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19 November 2021

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Covid: New surge, new restrictions

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Many employees will return to working from home this Friday while pubs, late night bars and nightclubs will have to close at midnight from tonight (Thursday) as part of new restrictions aimed at curbing rising Covid-19 cases across the country. As part of the new restrictions, household close contacts, who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic, should now restrict their movements until they have three negative antigen tests within five days. Speaking at a press conference following Tuesday’s announcement, the Taoiseach Micheál Martin said further restrictions could not be ruled out.

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The latest figures for Roscommon showed that 309 new cases were reported in the county from Tuesday, November 9th to Monday, 15th.




Meanwhile, there were 3,633 new cases confirmed yesterday (Wednesday) with 634 Covid-19 patients in hospital, of which 119 are in ICU.

309 cases in Roscommon in one week


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Miss Ireland and Children’s Charity ambassador, Pamela Uba, presents Glenamaddy businessman Billy Comer with a Variety Environmental Award. Billy, along with brothers Luke and Brian of Comer International Group, each received an award from Variety, the Children’s Charity of Ireland, for donating 244 upcycled iPads to every national school in County Galway for use by Special Needs Assistants. Pamela went to school in Gortaganny National School, Roscommon. She will represent Ireland in this year’s Miss World competition in Puerto Rico, taking place next month. Photo: Mick McCormack.

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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

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Stephen Kenny, Ronan Keating, Lady Gaga...and fowl play! Wow! What a man! I knew he’d be proven right…in the end! Who? He had his doubters. They said he was too young, too inexperienced…they even sneered at him! Who? Now he has the last laugh! CYCLING WHO? ACCIDENT He just wanted to do things his own way... If you were involved in a cycling WHO? accident contact Stephen, who else! Our great leader… Byrne Carolan the man we’ve entrusted to lead us to Cunningham Solicitors better days! Stephen Donnelly? Well, fair enough… NOT STEPHEN DONNELLY! STEPHEN KENNY! Oh…HIM. Yes, HIM! What a win over Luxembourg. Hold on a minute…you’re a populist! A few months ago you were calling for his head... Stephen Donnelly’s head? No, Stephen Kenny’s! You were fuming about him! Was I? When we couldn’t win a match or even score a goal! You said Daniel O’Donnell would do better! I DID NOT! YOU DID! Mind you, he knows his soccer… Who? Daniel O’Donnell! Oh for God’s sake! The point is, you lambasted Stephen Kenny at every corner! Not just corners…at free-kicks too! (Editor: ‘Okay guys, we really need to discuss your contract…’) Okay, at every turn! I may have advised caution…think of me as a Roscommon version of Liam Brady. When Luxembourg beat us in March, you said Kenny should be sacked immediately! Did I?

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

You said he should be sent into the wilderness! The wilderness! That reminds me, did you watch any of the Labour Party Conference? Don’t change the subject! You said Kenny couldn’t manage a chicken farm! No, your mind is playing chicks with you…sorry, I mean tricks! I was merely egging you along. Your brain is scrambled. Well if you really want to get into bad puns, when it comes to Kenny, you’ve been guilty of fowl play! (They pause to check if Daniel O’Donnell is in the line-up for the new series of I’m A Celebrity; he isn’t) Did you see that diva on the Late Late? You’re too hard on Ryan!

What an amazing display of authority, intelligence, skill and power! Are we back to the Labour Conference and Alan ‘AK47’ Kelly? NO! Ireland v the All Blacks! Oh yeah…amazing! They did us proud...just like Stephen Kenny’s men! Yeah, the boys in green did us proud! Not so! Huh? It was the boys in ORANGE! Oh yeah…those jerseys! So our orange men did us proud then! Three cheers for the Orangemen! (They pause, cough awkwardly, then quickly move on) I’m pretty sure ‘diva’ is used now for both men and women… Thought so! So perhaps there WERE two divas on the Late Late after all! THREE actually! Huh? There were two ‘ordinary’ divas – Lady Gaga and Ronan – and a world class diva! Albeit a national treasure too! Oh of course… Both: The great Eamon Dunphy!

A brilliant Irish performance against New Zealand (the All Blacks) in Saturday’s rugby test, Ireland winning a classic by 29-20.

What we didn’t like… The ongoing trend with regard to Covid-19 infection rates, now putting the health service under very serious pressure, with concerns growing that many non-emergency services in hospitals will be cancelled in the coming weeks and months.

A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

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What we liked…

This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway.

Telephone Central Line 090 6478433

Not Ryan…the preening guest with the abundance of self-confidence… Ah, Ronan Keating… No! Lady Gaga! So Ronan’s NOT a diva? Well, he may be the male equivalent of one! I think a diva was originally female-specific. Er…would that be sexist? Oh don’t start me on that debate!

PIC OF THE WEEK: John O’Mahony and Ciaran Mullooly pictured at the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon. Photo: Mick McCormack

Ireland’s stunning performance against the All Blacks; Worrying Covid case numbers, and the implications of same for public health, the health service, and indeed the hospitality industry and business generally; Addison Whelan, the 11-yearold girl who got Ronaldo’s shirt at the end of the Republic of Ireland-Portugal game...


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


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Career opportunities ‘Right at Home’ in Roscommon town! David Quinn (Sunday Times columnist and Iona Institute founder) and Senator Rónán Mullen

Discussion on ‘future of Catholic Church in Ireland’

The future of the Catholic Church in Ireland will be discussed by David Quinn (Sunday Times columnist and Iona Institute founder) and Senator Rónán Mullen at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, November 23rd in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon. ‘Ireland and the Church: where we’ve come from, where we’re going’ is being organised by the Iona Institute. All are welcome and admission is free. “Irish society has changed enormously and in a very short space of time,” says Senator Mullen. “Covid-19 came along when the Church’s role was already greatly weakened, and some people who stopped going to Mass during the worst of the pandemic may not return. But the Church has shown remarkable resilience over time. “For believers and non-believers, its ideas about life and living have shaped much if not all of what we still hold dear. By taking on the big questions about the meaning of life that never go away, the Church touches something deep in us”. Places will be more limited than usual because of the need to follow public health guidelines at the event. Those planning to attend are asked to book their place by emailing info@ionainstitute.ie or phoning 01-6619204. Thank you for your order. Please note: The image above is not to scale and is for information purposes only.

‘Right at Home’, specialists in care, operates under Home and Community Care Ireland, and are now looking for care assistants to join its office on the Golf Links Road in Roscommon town. Serving the counties of Roscommon, Galway and Mayo, Right at Home opened its local office in November of last year. Offering part-time, full-time, and flexible hours at competitive rates, Right at Home is HSE-approved and provides services such as Home Support for Older People, people with disabilities, and those with medical conditions such as Alzheimers/Dementia, Osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease and those recovering from stroke and other disorders. The company offers care to people over the age of 65 who may need support to continue living in the comfort of their own home or those who have returned home following a hospital stay. There are also care supports for those under the age of 65, who have early onset dementia or a disability. Right at Home is aimed at helping clients to remain as independent as possible while receiving support within their own communities. To find out more about Right at Home’s career opportunities or wide range of care services, contact the Roscommon office on 090-6409084.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

NewsPeople Alt-Folk group ‘Kern’ set for gig in PJ’s

‘Use Clawinch Island as a wind farm’ Dear Editor, I would be grateful if you would give coverage to the following proposal: That a feasibility study be undertaken on the feasibility of utilising Clawinch Island, located in the upper reaches of Lough Ree quite close to Lanesboro, as a wind farm. In the edition of your newspaper dated 5/11/2021, Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane expressed her concern regarding the plight of power station communities following the closure of the power stations of Shannonbridge and Lanesboro. Clawinch is a sizeable island, quite capable of sustaining a farming family as recently as the mid-20th century. I do feel that my proposal should be given consideration. In the short-term, it would be beneficial to former employees of Lanesboro power station, and in the long-term, it would be of benefit to the nation. Yours faithfully, John Kerrigan

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Teresa, Maeve and Caoimhe Duke and Finbar Connolly. Photo: Mick McCormack

Naughten raises local Leaving Cert concerns Independent TD Denis Naughten has raised the concerns of local Leaving Certificate students with An Taoiseach Micheál Martin. Deputy Naughten said that many students sitting exams in 2022 will be seeking the option of accredited grades which was offered to students in the last two years. The local TD raised the issue in the Dáil after he was asked to do so by a Roscommon Leaving Cert student. According to Deputy Naughten, the student feels the class of 2022 have been “completely forgotten” by the Department of Education by

not recognising the true impact of Covid-19 on those who will sit the Leaving Cert next June. “Despite the fact that I raised this specific issue in the Dáil last May and received reassurances from the Minister for Education, students are clearly very anxious about the forthcoming exams,” he said. “One student emailed me saying they had missed ‘a huge chunk of school learning’ in fifth year due to the Covid-19 lockdown. “Significantly the email goes on to say ‘I think we are now incredibly behind and a lot of us are stressed and getting ourselves into a mess

with the thought of the Leaving Cert’. “These students are looking for the option of accredited grades, just like last year’s Leaving Cert class, and I’m asking that this option will be made available to them,” Deputy Naughten said. Responding, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said: “Mechanisms can be developed that take into account the experiences of fifth year students in preparing for the exam and the amount of curriculum covered so that greater flexibility, breadth and options and questions can be put, which help in that regard”.

Renowned Alt-Folk music group Kern featuring singer-songwriter Seamie O’Dowd will perform at PJ’s Bar in Castlecoote this Saturday night at 8.30 pm. Kern, which features Brendan McCreanor and Barry Kieran, is a group which exudes raw energy and features trad influences from the northeast and west of Ireland. The group has already achieved so much, having played at the Folk Alliance International in Montreal, Milwaukee Irish Fest at Temple Bar Tradfest Showcase winners, as well as appearing on ‘Other Voices’, and featuring on RTÉ One and Lyric FM. The group has also recorded two critically acclaimed albums to date: ‘False Deceiver’ and ‘The Left and the Leaving’. Seamie O’Dowd is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who also plays fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, and a plethora of other instruments. He was nominated for the Best Folk Musician Award as part of RTÉ’s inaugural Irish Folk Awards in 2018. Come along to PJ’s of Castlecoote this Saturday night for what promises to be an evening of great entertainment.

Lighting of ‘Shine a Light Tree’ in Knockcroghery

The lighting of Knockcroghery’s ‘Shine a Light Tree’ in aid of Mayo-Roscommon Hospice, will take place on Sunday, November 28th at 6 pm. You can sponsor a light on the tree for a family member, friend or in memory of a loved one. Shine a Light cards cost €5 and can be dropped to your home or place of work. Boxes of Christmas cards are also available at €6. Contact Jackie on 086-8756797 or Patricia on 0871252304. All support is greatly appreciated.

Gospel Reflection Sunday, November 21

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Seamus Duke and Padraig Kelly. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Albert Looby and Gerry Lohan. Photo: Mick McCormack

What’s the truth Jesus comes to bear witness to in this last Gospel of the Church’s year? It’s the truth that in Jesus God keeps the promise He made to David of an everlasting kingdom, of an heir who would be His Son – “the first born, highest of the kings of the earth” (see 2 Samuel 7:12-16; Psalm 89:27-38). Today’s Second Reading, taken from the Book of Revelation, quotes these promises and celebrates Jesus as “the faithful witness.” The reading hearkens back to Isaiah’s prophecy that the Messiah would “witness to the peoples” that God is renewing His “everlasting covenant” with David (see Isaiah 55:3–5). But as Jesus tells Pilate, there’s far more going on here than the restoration of a temporal monarchy. In the Revelation reading, Jesus calls Himself “the Alpha and the Omega,” the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. He’s applying to Himself a description that God uses to describe Himself in the Old Testament – the first and the last, the One who calls forth all generations (see Isaiah 41:4; 44:6; 48:12). “He has made the world,” today’s Psalm cries, and His dominion is over all creation (see also John 1:3; Colossians 1:16-17). In the vision of Daniel we hear in today’s First Reading, He comes on “the clouds of heaven” – another sign of His divinity – to be given “glory and kingship” forever over all nations and peoples. Christ is King and His kingdom, while not of this world, exists in this world in the Church. We are a royal people. We know we have been loved by Him and freed by His blood and transformed into “a kingdom, priests for his God and Father” (see also Exodus 19:6; 1 Peter 2:9). As a priestly people, we share in His sacrifice and in His witness to God’s everlasting covenant. We belong to His truth and listen to His voice, waiting for Him to come again amid the clouds. -Scott Hahn PhD, salvationhistory.com (courtesy of Sacred Heart Church)


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

Coláiste Mhuire Virtual Open Day


ur school was founded in 1948 by the local community. Coláiste Mhuire Ballygar is a lay voluntary secondary school boasting an illustrious tradition as a coeducational provider to students from both Co. Galway and Co. Roscommon. Our homely school community offers the student a broad and holistic education that is firmly rooted in Christian values in a caring and nurturing environment. This sense of community is a central feature of life in Coláiste Mhuire. We know each one of our students personally, thus ensuring that no child ever gets left behind. Similarly, an excellent partnership exists between school and home. As a learning community, we aim to prepare students for life beyond the school gates whether that be in further education, training, or employment. We have high expectations for our students in all areas of school life and we take the time to celebrate student achievement. In addition, we strive to ensure that our students are safe and happy in their learning environment, enabling them to develop their own individual talents and skills. We are proud of the positive environment which permeates all aspects of school life and we place premium emphasis on quality teaching and learning. Our Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate results are consistently in excess of national norms and this we attribute to our outstanding teaching staff and small class sizes. Coláiste Mhuire offers an unrivalled subject choice at both Junior and Senior Cycle and boasts excellent Transition Year and Post Leaving Certificate programmes. We would like to extend an open invitation to prospective sixth class students and their parents/guardians to watch our Virtual Open Day which will be available on our school website from Monday November 22nd at www.colaistemhuire.org

