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21 August 2020

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Pictured are Fionn Hoare, Simon Walker, Kevin Connaughton, Thomas Higgins and Cian O’Connor winners of the GUI Senior Irish Schools Championship Final in Macroom Golf Club, Co. Cork. Picture: (© Golffile | Oisín Keniry)

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STANDING TALL… had seen off the challenge Constituency CBS are All-IrelandRoscommon-Galway golf of CBS local Cork side Coláiste Choilm champions! from Ballincollig in the morning CBS Roscommon became the GUI Irish Senior Schools champions in il Vótáas Macroom on Tuesday they were impressive 4-1 winners over Royal Belfast Academical Institute in the final.

semi-finals. Mark Hodgkins, Golf Co-ordinator at Roscommon CBS, was delighted afterwards and credited the success of the team to supportive parents, Roscommon Golf Club and sponsors Flogas.



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“There’s a big sporting tradition in our school, between football and lots of other sports. This has come on a long way in the last few years and obviously golf has become really successful in the school over the last four or five years. We have to credit the parents really and the local club for the success that the team has had,” he said. (Full story, page 14).

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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

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Please explain my rights in relation to the protection of my home, my family and my property against burglars. In the event that I unintentionally injure a burglar whilst defending my home can he sue me for damages? The Criminal Law (Defence and the Dwelling) Act 2011 (the Act) came into effect on 13th January 2012. This Act provides that homeowners may use reasonable force to defend themselves against intruders unlawfully in their home. This law also extends these protections to the curtilage of the dwelling i.e. the area immediately surrounding or adjacent to the dwelling which is used in conjunction with the dwelling, other than any part of that area that is a public place. The Act provides that it shall not be an offence for a person who is a lawful occupant of a dwelling, to use reasonable force against another person where he believes the other person has entered or is entering the dwelling as a trespasser for the purpose of committing a criminal act.

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID IT! Oh stop being so dramatic! I AM NOT BEING DRAMATIC! I just feel…let down. Look, it’s nothing… NOTHING? NOTHING? NOTHING! (Editor: Definitely two question marks followed by one exclamation mark? Boyo: Yes!) What did I do that was so bad? So disloyal, you mean! Oh come on! I can’t believe you…went to a pub…without me! As it is, I can barely bring myself to mention the ‘P’ word… Pub? No! The other ‘P’ word… CYCLING ACCIDENT That’s the thing, I only really went in for a ‘P’… If you were involved in athe cycling Yes, but that IS thing, you went for a ‘P’accident withoutcontact me… Carolan It Byrne was only a pizza… Cunningham Solicitors A pizza! A pizza! A pizza? (Editor: Can I just check…Boyo: YES!) Yes, a pizza! Is that not the ‘P’ word you were referring to? Oh, you’re some boyo! You know ‘P’ stands for pint! Look, I just popped in and had a pizza. I’m sorry. How long did you stay? Oh I don’t know precisely….maybe 60, 80, er…105 minutes. 105 MINUTES! I knew it! You were there to enjoy a few pints! Admit it! Not really! I just popped in for a pizza. I will admit I had two pints while I was waiting/ being served, but it really doesn’t count! It wasn’t a proper visit to a pub…not like when WE go…I’d barely call it a pub, in fact… What would you call it? Eh…an establishment that serves food and has a drinks menu… Was there much variety on the food menu?

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

Oh yes, loads! Well? So many different and varied… Pizzas? Eh, yeah…and chips! And toasted sandwiches! (They pause and stare at an old man weeding his garden while singing Dicey Reilly) Did you talk to any bores? No, I promise you! I wouldn’t do that without you! Did you watch sport on TV? No! It was just a Saturday evening pizza! Didn’t drool over any snooker? No! Pep… Yes, pepperoni!

It’s the good news story of the year…the remarkable survival/ rescue of cousins Sara Feeney and Ellen Glynn. The cousins spent 15 hours in the sea after getting into difficulties while paddleboarding in Galway. With fears growing that a double tragedy was unfolding, Sara and Ellen were found alive and well…clinging to a lobster buoy two miles south of the Aran Islands. Fisherman Patrick Oliver and his son Morgan made the discovery. An amazing happy ending!

The Act further provides that a person who uses such reasonable force cannot be sued by a burglar for damages for any injury, loss or damage and will not be guilty of an offence. Under the Act, householders are entitled to use such force as they believe is reasonable for their protection. The use of force shall not exclude the use of force causing death but this is not a licence for unwarranted violence as the force used must be reasonable and justified.

What we didn’t like… The significant rise in confirmed Covid-19 cases (200 reported on Saturday)…which in turn led to a return of limited but significant restrictions, announced on Tuesday. The battle continues. Stay safe.

This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway. A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

What PEOPLE are talking about…

Byrne Carolan Cunningham SOLICITORS

(Old man stops singing Dicey Reilly, appreciates that last comment may have been ‘too soon’)…

What we liked…

The force used may only be such as is reasonable in the circumstances: (i) to protect himself or another person present in the dwelling from injury or assault, (ii) to protect his property from theft, destruction or damage, or (iii) to prevent the commission of a crime or to assist a lawful arrest.

Telephone Central Line 090 6478433

No, I was about to say Pep and Man. City were playing Saturday night…you didn’t watch? No! Lyon… I’m not lying… No, they were playing Lyon. You spoke to no one? Well, maybe one or two… Good fellows? Yes, love Goodfellas’ pizza! Not funny! Did you go to our local? Absolutely not! Plus, it’s still closed! This was an establishment…in a different county! I was visiting relatives. I was out and about. My wife popped into the shops, I just felt like a pizza! I wouldn’t make the big step…a return to an actual pub in Roscommon…without you! Mmnn…I guess your ‘offence’ is dwindling in size before my eyes. Beautifully put! So, I’ll forgive you. Any more news… from your travels? Nope! Mmmn… Just the usual…you and I and our likes working hard, when we can work…meanwhile, I see the politicians are still on holidays! Both: Great country! And I see where the top guy in Fáilte Ireland went off on holidays to Italy…unbelievable! He’s gone! No, he’s back! No, he’s gone as ‘top guy’…he had to resign. Proper order…holidaying abroad…crazy! What brought him to Italy anyway? Dunno, maybe he went for a pizza!

PIC OF THE WEEK: Sean Mannion of Castlerea Brass & Reed Band takes a break during the official opening of the Suck Valley Way Adventure and Michael O’Flanagan Commemoration events in Castlerea last Friday. Picture: Michael McCormack

Those new Covid-19 restrictions (while supported by many people and accepted by most) have darkened the national mood (even further). The decision to not allow any spectators at sports events has left many people angry and frustrated.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


‘Long, hard SALE winter ahead’ – Daly


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350 Covid cases in Roscommon A well-known local GP says he referred more people for Covid testing during two work shifts last weekend than he had in the previous three months. Ballygar-based Dr. Martin Daly has warned that “a long, hard winter” lies ahead – and says complacency on the part of the public is contributing to increased numbers of infections. As of Monday evening, County Roscommon had

350 confirmed cases of Covid-19, an increase of one on the previous 24 hours. 18 counties have a higher number. Last weekend, Dr. Martin Daly took to Twitter to raise his growing concern about where we stand in our battle with the pandemic. He tweeted: “Just finished weekend with Westdoc…1 very suspicious case and have referred more people in 2 shifts for testing than last 3 months. Covid-19 feeding on human complacency. Going to be a long hard winter”.

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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020




Words of wit and wisdom with MIRIAM KERINS

Sleepwear is not school wear! Colour me cranky because I’m going to agree with a school in Springfield, Illinois (USA) who banned students from wearing pyjamas while taking classes online. Of course this problem would never occur among Roscommon students for the simple reason that d’mammies have put manners on their little darlings. However, it appears our US sisters are ‘frustrated’ and ‘upset’ over what they obviously view as being a dictatorial directive! Seriously, what’s up with these drama queens? Mind you, we must give credit where credit’s due because when it comes to turning a simple request into a real-life soap opera

to rival Coronation Street, it seems nobody does it better than the Americans! Look, I’m perfectly well acquainted with the whole ‘leisure wear’ jammie trend. Sure there’s nothing more liberating than flinging off the bra, pulling on the PJs and plonking yourself down in front of the TV! I’ll even go so far as to say I was delighted to see the re-emergence of what I call the ‘posh pandemic pyjamas’, which are, let’s be honest, enjoying a major-moment with the trend firmly embedding the loungewear-look into our daily lockdown limitations. Indeed, depending on how posh the jammies are, I believe they could

possibly double up as trackies for our designated daily walks. But apologies, I digress. Here’s the thing kids, I don’t care if your lockdown jammies are posh or designer. I don’t even care if they’ve got a Chanel label sewn into the lining; the fact is, wearing them to school lessons, even those taken online, is not a luxury, rather it’s pretentious, slovenly, unacceptable and disrespectful to your teachers. While I’m at it, I believe as parents, we’re all expected to prepare our kids as best we can for their adult life, and dressing appropriately for certain formal situations is one of those important life lessons. It estab-

Honouring the victims of Bloody Sunday 1920 Last weekend, the GAA Museum unveiled a series of events geared at remembering the Bloody Sunday centenary. For those who may be unfamiliar with this period in our history, Bloody Sunday marks what I can only describe as a massacre of our people; an attempted wipe-out of innocent Irish lives by British forces as they attacked spectators attending a Dublin/Tipperary match in Croke Park on 21st November 1920. (Thankfully both ourselves, and our British neighbours can now enjoy a friendly relationship). Fourteen civilians were slaughtered on that day; sixty more were injured during what was a ninety-second volley of continuous, embittered gunfire, carried out by spineless Black and Tans. The museum tour, (running from now ‘til November), will include talks and a new exhi-

bition, as well as examining the incident itself and the impact it has had on our nation’s history through exploring photographs, victims’ stories, official documents and newspaper reports from the time. I for one will be booking my ticket; but I’d like to add it’s about time the GAA stepped up to the mark and honoured these brave souls. It was shameful and wrong of them to have left it until now to do so. To put this craven act into context, one of the victims was a 14-year-old child called John William Scott who was so savagely wounded it was thought the poor kid had been bayoneted to death. Another was little Jerome O’Leary, a 10-year-old child, (a baby), who lay in an unmarked grave until last November. May they all, along with our other patriot dead, rest in peace.

‘Hell of a hooley’… have some humility, Jay! Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, restaurateur Jay Bourke, (owner of Berlin D2 in Dublin) says he was “appalled” and “embarrassed” at the footage posted online clearly showing punters and staff’s non-compliance with social distancing during his premises’ boozy ‘baked brunch’ event last week. However, Jay feels the recklessness was not an “excuse to hang us out to dry”.

Berlin D2 heavily promoted an event allegedly promising punters ‘a very Boozy Baked Brunch with your Buds’. They advertised tickets at ‘a mere €25 per person, including your admish dish, a shot and a hell of a hooley’. They hung this on the provocative tag line, ‘Dress code – baked b***hes!’ with a ‘Free drink for the most creative craziest clobber’. Now given this wording, I’d say staff weren’t expecting a group

of retired nuns to rock up, rather they got what they arguably coaxed, which was, an electrically charged atmosphere! Roscommon pubs are in crisis Jay, lockdown has spelt disaster for them Jay, people have lost their livelihoods Jay; so forgive me if I say your reaction to this incident as being ’20 seconds of madness’ is extremely arrogant. Have some humility, love!

lishes routine, it establishes a sense of preparedness, (and in a school situation), it tells our kids it’s time to get down to the business of learning, and importantly, it’s class-time and not leisure or Insta/selfie time. Now I’m not suggesting that students should stay in their school attire all day; they should of course be able to express themselves how they wish and through their own clothing choices when lessons have finished. To that end, the same should go for teachers who’re delivering the online lessons because, whatever way you look at it, we are all adults and we should lead by example.

Didn’t you read your own ‘summer of staycations’ memo, Michael? Why did Michael (do as I say, not as I do) Cawley, (former chairman of Fáilte Ireland) feel it was okay to lecture us to holiday at home, yet believe it was fine for him and his family to live it up la dolce vita-style in Italy? Seriously, what happened to the ‘we’re all in this together,’ mantra, Michael? What about showing solidarity whereby, in order to help minimise the risk of importing cases of Covid into Ireland, possibly infecting vulnerable people, Fáilte Ireland, (headed by you), encouraged us to, well basically, sit out summer 2020 squashed into a two-berth caravan in Wexford. While most folk, (me included, you know, people who aren’t earning wads of dosh from a State board job) have heeded your advice, trying hard to help keep local tourism afloat, you sir, by your hypocritical actions, have made a mockery out of the ‘ordinary’ worker in the street. While your reputation as chairman of Fáilte Ireland is first class, I have to say your judgement in holiday destinations during a pandemic is clearly questionable! That said, Mr. Cawley didn’t breach the government’s (or his own) travel guidelines; Italy was, at the time, on the travel ‘green list’...but still, he was in a leadership position and he clearly didn’t lead by example. Never mind, I’m sure he’ll have plenty to time to reflect during his plans ‘to take two holidays at home in Ireland in 2020’. How patriotic of him.

Pictured at the Roscommon Gaels v Fuerty game on Sunday were Ciara and Karen Towey. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

SUNDAY GOSPEL REFLECTION Sunday 23 August 2020 “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!” Paul exclaims in today’s Epistle. Today’s Psalm, too, takes up the triumphant note of joy and thanksgiving. Why? Because in the Gospel, the heavenly Father reveals the mystery of His kingdom to Peter. With Peter, we rejoice that Jesus is the anointed Son promised to David, the one prophesied to build God’s temple and reign over an everlasting kingdom (see 2 Samuel 7). What Jesus calls “my Church” is the kingdom promised to David’s son (see Isaiah 9:1–7). As we hear in today’s First Reading, Isaiah foretold that the keys to David’s kingdom would be given to a new master, who would rule as father to God’s people. Jesus, the root and offspring of David, alone holds the kingdom’s keys (see Revelation 1:18; 3:7; 22:16). In giving those keys to Peter, Jesus fulfills that prophecy, establishing Peter – and all who succeed him – as holy father of His Church. His Church, too, is the new house of God – the spiritual temple founded on the “rock” of Peter, and built up out of the living stones of individual believers (see 1 Peter 2:5). Abraham was called “the rock” from which the children of Israel were hewn (see Isaiah 51:1–2). And Peter becomes the rock from which God raises up new children of God (see Matthew 3:9). The word Jesus uses – “church” (ekklesia in Greek) – was used in the Greek translation of the Old Testament for the “assembly” of God’s children after the Exodus (see Deuteronomy 18:16; 31:30). His Church is the “assembly of the firstborn” (see Hebrews 12:23; Exodus 4:23–24), established by Jesus’ exodus (see Luke 9:31). Like the Israelites, we are baptized in water, led by the Rock, and fed with spiritual food (see 1 Corinthians 10:1–5). Gathered at His altar, in the presence of angels, we sing His praise and give thanks to His holy name. – Scott Hahn Ph.D., (courtesy of Sacred Heart Church)


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Roscommon Music School has reopened for lessons in Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, Bass and Piano Leaving and Junior Cert Grinds

Guitar group will be 2 groups of 3 between 6.30 & 7.30 pm. There will be 2 metres between each student.

Re-opening at Rosbowl, Roscommon town on Tuesday 8th September for group guitar classes (beginner and intermediate) and private lessons in all instruments

To book 089 4971357 Places very limited and first come first served.


Mayo Ultra Cyclists pictured at the construction site of the Roscommon Hospice

Fundraising ‘Ultra Cyclists’ in visit to Hospice site… The Mayo Ultra Cyclists arrived at the construction site of the Roscommon Hospice on Monday night. Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation is one of the four charities which this year’s challenge is raising funds for (along with Down Syndrome Ireland

West, and Temple Street Children’s Hospital Foundation). The cycle is in memory of 11-year-old James Moore from Monaghan who passed away in June. The funds donated to Mayo/ Roscommon Hospice will go di-

rectly towards the construction of the Roscommon Hospice. The cyclists will cover 32 counties and 1900km in 6 days and arrive back in Swinford on Friday August 21st. Pictured on Monday night (left to right) were: Angelina Nugent,

The local paper

Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation; Brendan Barrett, Vinnie Gavin, Gerry ‘Boots’ Powell, Ronan Bourke, Alan Heaney, Jonathan Verry and Martina Jennings, CEO, Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation. (Pictures: Pat and Jenny Glynn).


CLOSING FOR RENOVATIONS From Next Monday, August 24th to Saturday, August 29th We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused

RE-OPENING MONDAY, AUGUST 31st BIGGER - BRIGHTER & BETTER THAN EVER We Look Forward To Seeing You. A Visit To Our New Look Showroom Will Not Disappoint!

FREE MEASURING & QUOTATION SERVICE Tel: 090 66 66006; 085 8017523 Web:



Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor

Thursday/Friday When the country was in lockdown – as restrictive and unnatural as it was – we knew where we stood. As a nation, and locally. Now, it’s different. Now that the economy has been reopened (though not fully) and restrictions have largely been lifted, we’re in a tricky middle ground position. The Covid cases are rising quite significantly again, with lots of clusters nationwide, and a surge in community transmissions too. On the ground here in Roscommon, the vast majority of people are being very responsible. In shops and in other businesses, you see people being very vigilant about hand hygiene. There’s a massive increase in wearing of face masks/coverings. In Roscommon, we must be close to 90% compliance in terms of people wearing masks in shops and other public places. However, I have seen many instances of people not adhering to social distancing guidelines. With the reopening of schools now almost upon us, people are worried about the logistics, ultimately about the possible health threat. The schools don’t appear to have received much clarity from Government; parents have plenty of questions too. I have no doubt that the challenge facing staff in schools is very significant. Many parents are really worried about sending their children into school, even though we all know that a return to a degree of normality is desirable. But, how will it all work out in practice? Safely catering for hundreds of pupils and dozens of staff, with parents also to-ing and fro-ing in close proximity, is one difficult challenge. Inevitably, there will be an element of ‘trial and error’ involved. Everybody will surely do their very best to make the return to school work out, but it will be a surprise if there aren’t setbacks. Hopefully all will go well.

All weekend The World Snooker Championship was strange this year. Like everything else, it had to dance to the lamentable tune of Covid. No crowds (until the final) meant no atmosphere, while even seeing the players touch elbows rather than shake hands was surreal. For most of us, it doesn’t have the appeal of the sport’s heyday, when a won-

Pictured at the official opening of the Suck Valley Way Adventure and Fr. Michael O’Flanagan Commemoration events (in Castlerea last Friday) were Katie Hegarty, Noel Hegarty, Pat Garvey and Pyers O’Conor Nash. Picture: Michael McCormack

Fans pictured at the Western Gaels-St. Croan’s match. Picture: Michael McCormack

derful array of characters gripped millions of viewers in tournament after tournament. Less characters now, but despite what Ronnie O’Sullivan says, the players are better than ever. Of course they’re more robotic now, a touch boring indeed. In the final, O’Sullivan regained the world title after a seven-year itch, easily accounting for Kyren Wilson. ‘The Rocket’ has now matched Ray Reardon and Steve Davis in winning six world titles. Only Stephen Hendry (with seven) has won more. It’s hard to see the brilliant O’Sullivan failing to match Hendry’s record in the future.

A few hours on the Shannon…(Sunday) Rooskey, like most of the world, was quiet on Sunday, save for a nice bit of activity at

Tighe’s Centra and across the road, where five or six people were relaxing outside the quaint new café. On the other side of the bridge, there were lots of kids in the excellent new playground, parents keeping watch, some normality released from captivity in this most troubling of years. It was sad to see the bars (and hotel) bereft of Rooskey’s traditional summer buzz. Here’s to better times on that front. A day trip on the Shannon, something we’ve often enjoyed over the years, did not seem likely to happen this year. On Sunday however, we got to spend a few hours on the river, all aboard the trusty old cruiser which one of my brothers captains. Boating on the river, particularly on a nice day, is lovely and relaxing. We passed Rabbit Island (also known as Goat Island) where

some wild goats obligingly appeared when they heard us chugging by. The Shannon really is a sensational river, with beautiful scenery to be admired on any such trip. At Carnadoe, peace, quiet and a few friendly boating folk, their cruisers moored at the harbour. The Kilglass Lakes are beautiful, a series of scenic channels taking us towards The Silver Eel (near Strokestown), where we stopped for lunch. Having moored at The Silver Eel, we then enjoyed some very nice food and a drink or two there – and a chat with some locals – before taking the return trip back to Rooskey. It’s about an hour and a half by boat from Rooskey to the Silver Eel, and a very enjoyable and relaxing trip it is. As always, holiday-makers on the river are friendly and relaxed. There’s a wonderful variety of boats, some of them hired, some privately owned. It’s a fabulous holiday option, a lovely relaxing way to unwind while exploring the beauty of our country by water. The wildlife (enjoying a stress-free, Covid-free existence) that one observes is of course fascinating, the odd heron cockily standing on the upright markers (or ‘buoys’) which are there to guide you and help you navigate. Every now and again a fish will leap from below the water and check in on what’s happening. Meanwhile, the swans are as majestic as one might expect, unhurried and unfussed, the River Shannon their beautiful home – we are mere visitors!

