go {‘bZo H$mo ¶mX H$aVo h¢ Š¶m|{H$ CZHo$ XmXm Or {Z¶{‘V ê$n go ZoeZb ¶m B§Q>aZoeZb amoQ>ar brS>am| H$s ‘oO~mZr H$aVo Wo& {Z{VZ Zo AnZo {nVm Ho$ gmW {Obm gå‘obZm| ‘| ^mJ {b¶m h¡& ha gámh h‘ CËgmh go ^ao hþE Hw$N> Pw½Jr ~pñV¶m| ‘| Xrdmam| H$mo gm’$ H$aZo ¶m CZna n|qQ>J H$aZo OmVo Wo Am¡a ~ƒm| H$mo ZE H$n‹S>o Am¡a ñQ>oeZar gm‘{J«¶m§ ~m§Q>m H$aVo Wo& CZH$s nËZr {ටH$m ^r amoQ>ar Šb~ H$moëhmnwa Bdm°ëd H$s gXñ¶ h¢ Omo {H$ 75 gXñ¶m| H$m EH$ ¶wJb Šb~ h¡ Ohm§ gXñ¶m| H$s Am¡gV Am¶w 32 gmb h¡& {ZHo$V Zo H$hm - gXñ¶ ~hþV AmZ§X boVo h¢ Am¡a g‘mZ {dMmam| H$m AmZ§X CR>mVo h¢ Š¶m|{H$ h‘ g‘mZ ê${M¶m| Am¡a bú¶m| H$mo eo¶a H$aVo h¢& ’o$bmo{en ^r

~hþV amoMH$ h¡ Š¶m|{H$ Eogm Zht h¡ {H$ Ho$db n{V ¶m nËZr hr amoQ>ar Am¶moOZm| ‘| ^mJ boVo h¢& ¶h gXñ¶m| Ho$ {bE EH$ AÀN>m gmoeb gH©$b ~Z J¶m h¡& h‘| Amü¶©OZH$ Zht bJm O~ CÝhm|Zo AnZo bú¶m| Ed§ AnZo Šb~ Ho$ CÔoí¶m| H$mo eo¶a {H$¶m, Šb~ Omo {H$ ‘w»¶ ê$n go gXñ¶m| Ed§ g‘wXm¶ Ho$ {bE ñnmoQ>© Am¡a {’${OH$b EpŠQ>{dQ>r H$mo ~‹T>mdm Xo ahm h¡& ‘¢ ¶wdmAm| H$mo CZHo$ H$å’$Q>© OmoZ go ~mha {ZH$mbZm MmhVm hÿ± Am¡a emar[aH$ ê$n go g{H«$¶ H$aZm MmhVm hÿ±& AmO OrdZ H$m¶© na A{YH$ H|${ÐV hmo J¶m h¡& h‘ MmhVo h¢ {H$ ¶wdm AmJo ~‹T>|, AnZo ‘mo~mBb ’$moZ H$mo ˶mJ| Am¡a AnZo ñdmñ϶ na ܶmZ X|& ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ Ho$ g‘mYmZ Ho$ {bE h‘ H$m¶©H«$‘m| H$mo em{‘b H$aZo ¶moOZm ~Zm aho h¢&

Am¶aZ‘¡Z 70.3 pIVm~ Ho$ {dOoVm, amoQ>ar Šb~ H$moëhmnwa Ho$ MmQ>©a Aܶj {ZHo$V Xmoer&

nËZr {ටH$m Ho$ gmW Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj {ZHo$V Xmoer (~mE§ go Vrgao) Am¡a nËZr {g{YH$m Ho$ gmW g{Md Zrbm^ Jmo¶ZH$m (XmE§ go Vrgao) RID ^maV nm§S>çm, nrS>rOr a{d Hw$bH$Uu Am¡a S>rOr Jm¡are ‘gyaH$a go Šb~ MmQ>©a àmá H$aVo h¢& nrS>rOr E gZVHw$‘ma dmgwXod (~mE§ ), A{dZme nmoÔma Am¡a S>rOrEZ Jm¡are Ym|S> (XmE§ ) {MÌ ‘| em{‘b h¢& ~hþV go ¶wdm em°Q>©-â¶yO (Oam gr ~mV na ~wam ‘mZ OmZo dmbo/{M‹S>{M‹S>o ñd^md dmbo) h¢ Am¡a ‘mZ{gH$ VZmd H$mo Xÿa H$aZo Ho$ {bE CÝh| H$mC§gqbJ H$s Amdí¶H$Vm h¡& Šb~ Zo n¡am Iobm| Ho$ à{V OmJê$H$Vm H$mo ~‹T>mZo Ho$ CÔoí¶ go EH$ O‘©Z EZOrAmo Ho$ gmW ^mJrXmar H$aHo$ 06 {Xdgr¶, bJ^J 600 {H$bmo‘rQ>a H$s H$moëhmnwa go ‘w§~B© VH$ H$s EH$ B§Q>aZoeZb n¡am gmBŠbmoWm°Z H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m& CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m “”h‘Zo {nN>bo df© ~m‹T> Ho$ Xm¡amZ ~‹S>r g§»¶m ‘| ~Mmd H$m¶© Ed§ amhV H$m¶© Am¡a YZ-CJmhr ^r H$s, Aml¶ñWb ~ZmE Am¡a nmo{b¶m Ho$ {bE ’§$S> n¡Xm hoVw H$ma a¡br H$s&’’ CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m& Am¡a A~ Šb~ Zo H$mo{dS> amo{J¶m| Ho$ BbmO hoVw gaH$mar AñnVmbm| H$mo ‘o{S>H$b B§’«$mñQ´>ŠMa àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE 70,000 S>mb° a H$s ½bmo~b J«mQ§ > àmoOŠo Q> Ho$ {bE eha ‘| 30 amoQ>ar Šb~m| Ho$ gmW ^mJrXmar H$s h¡& h‘Zo àdmgr ‘OXÿam| H$mo 1.5 bmI ^moOZ {dV[aV {H$E h¢ Am¡a h‘ amBO AJ|ñQ> h§Ja, EH$ EZOrAmo Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a aoS>r-Qy>-Hw$H$ ^moOZ {dV[aV H$aZo H$s ¶moOZm ~Zm aho h¢& CÝhm|Zo amo B© ‘§S>b ^maV n§S>çm Ho$ eãXm| H$m ñ‘aU {H$¶m {OÝhm|Zo MmQ>©a àoOoÝQ>oeZ ‘| H$hm Wm {H$

“”gm‘m{OH$ H$m¶© hmoJm bo{H$Z EH$ Šb~ Ho$ {bE hoëXr ’¡$bmo{en H$m EH$ ‘O~yV ’$mC§S>oeZ ~ZmZm g~go A{YH$ Oê$ar h¡& ¶{X Amn Bgo VrZ dfm] ‘| nyam H$aZo ‘| g’$b hmo gH|$ V~ AmnH$m Šb~ {Z{üV ê$n go ’$bo ’y$boJm& O~ Amn g^r ^rVa go amoQ>ar ‘| AmZ§{XV hmoZo bJ| Am¡a gXñ¶ Amng ‘| ZoQ>d{Hª$J H$aZm ewê$ H$a|Jo V^r Amn AmJo ~‹T>Zo ‘| gj‘ hm|Jo& h‘mao g^r gXñ¶m| Zo CZHo$ Bg àoaUmXm¶H$ ^mfU H$m AmZ§X {b¶m&’’

h‘| pñàQ> H$mo Ord§V ~ZmE aIZm h¡ Š¶m|{H$ A~ Omoe-CËgmh H$mo ImoZm AmgmZ h¡& Oy‘ na h‘mar gmám{hH$ ~¡R>H$| ^r CVZr hr {XbMñn aht&h‘mao nmg Hw$N> CËH¥$ï> ~hþAm¶m‘r ì¶{ŠËd dmbo dº$m Wo Am¡a h‘mao g^r gXñ¶ VwaV§ hr Cg na bm°J BZ H$aVo h¢&

Bg{bE Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| H$mo dmø ~¡R>H$m| Ho$ AmZ§X H$mo Zht MyH$Zm h¡, ‘¡Zo CZgo nyN>m Am¡a CÝhm|Zo Odm~ {X¶m - h‘| pñàQ> H$mo Ord§V ~ZmE aIZm h¡ Š¶m|{H$ A~ Omoe-CËgmh H$mo ImoZm AmgmZ h¡& Oy‘ na h‘mar gmám{hH$ ~¡R>H$| ^r CVZr hr {XbMñn aht& h‘mao nmg Hw$N> CËH¥$ï> ~hþAm¶m‘r ì¶{ŠËd dmbo dº$m Wo Am¡a h‘mao g^r gXñ¶ VwaV§ hr Cg na bm°J BZ H$aVo h¢& h‘mao nmg EH$ ݶy{Q´>{ZñQ>, ‘mo{Q>deo Zb ñnrH$a h¢ Am¡a AJbo gámh Ho$ {bE EH$ dmoH$o eZb ñnrH$a {ZYm©[aV h¡&’’ {ZHo$V H$mo bJVm h¡ {H$ amoQ>ar ‘| h‘ ¶wdmAm| H$s e{º$ H$mo OJmZo Ed§ Cn¶moJ ‘| bmZo ‘| {d’$b hmo JE h¢& h‘| AnZo eha ‘| EH$ Adga {‘bm& ~hþV go Šb~m| ‘| g‘mZ Am¶wdJ© Ho$ bmoJ Zht h¢& gm‘mݶ ê$n go, {H$gr ^r ‘m¡OXy m Šb~ ‘| em{‘b hmo OmZm ‘oao {bE ~hþV hr AmgmZ hmoVm&bo{H$Z {’$a BgHo$ ~mX dh Am¡a CgHo$ {‘Ì, dV©‘mZ Šb~ g{Md Zrbm^ Jmo¶ZH$m, H$mofmܶj H$aoZ nmaoI Am¡a Aܶj- {ZbmY Ho${S>¶m Zo AnZr npËZ¶m| Ho$ gmW {‘bH$a Bg Šb~ H$m JR>Z {H$¶m& h‘ ZE {dMmam| go ^ao hþE ah| Am¡a g‘wXm¶ ‘| ñWm¶r Am¡a à^mdembr n[adV©Z H$aZo Ho$ {bE ha {XZ ZE CËgmh Ho$ gmW H$m‘ H$a gH|$ CÝhm|Zo H$hm& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 59

amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m øy‘¡{ZQ>r ’$mC§S>oeZ


Q>ar B§{S>¶m øy‘¡{ZQ>r ’$mC§S>oeZ (RIHF) H$m JR>Z 2010 ‘| amoQ>ar ^maV Ho$ d[að> ZoV¥ËdH$Vm©Am| Ûmam {H$¶m J¶m Wm& BgH$m CÔoí¶ amoQ>ar Šb~, J¡a gaH$mar g§JR>Zm|, gaH$mar g§JR>Zm|, {dœmg Am¡a g‘wXm¶-AmYm[aV g§JR>Zm| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go ^maV Am¡a Xþ{Z¶m ^a ‘| ‘mZdr¶ godmAm| H$m ‘mJ©Xe©Z, g‘W©Z Am¡a {ZînmXZ H$aZm h¡& RIHF Zo nhbo go hr {d{^Þ Ü¶mZmH$f©U joÌm| ‘| AZoH$ godm n[a¶moOZmAm| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go hOmam| bmoJm| Ho$ OrdZ H$mo n[ad{V©V {H$¶m h¡ Am¡a dh godm, gw{dYm Am¡a g§KQ>Z Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go Bg H$m‘ H$mo Omar aIZm MmhVm h¡& godm Ho$ joÌ: amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m {bQ>aogr {‘eZ, amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m dmQ>a {‘eZ, amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m go{ZQ>eo Z {‘eZ, amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m hoëW {‘eZ ({àd|{Q>d), amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m hoëW {‘eZ (Š¶ya{o Q>d), amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m EZdm¶aZ‘|Q> {‘eZ Am¡a amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m {S>OmñQ>a ‘¡ZOo ‘|Q> ݶmgr gbmhH$ma: PRIP amO|Ð gm~y, PRIP H$ë¶mU ~oZOu Am¡a RIPN eoIa ‘ohVm; PRID AemoH$ ‘hmOZ, Aܶj (1 df© H$m H$m¶©H$mb); PRID dm¶ nr Xmg, gh-Aܶj; RID H$‘b g§Kdr; RID S>m° ^aV n§mS>çm; Q>rAmaE’$ ݶmgr Jwbm‘ dmhZdQ>r; nrAmaAmB©S>r nm§S>w aJ§ m eoÅ>r; PRID nr Q>r à^mH$a; PRID S>m° ‘ZmoO XogmB©; RIDN a{d dmS>bm‘mZr Am¡a RIDN E Eg d|H$Q>eo & bú¶ z amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m gmjaVm {‘eZ - {ejH$ ghm¶Vm: 30 bmI {ejH$m| VH$ nhþM§ Zm, B©-b{ZªJ H$mo 25 amÁ¶m| VH$ bo OmZm, d¶ñH$ gmjaVm: 6 H$amoS‹ > d¶ñH$m| H$mo gmja ~Zm¶m OmZm h¡, ~mb {dH$mg: 1.5 bmI ~ƒm| H$mo dmng ñHy$b ^oOZm, h¡ßnr ñHy$b: 10,000 ñHy$bm| H$mo h¡ßnr ñHy$bm| ‘| 60

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar Ûmam àm¶mo{OV hmQ>© gO©ar go C~a ahr ZÝhr er~m gmhm& ~XbZm, Am¡a 25,000 nwñVH$mb¶m| H$m {Z‘m©U H$aZm& z amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m dmQ>a {‘eZ: W - dmQ>aeoSg ² 10,000 dmQ>aeoSg² Am¡a 10,000 amoYH$ ~m§Ym| H$m {Z‘m©U, -A- Ado¶aZog - 500 {‘{b¶Z bmoJm| VH$ nhþM± Zm Am¡a CZHo$ OrdZ H$mo Ny>Zm, T -Q´>mg § ’$m°‘e} Z - 10,000 Ob {ZH$m¶m| H$m gwYma, E - nmZr H$m Hw$eb Cn¶moJ - 25 bmI Kam| ‘| InV H$‘ H$aZm, 15,000 {S´>n qgMmB© àUm{b¶m| H$mo ñWm{nV H$aZm, 5,000 OJhm| na J«o nmZr H$mo nwZ… M{H«$V H$aZm Am¡a R - dfm© Ob g§Jh« U - 50,000 dfm© Ob g§Jh« U g§aMZmAm| H$mo ñWm{nV H$aZm& z amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m ñdÀN>Vm {‘eZ: 5,000 AmoS>rE’$ßbg Jm§d; 1,000 Kaoby Zb H$ZoŠeZ; 1.5 bmI WinS g§aMZmE§; hoëWHo$¶a ‘| 500 WASH; 500, gm‘wXm{¶H$ em¡Mmb¶ Am¡a 500 gmd©O{ZH$ em¡Mmb¶& z amo Q > a r B§ { S> ¶ m AmnXm à~§ Y Z: 10,000 AmnmVH$mbrZ Cn^moÁ¶ (AñnVmb CnH$aU,

