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Midwife Michele Clark Assists North Fulton Patients Meet Dr. Terence Moraczewski Breathe Easier in 2013: You Can Quit Smoking


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CurrentBriefs Topher Payne running January 10-27, 2013 at the Theatre’s home at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center. For more information about GET and its programs, visit www.get.org.


Arts T HE ATR E C OM PANY GETS ART S FUN D GRANT The area’s only full time theatre company, Georgia Ensemble Theatre (GET), has received The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund (MAAF) grant. The awarded amount was $40,000, which will go toward general operating costs. The Theatre is one of the fastest growing in the South. The Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund of The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has been supporting small and midsized arts organizations in the area for two decades. Georgia Ensemble Theatre is one of 15 arts organizations in a 23 county area to receive a financial award for 2012. The selection of recipients was made after an in depth, detailed, and highly competitive application and review process. They have been fortunate to rally over the past 12 months from the difficult economic times. Several foundation grants have enabled GET to stabilize the health of the organization as it has moved into its second decade.   GET Artistic Director Bob Farley said of the grant, “We are so thankful for this monetary award from the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund. We are fortunate to have an organization such as this doing the difficult and valuable work necessary to ensure that the arts and cultural organizations continue to grow and thrive throughout the Atlanta area. We do not for one minute take this award for granted, and promise to be good stewards of MAAF’s faith in Georgia Ensemble Theatre.” GET continues its 2012-2013 20th anniversary season-long celebration with the world premiere of Swell Party by

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners is participating in a new prescription drug discount program known as the Coast2Coast Rx card. The free card will allow all county residents, regardless of income, age, or health status to participate in the program and save on the cost of their medications. Providing savings for residents through the program will come at no expense to the county. Besides the discount on prescriptions, the card also provides discounts on dental, vision, veterinary and hearing services. There are also discounts on lab and imaging tests and diabetes supplies and equipment for all family members. The Coast2Coast Rx card will be available for residents at most participating pharmacies, governmental offices, libraries, and county health facilities. Residents will also be able to print the card and view the nearest participating locations at coast2coastrx.com.


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In Roswell, 12 City properties have been recognized as official Certified Wildlife Habitat sites by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The properties include: Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall, Smith Plantation, Hembree Park, Leita Thompson Park, Waller Park, Don White Park, Garrard Landing, East Roswell Park, Roswell Area Park, Big Creek Park, and Old Mill Park. In order to become a certified habitat, a property must provide the four basic elements all wildlife need: food, water, cover and places to raise young. In addition to providing for wildlife, certified habitats also conserve natural resources by reducing or eliminating the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and/or irrigation water.


FU LTON SCIE NC E ACADEMY TRO U BL E S Last year the Fulton County School Board CONT IN UE was granted status as a charter system. Simply speaking that means the county’s schools will have more individual control over curriculum and administrative functions. As a part of this new structure schools are forming governance councils comprised of parents and teachers. This summer the councils will begin to have authority over issues in the schools. Each council will have 10 members, which consist of five elected members (three parents and two teachers), two school- based employees appointed by the principal, two community members, and a non- voting position held by the principal. Schools in Marietta have used this system since


According to recent court filings, Wells Fargo Bank is suing the Fulton Science Academy over a default on a bond worth nearly $19 million. The school has been plagued by administrative problems for several years. Specifically, the suits states “defendants received and have enjoyed the use of those funds” and continues to state “defendants have failed to meet their repayment obligations for those funds under the terms of the note.” In the past year the Fulton County School Board severed its relationship with the academy due to its lack of compliance over charter school regulations.

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JAN 2013

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The Roswell Loop… A Project We Should Get Behind examples of extremely popular multiuse trails around the region that have I brought this up last month and done just that. The PATH Foundation wanted to expand on it. From what I has been working to build these trails can tell, much of Roswell is in the region for 20 years. They have completely unaware of the Roswell built over 160 miles of trails to date. Loop. It’s time to change that. Many of these trails are nothing short Imagine a project that would of amazing. Adjacent neighborhoods completely transform the way our city and businesses use these trails as gets around, a project that would amenities and the trails themselves enchange the way you connect courage development. with your neighbors, a projThink of the Big Creek ect that would spur Greenway, Silver Comet significant economic develTrail, or the Stone opment. Imagine feeling Mountain Trail. These are comfortable letting your all fantastic trails but most kids ride their bike a couple people, even those who live subdivisions over because near them, still have to they can get on a trail drive to get there. The Community Design through neighborhoods Loop would enable people Matters instead of having to ride to ride or walk to the trail their bikes out to a main instead of hopping in a car MICHAEL HADDEN road to get to a friend’s to get there. Perhaps the house. Imagine being able to most transformative trail in the region commute to work by bike without riskis the newly opened Beltline Eastside ing your life while choking on exhaust. Trail that stretches from Piedmont Imagine safely riding your bike to get Park to to just south of Inman Park in somewhere where you can safely ride Atlanta. It is a relatively short stretch your bike instead of driving your car at almost 2.5 miles but it connects a to get to that place where you can number of amenities and safely ride your bike. neighborhoods in a way no Atlanta The Roswell Loop makes all of this would have imagined ten years ago. possible. It was hatched back in 2006 In the past seven years, there has as part of a brainstorming session been more than $775 million in with the city and a consultant. The private investment within half a mile idea was to create an innovative of the new trail. Visiting the trail on a solution to connecting our schools, weekend, it’s obvious why businesses parks and neighborhoods. It grew that back up to the old deserted some legs and actually made it into railroad tracks are now working to our Transportation Master Plan. As an open new entrances to front the trail. interconnected series of five loops that It has created instant value in the create a larger loop through our city, it form of a useful alternative route by would link our parks, schools, foot or bike and given adjacent neighborhoods, natural amenities and businesses additional visibility from historic center together to form a safe passers by that are much more likely network of connectivity. It would also to stop by serendipitously than a car tie in with other trail networks like the would be. Recent studies have actually Big Creek Greenway and Lower shown that bicycle commuters tend to Roswell Road Trail leading into Cobb spend more when they visit local County. stores. It’s all starting to make sense. With a commitment and evidence So, back to this Roswell Loop idea. of investment, developers would begin How do we make it a reality? First, acto develop along the trail network uncording to Roswell DOT, we actually locking value in areas of the city that are stagnant. We have a number of CONTINUED 30 By Michael Hadden

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JAN 2013

Say “Oui” In 2013 She went further to propose that I should enroll in Le Cordon Bleu culiEach year it’s a challenge to write a nary school and learn to create Tarte “New Year’s Resolution” column au Pistou while speaking in a sexy while still in the hustle and bustle of French accent. Wait a minute! I’m Christmas. Sweetie is still busy wrappicking up a theme here that is going ping presents, I’m in project to end with me in ballet slippers or completion wearing a striped shirt floating mode at work Sweetie around Mountain Park Lake preparing for in an off-balance wooden gondola. vacation, and But, I did ask for suggestions. Family is No, actually I was thinking of a headed our more useful skill like learning to bow way for the hunt. Since I recently heard about a Holidays. And “friend of mine” who discovered the now, for the illegality of discharging a firearm in Miscellaneous next hour or so a residential area—even when disposI have to focus Ramblings ing of a rabid raccoon—I’ve been on gathering MIKE FINCH thinking of ways to live off the land some relevant and out of prison. A compound bow thoughts about the New Year. Luckily for me, focus has never been an issue—wait a minute, She went further to Cooper just yacked something up on the floor, that’s disgusting—anyway, propose that I should what was I saying? Oh yes, focus on the New Year. Wait another minute; enroll in Le Cordon Bleu the power just went out—seriously! culinary school and Now by candlelight I continue my learn to create Tarte au pontification. As inspiration I read a New Year’s column where the author Pistou while speaking in suggested that for 2013 instead of a sexy French accent. making resolutions to do things, i.e. exercise and diet (which lasts about a week) we should instead commit to learning a new skill. What a brilliant with small-game arrows may be just idea! I immediately took this concept the thing to go unnoticed while trackto Sweetie looking for some ing meaty rabbits and squirrels on suggestions. the 17th tee-box behind my house. Once she moved beyond More than likely I will settle on a improving my obvious areas of combination of these suggestions deficiency, such as putting dirty and, following a successful hunt, clothes in the hamper instead of the learn to bake Lapin a La Cocotte floor and rinsing the sink after a (Rabbit Stew) and, of course, shave, she realized my new skill describe the entire process in a sexy needed to be something with a French accent. higher possibility of success. She Anyway, all of us here at began by suggesting I learn to speak Miscellaneous Ramblings wish you French and master the art of new skills and much happiness for ballroom dancing. With great enthu2013; Or, at least that you will be as siasm, she described how my new happy and successful as you thought ability to glide her around the dance you would be in 2012. Did that come floor while whispering sweet out right? ❑ nothings in her ear using a sexy French accent would be very Mike Finch can be reached at beneficial at our eldest daughter’s upmiscellaneousramblings coming wedding. @comcast.net. By Mike Finch

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7 DEC 2012

Electronics Recycling With A Threefold Mission: People, Planet, Purpose used electronic items. In addition to its responsible recycling practices, Reworx creates jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, providing them with job training and vocational support. Nobis Works and Reworx actually have a three-fold mission bottom line, a social mission (people), an Reworx complies with all EPA regulations for safety and environmental mission (planet), and an economic mission (purpose). security when recycling donated computers, “We employ about 65 people with permanently wiping the hard drives clean of data. disabilities and other barriers to employment and we give people a By Helen K. Kelley place to donate electronic items that Did you receive a new laptop, might otherwise end up in landfills. smart phone, or other techno-gadget As a result, by employing these people this holiday season and now have no to work in the recycling program, we need for the previous models? Or do turn tax consumers into tax payers you have a pile of old electronics that when they come off public assistance,” no longer work collecting dust in the Carlisle explains. “Last year, through garage? Then it’s the perfect time to Reworx and Nobis Works, the number consider donating your old of people we placed in jobs actually reelectronics! But don’t take them to a turned $2.9 million to the community landfill or to a recycler that doesn’t in savings on public assistance.” have proper credentials. All money raised by Reworx goes You can safely and easily donate right back into the mission of supportyour old working or nonworking elec- ing people and planet with a purpose. tronic items to Nobis Works’ If you’d like your cast-off electronics electronics recycling program, to do three times the good by Reworx. The program accepts old TVs, benefiting people, the environment, computers, servers, cell phones, phone and the economy, donate them to systems, UPS battery backups, HVAC Reworx! Reworx has two drop-off locaunits, and more. Reworx secures your tions, open Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.: equipment and data from start to finCobb International Business ish, using the same hard drive-wiping Park, 7000 Cobb International methodology as the U.S. Department Blvd., Kennesaw, Georgia 30152; of Defense, so you have no need to 770-426-1700 worry about your personal information getting into the wrong Nobis Works (formerly Tommy hands. Nobis Center), 1480 Bells Ferry Reworx is the first Georgia-based Road, Marietta, Georgia 30066 recycler to receive the EPA’s 770-427-9000 prestigious R2 (Responsible You will receive a receipt for your Recycling) certification. The program tax-deductible donation. A charge recycles nearly one million pounds of may apply for TVs or CRT monitors; electronics a month, according to call Reworx for details. Karen Carlisle, Vice President, For more information about Nobis Corporate Communications and Works and Reworx and to see a Development for Tommy Nobis complete list of items that are Foundation at Nobis Works. For the accepted for recycling, log on to nobisyear 2012, Reworx will have recycled works.org and click on the “Reworx” approximately 10 million pounds of button on the top menu bar. ❑


