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25 September 2020

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Elphin publican ‘wasn’t aware’ he had to self-isolate some of the speculation. “I will put my hands up and say I didn’t know I The Elphin publican at had to self-isolate. If I the centre of a Covid knew I was supposed to, storm says he wasn’t I would not have been at aware that he should the bar on Saturday,” he have been self-isolating while awaiting the result said before adding that there were no more than of a coronavirus test. 60 people in the bar on Publican Gordon Murray, who has since tested Saturday night. Mr. Murray said that positive for Covid-19, he could understand also says he was not local anger following aware that an 18th birththe events on Saturday day party was taking night. He confirmed place at An Bóthar Rua that his premises is on Saturday when he now closed for the time arrived at the premises being, although he had at around 10 pm. not received a request Roscommon-Galway Constituency Reports of positive from the HSE to shut it. Covid tests for people Meanwhile, Cllr. in the Elphin area have Valerie Byrne has called been circulating over for calm in the wake recent days. of the controversy in Amidst much comment il tá ó V Elphin. on social media and in Speaking to the the wider community, Roscommon People, Mr. Murray spoke to Cllr. Byrne said local media to address < DAN DOONER

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Celebrating Oran’s win: Martina Harrington, Miriam Dwyer, Billy Donnellan (manager), Nuala Muldoon and Mairead Fetherston. Picture: Michael McCormack

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

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Unbelievable! Wha’? A snake in the grass! That’s what! Which politician are you on about now? You can be so harsh on them! It’s unfair! And it’s dreadful language! I’m telling you, a SNAKE IN THE GRASS! You’re offensive! Rattling around, being sneaky, being slimy…slippery…hissing out of the corner of its mouth… Hissing? Corner of mouth? Slippery? Ah, you’re not talking about a particular politician…it’s a spin doctor you have in mind! Still, not nice language! NO! It’s not human! Now you’veACCIDENT really gone too far… CYCLING NO! It’s a REAL snake! Did you not hear? A boy in Offaly found a snake in the family If you were involved in a cycling garden! accident contact it was inevitable. Oh, really? I suppose Byrne Carolan Wha’? Cunningham Solicitors Well, it’s a crazy world, just now. So? Remember last week, the guys in the PEOPLE were all on about the phenomenon of ladders being used to see into GAA games… I saw that! Yeah! So? Don’t you get it…SNAKES & LADDERS? Oh dear. The sooner we get back to the local, the better… (They pause to check their respective gardens for snakes) So, when are we making the big comeback? Oh, very soon! When? I can’t wait much longer. I need a creamy pint! I need the ambience of the pub! Be patient! I’ve been patient for over six months! We need to choose our evening wisely. Fair enough!

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

We don’t want it to be too busy…or too quiet. Agreed! Anyways, thank God they’re open again…the rural pubs. Yeah, I’d say that farmer in Meath is happy about it too. Who? Did you not hear the news? A farmer in Meath discovered a rave was held on his land! You’re joking! No! He found hundreds of empty cans and bottles beside an old shed on his land…he reckons there were at least 100 young people there the night before! That’s shocking! Maybe the snake in Offaly was escaping the rave in Meath! Huh! Anyways, we need to be there! At random raves in Meath? That’s irresponsible! No! Back in our local…we need to be

THERE. Raves are highly irresponsible. House parties too. A quiet pint in the local, with all guidelines adhered to, that’s perfectly fine! Indeed! (They pause to check their respective sheds for remnants of a rave; there was nothing suspicious) What a great GAA weekend in Roscommon! A credit to all concerned! Congrats to all the winners in the men’s and ladies’ finals, and hard luck to the defeated teams. They were all great, in such difficult times. Now, I’m off, we’ll chat in a day or two. But wait! When are we going back? The pub? YES! Well, I think The Man Who Knows Everything has resumed on Friday evenings, 7 pm to 9 pm. So we should go in at 9.05? But The Bore has already been spotted going in at 9 o’clock. Oh… Look, we’ll go back very soon…when the time is right. We’ll pick our moment, then we’ll get into a routine. I can’t wait! After all, we are the barstool boyos. Well, we’re boyos, but there will be no barstools! Oh yeah, I forgot! By the way… Yeah? Just one more thing… Huh? Just one more thing…as Columbo used to say all those years ago. Yeah? I thought St. Patrick had all those snakes banished from Ireland?

What we liked… It was a wonderful weekend on the GAA front locally, with memorable successes for – amongst others – Oran footballers (Intermediate), St. Brigid’s (Senior), and Kilbride ladies, the latter team completing a remarkable five-in-a-row. Well done all the winners, and commiserations to the beaten finalists. See our extensive sports section.

This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway. A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

What we didn’t like… County Roscommon has experienced a sharp rise (relatively) in confirmed Covid-19 cases in recent days.

Byrne Carolan Cunningham SOLICITORS

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What PEOPLE are talking about PIC OF THE WEEK: Oran fans Jamie O’Keeffe and Shane Walsh can barely watch, with their team a point behind and just a minute of play to go! Picture: Michael McCormack

The continued rise in Covid-19 cases (locally and nationally); the reopening of pubs; politicians’ pay; locally here in Roscommon, some thrilling GAA action last weekend.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Lecarrow doctor steps down following Covid comments < DAN DOONER

A senior HSE doctor who hails from Lecarrow, Co. Roscommon resigned last week (Tuesday, September 15th) just days after he voiced criticism of Covid-19 restrictions, claiming the virus was less severe than

Dr. Martin Feeley

the flu. Dr. Martin Feeley’s comments had been reported in the Irish Times before they were disputed by the HSE. The 70-year-old doctor, who competed for Ireland as a rower in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, stepped down from

his post as Clinical Director of Dublin Midlands Hospital after being told his position was untenable by HSE management. Dr. Feeley had raised concerns that younger people, who are at low risk, are most affected by the current “draconian” restrictions. He had argued that those in the low risk category should be exposed to the virus so as to develop herd immunity and reduce the risk to more vulnerable groups. The HSE had distanced itself from Dr. Feeley’s comments. Meanwhile, a similar course of action to the one put forward by Dr. Feeley was recommended to the Dáil’s Covid-19 committee yesterday (Wednesday) for those under the age of 60. Sweden’s former chief epidemiologist, Dr. Johan Giesecke, told the committee that the virus should be let spread through the population alongside a programme that concentrates on the “old and frail”. Mr. Giesecke also warned the Government not to build its Covid-19 strategy around the imminent advent of a vaccine.

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Elphin publican says he wasn’t aware he had to self-isolate < DAN DOONER

The Elphin publican at the centre of a Covid storm says he wasn’t aware that he should have been self-isolating while awaiting the result of a coronavirus test. Publican Gordon Murray, who has since tested positive for Covid-19, also says he was not aware that an 18th birthday party was taking place at An Bóthar Rua on Saturday when he arrived at the premises at around 10 pm. Reports of positive Covid tests for people in the Elphin area have been circulating over recent days. Amidst much comment on social me-

dia and in the wider community, Mr. Murray spoke to local media to address some of the speculation. “I will put my hands up and say I didn’t know I had to self-isolate. If I knew I was supposed to, I would not have been at the bar on Saturday,” he said before adding that there were no more than 60 people in the bar on Saturday night. Mr. Murray said that he could understand local anger following the events on Saturday night. He confirmed that his premises is now closed for the time being, although he had not received a request from the HSE to shut it. Meanwhile, Cllr. Valerie Byrne has

called for calm in the wake of the controversy in Elphin. Speaking to the Roscommon People, Cllr. Byrne said close contacts to the confirmed case are adhering to HSE guidelines. “This is where we are at now. This has happened and now we have to look at the best way forward. Everyone has to look after themselves and in that way they will look after loved ones,” she said. Cllr. Byrne said that those contacted by the HSE earlier this week were following advice and that some reports may have been “blown out of proportion”. Cllr. Byrne continued: “People are

getting tested and they are doing the right thing and isolating. We won’t know about cases until results come back so we have to wait and see and remain calm. “We have to be responsible and look after ourselves and each other going forward,” she said. It is believed that a number of students from the area, who had attended a social gathering on Saturday, were contacted following confirmation of a positive test on Monday and advised to self-isolate. Concerned parents have also kept their children home from a local primary school amid fears. Elphin GAA Club took to social

County’s 14-day Covid rate rises above 50 < DAN DOONER

While there was no significant rise in the number of case in Co. Roscommon yesterday (Wednesday), it was confirmed that the county’s 14day Covid-19 rate has risen sharply in recent days and is now at 54.2 cases per 100,000 of the population. Yesterday the Department of Health was notified of 234 new cases nationally, bringing the total number of cases to 33,675.

Sadly, there were also two new coronavirus-related deaths, which means the total number of people to have died from the virus in Ireland is 1,794. Between September 8th and 21st there were 35 new cases in Roscommon, meaning the county now has the eighth-highest incidence rate in the country. In the two weeks leading to September 20th, Roscommon had a 14-day incidence rate of 43.4 cases

per 100,000 of the population. This compares with a rate of 29.4 cases per 100,000 between September 2nd and 15th. The news locally came as HSE chief executive, Paul Reid, said he was “very concerned” about the number of people in hospital with Covid-19. He took to social media on Monday night to address this “very concerning trend” and urge people “to ignore noises” which sug-

gest otherwise. He added: “We all have to protect our family, friends and health workers from being the next number. Please let’s do it. We can”. Meanwhile, An Tánaiste Leo Vardakar confirmed yesterday that he was “restricting his movements” after he was in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case. The Tánaiste received a negative Covid-19 test result but is continuing to follow public health advice. The Covid-19 testing centre in Castlerea.

Approval given to fast-track reform of forestry appeals system – Naughten

SUNDAY GOSPEL REFLECTION Sunday 27 September 2020 Echoing the complaint heard in last week’s readings, today’s First Reading again presents protests that God isn’t fair. Why does He punish with death one who begins in virtue but falls into iniquity, while granting life to the wicked one who turns from sin? This is the question that Jesus takes up in the parable in today’s Gospel. The first son represents the most heinous sinners of Jesus’ day – tax collectors and prostitutes – who by their sin at first refused to serve in the Lord’s vineyard, the kingdom. At the preaching of John the Baptist, they repented and did what was right and just. The second son represents Israel’s leaders – who said they would serve God in the vineyard, but refused to believe John when he told them they must produce good fruits as evidence of their repentance (see Matthew 3:8). Once again, this week’s readings invite us to ponder the unfathomable ways of God’s justice and mercy. He teaches His ways only to the humble, as we sing in today’s Psalm. And in the Epistle today, Paul presents Jesus as the model of that humility by which we come to know life’s true path. Paul sings a beautiful hymn to the Incarnation. Unlike Adam, the first man, who in his pride grasped at being God, the New Adam, Jesus, humbled himself to become a slave, obedient even unto death on the cross (see Romans 5:14). In this He has shown sinners – each one of us – the way back to the Father. We can only come to God to serve in His vineyard, the Church, by having that same attitude as Christ. This is what Israel’s leaders lacked. In their vainglory, they presumed their superiority – that they had no further need to hear God’s Word or listen to God’s servants. But this is the way to death, as God tells Ezekiel today. We are always to be emptying ourselves, seeking forgiveness for our sins and frailties, confessing on bended knee that He is Lord, to the glory of the Father.

– Scott Hahn PhD, (courtesy of the Sacred Heart Church).

media on Monday evening to urge vigilance among its members and supporters. The club tweeted: ‘Elphin GAA has been made aware of some local positive tests for Covid-19. The health and safety of our players, members and the wider community is our paramount concern. ‘We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that we are fully compliant with all HSE guidelines and we will continue to monitor the situation closely. ‘We would ask all players, members and supporters to be extra vigilant at this time and to fully comply with Public Health guidelines’.

Pictured are Junior Infant students of Athleague National School.

Denis Naughten TD has confirmed that the Dáil Business Committee has approved the fast-tracking of the Agriculture Appeals (Amendment) Bill 2020 to deal with the “horrendous” backlog in appeals of forestry applications. “On average, twenty-four forestry appeal applications are submitted each month, with just seven being decided. This means it is taking over two years to decide on appeal applications, which is neither fair to the applicant nor people who may be genuinely affected by the application to plant or fell trees,” explained Denis Naughten. “Both sides are being left in a limbo for years, which it totally unacceptable. As a result, the Business Committee has decided to waive pre-legislative scrutiny to allow the new legislation to be debated in Seanad Éireann next week, with plans underway for it to be considered by Dáil Éireann the following week. “Earlier this week, I pointed out to the Minister in Dáil Éireann that there are over 500 applications currently at appeal stage. Under the present system, we have just one individual who has to consider each and every one of them. That backlog is leading to a situation where we do not have timber within the industry at present. Will the Minister of State unblock that blockage as an immediate action? “The current appeals process has been overwhelmed and cannot service anything near the volume of applications presently before it, which is now threatening jobs across the haulage and timber processing sector. It is also restricting the availability of brash for the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat which will push up renewable heating costs. “It is our intention within the Regional Group of TDs to facilitate the timely reform of the current inoperable laws,” concluded Denis Naughten.

Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020




Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor

Saturday The newspapers, in what is a rare outbreak of positivity these days, confirm an Indian summer is upon us. Everyone accepts the new arrival with gratitude. I hope for their sake that Native American Indians haven’t had to use the expression ‘Irish summer’ too much – pity for them if that’s their lot. Apparently the expression can be traced to American Indians who coined it in response to warm weather being experienced on the American east coast in the October/November period. The suspicion is that nobody in Oran or Knockcroghery is giving the matter much thought this morning. Their football clubs are preparing for today’s 2020 Roscommon Intermediate Football Final. At the Roscommon People, we produced a widely-viewed video in advance of the match. We visited both areas to get a flavour of the pre-match atmosphere. It really was heart-warming to see rural Ireland’s traditional community spirit and the GAA’s unique bonding brilliance combine to make Covid at least a temporary outcast. I’m not going to the game today, but will be following it via the worldwide Willie Hegarty. First, I must accept that there is no point in hiring a skip if you don’t transfer some of the ‘Sure we’ll never use that again’ stuff into it. In an impulsive move, I recently got a skip delivered, and now it must be filled. And so begins the decluttering of the shed (again). I wonder how the earliest Native American Indians managed without skips? Quite well, I’m sure!

Sunday In the Sunday Independent, former Minister for Sport and Being A Touch Pompous – that’s Shane Ross – is writing with no apparent irony about the fall of one-time FAI kingpin John Delaney. Ross loftily tut-tuts at Delaney’s tattered reputation while basically overlooking the fact that when he was Minister for Sport, he (Ross) was cosying up to Delaney. In the same newspaper, more laughs are provided as Labour Party leader Alan Kelly – who I quite like actually – declares that he is “very, very humble”. Next week? ‘Marty Morrissey – I hate publicity!’


Fans at Roscommon Senior Football Final…Picture: Mick McCormack

His superb kick, under extreme pressure, denied St. Dominic’s and propelled Oran into the safety net of extra-time. Resurgent now, Oran made no mistake in extra-time, pulling away from a tiring St. Dominic’s, the Oran men finally – and gloriously – reaching a football ‘Promised Land’. It is a richly deserved success. Congratulations to Billy Donnellan (manager), his management colleagues, the

superb players, and all associated with the club. Commiserations to St. Dominic’s, who came so close to a great victory, and who conducted themselves with great dignity and class, led by manager Tomás Gilleran. They had a sparkling campaign and the future is bright for this team. Indian summer or not, this was a very well deserved day in the sun for Oran footballers.

Later on Saturday Not unexpectedly, the match is a thriller. Naturally, Oran go through an emotional rollercoaster again. How else could it be? Oran’s championship dramas in recent years remind one of Jimmy White’s fateful world snooker journey, or of Mayo’s noble but as yet unfulfilled quest over recent decades to win another Sam Maguire. I saw Charlie Carthy’s magnificent point online later on Saturday evening. That score was worth the price of a ladder alone. Oran were trailing by a point in injury-time – and facing another heartbreak. Oran have been within touching distance of this trophy a few times in recent years. Had they lost this one by a point – to a late penalty – it would have been utterly devastating. Back to Carthy: if I may borrow (and slightly alter) a phrase from George Hamilton, a parish held its breath.

Members of the Oran team receiving physio prior to the extra time of the Intermediate County final last Saturday. Picture: Mick McCormack

It was strange, driving through Roscommon town this week, to see the doors of local public houses (most, not all) open for business again. There are varying reports as to how business has been for them. Obviously it’s early days! In any event, there is no doubt that publicans – many of them already struggling before the pandemic struck – were hit particularly hard in recent months. The fact that they all now have the option of reopening is very welcome. That said, it will be a big challenge for our local pubs to survive, much less prosper. We wish them the very best of luck. It’s good to see them back in business! * On this note, I would like to wish the very best to business partners Caitlin McConn and Brian Mugan. They ran the magnificent JJ’s in Roscommon town for many years. This superb premises has always been very professionally run. In her column on page 17 of this week’s issue, Catia Da Nova speaks for us all with her eloquent tribute to Caitlin and Brian and all who made JJ’s such a great venue over the years.

I saw Charlie Carthy’s magnificent point online later on Saturday evening. That score was worth the price of a ladder alone.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

NewsPeople ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Advertorial –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

From ‘lockdown’ to ‘slimdown’ as Slimming World launches in Ballygar A slimmer who transformed her life by losing weight is using her success to further her career by helping other people change their lives and achieve their weight loss dreams too. Local woman, Trish Keegan from Creggs, joined her local Slimming World group in Roscommon three years ago and was so impressed with the Slimming World plan and overall approach that she has trained as a Consultant for Slimming World. Trish opened her own group in Castlerea in April 2018, and has been very successful. Her group has gone from strength to strength with weight losses ranging from half a stone all the way up to seven stone. During lockdown, many members lost weight by benefiting from the dedicated support of Trish during their

weekly group via Zoom. She recently took over the only evening group in Roscommon town on Tuesday evenings in the newlyrefurbished Gleeson’s restaurant. With her experience and know-how, Trish is now opening, for the first time ever, a brand new Slimming World group in Ballygar. It is something she had been thinking about for some time, as she felt that members should have the option of attending their own group locally. It is a great time to join, as Slimming World are running a great offer of six weeks slimming for the price of five, along with a free cookbook. It is the first offer of its kind and members make a great saving of €16.95.

Having supported her members virtually during the Covid-19 lockdown period, and following Slimming World’s comprehensive risk assessment plan to ensure the safety of members by taking smaller shorter groups, Trish is all set to open in Ballygar on October 1st. Trish’s Slimming World group will be held at the Mattie McDonagh Centre every Thursday at 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm, opening on October 1st. Slimming World is very proud to adhere to the strictest Covid-19 guidelines, so it is vital that all members pre-book their place in group. To join Trish’s group, message/call her on 087 8581325 any time, or visit Slimming World Ballygar’s Facebook. Don’t wait – book today as numbers are limited.

NEW GROUP Slimming World BALLYGAR Mattie McDonagh Centre The Square, Ballygar Thursday 5:30pm & 7:30pm

Call Trish 087 8581325 – early booking advised

Strokestown Ladies GAA & Strokestown Play Grounds are running a

Golf Classic Fundraising Event Fans at the Ladies’ Senior Football Final between Kilbride and Shannon Gaels. Picture: Mick McCormack

DERMOT EARLEY BURSARY 2020-2021 Roscommon County Council established an annual Sports Bursary in honour of the late Dermot Earley. These scholarships will afford financial assistance to two successful candidates, one male and one female residing in County Roscommon and attending his/her first year in 3rd level education Autumn 2020, with an accomplished background in sport. Application forms are available at or Corporate Services Áras an Chontae Roscommon Closing date: Friday, 30th October, 2020 at 5.00pm.

on weekend of 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October

€80 per team of 4 • Donations welcome also Great prizes to be won • 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes • Nearest the pin men/women • Longest drive men/women & many more ...

Visiting restrictions continue at hospital Roscommon University Hospital would like to remind the public that visiting is still not permitted at the hospital, other than in exceptional circumstances. Mary Garvey, Hospital Manager, said: “We are again asking the public not to visit patients in Roscommon University Hospital other than in end of life situations and other exceptional circumstances. We appreciate how difficult it is for our patients and their families to not be able to visit, but it is a very important infection control measure that helps us protect our patients and our staff”. Roscommon Injury Unit Roscommon Injury Unit is open and is available to treat a wide range of injuries in adults and children over five years, and is an alternative to visiting a busy Emergency Department. The unit is open 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week, including bank holidays, and provides a walk-in service with no GP referral required. Covid-19 measures are in place for people presenting to the unit. For more information on Roscommon Injury Unit, please visit

Social strolling …join us! A gentle walk/get-together will take place in Loughnaneane Park, Roscommon town at 11.30 am on Friday, September 25th. Meet up at Lough Road entrance. To book, call Teresa on 086 386 4544.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


BioCore Environmental reaches out to Men’s Shed BioCore Environmental, which has a plant near Tibohine, has reached out to offer muchneeded support to Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed, it has been revealed this week. Members of the Men’s Shed are said to be delighted with this latest show of support from local business which comes at a time when the group was struggling financially due to Covid-19. BioCore Environmental Ltd. own and operate an Anaerobic Digestion plant at the bio park in Ballaghaderreen. The plant processes organic waste material to generate enough renewable electricity to power over 2,000 homes. It also produces highly effective organic fertiliser for local farmlands. Much like the local Men’s Shed, the plant has been in operation since 2017 and provides employment as well as investment in the local area while also actively supporting local clubs. The Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed has blossomed since its foundation in 2017 and now boasts up to 50 members. Since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic members meet for weekly walks in the

Pictured on a recent Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed visit to BioCore Environmental in Tibohine were Kevin Flynn, Jack Fleming, Joe McCormack, Brian Giblin, BioCore Environmental, Tom Colleran, David O’Gara and Tom Regan.

surrounding areas with members responsible for traceability, sanitisation and social distancing. Shed members stated this week: “Shed life has changed many men for better. With a large membership comes so many opportunities like film making, singing, handcrafts, copper making, woodturning, IT skills, gardening, youth engage-

ment, health and well-being programmes, card playing, and assisting with community groups. “Sheds play a pivotal role in addressing social isolation. When you are part of a shed, you never feel lonely. While shed life is for men to enjoy, the family unit plays a supporting role in social occasions and outings.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved as a group. We regularly share updates on our Facebook page and this allows family members and supporters to follow our progress. “We are immensely proud to recently have received recognition for our health and wellbeing programmes from Roscommon County Council in the 2020 Pride of Place Awards”.

Pictured on a recent Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed visit to BioCore Environmental in Tibohine were David Gara, Tom Regan and Brian Giblin, BioCore Environmental.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Naughten slams HSE over flu vaccine shortage The Hollytree Bar Business as usual! Looking forward to welcoming you all back


Independent TD Denis Naughten has slammed the HSE over reports that only two-thirds of last year’s flu vaccine will be available by mid-October ahead of what is expected to be a worrying winter period for vulnerable groups. He said: “While we all expected increased demand for the vaccine on a global scale, it is only now the HSE has admitted that not only will there be a delay but only part of the order needed for this winter will be available from the middle of October”. Deputy Naughten was reacting to reports on Monday that a HSE spokesperson had said that by

mid-October GPs and pharmacies “should have” just two-thirds of the amount of vaccine it used last year. “This is short of what was actually delivered last year and well short of what it is expected will be needed to meet this year’s demand,” he said. “If people in vulnerable groups get the flu, they are more likely to also get Covid-19 which, as a result, will be far more severe and place a huge additional burden on our health service. “On to top of that the only way our health service can manage a surge in Covid-19 infection this winter is if we can rule out the possibility that the patient has flu, as the symptoms are so similar.

Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh and her husband Paul bring their show ‘Date Night’ to Roscommon Arts Centre on October 3rd.

Eurovision winner Niamh for Roscommon Arts Centre

Niamh Kavanagh has been singing for most of her life. In all her guises within the music industry, she is perhaps best known for her Eurovision success, representing her country twice and winning for Ireland in 1993. To celebrate turning fifty, Niamh created a new show called ‘Date Night’ – an acoustic journey through her wide and varied career in music, which features her husband Paul on guitar. On Saturday, October 3rd, she will bring that show to Roscommon Arts Centre. ‘Date Night’ is a celebration of songs and stories that have followed Niamh over her thirty-year career. Her own songs will be interspersed with songs from great songwriters like Richard Thompson, Dolly Parton, and bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Soul II Soul and Beach Boys – the list goes on. A limited number of tickets are available from Roscommon Arts Centre’s box office for this show on 0906 625824 and online at

This can only be achieved by a population-wide vaccination programme against the flu virus and this now under serious jeopardy as a result of these significant delays. We were lucky that when Covid-19 struck in March we were almost out of the flu season, but that will not be the case as we face another surge in coronavirus infection this autumn After such heroic efforts by every citizen in the State to stop the spread of the virus earlier this year we cannot allow a further wave of infection to cause chaos in our hospitals this winter under any circumstances,” Deputy Naughten concluded.

Launch of Roscommon ‘Make Way Day’ is this Friday Roscommon LEADER Partnership, in conjunction with Roscommon County Council, The Disability Federation of Ireland, Roscommon Older Peoples Council, County Roscommon Disability Support Group, Keadue Social Services, and the Brothers of Charity Roscommon, are coming together to hold a different type of ‘Make Way Day’ throughout the county this year, adhering to all Covid-19 guidelines. A virtual meeting over Zoom will be held at 10.30 am on the morning of Friday, September 25th to launch the day. Cllr. Anthony Waldron will be launching the event and there will also be some guest speakers. After the meeting, all involved in participating in the day will form in small groups/pods or in their own family units, and walk around their own town or local community, where they will observe and highlight barriers/obstacles to access for individuals with disabilities. They will take photographs of these barriers and send them to Roscommon LEADER Partnership. You will be able to keep updated with these photos by following the Roscommon LEADER Partnership Facebook page on the day.

Following this, a group meeting will be held with the above organisations virtually to review all of the findings from the day. See for more including an updated list of events taking place. Background The reaction to the first campaign in 2017 was phenomenal. ‘Make Way Day’ was viewed by over 750,000 people online and featured on RTE TV news throughout the day. A number of local and national radio shows, newspapers and online magazines also ran the story. Within 48 hours, 8,000 people had signed an online petition to make ‘#MakeWayDay’ a national event. DFI circulated a motion to local authorities calling for them to support a ‘Make Way Day’ in their area in 2018. The campaign was awarded the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, PRII, Public Awareness Campaign 2018. This year, 29 local authorities have passed motions in support, and most are actively holding meetings on the day. The Roads section of An Garda Síochána have also come out in support. The participating charities are IWA, Enable, NCBI, National Council for the Blind.

Abbey Street, Roscommon Tel: 090 6626506 Roscommon-Athlone service for school and college students

CASEY’S, Roscommon


at 08.00 hrs., Monday – Friday STOPPING AT

• BALLYMURRAY • KNOCKCROGHERY • LECARROW • KILTOOM • HODSON BAY Evening study catered for with departures from Athlone at 16.00 hrs. and 18.00 hrs. BUS SERVICE FOR ROSCOMMON TOWN SECONDARY SCHOOLS

Starting in Curraghroe, Cloontuskert, Lanesboro, Ballyleague and surrounding areas.

For further information please contact Pat Naughton on 087-4105449 or 090 66 61058 or Martin 087 9144445

TEMPORARY CLOSING OF ROADS ROADS ACT 1993, SECTION 75 ROADS REGULATIONS 1994, ARTICLE 12 To Register for free SMS and Email alerts issued within County Roscommon visit Roscommon County Council intends to close the road set out in the schedule hereunder for the periods and the reason specified. Road to be closed: R366 in the townland of Ballybride, from the railway bridge for a distance of 300m towards Castlecoote/Fuerty. Period of Closure: From 8.00am on Monday 19th of October 2020 to 6.00pm on Friday 23rd of October 2020. Alternative Routes: R362 through Athleague and N63 through Roscommon. Reason for Closures: Drainage Works Objections in respect of the proposed closure may be made in writing to the Roads and Transportation Department or e-mailed to to arrive not later than Monday, 31st August 2020. Shane Tiernan, Director of Services

Businesses: Reach your target market! 18,000 COPIES PRINTED WEEKLY


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020



D News page

Football in the sun to end a dark summer! < DAN DOONER

Action from the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final. Photo: Bernie O’Farrell

There were scenes of celebration across the county as both the senior and intermediate football championships and ladies football championships concluded last weekend. Even the most optimistic Roscommon sports fan would have had a hard time imagining any GAA action taking place this year after the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the country in March. However, thanks to the hard work of volunteers from both the County Board and clubs across the county, scenes such as those witnessed in Ballyforan and Dr. Hyde Park last weekend were made possible. In the ladies’ football championship on Friday night, Éire Óg claimed the glory in the Junior ‘A’ decider with a 3-7 to 1-8 win over St. Faithleach’s. Saturday saw up to 200 supporters enjoy the Intermediate and Senior Ladies’ deciders in beautiful sunshine. St. Brigid’s sealed senior football for 2021 with an impressive 2-9 to 0-8 win over Boyle before Kilbride confirmed their dominance of the ladies’ game in Roscommon with a convincing 3-12 to 1-7 win over Shannon Gaels. Also on Saturday, the men of Oran ended their Intermediate Football Championship hoodoo as they overcame St. Dominic’s 2-16 to 2-9 after extra-time at Dr. Hyde Park, where once again up to 200 supporters were in attendance. Finally, Sunday saw St. Brigid’s regain the Roscommon senior crown when the young guns from Kiltoom overcame Pádraig Pearses on a scoreline of 1-11 to 0-8 in the Hyde Park sunshine. A bright end to what had threatened to be a very dark summer!

The Waldron family tastes more success! Great Taste, ‘the world’s most trusted food and drink awards’, has announced its stars of 2020. Out of 12,777 products sent in from 106 different countries, the Waldron family in Brideswell was awarded a further two Great Taste awards, for its baked ham and bacon chops. The Good Taste judges praised the Waldrons’ ham for its look, texture and taste, adding that it was “ham how it should be”. They were equally effusive in their praise for the Waldron family’s bacon, marvelling at its aroma, flavour and cure, adding that “it has all the characteristics of great bacon”. No strangers to winning awards, the Waldron family are consistent winners at the Blas Irish Food Awards and Great Taste awards and winner of Ireland’s Best Meat Supplier. Michael Waldron commented: “It is a case of never standing still and never taking your foot off the pedal. We are truly delighted with these awards for our business but winning and satisfying customers every day of the week is the best award of all. “Our consistency of taste and quality and the awards to prove it are standing to us. The Waldron family is all about offering the customer the finest cured real Irish pork and bacon products at the most competitive price. “As we approach Christmas we will be delighted to have our multiaward winning pre-cooked ham available for our customers to enjoy and to give the chef a break!”

‘Noah and Rowan’ boat unveiled in Ballyforan A new boat, named in honour of the Noah and Rowan Benson Gately support group, was unveiled on Saturday morning in Ballyforan, in conjunction with the arrival of the participants of the River Suck Descent Challenge. The double scull boat has been named ‘Noah and Rowan’ by Athlone Boat Club, and it will be used at regattas and events all over the country, helping to boost the profile of the support group and to encourage people to get behind their fundraising efforts to help the two boys in their battle against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sinéad Hensey of Athlone Boat Club was at the launch on Saturday and she related how the naming of the boat was something that the club wanted to do. “Like a lot of sports clubs, income is hard found at the moment but as a friend of Bianca (Benson, mother of Noah and Rowan) I wanted to do something and the club was 100% behind the idea. This is a brand new Kangua Double Scull boat, really top of the line, and it will draw attention everywhere we bring it,” she said. Pádraig Hegarty, also of Athlone Boat

Club, explained how this would drive revenue for the support group. “When a new boat like this arrives at an event, it catches the eye of everyone involved. We’ll have it prominently displayed and that will lead people to want to get pictures and to ask about it. Normally boats like this are either sponsored, or named in honour of past members of the club, but in this instance we’ve already had a lot of interest in this boat and we expect that will continue as it travels around the country to events in Cork, Dublin, Belfast and beyond,” he said. Fifteen rowers from the local area were also in Ballyforan for the unveiling of the boat, having begun the River Suck descent from Castlerea on Friday morning. They reached Mount Talbot on Friday night and set out from there in the morning, passing through Ballyforan and Ballinasloe en route to Shannonbridge, completing a 120km journey. * For more information, or to support this truly worthy cause, simply look for the Noah and Rowan Benson Gately support group on Gofundme, Twitter Sean Gately and Bianca Benson with Noah and Rowan at Ballyforan bridge. and Instagram.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020



Ballymurray/ Knockcroghery bypass decision delayed

Best wishes to all publicans, their families and staff members as they re-open across Roscommon & Galway this week


A decision on a new route for the Ballymurray/ Knockcroghery bypass will not be made until November at the earliest, the Roads Design Office in Roscommon has confirmed. Additional survey information in relation to the route options in required, and this has delayed the process of selecting a new route from one of the six options put forward. It is hoped that once this process is complete, a decision can then be made on the route. Local councilor Laurence Fallon described the announcement as “very disappointing”, adding that planning permissions have stalled and farmers may miss out on grant-aid because of it.

Please phone my office for an appointment


Main Street, Ballaghaderreen. Tel. 094 9861688  : 087 194 5254 Bridge St, Ballinasloe. Tel. 090 9644901  : Email:


Cllr. Laurence Fallon

SPCA caring for cat injured in shooting Investigations are ongoing after a cat was seriously injured in what is believed to be a shooting incident in Elphin. The feral cat is being cared for by Roscommon SPCA after it was brought to their attention on Sunday. A post on the Roscommon

SPCA Facebook page read: ‘The cat was taken to the local vet where it was discovered with the following wounds…what appears to be shotgun pellet wounds to the chest as you can see from the graphic pictures…this poor cat is receiving (all) the

veterinary care possible and we will do everything possible to help a full recovery. The matter will be reported to the Gardaí and the Animal Welfare Inspector. ‘Any donations towards the care of this poor cat will be greatly appreciated’.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Cyclists from the Lecarrow Lazers Cycling Club arrive at Malin Head following the Mizen to Malin Cycle in memory of Darragh Kenny and in aid of Croí and the Lough Ree Access For All Boat. Pics: Danny Nee

Lazers complete Mizen to Malin Cycle in memory of Darragh < DAN DOONER

Eleven cyclists from the Lecarrow Lazers Cycling Club in south Roscommon completed a mammoth 600km cycle from Mizen Head to Malin Head last week, raising over €7,000 for two local causes in the process. The Lecarrow club hosts a cycle each year in memory of local man Darragh Kenny, a son of Liam and Fidelma Kenny, who died suddenly from cardiac arrest in 2013 at the age of 28. Each year the club raises funds for heart charity Croí and this year it also raised money for the Lough Ree ‘Access For All’ boat based in Ballyleague-Lanesboro. Darragh’s sister, Sarah Kenny, paid tribute to the cyclists earlier this week. “As it stands, we’ve raised around €7,500 for the two causes. It’s fantastic what the cyclists have done because we weren’t expecting anything to happen this year due to Covid-19. This was something the cyclists involved decided to do themselves. It was meant to be a fun cycle but they said

why not raise money for the Lough Ree Access For All Boat and Croí while they were doing it,” she said. The local community in Lecarrow once again came out in a show of support for the cyclists who arrived in the village last Thursday en route to Malin Head. There was also widespread support from national Lions Clubs and local businesses along the route. “It was great to get out last Thursday and see a small crowd gathered, socially distanced of course. It gave the cyclists a great boost before they got back on the road the following day,” Sarah added. Sarah offered sincere thanks to all those who have donated and supported the Darragh Kenny Memorial Cycle over the years, an event which has raised over €90,000 Croí so far. Funds raised from this year’s event will go towards the heart and stroke charity Croí as well as the Lough Ree Access For All Boat which will be used to transport wheelchair users from all over the country around the Roscommon lake and fur- Cyclists from the Lecarrow Lazers Cycling Club arrive at Malin Head following the Mizen to Malin Cycle in ther afield. memory of Darragh Kenny and in aid of Croí and the Lough Ree Access For All Boat. Pics: Danny Nee

Cyclists from the Lecarrow Lazers Cycling Club arrive in Lecarrow during the Mizen to Malin Cycle in memory of Darragh Kenny and in aid of Croí and the Lough Ree Access For All Boat.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

National Framework for living with COVID-19 The National Framework for Living with Covid-19 sets out the measures that will be taken at each of ďŹ ve risk levels. The purpose of the Framework is to allow for national as well as localised management of the virus. The infection rate in Dublin has now risen to a point that Dublin City and County is now at Level 3. The rest of Ireland remains at Level 2. Very Very low rate of COVID-19 infec ons Low R-Number

Very Very high rate of COVID-19 infec ons High R-Number

Social & Family F Gatherings

Level 2

Max: 10 from 3 other households


Level 3

Max: 6 from 3 other households

Max: 100

Max: 50

Indoor Events

Depending on venue size

Depending on venue size

100 200

50 100

Outdoor Events

Depending on venue size

Depending on venue size

200 500

100 200

Sports Training

Normal training with protec ve measures

Matches & Events

100 200 500

Gyms, Pools & Leisure Centres

Open with protec ve measures


Religious Services

Wet Pubs

Hotels, Guesthouses B&Bs Retail & Services

Public Transport


Max: 6 from 1 other household

No visitorss

N visitors No

Max: 25

Max: 6

Max: 6

No organised events

No organised events

Gatherings of up to

Gatherings of up to




Individual only Pods of


Level 5


Rate per 100,000



Individual only

Individual training only

Pods of


No organised events


Non-contact N

50 100 200

Except specific exemp ons

Except specific exemp ons

No events

Open with protec ve measures

Individual training only




Services move online

Services move online

Services move online




Range of restric ons up to and including no indoor dining

Outdoor dining only Max: 15 Takeaway/Deliv /Delivery

Takeaway/Deliv ay ay/Delivery only




(or sub-groups of 50)

(or sub-groups of 50)

Open with protec ve measures

Open Groups of 6 from up to 3 households




Open with protec ve measures

Open Groups of 6 from up to 3 households

Range of restric ons up to and including no indoor service*

Outdoor only Max: 15 persons Takeaway/Delivery

Takeaway/Deliv ay ay/Delivery only

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Services limited to Residents only

Exis ng Guests & Essen al Purposes only

Essen al Purposes only

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Primarily outdoor Essen al retail/services

Essen al Retail only

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Venues closed V Libraries available for e-services/call & collect

Venues closed V Online services available

Venues closed V Online services available

Mandatory ndator face coverings ndatory

Indoor Cultural Venues V

Domes c Travel

Outdoors Pods of


Bars serving food, CafĂŠs & Restaurants



Indoors Pods of

Level 4

Work from home if possible

Staggered a endance

Essen al Mee ngs, Induc on & Training only

No restric ons

No restric ons

Cycle or walk if possible

A end end only if absolutely necessary Stay in your our county

Essen al & other designated workers only Stay in your our county

Essen al workers only

Except for essen al work, educa on & essen al purposes

Exercise within 5km

Mandator ndatory ndatory face coverings

50% Capacity

50% Capacity

25% Capacity

25% Capacity

Peak hours priori sed

to essen al workers & purposes

Only when necessary

Avoid public transport

Avoid public transport

Schools & Childcare

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measuress

Recommenda ons based on situa on and evidence at me

Adult & Higher Educa on

Open with protec ve measures

Open with protec ve measures

Open Escalate all appropriate protec ve measures / limit congrega on

Move online On-site a endance only when essen al

Recommenda ons based on situa on and evidence vidence at me m

Over er 70s & Medically Vulnerable

Open with protec ve measures

Open with enhanced protec ve measures

Visi ng suspended, aside from om cri cal and compassionate circumstances cir

Exercise judgement regarding engaging with others and in ac vi es outside home. *Pubs currently remain closed in Dublin

More information on the Framework can be found at

Louth Waterford Leitrim Wicklow Kildare Donegal Oaly Limerick Longford Westmeath Laois Wexford Carlow Roscommon Clare Meath Galway Mayo Monaghan Kilkenny Cavan Kerry Tipperary Cork Sligo

120.9 93.9 84.4 78.0 69.5 64.3 64.1 61.6 58.5 48.9 48.4 47.2 36.1 35.1 31.0 30.3 28.7 28.3 26.1 26.1 22.2 21.0 19.0 16.9 14.2 12.2

New cases


ďƒ– 1629


121 98 25 99 143 102 48 114 20 43 40 54 20 20 36 56 73 35 16 22 16 28 27 77 8

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ˜ ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ˜ ďƒ– ďƒ’ ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ˜ ďƒ˜ ďƒ– ďƒ– ďƒ˜ ďƒ– ďƒ–

Stay at home

except for work, educa on & essen al purposes

Off-peak hours

Care Homes



We must keep our people healthy, our businesses strong and our communities resilient. Immediate action is needed now to stop the progress of the virus.

Numbers indicate the 14 Day Incidence Rate/100,000 population and the new cases over 14 days for each county. Data on 18 September 2020.

Level 1


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Caroline to take part in first Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon The first Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon will take place from October 1st to October 10th, 2020. The event is replacing the annual Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, which traditionally attracts 30,000 women from across the country to the streets of Dublin and has gone virtual this year. Women all over Ireland are invited to Live Life to the Power of 10, completing the 10k event ‘their way’ over the course of 10 days, while raising millions of euro to support Irish charities. Among the thousands of women who are taking part in the event is Caroline Brennan from Cloonfad, who is the Co. Roscommon ambassador for the event. Caroline’s story

Caroline is working as a Medical scientist in Sligo University Hospital, and is currently working towards completing her Masters in Biomedical Science later this year. 2020 will be her eighth time participating in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, though the first virtually. Caroline explains:

“The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon has always been one of the highlights of my year. Over the years I have raised funds for charities close to my heart, and in more recent years I have encouraged friends and family to join me. This year is a little bit more significant to me and my family, and we want to make it that little bit extra special by encouraging as many of our friends and family to join us virtually for this year’s event. We have chosen to share the funds we raise between two charities very close to our hearts – Cancer Care West and the Mayo/Roscommon Hospice. “In recent years, we as a family have seen first-hand the fantastic work both these organisations carry out, and the invaluable support they provide to families, friends and the patients they care for. “In 2015, my grandmother passed away, following a brief illness. The hospice palliative care team was an invaluable support to both her and us in that time, and enabled us to provide the best care for her. “That summer, my sister,

mother, and aunt took part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in aid of Mayo/Roscommon Hospice in memory of our grandmother. At this time, we did not know we would so soon come into contact with the hospice team again. “In January 2016, my wonderful father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and despite best efforts, our dad passed away that September, leaving us completely heartbroken. When dad was diagnosed, my sister and I, along with some friends, decided to take part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon for Cancer Care West, a charity that provides invaluable support, hope and encouragement for families just like ours on site at Galway University Hospital. “Since then, my sister and I have walked, jogged, even hopped to the finish line in memory of our father, grandparents and our many friends. As I mentioned earlier, this year is more important for us as a family, as this year we would have celebrated our late grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in January, and our father’s 60th

birthday in November, making us all the more determined to take part and encourage as many friends and family to join us to raise much-needed funds and awareness for two exceptionally deserving causes”.  Caroline continued: “This year we won’t be able to make it to Dublin, but my friends and family are looking forward to taking part in a socially distanced version at home to raise some muchneeded funds for our charities”. * Registration for the event is now open on

Since then, my sister and I have walked, jogged, even hopped to the finish line in memory of our father, grandparents and our many friends

Pictured is Caroline Brennan, who will be participating in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.


Garvey’s Builders Merchants rebrands to Chadwick’s Chadwick’s Group, Ireland’s leading builders’ merchants, has announced that Garvey’s on the Lanesboro Road in Roscommon was recently rebranded to Chadwick’s. Garvey’s has a proud history in the region, and can trace its roots back to Patrick and Judy Garvey, who started the business from their home in Ballyhard, Co. Galway in 1861. The original business included farm supplies, grocery, drapery, and of course, building supplies. Successive generations of the family continued the business, and in 1957, Garvey’s expanded into Ballinasloe and Tuam. Trucks carrying the slogan, ‘Here comes Garvey – There goes Garvey’, were a common sight on the roads of Galway at the time. In 1984, Sean Garvey expanded the business into Roscommon when

Patrick Atkinson, CEO of Chadwicks Group, (centre left) and Marion Cunningham, Branch Manager pictured with the Roscommon team at the relaunch of Chadwicks Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

he purchased John Costelloe’s on Castle Street. As the business continued to grow, Garvey’s moved to its

Lanesboro road premises in the 1990s. In 2005, it became part of Heiton Buckley, and this latest development is the next

step in the company’s rich history, as it joins the Chadwick’s family. This announcement is part of an ongoing,

nationwide rebrand by Chadwick’s Group, which commenced in 2018. Chadwick’s in Roscommon is the 23rd branch to have undergone extensive refurbishment. While there are changes and enhancements to the branch, the team of fourteen highly trained, merchanting specialists remain the same, and customers can expect to still receive the expert product knowledge they have come to enjoy over the years. Visitors to the newlyrevamped store can expect a seamless shopping experience, alongside some new and exciting additions and upgrades. This includes the introduction of a brand new range of doors and floors, including the latest trend for painted doors. Customers will also find new additions to

the paint counter, which now stocks an even wider collection of paint brands, varnishes and accessories. In-branch paint mixing services are also available, making it a one-stop shop for all painting and protective coating needs. The upgraded bathroom showroom houses the latest and greatest bathroom suites and products from top name brands, reflecting current trends and innovations in the category. Convenient plant, tool and equipment hire is readily available from the expert team at the Sam Hire desk. For the busy tradesperson, Chadwick’s in Roscommon is a true one-stop shop, catering for everything you need to get the job done. As well as an expanded range of great value trade products, there’s a wide selection of power tools available and a

new and improved work wear range of bestin-class, professional clothing. Commenting on the rebrand, Marion Cunningham, Chadwick’s Branch Manager, said: “We are delighted to officially announce that we are now Chadwick’s. Garvey’s has been part of Roscommon town since the mid-80s, and this announcement is a significant milestone in the history of our company. Our new showrooms have been designed with the customer in mind and we are very much looking forward to showing off our newly-revamped premises to our customers. “Visitors to the branch can expect expanded product ranges from top name brands, upgraded showrooms coupled with the expert product knowledge from our talented team”.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

NewsPeople newsbriefs Another AIMSAward for Boyle Musical Society

Boyle Musical Society has won an AIMS award in the annual Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS) Awards ceremony, conducted virtually this year. This is yet another fantastic achievement for Boyle Musical Society. They were nominated in two categories in the Sullivan section of the 2020 AIMS Awards for ‘Sister Act’; winning the award for Best Technical (Sound, lighting and sets) and narrowly losing out to Fermoy Musical Society, who picked up the award this year for Best Stage Management. Diarmuid Beirne, who represented the Society by video link on Saturday night, thanked and congratulated all those on the technical teams, Tom Cleary, Nigel Cleary, Paul Kelly and all at Indigo Lighting, Vinnie Higgins and Brendan McGee for sound and effects, Vivienne Caldbeck, John Wright and team for set design and construction, and Enda Commons and team for stage management. This is Boyle Musical Society’s ninth AIMS Award.