Vå~y, ’$ZuMa Am¡a ~V©Z Am¡a gm‘wXm{¶H$ agmoB© Ho$ {bE ameZ) Am¡a 20 Aml¶ {H$Q>|& amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m ñdmñ϶ {‘eZ - {ZdmaH$: nrnrEM AnZo {e{dam| H$s g§»¶m H$mo OmZ| - 1,500 Šb~ x 4,120 Om±M/{e{da+ J¡a {deof {XZm| Ho$ {e{da - 44 bmI bmoJm| H$mo bm^mpÝdV H$aZo Ho$ {bE; Amamo½¶ Ho$ gmW ñHy$b OmJê$H$Vm - à{V 2,000 ñHy$bm| na 1 Šb~ - 2,000 Šb~, H$jm 7 Am¡a 8 ‘| 300 ~ƒo& Hw$b bm^mWu - 40,50,000, ‘mo~mBb ñdmñ϶ g§Xoe - N>h ‘hrZo VH$ à{V gámh 2 EgE‘Eg& Hw$b bm^mWu - 39,00,000, RFHD - 10 ñdmñ϶ {e{da - Hw$b bm^mWu 32,00,000 Am¡a ñdmñ϶ Om±M - Hw$b bm^mWu 74,00,000& z

amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m ñdmñ϶ {‘eZ - Amamo½¶H$mar: ãbS> ~¢H$ - 40, ZoÌ AñnVmb/ZoÌ ~¢H$ 50, ‘mo{V¶mq~X gO©[a¶m± - 9,00,000, S>m¶{b{gg ‘erZ|/{~ñVa - 1,000, öX¶

gO©[a¶m± - 25,000, ñdmñ϶ {e{da (P+C) 9 {‘{b¶Z Am¡a pñH$Z ~¢H$ - 40& z amoQ>ar B§{S>¶m n¶m©daU {‘eZ - R>mg o An{eï> à~§YZ - 4,200 Jm§d Am¡a 8,400 ‘erZ|, d¥jmamonU - 30 H$amoS‹ > noS‹ >, OmJê$H$Vm A{^¶mZ 3,000 ñHy$b, 60,000 H$ma pñQ>H$a, 60 RYLA, 300 àH¥${V {e{da, ZdrH$aUr¶ D$Om© - 12 bmI Ka& à{ejU H$m¶©H$« ‘ amoQ>ar Šb~ Am¡a ‘§S>b ñVa na H$m¶©H$« ‘ H$mo gwMmê$ ê$n go {Zînm{XV H$aZo hoVw {Za§Va à{ejU ‘hËdnyU© h¡& RIHF Ho$ nmg à{ejU Ho$ VrZ ñVa h¡ Vm{H$ ¶h gw{Z{üV {H$¶m Om gHo$ {H$ g^r OmZH$mar ‘§S>b Am¡a Šb~ ñVam| VH$ ghr T>J§ go nhþM± &o àW‘ ñVa à{ejU godm Ho$ g^r joÌm| Ho$ {bE Oμ moZb Šb~m| Ûmam ewê$ {H$¶m J¶m& EH$ ‘hrZo go ^r H$‘ g‘¶ ‘| Zoom na bJ^J 304 à{ejU H$m¶©H$« ‘ hþE& godm Ho$ g^r joÌm| Ho$ {bE amoQ>ar df© 2020-21 Ho$ {bE BZ‘| S>rOr, S>rOrB©, S>rgr Am¡a ‘§S>b Q>r‘ gXñ¶m| Zo ^mJ {b¶m& TRF

~m‹T> go à^m{dV EH$ n[adma AnZo amoQ>ar eoëQ>a {H$Q> Ho$ gmW& {ÛVr¶ ñVa à{ejU df© 2020-21 Ho$ {bE Šb~ Aܶjm| Am¡a g{‘{V Aܶjm| H$mo àXmZ {H$¶m Om ahm h¡& ¶h Oμ moZb Šb~ Ho$ ‘mJ©Xe©Z ‘| S>rOr¶m| Am¡a S>rgr Ûmam g§Mm{bV {H$¶m OmVm h¡&

V¥Vr¶ ñVa à{ejU Ho$ VhV, amoQ>ar ^maV Ho$ godm Ho$ AmR> joÌm| go g§~{§ YV H$m¶©H$« ‘m| Am¡a n[a¶moOZmAm| H$s OmZH$mar ‘§S>b Ho$ g^r amoQ>ar gXñ¶m| H$mo VrZ ‘hrZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ Am¶mo{OV {H$E OmZo dmbo go{‘Zmam| Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go àXmZ H$s OmEJr& „

H$s ‘XX go AÀN>o H$m¶©

amoQ>ar-H$m°nm}aoQ> ^mJrXmar Zo ñdmñ϶ godmAm| ‘| gh¶moJ {X¶m Qr_ amoQar Ý`yμO


~ R>mUo Ho$ hmobr H«$m°g AñnVmb Ho$ A{YH$mar Zo amoQ>ar Šb~ H$ë¶mU [adagmBS>, amo B© ‘§S>b 3142 go AñnVmb H$mo S>m¶{b{gg CnH$aU H$mo àXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE AZwamoY {H$¶m V~ Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj àVrH$ JwOa Zo VwaV§ hr

(~m¶| go) RID ^maV nm§S>çm, S>rOr ‘mohZ M§XmdaH$a, AmB©nrS>rOr EeoO Jm§Jwbr Am¡a amoQ>ar Šb~ R>mUo Q>mCZ Q>mCZ Ho$ Aܶj amO|Ð μO|S>o H$s ‘m¡OyXJr ‘| Q>rAmaE’$ Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr Zo n[a¶moOZm g§nH©$ g§Vmof ~S>o H$m A{^dmXZ {H$¶m&

AñnVmb H$mo amoQ>ar Šb~ R>mUo {‘S>Q>mCZ go H$ZoŠQ> {H$¶m& lr JwOa Zo H$hm “‘wPo Bg ~mV H$m nVm Wm {H$ do amoJ Ho$ {ZdmaU Am¡a CnMma na ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$aVo hþE EH$ OrOr EpßboH$o eZ H$s à{H«$¶m ‘| Wo Am¡a ¶h ~‹S>r ^mJrXmar AñnmVmb Ho$ amo{J¶m| hoVw à^mdr ñdmñ϶ XoI^mb H$m {dñVma H$aZo Ho$ {bE ~ohVa ~w{Z¶mXr T‹ >mM° o ~ZmZo ‘| gj‘ ~ZmEJr&” BgHo$ ~mX amoQ>ar Šb~ R>mUo {‘S>Q>mCZ Zo EH$ H$m°nm}aQo >, {~abm EñQ>Qo g² Ed§ B§Q>aZoeZb nmQ>Z© a amoQ>ar Šb~ dmëgm°b, ¶yH$o , amo B© ‘§S>b 1210 H$s nhMmZ H$s Am¡a Q>rAmaE’$ g{hV, AñnVmb H$mo Mma arZb ho‘mo-S>m¶{b{gg ‘erZm| go b¡g {H$¶m& {~abm EñQ>Qo g² Zo 30,125 S>mb° a Ho$ EH$ Q>‘© {JâQ> H$m ¶moJXmZ {X¶m, R>mUo {‘S>Q>mCZ Ho$ amoQ>ar Šb~ Am¡a H$ë¶mU ardagmBS> Zo 1,727 S>mb° a Ed§ amo B© ‘§S>b 3142 Am¡a amo B© ‘§S>b 1210 Zo 4,700 S>mb° a H$m ¶moJXmZ {X¶m, Am¡a 5,504 S>mb° a Ho$ Q>rAmaE’$ gh¶moJ go àmoOŠo Q> H$mo 41,973 S>mb° a ‘| {H«$¶mpÝdV {H$¶m J¶m& amo B© ‘§S>b ^maV nm§S>çm, Q>rAmaE’$ Ho$ Q´>ñQ>r Jwbm‘ dmhZdVr Ed§ S>rOr ‘mohZ M§XmdaH$a Ho$ CnpñW{V ‘| CnH$aU H$mo AñnVmb H$mo gm¢n {X¶m J¶m& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 61

District Wise TRF Contributions as on April 2020 (in US Dollars)

District Number



Other Restricted

7,175 22,265 2,403 1,915 15,646 47,270 3,008 418 232 529 60,197 705 8,087 301 100 1,810 141 4,207 607 16,677 1,944 7,711 3,129 12,139 16,173 7,616 40,839 35,685 58,578 1,043 19,937 1,973 72,455 42,679 0 0 4,029 3,542 523,168 8,057 14,552 1,037 4,345 15,216 17,870 584,244 24,092,142

0 185,807 189,535 144,838 252,010 0 1,423 9,949 169,544 46,577 174,279 16,869 14,505 0 0 1,045 140,199 522,050 34,498 1,422,584 87,028 35,504 0 61,421 0 24,493 327,172 437,529 184,558 65,915 10,081 16,459 474,012 33,004 18,952 30,682 5,507 56,798 5,194,827 106,112 20 300 127,600 (2,703) 1,126,888 6,553,044 23,098,562

Total Endowment EREY Donors Contributions (in numbers) Fund


India 2981 2982 3000 3011 3012 3020 3030 3040 3053 3054 3060 3070 3080 3090 3100 3110 3120 3131 3132 3141 3142 3150 3160 3170 3181 3182 3190 3201 3202 3211 3212 3231 3232 3240 3250 3261 3262 3291 India Total 3220 Sri Lanka 3271 Pakistan 3272 Pakistan 3281 Bangladesh 3282 Bangladesh 3292 Nepal South Asia Total World Total

30,801 29,621 78,947 88,701 166,649 48,323 8,964 17,135 64,986 11,075 79,277 33,087 54,948 17,854 33,258 26,766 61,815 162,227 14,175 621,736 132,656 77,895 3,750 85,185 285,584 81,514 291,761 64,830 127,781 31,468 59,075 3,725 117,055 224,250 33,452 3,275 41,016 82,345 3,396,963 64,442 4,513 16,402 113,195 32,264 171,586 3,799,365 92,818,023

18,341 720 296 6,667 58,986 12,029 2,203 0 0 0 36,876 0 1,013 1,000 0 0 0 43,250 30,000 220,225 42,763 203,668 8,222 0 0 0 0 32,442 1,000 1,422 1,972 0 7,500 0 10,000 0 0 12,500 753,095 1,000 0 0 7,000 2,000 0 763,095 30,904,468

56,317 238,413 271,181 242,121 493,292 107,622 15,598 27,502 234,761 58,181 350,630 50,661 78,553 19,156 33,358 29,621 202,155 731,734 79,280 2,281,222 264,390 324,779 15,101 158,745 301,757 113,624 659,773 570,487 371,917 99,848 91,065 22,157 671,022 299,932 62,403 33,958 50,552 155,185 9,868,053 179,612 19,085 17,739 252,140 46,777 1,316,344 11,699,749 170,913,195

160 139 103 103 147 120 12 27 115 35 914 162 153 45 97 32 144 758 72 929 388 606 24 261 540 309 657 222 287 30 97 48 346 315 66 6 79 82 8,630 144 12 57 290 74 324 9,531

3.5 4.6 2.0 2.9 4.0 3.2 0.2 1.3 4.0 0.6 22.6 5.3 4.5 2.3 5.1 0.8 4.3 14.4 1.9 16.9 12.0 17.0 0.9 4.7 15.1 9.9 13.8 4.1 5.8 0.7 2.4 1.3 6.6 10.4 1.7 0.2 2.4 2.3 5.9 7.4 0.9 3.5 5.1 1.6 7.0 5.8

Source: RI South Asia Office

EH$ amoQ>o[a¶Z Omo H$Zm©Q>H$ ‘| H$mo{dS> dm°a ê$‘ H$m {hñgm h¢ Qr_ amoQar Ý`yμO


Zm©Q>H$ ‘| H$mo{dS> dm°[a¶ag ‘| go EH$ amoQ>o[a¶Z H$m{W©H$ {H$Åz>, Cg àmo’o$eZb Q>r‘ H$m {hñgm h¢ {OÝhm|Zo H$Zm©Q>H$ ‘| H$mo{dS>-19 Ho$ àgma Ho$ ~mao ‘| OZVm H$mo gy{MV H$aZo Ho$ {bE EH$ do~gmBQ> Ed§ S>¡e~moS>© ~Zm¶m h¡& lr {H$Åz> Omo ~¢Jbmoa gmCW doñQ> amoQ>ar Šb~ amo B© ‘§S>b 3190 Ho$ gXñ¶ h¢, dh H$Zm©Q>H$ Ho$ ‘w»¶‘§Ìr Ho$ H$mo{dS>-19 dm°a ê$‘ Ho$ à‘wI gXñ¶ h¢& àdmgr l{‘H$m| Am¡a ~oKa bmoJm| Ho$ {bE ~Zm¶m J¶m h§Ja hoën bmBZ Z§~a 155214 ^r

H$mo{dX dma ê$‘ ‘| H$m{V©H$ {H$Åz> (~mE§)& Bg dm°a ê$‘ go g§Mm{bV {H$¶m OmVm h¡& EH$ ~‹S>r BboŠQ´>m°{ZH$ dm°b Cg ñWmZ H$mo Q´>¡H$ H$aVr

h¡ Ohm§ go H$m°b {H$¶m OmVm h¡ Am¡a ñd¶§gdo H$ Cg ñWmZ na nhþM§ OmVo h¢& bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ g‘¶ go

hr Oê$aV‘§X bmoJm| H$mo 10 bmI go A{YH$ ^moOZ àXmZ {H$¶m J¶m h¡& „

nwUo Ho$ Šb~ Zo Jar~, X{bVm| Ho$ {bE H$mo{dS> ICU Imobm


B© Ho$ S>m¶aoŠQ>a ^maV n§S>çm Zo àYmZ‘§Ìr Am¶wî‘mZ ^maV ¶moOZm Ho$ A§VJ©V gyMr~Õ nwUo Ho$ EH$ AñnVmb ‘| Omo {H$ Ho$db Jar~

bmoJm| H$m BbmO H$aVm h¡ Cg‘| amoQ>ar H$mo{dS>-19 AmB©gr¶y gw{dYm H$m CÓmQ>Z {H$¶m& nwUo Ho$ ~mah amoQ>ar Šb~, amo B© ‘§S>b 3131 Zo g§¶wº$ ê$n go,

½bmo~b J«m§Q> Ho$ VhV H$moamoZm-dm¶ag Ho$ amo{J¶m| Ho$ {bE Bg {deof AmB©.gr.¶y. H$s ñWmnZm H$s {Ogo erY« hr ‘§Oyar {‘b JB©& 94,750 S>m°ba H$s J«m§Q> Ho$ Ûmam Bg gw{dYm H$s Vrd« J{V go ñWmnZm H$s JB© Am¡a Bg àmoOoŠQ> Ho$ ’§$S> H$s ñdrH¥${V Ho$ ~mX Ho$db VrZ gámh ‘| hr BgH$m CÓmQ>Z H$a {X¶m J¶m& ¶h gw{dYm H$mo{dS> amo{J¶m| Ho$ {bE d|{Q>bQo >a, noeÝo Q> ‘m°{ZQ>a, {g[a¨O n§n, {S>{’${~«boQ>a, B©grOr, bo[a¨OmoñH$mon, nrnrB© {H$Q> Ed§ Q>opñQ>§J {H$Q> go b¡g h¡& amoQ>o[a¶Z lr gwXrZ AmßQ>o, amoQ>ar Šb~ nwUo {àñQ>mBZ Ho$ ^yVnyd© Aܶj Zo H$hm {H$ H$mo{dS> g§H$Q> Ho$ ~mX ^r ¶h AñnVmb Oê$aV‘§X ‘arOm| {Za§Va BbmO H$aVm ahoJm& CÝhm|Zo ~Vm¶m {H$ dV©‘mZ g‘¶ ‘| ¶h AñnVmb 50 H$mo{dS> ‘arOm| H$m BbmO H$a ahm h¡& ~mX ‘|, ¶h gw{dYm EH$ gmb ‘| H$‘ go H$‘ 500 amo{J¶m| H$mo ‘wâV ‘| BbmO àXmZ H$aoJr& „ OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 63

eãXm| H$s Xþ{Z¶m

Yr‘r aob H$s gdmar g§Ü¶m amd Bg ¶mÌm {dhrZ Xþ{Z¶m ‘| ‘mo{Zem amOoe H$s 72,000 {H$‘r b§~r ¶mÌm AamC§S> Xr dëS>© BZ 80 Q´>oÝg? Ho$ ~mao ‘| n‹T>Zo go ~ohVa Am¡a Š¶m hmo gH$Vm h¡?