It was sad to see the bars (and hotel) bereft of Rooskey’s traditional summer buzz. Here’s to better times on that front.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Dining at the Abbey Hotel… Advertorial

Grealy’s four-star Abbey Hotel, Roscommon have reopened and are delighted to welcome back all our wonderful customers. We are serving delicious Carvery & Lounge Food daily. Carvery Lunch is served from 12.30 to 3 pm (Monday to Friday) and from 12.30 pm-4 pm at weekends.

We are also offering diners an exciting new-season Lounge Food menu which is available 7 days from 3-9 pm. Booking is advised, especially at weekends. Afternoon Tea We are now also taking bookings for Afternoon Tea at the Abbey. Guests can enjoy a delightful selection of sweet

and savoury treats including chicken, cranberry and Pinwheel wraps, freshlybaked buttermilk scones and a selection of decadent desserts including mouthwatering chocolate truffle slices, summer berry crème patisserie tartlets and a fresh fruit meringue Nest. Add a glass of wine, a snipe of Prosecco or a non-alcoholic

cocktail and make the most of our relaxing and luxurious ambience here at the Abbey this summer. A perfect setting for a girls’ day out in a safe and welcoming environment. Afternooon Tea (€23.50), is now available Tuesdays to Thursdays. Prior booking is essential. Afternoon Tea

Weekend bookings are available upon request. T&C apply based on minimum group bookings of 6 or more. New pizza menu available to dine in or for takeaway. Tel 090 6626240 or email events@ * Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for further updates and details of special offers.

Pizza Menu The Classic Margherita


Mozzarella cheese with Italian tomato sauce (1,6,12)

The Italian Pepperoni


Mozzarella cheese with Italian tomato sauce, topped with crispy pepperoni (1,6,12)

The Mighty Meaty

Mozzarella cheese, Italian tomato sauce topped


with pepperoni, ham & chicken (1,6,12)

The Gourmet Vegetarian €13.50 Mozzarella cheese & Italian tomato sauce topped with fresh

rocket salad, parmesan shavings & sun dried tomatoes (1,6,12) Gluten Free Options available All Pizzas are 12 inches Extra sides available - please see bar menu

Pictured enjoying mid-week Afternoon Tea at the Abbey Hotel are, left to right, Sinead McDermott, Alma Monahan and Elizabeth Stobie.


at or See our online Shopto 090 6624078 Phone your orders



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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

NewsPeople Is Your Septic Tank Causing Trouble?

Who’s saying what on Tweet Street ... Paul Healy’s take on top tweets!

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Dr Martin Daly @DrMartinDaly Just finished weekend with Westdoc GP CoOp. 1 very suspicious case and have referred more people in 2 shifts for testing than last 3 mths. #COVID19 feeding on human complacency. Going to be a long hard Winter. – A sobering weekend tweet from the highly respected local GP set the scene for a sobering week ash @BoscoTD I am approx two Dublin bus journeys away from screaming “IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE” in random people’s faces* *from a distance of two metres – We hear you! Adrian O’Sullivan @coachsullylk Felt a lot safer at any match I’ve been at than in the pub I had food and a pint in last week. Absolutely bizarre decision. We are getting hammered take off the corner forward – Suffice to say there was a lot of anger over Tuesday’s announcement by Government that all sports events will be reverting to ‘behind closed doors’ status…


meant an endless month of news-free days? Good times. – We don’t feel like playing ‘Remember when…’ just now!

James Deane @Deanos_View 23 cases in the province of Connacht in last 14 days. (Sunday 2nd-Sunday 16th August) That’s 23 cases across 469,845 people according to last census data. And yet we can’t go watch a game, but 45 mins up the road 400 people can watch a game in Fermanagh. – Baffled…and bemused

Joe Biden @JoeBiden Just imagine where we would be right now if we had a president who listened to the scientists – Is this the best Joe ‘I can win this by lying low’ Biden can do?

Sinead O’Carroll @SineadOCarroll My head hurts from all the contradictions. – We feel your pain, Sinead!

Elaine Byrne @ElaineByrne Did Pat Kenny just equate the Nobel prize with the Miss World title? #reelingintheyears – We have no idea, but, well, Pat being Pat…it does sound plausible!

Michael Gallagher @MickeyGallMO Has there ever been a more out of touch government in the history of the world than the axis of idiocy we currently have? At least The Three Stooges were trying to be funny. #COVID19ireland – Wow. (As an aside, The Three Stooges were not funny; definitely not funny. Laurel & Hardy were…okay, better not go there) Laura Bambrick @drbambrick Remember when working August

Pat Kenny

Pictured at the Roscommon Gaels v Fuerty game on Sunday were Síofra Hession and Eve McNeill. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh



Main Street, Ballaghaderreen. Tel. 094 9861688  : 087 194 5254 Bridge St, Ballinasloe. Tel. 090 9644901  : Email:

Anthony Daly @DaloAnto Just baffling – GAA folk were not happy


Living Well Programme: It may be for you! If you are living with a long-term heath condition, you may be interested in doing the Living Well Programme. This is a six-week programme delivered in 2.5hour weekly sessions where you will learn new skills to manage your health condition on a day to day basis. Now more than ever it is vital we look after our

mental and physical health. Full training in using the online platform will be given to all participants. Please note you do not have to disclose your health condition on the programme. Please contact Olga on 086 6078950 or by email You can find out more information on the programme on our website.

Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020



Church Street, Roscommon

Centrepoint roadworks to be completed in coming days < DAN DOONER

The management company responsible for Centrepoint Retail Park in Roscommon town has confirmed that works on the carpark and access road at the site commenced on Tuesday and are set to be completed in the coming days. Members of the public had been highly critical of the privately owned access roads into the facility in recent weeks. Local Independent Councillor Kathleen Shanagher said

the works would be warmly welcomed by Roscommon shoppers: “The road leading into the Centrepoint retail park is privately owned and therefore isn’t the responsibility of Roscommon County Council. “I have been liaising with a member of management for Centrepoint now for the last few weeks and had raised the poor condition of the roads and access point a number of times and informed management that local people were annoyed.

“I am pleased to see the works being undertaken this week, because it is important for the future success of the retail park. I would urge people to be vigilant while the work is going on and to drive carefully in the area,” she said. The management company responsible for Centrepoint declined to comment other than to confirm that the works had commenced on Tuesday and were expected to be completed later this week.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 4pm to 1am; Friday, 4pm to 3am; Saturday, 4pm to 3 am; Sunday, 4pm to 1 am

Double Deal 16” Pizza, 10” Garlic Bread, 1 Bag of Chips, 4 Chicken Dippers, 1 Bottle of Coke

€29.99 (for collection)

Mr. Chef + Zam Zam – back in Church Street!


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

Year Make & Model Price

Year Make & Model Price 172 VW Golf 1.6TDI C/L €21,500 AUDI RANGE 171 Audi A3 5DR DSL €19,950 162 VW Golf 2.0TDI 3DR H/L €19,500 162 Audi A4 5DR 2.0 €19,950 161 VW Golf 1.6TDI 5DR €16,500 151 Audi A4 5DR DSL €16,500 151 VW Golf 1.6TDI H/L €15,000 151 Audi A6 2.0TDI Automatic €13,500 141 VW Golf 1.2TSI C/L Petrol €13,500 2014 Audi A4 2.0DSL SE €14,500 171 VW Jetta 2.0TDI C/L €15,500 151 VW Jetta 1.6TDI C/L €10,500 VOLKSWAGEN “R” LINE RANGE 201 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150 “R” Line €45,500 141 VW Jetta 1.6TDI C/L €9,950 172 VW Touran TDI 7 seater H/L €27,500 201 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150 H/L Automatic €43,500 181 VW Caddy TDI Trendline €16,500 201 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150 C/L €39,500 171 VW Caddy Maxi 7 Seater Passenger €21,000 182 VW Tiguan “R” Line 2.0TDI 150HP €34,500 141 VW Caddy Maxi 4X4 2.0TDI 140HP A/T €7,500 181 VW Tiguan “R” Line 2.0TDI 150HP €32,500 162 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 150HP T/L LWB (White) €21,000 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI H/L Allspace 7 Seater “R” Line €36,500 2011 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 140HP LWB €11,500 172 VW Tiguan “R” Line 2.0TDI 150HP €30,500 181 VW Caddy Life TDI 7 Seater €24,000 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP A /T €35,500 131 VW Caddy Life TDI 7 Seater Drop Floor €16,500 181 VW Passat 2.0TDI “R” Line 150HP €28,500 181 Skoda Karoq 2.0TDI Automatic €29,500 171 VW Golf “R” Line 1.2TSI Petrol €19,500 181 Ford Kugo A/T €24,500 161 VW Golf “R” Line 1.6TDI 5DR €17,000 162 Vauxhall Insignia 2.0TDI A/T €13,500 2012 VW Golf “R” 1.6TDI €10,500 151 BMW X1 A/T Leather €18,500 192 VW T Roc “R” 1.0 Petrol €25,950 171 Mercedes C220 CDI €24,500 AUTOMATIC RANGE 2010 Mercedes C220 DSL A/T €8,500 201 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI Highline €43,500 VOLKSWAGEN & OTHER MAKES RANGE 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI Highline €34,500 201 VW Golf TDI 5DR Extras €25,500 182 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP C/L A/T €33,500 191 VW Golf TDI 5Dr €21,950 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP H/L €33,500 191 VW Golf 1.6TDI H/L €26,500 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP H/L 4X4 T Pack Full leather €36,500 191 VW Golf 1.0 5DR Petrol €21,000 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP A/T €32,000 182 VW Golf 1.0 5DR Petrol €21,000 181 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 7 Seater Highline Extras €38,500 182 VW Golf 1.6TDI 5Dr H/L T Pack €22,500 171 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI H/L 7 Seater €31,000 181 VW Golf TDI 5DR €20,500 162 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP C/L A/T €25,500 171 VW Golf TDI 5DR €16,500 151 VW Golf TDI 5DR €13,500 171 VW Touareg V6 26HP “R” Line Crew Cab €333 Road tax €42276 + VAT 191 VW Passat 2.0TDI 150HP C/L €28,500 2010 VW Touareg 2.0TDI A/T Commercial €11,500 181 VW Passat 1.6TDI C/L €24,500 181 VW Passat 1.6TDI Extras €23,950 171 VW Passat 1.6TDI C/L €21,000 131 VW Passat 2.0TDI 140HP C/L €10,500 171 VW Passat 2.0TDI 150HP H/L €22,500 172 VW Golf SV H/L 1.6TDI Extras €21,950 161 VW Passat 1.6TDI C/L €16,500 171 VW Golf SV C/L 1.6TDI Extras €21,000 191 VW T Roc 1.6 TDIDesign €24,500 161 VW Golf SV C/L 1.6TDI Extras €16,500 191 VW T Roc 1.0 5DR Petrol Design €24,000 2011 VW Golf Plus 1.6TDI C/L €8,500 182 VW T Roc 1.0 5DR Extras (19km) €22,950 182 VW Golf 1.6TDI C/L 5Dr €23,950 192 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP Allspace 7 Seater €37,500 181 VW Golf 2.0TDI H/L 150HP €26,500 191 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI 150HP Extras €31,000

Year Make & Model Price 181 VW Jetta 2.0TDI C/L €18,500 192 VW Polo 1.6TDI C/L Extras €21,000 181 VW Polo 1.0 5DR €14,500 181 Renault Megane 1.5DSL €16,500 172 Seat Ataca 1.6DSl SE €19,500 2017 VW Polo 1.4 TDI 5DR €14,950 181 Hyundai i40 Executive White €21,000 182 Hyundai Tuscon DSL executive Automatic €27,500 2017 Hyundai I40 1.7DSL €11,950 + VAT 171 Hyundai Tuscon 1.7 Executive DSL €19,500 2017 Kia Sportage 1.7CRDI €18,000 171 Audi A3 1.6DSl SE €19,950 161 Mazda 2 1.5 Petrol €12,500 2016 VW Polo 1.4TDI €12,950 2016 Opel Insignia 1.6DSL 138HP Extras (25Kms) €12,450 162 VW Golf 1.6 DSL 5Dr €14,500 161 Mazda 6 2.2DSL €12,950 161 VW Tiguan 2.0TDI Sports Leather €16,950 161 Mitsubishi L200 Crew cab €18,500 161 VW Jetta 1.6TDI C/L €16,500 161 VW Passat 1.6TDI C/L €18,500 151 VW Passat 1.6TDI C/L €13,000 2015 Mazda CX5 2.2DSL A/T €14,500

FORD RANGE 2017 Ford Kugo 1.5DSL 5 Seater Crew Cab €11,950 + VAT 181 Ford Kugo Titanium DSl €24,500 142 Ford S-Max 2.0TDCI 7 Seater €12,500 182 Ford Focus 1.5DSL €16,500 171 Ford Focus 1.6DSL €14,500 161 Ford Fiesta 1.5DSL €11,950 151 Ford Focus 1.6DSL €9,950 2011 Ford Focus 1.6DSL €5,500 172 Ford Mondeo 2.0DSL TDCI White €12,500 142 Ford Mondeo 2.0DSL €9,950

BMW RANGE 181 BMW 520 SE DSL 162 BMW 316 Sp DSL 2012 BMW 520SE DSL 2008 BMW 318 DSL 2007 BMW 318 DSl ( 64K)

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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

Year Make & Model Price


171 VW Amarok TDI High Canopy €28,850 + VAT 152 VW Amarok TDI €19,500 141 VW Amarok TDI €16,500 2009 Toyota Landcruiser LWB €12,500 171 Range Rover Evoque ED4 €29,950 171 Mitsubishi ASX Petrol €17,500 161 Mitsubishi L200 Crew Cab Commercial €19,500 141 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0DSL €12,195 + VAT 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2DSL LWB Kombi 5 Seater €6,950 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2DSL SWB €6,950 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 SWB €6,000 2007 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5DSL €5,000 2005 Mitsubishi L200 leather 5 seater €3,500

BUSES 7 ,8 & 9 Seater RANGE

Year Make & Model Price 151 VW Crafter 2.0TDI 136HP €12,195 + VAT 2010 VW Crafter 2.0TDI MWB €7,750 + VAT

Year Make & Model Price 2012 Skoda Yeti DSL €9,500 152 Mazda 5 2.0DSL SE Exect €19,950

192 VW Caddy 2.0TDI 150HP 6 speed Grey €16,950 + VAT 192 VW Caddy 2.0TDI Highline €18,500 191 VW Caddy 2.0TDI €13,500 181 VW Caddy 2.0TDI €12,950 + VAT 181 VW Caddy TDI 150HP €12,500 + VAT 181 VW Caddy Maxi 150HP €12,500 + VAT 172 VW Caddy TDI Trendline €13,000 + VAT 161 VW Caddy TDI 102HP €10,500+ VAT 151 VW Caddy TDI 102HP €9,000 + VAT 141 VW Caddy Maxi 2.0TDI 140HP 4X4 Extras A/T €8,500

2012 VW Touran 1.6TDI 7 seater 2010 Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D 2011 VW Passat 1.6TDI Estate 2011 Toyota Avensis 2.0DSL Estate 2010 Audi A5 2.0DSl


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CARS UNDER €6,000 NCT Tested 2011 Opel Astra 1.0 DSL €5,250 2011 Ford Mondeo 2.0DSL ( White) €5,500

CARS UNDER €5,000 NCT Tested 2011 VW Polo 1.2TDI 3Dr €4,500 TOYOTA RANGE 2010 VW Jetta 1.6TDI €4,500

181 Toyota RAV 4 DSL Luna Sport €26,500 2010 Mazda 3 1.6DSl €4,500 142 Toyota RAV 4 DSL €14,500 171 VW Shuttle Bus 9 Seater €29,500 2010 Opel Astra 1.4 H/B €4,500 131 Toyota RAV 4 DSL €11,500 171 VW Shuttle Bus 9 Seater Automatic LWB €27,500 2008 VW Golf 1.4 3Dr GT €4,500 182 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Luna (Petrol) €19,500 2009 VW Shutle Bus 9 Seater €7,500 CARS UNDER €4,000 171 Toyota Corolla 1.4DSL €16,950 161 VW Caddy Maxi Life 7 Seater €16,500 2011 Ford Focus 1.6DSL Saloon €3,000 151 Toyota Corola DSL Luna €13,500 2008 Mercedes Vito 9 Seater Bus €5,500 2011 Nissan Note 1.5DSL Van €3250 + VAT 162 Toyota Yaris 1.4DSL5DR €13,500 191 VW Touran T/L 7 seater €29,500 2009 Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D €3,500 131 Toyota Yaris 1.4 DSL €8,500 182 VW Touran T/L 7 Seater Highline €32,500 171 Toyota Avensis Luna 2.0DSL €18,500 181 VW Touran C/L 7 Seater €28,500 CARS UNDER €3,500 161 Toyota Avensis Luna 2.0DSL €16,500 161 VW Touran C/L 1.6TDI 7Seater €16,500 2010 Suzuki SX4 1.6DSL €3,000 142 Toyota Avensis 2.0DSL €10,500 TRANSPORTER RANGE 2010 Seat Altea 1.6DSL Van €2,000 131 Toyota Yaris D4D €8,500 2009 Opel Zafari 1.7 CDTI 7 Seater €2,500 201 VW Transporter 2.0TDI LWB €26500 + VAT 2009 Toyota Hiace Bus €5,000 2009 Toyota Avensis 2.0DSL €3,000 192 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 150HP SWB €23,500 + VAT 2009 Toyota Avensis 2.0DSL €3,500 2009 VW Polo 1.4TDI DSL €3,500 191 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 84HP SWB €19,920 + VAT GOLF VANS RANGE 2009 Ford Mondeo DSL €2,000 191 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 150HP LWB €21,900 + VAT 2008 VW Golf 1.6TDI Plus €3,500 191 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 150H LWB €23,500 + VAT 181 VW Golf 1.6TDI €17,950 Nissan Quashqai 1.5DSL €3,000 €10,500 + VAT 2008 171 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 150HP H/L LWB €22,500 + VAT 161 VW Golf 1.6TDI 2008 VW Passat DSL Estate €2,500 161 VW Transporter LWB 150HP €15,500 + VAT 151 VW Golf 1.6TDI €9,500 + VAT 2008 Peugeot 807 DS 7 Seater €2,000 161 VW Transporter 2.0TDI SWB €14,500 + VAT HONDA RANGE 2008 Toyota Auris 1.4DSL Van €2,500 151 VW Transpoter SWB 102HP €13,500 172 Honda CRV ES DSL €22,950 2003 VW Golf 1.4 €600 141 VW Transporter 2.0TDI SWB €12,500 + VAT 132 Honda Civic 1.6 4D €11,500 131 VW Transporter LWB €9,500 + VAT CARS UNDER €10,000 FORD COMMERCIAL RANGE 2011 VW Transporter 2.0TDI 140HP 6SP €9,500 142 VW Polo 1.0 5Dr Black €9,500 Ford Transit 2.0DSL 350 €12,500 + VAT 2010 VW Transporter LWB 2.5TDI €5,000 + VAT 161 141 VW Up 5DR €8,950 Ford Transit 2.0DSL Custom €10,975 + VAT 2009 VW Transporter SWB 2.5TDI €4,878 + VAT 151 131 VW Up 5DR Automatic Silver €7,500 Ford Transit 2.0DSL Custom €9,500 + VAT 2008 VW Transporter SWB 2.5TDI €4,065 + VAT 142 131 Toyota Yaris D4D €8,500 2012 Ford Transit 2.0DSL 350 €5,000 2006 VW Transporter SWB 1.9TDI €2,000 2014 VW Jetta 1.6TDI €10,000 MAKES RANGE CRAFTER VANS RANGE OTHER 142 Opel Insignia 2.0DSL €8,500 Seat Arona GL Petrol €16,950 141 Ford C Max €9,500 201 VW Crafter 2.0TDI MWB 140HP €27,000 + VAT 181 172 Seat Leon 1.6TDI 5Dr €15,000 2013 VW Jetta 1.6TDI €7,500 192 VW Crafter 2.0TSI LWB 140HP H/R €23,500 + VAT 181 Skoda Karoq 1.6TDI €27,950 2012 VW Polo 1.2TDI C/L €7,500 182 VW Crafter 2.0TDI MWB 140HP €23,500 + VAT Skoda Rapid 1.4TDI Saloon €14,500 2011 Nissan Quashqai DSL €8,500 172 VW Crafter 2.0TDI LWB 140HO Extras €19,500 + VAT 172 162 Skoda Yeti DSL Outdoor €16,500 2011 VW Golf 1.6TDI C/L €7,500 171 VW Crafter 2.0TDI MWB €17500 + VAT 141 Skoda Yeti DSL €11,500 2010 Ford Galaxy 1.8DSL 7 Seater €7,450 161 VW Crafter 2.0TDI MWB 136HP €13,500 + VAT