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JAN 2013

Roswell Actress Recalls 60 Years In The Business Played Indian princess on “Howdy Doody” By Matthew W. Quinn | matt@thecurrentplus.com Roswell actress Edith Ivey began her film career in 1946 when radio was king and continues acting well into the digital age. “My career began because I fell in love with a radio announcer,” she said. “I was 16.” She learned the station in her town of Gadsden, Ala., needed someone to read letters to Santa Claus at Christmas. She auditioned and got the part. “Within three weeks, I lost interest in the announcer and fell in love with the microphone,” she joked. For the next two summers, she did two shows at the station. In the morning, it was a 15-minute news show targeted at women and in the afternoon a children’s show in which she answered children’s questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” in ways

that incorporated the children who asked them. After earning a degree in radio, television, film, and theater at the University of Alabama, she worked as the woman’s director at a Birmingham station, doing a woman’s show in the morning and a children’s program in the afternoon just as she’d done in Gadsden for a much larger audience. “Working in Birmingham as the biggest thing you could do in Alabama,” she said. But the winds of change were already starting to blow. On July 30, 1950—the day she and her first husband Eric Johnson married—television arrived in Alabama. They moved to Atlanta in 1951 for three months. Ivey worked for one of the first television programs, “Frederick Ashley: Attorney at Law,”

on WAGA. Eventually, the two earned enough money—$1,000 each—and took a suitcase each to New York City via train. Within six weeks, Ivey had gotten a job on a radio soap opera called “My True Story.” She ultimately worked for several soap operas on all three of the “big three” radio stations: ABC, NBC, and CBS. By the mid-1950s, radio’s reign drew to a close. Ivey auditioned for “The Howdy Doody Show,” one of the first color television programs. She played the Indian princess Summerfall Winterspring, whom she described as “bright and bouncy and young.” The show was broadcast live from coast to coast and the script was new every day. Devices attached to the cameras were used to give the actors their lines, but they often broke down, necessitating cue cards.

“It was very primitive but it worked,” she said. She described the cast of “Howdy Doody” as a diverse group of fun, talented people. Some were real characters but most were normal people like her. Ivey also worked on soap operas like “Days of Our Lives” and commercials and industrial shows. She and her husband came to Georgia to adopt children in 1959, since it was hard for military and entertainment people to adopt because of how often they moved. They adopted two boys and settled in Atlanta to give them stability. Ivey opened Atlanta’s first talent agency, Ivey Talent Services. The agency represented actors and actresses for radio, television, and film, as well as models. From 1965 to 1975, Ivey provided audio commentary for the Miss USA

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North Fulton Hospital is committed to equal employment opportunity as a sound business practice. Employment practices will not be influenced or affected by an applicant's or employee's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or any characteristic protected by law.

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9 JAN 2013

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678-439-9518 Edith Ivey on the set of JamesWorks Entertainment's film “Followed”.

fashion shows, broadcast nationwide. “It was great,” she said. “The young ladies were adorable.” She, the contestants, and their chaperones got to fly first class, stay in the best hotels, and see the sights. Eventually, the unions moved to Atlanta and as a member of the radio, film, and television unions, Ivey had to leave her agency. Movies began being shot in Georgia in the late 1970s and Ivey went to work with gusto. “I’ve done 53 motion pictures cast out of Atlanta,” she said. “I do two to three per year.” She participated in a series of television movies made at MGM East in Conyers called “In the Heat of the Night.” These films were produced by and starred Carroll O’Connor, best known for playing Archie Bunker in “All in the Family.” Ivey played a variety of parts, including a redneck sheriff’s wife, a mountain woman, and a mill worker. Ivey described O’Connor as an educated man and a brilliant executive who would have succeeded in any field. Even after his parts ended, he would stay by the camera so the actors still performing had someone to make eye contact with. “It makes all the difference,” she said. Over the years, Ivey has acted in a

variety of films, including “RoboCop III,” “Love Potion No. 9,” and “Norma Rae.” One of her recent roles was “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which starred Brad Pitt as Button, who ages backward. Ivey played Mrs. Maple, Button’s piano teacher. She said it blew her mind to work with David Fincher, one of the top directors. She described it as “the joy of my life.” When asked how she has managed to sustain a career for so long, Ivey said it’s because she is able to perform in a variety of ways — not just radio, television, and film, but also print advertising and lectures on subjects like the old days of film and television, the Bible, and her many travels. “I have three lectures ready to go at any time,” she said. Her decades in the film industry have seen many technological changes. She described these changes as challenging, in particular those related to voice-acting. Nowadays if she gets an offer to record her voice, she’ll be notified by computer and have to do it in short notice using her own equipment rather than recording it at a studio. However, the use of digital cameras in place of film makes no difference to the actors. ❑

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11 JAN 2013

Mutt Madness And More During December, Mutt Madd-ness By Phylis Simoni had a joyful presence at Classic Mutt Madd-ness is an East Cobb Subaru of Atlanta. The dealership dog rescue comprised of community placed a “Giving Tree” in their volunteers dedicated to saving the showroom and Mutt Mad-ness had a lives of dogs. They provide shelter few of their adoptable pups on site. from high-kill facilities and place dogs Everyone at the dealership is excited in foster homes prior to about the program and is being adopted into lovon board to work hard for ing homes. The them. They too will be organization strongly working very hard to supports spaying and show Subaru that this neutering and will work means the world to them; towards ensuring that they hope they can count the numbers of on each of you to help unwanted dogs in our support this important efstate are kept to a minifort. mum. East Cobb Beat Adoptions are held As is the case with PHYLIS SIMONI every Sunday from 1 to 4 any non-profit it takes p.m. at Haven, the Dog business partners to share your vision Spot, 736 Johnson Ferry Road in the and Classic Subaru of Atlanta is a wonFountain of Olde Towne shopping cenderful partner to Mutt Madd-ness. For ter in Marietta. If you want more the past two year they have partnered information on Mutt Mad-ness you in the ASPCA’s “Share the Love” call 404-316-6760 or visit program. For the coming year, the big www.muttmaddess.org. news is that Classic Subaru is offering them the opportunity to earn a Warm Water Therapy Outback for their rescue dogs. Yes its winter but the water is warm At present, the volunteers use for water aerobic classes for our neighfamily cars to transport the dogs and bors. Do you experience arthritis pain, carry supplies. This requires them to back problems, knee, foot, or leg pain? be on the road every day and for those Afraid exercise might just make your of you with pets, you know how having pain worse? Many physicians a dog in the car can keep it a mess. It recommend warm water therapy for makes you want to buy stock in a lint joint and muscle pain. Sterling Estates’ 92-degree therapy pool might be just the relief you are seeking. Sterling Estates Senior Living offers Water Aerobics Classes for our East Cobb neighbors on Tuesdays and Thursday at 11am. Classes are only $45.00 a month! Register to join a class by email to cwalsh@sterlingestates.com, or by visiting Sterling Estates Senior Living. Call Christine Walsh at 678.946.4454, or Louise Butts at 770.378.9416 for information. ❑ Organizations wishing to add their roller company. Bottom line is they re- events to our list are asked to email ally need a rescue vehicle. the information to events@ The folks at Classic Subaru love to thecurrentplus.com or to Phylis rescue dogs, so Mutt Madd-ness was Simoni. Phylis Simoni lives in East thrilled when they approached them Cobb and is a Realtor with Keller about this special partnership. Williams Realty, Cityside. You can Recently they launched a joint reach her at 404-456-2683 or campaign called “Give Our Dogs a simoni@kw.com or visit her website Brake.” www.psimoni.com.

Michael J. Brewster, P.C. Attorney At Law Former Staff Attorney Social Security Administration Over 30 Years Experience mbrewster@brewsteratty.com

770-425-1838 248 Roswell St. SE, Marietta

Social Security Disability & Long Term Disability

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5026 770-992-


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JAN 2013

2013 Looks To Be A Bright Year New developments to include several large-scale projects slated to bring thousands of jobs.



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The former UPS facility located off Mansell Road in Roswell will soon be the home of a GM Technology center in 2013.

By Matthew Quinn

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10930 Crabapple Rd. Roswell, GA 30075 www.facelogicspa.com/roswell

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Local business leaders are looking forward to a prosperous 2013, spearheaded by projects like Avalon in Alpharetta and a General Motors research facility in Roswell. Avalon is a planned mixed-use project in Alpharetta along Old Milton Parkway near the intersection with Haynes Bridge Road, in the former site of Prospect Park. According to the website of developer North American Properties, it will include 558,900 square feet of shops like Banana Republic and Paper Source, restaurants like Yard House and Ted’s Montana Grill, the specialty grocer Whole Foods, and a 14-screen Regal Cinemas. There will also be two hotels, a 300-room full-service hotel and a 175-room boutique hotel. The complex will also include 835,000 square feet of office space and a large residential component that will include 250 luxury rental units, and 132 townhomes and single-family homes. The entire site will be 1.95 million square feet and be worth $600 million. The complex is slated to open April 14, 2014. “I think Avalon will be a gamechanger for the North Fulton area,” said Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle. “I also think it will solidify Alpharetta as the economic hub of North Atlanta.”