Coláiste Mhuire Ballygar are now enrolling Open Evening

First Year Invitation to all Students prospective 1st Year Students & their 2022/2023 Parents/Guardians to meet our

O p l e a n u D t r ay i V staff, students & view our facilities

Available on our school from Wednesday 7thwebsite November

Monday November 22nd

Principal’s Address: 7pm

Please see our website for Principal Emma O’ Malley link and further information. Tel: 090 6624740 Website: colaistemhuire.org



We offer students a bro ad range of curricular programmes: Junior Cyc le, Transition Year, Leavi ng Certificate, Leaving Ce rtificate Vocational Programme (LCVP), Le aving Certificate Appli ed (LCA) and Post Leaving Certificate (PLC). Junior Cycle Subjects : English, Irish, Maths, History, Science, French , German, Business Studies, Geography, Gra phics, Home Economics , Music, Wood Technolog y, Visual Art, Civic, Social and Political Edu cation (CSPE), Physical Education, Religious Edu cation, Social, Personal and Health Education (SP HE) and Wellbeing Leaving Certificate Su bjects: English, Irish, Maths, French, German, Agricultural Science, Art, Accounting, Biolog y, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, De sign Graphics (DCG), Geograph & Communication y, History, Home Economics, Music, Physi cs and Chemistry, Physical Education, Rel igious Education and Careers Post Leaving Certificat e available in Carers and Special Needs Assisting (QQI Level 5) Excellent Pastoral Ca re Structure and Guida nce Counselling Provision Co-Curricular Progra mmes: School musicals , choir, school and cultur al tours, retreats, subjec t specific field trips, partici pation in Scifest, BT Young Scientist Competit ion, Certified Irish Angus Beef Schools Competit ion, National Ploughing Championships, Social Justice and Community Outreach, Green School s programme, AntiBullying programme, Era smus+ and Enterprise. This list serves only as a representation and is not exhaustive Extra-Curricular and Sporting Life: Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rugby , Camogie, Basketball, Soccer, Indoor Hockey, Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton and much mo re!


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor




Oliver Callan and Mario Rosenstock are talented impressionists – as both men would no doubt readily agree! They have brought some joy to the nation, though not necessarily as much as they may believe. The main reason I generally avoid Oliver and Mario is because the scripts they work with are often very weak. Good impressions are consistently let down by entirely predictable and lame jokes; devastating satire, it is not. That’s why I’m pleasantly surprised with ‘Callan Kicks The Years’, an ambitious sketch series which takes a satirical look back on the past 100 years in Ireland. Joined by a large cast of actors, Oliver Callan whizzes through our nation’s history, depicting a range of characters across politics, entertainment and sport. It’s actually quite impressive. Amongst those featured/gently lampooned are de Valera, Haughey, Reynolds, Fitzgerald, Ahern, Mary Robinson, Francis Brennan, Des Cahill, Bono, Bob Geldof, Mary Lou, etc. Some of it doesn’t work, but there are a lot of ingenious touches, impressive impersonations and clever jokes. It’s hit and miss, and I certainly didn’t expect to like it, but the short, snappy sketches – mixed with fleeting real footage of featured historical figures – adds up to an original and worthy series.

While it was good to see the Republic of Ireland easily account for Luxembourg (a 3-0 win for Stephen Kenny’s team), there’s an awful price to pay…no prospect of sparks in the RTE studio between pundits Liam Brady and Richie Sadlier. Of course this is what should have happened when we played the same opposition in March (instead, our shock 1-0 loss poured the pressure on Kenny, who couldn’t buy a win – or even a goal – in those days). After all, as a teenager in the 1980s, I discovered there were a few certainties in life. For example, Charlie Haughey thought he ran Ireland, Gay Byrne actually did…and our soccer team would always beat Luxembourg by at least three goals.


Who Must Be Calmed. Who’d have thought it? As Brady (no doubt sincerely) rallied against offering Irish manager Stephen Kenny a new contract in the short-term, it was left to Dunphy to adopt the unfamiliar role of actually defending the incumbent. I don’t know if they had a beverage in the ‘Green Room’ afterwards, but I could almost imagine Eamon holding Liam back during a heated stand-off with a researcher. “He’s not worth it, Chippy, you’re better than that!” (Memo to Liam Brady’s legal people: ‘Could almost imagine’).

A mid-morning walk in my old home village…the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of a quiet morning combining on a stunning day. Approaching Rooskey from the Leitrim side, the trees adjacent to the River Shannon are virtually showing off at this stage…proudly displaying a stunning variety of glorious autumnal colours. Everything seems calm on this beautiful morning, the waters barely rippling in a river which must now accept the seasonal absence of purring cruisers and appreciative tourists. On the water’s edge on the Roscommon side, a lone fisherman is lost in his contentment. A few buoys bobble in the river and a few boys babble in two cars parked near the irrelevant and misleading ‘Bus Stop’ sign. The walk to Rooskey locks is always relaxing. Leaves fall and twirl from powerless trees like mischievous toddlers briefly escaping the clutches of their parents. There is little sound, bar the singing of birds in the trees, and – floating across the river – the gentle hum of machinery in the distance. A woman walks by with a greyhound. A man walks by with no greyhound. The morning is so warm, when a jeep slows, I’m almost tempted to ask the driver for the temperature. But that might be an odd thing to do, and anyways I’d prefer not to think about global warming just now, instead to simply categorise this as a beautiful autumn morning. At the bridge and along the route to the locks, memories of my youth in the village return…images of a busy harbour, packed bars, a bustling bacon factory. The years too have fallen away like the swirling leaves. When I’m back at the bridge, the birds are joined by the uplifting ringing of the Rooskey Church bells. This morning’s symphony of nature’s finest glories, with the odd human cameo, has somehow slowed a mad world down.



A notable personal achievement today...as I recorded Ireland v New Zealand, successfully avoided Twitter, my phone, excitable rugby types, etc. for a few hours – and then watched the recording on Saturday night without actually knowing the result. As fans of such risky behaviour will know, this ‘Record and avoid result’ tactic is fraught with danger. When that great stalwart Peter O’Mahony did his Michael Flatley impression after securing the late penalty that ended New Zealand’s hopes of a comeback, I almost broke into an impromptu dance myself, but instead stayed in my chair. (A wonderful Irish display led to a 29-20 win).

Tonight, with Covid gloom suddenly accelerating again, and the relentless blah blah of Prime Time, the Tonight Show and Twitter closing in on me, I suddenly (and ingeniously) sought refuge in a safe place: Fawlty Towers on the Gold channel. Yes, I rejected the politicians, the professors, the graphs and the projections, instead losing myself in 35 minutes of comedy magic (‘The Hotel Inspectors’). It confirmed what everyone must know... that Fawlty Towers is the best sit-com of all time. I’m not making light of the desperate Covid trend of the past week or so; this was sheer escapism. And, just now, a bit of escapism is recommended!

Thursday Seamus Duke’s big book launch – it is a big book and it was a big launch – was a great success tonight. It was a bit like old times (i.e. pre-Covid), as a large crowd gathered in the magnificent Abbey Hotel ballroom for the occasion. The book – ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ – is an engrossing, comprehensive, entertaining and nostalgic compilation of memories of great sporting events, political dramas, and of course highlights of the author’s career in the local media and his lifetime interest in music, as well as a part-social history of Roscommon Town and county. An excellent read, I can recommend ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ as an ideal Christmas present for anyone with an interest in matters Roscommon, GAA, sport generally, current affairs and politics, and indeed the intriguing world of media. I had the honour of being MC at the launch, where special guests were GAA managerial legend John O’Mahony and top RTE broadcaster Damien O’Reilly. Both gentlemen made fine speeches, as did the debut author. There was a real feel-good atmosphere on the night, with many of Seamus’s friends, acquaintances and work colleagues (past and present) there to convey their congratulations. Writing this book was a long-held ambition for Seamus, a man with a great passion for Roscommon GAA, and for his native county generally. That he achieved his goal – and with such a fine publication – is a great credit to him. I wish ‘Dukie’ every success – it’s a book which will revive happy memories and bring a lot of enjoyment.

Friday Watching Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy going through the motions with Ryan Tubridy tonight, something didn’t feel quite right. This was the Cuddly Dunphy of recent years, bereft of the fire and fury of old. And that’s fine. People mellow. What was a bit strange was the sight of Brady as would-be controversialist, Stirrer-in-Chief even. All of a sudden, Liam (grumpy at the best of times!) has morphed into the role of The RTE Pundit

Caoimhe Finan and Sally and Ruth Towey pictured supporting the Roscommon team in the recent All-Ireland Masters Plate final against Cavan in Drumlish. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Castlerea Community School Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Ireland


The E ve n



l inclu de: l i w




t will be n e v e e iv L e h T hosted on the m Zoom Platfor




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SCI FEST Musical Tours & trips

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Study Skills

SPHE Wellbeing initiatives CSPE Tutor Class

.be programme FRIENDS programme

Registration for our Virtual Open Evening can be accessed on:

https://tinyurl.com/28czxa43 For Further details contact: 09496 20177 / 21013

Or by g n scanni


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

NewsPeople newsbriefs Activities at Cloonycolgan Community Centre Many activities have recommenced in Cloonycolgan Community Centre, following significant disruption for twenty months or so due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bingo is being held each Monday night at 8.30 pm. Ethna Fahy holds dancing classes on Tuesday evenings. Effective from November 18th, Ann McCormack will host craft sessions each Wednesday night at 7.30 pm (a fee of €5 will be charged each week). The Progressive 25 Card Drive continues each Thursday night at 9 pm. Thelma Keenan keeps us fit each Friday morning at 11 am (cost is €1, pay as you go).

At the launch were (left to right) Sinead Dowd, Trustee, Mental Health Roscommon; Charlie Meehan, Head of Mental Health Services CHO2, HSE; Martin Rogan, CEO, Mental Health Ireland; Dr. Enda Fallon; Teresa Keane, Trustee, Mental Health Ireland; Sinead McDermott, Trustee, Mental Health Roscommon, and Breda Crehan-Roche, HSE.

Launch of the Good Place mental health app Mental Health Roscommon, in partnership with Mental Health Ireland, HSE Mental Health Services and Athlone Institute of Technology, launched the Good Place App in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon on Thursday last. Martin Rogan (CEO of Mental Health Ireland) unveiled the app at an event which was attended by about 70 guests. The app project team members, including the research and software developers, delivered presentations on how the app was developed. The Roscommon HSE Key Notes Lived Experience and staff choir performed a medley of tunes to mark the occasion. The ‘Good Place’ app idea arose due to the lack of awareness of, and access to, local wellness resources in Roscommon. Teresa Keane (Project Lead and Development Officer for MHI) explained: “Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the importance of technology and its ability to help people feel more empowered and connected. “This app will provide an always-on, easily-accessible re-

source for people in the community who are in recovery, in crisis, or who simply want to learn about and explore ways to maintain good mental health. It will help people to help themselves, while also making it easier to reach out to others for support when they need it”. The Good Place app will enable people in the Roscommon community to avail of tools and resources that support and promote positive mental health, all from their mobile devices. Content includes a mood tracker, gratitude journal, directory of local services, as well as links to mental health services and a host of other useful community resources designed to bolster wellbeing. The app was developed by Athlone Institute of Technology’s Software Research Institute (SRI), who provided the technical expertise needed to develop and deliver the app. The Good Place app will be available for both Android and Apple (iOS) devices from November 19th in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Helen Hughes exhibition opens at Arts Centre

Artist Helen Hughes’s exhibition ‘and Yes, daydreamer surRender’ opened in the gallery space at Roscommon Arts Centre on Saturday last and will run until January 15th of next year. Helen Hughes is a Mayo-born artist living and working in Dublin. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and completed a Masters in Visual Arts Practices through IADT Dublin. She has exhibited widely and her work has received commendations both in Ireland and internationally. Helen Hughes’s work is predominantly sculptural. For this newly commissioned work at the Roscommon Arts Centre, Helen has expanded her existing materials-focussed, sculptural practice into compelling new territories. Taking her working methods outside of the studio for the first time, she has extended her core concerns into digital fields. For further information, check out www. roscommonartscentre.ie

(Above) Graham Singleton with his artwork...pictured at the launch of the Good Place App in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon on Thursday last.

Feighan calls on groups to consider €9m Covid fund

(Right) Martin Rogan, CEO, Mental Health Ireland, addressed the gathering at the launch of the Good Place App.

County Development Plan to be approved next year The Roscommon County Development Plan for 2021-2027 was discussed at a special meeting of Roscommon County Council on Tuesday and is expected to be approved next year. 98 recommendations and 160 submissions had been received

following initial consultations, and amendments and additions from a number of bodies and individuals including the Office of the Planning Regulator were heard at Tuesday’s meeting. Among the topics up for discussion by members of the Council

Helen Hughes’s exhibition ‘and Yes, daydreamer surRender’ is now open in the gallery space at Roscommon Arts Centre

and members of the executive including Director of Services, Shane Tiernan, were local agriculture, land use, the growth of small towns, Biomass facilities and wind turbines as well as efforts to ensure the county becomes more environmentally

friendly over the course of the plan. Following Tuesday’s lengthy meeting at Áras an Chontae, the plan will now be prepared for public consultation and is expected to be approved by the middle of next year.

