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R. I. President : Rtn. Sakuji Tanaka



District Governor : Rtn. Sanjay Meshram


Club President : Rtn. Atul Shah





Thursday, the 2nd of August was a Condolence Meeting owing to the sad demise of Rtn K.C.Vij. The atmosphere was sombre while our members paid tribute to Late K.C.Vij. He was remembered with great fondness and everyone had something new to add, reflecting on his persona. A professional of repute, he had reached the very top in his vocation. His zest for life was evident till the very end. A sportsman in true spirit, he did not believe in giving up and fought to the very end. His sad demise is an irreplaceable loss to the Rotary Club of Nagpur. May his soul rest in peace. -Team GO

Mr. K C Vijh, a member of our Club since 2002, was called to higher service on July 31, 2012. He died in Orange City hospital. A graduate of Indian School of Mines, he was a very successful professional and retired as Chairman cum Managing Director of Western Coalfields Limited. Known as a quiet man of our club, he could always be relied upon to attend the meetings from the front rows despite his ill health. He was an active participant always ready to interact with the speakers during the weekly rotary meetings. His quiet manners and sense of humor will be missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mrs Sushma Vijh, daughters Dr Natasha and Nidhi, sons-in-law Vivek and Ankur and grandchildren Tanya and Pranshu. -Ashok Mrig

Mr. K.C Vijh, 70, former CMD WCL ended his life's journey on July 31st 2012. His final days were spent surrounded by family and friends whose lives he had touched in his small ways throughout his very memorable life. He was a man of great determination and will power. He fought bravely through his illness and lived life to its full. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1994 and left no stone unturned to recover. He conquered that and lived a perfectly healthy and normal life for 16 years. Unfortunately this was not the end and we were very grieved to find out that cancer had reappeared. Only because of his positive attitude towards life, even after four major surgeries he was willing and open for any line of treatment or surgery. Until his very last days, with so much of suffering and pain, we all still wished for a miracle and kept asking the doctor, "There has to be someway to fight this disease." Such was his gist and love for life-a fighter till the end. He was very fond of ghazals, books and golf. Although he took golf very late in life, many trophies adorn our house. One of his favourite ghazals by Mallika Pukhraj "abhi to mein jawaan hoon, hai maut itne kareeb, nahin nahin abhi nahin, abhi nahin abhi nahin" was so fondly sung by him. He had a heart of gold. We can still feel his presence around us. He was loved by all and is missed greatly by his near and dear. wish you could see many milestones of your grandchildren's lives and bless them, you will always remain in our hearts... we all miss you... Sushma, Natasha, Nidhi, Vivek, Ankur, Tanya, Pranshu. -Natasha Marwah, Daughter


Stop Prezz..... Dear Rotary Families, August takes me back to my school days. The rains, lush green surroundings, month long festivities, hot bhutta's n pakora's…. something very carefree about this month just like school days. I loved all this then and even today! Talking of festivity, our Senior Citizen Committee & Interactors from our 5 Interact schools put a wonderful Janmashtami Fellowship Program for Senior citizens of Mariam Nagar & Panchavati Vrudhashram. The fellowship committee followed it up with Navroze & Eid celebrations for our members, with a very unusual spread of eatables and games! Amidst all this festivity & fun our Rotary families continue with their resolve to serve the society. A Deafness Corrective Diagnostic camp was followed with Surgical camp where 25 patients in and around Ramtek town benefited. The Interact, Rotaract and Youth Service

committees have picked up their pace to deliver Life Skills & Soft Skills workshops. The Slum upliftment committee & Matching Grants committee are gearing up for something big. What is heartening to see is the involvement of a whole lot of “recent” Rotarians joining the old war horses, bringing in new ideas & energies to our programs and projects thereby throwing up new leaders for tomorrow, much as our U-19 World Cup wining team has done it! This is a good sign for our Membership Development and Retention program which RI has been emphasizing upon, especially in this Month of Membership Development and Extension. As we all gear up to welcome “Ganpati Bappa” I feel happy to inform you that the Niramalya Collection Project of our Club, which started some 7 years back as a “project” has now become a “movement” which this year our DG Sanjay is taking it up as a District Project, with all sisters clubs of Nagpur joining hands and

NMC, Police department assisting to make this a Mega Rotary Program! Kudos to all and especially the Programs Committee which has pulled out yet another “gem”, yes friends, Shri Rahul Bajaj will be addressing our Club followed by an Interactive session, this month….so be there!! Cheers!

Atul Shah

Hear Me Out..... Keep in touch......

MADNESS!!!!! Life is so boring! It has a set pattern. Regulated work, dedicated family, a bit of good work, planned holiday breaks and a routine social life. Life is so predictable. Mornings begin with duties and evenings end up with fun. What we need is a BIT of madness. Madness in our profession, madness in our family and madness in everything that we do and in all that we don't. In fact we could do with a LOT of madness. Madness in our workplace! Like starting on something new, not because it promises to be a profitable venture, but because it is cool. May be temporarily change the work profile of all the people working with you. Maybe ask half your staff to take a week off, just to see how things work. Pass off your lunch to someone else and eat out of his tiffin. Excitement will creep into the system. Madness in our family! Gift your son a super low cut jeans or support the idea that he wears his hair long and ties a pony tail. Gift your mother-in-law an expensive diamond set. Push your better half to go out for an all night party……. Madness in all our actions! A novel holiday like a week in Patna. Go to a party where you are invited at eight, sharply at eight. Wear red pants, leather ones if possible. Streak your hair. Do something that add a bit into your life and as a result into other people's. Bring some madness in the good work that we do! No time tables, no budgets and no convenience. Give a couple of months doing what touches us most. Spend time, money and effort without any reservations or qualifications. Do not stop at making people happy. See that they go crazy….. It's time to live our lives Kingsize!!! Madness may be the way to do it!!

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CREDITS Director : IPP Tauby Bhagwagar Chairperson : PP Dr. Sanjiv Chugh Editor : Shabbir Shakir Processing : Eskay’s Scanner Designing : Gurushree Graphics Printing : Shabbir Shakir Paper : Courtesy BILT

COVER up.... Zenda Uncha Rahe Hamara!! Yatin Bhai in Maize Dilemma Late Rtn K.C.Vij Arun Rishi has everyone on their feet

Shabbir Shakir


GUEST EDITOR Anita Chitaley

Dear Readers, Thank you Shabbir, for giving me a chance to once again interact with the club members. We were given a free hand to write about anything we wanted to, and with so many topics to write about under the sun, I chose those two, one which was dear to my heart and the other to my better half, Wijay. The Golden Orange has been a part of my life since 1997, when I was taken into the committee. I have enjoyed being the editor twice and contributing to the GO in my small way. The magazine has come a long way, to being a four page black and white bulletin to what it is now, a colourful information packed magazine. Our Club was formed in 1944, and in those years there was no official club bulletin, not only that, there were no circulars either. What we did have, were postcards, sent through the mail, to all members informing them of the forthcoming activities of the Club. Our first bulletin came out in 1955, with the enthusiasm of B. Srinivas, V.M. Kulkarni, Dr. I.G. David, Jal Gimi and more. It was a four page bulletin, titled as the Nagpur Rotarian. Needless to say it was in black and white done in letter press. 1977 PDG Chari changed the name, to what we are now familiar with, The Golden Orange. Major responsibility for publication of the GO was taken up by V.M. or Kaka Kulkarni. In 1992 during President Raghu Rao's term, Vishwas was made the editor. With a lot of opposition and skepticism from the club, Vishwas decided the change the look and content of the GO. He decided to publish a 16 page issue with advertisements and information other than rotary. He assured the Club, that the bulletin would not create a deficit in the coffer, rather it ended up bringing close Rs. 40,000 in the club accounts.. In 1992 -93,


We shall have a Guest Editor every month at the GO. Here the GEs will give expression to their creativity by writing about what they will. Past Editors of the GO will be seen in this space one by one. The idea has come into being so that these two pages will have something refreshingly new to offer every month, steering clear of the year mould. This month, our GE is Anita Chitaley. Anita can be credited for having been the one to have changed the GO from a bulletin to a magazine. An Editor twice, she has bagged the Best Bulletin Award both times.‌‌ Ed.

the Club won the National Award, which incidentally has become a regular feature of our magazine. Srihari Chava, Dr. Ram Ayachit, Chandru Shahani, W. D. Chitaley have all been editors of our magazine. In 1998 - 99, the first lady editor stepped in. Vasudha Korke took over as editor, but since they relocated to Pune, she had to leave the m a g a z i n e h a l f w a y. Khushnoor Chugh took over, and so good was her management that she continued to be editor, for the next three years. This set the trend for Rt. Ann editors. The centennial year, when Sanjiv Chugh, was the President, the bulletin once again, went through a transformation. With his insistence for precision and creativity the bulletin, now became a magazine. This year fortunately, yours truly was the editor. Along with many awards bagged that year, the GO won on the district as well as the national front. Past editors, like Manju Shahani, Madhavi Naidu, have ensured that we win the national award time and again. The lady editor chain took a break when Sanjiv Chugh and Sohrab Kanga became editors, but there was no compromise on the content

and appearance of the magazine. The bulletin has passed through many hands, and seen many changes, but one thing

remains common, that is to ensure not only the district, but beyond that, people come to know the service this club does. Once again our

current editor Shabbir is doing a great job with the bulletin and thank you Shabbir for giving all of us an opportunity to become "sous" editors. Over the years, columnist for the Golden Orange have written about Nagpur and its surrounding places, what to eat, what to explore and much more. There is one significant place, which somehow seems to have been overlooked, a place which keeps Nagpur on the cricket agenda, yes, it's the Vidarbha Cricket Association. The genesis of

VCA goes back to 1918 when the first C.P. and Berar Quadrangle Cricket Tournament was conducted. What we know as VCA today was earlier known as the C.P. & Berar Cricket

Association. When the states in the Chhattisgarh area were merged it was then called the M.P. Cricket Association. It was in 1956 when there was a re-drawing of the State boundaries that the Vidarbha Cricket Association was formed. With a band of enthusiastic members who as the executive committee guide its destiny, the VCA has gone from strength to strength. This association has seen a line of distinguished persons who have held office of its President, starting from H.F. Pollock, followed by Rao Bahadur Godbole NKP Salve, V.R. Manohar, B. R. Mundle, Gopalrao Kelkar, Shashank Manohar, Sudhir Dabir and to it's current President Prakash Dixit. The Parsi community of Nagpur, though small, has made a significant contribution towards the development of cricket and t h e a s s o c i a t i o n . M r. Billimoria, after whom the pavillion has been named, was a major contributor towards the stadium. Mr. Gazdar, aftern whom the Gazdar league is named started this tournament for the promotion of cricket in Vidarbha. Land to VCA was given by the C.P. Club, with a condition that 2 members of VCA should also be members of C.P. Club. However this clause was amended in 1991. The Manohar family have played a major role in shaping this association and giving it the status that it has today. Cricketers were earlier not allowed to become members, but Adv. V.R. Manohar contested on this issue and won the election. Cricketers could now become members.