His understanding is that groundbreaking will take place in the second quarter of 2013. Belle Isle also predicted the groundbreaking for the public portions of the revamped downtown Alpharetta in the first or second quarter of 2013. Funded by a $29 million bond, these include a library, a new city hall, a fiveacre park, a one-acre square, roads, sidewalks, and a parking deck. Belle Isle expects they will be completed in the summer of 2014. 2013 will also see further development of the Gwinnett Technical College campus slated for a 25-acre site along Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta. According to the Gwinnett Tech website, the Technical College System of Georgia approved the purchase of the site Sept. 26. The State Property Commission is reviewing the recommended purchase and the Georgia Attorney General’s office will close it. The entire process will take six to nine months. Belle Isle said the new campus would be a boon to Alpharetta, which has 600 technology firms within its borders and 300 located nearby. Gwinnett Tech educates technologists, something that would ease the city’s unemployment. Since the school will form its curriculum based on nearby employers’ needs, the campus will be valuable in workforce education and


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JAN 2013

% ## #% ! ' ' ! #" + " # % $ % (&'#! % ""#' #! " * ' #' % # %& ) " & ## #" # & # ' #% !#% #% #!$ ' ' &

The Jewelry Refinery FREE LAYAWAY

Near Mansell Rd. & Alpharetta Hwy. Jewelry for sale by weight - not markup prices. Family Owned & Operated


“We guarantee the best prices in town.” Want extra cash? Ask about our referral program.



as a game-changer that will surely attract new businesses. In other communities, revamped downtowns and municipal areas have served as a magnet for growth and opportunity. Cobb County Commissioner Bob Ott said the 2012 full occupation of Merchant’s Walk was a huge plus, as was the completion of the new facades for the Publix and Parkaire Kroger. 2013 will see continued redevelopment along the Johnson Ferry Road corridor. “We have two big parcels that appear to be under contract,” he said. He could not go into detail due to how negotiations were ongoing, but said one of the developments was a new residential site with 120 homes. Ott said from what developers are telling him and county residents, there is no longer any foreclosed undeveloped property in East Cobb. Demand for residential sites is rising and supply is decreasing. “That indicates to me things are moving in a positive direction relevant to construction and new residential properties,” he said. To facilitate redevelopment, the county went over its development standards a year ago. County leaders had concerns the existing code was hampering redevelopment and made significant changes, including reducing the stormwater requirements that forced the LA Fitness on Terrell Mill to spend $1 million on a detention pond. If a site is 100 percent impervious but has no flooding or parking problems, bringing the site up to the existing standards would be counterproductive. In the coming year, Ott hopes to work with groups like the Council for Quality Growth, community groups, and the media to get the word out about the loosened requirements. 2013 will also see the county working with the business and residential communities to ensure the Johnson Ferry Road corridor develops according to the county’s plan. “Staff over this next year will be continuing to look to see if there are any other areas to change in any policies or areas or what incentives, if any, need to be proposed for the Johnson Ferry corridor to move it in the direction indicated in the master plan,” he said. ❑


retraining. In addition to larger projects, the city is doing a feasibility study for a conference center. The state of Georgia established an Economic Opportunity Zone in Alpharetta, which will allow for tax incentives to attract businesses from out of state. The city is also considering a technology startup accelerator to identify and assist promising new companies. “It’s really exciting,” Belle Isle said about 2013. “There’s just a large amount of opportunities we’ll have the opportunities to explore this year.” Meanwhile, according to a December article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a former UPS information technology facility on Mansell Road in Roswell has been selected by General Motors as one of four planned “information technology innovation centers” intended to bring in-house technology research done by other companies. Although the official announcement is not expected until this month, three people with direct knowledge of the negotiations say the move could bring up to 1,000 new jobs to Roswell. “We’re excited to have them come to town,” said Roswell Mayor Jere Wood. “I’d like to thank the governor in particular and all the folks that helped make this happen.” He attributed the coming of GM to Roswell to the efforts of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, the Roswell Business Alliance, and the Georgia Department of Economic Development. All this activity has led to Progress Partners Executive Director Al Nash describing North Fulton’s future as “really bright.” Nash said the stars are lining up for the area, which he described as an attractive place for businesses looking to relocate and expand. He cited the area’s schools, housing stock, and community as attractive factors. Although he could not speculate on the GM facility, he agreed with Belle Isle’s assessment that the Avalon project is a game-changer for the area. It will augment North Fulton’s brand and build off what Alpharetta already has with its plethora of technology companies. Nash also described the revitalization of downtown Alpharetta


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Roswell, GA 30076

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JAN 2013

Grit Chips…They Are Now Official

"#) #% $$# "'! "'

Roswell Food Group employees and City officials with the Grit Chips bus at City Hall.

invited the a nationally known comedian, and host of the American On cool but relatively pleasant Bible Challenge on the Game Show December afternoon, a huge tour bus network, to his new restaurant. with the well-known face of Jeff Foxworthy asked for a menu and the Foxworthy was parked outside of grit chips caught his eye. So he had to Roswell City Hall. Standing in front come. From that chance meeting the were Mayor Jere Wood, several chips, which had become very popular council members, representatives at The Tap, became the Jeff Foxworthy from City Hall, and first responders. Grit Chips and spawned a new Also there were Roswell Food Group company, The Roswell Food Group. Chief Executive Officer Sean The Roswell Food Group markets McDonough, his staff, and many famand produces four varieties of grit ily members. The occasion was the chips: Original, Cheddar Cheese, City Of Roswell Proclamation that Jalapeno & Cheddar and Sweet Heat. Grit Chips will be the Official Chip of Soon to be added are Bacon and the City of Roswell. So what is a Grit Cheddar and Honey and Butter Chip and how did they become such a flavored. The chips were initially availpopular food item? able in 185 select Kroger locations and Sean McDonough is also the owner quickly became a hot commodity with of The Roswell Tap, a bar and stores often selling out! Distribution restaurant on Alpharetta Street. Prior was expanded to Ingles and Bi-Lo to it’s opening in June 2011, with further expansion to Food City, McDonough, Alana Taylor, the head Giant Eagle and Rouses stores. chef of The Tap, and her mom Nancy, In the spring, Smokey Greens & were going over menu ideas when it Bacon and Black Eyed Pea and was suggested tortilla chips be added Hummus dips will be added. Also in to the menu. Alana and Nancy were the works are Grit Balls and Sticks, known for their handmade tortilla Sweet Potato Chips and four varieties chips, but McDonough was not keen of Southern sausages. on the idea of having regular chips on Marketing these products is a giant the menu. So they decided to work on tour bus with Foxworthy’s face at variideas that would take advantage of ous events. This past Labor Day Alana and Nancy’s chip making but Weekend, we saw the NASCAR Truck offer something different to customers. Series Jeff Foxworthy’s Grit Chips 200 That is where the idea of adding grits at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Next year, to the chips was derived. the RV will be seen at the Bristol, Around that time McDonough, who Kentucky and Texas NASCAR events. has ten years of experience as a sleep So next time you’re in a consultant, was asked to evaluate the supermarket grab a bag or two, or stop sleep habits of Jeff Foxworthy. Upon by The Roswell Tap and ask for a bowl completion of the evaluation and resoof grit chips. ❑ lution of his sleep issues, McDonough By Lou Raimondi

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health & wellness presented by North Fulton Hospital

Some Exciting Changes Coming To Your Community Hospital In 2013

North Fulton Hospital Community Calendar January – March 2013 SUPPORT GROUPS


Nicotine Cessation Group

Babysitting Workshop

Every Tuesday, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Classroom C. Join with other men and women seeking motivation, education and support to live free of nicotine. The only requirement for attendance is the desire to start the journey.

Saturday, 2/23 and 3/16, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Sunday, 1/13 and 3/3, from 1:00 to 5:30 p.m. Teaches children ages 11-14 how to be prepared and responsible babysitters. Bring a doll or stuffed animal and a sack lunch and drink. $30

Look Good, Feel Better Wednesday, 3/20, 10 a.m. to noon, Medical Arts Center. A cosmetologist will discuss how to care for skin and hair to combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Free make-up and skin care products are provided. Call Ryan at 404-582-6153 to register.

Taking Care of Me: Loss, Grief & Resolution Third Wednesday of every month, Call Beverly at 404-843-6500 for more information.

time for patients who need a procedure to deal with their back pain. Healthcare conversations In the Roswell Imaging Center, surrounding the November election there  is now a separate waiting area and the talk of the “fiscal cliff” during for women’s imaging patients so that the last months of 2012 left many feelthey are more comfortable while awaiting uncertain about the future of their ing conversations with the radiologists personal healthcare in 2013. But what or staff about their mammograms, for affects the local community more is instance. the range of services and quality of Next, if you become an  inpatient at care it receives from local doctors and NFH next year, you will experience a hospitals, like North Fulton Hospital. whole new  level of service from our And, right now, the looking glass at new physician hospitalists. North Fulton Hospital is telling a Hospitalists are physicians that pretty good story for the health of the spend all their time taking care of community it serves in 2013. patients in the hospital— they have no First, late in 2012, the hospital outside office—so they become experts moved and expanded two of its critical on working within hospital processes services, the Roswell Imaging Center and procedures. They become the and the North Fulton Pain and Spine patient’s “go to” doctor for information Center. They are now located in the since they manage any and all consultbeautiful North Fulton Medical Plaza ants who may be involved in the across from the hospital’s main patient’s care. When the patient is disentrance. Both have more equipment charged, they return to their regular and more staff to serve patients more physician to whom our  hospitalists quickly. For instance, there are now have already communicated about the two brand-spanking-new, fully patient’s inpatient stay at NFH. equipped procedure rooms in the Pain and Spine Center to minimize the wait CONTINUED 16 By Debbie Keel

Caregiver Support Fourth Wednesday of every month To focus on caregivers’ stress, community resources, and strategies for care giving. Please call Beverly at 404-843-6500 for more information.

American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR Saturday, 1/12, 2/2, and 3/2 CPR course for the community. Adult and child CPR, 9 a.m. to noon; $35 Adult, child and infant CPR, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; $45 *You may sign up for the adult/child portion only, but infant CPR will not be offered separately.

Healthcare Provider CPR Saturday, 3/9, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. CPR course for healthcare professionals. $55

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop Saturday, 1/26, 2/23, and 3/23 The Diabetes Association of Atlanta (DAA) offers classes at North Fulton Hospital to teach diabetes self-management skills. Call Katie at 404-527-7180 for more information and to register.

Caring, Sharing, and Learning: Breast Childbirth Preparation Cancer Support Group Saturday, 1/19, 2/9, and 3/23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fourth Tuesday of every month, 6 p.m. Cope and connect with others who are facing the same struggles. Please call Micah Brown, RN, Breast Health Nurse Navigator, at 770-751-2556 to register.

WomenHeart Support Group Second Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m., Classroom C. WomenHeart, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, brings support and education to women who are at risk or who already have heart disease and would like to know more about risk factors and symptoms. We will be addressing different topics each month. To register, call Nicki at 404-386-6037.

Ostomy Support Group Third Tuesday of every month, 6:30 p.m., Classroom C. This group is open to anyone who has or will have an ostomy and any friends, family or supporters. The meeting structure is informal with group discussion and guest speakers to be scheduled at various times throughout the year. Call John Dorso at 678-694-8726 to register or to obtain more information.