€1.3m for work on social housing units locally

Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has welcomed the response to the 2020 Voids Stimulus Programme, which will see up to 2,500 social housing units refurbished and re-let to individuals and families that are struggling with homelessness/on the social housing list around the country. As part of the July Stimulus Programme, Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O’Brien TD, announced over €40 million for the refurbishment of voids – the largest single amount ever announced under the voids programme. Nationally, 2,398 applications from Local Authorities across Ireland have been approved, at a cost of €39.8 million, with further applications anticipated. Counties Roscommon and Galway will receive over €1.3m in total. A breakdown of the figures shows that County Roscommon has been allocated a total of €280,500 for thirty-three standard voids while County Galway has received a total of €382,000 in funding with €161,500 of that going towards fifteen standard voids, two homeless voids at €31,000 and six long-term voids at €189,500. Galway City received a total of €666,000 for sixty-eight voids.

& or

Naughten disappointed with delay on 50-bed ward

Deputy Denis Naughten has been informed by the Minister for Health that the ground works at Portiuncula Hospital, in advance of construction of the new 50-bed ward block, will take nine months to complete, with an expected finish date of May 25th 2021. “The enabling works are required in advance of construction of the new 50-bed ward block, a commitment which I secured from Government in Project Ireland 2040, and which was delivered upon by Minister Harris in October,” stated Denis Naughten. “While there is no doubt that Covid-19 has been a factor with this delay, so too has the failure of officials to follow through in a timely manner on the commitments I secured for the delivery of this project by 2021 from Minister Simon Harris. “It is now expected that construction of the new 50-bed ward block will be delayed until the middle of 2021, which is disappointing”.


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*Offer available when you purchase two or more Lancôme products, one to be skincare, in a single transaction at selected Lancôme counters in the ROI from 24th September to 11th October 2020. Gift comprises the following Lancôme products: Rose Sugar Scrub 100ml, Genifique Serum 7ml, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation 5ml (complimentary shade matching available in store), Hypnose Mascara 2ml, L’Absolu Plumper 2ml and a choice of either Absolue Soft Cream 15ml and Absolue Rich 1 03/08/2020 3:04 pm Cream 15ml or Renergie Ultra SPF Day Cream 15ml and Renergie Night Cream 15ml. Bonus Gift: Eau Micellaire Confort 200ml, available with a third Lancôme purchase in the same transaction. Choice of one gift per customer subject to availability, while stocks last.

TULLY’S totalhealth Pharmacy Main Street, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. Tel. 094 962 0009


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

FarmingPeople Castlerea MART WATCH

Show and sale of continental weanlings: Thursday, September 17th, 2020. Castlerea Mart held its annual show and sale of continental weanlings on Thursday last, and a fine entry of stock met a flier of a trade, with the prices reflecting the quality of the stock on offer. Other categories of stock reported a similar tone, with the store heifers an improved trade this week, and breeding stock and the dry cows reporting a good clearance. Heifers, sample prices: Lmx 425kgs €1050, Lm 375kgs €1010, Lm 435kgs €1250, Ch 445kgs €1160, Lm 465kgs €1160, Ch 570kgs €1600, Ch 615kgs €1550, Ch 565kgs €1360, Ch 575kgs €1400, and Lm 470kgs €1200. Dry cows, sample prices: Ch 870kgs €1840, Lm 840kgs €1790, Lm 780kgs €1480, Lm 725kgs €1280, Lmx 640kgs €1270, and Lmx 485kgs €900. Cows with calves at foot made from €1170 to €1980 for a limousin cow and her limousin bull calf at foot. Springers made up to €1400, and runners made from €310 to €750 for continental types. Bulls on the day made up to €3.73 a kilo. Weanling bulls (prize winners), sample prices: Ch 445kgs €1440, Ch 320kgs €1250, Ch 400kgs €1260, Lm 480kgs €1240, Lm 340kgs €1100, and Lm 405kgs €1130. Weanling heifers (prize winners), sample prices: Ch 355kgs €1490, Ch 280kgs €920, Ch 325kgs €1040, Lm 370kgs €1230, and Lm 315kgs €970. Weanling heifers made up to €4.19 a kilo. Bullock sale: Monday, September 14th, 2020: There were 200 bullocks on offer at Monday’s bullock sale, with bullocks making from €400 to €960 over their weight with an average of €582 over paid. Trade was lively for the quality stores, with prices peaking at €2.73 a kilo. Sample prices: Ch 475kgs €1260, Lm 475kgs €1190, Ch 545kgs €1490, Ch 540kgs €1270, Ch 645kgs €1520, Lm 770kgs €1730, and Ch 680kgs €1440. Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Thursday, September 24th (today), when we have our show and sale of continental heifers and belgian blue weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am with Covid-19 restrictions in place for both buyers and sellers.

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SATURDAY WEANLING SALE COMMENCES For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Visit Our Website For Details.

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Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


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Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Tel. (071) 96 34783 and (071) 96 33344

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Murphy welcomes ANC payments Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has welcomed the fact that payments worth over €30 million have begun to be issued to more than 14,000 farmers throughout counties Roscommon and Galway under the 2020 Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC) Scheme. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue TD,

recently announced payments worth €185 million nationally under the ANC scheme for over 86,000 farmers. Senator Murphy said that a breakdown of the figures showed that payments totalling over €30.5 million have begun issuing to some 14,510 farmers in counties Roscommon and Galway under the ANC scheme.

Roscommon MART WATCH Dry cows, heifers and bullocks: There was a large entry of cattle available at our sale on Friday, September 18th, which included a special sale of top-class bullocks. There was a brisk trade for the bullocks, with a good demand from the large number of customers bidding at the ringside and online. Prices averaged from €2.29 per kilo up to €3.06 per kilo. The number of heifers on offer was small due to the big entry of 92 pens for next week’s special sale. Prices for heifers ranged from an average of €2.10 per kilo up to €2.76 per kilo. Dry cows fetched from €1.64 per kilo up to €2.04 per kilo. There will be a special sale of heifers and a general sale of bullocks and dry cows on Friday, September 25th, at 11 am, with 92 pens of heifers on offer. Sales commence at 11 am, with intake from 7.30 am to 9.30 am. Viewing is by appointment from 1010.45 am. There is limited access to the ring for buyers only, and once more our online bidding facility with LSL is available. Gates close at 9.45 am. Please note that all customers must wear a facemask or a face covering. There will be a special sale of bullocks and a general sale of heifers and dry cows on Friday, October 2nd at 11 am. Bookings will be accepted up until 5 pm on Thursday, September 24th. Please note that all customers must wear a facemask or a face covering Dry cows ranged from €1.64 up to €2.04 per kilo. Sample prices: Lim X 845kgs €1580, AA 830kgs €1560, Lim X 740kgs €1510, AAX 790kgs €1450, Char X 705kgs €1400, AA 750kgs €1390, Char X 700kgs €1300, Lim X 635kgs €1200, Char X 675kgs €1070, Lim X 585kgs €950, and AAX 570kgs €960. Bullocks ranged from an average of €2.29 up to €3.06 per kilo. Sample prices: Char X 640kgs €1630, Char X 665kgs €1620, 2 Char X 690kgs €1600, Lim X 605kgs €1580, 2 Char X 517kgs €1540, Char X 500kgs €1530, Char X 570kgs €1550, Char X 595kgs €1580, AAX 680kgs €1420, Lim X 580kgs €1400, Char X 515kgs €1380, 3 Char X 480kgs €1370,Char X 490kgs €1340, Lim X 485kgs €1280, Char X 435kgs €1250, Simm X 530kgs €1180, Lim X 385kgs €1160, and Lim X 370kgs €980.

Weanlings We had a good entry of weanlings on offer at our last weekly sale, held on Tuesday,

September 22nd. Weanling bulls averaged from €2.48 per kilo up to €3.68 per kilo, while weanling heifers fetched from €2.48 up to €3.51 per kilo. There was firm trade for quality lots, while the plainer types were a little more difficult to sell. There will be a show and sale of weanlings on Tuesday, September 29th at 4 pm, as well as suckler/springer cows. Bookings will be accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday, September 24th. Weanling heifers made from an average of €2.48 per kilo up to €3.51 per kilo. Cows with calves at foot made up to €1280.

Breeding ewes There was a good entry of breeding sheep at our sale on Saturday, September 19th, with a firm trade in particular for quality lots. Two-year-old ewes fetched from €125 up to €185, three-year-old ewes made from €120 up to €142,while hoggets fetched from €120 up to €240. Please note that there are two remaining sales for breeding ewes on Saturday, September 25th and Saturday, October 3rd at 11 am. There will also be a pedigree belcare sale at 1 pm with 21 rams on offer and viewing from 11.45 am to 12.45 am, as well as a pedigree Suffolk ram sale at 12 noon, with viewing from 10.45 am to 11.45 am.

Sheep sale There were smaller numbers on offer at our last weekly sheep sale on Wednesday, September 23rd, with firm trade for both lambs and ewes. Ewe lambs fetched up to €136 for 52.80 kilos, finished lambs made up to €110 for 46.8 kgs, and stag ewes made up to €118. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID tag set. Sales continue on Wednesdays at 11 am, with intake from 8 am. Sheep must be penned by 10 am. Finished lambs, sample prices: 46.8kgs €110, 49.40kgs €110, 48.70kgs €110, 48.5kgs €107, 52.4kgs €106, 46.4kgs €105, 44.7kgs €103, 45.5kgs €102, and 45.70kgs €1100. Ewe lambs, sample prices: 52.8kgs €136, 52.40kgs €129, 52.2kgs €122, 46.70kgs €122, 42.10kgs €120, 37.80kgs €118, 50kgs €117, 48.90kgs €113, 47kgs €110, 46.8kgs €110, 37.90kgs €110, 39.70kgs €106, and 39.2kgs €100.

Businesses: Reach your target market! 18,000 COPIES PRINTED WEEKLY

(Proudly serving farmers for over 61 years) Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Harvest Special Sale of Heifers

Friday September 25th @ 11 a.m. 95 pens of Heifers on offer Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. All stock must be penned by 9.30 a.m. Viewing from 10 a.m. to 10.45 a.m.Also Bullocks & Dry Cows -------------------

Harvest Special Sale of Bullocks Friday October 2nd @

Also, Heifers & Dry Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday September 24th ---------------Friday October 2nd @ 11 a.m.

ICBF Sale of BDGP 4 & 5-Star females Bookings accepted up to Monday September 28th -------------------

Harvest Special Sale of Heifers Friday October 9th @

Also Bullocks & Dry Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday October 1st ----------------

Show & Sale of Weanlings

Tuesday September 29th @ 4 p.m. Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday September 24th Full details of Classes on our Website/Facebook pages ------------------

Fall Special Sale of Weanlings Tuesday October 6th @ 4 p.m. Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday October 1st

Also Springers/Suckler Cows -----------------------

Organic Sale – Cattle & Sheep

Saturday October 3rd @ 12 Noon Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday September 24th -----------------

Lambs & Cast Ewes

Each Wednesday @ 11 a.m. Yard open at 8 a.m. All stock must be penned by 10 a.m. -------------------------

Breeding Ewes & Hoggets – Each Saturday Sale at 11 am. – Gates open at 8 a.m. Viewing from 10 a.m. up to 10.45 a.m -------------------------------Saturday September 26th @ 12noon.

West of Ireland Registered Pedigree Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club Sale Viewing from 10.30 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. -----------Saturday September 26th @ 1 p.m.

Belclare Sheep Society 21 rams on offer Viewing from 11.30 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.


Live streaming of sales from Ring 1 see link on our Facebook or website

Please note that All Customers must wear a Face Mask

ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Conexão Brasileira BRAZILIAN connection with Catia Da Nova

Outono chegou… O outono finalmente chegou ... minha estação favorita! Eu amo as manhãs frescas e frescas, a cor da paisagem que muda de verde para âmbar e amarelo, e o cheiro das lareiras aconchegantes enquanto eu volto para casa nas noites escuras. Eu sei que não deveria mencionar isso ainda, mas não posso deixar de pensar no Natal nesta época do ano! Eu já tenho escutado músicas de Natal… Claro que será muito diferente este ano, os bares e restaurantes serão difíceis de encher… mesmo os centros comerciais dificilmente testemunharão o tipo de multidão que tradicionalmente enche os seus corredores com conversas e alegria natalícia. Isso, é claro, significa que as vendas online de produtos de Natal atingirão níveis nunca vistos antes. As compras online tiveram um ano fantástico, em grande parte devido à pandemia do coronavírus. Empresas que nunca antes colocaram muito esforço em sua presença on-line estão aproveitando as vendas abundantes, já que pessoas, incluindo aquelas que nunca se esforçaram muito em compras on-line, aproveitam os benefícios de se presentear com coisas boas, no conforto de suas próprias casas. Infelizmente, não é um bom presságio para muitas lojas, pois a concorrência com os vendedores online só se tornará mais difícil nos próximos meses e anos. A maneira como a loja está mudando há algum tempo, e o ritmo apenas acelerou com a pandemia. Acredito que isso se tornará especialmente evidente com a aproximação do Natal. A ameaça de um novo surto de cobiça e as possíveis restrições que podem surgir podem significar que muitas pessoas sentirão que a única maneira segura e descomplicada de fazer as compras de Natal será fazendo o máximo possível online. Além do dano que isso causará aos varejistas em geral, há também a possibilidade de enormes volumes de vendas on-line causando o caos na indústria de entrega de correio e entregadores. Na verdade, na semana passada conversei com uma senhora que disse já ter começado as compras de

Natal, pois está preocupada em não conseguir o que deseja na hora certa. Quantas outras pessoas estão pensando da mesma maneira? Muitos, eu acho! Da mesma forma, os varejistas estão em uma situação difícil. Já vimos lojas sem estoque em vários estágios desde o início da pandemia. Podemos esperar mais do mesmo enquanto eles tentam equilibrar a demanda com os níveis de estoque, enquanto o tempo todo se perguntam se o covid vai fazer outro truque e forçá-los a pendurar a placa de FECHADO novamente. Aconteça o que acontecer, o mundo é um novo lugar para a maioria de nós e continuará a apresentar novos desafios no futuro, já que a Covid-19 parece determinada a deixar sua marca de maneiras que nunca teríamos imaginado em meados de março!

Tchau Tchau JJ’s Enquanto escrevo isso, acabo de ler a postagem de Caitlin na página do Instagram de JJ Harlow’s. Caitlin anunciou que após 10 anos, ela não reabrirá o JJ’s Bar. Esta é uma grande perda para Roscommon. Dez anos atrás, Caitlin e seu ex-parceiro de negócios Brian Mugan alugaram JJ’s, um movimento muito corajoso em um momento em que o país estava há apenas 2 anos em uma recessão muito difícil. Apesar da visão, previsão e determinação absoluta, Caitlin e Brian, junto com uma equipe dedicada, incluindo o sempre presente Tommy Duignan, transformaram os JJ’s em um dos bares mais legais da Irlanda. Poderia rivalizar com qualquer coisa que as cidades tinham a oferecer, com uma enorme variedade de cervejas artesanais em oferta e uma variedade eclética de bandas e cantores enfeitando seu famoso palco a cada semana. Mas o mais importante, JJ se tornou um lugar onde amizades foram feitas, memórias criadas e uma atmosfera foi cultivada que o tornou tão acolhedor e especial. Como membra do Ukephoric Ukulele Group, tive o privilégio de tocar no JJ’s em várias tardes de domingo. Sempre muito divertido, e gostaria de agradecer a Caitlin e Brian por darem a iniciativas locais como a nos a chance de tocar em público. JJ fará falta para todos nós. Caitlin e Brain deixaram um legado que será difícil de copiar. Desejo a Caitlin o melhor em seus empreendimentos futuros e gostaria de agradecer sinceramente a si mesma e a Brian, bem como a sua equipe, por oferecer a Roscommon algo especial nos últimos 10 anos. As amizades e as memórias foram feitos, e nem eles, nem JJ, jamais serão esquecidos. Informação: South Roscommon Center pode oferecer a todos os Brasileiros e a qualquer familia supporte em:

Programas de parentalidade e aconselhamento parental, informacoes sobre temas como a saude mental, violencia domestica e abuso de substancias, Um local sempre aconlhedor e um ombro amigo para desabafar qualquer preocupacao, Um local seguro para conhecer profissionais dos servicos de que necessite. Encontro de Mulher Brasileiras, continua todas as tercas- feiras das 10:00 as 11:30 hrs. Necessario se registrarar ate a segunda feira, devidos as precauoções necessario diante do Covid-19.

run out of stock at various stages since the pandemic began, so we can expect more of the same as they try to balance demand with stock levels, while all the time wondering if Covid-19 is going to pull another trick and force them to hang the ‘CLOSED’ sign up again. Whatever happens, the world is a new place for most of us, and it will continue to present new challenges going forward as Covid-19 seems determined to leave its mark in ways we never would have guessed back in mid-March!

Autumn is here

Goodbye JJ’s

Autumn has arrived at last – my favourite season! I love the cool, fresh mornings, the colour of the landscape as it moves from green to amber and yellow, and the smell of cosy fires burning as I make my way home in the dark evenings. I know I shouldn’t mention it yet, but I can’t help thinking about Christmas at this time of year; I had Christmas songs on already! Of course it will be very different this year, no packed pubs and restaurants –even shopping centres are unlikely to witness the kind of crowds that traditionally fill their aisles with chatter and Christmas cheer. This means, of course, that online sales of Christmas goods will reach levels never seen before. Online shopping has had a fantastic year indeed, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Companies that never before put much effort into their online presence are enjoying bumper sales, as people – including those who never put much effort into online shopping – enjoy the benefits of treating themselves to nice things from the comfort of their own homes. It doesn’t bode well for many shops unfortunately, as competition with online sellers will only become more difficult in the coming months and years. The way we shop has been changing for some time now, and the pace has just been accelerated by the pandemic. I believe this will become especially evident as Christmas approaches. The threat of a new outbreak of Covid-19, and the possible restrictions that may follow, may mean that many people will feel that the only safe and hassle-free way to get the Christmas shopping done will be to do as much of it as possible online. Apart from the harm this will do to bricks and mortar retailers, there is also the possibility of huge volumes of online sales causing chaos in the delivery-courier industry. Indeed, just last week I spoke with a lady who said she has already started Christmas shopping, as she is worried that she may not be able to get what she wants closer to the time. How many others are thinking the same way? Very many, I would guess! By the same token, the retailers are in a predicament. We’ve already seen shops

As I write this, I have just read Caitlin’s post on JJ Harlow’s Instagram page. Caitlin has announced that after 10 years, she will not reopen JJ’s Bar. This is a huge loss to Roscommon. Ten years ago, Caitlin and her former business partner Brian Mugan, took the lease in JJ’s, a very brave move at a time, with the country just two years into a vey tough recession. Through vision, foresight and sheer determination, Caitlin and Brian, along with a team of dedicated staff including the ever-present Tommy Duignan, turned JJ’s into one of Ireland’s coolest bars. It could rival anything the cities had to offer, with a huge range of craft beers on offers and an eclectic assortment of bands and singers gracing its famous stage each week. But most importantly, JJ’s become a place where friends were made, memories created, and an atmosphere was cultured, which made it feel so welcoming and special. As a member of Ukephoric Ukulele Group, I had the privilege of playing in JJ’s on numerous Sunday afternoons. It was so much fun, and I would like to thank Caitlin and Brian for giving local efforts like ours the chance to play in public. JJ’s will be missed by all of us. Caitlin and Brian have left a legacy that will be hard to emulate. I wish Caitlin the very best in her future endeavours, and would like to sincerely thank herself and Brian, as well as their loyal staff, for giving Roscommon something special over the past ten years. The friends and memories have been made, and neither they, not JJ’s, will ever be forgotten. Information: South Roscommon Centre can offer Brazilians, and also families, a variety of supports and information, including parental advice, programmes, information on topics such as mental health, domestic violence and substance misuse, or can simply serve as a place where the kettle is always on with a friendly ear to listen to any worries. It is a safe space to meet professionals from any service you may need. Brazilian Women’s Group continues every Tuesday, from 10 am to 11.30 am. It is necessary to register on the Monday, due to the Covid-19 precautions. South Roscommon Family Centre is located at 17, Castle View, Castle Street, Roscommon Town.

Dementia – enjoying life and staying safe < EMMA O’BRIEN, HSE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST

As part of World Alzheimer Month this September, the Roscommon People, in partnership with the HSE’s ‘Dementia: Understand Together’ campaign, is featuring a series of articles on aspects of life with dementia. In this second article, we focus on living well despite these challenging times. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect our day-to-day living, health and well-being. Many of us are spending more time at home, have reduced contact with others and are participating in fewer social activities. For people with dementia and their families, the impact has been particularly challenging. Recent research by the Alzheimer Society of Ireland shows that some people with dementia have been struggling with loneliness and boredom, and that their condition may be progressing due to a lack of stimulation. Some have found it hard to understand why friends have not been visiting.

Being engaged Like everyone else, engaging socially and participating in activities provides purpose and value for people with dementia, as well as an opportunity for achievement and pleasure. Staying connected to loved ones and enjoying pastimes can help a person with dementia retain a sense of self and independence. As dementia progresses, it can become difficult for a person to communicate their needs. It is important for family members and carers to look out for signs and try to understand why the person is behaving in that way.

Being creative In recent months, some family members have moved home to support loved ones, while others have learned how to use technology to reach out. New activities such as gardening and listening to music have been taken up to help with connection. At the same time, many dementia services have had to re-imagine how they engage with people. They have created online supports such

as virtual dementia cafés and online choirs. The ‘Dementia: Understand Together’ campaign recently released an updated ‘At Home Activities’ booklet, with ideas for stimulation and reminiscence.

Being supportive Since August 18th, people over 70 and people who are medically vulnerable are advised to limit their interactions to a small network, avoid public transport and shop during designated hours. If you are supporting a person with dementia, help them stay safe by planning ahead if going out. The ‘Dementia: Understand Together’ campaign is led by the HSE, in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and Age Friendly Ireland. For information on supports, such as weekly virtual dementia cafés for people living with dementia and family carers, as well as information on how to become a dementia champion in your community, visit or Freefone 1800 341 341 (Monday-Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm).


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020





unique take on life ...

Rescued by long arm of the law! Our columnist went searching for a sledgehammer and some birdies, but events didn’t unfold as planned… It’s another Covid-dominated Monday morning. Sometimes you would think that everything has come to a full stop, and yet this morning I am reflecting on a week that saw me almost play golf in Castlerea, go to a rugby match in Tuam, pay a visit to my daughter in Dublin, and attend the wedding of my niece in Ennis on Saturday.

Starting with my non-golf outing to Castlerea! On Wednesday morning (of last week) I headed off nice and early and decided to stop into a shop on St. Patrick’s Street to buy a sledgehammer – an item that for some reason I had decided was essential for my new-found love of DIY. As luck would have it, they were all sold out of sledges, but sadly when I went back out to my car and turned the key it was as dead as a doornail. Not a ‘meg’, no matter how many times I tried it. So, in desperation I rang AXA insurance company and called on the breakdown part of my policy. It must have been a great morning for

breakdowns as there was no one closer than Longford available to come to my assistance, and even that fellow was actually out on a call – and it would be more than ninety minutes before he could rescue me. In further desperation I took out my jump leads, lifted my bonnet, and hoped some kind-hearted Good Samaritan would try to get me going again. On this particular morning there was a Garda car parked behind me, and, no sooner had I raised my bonnet than the three occupants (who were on traffic control duty) came over to help. They gave me (or my battery) a jump, and I couldn’t believe it when it started almost immediately. Sometimes we can give

out about the role of the Gardai in our society, but they were so helpful to me – and were my real Guard(ian) angels. Thanks a million to them for getting me on my way. I didn’t get to play golf that morning – which might not have been a bad thing – but all’s well that ends well, and since then my new battery has been truly tested. Hopefully it will keep going for some time to come. I also want to thank John Murphy who offered to help, but I wasn’t sure if his Mercedes would have the power to get me started. Only kidding John, your offer of help was really appreciated, but by then the long arm of the law were (thankfully) on the job.