Heather Humphreys TD (Minister for Rural and Community Development) and Joe O’Brien TD (Minister of State with responsibility for Community Development and Charities) recently announced a €9 million fund to support community groups impacted by Covid-19. The Community Activities Fund will support groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas, with their running costs such as utility or insurance bills, as well as with improvements to their facilities. Local TD and Minister of State Frank Feighan is anxious to highlight this funding among local groups including men’s sheds, parish and community halls and youth centres. Groups will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and to purchase equipment such as tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment. The once-off fund will be allocated under the Department’s Community Enhancement Programme and will be administered locally by the Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs). The Department will require that all closing dates are no later than February 28th, 2022. Groups should check with their LCDC for further details.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Gatehouse are live again, post-lockdowns! Arts Centre return on December 4th < DAN DOONER

Well-known local music group ‘Gatehouse’ will perform at the Roscommon Arts Centre at 8 pm on Saturday, December 4th ahead of what promises to be a busy few months following 18 months of Covid-19 lockdowns. Gatehouse have been performing together since 2014 and boast a top class line-up of traditional musicians including singer Rachel Garvey, Jacinta McEvoy on guitar and concertina, John McEvoy on fiddle and mandolin,

and John Wynne on flutes and whistles. Group member John Wynne says Gatehouse returned to live performances in September of this year and already have big plans for 2022. “I’m back playing in the usual session in JJ Harlow’s in Roscommon every Thursday night and Gatehouse started back with two live gigs at arts festivals in September. We are making a video in January so now we are working towards that,” he said. Covid-19 has caused havoc for musicians and live performers and John says the group are delighted to be back on stage following a lengthy lay-off. “We were out of action pretty much since the start

will be performing at

Roscommon Arts Centre Saturday 4th December at 8pm

Bookings - 090 6625824

of the pandemic in March 2020 apart from a brief period last September (2020) and then we stopped again before the Government lifted restrictions at the end of last summer. It was practically a year and a half where we weren’t able to perform so we are delighted to be back at it again,” he said. Apart from their date at the arts centre, Gatehouse will also be appearing at the Roscommon Christmas Festival on the newlook Roscommon Town Square on December 11th. “We are really looking forward to those gigs, the home town performances are always really enjoyable,” John said. “We also have a couple of gigs lined up after Christmas and our first trip abroad since the outbreak of the pandemic will be to Vienna in Austria for St. Patrick’s weekend. We’ll be performing across Ireland, and in Spain and Germany too. Gatehouse will also be filming a new music video ahead of performances in the UK. “We have secured an agent for the UK, which we are delighted with. Our aim now is to produce a couple of videos and add

Well-known local music group ‘Gatehouse’ will perform at the Roscommon Arts Centre at 8 pm on Saturday, December 4th ahead of what promises to be a busy few months following 18 months of Covid-19 lockdowns.

to our online presence including social media and our website, which is really important. “The videos will be recorded in the Roscommon and Kilteevan areas and we have received great support from the Arts Office at Roscommon County Council, which we are

very grateful for,” John added. “We hope that this will help in building up our profile in the UK because it’s just next door and there is a lot of potential for touring folk festivals and securing further dates there”. As part of this new focus on the UK music scene,

Gatehouse will be performing at a festival in Scotland next year as well as at the Cornwall Folk Festival in 2023. For now though, the group’s attention is on performances closer to home. During the Roscommon Christmas Festival, Gatehouse will be on stage on

Saturday (11th) at 7 pm while John Wynne and John Carlos will also be performing on the Sunday (12th) at 6.30 pm. For tickets to Gatehouse at Roscommon Arts Centre, contact the booking office on 090-6625824 or artscentre@roscommoncoco.ie.


• Church Street, Roscommon • Telephone: 090 6626097

Main Street, Ballygar, Co. Galway. Tel. 090 66 24780

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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


D News page


National Garda Youth Awards for three Strokestown students Three outstanding Strokestown students have received a National Garda Youth Award in recognition of their remarkable fundraising and community work for Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland. In 2020, the boys (then Transition Year students in Scoil Mhuire, Strokestown) decided to restore a 1956 Ferguson 20 vintage tractor as part of their transition year enterprise project. While the aim of the project is to create a profit-making business idea, the trio – Andrew Jordan, Jack Beirne and Mark Rogers – decided to use the opportunity to raise funds for the national children’s cancer charity and raised just over €64,100. The cause is close to their hearts, as Jack Beirne is a childhood cancer survivor, hav-

ing been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) at the age of three. “The restoration was a labour of love for us,” said Jack, “Although, it was very hard work. We all love farming machinery and driving tractors and that’s how we came up with the idea in the first place. When we decided to turn it into a fundraiser, we never expected that we would raise more than €64,000 or win any awards! Maybe us winning the award will inspire other TY students to take on big projects. “We were absolutely delighted to raise money for a great cause and one that I know well. I am lucky that my family and I have been able to move on from my diagnosis and treatment for childhood cancer, but an average

of six other families are thrown into this world every week. I know how scary that is and how much the services and information provided by Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland help”. Childhood Cancer Foundation was founded in 2013 by parents of children with cancer to raise awareness of childhood cancer, fund emotional supports and services for children with cancer and their families and to be the voice of children with cancer in Ireland. On average, 328 children, adolescents and young adults (aged 0-24 years) are diagnosed with cancer every year. Laura Cullinan (voluntary Director with Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland and parent of a child who has also survived childhood cancer)

said: “We are thrilled to see Andrew, Jack and Mark receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and dedication. They put hundreds of hours into their project and really went above and beyond to help other families in their own community and beyond. During the project, they sent numerous videos and messages to children in treatment in Crumlin, who were following their tractor journey. They lifted the spirits of lots of children and families. They are a fantastic team and an inspiration from the moment they decided to pursue this project”. Scoil Mhuire, Strokestown Principal Eamonn Corrigan also congratulated the trio on their win, saying: “We are very proud of Andrew, Mark and Jack here in Scoil

Pictured at the National Garda Youth Awards were Garda John O’Connor, Jack Beirne, Andrew Jordan, Mark Rogers, and Garda Inspector David Cryan.

Mhuire. They took on a very challenging project and really brought the community with them from start to finish. They thought outside the box and the results were fantastic, so we are delighted that they have received this award to recognise all of their hard work.

We hope that they’ve inspired other students and we look forward to seeing more inspiring projects in the future”. Inspector David Cryan of Roscommon Garda Station said the National Garda Youth Awards are all about community spirit: “Andrew, Mark and

Roscommon primary school wins prize for ReelLIFE SCIENCE video 
 Scoil na nAingeal Naofa from Boyle, Co. Roscommon claimed third prize in the ReelLIFE Science Video Competition Awards, which took place last Friday, with their video ‘The Weight of the World’. The awards honoured young Irish filmmakers as part of Science Week 2021 and the Galway Science and Technology Festival. Almost 500 short science films were entered into the competition by over 3,000 science enthusiasts from 135 schools and youth groups in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Winning videos were selected by a panel of guest judges including NASA astronaut Colonel Greg Johnson, UCD Professor of Zoology Emma Teeling and the 2021 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition winner, Greg Tarr from Bandon Grammar School in Cork. Fifth class students from Gaelscoil Riabhach in Loughrea, Co. Galway, along with their teacher

Brian Ó Meacháin, won the €1,000 first prize at Primary School level for their Irish language video ’An Córas Díleá (The Digestive System)’. Addressing the young filmmakers at the awards ceremony, Professor Emma Teeling, said: “It has been such a fantastic pleasure to view all of your videos – they’re wonderful! It really gives me hope for our future if the youth of Ireland are studying science and understanding science and producing these videos that can communicate science to the world”. The ReelLIFE SCIENCE programme challenges young people in schools and youth groups around Ireland to engage with science and technology by producing short educational videos, while developing their communication and digital skills. The winning videos can be viewed at www. reellifescience.com and https://youtu.be/JUV5TTLiXPg.

Fifth class students from Scoil na nAingeal Naofa, Boyle, Co. Roscommon who produced the video ‘The Weight of the World’.

‘Cross Street’ to open at Roscommon Arts Centre The Fregoli Theatre Company, in association with Roscommon Arts Centre, presents ‘Cross Street’ by Jarlath Tivnan, a new play which opens on Thursday, November 25th and runs until Saturday, November 27th. The play follows the story of Enid, who is searching for a new home. She finds a place on Cross Street; a place of routine and a place populated by some pretty serious creatures of habit. Enid’s arrival threatens to disrupt well-worn grooves, and a house meeting is called to re-establish order. But this stormy night has other things planned. Cross Street is an insightful new play from

Fregoli Theatre Company that explores the meaning of home, layering drama with hints of horror and Fregoli’s trademark heart and humour to create a moving piece of theatre. Written by Jarlath Tivnan (Pleasure Ground/You Could Be Us), Cross Street has been developed with Fregoli Theatre Company as part of their residency at Roscommon Arts Centre, funded by The Arts Council of Ireland. Directed by Eimear Finan, the cast includes Jarlath Tivnan, Delia Keane, Paige Leavy and Peter Shine. Fregoli have been in residence at Roscom-

mon Arts Centre for 2020/21. Supported by the Arts Council, Creative Ireland and Roscommon Arts Centre, the residency has focussed around the theme of ‘Finding Home’. As part of this residency, the company engaged with members of the EROC Centre in Ballaghaderreen, and produced two digital projects, ‘I Want You to Know Me’, which explored domestic violence from a child’s perspective and fundraised for Safe Ireland, and ‘Inside You Stay’, which explored themes of mental health. Cross Street was developed by company member and playwright Jarlath Tivnan as

part of this residency over the last two years. Cross Street will be performed at 8 pm from Thursday, November 25th, until Saturday, November 27th at a cost of €16/14. There will also be a preview at 8 pm on Wednesday next (24th) at a cost of €12. To book, phone 090-6625824 or visit roscommonartscentre.ie. This production was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland, with the support of Roscommon County Council and the Department of Tourism Culture Arts Gaeltacht Sports and Media, under the Local Live Performance Programming Scheme.

Jack have not only raised a phenomenal amount of money for a great national charity, they have also displayed team work, innovation, problem solving and, most importantly, they’ve made a difference in their community and in the lives of families living with childhood cancer”.

Roscommon punter wins €33,000 in Lotto wager A County Roscommon resident is €33,000 richer this week following a €1 wager on Tuesday’s Euromillions draw with BoyleSports. The anonymous winner placed the bet online at odds of 33,000/1 for four numbers in the draw. Their luck was certainly in as numbers 9, 19, 21 and 32 all rolled out, netting them a huge payoff. Lawrence Lyons, spokesperson for BoyleSports said: “It’s incredible just how far €1 can go and fair play to our Roscommon customer who proved the big wins can still be scooped even from tiny stakes. We admire their ambition and wish them good luck with their €33,000 profit”.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Local success in MAKE YOUR HOME Tidy Towns Awards! There were plenty of local winners when the SuperValu TidyTowns results for 2021 were announced last Friday by Minister Heather Humphreys at the RDS in Dublin. While Ennis in Co. Clare was named as Ireland’s Tidiest Town for this year, local volunteers have every reason to be proud with their efforts over the past 12 months. Keadue was the overall winner in Roscommon once again, picking up a Gold medal and €1,000 in the process. Roscommon town also won Gold while there was a Silver medal for Castlecoote as well as an €800 ‘Highly Commended’ prize. Ballintubber (340 marks) and Cloontuskert (341 marks) took Bronze and the latter also won the ‘Highly Commended’ award in their category and €500.

Meanwhile, Granlahan won the Endeavour award and Kilteevan was the national winner of the Heritage award (worth €1,000). Finally, Ballyleague took home the ‘Highly Commended’ award for the north-northwest region in the Waters and Community category along with €500 in prize money.

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Update on new lighting at Ballinagard Road Fianna Fáil Councillor Marty McDermott is very hopeful that lighting recently installed at Ballinagard Road, Roscommon will be operational in the coming weeks. In a press statement issued to the Roscommon People, Cllr. McDermott said that he had raised this urgent matter with the Council on behalf of local residents.

“The new lighting at Ballinagard Road is very welcome and that has been acknowledged. However, now that winter is approaching, there is real urgency about the need to have this lighting connected and made operational. “After being contacted on this issue by local residents, I recently raised it with the Council and the relevant engineer.


“Residents are anxious that the lighting is made operational as soon as possible from a safety point of view. The area in question is popular for pedestrians, etc. I am pleased to report that I have received a positive response from the Council and I am confident that the lighting will be connected over the coming weeks”.