Active class consisting of both lecture and discussion/sharing. Topics include anatomy and physiology; nutrition and fitness; discomforts of pregnancy; stages of labor and what to expect; cesarean birth; medications; possible complications; postpartum care; and comfort, relaxation, breathing and coping techniques for labor support. $100 per couple; registration required.

Water Birth Thursday, 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, 2/21, 3/7, and 3/21, 7 p.m. For couples desiring to learn about the option of a water birth delivery. Completion of the class is required to be considered for water birth at NFH. $30.00 per couple; registration required. Call 770- 751-2660 for more information and to register.

Maternity Tours Please join one of our Women’s Health nurses in the hospital atrium on alternating Tuesdays at 4 p.m. and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. for a guided tour of the Labor and Delivery suites, Mother/Baby Unit and the Neonatal ICU. The tour last approximately one hour. Please call 770-751-2660 for the schedule and to register.


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JAN 2013

Midwife Michele Clark Assists North Fulton patients In Birth Process Has helped with over 1,000 births After graduating from North Georgia in 1991, she went on to earn a master’s Women who come to North Fulton degree in nursing and midwifery at Hospital to have their babies will have Emory University in 1995. She has since one thing those at other hospitals assisted patients in many births—she don’t—the services of Michele Clark, a stopped counting after 1,000, full-time nurse-midwife for North somewhere between 2008 and 2009. Fulton Women’s Specialists. Clark educates her patients on their Clark studied nursing at what was options in preparing for the birth, then North Georgia College. She which at North Fulton include worked with a midwife in a labor and epidurals and other pain medications delivery course, which made her more as well as the use of Lamaze breathing curious about midwifery as a career. exercises or hypnosis, as well as waterShe explained that midwives and birthing. OB-GYNs are not the same. OB-GYNs “They have the portable tubs in all are trained not only in births, but also the rooms,” she said when asked to exgynecological surgery. plain the water-birth They handle high-risk process. “They fill the tub pregnancies and treat gyThe premise of up so it gets to the right necological problems. water-birthing is temperature. Then the paMidwives do not do surrelaxation, tient’s able to get in there. gery. Instead, they are to have a gentler She can either choose to experts in births and birth for both do labor in the tub or less-intense deliver in the tub.” mother and baby. gynecological procedures The premise of waterlike providing pap birthing is relaxation, to smears and have a gentler birth for contraceptives. If a both mother and baby. patient has a problem Water has soothing like an abnormal pap properties and has been smear or a menstrual used to provide pain relief bleeding problem, Clark and relaxation for many will refer them to an OBthings, not just births. GYN. Water-birthing was “Our philosophy is remore popular in Europe ally to be with [the before it came to the patient] and help United States. Clark said educate and support her women in the area are forthrough the pregnancy, Michele Clark, a full-time tunate to have this option, the labor, and the nurse-midwife. only three hospitals in delivery and the birth exGeorgia provide it. perience,” she said. “This is for women that are healthy A hallmark of midwifery is being the and have normal pregnancies,” she woman’s advocate and guiding her said. through the changes in her life—not Those women are considered candijust during pregnancy but from her dates for water-birthing because teens until menopause—providing her they’re low-risk. the information she needs for herself The overall birthing philosophy at and family. Because midwives have North Fulton Hospital is low intervenmore time to spare, they can dedicate tion. The general idea is that the fewer more time to the patient. This gives interventions there are, the fewer comwomen more time to ask questions and plications there will be and the less express their concerns. need for procedures like Cesarean sections. ❑

By Mathew W. Quinn


Some Exciting Changes... continued

Also on the horizon are two new Urgent Care Centers in your neighborhood owned and operated by North Fulton Hospital; a urodynamics program to deal with incontinence and other issues of the aging female population; another branch of North Fulton Primary Care Clinic in the Woodstock area; and a comfortable and convenient new Observation Unit within the hospital where patients will stay while physicians make a clinical decision about whether they should be admitted to the hospital. Finally, around the middle of 2013, watch for an announcement about a new and expanded cardiology program, including a certified Chest Pain Center. The population of people age 55 and over is growing rapidly in the North Fulton Hospital service area. While the hospital’s current cardiology services are strong, they need to be stronger and expanded to serve the community need. You can count on NFH to see to it that happens in 2013. So, we wish you a Happy New Year… and don’t worry about your health. You take care of yourself and we will be here to care for you when you need us. ❑

North Fulton Hospital Breast Center Recognized As A Certified Quality Breast Center North Fulton Hospital’s Breast Center has been recognized as a Certified Quality Breast Center in the National Quality Measures for Breast Center Program™. This honor represents a commitment by the breast center to provide the highest level of quality breast healthcare to patients. In today’s dynamic healthcare industry, breast centers are faced with providing quality care while simultaneously keeping costs under control. A center’s staff must not only be familiar with existing standards of care, but must also be aware of new advances in technology. North Fulton Hospital’s Breast Center has taken a major step to ensure it provides the best possible quality care to breast patients in its community. “By achieving this recognition, not only are we able to assure our breast cancer patients of a high standard of

cancer care, but we are committing to hold ourselves to this high standard and build upon that expectation into the future,” said Teresa Urquhart, Chief Operating Officer for North Fulton Hospital. Those future plans include becoming a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence, a process that North Fulton Hospital’s Breast Center has already started. The National Quality Measures for Breast Centers™ were developed by referencing the Health Care Advisory Board’s Clinical Quality Dash Board for breast centers, published in the fall of 2004, and reflect more than five years of work, which has culminated in the adoption of more than 33 National Quality Indicators. For more information about North Fulton Hospital’s Breast Center, visit www.nfultonhospital.com or call 770751-2556.

Jurgens Announced As Chief of Staff North Fulton Hospital is pleased to announce Michael Jurgens, M.D., as its Chief of Staff for the 2013-2014 term. As Chief of Staff, Dr. Jurgens will play a central administrative and leadership role in the coordination of excellent patient care at the hospital. Dr. Jurgens is a radiologist with Roswell Radiology Associates, which provides diagnostic imaging services through North Fulton Hospital’s Radiology Department and the Roswell Imaging Center, located in the new North Fulton Medical Plaza across from the hospital. “I am honored to be chosen for this role and looking forward to the opportunity to lead the medical staff,” Dr. Jurgens said. After earning his undergraduate degree from Duke University, Dr. Jurgens completed his medical degree at the Medical College of Georgia and a residency in radiology at the University of Florida. ❑


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JAN 2013

The Current Questions and Answers | Meet Dr. Terence Moraczewski “Perseverance and commitment of spirit”—it’s an approach that Terence Moraczewski, M.D., has adopted throughout his entire life, as a family medicine physician with North Atlanta Primary Care, as Chief of Medicine at North Fulton Hospital, and as a father.



Medicine is to serve as a liaison between the hospital staff and the physicians that comprise the Department of Medicine. These include many specialties, such as cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology, rheumatology, and infectious disease. Generally the Chief works to resolve problems and mediate disputes so that efficient and effective patient care at the hospital is not compromised, while trying to keep the doctors on staff happy.



ANSWER I chose medicine as a career

because I maintained the romantic notion that I could offer a positive influence on someone’s health through science and education. Many members of my family have accomplished careers in health care, engineering, and business. I knew growing up that academic goals were set high for a reason. Fortunately, I had the intellect and mindset to attain this noble profession, but it took perseverance and commitment of spirit.



ANSWER I always enjoyed diversity,

with the attempt to master many skills. Family medicine is unique as a primary care specialty in that we see the patient first for whatever ails the individual, either physically or behaviorally. We can serve all the roles of the specialists as we see fit, based on experience and comfortability, up to a limit. We also enjoy a continuity of care experience with the patient and family members. This provides a special relationship of time and familiarity not seen with other specialties. This bond can be quite insightful when

making decisions on diagnosis and treatment measures. When the pill bottle states: “If any problem, call your doctor,” we’re the guy patients are calling for advice, prepared to dispense one-stop shopping for all clinical care.

still holds true today. Nurturing a relationship with a patient takes time... guidance we are often too short on in today’s impatient world.

Their futures hold the same great potential that we once had. Realization requires the effort, discipline, and direction that only a parent can inspire.






My family and I have lived in the Alpharetta area for nearly 15 splendid years now, relocating here from ANSWER There are a collage of Florida in 1998. I answered an ad in a moments in medicine that have been medical journal that persuaded: most rewarding. Most of them focus “Practice traditional medicine in an on patient success stories to overcome explosive growth area.” This had a some serious health obstacle, such as nice resonance to it... so here we are. conquering breast cancer, a heart WHERE ARE YOU FROM attack, or alcoholism. The will of the ORIGINALLY? human spirit is mighty when inspired. ANSWER I am your basic wholesome Positive change in mental and Midwestern kid, born and raised in physical health can occur at any age. I the suburbs of Indiana. Basketball have been privileged to be instrumencountry. I followed my brother as a tal in the lives of these wonderful third generation member privileged heroes over my career. They serve as to attend the University of Notre great role models for others that need Dame. Intellectual curiosity, athletic influence. competition, and spiritual WHAT WORDS OF WISDOM foundations were embellished WOULD YOU OFFER TO SOMEONE through a camaraderie of great WHO WANTS TO BECOME A DOCTOR? people. Hopefully the Fighting Irish ANSWER The role of a physician in will wake up the echoes and return to today’s world is complex and challeng- glory in the upcoming BCS ing. So much is expected of us in championship game with Alabama. terms of training, responsibility, time Maybe the Leprechaun has one more management, documentation, coding, lucky coin in his bag of good fortune. and patient care. There is little WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS tolerance for error. The delivery of AREA? health care seems to be evolving, leavANSWER The appeal of this area for ing the public and medical most is the easy accessibility to a large establishment in an era of uncertainty. variety of activities for entertainment. What seems certain to me is the The greatest appeal, however, is the fundamental approach to maintain attractive environment to raise a famwith each patient. That is, I attempt ily. The educational and athletic to treat each individual as if they were climate here have afforded my myself. It’s a simple corollary of the children opportunities to experience old Golden Rule. These are the same unique challenges. They have grown words of wisdom impressed on my children, including my daughter Laila, into admirable young adults prepared to take their place as leaders of the who is in her first year of medical next generation. school at Mercer University in Savannah. WHAT ARE YOUR





ANSWER I love to read. Unfortunately

most of my time is spent perusing medical journals and websites to keep current on my medical profession. My favorite author is actually one of my Terence Moraczewski, M.D. patients. Greg Plank is a local writer who has penned several great fiction novels. His latest is called Black Dog Redemption, excellent reading for anyone who has raised man’s best friend.