VCA, was not a rich organization in its earlier days. It was in fact a hand to mouth existence with no money in the coffers. No bank was ready to give them loans to build a stadium and so the VCA at Civil Lines, had to be completed in stages. After some major foot work, the Shikshak Sahakari Bank gave a loan of Rs. 50 lakhs to the Club. So also Rs. 10,000 was collected from club members as loan. After completion of the stadium, in 1993, during Mr. Mundle's tenure, shops in the premises were given out on lease to ensure a flow of funds. It might be interesting to note that the first cricket match which was ever held in Nagpur was over a hundred years ago, when in 1864 and army unit from Kamptee played with an army unit based in Nagpur. Matches to the VCA come purely on a rotation basis. VCA in its earlier years was not a recognized center for matches. In 1969 India played against New Zealand and there was a gap of 18 years when the Nehru Centenary was played in 1987. The picture has far from changed now, with Nagpur becoming an important center for test, one day as well as IPL matches. The most recent and certainly the most prestigious addition to the VCA is the stadium at Jamtha. An idea of building a stadium of international repute with a state of the art club house was the brain child of Shashank Manohar. Situated in Jamtha, 15 kms. from the city, this stadium has been recognized by the ICC as a model stadium. This is the short history of this prestigious institution. Rotary members, like Vishwas, Shiraz Gimi and Wijay Chitaley have held prestigious posts in shaping this organization. Members have fond memories about the evolution of this Club and it is an organization, that Nagpurians are proud of. Incidentally, when India won it's World Cup twice, that is in 1983 and in 2011, the Presidents of BCCI have been Nagpurians, NKP Salve and Shashank Manohar, so moral fo the story, is if India needs to win the World Cup again, the President has to be from Nagpur. -Anita Chitaley



Excellent design & new look of GO!! Under your leadership GO is achieving great heights! Keep it up!! -Akash Agrawal

- Letters To The Editor

BEST LETTER Cheers to the the new look of GO! The new( the word does have power Atul!) GO was a Royal purple satin work in my hand, smooth & silky- My fingers flip rather slip and unravel many enticing features like the guest editor column with its flashy spread outs, Dimag Kharab take on political big wigs and Kidszzzone. The Indian Vice President is retained so is our editor. Congrats Shabbir!! But believe me, between your 1st article in last year's GO and this year's 1st you have travelled millions of mellowed thoughts. All about anger, but with a very 'detached' outlook. A wonderful analysis! We may have one workshop on Anger management and I believe you can kick start it very well. Waiting for more interesting features. Maybe some youth columns voiced by our own youths or some more new faces on board. I know it is easy to suggest and easier to execute( joking). Best wishes to the GO team! -Beena Mathew

Dear GO Editor Shabbir Congratulations for the improved graphic, layout and contents of our club bulletin GO. I am sure members and readers will also appreciate your efforts. Keep going! -Bobby

Hi Shabbir! I am very happy to read your editorial column. Such beautiful thoughts and very few people understand life so beautifully. I have always noticed and experienced such people and situations and am glad you put it forth so effectively. I am sure you are going to start Satyamev Jayate through your writing. All the very best and looking forward to such soul stirring subjects -Neeta Singh


There will be a best letter prize every month. So keep writing. Also mail your photograph along with your letter.

Dear Shabbir, Since I joined Rotary in 2005 I have been in thick and thin of things and have actively contributed to almost every committee in all the avenues but never ever dared to write anything for The Golden Orange‌but your latest issue rather the new avatar compelled me to pen down my appreciation for the stupendous innovation..Hats off! There is a big similarity between the Olympics and our GO. While watching the recently concluded Olympics there have been many instances when the records were broken, which all of us thought to be impossible. Same goes with the GO which keeps on breaking its own record every year. With this latest issue you have delivered a perfect Nadia Komonich performance which I am sure will be very difficult to better in future. -Dinesh Naidu


Dr Ajay Sood handing over a cheque of Rs 1,90,000 to President Atul Shah on behalf of the Haldiram Bhujiawala family. This amount has been donated by the Haldiram Bhujiawala family towards purchase of a Microscope for Eye Surgeries.

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words then words without a heart.



The enthusiastic Interactors of Centre Point School, Katol Road, sold the rakhis made by Sandhya Sanwardhan Sanstha and Shraddanand Anathalay. The rakhis made by the mentally challenged children were sold like hot cakes. The total amount summed upto Rs. 10250. This money was then sent to the respective Sansthas. Thus it was a thunderous start for the Interactors who were guided by the teacher In-charge Shuba Sarma Ma'am.

It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow being.



Interesting Board

The business meeting was held on 16 Aug. President Atul Shah conducted the meeting. It was commenced as regular meeting due to presence of IYE students. Sohrab Kanga co-ordinated the presentations by all inbound and outbound IYE students. After their presentation and departure, business meeting was formerly conducted. Hon. Secretary Shabbar Shakir read out the minutes of previous business meeting as well as Treasurer's report. Members celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries were greeted by the president. Announcements of forthcoming programs were made by the members. President announced the nomination of past president Shabbir Shakir from our club for the election of DG 2015-16. Golden Orange was formally released at the hands of past president Gulab Mahant. In any other matter Dinesh Naidu proposed to house to change the timing of the weekly meeting considering changing scenario and members profile. President Atul Shah assured him to look into the matter positively. The meeting was concluded with singing of national anthem. -Mahendra Kamath

IYE Students – Inbound and Outbound


A Packed Hall It is commonly seen if a much awaited program is postponed, it loses its charm. But it was proved completely wrong in this year's first ladies committee meeting. The program took off brilliantly with the beautiful shayari on saavan by chairperson Veenita Pasari. There was an overwhelming participation in all competitions making the job of the judges very difficult. Dress code of green, baandhni and lehariya was followed to utmost perfection.

Veenita Speak Ladies looked ethnic and very beautiful which justified the theme of the "Teej Special" meeting. The best dressed lady of the eve was won by Ritika Singhvi. To mention your husband's name in a shayarana andaz was the talk of the meeting, and everybody enjoyed it thoroughly. This competition was won by Anita Jain. Singers of our Rotary family made the musical housie of saavan geet a memorable event. We had beautiful home


The meeting held on 23 August was well attended by many prospective members apart from the regulars, who were enlightened and had many of their queries answered by the

The Dais

Guest Speaker, the city coordinator of India Against Corruption (IAC), Mr Ajay Sanghi. Our very own anti-corruption crusader Rtn Dinesh Naidu escorted Mr Sanghi to the dais and he gave a very informative and inspiring talk on the role of anti-corruption in the forthcoming elections, and how Team Anna is trying to offer and organize a political alternative as demanded by citizens. The Jan Lokpal Bill was discussed and the importance of identifying and bringing forth able leaders to represent our citizens was highlighted and termed as – Chandragupta ki


Sonia grabs the prize from Shefali made rakhis which were appreciated by all and the competition was won by Swati Agrawal. The first lucky winner of the grand prize was Sonia Khurana. The winner was chosen by lots. There will be a lucky winner in every meeting and all those ladies who attend 7 or more meetings are eligible for the bumper prize which is a LCD TV. Many more such interesting programs have been lined up throughout the year. -Sonal Singhvi

REGULAR MEETING Khoj! Future leaders of India are expected to bring about massive reforms in as short a period as possible and only those with a high level of moral values and character can perform well in weeding out corruption from the country. The introduction of the speaker was done by Divya Sharma and the wonderful and apt Vote of Thanks was proposed by Anula Goenka. -Divya Sharma Mr Ajay Sanghi




August 9th, our Regular Meeting was shifted to Sindhi Sai Sabha Gruh as we had a special speaker. We had an attendance of over 350 people including our members, spouses and guests...... Our guest speaker from Ujjain was the renowned clap therapist Arun Rishi. The hall filled in slowly but steadily ....he kept the crowd participative and mesmerized. Everybody seemed to listen with keen interest as he kept his lecture backed up by interesting facts and generous doses of humour....... His USP - "Clap 15 seconds a day, keep the doctor away�. He explained to the crowd how clapping coupled with rubbing your soles for a minute daily, is a full fledged self management plan................

He explained that in a poor country like India most cannot afford expensive medicines and that the remedy for all diseases including heart problems is right there in our hands.......He gave solutions for longevity by following simple habits -no usage of tea, coffee, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, soap etc. He gave alternatives to the above and endorsed that not using toothpaste and using mustard oil, non iodized salt and turmeric powder will make our teeth so strong ....that our soul would depart mother earth but we would leave behind our set of 32 teeth...........Giving auto commands to our body and acknowledging our heart and sitting in the namaaz position while eating our meals

will take most of our ailments away......Being positive in life will result in happiness for ourselves but also bring about world peace.......... For those who missed the talk and would like to know more and buy his book please contact Alok Goenka. -Anula Goenka

A stupendous response

Pres Atul has the last word

Hand Shake ending

Mr Arun Rishi's famous clap


Ms Rita Mahajan Continuing the trend of having renowned speakers from different parts of India, speaking on varied and current trends in


different fields, we had Rita Mahajan from Bangalore over for the program on 30th August at Udyog Bhawan. The much-awaited and long-anticipated program provided the basic information on our Body Aura and Chakras, often discussed and debated but never quite understood. Rita Mahajan explained in simplified terms what our Aura is, the energy field that surrounds the physical body in all directions, invisible and expandable. This Aura is sustained by the seven Chakras, the energy centers, in our body – the Crown

chakra on our head, the 3rd Eye chakra on the forehead, the Throat chakra, the Heart chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra, the Sacral chakra below the navel & the Root chakra at the tip of the back bone. According to Rita, our Chakras have a significant effect on our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health and identifying and healing them can not only improve but also substantially change our lives for the better! The introduction of the speaker was done by Preeti Badjate and the Vote of Thanks was given by Vinita Bahri. -Divya Sharma

CULTURAL EVENING Senior Citizens Committee along with Interact Committee organised a cultural programme for the residents of Panchvati Vridhashram and the senior citizens of Mariam Nagar and Ayodhaya Nagar Slums at Matru Seva Sangh to celebrate the festival of Janamashtami. The programme started with a song by Ravi Wankhede – Bahut Yaad Aate Ho Tum – dedicated to neglected parents and elders. Interactors from seven schools – Jain International School, Modern School, Wonderland School, St Ursala's School, Dinanath High School, Center Point Katol Road presented a cultural show. They did a skit on Sudama and Krishna and performed dances on famous bhajans. The programme was organised by Chairpersons, Namita Sharma and Shalini Naidu under the able guidance of advisor Renu Thapar. The programme was followed by delicious lunch.


President Atul Shah, Sec. Shabbar Shakir, President Elect Prashant Kale, Director Manish Bhati, IPP Tauby Bhagwagar and senior Rotarians Gulab Mehant, Capt. Ashok Narang, Sharad Bhave and many others were present to enjoy the programme and share in their happiness. -Chairpersons Anita Jain and Neeta Kale Anita Jain – A Super Effort

9 While Children perform, the crowd cheers, Dr Ravi sings and PP Gulab speaks



“Atithi Devo Bhava”, sticking to the parampara of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans, the distinguished guests President Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Chairperson Purvi Thakar, Rtn Rajan Mulani Principal Mrs. Shastri and Vice Principal Mrs Parvati Iyer were warmly welcomed with words and bouquets. LIGHT – A symbol of brightness, energy, life and vitality. An Installation of Interact Club Bhavans B.P. Vidya Mandir, Shri Krishna Nagar started on 29thof August, 2012 by lighting the Traditional Lamp followed by prayer. “If you think in terms of a year…. plant a seed, 10 years…. Plant trees…. 100 years….teach people…” this is a quote for Interact Club by Past President Kirat Bains. He recalled the year 2011-12 of moments edged in their mind forever, he assured to turn back to these memories as reminders of being responsible citizens. He listed out certain activities conducted like seeds distribution in the school to value a greener world. Slogan writing competition and a special trip to get a glimpse into the pure world of specially abled children. Finally the moment arrived to ring out the old ones and ring in the new, time for the wave of change, time for installation of new office bearer brought Atharva Babre as new President and Nupur Vyas as Secretary. Unique

project of collecting specs and distributing to needy is the attempt taken by interractors this year. Atul shah addressed the enthusiastic team, he focused on all round development along with academics, emphasized to remain child at heart at the same time should think out of box and rediscover self, apart from studies by participating in workshops. Sanskruti and Sukhbeer kaur efficiently compared the program and Vote of Thanks was proposed by Secretary Nupur Vyas followed by movie reflecting social message and a National Anthem concluded our last installation ceremony of this year. -Purvi Thakar