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At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Ellen Butler, Will O’Callaghan, Robbie Fahy and Seamus Duke. Photo: Mick McCormack

‘Just one Garda left policing half of county’ Local TD Denis Naughten has asked the Minister for Justice Helen McEntee to intervene as Garda manpower has “hit an all-time low” in the Roscommon Garda District. Deputy Naughten said that on occasions there is just one Garda policing an area from Ballyleague to Ballinasloe. Speaking in the Dáil, Deputy Naughten said: “In the past three years, 25 Gardaí have left the district through promotion, transfer and retirement, and none of them have been replaced. Quite frequently there are only three Gardaí on duty in Roscommon and one has to be based in the Garda station”. Deputy Naughten went on: “In fact, on Saturday,

October 4th, there was one member left in that Garda District as the only available Garda car was called to a situation in County Longford,” he said. “There are supposed to be seven or eight Gardaí on average in each unit and that has been the case in Roscommon in recent years, but at the moment we are down to three or four Gardaí. This is just not good enough”. In a press statement, Deputy Naughten added: “Disappointingly, the Minister did not provide an answer and the Ceann Comhairle also ruled that the Minister was not accountable to the Dáil on manpower allocation within the Gardaí”.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


FRANK BRANDON Memories of Con (and those famous gremlins!) FRANK BRANDON’S

Our man Frank on battling gremlins, opening a bar in the old folks’ home, what Deirdre Bradley did next,and the passing of a proud Galway man… It’s safe to say that a lot of people who read this paper will never have heard of the Irish Press Group. They published three iconic papers – the Irish Press, Sunday Press, and the Evening Press – and it was a huge loss to the Irish news media world when the whole lot closed down back in 1995. The Evening Press had two wonderful feature writers, Joe Sherwood and his successor Con Houlihan. While they were ostensibly sports writers, there was very little that

they didn’t comment on. As people, they were very different. Sherwood was from the north of England, and had worked as a journalist in South Africa before answering an ad in a trade paper. He then started writing for the Irish Press before moving over to the Evening Press, back when it was a brand new paper. He wore a deerstalker hat and smoked a turned down pipe, and his ‘In the Soup’ column was a huge hit, running for almost twenty years. When he retired, he went to live in Belfast with his daughter, but with the Troubles at their worst at the time, he didn’t like risking his life to go for a drink. And so he went to Rhodesia, where he lived happily with another daughter for some time. A bizarre accident ended his life a while later, when he tripped over a small dog and died from his injuries. Sherwood’s earlier retirement had

Deirdre’s ‘making moves’ in the world of property! As we all know, things are getting more and more challenging every day, with rising prices in every area of life. Those in business will tell you things are getting tougher and tougher, and it takes a lot of guts and self-belief to start your own new business at this peculiar and almost surreal time. However, Deirdre Bradley is someone who has all those qualities – and many others – in abundance, and so she has just launched her new estate agency, Bradley Homes. I can only wish her well and I have no doubt she will make a resounding success of her new venture. Deirdre has 16 years of experience in the property world, and clearly feels now is the time to put all her knowledge and expertise to even better use. Heartiest congratulations Deirdre, I expect you will really shake up the property world!

unique take on life ...

left a big void in the Evening Press, and they were lucky enough to fill it with undoubtedly the greatest Irish sportswriter of them all, Con Houlihan. Con was a big Kerryman who didn’t become a journalist until he was 46-years-old, but his thrice weekly columns in the Evening Press (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) were not to be missed. Households all over Ireland would be in despair if someone forgot to bring home the paper on those three days. His fondness of a drink was legendary, and it is said that he wrote a lot of his articles in the snug of Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street, one of Dublin’s best known watering holes. He was also a regular in another great old Dublin pub, The Palace Bar. When he passed on in 2012, his ashes were brought back to the family grave in his beloved Castleisland, while fittingly there is a bust of

him in Mulligan’s and a sculpture outside The Palace. The only thing that unites me with Con Houlihan in a journalistic sense is the fact that every so often ‘gremlins’ would get at his column. Last week, they turned up in mine as well… By some quirk of modern technology, the newspaper reproduced an article from about two years ago, advocating the designated driver scheme. While appropriate and useful when originally written, such a scheme would certainly not be in any sane person’s mind now. There were also a couple of bits of local interest that the gremlins got at as well, but they are appearing on this page this week. I would like to thank Con for telling us about the little fellows (the gremlins), because only for him, I might still be wondering how last week’s mix-up happened!

Con Houlihan

Our Lady’s raises the bar for nursing homes First off, I have to tell you that I have never actually been (resident) in a nursing home or a prison (yet!). Although I have of course visited people in a nursing home, and I also used to deliver cutlery and crockery (knives and forks and spoons and plates and stuff) to the prison in Castlerea. Resulting from those visits, I certainly wouldn’t be applying for a spell in either places – but especially not in prison. However, I may have got that all wrong, because recent developments tell me that things are really changing. In Mountjoy last weekend, a prominent member of the Kinahan gang was videoed having a right old knees-up with four of his mates. Even better was the news of the opening of a bar in an old folks’ home in Belfast! Our Lady’s in Belfast is an 86-bedroomed home off the Falls Road, which recently opened The Giant’s Foot Bar. Residents can have alcoholic or soft drinks, and play darts, poker, or roulette. I don’t know if the practice of having a bar will be introduced at every local nursing home, but just in case (like enrolling for national school), I have put my name on the waiting list for Our Lady’s in Bel-

fast. If the time comes, that is where I want to go!

Finally for this week ... Out here in Creggs, we are mourning the loss of another of our most respected senior citizens, with the recent death of Michael ‘Tash’ McGovern, a proud Galway man and one of Creggs GAA’s greatest supporters. Even when in failing health, there was hardly any match that he wasn’t at. From my own playing days, I will always remember that no matter how poorly you played, Micky would always have a word of encouragement and would never criticise. He was a really nice man and will be greatly missed by all around Creggs and much further afield. He was predeceased by his beloved wife, Bridget (Baby), and was the proud father of six daughters. To them, his sister Mary, and all his extended family and friends, all I can do is offer my sincere sympathy on their great loss. May he rest in peace.

‘Till next week, bye for now


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


OUR LADY’S BOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL ATHLONE Roscommon Drama Group pictured at the Ballina ‘One Act’ Drama Festival last week.

Drama Group picks up more points on the road! The Roscommon Drama Group was on the road once again this week as members took their play ‘The Galway Girl’ to Kiltimagh and Doonbeg. On Sunday, the group again picked up points but finished a disappointing third to The Phoenix Players and local group, Clann Machua Drama Group, in Kiltimagh. There was no time to lick the wounds, however, as the Rossies headed straight for Doonbeg for Monday night’s performance, finishing second to PIC Players from Clara and Gaggin Dramatic Society from Bandon. Tom Holian won Best Actor and Bernie Maher and Mary Cox both received nominations. The

Phone: 090 66 24078

group now lies third in the qualifying table on 22 points behind PIC who have the maximum 36 points, with Navan second on 29 points. This weekend, the group travels to County Leitrim and the Manorhamilton Drama Festival for their fifth and final performance on the tour on Sunday night. With only five groups qualifying for the Confined Finals there is everything to ‘play’ for this weekend so we wish the group the very best of luck. Note: Friday night’s show, which was scheduled for Culleen Hall in Knockcroghery, has been cancelled due to rising number of Covid-19 cases.

0th 5Anniversary


Principal, Ms. Anne Beades and Staff wish to invite prospective 6th Class students, together with their parents/ guardians to attend our Open Evening in the school

on Thursday, 25th November, 2021 at 6pm Further information on enrolment is available on our school website

www.ourladysbower.com – Telephone: 09064-74777

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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021




Words of wit and wisdom with MIRIAM KERINS

Live TV is not the place to air your dirty ‘marriage linen’ My heart went out to actress Alice Evans who publicly broke down on live TV last week while talking to presenter Lorraine Kelly as the pair discussed her recent split from husband and fellow actor Ioan Gruffudd. According to this devastated wife/ mother, she’s now ‘living every woman’s nightmare’. As someone who has gone through a marriage break-up, I can tell you she’s not wrong…divorce is not just traumatic – it’s hell. As if the split wasn’t bad enough, Gruffudd appeared to confirm he’s (ahem) seeking satisfaction elsewhere by going ‘Instagram-official’, sharing a picture of himself cozying up to actress Bianca Wallace (who?) with the tag ‘Thank you for making me smile again’.

Alice Evans pictured with her husband Ioan Gruffudd in happier times and on right Gruffudd pictured with Bianca Wallace.

As you can imagine, this proclamation really upset Alice, who, as a mother desperate to keep her family together, revealed her ex’s proclamation “killed my child, because my

kid said, ‘Don’t I make him smile?’” How utterly heartbreaking. I’m not a fan of airing one’s dirty marriage linen in public (warts and all), especially when there are in-

Please support local businesses and charities this festive season The Christmas lights will be shining bright in Ballyleague this festive season, all thanks to the wonderful volunteers who began the process of putting them up last weekend. Following what has been a difficult year for everyone, I have to commend those who’ve made this wonderful gesture in Ballyleague, Lanesboro, Roscommon town and in other towns and villages right across the county. By giving unselfishly of your time, you’ve not only brightened up what has been

an otherwise bleak year, you’ve also reignited the Christmas spirit in all of us. Thank you. It is with this season of goodwill in mind that I’d like to take the opportunity (if I may) to ask readers to please shop local this year. It’s not just a handy, reliable, and convenient way for us to purchase our festive fayre – it’s also a lifeline for businesses who rely on us during these challenging times, not forgetting they’re employing our friends, families and neighbours.

Speaking of lifelines, could I ask any animal lovers, and those who love a bargain, to support TNR South Roscommon’s Christmas Sale of Work happening on Sunday, November 28th, in The Angling Centre, Athleague from 11 am to 4 pm. Come along, have a cup of tea and a chat, and grab a bargain or a handmade bespoke gift for a loved one. All proceeds go directly towards helping, feeding and saving the lives of homeless cats in your area.

nocent kids involved. There are two sides to every divorce, but it’s my opinion that any man who plays with your emotions, nay gaslights you, by (allegedly) spitefully telling the

mother of his babies ‘I don’t love you anymore, I might leave you or I might not leave you’, clearly doesn’t deserve anyone’s tears. I’m wondering if Gruffudd, who’s known for playing Marvel Comic hero Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four film franchise, is perhaps believing his own press and experiencing some form of God-like complex. What a pity all women aren’t atheists! Take care of yourself and your darling babies Alice, and for the time being, consider giving those live TV interviews a miss. Exact your revenge by moving on and finding happiness with someone who deserves you. As for Bianca, all I can say is good luck hon – something tells me you’re going to need it.

Thou shalt not kill the apostrophe! According to reports this week (both in print and on broadcast media), the death of the apostrophe is fast approaching – and I blame social media for its decline. You only have to look at some people’s posts to understand that due to the evolution of the English language and the way we work it, the traditional norms around apostrophe usage have not just changed – they’ve been mangled! Take, for example, some of those fruit and veg shop owners who irritatingly use up a year’s supply of apostrophes by indiscriminately scattering them with wild abandon into their “apple’s, pear’s and banana’s” ‘for sale’ signs. I do of course understand that of all the characteristics regarding spelling, grammar and punctuation we were taught in school as students, the use of the apostrophe does seem to pose quite a challenge for some. I tell myself that’s the reason for those exasperating ‘No HGV’s’ signs hanging from poles across the country (including throughout Roscommon), and given their obvious popularity, I have to wonder if there’s some kind of uncontrollable grammatical disease grinding down the quality of our writing? Mind you, the fact that I get so easily annoyed by the misplaced apostrophe has become something of a family joke. My girls and he-who-has-no-respectfor-the-apostrophe (believing it’s of little importance to his everyday life), dub me ‘the grammar vigilante’. Let me make it abundantly clear that there are extenuating circumstances when it comes to the misuse of grammar, meaning I’m not targeting people who’re dyslexic, those whose first

or second language is not English, or whose learning experiences were negative. Perhaps it’s the OCD-ness in me, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I believe that the use of clear and concise syntax is something we should all aspire to when communicating with others through the written word – especially when done in a professional capacity. I’d never dream of correcting anyone’s spelling and grammar as that would be extremely rude. Nor would I ever judge anyone on their ability to spell a word correctly or construct a sentence using the exact verbs, nouns, and clauses, because that would make me a horribly mean human being. However, let’s be honest, anyone who continuously splits their infinitives or wantonly throws extra words into a sentence where they’re not needed makes me want to have steel spikes jack-hammered up my nostrils! (Only joking). It’s not just the apostrophe (misplaced or otherwise) that’s in danger…oh no! Other punctuation marks have made the hit list. For example, the ellipsis, the full stop, the comma, the hyphen, and the bracket have also become victims of those who deliberately violate grammatical conventions. Once again, I’m simply taking a lighthearted look at this subject and I am not ridiculing anyone. However, if you believe an apostrophe was one of the good Lord’s twelve disciples, if you don’t know the difference between ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, or ‘to’, ‘too’, and ‘two’, or if you think the semicolon is just an ordinary colon with an identity crisis, then I’m afraid we can never be friends!


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Who’s saying what on Tweet Street ... Paul Healy’s take on top tweets! Paul Hennessy @paulhennessy07 So pubs and nightclubs are to close at 12!? Can anyone tell me what difference that will make when the same people will just go out earlier!? Another daft decision. #NightClubs -The saga continues... Andrea Horan @AndreaHoran How many nightclubs are in the country? Ppl going clubbing is a tiny percentage. It’s absolutely bananatown that this is THE restriction being put in place and it’s because it’s an easy target – clubbing is seen as something superfluous to most voters. -Update from Bananatown... Clo @ClodaghShortall Think Orange is the new Green !!! #COYBIO #LUXIRE -The Republic of Ireland lined out in orange...it was Luxembourg who were sporting red faces at the final whistle Luke O’Riordan @luke_oriordan Can we discuss whether or not Liam

Brady deserves a new contract or not while we are at it -Not everyone’s enjoying Liam Brady’s less than enthusiastic punditry just now (see also Paul Healy’s Week, page 6) Maïa Dunphy @MaiaDunphy Surely one of the saddest legacies of Covid will be the demise of the complimentary bowls of mixed nuts in bars. -Oh dear, the fall-out of the ‘new normal’ continues...

Ireland earning a great victory Sinead Farrelly @sinead_farrelly We’re all only here for Gaga and we’re being subjected to Ronan Keating singing Raglan Road through his nose #latelateshow #latelate -To be fair, it WAS pretty bad...