$B© bmoJm| Zo ^maVr¶ aob H$m EH$ Mm¢H$m XoZo dmbm CXmhaU XoIm Omo aob CÎma àXoe OmZo hoVw Mbr dmo Amo{S>em ‘| OmH$a g‘má hþB© {Og‘| gdma g¡H$‹S>m| ¶m{̶m| H$mo Zm hr H$moB© MoVmdZr Xr JB© Am¡a Zm hr CZgo Am¡a CZH$m B§VOma H$a aho CZHo$ g¡H$‹S>m| {චOZm| go H$moB© ‘mμ’$s ‘m§Jr JB©& kmV ah| {H$ aob ‘mJ©-{d{eï> nQ>[a¶m| na MbVr h¡, {’$a Eogm Š¶m| hþAm ¶h AnZo Amn ‘| EH$ ahñ¶ h¡, ¶hm§ VH$ {H$ EH$ J‹S>~‹S>r h¡& Bg n[aÑí¶ ‘|, {~«{Q>e nÌH$ma ‘mo{Zem amOoe H$s {H$Vm~| A{V-Amdí¶H$ amhV Am¡a n[aàoú¶ àXmZ H$aVr h¡& Hw$N> gmb nhbo, ‘¢Zo ñWmZr¶ {H$Vm~m| H$s XþH$mZ go AamC§S> B§{S>¶m BZ 80 Q´>|g Zm‘H$ EH$ {H$Vm~ IarXr Wr& 2012 ‘| àH$m{eV Bg {H$Vm~ ‘|, ‘mo{Zem Ûmam 2010 ‘| Mma ‘hrZm| ‘| ^maV ^a ‘| H$s JB© 65,000 {H$‘r b§~r ¶mÌm H$m [aH$m°S>© h¡& Amn Zm‘ br{O¶o Am¡a dh Cg OJh {ZH$b n‹S>Vr h¡, empãXH$ ê$n go H$í‘ra (I¡a, H$í‘ra Vmo Zht, ~pëH$ {X„r) go H$ݶmHw$‘mar VH$& adventure.com na ‘mo{Zem Ho$ gmW ‘ram XÎmmZr H$m gmjmËH$ma ¶mX {XbmVm h¡ {H$ {Og Vah CZ aobJm{‹S>¶m| Zo CÝh| bmoJm| VH$ {deof nhþ±M àXmZ H$s, Cg Vah go H$moB© Aݶ n[adhZ H$m gmYZ Zht H$a gH$Vm Wm& ¶h V§Ì Xoe H$s b§~mB© Am¡a Mm¡‹S>mB© H$mo H$da H$aVo hþE, ha H$moZo-H$moZo VH$ 64

amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

nhþ±MVm h¡& ¶h ‘wPo ‘oar ng§X H$s bJ^J ha OJh bo J¶m: A‘¥Vga Ho$ ñdU© ‘§{Xa, aUW§^m¡a amï´>r¶ CÚmZ, VmO‘hb, Ho$ab Ho$ g‘wÐ VQ>, O¡gb‘oa Ho$ {H$bo... gmW hr, OrdZ Ho$ g^r joÌm| Ho$ bmoJm| Ho$ gmW {‘bZo Am¡a ~mV H$aZo go CÝh| ^maV H$s J{VerbVm, CgH$s dJ© àUmbr, amOZrVr, CgHo$ gH$mamË‘H$ Am¡a ZH$mamË‘H$ nhby H$mo g‘PZo ‘| ‘XX {‘br, Hw$N> hX VH$ gm¡ df© nyd© E‘. Ho$. Jm±Yr Zm‘H$ EH$ Aݶ ì¶{º$ H$s Vah hr& Hw$N> gmb ~mX, aob ¶mÌm H$aZo H$s YwZ {’$a bJ JB©: Bg ~ma dh AnZo ‘§JVo a, Oo‘ Ho$ gmW JB©& EH$ gmW CÝhm|Zo 72,000 {H$bmo‘rQ>a (Omo {H$ n¥Ïdr H$s n[a{Y go bJ^J XmoJwZm h¡) go A{YH$ gmV ‘hrZo VH$, ê$g, ‘§Jmo{b¶m, MrZ, OmnmZ, qgJmnwa, ‘bo{e¶m, WmB©b¢S>, ¶yamon, H$ZmS>m, ¶yEgE, {Vã~V, CÎma H$mo[a¶m Am¡a H$OmIñVmZ O¡go AbJ-AbJ Am¡a Xÿa-XamO Ho$ ñWmZm| H$s ¶mÌm H$s& AamC§S> X dëS>© BZ 80 Q´>oÝg 2019 ‘| àH$m{eV hþB© Am¡a BgZo Eogo g‘¶ ‘| EH$X‘ ghr nmR>Z gm‘J«r àXmZ H$s h¡ O~ ¶mÌm ñd¶§ ~§X hmo JB© h¡& ‘mo{Zem AnZr gwIXm¶H$ Am¡a ^¶mdh ¶mÌmAm| - {OZH$s g§»¶m A{YH$ h¡ - Ho$ ~mao ‘| ào‘nyd©H$ Am¡a AmbmoMZmË‘H$ XmoZm| VarHo$ go {ddaU XoVo hþE {bIVr h¡& ^maV ‘| CZH$mo H$m|H$U ‘mJ© g~go A{YH$ ng§X Wm, Omo Aa~ gmJa Ho$ {H$Zmao 700 {H$‘r go A{YH$ H$m aob ‘mJ© h¡ {OgHo$ Xÿgar

Va’$ gømÐr nd©V h¡& dh àoaUmXm¶H$ bmB’$bmBZ EŠgàog Ho$ à{V ^r gå‘mZ 춺$ H$aVr h¡ Omo Xþ{Z¶m H$s nhbr AñnVmb aob h¡ Am¡a ^ybo-{~gao Am¡a XÿañW bmoJm| H$mo {Z:ewëH$ {M{H$Ëgm ghm¶Vm àXmZ H$aVr h¡& ^maV Ho$ {Xb H$mo Y‹S>H$mVo hþE Xoe^a ‘| hOmam| {H$‘r ‘| ’¡$br aob bmBZ H$s ~Xm¡bV, Omo bmoJ AñnVmb Zht nhþ§M nmVo h¡, AñnVmb CZ VH$ nhþ±MVm h¡& EH$ Q´>oZ go CVaZo Am¡a Xÿgar Q´>oZ nH$‹S>Zo Ho$ ‘ܶ, XoIZo bm¶H$ OJh h¡, {‘bZo Ho$ {bE bmoJ h¡, AZw^d H$aZo Ho$ {bE g§ñH¥${V¶m± h¡, 춧OZm| H$mo MIZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| Hw$N> ~mobZo H$s Oê$aV Zht h¡& CXmhaU Ho$ {bE, ¶h {H$ñgm gwZ|: ¶m§½ËμOr ZXr go MbZo dmbr Zham| na ~Zo Py{O¶m{O¶mAmo Ho$ Amgnmg Ky‘Vo hþE, ‘mo{Zem Am¡a Oo‘ EH$ ‘ܶ‘ Am¶w Ho$ MrZr Omo‹S>o go {‘bVo h¡& dh ‘{hbm, {OgH$m œoV l¥§Jma CgHo$ Jmb go ~h ahm h¡, nyN>Vr h¡: Š¶m AmnZo W«r ñ¹$sμO Ho$ ~mao ‘| gwZm h¡?’ ¶h ~mVMrV Bg àH$ma h¡: “Three squeaks? No, what on earth is that?’ ‘New-born mice. Tiny, tiny,’ she said, pinching her thumb and index finger together. One of her eyebrows had now begun to slide away. “They cook new-born mice?’ She laughed. “No cooking. They alive. First squeak, you pick up with chopsticks. Second squeak you dip in chilli. Third squeak you put in the mouth.’

Bg ¶mÌm H$m¶©H«$‘ Ho$ Am¶moOZ ‘| {H$VZr V¡¶mar bJr! ¶h {dbjU h¡& H$ënZm H$a|: Q´>oZm| H$m g§¶moOZ Am¡a Q>mB‘ μOmoZ H$m {‘bmn Am¡a Xoar H$m ñdrH$aU Am¡a EH$ {‘{b¶Z Aݶ g‘ñ¶mE§, AÀN>o ñdmñ϶ H$mo ~aH$ama aIZo na Vmo ~mV H$aZo H$s ^r Oê$aV Zht h¡& CXmhaU Ho$ {bE, ‘mo{Zem Zo Eogo ¶moOZm ~ZmB© Wr {H$ do {hamo{e‘m ‘| EQ>‘ ~‘ {JamE OmZo H$s 70 dt df©Jm§R> Ho$ g‘¶ na dhm± nhþ§M|& Q>oQ>gwer ¶moZoμOmdm 11 df© Ho$ Wo Am¡a O~ ~‘ {Jam Cg dº$ dh hramoS>Z ñQ´>rQ>H$ma ‘| AnZr ‘m± Ho$ gmW AnZr ZmZr go {‘bZo Om aho Wo& Ohm± eha V~mh hmo J¶m, dht ñQ´>rQ>H$ma H$s ‘O~yVr H$s dOh go CÝh| Am¡a CZH$s ‘m± H$mo Hw$N> Zht hþAm& A~ 81

df© Ho$ Q>oQ>gwer Zo AnZo ‘w§h na bJm g§Vao H$m ag gm’$ {H$¶m, Am¡a ‘I‘br nbH|$ CR>mH$a Yrao go XoIm& ‘oao {bE, OmnmZr Q´>oZ| VmH$V H$m àVrH$ h¡& ‘Xþ{Z¶m OmnmZ H$mo CgH$s ~wboQ> Q´>oZ, qeH$ZgoZ Ho$ gmW Omo‹S>Vr h¡& ¶h Omnm{Z¶m| Ho$ {bE Ho$db H$hmZr H$m EH$ N>moQ>m gm {hñgm h¡ {Ogo dh H$^r Zht ^ybZm MmhVo& O¡gm {H$ ‘mo{Zem {bIVr h¡: Omnm{Z¶m| Ho$ {bE, aobdo CZHo$ amï´> Ho$ bMrbonZ H$m àVrH$ h¡& ¶yao{Z¶‘ ~‘ Ho$ {hamo{e‘m ‘| {JaZo Ho$ Vwa§V ~mX hramoS>oZ ñQ´>rQ> H$ma {’$a go MbZo bJr, Am¡a AmO ^r, eha H$s g‹S>H$ na Cg g‘¶ H$s Xmo H$ma MbVr h¡& ‘mo{Zem {bIVr h¡ OmnmZ H$mo JbV g‘Pm J¶m h¡& dh XÎmmZr H$mo ~VmVr h¡, “EH$ JbVr Omo ‘¢Zo ¶mÌm go nhbo H$s dh gmo{μ’$¶m H$moßnmobm H$s AOZ~rnZ go ^ar Am¡a ^«{‘V H$aZo dmbr bm°ñQ> BZ Q´>m§gboeZ XoIZo Am¡a CgH$m {eH$ma hmoZo H$s Wr& qeH$ZgoZ Ho$ Ûmam Xoe ^a ‘| Xmo gámh H$s eyqQ>J Ho$ ~mX, ‘¢Zo ‘hgyg {H$¶m {H$ dh {’$ë‘ EH$ AmH$f©H$, O{Q>b Am¡a ~hþñVar¶ amï´> Ho$ ZñbdmXr, AkmZr {MÌU go Hw$N> A{YH$ Wr& Cg Xoe H$mo AŠga A˶mYw{ZH$ Am¡a g^r go dfm] AmJo ahZo Ho$ ê$n ‘| d{U©V {H$¶m OmVm h¡, bo{H$Z ‘¢ Agh‘V hÿ±: ‘wPo Zht bJVm {H$ H$moB© ^r Xoe H$^r ^r OmnmZ H$s XjVm Am¡a OrdZ H$s gmXJr H$m AZwH$aU H$aoJm& g~ Hw$N> OrdZ H$mo AmgmZ ~ZmZo Ho$ {bE {S>μOmBZ {H$¶m J¶m h¡... Am¡a OmnmZr bmoJ A{dœgZr¶ ê$n go ñZoherb, ghm¶H$ Am¡a {dZ‘« h¡&’

n{ü‘ ‘| d¢Hy$da Am¡a nyd© ‘| Q>moa§Q>mo H$mo Omo‹S>Zo dmbr Xr H¡$Zo{S>¶Z go VrZ {XZ Am¡a Mma amVm| H$s Hw$N> 4,466 {H$‘r go A{YH$ H$s ¶mÌm H$aZm, nyar Vah go AbJ AZw^d ahm& ¶h EH$ Eogm ‘mJ© h¡ {Ogna Hw$N> H$ZmS>mdmgr hr OmVo h¡ - {OZHo$ nmg g‘¶ h¡, h¡ Zm? - ~pëH$ Eogo bmoJ {OÝh| pI‹S>H$s go ~mha nhm‹S>m| Am¡a {haUm| H$mo XoIZm ng§X hmoVm h¡& Ho$aZ, Omo {d{ÞnoJ go M‹T>r Wr, IwX H$mo aob àMmaH$ ~VmVr h¡& dh CZ XmoZm| go H$hVr h¡, ‘oao {bE g’$a hr ‘oar ‘§{Ob h¡& AnZo 50d| OÝ‘{XZ na ‘¢Zo {’$a H$^r ^r C‹S>mZ Zm ^aZo H$s H$g‘ ImB© Wr Am¡a V~ go ‘¢ ^y‘mJ© na hr MbVr hÿ±& Ho$aZ Vmo H$ZmS>mB© aobdo H$m EH$ {dœH$moe {ZH$br& H$ZmS>m ‘| Q´>¡H$ Ho$ ha ‘rb Ho$ nrN>o EH$ ‘¥V MrZr ì¶{º$ h¡& aobdo Ho$ {Z‘m©U Ho$ {bE CZ g^r H$mo bm¶m J¶m Am¡a {’$a Omo ~Mo CÝh| ~mX ‘| dmng ^oO {X¶m J¶m& CÝh| ¶hm± na AnZo n[admam| H$mo aIZo H$s AZw‘{V ^r Zht Wr, dh ~VmVr h¡& ‘mo{Zem AmJo ~VmVr h¡ {H$ CÝh| H¡$go nVm Mbm {H$ “H¡$go MrZr Am¡a ’$ñQ>© ZoeZ Ho$ H$m¶©H$Vm© MÅ>mZ {dñ’$moQ> ‘| ‘mao JE, CZHo$ ed Prbm| Ho$ ~rM ‘| EH$ N>mQo >o go Ûrn na X’$Z {H$E JE& ’$ñQ>© ZoeZ Am‘Vm¡a na B§{S>¶Z ¶m Am{Xdmgr Ho$ ~Om¶ A‘o[aH$m Ho$ ‘yb {Zdm{g¶m| H$m dU©Z H$aZo Ho$ {bE BñVo‘mb {H$¶m OmZo dmbm eãX Wm - Omo ^y{‘ na {hVYmaH$m| Ho$ ê$n ‘| CZH$s àmW{‘H$ pñW{V H$s Amoa Bemam H$aVm h¡& Xþ^m©½¶ go, CZH$s VmH$V go ~hþV Xÿa Wm, Am¡a ‘¢Zo grQ> nm°Ho$Q> ‘| ^ar hþB© H$B© n{ÌH$mAm| H$mo n‹T>m h¡ Omo Ho$aZ Ho$ J¥hZJa, {d{ÞnoJ - {Ogo ‘S>©anoJ Ho$ ê$n ‘| A{YH$ OmZm OmVm h¡ - H$mo Zñbr¶ g§Mm{bV Jar~r Ho$ H|$Ð Ho$ ê$n ‘| B§{JV H$aVm h¡& EH$ n¶©Q>H$ Ho$ ê$n ‘|, ñWmZr¶ ar{V-[admOm| Am¡a g§ñH¥${V H$m ܶmZ aIZm ‘hËdnyU© h¡& CÎma H$mo[a¶m ‘| AmOmXr H$s à˶j H$‘r {OgHo$ AmJo MrZ ^r ñdV§Ì {XImB© XoVm h¡, Ho$ ~mao ‘| ~mV H$aVo hþE ‘mo{Zem ~VmVr h¡ {H$ EH$ amï´> {deof H$mo {Z¶§{ÌV H$aZo dmbo {Z¶‘m| Ho$ g§X^© ‘| ‘mJ©Xe©H$ Ho$ gmW amOZr{V H$s ~mV H$aZm Zmg‘Pr h¡, CZH$s ~mV gwZo OmZo na CZHo$ gmW ~wam ~Vm©d hmoZo ¶m CZH$s OmZ IVao ‘| n‹S>Zo H$s g§^mdZm hmoVr h¡& dh ‘ram XÎmmZr H$mo ~VmVr h¡, “‘¢ h‘mao

¶yao{Z¶‘ ~‘ Ho$ {hamo{e‘m ‘| {JaZo Ho$ Vwa§V ~mX hramoS>oZ ñQ´>rQ> H$ma {’$a go MbZo bJr, Am¡a AmO ^r, eha H$s g‹S>H$ na Cg g‘¶ H$s Xmo H$ma MbVr h¡&