ANSWER My musical tastes are

eclectic and expansive, like my interests in general medicine. I am one of those rare individuals who has actually maxed out on the over 10,000 I-Tune limit on an I-Pod. Nirvana for me is listening contently to songs from my musical era (growing up with the British Rock Invasion) while working up a sweat on my rowing machine in the backyard sun.



ANSWER If not having the

opportunity to practice medicine, I would have entered some field of eduINTERESTS/HOBBIES BEYOND WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOU cation. Teaching is such a worthwhile MEDICINE? EVER RECEIVED FROM A MENTOR? pursuit with altruistic intentions. We ANSWER Most of my free time outside ANSWER I received excellent training all learn something when we educate the responsibilities of patient care are others, so it’s not a unilateral proposiin my residency. One gray haired, feisty German mentor once reminded occupied supervising the many tion. Maybe I could finally beat my academic and extra-curricular me: “It’s not what the patient takes kids in Jeopardy sometime.❑ activities of my growing children. that cures them, its what you give of yourself in consideration.” This axiom They are my most prized investment.




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JAN 2013

Henderson Joins North Fulton Hospital As New CFO

Sherry Henderson, CFO

North Fulton Hospital is pleased to announce the appointment of Sherry Henderson as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the hospital. Henderson has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, most recently as the CFO at Frye Regional Medical Center in Hickory, North Carolina. “Sherry is going to be a wonderful addition to the hospital and to the community,” said Debbie Keel, CEO. “Throughout her impressive career, she has proven her commitment to serving patients by ensuring a strong financial foundation at the hospitals she has served.” Henderson also has served as CFO of Doctors Hospital of Dallas and as Controller of Houston Northwest Medical Center and Kenner Regional Medical Center. She received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Sam Houston State University and her Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix. “I am very excited about the opportunity to work at a great hospital like North Fulton Hospital and to work alongside some very accomplished leaders,” said Henderson. “I have heard wonderful things about the Atlanta area— and, in particular, about the North Fulton area—and look forward to becoming part of this community.” ❑

Breathe Easier In 2013: You Can Quit Smoking smoke, talk to someone, go for a walk, nonetheless will have dramatic or start a task. Reduce stress by impact on their health. taking a hot bath, exercising or ◗ Twenty minutes after quitting, reading a book. your heart rate and blood pressure drop. Use medications ◗ Twelve hours after quitting, the carbon monoxide level in your or nicotine replacement products if blood drops to normal. necessary to help lessen nicotine cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms. ◗ Two weeks to three months after quitting, your circulation Nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges improves and your lung function can be bought over-the-counter. increases. Nicotine inhalers and nasal sprays are available by prescription. Two medica- ◗ One to nine months after quitting, coughing and shortness of breath tions, varenicline and bupropion SR, decrease and cilia (tiny hair-like can be prescribed to help some people structures that move mucus out of quit. Nicotine replacement products the lungs) start to regain normal should not be used if you are still function in the lungs, increasing smoking. the ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce the risk of Don’t give up. infection. Relapses most commonly occur ◗ One year after quitting, the risk of within the first three months after coronary heart disease decreases quitting. The majority of smokers to half of that of continuing smokhave to try several times to quit ers. before they are successful. ◗ Five years after quitting, the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder are cut in half. Cervical cancer risk falls to that of a non-smoker. ◗ Stroke risk can fall to that of a non-smoker after two to five years. ◗ Ten years after quitting, the risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a person who is still smoking. The risk of cancer of the larynx (voice box) and pancreas decreases. ◗ Fifteen years after quitting, the risk of coronary heart disease is Make the decision equal to that of a non-smoker. to stop smoking and set a quit date. Quitting smoking is hard, but you Write down the reasons why to you can stop. North Fulton Hospital offers want to quit and keep that list with Do you want to stop this, and start the journey? you when you get the urge to light up. Withdrawal symptoms are much easier to manage than a smoking cessation support group to help. (See the calendar on page 15.) Throw away all cigarettes, matches, the health problems caused by smoking. To learn more, call 770-751-2660 or lighters and ashtrays at home, work or in the car. Forbid smoking by visit www.nfultonhospital.com. In adThe immediate benefits of not others in your home. smoking can help reinforce your com- dition, many organizations, including mitment to quit. You may notice that the American Cancer Society and Ask your friends, your breath smells better and stained American Lung Association offer information on their Web sites that family and co-workers for their moti- teeth look whiter, yellow fingers and can help you in your fight to kick vation and support. Check with your fingernails begin to disappear, your physician about a smoking cessation sense of smell returns, food tastes bet- the habit. For a free referral to Dr. Lavania or class or counseling program. ter, and air and clothes smell better, any North Fulton Hospital physician, too. Dr. Lavania said those who choose call our physician referral line at Change your 770-751-2600 or visit to quit will also reap benefits that routine so you won’t be tempted to www.nfultonhospital.com. ❑ smoke. If you do have an urge to they can’t see or feel right away, but

Mark Twain knew how hard it is to quit smoking. “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times,” he once said. It’s not easy to quit when nicotine withdrawal sets in within hours of the last cigarette. Coping with dizziness, depression, anxiety, irritability, headaches, tiredness, increased appetite, weight gain, and sleep disturbances can be quite difficult. But those symptoms are much easier to manage than the health problems caused by smoking. “Long-term risks related to smoking range from lung cancer and heart disease, to stomach ulcers, acid reflux, gum disease and serious breathing problems,” said Sachin Lavania, M.D., medical director of respiratory therapy at North Fulton Hospital and a pulmonologist with North Fulton Pulmonary Specialists. “The negative health impact of smoking can not only steal quality of life, but also shorten a person’s lifespan.” According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men and women who smoke lose an average of 14 years of life. Quitting smoking is a multi-step process that requires ongoing commitment. Some smokers may find themselves going two steps forward and three steps back. But keep trying. More than half of current adult smokers worked to kick the habit in 2010, and the number of former smokers now exceeds those who smoke.

Step One.

Step Two.

Step Three.

Step Four.

Step Five.

capturedinthecurrent Editor’s note: This month we start a new feature called Captured in the Current. Local photographer Lisa Eckman contributes the photography. Lisa embodies what this publication is all about. In her own words she will explain the mission of this page. Look for this feature each issue.

Chad, a seasonal UPS worker, just graduated from college earlier this year, receiving a degree in Marketing. It was the happiest day of his life.

When I was a teenager I lived in a children’s home in New York. There were dozens of teenagers that lived there, many of which had committed petty crimes or were abused. When you’re surrounded by such ugliness it’s easy to see the whole world as an ugly place. Bitterness and anger rose up inside me and I found myself hating the world. I got tired of being bitter. I wanted to seek out beauty. One day I received a camera as a gift and ever since then I have used that as a tool to capture the charm of creation. I started out photographing the usual flowers and trees, my children,

and friends. As time went on, I began to take notice of more awe-inspiring things and people. “Oh, that would make a great photograph!” I would think to myself as I noticed scenes like local road workers stopping to let a flock of geese cross the road.  Thus I began to carry my camera everywhere.  One day I discovered a project called Humans of New York by a man named Brandon Stanton. Mr. Stanton wandered the streets and photographed people, creating a ‘photographic census’ of the city’s inhabitants. He would talk to the subjects and caption each photo with a story. These people were beautiful, both in appearance and in the stories they shared. I knew that was something I wanted to do, so I started my own Humans of Atlanta page on facebook. It became my own form of therapy. It can be easy to be captured in the current of a tumultuous life, but I’d rather focus on people being Captured in the Current, and going with the flow of a beautiful life. ❑

Pigidy Peanut is a rap artist and devoted dad. “In today’s world men have lost their roles and can’t nobody help us find them except us.” ~ Peanut

Challah has been volunteering with the Salvation Army for 4 years. She became involved with them after they helped her out when she was having a rough time.

Eric Gant is an americana, roots-rock musician, and his band The Eric Gant Trio, plays a mix of rock, funk and blues. He books gigs all over the region.

Jordan, age 17, is taking a break from modeling to go on to college (Psychology, & perhaps Media). He graduated high school early when he was 16.

Miss Mary has been a crossing guard at this corner for almost 22 years. She used to help Lawrence (on the left) cross the street when he was a little boy. She has helped thousands of kids cross at this corner. A couple months back, when Miss Mary heard one of the kids was having a hard time adjusting to a sudden move to the area, she surprised him with a puppet (a monkey, his favorite!). Now he sleeps with that toy every night, and he knows with Mary out there he is safe.

Little Miss “Lovey Cuteness” looks like she loved getting in the holiday spirit.

Komi works at Citgo on Holcomb Bridge. He’s originally from Togo, and moved to the area because he has family here. He works long hours, and whether I show up in the early morning or late evening, he always greets me with a smile.


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JAN 2013

2013 Is Shaping Up As A Great Year For Real Estate By Kirsten Ricci





1"#"00,& $" %&-7 )"2 &"1.& % 3)& 3*3,& /' " &/ 1( *" &.3&1 /' *23*.$3*/ . 8 3)& / .,7 2$)/ /, 3/ #& "6"1%& % 3)*2 %*23*.$3*/ . *. / 13) 4,3/ . $/ 4.37 & )"5& 01/ 5* %& % " 2"'& ,/ 5*.( &.5*1/ .- &.3 '/ 1 ,/$", $)*,%1&. '/1 / 5&1 7&"12 & &5&. )"5& 2&5&1", /' / 41 /1*(*.", 3&"$)&12


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It should not be a surprise that our real estate micro-market has continued to set a recovery pace that few other industries can boast. The momentum seen for 2012 in the housing industry remains promising and has shown an ability to maintain good forward progress. Home prices are expected to rise a modest 1 percent from the fourth quarter of 2012 to the end of 2013, and according to the real estate research firm Fiserv housing is finally turning the corner; there is no reason to be fearful of further large price declines. The Mortgage Bankers Association forecasts more and more house hunters will start coming off the sidelines, with newhas learned to be more aggressive with home loans for purchases expected to their opening offers. jump 55 percent, based in dollars, in Considerations For 2013 2013. With that increased competition, What can upset the forecast in the the days of buyers sticking it year ahead? U.S. Federal to sellers are over. Reserve Chairman Ben The Price Is Right? Bernanke is lifting housing Homes in many markets by buying bonds to keep are selling in a matter of mortgage rates low. How weeks, often attracting much longer can he keep multiple offers—but only that going? Homeowners the ones that are properly could remain on the sidelines priced. Focus on the as the number of buyers appraisal. While most sellReal Estate grow. In that case, the inveners typically choose the KIRSTEN RICCI tory of homes would shrink highest offer, the contract even more, lifting prices is still most likely subject to faster than expected. If tight lending a third party’s assessment of the standards return to norms, the market home’s value. With so much riding on could see an additional 500,000 to the appraisal, it can kill an agreement 700,000 home sales next year. And or require renegotiation. Your agent should be present and prepare a pack- lastly, employer confidence rises. Since jobs are the engine of the housing marage of recent home sales and ket, a pickup in hiring later in the year, comparables for the appraiser. which economists are predicting, could If you want to buy, you have to be accelerate a real estate rebound in the ready to make an offer. Plus, your first second half of 2013. This is especially offer should be very close to your best. true here in the North Metro area If the house has been on the market where a lot of high paying jobs being for three months or longer, you can be added to the local economy in 2013 more aggressive. But if it’s a new which means an even greater sellers listing, a low-ball offer will get you igmarket. ❑ nored. It is not uncommon for a buyer Kirsten Ricci is with Roswell Towne to miss out on a couple of homes that Realty and can be reached at they want to purchase due to starting kirsten@roswelltownerealty.net. too low in the negotiations. Another buyer is just around the corner and



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X Neighborhood Expert! X

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9 4 2 A L P H A R E T TA S T R E E T



Equal Housing Opportunity. This offer is subject to change without notice. *4% commission is based on a one party listing/agent sale. Commission will be 5% on co/op two agent transaction. Commissions are based on sales price and are due at closing.