Deirdre is Roscommon finalist in Carer of Year This year’s Roscommon nominee for Family Carers Ireland’s Carer of the Year Awards is Deidre Kenny from Creagh, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon. Deidre was delighted to accept the accolade, and now goes on to the regional final. If she is successful there, she will go on to attend the national final in a gala ceremony in the Westin Hotel on November 26th.

Calling all crafters and food producers!

The annual Castlerea Christmas Craft and Food Fair will be held in The Hub, Castlerea on Sunday, December 5th. We invite all local food producers and craftspeople who wish to showcase their products to take a stand at the Fair. In 2019, there were over eighty exhibitors, with gifts to suit all price ranges. This year, we already have 35 stands booked, including jewellery, knitwear, woodcraft, paintings, flower arrangements, Christmas baking and much more. Once again we will have our food court and food demonstrations in An Chistin. All monies raised on the day will go to the continuing development of The Hub. Stands can be booked by contacting Madeline on 086-3821787.

Gary Lineker @GaryLineker How quickly the mighty can fall. The European Champions go into the jeopardy of the play-offs. We can’t have another World Cup without Italy. We just can’t. -Or can we? No, we can’t (apparently)! Murray Kinsella @Murray_Kinsella Test of the year so far? Cannot take your eyes off it for a second. -Ireland v New Zealand began in thrilling fashion... Irish Rugby @IrishRugby FULL TIME at the AVIVA! Ireland have done it again! -...and continued in the same vein, with


Fundraising event in aid of Elaine Morrissey

Lady Gaga...was on Late Late Show.

A fundraising event in aid of Elaine Morrissey is set to take place on Sunday, December 5th. (Meeting point is the carpark at Paddy Finn’s pub, Kilteevan at 1 o’clock sharp). There will be a two-hour horse and pony ride event, with cross-country jumps. This will be followed by hot food and sandwiches. There will also be a raffle, with some great spot prizes on offer. All are welcome to attend. This fundraising event is being organised by the North Roscommon Riders Group.


St. Dominic’s offer 360,000 reasons to enter ‘Ireland’s biggest 50-50’ draw! St. Dominic’s GAA Club recently launched ‘Ireland’s biggest 50-50 Draw’, with a minimum cash prize of €50,000 and a potential maximum cash prize of €360,000 to be won by one lucky participant on December 30th of this year. Chairperson of the St. Dominic’s fundraising committee, Padraig O’Connor, says the funds raised will go towards the development of club facilities in Knockcroghery. “We did have our weekly 50-50 draw which went towards the day to day running of the club but that was cancelled due to Covid-19. We really wanted to do something different this year so we decided to stage Ireland’s biggest 50-50 prize draw,” he said. “Many rural clubs struggle for numbers but thankfully we are experiencing the opposite situation at the moment and we regularly have over

100 underage players training with us throughout the week. “This fundraiser will go towards developing our facilities so that we can continue to cater for large numbers of players and members across football, hurling, camogie and Scór”. Tickets for Ireland’s biggest 50-50 have been selling fast ahead of the big draw at the Hodson Bay Hotel on Thursday, December 30th, and the club are this week offering further chances to win with a special ‘Spike Draw’. “Tickets cost €20, three for €50 or eight for €100, and we are hosting an early draw this weekend so that if you buy before Sunday you will be in with a chance of winning €300, ten free tickets into the main draw and a two-night stay in either the Hodson Bay Hotel or Galway Bay Hotel,” Padraig added. As tickets continue to sell and with a minimum cash prize

of €50,000 already guaranteed, participants are encouraged to

purchase ahead of Sunday’s deadline to be in with a greater chance

of winning the big one on December 30th. Tickets can be

purchased online at www.irelandsbiggest5050draw.ie and keep

an eye on St. Dominic’s’ social media channels for further updates.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


On The Back Benches It’s time for some innovative support for heroic Tidy Towns’ volunteers The celebrations may not have been boisterous or indeed prolonged, but I can assure you that a hardcore group of modest volunteers from a series of villages and towns around County Roscommon (and indeed all over the country) have been enjoying a well deserved ‘day in the sun’ and toasting their success in the National Tidy Towns competition over the course of the last six days or so. In parish hall committee rooms, corners of local pubs, and even in school classrooms around the region, small groups of usually quiet-spoken men and women have been huddling together and spending an hour or two studying the three pages of A4 paper, most likely downloaded and printed from the adjudicators’ reports page on the National Tidy Towns website, with all the meticulous details of how their own piece of rural Ireland has fared in the 2021 event. Let’s get one thing out of the way firstly before we delve into the nitty-gritty of Tidy Towns work. None of the people who volunteer to pick the litter, tidy the streets or develop all those fantastic environmental or community-driven projects around Roscommon, do so for the want of praise or a massaging of their ego. ‘Tidy towners’ are in fact, in my experience, a different breed of people altogether. Often tagged unfairly as ‘do-gooders’, not a single one of them does it for the limelight or the picture in the paper – instead it’s the very proud sense of belonging and pride of place that is achieved by being part of a Tidy Towns group that drives them out into the wind and rain week after week in their yellow fluorescent jackets. They do so to create a wonderful welcoming atmosphere for both residents and visitors alike when they drive through the streets and greens and squares of these towns, witnessing the fruit of the volunteers’ labour – such as beautifully manicured and landscaped gardens and greens. The ‘Tidy towners’ are turning a precious corner of their own home town into a mini ring of Kerry or a Donegal-style rolling mountain view landscape. Last Friday the same hardy groups of volunteers would have gathered in their usual place and at the usual time to review the annual reports and points awarded after what has been a really difficult couple of years for Tidy Towns workers. Many of our best volunteers in committees are already over the age of 60. Many are retired, and a big percentage of them have had to cocoon in their homes for over a year, thus missing their daily and weekly duties with the Tidy Towns committees. Now, thankfully, they are back out. Even though there was no actual judging in the majority of towns this year – a series of photographs and written reports were submitted instead – the volunteers were out in numbers and still did the work over the summer. I saw them in every town in Roscommon as I drove around in July and August. I must say the county looked superb.

Ennis was named winner of Ireland’s Tidiest Town for 2021 at SuperValu TidyTowns on Friday. Pic: Naoise Culhane

Despite the effects of the pandemic and the committees being driven indoors for well over a year before that, we were told that the level and quality of the projects that were delivered across all categories was astounding. Each parish and village had their own line by line analysis of their efforts to read over the weekend, with critical comments and objective proposals being taken account of for the future. RTE presenter Anne Cassin was on stage in the RDS last week to laud their outstanding efforts and the achievements of the category winners (and indeed all of our committees across the country) with prolonged and significant praise and recognition. 1,022 groups engaged in the competition this year, with a record 847 entries. The

All of the activists I know in Tidy Towns would far prefer if a national group policy was in place for insurance cover as it would save them the nightmare every year of trying to raise the money.

thought struck me on Friday as I watched some of the awards ceremony online that the volunteers behind these award-winning projects in Castlecoote, Keadue, Roscommon, Cloontuskert and every other town and village around the country really deserve a lot more than just a passing mention in terms of real support in return for their fantastic work. What I am thinking about here (and am indeed proposing for the future) would be a meaningful ‘rewards system’ for every person who gets up on a Saturday morning at 9 am and goes out on the streets in their hi-viz jacket to spend hours picking plastic bottles, coffee cups and cans, cutting and strimming grass, sweeping footpaths for the dog poo some of your beloved pets left behind, and generally contributing to the building of thriving, sustainable communities. The first real and meaningful reward would be a properly arranged insurance scheme subsidy for each committee. As it stands, each group involved has to go and fork out between 200 euro and 800 euro every year to try and get insurance cover for their own lawnmowers, equipment, and their volunteers. I believe that instead of throwing more prize money into the competition, the Department of Community & Rural Affairs (which runs it with the help of SuperValu) would be better served in trying to establish or at least promote the development of a group insurance policy – a GAA-style

In association with: LOUGH REE ACCESS FOR ALL

county by county player registration system that would provide cover for every volunteer who is properly signed up. The key to this is the scale of the numbers involved. I would argue that there are more than 10,000 volunteers involved nationwide in Tidy Towns. It surely would be possible for somebody to negotiate a proper group cover premium that all Tidy Towns committees could feed into. It’s not as if the Government departments don’t already work closely with the big insurance brokers. Each local authority takes out an annual insurance premium for their own activities, and I know that, in return, some of the brokers are involved in supporting such community initiatives as the ‘Pride of Place’ awards (with prize money). What would be wrong with these awards being suspended for a couple of years and the money used instead to subvent or subsidise each Tidy Towns committee in the country with some help to pay their annual insurance bill? At the end of the day, these committees are not-for-profit community groups. Nobody is commercially trading. They deserve Government support. I know that in recent years a small grant is available from time to time for the committees but these barely cover the other running costs like petrol, etc. All of the activists I know in Tidy Towns would far prefer if a national group policy was in place for insurance cover as it would save them the nightmare every year of trying to raise the money. I have argued before that if the state was really serious about promoting volunteerism, it would also reward the selfless men and women who take to the streets by giving them a simple tax break in their annual returns every year. It could be something as low as just a hundred euro. I cannot see any reason why in the present age when the state can go after your property tax and withdraw it from your bank account with your consent they could not also simply allow a concession of about 100 euro tax-free income in everyone else’s account – with the production of a signed membership card from the local committee every year. For people on pensions, I am sure the 100 euro allowance could also be worked out on their property tax – if they are putting in the hours week after week with their Tidy Towns committee. At the end of the day, the state is actually saving millions of euro due to the contribution made by these voluntary committees. For instance, can you imagine how many street sweepers would have to be bought to do the work of the hardy annuals in the hiviz vests? These people are helping the Irish countrywide attract thousands of tourists – visitors who then invest in the community. Therefore the money set aside on a tax break or paying for a committee’s insurance policy would be well spent. What do you think? Email People Columnist Ciaran at ciaranmullooly@gmail.com


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Tremane Hurling Club

mmon Herald

would like to sincerely to

thank everyone

Correction Proof

The Dolan/Cuddy family from Roscommon are through to the quarter-finals of RTÉ’s ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’.

Cuddys find ‘Golden Ticket’ to Fittest Family quarter-finals!

The Committee and Players are overwhelmed and delighted Order No.: 857583 by the support from the entire community, near and far, from Copyline: business club individuals and businesses.

Rep Contact Details: Alan beirne

Date: 05/04/2021 | Mon 09:49 Go raibh míle maith agat go léir

090- 6627377

Lisa was understandably proud of her little sister when speaking alan.beirne@roscommonherald.com The Dolan/Cuddy family from to the Roscommon People this County Roscommon stormed week. “Emma was just unreal…she into the quarter-finals of hit RTÉ show ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ on was as cool as a breeze up there! Sunday last with a performance of The TV doesn’t do the balancing log justice because it’s actually a real teamwork and poise. lot higher in real life,” Lisa said. Sunday’s episode saw the Cud2021 “We were lucky that ‘Sole Surdys, coached by four-time Allvivor’ was our first event because Ireland camogie winner Anna 021 Geary, take on the ‘Sole Survi- we had practiced it and were convor’ challenge in the show’s ‘For- fident. There had been some debate between myself and Emma est’ setting. 21-year-old Emma Cuddy’s about who would go up on the years of ballet lessons came to log but I was a little more jittery the fore as she balanced on one about and a little faster on the James Cuddy pictured during Emma Cuddy keeps her balance foot on a log suspended nine ground”. the ‘Sole Survivor’ challenge on during the ‘Sole Survivor’ challenge on As Emma balanced on one leg RTÉ’s ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ metres off the ground while RTÉ’s ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ last Sunday. the rest of the family carried among the tree tops, her family last Sunday. 10kg sandbags through a circuit employed a ‘conveyor belt’ stratwhich included ‘up and under’ egy on the ground below to ensure a second event! Thankfully, it face of some of the messages I’ve we were received but it’s been so exciting all 40 sandbags made it to their all went our way obstacles. Home,Interiors,DIY 4Cand(CMYK) delighted to make it through to and it’s great that people enjoyed it Emma managed to maintain final destination. so much,” she said. “James is our tactician and we the quarter-finals,” Lisa added. her poise for an incredible seven The Dolan/Cuddys have been Roscommon viewers can tune minutes and 45 seconds, allow- had a gameplan for that event ing mum Bernie, brother James, but we didn’t know whether our inundated with congratulatory into Ireland’s Fittest Family on and sister Lisa to complete the ‘conveyor belt’ was allowed messages and well wishes this Sunday, December 5th at 6.30 challenge and secure the ‘Golden until that day. We didn’t even week and Lisa says the family is pm to find out how the Dolan/ Cuddy family got in the quarterTicket’ to the show’s quarter- know about the ‘Golden Ticket’ grateful for all the support. “I still haven’t scratched the sur- finals. so we thought we’d have to do finals as Heat winners. < DAN DOONER


who supported the club through their goodwill and generous contributions in the run up to this year’s county final.



Black Friday Sale ONE DAY ONLY Advert Size: Friday 26th November 12cms x 5cols


25% OFF all upfront Memberships

(not Direct Debit)

090 66 28219 For further updates please go to roscommonleisurecentre.ie or see us on facebook

For further details contact

newsbriefs Ballintubber Cemetery Mass The annual Ballintubber Cemetery Mass will take place this Sunday, November 21st, at 11.30 am. People are asked to tend to their family graves and tidy a neighbouring grave where there may be no relatives in the area. A gate collection will be held for upkeep of the cemetery.