The Winner of Best Installation Trophy of 2011 - 12 JAMALI ENGLISH SCHOOL along with HUSAMIAH GIRLS AND HUSAMIAH BOYS HIGH SCHOOL installed the new team of Interactors on 25th of August, 2012. Past President Akhtar Naimoon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, Chairperson Purvi Thakar, School Principal Mrs. Munira Hussain Wardhawala and Mrs Shabana Khan were warmly welcomed with Flowers. By Tilawat (short prayer) they started the proceedings. Outgoing President MARIYAM MEMON (Jamali High School) briefed about collection of Grains and a visit to Mother Teresa ashram, Collection of Rs. 40,000/- for polio eradication program, plantation of Neem Saplings. She proudly mentioned about winning 1st prize in a drawing competition. Outgoing President of Husamiah Boys and Girls High School SHAFEEN ARSHAD and JAHA came out with successful completion of tree plantation through fund raising project - Khari Kamai. They expressed their gratitude towards Rotary for self upliftment and D a y & Night Lip B alm


progress in all spheres. “Sada Muskurana aur Sabko Pyaar Karna, Kisi Ummid ke bina khud ko arpit kar dena” this Motive of Rotary was understood and heartily accepted by Interactors. Promising New team of - Jamali School with President Sabiha Fatema and secretary Sherabano Indorewala, Husamiah Boys High School President Adnan-ur-Rahman Khan and SecretaryGufran Alam Husamiah Girls High School President Tahseen Ansari and Secretary Ramsha Firdous was inducted and pledged to continue doing better work for the society by undertaking the projects like visit to Ashram and fulfilling their daily needs like hair oil, soap, grain etc in coming year. PP Akhtar Maimoon relayed an inspiring story which conveyed the message that leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. Deeba and Busra did a commendable job by compering the program very effectively and concluded by vote of thanks and National Anthem. -Purvi Thakar Fruity Lip B alm


F l avor

• Coconut • Strawberry • Cherry • Mango • Green Apple

B.V.M (Civil lines)

Purva Rathi, the master of ceremonies called to order the meeting. The school prayer was sung by the school choir and the Rotary dignitaries were welcomed with rose saplings.


Vishwanath Joshi, the outgoing President of Inertact club of B.V.M read his report of the past year where toys were collected and donated to St.Johns School and old clothes were distributed to tribals in Gadchiroli. President Atul told the children that to excel in life one has to work for it. He said that a school takes care of your academics but Interact helps you to overcome challenges in life and recognise rising opportunities. He further explained how Interact helps you to focus on community service which helps you to reach out to people and develop leadership qualities. Leadership is to be the first one who takes an initiative. After the President's address, a film was shown on "hunger" which had a strong message. Pratheek Rathi the new Interact President said that being chosen to be the President was a great honour to him as he believes in Rotary and supports its notion to serve the community to ones best abilities.


The installation of CDS School Interact Club was held on 3 Aug 2012. The meeting was called to order by outgoing president of the club, followed by welcoming of guests and reciting of prayers. Outgoing president presented her report. President Atul installed the new team of President Jigisha Nagrare. Jigisha promised to fulfill her duties. Pres Atul in his speech encouraged the children to be enterprising and to aspire to win laurels in academics as well as in extracurricular activities, to groom their overall personality. He reminded the children to follow traffic rules and become a law abiding citizen. Secretary Sudesh Wasnik proposed the vote of thanks, followed by National Anthem. Pres. Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Dir. Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, Chairpersons Shalini Naidu, Namita Sharma, and Sonal Ajmera were present to grace the occasion. -Sonal Ajmera


New Team of INTERACT CLUB at Center Point School, Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur was installed on 3rd of August, 2012. Dignitaries on the Dias President Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, School Principal Mrs. Sumathi Venugopalan and Chairperson Purvi Thakar were warmly

Welcomed with Saplings. President Atul Shah and other dignitaries on the dais lit the traditional lamp, a short prayer sung by students made the atmosphere divine. Outgoing President Anando Ghosh presented his report, he mentioned about sale of rakhis and visit to an orphanage. New Enthusiastic and Promising team for the year 2012-13 with Raunak Jajodia as President and Kopal Gupta as Secretary were installed. President Atul Shah congratulated the new team and mentioned the importance of Interact Club which provides a platform for the Interactors to fulfill their duties towards society by becoming a responsible citizen and it also helps in self development of an individual. President reminded them to follow traffic rules. The New President Raunak Jajodia presented acceptance Speech and his team has decided that they will finance fees to needy students. They also plan to collect old notebook and stationery item for students of under privilege section of the society. Secretary Kopal Gupta presented vote of thanks. Immediate Past President Tauby Bhagwagar, CoChairpersons Interact Sonal Ajmera and Namita Sharma added a special grace to the function by their presence. -Purvi Thakar




Jain International School Miss Purvi Agrawal, outgoing president of Interact club of Jain International school called to order the meeting, after which the Rotary guests were felicitated. A beautiful prayer song was sung to invoke devine blessing. This song was written by the Jain school hindi teacher. Purvi Agrawal felt nostalgic while reading her report. She said that to be an Interactor is an honour.S he read out the work done by the previous Interact team like selling rakhees, contribution to the cause of pulse polio, donating walking sticks to the old etc. President Atul complimented the calm prayer song and said the school was beautiful with a fantastic infrastructure. He urged the Interactors to

participate in activities and perform acts of kindness and not to break traffic rules especially at traffic signals.Ritika Gupta, the newly installed President listed the activities the new team planned to have. Raunak Badjate proposed the vote of thanks. -Shalini Naidu


The new team of Interact Club of St. John's High School was installed on 9th Aug. The Rotarians and School Principal were welcomed with flower which was followed by lighting of lamp. School Music incharge Mrs Karmkar sang a beautiful Bhajan Tum Asha Vishwas hamre. Since last year Interact President has left the school, Secretary Jayesh read the report. He mentioned the two important projects taken up last year

were cleanliness drive and checking of leaking taps to save water. President Atul Shah installed the new office bearers comprising of President Harsh Mahatme and Secretary as Damanjeet Grover .In his acceptence speech Interact President Harsh mentioned some project like collection and donation of unused medicine and recycling of waste to make compost. President Atul Shah in his motivational speech congratulated the new team and asked them to sharpen their skill to develop as individuals. He encouraged the children to become leaders by taking the first step in good direction. An award winning short film was shown to them and Interactors were encouraged to make a film on some social message. Principal Mr Muthuchamy thanked Rotary for providing such a good platform for children. Secretary Damanjeet presented vote of thanks. Apart from President Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, Chairperson Namita Sharma and Co Chairperson Shalini Naidu were present. -Namita Sharma


On 1 Aug, the new Board of Interactors was installed at Modern school, Koradi Road. The School Captain, President of Interact Club and school band welcomed the Rotary Team and escorted them to the dais. President Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director New Generation Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar and Chairperson Namita Sharma were given floral welcome. To create awareness about Blood donation, Interactors presented a skit on the subject. Outgoing President Aditi presented her report in which she mentioned some of the projects like donation towards Polio eradication and nutrition, drive for Eco friendly Ganesha, zero litter day and making of paperbags. President Atul Shah inducted promising new team of office bearer in which Drishti Sharma and Shafia took over as President and Secretary. Drishti in her acceptance speech showed commitment to carry out Rotary ideals forward. They have chalked out certain program for the year like visit to old age home and blind school and catering to their needs. They would also like to organize Inter Interact competitions.

President Atul Shah congratulated the last year team for the good work and appreciated their effort to promote blood donation. He encouraged children to use Interact as platform to develop life skills. Secretary Shafia proposed a formal vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem. Co-chairperson Shalini Naidu, Sonal Ajmera, MadhuMrig and Inderjeet Singh were present. -Namita Sharma

SFS HIGH SCHOOL New Interact team of SFS High School was installed in a well organized function on 17th August 2012. President Elect Prashant Kale was there to grace the occasion. The ceremony started with welcoming of guests with flowers. Lighting of lamp was followed by prayer and singing of hymn. The new team of President Kevin Lancelot and his team was installed. Kevin pledged to continue doing the good work. President Elect Prashant Kale motivated the children to be always tuned to positivity, so that no hardships can deter them from achieving their goals. Director Sandeep Pathak gave information about film making competition. The ceremony came to an end with singing of the National Anthem. Teacher in charge Sanket Medha and Dolly Francis worked hard for the success of the programme. -Sonal Ajmera


SOUTH POINT SCHOOL Mansi Pakhale the IPP called the meeting to order. The Rotary dignitaries were welcomed with neem saplings. A beautiful prayer song was sung by the school choir. Mansi Pakhale IPP said ," Life is about creating yourself." She read out the past years Interact activity report and pledged the Interactors will continue to do their best to society and quoted ,"a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.� President Elect Prashant Kale addressed the Interactors. He felt that by being an Interactor, it gave the children a platform to better themselves. He said Interact activities allowed the children to mingle with each other and they select activities which made them happy, helped them give back to society, be service oriented and not react to criticism. Ayushi Kamble the newly elected Interact President spoke about the importance of peace. She said happiness does not depend on what we get out of what we give, happy is he who perfumes selfishness. The vote of thanks was proposed by Manthan Sarvarkar followed by a closing chorus sung by the school choir after which the national anthem


was sung. The Rotarians present at the installation ceremony were Prashant Kale, Shabbar Shakir, Sandeep Pathak and Shalini Naidu. -Shalini Naidu

SANDIPANI SCHOOL New Interact team of Sandipani School was installed in a wellorganized function on 9th Aug. President Elect Prashant Kale presided. The lighting of lamp was followed by Saraswati Vandana. Outgoing Interact President Snigdha Rathi thanked Rotary for giving this opportunity to do something for the society. In her report she mentioned that Interactors took part in Elocution completion and District Intreact Meet which was an enriching experience. For the year 2012-13 Shreya Bolla and Pallavi Parwarkar was inducted as President and Secretary respectively. In her acceptance speech, Shreya said that she will try to maintain pride of the president badge and showed commitment on behalf of all the Interactors that they will take part in all the activities and projects initiated by Rotary. President Elect Prashant simplified the meaning of Interactor that it means to interact and grow. He said that Rotary gives you an opportunity to be a better human being. Director New Generation Sandeep Pathak told them that a Film (on social issues) making competition is being

organized this year and showed a short film on wastage of food . Secy. Pallavi proposed the vote of thanks. Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor RenuThapar, Chairperson Interact Namita and Shalini Naidu attended the ceremony. -Namita Sharma

ST. JOHN'S HIGH SCHOOL The new team of Interact Club of St. John's High School was installed on 9th Aug. The Rotarians and School Principal were welcomed with flower which was followed by lighting of lamp. School Music incharge Mrs Karmkar sang a beautiful Bhajan Tum Asha Vishwas hamre. Since last year Interact President has left the school, Secretary Jayesh read the report. He mentioned the two important projects taken up last year were cleanliness drive and checking of leaking taps to save water. President Atul Shah installed the new office bearers comprising of President Harsh Mahatme and Secretary as Damanjeet Grover .In his acceptence speech Interact President Harsh mentioned some project like collection and donation of unused medicine and recycling of waste to make compost. President Atul Shah in his motivational speech congratulated the new team and asked them to sharpen their skill to develop as individuals. He encouraged the children to become leaders by taking the first step in good direction. An award winning short film was shown to them and Interactors were encouraged to make a film on some social message. Principal Mr Muthuchamy thanked Rotary for

providing such a good platform for children. Secretary Damanjeet presented vote of thanks . Apart from President Atul Shah, Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, Chairperson Namita Sharma and Co Chairperson Shalini Naidu were present. -Namita Sharma


MSB EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE New Team of INTERACT CLUB at MSB EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE was rd installed on 23 of August, 2012. The Program started with a beautiful Prayer/Qirat. Dignitaries on the Dias Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Director Sandeep Pathak, Advisor Renu Thapar, School Principal Mrs Razia Hussain and Chairperson Purvi Thakar were warmly Welcomed with Flowers. “Giving each one an equal chance to come out with their hidden talents this is what Interact is all about” these were the words by the