CÎma H$mo[a¶mB© ‘mJ©Xe©H$m| go gm‘mݶ ~mV| H$aHo$ g§Vwï> Wr& Am‘Vm¡a na ¶h Bg ~mao ‘| hmoVr Wr {H$ {H$‘ II gw§J {dœ{dÚmb¶ ‘| CÝh| {H$g Vah H$m B{Vhmg n‹T>m¶m OmVm Wm, CÝhm|Zo {H$g Vah H$m g§JrV S>mCZbmoS> {H$¶m, do H$hm± Nw>{Å>¶m§ ‘ZmZm MmhVo Wo - CZgo nyN>VmN> H$aZo H$s VwbZm ‘| ¶h H$ht A{YH$ Iwbmgm H$aZo dmbm Wm&’ AmnHo$ Ûmam Q´>oZ na M‹T>Vo hr amo‘m§M ewê$ hmo OmVm h¡& Am¡a {Z{üV ê$n go, Amn XmoñV ~ZmVo h¡, H$^r-H$^r OrdZ ^a Ho$ {bE, O¡gm {H$ ‘¢ AZw^d go ~Vm gH$Vr hÿ±& Bg‘| ‘yI© ~ZZo, ‘Oo boZo H$m g‘¶ hmoVm h¡& bmoJ AŠga H$hVo h¡, g‘¶ {H$gHo$ nmg h¡? aob ¶mÌr ^r H$hVo h¡& {df¶ Am¡a AmZ§XàX boIZ Ho$ {bE ‘mo{Zem H$s n¡Zr Am¡a {ddoH$erb ZμOa, {deof ê$n go Xþ{Z¶m Ho$ gX^© ‘|, XmoZm| {H$Vm~m| H$mo n‹T>Zo Ho$ {bE AmH$f©H$ ~ZmVr h¡& nyd©{ZYm©[aV YmaUmE§ {dbrZ hmo OmVr h¡, ZB© A§VÑ©{ï> C^aVr h¡... g~go AÀN>m, ¶o {H$Vm~| AmnH$mo aob ¶mÌm H$aZo Ho$ {bE JwXJwXmVr h¡& ¶h g~ Yr‘r Am¡a gab, {‘bZo Am¡a ~YmB© XoZo, ZμOmam| Am¡a Üd{Z¶m| H$m AmZ§X boZo Ho$ ~mao ‘| h¡ AݶWm OrdZ ~¡R>o-~¡R>o ìhmQ²gEn g§Xoem| H$mo XoIVo hþE {H$gr Aݶ ‘Zwî¶ go {~Zm H$moB© ~mV {H$E JwOa OmEJm Am¡a AmnH$mo nVm ^r Zht MboJm& Vmo AJbr ~ma O~ Amn ¶mÌm H$a|, Vmo g‘¶ {ZH$mb|, EH$ aob nH$‹S>o, Am¡a BZ {H$Vm~m| H$mo AnZo gmW bo OmE±& ew^ ¶mÌm! Amem H$aVo h¡ AmnH$s ¶mÌm

gwIX ah|& ñV§^H$ma ~ƒm| H$s bopIH$m Am¡a d[að> nÌH$ma h¢& OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 65

qhXr {’$ë‘r JmZm| H$s gmd©^m¡{‘H$ Anrb Eg Ama ‘Yw


O Ho$ ¶wdm ¶h OmZH$a h¡amZ hmo OmE§Jo {H$ qhXr {’$ë‘r JrV - g^r ^maVr¶m| H$s ‘Zng§X MrμO Mmho do H$ht ^r ah|, Hw$N> ^r ImE§, H¡$go ^r àmW©Zm H$a| - 1952 ‘| Am°b B§{S>¶m ao{S>¶mo Ûmam dmñVd ‘| à{V~§{YV H$a {X¶o JE Wo& H$maU: S>m°. ~r. dr. Ho$gH$a, VËH$mbrZ gyMZm Am¡a àgmaU ‘§Ìr, Zo ‘hgyg {H$¶m {H$ qhXr {’$ë‘r JrV Aûcrb Am¡a n{ü‘r Wo& BgZo ao{S>¶mo grbmoZ na {~ZmH$m JrV‘mbm Ho$ OÝ‘ H$mo ào[aV {H$¶m - à˶oH$ ~wYdma H$s em‘ H$mo

erf© qhXr {’$ë‘r JrVm| H$m EH$ K§Q>o H$m H$m¶©H«$‘& ~wYdma H$s em‘ H$mo bmIm| ^maVr¶ ao{S>¶mo grbmoZ na JmZo gwZVo Wo& lrb§H$m Zo qhXr {’$ë‘r JrVm| H$s ~Xm¡bV ‘Zmoa§OZ ‘| ~‹S>r g’$bVm hm{gb H$s Wr& ^maV Zo AnZo à{V~§Y H$mo hQ>m {b¶m, Am¡a 1957 ‘| {d{dY ^maVr Ho$ OÝ‘ Ho$ gmW qhXr {’$ë‘r JrV ‘Zmoa§OZ Ho$ H|$Ð ‘| bm¡Q> AmE& Ho$gH$a àg§J qhXr {’$ë‘r JrVm| H$s A{Zdm¶© Anrb na àH$me S>mbVm h¡, {OgH$s H$moB© g‘m{á {V{W Am¡a gr‘mE± Zht h¡& OmXÿ, AVrV H$s ¶mX|,

amï´>r¶ AI§S>Vm - Bgo Amn Omo Mmho ~wbmVo hmo: ¶hm± ha Adga, ha ‘ZmoXem, ha KQ>Zm, ha ‘m¡g‘, n[adma H$s ha ^y{‘H$m ({Og‘| ‘m±, {nVm, XmXmXmXr, MmMm, MmMr, Xm‘mX, ~hÿ g~ em{‘b h¡) H$m CËgd ‘ZmZo Ho$ {bE EH$ ¶mXJma JrV ‘m¡OyX h¡& qhXr {’$ë‘r JrV AnZr A{YH$Vm Ûmam D$Om© go ^a gH$Vo h¡& do Ym{‘©H$ CËgmh OJm gH$Vo h¡, Xoe^{º$ H$mo ào[aV H$a gH$Vo h¡& CZHo$ ‘mܶ‘ go, Amn nwamZo ߶ma Am¡a XmoñVr H$mo {’$a go Or gH$Vo h¡, Kmdm| H$mo R>rH$ H$a gH$Vo h¡, nwamZo CËgdm| Am¡a

lr 420 Mb{MÌ Ho$ JrV am‘¡¶m dñVmd¡¶m ‘| A{^ZoVm amO H$nya&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

AmZ§XmoËgdm|, AnZo ~MnZ Am¡a {H$emoamdñWm H$s emo^m Am¡a e{‘ªXJr H$mo ¶mX H$a gH$Vo h¡& Zohê$ Am¡a a‘¡¶m dñVmd¡¶m g§JrV go CÎmo{OV ¶mXm| H$m EH$ {ZOr {H$ñgm& O~ ^r ‘¢ lr 420 Ho$ {hQ> JmZo a‘¡¶m dñVmd¡¶m H$mo gwZVm hÿ±, Vmo ‘¢ Odmhabmb Zohê$ Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoMVm hÿ§& hmñ¶mñnX? M{bE ‘¢ g‘PmVm hÿ±& 1956 H$s ewéAmV ‘|, àYmZ‘§Ìr Zohê$ H$mo ~¢Jbmoa Ho$ bmb ~mJ ‘| EH$ OZg^m H$mo g§~mo{YV H$aZm Wm& ‘¢ V~ EH$ ñHy$br N>mÌ Wm - hμOmam| bmoJm| H$s Vah, n§{S>VOr Ho$ ào‘ ‘| nmJb& CÝh| Xoa hmo JB©, Am¡a EH$ {demb ^r‹S> Zo Y¡¶©nyd©H$ CZH$s àVrjm H$s& A{YH$m[a¶m| Zo OZ g§~moYZ {gñQ>‘ na lr 420 Ho$ JrVm| H$mo ~OmH$a ^r‹S> H$m ‘Zmoa§OZ {H$¶m& a‘¡¶m dñVmd¡¶m ~ma-~ma ~Om¶m J¶m& àYmZ‘§Ìr nhþ§Mo& CZH$m H$[aí‘m O~aXñV Wm& CZH$m ^mfU ‘m‘ybr

Mb{MÌ ~¡Oy ~mdam H$m JrV ‘Z VanV har Xe©Z H$mo AmO&

Am¡a {Kgm-{nQ>m Wm& bo{H$Z Xe©H$m| Zo ha Hw$N> {‘ZQ>m| ‘| Iwer go Vmbr ~OmB©& O~ ^r H$moB© Bg JrV H$m C„oI H$aVm h¡, Vmo Omo N>{d ‘oao {X‘mJ ‘| AmVr h¡, dh EH$ AmH$f©H$ amO H$nya ¶m Mwb~wbr b{bVm ndma H$s Zht hmoVr, ~pëH$ H$mO ‘| Jwbm~ H$m VmOm ’y$b bJmE Odmhabmb Zohê$ H$s hmoVr h¡, {OÝh| ‘¢Zo nhbr ~ma gmjmV² ê$n go ~¢Jbmoa ‘| Cg gwhmdZr em‘ ‘| XoIm Wm& g^r ‘mZdr¶ ^mdZmAm| H$mo Ny> boZm n{ü‘ ~§Jmb Ho$ nyd© amÁ¶nmb, Jmonmb Jm§Yr H$hVo h¡, Eogr H$moB© ‘mZdr¶ ^mdZm Zht h¡ {Ogo qhXr {’$ë‘ Ho$ ~mob àH$Q> Zht H$a gH$Vo& nwamZo qhXr JmZo AmnH$mo gwI-Xþ…I ,‘mVm-{nVm, {à¶OZm|, g’$bVm, ÌmgXr Am¡a {Xb Qy>Q>Zm, emXr Am¡a A§{V‘

nyd© Ho$ dfm] ‘|, Am°H}$ñQ´>m Jm¶H$m| H$mo Amam‘ XoVm Wm, AmO h‘ Am°H}$ñQ´>m H$mo Amam‘ XoZo Ho$ {bE JmVo h¡o&

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g§ñH$mam|, OÝ‘-‘aU O¡gr KQ>ZmAm| H$m gm‘Zm H$aZo Am¡a Cggo C~aZo H$s ¶mX {XbmVo h¡& ¶hm± VH$ {H$ ewÕdmXr H$mZm©{Q>H$ g§JrV ^r qhXr {’$ë‘r JrVm| go à^m{dV hmoVo h¡& à{V{ð>V Jm¶H$ ‘XþaB© Or Eg ‘{U Zo H$hm Wm {H$ O~ 1960 ‘| ‘wJb-E-AmμO‘ [abrμO hþB© Wr, Vmo CÝh| CgH$m g§JrV BVZm ng§X Am¶m {H$ Hw$N> hâVm| VH$, CÝhm|Zo ha amV Bg {’$ë‘ H$m AmpIar emo XoIm& dh emo Ho$ ~mX Ka n¡Xb OmVo Wo Š¶m|{H$ amV 1 ~Oo Ho$ nhbo hr ~g| MbZm ~§X hmo OmVr Wr! VrZ ‘wgb‘mZm| Zo ~Zm¶m EH$ ¶mXJma ^OZ 1953 ‘|, a’$s Ho$ A‘a JrV ‘Z V‹S>nV h[a Xe©Z H$mo AmO (~¡Oy ~mdam go) Zo ^maV ‘| VhbH$m ‘Mm {X¶m& ¶h eH$sb ~Xm¶wZr Ûmam {bpIV, Zm¡emX Ûmam a{MV, a’$s Ûmam Jm¶m J¶m Wm, VrZ ‘wgb‘mZm| Zo ^maVr¶ {gZo‘m Ho$ g~go emœV emZXma ^OZ H$s ahZw‘mB© H$s Wr& BgZo T>oa gmao ^mfUm| Am¡a CnXoem| H$s VwbZm ‘| amï´>r¶ EH$sH$aU Ho$ {bE ~hþV Hw$N> {H$¶m& amO H$nya Zo ‘wPo ~hþV nhbo hr 1965 ‘| EH$ gmjmËH$ma ‘| ~Vm¶m {H$ g¡H$‹S>m| {dXoer qhXr grIZo H$s H$mo{ee H$a aho Wo Vm{H$ do qhXr {’$ë‘r JrVm| H$s IwbH$a Vmar’$ H$a gH|$& ‘¢ V~ Bg Xmdo H$mo boH$a Wmo‹S>m g§e¶r Wm& bo{H$Z 40 go A{YH$ dfm] OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 67

JrV a‘¡¶m dñVmd¡¶m go EH$ Am¡a Ñí¶& Ho$ ~mX, EH$ A§J«oOr AW©emór Zo ‘wPgo nyN>m {H$ Š¶m ‘¢ EH$ qhXr ^mfm {Z¶‘mdbr H$s AZwe§gm H$a gH$Vm hÿ±& Š¶m|, ‘¢Zo nyN>m& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ CÝh| qhXr {’$ë‘r JmZo ~hþV ng§X h¡ bo{H$Z CgH$m ‘Vb~ g‘P ‘| Zht AmVm, dh Bg ^mfm H$mo grIZm MmhVo h¡& dfm] go, g§JrV Ho$ VamZm| Zo Vmb, gm¢X¶©emó go boH$a BboŠQ´>m°{ZŠg VH$ Ho$ {bE amñVm V¡¶ma {H$¶m h¡& T>§J ~Xb J¶m, a§J ~Xb J¶m JrVH$ma AmZ§X ~»er Zo {Q>ßnUr H$s& nyd© Ho$ dfm] ‘|, Am°H}$ñQ´>m Jm¶H$m| H$mo Amam‘ XoVm Wm, AmO h‘ Am°H}$ñQ´>m H$mo Amam‘ XoZo Ho$ {bE JmVo h¡, 1990 Ho$ XeH$ Ho$

amo‘m§g ~mha hmo J¶m, qhgm Zo àdoe H$a {b¶m h¡& ‘obmoS>r ~mha hmo JB© h¡, n{ü‘r nm°n A§Xa Am J¶m h¡& ‘¢ EH$ {S>ñH$mo ‘| gw§XaVm Ho$ ~mao ‘| H¡$go Jm gH$Vm hÿ±?