Broadband update from Naughten

National Broadband Ireland is completing construction of its fibre optic broadband network in the rural areas surrounding Roscommon town and companies are now taking pre-orders for connections, according to local TD Denis Naughten. There are 2,993 premises in the Roscommon as well as all rural homes which can now make pre-orders for connections to the 1000mbps super high-speed broadband network with their preferred provider by going to NBI.ie with their Eircode. Deputy Naughten: “While the initial local build-out started in the rural areas around Ballinasloe, work is now nearing completion around Roscommon town, with work in Athlone, other parts of south Roscommon and Carrick-on-Shannon taking place over the coming twelve months, and the Castlerea area having access to the network by mid-2023”.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021



Roscommon Castle grounds: then and now Roscommon People reader Damien Hogan recently captured an aerial shot of the grounds at Roscommon Castle, showing the huge difference

the landscape has undergone over the past twenty years. The first picture, courtesy of the Roscommon Town and Heri-

tage Facebook page, depicts the grounds of Roscommon Castle during the start of work on enhancing the area, with the base for

the park and the pond being laid. The second picture, taken by Damien Hogan this week, depicts the grounds of Roscommon Castle

as they are today, showcasing the park’s pond, natural landscape, recreational walking paths, amphitheatre, etc. Many thanks, Damien!

The things people say… “Someone asked me, if I were stranded on a desert island what book would I bring: ‘How to Build a Boat’” -Steven Wright


Famous birthdays ... this week

Supporters pictured at the recent Roscommon Minor (U-17) Football final at Dr Hyde Park, in which Roscommon Gaels defeated Boyle. Photo: Mick McCormack

It’s been a BAD week for...

It’s been a GOOD week for... Irish rugby, with Ireland maintaining their recent good form with a tremendous, largely dominant display against the aristocrats of the game, New Zealand (Ireland winning by 29-20)

Owen Wilson (American actor and comedian, will be 53 on Thursday)

Ant McPartlin (English television presenter and comedian, turns 46 on Thursday)

The health service and the public in general, with rising Covid-19 numbers ominously pointing to a difficult winter ahead...

Fans of I’m A Celebrity, the phenomenally popular ITV reality show, with this year’s line-up confirmed on Monday (the series begins this Sunday) Stephen Kenny and his Republic of Ireland team, who finished a largely disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign quite impressively, drawing 0-0 with Portugal and defeating Luxembourg 3-0

I have everything I need! A young supporter pictured at the recent Roscommon Senior Football final at Dr Hyde Park. Photo: Mick McCormack

Hospitality and other businesses, with some restrictions being reintroduced amidst mounting concern over a surge in Covid-19 case numbers

Ireland rugby coach, Andy Farrell.

San Marino’s footballers, who conceded ten goals to a rampant England, losing 10-0 in Monday night’s chronically one-sided World Cup qualifer

Carly Rae Jepsen (Canadian singersongwriter, 36 on Sunday)

Joe Biden (American politician and current US President, turns 79 on Saturday)


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


The true cost of cheap online hauls Let’s talk about ... FAST FASHION (A student’s perspective)

Alannah Ita Healy This week, there were a lot of pictures circulating showing the mountains of discarded clothing piled up in the Atacama desert in Chile. At least 39,000 tonnes of clothing is dumped in the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world, a clear-cut example of the devasting effects fast fashion is wrecking in modern times. The term ‘fast fashion’ describes the mass production of ‘trendy’ clothing at low cost, a practice that high-street brands have been guilty of for a long time. By carrying out clothes production overseas where workers aren’t paid fairly for their labour, and by using cheap, synthetic materials, these companies are able to churn out huge amounts of clothing at a fraction of the more realistic cost, in a fraction of the time. Naturally enough, this decrease in quality and increase in quantity has led to massive amounts of clothing waste, as evident in the pictures of the Atacama desert that were circulating this week. However, it is not just in the dumping of discarded clothes that fast fashion hurts the environment; the

production process itself is extremely harmful. Given the hugely competitive aspect of fast fashion between brands and the pressure to reduce cost and speed up production, companies often cut ‘environmental corners’ to maximise profits. Additionally, the nature of the synthetic materials used leads to significant environmental effects during production, adding to global warming and microplastic pollution. However, even when synthetic materials aren’t used, and clothing is made from cotton or denim, the sheer amount of garments being made requires a substantial amount of water. All this considered, it comes as no surprise to learn that fast fashion is one of the world’s highest polluting industries after oil and gas. Fast fashion has been a phenomenon since the early 1990s, when the term was first coined by the New York Times to describe Zara’s mission to get a garment from design stage to being available for purchase in as little as fifteen days. However, as of 2020 the fast fashion giant Shein had managed to get

this process down to only three days. Shein is an online fast fashion brand that exploded in popularity recently, particularly due to the hype it received on social media for being even cheaper and trendier than its high-street counterparts. In fact, if you found yourself scrolling through TikTok at any point in the last year or two, chances are you came across your fair share of Shein ‘hauls’. The haul has been a popular convention on social media for quite some time, and relatively harmlessly so, but lately, there has been a tendency for these hauls to come about as a result of bulk buying fast fashion. It seems social media is sometimes guilty of giving fast fashion a platform on which to thrive. The aforementioned hauls act as a form of free advertising for these companies, as well as adding to their sales directly – as do the posts which recommended dupes for those whose only affordable option is fast fashion. The impact of social media on these brands’ profitability is what saw Shein rocket to success via TikTok last year, and brands are very aware of this impact. Trend cycles have shortened drastically in just the last handful of years, likely in large part due to the availability of new, cheap clothing that fast fashion provides. However, it appears to me that the advent of social media has played a role in this too. Upon new releases, brands will send out PR packages to every influencer with a big enough audience, leading to a sudden saturation on social

The fast-fasion waste mountain in Atacama desert in Chile

media with that brand or particular item. In turn, people begin to buy into the trend, until eventually it becomes old news, until the next thing comes along and it all begins again. Of course, the dying out of a fashion trend is understandable, but it is the sheer pace at which these trends are dying out that is feeding into the fast fashion problem. When clothes are cheap enough to be bought on a whim, and when fashion trends are subject to the short attention span of the internet, we end up the surplus of microtrends that fast fashion thrives on. Fortunately, due to increasing eco-consciousness, the tide is beginning to turn. More and more people are abandoning fast fashion, or

at least reducing their consumption of it. Of course, not everyone can afford to shop sustainably, and besides, this is not a problem that can be solved by the consumer. Fast fashion remains a multibillion euro industry and a serious threat to our planet, something which cannot

be undone by individual actions alone. Hopefully, an effective solution to fast fashion will come out of COP26 and future environmental measures, and in the meantime, shop slow when you can – it’s better for the environment, and it’ll last you longer.

Winter charity shop donations

On the topic of sustainable fashion, I noticed a few charity shops asking for donations of winter clothes recently. Scarcity of winter clothes at this time of year can lead to less sales for these stores, whose profits go towards worthy causes. So, if you notice a few old coats or jumpers while digging out the winter clothes from the back of the closet over the next couple of weeks, why not bring them into your local charity shop – it might save them from ending up in a rubbish dump in Chile!

Council told to act after child struck by car on N5 < DAN DOONER

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Cllr. Tony Waldron, Cllr. Joe Murphy (Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council) and Seamus Nugent. Photo: Mick McCormack

A local TD has called on Roscommon County Council to take urgent action following a serious incident which saw a young child struck by a vehicle on the N5 near Frenchpark on Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred at 9.10 am and the child was taken to Mayo University Hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries a short time later. Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane said it was unacceptable that works had not yet taken place at the junction. Speaking to the Roscommon People on Wednesday afternoon (yesterday) Deputy Kerrane said: “How many more near-misses will we see in Frenchpark before the Council will act? “I have engaged with the local Gar-

da Superintendent and the Head of Road Safety in Transport Infrastructure Ireland, who agree that action is needed. Yet, the Council insist that no works will be carried out until the new road is built. This is unacceptable. “Two weeks ago, I wrote to the Chief Executive Eugene Cummins to ask him to reconsider the Council’s position. He needs to intervene. This junction is extremely dangerous, it risks the lives of motorists and pedestrians, and its proximity to the GAA grounds and the local national school adds to this danger. “I will continue to push for action on this until this junction is made safe. We cannot risk lives further while waiting three or four years for a new road,” Deputy Kerrane concluded.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


ILDN welcomes backing on future of job services The Irish Local Development Network (ILDN), representing Ireland’s Local Employment Service providers has this week welcomed the publication of a report by the Joint Committee on Social Protection, Community and Rural Development and the Islands examining the provision of Public Employment Services throughout the State. The Joint Committee has made nine recommendations in its report. Among the recommendations is a call that the Local Employment Service is maintained in its current format and that the Department of Social Protection works to ensure that Local Employment Service contracts meet all legal obligations. The Committee also recommends that the Local Employment Service is expanded into areas where it does not operate using Local Development Companies in those regions and that the Job Clubs are retained in their current format. Welcoming the report, Chair of the ILDN Special Working Group on the Future of Employment Services, Martina Earley said: “The Joint Committee’s support for the retention of Local Employment Services and Jobs Clubs is significant. The Government has decided to end these vital services. This intervention by the Joint Oireachtas Committee including Government Party members must provide Minister Humphreys and the Department of Social Protection with pause for thought. “We are thankful to the chairperson and members of the committee for their work on this report and for the hearing they gave the ILDN in the process of developing this document. It is heartening to see many of our priorities reflected in the committee’s report and supported by all parties”.

newsbriefs Remembrance Mass for deceased Council members A Mass for deceased Roscommon County Council staff and members has been arranged for 7 pm on Friday, December 3rd, in the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon. All are welcome to attend, and the mass will also be streamed live on churchtv.ie/roscommontown. Please note that all current Covid regulations will be adhered to.

Peter Burke TD, Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government and Planning pictured with (from left) Mairead O’Shea, Dr. Michelle Maher, Kathy Sheridan, Kathleen O’Meara with Tara Farrell, Longford Women’s Link. Pic: Brian Farrell

New ‘See Her Elected’ guidebook launched A new guidebook from ‘See Her Elected’ – ‘SHE: A Guidebook to Running in the 2024 Local Elections’ – was officially launched via a live Zoom webinar event in Longford Women’s Link on Friday last. Irish Times journalist, Kathy Sheridan, who launched the book, urged women to “ignore the negative voices” and to ask themselves the question “why not me” as she encouraged women to consider running in the Local Elections of 2024. No stranger to the world of politics, Kathy’s late father Joe, who hailed from North Longford, was an Independent TD for Longford/ Westmeath for over two decades. Kathy said that female candi-

dates would need “stubbornness, energy, stamina, grit and optimism” and “have the ability to stand their ground but also turn the other cheek”. Minister of State Peter Burke, a guest speaker at the launch, said the new publication was “an incredible guide”. See Her Elected is a grassroots organisation built on the ethos of women learning and supporting each other, with a specific focus on the Midlands and North West. SHE is a collaboration between Longford Women’s Link and 5050North West and the programme is funded by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

The new publication aims to be a practical, user-friendly guide for women who are considering running in the 2024 Local Elections. To accompany the SHE Guidebook to Running in the 2024 Local Elections a series of free, online, interactive, one-hour workshops from See Her Elected will work through this guidebook chapter by chapter with groups of women in each county in the region. The first series of workshops is starting this November and running until May 2022. The co-authors of the guidebook are Dr. Michelle Maher, Programme Manager with See Her Elected, Roscommon-based Mairead O’Shea, Communications Consultant with See Her

Elected, and Public Affairs Consultant, Kathleen O’Meara. Mairead O’Shea, Communications Consultant with See Her Elected, who acted as MC for proceedings, said that it was a “fantastic day of celebration” and noted that the new book would be a “brilliant resource and userfriendly guide for women” who were considering running for the Local Elections in 2024. Copies of the new publication will be available to participants of the SHE online workshops designed to accompany the book while an e-book version of the publication will also be available to download free of charge from the SHE website www.seeherelected.ie.

Crosby calls for regular testing to prevent ‘spiking’ Independent councillor Tom Crosby has called for “regular testing” in order to tackle the “alarming and increasing prevalence of drink spiking”. “This cruel new trend is both shocking and dangerous, and has startling consequences,” Cllr. Crosby said this week. “It is essential to nip it in the bud before it affects your daughter, sister, son or brother”. Referring to successful schemes in the UK, which he says have managed to counteract the situation, Cllr. Crosby has called for the introduction of a similar scheme here and for authorities to monitor the situation closely, which he says “would help stop the possibility of you or your loved one’s drink being spiked or them being assaulted with a dirty needle”. “I am calling on local authorities across the country to establish the possibility of a similar pilot scheme here, particularly now in the lead-up to the festive season. “Spiking drinks is not just wrong, it is illegal and immoral, and can have stark and dangerous consequences. I would urge anyone who has been the victim of this crime to speak out and get help immediately,” Cllr. Crosby concluded.

