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Mary Seacole Hall Cafeteria, U.W.I., Mona 12 noon


ATTENDEES: Board Members President Shana

Dir. Damian

VP Chadwick

Treasurer Rochelle

Dir. Matthew

S.A.A. Sean

Dir. Krystal

Sec’y Tisshorna

CALL TO ORDER Meeting called to order at 12:22 pm APOLOGIES President Shana tendered apologies of absence for Dir. Lhacya who had business to take care of at home and Dir. Gizelle who had Smoker rehearsals. BUSINESS MATTERS -


President Shana enquired if all board members had received this year’s UWI Rotaract Calender. Each member was implored to pay attention to the different events and meetings to be conducted, and that if a member has any issues with any date set they should communicate that issue to the president and the rest of the board so that a solution may be organized.



President Shana assured that all members without oxford and polo shirts should receive these by the end of September, in time for PETS to be held October 6 at UTECH. -


President Shana informed us that board members ought to pay district and international dues at the beginning of the semester either in one installment for the year or in two installments, one being at the beginning of first semester and the next at the beginning of second semester. The amount quoted by President Shana for district dues is JM$2,360 and the deadline is to be announced. -

Financial Accounts

President Shana reminded us of the decision we made of closing the clubs account and re-opening it in the event we do not receive word from past treasurer Rtr. Tiffany. Treas. Rochelle was implored not to go abroad without clearing up club finances or handing over to someone who will be responsible. Both Treasurer and Secretary were told to select an assistant as soon as club meetings resume. Other board members were also asked to organize committees as soon as possible. President Shana informed members that she has formulated a Claims Form and that the treasurer is to agree that persons who would have used their personal funds on behalf of the club should not wait longer than 3-5 working days to be reimbursed. -


It is not clear whether past treasurer Rtr. Tiffany had purchased pins for the current board members hence President Shana said that she will not place an order for pins until sure. -


Members were reminded that PETS would be held at UTECH October 6 and Blue Jeans later in the night at the Village CafĂŠ, and that we were to start promoting this training seminar to our prospective members. Cost for PETS $1000 and Blue Jeans $1000. -

ICCD 2012 Beach Clean-up

Dir. Gizelle is in charge of organizing the beach clean-up, however in light of the fact that she has Smoker rehearsals and the production coming up in addition to her studies, it was agreed that other board members should take over the responsibilities of planning the beach clean-up.

Dir. Krystal and S.A.A. Sean were made to be in charge of the planning with the assistance of Dir. Damian. As a board we are to go show our support at Smoker on the 13th of September. -


Our Rotaract club is to contact Rt. Christine Gittens from the Rotary Club of Trafalgar New Heights to get particulars about what is going on with the planning of RYLA Jamaica, which is free for us. -

St. Stephens Painting Project

This painting project is put on by Rotary Club of St. Andrew North and we are to send a group of our Rotaractors to volunteer assistance. VP Chadwick reported that so far 26 persons have confirmed their attendance, and these persons were told to meet us at St. Stephens Early Childhood Development Centre at 10:00 am. -

Collar for President Shana

To be discussed further next board meeting when we know how much money is in the club account. -

First Meeting

President Shana reminded us that usually the first club meeting for the year is one where members lyme and as board members we were to decide on the type of food we would have for the afternoon. There erupted a heated argument relating to whether to purchase Cheetos along with sandwiches. It was decided that we would provide three types of sandwich –chicken, cheese and tuna –and 4 bottles of soda –Pepsi, Sprite, pinapple and champaigne –as well as a coffee ring pastry. -

Maxfield Park Children’s Home

It has become quite difficult to carry out the tutoring program at MPCH on a Saturday morning because of the increased non-compliance of the children. This is as a result of their being a mixture of ”bad” and “good” children at the institution since the arrival of inmates from Place of Safety. President Shana suggested we focus our attention in the University and its environs so that our presence as an active club may be felt in what is our community. We would, therefore, ascertain the approval of Andre Hylton (Asst. Governor, Member of Parliament, Rt.) to undertake more projects within our community, and schedule our Interactors to go to MPCH on a Saturday to try to conduct the tutoring program especially with children sitting exams. -

Scholarship 50

VP Chadwick reported that he had received a text message from the individual in charge of issuing the scholarship money saying that they have not gotten any applications for the scholarship up to the submission deadline. President Shana brought to board’s attention that there was one person who reported that she had allegedly submitted an application. That person was found to be on the planning committee responsible for starting the scholarship –this situation presents as a conflict of interest. However, the board came to the decision that since the said application by the person in question was not received (nor any for that matter) to this date, the scholarship cannot be awarded. A letter to the relevant personnel informing them of this decision is to be generated in due course. ANY OTHER BUSINESS -


Dir Matthew suggested we have a club Drink-up. CLOSING Meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm

MINUTES AUG.31.2012  

Minutes from the 2nd Exec Board Meeting

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