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020



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Aileen’s Communion for one! Kingsland National School student, Aileen Hunt, won’t forget the day she received her First Holy Communion in a hurry! Surrounded by her proud family and with her brother Mark serving as altar boy, Aileen was the only student in her class to receive the Holy Sacrament from Fr. Larry Ebuk at St. Bridget’s Church, near Frenchpark last Saturday. Aileen’s mother, Catherine, said it was a very special day. “She was nervous but she was happy enough because all of her cousins and the rest of the family were able to be there to support her. “It was unique because Aileen was the only student in her class making her Holy Communion that day but it was different and she enjoyed it,” she said. It was a very proud day for Aileen, who received plenty of support from her father and mother, John and Catherine, brother Mark and older sister Kellie-Ann as well as her teacher, Olive Aileen Hunt pictured in Breedogue Church last Saturday as she made her First Holy Hayden. Communion. Pic: Mick McCormack

Aileen Hunt pictured in Breedogue Church last Saturday as she made her First Holy Communion. Pic: Mick McCormack

Aileen Hunt pictured with her brother Mark last Saturday as she made her First Holy Communion at Breedogue Church near Frenchpark. Pic: Mick McCormack

Cycle of life: Memories of Eamon’s cycling feats… 60 years ago! < PAUL HEALY

The phenomenal growth in the popularity of cycling in Roscommon and throughout the country has been evident for all to see. Over the past decade or so this very welcome trend has seen many cycling clubs being established in towns and villages. Dormant clubs have been reactivated and thousands of people have taken up the sport for various reasons – competitive, recreational, health, fun, etc. One man who has observed the ‘cycling surge’ with interest is Eamon Flanagan. Sixty years ago this summer, Eamon was enjoying a rich ‘run’ of form as a young cyclist. Eamon, still going strong and looking hale and hearty, told the Roscommon People recently that

he was a very keen competitive cyclist in his youth. The Roscommon Champion of the 18th of June 1960 reported on Eamon’s brilliant run of form that summer. Eamon, of Ballybride, Roscommon, wasn’t a member of a club at the time. There was no local club, but he was able to get into competition by associating himself with the Glinsk Cycling Club. The Champion reported: “For the third successive Sunday, a young Roscommon cyclist – Eamon Flanagan, of Ballybride, attached to the Glinsk Cycling Club – figured in the awards lists and in his first year in open competitions, promises to be the best-ever cyclist to represent the county. “Riding at Ballinrobe sports on May 29, he scored a hat-trick of

wins in the one, two and three miles events from all the leading cyclists in the provinces. On June 6 he took his first title – the two miles Co. Galway championship in a photo finish. “On Sunday last, at the national relays at Ballinasloe, Eamon was again runner-up in the one-mile (junior) and the three miles point-to-point senior – a very credible performance – from competitors from Connacht and Leinster. “His performances are all the more outstanding in view of the fact that he has not got any club or team mates to train with, and this young rider, with more experience and track sense, should develop into a class rider and win the highest honours in the sport”.

Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Business ReStart Grant Plus Scheme The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation closed the original Restart Grant Scheme to new applicants on 22nd July 2020. Following the announcement of the July Stimulus the Department has introduced the Restart Grant Plus Scheme for businesses. The new ReStart Grant Plus (RGP) Scheme is now available via our online portal: Key Information: Key changes to the Restart Grant Plus Scheme: • €300m additional funding in addition to €250m previously committed • Grant amount has increased substantially. Minimum grant is now €4,000 and maximum is €25,000. Previous grant amounts were €2,000 and €10,000 respectively • Medium sized companies now eligible Companies with up to 250 employees can now apply (previously the grant was for companies with less than 50 employees) • Increased eligibility Non-rateable B&Bs, sports clubs with commercial activities and trading charity shops are now eligible (Note: Non rated B & Bs must apply to Failte Ireland) To qualify for a grant: • A business must be commercial and in the local authority rates system (apart from non-rateable B&Bs who can apply to Fáilte Ireland) • It must have suffered a 25% loss of expected turnover between 1 April and 30 June 2020 • It must have less than 250 employees and turnover less than €25m • It must commit to remain open or to reopen if closed • It must declare its intention to re-employ staff in receipt of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme

Closing date for applications is 30th September 2020 How do I apply: 1. Applicants that applied under the original Restart Grant Scheme do not need to re-apply, however they will be required to complete a Declaration Form, which is available through My Online Services at: 2. First-time applicants who are now eligible under this Restart Grant Plus Scheme must submit a new Application Form through My Online Services at:

Further information can be obtained from the Rates Section at 090 66 32555 or email Martin Lydon Director of Services Roscommon County Council

Údará Local


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Pitured are: Fionn Hoare, Simon Walker, Kevin Connaughton, Thomas Higgins and Cian O’Connor winners of the Senior GUI Irish Schools Championship Final in Macroom Golf Club , Co. Cork. Picture: (© Golffile | Oisín Keniry).

CBS are All-Ireland golf champions!

CBS Roscommon became the GUI Irish Senior Schools champions in Macroom on Tuesday as they were impressive 4-1 winners over Royal Belfast Academical Institute in the final. Having seen off the challenge of local Cork side Coláiste Choilm from Ballincollig in the

morning semi-finals, the Roscommon lads came up against formidable opponents in Royal Belfast Academical Institute in the afternoon. The Ulster side had ousted Blackrock College from Dublin earlier in their semi-final. Cian O’Connor was the standout player for CBS in the

semis, ending his match with Jack O’Keeffe on the 10th green with a monster 9&8 win. That spurred the team on with Thomas Higgins adding a second point, beating Stephen Riordan 2&1 with Fionn Hoare ending his match early against Luca Rickard with a 6&5 win. In the afternoon final Hoare

put a point on the board early on for Roscommon, with another 6&5 win, this time over Michael Glasgow. Alan Connaughton added a second point with victory over George Craigan 4&2 while wins for Simon Walker over Darcy Hogg (19th) and Cian O’Connor (2&1) on Robert

Craigan closed out the victory by four matches to one. Mark Hodgkins, Golf Coordinator at Roscommon CBS, was delighted afterwards and credited the success of the team to supportive parents and Roscommon Golf Club. “There’s a big sporting tradition in our school, between

football and lots of other sports. This has come on a long way in the last few years and obviously golf has become really successful in the school over the last four or five years. We have to credit the parents really and the local club for the success that the team has had,” he said.

Patsy hosts ‘Reel Thing’ night Thursday, August 28th sees the renowned Roscommon flute player Patsy Hanly host an evening of socially distanced music and stories at Roscommon Arts Centre, with his guests John Carty and seanachai Vincent Pierse. Hailing from Kilrooskey, Patsy was reared in a house where music was held in great reverence – particularly traditional music. Steeped in local style, he has been a hugely important influence on a generation of flute players. He has toured extensively with Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. His music has taken him all over Europe, where – together with his late wife Pauline – he

performed at festivals and concerts. He has performed on TV on numerous occasions. Patsy was the recipient of the ‘TG4 Lifetime Achievement Award’. His guests on the evening include John Carty, a renowned exponent of the banjo, fiddle, tenor guitar and flute. Born in London, John developed his love for fiddle, banjo and flute (all of which he has mastered) through his multiinstrumentalist father, a member of the Glenside Ceili Band in the 1960’s. Returning to Ireland in the early ‘90’s and settling in Boyle, John has received many awards over the

years, including TG4’s Traditional Musician of the Year in 2003. Adding another dimension to the evening will be Patsy’s second guest – seanachai Vincent Pierse, who hails from Kerry but has lived in Roscommon for many years. Vincent is renowned for the humorous tales that he has heard around the fireplaces of Ireland. He will transport you back in time with stories of blacksmiths and journeymen, a time when preparing for the station or the return of ‘yanks’ was the social event of the year. Tickets are now on sale via Roscommon Arts Centre’s box office on 0906 625824 and online at: www.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020





unique take on life ...

Murtagh was hot on the pitch, while I was in the commentary hot seat! Our man in Creggs… on the ongoing plight of rural pubs, his soft spot for The Nolan Sisters, and unexpectedly discovering his inner Willie Hegarty/Marty Morrissey! It’s a sweltering hot August Saturday afternoon, and I am heading off to the amazing football grounds in Ballyleague, home of St. Faithleach’s GAA Club, where my local team, Creggs, are to cross swords with the home club in a Mulryan Construction Intermediate Football Championship clash. I have to say that the grounds and facilities and everything about the club are second to none, and are a credit to what is effectively a small enough rural club. So, a huge well done to everyone involved in putting together such a fantastic set-up in a truly spectacular location.

Sadly for Creggs, on the day the performance of the local team on the field more than matched the quality off it. It was a tough day at the office for our lads as they struggled to live with the power, pace and precision of the Ballyleague men. While we could have been a little closer at the finish, no one could quibble with the final result. The consolation for us is that we have already qualified for the quarter-final, so even if this was a bit of a setback, we will have a chance in two weeks’ time to ‘get back up on the horse’. As for St. Faithleach’s, on Saturday’s performance it is very hard to see anyone beating them, but their management team will know only too well that what went so brilliantly then may not be repeated the next time, and while in my opinion they are definitely the team that should win the championship, there are no guarantees. Before I leave the actual game itself, while by no means a one-man team, the performance of Diarmuid Murtagh (even to a Galway man)

was something special. There is no doubt that he is an exceptional talent. Two of the second-half points that he got were worth the admission fee alone. Each of them from out near the power station, they were simply sublime efforts. There are very few forwards in the country who would have even attempted them! Now everyone who knows me will tell you that when it comes to technology I am still back in the Stone Age…I can’t tune in the TV or the car radio, the DVD player is way beyond me, and my phone – which apparently could do lots of stuff if it was let – is pretty much confined to making and receiving calls (and doing the same with text messages). However, the good news is that my neighbour, Niall Quinn, must be very good with modern technology, because he called to me last week and said he was going to livestream our games. He asked me would I do the commentary. Marty Morrissey was unavailable, and Willie was tied up with Shannonside. Anyway, I said I would, after he

told me that Laura Fleming, one of Roscommon’s best (and best known) footballers would be there to cohost, and that Ian Cooney from the Roscommon Herald would guest at different times during the broadcast. I sort of figured out that two out of three would know what they were talking about, and that not much could go wrong. I got to the pitch in good time, spoke to some of the St. Faithleach’s mentors – who were very helpful and obliging about their team members, etc. – and was ready to go on air in plenty of time for the throw-in. It was only then that the enormity of what Niall Quinn was attempting to do struck me. Apparently whatever technology was involved (all of which he had set up) meant that the Creggs diaspora all around the world could actually watch and hear what was going on in Ballyleague! Among those viewers (that I am aware of) were Jonathan and Derek Mulligan in Australia, their sister Deirdre in New York, James Keane

in Chicago, his brother Daniel in Australia, Ivan Kelly in Edinburgh, and Damien Curley in London, so huge credit to Niall Quinn on setting the wheels in motion and letting our emigrants all around the globe stay in touch with home. It was a pity the result was the way it was, but as I said earlier, we have another day out. As for the commentary, it’s not easy, so hats off to Willie Hegarty. There were times I forgot completely that I was supposed to be talking, times that I had a go at the ref, and several times that I mixed up the names of the players. However, my instinct was right… Laura was accurate, incisive and knowledgeable – and universally acknowledged as excellent. Ian Cooney brought a wealth of experience and knowhow to the table, so a big thanks to both of them. They’ll be back, I’m sure. As for me, I still have to have contract talks with Quinner, but I’m told he is headed for West Clare next week, so you will probably have to put up with Marty Morrissey.

And finally…pubs and the pandemic

THE NOLANS: The singing sisters who have faced many challenges Popular spin would have us believe that there was no such thing as a girl-singing group until the Spice Girls arrived on the scene in the 1990s with their Girl Power. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, as almost 20 years before the Spice Girls appeared the Nolan sisters were singing their way to the top of the charts in most countries of the world. They were particularly big in Japan, winning a Japanese Grammy in 1992, and winning the Tokyo Music Festival in 1981 with ‘Sexy Music’. They had seven international hits between 1979 and 1982, and with record sales of more than 30 million, are one of the world’s all-time biggest-selling girl groups. And so I was saddened to hear that the girls have had lots of hard times over the years. Almost all of them have been financially broke,

some have suffered from depression, and a number of them have had cancer, including Bernie, who sadly died from the disease in 2013 at just 52 years of age. It is clear that bad management at the height of their success let them down. Yet, despite all these traumas, they do not appear to be bitter. Recently, four of the sisters – Maureen, Anne, Linda and Colleen – have been featuring in a TV documentary ‘The Nolans go Cruising’, with six episodes following the sisters as they went on a Mediterranean cruise. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, with the Nolans being really normal and down to earth, and prepared to talk about their battles with all their troubles. They appeared very happy and relaxed as the programme was coming to a close. It was therefore a big shock to read in the papers that

Linda and Anne were both once again diagnosed with cancer as soon as they returned from the cruise, and both are once again facing a major battle for survival. Not least because they gave so much entertainment to so many people during their careers, it seems very unfair that the Nolan sisters have had so much misfortune in their lives. All we can do is wish them well and hope they yet again triumph over adversity. * Staying with the subject of dancing, it is now unavoidable that our annual Cancer Care West and Lourdes Invalid Dance – which was due to be held in September – has to be cancelled, as there is no realistic chance that large gatherings will return any time in the near future. Therefore, and reluctantly, we have to call it off. Hopefully we will resume again in 2021, but sadly even that can’t be guaranteed.

Finally for this week, as most of our rural pubs are still closed due to the regulations imposed on them by our Government, the scenes of shocking behaviour in a restaurant named Berlin in Dublin which have been shown on most media channels are so appalling and disgusting that they are almost unbelievable. The worst thing is it shows that, no matter how many warnings we are given, there are always total idiots out there who will continue to act as if there is no pandemic at all. Last weekend I booked a table in Dolan’s in Creggs for two of us. We were met by Alfie, the friendly security man, checked in, had our pizzas and a pint or two – all totally civilised and regulated. Last orders were taken at 10.15 pm and everyone was gone by 11 pm. It shows that it can be done. No matter what the Government says, surely it would be much safer to have all our rural pubs open? There would be less people being attracted to the odd ones that are presently open, and it seems to me that country people are much more respectful and aware of the necessary social distancing and proper protocol. However, it is probably true that behaviour like what we saw in Berlin will have more of an effect than the good habits being followed in most other places, and it’s highly likely that, as a result, we will find that the reopening of our local pubs will be put back once again. The longer it goes on there can be little doubt that more and more rural pubs will stay permanently closed.

‘Till next week, bye for now



Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

A small wooden chair that moved me to tears < PAUL D’ALTON

Rufus will be ready! One of the sad implications of Covid-19 is the fact that festivals and shows have had to be cancelled. Normally at this time of year preparations would be well advanced for the annual Roscommon Agricultural & Industrial Show. Pictured (with his owner, Teresa) at the Roscommon Show in 2019 was ‘Rufus’. ‘Rufus’ – and many more dogs and their owners – are looking forward to the return of the shows in 2021!

Roscommon postman to ‘Hop on for Hospice’

A Roscommon postman and local councillor is taking to his bike to raise funds for Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation later this month. Joe Murphy, who is a postman in the Strokestown/Curraghroe area, is going to complete his postal run on his ‘post bike’ on Friday, August 28th. Joe is raising funds for the completion of the Roscommon Hospice, which is currently under construction in Roscommon town and is due to be completed next year. His route generally covers around 80km, depending on deliveries on any given day, and on August 28th he will cover that on his bike. Joe said: “I decided to take on this challenge ‘Hop on for Hospice’ as I was looking for a unique way to raise funds for the new palliative care facility in Roscommon. I have taken part in many charity cycles before but currently there is a big demand on our time as post people due to Covid-19 so I decided to interlink my daily postal route and a charity fundraiser. “In my role as a rural postman and as a local county councillor, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impacts of terminal illness. Many of our lives have been touched by illness and I want to do my small bit to ensure that patients and their families are given every support possible at the most difficult time”. CEO of Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation, Martina Jennings said: “We are so grateful to Joe for coming up with this unique fundraising idea for Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation. “Postmen and women have been to the fore in helping the most vulnerable in our society down through the years, but especially during Covid-19. Joe is fundraising specifically for the Roscommon Hospice project, which we are delighted is on schedule to be completed next year. “100% of the money needed for the €6m construction will come from income through fundraising, and that would not be possible were it not for people like Joe. So we would urge people to support him if they can at all”. Joe has set up a GoFundMe page for people to donate to and it can be found on f/877td

Just a week or so ago, it was a normal, everyday conversation on the mobile phone with my stepmother, Anne D’Alton from Knockcroghery, whom I and my mother am privileged to be very close to. “Oh,” Anne kindly said in passing, “I found an old desk chair of your grandfather’s in one of the sheds the other day and I thought you might like it for your study. I’m restoring it for you”. It turned out to be more than just a chair. Horseshoe-shaped, mahogany, ornate spindles throughout and a back rest as solid as granite, yet as comfortable as a newly-made bed, this chair brought back to me a flood of memories which, I won’t deny, on more than one occasion has made me shed a tear. The arm rests are wonderfully gnarled and etched from the years of use, like a weathered, well-used shillelagh, and the more beautiful for all of it. You see, from 1953 my late grandfather, Dan D’Alton, was Principal of Ballagh National School, near to our old family home in Kilrooskey, and opposite Ballagh Church. To this day, men of my age – which isn’t that old! – remember him as ‘Master D’Alton’. A fierce old Fianna Fáil man, he went on to become Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council until his sad passing in 1981. Having been brought up in England from a baby for so many years, I barely knew him, a distant figure but one whom I was aware, even at a very young age, was a hugely respected and admired local personality after he’d come to Roscommon to teach at Ballagh from his home county of Mayo. So when I first sat in the restored chair, now proudly ensconced in my study in our house on the outskirts of Roscommon town, I thought of how many hundreds of local children he had affectionately – and also respectfully, I’m told – tirelessly educated from this very chair, many of whom remain friends

Paul D’Alton.

and neighbours of mine to this very day. But the chair has even more sanguine memories for me. After retiring from teaching, the chair sat by the range in our Kilrooskey house until, after grandfather’s passing, my late father rehoused it at the wellknown pub, D’Alton’s in Fuerty. Always placed by the fire, it was from this chair that my father, Don, famously sang a duet with Bono – the ditty was ‘Three Wheels on My Wagon’ – after the rock star had been invited to the pub with

our mutual family friends Sean Mulryan and the late, and great, Des Whyte from Oran, a dear friend. It was from this chair that famously Dad, oblivious, had asked Bono: “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a singer,” Bono replied. “Are you any good?” asked Dad. “Not too bad,” said Bono, and so they sang their song, Bono kneeling by the chair as they both belted the tune out in perfect harmony. Even more notoriously, it was from this

very chair that on one winter’s night, having after-hours drinks with a handful of friends at the pub, that Dad had to arise to answer a loud knock at the door. It was the Gardaí. Eventually, taking his time just to spite them and the lads drinking doing a dash out the back to the sheep sheds behind the premises, pint glasses in hand, Dad eventually opened the door. “Mr. D’Alton, you have people drinking in your premises at this time of night,” said the Sergeant, “I can hear

voices and conversation”. Unperturbed, Dad replied: “I was talking to my dog,” who was Rambo, his beloved Jack Russell. “And was the dog talking back?” the Sergeant asked incredulously. “He was,” said Dad. A summons was issued, the lads returned from the sheds with their pints, and when it came to court, the Judge, a good friend of Dad’s, asked Gardaí if they could prove that Rambo The Dog couldn’t talk. No, they could not. Case dismissed! The story made the front page of the New York Times and Irish Independent. Two weeks later, the Judge landed in to see my Dad, and asked Dad: “So, Don, where’s this feckin’ talking dog?” My father pointed to this very chair. Rambo The Talking Dog was sitting pride of place in the chair. As the Judge went to move Rambo so the Judge could sit on the throne himself, Dad quickly advised him: “Oh, I wouldn’t do that. He gets very upset when people move him out of that chair”. There was many a laugh on the bar stools around the chair about that. But as I write this, sitting in the very same chair now at my desk, behind me is a wonderful oil painting of my father done by the well-known Castlecoote-based artist Bob Attenbury. It shows Dad sitting in his chair by the fire in the pub, with his favourite scarf and Barbour waistcoat. So glancing behind me to look at him, then turning back and sitting in my chair, I think to myself: grandfather, father and son have used this chair for generations, for learning, for writing and for the craic. Three generations seated in one chair for nearly 70 years. And, call it winsome folly, or sentimental nostalgia, but I feel comforted by my grandfather and father. They are here with me, through the high and the lows that we all go through, a sense of visceral embrace, almost cuddled, by our mutual, beautiful ancient chair.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Strokestown native publishes ‘A Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’ EXTRAORDINARY NEW BOOK BY MIKE LENNON Strokestown native and author Mike Lennon has recently published ‘A Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’.