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amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

A§V ‘| bVm ‘§JoeH$a Zo H$hm Wm& VbV ‘h‘yX go EH$ ~ma nyN>m J¶m {H$ Š¶m| CÝhm|Zo {’$ë‘m| Ho$ {bE JmZm N>mo‹S> {X¶m& CZH$s à{V{H«$¶m: amo‘m§g ~mha hmo J¶m, qhgm Zo àdoe H$a {b¶m h¡& ‘obmoS>r ~mha hmo JB© h¡, n{ü‘r nm°n A§Xa Am J¶m h¡& ‘¢ EH$ {S>ñH$mo ‘| gw§XaVm Ho$ ~mao ‘| H¡$go Jm gH$Vm hÿ±? bo{H$Z E Ama ah‘mZ Ho$ nmg CZ bmoJm| Ho$ {bE à˶wÎma h¡ Omo qhXr {’$ë‘r g§JrV ‘| b¶ Ho$ bwá hmoZo H$m Xmof bJmVo h¡& g§JrV H$mo g‘¶ Ho$ gmW AmJo ~‹T>Vo ahZm Mm{hE, dh Xmdo Ho$ gmW H$hVo h¡& ¶h pñWa Zht hmo gH$Vm, Bgo g‘mO Ho$ PwH$md H$mo à{Vq~{~V H$aZm Mm{hE& àmMrZ H$mb H$s ‘Ywa YwZ| ‘Ywa g§JrV g‘¶-g‘¶ na {gZo‘m ‘| M‘H$Vm h¡, bo{H$Z ¶h Xþb©^ h¡& bmIm| g§JrV àe§gH$m| Ho$ {bE, Zm¡emX, e§H$a O¶{H$eZ, Eg. S>r. ~‘©Z, gr. am‘M§Ð, ‘XZ ‘mohZ ¶m Amo nr Z¡æ¶a Ho$ ‘Ywa g§JrV H$m H$moB© {dH$ën Zht h¡& qhXr {’$ë‘ àe§gH$m| H$mo ¶mX hmoJm {H$ H$B© gmb nhbo, nm{H$ñVmZ Ho$ amï´>n{V nadoO ‘wea©’$ Zo H$hm Wm {H$ Hw$N> nm{H$ñVmZr g¡{ZH$m| Zo ^maVr¶ g‘H$jm| H$mo {X„Jr H$aVo hþE H$hm Wm ‘mYwar Xo Xmo,

H$í‘ra bo bmo& (‘mYwar Xr{jV Ho$ {bE nm{H$ñVmZ ‘| nmJbnZ Wm)& nm{H$ñVmZ Ho$ OmZo-‘mZo X¡{ZH$ nÌ S>m°Z Ho$ EH$ boI ‘| {Q>ßnUr H$s JB© Wr, BgHo$ ~OmE bVm ‘§Jeo H$a H$mo ‘m§J bmo& h‘mao nmg ZyaOhm± nhbo go hr h¡, Bg{bE g§JrV H$s XmoZm| am{Z¶m± nm{H$ñVmZ ‘| hm|Jr& g~go AÀN>o, g~go ‘hmZV‘ qhXr {’$ë‘r JmZo H$m¡Z go h¡? Bg Vah Ho$ gdmb H$m gm‘Zm H$aZo H$s ^r {hå‘V Mm{hE& Amn hOmam| aËZm| ‘| go Hw$N> H$mo H¡$go MwZVo h¡? 1950 H$m XeH$ Omo qhXr {’$ë‘ g§JrV H$m g~go g‘¥Õ Am¡a g~go emZXma ¶wJ Wm, Am¡a O~ bVm Am¡a a’$s Ho$ gmW-gmW Zm¡emX, e§H$a-O¶{H$eZ, gr. am‘M§Ð Am¡a Amo. nr. Zæ¶a O¡go erf© g§JrVH$ma AnZm gdm}Îm‘ àXe©Z H$a aho Wo, Cg g‘¶ Ho$ 40 A‘a JrVm| H$s gyMr XoIZo Ho$ {bE Bg qbH$ na pŠbH$ H$a|& gd© l o ð > qhXr JmZm| H$s gy M r Ho $ {bE https://rotarynewsonline.org/theuniversal-appeal-of-hindi-film-songs/

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boIH$ amoQ>ar Šb~ ‘Ðmg gmCW amo B© ‘§S>b 3232 Ho$ gXñ¶ h¡&

amo B© X{jU E{e¶m H$m¶m©b¶ go g§Xoe amoQ>ar Ho$ AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m H$mof ‘| ¶moJXmZ AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m H$mof ‘| {X¶o OmZo dmbo ¶moJXmZ EH$ Šb~ Ho$ dm{f©H$ ¶moJXmZ bú¶ Am¡a à{V ì¶{º$ XoZo H$s JUZm ‘| {JZo OmE§Jo, bo{H$Z ¶h SH-RE Am¡a DDF JUZm Ho$ {bE bmJy Zht hm|Jo& Bgr Vah, ¶o ¶moJXmZ ha ‘mݶVm Adgam| Ho$ {bE ¶mo½¶ hm|Jo, {Og‘| à˶oH$ amoQ>o[a¶Z, à˶oH$ df©; amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ ñWm¶r gXñ¶; nm°b h¡[ag ’¡$bmo; nm°b h¡[ag gmogmBQ>r; ‘w»¶ XmZH$Vm©; Am¡a AmM© Šbå’$ gmogm¶Q>r em{‘b h¡& ¶o g^r Šb~ Ho$ ‘mݶVm Adgam| ‘| ^r {JZo OmE§Jo& ì¶{º$JV XmZH$Vm©, Omo AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m ‘| ¶moJXmZ XoZo Ho$ {bE Am‘Vm¡a na Am°ZbmBZ ßboQ>’$m°‘© H$m Cn¶moJ H$a|Jo, do H$mo{dS>-19 Ho$ {bE grYo AnZo ¶moJXmZ H$mo {MpÝhV Zht H$a gH$Vo, bo{H$Z do qMVm Zm H$a| Š¶m|{H$ AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m H$mof ‘| {X¶m J¶m CZH$m ¶moJXmZ AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m AZwXmZ Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go Šb~m| Am¡a ‘§S>bm| H$s Bg ‘hm‘mar go b‹S>Zo ‘| ‘XX H$aoJm& AmnXm à{V{H«$¶m H$mof ‘| ¶moJXmZ XoZo H$m qbH$ h¡ http://my.rotary. org/en/disaster-response-fund

30 Aà¡b* VH$ 2019-20 X{jU E{e¶m Ho$ Q>m°n 5 {JqdJ ‘§S>b Zone


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z Rotary.org A{YH$ ^wJVmZ {dH$ën àXmZ H$aVm h¡ - H«$o {S>Q> H$mS>,© S>{o ~Q>

H$mS>© Am¡a ZoQ> ~¢qH$J z Rotary.org na {H$E JE ¶moJXmZ H$mo n§OrH¥$V B©‘ob AmB©S>r na VËH$mb

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Bg nmoQ>©b na Xr JB© g^r OmZH$mar d¡{œH$ gwajm AZw‘{V¶m| Ho$ gmW gwa{jV h¡&


AmdVu XoZo Ho$ {dH$ënm| H$m narjU {H$¶m Om ahm h¡ Am¡a OëX hr Rotary. org na Iwbm hmoJm&

H«o${S>Q>/S>o{~Q> H$mS>© ¶m ZoQ> ~¢qH$J Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go Rotary.org Ho$ O[aE ¶moJXmZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE, H¥$n¶m amoQ>ar ’$mC§S>oeZ (^maV) H$s do~gmBQ www. rotaryfoundationindia.org ¶m amoQ>ar B§Q>aZoeZb do~gmBQ> www.rotary. org H$m Cn¶moJ H$a|& amoQ>ar ‘| NEFT/RTGS ¶moJXmZ H$aZo H$m qbH$ https:// my.rotary.org/en/donate h¡& H¥$n¶m ^maVr¶ énE (INR) Ho$ ê$n ‘| ‘wÐm H$m M¶Z H$aZm gw{Z{üV H$a|& gXñ¶Vm AnS>oQ> z§

Šb~ g{Md gXñ¶Vm AnS>oQ> Ho$ {bE {μOå‘oXma h¡, {Og‘| ZE gXñ¶m| H$mo em{‘b H$aZm Am¡a {Zb§{~V gXñ¶m| H$mo hQ>mZm em{‘b h¡ Vm{H$ ¶h gw{Z{üV hmo gH|$ {H$ BZdm°Bg ~¡b|g ghr hmo& A{YH$ OmZH$mar Ho$ {bE, H¥$n¶m ‘m¶ amoQ>ar na ‘oå~a{en S>çyg n¥ð> XoI|&

gXñ¶ S>oQ>m Am°ZbmBZ [anmoQ>© H$aZo H$s Ag‘W©Vm Ho$ ‘m‘bo ‘|, H¥$n¶m ‘oå~a S>oQ>m ’$m°‘© (‘m¶ amoQ>ar S>m°Š¶y‘|Q> bmB~«oar ‘| pñWV) H$mo qàQ> H$a| Am¡a nyam ^a| Am¡a {’$a 25 OyZ, 2020 go nhbo data@rotary.org na ñH¡$Z g§ñH$aU O‘m H$a| Vm{H$ OwbmB© 2020 Ho$ Šb~ BZdm°Bg ~ZZo go nyd© gXñ¶Vm OmZH$mar AnS>oQ> hmoZm gw{Z{üV H$s Om gHo$&

gXñ¶Vm Ho$ ~mao ‘| {H$gr ^r OmZH$mar Ho$ {bE, H¥$n¶m grYo data@rotary.org na AnZo gdmb ^oO|& „

*interim update

^maV Ho$ XmVmAm| Ûmam Am°ZbmBZ ¶moJXmZ J«mhH$m| H$s g§V{w ï> Am¡a à{H«$¶m j‘Vm ‘| gwYma bmZo Ho$ {bE, h‘ {ZåZ gw{dYmAm| Ho$ H$maU Rotary.org Ho$ ‘mܶ‘ go Am°ZbmBZ ¶moJXmZ XoZo H$s AZweg§ m H$aVo h¡:

OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 69

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May 2020

for Rotary News Print Version & e- Version For the Rotary year 2020 – 2021

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As concerned citizens of the world, those of you who are alarmed at the degradation of the environment and slaughter of trees, kindly opt for our e-Version.

Please attach the TYPED list of individual members with their complete address, PIN code, Mobile number and e-mail ID. Intimate language preference (English/Hindi/ Tamil) against each member’s name. Please do not send the Semi-annual Report for address list.

Rotary Club of .......................................................................................................... RI District ................................ Name of the President/Secretary ............................................................................................................................... Address ...................................................................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................................................................................... City ............................................. State ................................................................ PIN STD Code .................................. Phone: Off. ....................................... Res. ............................................................ Mobile ...........................................................E-mail ............................................................................................... Cheque/DD No. ............................................. Dated .............................................. for Rs. ............................................ Drawn on ..................................................................................................................................................................... in favour of “ROTARY NEWS TRUST” is enclosed. Date:


Payments can be made online at HDFC Bank, Egmore, Chennai – Rotary News Trust, SB A/c No 50100213133460; IFSC HDFC0003820. Email us the UTR Number, Club Name, President/Secretary’s name, Amount and Date of Transfer.

Mail this form to: Rotary News Trust, Dugar Towers, 3rd Floor, 34, Marshalls Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008. Tamil Nadu, India. Ph: 044 4214 5666, e-mail: rotarynews@rosaonline.org

Subscription norms 1.

Subscription is for the Rotary year (July to June).


It is mandatory for every Rotarian to subscribe to a Rotary magazine.


The annual subscription for print version is `420 per member.


Subscription for the full year must be sent in July, in the prescribed form.


Those joining after July can pay for the remaining Rotary year at `35 an issue.


Subscription account of the club with Rotary News is a running account and does not cease at the end of June every year.


Names of all members, with their complete postal address with PIN CODE, mobile number and e-mail ID must be sent along with the form and DD/ cheques payable at par.


Language preference (English, Hindi or Tamil) should be stated alongside member’s name.


Please send the updated mailing address and contact details of your members directly to Rotary News.

10. Members to ensure their names are included in the Subscribers’ list their club sends us. If you’ve paid, but your name is not sent to us by your club, you will not get a copy of the magazine. 11. When members leave, clubs should inform Rotary News. Please help reduce wastage of copies. 12. Clubs are liable to pay for the number of magazines we despatch according to the list available with the Rotary News Trust. 13. Unpaid dues of the club will be shown as outstanding against the club. Any payment received subsequently will be adjusted against earlier dues. &OXEVZLWKVXEVFULSWLRQDUUHDUVZLOOEHQRWL¿HGWR5,DQGDUHOLDEOHIRU suspension. 15. We are in the process of tallying our subscriber list with RI membership from India.


EH$ em§V nd©V ~{ZE ^aV Am¡a embZ gdwa


H$ ~ma, ‘w§~B© go ‘hm~boœa H$s Amoa OmVo g‘¶, h‘mar H$ma H$m gm‘Zm H$B© a§~b pñQ´>ßg go hþAm& {H$gr Zo Ag§Vmof Zht {XIm¶m, Zm hr {H$gr Zo Ag§Vmof {XImZo H$m gmoMm ^r& ha ~ma O~ h‘| amñVo ‘| EH$ Am¡a aå~b pñQ´>n {XImB© Xr, h‘ h±go Am¡a Cgo ñdrH$ma H$a Cg na go CN>bVo hþE AmJo ~‹T>|... OrdZ ‘| ^r Hw$N> a§~b pñQ´>ßg hmoVr h¡, h¡ Zm? VaH$s~ ¶h h¡ {H$ CZ Y¸$m| H$mo CZH$s OJh g‹S>H$ na - hr ahZo X| Am¡a CZgo éHo$ Zht Am¡a Zm hr CZHo$ ~mao ‘| gmoM|& ‘Z H$mo ‘wº$ aI| - h‘mam ‘mZ{gH$ Am¡a emar[aH$ ñdmñ϶ ñdV§ÌVm ‘| ‘O~yV ahVm h¡& {dÛmZ H$hVo h¡: Oha H$s EH$ ~y§X ^r AmnH$mo ‘m¡V Ho$ H$ar~ bo Om gH$Vr h¡ Am¡a AmnHo$ A§Xa EH$ ZÝhm gm ~rO ^r EH$ {demb no‹S> ‘| {dH${gV hmo gH$Vm h¡& Š¶m h‘Zo ¶h Zht gwZm {H$ H¡$go Vmam| ‘| bJr EH$ N>moQ>r gr qMJmar nyar B‘maV H$mo ObmH$a ImH$ H$a XoVr h¡? gH$mamË‘H$ {dMmam| H$m ñdmJV H$a|& ¶hm± VH$ {H$ EH$ gmYmaU gm {H$VZm ߶mam! EH$ hm{X©H$ YݶdmX ¶m h±gr H$m EH$ ‘rR>m Pm|H$m ‘Z Am¡a eara H$mo Amam‘ XoVm h¡& O~ h‘


amoQ>ar g_mMma ‘B© 2020

OrdZ H$s aå~b pñQ´>ßg go b‹S>I‹S>mH$a {JaVo h¡, Vmo AnZo CËgmh H$mo ~‹T>mZo Ho$ {bE A§Xa go CR>Zo dmbr h±gr-‘OmH$ H$s EH$ J‹S>J‹S>mhQ> O¡gm Am¡a Hw$N> Zht hmoVm& ha ~ma AmZ§X H$s EH$ bha M‹T>r hþB© ^m¢hm| H$mo ^r em§V H$a XoVr h¡& Xa Agb, h‘| AnZo Ñ{ï>H$moU na ZμOa aIZr hmoJr Omo {dMmam| H$mo CËnÞ H$aVm h¡& JbVr Ty>±T>Zo, {eH$m¶V H$aZo Ho$ {bE V¡¶ma Zm ah|, ~pëH$, gwIX ê$n go Amü¶©M{H$V hmoZ,o IobZo Am¡a Oμ moa go R>hmH$m bJmZo Ho$ {bE V¡¶ma ah|& ‘oar ~hZ nwînm Zo ‘wPo EH$ gw§Xa g§Xoe ^oOm: g‘¶ g~ Hw$N> R>rH$ Zht H$aVm, bo{H$Z ñdrH$aU H$aVm h¡& O¡go hr ‘¢Zo Bgo n‹T>m, ‘wPo bJm {H$ ‘oao A§Xa EH$ àmW©Zm CR> ahr h¡& ¶h dmñVd ‘| gM h¡ Š¶m|{H$ ñdrH¥${V go h‘ g‘P, gØmd, ghmZw^y{V Am¡a em§{V go ^ao EH$ AØþV OrdZ H$m

{Z‘m©U H$a gH$Vo h¡& h‘| gmdYmZ ahZm hmoJm, h‘mao {X‘mJ ‘| Jwñgo H$s Omo ^r Ádmbm YYH$ ahr h¡, Cg na dmñVd ‘| ܶmZ XoZm hmoJm& Jwñgo H$s Ádmbm Zï> H$aVr h¡, O~{H$, ñdrH¥${V H$s bm¡ pñWa hmoVr h¡ Am¡a àoaUm H$s bm¡ H$m Vmo Š¶m H$hZm! H$moB© ^r I~a g~go AÀN>r I~a Zht hmoVr& ‘¢ ~VmVm hÿ±, Amn IwX H$mo ~hþV gm¡^m½¶embr ‘hgyg H$a|Jo O~ Amn AI~ma n‹T>Zm Am¡a gw~h go hr Q>rdr na g‘mMma gwZZm ~§X H$a X|Jo - ¶o J{V{d{Y¶m§ EH$ à{V{H«$¶merb ‘Z H$m {Z‘m©U H$aVr h¡, Omo OëXr CÎmo{OV hmoVm h¡, OëXr Jwñgo, ^¶ Am¡a CXmgr go ^a OmVm h¡& Amn ‘Z ‘| ¶h {dœmg ^r n¡Xm H$aVo h¡ {H$ Xþ{Z¶m ‘| g~ Hw$N> JbV hmo ahm h¡ Omo {H$ AnZo Amn ‘| EH$ JbV YmaUm h¡& Amn