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JAN 2013

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Shares his take on the booming yet challenging restaurant industry in the burb "We'll be there when you need us."

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% "

PHYLIS SIMONI Cell: 404-456-2683 REALTOR

Local Restaurateur Phenom David Howard

Fax: 678-391-3690 Email: simoni@kw.com www.psimoni.com

My exceptional service will MOVE YOU!

the work week, David spends in Charleston and the other half plus He may have been born in Norfolk, most weekends, he spends in the England, classically trained in London dining room of Chicago’s. and six European countries, and A quick retro summary of David’s worked in multiple American cities transition in his business track upon crossing the sea to fulfill his In the mid 1980s, David was the exdreams… but we will warm-heartedly ecutive chef at Trotters Restaurant claim David Howard as our own. A and The Brass Key in Buckhead. He resident of East Cobb, David is most then worked in Charleston for four known as the owner/operator of years, and then returned to Atlanta in Chicago’s Steak and Seafood in 1991. After 10 more years of working Roswell, which will soon celebrate 22 in the Atlanta area market, David years in its original locale—an formed the Neighborhood Dining amazing feat in the restaurant Group (NDG) in 2001 to develop a industry, particularly in the suburbs, concept with a local investment group opening a restaurant called Queen Anne’s Revenge on Daniel Island, a new suburban community near Charleston, South Carolina. Queen Anne’s Revenge exploded in popularity upon opening and continues to be the most sought after reservation on Daniel Island. In 2006, that successful partnership led to the acquisition of the highly acclaimed McCrady’s Restaurant in downtown Charleston, considered one of the most cherished “go-to” places in the city. Then in early 2010, the partnership acquired two historic buildings in downtown Charleston and accomplished a remarkable renovation, which ultimately became Husk Restaurant. They opened Husk in November 2010, and in 2011 Husk was selected by Bon Appétit magazine with the cover and coveted honor of “The Best New Restaurant in America.” David oversees the restaurants in both Atlanta and when you learn that 72% close shop Charleston, and is responsible for the within two years. But he has concept, design, development, experienced a provocative surge in reconstruction, recruitment, cent years by combining his North management and day-to-day Atlanta success with a journey to operations. Charleston, and soon, Nashville. I recently posed some questions to David has garnered international David due to his unique perspective as notoriety while continuing to enjoy a successful restaurateur in both good old-fashioned local restaurant suburban and urban establishments. rapport. He has a big personality, a The Current: “You are a great lovely British accent, and an example of a restaurateur who has incredibly busy schedule which he experienced both suburban and urban smoothly manages with the assistance CONTINUED 30 of his wife of 24 years, Anita. Half of By Elaine LaMontagne


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JAN 2013

Out&AboutinJanuary This is just a partial list of area events and activities. For more, please visit www.thecurrentplus.com. If you have an event listing please send it to events@thecurrentplus.com. 855-583-5838. Gee Baby is Sharon Rae North’s latest CD, released November at Marietta Museum of History, Marietta, 2012. It contains a collection of beautiful GA. Murray and Etta, our museum mice, jazz standards such as “Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You,” “If Ever I lead the way for a special guided tour Would Leave You,” through the Museum’s galleries. Tours “Don’t Go to Strangers,” are targeted to toddlers, age 3 to 5 and and several others. their parents. www.mariettahistory.org. www.thevelvetnote.com. Tickets: $25. Includes passed hors d’oevres and THURSDAY, JAN 10 - 27 personalized copy of CD. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9


Providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for lung and breathing disorders. Shortness of Breath Cough COPD Asthma Lung nodules Lung cancer Sachin Lavania, MD Board-Certified Internal Medicine Pulmonary Disease Critical Care Medicine

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Pulmonary Hypertension Sarcoidosis Interstitial Lung Disease Pulmonary Embolism To schedule an appointment, call 770-410-4661.


2500 Hospital Boulevard, Suite 460 • Roswell, Georgia 30076



Roswell Cultural Arts Center , 950 Forrest Street – Roswell. 770-641-1260; or www.get.org. A world premiere comedy! A wedding party is flat-out ruined when the groom turns up dead. As the guests gather to reconstruct the evening’s events and try to solve the mystery, it becomes clear that for Southerners, the truth isn’t nearly as important as a good story. Details at www.get.org. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11

WINTER BINGO Winter Bingo at Bill Johnson Community Activity Building in Roswell Area Park. 7 – 9 p.m.; Free. Bring family and friends to play “T’s,” “L’s,” straight bingo, four corners, diagonal, cover all and others. Registration required. For adults include two bingo cards and one raffle ticket; for children 15 and under, one bingo card and raffle ticket. Concessions available. Prizes awarded. 770-641-3760. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11


Members & kids under 2 free. 770-992-2055. SAT JAN. 19 - 20

SACHAL VASANDANI The Velvet Note, 4075 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA. 855-5855838. Chicago native Sachal Vasandani is a vibrant young musician, bringing his unique brand of jazz and exquisite voice to audiences throughout the world. Tickets: $20. www.thevelvetnote.com.



SATURDAY, JAN. 19 – 27


Chattahoochee Nature Center 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. $60 general public; $50 Chattahoochee Nature Center Members. Learn to leave the auto setting behind and step into the more creative and fun side of photography. Advance Registration Required by Jan. 9th. scheduling@chattnaturecenter.org or 770-992-2055 ext. 237; www.chattnaturecenter.org.

Historic Roswell show its culinary merit during the first ever Roswell Restaurant Week. This year from January 14 – 22 prixfixed menus will be available for lunch and dinner. Sample the variety of sophisticated fare including South American street food, Southern fusion, French cuisine, Pub classics, and Asian specialties. roswellrestaurantweek.com.




See Adams as you’ve not seen him at The Coffee Pot, Alpharetta, GA. 7p.m. – before--solo-acoustic and intimate. 9p.m. Play Pen is an open mic of poetry, Adams’ status as one of the great prose, music and storytelling. All genres songwriters of our time, has been solidified. www.cobbenergycentre.com welcome. 770-521-5560. $35. – $69.50 plus applicable fees.




Utilities Panel featuring representatives from Gas South, Georgia Power and City Shabbat dinner in honor of Rabbi Boxt’s of Roswell. Come find out where you can cut utility costs and save time and money. Installation. 7:00pm at Temple Kol Visit www.roswellba.com to register. We Emeth, Marietta, GA. will introduce the Roswell Business FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 – 12 Academy. Roswell City Hall (Room 220) DWAYNE GILL AS SEEN ON from 7:30 am – 9:00 am. Roswell Business Academy is a five-course series COMEDY CENTRAL on doing better business in Roswell. Bonkers Comedy Club in Roswell. Designed to enhance the skills you need Everyone has heard the old saying “Good to manage or grow a successful business. Cop, Bad Cop,” meet Funny Cop, Dwayne Gill. He is known for his engaging SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 personality and stage presence. Dwayne can be depended on to serve up laughter SNAKES, HOT SNAKES, AND wherever he appears and when it comes MORE SNAKES! From 12 – 4 p.m. at Chattahoochee to protecting, it’s not your funny bone Nature Center. Southern Snake he’s worried about—it’s the citizens of Michigan, since he’s also a police officer. Encounter Show at 1 p.m., with Jason Clark, star of the Animal Planet series http://roswell.bonkerzcomedy.com. “SnakesKin.” 12 – 4 pm, the Reptile SATURDAY, JANUARY 12 Wagon will give you an up-close view of live, native reptiles. Create a slinky snake CD RELEASE PARTY, with Camp Kingfisher’s Mr. Tim. SHARON RAE NORTH Admission; $5 child; $10 adult; $7 ages The Velvet Note, 4075 Old Milton 65+ and $7 students ages 13 – 18. CNC Parkway, Alpharetta, GA.

MON., JAN. 21

MUNCH AND LEARN WITH JANET RIGSBY Barrington Hall. Bring your lunch and learn about various gardening topics and have your questions answered. Free. 770-640-3855. Also Jan. 28, and Feb. 4. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22

GLORIOUS ARRANGEMENTS WITH GROCERY STORE FLOWERS Roswell Garden Club presents “Glorious Arrangements with Grocery Store Flowers,” at the Bill Johnson Community Activity Building in Roswell Area Park. 10 a.m.; Free. roswellgardenclub.com. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23

BARRINGTON HALL LECTURE History of Marietta, presented by Joe Kirby, co-author of the books Marietta and Marietta Revisited. $5 per person. Lecture begins at 7 p.m. and the doors open at 6:30 p.m. 770-640-3855 or wbrowning@roswellgov.com.

see thecurrentplus.com for more out & about • community • real estate • music • food • garden • business • health & wellness • life

25 JAN 2013




at Laughing Skull Lounge, Atlanta, GA. As one of the most recognizable comedians in show business, Goldthwait unleashed his one of a kind brand of comedy in his new Showtime one hour special entitled “You Don’t Look the Same Either.” The genredefying Police Academy alum returns with a self-deprecating and topical instant comedy classic, taking the audience on a hilarious journey through his 30 year career as an eighties icon, to the guy who lit the Tonight Show set on fire… literally! www.laughingskulllounge.com. SATURDAY, JANUARY 12


JOHN HENSON - WIPEOUT at The Punchline, Atlanta, GA. John Henson does it all. Well, we’re not sure he does windows, but he is an actor, writer, host and producer of over 1,400 hours of television. You probably know him best from his years as former host of the Emmy Award-winning Talk Soup on E! Entertainment Television. He’s currently the host of the wildly popular show Wipeout! www.punchline.com.




