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rotary club of diamond creek inc.

Bulletin Volu me 20 I ssu e34 3rd Ap ril 2012 RI President Kalyan Benerjee Rotary Club of Vapi Governor David Anderson Rotary Club of Yea AG

Somebody should tell em its Sunday Morning !!

Pat Miller Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Club Officers President Vice President President Elect Secretary & Attendance Treasurer & Public Officer

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Who ya gunna call ! President Alan Jones Secretary Eileen Gatt Treasurer Greg Adams

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Caution: The Bulletin contains no calories, vitamins, minerals or proteins. In fact, it is devoid of nutritional value. Nevertheless, it is a supplement much sought after and regularly devoured by the Rotarians of Diamond Creek. Note: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Club or its members

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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the program/up and coming calendar and who’s doin what 3rd April 2012 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Wes Lloyd—Grand Prix

Attend: Bus tour guide Geoff, Chair: Plumber Rob, Beans: Greg, Door man: Spraky Ern Art Work: Chear Squad Bev Prize: Grandpa Phil

10th April 2012 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Josh Wood up date

Attend: Shazza Sharraine, Chair: Xray Steve Beans: Greg, Door man: On the Busses John Art Work: Banker Tina Prize: Little John.

17th April 2012 Tuesday

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Attend: Lady in waiting Eileen, Chair: Cptn Peter Beans: Greg, Door man: 1st mate Jacqui John Art Work: RYLA Linda Prize: Sen Serg Kinghty Knight

Mystery weekend away incorporating Christmas in July, 16th 17th June 2012 Good news, I have been successful in negotiating better prices. Total price for a fun weekend is $200 per head. Includes:Coach tour departing Ashton Manor 8am 16 June 2012 Hot Lunch Sat & Sun Christmas Dinner Sat Night Hot Breakfast Sun Accommodation Sat Night Return Ashton Manor 5.30 Sun 17 June I require a deposit of 50% i.e. $100 per head payable to secure your place , balance payable by the 30th April (Friends welcome) Please make payments to RCDC Admin Account. BSB 633000 Acc No: 142080613. (Make sure you put your name as a reference.) Coach Captain Geoff

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

3rd April 2012 Page 3

from the president keeping up with the joneses! “ To receive everything, one must open one’s hands and give.” – Taisen Deshimaru As There are only three months remaining of this Rotary year, and the past nine months have certainly been a very busy me. Far from winding down though, there are s ll many ac vi es taking place in the Club. I understand that everyone is busy, but if each of us open our hands a li le and become involved with something, it makes the greater task so much easier for everyone! This is not an exhaus ve list but is just indica ve of some of the things that are happening in our club, in no par cular order. If every member chose one ac vity to become involved with, it would benefit so many more people. This month’s Theme: • This month’s theme is “Magazine Month”. Every week Greg produces a first class Bulle n with very few contribu ons. Put some ideas together and contribute an ar cle! New GeneraƟons: • Put your name down on the roster to a end a Rotaract Mee ng. • Invite Bea to join your family on an ou ng. • Speak to friends and acquaintances who may know some young people who would be appropriate for some of our Youth Programs such as being an outward bound Youth Exchange par cipant. VocaƟonal Service: • Speak to Jacqui and become involved with “The Wall of Hands” Project. • Help with the distribu on of books in the “Books for Babies” campaign. InternaƟonal Service: • Our Club is the District Representa ve Club for Shelter Box. Join that sub-commi ee, learn more about a wonderful project and help with disaster aid.

Find out how you can be assist our Sister Club, Patan Durbar Square in Nepal in some of their very worthwhile projects. Community Service: • The Board will be looking at an Award for local Emergency Service Personnel. If this comes to frui on, nominate someone. • Speak to people you know who may be interested in joining the new Probus Club in Doreen and invite them to the Interest Mee ng. • Enrol for the Mental Health First Aid Course. See Alan W for more details. • Get out in your local community and see what needs to be done! Get ideas for club projects. FoundaƟon: • Be part of a distribu on team for the “Write off Polio” pens which we have purchased from the Rotary Club of Kinglake Ranges. Membership: • Lend a hand by delivering some of the “Humanity in Mo on” books to local businesses. • Rotary has produced new corporate brochures. Use your contacts to help to distribute them. • Above all, before the end of this Rotary year, invite one friend, acquaintance or prospec ve member to join us at a mee ng. Public RelaƟons: • Help with the acquisi on of display material for the club. • Suggest a topic for an ar cle for the Diamond Valley Leader or the Diamond Creek News. You could even dra the ar cle!

past presidents Brian Bowen 1978-1979 Heidelberg North Bob Eycken 1983-1984 Alperton UK John McCrohan 1992-1993 Ron Gordon 1993-1994 Chris Doupe 1994-1995 Cliff Wearne 1995-1996 Ern Wardell 1996-1997 Rod Mackenzie 1997-1998 Steve Sampson 1998-1999 Robin Chapple 1999-2000 Peter Marriage 2000-2001 Rob Lloyd 2001-2002 Bev Baker 2002-2003 Joe Di Natale 2003-2004 Geoff Swan 2004-2005 John Gatt 2005-2006 John Arthur 2006-2007 Linda Gidlund 2007-2008 Alan White 2008-2009 Pat Millar 2009-2010 Clyde Hulme 2010-2011

Don’t wait to be asked. Choose and ac vity or two and step forward and volunteer. It would be great to see every member help out in some small way.