AmnHo$ ‘Z H$mo ñdm^m{dH$ ê$n go em§V ahZo dmbr AdñWm go hQ>mH$a H«y$aVmnyd©H$ Am¡a qhgH$ ê$n go ¶h H$hH$a CR>m aho h¡, OmJmo! g~ Hw$N> V~mh hmo ahm h¡! ¶h OmJZo H$m EH$ ^¶mZH$ VarH$m h¡, h¡ Zm? EH$ nhm‹S> H$s VmH$V& gw~h g~go nhbo, H¥$n¶m ‘Z H$mo em§{V X|, Cgo e{º$ Am¡a g§VwbZ àXmZ H$a| Vm{H$ dh Xþ{Z¶m H$m gm‘Zm H$a gHo$, em§{V ^am Z¶m {XZ& {X‘mJ H$mo pñWa, g§Vw{bV, A{dMb aIZo Ho$ {bE EH$ emZXma emar[aH$ ‘wÐm h¡ - nd©V H$s ‘wÐm& n¡am| H$mo Xÿa-Xÿa H$aHo$ I‹S>o hmo OmE§ Vm{H$ AmnH$mo nVm Mbo {H$ Amn AmgmZr go S>J‘Jm Zht gH$Vo& AnZo Amn H$mo Eoœ¶© go nyar Vah D$na CR>mE& Bg Vah MÅ>mZ O¡gr pñWaVm Ho$ gmW, àmH¥${VH$ ghOVm Ho$ gmW I‹S>o ah|& AnZr ar‹T> H$mo ~m§g H$s Vah grYm aI| Vm{H$ àmH¥${VH$ D$Om© {~Zm {H$gr ‘mo‹S>, éH$mdQ> ¶m ~mYm Ho$ AmJo-nrN>o Mb gH|$& AnZo H§$Ym| H$mo grYm aI| Am¡a AnZr nrR> Ho$ {ZMbo {hñgo H$mo D$na CR>mE§ Vm{H$ Z Amn AmJo H$s Amoa PwH$H$a Mb| Am¡a Z hr H$ÝYm| ‘| H$moB© PwH$md hmo& AnZo {ga H$mo AnZr JX©Z na g§Vw{bV aI|& Eogr ‘wÐm ‘| VZmd Zht hmoVm h¡, Ho$db e{º$ Am¡a emo^m hmoVr h¡& ¶{X ¶h nd©V {hbVm h¡, Vmo ¶h Ho$db AnZo ñd¶§ Ho$ hmñ¶, AnZr n[ahmg H$s e{º$ go {hbVm h¡& AnZr Am±I| ~§X H$a| Vm{H$ {dM{bV Z hm|& Ohm± hmo dht I‹S>o ahmo, eara H$mo {~Zm {hbmE, ‘Z H$mo {~Zm {dM{bV {H$E& AnZo H$mZ ~§X H$a Xmo Vm{H$ H$moB© AmdmμO A§Xa Zm OmE& ¶{X Amn H$mZ ~§X Zht H$a gH$Vo h¡, Vmo Üd{Z¶m| H$mo Mmam| Amoa go ~hZo X|, CÝh| AZgwZm H$a|, Aà^m{dV, A{dM{bV ah|& ‘Z, öX¶ Am¡a AmË‘m go nhm‹S> H$s Vah ~{ZE& O~ AmnH$mo bJVm h¡ {H$ Amn AnZr ‘wÐm Am¡a e{º$ ‘| AÀN>r Vah go R>hao hþ¶o, Iy~gyaVr go ñWm{nV, VZmd‘wº$ Am¡a Amam‘ go h¡, Vmo AnZr Am±I| Yrao go Imo{bE& g~ Hw$N> C‚db {XImB© XoJm {’$a ^r AmnHo$ à{V ‘gå‘mZOZH$’ hmoJm Am¡a Amn AnZr {ZJmh H$mo em§V, pñWa Am¡a g‘^md ‘hgyg H$a|Jo& ¶h ‘Z H$mo AnZr e{º$ Am¡a VoO Ho$ à{V OmJ¥V H$aZo H$m VarH$m h¡& ‘Z H$mo ào[aV H$a|& Bg Aä¶mg Ho$ ~mX, {X‘mJ H$mo àoaUmXm¶H$ {dMmam| go ^ao Am¡a AmZ§X Ed§ M¡Z

Ho$ gmW Hw$N> H$m‘ H$a|& O¡gm {H$ ‘hmZ ~m¡Õ {^jw {WM ZmV hmZ H$hVo h¡, ~rO ~moZm, ~V©Z YmoZm, Kmg H$mQ>Zm CVZm hr emœV h¡, Am¡a gwX§ a h¡ {OVZm {H$ H${dVm {bIZm& dh ImZo, gmoZo, H$m‘ H$aZo Am¡a amoO‘am© H$s qOXJr H$mo OmJê$H$Vm H$s Yyn ‘| OrZo H$s gbmh XoVo h¡& dmñVd ‘| Omo hmo ahm h¡ Cgo g‘PZo Ho$ {bE gVH©$ Am¡a OmJê$H$ hmoZm Amdí¶H$ h¡& EH$ ~ma ‘¢Zo Xmo bmoJm| H$mo Agh‘V hmoVo XoIm& EH$ q~Xþ na, ‘{hbm Zo em§{V Ho$ Bemao ‘| AnZm hmW CR>m¶m Am¡a H$hm, R>rH$ h¡& Amn ^r ghr h¡& qMVm Am¡a Amdoe go J«{gV ì¶{º$ Zo Cg CR>o hþE hmW H$mo IVao Ho$ ê$n ‘| XoIm, O¡go Mwn ahmo, ‘¢ Vwåh| gwZZm Zht MmhVm& Amdoe VZmd n¡Xm H$aVm h¡ Am¡a {H$gr ^r Bemao ¶m eãXm| H$m ghr AW© nyar Vah go JbV g‘Pm Om gH$Vm h¡& ‘¢Zo S>m°. h§gmOr ¶moJ|Ð, Omo EH$ ~w{Õ‘mZ Am¡a {චì¶{º$ h¡ Am¡a ‘w§~B© Ho$ ¶moJ g§ñWmZ Ho$ à‘wI h¡, go grIm h¡ {H$, gmoMZm {X‘mJ H$s àd¥{Îm h¡& ¶{X Amn Bgo ì¶ñV Zht aIVo h¡, Vmo ¶h ZH$mamË‘H$ gmoMZo bJVm h¡, CÝhm|Zo H$hm& ¶h gmoMVm h¡ “{H$gZo ‘wPo YmoIm {X¶m’ h¡, “‘¢ {H$VZm AmhV hÿ±’ ¶h AVrV ‘| Mbm OmVm h¡& Bgo dmng dV©‘mZ ‘| bmE§& h‘ ¶h H¡$go H$a|? EH$ lmoVm Zo nyN>m& CÝhm|Zo Odm~ {X¶m, ha H$m‘ na nyar Vah go ܶmZ bJmE§& ¶{X Amn AnZo Xm±V ~«e H$a aho h¡, Vmo ~«e H$aVo g‘¶ ha Xm±V na ܶmZ H|${ÐV H$a|& {X‘mJ H$mo ì¶ñV aI| Am¡a ¶h ZH$mamË‘H$ Zht hmoJm, CÝhm|Zo gbmh Xr& ¶h g˶ h¡& EH$ ì¶ñV {X‘mJ {H$gr ^r Vah Ho$ Amdoe ‘| Zht AmVm& ¶{X Amn {ZarjU H$aVo h¡, Vmo Á¶mXmVa bmoJ Q>¡Šg [aQ>Z© ^aZo H$s WH$mD$ à{H«$¶m Ho$ ~mao ‘| gmoMVo h¡& bo{H$Z, O~ do ~¡R>Vo h¡ Am¡a dmñVd ‘| AnZo Am¶-Am§H$‹S>m| na H$m‘ H$aVo h¡, Vmo do em§V Am¡a pñWa hmo OmVo h¡& {XZ-à{V{XZ Ho$ AmYma na, {X‘mJ IMm] H$m {hgm~-{H$Vm~ aIZo, {Zdoem| na ܶmZ XoZo, CZH$m Am§H$bZ H$aZo, CZH$m ZdrZrH$aU H$aZo ¶m CÝh| n[ad{V©V H$aZo ‘| AmZ§X boZo bJVm h¡& ‘§Ì, J{UV, g§JrV Am¡a ܶmZ h‘mao ‘Z H$mo Vmb, H«$‘, gm¢X¶© Am¡a em§{V Ho$ Am¶m‘m| ‘| Pm§H$Zo Am¡a ^mJ boZo H$s AZw‘{V XoVo h¡&

X¡{ZH$ ñdñW Aä¶mg& h§gmOr Zo gbmh Xr {H$ aMZmË‘H$ ê$n go h‘mao Am¡a Xÿgam| Ho$ H$V©ì¶m| ‘| ì¶ñV ah|& dh ~VmVr h¡, h‘mar àUmbr ‘| D$Om© CËnÞ H$aZo Ho$ {bE emar[aH$ J{V{d{Y Amdí¶H$ h¡& D$Om© go ^am EH$ ì¶{º$ H$^r ^r ZH$mamË‘H$ Zht hmoJm& ‘oar ~hZ Xr{nH$m Bg gƒmB© H$m EH$ à‘wI CXmhaU Am¡a à‘mU h¡! EH$ ì¶ñV {M{H$ËgH$ hmoZo Ho$ ~mX ^r, CgHo$ nmg ha MrO Ho$ {bE g‘¶ h¡ - ^JdX² JrVm H$m nwZ… g¥OZ, EH$ ~ma ‘| ~hþV gmam ImZm ~ZmZm, ~ƒo H$mo g§^mbZm Am¡a AnZo nmoVo-nmo{V¶m| Ho$ gmW IobZm, Aݶ g{H«$¶ é{M¶m| ‘| {bá hmoZm, B˶m{X& ‘¢Zo H$^r ^r EH$ ~ma ^r ‘w§~B© H$s g‹S>H$m| Ho$ Q´>¡{’$H$ Om‘ Am¡a J–m| ¶m {H$gr ^r MrμO H$mo boH$a CgHo$ ‘w±h go H$moB© {eH$m¶V Zht gwZr& OrZo Ho$ Hw$N> Aݶ Iy~gyaV VarHo$: z g§Vw{bV ^moOZ ImE§& Á¶mXm ImZo go D$Om© H$m hZZ hmoVm h¡& ‘gmboXma Am¡a Z‘H$sZ ImÚ nXmW© ^r D$Om© H$mo IË‘ H$aVo h¡& eara H$mo AnZm g§VwbZ ~ZmE aIZo Ho$ {bE g§Kf© H$aZm n‹S>Vm h¡& z AZmdí¶H$ {dMma Am¡a dmVm©Am| H$mo H$‘ go H$‘ 50 à{VeV VH$ H$‘ H$a|& Amn gH$mamË‘H$ A§Va ‘hgyg H$a|Jo! z AÀN>o {dMmam| H$mo nmo{fV H$a|, ‘Z ‘| h‘oem Hw$N> Z Hw$N> AmZ§XàX aIH$a Cgo nmofU X|& z Hw$Îmo Ho$ ~ƒm| H$s CN>b-Hy$X, hdm ‘| bhamVo a§JrZ ’y$bm| Ho$ ‘Z‘mohH$, Iwehmb Ñí¶m| H$mo ܶmZ go XoI|& z {H$gr Ho$ {bE Cn¶moJr ~Zmo - godm H$aZo H$s Iwer A{O©V H$s OmVr h¡& ^m½¶dmZ hmoZo H$mo boH$a gOJ ah|& O~ Amn AnZo Amerdm©X H$mo ‘hËd XoVo h¡, Vmo Amn Am¡a A{YH$ Amerdm©X H$m AZwZ¶ H$aVo h¡& O¡gm {H$ gÒþé g‘w{MV ê$n go H$hVo h¡, AnZo ^rVa EH$ ~{‹T>¶m Vmb‘ob H$m g¥OZ H$a|&

boIH$ {’$Q>Zgo ’$m°a bmB’$, Am¡a {gånbr pñn[aMwAb-¶y Ama Z¡Maw br {S>dmBZ Ho$ boIH$ h¡ Am¡a {’$Q>Zgo

’$m°a bmB’$ H$m¶©H$« ‘ Ho$ {ejH$ h¡& Oy‘B©Z 2020 amoQ>ar g_mMma 73

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On the racks

A woman is no man

Palestinian-American women struggling to express their desires within the confines of their Arab culture in the wake of shocking intimate violence in their community. This is a story of culture, secrets and betrayals, love, and violence. It gives us an intimate glimpse into a controlling and closed cultural world, and a universal tale about family and the ways silence and shame can destroy those we have sworn to protect.

young woman who goes missing from a ship and the disastrous fall of Alkaitis, living between the timeline 1990 and 2029. From a remote island hotel to a container ship and the skyscrapers of Manhattan, this book paints a breathtaking picture of money, beauty, white-collar crime, ghosts and moral compromise.

Author : Etaf Rum Publisher : Harper Perennial Pages : 368; `322


alestine, 1990. Seventeen-yearold Isra prefers reading books to entertaining the suitors her father has chosen for her. Over a week, the naive and dreamy girl finds herself quickly betrothed and married, and is soon living in Brooklyn. There Isra struggles to adapt to the expectations of her oppressive mother-in-law Fareeda and strange new husband Adam, a pressure that intensifies as she begins to have children — four daughters instead of the sons Fareeda tells Isra she must bear. Brooklyn, 2008. Eighteen-year-old Deya, Isra’s oldest daughter, must meet with potential husbands at her grandmother Fareeda’s insistence, although she desires to go to college. Her grandmother is firm on the matter: the only way to secure a worthy future for Deya is through marriage to the right man. But fate has a will of its own, and soon Deya will find herself on an unexpected path that leads her to shocking truths about her family — knowledge that will force her to question everything she thought she knew about her parents, the past, and her future. In her debut novel, Etaf Rum tells the story of three generations of

When all is said Author : Anne Griffin Publisher : Thomas Dunne Books Pages : 336; `922

The Glass Hotel Author : Emily St John Mandel Publisher : Knopf Publishing Group Pages : 302; `353


onathan Alkaitis owns the Hotel Caiette, a five-star glass palace on a British Columbia island. Smooth talker and immoral Alkaitis gives his card with a handsome tip to Vincent, the bartender at the hotel. She looks at the money as a way of transforming her life. Angry at her choice her halfbrother, Paul, scrawls a note on the glass wall of the hotel: “Why don’t you swallow broken glass.” A guest at the hotel Leon Prevant, who is a shipping executive for a company NeptuneAvramidis, sees the note from the hotel bar and runs scared. Putting together the lives of these characters the story revolves around a ponzi scheme, a


t the bar of a grand hotel in a small Irish town sits 84-year-old Maurice Hannigan alone and ready to tell his story. Over the course of the evening, he will raise five toasts to the five people who have meant the most to him. Through these stories — of unspoken joy and regret, a secret tragedy kept hidden, a fierce love that never found its voice — the life of one man will be powerful and poignantly laid bare. Heartwarming and powerful, the voice of Maurice Hannigan will stay with you. He will leave you with these questions — If you had to pick five people to sum-up your life, who would they be? If you were to raise a glass to each of them, what would you say? And what would you learn about yourself, when all is said? Compiled by Kiran Zehra