Kathy Sheridan, Irish Times columnist, Dr Michelle Maher, Programme Manager with See Her Elected, Mairéad O’Shea, Communications Consultant with See Her Elected, and Tara Farrell, CEO of Longford Women’s Link pictured at the launch of the See Her Elected ‘A Guide to Running in the 2024 Local Elections’ at Longford Women’s Link. Pic: Brian Farrell


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Sharp divisions in ‘Disgruntled States of America’ THE MOOD IN AMERICA < MICHAEL DRYHURST

“How y’all” is a standard greeting from the Deep South Baptist Bible Belt of the D.S.A. (the Disunited States of America), where the political divide has reached such gigantic proportions that where once Democrat and Republican politicians were colleagues, that applies no longer. Once Joe Biden had been declared the duly-elected President, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky vowed that he would oppose all and any legislation promoted by the Biden administration. He has been so obstructive that he has gained the soubriquet of ‘Dr. No’. Fortunately, during the week of November 8th, ten Republican members of the House of Representatives crossed the aisle and voted with the Democrats to pass the President’s Infrastructure Bill, a massive – nearly two trillion dollars – piece of legislation. However, those ten politicians have been threatened by their fellow Republicans with some unnamed punishment for their perceived ‘disloyalty’ to their party unity. As a result of all this enmity, the country is in a political vacuum, resulting in hardly any legislation being passed. This gives the impression that the Democrats are incapable of governing the country, a result of which is the fact that President Biden’s personal rating is down the Swanee. The rating stands at around 40 per cent and bodes ill for the Democrats in the mid-term elections, which are but one year away. The House Minority Leader, one Kevin McCarthy (pronounced the Anglo ‘McCarthee’) of California, also has adopted the ‘No’ policy of his se-

nior and Senate colleague McConnell. So, what we have here is an opposition which obfuscates constantly with tactics of obstruction, negating the role of an opposition party – in that, when opposing proposed government legislation, the onus on the opposition is to put forth an alternative plan or proposal. However, that is not happening and we have political deadlock, in total, hence the Disunited States. Rapidly it is deteriorating into a banana republic, with regimes mocked so readily by ex-President Trump, at whose feet can be laid 90 per cent of the blame for the current situation. ‘The Big Lie’ is the moniker given to the rantings of Donald Trump, by which, over a year since the General Election, he claims the election was

stolen from him by massive voter fraud. The final tally was that Joseph Biden received 81,283,098 votes to Trump’s 74,222,958, a difference of over more than seven-million votes, more than the total population of Ireland! ‘The Big Lie’ is accepted as Gospel by over ten million of Trump supporters. This is despite the fact that after taking suit against dozens of states claiming the miscounting of votes, dead people voting (I kid you not), and in every one of the courts, having his claims dismissed in both Democrat and Republican-controlled states. Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels is quoted as having said “…without radio, we (the Nazis) would not have been able to gain power”. As radio has so effectively


Physiotherapy and energy healing with Darragh Sheehy Testimonials “I went to Darragh with an ongoing back problem and after a couple of visits the issue was much improved. Also from a mindset point of view, things looked much better. I couldn’t recommend a visit to Darragh enough”. “Physically, emotionally and spiritually I am in a far better place now. What I learned from Darragh was invaluable, and I use what he taught me each and every day. I now love meditation and how it helps me to deal with everyday life”.

Hi, I’m Darragh Sheehy and I have been working as a physiotherapist and an energy healer based in Athlone/Roscommon for over ten years. With physiotherapy I’m working with people who have physical pain or and injury which is affecting their wellbeing. Typical sessions involve: Movement scans, hands on work, an exercise prescription. The focus is to get to the root of what’s creating the pain in your body

and releasing it so you can do more of what you want. With energy healing I’m working with people who want a relaxing session, want deeper healing or further understanding of a symptom. Sessions involve body scans and meditation, hands on work, breathing exercises, and sound healing. If you would like to experience this work or to find out more about what I offer, please contact me on 086-3114042.

Look after your Body and Mind Book a Physiotherapy or Energy Healing Session in Athlone/Roscommon with

Darragh Sheehy

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demonstrated its power, think of such manipulation that can be affected by television? Enter Rupert Murdoch’s TV channel ‘Fox News’, which has been described numerous times as ‘Trump’s Personal Channel’ because it promotes/promulgates Trump’s ‘Big Lie’. Fox News is an ultra-rightwing conduit, its content gobbled up by Trump supporters, and these are the very same people who defy common sense by not wearing a mask and refusing the anti-Covid-19 vaccination. Additionally, currently 88 per cent of Covid hospitalisations are unvaccinated people, who represent some 22 per cent of the country’s 332 million population. The other part of ‘The Big Lie’ is the dismissal of the January 6th riot, when

some 10,000 people massed outside the US Capitol Building. 600 rioters then invaded the building by smashing windows and/or breaking down doors. During this act of gross anarchy, five people were killed, including two Capitol policemen, and serious injuries were inflicted on more policemen and security officers, many of whom were so damaged both mentally and physically, that they were unable to return to duty until months after the riot. A select committee has been created to investigate the origins of this insurrection, and the more evidence that emerges points increasingly to one Donald J. Trump, who maintains it was a “…peaceful demonstration by people protesting the stealing of the presidential election”. One Republican Senator avers that: “…it seemed to me like a normal visit by tourists”. With stakes, metal bars, bear-spray canisters, pepper-spray canisters… hand-guns? As responded one of the injured policemen, “…if that was a tourist visit, I understand now why Americans are not welcome in many foreign countries”. I’m sitting here in front of my laptop, racking my brain to give you some good news from the DSA, but off-hand, I can’t think of a thing. Oh, actually yes I can! A 1.75-litre bottle of vodka is $19.90. (€17.13.) including tax, and a similar-sized bottle of ‘Cutty Sark’ scotch whisky is the equivalent of €23.48... How’s that for good news? Oh, and petrol is the equivalent of €2.52. a (U.S.) gallon, so that’s more good news… That’s it for the now. I hope to have some good news in early 2022, but in the meantime, have a very happy and healthy Christmas and a bountiful New Year. Sin a bhfuil! (That is it!).


The Abbey Hotel, the home of fine dining in County Roscommon Why not experience the culinary delights of the Multi-Award Winning Chefs at the 4* Abbey Hotel Roscommon, for a dining experience where casual elegance and sophistication meets in a timeless relaxed atmosphere. County Winners of the RAI Best Chef & Best Hotel Restaurant Award 2019. The 4* Abbey Hotel in Roscommon offers a varied range of dishes prepared from only the freshest of locally sourced produce and served with great care and attention to detail, therefore making it the perfect setting, whether dining in Roscommon for business or pleasure. The hotel offers an extensive Seasonal Bar Food Menu for those wishing for a less formal experience. Lounge Food is served daily from 4.30 - 9.00 p.m. Afternoon Tea is available and cost is €25 pp ( with prior booking essential) there is also a takeaway Afternoon tea option. It is advisable to make dinner reservations as our restaurant and lounge areas can be very busy at weekends and during the busy peak seasons especially with busy mid terms coming up. With the current COVID restrictions, all those wishing to dine in the Lounge and restaurant area must pre book their table. We also have a new Pizza Menu available to eat in or take out. After dinner guests can relax by the open fire in the luxurious newly refurbished lounge areas or in the Abbey Hotel Bar. There is an extensive drinks and 'Wines of the World' menu to choose from and a range of Cocktails are also served including the RAI awardwinning 'Apple of my eye' Martini. We also serve an extensive range of craft beers, whiskeys, and liquors. The Abbey Hotel is renowned for it's Sunday Lunch with Carvery Lunch served from 12.00pm - 4.00pm. We also serve a Four-Course Lunch Menu in our award-winning Restaurant. Dinner is served from 6pm - 9pm each evening with Seasonal Bar Food served from 4.30 - 9.00 p.m daily. Samples of our menus are all available to view on our website. Our exquisite Dinner Menu comprises of a Set Menu or you

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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


The Elphin Rince Seit group which will compete in Saturday’s All-Ireland Senior Scór Finals at the Dome in the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, Bekan, Ballyhaunis.

The St. Ronan’s Ceol Uirlise group which will compete in Saturday’s All-Ireland Senior Scór Finals at the Dome in the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, Bekan, Ballyhaunis.

Local Scór Sinsir hopefuls set for All-Ireland finals < DAN DOONER

Five teams from three Roscommon clubs will head to the Dome at the Con-

nacht Centre of Excellence in Bekan, Ballyhaunis this Saturday (20th) for the deferred 2020 All-Ireland Senior Scór Championship Finals.

The St. Dominic’s Ballad group which will compete in Saturday’s All-Ireland Senior Scór Finals at the Dome in the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, Bekan, Ballyhaunis.

Given its name by Roscommon man, Phonsie Tully of St. Aidan’s GAA at Congress in 1970, Scór has continued to serve clubs and has flourished as a focal point of inclusion, pride and fun. Roscommon clubs have the distinction of representing Connacht in five of the eight events this weekend. St. Dominic’s will compete for honours in the Ballad Group and Novelty Act competitions, Elphin will take part in the Tráth na gCeist and Rince Seit finals while St. Ronan’s make a first appearance in the All-Ireland finals in the Ceol Uirlise. Speaking at the official send-off for the club’s Novelty Act and Ballad Groups at St. John’s Community Centre in Lecarrow last Sunday, St. Dominic’s Chairperson Sylvia Kilcline said: “We’ll give it our best shot in what will be keenly contested finals. We’ve given both teams (Ballad and Novelty Act) a really good

The St. Dominic’s Novelty Act group which will compete in Saturday’s All-Ireland Senior Scór Finals at the Dome in the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, Bekan, Ballyhaunis.

send-off this evening and we look forward to seeing them in the Dome next Saturday. “Roscommon is represented in five of the eight events as reigning Connacht champions and we wish all our representatives including Elphin

and St. Ronan’s the very best of luck this weekend”. Competitions begin at 3 pm this Saturday and tickets are available through the official Scór Facebook page. You can follow all the action on TG4’s YouTube channel.

Historic Structures Fund and Built Heritage Investment Scheme now open Roscommon County Council is seeking applications from those interested in availing of the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and Historic Structures Fund for 2022. The Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) seeks to leverage private capital for investment in a significant number of labour-intensive, small scale conservation projects and to support the employment of skilled and experienced conservation professionals, craftspeople and trades persons in the repair of the historic built environment. This scheme is being developed to assist with the repair and conservation of structures that are protected under the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended). Minimum funding awarded for successful projects will be €2,500 up to a maximum of €15,000. Priority should be given to smallscale, labour-intensive projects. Projects

should demonstrate a range of conservation skills, and should not be concentrated in a particular geographical area or on a particular type of structure. For 2022, the BHIS includes a pilot scheme for works of routine maintenance and minor repairs for which the minimum amount will not apply. The maximum award for such projects will be €2,500. The primary focus of the Historic Structures Fund (HSF) is on conservation and enhancement of historic structures and buildings for the broader benefit of communities and the public. For 2022, the HSF includes a streams for Vernacular Structures and Historic Shopfronts. The vernacular structures stream will fund what can be termed ‘informal’ traditional buildings, which are a significant part of our intangible cultural heritage. The historic shopfront stream will incen-

tivise the conservation of historic shopfronts and will fund small capital works to their facades, windows, signage and other associated details. Local Authorities may only put one application forward to the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage for consideration under these streams. More information and application forms are available on www.roscommoncoco. ie or by contacting the Heritage Office on 090-6637228 or heritage@roscommoncoco.ie. All applications should be marked ‘Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2022’ or ‘Historic Structures Fund 2022’ as appropriate and submitted either by post to: Heritage Office, Roscommon County Council, Àras an Chontae, Roscommon F42 VR98 or email to: heritage@roscommoncoco.ie before 5 pm on Friday, January 28th 2022.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were David Kelly, Etta Kelly and Anthony Lannon. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Seamus Duke with his wife Teresa and their daughters Maeve and Caoimhe. Photo: Mick McCormack

Former RTE Midlands Correspondent Ciaran Mullooly with RTE North-East Correspondent Sinead Hussey at the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Mike Smith, Adrian Browne, Tony McManus and John O’Gara. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were John Murphy, Angelina Nugent and Jimmy Kearney. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were RTE broadcaster Damien O’Reilly; Special Guest John O’Mahony; Seamus Duke, and Paul Healy of the Roscommon People (publishers). Photo: Mick McCormack

‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ launched at the Abbey Hotel < DAN DOONER

There was a big turnout on Thursday evening last for the official launch of local journalist Seamus Duke’s autobiography, ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’. Roscommon People Managing Editor, Paul Healy, performed MC duties for the event and the official launch was conducted by RTÉ broadcaster Damien O’Reilly. Former inter-county manager, John O’Mahony was a special guest. Spanning a number of decades, the book covers Seamus’ long and distinguished career in media in the midlands and west and features over 30 interviews with figures from the world of politics, sport,

and local communities. Seamus discusses everything from nostalgic GAA memories, being up close and personal with former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds…and even a chance meeting with the great George Best! Addressing those in attendance at last Thursday’s launch, Mr. Duke thanked Paul and Fiona Healy of the Roscommon People for their work in editing and designing the book as well as his colleagues in the local media, and those who contributed in any way to the book and its launch. He also paid special tribute to his wife Teresa, and daughters Syrea, Aisling, Maeve and Caoimhe, and thanked them for their love

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Kevin McStay and Seamus Carthy. Photo: Mick McCormack

and support throughout. Priced at €15, ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ is available to purchase from the Roscommon People offices, John Corcoran Menswear, ETL Roscommon, Casey’s Roscommon, SuperValu Roscommon, Newsround (Roscommon and Longford), Mulvey’s, Carrickon-Shannon, Timothy’s Londis, O’Brien’s, Lanesboro, Dawn Till Dusk Strokestown, Cahill’s SuperValu Castlerea, Kelly’s SyperValu Boyle, Newsround Ballaghaderreen, Burgess Bookshop Athlone, SuperValu Monksland, and Sammon’s Ballinasloe. The book is also available nationwide from Padraig Kelly through PKSupplies.ie.