Compiled by Strokestown native Mike Lennon, ‘A Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’, is a unique and distinguished volume that tells the story of County Roscommon through the lives of those prominent residents who have passed away.

Compiled by Strokestown native Mike Lennon, ‘A Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’ is a unique and distinguished volume that tells the story of County Roscommon through the lives of prominent residents/people associated with Roscommon who are now deceased. The biography, which contains a masterful collection of 5,000 individual entries, chronicles the lives of many of the men and women who have left their mark on the county. It describes the careers of people in all fields of life; including politics, religion, law, literature, journalism, business, trades, medicine, sport, engineering, painting, music and entertainment, and features entries as far back as the 17th century, and as recent as January of this year. The book has also recorded all reported Roscommon-born centenarians, as well as those who died as a result of World War I, the War of Independence, and the Civil War. The criteria for inclusion required that those featured had a significant

tie to Roscommon; those who were born here, had careers here and/or those who’s parents were Roscommon natives. This ‘Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’ is an attempt to remember and pay tribute to those who have made their mark on life in Roscommon and elsewhere down through the centuries. It was compiled to enable present and future generations of Roscommon people to learn about their ancestors and appreciate how their careers and experiences have shaped contemporary life in the county.

Pick up your copy! To encourage and facilitate the widest access, ‘A Dictionary of Roscommon Biography’ is published simultaneously online and in print. Online access is available in Roscommon Library branches in Ballaghaderreen, Boyle, Castlerea, Elphin, Strokestown and at its headquarters in Roscommon town. It will also be available on the website of the Roscommon Herit-

age & Genealogy Company. For those looking to buy the book in print, it is available for sale for €30 in Athlone (Cormican’s Office Supplies, Sean Costello Street), Ballaghaderreen (Newsround, Barrack Street), Ballygar (Centra, Main Street), Boyle (Úna Bhán Tourism, King House), Carrick-on-Shannon (The Reading Room, Bridge Street), Castlerea (Mulvihill’s Newsagents, Main Street), Elphin (Glancy’s Supermarket, Chapel Street), Lanesboro (O’Brien’s Corner Shop, Main Street), Longford (Newsround, Ballymahon Street, Roscommon town (Newsround, The Square and Cormican’s Office Supplies, Abbey Street), Strokestown (Dawn Til Dusk, Elphin Street and Strokestown Park House, The Demesne), and Tulsk (Rathcroghan Visitor Centre, Tulsk Village ( In the greater Dublin area, books may be purchased by contacting Mike Lennon at, by giving your name and address. For more information, visit www.

Don’t Miss Out! a 201-D





DAYS to go...



Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Paul Foxe Foxe Biz Biz card card FINAL FINAL FRONT.pdf FRONT.pdf Paul

David Crean gives some simple financial tips in these challenging times During a crisis like this Covid-19 pandemic, it is very easy for us all to get lost in wider economic issues, at both a national and international level, rather than managing what is within our control. There are some practical steps we can take to help our cash flow in these difficult times. If you are a business owner, you should draft a business plan, which includes cash flow forecasts, to accurately reflect the downturn in business you have experienced. The government has announced a number of measures to help small businesses, and any of these you are availing of should also be included in these cash flow forecasts, in order to give a more realistic projection of your future performance. Some of these measures include: the Employment Wage Support Scheme (which is to replace the ‘Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme’ (if you have suffered a 30% drop in turnover), which subsidises the wages you pay to employees; an ‘Enhanced Restart Grant’ (which can also be availed of if you have previously availed of the original ‘Restart Grant’ scheme); a waiver of commercial rates; a reduction in the standard VAT rate from 23% to 21%; and/or delays in payments on VAT and PAYE liabilities. Every business is different, and the type and level of supports will vary. You should talk to your accountant/advisor to ensure you are availing of all the supports you are entitled to, and build these into a business plan to give you a clear picture of your future income and expenditure (at least that which there is certainty about). While there does not seem to be a lot of obvious supports for farmers as part of the latest government measures announced, there are certain elements that farmers may benefit from. For example, as part of the capital budget allocations, €10m has been set aside for enhanced renewable energy investments for farmers. If you are a ‘PAYE’ worker with no other income, it is likely that you haven’t historically completed an annual tax return. It would be beneficial to do this, and you can ‘go back’ and review up to four years. For example, you may not have claimed tax relief on medical expenses or college fees, or are not claiming a home carer tax credit you are entitled to. In addition, if you are married, you may be due a tax refund if there is a more efficient way to split your tax credits/tax bands. It would be advisable to engage an advisor to perform a review to ensure you are


26/11/2013 26/11/2013

11:51 11:51

For all your accounting and Paul Foxe Paul Foxe taxation requirements




Tel:090 0906600100 6600100 Tel: Mob:087 0876808589 6808589 Mob:



Athlone Road 39AMain MainStreet, Street, 39A Roscommon Roscommon. Roscommon.



Tel: 090 6600100 Mob: 087 6808589 E:


FINBAR O’REILLY & CO. LTD. Chartered Accountants

Abbey Street, Roscommon

Tel: 090 6630760


Chartered Accountants & Statutory Audit Firm 1 Fry Place, Athlone, Co. Westmeath Telephone:

090 64 94311

Email: Web: Our reputation has been built on client

claiming everything you are entitled to. Whether self-employed or not, you may want to save some money, and may find yourself looking at the low interest rates and struggling to see the value of saving. From a tax point of view, it may be worth setting up a pension. This allows you to save money while claiming tax relief in the year you save. Everyone’s situation is different so, again, you should talk to an advisor to see if this would benefit you. If, like so many others, you have been unfortunate enough to lose employment, the government have extended the ‘Pandemic Unemployment Payment’ until April 2021, and have announced a number of training, education and job-seeking assistance measures. * Crean & Co. are an accounting firm based in Roscommon Town. David Crean is as Associate member of Chartered Accountants Ireland and is also a volunteer on the Board of Directors of Roscommon Credit Union. Crean & Co. are contactable via their website, by emailing, and by phoning 090 662 6680.

Crean & Co

Accountants & Tax Consultants

Lanesboro Street, Roscommon. Tel. (090) 6626680 Email:

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4pm


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Helping teens transition from lockdown back into school of not sharing pens, school books and personal items, etc. Remind them about washing their hands thoroughly and about coughing and sneezing protocols.


Parents are currently preparing their children to return to school post the Covid-enforced classroom closures. And, although I don’t have a schoolgoing child, rather I have a grandchild heading into second year in secondary school, I’ll bet, like me and mine, most families are experiencing concerns regarding the whole process. Returning to school following what’s normally a long break can be disruptive to a family’s routine at the best of times, however returning in the midst of a health pandemic will reasonably result in a recipe for apprehension and disquiet. With that in mind, I’ve put together a little ‘how to’ guide in the hope I can help you to help them to deal with what has now become their ‘new normal’ as they re-enter school life. Identify their fears…(if they have any) It’s likely that if your children are concerned, it’s only because you’re concerned. Most kiddies/teens are happy, easy-going, well adjusted individuals and aren’t overthinking the situation in the same way that we are. Reassure students Children need regularity, something

Take your cue from the school Teachers have been preparing for this situation and are fully trained and briefed in the new health and safety protocols, so if you’re concerned, give the school a call and seek advice. Work with, as opposed to against, the school and their rules. To do the opposite will create division and confusion for both you and your child. Remember, like you, the teacher is an important person in your child’s life. which disappeared to a degree during lockdown. While you should reassure them, I believe it may be incorrect to tell them that nothing has changed…they’re not foolish; they know almost everything has changed. They haven’t been able to attend school, to play/hang out in groups, etc. In short, they possess clear evidence that life has changed. Encourage them to talk Many kids/teens may find it difficult to talk about their feelings,

so it may be an idea to offer them prompts by asking them open questions as a starting point to begin your conversation. Ask them what they’re looking forward to, and then ask what they feel may be difficult for them. Empower them Remind children that going back to school is a positive move; however, gently alert them that things are no longer the same. Remind them of the importance of social distancing,

Address Covid-induced diversity gap Some students may not have had access to technology at home, and may not have progressed as well as those who’ve had the benefit of the school’s online learning services. Others may have additional learning needs, something that could serve to exacerbate any anxieties around returning to the classroom. This may (may not) negatively impact on your child’s wellbeing. If this is the

case, chat with your principal prior to them returning, and ask them to acknowledge the possible difficulties ahead. Make sure the school’s in a position to show empathy and patience regarding your child, to offer them support, and above all, to demonstrate inclusion. Keep a focus Try not to obsess too much on the ‘what ifs?’. Instead, try to identify what you can control, and help your child to recognise what they too can control. Ask your school to clearly communicate all information to both you and your child regarding Covid procedures and protocols. Ask how they’re planning to deal with any students who accidentally breach the protocols. Ask if/how they’re planning a ‘settling in’ period to help students adjust to a different life in the classroom. * I’m not a medical professional – nor am I a family or behavioural therapist – I’m simply offering readers some tips as a guideline. If you have concerns regarding your child, contact a healthcare professional for expert advice.


Established: 1986

Main Street, Roscommon. Tel. (090) 662 5049 – Open: 8 am-6 pm (Monday to Saturday) and 8.30 am to 6 pm on Sunday

Large range of stationery and value for money for back to school Large selection of pencil cases

Large selection of schoolbags 12 pack of Crayola Twistables


Tippex 3-pack


10-pack of 88 page copies


Glue stick 4-pack


Back To School Books NOW IN STOCK



School Facts:

Homework Club Early School O

Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

Homework Club.

Low pupil teacher ratio enabling excellent one to one tuition.

BackToSchool/FurtherEducation/Courses Participation in national primary school awards & schemes.

Rahara NS offers a Club for after school opening to facilitat

Rahara National School now enrolling for 2020/21 Sports including basketball, swimming, GAA & soccer.

Rahara National School is now enrolling for 2020/2021. We are a rural school in South Roscommon with loads to offer. During these uncertain times, we are a school that can effectively social distance. We have three large rooms, a large play area and a pitch. We also start our school day at 9 am each morning. Rahara NS boasts two mainstream class teachers and one Special Education teacher. The low pupil-teacher ratio in Rahara NS is a huge advantage to pupils, and allows teachers to easily identify individual talents and the unique needs of each student, which offers a more personalised educational experience. Furthermore, we have the option of supervised playtime for all Junior and Senior Infant pupils from 2-3 pm daily. This gives parents with several children more flexibility as they only have one pick-up per day from the school. We also have a Homework Club, which is supervised by local Montessori teacher, Teresa Nally, and operates from 3 pm-4.30 pm, Monday to Thursday. Between our extended Infant opening time and our Homework Club, we truly are offering a great package to busy parents. All pupils are afforded the opportunity to took part in Project BaaBaa, a project based on get involved in many initiatives. Previously Rahara National School the senior pupils of Rahara NS have achieved the history of sheep and the traditional usage of wool. has an early opening time great success in the SEAI ‘One Good Idea’ The Green Schools programme plays a very competition for the fourth year in a row! Also,from 9am Monday to currently We are the whole school, in conjunction with the lo- important role in Rahara. th working towards our 9 Green Schools Award Friday. cal community, An Taisce and Galway 2020,

We also have our homework club that runs from Monday to Thursday until 4:30 pm

2 spacious classrooms,

large school hall & outdoor learning area providing ample safe space.

Large school yard & pitch.

Proven to be a helpful working parents, H supervised in a safe en allows children to com homework with s

for Global Citizenship-Travel. pupils have Resources &The Programs: Roscommon-Athlone service for engaged in field trips to Aillwee Caves in Clare school and college students toI-pads, learn about caves and different environlaptops, computers, ments and they also visited a Tullamore castle interactive boards. to learn about engineering white as part of Engineers DEPARTS Week. WeCurrent pride ourselveslearning on keeping ourtools school & clean and tidy. Previously we were awarded special needs support. ‘Best Hanging baskets and Window Boxes’ in at 08.00 hrs., Monday – Friday the Roscommon County Council Tidy Schools Buddy program. competition. The pupils are very proud of STOPPING AT this achievement as the pupils used their own Marked tarmac play area. home-made compost and planted only ‘pollinator friendly’ flowers. Guest arts, & cultural Sport also plays a verymusic important role in our school. We have a large playing field, yard and presenters & programs. indoor hall. The pupils have trainers for soccer, gaelic, swimming and tennis. Pupils enter into Cumann na mBunscol competitions and FAI Evening study catered soccer competitions. for with departures from Athlone Recent S To give you a flavour of life in Rahara Nationat 16.00 hrs. and 18.00 hrs. al School, please visit our website or follow include: us on Facebook. Come along and experience BUS SERVICE FOR ROSCOMMON first-hand the wonderful atmosphere in our TOWN SECONDARY SCHOOLS school. Our school motto is ‘Believe, Receive, 9 Green Sc Achieve, Respect, Connect, Learn’. Starting in Curraghroe, Cloontuskert, If you would like more information, please Discover P Lanesboro, Ballyleague and surrounding areas. visit of Facebook page https://www.facebook. & Math Aw For further information please contact com/RaharaNationalSchool and our website Here you can get more inSEAI One Pat Naughton on 087-4105449 formation about our school and also an enrolor 090 66 61058 or Martin 087 9144445 Awards. ment form. We hope to see you soon.

CASEY’S, Roscommon


Fair Trade Hurling & Green Sch Selected E

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Abbey Street,Street, Roscommon, Seán Costello Athlone,Co. Co.Roscommon Westmeath.

Phone: 090 6475232 email: Web:

Rahara NS is in an

Inviting, friendly excellent position to Small enrollment Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020 country school offer safe education allowing for safe to children. Set in the with excellent distancing countryside with BackToethos School/social Further Education/Courses academic large outdoor & and management of and many indoor spaces, Rahara NS isit incan an Inviting, friendly

recent awards & country school with excellent achievements.

academic ethos and many recent awards & achievements.

covid-19 guidelines to Small enrollment

ensure the allowing for safety safe distancing ofsocial your children.

and management of covid-19 guidelines to

ensure the safety of your children. 10mins drive from Roscommon town & 15mins from 10mins drive from Athlone.



excellent meet theposition safety to offer safe education guidelines without to children. Set in the impacting children’s countryside with large outdoor & academic or social indoor spaces, it education. can meet the safety guidelines without impacting children’s academic or social education.

Rahara,RAHARA Co Roscommon

RaharaNational NationalSchool School Rahara ••• •••Roscommon Rahara, Co Rahara, Co Roscommon ••• 090 ••• 662 3393 ••• 090 662 3393 ••• ••• Eircode: F42XR20 ••• Eircode: F42XR20

R ahara N.S. S N R A


Rahara, Co Roscommon

Roscommon town & 15mins from Located on the Athlone.

main Athleague to Located on the Athlone road. main Athleague to Athlone road.

Car pool option from Car pool option from Roscommon town. Roscommon town.

Features: Homework Club. Participation in national primary school awards & schemes. Sports including basketball, swimming, GAA & soccer.

School Facts:

Low pupil teacher ratio enabling excellent one to one tuition. 2 spacious classrooms,

large school hall & outdoor learning area providing ample safe space.

Large school yard & pitch.





Rahara NS has a long history and a strong link to the local community.

Rahara RaharaNS NS has has aa long long history and a stronglink linkto tothe thelocal local community. community strong

Homework Club (HC) & Early School Opening:

Rahara NS offers a Homework Club for after school care & early opening to facilitate parents. Proven to be a helpful resource for working parents, HC is fully supervised in a safe environment & allows children to complete their homework with support.

Resources & Programs: I-pads, laptops, computers, interactive white boards.

“Rahara N S has provided a wonderful learning environment for my children. They have flourished.”

Current learning tools & special needs support. Buddy program. Marked tarmac play area. Guest arts, music & cultural presenters & programs.

Current parent.

Recent School Awards include: Rahara National School has an early opening time from 9am Monday to Friday. We also have our homework club that runs from Monday to Thursday until 4:30 pm

9 Green School Flags. Discover Primary Science & Math Award. SEAI One Good Idea Awards. Fair Trade Schools Award. Hurling & Gaelic Shield. Green Schools Expo Selected Entrant.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Helping parents to get into the groove… < MIRIAM KERINS

The beginning of the new school year is always an exciting time, for both parents and kiddies. However, with the added responsibilities regarding Covid, the school year 20/21 may prove to be a bit overwhelming for the simple reason everyone, i.e. parents, students and teachers alike, will all have to come to terms with what’s not just a different schedule, rather they’ll need to settle into a different routine. With that in mind, your local family-run, family-focused newspaper has come up with what we hope are a few lifesmoothing tips to help you, our lovely parents, find your feet and get into the groove. Noticeboard When I worked at RTE my day was full-on from 5 am ‘til 8 pm; therefore, in order to try and make the house run as smoothly as possible, I’d do up a daily noticeboard; spelling

out exactly what was being asked of each family member. This meant everyone had their responsibilities written right there in front of them. However, while there was no Covid back then, (thankfully), during these virus-menacing times, visually seeing their hygiene routines/protocols written down in front of kiddies may help make it easier for them to transition to their new back-to-school protocols. Messages It’s highly likely that permission slips, reports, letters, or other messages will be sent home from school. However, many parents may worry about the virus being transmitted through such items. Therefore, why not provide each child with an envelope or a sandwich/freezer bag where the teacher can pop in the correspondence, seal it up and keep it safe in the bottom of the schoolbag where you can retrieve it later. Not sure about you, but I believe this is a better option to mammy/daddy

getting upset at the poor kid for putting certain objects directly onto the kitchen table. Uniforms I’ve read reports where parents are being advised to ‘wash school uniforms daily to prevent the coronavirus spread’. Hands up anyone who has time for this! Nobody! My advice? Pop to your local DIY store, buy some shelving or ready-made units and, separate from their normal wardrobes, make individual cubby spaces for each child; including hanging hooks. Then, splash out on two sets of uniforms for each child, (it may be expensive but it’ll save busy parents time in the long run). When kiddies come home, have them hang up that day’s uniform in their own cubby-hole, keeping the worn one separate from normal clothing, that way you’re only washing every second day. The good news from Harvard Health, (the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, Harvard University), is that

recent research suggests that the virus ‘is more likely to survive on a hard surface, than (on) a soft surface like fabric,’ and ‘may not last that long on our clothes’. Name tags

Bridgestone Award Winners

Health Food Store


TELEPHONE: (090) 66 30492 Whole Health Cognitive Complex – Vitamins D & C – Essential nutrients to empower the cognitive functions

Colloidal Silver – Food Supplement for use interntally and externally – Homopathic – helps prime the immune system

Tattie Hoaker Directors: Maureen Brosnan, John Brennan and Aidan Gillan

We have been open during the crisis and we are now back to normal opening hours from 10am to 6pm

Find us on • Website:

Whether you’ve got a small child in primary school or a teen in secondary, as students all wear identical uniforms, I suggest sewing name tags into their clothes so that nobody goes home with someone else’s jumper, jacket or PE gear. Hopefully this exercise will eliminate the onset of any stress or panic occurring in both students’ households regarding the likely dangers of cross-contamination, etc. Of course your teenagers may refuse to be ‘treated like a baby’ and not wish to have their items name-tagged, so perhaps in this instance you could discreetly mark the washing instruction labels inside their uniforms with a permanent smudge-proof, waterproof marker. Job done!

School opens for all children on Tuesday 1st September at different times Parents will be told their child’s start/finish time before they return. We will be in communication regularly with parents via our school website, email and text Website: – Email: • Staff will welcome the children with smiles at the school gate. • Only staff and children are allowed inside the gates when children are being dropped off and collected. • Parents may arrange a meeting with teachers or the principal through the office by ringing 090 6626872. All books stay in school with no transfer of books or resources from home to school. Children will only need to bring a lunch box and drink to school which must be washed with soap daily

Welcome to all our pupils in St. Comán’s Wood Primary School. Together we will promote: • A sense of safety • A sense of calm • A sense of belonging and connectedness to school • A sense of ‘being able to bounce back’ as an individual and together • A sense of hope

• Children will be in class bubbles of no more than 28 children with 2 - 3 adults.

Children will wear their regular school uniform or school All tracksuit classrooms/ toys will be carefully cleaned daily There

• Class bubbles have separate doors, toilets, wash hand basins and play areas. • Class bubbles will not mix with other class bubbles.

Our school’s motto is to “LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN”. This is what we do and this is what we will continue to do.