Outgoing President Mohammed Izzy. He claimed that he was very timid, shy and afraid of Public speaking but shouldering responsibilities as President has given him Confidence to face the World. “Say No To Plastic And Cleanliness Drive”, were two missions successfully executed by interactors last year. Zainab Company and Nisreen Turkey were inducted as President and Secretary respectively. President Zainab showed commitment to work zealously for a social cause and presented tentative agenda of Organizing Inhouse spell bee, hand writing competition on Children's Day, Cleanliness Drive in the School and Visit to a village with the importance of personal hygiene. EID MUBARAK!! Was wished by Director Sandeep Pathak to the New team of Interactors. He highlighted the importance of school life, mentioned that one can help others only by developing own personality. He elaborated the duties and responsibilities of the four Interact directors. A short movie, giving a social message opened up the eyes of viewers. Secretary Nisreen Turkey presented vote of thanks. The program was ended by Vazi-Fatus-Shukr(Prayer) and National Anthem. -Purvi Thakar


Ajay Sancheti leads by example

Timed to perfection

It is privilege to be associated with one of the large corporate houses from Nagpur not only because it is well-respected name in infrastructure development but also due to the fact that the person running the show is Member of Parliament and importantly member of our club. It was no surprise then when the blood donation camp was organized Ajay Sancheti was the first one to donate blood. The camp was organized on the occasion of 2nd death anniversary of his father and founder of company late Shri Shakti Kumar Sancheti. Shri Abhay Sancheti and Shri Anand Sancheti,

directors at SMS were also present. The camp began at 2.30 pm. Significantly large number of female employees lined up for blood donation. The total count stood at impressive 51. Our very own Rotarian and AVP at SMS Infra Rtn Sandip Dhodapkar along with HR Manager Mr Sujit Acharjya coordinated the camp. President Atul Shah, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, Parag Paranjpe, Sandip Dhodapkar and Chairperson Dr Sheela Mundhada were also present during the camp. -Parag Paranjpe


Waiting patiently Community welfare committee along with nutrition and child care committee celebrated independence day with the Children of Antar Bharti School. Antar Bharti School is school for children from slum which is well managed by Retd Wing commander Mr. Hastak and a team of dedicated retired army officers. Club President Atul Shah was chief guest for the programme. Programme started with flag hosting by President Atul Shah. Mr Hastak in his speech

Food Time!!! shared his memories of Nagpur before independence and briefed about efforts taken by him and his friends to keep Antar bharti school going for last 30 years. President Atul shah and all Rotarians present were taken around the school. Our committee distributed fruits and biscuits to all children. Club donated few informative posters and a black board to the school and we also committed to the school to provide nutritious food to all the school children for rest of the

ON MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Rotary Club of Nagpur Orange City had organised a Regional seminar on membership on August 5th at Hotel L.B. It was a rainy day but it was interesting to note that the hall was full to capacity, which shows the enthusiasm of Nagpur Rotarians. DG Sanjay Meshram was in an interactive mode and actively contributed to the discussions. The seminar started and concluded on schedule and was quite informative and the speakers spoke well with confidence. Adolescence is a time of many transitions for both teens and their families. To ensure that teens and adults navigate these transitions successfully, it is important that they be given proper guidance and counselling. Keeping in mind a workshop on problem related to Adolensce was organised at Modern School. Renowned Pediatrician and child psychologist Dr. Shubhda Khirwadkar took the session .President Interactor Drishti Sharma welcomed Dr. Khirwadkar and chairperson Namita Sharma . With the keen audience of over 200 student, Dr. Shubhda, started the session with ANGER MANAGEMENT and covered topics like SELF

A Child's Smile – Utopia!! year thru our Nutrition and child care committee. The Programe was well attended by number of Rotarians, Shefali shah, Hon. Sc. Shabbar Shakir, Varsha Paranjape, Divya Bhati, Sandhya Agarwal, Kiran Wankhede, mamta jaiswal, Sachin Palewar, Vandan Palewar, Manish Bhati. Chairpersons Vanita Shukul, Madhu Mrig, Smita Chaubey


Our member PDG Satish Sule was the forum leader and handled the seminar in his inimitable style and gusto. PP Vijay Naidu participated in one the sessions "Big fight" and had his say on the subject "Quality N Quantity or Growth N Development". IPP Tauby Bhagwagar had the final session all to herself and she very confidently drove home "the 7 golden steps we take in RC of Nagpur" on membership development, right from proposing a new members to assimilating



them in our fold. Besides the above speakers, Rtn Prashant Kale, PP Shabbir Shakir, Shabbar Shakir, Nilufer Rana and myself were representing our club at the seminar. Seminar was followed by lunch and more fellowship. I feel that we should have a better turnout at the District Events in view of our membership strength. The next seminar is on September 2nd and hosted by RC Nagpur Downtown. -Bharat Goenka


ESTEEM AND SELF AWARENESS, COPING WITH EMOTIONS and ART TO SAY NO smoothly. Student enthusiastically took part in all the activities, whether it was enactment of given situation or games. A box was kept in the school, four days prior and students were expected to put their queries in it. Questions relating to peer pressure, concentration problems, pimples ,sibling rivalry etc were being handled by Dr. Khirwadkar. A movie which won an award in short film category was shown to children and details regarding Film making competition was given to them. Secretary Interact Shafia proposed the vote of thanks. -Namita Sharma Dr Shubhada Khirwadkar has the audience mesmerized


Under the Guidance & Supervision of Prez. Atul Shah, Shabbar Shakir and Mahendra Kamath, PNavroze & Eid Fellowship was organised on 19th August. Nearly 300 Rotary family members attended the fellowship which was held in perfect spirit of monsoon. A small Hawker Zone was created and everyone enjoyed the Bhuttas, Channachors & Sev puris on the Thela itself. Two Funny Games "Ye Item mujhe dede Thakur" & "Funny Sawal Stupid Jawab" were enjoyed by almost all. Children also enjoyed their counter games, maggi, giggles & tattoos. A little different lipsmacking menu was arranged on the special occasion of Eid & Navroze and as always appreciated by all. All this was with the total help and support of Parul Shah, Shweta Singh, Swati Agrawal, Varsha Paranjpe, Ruchi Chaudhary, Mamta Kanga, Sarang Kale, Raj Shah & Neeru Bhatia. - Rahul Chaudhary & Anushka Kale

Child's Play

Rain Gods could not dampen the spirits

Chat over Chaat

Chef Shabbar

Festive Atmosphere


Rahul Chaudhary in high elements

Circle of Friends!!!

NAVROZE I D Fel lowsh i p

Jhappi Paa Le!!!

Sitting Pretty!!!

Everyone wants to be heard


Under the Guidance & Supervision of Prez. Atul Shah, Shabbar Shakir and Mahendra Kamath, PNavroze & Eid Fellowship was organised on 19th August. Nearly 300 Rotary family members attended the fellowship which was held in perfect spirit of monsoon. A small Hawker Zone was created and everyone enjoyed the Bhuttas, Channachors & Sev puris on the Thela itself. Two Funny Games "Ye Item mujhe dede Thakur" & "Funny Sawal Stupid Jawab" were enjoyed by almost all. Children also enjoyed their counter games, maggi, giggles & tattoos. A little different lipsmacking menu was arranged on the special occasion of Eid & Navroze and as always appreciated by all. All this was with the total help and support of Parul Shah, Shweta Singh, Swati Agrawal, Varsha Paranjpe, Ruchi Chaudhary, Mamta Kanga, Sarang Kale, Raj Shah & Neeru Bhatia. - Rahul Chaudhary & Anushka Kale

Child's Play

Rain Gods could not dampen the spirits

Chat over Chaat

Chef Shabbar

Festive Atmosphere


Rahul Chaudhary in high elements

Circle of Friends!!!

NAVROZE I D Fel lowsh i p

Jhappi Paa Le!!!

Sitting Pretty!!!

Everyone wants to be heard



A very successful General Health Check Up and Sickle Cell Diagnostic Camp was organized by Slum development Committee for children between the age group of 6 months to 14 years at Mariumnagar Slum on Sat 25th Aug from 11- 3 PM. This project was taken up with co-operation and noble services of Dr. Dipti Jain and her team of Doctors from GMC comprising of Dr Amol Bhandarwar, Dr Yogesh Trivedi, Sheetal Thelkar, Poonam Bagte, and Sanghrakshit Jambulkar. The camp started with an awareness talk on sickle cell followed by thorough checks up of children including height, weight and were


then examined for all health related problems. Blood test for sickle cells was done of every child. Fortunately all the results were negative. A few critical cases were also diagnosed. A 13 year old girl was suffering from hole in the heart, another was a suspected case of chicken gunya, scabies, slow milestone etc. Counseling of parents of these children's was done. Dr Dipti Jain referred these critical cases to GMC for further treatment. A constant follow up will be done and all possible help will be given to the patients. This was the first ever health check up camp to detect sickle cell held


Correctable deafness detection and EAR Surgery Camp @ Yogiraj Hospital, Ramtek Diagnostic Camp: 12th August 2012 Total patients screened : 56 with Ear complaints. Audiograms performed by Dr Ashish Disawal :


33 patients. Selected for Surgery : 25 路 21 major and 4 minor 路 the major surgeries which are planned arestapedectomy- 1, Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty- 4 and tympanoplasty- 16.



The festive atmosphere was missing due to demise of Union Cabinet Minister from Maharashtra but the enthusiasm was very much visible amongst the inmates of the school. The occasion was distribution of hearing aid on Independence day at Government Handicap School. These hearing aids were procured through the generous donation of Dr Belsare and family. The beneficiary were earlier identified and aids were accordingly customized by Dr Neena Parikh for them. Before the start of the

in Mariumnagar slum. The response was tremendous. More than sixty children benefitted from this camp. We are thankful to Dr Dipti Jain and her team for extending their services. Biscuit packets were distributed to the children. Thanks to coordinator Sulochana for her help in reaching out to the needy for such services. Director Parag Paranjpe, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir were present and appreciated the hard work of Chairpersons Kusum Pande, Neerja Shukul, Ragini Sahu and Pinky Batra. -Ragini Sahu

路 The minor surgeries planned are Grommet insertion - 4, Examination under microscope and keratosis excision 1. -Dr Nandu Kolwadkar


program, rotarians also saw the speech therapy unit and physiotherapy unit donated by our club earlier. It was satisfying to see good use of these instruments and the benefit which is accruing to inmates. The project began at 10am. President Atul in his address thanked Dr Belsare for his generous donation and reaffirmed club's support to the school. School incharge Mr Santape and teacher incharge Mr Dinesh made excellent arrangements. Dr Rajesh Singhvi who coordinated the project was also present. Large

number of Rotarians and Rotary Anns turned out for the project on wonderful morning including senior members Rtn Rajan Bhatia, Sylvester Issac, Anita Jain, Dr Iqbal Khan, Dr Rathi, Dr Neena Parikh, Hon Secretary Shabbar Shakir, First lady Shefali Shah, Ritika Singhvi, Tushar Singhvi, Director Shaunak Mokadam, Manjot Kahai, Parag Paranjpe, Chairpersons Neeta Gupta, Gogi Bhasin, and Shailaja Pingle. -Parag Paranjpe

FOOD FACTS When computers hadn't come of age and grandma's medical advice was considered to be the last word on health care – a bunch of myths gained a stronghold. In the present times, when access to the internet is possible, lots of such myths have been debunked. However, it's still difficult to disregard the time tested advice. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that with my first born, 'one egg a day' was a must. A couple of years down the line it was said that cholesterol build-up started from a young age. Well, with my second born it was not more than 'two egg yolks a week'. And now ? It turns out to be one more myth. According to the Heart Foundation, 300mg of cholesterol per day is recommended. Stay within those limits remembering that each egg contains 200mg of cholesterol. So, go ahead enjoy your egg. Wives, make him a fried egg with one yolk and two whites. Its tried and tested, believe me, and there have been no complaints.