You’ve seen him on The Green Card Tour LIVE from the O2 Arena on Showtime and Red, White and Brown on Comedy Central; now watch comedy rockstar, Russell Peters up-close and personal with his new act and his trademark lightening fast improv with all new material as part of his Notorious World Tour 2013. Peters has spent the last three years setting attendance records around the globe; in 2009, he had the largest comedy show in UK history at London’s O2 Arena with 16,000 fans in attendance. Tickets may be purchased at Ticketmaster.com. JANUARY 25 – 26

KOJO PRINCE AS SEEN ON COMIC VIEW Bonkers Comedy Club in Roswell presents Kojo Prince. Kojo Prince comes from a long line of performers; Great Grandmother working in Vaudeville, Grandmother as an opera singer and Mother (Falumi Prince) as a featured singer with Harry Belafonte. roswell.bonkerzcomedy.com.




FEB. 4 – MARCH 2




4:00pm at Milton High School, Alpharetta, GA. Join us at Milton H.S. as the Milton Boys Lacrosse present the Run For Cover 5K. The start/finish will be in the parking lot of Milton H.S.near the football stadium. The entire course will be on paved streets in and around the Milton campus and along Freemanville Rd. SATURDAY, JAN. 26

POLAR BEAR RUN 2013 25th annual Polar Bear Run 5K will benefit JF Student Choirs. Online registration or by downloadable registration form at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church website: www.johnsonferry.org. SATURDAY, JAN. 26

SIP, SWIRL & TWIRL at Marietta Museum Of History. This girls night promises to be filled with delicious treats, fine wine, much needed girl time and inspiration! Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Marietta Museum of History. www.mariettahistory.org.

at The Velvet Note, Alpharetta, GA. EXUM’S first album, aptly titled, “FINALLY!,” is an example in arranging. He effortlessly blends his saxes with R&B, Soul, and Funk Flavors and his own composition skills are well complemented by the production work of keyboardist/ drummer James Robertson. 855-583-5838.


Professional potter and retired AFRICAN AMERICANS MEMBERS OF THE Mercer University Professor, Roger Jamison, presents a variety of wood AT THE SMITH FAMILY EXHIBIT fired pots that have emerged from his PLANTATION This exhibit investigates the lives anagama kiln in Juliet, Georgia. The exhibit sheds light on those of the enslaved African 770-641-3990. who served the Smith family and Americans held by the King family and is taken from a letter journeyed with them from the WEDNESDAY, FEB. 6 coast and demonstrates how the written by Catharine King, WEDNESDAY LECTURE Barrington’s spouse, referring to Smith Home began as a place SERIES where African Americans labored the enslaved married couple SATURDAY, FEB. 2 Barrington Hall. As a Dream of the as slaves to a home lived in by an Abram and Flora as “members of WHAT’S COOKIN’ IN THE Past: Romance, Reality and the the family” and stating her desire African American woman. CABIN AT BULLOCH HALL Demise of Slavery, presented by Dr. Admission is included in the to keep them together at What’s Cookin’ in the Cabin at Barrington Hall. Free with paid Jeffrey Young, Sr. Lecturer/Dept. of purchase of a tour ticket. Bulloch Hall – part of the Roswell History at Georgia State University. archibaldsmithplantation.org or tour admission. Roots Festival. www.bullochhall.org $5 per person, lecture at 7 p.m., 770-641-3978. or 770-992-1731. doors open at 6:30 p.m. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 2 770-640-3855 or wbrowning@roswellgov.com. FASHION SHOW at Smith Plantation Home at 1:00 p.m. As part of the Roswell Roots SATURDAY, FEB. 9 Celebration, Ms. Vernell Washington will highlight fashions in clothing, hats, and accessories that are popular and representative of LUDWIG SYMPHONY SATURDAY, FEB. 2 the African American Culture. Show includes models and discussions ORCHESTRA CHATTAHOOCHEE 7:30 PM. Featuring Caroline Nicolas, of fashion as it has evolved from African roots. Collection of hats and accessories will be available for viewing and purchase. 770-641-3978 CHALLENGE performs at Roswell Cultural Arts or www.archibaldsmithplantation.org. Chattahoochee Challenge – 10K Race Center at 7:30 p.m. & Fun Run; 7:30 A.M. Chattahoochee 770-623-8623 or FEBRUARY 9 Nature Center. www.ludwigsymphony.org. 9 WEST AFRICAN www.chattnaturecenter.org.


Restaurant Guide BELLY’S PIZZA 550 West Crossville Road Roswell GA 30075 770-594-8118 Family owned and operated since 2007. Serving a variety of dishes including salads, deli sandwiches as well as Roswell’s best pizza. Live music, great food, good times. page 27


KARACHI BROAST AND GRILL 10971 Crabapple Road Roswell, GA 30075 770-643-9553 American, Italian, Mediterranean and Pakistani. Everything made to order; Kabobs, Burgers, Broasted Chicken, Pizza, Pastas and much more. Monday thru Wed. Kids eat free. page 25



11255 Woodstock Road Roswell, GA 30075 770-587-4474, www.phishphood.com Phish Phood Cafe is Roswell’s first Christian Cafe. A unique electic fusion menu for Dine In or Take Out as well as creative and affordable Catering for any event. Believe us when we say “It’s not what you think!?”page 25

4401 Shallowford Rd NE Roswell, GA 30075 770.640.1100 Keegan’s Irish Pub-East Cobb has a wide selection of draft & bottled beers, wine. and spirits. Enjoy Authentic Irish food in an Old World atmosphere. Non-smoking, family friendly, kids menu, live entertainment and patio dining. Join us every Sunday for Brunch 11am-3pm. page 27

11 a.m. – 3 p.m. is devoted to the food and music of West Africa. Join chef and author Sallie Ann Robinson as she shares stories of growing up in the Gullah culture of Daufuskie Island, SC, and prepares her famous coastal specialties. The founders of DrumRise will demonstrate the drumming techniques they learned from Guinean master drummer Mamady Keita. After a brief lesson, stay and join in the drum circle. Free admission; 770-640-3855. FEBRUARY 9



Renowned genealogist Melvin J. Collier presents a workshop on tracing African American roots. Held at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center on Grimes Bridge Road. Workshop will focus on different methods including oral histories, DNA testing, and slave documents. Mr. Collier appeared on the Spike Lee episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” that aired on NBC in April 2010. He is also the author of two books. Admission $5 per person. www.archibaldsmithplantation.org or 770-641-3978.


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JAN 2013

It’s VUU To Me The specialized care you want. The personal attention you deserve.


• Preconception Consults • Waterbirths • Infertility Screening and Treatment • Prenatal Care and Delivery • Family Planning and Contraception • Preventive and Screening Exams

Michele P. Clark, MSN, CNM Certified Nurse-Midwife

• Teenage and Adolescent Care • Menopause and Peri-Menopause Management • Treatment for Heavy or Painful Periods, PCOS, and Endometriosis • Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) • Ultrasounds and Procedures in Office

To schedule an appointment, call 770-410-4388 . 2500 Hospital Boulevard, Suite 290 in Roswell


Stunning New Fusion concept at VUU Asian Bistro

Aaron Vuu of VUU Asian Bistro.

By Frank Mack Ohhh baby, do I have one for you. This place is brand new and it’s superb. It is different and oh my stars it is get up out of here delicious. Even in this area, in the phenomenal foodie fields of the Northside OTP, and with all due respect to Foodie News a lot of really suFRANK MACK perior restaurant talent all around us, this one is special. The owner is young, new, and just killing a menu with creativity, heart and incredibly good things. I want everyone to say hello to Mr. Aaron Vuu and his brand new, to die for, Asian, Japanese, Thai fusion restaurant named VUU Asian Bistro. That handsome, inordinately pleasant, incredibly sincere, and wonderfully talented young man has opened his very first restaurant and it is more than a little impressive. Aaron isn’t alone. He comes from a large family of restaurant people, owners to chefs and everything in between. That allows him to be supported by decades of experience, family experience, surrounding him in his very cool exhibition kitchens. But the

menu, that’s all Aaron and its mind boggling. I love family restaurants and the families that do it at this level of excellence, and their kitchens, are a gift to be shared by us all. Vuu is family. A very talented family at that. Son, brother, father and mother-in-law are all there. And you can feel it. It hits you at the door, in the smiles, in every detail, in every taste. Your family is welcome so come in and enjoy. Let’s set the stage. VUU Asian Bistro is a simple glass storefront. Located on Crossville Road in Roswell, in front of the Home Depot. Yes it is an ordinary strip building but the inside is anything but ordinary. There are booths, tables, 10seat sushi bar and a cool looking kitchen to boot. Its well done, has a spotless interior and of course it smells good. If you are like me you take one look at a menu that ranges from Japanese to Thai and a smattering of other oriental influences and you grimace. No way anyone can pull this off right? But then... Pho, 8-hours from bones broth and it shows. Pho is a simple noodle dish. It is peasant food that has to be made from the simple things; bones, herbs, water, heat and time, lots of time. It has to be healthy, pure, delicious, and filling. Peasants don’t fool around, and cheap never has to mean bad in a kitchen.