Dr. Úna Feeley (Principal) and staff look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 1st September.

will be no homework for the month of September


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Separation anxiety: Soothing your child’s ‘first day’ fears < MIRIAM KERINS

As crèches and other childcare facilities had temporarily closed due to the Covid crisis, it stands to reason that children (especially the under-fives) will have spent a lot more time with mammy and daddy. Due to this, (and difficult though it was for those working from home devoid of outside childcare), it stands to reason that the parentchild bond did understandably strengthen considerably. And, while this was a positive aspect of lockdown, especially as the time will have been used to create memories and evaluate priorities, come September, when the term begins – even though most childcare facilities have reopened) – some parents may find their kiddies struggling with making the transition to ‘big’ school. This may be due to the fact that the confidence and attachment everyone has enjoyed as a relaxed family unit will now become interrupted…replaced by our former heavily scheduled pre-Covid lives and activities, inevitably resulting in a degree of separation anxiety for the little ones. Don’t panic! Youngsters thrive

on routine and regularity; so in essence, all you’re doing is swapping the household’s routine for the school’s routine. However, while they’ll eventually slot in and adapt to the consistency of the classroom, it will be up to you, mammy and daddy, to bolster your little one’s resilience. To that end, (while I’m not an expert, and if you’re concerned, speak with your family’s GP), here’s what I advise. Don’t make promises you can’t keep The first day at ‘big’ school is a major milestone in a child’s (and a parent’s) life. There’ll be tears, there’ll be tantrums, (and that’s just the parents), because kiddies have spent the first four/ five years slotting into the family/ childcare/crèche routine; and, due to lockdown, they’ve spent the past six months welded to you 24/7. Gently explain the new and exciting set-up to your child, but do it in a way they can keep their expectations in perspective. Don’t get them all excited about making new ‘close’ friends or about sitting right next to another child, (not entirely possible with restrictions). However, do explain about the new

classmates and create a game out of social distancing, hand washing and coughing and sneezing into their sleeves, etc. This will not only quell your child’s anxieties, it’ll also quell any you may have. The night before… Decide on a fun ‘goodbye’ ritual that’s special to both you and your child. This may help them feel happier in their new surroundings and hopefully distract them from becoming preoccupied by the fact you’re leaving. Do reassure them you’re definitely returning to pick them up when school’s over.

games they’ll play and reassure them that you’ll always be there to pick them up when school is finished.

arrangements, etc. Show them how and where they’ll wash their hands and make sure they can use/reach sanitisers, etc.

Visit the school This week, contact the principal and arrange to pay a socially distant visit with your child. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to meet their teacher. Point out the different child-friendly Covid signs and show them their classroom’s desk

Arrange a playdate If possible, (and if everyone’s in agreement), arrange to meet other parents for a socially distant coffee and familiarise yourselves with each other. A few days before school begins, arrange a playdate with some of your child’s new

Never make comparisons The worst thing any parent can do (in my opinion), is to make comparisons with other children. For example, if your child is crying, never say “Mary doesn’t carry on when her mammy leaves her”. Remember, every child reacts differently. However, if it’s allowed, perhaps you could pop a favourite little cuddly toy into your child’s schoolbag for the sake of familiarity. Do run this by his/her teacher, and keep in mind the school’s hygiene protocols and respect them.

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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


IFA calls for renewal of stamp duty reliefs to encourage farm transfers IFA Farm Business Chair Rose Mary McDonagh has said the renewal of various stamp duty reliefs in the October Budget is crucial for the development of the sector. “Consanguinity (related

persons) and consolidation reliefs under the stamp duty code along with the Young Trained Farm reliefs are vital to the sustainability and viability of the agricultural sector. They align with one of the nine objec-

Property Services Providers Licence No. 002249

TELEPHONE: 094 9620300 Email: Web: THURSDAY WEEKLY:


For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Visit Our Website For Details.

Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Tel. (071) 96 34783 and (071) 96 33344

TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 (090) 96 87651

Your LOCAL Collector Guaranteed lowest price

Lowest price GUARANTEED Daily collection

tives of the CAP – generational renewal,” she said. “The Young Trained Farmer Stamp Duty relief was capped in the Finance Bill of 2018 where it was amalgamated with the Stock and Succession Partnership Reliefs, and a lifetime limit of €70,000 was applied. This limit should be fully removed to allow for greater land mobility to encourage land transfer”. Furthermore, the IFA Farm Business Chair said that agricultural land should be treated separately to commercial property for the purposes of stamp duty. Rose Mary McDonagh said agriculture is a lowmargin, highly capitalintensive business which requires investment in its primary asset – land. At present, agricultural land is considered commercial property and therefore the rate of stamp duty that applies to farms in 7.5%, up

(Proudly serving farmers for over 61 years) Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Friday August 21st @ 11 a.m.


Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. All cattle must be penned by 9.30 a.m. 35 pens of Bullocks & 30 pens of Heifers --------------------Friday August 28th @ 11 a.m. General Sale for Bullocks, Heifers & Dry Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Wednesday August 26th ---------------------------Tuesday September 1st @ 4 p.m.


Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday August 27th --------------------


IFA Farm Business Chair Rose Mary McDonagh

from as low 2% in 2017. “Agricultural land must be removed from the commercial definition and revised in line with

the residential stamp duty charge of 1%, up to €1m, and 2% thereafter,” concluded the IFA Farm Business Chair.

MART WATCH Roscommon Mart Report Sheep Sale, Wednesday, August 19th 2020: There were similar numbers on offer this week with an improvement in trade. Finished lambs made up to €120 for 52kgs. There was excellent quality ewe lambs on offer with prices fetching as high as €130. Stag ewes made from €45 up to €104 per head. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID tag set. Our next sheep sale is next Wednesday, 26th of August. Sheep to be penned by 10 am on day of sale. Finished lambs, sample prices: 52 kgs €120, 48.5 kgs €118, 49.8 kgs €118, 52.3 kgs €115, 47.8 kgs €113, 47kgs €112, 48 kgs €111, 45.2 kgs €110, and 45.6 €110. Ewe lambs, sample prices: 43.3kgs €130, 49kgs €125, 48.4 kgs €120, 42.4 kgs €120, 41.6kgs €110, 38.9kgs €108, and 39.5kgs €100. Store lambs, sample prices: 38 kgs €94, 39 kgs €94, 40.4 kgs €93, 38.4 kgs €93, 36.5kgs €90, 34.6 kgs €88, 36.6 kgs €88, 32.1 kgs €85, 32.8kgs €84, and 32.60 kgs €81. Cast ewes made from €45 to €104 per lot. Breeding ewes, Saturday, August 15th 2020: There were over 1500 breeding sheep on offer at last Saturday’s sale. Customers were anxious for stock. Hoggets fetched up to €270, two-year-old ewes made up to €182, and three-year-olds made up to €156. Sales continue for breeding sheep on Saturday next, August 22nd. Included in the sale, a clearance of approximately of 70 top quality breeding ewes for Thomas Varley, Emlaghmore House, Donamon, Co Roscommon (due to change of farming enterprise). Genuine three and four-year-old Mule X, Suffolk X & Galway Ewes. Hoggets fetch up to €270. Also Pedigree Texel Ram Sale at 2 pm. 40 rams on offer. Viewing from 12 noon to 13.45 pm. Hoggets ranged from €130 up to €270 per head, two-year-old ewes made from €167 up to

€182 per head, and three-year-old ewes made from €120 up to €156 per head. Sale of dry cows, heifers and bullocks, Friday, August 14th 2020: There were good numbers on offer at last Friday’s sale, with a strong trade for all stock. Bullocks averaged from €2.26 per kilo up to €2.74 per kilo. Heifers fetched from an average of €2.22 per kilo up to €2.57 per kilo. Dry cows made from €1.78 per kilo up to €2.25 per kilo. Again this week both buyers and sellers availed of the LSL online app to purchase stock and view their cattle being sold online. Friday August 21st at 11 am: Special sale for bullock and heifers, also dry cows. Sale commence at 11 am. Viewing by appointment from 10 am to 10.45 am. Limited access to the ring for buyers only. Avail of our online bidding facility with LSL. Gates close at 9.45 am. Dry cows ranged from €1.78 up to €2.25 per kilo. Sample prices: Lim X 810 kgs €1550, Lim X 735 kgs €1550, Lim X 750 kgs €1470, Char X 685 kgs €1440, Lim X 780 kgs €1430, Char X 860 kgs €1410, Lim X 1390, Simm X 825 kgs €1370,, Lim 590 kgs €1330, BBX 700 kgs €1250, Lim X 685 kgs €1200, and Lim X 695 kgs €1220. Bullocks ranged from an average of €2.26 up to €2.74 per kilo. Sample prices: BBX 665 kgs €1460, Char X 650 kgs €1420, Char 575 kgs €1380, SAX 665 kgs €1380, Char X 580 kgs €1370, Lim X 575 kgs €1340, Char 550 kgs €1350, 2 Char X 540 kgs €1300, AAx 500 kgs €1110, AAX 545 kgs €1170, 3 Char X 430 €1050, AAX 410 kgs €1000, Lim X 380 kgs €940, and 3 Lim X 325 kgs €890. Heifers ranged from an average of €2.22 per kilo up to €2.57 per kilo. Sample prices: Lim X 605 kgs €1430, Lim X 595 kgs €1340, Lim X 500 kgs €1280, Char 495 kgs €1210, 2 Char X 485 kgs €1175, BAX 465 kgs €1110, Char X 435 kgs €1000, 3 Char X 440 kgs €1080, Char X 380 kgs €980, 2 Lim X 360 kgs €900, 2 Char X 370 kgs €890, and Lim X 440 kgs €1000.

Each Wednesday @ 11 a.m. Yard open at 8.30 a.m. All stock must be penned by 10 a.m. ------------Wednesday September 2nd @ 11 a.m.


Sponsored by Paddy Coffey & Sons Lecarrow Roscommon Class 1: Best pen of 10 or more Store Lambs Class 2: Best Pen of 10 or More Ewe Lambs suitable for Breeding Class 3: Best Pen of 10 or more Finished Lambs Prizes -1st : €100, 2nd €65, 3rd €40 Special Prize for Best Pen of Galway/ Roscommon Ewe Lambs The Phelim Kerin Perpetual Cup (kindly sponsored by the Society’s Auctioneers) will be awarded to the Winner of the Champion Pen of Lambs ------------------------Breeding Ewes & Hoggets – Each Saturday Sale at 11 am. – Gates open at 8 a.m. Viewing from 10 a.m up to 10.45 a.m -------------------------------Included in the sale this Saturday August 22nd

Clearance Sale of approx 40 top-quality breeding ewes For Thomas Varley, Emlaghmore House, Donamon, Co Roscommon - due to change of farming enterprise. Genuine 3 & 4 year-old Mule X, Suffolk X & Galway Ewes ---------------------Saturday August 22nd @ 2 p.m.

Pedigree Texel Ram Sale

(40 Rams on offer) Viewing from 12 noon. to 13.45 p.m. -------------------------------------------------------Live streaming of sales from Ring 1 see link on our Facebook or website

ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

Live streaming of sales from Ring 1 - see Facebook or website Email: Visit our website:

Find us on facebook


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke negotiates lease for Dealz

Kellogues East area, Glenamaddy

Traditional family residence near Glenamaddy coming on to the market A traditional, detached, three-bedroomed bungalow in the Kellogues East area, Glenamaddy, is coming to the market with Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke. The property is centrally located in the north-east of County Galway, only 9 minutes from Glenamaddy, 22 minutes from Roscommon to the east, 22 minutes from Tuam to the south-east, 44 minutes from Athlone, and one hour from Galway city. Standing on a large site, and in need of modernisation, it features a porch, leading to a spacious hall with three large bedrooms to the left, a living room with an open fireplace and lounge/diner with a stove and back boiler to the right, and a family bathroom straight ahead. The kitchen is to the rear, just off the lounge/ diner. There is a large garage attached. Externally, this dwelling is surrounded by mature gardens and fully-grown trees. This house offers traditional authenticity;

peaceful living teamed with beautiful picturesque countryside views, and has all the benefits of modern living. Deceptively large internally (circa 117.2 square metres), this bungalow is a ‘must view’ in order to experience the full value of all that is on offer. Contact the selling agent David at Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke, Goff St., Roscommon town on 0906627200 or email

Sherry FitzGerald P. Burke has negotiated a long lease with Dealz, who will be located in Roscommon Retail Park. It is expected the unit will be opening in approximately four weeks, as work is underway on the fit-out of the 8,000 square foot unit in Roscommon Retail Park, Circular Road. There will be up to fifteen new jobs created as a result of this development. Dealz is a chain of discount retail stores which have 60 stores at present in Ireland and are expanding into other towns in the country. Auctioneer P. Burke, who negotiated the deal, said that this store opening is great news for Roscommon town. He said negotiations have been going on for the last six months, adding that “it is great to get to this stage”. Mr. Burke continued: “It is good news for consumers that there is now an additional retail option for

them in the town. This development is an indication of Roscommon town’s attractiveness to a company of this size. It shows that people are shopping in Roscommon town, and



that customers are making great use of the free parking”. The Roscommon Retail Park is occupied by Iceland, Born, Castlemine, Toytown, FGIR machinInstitute of Professional Auctioneer & Valuers

PSRA Licence No. 001481

ery and Dealz, with two units remaining (one in negotiation at present) of approximately 2,500 square feet and 7,000 square feet of office space.











Price Guide: €250,000.

Price Guide:€295,000.

All offers after €90,000 to sell. Log onto:

Log onto:

Log onto:

A most attractive 2 B/R semi-detached bungalow residence of approx. 845 sq.ft located in the exclusive Oakwood Retirement Village beside Roscommon town, Roscommon University Hospital and all local amenities. The said property is presented for sale in turn key condition throughout with the benefit of spacious living accommodation and a peaceful setting with ample parking facilities. We now invite enquiries, viewings and all offers after €90,000 for immediate sale.

A most impressive 4 B/R two storey residence standing on a beautifully mature site area of approx. 0.42 of an acre. The said property is presented for sale in excellent condition throughout and is situated in a much sought after residential location on the Galway road The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers to sell.

BER: E2.

BER: D1.

Legal: Messers Mahon Sweeney & Co, The Square, Roscommon. 090 66 26102.

Legal: Messers Mahon Sweeney & Co, The Square, Roscommon. 090 66 26102.

A most impressive Georgian period 5 bedroom residence of approx. 2,545 sq.ft standing on a beautiful mature site area of approx. 1 acre. The said property is presented for sale in excellent condition throughout having been carefully maintained and upgraded over the years yet maintaining a wealth of original features such as window shutters, fine fireplace, decorative plasterwork and coving together with an impressive timber staircase. This is a property that must be viewed to be fully appreciated and the joint auctioneers now invite enquiry and offers to sell. Joint Selling Agents: Callaghan Auctioneering, The Square, Castlerea. 094 96 20102. BER: F.

Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon Email: Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Fax: (090) 6625405


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


PSRA Licence No: 003201

New to the Market: -


Immaculate 4 bedroom property presented for sale in show house condition by its present owners with no expense spared. Ideally located within walking distance to Roscommon Town Centre and all amenities, this spacious residence comprises entrance hallway, large sitting room, open plan kitchen/dining room with utility and WC off. First floor – 4 large bedrooms (master ensuite) with attractive timber floors and family bathroom. Price Region: €145,000. BER Rating: D1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New to the Market: -


Impressive four bedroom property situated within walking distance to Knockcroghery Village and convenient to the County Towns of Roscommon and Athlone. Superb house on an elevated site overlooking the village, this residence comprises entrance hallway, sitting room, open plan kitchen with arch to dining area, large utility, 4 large bedrooms, 3 with built in wardrobes, (master ensuite) and family bathroom. The attic, which is suitable for conversion is partly floored and has 2 Velux windows. Outside fully serviced garage with roller door together with landscaped grounds and patio area. Price Region: €235,000 BER Rating: C1 --- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New to the Market: -


5 bedroom detached residence located in this hallmark development in the centre of Roscommon Town within walking distance to all local amenities - railway station, schools, supermarket, bakery, hotel and church. This property would make and excellent family home or investment property. Spacious living accommodation includes:- entrance hallway, kitchen, utility, dining room, and living room, 5 bedrooms (one en-suite) and family bathroom. Price Region: €245,000 BER Rating C3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fantastic residence on elevated site

This 5 bedroom residence (3 ensuite) with its stunning view and elevated site at Mount Prospect, Roscommon is located just two miles from Roscommon town and two miles from the scenic village of Castlecoote. This elegant property features ornate stonework and is built to the highest standards with no expense spared. An added bonus is the c. 0.8 acre of garden which is bounded by mature poplar trees and beautiful hedgerows. The features of this house are almost too numerous to mention, therefore a thorough inspection is highly recommended. Price region €375,000. Please contact Oates Auctioneers for further details, Church Street, Roscommon town, telephone: 090 6627878. E-mail; Website: www.oates. ie.

David Diffley’s sale of the week This week, David Diffley (MIPAV, TVR), of Property Partners Earley, is pleased to advise that he has closed the sale of a quality bungalow sitting on lands of approximately 8.5 acres at Cloghermore and Cartron, Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon for a “very satisfactory” price. David describes the property as “a most attractive, five-bedroomed, dormer-style residence, standing on approximately 8.5 acres of quality agricultural lands, and situated in a peaceful countryside setting”. The said property was offered for sale in three lots, but was eventually sold as one overall lot. Solicitors with carriage of sale were Messers AG Moylan & Co., Loughrea, Co.

Galway. David further commented: “We have experienced a very busy selling period with quality properties attracting strong interest in all areas. Due to demand, we are now seeking

properties in all areas for disappointed underbidders and cash buyers. We welcome all submissions and offer a free appraisal service”. For further details or to arrange a free consul-

tation, please contact David Diffley (MIPAV, TRV) at Property Partners Earley, Roscommon on 090 66 26579, email or log on to www.

New to the Market: -

BALLYMACFARRANE, DONAMON CO. ROSCOMMON, F42 XA47 Charming two storey residence set in a quiet countryside setting adjacent to the famed Donamon Castle on the River Suck which boasts excellent fishing and boating. Roscommon Town is 10 minutes’ drive and 1hr and 40mins to Dublin city centre. The residence stands on c. 1.65 acres with Paddock to side and consists of entrance porch, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, 2 large bedrooms and family bathroom. There is a large fully serviced garage to the side together with oil fired central heating and private well. PRICE REGION: €125,000. REF: D01562

Church Street, Roscommon town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail Website:

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail Website:

Two quality properties which qualify for ‘10% Help to Buy’ scheme on books of Earley’s This week, John Earley (FIPAV), of Property Partners Earley, Roscommon, is pleased to advise that he has two quality new-build properties on the books that qualify for the newlyextended government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. Both properties have the incentive for first-time buyers who can avail of a tax rebate of 10% of the purchase price. The first property is a substantial new-build ‘A’ rated fivebedroomed, two-storey residence of approximately 2,002 square feet, located at 38, Castlemanor, Racecourse Road, Roscommon town, Co. Roscommon. John describes the property as being “a superior quality, new-build, five-bedroomed, de-

tached, two-storey residence located in the established Castlemanor development on the Racecourse Road”. The house will be constructed to the highest quality of finish; a stylishly designed home, offering spacious, well proportioned accommodation for modern family life. High energy efficiency and a bright, relaxed atmosphere are features of this superior home of unmistakable quality and style. BER: A2. All offers after €250,000 to sell. The second property is a luxury new-build, five-bedroomed, detached, two-storey residence, finished to a high standard, located at 11, The Paddock, Athleague, Co.

Roscommon. Price guide: €215,000. John describes the property as “a most attractive and superbly located five-bedroomed detached two-storey residence finished to an extremely high standard”. Incorporated in the price is a €5,000 PC sum to allow for the completion of kitchen/utility units and/or wardrobes. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and offers to sell. BER: A3. For further details or to arrange a viewing, please contact John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley, Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon on 090 66 26579 or via email.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Impressive home at The Walk, Roscommon town REA Seamus Carthy are delighted to present ‘The Arches’ to the market, a most impressive and select six-bedroomed family home. Considered a rare opportunity to acquire a substantial and modern family

home, which was built in 2008, the said home is presented to a high specification internally and benefits from a detached garage and attractive landscaped garden to rear. The property is situated in an

exceptional and much sought after location at the junction of Circular Road and The Walk in Roscommon town. The property is a most impressive family home, with a gross internal floor area of

360 square metres, laid out over two floors with further potential at roof level. Ground floor comprises of a sitting room, family room, kitchen, dining room, utility, wash closet and ensuite playroom.