Cooking robs fruits and veggies of nutrients. Another myth! May be true to some extent but remember cooking softens the veggies and makes them easier to chew and release more nutrients. Take the middle path and go for stir fried or sautéed food. Do you avoid nuts because they are fattening? They do have fat but it is of the good kind. Dry roasted peanuts, for example, are good. Researchers are of the view that fat in nuts make you feel full and reduces hunger. There you go, dieters! Eat nuts without guilt pangs! Don't eat yoghurt at night! That's another myth I grew up with. Now, my dinner is not complete without a bowl of 'dahi' smothered with sugar! Only because my doc rubbished that belief !! While we are talking about myths related to food, let us also know the facts. DID YOU KNOW THAT : - Anti-oxidants such as the vitamin C in red capsicum fight inflammation? - Beans, whether dried, canned or frozen – are rich sources of folate, the B vitamin that


The Students…… Conitnuing with our program of grooming the Next Generation of the society, Rotary club of Nagpur organized a workshop on Interview Skills For the students of Sadabai Raisoni Womens College.The Workshop was conducted by Rtn.Mr.Sharad Bhave. Rtr Sayali Deshmukh welcomed him. At the outset President Atul Shah addressed the

HEALTH FREAK guards against heart attacks? - Legumes (beans, peas and lentils) are a rich source of protein, high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat. - Eating small amounts of good fat makes a healthy diet? - Vinegar keeps post-meal spikes in blood sugar down by 30 to 55% ? - Leaves from broccoli stalks have more vitamin A than the florets? - Pomegranate juice has both antiinflammatory and anti-oxidant powers? - High potassium levels in sultanas (kishmish) can help reduce blood pressure? - Indian food is particularly rich in ingredients that bolster the immune system? - Spinach contains many healing nutrients? Well now, that's a lot of health talk for the timebeing. Next month, we shall bring you some tried and tested recipe. _Khushnoor S.Chugh


……. Dr Sharad Bhave…… students and informed them about the significance of this workshop for them. Rtn. Sharad Bhave spoke about the recruitment and selection in a corporate world.He also spoke about the types of interview a person can face in his life.He provided the students with some important techniques keeping in mind the Corporate Recruitment strategy, which will surely help

…….and Sandeep Pathak them for their placements. More than 80 students actively participated in the workshop. The President, Rotary Club Of Nagpur, Atul Shah encouraged the students and inspired them to conduct many such activities. Sandeep Pathak, Shabbar Shakir and Jatin Sampat were also present. Shalakha Gambhir delivered the Vote of Thanks. - Shalakha Gambhir



The installation ceremony of newly elected members of the Rotaract club of Sadabai Raisoni Women's College was conducted at the Shradha House counselling hall, Kingsway Nagpur, on 16th of August . The ceremony started at 10:40am. Ateeba Khan hosted the ceremony. The ceremony started by lighting of the lamp by our President Atul Shah and others present from our Rotary Club. Tokens in the form of chocolate packs were given and a welcome song sung by Ritu and Mayuri . This was followed by handing

AT SADABAI RAISONI WOMEN’S COLLEGE over the collar to Isha Khurana – president, by the past president Peue Das and lapel pins to the other board members by Isha in the presence of Rotary President Atul Shah. aSuruchi Pimple, coordinator of SRWC enlightened the students with her aspiring words, explaining to the students why being a member of the Rotaract Club was so important for improving one's conscious state and realizing that each one of us has the will to do better for society. Rtn Atul Shah was impressed with the singers of the Welcome Song and encouraged them to pursue their art. Further he emphasised the need to make a difference in the world, not just by big actions but by every day smaller actions that ultimately become a movement to reckon with! He encouraged the Rotaract members to participate in all events and to take benefit of workshops and seminars arranged for them. Peue Das, the past President spoke of her amazing and eye opening experience in

Rotaract and her growth in the club, while the newly elected president Isha Khurana expressed her pleasure to take up the high responsibility position with grit, conviction and willpower to do her best! Hon. Secretary Shabbar Shakhir, director youth services Sandeep Pathak, President elect Prashant Kale, RCC Jatin Sampat, RCC Sapna Vastani, Rotary Ann Farzana Haque and DRR Malhar Deshpande, Prashant Rajurkar also graced the ceremony with their presence. The ceremony ended at 11.30am with a vote of thanks by Shalakha Gambhir and National Anthem sung by everyone. Lastly the Installation was ended with some refreshing tea and snacks, giving a chance for some informal chatter with all present. A highly well managed and interactive ceremony indeed… Kudos to Sadabai! -Farzana Haque


Installation Meeting of the Rotaract Club of Tuli college of Hotel Management was held at


the college premises on 28th of August @12.00 noon. The meeting was called to order and after the lighting of the lamp a floral welcome was accorded to all the dignitaries present. The Report of the last year was presented by the rotaractors. Rtr. Abhishek Singh took over as President of the Club while Rtr Vaibhav Goyal took charge as thee Hon. Secretary. Rt. Ann Urvashi Yashroy in her capacity as the Director of the Institute addressed the gathering and asked the rotaractors present to involve themselves in the activities of the club

and focus on becoming better citizens. In his address our President Elect Rtn Prashant Kale emphasised on the need for self and community development. He also asked all present to understand and follow the Four Way Test in all aspects of their lives for a Peaceful aqnd better tomorrow. Also present on the occasion were Hon Secretary Rtn Shabbar Shakhir, Director New Generations Rtn Sandeep Pathak, RCC Rtn Jatin Sampat & college in-charge Rt. Ann Amruta Thakur. - Amruta Thakur


Prizes.... A Take Rotary Home was organized at Monal & Gauri Malji's house on Saturday 11th August 2012. They were the perfect host for the evening with a beautiful ambience set by them on their rooftop and with full co-operation from the rain Gods, the climate became awesome. There were a total 15 couples including the host and our President. Rotary information was shared by PP Arun Bhargava, wherein he


....Friendships .... informed us about the membership strength of various Rotary Clubs around the globe. We stand at 36th number at the International level, where as in India we are the 3rd largest club, Kudos!. Keeping our members on toes, Jayshree Singhee introduced two lovely musical games which were enjoyed by all. Cadbury chocolates were given as prizes to the winners.

.....and more Prizes Finally, it was time for the food cooked and brought by our lovely Rotarian cooks. One thing is for sure - we can beat any cook around the world. The sumptuous food, taste, and the menu set by Chairpersons Manju Bhatia & Sangeeta Parekh was fantastic and liked by all. Vote of Thanks was proposed by Jatin Sampat. -Manju Bhatia & Sangeeta Parekh


Beena makes a point Can workshops be entertaining? Sure !!! Why not? Driving your point to the students need not come only from bygones or archives but it can be brought to them through funny & fresh live experiences. The topic was 'Secrets of public speaking & body language'. The Speaker was Beena Mathew who had

only one thing in mind- not to lecture but to interact, to set the right feeling, to give an experience & turn every student into an active performer. On 7th August morning 10 am, more than 80 management students of Raisoni College gathered important tips on the topic. Many reluctants turned participants by the end. A video clipping on the spectacular entry of Michael Jackson was one of the highlights. Sonal Singhvi maintained the fun quotient of the workshop with interesting activities. PP Vijay Naidu enlightened 'rotaractism' in them. Hon.Sec Shabbar Shakir, Dir New Generations Sandeep Pathak, Rotarians Dinesh Naidu Vikram Naidu,Tushar Singhvi, Smita Bhargava, Kusum Pandey and First Lady Shefali Shah made their valuable

The students absorb it all presence. Not to forget the hardworking duo Jatin Sampat and Sapna Vastani whose co ordinated teaming with Rotaractors & the youth committee resulting in such 'life skills' programs for the youths. Still many more miles to go! -Beena Mathew


WORKSHOP ON BREAST FEEDING Talk On Benefits Of Breast Feeding In Four Slums On 13th and 16th Aug- Slum Dev And Women Upliftment Comm Due to paucity of time and as a matter of convenience, mothers these days opt for top feed as a substitute for breast milk to feed their infants. During the' Breast Feeding Week' , to spread awareness on importance and benefits of breast feeding, Slum Dev Comm organised a talk on Mon 13th August in Panchpaoli and Indora slum and on Thurs 16th Aug in Krishnanagar and Mariumnagar slum between 3 to 5 p.m.A very eminent speaker and award winner in this field Dr Aasolkar, Past President of Matru Seva Sangh spoke for this noble cause. A gathering of more than 30 married and unmarried women were present in each slum. Dr. Aasolkar very aptly explained the importance of mother's milk and its nutritive values. Suckling is natural by birth and mother's milk is best for a child's health which


A Work shop was arranged on 28th August 2012 at 1 PM in Seva Sadan Durbal Manask Mulanchi Shala (MSS) for inmates & caretakers. On the request of the management, they were taught an advanced course on Permanent Rangoli through ply cutouts. The concept & process of manufacturing


apart from mother's love and affection gives immunity specially from colostrum-first milk produced, psychological security,higher intelligence,orthodontic benefits and a good digestion ability to the new born. Various doubts and myths were cleared and queries were answered convincingly. The program was a grand success in motivating and encouraging the women folk about their rights and duties as a mother towards their new born. The talk was followed by a brief discussion on "General Health And Hygiene " by Rtn Kusum

Pande. How taking care of cleanliness in and around the house can prevent many diseases was explained. Keen interest was shown by the women present. The project concluded with distribution of nailcutters and soap to women present. PP Tauby, Dir Parag Paranjape, Timmy Bawa, Shifali Shah, Sachin Palliwal graced the project. Chairpersons Nirja Shukul, Kusum Pande Pinky Batra and Ragini Sahu gave full contribution and support to make the project a success. -Ragini Sahu


had been well understood by the participants. Around 12 participants attended the Workshop. Rt Ann Sadhana Paliwal had conducted the workshop & was helped by Rt Ann Neelima Malani (also the President of Inner Wheel), Rt Ann Geeta Rao, Rtn. Shabbar Shakir

(Secretary) & Rtn. Sharad Paliwal. Mrs. Smita Chate Principal and other office bearers of the institution were also present and had appreciated the workshop. All the 120 inmates and staff were also served with refreshments. -Sadhana Paliwal


Bharat & Jyoti Goenka Bharat Goenka, the Vice President of our club, impresses you with his simplicity and easy demeanor. He is the quintessential 'Raymond' man, disciplined, caring and stylish!! Not himself a Nagpurite, Bharat hails from Akola, a city colonised by the SawatramRamprasad family when they set up a composite textile mill there in 1911. Bharat was born in this very prestigious family to Smt. Padma and Shri Niranjan Kumar Goenka in 1956. Grandmother Smt. Radha Devi Goenka, was a freedom fighter and close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders of that time and entered politics to be a MLA & minister in regime of Ravishankarji Shukla. The Goenka family have initiated a number of charitable institutions in Akola and are also involved in other philanthropic activities.A charitable institution runs a girl college, boys school, girls school, CBS school and hostel for women, providing education to over 4500 students right from KG to PG, at negligible fees. Bharat does not have too many memories of his early childhood except that he got a second lease on life when their sprawling wooden haveli was set to fire in the dead of night when the family was sleeping, and he was nearly left behind in the subsequent melee. It was his cousin who remembered him at the last moment and pulled him out.Thank God for her presence of mind. His primary education was at Holy Cross Convent, Akola and then he did his Senior Cambridge from The Scindia School, Gwalior. When he talks of his formative years at