‘§S>b J{V amoQ>ar Šb~ ZmJnÅ>rZ‘ - amo B© ‘§S>b 2981 Šb~ Ho$ H$mo{dS>-19 {damoYr amhV à¶mgm| Ho$ VhV, CgZo nw{bgH${‘©¶m|, g§ajH$ H$m¶©H$Vm©Am| Am¡a OZVm H$mo CZH$s amoJ à{VamoYH$ j‘Vm H$mo ‘O~yV H$aZo Ho$ {bE H$m~mgwam Hw$Xr{Za (Am¡fYr¶ Ob) {dV[aV {H$¶m& amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo bmoJm| H$mo ‘mñH$ Am¡a {dkmnZ nÌ (Š¶m H$a| Am¡a Š¶m Zm H$a|) ^r {dV[aV {H$E&

amoQ>ar Šb~ nwXþ¸$moÅ>B© g|Q´>b - amo B© ‘§S>b 3000 ‘mZ{gH$ ñdmñ϶ {‘eZ Ho$ AmOr{dH$m à{ejU H|$Ð ‘| {deof ~ƒm| Zo Z¥Ë¶ Am¡a ¶moJ àXe©Z H$aHo$ ‘¡Ìr {d{Z‘¶ H$m¶©H«$‘ Ho$ VhV Xm¡am H$aZo AmE ~«mOrb Ho$ à{V{Z{Y¶m| H$m ‘Zmoa§OZ {H$¶m& S>rOrB© E Eb Mmo¸$mqbJ‘ Zo Bg {deof Ka H$s J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ ~mao ‘| ‘oh‘mZm| H$mo OmZH$mar Xr&

Šb~ {ZXmXdmobo - amo B© ‘§S>b 3020 EH$ ñWmZr¶ H$ë¶mU g‘yh Ho$ gmW gmPoXmar ‘| 26 ~oamoOJma ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ {bE EH$ ñWm¶r AmOr{dH$m V¡¶ma H$aZo hoVw CÝh| {gbmB© ‘erZ| Xr JB©& ñWmZr¶ {dYm¶H$ Or. lr{Zdmg Zm¶Sy> Zo Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj Am{¶ZrXr nmb amd Am¡a g{Md JmonraoÈ>r lr{Zdmgw H$s CnpñW{V ‘| ‘erZ| gm¢nr&

amoQ>ar Šb~ Jm{μO¶m~mX - amo B© ‘§S>b 3012 Šb~ Zo EH$ S>m°ŠQ>a Ho$ {M{H$Ëgr¶ nM} Ho$ AZwgma {M{H$Ëgm H|$Ð, Jar~m| Ho$ {bE EH$ XdmImZm, H$mo XdmB¶m§ XmZ H$s& Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj {j{VO Jwám Zo Bg n[a¶moOZm Ho$ {bE EH$ CXma ¶moJXmZ {X¶m&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

{d{Y¶m± amoQ>ar Šb~ Zm{gH$ doñQ> - amo B© ‘§S>b 3030 Šb~ Zo Zm{gH$ nw{bg {d^mJ H$mo S>çyQ>r Ho$ Xm¡amZ H$moamoZmodm¶ag g§H«$‘U go ~MmZo Ho$ {bE CÝh| 2,500 ’o$g erëS> {dV[aV {H$E&

amoQ>ar Šb~ Abda - amo B© ‘§S>b 3053 Aamdbr {dhma Ho$ EH$ gaH$mar Cƒ àmW{‘H$ {dÚmb¶ ‘| bJ^J 80 ~ƒm| H$mo erVH$mbrZ ¶y{Z’$m‘© Xr JB©& {dVaU g‘mamoh ‘| Šb~ Ho$ g{Md eem§H$ PmbmZr, amoQ>o[a¶Z {Z‘©b ‘moXr, amoQ>o[a¶Z {dH$mg Jwám, amoQ>o[a¶Z é{M O¡Z, amoQ>o[a¶Z e§H$a I§S>obdmb Am¡a ñHy$b Ho$ qà{gnb A{‘V N>m~‹S>m CnpñWV Wo&

amoQ>ar Šb~ Xgw¶m - amo B© ‘§S>b 3070 Šb~ Zo qPJaZ H$bm§ Jm§d Ho$ EH$ gaH$mar gr{Z¶a goH|$S>ar ñHy$b ‘| N>mÌm| H$mo ñHy$b ¶y{Zμ’$m°‘© XmZ H$s& {dÚmb¶ àm{YH$aU Zo amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$mo CZHo$ {dMmaerb ^md àXe©Z Ho$ {bE YݶdmX {X¶m {OgZo N>mÌm| H$m ‘Zmo~b ~‹T>m¶m&

amoQ>ar Šb~ A§H$boœa - amo B© ‘§S>b 3060 Šb~ Zo dr Q>r H$m°boO Ho$ n[aga ‘| pñWV à¶moJebm ñHy$b ‘| d¶ñH$ gmjaVm H$s H$jmE§ ewê$ H$s& A{YH$m§e bm^mWu H$^r ^r ñHy$b Zht JE Am¡a do {Z¶{‘V ê$n go gmjaVm H$jmAm| ‘| ^mJ boZo Ho$ {bE CËgm{hV Wo&

OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 77

‘§S>b J{V amoQ>ar Šb~ XohamXÿZ g|Q´>b - amo B© ‘§S>b 3080 Šb~ Zo ~ƒm| H$mo gX©, R>§S>r amVm| go ~MmZo Ho$ {bE CÝh| D$Zr H§$~b Am¡a S´o>g gm‘J«r XmZ H$s& ¶h Šb~ gaH$mar ñHy$bm| ‘| AZoH$ ñdmñ϶ Am¡a ñdÀN>Vm n[a¶moOZmAm| H$m g§MmbZ H$a ahm h¡&

amoQ>ar Šb~ bmoZm§S> - amo B© ‘§S>b 3132 Šb~ Zo AnZo nmo{b¶mo CÝ‘ybZ J{V{d{Y¶m| Ho$ VhV eha Ho$ 32 nmo{b¶mo H|$Ðm| na Q>rHo$ g{hV Amdí¶H$ gm‘mZm| H$s Amny{V© H$s& Bg ^md àXe©Z Zo n‹S>mog ‘| ZdOmV {eewAm| Ho$ {bE g‘¶ na Q>rH$mH$aU H$s gw{dYm àXmZ H$s&

amoQ>ar Šb~ Aå~aZmW ñ‘mQ>© {gQ>r - amo B© ‘§S>b 3142 AnZr {S>{OQ>b Am§JZdm‹S>r n[a¶moOZm Ho$ Xÿgao MaU ‘|, Šb~ Zo 32 Am§JZdm{‹S>¶m| H$mo g¡{ZQ>mBμOa, ’$ñQ>© ES> ~m°Šg, H$m°Q>Z ‘¡Q>, S>ñQ>{~Z, Am°{S>¶mo {gñQ>‘ Am¡a pIbm¡Zo XmZ {H$E& S>rOr ‘mohZ M§XmdaH$a, EOr A{Zb ghOdmbm Am¡a ‘§S>b g{Md b{bV ‘m{UH$ ^r Bg H$m¶©H«$‘ ‘| CnpñWV Wo&

amoQ>ar Šb~ ‘w§~B© H$m§S>rdbr doñQ> amo B© ‘§S>b 3141 <4.4 bmI H$s bmJV go Vdm ñHy$b, XhmZw ‘| Zm¡ em¡Mmb¶ I§S> ~ZmE JE& Bg n[a¶moOZm go 200 go A{YH$ d§{MV n[admam| Ho$ N>mÌ bm^mpÝdV hm|Jo& CÓmQ>Z g‘mamoh ‘| 10 amoQ>o[a¶Zm| Zo ^mJ {b¶m&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

{d{Y¶m± amoQ>ar Šb~ Hw$‘Vm - amo B© ‘§S>b 3170 S>rOr {Jare ‘gwaH$a Zo hmoÞmda VmbwH$ Ho$ H$mH$s© Jm§d Ho$ nmg pñWV CÎma-nydu amÁ¶m| Ho$ {bE EH$ Amdmgr¶ {dÚmb¶, JwéH$b, H$mo nrZo Ho$ nmZr H$s gw{dYm, H$n‹S>o Am¡a ~V©Z XmZ {H$E& CÝhm|Zo ‘hoe nr ¶y H$m°boO ‘| EH$ H§$߶yQ>a b¡~ H$m ^r CÓmQ>Z {H$¶m& ¶h b¡~ Šb~ Ho$ g{Md {H$aU H$merZmW Zm¶H$ Ûmam CZHo$ {nVm, EH$ nyd© Aܶj, H$s ñ‘¥{V ‘| àm¶mo{OV H$s JB© Wr&

amoQ>ar Šb~ ~obohmoÞya - amo B© ‘§S>b 3182 amo{J¶m| Am¡a nam{M{H$ËgH$m| H$mo H$moamoZmdm¶ag go ~MmZo Ho$ {bE ~obohmoÞya Ho$ gaH$mar AñnVmb H$mo 500 go A{YH$ ’o$g ‘mñH$ {dV[aV {H$E JE& AñnVmb Ho$ A{YH$m[a¶m| Zo Bg ^md àXe©Z Ho$ {bE amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$mo YݶdmX {X¶m&

amoQ>ar Šb~ H$mo¶å~Qy>a B§S>pñQ´>¶b {gQ>r - amo B© ‘§S>b 3201 eha ‘| Šb~ Ho$ H$mo{dS>-{damoYr amhV à¶mgm| Ho$ VhV h¢S> g¡ZrQ>mB©μOa Am¡a n¡a g§Mm{bV {S>ñn|ga {Obm AXmbV n[aga H$mo XmZ {H$E JE& n[a¶moOZm Zo {ZH$Q>dVu BbmH$m| ‘| amoQ>ar H$s N>{d H$mo ~‹T>m¶m&

amoQ>ar Šb~ ~¢Jbmoa CÚmoJ amo B© ‘§S>b 3190 Šb~ Zo ZJa {ZJ‘ H$s 16 ‘{hbm g’$mB© H$‘©Mm[a¶m| H$mo gå‘m{ZV {H$¶m Omo amoOmZm g‹S>H$m| H$s g’$mB© H$aVr h¡ Am¡a EH$ H$n‹S>m CÚmoJ ‘| 500 àdmgr ‘{hbm ‘OXÿam| Ho$ {bE EH$ ñdmñ϶ {e{da H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m&

OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 79

‘§S>b J{V amoQ>ar Šb~ {ÌH$m[anwa - amo B© ‘§S>b 3202 EH$ gaH$mar hmB© ñHy$b ‘| ‘¡‘ H$m°‘Q´>ñQ> AñnVmb, H$mÝhmJ‹T> Ho$ gmW Šb~ Ûmam Am¶mo{OV ‘mo{V¶mq~X Om±M {e{da ‘| 160 go A{YH$ bmoJ em{‘b hþE& {e{da H$m CÓmQ>Z nrS>rOr dr Or Z¶Zma Ûmam {H$¶m J¶m Am¡a Šb~ Ûmam Oê$aV‘§X ‘arOm| H$mo ‘wâV CnMma Am¡a gO©ar àXmZ H$s OmEJr&

amoQ>ar Šb~ MmWÞya - amo B© ‘§S>b 3211 {VédZ§Vnwa‘ ‘| {S>’$a|Q> AmQ>© g|Q>a H$mo EH$ Eå~wb|g XmZ H$s JB© Omo {Zeº$ ~ƒm| H$mo Aml¶ XoVr h¡& ¶h dmhZ CZ ~ƒm| H$mo erK« {M{H$Ëgm gw{dYm àXmZ H$aoJm, {OÝh| Ëd[aV ê$n go AñnVmb bo OmZo H$s Amdí¶H$Vm hmoVr h¡& S>rOr {earf Ho$gdmZ Zo Šb~ Ho$ Aܶj emOhm± E‘ Ho$ Am¡a Aݶ amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$s ‘m¡OyXJr ‘| ‘o¶a Ho$. lrHw$‘ma H$mo BgH$s Mm~r gm¢nr&

amoQ>ar Šb~ MoÞB© Ho$ Ho$ ZJa - amo B© ‘§S>b 3232 hmobr H«$m°g ‘¡{Q´>H$ hm¶a goH|$S>ar ñHy$b Ho$ N>mÌm| Zo nmo{b¶moßbg Ho$ {bE <10,000 EH${ÌV {H$E Am¡a Šb~ Ho$ ’$mC§S>oeZ Ho$ Aܶj Ama. goëdamO H$mo Bg am{e Ho$ {bE EH$ MoH$ àXmZ {H$¶m& amoQ>o[a¶Z AZwamYm a{d ñHy$b H$s ݶmgr h¡&

amoQ>ar Šb~ {edH$mer g|Q´>b - amo B© ‘§S>b 3212 Šb~ Ho$ gXñ¶m| Zo Oê$aV‘§X bmoJm| H$mo 50 ImÚ n¡Ho$Q> {dV[aV H$aZo Ho$ {bE hmW {‘bm¶m& gmW hr, CÝhm|Zo bm°H$S>mCZ H$s ‘wpíH$b Pob aho Jar~ n[admam| H$s ‘XX hoVw VhgrbXma H$mo 300 {H$bmo Mmdb XmZ ‘| {X¶m&


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

{d{Y¶m± amoQ>ar Šb~ ~wX©dmZ gmCW - amo B© ‘§S>b 3240 bJ^J 100 H$Mam ~rZZo dmbo Am¡a Hy$‹S>m CR>mZo dmbm| H$mo J‘~yQ²g, XñVmZo, ‘mñH$, g¡{ZQ>mBμOa Am¡a ~agmVr (~m[ae Ho$ ‘m¡g‘ Ho$ {bE) {XE JE, Omo Bg ZJanm{bH$m Am¡a BgHo$ Amgnmg Ho$ joÌ H$mo gm’$ aIZo Ho$ {bE n[al‘ H$aVo h¡& amoQ>o[a¶Zm| H$s bm^m{W©¶m| H$mo CÝ‘wIrH$aU ì¶m»¶mZm| Ho$ gmW gwajmË‘H$ gm‘{J«¶m| H$m g~go AÀN>m Cn¶moJ H$aZo hoVw à{e{jV H$aZo H$s ¶moOZm h¡&

amoQ>ar Šb~ ~o„rJw§Jo AnQ>mCZ - amo B© ‘§S>b 3291 amoQ>ar Šb~ O‘eoXnwa B©ñQ> - amoB© ‘§S>b 3250 gwXÿa joÌ Ho$ ‘hþ{b¶m Jm§d ‘| EH$ {demb {M{H$Ëgm {e{da H$m Am¶moOZ {H$¶m J¶m, {Og‘| 500 go A{YH$ bmoJm| H$s {d{^Þ ~r‘m[a¶m| Ho$ {bE Om§M H$s JB© Am¡a CÝh| nam‘e© {X¶m J¶m&

gmCW 24 naJZm {Obo ‘| pñWV am‘H¥$îU {ddoH$mZ§X {‘eZ, am{Z¶m, ‘| EH$ ñdmñ϶ {e{da Am¶mo{OV {H$¶m J¶m, {Og‘| 75 go A{YH$ amo{J¶m| H$s {d{^Þ ~r‘m[a¶m| Ho$ {bE Om±M H$s JB© Am¡a 120 bmoJm| H$s Am±Im| Ho$ {dH$mam| Ho$ {bE Om§M H$s JB©&

amoQ>ar Šb~ {^bmB© J«oQ>a - amo B© ‘§S>b 3261 amoQ>ar Šb~ am¶nwa am°¶b Am¡a amoQ>ar Šb~ Om‘ZJa (‘oZ) Ho$ gh¶moJ go EH$ LN-4 H¥${Ì‘ hmW {e{da Am¶mo{OV {H$¶m J¶m {Og‘| 100 go A{YH$ {N>Þm§Jm| H$mo H¥${Ì‘ hmW {’$Q> {H$E JE& CÝh| EH$ A{^{dݶmg ^r àmá hþAm {H$ do AnZo ZE hmW H$m BñVo‘mb H¡$go H$a|&