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

3rd April 2012 Page 4

as it happened President Alan Jones opened the first meeting following the District Conference at Moonee Valley race course. There were no visiting Rotarians but quite a few apologies. Makeups for conference and the Bike ride (and swim) to Conference were detailed, and Pat Millar was invited to GSE farewell at the Pearce's at the RC Rosanna. Public relations brochures are available from Alan Jones. Alan Jones thanked the “On to Conference” person, Bev Baker and all those who helped at registration and Shelter Box at Conference. The money for drinks and nibbles will to go to a charity. Alan will let us know which one. Bob Eycken is not well. The Club sent a bowl of fruit when he was in hospital. David Anderson announced the Changemaker award for Diamond Creek at Conference. Kerry Jones had spent hours working on the documentation needed. Rob Lloyd said that attendance was worked out on the percentage of attendance as well as distance travelled. Steve Crosling presented the attendance shield to Bev Baker. Alan Jones asked for members to consider the CV of “John the Baptist” who gave up his job to help those affected by the fires, but now needs a job himself. Steve Crosling needs his as many as possible of his team to attend District Assembly on the 22 April Together with Dennis Kerr, Rod Mackenzie is attending a meeting with the shire tonight to discuss festivals in the area. Alan Jones mentioned that at the Board meeting next Monday night, they will discuss the community awareness award for CFA and Police, which would be presented at the Community Service Dinner. Ern Wardell mentioned that the Probus information is in the bulletin and in the Whittlesea Leader calling for interest in starting a club and advertising the meeting on the 18th April. Information about the club’s twentieth birthday celebrations will be sent out soon. Alan White advised that Mental Health First Aid workshop pamphlets had been delivered and that twenty participants maximum would be allowed. The Diamond Valley Baptist Church is providing the venue, and the Strathewan renewal Society will have two places in the course which will be held on the Friday 18th and Saturday 19th April at a cost of $30 which covers the manual, all else provided. John Gatt and Ern Wardell talked about the conference in Ballarat in March. Bev will book rooms at Mercure as soon as possible. The Conference Committee has been invited by Ruth Koenig to a debrief in Yea in a few weeks time. John Gatt visited Ballarat to see the Wendouree Performing Arts Centre in action. It is a good auditorium needing perhaps a larger marquee outside. Rob Lloyd reiterated that it has good grounds. Geoff Swan wants 15 more people for the Mystery Week-end 16th and 17th June June. Friends welcome. At conference, the aqua box display won the award for the best Rotary Expo exhibit. Alan White mentioned that bowel scan will have changes to its format. After conference David Anderson will visit our club and be presented with the cheque for $10000 The Rotaract Club of Diamond Valley is having a trivia night at $15per person with a “Horror” theme on the 13th April. There will be more information to follow. Brian Bowen mentioned “Inspiration for Rotary Clubs” which appeared in RDU for March. It is a DVD put out advertising Stuart Heale’s thoughts on change in Rotary and costs $7.

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

3rd April 2012 Page 5

and more as it happened Rob Lloyd mentioned that on the 22nd May the RC Greensborough will have a Business Breakfast with a BUPA speaker. John and Eileen GATT spoke about the Bike ride and swim and Eileen was given the Sportswoman of the Year award at the Sports man's night. Rob Lloyd fined members who attended the conference for their antics on the week end. Alan Jones requested Scatter night feedback. RC Whittlesea. John Egan-the board meeting was held at the general meeting. - Heads and tails was played at the end of the meeting - They still toast the queen - They will not have Real Estate agents or anyone else at their club who is not able attend meetings Heidelberg- too dear,$35 speaker Max Chester ,did not sing Australia Fair, no grace. Rob Lloyd conducted a mock induction at PETS because it was performed so poorly at RC Heidelberg. Greensborough-square seating with 15 attending, and 2members presented a "Rotarian behind the badge" speech. It was a cheap meal at $15, and Geoff Swan said it was nice to catch up with acquaintances; they said grace and sang the National Anthem. Rob Lloyd attended the RC Ivanhoe and ended up as guest speaker, it was a breakfast meeting, they said grace and sang the National Anthem. RC Bundoora, Bev and Pat, grace was said and they had a speaker. Gatts to Strathmore, good speaker, good location, not the National Anthem ,and the Sergeant ran the meeting. RC Yea; David Palermo, A Tasmanian club was visiting, and volunteer groups catered. Steve Crosling; RC Sunbury had a speaker on the homestead at Sunbury “Emu Bottom.” Alan White and Linda Gidlund went to Warrandyte –they had a good brochure, used a caravan for BBQ’s which resulted in no packing and unpacking of the trailer. The speaker was one of the members talking about indigenous people and their sergeant asked difficult questions of every member. They also had a good relationship with the local councils. They had had an extra week off from their formal meetings over the Xmas break. Next week the sergeant’s brother Wes Lloyd will speak. End of meeting

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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the program/up please welcomeand coming calendar and who’s doin what tonight's guest Speaker

G ue s t S pea k e r D ri v e r : We s l e y L l o y d

Australian G r Group Man and Prix Corporation a Based at G ger Risk and Safety rand Prix H ouse South Melbourne.

rotary club of diamond creek inc. bulletin

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We thank you for our daily food May Rotary friends and Rotary ways, help us to serve you all our days.

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