Scindia, the pleasure and excitement on his face is a sight to behold. Apart from academics, he was exposed to a completely d i ff e r e n t w o r l d w h e r e h e participated in all kind of sportsriding, field games and athletics. His Principal and English teacher instilled a deep passion for English Literature in him. Having enrolled in the air wing of NCC, created in him a fascination for the Serviceshe wanted to join the NDA and then the Air Force. But hailing from a business family, he was discouraged from doing so and his dream remained unrealised. Bharat then did his B.Sc.(Maths) and B.Com. from Akola to facilitate his entry into business and agriculture. Although not business-oriented, he dared to challenge the two Tea multinationals and brought in truckloads of tea from the Northeast and started his own successful blending and branding of loose tea under the brand name of “AmritChaay�. According to Bharat, he would give only 6-7 years to any business and move on to another, and that resulted in numerous ventures ranging from white cement, ceramic tiles, farming, oil mill to his current one of building finishing materials and Ferro-alloys. Coming to Nagpur was also by accident when his distributor backed out and he had to start his own office here, as Nagpur was a growing and flourishing market. The family then finally moved here in 1997. Bharat, the small-town, dapper-looking Scindian married the just-out-of-school, effervescent, Breach-Candy girl Jyoti in 1979. He was completely floored by her in their first meeting and even under family pressure he put his foot down to consider any other proposals. They complemented each other perfectly and Jyoti remembers the first four years of their marriage (till the children happened) as an extended honeymoon. They are the proud parents of daughters Megha and Kanika, who are married and son Yash, who is pursing CA and B.Com and is also an upcoming musician. Together, Bharat and

UP CLOSE Jyoti have inculcated a sense of self-reliance and social responsibility in their children. Bharat owes his introduction to Rotary club of Nagpur in 1994 to Dr. ManmohanDaga and Kanu Mokha, though earlier he was a charter member of R.C of Akola East for four years. The club definitely helped him in establishing himself in Nagpur and on this platform he has cultivated numerous very close friendships. He especially remembers his work with the Nutrition Committee& Centennial Project with a sense of pride and achievement. His current term as Vice-President is not very demanding and he's enjoying his easy-going Directorship. Down the line, he sees himself as an active Rotarian, lending his silent support from the sidelines. Although Bharat enjoys the quiet lifestyle and social scene at Nagpur, he feels nostalgic about his life in Akola- the recognition that he enjoyed as the scion of the Goenka family, the sense of achievement that he got as a agricuklturist, 'creating value from nothing'. Given a chance, he would go back to his work on the fields, desk jobs are definitely not for him. He sometimes feels guilty about bringing Jyoti to Akola from Bombay, but Jyoti commends him highly for letting her live life her way and for backing her in all her decisions. Their mutual understanding and respect has indeed seen them shining together at all times. According to Bharat, his USP is his innate sense of discipline and deep respect for elders. He abhors any kind of complacency and that is also his negative quality which makes him 'finicky' in his own words, often making him lose his temper and reasoning. He is a fitness enthusiast who would not miss his morning walk and exercise regime for anything (the morning gossip and breakfast sessions included). As you get to know him further, you cannot remain unaffected by his intelligence and deep understanding of people. To people who know him closely (yours truly being one of them), he's the Rock of Gibraltar- solid, stable, always giving comfort and support. -AnjuBansal



Fall In L ine Board of Directors' Fall in Line


We take pride in the fact that our club has great systems and traditions. Here, not just the Club President , but the entire Board of Directors and most of the Committee Chairpersons and members take the assignment seriously and excel in the given job. In our club with 328 members, we have 65 Committees and more than 180 chairpersons who carry out numerous projects with great enthusiasm, using talent and resources. No wonder, we end up dishing out more than 300 worthy projects year after year. This treasure hunt is the first one in the 'Committee Chairs' series! In the puzzle above, you have to search for surnames of 24 Rotarians who are Committee Chairpersons in Rotary Year 201213. No Rocket Science this..... All that you have to do is to pick up your club file, refer the various Committees, get surnames and start locating them in the Criss-Cross, in a single straight line, in any possible direction....left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, slanting left to right, slanting right to left, slanting top to bottom or bottom to top. Simple ! Isn't it? After spotting these 24 Committee Chairs, you will be left with 14 unused letters spread helter skelter.Using all these, in proper order and adding 'S' to it, build up a Committee Chairpersons surname that is longest in our Club! Solve the puzzle, photocopy (why cut out from this lovely magazine?)












/email the all correct response to me at vishwasdg3030@ and give a tinkle on my cell no. 94221 06570 before 27th September, 2012. Lucky winner will be decided through draw of lots from all correct entries at the business meeting scheduled on 4th October 2012. Everyone in the Rotary family of our club and District is eligible to contest. Come on!Tickle your grey cells !! All the best !!! -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee



I had been to Kolkata, as TRF Cadre Technical Adviser on Rotary mission as Interim Monitor to inspect Health-Hunger-Humanity Grant # 66532 from 17th to 20th July,2012. The project is for integrated village development at Piyali Junction and four nearby villages, east of Kolkata. Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan, RID 3291 are the host sponsor of this grant worth USD 330,000/- ( ie. approx Rs. 1.8 Crores). Rotary Club of Santa Ynez Valley, California and RID 5240, USA are the primary international sponsors while six other Rotary Clubs in District 5240, USA , viz. Ojai, Ojai West, Santa Barbara Sunrise, Simi Sunset, Tousand Oaks and Ventura have also lent helping hand. PACE Universal, USA are the collaboraters. PACE Universal is a charitable organization headed by PDG Deepa Wellingham, and rendering yeomen humanitarian service in India, Mexico and Africa. Deepa hails from Kolkata , is in close touch with her roots and visits India often to monitor welfare programs supported by her. The 3H grant covers several facets of rural development such as Literacy and functional literacy ( including general knowledge,simple accounting, concept of banking and managing loan, hygiene, etc); Water and Sanitation ( installing 25 bore wells and 300 toilet blocks as per UNICEF design, Rain water harvesting, cleaning and de silting community ponds etc); Health and Welfare ( administering various immunization vaccines, de worming, general and specialized health checkups and treatment for Heart, Eye, ENT, Skin, Dental ,HIV prevention, etc);Infrastructure and Environment ( planting 10,000 fruit bearing trees,constructing connecting roads,

establishing cooperative vegetable gardens and animal husbandry, awareness against Polythene menace etc); and Vocational Training ( Sewing, Knitting, Computers, artificial jewelry etc); and Microcredit to 300 women from four villages trained under vocational guidance . Calcutta Metropolitan Club was founded in 1985 and has 64 members- all leaders in their vocation and community, and is an Outstanding Rotary Club on all counts. In RY 2011- 12 they contributed a whopping USD 116,000/-(Rs 64 Lacs) to the Rotary Foundation, thus topping per capita giving ( USD 1,812. per member) in RI Zone 4 and in

India. They also perhaps top the chart in implementing Matching Grant and 3H projects in the world. Their Grant history is interesting.... they have thus far completed and closed 40 MG projects, one 3H and one HG grant projects in Kolkata and around, total costing USD 1,525,000/ ( i.e. Rs 8.54 Crores), supported medical mission project in Bangladesh and Nigeria costing USD 2,599,272 ( i.e. Rs 14.55 crores). Besides, presently they have 20 open and ongoing Matching grants and 3H 66532 worth similar amount. Their MG projects are spread in Meghalaya, entire west Bengal , Bangladesh, Nigeria, Australia, and USA. In

the 21 running MG projects, they are host sponsors of 15 grants and International sponsors of 6 grants under execution in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Australia and USA. I was with the project committee for three days. On 18th July I addressed Calcutta Metropolitan's organizing committee members and project contacts handing the various aspects of the 3H 66532. The club deserves high praise for the dedication and the sheer magnitude of the humanitarian projects they are handling. The team members include PPs Jayanta Chatterjee, Jayanta Neogi, Primary Contact Club Secretary Subir Dutta, Club President Seema Daga, , Dr Naresh Goyal, Bimal Pal, Anjan Das, Maitrayee Ghosh, Dibyendu Banerjee, & Dr Neerja Rateria. The club has ten luminaries as Honorary members including Pandit Jasraj , Bickram Ghosh and Deepa Wellingham. I also visited and met DG 3291 Uttam Ganguly, several PDGs and DRFC Debashish Mitra and DGSC Vishnu Dhandhania . They all were highly impressed with the functioning of Calcutta Metropolitan and their exceptional efforts in rendering Herculean humanitarian service far and near. I exchanged our Club flag with RCCM President Seema and presented a few issues of The Golden Orange. HATS OFF to Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan for what they are, and thank you my new friends from Bhadralok Bangla for the warmth and hospitality! Haven't yet lost the flavor of Maccher zol , Singadas Mishti Dohi and Sondesh !!! -PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee

The issue for this month is: X PRESS Are women equally if not more responsible for discriminating against and targeting the girl child? Pre-natal sex determination, diet and nutrition, seeking timely medical help, choice of career, quality and length of education etc are all areas where women in the family are equally or more responsible for the decisions taken, but find it convenient to blame the men-folk and society in general.

Dr Shubhada Gade: Compliments for raising an important issue. It's true that nowadays women are considered equally responsible for all the decisions taken in the family. But this is applicable to only a very small fraction of the society; I should say only the creamy layer to which a few belong. Needless to mention rural areas, even in higher middle class urban families, women get second class treatment. Majority of the women can't take major decisions. May be for this reason she is a part of targeting the girl child, apart from the other being the burning issue of dowry prevalent in society even today.

Rita Aggarwal: In a patriarchal society where men rule and control the resources the decisions at home are made by the male heads. Statistics show how much money is spent on women's education and health issues compared to the development of males. Discrimination of women prevails in all walks of life. Yes, male dominated values are imbibed by women too as they become transmission agents of the sickness of civilization.

Dr Vandana Hazra: I think it is wrong to say that women are more responsible for a girl child's woes (in the womb and outside)!! After all, the society that targets the girl child is the one that is conservative, does not believe in gender equality & treats a beti like “paraya dhan”! Obviously, the decision making in such families rests with the men of the household. Women are the puppets (visible) and the men pull the strings (invisible). Discrimination of any kind is due to a mindset largely influenced by socio-economic, cultural, educational & even real life experiences. It is gender neutral - so the mindset needs to be changed!

Divya Sharma: Mothers may also be inclined towards sex discrimination because of pressures of society. The 'weaker' sex is subject to male dominance and harassment, prejudiced laws and unsafe environment, with constant sacrifice and compromise required! The pre-defined roles of women in a family all point to a bias against daughters even in today's world.

Amina Vali: No, I don't believe that women are more responsible for targeting the girl child - our Indian Society is to be blamed. It has conditioned the female thinking in such a way that it makes her feel that bearing a son would ensure a happy and secure life for her. Also customs such as Dowry and the fact that the last rites are to be performed by the male child only have been instrumental in aiding this.

Neeta Kale: We are living in a society which is so insulated from reality that we genuinely believe that discrimination of this kind is a mindset of the past. That a girl child is not given the same welcome and equal opportunities is actually a reality. A woman does tend to put the blame on others because she is the one who is subject to the social and family pressures even if she does not always agree with the decisions that are being taken about her children.

Aneeta Patel: Maybe it is India's outdated mindset that dictates gender discrimination. We're just emerging from the agrarian era. The farmer needed sons to till his fields – daughters were not considered of particular use. Or maybe it is the dowry system that is to blame. The monetary benefits of male offspring totally outweigh the need for a gender balance in the home! And let's face it; women are the worst enemies of other women. The Chinese character for trouble is two women under one roof! Most women's dream of an ideal situation is being the only female in the family!! I remember in Mumbai while I was staying in a working women's hostel there was a survey done amongst the young ladies. We were asked whether we would like to have sons or daughters. Nine out of ten girls said sons!! The reason given was that sons are better equipped to look after ageing parents! And this was supposed to be intelligent and educated women earning their own living!! Monica Bhagwagar: This is pertinent to some sections of the society. There are grey areas depending on which background or community you hail from. In the lower and middle class sections this holds true. The conditioning of the female psyche is groomed so from the very start and the cycle continues from generation to generation. The dictum that it is the male member who is the head of the family and has to be the main bread winner, shapes the thought process and the behavior of society. Then there is so much pressure to produce the male child, by the men folk and the Mother in law (??!!!!). It becomes a vicious circle who to blame …….