dr ‘wÎmwHw$‘maU Ûmam g§H${bV Eb JwUmeoH$aU Ûmam énm§H$Z OyZ 2020

amoQ>ar g_mMma 81

{~«{Q>e H$mb Ho$ Xogr AnamY Cnݶmg Q>rgrE lr{Zdmgm amKdZ


ñVm[aV bm°H$S>mCZ H$m EH$ AÀN>m n[aUm‘ h¡ {OgHo$ ~mao ‘| H$moB© ^r ~mV Zht H$a ahm h¡: ^maVr¶ A{YH$ n‹T> aho h¡, em¶X A{ZÀN>m go bo{H$Z Amn H$~ VH$ Q>rdr XoI gH$Vo h¡ Am¡a AnZo ’$moZ na Iob gH$Vo h¡? ‘oao {bE g~go ~‹S>m ’$m¶Xm {H$Vm~m| H$s EH$ nyar Vah go ZB© e¡br H$s ImoO h¡, ^maV ‘| pñWV Eo{Vhm{gH$ AnamY Cnݶmg& BgHo$ A{V[aº$, ¶o Cnݶmg ^maVr¶ ‘yb Ho$ boIH$m| Ûmam {bIo JE h¡& Bg{bE do {OZ bmoJm| Ho$ ~mao ‘| {bI aho h¡ CZHo$ {bE Wmo‹S>r ghmZw^y{V ‘hgyg H$aVo h¡& Eogr nhbr bopIH$m {OgHo$ ~mao ‘| ‘wPo nVm Mbm dh gwOmVm ‘¡gr h¡ {OÝhm|Zo EH$ nmagr ‘{hbm dH$sb Ho$ {H$aXma H$s aMZm H$s Omo VËH$mbrZ ~m°å~o ‘| 20dt eVmãXr H$s ewéAmV ‘| H$m‘ H$aVr h¡& dh ¶wdVr nadrZ {‘ór h¡ Omo h˶m Ho$ ahñ¶m| H$mo ^r gwbPmVr h¡& ¶o {H$Vm~| em§V Am¡a gä¶ e¡br ‘| AØþV ê$n go {bIr JB© h¡& do nwamZo ~m°å~o H$mo Ord§V H$aVo h¡, {OZ‘| go Hw$N> 1980 Ho$ ~mX go T>oa gmar B‘maVm| Ho$ {Z‘m©U hmoZo VH$ Mbo Wo& Eogo hr EH$ Aݶ boIH$ h¡ A~ra ‘wIOu, {OZH$m OÝ‘ ñH$m°Q>b¢S> ‘| hþAm Wm& ‘¢Zo A~ VH$ CZHo$ Ûmam {bIr Ho$db EH$ {H$Vm~ n‹T>r h¡ Am¡a Bg MrZr dm¶ag Ho$ IË‘ hmoZo Ho$ ~mX O~ ^r g§^d hþAm ‘¢ CZH$s Aݶ VrZ {H$Vm~| n‹T>Zm Mmhÿ±Jm& hmbm§{H$, gVH©$ ah|& Bgr Zm‘ H$m EH$ Aݶ boIH$ h¡ Omo nyar Vah go EH$ AbJ Vah H$m Cnݶmg {bIVm h¡& dmñVd ‘|, ¶o Xmo A~ra ‘oao MMoao ^mB© Am¡a ‘wPgo {^Þ Zht h¡& h‘mam Zm‘ EH$ O¡gm h¡ Am¡a àma§{^H$ Aja ^r EH$ O¡go hr h¡& bo{H$Z dh Eogr {H$Vm~| {bIVm h¡ Omo ¶h {XImVr h¡ {H$ B{Vhmg H$mo J§^raVm go boZm Mm{hE, O~{H$


amoQ>ar g_mMma OyZ 2020

‘¢ AmYw{ZH$ AW©emó na {H$Vm~| {bIVm hÿ±& ‘oar {H$Vm~| ~VmVr h¡ {H$ AW©emór AÀN>o Cnݶmg {bIVo h¡& I¡a, ‘¢ {Og A~ra H$s ~mV H$a ahm hÿ± CgZo Bånr[a¶b nw{bg, {Ogo 1947 Ho$ nhbo AmB©nrEg Ho$ ê$n ‘| OmZm OmVm Wm, Ho$ g¡‘ {dÝY‘ Zm‘H$ EH$ g»V A§J«oO Ho$ {H$aXma H$s aMZm H$s& Bg {dÝY‘ ‘| H$B© H$‘Omo[a¶m§ h¡, {OZ‘| go EH$ h¡ A’$s‘ - {OVZr Im{bg CVZr hr ~ohVa, Š¶m|{H$ EH$ AÀN>o ñH$m°M H$s Vah, ¶h Iw‘mar Zht XoVr& CgH$m EH$ ghm¶H$ h¡, EH$ ¶wdm H¢${~«O{e{jV ~§Jmbr {OgH$m Zm‘ h¡ gwa|ÐZmW& A§J«oO Cgo ga|S>a-Zm°Q> H$hH$a nwH$maVo& CZHo$ Ûmam ^JdmZ OJÞmW Ho$ Zm‘ Ho$ CƒmaU na ¶h boIH$ Ûmam {H$¶m J¶m Wmo‹S>m Cnhmg h¡ Omo OJZm}Q> ~Z JE Wo& ga|S>a-ZmoQ> H$m CnZm‘ ~¡ZOu h¡& Omo bmoJ Zht OmZVo, Am¡a ‘wPo ¶H$sZ h¡ {H$ A{YH$m§e bmoJ Zht OmZVo, CZHo$ {bE ^maVr¶ B{Vhmg ‘| EH$ Am¡a gwaoÝÐZmW ~¡ZOu h¡, Omo 19dt eVmãXr Ho$ A§V Am¡a 20dt eVmãXr H$s ewéAmV ‘| EH$ ‘hËdnyU© amOZoVm Wo& Vmo ¶h ^r EH$ ~{‹T>¶m Omo‹S>r h¡&

A~ra ‘wIOu, Ûmam {bIr Ho$db EH$ {H$Vm~ n‹T>r h¡ Am¡a Bg MrZr dm¶ag Ho$ IË‘ hmoZo Ho$ ~mX O~ ^r g§^d hþAm ‘¢ CZH$s Aݶ VrZ {H$Vm~| n‹T>Zm Mmhÿ±Jm&

lr ‘wIOu BVZr {eï>Vm Ho$ gmW {bIVo h¡ {H$ EH$ ^r eãX AZw{MV Zht hmoVm, Zm hr H$moB© dmŠ¶ {ZaW©H$ bJVm h¡& ¶h EH$ AbJ Vah H$s H$‹S>r ‘ohZV h¡, bJ^J EH$ O{Q>b g§JrV YwZ {bIZo O¡gr& ¶h CZH$s {H$Vm~ H$mo amoMH$ ~ZmVm h¡& Amn ¶h nVm bJmZm MmhVo h¡ {H$ ¶h {H$gZo {H$¶m Wm bo{H$Z Amn AmIar n¥ð> VH$ ZμOa Zht S>mbVo& dh, ‘oao {bE, AnamY Cnݶmg boIZ ‘| CËH¥$ï>Vm H$s à‘m{UH$Vm h¡& ¶h ahñ¶ boIH$m| Ho$ ‘ܶ EH$ Xþb©^ JwU h¡& Zm hr dh Am¡n{Zdo{eH$ ^maV H$m g{dñVma dU©Z H$aZo ‘| AZoH$ eãXm| H$s ~~m©Xr H$aVo h¡ Am¡a Z hr CgH$s Zñbr¶ Ag‘mZVmAm| H$m amoZm amoVo h¡ O¡go BgHo$ ~mao ‘| {bIZo dmbo AmË‘MoVZm go ^anya A§J«oO H$aVo h¡& dh ^maV H$mo d¡go hr ñdrH$ma H$aVo h¡ O¡gm ¶h V~ Wm - Jmoam ‘m{bH$, H$mbm Zm¡H$a& Hw$N> Jmoao R>rH$ h¡, O¡go Hw$N> Zm¡H$a R>rH$ h¡& Cnݶmg H$m H$WmZH$ O{Q>b ê$n go ~wZm hþAm h¡ bo{H$Z ~‹S>o hr gab VarHo$ go& Bg{bE AmnH$mo H$^r ^r CËnr‹S>Z H$s dh ^mdZm ‘hgyg Zht hmoVr Omo Hw$N> ahñ¶ boIH$ ‘hgyg H$admVo h¡& CÝhm|Zo H$hm {H$ ¶o {H$Vm~| - ‘¡gr, ‘wIOu Am{X - ^maVr¶ Xe©H$m| Ho$ {bE {bIr hþB© àVrV Zht hmoVr& ‘wPo bJVm h¡, ¶o ‘w»¶ ê$n go {~«{Q>e nmR>H$m| Ho$ {bE C{Ôï> h¡ Omo EH$ Iwehmb ê$n go ^maV H$s H$ënZm H$aZm ng§X H$aVo h¡& H$moB© ~mV Zht& BZ boIH$m| Zo EH$ ZB© e¡br H$s aMZm H$s h¡& ¶h AnZo Amn ‘| CÝh| n‹T>Zo H$m EH$ n¶m©á H$maU h¡& ¶h A§J«oOr boIH$m| Ûmam ^maV ‘| {bIo JE AnamY Cnݶmgm| go nyar Vah AbJ h¡& do AÀN>o h¡ bo{H$Z BVZo ~{‹T>¶m ^r Zht& „

g§jon ‘| ~mha ^moOZ H$aZo Ho$ {bE n¡go {XE JE H$mo{dS> bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ ~mX {d¶Zm, Am°pñQ´>¶m Ho$ ‘o¶a Zo bmoJm| H$mo ~mha ñWmZr¶ aoñQ>moa|Q> ‘| ImZm ImZo hoVw àmo Ë gm{hV H$aZo Ho $ {bE à˶oH$ n[adma H$mo 50 ¶yamo (<4075) Am¡a ha ì¶{º$ H$mo 25 ¶yamo (<2030) ^oOZo H$m {ZX}e {X¶m& dmCMa B©‘ob Ho$ Ûmam ^oOo JE Am¡a aoñQ>moa|Q> Am¡a H¡$’o$ BZ dmCMam| H$mo ZH$Xr ‘| ~Xb gH$Vo h¢& 40 {‘{b¶Z ¶yamo H$s Bg am{e go ‘XX nh°wMmZo H$m ¶h Cnm¶ aoñQ>moa|Q> B§S>ñQ´>r H$mo ‘XX XoZo Ho$ {bE h¡ {Ogo g‘ñV Am°pñQ´>¶m ‘| 16 ‘mM© H$mo bm°H$S>mCZ bmJy hmoZo Ho$ ~mX go hr ^mar ZwH$gmZ CR>mZm n‹S>m Wm&

H$moamoZm Ho$ gԦ A{^dmXZ

¶yH«o$Z ‘| ’§$go {eew Xoe ‘| {dXo{e¶m| Ho$ {bE ¶mÌm à{V~§Y bJZo Ho$ ~mX go gamoJoQ> go OÝ‘ boZo dmbo H$‘ go H$‘ 100 {ewew ¶yH«o$Z ‘| ’§$go hþE Wo& gamoJoQ> ‘XahþS> ¶hm§ H$m ’$bZo-’y$bZo dmbm ì¶dgm¶ h¡ Am¡a ~m§P ór-nwê$f ñWmZr¶ ‘{hbmAm| Ho$ Ûmam {eew H$mo OÝ‘ XoZo Ho$ {bE AnZo ^«yUm| H$mo aIZo Ho$ {bE n¡gm| H$m ^wJVmZ H$aVo h¢ Am¡a 15,000 S>m°ba H$‘mVr h¡&& AZw‘mZ h¡ {H$ ~¡Z Ho$ hQ>Zo go nhbo H$‘ go H$‘ 1,000 gamoJoQ> OÝ‘ Am¡a hm|Jo& S>m°ŠQ>a Ed§ XoI^mb H$aZo dmbo ì¶{º$ ¹$ma§Q>mBZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ BZ ZdOmV {eewAm| H$s XoI^mb H$aVo h¢, CÝh| ’$m‘y©bm S>mBQ> XoVo h¢, Q>hbmZo Ho$ {bE bo OmVo h¢ Am¡a CZH$mo CZHo$ ‘mVm-{nVm H$mo {d{S>¶mo H$m°b na {XImVo h¢&

EH$ A˶m{YH$ ^yI dmbm ì¶{º$

H$amoZm dm¶ag Ho$ àH$mon H$s dOh go eara go ñne© H$a ¶m hmW {‘bmH$a A{^dmXZ H$aZo dmbo {eï>mMma Ho$ Vm¡aVarH$m| ‘| ^mar ~Xbmd Am¶m h¡& hmW {hbmZm, Z‘ñVo, dwhmZ Ho$ VarHo$ go hmW {‘bmZm (n¡a {‘bmH$a Z‘ñVo H$aZm), Eë~mo ~ån (H$mohZr Ny>H$a A{^dmXZ H$aZm), ’$sñQ> ~ån (‘wÆ>r Ho$ Ûmam J«rqQ>J) Am¡a WmB© dmB© (A{^dmXZ H$aZo Ho$ ^maVr¶ Z‘ñVo Ho$ g‘mZ hr) XmoñVm| Am¡a n[adma Ho$ ~rM “ݶy Zm‘©b’ hmo JE h¢& VoOr go ’¡$b ahr ‘hm‘mar H$s dOh go go{b{~«Q>rO Am¡a gå‘m{ZV bmoJm| Zo A{^dmXZ H$aZo Ho$ Z¶o T>§Jm| H$mo VoOr go AnZm¶m h¡&

EH$ 23 gmb H$m àdmgr Omo amOñWmZ go bm¡Q>m Wm Am¡a {Ogo ~Šga Ho$ ‘§Pdmar ¹$ma§Q>rZ g|Q>a ‘| ¹$ma§Q>mBZ {H$¶m J¶m Wm, CgHo$ ~mao ‘| ¶h gyMZm {‘br Wr {H$ dh EH$ {XZ 40 amoQ>r Am¡a 10 ßboQ> Mmdb ImVm h¡ Ed§ BgHo$ Abmdm 85 {bÅ>r ({~hma amÁ¶ H$m ñdm{Xï> ^moOZ Omo Johÿ± Ho$ AmQ>o ‘| gÎmy ^aH$a ~Zm¶m OmVm h¡) ^r Im OmVm h¡& A{YH$m[a¶m| Zo g|Q>a Ho$ ‘¡ZoOa H$mo {ZX}e {X¶m {H$ CgH$s ¹$ma§Q>mBZ Ad{Y Ho$ g‘má hmoZo VH$, Cg ì¶{º$ H$mo ^moOZ go d§{MV Z aIm OmE ¶m CgHo$ ^moOZ ‘| H$Q>m¡Vr Zht H$s OmE

EH$ ‘h§Jr âbmBQ> O~ g¡H$‹S>m| àdmgr ‘OXÿa AnZr Am¡aVm| d ~ƒm| H$mo ItMVo, ‹T>moVo hþE bm°H$S>mCZ Ho$ Xm¡amZ AnZo Kam| ‘| dmng OmZo Ho$ {bE n¡Xb Om aho Wo, V~ ‘ܶ àXoe ‘| EH$ eam~ ì¶dgm¶r Zo AnZr b‹S>H$s, Xmo nmo{V¶m| Am¡a Zm¡H$amZr Ho$ {bE {X„r go OmZo Ho$ {bE EH$ 180 grQ>a E¶a~g-320 H$mo {H$am¶o na {b¶m, ^monmb go {X„r Ho$ ~rM, ~mX ‘| do ^monmb Ho$ ~rM H$mo{dS>-19 àH$mon Ho$ H$maU ’§$g JE Wo& E{dEeZ EŠgnQ>© Ho$ AZwgma, E¶a~g H$mo {H$amE na boZo H$s H$s‘V bJ^J <20 bmIo Wr& O¶lr Ûmam g§H${bV; Eg H¥$îUàVre Ûmam ê$naoIm&

Regn. No. TN/CCN/359/2018-2020 Total number of pages in this monthly Licensed to post WPP No.TN/PMG(CCR)/WPP-421/2018-2020 issue, including cover, 84. Price: `35 Registered with Registrar of News Papers for India TNHIN/2001/052715RWDU\6DPDFKDU3XEOLVKHGRQWKHÀUVWZHHNRIHYHU\PRQWK

A call for Covid-19 heroes


alling upon all our readers in Rotary clubs and districts to write in and tell us about the Covid-19 heroes you have come across in your community. It has to be an individual, who showed exemplary courage, devotion to duty, compassion and grit to help

those affected adversely by the corona pandemic. These heroes can be from diverse fields such as healthcare, local administration or municipal corporation, voluntary sector, police force etc. A profile of the person, detailing the work he/she has done, with a few

candid, high resolution pictures should be sent by email — no Whatsapp messages will be entertained — to rotarynewsmagazine@gmail.com with contact details of the person. Rotary News will choose a few of these and honour them in one of our next issues.

Profile for Rotary News

Rotary Samachar - June 2020  

Rotary Samachar - June 2020

Rotary Samachar - June 2020  

Rotary Samachar - June 2020