Cheers! Welcoming the ‘wet pubs’ back It’s now Tuesday morning, and last evening all over the country our villages and towns sprang back to life when the so-called wet pubs – after more than six months – finally opened their doors, turned on their lights, and started to welcome their long-lost customers back to their totally newlyrevamped premises’. Last March, on the 15th, a date I remember because it’s the Rasher’s birthday (he’s my brother), we walked out of Mikeen’s disappointed that the pubs were all having to close, but confident that they would open again in a fortnight’s time. If we had known it would be half the year before Mikeen would be able to let us back it is safe to say our disappointment would have turned to utter devastation. Anyway, last evening he was back in business, and solely because of my dedication to

the readers of this column in the Roscommon People – and knowing the importance of research and background information – I felt it was my duty to call in and see how the new guidelines were being followed and how it was all working out. In common with lots of publicans, during the lockdown Mikeen had carried out some interior designing and had turned the old pool room into a very inviting, comfortable seated area with room for extra tables, and being the responsible host that he is, all the Covid protocols were in place. Despite it feeling a little different, I have to admit it was great to be back. Once again solely for research purposes, I sampled a pint or two – or maybe even three – of his best Guinness, and as a man who will drink nothing else, I can only say it passed

my test with flying colours. Once upon a time a friend of mine would give a pint the ultimate accolade of saying it was like drinking cow’s milk, and if that is indeed the criterion, then Mikeen’s porter was exactly like drinking cow’s milk. On a serious note, it is great to have our pubs open again, but of course to keep them open, we, the public, must play our part and behave responsibly by keeping our distance, washing our hands, and doing all the things we are told. If we do, we will get through this outrageous disaster and have some type of a normal existence. However, for now, it’s a big welcome back to all publicans, wherever they are, and hopefully they will get all the help and support they deserve, their tills will ring long and loud and they can put this terrible year behind them.

Padraig Whyte pictured celebrating Oran’s win in the Mulryan Construction Intermediate Football Championship Final at Dr. Hyde Park on Saturday.

Helping the poor people of Haiti With all that’s going on here economically and as many businesses close their doors – leading to hardship and job losses – it would be easy to forget about the bigger picture, and in this case the fate of the people in Haiti, where more than 50% of the population try to survive on the equivalent of €2 a day. Unemployment is rife, riots are a common occurrence, the climate is very unfavourable and unpredictable, and many children are neglected and often-

times abandoned at a very young age. Our Little Brothers & Sisters Orphanage comes to the rescue of these children. Now we come to the local dimension. When Michael Nolan (from outside Ballygar) arrived there, 360 children from 3 years up to 18 were in the orphanage, where they received care, nutrition, education and safety, thanks to the support of people like Michael who organise fundraisers to help keep the orphanage open.

This weekend, on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of September, Michael and some of his friends are holding a Golf Classic in Mountbellew Golf Club, with teams of four costing the very reasonable price of €80. They would be very grateful for any help they receive. Businesses or private supporters can sponsor a tee box for €50, and everything raised will go to help the orphanage at a time when things have worsened substantially resulting in an increase in economic

chaos, more instability and violence. All the administrative staff are unpaid volunteers, so if you can, please dig into your pockets and give a few bob for a round of golf on a very fine golf course – but more importantly to help give some of these children a better start in life. For further information you can contact Michael at 0879695924, and he will sort out all you budding Rory McIlroys with tee times, etc.

And finally…Oran’s success Finally for this week, I have to offer my heartiest congratulations to our neighbours, Oran, on getting one of the clingiest monkeys of all time off their backs, and winning the Sean Mulryan Intermediate Football Championship. Their unbelievable misfortune in county finals over the last few years has been well documented and once again it looked as if Lady Luck had deserted them. This time, however, they were not going to be denied and after extra-time yet again, they ended up worthy and well deserved winners. Fair play and well done to them. Senior football has beckoned for a good while now, and I have no doubt they will acquit themselves well in next year’s championship. Much as I hate to say it, out here in Creggs we will be glad to see the back of them for 2021!

‘Till next week, bye for now


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

PropertyPeople Property Sales l Lettings l Valuations

PSRA Licence: 001350


Athleague, Co. Roscommon. Tel. (090) 6663700. Mob. (086) 8985013 • NEW TO MARKET



6 B/R Residence on c. 5 Acres

4 B/R Residence with Granny Flat

3 B/R Residence

Coolroghan, Creggs Co. Roscommon F42 V448

Carrownalassan, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon F42 E952

Moher, Ballyleague, Lanesboro, Co. Roscommon N39 DF20

• Very attractive six bedroom dormer residence in excellent condition with detached garage to rear • Standing on a c. 0.6 Acre corner site • Outbuilding on c. 0.4 Acres adjoining corner site • c. 4 Acres of boglands closeby in the townland of Carrowkeel • Viewing comes highly recommended

• Prime property to come to market comprising four bedroom bungalow in excellent condition • With garage/granny flat to rear, complete to builders finish • Altogether standing on a mature site c. 0.62 Acres • Located 7 Miles from Roscommon Town just off the Boyle Road with unrivalled views of adjoining countryside • Viewing comes highly recommended

• To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700.

• Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated

FINAL OFFERS 5 B/R Residence On c. 12.50 Acres Skrine, Rahara Co. Roscommon F42 FC64

• To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700.

• Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated

FINAL OFFERS c. 13.50 Acres Toberrory, Ballinagare Co. Roscommon

Lot 1: Residence & Outbuildings on c.1.5 Acres (Residence can come with additional lands, if required) _______________________________________________________ Lot 2: c.11 Acres fronting onto two roads _______________________________________________________ Lot 3: Entire Property: Residence & Outbuildings on c.12.5 Acres _______________________________________________________

• Prime parcel of agricultural lands comprising c. 13.50 Acres

• To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700.

• The auctioneer invites enquires and offers for sale

• Located in renowned farming district, close to the N5 road • Commanding unrivalled views of the surrounding countryside • Convenient to Tulsk, Ballinagare, Elphin and Castlerea

• Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated

• To a a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700.

FINAL OFFERS by 12 pm on Fri. 9th Oct.

FINAL OFFERS by 2 pm on Fri. 9th Oct.

• Attractive three bedroom bungalow standing on c. 0.5 acres • With large garage/workshop to rear (c. 1,288 sq.ft) • Located on the outskirts of Ballyleague/Lanesboro • Close to Lough Ree on the River Shannon • This residence is in showhouse condition internally • To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700.

• Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated

FINAL OFFERS c. 32.70 Acres In 4 Lots Araghty & Keenagh (Clanrickard) Athleague, County Roscommon

• Prime parcel of good quality lands located close to Athleague Village, on the Ballygar/Galway road adjacent the Four Roads junction. • Set out in three lots, these lands hold huge potential due location and can be sold as one lot or in seperate lots. • Lot 1: c. 17.50 Acres at Araghty fronting onto two roads • Lot 2: c. 10.30 Acres at Keenagh (Clanrickard) fronting onto Four Roads road • Lot 3: c. 4.90 Acres at Athleague fronting onto main Galway road • Lot 4: Entire property c. 32.70 Acres Contact the office on 090-6663700 for further details

FINAL OFFERS by 4 pm on Fri. 9th Oct.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


We are now seeking quality family homes in all areas. Reply in confidence to REA Seamus Carthy on 090 6630001.


Attractive Traditional 4 Bed Country Home extended and modernised and set on c. 1.8 acres in a most picturesque rural setting with panoramic views across the countryside and the River Shannon. The property boasts 5 no. Stables, Sand arena and all weather turn out area, perfect for a small equestrian enterprise. Immediate Enquiries are advised for this once in a lifetime opportunity. GUIDE PRICE: €200,000


Quality Detached 4 Bedroom Bungalow with Detached garage located in the soughtafter residential area of St Johns, Lecarrow convenient to Roscommon and Athlone Town, the said property is set on a large 1.06 Acre site offering beautiful elevated views over picturesque countryside and the famous Lough Ree. Immediate enquiries advised. GUIDE PRICE: €220,000


Looking to sell? We have buyers! Our services include: • Sales – Sell your home! • Lettings & Rentals • Property Management – We will manage all aspects of your rental property • Valuations – FREE pre-sale valuation No Sale – No Charge Web: Tel. 071 96 34737




Quality Semi Detached 3 Bedroom residence situated within a small residential estate in Cloonfad, Co. Roscommon. The subject property is set on the outskirts of Cloonfad Village within walking distance to all amenities. AMV: €60,000

Quality Semi Detached 3 Bedroom residence situated in Sli Na Sruthan residential estate in Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon. The subject property is set on the outskirts of Ballinlough Village within walking distance to all amenities. AMV: €50,000

Quality Semi Detached 3 Bedroom residence situated within a small residential estate in Cloonfad, Co. Roscommon. The subject property is set on the outskirts of Cloonfad Village within walking distance to all amenities. AMV: €60,000

T: 090 66 30001 • W:

PSRA Licence No. 002782

Attractive bungalow in picturesque setting New to the market with REA Seamus Carthy is this attractive, three-bedroomed, detached bungalow, situated in the picturesque, rural setting of Keelogues, Creggs. The subject property is set within close proximity to the villages of Creggs and Glenamaddy. Internally, the property comprises of a kitchen, living room, sitting room, three bedrooms and

Aghakeel, Lanesborough, Co. Longford

a bathroom. Externally, the property benefits from an attractive side garden with separate access, benefiting also from a new septic tank system. The subject property is considered excellent value for money with a guide price of €97,500 and immediate enquiries are advised. Contact our office today on 090 6630001 or to organise your viewing. Keelogues, Creggs.

A piece of paradise on the lakeshore! A stunning lakeside property, nesting on the banks of the picturesque River Shannon is now on the market with Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke at Aghakeel, Lanesborough, Co. Longford. The property is being offered for sale with registered mooring rights at the Jetty, which is 175 yards from the house. This spacious, three-bedroomed, detached bungalow (approximately 2,025 square feet) with a detached garage (approximately 545 square feet), sits on a large, private site of one acre or thereabouts (plus 0.25 acres) with trees and hedging in a scenic setting. The lakeside property offers idyll countryside living, but still is only approximately seven kilometres from Lanesboro town and Ballyleague.

The property being presented for sale is in two lots. Lot number one comprises of the house and site of approximately one acre, while lot number two comprises of the property between the house and lake and on the north side of the road (comprising approximately 8.25 acres), and 400 yards of lakeshore. Without access to lot two, the ownership of lot one does not confer any lakeshore rights or access. Consolidated, the lots can be properly described as a lakeshore property, and have all the rights and amenity value that goes with same, comprising approximately 9.25 acres in total. This property is presented in excellent condition throughout, and boasts extremely generous living accommodation. The property features a bright and

tastefully decorated entrance hall, sitting room, study, conservatory, kitchen/dining room, utility room, guest WC, main bathroom and three bedrooms – including three ensuites. This property is located in a very scenic area on the River Shannon, only fifteen minutes from the town of Lanesboro and Ballyleague and all the necessary local services and amenities in Lanesboro, such as national and secondary schools, supermarkets, convenience stores, one public plus one private marine, extensive Shannonside walks, plus recreational amenities. For more information, contact the selling agent David at Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke, Goff St., Roscommon on 090 6627200.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Pub bargain of the week at Earley’s This week, John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley is pleased to offer to the market an established and renowned seven-day licensed premises/restaurant/cafe known as ‘The Goal Post’ in Ballinagare village, Co. Roscommon. This property is described by John as “a primely located and substantial seven-day residential licenced premises, cafe and restaurant located in the heart of Ballinagare village on the main N5 Western route. The said property is presented for sale in excellent condition throughout and boasts many

years of successful trading, together with strong turnover figures having been recorded”. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers after €150,000 to sell. BER: D1. There is a full walk-through, virtual tour available on their website. For further details or to arrange a viewing, please contact John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley, Roscommon on 0906626579, email or log on to




• Spacious and well-proportioned 4 bed mid-terrace residence. • Located on the front row of the popular development of River Oaks in Ballaghaderreen • Only 15 minutes from Knock International Airport and 45 minutes from Westport. • The property has the benefit of a large garden to the rear. • Within easy reach of town centre 1/2 km and all its amenities. BER: C3

Call 090 662 7200






• Quality bedroom semi-detached residence.


• Located in peaceful mature residential area, 2 minutes from Ballaghaderreen.


• Property is finished to a very high standard throughout. • Manicured garden to the front and rear with patio, garage and timber gate to gain access to the rear. • Accommodation: Ground Floor entrance hall, living room, kitchen/ dining room. First floor: 3 bedrooms one en-suite, main bathroom and hot press. BER: D1 CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200; EMAIL: PBURKE@SFPBURKE.IE




• 3 bed detached country residence on C 0.52 acre with detached garage and fuel store to the rear. • Conveniently located only 12 mins from Roscommon, 15 mins from Athlone, beside Rahara National school. • The property covers C.1563 sq. ft. which is in need of renovation. • Accommodation entrance hall, living room, sitting room, kitchen & dining room/conservatory, 3 bedrooms, family bathroom • Excellent potential. BER G CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200; EMAIL: PBURKE@SFPBURKE.IE

It’s not just about property. It’s about people. PSRA No. 001316

‘The Goal Post’ in Ballinagare village, Co. Roscommon.





Institute of Professional Auctioneer & Valuers

PSRA Licence No. 001481






All offers after €120,000 to sell.

All offers after €25,000 to sell.




All offers after €150,000 to sell.

Log onto:

Log onto: Log onto:

A primely located and substantial 7 day residential licenced premises, cafe and restaurant located in the heart of Ballinagare Village on the main N5 Western route. The said property is presented for sale in excellent condition throughout and boasts many years of successful trading together with strong turnover figures having been recorded. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers after €150,000 to sell. BER: D1

A most attractive 3 B/R bungalow residence located in a select countryside location close to Gorthaganny & Ballinlough village just off the main N60 Roscommon/Ballyhaunis route. The said property benefits from spacious living accommodation throughout and stands on a mature site area. Standing to the side is a large detached garage and a 2 bay storage shed set adjacent. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers for immediate sale. BER: D1. Legal: Douglas Kelly, Solicitors, Market St, Swinford, Co. Mayo

A most attractive stone built countryside residence located in a select residential area close to both Ballintubber and Ballymoe villages. The said residence is in shell condition internally, and would make a most rewarding renovation project. Also standing on the said site area is a stone built storage shed (in derelict condition). BER: Exempt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SLATTED SHED TO LET A substantial 8 bay double (16 bays) slatted shed to let at the Rathcline Road, Lanesboro from now until the 1st May 2021. Enquiries invited.

Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon Email: Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Fax: (090) 6625405


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


PSRA no. 001090

Auctioneers & Valuers

NO. 1 ABBEY ST., ROSCOMMON. TEL 090 66 27003. FAX 090 66 26296 EMAIL • Web:

New to the Market ABBEY STREET, ROSCOMMON former Office Building suitable for Residential Conversion The Building is in an excellent condition with a yard to the rear. Accommodation consists of :- Ground Floor Waiting Room, 2 Offices and a Toilet with Wash Hand Basin. The First Floor consists of Four Offices. The Property is ideally located within walking distance of all local amenities in a much sough after location. For further information or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

For Sale - New to the Market CLOONEYGRASSAN, BALLINTUBBER Attractive 4-bedroomed Bungalow on circa 1 acre site. Accommodation consists of Living Room, Kitchen, 4 Bedrooms with one en-suite and a bathroom. The Residence is located approximately 2 miles from Ballymoe Village on the main Castlerea to Roscommon Road. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail info@ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

For Sale – Circa 6 acres

with excellent road frontage and dual entrance

NEWTOWN, BALLYMURRAY, ROSCOMMON It would be suitable for development subject to planning permission being granted. The lands are located only 2 miles from Roscommon Town with access to the Carrowmore and Athlone Roads. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail info@ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Final Offers are now being invited on CURRAGHROE NATIONAL SCHOOL

The building consists of 2 large classrooms, boys and girl’s toilets, cloakrooms, small staff room, large veranda and water tower. The property is being sold on circa 1 acre and is situated only 2 miles from Lanesboro on the main Rooskey to Lanesboro road. This would be suitable for various types of enterprise subject to planning permission being granted. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail info@

Prime site at Aghamuck, Kilrooskey, Co. Roscommon On the market with Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke, is this substantial site of circa 0.6 acres at Aghamuck, Kilrooskey, Co. Roscommon. The site is subject to planning permission and located in a much sought after residential area, approximately ten minutes from Roscommon and five minutes from Strokestown. ‘Aghamuck’ is close to all ameni-

ties, such as primary schools, supermarkets, church, secondary schools,

and all that Roscommon and Strokestown has to offer. This site is pivotally located, and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke now invites immediate viewings. For more information, or to arrange a map, call David Flynn on 090 6627200 or email pburke@sfpburke. ie at Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke, Goff Street, Roscommon.

Lands for sale at Brideswell Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke has a prime parcel of lands, containing approximately 8.13 acres, for sale at Curry, Brideswell, Co. Roscommon. These lands are of good agricultural quality, which makes them a very attractive holding of lands, located in a renowned farming district only 4km from the village of Brideswell. The lands offer the adjoining/

neighbouring landowners an excellent opportunity to increase their existing holdings. The said lands come to the market with an asking price of €25,000, and immediate viewing and offers are invited. For further details or to arrange a map, contact David Flynn at Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke, Goff St., Roscommon via pburke@sfpburke or 0906627200.

Townhouse for sale in Roscommon town This week, Pat Hughes & Company has a threebedroomed townhouse for sale at No. 2, Bank Gardens, Henry Street, Roscommon town. The residence is currently generating an annual rental income of €7,500. This would make an ideal investment opportunity. For further details, contact the office on 090 6627003 or email info@ pathughesauctioneers. com.

This week, Pat Hughes & Company has circa sixteen acres of agricultural lands for sale at Aragthy, Athleague. The lands are located a short distance off the main Ballygar to Lanesboro Road. For further details, contact the office on 090 6627003 or email info@ pathughesauctioneers. com.

Final offers invited for old national school

Strong interest in circa two acres at Portrun Bay Pat Hughes & Company are confirming that they have had a lot of interest in circa two acres of land which recently went on the market at Portrun Bay. The lands are ideally located, with excel-

Sixteen acres of land in Athleague

lent views of the surrounding countryside and direct access onto the Shannon. For further details, contact the office on 09066 27003 or email

This week, Pat Hughes & Company are confirming that they are now accepting final offers on the old national school at Curraghroe. For further details, contact the office on 090 6627003 or email info@ pathughesauctioneers. com.

Properties and winterage wanted

Due to a large volume of recent sales, Pat Hughes & Company are urgently looking for all types of property in and around the Roscommon town area. Winterage for cattle and sheep is also urgently required for a number of farmers. If you are thinking of buying or selling, contact the office on 09066 27003 or email, for free, confidential advice.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


PSRA Licence No: 003201


38 Cluain Fraoigh, Lanesboro Road, Roscommon F42 PC96

Immaculate 4 bedroom property presented for sale in show house condition by its present owners with no expense spared. Ideally located within walking distance to Roscommon Town Centre and all amenities, this spacious residence comprises entrance hallway, large sitting room, open plan kitchen/dining room with utility and WC off. First floor – 4 large bedrooms (master ensuite) with attractive timber floors and family bathroom. This property offers excellent value for money and viewing is advised by the auctioneers.

Price Region: €145,000

BER Rating D1



Brackloon, Fuerty, Co. Roscommon F42 WV30 This 5 bedroom residence (3 ensuite) with its stunning view and elevated site at Mount Prospect Roscommon is located just 2 miles from Roscommon Town and 2 miles from the scenic village of Castlecoote. This elegant property features ornate stonework and is built to the highest standards with no expense spared. An added bonus is the c. 0.8 acre of garden which is bounded by mature poplar trees and beautiful hedgerows. The features of this house are almost too numerous to mention, therefore a thorough inspection is highly recommended.

Price region €375,000. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Impressive Dormer Style Residence Ballymurray, Co. Roscommon F42 F584 Impressive new build property currently under construction in a highly sought-after residential location set adjacent to Mote Park Forest and amenity park being 10 minutes to Roscommon Town and 15 minutes to Athlone Town Centre. Built to a builder’s finish with a provisional BER A rating, this property comprises majestic entrance hallway with feature oak stairway, open plan kitchen/dining room, sitting room, utility, office and bathroom. First floor, 4 large bedrooms, 3 ensuite together with family bathroom. Spacious elevated site area extends to c. 0.65 acres with all mod cons including air to water heating system, and heat recovery system, hollowcore flooring together Price Region: €365,000 with solid oak doors throughout. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Charming 3 bedroom bungalow presented for sale in very good condition by its present owners. Situated in a quiet country setting 5 miles from the village of Athleague, 10 miles from Roscommon town and 15 miles from Athlone town center. Quality mature landscaped grounds surround the property together with 2 large garages to the rear. Offers in excess of €140,000

Church Street, Roscommon town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail Website:

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail Website:

‘One of Roscommon’s finest homes’ At ‘Corriga’, Lanesboro Road Roscommon Town

‘Corriga’ is an exceptional, five-bedroomed, detached family home, standing on large, private, mature gardens within walking distance of Roscommon town. It comprises circa 4,000 square feet, with an additional 1,200 square feet of garage/shed space on a circa 2.5 acre site. Set in a landscape that sets it apart from any other home, the privacy and maturity of ‘Corriga’ are notable. The house is approached via a long driveway, leading to extensive lawns, bordered by mature trees and shrubbery. The garden comes with many features, including large, custom-built BBQ, mini castle tower, wishing well, fishpond, secret garden, patio areas and a large glasshouse. The spacious accommodation includes an entrance hallway, kitchen, dining room,

‘Corriga’, Lanesboro Road, Roscommon town.

sitting room, living room, conservatory, office, utility, five large bedrooms (two ensuite), a family bathroom and a large balcony overlooking the front gardens. This large site has the potential for development subject to planning permission. ‘Corriga’ is situated just on the outskirts of Roscommon town, a picturesque town in the west of Ireland. Roscommon’s close driving proximity to Athlone (30 minutes), Longford (25 minutes), Galway (60 minutes), Limerick (100 minutes),

and Dublin (90 minutes) make it an ideal, centre-ofIreland hub. The town has many amenities, including all major supermarket chains (SuperValu, Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland), coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shops, cinema, racecourse, library, arts centre, leisure centre and an 18-hole golf course. Roscommon boasts a historical castle and abbey ruins, the old gaol, and Mote Park – a forest area for outdoor activities including hiking, walking, jogging, wildlife and bird watching. Both

the town and ‘Corriga’ are a fifteen minutes’ drive from the River Shannon for water pursuits including boating and fishing. Having been occupied by the same family for almost forty years, ‘Corriga’ comes to the market offering a rare opportunity to acquire one of Roscommon’s finest homes. Price region: €495,000. BER: D1. Viewing is strictly by prior appointment with the sole selling agents. Contact Oates Auctioneers, Chruch Street, Roscommon on 090 6627878 or via

Final offers invited for beautiful home in Castlecoote Final offers are being invited by this Friday, September 25th (2 pm) for this exceptional four-bedroomed bungalow residence at Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon. This property, which is on the books of Ivan Connaughton Auctioneers, is in excellent condition throughout and has recently been refurbished to a very high standard. Located at Corderryhugh, Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon, the property stands on an elevated large site of c. 0.88 acres of lawned gardens with detached garage to rear. The property is bright and spacious internally and is ready for immediate occupation. The large reception hallway has wooden flooring with door leading into sitting room with new carpets, open fireplace and bay window overlooking front gardens. The kitchen/dining room is located to the rear, with fully fitted kitchen units. Utility room with door off to the rear is located to the left of the kitchen and has fully fitted units. At the right-hand side of the kitchen are double doors leading into the large, bright sunroom which is newly carpeted and which has beautiful views of the rear gardens.