First floor comprises of a feature, open-plan landing, with six ensuite bedrooms and an ensuite office. The roof level is floored and offers good floor to ceiling height. It is presently being used as

storage space. Enquiries are now invited for this most select property. For more information, contact REA Seamus Carthy, Roscommon town today on 090 66 30001 or via info@

PSRA Licence: 001350





Athleague, Co. Roscommon. Tel. (090) 6663700. Mob. (086) 8985013 • PUBLIC AUCTION c. 17.25 Acres


Newtown, Ballinamore Bridge, County Galway

• Prime Parcel of Lands c.17.25 Acres • Extensive Road Frontage in Renowned Farming District • Potential for Sites (Subject to P/P)

Public Auction – Friday 28th August @ 4pm Venue: On The Lands For further details contact the office on 090-6663700 Legal: Staunton Caulfield Solicitors, Athleague Tel: 090-6663814



3 Bedroom Bungalow at

4 Bedroom Residence on c.1.75 Acres at

Moher, Strokestown County Roscommon F42 YK60

• Attractive three bedroom bungalow in excellent condition • Standing on c. 0.56 Acres with unrivalled views of the surrounding countryside • Viewing comes highly recommended and the auctioneer invites offers for immediate sale To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700 • Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated

“St. Trea’s”, Clooncun West, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway F45 ET86

• Luxury 4-bedroom American Style Residence • Standing on c.1.75 Acres c.1 Mile from Glenamaddy • Spacious Living Accommodation Throughout • Detached Garage to Rear • Commanding Views of Surrounding Countryside

FINAL OFFERS - By 12pm on Friday 28th August To arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6663700 • Viewings at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays also accommodated


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020










4 Bedroom Semi Detached Home presented in excellent condition with tarmac driveway to front and side, manicured gardens to front and rear and attractive patio area. Conveniently located within close proximity to all amenities and an excellent opportunity to acquire a large 120 Sq.M residence in the heart of the thriving town of Roscommon. The said property will be of interest to both owner occupiers and investors and we now invite viewings of this select home. Guide Price: €165,000

Quality 4/5 Bedroom Two Storey home situated in a sought after residential suburb in Roscommon Town convenient to all amenities. Finished to a high standard internally and externally the said residence is set on a generous mature site with its attractive paved driveway, spacious front garden and private rear garden. Enquiries now invited. Guide Price: €250,000

Attractive 3 Bedroom residence presented as new and to a high specification, conveniently located on the outskirts of Ballaghaderreen with ease of access to the N5 national primary route. Set on a generous site with metal deck store to side, the subject property offers an excellent opportunity to acquire a well presented 3 bedroom modern home at excellent value for money. Guide Price: €150,000

Attractive Two Bedroom Mid Terraced Townhouse situated within walking distance to all amenities and considered a quality residential home. This most select property will prove of interest to both the investor and owner occupier market. Presently, a quality tenant is in place and offers a rent roll of €8,040 per annum making the subject sale a ready to go investment opportunity. Guide Price: €185,000


T: 090 66 30001 • W:

PSRA Licence No. 002782

Final offers now invited for quality property at Lanesboro Street, Roscommon town REA Seamus Carthy are now inviting final offers for this high quality, four-bedroomed, detached property, located at Lanesboro Street in Roscommon town. No. 1, Lanesboro Street is finished to a high standard and is in immaculate condition. Internally, the subject property has a gross internal

area of approximately 149 square metres and comprises a kitchen/dining room, utility room, sitting room, playroom/office/bedroom, downstairs wash closet and three double ensuite bedrooms. The said property benefits from a cobblelock driveway and private rear garden. The central location of this property cannot be

underestimated, and it is within walking distance to all amenities. The subject property is presented in ‘turnkey’ condition and viewing is highly recommended. Immediate enquiries are now advised. Please contact REA Seamus Carthy, Roscommon town on 090 6630001. Lanesboro Street, Roscommon

Connaughton Auctioneers confirm sale of two Strokestown properties


Call 090 662 7200




Connaughton Auctioneers have recently concluded two sales in the Strokestown area. The first property consists of a cottage sitting on circa 19.5 acres located adjacent to the town, just off the Tulsk road. The second is an industrial unit located at Lisroyne, just off the town centre. Connaughton Auctioneers are now looking for similar properties for disappointed underbidders. Contact the office on 090 666 3700 for more information.




• C. 54 Acre Site subject to planning permission • Sought after residential area. • Approximately 10 minutes from Athlone Town and Roscommon Town. • Close to all amenities – primary school, golf course, driving range • Site boasts fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200; EMAIL : PBURKE@SFPBURKE.IE


• Dormer 3 bed bungalow circa 1862 sq. ft. under construction. • Located approximately 7km from Charlestown and 15km from Knock International Airport. • Situated in a much sought after countryside area, which offers commanding views of the surrounding countryside. • Sitting on a large site. • Ground floor accommodation includes entrance hall, sitting room, kitchen/dining room utility, bedroom, family bathroom. • First floor 2 large bedrooms one en-suite.

Strategically located in the heart of Roscommon town on Goff St. • Spacious retail unit with rear store, office and utility. • Adjacent to Allied Irish Bank, Sherry Fitzgerald P. Burke and all the amenities of town centre. • Comprises approximately 839 sq. Ft. (78 meters) • This property’s location is pivotal in the heart of Roscommon town.



It’s not just about property. It’s about people. PSRA No. 001316


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Everyone wants it Everyone reads it 80,000 PEOPLE READ OUR NEWSPAPER EVERY WEEK!

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ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP MEETINGS Hannon’s Hotel, Athlone Road, Roscommon town Tuesdays, 9.00pm Thursdays, 1.00pm Saturdays, 8.30pm Sundays, 12 noon



For all foot ailments Siobhan Murray BSc (Hons) Podiatry M.Ch.S.I.

Department of Health Approved

Cloonchambers, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon For appointment: (094) 96 21647 / (089) 4142233 • Home visits • 20 years experience

Tel: 01 4538988 or 091 767777



Complete Chimney Services

Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I.

087 2798704


EVERY FRIDAY St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

085 1503353 086 8538404


• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods CCTV CAMERA INSPECTIONS • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

CONNAUGHT CHIMNEY CLEANING Chimneys Power Sweep ( no mess) - Openfire - Stoves - Ranges Chimney CCTV Inspection OIL BOILERS SERVICED Burners Repaired CARPETS CLEANING Satellite and Digital TV Installation All areas covered Mob: 086 2495851 www.connachtchimney

Department of Health Approved

Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires


Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar

FOOT CLINIC ROSCOMMON – MOLLOYS PHARMACY (Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed

By Appointment Only –

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP




Telephone: 086 8433433

Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon. David Connor

BSC (Hon.) Chiro. MSc. Chiropractic Association of Ireland




Paul McStay


Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit

DSA/ADI (UK) RSA MIAM ROSPA Approved Driving Instructor Former BSM Driving Instructor and UK advanced Met. Police Driver. GIFT VOUCHER CARDS AVAILABLE Castlerea & Roscommon

EDT Lessons Available Telephone:

094 96 20099 Mobile:

086 8936012

COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you? Please call Glynis on

085 2514394


This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation

Learn to drive with ....

Roscommon Driving School Telephone:

090 66 61102 Road Safety Authority Approved Driving Instructor

VHI and Laya Covered


Construction General Building Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations l


Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

087 9268424 BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN See us on



COMPUTERS DC Computer Services Providing IT services for Homes, Businesses & Schools. Home Callouts.


PC Maintenance – Upgrades, Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal. Network Solutions – Cabling, Hardware & Software Installation & Maintenance. Contact David Conboy Tel: 087 7496459 Email: Web:


FOR SALE < FOR SALE: All going for €10.00. 2 family picture stands, 2 stools, 1 double dbed headboards, 2 small beside lockers, 1 dress table mirror. All in good condition. Tel. Anne, 087 2822050.

• Sprayers tested on owners premises • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. • Small stock parts fitted on site (if necessary) Dept. of Agriculture regulations. From 2020 all sprayes are required to be tested every 3 years Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: D.A.F.M. Approved Reg No: EL000083

< ABATTOIR SERVICE AVAILABLE: Cattle, lambs and pigs. Ready for freezing. Home Cured and Honey Dry cured traditional bacon (not pumped with water) now available. Tel: Webb’s Butcher’s, 094 96 20005 or 086 4094715. < FOR SALE: Round bales of silage. Great quality, saved without rain. Tel. 089 4963372. < ROUND BALES OF HAY AND SILAGE for sale. Can be delivered locally. Also round bales of hay for sale. Tel: 086 3776948.


FRANCIS REGAN FENCING LTD For all your fencing needs. Glas Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail

l l


Tel: 087 2172281

Des Kelly Fencing Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on

087 2346364


Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496

• Certified Arborists • Tree Surgery • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Leylandii hedges reduced and shaped Comprehensive Insurance Cover. I.S.A. member.

Tel: 086 6077307 or 086 8125165



Tree Services

• Hedge Cutting • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Fully Insured


087 2721193 WALTER BEGLEY

Gardening, Maintenance & Painting Roscommon Town • Indoor & Outdoor Painting • Winter Garden Clean-Up • Power Washing Driveways - Paths • Prepare Lawns for Spring • Hedge Trimming • Planting • Grass Cutting • General Maintenance

Contact Walter on 087 9519873 < GARDENING SERVICE: Overgrown shrubs and hedges, cut back and mulched. Contact 086 2437376


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

Classifieds GARDENING



l General Maintenance Dangerous Tree Removal l Garden Hedges & Trees reduced and shaped l Wood Chipping l Fully Insured Contact Alan on


087 6558597


To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email

PROPERTIES TO LET/RENT/WANTED CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732

< TO LET: 3-bedroomed house to let in The Oaks, Frenchpark, Roscommon. O.H.C.H. Open fire, large kitchen All mod. cons. Newly renovated. Ideal for family or professionals. Tel. 089 2266682.


Roscommon Physical Therapy Clinic Movement Matters

Waldron Lawnmowers

Tel. 086 7866774 GARDENING SERVICES Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

Phone John on

087 2860428 Garden & Home Maintenance Services Give it professional care! Services offered: – Powerwashing – Lawn Mowing – Outdoor Cleanup – and much more ...

Covering Castlerea, Ballintubber, Ballymoe, Tulsk, Castleplunkett and Ballinlough areas

Contact: David on 085 252 0355 for more information and a free quote.

20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries. Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes

Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009 Like us on Facebook 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902



086 4679798 PAINTER & DECORATOR Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Phone Alan on:


REFLEXOLOGY MARINA FUREY (MNRRI) Reflexology may bring relief from conditions such as: • Allergies • Colic • Eczema • Constipation • Migraine • Back Problems • Stress • Infertility • Insomnia • Respiratory Disorders • Blood Pressure • Pain • Bowel Disorders • Joint/Muscle Problems • Thyroid Imbalance • Emotional Disorders - Fertility Reflexology - Ante Natal Reflexology - Baby Reflexology - Cancer Care Reflexology - Special Needs Reflexology

Mobile Service Available Marina Furey B. Sc. (Hons)

Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon

Tel: 087 2264951 Find us on facebook

HOLISTIC JOAN MOORE Therapy Rooms • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Reflexology • Indian head Massage • Reiki • Aromatherapy • Dry needling • Thai Massage Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon

087 9201818

Gift vouchers now available

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Quality Small Job Services For Home or Business

CAN’T FIND ANYONE to do that small job, or you haven’t got the time ...

WE DO ANYTHING From fitting Curtain Rails to laying that footpath • Fast Reliable Service • Professional, Courteous Employees • Trustworthy

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL ! 094 96 31880 087 9100477 Established since 2005




TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815 < ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: Rewires, first and second fix new houses, fuse board upgrade. All farm buildings and sheds, security lighting and garden lights. Tel: Tom on 086 0815802. < HANDYMAN SERVICES: Do you need odd jobs doing around your home/yard? Don’t have time to do them yourself? Don’t want to contact a specialised tradesman to carry out these tasks? l Gardening l Stonework l Clean up/Tidying l Concrete repairs l Fence repairs l Pointing/Repointing l Cutting/Chopping firewood. Honest Service Provided at a Reasonable Rate. Phone: 087 2176205

Electrician Available Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@

Do you have a house or shed that you want cleaned out and all unwanted items removed? If so ring: 087 9657933 or 090 6626752


POWER WASHING SERVICES Covering all Roscomon and Leitrim areas 10% DISCOUNT for Senior Citizens when they mention the ‘Roscommon People’ newspaper Areas cleaned include: • All external walls • Driveways • Paths • Patios • Houses, inc. gutters Soft washing available for rendered and painted walls and houses Reliable and professional service with a smile

< THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Bags of seasoned firewood only €2 per bag• Bags of turf only €2.50 per bag, buy 20 get 2 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf €35 per bay, or buy tonne firewood + tonne turf + 2 bags coal 20kg all for €80 delivered. • Stove coal 40kg bags only €14, buy 10 bags get 1 20kg bag coal free. • 8x4 trailer load firewood only €90. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439 WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured. Phone:

086 2437376

Evo Roofing & Guttering Experts CONNAUGHT AREA

Call on 091 734122 or 085 1240639

• All types of roof repairs • Gutter cleaning from €49 • PVC fitted • Roof moss removal • Chimney repairs • Power washing • Ridge Piping • Lead valley repair • New tiles • Quality work, guaranteed

No job too big or too small


< TURF FOR SALE: In tonne bags, delivery to Roscommon town and surrounding areas. Price €50. Bag and delivery also included in price. Tel: 086 8534011

< SALE OF TURF until the end of August. 5.5 – 6 tonne lorry load of turf. All screened and delivered. Loads for as little as €330 per load in the Athlone area. Will deliver to surrounding counties at small extra charge. Tel. 086 7236301. < TOP QUALITY hopper turf. Delivered. North Roscommon area. Tel. 087 6810849.



086 2721812 (All areas)




Junior and Leaving Certificate Higher Level Experienced Higher Level Teacher Outstanding results record Excellent notes provided Application Forms now available Contact by phone/text:

Lorraine Beirne 086 3688302

087 2683079

EMAIL: roscommonmathsgrinds


Design Consultation Planning Applications New Build, Extend, Renovate Bespoke Design Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural

086 3482387

Tel. 089 2386442

090 6661635 or Mobile:


< NURSE due to retire in the near future will be available to care for person(s) in their own home. Ballygar/ Newbridge and surrounding areas. Please reply to Box no. 2026.

SITUATIONS VACANT < LADY REQUIRED to mind 2 children two days a week in the Ballygar area. Tel. 086 3038440.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying on behalf of Padraig Egan for planning permission to upgrade and relocate an existing land entrance and to construct a new storage shed with hardstand area and all associated site development works. at Newtown Td, Co. Roscommon. Signed: AOL Design Ltd., Consulting Engineers, C/O Albert Looby, Killeenboy, Kilteevan, Co Roscommon. Tel: (090) 66 28184 Mobile:(086) 8167365 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Colm Garvey and Jenny Connellan, intend to apply to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to erect a new dwelling house and provide a sewerage system and a treatment plant, to provide secondary and tertiary treatment, and all associated works at Carrowcuill Td., Kilmore, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Roscommon. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Colm Garvey & Jenny Connellan.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020

Classifieds PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Vincent Collins, am applying for permission for retentin of 87.5 sq. m. extension to main agriculture shed and for retention of 95 sq. m. agriculture equipment shed in existing farmyard. Also, permission is sought for construction of 31.2 sq. m. dungstead and construction of 215 sq. m. extension to main shed to include a slatted area and all associated site works at Bally More Td., Strokestown, Co. Roscommon.

Signed: Brandon O’Brien (Agent), Consulting Engineers. Tel. 090 66 25005. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, APK Architects & Engineers are applying to Roscommon County Council on behalf of Simon Griffin for planning permission to Install packaged wastewater treatment system and polishing filter and carry out all ancillary site works at Creggancor Td., Thomastown, Trien, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, F45 V264

The Planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Francis & Conor Mulrennan, intend to apply for Permission for the construction of a slatted shed along with connections to all site services and all other associated site works. At: Corramagrine Td, Whitehall, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Murtagh Engineering Chartered Consulting Engineers, Tarmonbarry, Co Roscommon. Ph: (086) 3490965


Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon

I, Eoghan Finneran, intend to apply for planning permission to Roscommon County Council to construct a 3-bay loose shed, slatted tank and concrete silage slab together with all associated site works at Onagh, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co Roscommon.

The Planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Eoghan Finneran


Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, County Roscommon

I, Joseph Finneran, intend to apply to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to construct a 6-bay slatted sheep shed, a sheep dipping tub and sheep handling unit together with all associated site works at Onagh, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co Roscommon.

The Planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed on Behalf of Joseph Finneran, by Eoghan Finneran – Agent. Onagh Consulting Ltd. Tel. 090 96 11911 Email:

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Niall & Chantelle McGinley, intend to apply for permission for development at Creggane, Cornafulla, Athlone, County Roscommon. The development will consist of the construction of a new five-bedroom dormer bungalow, new waste water treatment system and all associated site development works. Retention permission is also sought for existing mobile home and existing temporary waste water treatment system and all associated site development works

The Planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email


Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre Four Mile House Community Playgroup CLG Four Mile House, Co Roscommon

Tel/Fax: 090 66 29844 CHY 12629 Email:

Early Years Teacher Full-time Fixed Term Contract and Part-time Fixed Term Afternoons Essential Criteria: • Minimum QQI/Fetac V in ECCE • Ability to ensure the health and safety of children at all times • Experience planning child-centred activities • Experience working as part of a team • Good oral and written communication • Ability to work on own initiative, willing to work flexible hours • Garda Vetting required Desirable Criteria: • QQI/Fetac VI in ECCE or higher qualification/equivalent • Experience working with different ages of children from babies to toddlers, to preschool to after school • Strong Knowledge in High/Scope Curriculum & Síolta • Current First Aid Certificate, Children First Training, Manual Handling, and any other certificates relevant to Early Childhood Education and Care. Shortlisting of candidates may apply. Subject to Garda Clearance. Please call for a blank Garda Clearance Form. Job description available upon request. A panel may be formed from which future vacancies may be filled, including relief work. Canvassing will disqualify. Interested applicants should send in completed Garda Clearance Form with letter of expression of interest and CV no later than Wednesday, 2 September 2020 5pm to: The Manager, Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon F42W326. Tel. 090 662 9844. Email: Cuan Bhríde Childcare Centre is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

BALLYGAR Community Playgroup are seeking

Relief Worker

Minimum Criteria: FETAC Level 5 in Childcare Send CV for attention of The Chairperson – email:


PART TIME DELIVERY DRIVER 2 / 3 Days per week Early Start & Early Finish

Box No. 2025

Part time cleaner required 10 hours per week in Kingsland Primary School, Boyle, Co. Roscommon Monday to Friday 2 hours each evening after school. Fixed term September 2020 /June 2021. Duties will be mainly cleaning, sanitizing touch surfaces etc. Apply in writing to: Chairperson of Board of Management. Please include CV, and any references. Closing date, Monday 24th August Maria Lavin, Secretary, Board of Management, Kingsland Primary School

STAFF WANTED Both Kitchen and Restaurant Staff Part-time/full-time , experience essential, good level of English required

Apply: Horan’s Restaurant, Racecourse Rd., Roscommon Town, 090 6626380

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL FURTHER INFORMATION Applicant: Board of Management Tulsk National School, Description of development: Permission for the construction of a stand-alone classroom, to the rear of the existing school, comprising of one classroom, toilets and circulation area, site boundary to include lands previously used by the Church and the Parochial House, including connections to all services and all other associated site works. Location: Tulsk National School, Carrownageelaun Td. Tulsk, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, F45 VE84. Planning Reference Number: PD/20/72 Significant “Further Information” in relation to this application has been furnished to the planning authority and is available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours, and a submission or observation in relation to the “Further Information” may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 not later than two weeks after the receipt of the newspaper notice and site notice by the planning authority. There will be no fee payable on a further submission/observation if it is accompanied by a copy of the acknowledgement of a previous submission/ observation. Signed: Collins Boyd Engineering Ltd., Engineers & Architects, Galway Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. Ph (090)6634421. Fax: (090)6634423. Email: info@

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I am applying on behalf of St Aidan’s G.A.A. Club for planning permission for erection of Pre Cast Concrete Hurling Wall at club grounds, Ballyforan, Co. Roscommon Signed Aidan Thompson, Chairperson.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the :Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Authority of the application, and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions , or may refuse to grant permission.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. M.M. A PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendour of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother. O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succour me in this necessity; there are none that can withstand your power. O, show me herein you are my Mother, O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3 times) Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. (3 times). M.M. THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. A.H. THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your Father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. G.W.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email

Chimney Problems


Racecourse Road, Roscommon

Dooley Chimney Repairs • Lining

WE SUPPLY & FIT Double & Treble Glazed Windows & Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Porches and Conservatories WIDE RANGE OF COMPOSITE DOORS

• Relining • Rebuilding • CCTV Camera Inspection

uPVC Window and Door Locksmith We are the only Licensed Window and Door Locksmith in Roscommon

Cathal Dooley 087 6579064

20 Years Experience Free Insurance Quotes

Telephone: 090 66 33026

Nationwide Service Stoves and Ranges Fitted All Work Guaranteed



Window and Door Repairs BRENDAN DOOLIN

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Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


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FAMILYNOTICES ....ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND ANNIVERSARIES CUNNINGHAM (nee KELLY) JEAN (Barrymore, Kiltoom, Athlone, Co. Roscommon) 1st Anniversary Died 22nd August 2019

McGOWAN Padraic


(15th Anniversary)

Turpane, Ballyforan In loving memory of our dear son Kevin who died on the 13th August 1996 (Aged 15 years). (24th Anniversary)

Jean’s family wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who sympathised with us following her sad loss. Thanks to our family, friends and neighbours for your kindness and support. To Father Deignan and Canon Devine who officiated at her funeral and the Forget me Nots choir along with Keith, Lorraine & Frankie McDonald - thank you for your lovely music and singing. We are very grateful for everybody who attended Jean’s funeral, sent Mass cards, flowers and who travelled long distances to be with us, we thank you. Jean’s First Anniversary Mass will take place on Saturday 22nd August at 6.30pm in St Peter & Paul’s Church, Athlone. “Deeply missed and lovingly remembered always and forever”

Loved always by his mother, brother and sisters. Anniversary Mass in the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon on 25th August at 11am.