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27 JAN 2013

Oh my friends, far from it. At VUU Asian Bistro they reduce all of that and more followed by a little love into a broth for over 8 hours to create a flavor that is orgasmic in intensity and physics in its complexity and that’s just the simple inexpensive noodle soup. I shouldn’t have to say anything more about the quality and care that goes into everything you will taste, slurp, bite, and belly at VUU. And that’s the soup, wait, let me get up on a soapbox and say it again— that’s the soup. Wait till you get a load of the rest of the menu. I have been there over and over and in six meals I am getting more and more impressed by everything young Mr. Vuu is up to. Folks, we got us a culinary star in the making here. More things I love. Avocado fries, I can’t explain it, just do it, get ‘em, delicious bites of culinary genius. The Curry Puffs. (And sadly I dislike curry no end.) But not here, not at VUU. Here it’s delicate, different and these simple pastries are perfections. The Thai Iced Tea and The Thai Iced Coffee is flat off the hook, otherworldly. I have had versions in a hundred places and for this, for the iced drinks at VUU,

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VUU’s Lobster Volcano

they carry recipes, which are deep secrets. They represent a young inventive sense of style, taste and outlandish culinary verve. Noodles, noodles, and more noodles. Pad Thai, oh boy it’s special. And I love Rice On Canton restaurant, but this is a twist that I like, a lot. The Clear Noodle Salad, big lunch or dinner salad, will blow you away and its 8 just bucks! Lo Mein, Yaki Udon, more Pad Thai and more noodle soups that rock, fill you all the way up, screaming healthy in every bite. And I haven’t even mentioned the Sushi yet. What can I say, VUU Asian Bistro instantly rockets to a top place Sushi wise OTP. No question about it. And it’s really inexpensive. Everything I am talking about goes from $8 to $13. And for this level of quality, that’s close to free and I am not afraid to tell you and Aaron that. But what can I say? Aaron Vuu is one of those principled fellows who believe in quality, exceptional service. He wants it the way he wants it and prices it so you can afford it. Those traits are a big part of his personality. Me? I am going to just shut up and enjoy myself. I haven’t worked my way up to the pricier lobster and duck yet but I will. That’s a promise. In a little storefront, in front of the big retailer, is an adventure in Asian the way Aaron does it? I would drive culinary delights that you don’t have to miles and miles passing them all. It’s get on plane for. It isn’t downtown or ridiculous. Please, please, please trust out of town. It’s right here, in our town. me and try them. A local treasure just for us. Consider it More soup, the Tom Yum, the Tom a slightly late Christmas present from Kha, one sweet/sour, the other coconut your local appetite, me, to y’all. Trust base, both unique, both inspiring. me, you want to go. Those little condiment trays you see? Ok, fair warning. As of the writing They are not ordinary, not by a moon they hadn’t been approved for their shot. No exaggeration, they deserve liquor license. If that matters give them their own cooking show. Each and a call. They will happily cork your boteveryone are carefully handmade, by tle for you. ❑ the ounces, not gallons. Individually

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I love family restaurants and the families that do it at this level of excellence, and their kitchens, are a gift to be shared by us all.

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JAN 2013 22

Local Restaurateur... continued

success. What are the most distinct differences and/or similarities between the two?” David Howard: “Chicago’s has been operating on our corner in the East Cobb/Roswell community for 22 years. I think the hands-on owner from day one concept has made all the difference and still sets us apart. My wife Anita and I have lived, worked and raised our two beautiful daughters in this community. I believe our guests, as old fashioned as it may seem, still like to see owners and family members in restaurants grinding away. Anita makes her famous carrot and coconut cakes from scratch for Chicago’s—and if you haven’t had them, you have been deprived! It’s not easy for restaurants in our neck of the woods due to limited business office developments and no hotels, so we are still serving primarily a bedroom community. This environment provides for limited lunch trade and that fact contributes

to many chains failing in the very same communities. We see many of the same faces in the restaurant every week, some multiple times a week. Hard to find that loyalty downtown. Having said that, our staff is another reason we are still around. Jeanne Witner, the general manager, has now been with us for 20 years, plus we have half a dozen people that have been at Chicago’s more than 15 years, and another dozen with 10 years of service. The staff has helped raise my kids, for goodness sake. I owe so much to them.” The Current: “What percentage of Chicago’s patronage comes from ITP (Inside the Perimeter)? Is that typical of suburban restaurants?” David Howard: “In my opinion, suburban restaurants in North Atlanta do and will have a hard time drawing people from ITP. Not because they are not fantastic but because there are so many dining options intown. People are hesitant to drive 25-30 minutes especially if they plan on having a

cocktail. I believe the DUI laws have created a reversal of roles somewhat. People have curtailed their drinking and driving, which is very responsible, but impacts suburbanites driving downtown as often as they used to and vise versa. This has positively influenced areas like downtown Roswell, Woodstock and Marietta where business and atmosphere conditions are booming and so much closer to home. Areas such as Canton Street will pull from a larger radius because of the overall street experience that it offers, and frankly, most of the quality of the restaurants exceeds expectations.” The Current: “What is your general feeling about the current restaurant scene in East Cobb/Roswell/Alpharetta in relationship to other suburban areas in metro Atlanta? In other words, how do we stack up?” David Howard: “Honestly, I am impressed. Anita and I enjoy both downtown Roswell and Woodstock. We had a Chicago’s on Old Alabama Road in Roswell for 13 years before the

Mall was built and I can assure you that today, to see all the fun, quality restaurants and people walking around enjoying wine in the streets is quite the change for Roswell. Downtown Marietta is trailing, which drives me crazy. They have absolutely the best set-up with the Square for an amazing situation. Can you imagine the Square being a pedestrian zone at night and 15+ small wonderful restaurants with side walk cafes? Why not? Not sure why that’s not happening.” The Current: “There was a recent national airline magazine article about Roswell becoming a booming restaurant destination. Do you think our area is attaining significant recognition?” David Howard: “Sure and deservedly so. There are a lot of cool places in historic Roswell I really enjoy. Parking is becoming a problem, however, and the city needs to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Sales taxes are aflowing. They need to create some options. This current energy and real estate re-development could go away as quick as it showed up. Be careful.”

# $

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29 JAN 2013


770.645.2525 710 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Roswell, GA 30076 cityantiquesatlanta.com




it honest, humble and communitybased, and I felt that name captured it. In 2006 we acquired McCrady’s Restaurant in Charleston, a magnificent Southern-influenced restaurant that has actually been in the same building and called McCrady’s since 1785. George Washington ate there during his Southern tour in 1791. This restaurant just entered the national ‘Fine Dining Hall of Fame’. Then in 2010 we renovated two incredible historic buildings on Queen Street in Charleston and opened up Husk Restaurant.” The Current: “What’s the magic of Husk that garnered the “Best New Restaurant in America”? And why Nashville for your expansion?” David Howard: “We put so much thought, passion, attention to detail, and hard work into this concept it would be hard to explain. Chef Sean Brock has been amazing and his passion for the South, farmers, ingredients, and their history has enhanced the concept to another level. He has not only inspired us all, but his Southern cuisine is regarded nationally and internationally. Husk winning the “Best New Restaurant in America” by Bon Appétit is bloody mind blowing! This has encouraged us after two years of fine tuning to expand just a little and take the concept on the road to Nashville. Nashville is vibrant, energetic, fun and a booming place. We love the music scene and feel a certain continuity between the concept of Husk and Nashville. We have found another historic building and will be opening in the spring of 2013. A dish may only have three components but the quality, flavor, and balance of those ingredients, along with the preparation make a simple dish fantastic. We have been thrilled to see the positive growth for local Charleston farmers and artisans from the farm to table restaurants, and hope to contribute to the Nashville farming community as well.” The Current: “As a British chap who has traveled and worked in many places, what is your feeling about living and working in the South?” David Howard: “As a Brit that has been a chef in six countries, I appreciate the diversity of flavors, styles and

" "

The Current: “Can you share any specific observations or comments about East Cobb, Canton Street, and the new Avalon development in Alpharetta—any favorites other than your own?” David Howard: “Still masses of room for new, small cool places in East Cobb. Anybody interested? I think Seed has been the best addition to the East Cobb dining community in a long time, they do a nice job. Also, the crew at GC BBQ next to Chicago’s knows what they are doing. It’s excellent. In Roswell, we enjoy Salt and Table On Main. I have not been to the Avalon development. I think it’s absolutely imperative that the community understands how crucial it is to support independent restaurants, not always chains. I know they have cheap deals and discounts, but you deserve better. Behind the local business person is a local family and their very well-being is based on support of their community. Local business owners spend money in their local communities. Here’s the guideline—if a restaurant is publicly traded, drive by it. Be local. Eat local.” The Current: “Anything new to share about Chicago’s or its Speakeasy Lounge (what does that mean, by the way)?” David Howard: “This past year we had a significant remodel. It was time. Our guests have responded very positively, and our business is booming. We always remain challenged with our menu because our regulars love it the way it is, but I like to keep surprising them with new offerings. So it’s pretty diverse and people seem to enjoy it that way. Like I said, we have been there for 22 years and the bulk of our base lives within a five to six mile radius, yet we have been on an hour wait every weekend, every month, every year for 22 years. We offer live entertainment in our Speakeasy Lounge—a speakeasy was a secret bar inside restaurants serving alcohol during the Prohibition, and that continues to be a popular draw.” The Current: “How did you come to name your company ‘The Neighborhood Dining Group’?” David Howard: “Back in 2001, I was approached by a group about opening a restaurant in the Charleston area. I formed a restaurant management company and called it the Neighborhood Dining Group because whatever I do, I want to keep

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JAN 2013 4

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have about 15% of it in place. Those are parts of Old Alabama Rd, Willeo Rd, Azalea/Riverside Rd and Mimosa Blvd along with another two miles that are in design that should be completed in the next couple of years. In order to complete the remaining 85%, there are a couple of things we should do. First, following the Beltline model, we should identify the segments that would see the most traffic and start those ASAP. We should consider offering incentives to developers who are interested in building along the trail as well as property tax incentives to residents who want to open up their property lines to create trail connections with neighboring subdivisions. We should market this project and get the Downtown Development Authority involved and consider bring29

We have a fully stocked fine art gallery representing many artists and mediums, over 1500 frame choices, ready made frames ranging from 31/2 x 5 to 36 x 48, a great selection of framed mirrors including ovals and circles, as well as thousands of decorative, hand painted oils to fit any budget.

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The Roswell Loop... continued

ing in partner organizations like the PATH Foundation. Additionally, the city should commit to the project by creating an official Pedestrian and Bicycle plan and budget accordingly. Finally, the loop should be branded and we should label the trails that already are in place. This network would increase quality of life by making the city easier to get around for all our citizens not just those who are fortunate enough to be able to drive. It would make Roswell more desirable to potential residents and business and we could become a model for suburban connectivity. ❑ Michael authors the blog at newurbanroswell.com. You may contact him at: michaeldhadden@gmail.com

Local Restaurateur... continued

cooking methods of different cultures. immigrant, I am living the American To be honest, I was classically French- dream!” ❑ trained and although things have Chicago’s Steak and Seafood changed, it’s amazing how many old techniques are still used today. 4401 Shallowford Road, Roswell, GA, However, I never imagined making a 770-993-7464 living serving crispy pigs ears! That’s a favorite at Husk. I love the South, the Husk Restaurant weather is unbelievable and I do 76 Queen Street, Charleston, SC, appreciate sincere Southern hospitality. I have little patience for 843-577-2500 rude people.” McCrady’s The Current: “Any final comments?” 2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC David Howard: “I do laugh 843-577-0025 sometimes when you think about a guy whose father was English, mother Queen Anne’s Revenge was Danish, moved to America, 160 Fairchild Street, Daniel Island, SC, married a Greek, owns a restaurant called Chicago’s in Atlanta, and whose 843-216-6868 company operates celebrated southern restaurants. That’s life, and as an

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