There are four bedrooms in total, all newly carpeted and painted. Two have large ensuite bathrooms. The main bathroom has been completely refurbished. All in all, this is a beautiful, spacious family home which has a host of additional features. All offers above €211,000 are invited. For further information, contact the office on 09066 63700 of in order to not miss out on this beautiful home!

Quality Kilteevan property with Earley’s This week, David Diffley (MIPAV, TRV) of Property Partners Earley has a luxury, five-bedroomed, dormer-style residence of approximately 2,075 square feet located at Aughmagree, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon for sale. Price region: €265,000 ono to sell. David describes the property as being a “quality property, finished to a very high standard by its present owners, boasting many extra features and spacious living accommodation throughout”.

The residence stands on a large mature site area of circa 0.54 of an acre, and commands excellent views of the surrounding picturesque countryside, situated within walking distance of Kilteevan village, school, public house and church.

It’s primely located approximately 4.8km from Roscommon town, just off the main Lanesboro road. The auctioneer now invites immediate viewing and all offers to sell. BER: C3. For further details or to arrange a viewing, please contact David Diffley (MIPAV, TRV) of Property Partners Earley, Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon on 090 6626579 or email ddiffley@



Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Roscommon People Souvenir

Mulryan Construction Roscommon IFC Final: Oran 2-16 St Dominic’s 2-9 (after extra-time)

Congratulations to Oran on a magnificent victory! From Cllr Marty McDermott, Leas-Cathaoirleach, Roscommon County Council

Everyone in the illy, parish salutes B team t n e m e g a n a m s hi and players!

Brothers Eamonn, Cathal and Paul Kenny with the cup. Picture: Michael McCormack

EARLEY’S Bar & Lounge

Bushfield, Castleplunkett. Tel.: 087 2473775


FOR BUSINESS Congratulations to Oran on winning the IFC Final from Michael and family Congratulations to Oran

DONAMON Tarmacadam Specialising in Kerbing, Tar and Chips and Tarmacadam. Machine or hand laid.

Contact Damian at (086) 4007158

Oran players pictured with the Jimmy Murray Cup after they won the 2020 Roscommon County Intermediate Football Final at Dr. Hyde Park on Saturday, 19th of September. Picture: Michael McCormack

Congratulations from Sean, Geraldine and all at the

Rockfield Inn ROCKFIELD



TO BOOK A TABLE PHONE: 086 8129635


087 3466064 Email: /marty.mcdermott.184


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Everyone wants it Everyone reads it 80,000 PEOPLE READ OUR NEWSPAPER EVERY WEEK!

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email

ACCOUNTS McGOWAN ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES Catering for: • Individuals • Sole Traders, Partnerships & Companies • VAT, RCT, PAYE/PRSI, Financial Control, Completion of annual tax returns First consultation FREE, can meet clients outside office hours Provides training for start your own business and basic computers and accounting. Also training in Thesaurus accounting products


090 66 25818 086 0352849 Email: Web:




For all foot ailments Siobhan Murray BSc (Hons) Podiatry M.Ch.S.I.

Department of Health Approved

Cloonchambers, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon For appointment: (094) 96 21647 / (089) 4142233 • Home visits • 20 years experience

PODIATRIST/ CHIROPODIST Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I.

Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods CCTV CAMERA INSPECTIONS • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

087 2798704

CONNAUGHT CHIMNEY CLEANING Chimneys Power Sweep ( no mess) - Openfire - Stoves - Ranges Chimney CCTV Inspection OIL BOILERS SERVICED Burners Repaired CARPETS CLEANING Satellite and Digital TV Installation All areas covered Mob: 086 2495851 www.connachtchimney


Department of Health Approved

EVERY FRIDAY St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

085 1503353 086 8538404


• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar

Complete Chimney Services





Telephone: 086 8433433

Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon. David Connor

BSC (Hon.) Chiro. MSc. Chiropractic Association of Ireland

(Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed

By Appointment Only –

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP


See us on

VHI and Laya Covered


Construction l

l General Building Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

087 9268424 stephenrockcasey@

COMPUTERS DC Computer Services Providing IT services for Homes, Businesses & Schools. Home Callouts.


PC Maintenance – Upgrades, Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal. Network Solutions – Cabling, Hardware & Software Installation & Maintenance. Contact David Conboy Tel: 087 7496459 Email: Web:

FARMING BOOM SPRAYER TESTING SERVICE • Sprayers tested on owners premises • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. • Small stock parts fitted on site (if necessary) Dept. of Agriculture regulations. From 2020 all sprayes are required to be tested every 3 years Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: D.A.F.M. Approved Reg No: EL000083



COUNSELLING & HYPNOTHERAPY Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you? Please call Glynis on

085 2514394



Paul McStay DSA/ADI (UK) RSA

MIAM ROSPA Approved Driving Instructor Former BSM Driving Instructor and UK advanced Met. Police Driver. GIFT VOUCHER CARDS AVAILABLE Castlerea & Roscommon

EDT Lessons Available Telephone:

094 96 20099 Mobile:

< ABATTOIR SERVICE AVAILABLE: Cattle, lambs and pigs. Ready for freezing. Home Cured and Honey Dry cured traditional bacon (not pumped with water) now available. Tel: Webb’s Butcher’s, 094 96 20005 or 086 4094715. < SQUARE BALES OF HAY: Excellent quality square bales of hay, sold in lots to suit, can deliver. Call: 086 2628439

Learn to drive with ....

Roscommon Driving School Telephone:

090 66 61102 Road Safety Authority Approved Driving Instructor

< FOR SALE: 5 well bred pure bred sheepdog pups, mother and father can be seen working. 8 weeks old. Tel: 087 7829162


Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496

• Certified Arborists • Tree Surgery • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Leylandii hedges reduced and shaped Comprehensive Insurance Cover. I.S.A. member.

Tel: 086 6077307 or 086 8125165





086 8936012

This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation


For all your fencing needs. Glas Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail

l l


Tel: 087 2172281

Des Kelly Fencing Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on

087 2346364

FOR SALE < FOR SALE: 2 year old black setter bitch, starting to work €400. Tel: 086 3155044

Tree Services

• Hedge Cutting • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Fully Insured


087 2721193 WALTER BEGLEY

Gardening, Maintenance & Painting Roscommon Town • Indoor & Outdoor Painting • Winter Garden Clean-Up • Power Washing Driveways - Paths • Prepare Lawns for Spring • Hedge Trimming • Planting • Grass Cutting • General Maintenance

Contact Walter on 087 9519873


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Classifieds GARDENING






General Maintenance l Dangerous Tree Removal l Garden Hedges & Trees reduced and shaped l Wood Chipping l Fully Insured Contact Alan on l

Junior and Leaving Certificate Higher Level Experienced Higher Level Teacher Outstanding results record Excellent notes provided

087 6558597

Contact by phone/text:

Lorraine Beirne 086 3688302

Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

087 2860428

Pressure Washing & General Services Patios Decking | Houses | Vehicles | Driveways | Caravans | Walls | Gutters

PROPERTIES TO LET/RENT/WANTED CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732

Application Forms now available


Phone John on

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email

EMAIL: roscommonmathsgrinds

< GRINDS: Maths and Ag. Science. Contact: 087 6222147 < GRINDS: Maths grinds available, Junior and Leaving Cert, very experienced teacher, Dept exams corrector. Excellent results record. Exam technique and notes provided. Contact: 090 6662234 after 6pm or 086 4067270 < IRISH GRINDS: Irish grinds for Primary, Secondary or University levels. Call Michéal: 086 3442808

Full & Mini Car Valeting (we come to you!)

Furniture Removal & Collection Garden Maintenance

Phone John: 085 2113317

JUNIOR & LEAVING CERTIFICATE ENGLISH GRINDS Online Classes l Highly experienced tutor and state examinations corrector. l Comprehensive and original course notes posted to students weekly. l Assessments given on a weekly basis. l Individual guidance and feedback. These online classes will take place on a weekly basis, affording students the opportunity to learn in a safe and relaxed environment. Please contact Aidan O’Connor at asconnor@ or 086 6078154 (Text only) for further information

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Roscommon Physical Therapy Clinic Movement Matters 20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries.



Reflexology may bring relief from conditions such as: • Allergies • Colic • Eczema • Constipation • Migraine • Back Problems • Stress • Infertility • Insomnia • Respiratory Disorders • Blood Pressure • Pain • Bowel Disorders • Joint/Muscle Problems • Thyroid Imbalance • Emotional Disorders - Fertility Reflexology - Ante Natal Reflexology - Baby Reflexology - Cancer Care Reflexology - Special Needs Reflexology Mobile Service Available Marina Furey B. Sc. (Hons)

Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon

Tel: 087 2264951 Find us on facebook

Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes


Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009

• Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Reflexology • Indian head Massage • Reiki • Aromatherapy • Dry needling • Thai Massage Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon

Like us on Facebook 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902



086 4679798 PAINTER & DECORATOR Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Phone Alan on:

090 6661635 or Mobile:

087 2683079

JOAN MOORE Therapy Rooms

087 9201818

Gift vouchers now available

Find us on facebook

USEFUL SERVICES < ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: Rewires, first and second fix new houses, fuse board upgrade. All farm buildings and sheds, security lighting and garden lights. Tel: Tom on 086 0815802. < HANDYMAN SERVICES: Do you need odd jobs doing around your home/yard? Don’t have time to do them yourself? Don’t want to contact a specialised tradesman to carry out these tasks? l Gardening l Stonework l Clean up/Tidying l Concrete repairs l Fence repairs l Pointing/Repointing l Cutting/Chopping firewood. Honest Service Provided at a Reasonable Rate. Phone: 087 2176205 < PAINTING & DECORATOR AVAILABLE: Painter available for painting and decorating plus repairing old ceilings. Tel: 087 4361989


Electrician Available Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE REPAIRS: WASHING MACHINE, REPAIRS, DISHWASHER REPAIRS, OVEN AND TUMBLE DRYER REPAIRS Contact Paul on 086 0538977 087 4046478 071 9664207 Do you have a house or shed that you want cleaned out and all unwanted items removed? If so ring: 087 9657933 or 090 6626752


Agricultural Powerwashing Services • Cow Sheds • Slatted Sheds • Sheep Sheds • Yards • Milking Parlours Contact Padraig today for a keen quote


CARPENTER AVAILABLE for all types of work, including maintenace, roof repairs.

Call 087 646 7322 PEAT BEDDING



086 2721812

TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815

< THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Bags of seasoned firewood only €2 per bag• Bags of turf only €2.50 per bag, buy 20 get 2 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf €35 per bay, or buy tonne firewood + tonne turf + 2 bags coal 20kg all for €80 delivered. • Stove coal 40kg bags only €14, buy 10 bags get 1 20kg bag coal free. • 8x4 trailer load firewood only €90. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439 WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured. Phone:

086 2437376

< FIREWOOD & TURF: High quality seasoned hardwood timber split and turf, suitable for stoves and open-fire. Available in 500kg bulk bag and 25kg bag. Very competitively priced and delivery can be discussed. Call 086 3312411 after 6pm. < GOOD QUALITY 10’x6’ loads of turf. Can be delivered. Also bags of turf. Tel. 086 3776948.




Tel: Donal (All areas)

< PART-TIME DELIVERY DRIVER: Part-time/temporary delivery driver required for Roscommon town. Florist - full clean driving licence required. Box No: 2029 c/o Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon


Pete’s Cabs Roscommon

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Quality Small Job Services For Home or Business


Supplied & Fitted From

The company that can do all them small jobs


€190 094 96 31880 087 9100477 Established since 2005

– Contact –

Peter Lynch 086 8400002

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Family Notices • Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance

Call into our office on Abbey Street, Roscommon

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


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FAMILYNOTICES ....ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND ANNIVERSARIES DOHERTY Eileen (nee Gillooly) Monasteraden, Co. Sligo (1st Anniversary)

On Eileen’s first anniversary, her husband Gerald (Gerry), daughter Maria, son Martin and extended family wish to express our most sincere thanks to all those who sympathised with us following Eileen’s passing. Eileen would have greatly appreciated all those who called to her home. We wish to once again thank our wonderful neighbours and friends who provided us with unrelenting support and assistance throughout this difficult time. We wish to express our gratitude to all those involved in Eileen’s care during her time in hospital. We would also like to pay tribute to Tommy Sharkey Funeral Directors, for their professionalism during those difficult days. As it is impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this as an acknowledgement of our gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of Mass will be offered for all your intentions. Eileen’s First Anniversary Mass will take place at St. Nathy’s Cathedral, Ballaghaderreen on Sunday, 27th September at 12 noon.

Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to or alternatively call 090 66 34633

CUNNIFFE Denis Liswilliam, Dysart (5th Anniversary)

In loving memory of a dear husband (predeceased by his wife Maureen nee Sheeran) father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend who died on 18th September 2015 DAD We lost a Father with a heart of gold, How much we miss him can never be told, He shared our troubles and helped us along, If we follow his footsteps we can never go wrong We miss you from your fireside chair, Your loving smile and gentle air, Your vacant place no one can fill, We miss you Father and always will, He was a Father so very rare, Content in his home and always there, On earth he toiled, in Heaven he rests God bless you Father, you were one of the best. Each time we look at your picture, You seem to smile and say, “Don’t be sad but courage take, And love each other for my sake.” So Rest in Peace dear loved one, And thanks for all you’ve done, We pray that God has given you, The Crown you’ve truly won.

Loved and remembered always by his daughters Margaret, Denise, Joanne, Fiona and Maura, sons-inlaw Padraig, David, Fintan, Dermot and Mark, his sisters Noreen and Mary.



Gortgallon, Lanesboro, Co. Longford (8th Anniversary)

Tonlagee, Roscommon. (12th Anniversary)

Who passed away on 26th September 2012 Your life was love and labour, Your love for your family true, You did your best for all of us, We will always remember you.

Lovingly remembered by all your family. Anniversary Mass in Ballyleague Church on Saturday, 26th September at 7pm.

HYNES Danny (13th Anniversary)

Just a prayer from the grandchildren who loved you, Just a memory fond and true, In our hearts you will live forever, Because we thought the world of you.

From all his loving grandchildren Anniversary Mass in the Church of The Good Shepherd, Four Roads on Friday, 25th September at 7.30pm. May his gentle soul Rest In Peace

You always had a smile to share A laugh, a joke and time to care. A kindly nature, warm and true. Many lovely memories we have of you.

Lovingly remembered by your wife Teresa and all the family. Anniversary Mass in St. Bridget’s Church, Four Mile House on Sunday, 27th September at 11am.

McDONNELL Kathleen Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon (3rd Anniversary)

The Spinney, Roscommon Died 27th September 2019

The wife and family of the late Fonsy Nolan wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who sympathised with us on our sad loss. To all who sent Mass Cards, letters of sympathy and made phone calls. A special thank you to all our neighbours and friends who called to the house and helped in every way. Thanks to all who attended the Funeral Home and the Mass the following day. We greatly appreciated all the members of the IFA, the Roscommon Race Committee, and the Show Committee who formed the Guard of Honour leaving the Funeral Home. A grateful thanks to Fr. Kevin Fallon who celebrated Fonsy’s funeral Mass and to Fr. McLoughlin, Fr. Milton, Fr. Morris and Mons. Travers who concelebrated the Mass. Thank you to the choir in the Sacred Heart Church for their lovely singing. Thanks also to Fr. Fitzgerald and Fr. Beirne who attended to Fonsy in hospital. We are very grateful to the nurses and doctors in Portiuncula Hospital for their great care. A special word of thanks to the nurses, doctors and staff of Roscommon Hospital where he spent his final days. Thanks to Smyth’s Funeral Directors for their compassion and professionalism while handling all the funeral arrangements. Thanks to the gravediggers who prepared Fonsy’s final resting place. Please accept this acknowledgement as an expression of the Nolan family’s sincere appreciation and gratitude to all. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions.

Rogers Funeral Directors Rooskey

In loving memory of Danny, late of Shrove, Strokestown, who died on the 25th September 2007 He always had a smile to share, A laugh, a joke, a time to care, A wonderful nature, warm and kind These are the memories he left behind.

Forever in our hearts Mam, Dad, Séan, Aisling and Alan.

TRAYERS John Ardagh, Glinsk, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon (15th Anniversary)

GRANDAD Acceptance of an advertisement or payment therefore is not to be taken as implying guarantee that the advertisement will be published. The right is reserved to refuse to insert any advertisement, without giving any reason; also to discontinue the publication of any advertisement previously published, without compensation for any loss or damage claimed for non-publication. Publication of an advertisement cannot be guaranteed on a specific week or at all, whether or not a particular week has been stipulated by the advertiser, and the company will not be liable for any loss claimed by such omission, whether from all editions or any particular edition or editions of the paper. Right is reserved to alter any advertisement without liability for any compensation for such alteration. Further, the company does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of any advertisement.

In loving memory of Martin, late of Tonlagee, Four Mile House, Roscommon, who died 28th September, 2008. R.I.P.


In loving memory of John who passed away on the 25th September 2005. Those we love don’t go away They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near. Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Sadly missed by his wife Catherine, daughter, sons, son-in-law, daughters-inlaw and grandchildren.

(Covering Rooskey and surounding areas) In loving memory of Kathleen who died on the 25th September 2017 May the winds of Heaven blow softly... And whisper in your ear How much we love And miss you And wish that You were here

Loved and sadly missed by your sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and extended family. Anniversary Mass in St. Joseph’s Church, Ballyforan on Sunday, 27th September at 10am.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. Sincere thanks to the Sacred Heart and Edel Quinn for healing a relationship between daughter and mother. A.F.

Mobile: 087 2365453 Landline: 071 9638739 email:

Ros Memorials Headstone, Memorial & Gravestone Specialists


PAT QUIGLEY: 087 7799076 PAUL O’CONNOR: 086 6052649

• Headstones • Kerbed Memorials • Grave Site Care • Headstone Cleaning • Monument Levelling • Gravestone Repair

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


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Mote Park, Roscommon (1st Anniversary - 30th September 2019)

100 Acres, Cloonfad, Ballyhaunis, Co. Roscommon Who died on 23rd September 2016. Rest in Peace (4th Anniversary)

KEANE Christy

Newtown, Roscommon (1st Anniversary) Who sadly passed away on 5th October 2019

Love’s Greatest Gift - Remembrance

MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

Email or call for Sample Pack

The family of the late Mary Carr of Mote Park, Roscommon wish to acknowledge on the occassion of her First Anniversary the many expressions of sympathy shown to us. We offer our heartfelt thanks to our neighbours, friends and relations for the kindness and help shown to us. To everyone who attended Mam’s Funeral, travelled long distance, called to our house, sent Mass Cards and messages of sympathy, thank you. A special word of thanks to the staff of the Sacred Heart Home for the kindness and respect shown at all times. To all those who participated in the Mass, especially Fr. Milton, Fr. Beirne, readers and the music by Aileen O’Connor. We would also like to thank Pat Smyth, Funeral Directors for their professionalism, to the local GAA Clubs for the Guard of Honour, the grave diggers who prepared Mam’s final resting place so beautifuly and finally Hannon’s Hotel for the lovely refreshments. To those who helped in any way, your contribution made our loss more bearable. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a expression of our deepest gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of Mass will be offered for your intentions. Mother’s Anniversary Mass will take place at St. Patrick’s Church, Knockcroghery on Saturday, 26th September at 7pm.

Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to

LOHAN Katie (6th Anniversary)

or alternatively call 090 66 34633 or 086 8054227

Notice re. Memoriams and Anniversaries If you wish to place acknowledgements, memoriam notices, birthday and anniversary remembrances, please email them to advertising@ or call us on

086 8054227 or by post, along with your name and contact details, to

Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon

The local paper!

In loving memory of Katie, Kilmore, Ballygar, who died on 26th September 2014 You always had a smile to share Time to give Time to care Still loved, Still missed and very dear.

Always remembered by your sons Hugh, Michael and Pat, daughter-in-law Bernie, grandchildren Brendan, Regina, Louise and Tracey and greatgrandchildren Caoimhe and Ruairi. Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Ballygar on Friday, 25th September at 7.30pm.

A smile for all, A heart of gold, One of the best This world could hold, Never selfish, Always kind, What a beautiful memory to leave behind.

Lovingly remembered by your wife Jeannette and daughters Caroline and Martina and all extended family. ______ Those we love, we never lose, They will always be loved, remembered and treasured in our memories.

Sadly missed by Linda, Michael, Niall, Zara and Glenn. ______ A little whisper on a September morning, you heard a gentle call. You took the hand of Jesus, and quietly left us all. Our memories are our keepsake, from which we will never part. God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts.

Lovingly remembered by Eileen and Jim Farragher and family. Anniversary Mass in St. Patrick’s Church, Cloonfad on Saturday, 26th September at 8pm.

On the first anniversary of Christy’s death, Marie, Declan, Aidan and his silbings Gerry, Jack and extended family would like to thank most sincerely our kind friends and neighbours for all the support and kindness we received during Christy’s illness and in the past year. We would also like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of Portiuncula Hospital, Dr. John Keenan, Dr. Claire Quinn, Dr. Hoban, The Palliative Care Team, Public Health Nurses and Home Help for all the support and kindness during Christy’s final days. A special word of thanks to all our wonderful neighbours, friends and relations who provided food and refreshments, we will be forever grateful. Thanks also to the girls who worked tirelessly in the house helping with catering and also to Gerard Finneran for supplying and erecting lights at the house. We wish to thank those who called to the house, sent Mass Cards, attended the Removal and Funeral Mass. Thank you to Fr. Sean Beirne who officiated at Christy’s Funeral and Month’s Mind Mass. Many thanks to Kilteevan Choir for the beautiful music both during his Requiem Mass and Month’s Mind Mass. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Gerry Kelly and colleagues from Bus Eireann, Mr. Tom Gately and the children from Ballymurray N.S., Roscommon Hunt, Roscommon Mart, IFA and former members of Ros Rangers Tug-o-War Club for forming a Guard of Honour. To the grave diggers who prepared Christy’s final resting place. A special word of thanks to Pat Smyth Undertakers for the professional and sensitive maner in which the funeral arrangements were directed. We will be forever grateful to David Hynes and staff of Hynes Pharmacy for all your kindness also thanks to Hannon’s Hotel for providing refreshments after the funeral. Christy’s First Anniversary Mass will take place at St. Joseph’s Church, Kilteevan on Friday, 2nd October at 7pm. Deep in our memories, precious they stay. No passing of time, can take them away.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. A.H.

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Scrine, Athleague, Co. Roscommon Third generation Monumental Sculptors specialising in: • New Headstones • New Inscriptions • Restoration and Cleaning of Monuments • Wall Plaques and Name Plates • Grave Maintenance Service Contact James on 087 3549574 or David on 087 6086723 E-mail:

Notice re. Memoriams and Anniversaries If you wish to place acknowledgements, memoriam notices, birthday and anniversary remembrances, please email them to

or call us on 090 6634633 or by post, along with your name and contact details, to

Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon Don’t worry if you do not have a credit card. We value your business over the years and will make arrangements for payment at a later stage.

The local paper!