O’DONNELL Ada Edel Vale, Circular Road, Roscommon (9th Anniversary)

CUNNINGHAM JEAN Barrymore, Kiltoom, Athlone, Co. Roscommon (1st Anniversary) Treasured memories of a dear mother who passed away 22nd August 2019. Love and memories are forever, In our hearts you will always stay, We think of you always, Especially today.

Always loved and sadly missed by her son Wayne, daughter-in-law Tara and granddaughters Katy & Ellie.

MORAN Dan Tibarney, Mount Talbot 1st Anniversary 29th August, 2020

In loving memory of Dan Moran whose 1st anniversary occurs on 29th August, 2020 and his wife, Josephine, whose 11th anniversary occurs on 23rd August 2020. Lovingly remembered by their family, neighbours and friends.


(nee Kelly)

In loving memory of Ada, who died on 27th August 2011 Lovingly remembered and sadly missed by Derry and family. Anniversary Mass in The Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon on Thursday, 27th August at 11am.

NAUGHTON Geraldine (8th Anniversary)

3rd Anniversary Curraghroe

Sadly missed along life’s way Quietly remembered every day. No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts you are always there

Always remembered by her husband, Malachy and sons John, Malacy Jnr. and Anthony and daughters Mary, Anne and Eileen; grandchildren, extended family, friends and neighbours.

In loving memory of Geraldine Naughton, Tully East, Ballygar, Co. Galway, who died on 25th August 2012. “Quietly today your memory is kept, No need for words we will never forget, When thoughts go back as they always do, We treasure the memories we have of you.”

Sadly missed by her mother Mary, brother Michael, family and friends. Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Ballygar on Saturday, August 22nd at 7.30pm.

(nee McCrann) 22nd August 2002 Strokestown

BRIAN MURRAY MEMORIALS • Superior Quality Headstones • Restoration work carried out • New Inscriptions added


087 6758874 Scrine, Athleague, Co. Roscommon E:

In loving memory of Padraic, Carrownabrickna, Roscommon, who died on the 27th August 2005. A silent thought, a quiet prayer for a special person in Gods care.


August comes with sad regret, The day, the month We will never forget, A tribute of love to a son so dear, So close to our hearts Each day of the year, Falling tears and aching hearts, Are things we have to bear, But losing Kevin the way We did, will always seem unfair. Pray for us, O Dearest Father, To Jesus Christ our King, That he may bless our lonely home, Where thou once dwelt therein, And pray that God may give us strength, To bear our heavy loss, For no one knows only He, The treasure we have lost. Loved and sadly missed by Mammy and Daddy. ~~~~~~~~~~ KEVIN To have you for our brother Was cause enough for pride, No one could ever equal you, No matter how they tried, Although we cannot see you, You are with us night and day, For you have a special love, Death cannot take away, Your gentle nature, Your kindly ways, Leave golden memories of bygone days, Never selfish, Always kind, What happy memories you left behind, Will those who think of him today, A little prayer to Jesus say. Loved and remembered always by your brothers Michael and Frank. ~~~~~~~~~~ KEVIN So many things have happened Since you were called away So many things to share with you Had you been left to stay. Loved and missed by Michael and Maria, Ciarán Kevin. Anniversary Mass at 7.30pm

on Friday 21st August in Ballyforan Church.

Remembering a true lady and mother who faced the world with determination, optimism and courage to do the utmost for her family. Please take a moment and say a prayer for Anne. “I cannot pay my debt For all the love that she has given; But Thou, love’s Lord, wilt not forget Her due reward,- bless her in Earth and Heaven.”

Remember also her husband, Frank (2002).

Rogers Funeral Directors Rooskey

Mobile: 087 2365453 Landline: 071 9638739 email:

You are both still guiding your sons.

QUIGLEY Michael Creevy, Roscommon (15th Anniversary)

Love’s Greatest Gift - Remembrance

In loving memory of Michael, who died on 28th August 2005 May he Rest In Peace Those we love Don’t go away, They walk beside us everyday, Unseen, unheard, But always near, Still loved, still missed, Still very dear.

Loved and sadly missed by your sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughtersin-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Anniversary Mass on Tuesday 25th of August at 8am in Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon.

MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

Email or call for Sample Pack

Notice re. Memoriams and Anniversaries If you wish to place acknowledgements, memoriam notices, birthday and anniversary remembrances, please email them to

or call us on 086 8054227 or by post, along with your name and contact details, to Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon Don’t worry if you do not have a credit card. We value your business over the years and will make arrangements for payment at a later stage.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Ronan rockets Roscommon Gaels into the last eight Action from Roscommon Gaels v Fuerty last weekend. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

THE WEEKEND’S RESULTS Senior Football Championship Group A Clann na nGael 0-17 Strokestown 1-6 St Brigid’s 3-17 Elphin 1-12 Senior Football Championship Group B Western Gaels 4-20 St Croan’s 1-10 Roscommon Gaels 2-12 Fuerty 0-13 Senior Football Championship Group C Boyle 1-15 Michael Glavey’s 0-7 Tulsk Lord Edward’s 1-11 Pádraig Pearses 1-10 Intermediate Football Championship Group A Oran 0-14 Éire Óg 0-11 Kilmore 0-14 Castlerea St Kevin’s 2-7 Intermediate Football Championship Group B St Aidan’s 4-17 Kilbride 1-18 St. Faithleach’s 0-18 Creggs 0-7 Intermediate Football Championship Group C Ballinameen 2-15 St Barry’s 2-5 St Dominic’s 1-13 Shannon Gaels 1-11 Junior A Football Championship Group A Roscommon Gaels 1-17 St Dominic’s 2-11 St Joseph’s 1-14 Castlerea St Kevin’s 0-6 Junior A Football Championship Group B St Michael’s 3-13 Boyle 1-6 St Brigid’s 1-12 St Ronan’s 0-13 Junior A Football Championship Group C Clann na nGael 1-25 Elphin 0-8 Padraig Pearses 2-14 Kilglass Gaels 1-7


of the weekend Hodson Bay Hotel Roscommon SFC (Group B) Roscommon Gaels 2-12 Fuerty 0-13 < SEAMUS DUKE

Goals from Mark Healy early in the first half and Ronan Carolan in the 42nd minute were decisive as Roscommon Gaels won this very competitive local derby at Mulhern Park last Sunday. The win guaranteed the town team a quarter-final spot while Fuerty will have to battle it out with Strokestown and Tulsk to avoid relegation. In dry, humid conditions, the Gaels were slightly the better side, especially in attack where they had more options than the home side, who were almost totally reliant on the free-taking prowess of Niall Kilroy and Gearoid Ennis. Having exchanged early points through Gearoid Ennis (free) and Orin Walsh, the Gaels struck their first goal in the 8th minute when Peter Gillooly’s sideline ball was fielded by Mark Healy who drove the ball low and hard beyond Joe Fallon.

With Richard Hughes again outstanding, and Ronan Carolan and Mark Healy also very prominent, the town team dominated the play in the first half and their 1-5 to 0-3 half-time lead was well deserved, with Fuerty’s three points all coming from placed balls. The second half was far more of a contest. Points from Kilroy (three frees) and a fine score from play from Philip Neilan saw the margin down to three (1-7 to 0-7) by the 40th minute. The Gaels then struck again to put some distance between the sides. Brian Kelly pointed a free in the 41st minute and then a minute later Fuerty gave the ball away cheaply in defence and Carolan pounced to drill the ball home – and suddenly there was a seven-point gap. Full credit to Fuerty, they battled away and again reduced the margin to three (2-9 to 0-12) going into injury-time – but three points on the bounce from Kieran Kilcline (2) and sub James O’Gara closed out the deal for Liam McNeill’s men. ‘Bigger fish’ now await for the Gaels, who will be trying to put the misery of the near-misses of the past few years behind them. The jury is still out on whether they have a team equipped to win the Fahey Cup for the first time since 2004, but they are safely into the last eight and that was the objective at the start of the group stages. Fuerty face a battle for senior survival and it will be an uphill struggle for Malachy Gately’s men when they face Strokestown and a revitalised Tulsk. Roscommon Gaels: James Fetherstone; Tim Lambe, Kevin O’Gara, Ryan Horan; Orin Walshe

(0-1), Richard Hughes, Paul Gleeson; Mark Healy (1-0), Bryan O’Gara; Scott Oates, Brian Kelly (0-2, frees), Kieran Kilcline (0-3, 1 mark); Ronan Carolan (1-3), Cathal Dineen, Peter Gillooly (0-2). Subs: David O’Gara for Hughes (30), Patrick Fannon for B O’Gara (37), James O’Gara (0-1) for Oates (46), Richard Walshe for Gillooly (63), Joey O’Malley for D O’Gara (64). Fuerty: Joe Fallon; Adam Whyte, Tom Bannon, Darragh Heavey; Mark Ward, Peter Kellehan, Philip Neilan (0-1); Joe Brennan, Niall Keenan; John Brennan, Eamon Bannon (0-1), Oisin Lyons; Cian Murray, Gearoid Ennis (0-3, frees), Niall Kilroy (0-8, 7 frees). Subs: Ben McGahon for Joe Brennan (h/t), Christy Leahy for John Brennan (5), Darragh Mullen for Lyons (53), Thomas Clayton for Heavey (62). Referee: James Murray (Tulsk).

Stat attack Wides: Roscommon Gaels 3 (1, first half ); Fuerty 3 (2, first half ) Red cards: 0 Black cards: 0 Yellow cards: Roscommon Gaels 4 (Brian Kelly, Kieran Kilcline, Orin Walshe, Tim Lambe); Fuerty 4 (Gearoid Ennis, Philip Neilan, Niall Keenan, Eamon Bannon) Man of the Match: Ronan Carolan (Roscommon Gaels)


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


CLOSE QUARTERS! Western Gaels’ players and manager Fergal O’Donnell before throw-in. Picture: Michael McCormack

Elphin and Glavey’s chasing last quarter-final place < SEAMUS DUKE

In the Hodson Bay SFC (Group A), frontrunners St. Brigid’s and Clann na nGael continued their good form on Saturday night. Ciaran Lennon scored 0-7 and Cathal Callinan 0-4 as Liam Kerins’ men comfortably qualified for the quarter-finals with an impressive win against Strokestown at Johnstown. However, Clann had to make do with second place in the group as St. Brigid’s’ young guns scored 3-17 against Elphin to finish on top and gain one of the seeded spots. Ben O’Carroll was once again outstanding but the scoring honours went to another young player, Brian Derwin, who bagged an impressive 2-6. Elphin will now face Michael

Glavey’s this Sunday for a place in the last eight. Strokestown will have to prepare for a relegation battle – facing Fuerty – with the losers of that game playing Tulsk.

Group B Western Gaels were the most impressive winners of the weekend as they notched 4-20 against St. Croan’s at Frenchpark. Finbar Cregg scored 1-7 as Fergie O’Donnell’s men powered into the last eight on top of the group. Roscommon Gaels finished second after their win against Fuerty in the local derby at Mulhern Park (see match report). The town team were also drawn out of the hat to join the seeded teams ahead of the quarter-final draw.

Roscommon People SFC Team of the Week Aaron Dowd (Western Gaels) Tadhg O’Rourke (Tulsk)

Fergal Lennon (Clann na nGael)

Richard Hughes (Roscommon Gaels)

Cathal Cregg (Western Gaels)

Cathal Shine (Clann na nGael)

Cathal Callinan (Clann na nGael)

Ronan Carolan (Roscommon Gaels)

Tommie Devine (Western Gaels)

Tadhg McKenna (Boyle)

Roch Hanmore (Boyle)

Donie Smith (Boyle)

Finbar Cregg (Western Gaels)

Callum Fahey (Tulsk)

Brian Derwin (St Brigid’s)

St. Croan’s will play in the quarter-finals after they were drawn out as ‘team number seven’. Fuerty face Strokestown in a relegation battle.

Group C Shock of the weekend came in Tulsk as the local side pipped champions Padraig Pearses by a point, with Thomas O’Rourke’s late free securing a sensational win for last year’s intermediate champions. At Abbey Park, Boyle were the convincing winners against Michael Glavey’s with Donie Smith scoring 1-6 for the winners who top the group and are seeded for the quarter-finals. Michael Glavey’s face Elphin for a last eight place this Sunday, while Tulsk, despite their heroics at the weekend, will await the Fuerty v Strokestown game in the relegation playoffs.

Mulryan Construction IFC There were several excellent performances in the Mulryan Construction IFC in perfect weather conditions over the weekend. Oran continued their superb form with another win, this time against Éire Óg at Rockfield, in what was a thrilling match in Group A. Kilmore pipped Castlerea in a cliffhanger in Kilmore. Oran and Kilmore are in the last eight alongside Éire Óg who had the luck of the draw at the weekend and will line up in the quarter-finals. In Group B, St. Faithleach’s justified their favourites tag with a top class display against Creggs, with Diarmuid Murtagh outstanding. Contenders for ‘Performance of the weekend’ were St. Aidan’s, who put 4-17 past Kilbride. St. Faithleach’s and

Action from Oran v Éire Óg last weekend. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Creggs are through to the quarter-finals while St. Aidan’s will play Ballinameen for the final spot in the last eight. In Group C, St. Dominic’s survived a scare from Shannon Gaels before emerging unbeaten and top of the group.

In the winner-takes-all match in Tarmonbarry, junior champions Ballinameen defeated St. Barry’s, who will now have to wait to see who wins between Castlerea and Kilbride in the ‘relegation stakes’. Note: The draws for the quar-

ter-finals in the senior and intermediate football championships will take place in Boyle on Sunday next following the play-off game between Michael Glavey’s and Elphin (which is at 4 pm).


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


GAA Extra-time

Paul Healy

Finneran’s finale…

Roscommon intermediate ladies football team will have a new manager in the New Year after Michael Finneran confirmed he will step down as manager of the team at the end of this season. Wishing Michael well, Roscommon LGFA thanked him for his contribution over the past four years as manager.

During that time, the Roscommon panel enjoyed unprecedented success in winning back-to-back Connacht intermediate titles in 2018 and 2019, and also reaching the All-Ireland intermediate semifinal on two occasions. Roscommon LGFA added: “Michael and his management team brought an ethos of profes-

More power to Diarmuid… Our inaugural (and almost certainly onceoff) ‘Fair-minded supporter of the Week’ award goes to our own (columnist) Frank Brandon. While lamenting that his club, Creggs, fell to a hot St. Faithleach’s (at a hot St. Faithleach’s), sportsman Frank could still appreciate the magic of Diarmuid Murtagh. Writes Frank: “Two of the second-half points that he got were worth the admission fee alone. Each of them from out near the power station, they were simply sublime efforts. There are very few forwards in the country who would have even attempted them!”

sionalism to the panel’s preparation during this time. He was an excellent ambassador for our game. Michael has given great commitment to his county, both on and off the field, and for that we are grateful. Hopefully his legacy will live on, and the players he has coached will go on to have even greater success in the future”.

Roscommon are due to play Offaly and Wexford in the TG4 All-Ireland Championships in November. Roscommon LGFA will select a new manager for 2021 in due course.

Reach ‘Boylan’ point? Send for Gerry! The recent RTE documentary on Sean Boylan was excellent. No question, an absolute gentleman, and a GAA legend. However, when Tommy Conlon had the temerity to mention (in the Sunday Independent) that the Meath heroes were ever so slightly fond of…eh, rough play, there was an outcry. Tommy also argued that the documentary had failed to address how a gent such as Sean could send teams out to play on/over the edge. Some people weren’t happy at all! Joe Brolly was spitting fire on Twitter. As for the suitably upset Meath veterans, good news for them: needing someone to go into battle (with a right of reply in last weekend’s Sunday Indo) and defend their honour, up stepped none other than Gerry McEntee! No better man to go into battle!

An eye on the JFC…

The King & Moffat Roscommon Junior A Football Championship is progressing nicely, with some very competitive games. Lots of good action last weekend: Clann saw off Elphin easily, registering a massive 1-25 in the process (to 0-8 from their opponents). In local derby(ish) news, Roscommon Gaels secured bragging rights against St. Dominic’s, the town club winning 1-17 to 2-11. St. Joseph’s are back on track after beating Castlerea by nine (1-14 to 0-6) and their next outing is a tasty derby showdown with St. Dominic’s this Sunday – one to relish! Padraig Pearses had an impressive win over Kilglass Gaels (double scores, 2-14 to 1-7). St. Brigid’s defeated St. Ronan’s by 1-12 to 0-13, while St. Michael’s saw off Boyle by 3-13 to 1-6.

Wanna talk…hurling?

They’re both Fuerty GAA (football) fans, but Frank Carr (left) is with Tremane for hurling, while John Connolly is with Athleague! (Pictured at Roscommon Gaels v Fuerty on Sunday). Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

“The players made me a small white skirt and green jersey so that I could tog out like them. We marched in the Easter Parade and Paddy Joe Burke carried the banner for us” FAN…ON THE SPOT Roscommon Gaels’ chairperson TERESA HESSION is this week’s fan on the spot…

It’s been a crazy year for the GAA. Is the gloom lifting? How great has it been to see activities resume? Absolutely brilliant to have lots of laughter and chat, the smell of freshly-mown fields, the sound of footballs being kicked and the clash of the ash in the pitches in Lisnamult and around the counties. You can’t beat the social as well as the physical element of being back. Please God it will continue, but it is getting more worrying by the day. What’s your earliest GAA memory, Teresa? Being a mascot for the Kilbride Junior camogie team in the 1970’s, which was trained by my late parents Liam and Alice Bracken, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. The players made me a small white skirt and green jersey so that I could tog out like them. We marched in the Easter Parade and Paddy Joe Burke carried the banner for us. What’s the hardest/most challenging aspect of being chairperson of a busy GAA club? Having enough time!! Your happiest GAA experience (club or county)? I have had some successes as a coach and a player at club, school and county level, but to be honest every single day that I am involved in the GAA in any way is a truly happy experience for me – a tonic for the mind & body. I just love it!!