As the only male contributor to this discussion I know I am treading on thin ice and risk inviting the ire of most ladies. Almost all the contributors have typically blamed society and men for shaping THEIR attitudes and thinking and absolved their sex as being helpless!! This topic was raised with the sole view of bringing to the fore that to minimize gender discrimination, the obvious ones to lead the change are the affected sex themselves!! Most Indian women feel that producing a son enhances their position in the family and also look upon them as their means of security in old age. Daughters are looked upon as being burdens (Paraya Dhan) and destined to suffer like their mothers. THIS mindset must change…….FIRST amongst women themselves!! SOCIETY WILL FOLLOW!! No tyrant ever gave up power willingly, so it would be unrealistic to expect men to lead this change!! Change is only possible if boys and girls are brought up without any discrimination and THAT is where mothers in particular have to be` far more pro-active than they are now. -PP Dr Sanjiv Chugh


ADVANCE BOOKing Vindhya's Wishlist I'm a great fan of Nature cure centres, which I try to go to atleast once a year. The kind of lifestyles we lead, are so diametrically opposed to what is considered healthy, that despite the constant corrective action I take ( 2 days of partying equals 4/5 days of abstinence), the late nights and the overly rich food and drink all insidiously add up. The best naturecure centre so far has turned out to be Jindals in Bangalore, which I visited and the book that I'm reviewing this month is a publication of theirs. ' Nature Cure- Healing Without Drugs.' This, easy to read book is published by their institute, and offers clear and simple instructions for their implementation at home. Ofcourse not ALL the treatments listed can be performed by a lay person, but there are enough that CAN be done at home quite effectively. The foreword sets down the ethos of naturopathy. The author believes that nature is the best healer and naturecure is the adoption of natures own tools,the five great elementsEarth,Water,Air,Fire,and Space. Many diseases can be avoided by following healthy habits, taking good nutritious food. But if diseases strike despite all these precautions,it is better to cure them through the edicts of naturopathy and yoga. Another advantage it states, is that it IS a drugless therapy at the end of the day, and free from any ill-effects of chemicals. In todays chemical infested day and age, where virtually nothing is free from some artificial addition, this becomes all the more attractive. Part 1 deals with Compresses and Fomentation, Baths, jet spray massages, enemas, mud therapy, physiotherapy and diet. For example, a cold compress is used to regulate the blood circulation and functions of


NATURE CURE-- HEALING WITHOUT DRUGS-BY JINDAL NATURECURE INSTITUTE the internal organs,whereas hot and cold compresses are used to stimulate the skin surface collaterally related to an internal part. While there, every morning we were given abdominal mud packs . Since coming back, every morning, before getting out of bed, I put a jelly pack- from the fridge, wrapped in a napkin, on my stomach for 15 minutes. This was the substitute recommended by the doctors. According to them, the internal organs of our body function non-stop, 24/7 ,

and this creates friction between them which creates heat. The use of an abdominal pack diffuses this heat, removes gasses formed in the stomach and the sudden cold placed over the abdomen causes the internal organs to contract, which in turn stimulates them and their functioning. One more benefit of this pack is that it decreases appetite! Jelly packs are available in any medical shop and can be permanently kept in the freezer or fridge for

easy accessibility and use. Part 2 deals with diseases and their treatments which includes metabolic disorders, digestive diseases, disorders of the musculo-skeletal system, respiratory, cardiovascular, menstrual, uro-genital and disorders of the nervous system. Colon hydrotherapy and acupuncture are also discussed. A simple treatment is the one for headaches. Put your feet in a bucket of hot water and pat some cold water on the centre of your head. This action drains the blood AWAY from the head towards and feet, and relieves the headache . The other treatment which I occassionally use at home on both my husband and myself is a gastro-hepatic compress used to stimulate the liver and kidneys. Its a very simple procedure involving a blanket, a thick sheet, a hot water bottle and an ice bag. You fold the blanket lengthwise till its breadth is no more than 2 feet wide and place it on the bed. Over the blanket you place the folded up sheet again lengthwise. Lay the sheet horizontally and, place the hot water bottle filled with bearable hot water 42C. Lie down on this. Over your abdomen place the icebag filled with ice cold water. Cover the bag and with the ends of the sheet and blanket and lie there for 45 minutes. This stimulates the kidneys. The reversal of the hot water bottle and icebag, ie. ice bag under the spine and hot bottle over the abdomen turns this into a treatment for the liver. Please remember, these 2 treatments HAVE to be done on different days. We are all used to allopathic medicines, because they are strong, effective and show quick results. But, after experiencing first hand the effectiveness of natural treatments I was motivated to buy this book and practice as much as I can at home. On a lighter note, this book is a Must read for those suffering from "Enema Phobia"! You know who you are...Read the book! -Vindhya Sanjana

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE... An old man, staying in a small south Indian town came to visit his son in Bombay recently. The son in his early thirties is a successful businessman living with his wife and son. The father, having spent most of his life at his birthplace, hardly understands a splatter of Hindi or English, forget Marathi. But he doesn't care. 'I have come here to spend a few days with my son and his family. I don't have to go out and socialize with the city people,' he said. But the son is very excited about his father's rare visit to Bombay. He wants to make the best of it. He and his wife want to show him around the city. And yes, the son enjoys those evening hours too, when he and his father go out and sit in a good bar, sipping their favorite drink. Last week he was in a very good mood. 'Let's go to a five star hotel's bar tonight,' he told his father. It was a beautiful evening. Talking about everything under the sun they had a few drinks. As usual they were offered some salad, peanuts, wafers etc. .as accompaniments with their drinks. The old man being almost toothless was not much interested in eating. But that day when they got up to leave, he simply took a handful of chana (roasted grams) and stuffed it in the fold of his dhoti. He might have thought about munching on them, sitting in the car, or whatever. Unfortunately while walking in the lobby, he missed a step and stumbled. Down he went, scattering the chana on the plush carpet. No problem .Now try to visualize that scenario. Someone else in his son's place would have been mortified, embarrassed to death. He might have cursed not his father but his own self for causing this

awkward situation. 'Never again will I take my old man to such hotels', he would have vowed. No sir, not this son. Gently, with a smile, he helped his father get back on his feet. Instead of feeling irritated or angry, he was amused. He found the whole incident very funny. Laughing, they both went home and on the way they decided to return to the same place the following Sunday. The old man liked the place and liked the chana too. Few days back, at a friend's place they both described this event and made everybody laugh. Weren't you embarrassed? Somebody asked the son. 'Oh, come on now' replied the son. 'He is my father. He talks in his native language, prefers to wear a dhoti even to a posh city hotel, takes chana from the bar to eat later, does whatever he feels like.... So what? Why should I feel embarrassed with his nature and habits? Nobody has a right to stop him from doing whatever he feels comfortable with, as long as it is not harmful to others.' The son doesn't care what the staff in the hotel thought about that incident. He says 'they should be concerned only with their bills and tips. I am concerned about my father's happiness.' The wife too totally agrees with the husband on this issue. She feels there are enough other qualities in her father- in- law to feel proud of. Accept them .The above incident is not mentioned just to show the love and devotion of a son for his father. More than love it is a matter of understanding and a healthy respect for the other person's lifestyle. A seventy plus old man doesn't want to change his lifestyle now. He likes the way he eats or dresses or talks. In his eyes there is nothing

HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY A BAWA ? 1. If he looks at the clock and tell the time by saying, "It's time for a drink!” 2. When looking at a pretty girl and describing her to his wife as though she was made of delectable items of food ! 3. Eggs are God's Gift and he has the birthright to eat them whenever he wants, wherever he wants & as many as he wants. 4. The greatest catastrophe he has faced is that the liquor is over at home. 5. The second greatest catastrophe is the eggs getting over at home. 6. Dhansak is a dish of 4th day mourning. Which gives him the God-given right to have it every Sunday, in mourning for the Monday to come.

7. He has at least 3 relatives with the same first-name (e.g Freni, Keti, Banu etc), causing him to add suffixes such as “gandi” (mad), “lukhhi” (thin or miserly) and “nalli” /”motti” (younger/older). 8. M.C & B.C are completely non-offensive & normal terms of endearment in completely civil language. The closer the friend, the weirder the swear word. 9. He has one crazy passion that he just cannot let go of, from the age of 9 to the age of 90, be it cars, bikes, flying, cricket, repairing clocks, stamp collection, coin collection, painting, music, dance, drama or movies. 10. Helping a friend in need is as natural at breathing to him. He does not think about it, it just happens automatically, most of the time

BOBBY'S BUBBLES wrong with the old ways of living. And the son says, ok, fine. Every body has a right to live as per his wish. Now at his age, why should he be forced to learn to eat with a fork and knife, if he doesn't want to? I will feel bad if he is doing something morally wrong or indulging in some harmful activities. But otherwise it is fine. I am not going to try to change him at this stage. He is my father. I love him, respect him. Hey folks, can you think this way? So many times we see people getting embarrassed by the so called unsophisticated behavior of their family members. They keep on apologizing about their lack of class and manners or about their drawbacks to outsiders. My wife can't speak proper English; she doesn't know what's happening in the world, so I avoid taking her out or introducing her to my friends and business associates... My parents can't eat with a spoon and fork, so I don't take them to restaurants. My husband is working as an ordinary clerk, so I feel awkward when I introduce him to my rich friends. My brother is mentally challenged, so I don't feel like going out with him... Are you plagued with such thoughts or do you meet such people who think alike? If you do, please ask yourself. Why do others or I feel this way? Really what is there to feel ashamed of? Most of the people always have this fear of other peoples' opinions and comments. What would others say? Nothing.. You are what you are.. With inputs from messages received in email -Bobby Srinivas circuit

GIMI MORE without him realizing it. 11. He knows one Bawa joke for every Sardar joke he ever heard. 12. He knows one Sardar joke for every Gujju joke he ever heard. 13. He knows one Gujju joke for every Bawa joke he ever heard 14. He is on a first name basis with the Almighty, and a couple of swear words while addressing any Higher power is purely out of familiarity 15. He never make enemies and neither does he forget them! Contradiction? That's who they are ! Impossible? That's what they are ! -PP Shiraz Gimi


KIDZZZONE Hey young friends… This year we have decided to give you youngsters an opportunity to contribute to the Golden Orange through one whole page by you, for you, with lots of experiences, facts, trivia and entertainment sent by your friends. Since this is a monthly feature, I request more of you to contribute. Feel free to participate in this page. Share your talent, views, fun experience etc. I am just a call away. Do contact me on 9923022299 or on mamtakanga or on facebook ;-) EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME

How amazing it feels to see the whole family along with King Of the Jungle! Have you ever experienced that? I did. Flash. Flash. Flash. I clicked 576 pictures of the lions. Every move, every expression was captured. I stood speechless, numb, just staring at them. 13 Cute, chubby cubs, 3 lionesses and 1 Lion! Amazing. We were in the Kruger city of South Africa. Our resort was basically placed in the centre of a jungle and the resort had no fencing! Quite adventurous, huh? The 3 days we spent there, we woke up early, at 5am, got ready and left for the game drive. The game drive is supposed to be a drive where in we play the game of hide and seek with the animals. We have to find out animals! The driver of the long open safari jeep was very strict. While seated in his jeep, we had to follow certain rules and regulations which cannot dared to be disobeyed. No eating allowed (without which it's really difficult for Indians to survive),No taking allowed (thank god. We were allowed to click photographs at least!). The earlier game drives were meant to be very exciting but the unexpected happened and we saw nothing more than a few elephants, deer, buffaloes, rhinoceros and leopard. The day we finally got the treasure of staring at the Kings & Queens was our last game drive as we had to leave for exploring more of South Africa. And this time we had lost all hopes of getting a glimpse of the Lions but again the unexpected happened and we got a wonderful surprise! It was indeed a life time experience and I would like to suggest you all to do visit South Africa and thoroughly enjoy the breathtaking beauty and adventurous Safaris! – Aatima Bhatia Daughter of Vishal & Rakhi Bhatia