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email VETERINARY


Chimney Problems


Racecourse Road, Roscommon

Dooley Chimney Repairs • Lining

uPVC Window and Door Locksmith We are the only Licensed Window and Door Locksmith in Roscommon

20 Years Experience Free Insurance Quotes

Also Wooden Venetians, Velux Window Blinds.

Window and Door Repairs • Door Handles • Door Locks • Letterboxes • Window Hinges • Patio Door Repairs • Misted and Double Glazed Units • Reseal Windows and Doors


Supply and fit uPVC Doors and Windows ONLY TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS USED Composite Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors in a wide range of styles and colours Also various styles and colours of uPVC Windows

Full replacement service provided and all work carried out to a high quality finish

9673336 Mob: 086 2678350 Email:


Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation Cellulose, Sheepswool, Fibreglass, SIGA Airtightness New Buildings & Retrofit Call in or contact us for free advice and quotes

Ballybane Industrial Estate, Unit 2, Ballybrit Industrial BlockEstate, 12, Galway H91 P5k5 Galway

091 768 768

We ask that all payments be made by card if possible and encourage payment over the phone when ordering medication/food. While on the premises we ask all customers to observe the 2m rule at all times.


Chris’s Locksmith Service l

Springfield, Williamstown, Co. Galway Window restrictors l Burglary repairs l Window locks l Cylinder replacement l Hinge replacement l Glass replacement l Lock replacement l Window and door seals l Window and door handles supplied and fitted l Aluminium and uPVC doors and windows repaired.


086 6002721


Castlerea Vehicle Recycling

- CCTV Camera Inspection

Tel: 090

Ring us from your car when you arrive for collection of your order/appointment.

Contact Pat Hanley on


All NCT Failures Destruction Certs Issued l Sale of Second Hand Parts l Contracted to all Major Car Companies l Farm Machinery, Old Gates l Metals, Iron Baths l Old Cooking Ranges l Weighbridge on Site l l


C astlerea ELV Recycling Ltd ., Cloonkeen, Castlerea Kevin & Martina Keenan Tel: 094 96 21250 Mob: 086 2522231



Contact Maurice on 086 2538169 or Kenneth on 086 8044030 Gannon Environmental Services Ltd.

Tel: 090


Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact JOHN GREENE BALLINASLOE TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 or (090) 96 87651



PERSONAL COACHING: * BECOME MORE ASSERTIVE & BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE! * HELP TO COPE WITH AND EMBRACE CHANGE (e.g. retirement, new job, separation etc) * FIND YOURSELF STUCK IN A RUT? - (take back control and explore options!)

OR email your enquiry to


to discuss your requirements



Te l : 0 8 5 2 1 9 1 2 3 4


PHONE: 086 8229606


Contact David Martin on 087 9959417 WINDOW AND DOOR SERVICE





For Professional For Professional Advice Contact Advice Contact: John Hibbitt:

087 2596055

Tel: 090 66 30521 Mobile: 086 8115928

- Chimney Repairs - Soot & Smoke Problems - Demolish, Re Build & Re Flue Line - Chimney Fires - Flexible Stainless Steel Liner - Insurance Claims processed


Telephone: 090 66 33026

Nationwide Service Stoves and Ranges Fitted All Work Guaranteed




Cathal Dooley 087 6579064



WE SUPPLY & FIT Double & Treble Glazed Windows & Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Porches and Conservatories

• Relining • Rebuilding • CCTV Camera Inspection


Lowest price guaranteed Daily collection

For appointment call me on 086 8229606


S tephen H oare

Cleaning Services • Roscommon • Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning • WINDOW CLEANING • POWER WASHING Fascias & Soffits • Gutters & Down pipes • Drive ways ‘paths and patios’ KEEN and COMPETITIVE PRICES

M: 086 3912396 Ph: 090 66 62892

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You have a better chance of selling a reasonably priced used car within your own county! An advert in the Roscommon People will be seen by over

80,000 LOCAL people every week!

OUR DEADLINE IS STRICTLY 2PM ON TUESDAY We cannot guarantee publication after this time

Telephone: 090 66 34633 Email:


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


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Design Consultation Planning Applications New Build, Extend, Renovate Bespoke Design Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural

086 3482387 ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I Michael Kenny, am applying to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for the following: 1) To retain as constructed slatted shed and dry bed shed. 2) To construct additional slatted shed and carryout all ancillary site works at Rathcarran Townland, Ballintubber, Co Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: James Lohan Consulting Engineer Ltd. Unit 5 Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon. Email: & Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Gerard and Josephine Enright, intend applying to Roscommon County Council for Outline Planning Permission for construction of a dwelling house, access onto the public road, connection to services and associated site development works including demolition of existing agricultural shed at Aghacarra Td, Corrigeenroe, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.

This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing, on payment of the prescribed fee within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt of the application by the planning authority. Signed: Michael Hennessy Advanced Planning & Design Services Dorrary, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Roscommon Tel: 086 1701549

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Noel Fallon and Sarah Murtagh, intend to apply for permission for the construction of a dwelling house, domestic garage, the installation of a sewerage treatment unit and percolation area along with connections to all site services and all other associated site works at Lisnagavragh Td, Four Roads, Co. Roscommon

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Murtagh Engineering Chartered Consulting Engineers, Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon. Ph: (086) 3490965

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I am applying on behalf of St. Aidan’s G.A.A. Club for planning permission for erection of Pre Cast Concrete Hurling Wall at club grounds, Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon.

Signed: Aidan Thompson, Chairperson The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying on behalf of Padraig Egan for planning permission 1. To construct a new entrance and to close up an existing land entrance. 2. To construct a new storage shed with hardstand area and all associated site development works at Newtown Td, Co. Roscommon.

Signed: AOL Design Ltd. Consulting Engineers C/O Albert Looby, Killeenboy, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon. Tel: (090) 66 28184 Mobile: (086) 8167365 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

APPOINTMENTS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Noel Hannon and Anna Marie Queenan, intend to apply for Permission for the demolition of an existing derelict shed and the construction of a dwelling house, domestic garage, the installation of a sewerage treatment unit and percolation area along with connections to all site services and all other associated site works at Ardcolagh Td, Ballinameen, Co. Roscommon

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Murtagh Engineering Chartered Consulting Engineers, Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon. Ph: (086) 3490965

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, John O Connor am applying to Roscommon County Council for full planning permission to construct dwelling house along with domestic garage, new treatment system and percolation area and all ancillary site development works at Coolteige Townland, Darrane, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: James Lohan, Consulting Engineer Ltd, Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: & Architects – Consulting Engineers

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Micheal Herbert and Ailish Regan are applying to Roscommon County Council for the following: 1. Planning permission to demolish existing house and to construct replacement house on similar footprint 2. Planning permission to construct new domestic garage and new site entrance and all ancillary site development works at Kilcolman, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon F45 TY07.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: James Lohan, Consulting Engineer Ltd, Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: & Architects – Consulting Engineers

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I Patricia Moohan intend to apply to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to retain a boundary screen fence to my dwelling house at Suckfield, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Patricia Moohan.

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Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


New rugby season kicks off in Creggs!

Creggs senior players returned to training ahead of their first round Cawley Cup win over Tuam last weekend. Pic: Mick McCormack


reggs Rugby kicked off the

new season with the first team winning away to Tuam last Sunday in the first round of the Cawley Cup. Having won the competition for the first time in 2018 and retained the trophy last year, Creggs are aiming to make it three-in-a-row this season.

The players have been busy with a gruelling pre-season training programme since mid-June while some of the squad have just returned after playing GAA throughout the summer. Development continues at Creggs Rugby Football Club, and as well as boasting Connacht’s only 4G artificial pitch, the club caters for non-playing members and supporters with a new terrace and stand in place. It has also unveiled a new electronic scoreboard, in addition to putting a fully lit and tarmac-surfaced amenity walkway around the full facility. Recently the club has applied for planning for four new state-of-theart dressing rooms, including two reserved for ladies’ rugby, with individual changing cubicles and showers. The plan also includes a large first

class gym, to be developed to highest professional team standards. A strong finance committee will be working hard with members to fundraise for their latest major project and adding more members to the successful Creggs Rugby Club Lotto is a priority for them. On the playing front, on a typical Saturday morning, you could find up to 200 children, boys and girls from U-7s up to U-12s training with the oval ball. Last Sunday, the club gave senior competitive senior debuts to six young players. As a consequence, the average age of the starting fifteen was under the age 21. That typifies the way Creggs Rugby is progressing and building for the future. The work being done year on year by all the youth level coaches and the head of youth rugby, Limerick native, Dave Purcell. The adult squads include the first team, the Development team and U20s. The first team plays in the top grade of junior rugby in Connacht, and have been rated second only to Connemara in J1A in the last two seasons, after gaining promotion the

Our PEOPLE Our community The Roscommon People – supporting Creggs’ rugby

Edward Clinton hits the tackle bag held by Paul Turley and gets the pass away to Eric O’Doherty as Mattie Corcoran watches on during Creggs Rugby training recently. Pic: Mick McCormack

season previously. The Development team plays in J1C and were in line for promotion earlier this year, when activity came to a premature end due to the pandemic lockdown. Creggs has also experienced a resurgence in Girls Rugby in the last three years with great success at youth level. This season the club will field teams at U-14, U-16, and U-18. Great credit for this development rests with Dave Purcell and Micheal Glennon, the Creggs based Club and Community Regional Officer. Creggs Rugby expects about 200 Mini Rugby boys and girls will return to training, playing and having fun next month and the club will field at all grades in Connacht Boy’s Youth Rugby from U-13s up to U-18s. The club will also support many primary and secondary schools with coaching and use of facilities including: Roscommon CBS, Roscommon Community College, Convent of Mercy, Roscommon, Coláiste Mhuire, Ballygar, and Glenamaddy Community School.

Padraic Deane, First Team Manager, said: “Creggs is developing on many levels. It is developing great facilities, great young people, great coaches, and a sustainable community-based club for the future. A large number of really good people are involved in coaching the growing numbers of players at the club. Equally there are very good people working extremely hard to fund the running costs and development of Creggs Rugby, and administering the fast-expanding club. It’s a great place for children, youths, and adults to involved in sport”. He added: “It’s a privilege to work with everyone in Creggs. I’m lucky enough to be involved with a great crop of over 70 players and great coaches and we have the best of facilities and supports from the club for training and everything that required to field teams safely in the current climate. I believe that when the pandemic passes, that the spirit at play in Creggs RFC will ensure a stronger and even better club for all that are already involved and those yet to join in”.

Brian Cody on the charge by Mattie Corcoran, as Enda Tully zones in at training in Creggs recently. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


‘Facilities are excellent – so is the culture!’ < DAN DOONER

Creggs Head Coach, Pat Cunningham, says the focus is very much on improvement and raising skill levels for his young charges this year. “We had a remarkably young team out (in the Cawley Cup against Tuam) last weekend. The average age was roughly 21 and we had a few teenagers making their senior debuts. They are remarkably young but very talented and I’m delighted to be training them and working with them this season,” he said. Much has been made of the top class facilities in Creggs but Cunningham is also impressed by the club’s commitment to playing the game the right way.

“Yes, the facilities are excellent but so too is the culture here. We try to play good rugby and there’s a good feeling; the younger players have an emotional attachment to the club,” he said, adding that this made it easier for players to commit to Creggs Rugby longterm. The last couple of seasons have seen Creggs come up short in vital matches against an impressive Connemara outfit, but overall improvement is very much the aim for Cunningham. “Okay, we came up short against Connemara but there were other games where maybe we didn’t play as well as we would have liked. “It’s a young and skillful team and the focus this year is to improve our skill levels further, to play attractive rugby and to try to improve overall,” he concluded.

The Creggs Development Squad coaching team pictured at training recently (l-r): Mattie Corcoran, Kevin O’Rourke and Paul Turley. Pic: Mick McCormack

Patience is key for Kevin < DAN DOONER

Head coach Pat Cunningham ‘directs traffic’ at Creggs training recently. Pic: Mick McCormack

Creggs RFC Report

As Creggs Rugby continues to go from strength to strength, the development of younger players remains a cornerstone of the club’s philosophy. The Creggs Development team, led by coaches Kevin O’Rourke, Mattie Corcoran and Paul Turley, therefore plays a vital role at the club. Kevin O’Rourke spoke to the Roscommon People earlier this week. “I’ve been involved with the Development team for the last couple of seasons and the development of the facilities here has been a massive help in keeping our underage players interested. Players had tended to drift away to other sports at the age of 16 or 17 but with the facilities and coaching on offer here it’s easier to keep them on board,” he said. Kevin is the father of talented Castlerea boxers, Aoife and Lisa O’Rourke, and he has been involved with Creggs Rugby since 1984. “Definitely in past years the second team as it was known was made up of the lads who had been play-

ing for a number of years and who were winding down. The Development team has become a lot younger with plenty of lads aged from 18 to 22 playing now. Players are definitely getting younger across all the senior teams. I was 45 when I retired but you don’t see that as much anymore! “The commitment and fitness levels have really come on a lot in club rugby. If we were to be slightly critical, the young players have the skills but sometimes they’ll come up against a more physical team so it’s about finding the right balance,” he said. Finding the right balance requires patience, according to Kevin, who says players must be allowed to develop at their own pace. “The secret is not to push these lads too early. They need to be left to develop at underage and with the U-20s and Development team to let their bodies get naturally strong. It’s important not to be rushing them so that they can continue to play the game at a high level in years to come,” he concluded. *The Creggs Development team takes on Carrick RFC in the Curley Cup at 2.30 pm on Sunday.


Youngest ever Creggs team defeat Tuam Cawley Cup (Round 1): Tuam 3 Creggs 7: Creggs got the new season off to a winning start with a hard-earned away victory over Tuam last Sunday afternoon. The starting Creggs’ fifteen shattered the club’s previous record by a considerable distance with an average age under 21 years, which is a remarkable figure for a senior competitive fixture. Six players made their senior competitive debuts, with Aodha Hession, Jack Tucker, Mark Purcell, Conor Rohan, Mikey Dunne and Tom Farrell all making significant contributions to this notable win against a strong and experienced Tuam outfit. Tuam led 3-0 through a wellstruck Eoin Kelly penalty after fourteen minutes but good Creggs defending, with Conor Rohan leading the tackle stats, kept their scoring opportunities to a minimum thereafter. Creggs got through for the match-winning try in the 54th minute when Mark Purcell collected his own chip ahead to outpace the home defence for a wonderful solo score. Mark’s brother Shane then stepped up to

drill the difficult conversion between the posts to give Creggs a four-point cushion. Tuam remained a serious threat and the outcome of the contest remained in doubt until the final whistle, with both teams enjoying periods of dominance. However, Creggs deservedly held out for a vital win which gets the season off to a great start. Creggs’ Cawley Cup campaign continues with a home game against Buccaneers on Sunday at 2.30 pm. Training on Friday at 8.15 pm. Creggs RFC: Aidan Leech, Danny Arnold, Jack Tucker, Tom Farrell, Brian Donoghue, Eoghan Farrell, Conor Rohan, Brian Diffley (captain), Aodha Hession, Shane Purcell, Chris Duignan, Mark Purcell, James Brandon, Michael Dunne, Ronan Dowd, Sean Óg Higgins, Tom Fleming, Pete Lohan, Mark Brandon, Michael Holland. The Creggs Development team have their first outing of the season next Sunday when they travel to take on Carrick RFC in the Curley Cup at 2.30 pm. Training on Friday night at 8.15 pm (and on Tuesdays at 8 pm).

Youth rugby It’s ‘all systems go’ for Creggs’ youth teams as they all return to train and play in September following the suspension of play last March during the lockdown. The club will be following all Covid guidelines with regards to training and the season will have a different look this year with all our youth teams taking part in two Connacht Branchorganised friendlies in October, with the Connacht Leagues due to commence later than usual, in November.

Girls’ rugby The first teams back in action recently were our Girls U-14 and U-16 sides, followed by the U18s last Monday week (September 14th). Over 40 girls turned up on the first night back which was great to see after such a long lay-off. The girls continue to train every Monday night, with the U-14s training at 7 pm and the U-16s and U-18s training at 8 pm. New players are always welcome.

The six players that made their senior competitive debuts last Sunday against Tuam were (left to right): Jack Tucker, Tom Farrell, Mark Purcell, Aodha Hession, Mikey Dunne and Conor Rohan.

Please contact Dave on 0897000547 for any further details.

Boys’ rugby New players are always welcome at all levels and ability and full training is provided. Any parent who would be available

to help in any capacity, would also be more than welcome. Just please make your interest known to any of the coaches. Creggs U-13s: The U-13 squad has over 30 players and will enter two teams in the league. Training each Saturday at 6.30 pm.

The Creggs U-14 and U-15 teams will return next week (28th) with further details to follow. The Creggs U-16s train each Wednesday from 8 pm, the U-17s train each Wednesday from 7 pm. Contact Dave Purcell on 089-7000547 for more information.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Horses by Tom Red for Courses

Short putts (News from local golf clubs)

The Listowel Autumn Festival continues today with a flat card at 1.40 pm, and tomorrow there is a NH card starting at 2.05 pm, both afternoon meetings. On Friday there is also an evening meeting on the all-weather at Dundalk away at 4.40 pm. On Saturday there are two meetings with NH racing in Listowel bringing the Festival to a close at 2.15 pm and a flat card in the Curragh at 12.50 pm, the first of a 2-day meeting. The Curragh race again on Sunday at 1.25 pm. National hunt racing commences in Roscommon on Monday at 1.15 pm.

Roscommon Monday Preview

Pictured at the presentation of prizes for the Ladies and Men’s competitions in the Annual Presidents Prize awards held at Athlone Golf Club were (back row, left to right): Lady Captain Assumpta Gavin; Catherine Fitzgerald, Ladies’ Competition 2nd place; Robbie Connaughton, Men’s Competition 2nd place; Club Captain Ray Fagan. Front row (l-r): Yvonne Walsh, Ladies’ winner; Paddy Egan, Club President; Gerry O’Connor, Men’s winner.

Roscommon Last week’s Ladies’ 9-hole competition was won by Fenn Thompson while Ann Quirke was the victor on Tuesday. Aidan Grenham (Ballinasloe) was the winner with 41 points last Wednesday and Tom Donohue held off the challenge of Eamon Collins in Sunday’s 18-hole Stableford. Brian Feeley took gross while Patrick Fallon was the junior winner. Almost 90 ladies took part in the Gala Day last Friday. Fenn Thompson was the winner with 35 points while Mamie Creaton took second, Sinead Benedetti gross, and Connie Ryan finished third. The club draw took place last Saturday evening. Congratulations too all the lucky winners. 1st prize: Nessa Oates, 2nd prize: Patricia Keane, 3rd prize: Gerry Finn, 4th Mike Finneran, 5th Frank Gleeson, 6th Lucy Markam. Finally, well done to Thomas Higgins on his very strong finish in the Connacht Strokeplay in Portumna. A final round of 68 gave him a top ten finish. Simon Walker had also made the cut for Sunday.

Athlone Paddy Egan’s President’s Prize took place last weekend and Gerry O’Connor was the big winner with 69 nett. Robert Connaughton finished in second on 71, Sean Doyle took gross, and Cian McBrearty finished third. Other recent winners in Athlone include T. Campion who won the recent AWGS competition with 27 points and D.

O’Brien won last Wednesday’s Open with 40. Meanwhile, Y. Walsh won the recent ladies competition with 74 nett with C. Fitzgerald in second place on 76. M. Byrne took the gross prize with 93.

Castlerea Castlerea Golf Club will host a fundraising classic from October 9th to 11th. The entry fee is €75 per team of three. Great prizes guaranteed, with an additional prize for the best ladies team and for the best visitor’s team. The results of the recent men’s competition were as follows: 1st: Matt Griffith (69), 2nd; Gerry O’Gara (71), Cat. 1: Kieran Kenny (71), Cat. 2: Peter Hester (73), Cat. 3: Matty Connelly (72). The results the recent ladies’ competition were as follows: 1st: Celia Mulligan (34), Maura Kelly (34), Maura Tully (33). The Bernie Keane Memorial Cup was played on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of September. Every year the Keane family sponsor an 18hole stroke competition for both ladies and gents, it is always very eagerly competed event and this year was no different. Results will be posted later. The members of Castlerea Golf Club greatly appreciate the generous support of our sponsors.

Carrick-onShannon The draw for the semi-finals of the Lynch Cup is as follows: Kevin Sheeran v Sean Mulvey and Owen Gibney v Keith

Duignan. James Deane was the winner of last Friday’s Open with 38 points while last weekend’s competition was won by Owen Gibney with 43 points, with Alan Ffrench took second place with 41. Congratulations to the Jack O’Sullivan team led by captain Liam Bruen, on reaching the Connacht semi-final with a great win over Enniscrone. The winners of the recent Ardcarne Garden Centre Scramble were Phil Emmett, Helen Lavin and Patricia Molloy. Last Wednesday week’s Scramble was won by Eithne Maguire, Helen O’Malley and Martina Gallagher. Club President Phil McWeeney won the Crumbs Sandwich Bar Stableford with 33 points while Ann Keenan was second with 32 and Frances Molloy was third, also with 32.

Boyle The team of Lochlainn Conboy, Conor Hamill, Michael McHale and Pat Brogan was the winner of the ‘Shambles’ competition last Sunday in Boyle with 125 points. Gary Carty, Gerry Carty, Padraig O’Connell and Paddy McLoughlin were second, also with 125 and Lorcan Egan, Vincent Egan, John McGuinn and Brendan Gaffney were third with 108. AGM season is fast approaching and a provisional date of December 6th has been set for the overall club AGM. An EGM to discuss possible changes to the governance structure of the club is also likely to take place. Dates for this will be published soon.

Racing in Roscommon on Monday opens with two maiden hurdles both for mares only. The first is for 4-Y-O’s only that have not won a race under any rules including bumpers and has 42 entries and the second has 38 entries for a 4-Y-O+ maiden over hurdles, both over 2m. The third is a 2m handicap hurdle, with 47 entered, for 4-Y-O+ as is the fourth over 3m with 31 horses. Next up is the jewel in Roscommon’s national hunt crown the Grade 3 Kilbegnet Novice Chase over 2m sponsored by the EBF and Sean Mulryan’s Ballymore Properties and has 12 entered. The penultimate race is a 15 runner 2m 4f Beginners chase and racing closes with 20 in the 4-Y-O only Bumper confined to amateur riders sponsored by Connolly Red Mills. Of the 12 entered in the Lenebane Chase Jessica Harrington’s Sizing Pottsie is a 12l Grade 3 winner at Navan having beaten Dakota Moirette 15l in a Fairyhouse Beginners in previous run, she also has Polished Steel in the race and he is not without a chance. Willie Mullins has the dual beginner winner Andalusa, the only mare in the race, entered, she won in Listowel on Monday showing she is in form. Play The Game also won on Monday at Listowel on his chasing debut for John McConnell beating Pakens Rock 3½l. Long time to go but Jessica Harrington’s selection should take all the beating.