Roscommon Gaels’ seniors advanced to the quarter-finals nice and quietly...what’s your assessment so far? Pleased with the seniors and the juniors as well as all teams across all the four codes so far this year. There’s great work going on and we’re reaping the rewards in terms of numbers playing, skill attainment and performances on the field. We were lucky to get all teams and most coaches back to playing Gaelic games with the exception of our beloved All Stars team who could not return to play due to the Covid-19 restrictions. If Roscommon GAA was a song, or a movie, what would it be? My movie would be ‘The hateful Eight’ as we just can’t seem to achieve in the hateful Super 8s!!!! My song for Roscommon GAA would be ‘You raise me up’. Who’s the joker in the Roscommon Gaels’ club? There are quite a few, but I would think that Decie Hoare would be one of the chief jokers off the field – but on pitch-side he is deadly serious!! Tell us about your ‘Win A Subaru’ draw… what’s it in aid of and can people still get tickets? In May 2019, the Roscommon Gaels All Stars team was launched. This was a team for children with additional needs who came weekly to the Hyde across the summer months to

learn to kick a ball, swing a hurl, to play – and above all have fun. This was a hugely successful initiative for all involved – the children, the parents, the volunteers and of course the club itself. In August 2019 the club entered the All Star initiative into a Spórt TG4 national competition to promote an aspect of the club that everyone was proud of. The hard work paid off when the club won the overall first prize which was a new Subaru Impreza. The car had to be raffled as a fundraiser for the club and so Roscommon Gaels are running it to raise money for the development of our club infrastructure, in particular the car park area in Lisnamult as well as the purchase of specific equipment for our amazing All Stars team. The draw was deferred from May to Saturday the 29th of August due to Covid-19 and so there are 10 days to go to the grand draw. There are still some tickets, which are available from any members of Roscommon Gaels. They are being sold at various stands in the town over the coming days or with a couple of clicks you can purchase them online at So if you fancy yourself driving a brand new red Subaru Impreza you know what to do – buy, buy, buy! Three words to describe what the GAA means to you… Belonging, pride, ‘socially-connected’. Thanks Teresa, keep up the great work, stay safe…and best of luck with the big draw! (Interview: Paul Healy)


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Cardiac Health Screening Day for Roscommon Ladies Football Recently Roscommon LGFA held a screening day for all Roscommon Ladies Football Referees, facilitated by Medella Healthcare. The aim of the health check was to provide referees with a valuable indication of their current health, and provide information on how to maintain fitness and wellbeing – taking into account factors such as diet, exercise and hereditary health conditions. As part of the process, over twenty referees received an ECG, which records the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart. Highlighting the benefits of this programme, Roscommon LGFA treasurer and referee Sandra Shanagher stated: “The health and wellbeing of all our members is important, and we continue to promote healthy living and lifestyles to our membership – especially our players and officials. The focus of our

games is usually on our players and teams, but the person in the middle is a very important factor in allowing our games to flow. Just as our players require high levels of fitness, so too do our referees”. The Roscommon Ladies Football referee jersey was unveiled recently. The jersey bears the branding of Medella Healthcare and SportsTalk, who are the main sponsors to Roscommon Ladies Football referee kits.

Pictured at the Healthcare Screening at Kilbride GAA were Lloyd Kelly (Roscommon Ladies Referee), Sandra Shanagher (Referee), Brendan Cregg (Roscommon Ladies Board Chairperson and Referee) and Lorraine Duncan (Medella Healthcare).

Ladies Club football entering exciting phase The semi-final pairings are beginning to become clearer after Sunday’s Roscommon LGFA club championship round four results. Abbey Hotel Ladies Senior Football Championship The meeting of Shannon Gaels and reigning champions Kilbride was the stand-out fixture. Following an absorbing contest,

Kilbride returned the top of the group table thanks to a 0-13 to 0-11 win. The other group games involved Western Gaels and St. Mary’s of Tulsk, who were both seeking to claim their first championship points of 2020. Both sides were win-less going into the fixture but it was Western Gaels who broke their duck with a 21-point win.

Pictured are Kilbride’s Ailish Fannon and Clann na nGael’s Ciara Quinn. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Last year’s finalists, Clann na nGael, were sitting in second place ahead of the visit of Kilglass Gaels last Sunday. Clann have their eyes on a return to the final and followed up the previous week’s win over Western Gaels with another commanding performance to dispatch the Kilglass Gaels outfit by 3-13 to 2-8. Roscommon Abbey Hotel LGFA fixtures (Round 5) Sunday, August 23rd at 11 am Kilglass Gaels v Western Gaels Shannon Gaels v St. Mary’s, Tulsk Kilbride v Clann na nGael McNeill’s Food Store and Catering Intermediate Football Championship It was still all very much to play for going into last Sunday’s Ladies Intermediate Championship. With three teams in the hunt to make the semi-finals, Boyle are currently top on ten points, St. Ciaran’s are in second place also on ten points and sitting in third place, just three points behind, are St. Brigid’s. Last year’s finalists St. Ciaran’s are favourites to claim one of the semi-final places. They gave a commanding performance to dispatch bottom of the table Pádraig Pearses 5-16 to 3-8 on Sunday. Last year’s beaten county finalists, St. Ciaran’s, have surely put down a marker for the other championship contenders in this grade, having secured three wins from four games and a draw against St. Brigid’s. Their trip to Boyle this weekend will decide position the top two positions. The big game last weekend was Boyle’s trip to Knockcroghery to take on St. Dominic’s. The hosts had enjoyed an impressive win over Pádraig Pearses the previous weekend on a scoreline of

Northern Harps’ Maura Tansey and Roscommon Gaels’ Lisa Mullen. Northern Harps face Roscommon Gaels in the Ladies’ Junior C Championship this weekend. Pic: Michelle Hughes

2-8 to 3-16. Last Sunday’s game was a much tighter affair with Dominic’s and Boyle playing out a draw. St. Dominic’s game against Castlerea will decide who goes to the semi-finals. Elsewhere, St Brigid’s play host to Pádraig Pearses this weekend, who are facing relegation. St. Brigid’s will more than likely finish third in the table and go into a semi-final. Pearses, however, are staring relegation in the face. McNeill’s Foodstore and Catering LGFA Intermediate championship (Round 5) Sunday, August 23rd at 11 am Castlerea v St. Dominic’s St. Brigid’s v Pádraig Pearses Boyle v St. Ciaran’s Keenan’s of Tarmonbarry Bar and Restaurant Junior Football Championship It was a Sunday full of drama as round five of the Roscom-

Pictured are St. Ciaran’s’ Éala Ní Chumhaill and Boyle’s Suzie Keenahan. St. Ciaran’s face Boyle in the Ladies’ Intermediate Football Championship this Sunday. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

mon LGFA Junior A, B and C club championships took place. With coveted places in the semi-finals up for grabs, none of the sides involved wanted to fall at the penultimate stage. This ensured a day of entertaining and quality football. In the Junior A club championship, St. Croan’s hosted Michael Glavey’s and unfortunately for the home side it was Michael Glavey’s scoring which proved the decisive factor as they claimed the win by 2-12 to 3-7. The Junior B championship semi-finals threw up two fascinating encounters. St. Barry’s’ 5-12 to 1-8 win over Four Roads saw them top the group B final. Meanwhile, in Kilmore, goals were to once again prove to be the deciding factor as Kilmore secured a 3-6 to 2-5 win over Kilbride II. We can see now see the four teams that will contest the

quarter-finals of this year’s Roscommmon Junior Football Championship next weekend. Michael Glaveys v Kilbride II on Friday, August 21st at 7.30 pm (A); Strokestown v St. Barry’s on Sunday, August 23rd at 11 am (B). The winners of (A) will play Éire Óg in the semi-finals and the winners of (B) will play St. Faithleach’s in the other semifinal. Junior C football championship There were two games last weekend in the Junior C football championship. After five rounds and three wins, Oran are in pole position in this group and into a final. Roscommon Gaels and Northern Harps will both battle it out in a semi-final on Sunday, August 30th to see who will be joining Oran in the Junior C County final on September 11th.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Short putts (News from local golf clubs) Boyle


Captain’s Day 2020: Lorcan Egan’s Captain’s Day was a major success in every respect, with the weather holding out for the day and the biggest field participating in recent memory, capped by a new name winning his first major, Martin Daly. Martin did extremely well to have the lead after the first 18 and maintain it throughout the 9-hole play-off later in the evening, especially as he had never been in a play-off previously. The presentation took place the same evening in the clubhouse. The captain congratulated all winners and paid tribute to the assistance he had received throughout the year and especially in the week leading up to the Captain’s Prize. He also thanked our generous local sponsors and noted the huge increase in the numbers playing golf during the year. Next weekend is the annual fundraiser for Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, the ‘Crumlin Classic’ (played as a 3-ball rumble).

Ms. Tresina Smyth’s President’s prize to the ladies took place over two days this week. The esteem in which our President is held was obvious, with a wonderful turnout of over 70 competitors. Ailbhe Farrell emerged as winner on a super score of 143 net. 2nd was Geraldine Hoban (143). Gross winner was Sinead Benedetti (143). 3rd Rosemary O’Brien (144), 4th Jacqueline McCormack (145), 5th Helen Earley (148), 6th Fenn Thompson (148). 1st 18 winner Catherine Waldron, 2nd 18 winner Yvonne Waldron. 36 Handicap: Bernie Maher (80). Junior prizewinner was Anna Higgins. Due to the disastrous consequences of Covid-19 for many of our sponsors, it was decided that it would be insensitive to approach any sponsor this year. However, some sponsors kindly indicated that they would like to sponsor and we have accepted their offer. We thank them for their generosity. The following competitions will be sponsored: Sunday, 16th: Invesco Ltd. (Aidan Mulvihill); Sunday, 23rd: Abbey Hotel, Roscommon. Our club fundraising draw is underway at the moment, and tickets have been issued to all members. If you haven’t received your allocation, please contact a member of our finance committee. Funds raised will be used to aid vital course remedial works. Tickets are modestly priced at €5 each or 3 tickets for €10. Great prizes. Draw will take place on Saturday, 19th of September. Congratulations to our Junior Cup team and the Pierce Purcell team on their recent wins. The Junior Cup team under Brian Feeley had a good win over Portumna in the second round of the 2020 AIG Junior Cup competition. Next up for the Junior Cup team will be Ballinasloe GC and the matches are fixed for Sunday, 23rd of August from 3 pm. Our Pierce Purcell team overcame Athlone GC on Friday night last with a 3.5/1.5 win. Led by team captain Johnny Walker, the panel includes Des Dowd, Denis Smyth, Clement McCormack, Michael Finneran, Francie Noone, James Quigley, Mark Kearney, Michael Keane, Roger Hynes and Enda Naughton.

Carrick-on-Shannon The Granard Cup: Congratulations to Ann Keenan and Attracta O’Connor, who won the Granard Cup Qualifier. They will now represent us at the Connacht/Ulster Regional Final in Athlone Golf Club on September 3rd. Captain’s and President’s Prize: Please put the following dates in your diary – Friday, September 11th – President Phil McWeeney’s prize to both the Ladies and Gents; Saturday, September 12th – Lady Captain Gabriele Madsen’s prize to both Ladies and Gents; Sunday, September 13th: Captain John Coffey’s prize to both Ladies and Gents. More details to follow.

Castlerea The ladies played a competition kindly sponsored by ‘Class Grass’ on Thursday, the 13th of August. 1st was Irene Burke (40 pts). The ‘O’Conor Don Cup’ kindly sponsored by the O’Conor Nash family, will be played this week. The ladies’ matchplay has reached the finals – category 1: Laura Griffith v Maura Kelly and category 2: Maureen Claffey v Margaret Waters.

Ms. Ailbhe Farrell receiving her prize from Tresina Smyth, President of Roscommon Golf Club.

Horses by Tom Red for Courses

Millford Sound, on the rail, gets back up to beat Grace To Grace by a nose

Racing this afternoon takes place at Leopardstown on the level, with the Group 3 Desmond Stakes racing off at 12.55pm and this evening the first of 3 days racing at Killarney, this evening’s NH off at 4.15pm, 3 hurdle and 3 chase races closing with a 2m bumper for amateur riders. There are 2 meetings tomorrow in the afternoon the second day of Killarney in the afternoon on the flat 1.00pm and in the evening jumping in Kilbeggan at 4.00pm. On Saturday the flat meeting is in headquarters, the Curragh, at 2.00pm and the third days racing at Killarney over the sticks at 2.15pm. Sunday sees racing at 1.50pm in Naas featuring the Group 1 Phoenix Stakes. On Monday afternoon there is NH racing, 5 hurdle races and a bumper, in Ballinrobe at 1.00pm. Tuesday sees the start of 3 days racing at Bellewstown. Today’s Darley Yorkshire Oaks sees Aidan O’Brien’s 1000 Guineas and Oaks winner Love take on 5 opponents. Enable is an absentee but Gosden still has 2 very smart fillies in Frankly Darling and Franconia engaged. Another Irish trained runner Jessica Harrington’s One Voice joins Love. Ralph Beckett’s Manuela De Vega and Mark Prescott’s Alpinista complete the sextet. Love cannot be opposed but is likely to go off at very prohibitive odds. In tomorrow’s Group 1 Nunthorpe Stakes the Charlie Hills trained Battaash heads the 8-runner field at odds on 2/5 from Art Power at 11/4, A’Ali 7/1 and 25/1 bar. History was created at Leopardstown last Thursday when He Knows No Fear owned, bred and trained by Galway man Luke Comer caught the favourite 1/1 shot Agitare on the line at odds of 300/1, yes three hundred to one, a record SP for Ireland and Britain. The previous record in Ireland was 200/1 and in Britain 250/1. At the Curragh on Friday Aidan O’Brien and Seamie Heffernan completed a Group 3 race double winning the St Leger Trial with Delphi and the Royal Whip Stakes with Armory. On Saturday at Deauville John Gosden’s Mishriff won the Group 2 Prix Guillaume D’Ornano with Frankie Detorri onboard. The French Derby victor easily won by 4½l and a head from The Summit and Victor Ludorum confirming the Derby form with those horses. Detorri was replacing David Egan who was suspended. On Sunday Gosden and Detorri made it a weekend double in the Group 1 Prix Jacques le Marois with Palace Pier beating Jessica Harrington’s Alpine

Star and Aidan O’Brien’s Circus Maximus ¾l and 5l with Ken Condon’s Romanised in 5th. Yesterday at York the Godolphin owned Ghaiyyath, trained by Charlie Appleby and ridden by William Buick, won the Group 1 Juddmonte Stakes by 3l and 1¼l from Ballydoyle’s Magical and Lord North. The winner was bred by Dermot Weld at his Springbank Way Stud at Pollardstown on the Curragh Roscommon Review Following heavy rain the going at Lenebane on Tuesday was soft to heavy and Aidan O’Brien and Seamie Heffernan won the opening 2-Y-O maiden, sponsored by Irish Stallion Farms EBF with the 1/2 favourite Wembley beating Sword Zorro and Vocito by 1l and 7½l. The Foran Equine Irish EBF Auction Race, a conditions maiden for 2-Y-O’s, went to the Joseph O’Brien trained Snapreaterae, 5/4, who virtually made all under 7lb claimer 17-Y-O Dylan Browne McMonagle winning by 2¾l and 4¾l from the fav Elysium, 6/5, and Lunar Space. Both the 1st and 2nd were backed in from 2/1. The JF Hanley 3-Y-O+ Maiden provided Ken Condon some compensation for Romanised’s defeat on Sunday with Teed Up coming home under Chris Hayes by a head from Departmentalized, Breaking News was 3rd 3¼l away. The 3-Y-O+ Elphin Handicap was won by another fav as Jessica Harrington and Shane Foley teamed up with Rocket Science to win ½ l and the same from Mean Fomhair and Darkened. In the final sprint on the card, The Fuerty Handicap, Co Mayo based trainer Fergal Birrane had his first winner in nearly two and a half years with the Gavin Ryan ridden Vormir, ½l and 1l better than the Tom Cleary trained Kodiac Prince and Ramiro. The winner gave little relief to the layers returning at 14/1 from 28/1 morning price. The penultimate Eurona Brisknet Maiden, sponsored by Dominick Connolly, provided Shane Foley with a double on John Oxx’s Mona’s Star who was 2l and 5l too good for Bligh and Natchez Trace. The Sean Cleary Memorial Handicap brought racing to a close as the James Barrett trained Millford Sound, having been passed over a furlong down, battled back under Luke McAteer to beat Grace To Grace by a nose with El Tren 5l away in 3rd.


Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020


Elphin can edge play-off Hodson Bay Hotel Roscommon SFC Play-off Elphin v Michael Glavey’s in Boyle on Sunday at 4 pm < SEAMUS DUKE

A place in the quarterfinals is up for grabs at Abbey Park on Sunday and the formbook would suggest that Elphin are the slight favourites to get through. But there is unlikely to be much in it. Glavey’s have looked out of sorts since their impressive win against Tulsk in the opening round. The loss of Caoileann Fiztmaurice and Liam Cregg has been a big blow to them and they were a well beaten side from early on against Boyle last weekend. They will hope that Shane O’Malley, Gary Patterson, Conor Hussey, Andy Glennon, Cathal Heneghan and Stephen Comer can find match-winning form. Elphin were well beaten

against St. Brigid’s but that largely took effect in the final quarter. Aaron

Brady, Fintan Cregg, Nessan Lenehan, Frankie Cregg, Austin Kielty and Luke Mollohan are just some of the guys who have been playing well for a side who are still without injured county

star Shane Killoran. The teams look well matched. Elphin appear to have a little more in the tank and I’m taking them to progress by a point or two. Prediction: Elphin.

Action from St. Dominic’s v Oran in the last round of hurling games. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Kepak Roscommon Hurling SFC previews < SEAMUS DUKE

Western Gaels fans pictured at the Western Gaels-St. Croan’s match. Picture: Michael McCormack

In round 3 of the 2020 Kepak Roscommon Hurling SFC, the big game this weekend will be the clash of Padraig Pearses and St. Dominic’s which is in Athleague on Sunday at 1.30 pm. St. Dominic’s need a win or a draw to qualify for the semi-finals while Pearses must win to advance. It

Ballaghaderreen’s bid for place in Connacht Shield Final Ballaghaderreen FC takes on the Sligo League side Real Tubber next Sunday at Ballaghaderreen in a Connacht Shield semi-final. It’s a big day for the Roscommon & District League side, as they have the chance to reach their first ever Connacht final at this level. To reach the semi-final, Ballaghaderreen accounted for the Galway League side, St. Patrick’s FC in the first round, before beating a fancied Mervue United side 4-3 in the next round. Danny Browne scored three of their goals and Reece Keenan added a fourth to advance to the next round. Up next was a home game against Kiltimagh Knock United. Ballaghaderreen were much the bet-

ter side and came out on top by 4-0. Patrick Callaghan and Leon Sinnott scored one each before Danny Browne added two more for Ballaghaderreen. They now face the Tubbercurry side on Sunday, and while taking nothing for granted, they must be full of confidence. Ballaghaderreen only lost one of their seventeen games this season in Division 1 of the Roscommon & District League and were crowned champions last week. They have a fine group of players, with Danny Browne, Leon Sinnott, Christopher Dunne, Bruce Holton, Patrick Callaghan and Cian McCann being regular goalscorers. Real Tubber knocked out the fancied Corofin United in the previous round. A brilliant finish from Eoin

promises to be a cracking game. St. Dominic’s will be looking to guys like Shane Finneran, Jason Martin, Michael Byrne, Tommy Doyle and Mickey Joe Egan to lead them to success, while Pearses will be hoping to put their loss against Four Roads behind them. Shane Naughton, Cathal Kelly, Leon Fehily, Daniel Glynn, Eoghan Costello

Walsh was enough to see the Tubbercurry side into the semi-finals. While Ballaghaderreen will start favourites, co-managers James Holton and Brendan McGreal and the team know it’s never wise to take anything for granted, so they will be well prepared for this semi-final. Ballaghaderreen FC: Dermot Horan, Thomas Greene, Gavin Conway, Patrick Regan, Usama Israr, Cian McCann, James Horan, Bruce Holton (c), Rhys Keenan, Danny Browne, Leon Sinnott, Patrick Callaghan, Joseph Looby, Cathal Horan, Domhnall Forrest, Christopher Dunne, Matthew Towey, Aaron Dowd, Sean Smyth and Daniel Smyth. Co-managers are James Holton and Brendan McGreal.

and Oisin Kelly will have to play well if the Woodmount club are to progress. I am giving Pearses a hesitant nod. In the other games, Athleague should prove too strong for Roscommon Gaels at Lisnamult while Four Roads should get back on the winning trail against Oran, who are out of contention.

St John’s into cup decider Division 2 Cup Semi-Final St. John’s Athletic 4 Skyvalley Rovers 2 St. John’s Athletic will play Ballaghaderreen in this season’s Division 2 Cup final, following a hardearned 4-2 win over old rivals Skyvalley Rovers at Lecarrow on Friday evening. Ryan O’Beirne gave St. John’s the lead with a well-struck free-kick before Jamie Kelly levelled. Early in the second half, St. John’s went ahead via a Mattie Donnelly penalty. Two MJ O’Connor goals then gave them breathing space (4-1) before Cian Dunne replied for Skyvalley.

Cup draw Joe’s Bar Challenge Cup quarter-final draw Ballinasloe Town A v Ballymoe A/Castlerea Celtic A: CP Ajax v Moore/St. Peter’s FC Moylough ’79 v Glen Celtic Shiven Rovers/Cloonfad A v Skyvalley Rovers A/ Ballaghaderreen A

Soccer fixtures Roscommon & District League Friday, August 21st KF Autos Second Division Cup Lecarrow: St. John’s Athletic B v Ballaghaderreen B. 7.30 pm Sunday, August 23rd Connacht Shield Semi-Final Ballaghaderreen v Real Tubber. 2 pm Recently crowned Roscommon & District Football League Division One champions Ballaghaderreen FC take on Real Tubber this Sunday in the Connacht Shield semi-final.

Joe’s Bar Challenge Cup (Round 3) Moore Utd A v St. Peter’s FC. 2 pm Ballymoe A v Castlerea Celtic. 2 pm

Roscommon People Friday 21 August 2020



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