BEING A STUDENT Being a student is quiet hard. Shouting teachers and that discipline card ! Just feel like you're a retard. But still it sounds fun. History, Civics, Geography ,Maths ! Making fun of the guy who's fat. School wali masti ! Awesome wali masti ! When that weird teacher Enters the class, We all had a hearty laugh. That irritating complainer Who always ruined everything And those little angry fights For those playground swings. Being a student is quite hard. Shouting teachers and that discipline card ! Just feel like you're a retard But still it sounds fun :) - Riddhi Tank Daughter of Pritesh & Shipra Tank PARSI FOOD RHYME Breakfast of toast and butter, Cheese n bacon will always do, Along with Sunny-Side-up eedoo; Yet nothing to beat aapro sev n ravo Sprinkled generously with mevo Or eedapak,baddampak or vasanoo. Curry and rice is all very nice With pomfret,meat or prawns galore, I love all types,i'll take any type, Be it of Goa, Madras or Mangalore Aapro dhandaar ne patio Pet bhari ne chatio, Or simply dhanaar n that heavenly dish, The incomparable patra-fish. Dhansaak n Kebab;Simply La-jawab Papeta ma ghosh,kid roast, And all sort of veggies With ghosh ofcourse. But Parsi's real favourite is __ per eeda, Be it potatoes,tomatoes,bhaaji or bheeda; Kheema,chicken shreds, or brinjal, Eeda goes rather well with 'em all!! JAMVA CHALOJI – Danesh Watchmaker Son of Cyrus & Jerestin Watchmaker

C R E AT I V E W O R K S I N FOCUS : Vardaan, is a talented youngster presently studying in his final year at Tirpude College. As a kid, he was really into music which lead to his increasing interest in learning how to play a musical instrument. Initially he joined guitar classes when he was 13 along with a friend, who shared a similar interest. After a couple of months he left the classes and started practicing alone. A constant source of encouragement and support was his mother who helped him in keeping his dream alive. His interest only increased in the years that followed. His band was formed in June of 2007 and he along with his band-mates decided to call themselves “Interruption”. Vardaan is the lead guitarist of the band. Since then they have been performing at a lot of places all over the city.They have also performed in college festivals and have won many of them as well. Their influences are mostly from the thrash metal band Metallica. They cover some of their songs and have a lot of our own original compositions. My studies go along simultaneously, but the music never stops. For further details vardaan can be contacted on Vardaan Khurana Son of Vikash & Sonia Khurana LITTLE HEARTS I love rainy season. It's so much fun watching raindrops coming from the sky. I was looking for an opportunity to enjoy it completely. It was raining on a Sunday morning. I always wanted to go outside, enjoy the rains, take a walk and simply jump in the water. It's so much fun. But mom always stopped me fearing cold and fever. Finally I asked papa to come with me and also asked my little brother to join me. Papa agreed but asked both of us to wear raincoats. My little bro was looking so cute in it. I too agreed but then took of raincoat after some time. Papa simply smiled and ignored it. What a nice time we had!! There was no traffic and we could take a long walk. I was totally wet but enjoyed it. – Tanmay Paranjape Son of Parag & Varsha Paranjape -Mamta Kanga



Make funny moustaches out of black felt….stick it on drinking straws. Have fun taking different photos with your family and friends :)

You're left with some beautiful jewellery pieces and don't want to chuck them? Convert them into trendy bookmarks!




Quick! Which was the “Most Improved Country” at the just concluded London Olympics? With a 300% improvement over its previous appearance? Hint : It still has won lesser medals throughout its history as a country, than Michael Phelps has, as an individual. Hint : Its athletes cry when they win medals, not when they lose them. Last Hint : Its Sports Minister has announced that in the next Olympics his country will aim for an unheard-of 25 medals, breaking all previous records, silence all critics, win him all elections and elevate him to demigod status. And you guessed it right. It is India! But I bet you are smart enough to realise that Indians win in spite of, not because of the system. Which should actually be enough for us to stand and applaud the efforts of the athlete whose greatest victory was to counter these odds and emerge victorious. In fact, I seriously believe that an Indian athlete can beat the world at Decathlon, what with his ability to run from pillar to post, hurdle the 'babu' barriers, swim through murky politics, jump over bureaucratic obstacles, throw his ambitions into disarray and vault over fantastic odds to even compete at the international level. Add to this the media glare that these athletes are put under once every four years. Suddenly out of nowhere you hear difficult-to-pronounce names from a hyperventilating reporter whose job it is to cover so-and-so athlete during his practice and is utterly convinced in just two days of following said athlete around that said athlete is a “bright medal prospect” .... said athlete stands around shuffling his feet, trying to look confident, but completely unsure whether even his travel documents are cleared and sanctioned. Of course, said athlete is mercilessly butchered by the same media if he fails to live up to their expectations. And immediately after the world event, our poor athletes are completely ignored for the media has to cover more important “Breaking News” type matters. Like the Sports Minister's favourite buffalo delivering quintuplets. Gimme a break! The rot is at the root. World-level athletes are created, not born. And for that you need world-level infrastructure at the grassroots. Which school do you know has facilities that can nurture and hone talent? Which sports body do you know picks up talented youngsters and moulds them into champions? Why go far? Look at Nagpur. The authorities sanctioned and announced grand plans for modern stadia and sports centers at Mankapur. One stadium was even constructed. Then what happened? It is rotting today and is home to vagabonds, stray animals and other assorted creatures. So now even this boils down to the bane of India ... corruption. Grandiose plans are made only on paper. Over-inflated budgets fill the coffers of whichever party rules. Sub-standard equipment is provided to athletes who are then supposed to become world champions. And in spite of the efforts of the powers-that-be, some even do! But all is not lost. If only we cared and dared to look deep within India, we would find world class athletes right among us. The girls walking tightropes in Indian Melas. The fishermen who swim treacherous waters in stormy seas for their livelihood. The fragile looking women carrying loads heavier than themselves at numerous construction sites. They can be moulded into world-beating athletes and yet they are fighting desperately to get two square meals a day. What if they were given the diet of Michael Phelps? I heard his daily calorie intake is 12000 cals!!! I think India has tremendous potential ... there are just 2 problems. 1. We are not looking in the right places... 2. We are not looking at all...

-Sohrab Kanga

2011-12 Top Contributing Clubs & Districts The Rotary Foundation recognizes the following clubs and districts for their extraordinary financial support in 2011-12: Highest contributing club (total contributions) in each Rotary Zone 1 Yashio 2770 Japan $161,558.56 2 Yokosuka 2780 Japan $97,676.91 3 Fukuyama 2710 Japan $242,770.02 4 Bombay North 3140 India $679,855.18 5 Alleppey 3211 India $107,054.56 6 Calcutta 3291 India $112,744.52 Metropolitan 7 Pasig 3800 Philippines $197,560.00 8 Cleveland 9630 Australia $317,598.41 9 Seoul Namsan 3650 Korea, $238,500.03 10 Taipei Castle 3480 Taiwan $232,100.00 11 Colombes, 1660 France $40,389.64 Colombes 12 Seregno-Desio -Carate Brianza 2040 Italy $35,102.92 13 Elst Over-Betuwe 1550 Netherlands $86,950.34 14 Neunkirchen/Saar 1860 Germany $126,621.43 15 Mariehamn 1410 Åland $45,495.09 Islands 16 København 1470 Denmark $110,963.05 17 Ayr 1230 Scotland $40,893.44 18 Renaix 1620 Belgium $62,721.24 19 Carmel (Haifa) 2490 Israel $56,485.00 20 Osubi 9140 Nigeria $259,647.86 21 San Nicolás 4130 Mexico $158,194.49 de los Garza 22 São Paulo 4420 Brazil $189,407.86 Aeroporto 23 Chillán-El 4360 Chile $71,033.03 Libertador 24 Calgary 5360 Canada $677,190.49 25 Foster City 5150 US $221,491.00 26 Long Beach 5320 US $345,605.70 27 Grand Junction 5470 US $81,636.15 28 Wilmette Harbor6440 US $288,264.05 29 Ithaca 7170 US $117,567.68 30 Birmingham 6860 US $150,146.30 31 Springfield 6080 US $49,080.59 Southeast 32 Roseland 7470 US $700,200.00 33 Pinehurst 7690 US $466,551.32 34 Fort 6990 US $584,750.80


BIRTHDAYS 15 SEP. to 14 OCT. SEPTEMBER Anula Goenka Reeti Khanna Sarita Pathak Chandru Shahani Ankita Mittal Smita Bhargava Aanchal Jeswani Villoo Bapuna Veena Puranik Pooja Agrawal Gagan Sial Vrinda Rathi Parveen Cassad Neeta Gupta Manish Sanghavi Dr. Kishor Taori Jasu Mulani Sanjay Singh Vinita Agarwal Dr. Dipak Deshmukh Samiksha Bagadia Divya Sharma OCTOBER Manoj Moryani Vinod Parekh Anita Chitaley Sacheen Vastani Jatin Sampat Brijesh Sahu Dr.Rizwan Haq Jagdish Agrawal Shipra Tank Mohinderpal Alag

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SEPTEMBER Vindhya & Jimmy Sanjana Ranjeet & Manmeet Khanduja Harshwardhan & Poonam Dhanwatey Romesh & Pinky Batra Aeyjaz & Durriya Akolawala OCTOBER Rajiv & Abha Choudhary Mita & Charudatt Joglekar Pallavi & Sameer Joshi Yoginder & Renu Singh Capt. Ashok & Kamal Narang Ashok & Madhu Mrig Sachin & Vandana Palewar Hemant & Shilpa Jaitha

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Investment Tips MONEY AND THE NEW GENERATION This is 'Kahani ghar ghar ki'. I had heard it before and experienced it few days back. I was 'ordered' by my son to bring some money on my way back, as he wanted to buy some toys. When I asked him where will the money come from? pat comes a reply…its available 24*7 at nearby ATM of a bank. All you need, he explained, is to get a card, insert it in a machine, punch few numbers and get the money!! For a 5 years old kid who has always seen his parents taking out money from machine, this was correct and logical answer. But this is not about 5 years old. This piece is about children in teens and those who have just started earning money. So here are few tips for the new generation. Everybody knows how inflation impact finances. There is another inflation what I call as behavioral inflation. It is especially true in case of youngsters who have easy access of money without being aware of efforts put in by their parents to earn it. The sooner young children are taught the correlation between what money buys and its real source, the more likely they will grow into financially responsible adults. Children should learn from an early age that being financially responsible is about making hard choices – and there are very few free lunches. We generally give pocket money to kids. But we should make sure they realize its value. It could be reward based where it accrues to them either for some labour or good behaviour. Children should not be given a choice of whether to save. Saving is a must. The choices could be how much to save, for how long and which savings vehicle is appropriate. Helping them open a bank account, involving them in few transactions, these small things will go a long way in making them financially knowledgeable. It's also important that they know where money is going. With so many temptations around, they are bound to go overboard. But sooner they realized the cost of instant gratification better it is for them. The only tool they have to realize this is by keeping proper records and tracking it regularly. Unfortunately no school curriculum teaches this highly important life skill. But that does not mean it can't be learned. So if it is not there in school, it is definitely a job of parents. And finally the most important; 'Let me spent, this is my money' syndrome. It's true where they have earned their first pay. Spending is natural consequence of earning. Its time for parents to intervene and counsel them on benefits of proper financial management and basics of investments. This will create solid foundation for great financial structure. One of the most important lessons one can teach their children is that money is a precious resource. It is something, for which someone has had to work. Let them than enjoy the fruits of it. After all the classical definition of money goes like this; “Money is what money does”. Let them experience it!! -Parag Paranjpe

IYE Students with IYE Chair Sohrab

The GO Release


Let's have a ball!!!


Sep 2012 - The Golden Orange  

Offcial Monthly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur

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