Listowel Review

The Listowel Harvest Festival got punters off to a great start on Sunday with the opening 5 favourites winning followed by wins for the next 2 second favs and the jolly rounding off in the eight. On Monday, the layers balanced the books with only 1 joint favourite winning and a 125/1 winner, Le Figaro Faoudel in the Red Mills Auction Hurdle and a 25/1 shot, Politicise, in the featured Grade B Liam Healy Lartigue Hurdle. On Tuesday, the first flat meeting, the market broke even with 4 of the 8 favourites coming home in front. Yesterday opened with You Raised Me Up winning for Martin Brassil and Mark Walsh at odds of 11/10. In the second Gordon Elliott’s hot shot Malone Road was beaten by a head and a nose by Willie Mullins’ N’golo ridden by Paul Townend and Wajaaha in a 4-horse race. Balinaboola Steel won the 3rd for John “Shark” Hanlon ridden by Brian Cooper. Henry de Bromhead’s Popong with Rachel Blackmore aboard won the mares novice chase taking advantage of the last fence fall of favourite Western Victory. Townend and Mullins completed a quick double as Cabaret Queen under a strong ride won the Kerry National holding on by a nose in a driving finish from Denis Hogan’s Moyhenna ridden by JJ Slevin with Doctor Duffy 4½l away in 3rd. Not to be outdone, Henry de Bromhead and Rachael Blackmore made it a double on the day as

Stacks Mountain won the beginners chase from Pilbara with Star Max in 3rd, the winning distances were 8l and 3¾l. In the bumper the field let Mr Tiernan Power Roche on 20/1 shot Costalotmore trained by Richard O’Keeffe get away and he went a distance clear and was not seen again. At the finish he was 39l ahead of Mahler’s Dollar with Bohemian Birch another 1½l back in 3rd. Roche rode his first and only winner in Listowel, Trans Wood, in 2018 and has a 100% record on the track.

Racing News

The 10-Y-O Sizing John has been retired following an injury received on the home gallops last Thursday morning. The first horse to win three Gold Cup in a season in 2017, the Cheltenham, the Irish and Punchestown, he was to run in the Kerry Group Chase at Listowel last Sunday. Though the injury is not life-threatening, Jessica Harrington decided to call it a day with the 10-year-old who has only raced once December 2017. There were major advances on both sides of the Irish sea on Monday with the public being allowed to attend at Warwick, 450 spectators, and owners allowed to attend at Listowel and Fairyhouse. However on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Warwick had staged a seemingly successful pilot, the plans to get spectators back to sporting events across the Irish sea from October 1st have been postponed in response to the national resurgence in coronavirus infection rates. The intention to continue the pilot scheme at Newmarket’s 3-day meeting starting today has been suspended. In the fixtures list for 2021 Roscommon will race on May the 10th and 31st, June 8th and 29th, July 6th which features the Listed Lenebane Stakes, August 3rd, 16th and 30th, September 27th which features the Grade 3 Novice Chase. Kilbeggan’s all NH racing starts with a 2-day fixture on April 22nd and 23rd, May 14th, June 6th and 14th, July 9th and 16th, August 7th and 20th, September 3rd and 10th. One of our top amateurs, Mark O’Hare, won the bumper in Listowel on Monday aboard the Noel Meade trained Jesse Evans and promptly announced his retirement after 4 decades in the saddle. His one of the few riders who have ridden winners in each of the last 4 decades. He replaced Nina Carberry at Noel Meade’s Tu Va Stables in 2018 and enjoyed a successful partnership with the trainer. One of the highlights of the County Down rider’s career was completing a six-timer at a point to point at Taylorstown in 2007. He also rode a Cheltenham Festival winner when steering Another Rum to victory in the 2005 National Hunt Chase and he won the older horse maiden in Rockfield on Hushagoose in 2007, his only Roscommon points winner. A farrier by trade we wish him and his family all the best as he has plenty of work to keep him going.

Point-to-Point Corner

The 2020/21 point-to-point season at Ballingarry and Oldcastle behind closed doors last weekend got off to a very good start with adherence to Covid-19 protocols running smoothly at both meetings. This weekend The Fermanagh’s race at Necarne near Irvinestown on Saturday and on Sunday racing is at Monksgrange near Bree in Wexford, both starting at 2.00pm. There are 76 entries in the northern meeting and 130 in the south east.

The grey N’golo and Paul Townend clears the last with Wajaaha near side and Malone Road far side.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


St Brigid’s ladies return to top table! McNeill’s Foodstore & Catering Ladies’ IFC Final St. Brigid’s 2-9 Boyle 0-8 A young St. Brigid’s team were convincing 2-9 to 0-8 winners over Boyle in the Ladies’ Intermediate Football Championship Final in Ballyforan last Saturday.

Kate Nolan was the stand-out performer for the Kiltoom club, scoring an impressive total of 1-8 (8 frees) for Tom and Brian Lennon’s side. The game looked over as a contest as it reached the final quarter as St. Brigid’s led by ten points. Boyle were handed a late lifeline however, when Brigid’s’ goalkeeper Holly Martin was yellow-carded after she pulled Sinéad

Glennon down in the large square. Not content with her scoring exploits, Kate Nolan stood in goal for the penalty but she wasn’t called into action as Kate Harrington pulled her shot wide. Boyle did score three points towards the end but by that stage Brigid’s were coasting, having taken full advantage of a strong wind in the first half. Goals from Abby Curran and Kate Nolan

GAA results

helped to ensure a healthy 2-7 to 0-5 lead at half-time. Boyle were kept at arm’s length in the second half as St. Brigid’s secured senior football for 2021. Scorers – St. Brigid’s: K Nolan (1-8, 8 frees), A Curran (1-0), C Grehan (0-1). Boyle: K Harrington (0-7, 6 frees), A Feely (0-1).

Hodson Bay Hotel Roscommon SFC Final St. Brigid’s 1-11 Pádraig Pearses 0-8 Mulryan Construction IFC Final Oran 2-16 St. Dominic’s 2-9 King & Moffatt JFC A Quarter-Finals Pádraig Pearses 0-15 St. Joseph’s 1-9 St. Brigid’s 2-9 Kilglass Gaels 1-11 Clann na nGael 2-13 Roscommon Gaels 0-10 Western Gaels 1-14 St. Michael’s 1-11 King & Moffatt JFC C Relegation play-off Boyle 4-7 Castlerea St. Kevin’s 1-10

GAA fixtures

Éire Óg take junior title!

Friday, September 25th Junior ‘B’ FC Section A At Kiltoom: St. Brigid’s v St. Dominic’s. 8 pm Junior ‘B’ FC Section B At Johnstown: Clann na nGael v Kilbride. 8 pm

Keenan’s Bar & Restaurant Ladies’ Junior ‘A’ Ladies’ FC Final Éire Óg 3-7 St Faithleach’s 1-8 Beaten finalists last year, Éire Óg left no doubt as to who the standard bearers were this time around as they to stormed to the Junior title unbeaten following a 3-7 to 1-8 win over St. Faithleach’s at Ballyforan last Friday evening. There was just a single score between the sides at half-time, with Éire Óg leading 0-5 to 0-4, but the contest really came alive in an absorbing second period. Second-half goals from Anna Creaton, Claire Flanagan and Fiona Crawley sealed the victory for the Loughglynnbased side who were worthy champions. Scorers – Éire Óg: A Creaton (1-1), C Flanagan (1-1), F Crawley (1-0), R Finan (0-2, 2 frees), R Madden (0-2), A Doory (0-1). St. Faithleach’s: L O’Riordan (16, 3 frees), S Scally (0-1), E Irwin (0-1).

Saturday, September 26th Junior ‘B’ FC Section A At Rockfield: Oran v Roscommon Gaels. 4.30 pm Junior ‘B’ FC Section D At Tulsk: Tulsk Lord Edward’s v Michael Glavey’s. 4.30 pm At Strokestown: Strokestown v St. Croan’s. 7 pm Junior ‘B’ FC Section C At Kilglass: Kilglass Gaels v Shannon Gaels. 4.30 pm At Kilmore: Kilmore v St. Faithleach’s. 4.30 pm

Sunday, September 27th

Fans pictured at the ladies’ finals in Ballyforan on Saturday. Picture: Mick McCormack

Kepak Senior Hurling Championship Final Athleague v Pádraig Pearses. 1 pm

Gaels win Junior ‘B’ title!

An impressive Roscommon Gaels side emerged 5-5 to 1-5 winners over Tulsk in the Roscommon Junior ‘B’ Camogie Final at Lisnamult last Sunday afternoon. A fine point from Ella Killion

opened the scoring before Isobelle Cullen scrambled a goal home for the Gaels in the opening period. Tulsk responded with a fine point from Alisha Lenehan from a 45’ before she grabbed her

second score a minute later. Colleen Kelly then stretched the Gaels’ lead with a point from a difficult angle before Louise Brady palmed the ball to the net to bring Tulsk level at 1-2 each.

The successful Roscommon Gaels Junior B Camogie team who are County champions 2020.

Two goals from Ruth McNeill gave the Gaels a 3-2 to 1-4 halftime lead and they were to push on in the second half with points from Mia Fallon and Ella Killion, either side of a good free from

Alisha Lenehan. Colleen Kelly then struck for goal twice to take the game beyond Tulsk before Isobelle Cullen wrapped up the title with a point late on.

Scorers – Roscommon Gaels: C Kelly (2-1), R McNeill (2-0), I Cullen (1-1), E Killion (0-3), M Fallon (0-1). Tulsk: A Lenehan (0-4), G Dufficy (0-1), L Brady (1-0).

Captain of the Roscommon Gaels Junior Camogie team Coleen Kelly accepting the trophy from Corina Jones, County Camogie Board.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Ladies Senior Football Championship Final: Kilbride 3-12 Shannon Gaels 1-7

Five-star Kilbride Ladies now in the mix for six! Abbey Hotel Ladies Senior Football Championship Final KILBRIDE SHANNON GAELS

3-12 1-7


Kilbride ladies’ team manager Ollie Lennon says his five-in-a-row stars may not be finished yet! Moments after guiding the gifted team to a five-in-a-row in Ballyforan on Saturday, Ollie speculated that the all-conquering ladies may have more titles in their sights. “Of course there’s more left in this group, but some of these girls have given great service to Kilbride, even before I came along. Nobody can go on forever but the decision will be with the girls. I always say to them to let them decide themselves when it finishes for them. From the club’s point of view, we’d love them to continue on. “I hope they can sit back now and just

look at their achievements over the last five years and then decide what they want to do,” he told People Sport. Kilbride were in devastating form as they dismantled Shannon Gaels at Ballyforan last Saturday afternoon to win their fifth Roscommon title in a row. The Gaels had started well with captain Tess Murtagh slotting over following some patient build-up. They should have been further ahead by the seventh minute but Aishling McDermott’s fierce strike cannoned back off the crossbar following a great run by Christina Beirne. Kilbride grew into the contest with player of the match, Fiona Tully, prominent throughout. It was Tully who levelled matters on ten minutes before Sorcha Bruen restored Shannon Gaels’ lead. That lead was short-lived, however, as points from the very impressive Aisling Hanly (2, 1 free) and Sinéad Clabby put Kilbride in control. The champions stretched their lead further on 27 minutes when Tara Taylor’s free bounced over Shannon Gaels’ goalkeeper Aisling Egan and landed in the net. There was still time for Sorcha Bruen to narrow the gap before the break but

the momentum had irreversibly shifted in Kilbride’s favour. Ollie Lennon’s team made a blistering start to the second half, scoring four points without reply. Hanly converted another free before Eilish Fannon curled over a wonderful effort from a difficult angle. Fiona Tully then slalomed her way through the Gaels’ defence for a well-taken point before Tara Taylor slotted over a free. To their credit, Shannon Gaels continued to attack and converted frees from Sorcha Bruen and Áine O’Dowd momentarily stemmed the Kilbride tide. The game was over as a contest before the second-half water break however. Fiona Tully’s lung-busting run set up Eilish Fannon, who slotted to the net from close range before Hanly increased her tally with a well-struck point. O’Dowd responded for the Gaels but there was no let-up from Kilbride as they powered to victory in the final quarter. Sinéad Clabby fired over twice with Emma O’Beirne responding for Shannon Gaels. Then Siobhán Tully’s superb hand pass played in Aisling Hanly, who showed great composure to find the net. Hanly then fired over another free before Aishling McDermott’s goal provided scant consolation for the Gaels.

Pictured at the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final. Picture: Mick McCormack.

Kilbride: Amanda Gavigan; Jennifer Fannon, Yvonne Creighton, Aoife Feely; Aoife Leonard, Corina Gormley, Blaithin O’Beirne; Tara Taylor (1-1, 2 frees), Fiona Tully (0-2); Siobhán Tully, Niamh Shanagher, Rochelle Mullaney; Sinead Clabby (0-3), Aisling Hanly (1-5, 3 frees), Eilish Fannon (1-1). Subs used: Aoife Tully for Feely (57 mins), Casey Keane for Clabby (59 mins), Robyn Dowling for Mullaney (59 mins), Patricia Shally for Gavigan (60 mins), N. Tully for Leonard (60 mins). Shannon Gaels: Aisling Egan; Mary Collins, Niamh O’Beirne, Feena Beirne; Eimear Feely, Elaine McDermott, Caoimhe O’Dowd; Orla Mullaney, Tess Murtagh (0-1); Christina Beirne, Áine O’Dowd (0-2, 2 frees), Sorcha Bruen (03, 1 free); Emma O’Beirne (0-1), Aishling McDermott (1-0), Lisa Burke. Subs used: Aideen Filan for O’Dowd (half-time), Aisling O’Hart for Mullaney (half-time), Jane Carty for Burke (48 mins), Seonna Devanney for Collins (60 mins). Referee: V. Hardiman.

Stat attack

Action from the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final. Picture: Mick McCormack.

The Kilbride Ladies footballers were presented with training tops by Dinesh Narain and Jackson’s Restaurant & Guesthouse recently. Pictured (left to right) are: Sandra Shanagher (Ladies Chairperson), Enya Neary, (player, and staff member), Dinesh Narain (manager, Jackson’s Restaurant & Guesthouse), Eilish Fannon (senior captain), Casey Keane (junior captain) and Emelia (staff member).

Scores from play: Kilbride 2-8; Shannon Gaels 1-4 Wides: Kilbride 5 (4 in first half ); Shannon Gaels 7 (5 in first half ) Yellow cards: Kilbride 1 (J Fannon, 41 mins); Shannon Gaels 0 Red cards: 0

Action from the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final. Picture: Mick McCormack.

Members of the Shannon Gael squad. Photo: Bernie O’Farrell

Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Ladies Senior Football Championship Final: Kilbride 3-12 Shannon Gaels 1-7

Members of Kilbride Ladies GAA team celebrate winning the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final last Saturday.

It’s time for ladies to savour this achievement – Lennon < DAN DOONER

Kilbride manager, Ollie Lennon, was delighted with his team’s performance at the full-time whistle. “We were delighted to go in four points up at half-time after playing into the breeze. We knew what Shannon Gaels were all about and we knew how they’d play and how they’d put it up to us. “The first half was about containment and we took the shackles off a bit in the second. We encouraged the girls to attack a bit more and to play with more freedom,” he said. While proud of Kilbride’s five-in-a-row, Lennon hinted that there may yet be more to come from his talented players. “It’s a fantastic achievement. They’re a great bunch of girls and I said it to them before the game that there wasn’t very much anyone could say to them. I told them before the game that they should be very proud of what they have achieved. “For me, of course there’s more left in this group, but some of these girls have given great service to Kilbride, even before I came along. Nobody can go on forever but the decision will be with the girls. I always say to them to let them decide themselves when it finishes for them. From the club’s point of view, we’d love them to continue on. “I hope they understand what they’ve done and what they have achieved. They’re a very grounded group of girls and they’re always nervous going into big games because they always show huge respect for other teams. “I hope they can sit back now and just look at their achievements over the last five years and then decide what they want to do,” he concluded. Action from the Ladies Senior Football Championship Final. Picture: Mick McCormack.


Photo: Bernie O’Farrell.

Congratulations to Kilbride Ladies from all at

Paddy Finn’s KILTEEVAN

Congratulation to Kilbride Ladies on their 5 in-a-row from all in

Kilbride Community Centre Bernie: 086 6000755 Ita: 086 1636578

Kilbride Community Bus is available to all, card payments are now accepted in Community shop

Astro Turf Pitch Available


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Roscommon IFC Final: Oran 2-16 St Dominic’s 2-9

Joint captains Mike Dwyer and Tom Featherston receive the cup following Oran’s thrilling win. Picture: Michael McCormack

Oran secure a richly deserved day in the sun Mike Dwyer holds the Jimmy Murray Cup aloft. Picture: Michael McCormack

The heartbreak is over: Oran are champions Mulryan Construction Roscommon IFC Final 2-16



(after extra-time) < SEAMUS DUKE

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go” is a quote from 19th century American author William Feather, and while it is most likely that he was not musing into the

Stat attack Wides: Oran 12 (5 first half, 4 second half, 3 in extra-time); St. Dominic’s 10 (3 first half, 5 second half, 2 in extratime) Yellow cards: Oran 1 (James Regan); St. Dominic’s 2 (Noel Watson, Darren Dolan) Black cards: Oran 0; St. Dominic’s 0 Red cards: Oran 0; St. Dominic’s 1 (Darren Dolan, 60 mins) Man of the Match: Cathal Kenny (Oran)

An outpouring of emotion as Oran footballers finally make that Intermediate title breakthrough! Picture: Michael McCormack

future about Oran footballers, it perfectly sums up their experience as Billy Donnellan’s men finally emerged from five years of agonising losses and bitter disappointment to claim the Jimmy Murray Cup after a thrilling decider that went to extra-time. The 200 or so spectators who got in to see the game live in Dr. Hyde Park last Saturday were certainly lucky as they were treated to a cracking final between two talented and very well coached teams who gave everything on a day of almost perfect weather conditions. In the end, Oran pulled away in extra-time, having

survived a nerve-racking last few minutes in normal time. Oran’s fragile two-point lead turned into a one-point deficit when Darren Donnelly scored a penalty (after Daire Keenan was fouled) in the 3rd minute in injury-time. At that late stage it looked as if Tomás Gilleran’s men were to snatch the title right at the death – with Oran set to be denied in heartbreaking fashion once again. But there was more drama to come. Oran were awarded a free a minute later, with Thomas Fetherston being fouled. The free was brought forward by referee Aaron Clogher (for dissent). Dar-

We did it! Delighted Oran players celebrate at the final whistle. Picture: Michael McCormack

ragh Walsh’s effort from 32 metres out struck a post and was cleared. Oran’s chance appeared to be gone. Then, in one last desperate attack, Kevin Concannon was fouled and young Charlie Carthy was faced with a very difficult free on the 13-metre line, out near the sideline. Showing composure that David Clifford or Dean Rock would be proud of, Carthy arrowed his kick over the bar, sending the game into extratime. It was an extraordinary kick under pressure, one of the finest scores seen in a big game in the long history of Dr. Hyde Park. Having brought the game to

extra-time, Oran finally found a route to pull away from a very brave Dominic’s side and it was fitting that it was the long-serving Mike Dwyer who sealed the win with a brilliant goal two minutes from the end. Opening half Although Oran had the benefit of the very tricky breeze which was blowing towards the town goal, St. Dominic’s who were much the better team in the early stages. The Knockcroghery club rocked Oran back on their heels as early as the second minute. Tommy Hurley’s attempt at a point fell short but the

outstanding Darren Donnelly was on hand to fist the ball to the net. St. Dominic’s were getting plenty of the ball and their defence was coping really well with the threat of the Oran attack. At half-time, and with the wind advantage to come, it was looking good for St. Dominic’s as they led by 1-3 to 0-5. Second half Oran, however, were much better on the restart. Thomas Fetherston and Cathal Kenny came thundering into the match. As the game progressed we knew that we have another classic contest on our hands. In the 36th minute Oran

Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Roscommon IFC Final: Oran 2-16 St Dominic’s 2-9


That late goal from Mike Dwyer which sealed a famous win! Picture: Michael McCormack

were ahead after a piece of footballing magic from Darragh Walsh. The centreforward played an inch-perfect pass into the path of Charlie Carthy, who was upended. Cathal Kenny scored the resultant penalty and it put Oran three points ahead. It was as fine as pass as this writer has seen on a football field in many a long day. From here to the finish it was a great contest. Micheal Byrne, Brendan O’Meara, Eoin McCormack, Daire Keenan and Darren Donnelly were outstanding for St. Dominic’s as they drove at Oran. But with Fetherston, Cathal Kenny, Charlie Carthy, Colin Walsh, Paul Kenny and sub Mike Dwyer playing crucial roles, Oran hung on to their narrow lead until injurytime. And now the drama was just about to begin, first with the St. Dominic’s penalty and then with Carthy’s ever so cool equaliser. There was a skirmish at the final whistle which saw yellow cards shown to James Regan of Oran and Darren Dolan of St. Dominic’s. It meant that Dolan was off on a red, having been shown an earlier yellow. However Dominic’s were up to their full compliment of 15 players for extra-time. To be fair, it was never that type of game. Extra-time Oran pulled away in extratime, with St. Dominic’s running out of steam and ideas. Yet it was only after Mike Dwyer’s excellent goal that Oran could finally relax and enjoy their win. The eventual seven-point margin flattered Oran. When the disappointment eases this week, St. Dominic’s will realise that they contributed richly to a splendid final and they know that they have some wonderful young players who will surely be back at this stage of the competition in the next year or two. But the day belonged to Oran, who have endured so much heartache over the recent past. The joy and excitement among the players and management and the hundred or so people from the parish that were there to see the match live was something

Darragh Walsh (Oran) in action, with Eoin McCormack of St. Dominic’s giving his all! Picture: Michael McCormack

to behold as Tom Fetherston and Mike Dwyer lifted the Jimmy Murray Cup into the skies on the steps of the stand at Dr. Hyde Park. It was a day and a championship that Oran people will never forget in this, the strangest of summers. Oran: Paul Brandon; John Martin, Colin Walsh, Kevin

Concannon; Eoghan Grady (0-1), Thomas Fetherston (0-1), Jack Casey; Ciaran Lawless (0-1), Connie Regan; Kieran Whyte (0-1), Darragh Walsh (0-3, frees), Eamon Kenny; Charlie Carthy (0-3, 2 frees), Cathal Kenny (1-0, pen), Paul Kenny (0-3). Subs: James Regan for C Regan

(32), Mike Dwyer (1-0) for Martin (39), Cormac Regan (0-1) for Whyte (45), Jack Gunning (0-1) for Casey (49), Jack Earley (0-1) for P Kenny (68), Mark Gunning for Carthy (78). St. Dominic’s: Mark Miley; Micheal Byrne, Michael Feeley, Kyran Dockery; Brendan

O’Meara, Eoin McCormack, Jack Lohan; Patrick Fallon, Tom Appleby; Darren Dolan, Daire Keenan (0-3, frees), Declan Dowling; Conor Fallon (0-1), Darren Donnelly (2-4, 1-0 pen, 2 frees, ’45), Thomas Hurley. Subs: Naos Connaughton for E Connaughton (43), Noel Watson for P Fal-

lon (49), Ronan Morris (0-1) for Hurley (54), Jason Martin for Appleby (58), Tommy Hurley for Dolan (60), Declan Dowling for Keenan (69), Sean Kenny for Dockery (72), Jack O’Beirne for O’Meara (74). Referee: Aaron Clogher (Padraig Pearses).


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Roscommon IFC Final: Oran 2-16 St Dominic’s 2-9

Delighted Donnellan hails never-say-die heroes The Oran bench reacts at the final whistle as victory is secured in a thrilling County Intermediate Football Final. Picture: Michael McCormack


Twelve months ago I stood on the field in Hyde Park in almost total darkness and watched the Oran manager Billy Donnellan after his side had lost another intermediate final, this time on penalties after a replay. He looked like a man whose world had totally collapsed. A year later and the manager is smiling from ear to ear. It was very close, but his side had finally got over the line and the Jimmy Murray Cup was bound

for Rockfield. Some change in a year. “We pulled it out of the fire today. Charlie (Carthy) stepped up there with a wonder-free. He is a great lad. People just don’t realise the amount of work that Charlie puts into his game and it’s just an example of what these Oran lads do and the effort that they put in. I knew that Charlie had a great chance of scoring that free when he stepped up to it”. Billy acknowledged that his side played well only at

certain times of the game. “Our form was very patchy but the difference today was that we never caved in. We got rattled several times but we always came back. It was like a boxer getting knocked down several times…we kept getting up and driving at them again. “When we conceded the penalty we came straight back up the pitch and created two more chances and we won a couple of great balls at that stage”. Billy says that the bench played a big part in the extra-time surge.

“We played well in extra-time and it was down to the strength of our bench. We have a great set of lads. They were prepared to die for the cause out there today. There was nothing going to stop us coming out of here with that cup today. “After the match against Creggs, we didn’t play that well…the lads got together themselves the Wednesday afterwards and I have never seen a group more determined to play better and improve. Today is a marvellous day for the club and I’m delighted for the players” he concluded.

Oran manager Billy Donnellan, pictured on Saturday. Picture: Michael McCormack

‘We’ll come again’ – Gilleran proud of ‘tremendous’ panel Seamus Duke

Darren Donnelly’s late penalty looked like it might have won the game for St. Dominic’s – but that was before Charlie Carthy struck with a superb late free. Picture: Michael McCormack

The fact that St. Dominic’s contributed to what was a thrilling intermediate football final was not much consolation to their impressive young manager Tomás Gilleran when I spoke to him out on the pitch after the match. “It’s no consolation to know we were part of a good game. We came here today to win and we didn’t do that, and that’s the bottom line. Even when we scored the penalty I knew that there was more time left and that Oran would have a chance. We need-

ed to win those last couple of balls and see it out but unfortunately it was not to be”. Tomás was typically gracious in his praise of Oran. “Oran have shed the tears and have had the hurt and in fairness that was an outrageous free to level the scores. When someone does that you just have to take your hat off to them. It was a brilliant score”. The manager agreed that St. Dominic’s ran out of steam a little bit in extra-time. “They (Oran) were playing on their toes and we were back on our heels

in extra-time. We were reacting rather than being proactive at that stage. “The lads in our group have been tremendous. We have 39 on the panel and throughout the year, and in the build-up to the final, the leadership that they have shown has been phenomenal. “Our core group of players have just an average age of 23 and they will come again, make no mistake. I know it’s a cliché, but sometimes you have to lose a final to win a final. Hopefully we will have the loss out of our system for the next time” he concluded.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Fans at Roscommon Ladies Senior Football Final… Pictures: Mick McCormack

Fans at Roscommon Senior Football Final… Pictures: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Generation SportsPeople

Young guns storm Pearses’ palace Hodson Bay Hotel SFC Final St Brigid’s 1-11 Padraig Pearses 0-8 < SEAMUS DUKE

Back on top! Ronan Stack lifts the Fahey Cup following St. Brigid’s’ victory over Pádraig Pearses at Dr. Hyde Park last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

St. Brigid’s players Paul McGrath, Jack McDonnell, Ruaidhri Fallon and Eoin Sheehy celebrate at the full-time whistle last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

Sponsor John Corcoran presents St. Brigid’s player, Brian Derwin, with the man of the match award last Sunday at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

Young kings: St. Brigid’s players celebrate following their Roscommon SFC win over Pádraig Pearses at Dr. Hyde Park last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

Those of us who marvelled at the performances of this magnificent young St. Brigid’s team in the championship this year should have trusted the evidence of our own eyes. I was one of many who knew that we were looking at a very special set of young footballers, but thought that this might be a year too soon for them to go all the way and actually lift the Fahey Cup. However, Benny O’Brien’s side showed last Sunday in Dr. Hyde Park that a new generation of footballers has indeed arrived on the Roscommon senior club football scene. Their time is now. St. Brigid’s produced a scintillating second-half display to sweep aside defending champions Padraig Pearses, who never reached the heights that we saw when they won their first championship in 2019. With two 17-year-olds amongst a group of eight U-20s in their side, St. Brigid’s came to Dr. Hyde Park with an ingrained confidence in their own ability after some outstanding displays en route to the decider. Pearses brought their experience and championship know-how, but their challenge never got off the ground and in truth they can have no complaints at the outcome. On a perfect day weather-wise, with just a light breeze blowing towards the town goal, and with 200 people in attendance, the opening half was a tame enough

affair with both sides playing a very tactical game in which holding on to possession was key. A lot of the play was lateral and scores were hard to come by. Even in those early stages the signs were good for Brigid’s as they probed intelligently when they could, scoring some superb points. Eddie Nolan, Brian Derwin, Gearoid Cunniffe and Ruaidhri Fallon were all on target with memorable scores from play. Paul McGrath, Peter Domican and Darragh Sheehy were excellent in defence, while further forward Brian Stack and Eddie Nolan won the battle at midfield against Niall and Conor Daly. In attack, Brian Derwin, Ruaidhri Fallon, Gearoid Cunniffe and Eoin Sheehy were always a threat. Pearses were digging in and while they were struggling for form, they were well in touch on the scoreboard in the first half. However, they were too dependant on frees. The champions only managed one first-half point from play, and that was in injury-time from Hubert Darcy. St. Brigid’s led by 0-5 to 0-4 at the break. Pearses remained in touch in the early stages of the second half but it was clear that St. Brigid’s were getting on top in almost every sector and the goal they were threatening to score arrived in the 42nd minute. It was a cracking score too, with Fallon and McGrath centrally involved as Brian Stack powered

Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020

Brigid’s! SportsPeople

through the centre to crash the ball past Paul Whelan. In a game like this, a five-point lead was always going to be decisive. In the final quarter Pearses opted for the long ball into the St. Brigid’s square – hoping for a late dividend – but despite a few minor scares, James Martin, Peter Domican, Darragh Sheehy and Pearse Frost comfortably dealt with anything that the then champions had to throw at them. It has been a sensational year for this young, well coached and very exciting St. Brigid’s team. The worry for all other clubs in the county is that this team is only going to get better. They have won the last four minor titles, and with Ruadhri Fallon and Ben O’Carroll on their team they are the hot favourites to make it five in a row when they face Padraig Pearses in the decider this coming weekend. In this, the strangest of summers, it has been a great honour to have been able to attend the club championship and to see first-hand this very special St. Brigid’s team. It’s certainly the most exciting young team I have seen in many years. Players like Ben O’Carroll, Ruadhri Fallon, Donnacha Gately, Brian Derwin, Ciaran Sugrue, Pearse Frost, Paul McGrath, Ruari Smith and Jack McDonnell have lit up this championship. When you add in the experience and class of Peter Domican, Eoin and Darragh Sheehy, Brian Stack, Eddie Nolan, Gearoid Cunniffe, Ronan Stack and James Martin, you realise it is a bewildering array of talent that is at the disposal of the Kiltoom-based club. I am certainly looking forward to seeing many of these fantastic young players in the Primrose

and Blue of Roscommon. I hope they stay playing football and if they do we will have the pleasure of watching them for years to come. For Pearses, it was just not their day. When they look back at this championship they will be the first to realise that they never played with the same intensity that brought them their first ever title last year. They survived on instinct and championship knowhow and got to the final using all their experience, which was a great achievement. But they were second best on the day. They will be back. This day belonged to St. Brigid’s. It was the day the young guns came to town and laid down the law! They could be ruling the roost for many years to come. St. Brigid’s: James Martin; Pearse Frost, Darragh Sheehy, Peter Domican; Alan Daly, Ronan Stack, Paul McGrath; Brian Stack (1-0), Eddie Nolan (0-1); Eoin Sheehy, Gearóid Cunniffe (0-1), Rúaidhrí Fallon (0-1); Ben O’Carroll (0-1), Brian Derwin (0-4, 1 free), Ciarán Sugrue (0-1). Subs: Donnchadh Gately (0-1) for E Sheehy (48), Robbie Dolan for Cunniffe (51), Rúairí Smith for O’Carroll (56), Conor Gleeson (0-1) for Sugrue (60), Eamon Cunnane for Derwin (65). Padraig Pearses: Paul Whelan; Shane Carty, Anthony Butler, Gavin Downey; Shane Mulvey, Ronan Daly, David Murray; Conor Daly, Niall Daly; Lorcan Daly, Niall Carty, Paul Carey (03, all frees); Hubert Darcy (0-2), Emmett Kelly (0-1 a ’45), Conor Payne (0-1). Subs: Charles Nevin for N Carty (42), Seán Ryan (0-1) for Kelly (51). Referee: Kevin Naughton (Clann na nGael).

Stat attack Wides: St Brigid’s 8 (3, first half ); Padraig Pearses 10 (4, first half )

Top: St. Brigid’s captain Ronan Stack lifts the Fahey Cup at Dr. Hyde Park last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

Red cards: 0 Black cards: 0 Yellow cards: St Brigid’s 1 (James Martin); Padraig Pearses 2 (Niall Daly, Hubert Darcy) Man of the Match: Brian Derwin (St Brigid’s)

Right: My ball! Brian Stack rises above Pádraig Pearses’ Niall Daly to win possession for St. Brigid’s during last Sunday’s Roscommon SFC Final at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

Get in! Brian Stack fires home the only goal of the game for St. Brigid’s during last Sunday’s Roscommon SFC Final at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack



Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


St. Brigid’s’ manager Benny O’Brien celebrates with his backroom team at the full-time whistle following last Sunday’s Roscommon SFC Final at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

Benny’s glad that Michael ‘phoned a friend!’ < SEAMUS DUKE

At the start of this year Benny O’Brien was thinking about a couple of offers he’d received from other clubs when he got a call from the St. Brigid’s club chairman Michael McDonnell to ask him to come back and manage the team for a second time. The rest, as they say, is history. “I was three years here before and thought I had done my stint. I was on my way to an interview with another club one Friday night…before I left the

house the Brigid’s chairman rang me and asked me to come back, and I am delighted I did. It’s a great honour to manage your own club. I have a huge affection for the club and the people associated with it”. Now the genial Brigid’s manager is looking after arguably the most talented young club team that we have seen in a couple of decades in the county. Benny says that the positive signs were there early. “When we came out of the lockdown we were a faster and fitter team as a result of the work that

the players did on their own. We played four challenge games before the championship came around against teams all of whom reached their own county final afterwards, and they could not live with the intensity of our game. I knew after those matches that we were going places”. He continued: “We had a great campaign. We adapted to every game very well. Today we felt we needed to change what we were doing at halftime. We were going too lateral and we needed to go and take them on and be

more aggressive in terms of running. If we didn’t up the tempo we were beaten, so we did that and it worked out great. “But all year I felt we had a great chance. We had a free shot at it if you like because we were not under pressure. I knew we had the players to win it. I felt we were underestimated all year in terms of the football that we played. Our intensity and the way we moved the ball was good all year and we continued that in the second half today and I am thrilled for everyone involved” he concluded.

‘They got the goal that we needed’ < SEAMUS DUKE

What a difference a year makes. Pat Flanagan, the man who led Padraig Pearses to their historic first ever title in 2019, was understandably downcast as he reviewed the game following the final whistle. The Clara man acknowledged that his charges had played poorly on the day. “It’s hard to put your finger on where we went wrong. Our decision-making was not good. We were hoping for a good performance today as we were improving all year but it just didn’t happen. “We missed a few chances in the first half and they were crucial. But they (St. Brigid’s) were excellent. They got the goal that we needed. “It has been a tough year and there are a number of younger players we wanted to bring through but we just didn’t get a chance to do that. “We have plenty of good footballers who are strong and fit and very committed. It’s very tough to defend a title and it’s disappointing that we just didn’t play to our ability here today” he concluded.

‘One of our best ever wins’ < SEAMUS DUKE

Gearoid Cunniffe wore the smile of a very happy man out on the field at Dr. Hyde Park after the Fahey Cup was presented. It’s a routine that he is well used to. The 33-yearold has already has a pocket-full of county and Connacht club medals. Not alone that, he was joint captain when the Kiltoom club won the All-Ireland title in 2013. He is still playing away and has made a huge contribution this year to Brigid’s’ latest success. With so many talented young players coming on to the team, he says he will be around for a while yet! He is really enjoying his football. “This win is right up there with the best we have had. When you see the likes of Senan and Ian (Kilbride) and a few others leaving, it’s huge. In fairness to the young lads they’re a credit. It’s as sweet a win as any I have been involved with. It’s really special. We’ll definitely enjoy tonight”. Gearoid says there are no shortage of leaders on this St. Brigid’s team. “You see the likes of Eddie Nolan and Brian Stack, they were the leaders there today. Pearse (Frost)

and Paul McGrath have serious futures ahead of them too and we’re just glad to have them come through at this stage”. Despite the fact that he has played for the club for so many years, he has no intention of retiring. “I’ll continue on. Why not when you’re enjoying it? We’ve good facilities in place. Training is enjoyable. I love being involved. I think that’s eight county (senior) titles I have. I missed a couple when I went travelling. This one is up there with any of them”. In terms of St. Brigid’s’ playing approach, Gearoid says they found a style that suits the team. “You have to cut your cloth. We’ve maybe a smaller team, a lighter team, but we have serious footballers so we try to move it quick through the hands and use our pace. You come up against different styles and today we had to change our game a little to adapt. We did that that throughout the year. That’s a credit again to the younger players we have. They battled it out. We really dug deep in the third quarter and got that goal at the right time. It’s a brilliant win” he concluded.

Ronan and Brian Stack celebrate at the full-time whistle following last Sunday’s Roscommon SFC Final at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Seamus Duke’s end of season report card! Hodson Bay Hotel SFC

Best game Clann na nGael v St Brigid’s in the opening round at Dr Hyde Park.

Best point Cathal Shine v St Brigid’s in the above game in injury-time – from 55 metres.

Roscommon People SFC Team of the Championship Ronan O’Reilly (Clann na nGael) Darragh Sheehy (St Brigid’s) Peter Domican (St Brigid’s) Shane Carty (Padraig Pearses) Ronan Daly (Padraig Pearses) Ultan Harney (Clann na nGael) Tadhg McKenna (Boyle) Eddie Nolan (St Brigid’s) Enda Smith (Boyle) Ruaidhri Fallon (St Brigid’s) Eoin Sheehy (St Brigid’s) Donie Smith (Boyle) Ciaran Sugrue (St Brigid’s) Brian Derwin (St Brigid’s) Ciaran Lennon (Clann na nGael)

Oran fans including Brian Flynn (standing), Mikey Monaghan, Emmet Featherston and Niall Featherston. Picture: Michael McCormack

Best goal Ger Fagan (Michael Glavey’s) against Elphin. A brilliant piece of skill. Owen Mulligan, eat your heart out!

Celebrating Oran’s win: Evan Fetherston and Conor Muldoon (with flag). Picture: Michael McCormack

Mulryan Construction Roscommon IFC

Best game Oran v St Dominic’s in the final. Celebrating Oran’s win: Nathan and Megan Flynn, Eamon Kenny (team member), Shanice Daly and Denise Flynn. Picture: Michael McCormack

Best point Charlie Carthy (Oran) in the final. For those of us lucky to be there, one of the greatest scores

Roscommon People IFC Team of the Championship Mark Miley (St Dominic’s) Micheal Byrne (St Dominic’s) Colin Walsh (Oran) Kevin Farrell (St Faithleach’s) Brendan O’Meara (St Dominic’s) Eoin McCormack (St Dominic’s) Eoghan Grady (Oran) Thomas Fetherston (Oran) Conor Devaney (Kilbride) Ciaran Murtagh (St Faithleach’s) Darragh Walsh (Oran) Cathal Kenny (Oran) Conor Fallon (St Dominic’s) Darragh Donnelly (St Dominic’s) Charlie Carthy (Oran)

Best goal Some of the county title winning Oran players (and manager) paid a visit to Cloverhill NS earlier this week. Pictured: Thomás Featherston (joint captain), Paul Brandon, Paul Kenny and Billy Donnellan (manager), visiting pupils in Cloverhill NS with the Jamesie Murray Cup.

Jason Doory (Éire Óg) v St Dominic’s. While his team were well beaten he came up with a cracking strike in the match in Strokestown.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


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Kelly and Glynn much firepower < SEAMUS DUKE


Best wishes to Pádraig Pearses Hurlers on Sunday and Minor Footballers on Saturday

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Eamon Flanagan in action for Athleague in the semi-final win over Four Roads. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

A fascinating Roscommon SHC final awaits in Hyde Park on Sunday when an experienced Athleague side face many people’s fancy for the title, Padraig Pearses, in a match that should be very entertaining and closely contested. We had two splendid semifinals. In the opener, Athleague surprised old rivals and defending champions Four Roads after extra-time, while Pearses just edged out Tremane by a single point. The fact that those games were so competitive will be a help to the teams as they prepare for Sunday’s clash. After they were well beaten by Four Roads in the 2019 final, a lot of observers were of the opinion that Athleague were a team on the way down and that many of their experienced players were past their best.

But they have put that theory to bed in no uncertain terms with some excellent displays, especially against Four Roads in that epic semi-final. David Connell was outstanding in the semi-final, making some brilliant saves and the veteran is still a top class goalkeeper. The Athleague full-back line of Tom Bannon, Alan Moore and David Delaney were solid against Four Roads and will need to be on their toes on Sunday. Athleague built their success on the excellent halfback line where Niall Connolly and Pat Nolan have been superb. Cormac Kelly and young Naoise Coyle have been forming a solid midfield partnership too. But it is up front where Athleague will have to perform on Sunday if they are to win the title. Gary Fallon was a very ef-

Mannion’s mission: title for Athleague! < SEAMUS DUKE

Having lost to Four Roads in the final in 2019, Athleague hurlers turned to Ballygar man Padraig Mannion to manage them in 2020 – and he has duly guided them to the final. A thrilling extra-time win against their old rivals in the semi-final has given them a huge boost as they prepare for Sunday’s final. Padraig says that the aim at the start of the year was to get back to a county decider. “Our aim from the very

Best wishes to Athleague from


Athleague, Co. Roscommon. Tel.: (090) 6663325


start was to get to the final. In fact we were hoping that we would be playing Four Roads in the semi-final. We felt that to meet them in a semi-final would be the best chance for us to beat them and thankfully it worked out that way”. He has been delighted with the commitment shown by the Athleague players this year. “Before the lockdown we had 25 to 30 players at training every night – which was great – but then when everything stopped we gave them an individual training programme and in fairness to them most of them stuck to that programme. There were one or two who came back a pound or two heavier but we soon knocked that out of them (laughs)”. The Athleague manager is not a fan of the shortened championship format this year. “I would have preferred that we would have had more games, to be honest. We only had a couple of championship matches really, so we had to get challenge games. In fairness

we got six or seven good challenges and that helped us along. We played Ballyhaunis before the semi-final and that game opened our eyes, and we knew that we had to get up to that pace if we wanted to beat Four Roads. Thankfully we were able to do that”. Padraig says that the semi-final win against Four Roads should stand to Athleague when they come to the final on Sunday. “The late goal and a point that Four Roads got to bring the game to extra-time took the wind out of our sails for a while but we got going again…we went eight points up after that only to concede another soft goal late on, but it was a great win. “We have a lot of very experienced players who are playing very well. Niall Connolly has been a rock at centre half-back, Pat Nolan has been brilliant too, as has Eamon Flanagan, who is a serious hurler. Gary Fallon moved up into the attack in the semi-final and he did exactly what we asked him

Athleague manager Padraig Mannion.

to do. It was great also that Robbie (Fallon) was able to come in too and he scored 2-1, which was crucial”. Padraig Mannion is expecting a huge challenge from Pearses. “I watched their semi-final against Tremane very closely and I was impressed with them. Their forwards move around a lot. They have a very solid halfback line. They have a good

full-back line too. But we will have a game plan ready for them on the day”. Padraig says that he loves matches being played at Dr. Hyde Park and that it’s a fitting venue for the final. “It’s a great pitch for hurling. It is a very wide and open pitch and it suits fast forwards and thankfully we have a few of them”.


Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


may have too for Athleague fective full-forward against Four Roads and he will need to carry that form into Sunday’s game. It will be interesting to see if Robbie Fallon is fit enough to start the match. If he is, it will be a big boost to Athleague. The speed of Cian Murray and David Flaherty was a feature of their win against Four Roads. It’s a nice weapon for Athleague to have in their armoury. Eamon Flanagan is a class act. He can play in a number of positions and his performance will be crucial on Sunday, while Ben McGahon will be required from frees and play as he has been all year. Pearses look a very competent side. Padraig Dolan has loads of experience between the posts, while in defence Mike Donoghue and Shane Naughton will be hoping to lead from the front. Luke Corbett and Eoghan Costello are very good players and they will be hoping to win the midfield battle. Further forward, Daniel Glynn is the key man. The

centre half-forward is a super performer from play and frees and if Pearses are to win they will need him on top of his game. Oisin Kelly will also have a crucial role to play. He was super against Tremane – scoring six great points from play – and is the Pearses’ danger man in attack. Adam Finnerty, Karl Fehily and Cathal Kelly are also top class performers who will all need to play well if Pearses are to win. I would always be very wary of a team like Athleague who have so many top class experienced players in their ranks. It’s so important at club level. Their win against Four Roads will have given them a huge boost. But I have seen Pearses three times in this championship and have been impressed with them every time. If they keep their composure and don’t freeze and the day (as Pearses teams have a tendency to do from time to time) they should be good enough to win by a couple of points. Prediction: Padraig Pearses.

Paul Dolan (Padraig Pearses) in action in the semi-final against Tremane. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Sweeney: ‘We’re no chokers!’ < SEAMUS DUKE

Shane Sweeney is Padraig Pearses hurling through and through. The former playing star is now the manager of the team he soldiered with for so long. County titles have been few and far between for Pearses, but Shane is cautiously optimistic that his charges can take the Mickey Cunniffe Cup home. He says expectations were modest at the start of the year. “We won the title back in 2017…a few lads had left the panel and a few more retired and had moved on, and the commitment probably wasn’t there for a while. But we said at the start of the year if we could get 25 dedicated players to turn up for training every night – and get a few in with the county team and get the interest back – that would be our aim. Thankfully we did that. The commitment from the lads has been top class. “The lads were delighted to be back training after the lockdown. When the lads got a chance to go training they were so dedicated”. It’s been a much shorter hurling championship in 2020 than we have seen for many years. Shane Sweeney says that format should be considered for the future. “I think we can learn from what

happened this year. I think it’s the way to go. A lot of counties have learned from it this year and Roscommon should be no different. Get it played over a couple of months with matches (coming) thick and fast”. He says Pearses have played well so far, but he’s worried that they have conceded a lot of goals. “We have done well but we have leaked a lot of goals and we need to tighten up on that. But as a team we are working hard for each other. There may have been suggestions about this team choking on the day, but against Tremane we had to dig deep and pull the win out of the fire and we did that. We will have to do that again in the final”. The return of the multi-talented Daniel Glynn this year (after he was away for a year) has been a big boost to Pearses. “It’s great to have Daniel back. He is a class hurler and he has all the skills. It’s good to have Padraig Dolan, Ben Fallon and Mark Naughton back too. They wouldn’t be here if the Covid situation didn’t happen. It all adds to training and the competition for places on the team is fierce and that’s the way we want it”. He believes the thrilling onepoint win against Tremane in the semi-final will stand to his team on Sunday.

Kepak Roscommon SHC Final: Athleague -vPadraig Pearses on Sunday at Dr Hyde Park at 1 pm

“It was a superb game for any neutral watching it and it was a mighty game to win. They are a fine side and will be around for a while. I made my senior debut in 1996 and we were beaten in six straight semi-finals so I know how the Tremane lads felt after that match. “Athleague have plenty of good hurlers. They only won the championship in 2018 and were in the final last year. I’d say they are probably hurting after that defeat. It will be a fierce battle. They have a great mixture of fine young and older lads and we will have to play very well (to win)”.

Daniel Glynn…key man.

Best wishes to both teams from all at

Roscommon People Friday 25 September 2020


Best wishes to Athleague Hurling team and management

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