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Eamon Collins, PJ Moran and Johnny Walker. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were John O’Connor, Brian Carroll and Pat Tully. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Deirdre Judge and Mary Judge. Photo: Mick McCormack

At the launch of Seamus Duke’s book ‘Dukie: The Game of Life’ in the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon were Adrian Leddy and Seamus Nugent. Photo: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

TheHairBoutique Best wishes to Sinead from

Shane Naughton

AGRI & PLANT HIRE Mobile: (087) 9858804 Best wishes to Sinead from


The Hair Boutique is now open on Church Street, Roscommon! L

Street in Roscommon town (F42 AD90), The Hair Boutique is run by Fourmilehouse native, Sinead O’Grady, and first opened its doors on August 20th of this year.



What treatments we do ... SPECIALS: l Gel Nails Every l Manicure & Pedicure Tuesdays all l Make-Up l Eye Treatments treatments are l Eyelash Extensions Spray l Sunbed Tan

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Thomas V. McCrann & Son


CHURCH STREET, ROSCOMMON TELEPHONE: 090 6626269 Best wishes to Sinead from

ocated on Church

The Hair Boutique, located on Church Street, Roscommon, opened for business on August 20th of this year.

Offering a wide range of services including wash, cuts, and blow drys, gents’ and kids’ cuts, colour services, Balayage, and extensions, and a make-up service (from the end of November), Sinead has already made herself at home in the county town. “I have been hairdressing for the last ten years, having started in Ballinode College in Sligo. I was also working as I trained there so I got plenty of experience right from the start,” Sinead said. “I then went on to work at The Hair

Lounge in Knockcroghery for five years before moving on to Cutting Edge in Strokestown for a further two years. “Opening my own business was something I’ve always wanted to do and when Covid arrived I then had plenty of time to think about it and make the move. Opening here in Roscommon town was always something that was in my head so I took the plunge in August of this year and business has gone really well so far”. The 30-year-old hair stylist has received training for leading stylists including Katrina Kelly, Niamh Lee, and Gemma Crossan, and says her new business is conveniently located for clients and walk-in customers alike. “I would have had a lot of clients from be-

PSRA Licence No: 003201

Church Street, Roscommon Town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail info@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail athlone@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

Best wishes to Sinead from

TREAC Y DECOR Athlone Road, Roscommon Tel.: (090) 66 26268

New wallpaper ranges Stocking all major brands such as Colourtrend, Dulux, Fleetwood, Crown and more! Free colour consultancy available!

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Church Street, Roscommon

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Sinead O’Grady pictured at The Hair Boutique on Church Street, Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack

fore and I find that Roscommon town is really convenient for them. There’s also plenty of parking nearby, just off Church Street, so that makes things much easier too,” she added. With special offers including 10% discounts for students and €14 blow drys on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, The Hair Boutique offers great value as well as late bookings by appointment on Thursdays. The Hair Boutique also stocks a wide range of products including Alfaparf, Alter Ego and Olaplex while gift vouchers are also available. Open Tuesday to Friday 9.30 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, The Hair Boutique is now officially open for business in Roscommon town!


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Best wishes to Sinead from

Goff Street, Roscommon. Tel.: 086 4479359

Christmas Hamper & Gift Vouchers available

Sinead O’Grady pictured at The Hair Boutique on Church Street, Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack

n o l a S w e N


Blowdrys Tuesdays & Wednesdays

10% Off every colour & cutting services for students

Sinead O’Grady The Hair Boutique 2 Church St. Roscommon Tel: 087 348 9922 Email: sineadogrady2@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Monday (CLOSED) Tuesday 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Wednesday - By appointment only Thursday: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Late appointments on request Friday: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Saturday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Stockists of: Hair Talk Hair Extensions, Alfaparf, Alterego, Bico and Olaplex


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

TheHairBoutique McDermott Nestor Fencing Best wishes to Sinead

For all your fencing needs

Eamonn McDermott Michael Nestor

087 7829162 086 8965404

Best wishes to Sinead from the Grealy Family & staff at the

The Abbey Hotel serving Carvery & Bar food daily. Book your Christmas Party Night with us. FESTIVE DINING IN OUR RESTAURANT. Gift Vouchers available to purchase online or at Hotel reception.

Best wishes to Sinead from

The Hair Boutique, located on Church Street, Roscommon, opened for business on August 20th of this year.


TEL: 087 9502253 EMAIL: info@gatelybuildingstone.ie

To Sinead absolutely delighted to welcome you to Church Street, delighted to have you as our neighbour, wishing you every success and best wishes

“May you always have hairto cut”

Paddy Joe - The Barber

Church St., Roscommon Tel: (086) 8115363

Best wishes to Sinead from


SEAI Approved for Heating Upgrades Renewable Solar Panel Installation Energy Air to Water Heat Pump System Lisnasillagh, Athleague, Co. Roscommon

Mobile: 086 3662922

Best wishes to Sinead from

Sean Cox Electrical Ballymurray, Roscommon Mob: (086) 8154950 Phone: (090) 66 61048

Email: sean.cox.53@hotmail.com

Q&A with Sinead O’Grady, stylist and owner at The Hair Boutique, Roscommon town… What was it like opening a new business during Covid-19? It was a big deal to open up during Covid and there are sometimes I wake up and think ‘What have I done?’ (laughs). But it was now or never and I have a good clientele behind me. Being in Roscommon town, I thought it would be convenient for everyone and that’s really boosted my business. I would have a lot of clients who knew me from before and also from previous workplaces who’ve heard I’m now open in Roscommon town and it is more convenient for them. What services do you offer? Among the services I offer are wash, cuts, and blow drys, colour...and I’ve also started doing extensions so I will be offering tape extensions in the next few weeks. I also do gents’ cuts and kids’ cuts. My forte though would be highlights and I find blondes the most interesting. It’s not just about getting highlights because there’s so much to it with toners and bond protectors. Here at The Hair Boutique we supply all of that. Is there anything clients should be watching out for this year? To complement the range of hair services, The Hair Boutique will

also be introducing a make-up service with Tara Lee MUA and that will be available every Friday and Saturday from the end of November. Do clients have to book appointments at The Hair Boutique?

Do you cater for weddings? Yes of course! I have trained with Katrina Kelly, Education for Bridal, Niamh Lee, Professional Wedding Hair, and Gemma Crossan, an award-winning stylist. I

also completed a Balayage course with Sabrina Hill and Denise Walsh at Business of Hair. Here at The Hair Boutique I offer a range of Bridal packages. For more information, contact me at sineadogrady2@gmail.com.

Most of my bookings come from social media at the moment and I’m on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s by appointment only on Wednesdays but I’ll always accommodate walk-ins if I can and if someone does pop in and I’m busy, I can arrange for them to come back at a later time. Adhering to the Covid restrictions and guidelines is important so there are never any more than two people in the salon at any one time. What products do you work with? I have a wide range of top products here at The Hair Boutique. For colour, I use Alfaparf, Alter Ego, and Olaplex. Alter Ego comes from Roscommon native, Paul Farrell, who runs a company in Athlone called Kreative Salon Supplies. I’d like to thank Paul for helping me get started here too. I also deal with Joico, which is my biggest retail outlet, and within that range there are a lot of treatments available as well as gift sets for Christmas.

Sinead O’Grady pictured at The Hair Boutique on Church Street, Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

TheHairBoutique Special offers at e! The Hair Boutiqu

t offers 10% Studen The Hair Boutique d colour services. an discount for all cuts ednesday ONLY: W d an y da es On Tu ffers available all (O 4. €1 r fo ys Blow dr year round!)

P A T Tiling Contractor L Y O N S Golf Links Road, Roscommon (086) 8125140 (090) 66 61402


– Plumbing – Electrical – Carpentry – Tiling - Drylining

Accessible Bathroom Remodelling for elderly and disabled - No job too big or too small - All repair work carried out

Best wishes to Sinead from Pat, Denise and Lisa Best wishes to Sinead from Bernie and PJ

Sinead O’Grady with another happy customer at The Hair Boutique in Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack

Opening hours at The Hair Boutique… Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

Closed 9.30 am to 6 pm By appointment only 9.30 am to 6 pm (later appointments by request) 9.30 am to 6 pm 9 am to 5 pm Closed

Sinead says thanks! The Hair Boutique opened on Church Street, Roscommon on August 20th of this year and proprietor Sinead O’Grady says she is thankful to all those who helped get

her new premises up and running. “I’d like to thank all the tradespeople who helped me to get my new premises here on Church Street ready. Particularly my

father, James O’Grady, who spent long days and nights here helping me get everything ready. Only for him I wouldn’t have got here. He really was a great help,” Sinead said.



Saturday, 20th November


Featuring Seamie O’Dowd (ex-Dervish) at 9pm sharp Tuesday Night Music Session Continues Follow us on facebook Warmest welcome to Church Street Sinead

Klassic Cleaners

Church Street, Roscommon. Tel: 090 6625995 Dry Cleaning:

Suits, pants, coats,

jumpers, shirts, casual/formal dresses, etc.

• Ironing/pressing service 8 shirts for €10 (prepaid) Single Bedset €6.50 (4pc) (prepaid) FULL LAUNDRY SERVICE, including; Blankets, Duvets, Throws, Team Kits, etc.


Large selection of face masks in all sizes


Opening hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday Sinead O’Grady pictured at The Hair Boutique with a selection of gift boxes from Joico. Pic: Mick McCormack

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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

FarmingPeople Property Services Providers Licence No. 002249

TELEPHONE: 094 9620300 Email: info@castlerealivestockmart.com Web: www.castlerealivestockmart.com THURSDAY 18TH NOVEMBER:




30,000 trees in 30 days with Aurivo Agribusiness and Homeland This November, Aurivo and Homeland are delighted to launch their 30,000 trees in 30 days initiative. Throughout the month of November, 30,000 free native Irish trees will be available for collection at ten Homeland Garden Centres. The project aims to enhance local communities, protect and support our ecosystems for future generations and improve environmental sustain-

ability in our region. “This initiative is part of the wider Aurivo Agribusiness sustainability strategy,” said Sheila Maloney (General Manager, Aurivo Agribusiness). “The campaign focuses on engaging with local community groups, farmers, suppliers, schools, customers and colleagues to come together in a purposeful way to support the

planting of native trees in our local communities providing a lasting legacy for future generations”. Full details on how to claim your free tree, the different species available, the location per store and detail on each tree type is available via homeland.ie. Collect your free Irish native tree at your local Homeland Garden Centre while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Murphy confident peat harvesting will return Speaking to the Roscommon People this week, Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has said he is “very confident” peat harvesting will return in the not too distant future. Senator Murphy had raised the issue in the Seanad and says he has lobbied strongly with party colleagues for a return of harvesting. The Roscommon Senator pointed to a new independent report which suggests the return of peat production on a reduced scale so as to supply plant and crop growers. “I am very confident that the Government will adopt this plan and if so we could have peat production starting up again. This would eliminate the need to import peat from Latvia and other parts of Eastern Europe,” he said.




For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Visit Our Website For Details.

Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 (090) 96 87651

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Tel. (071) 96 34783 and (071) 96 33344

Lowest price GUARANTEED

Your LOCAL Collector Guaranteed lowest price

Daily collection

< FOR SALE: Fodder beet, stone free washed and nationwide delivery. Collection also welcome. Tel: 087 2781024

Learn to drive with

ROSCOMMON DRIVING SCHOOL 087 2295551 Businesses: Reach your target market! 18,000 COPIES PRINTED WEEKLY

Jake Gavin (Garden Centre Manager at Homeland Plus Westport) pictured with his niece, planting their own tree as part of the 30,000 trees in 30 days initiative.

Family focus on ‘Save Irish Farming’ rally this Sunday Roscommon IFA Chairman, Jim O’Connor, said there will be a strong family focus to the Save Irish Farming rally in Dublin this Sunday (November 21st). “The farm family is the cornerstone on which the wider agri-food sector is built. Our event in Merrion Square on Sunday will see different generations come to Dublin to interact with families outside the farming community,” he said. “We want to send a positive message about what we do and how important that is in terms of producing high-quality food; supporting rural Ireland; and contributing to the Irish economy as a whole. “Farm families are genuinely fearful about what the future holds. We hear all of these high-level targets being announced, but we have no clarity about what this will mean at farm level. I’m encouraging all

farm families to come to Dublin this Sunday,” he said. “Farmers have families too. They are very conscious of the climate challenge and the need for farmers to play their part. But it can’t decimate our incomes. It must provide a future that is economically and socially sustainable, as well as being environmentally sustainable”. Mr. O’Connor said that recent Government policy proposals, including those on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), would lead to reduced production and added cost. “The CAP is there to support farmers to produce food. It cannot be expected to fund climate action as well. The Government needs to come forward with a proper plan, with proper funding behind it,” he said. “The farming and food sector employs 300,000

people across the country and contributed €13 billion in exports in 2020. Outside of Dublin and the mid-east region, the sector provides between 10 per cent and 14 per cent of employment. This is being forgotten in a rush to sterilise Irish farming,” Mr. O’Connor added. “If we produce less food in Ireland, more will be produced in countries with a higher carbon footprint, which will increase global warming. We believe that with the right supports, we can reduce methane emissions by using available technologies but all this talk of cutting the socalled ‘national herd’ is really worrying farmers,” he said. “IFA wants to work with Government on climate action, but there has to be real engagement. Setting targets without any regard for the consequences, or any supports, won’t work”.

Castlerea MART WATCH 750 animals presented for sale at our sale on Thursday last. The heifer ring witnessed a good clearance with demand and trade on par with last week the quality stores peaking at €3.11 a kilo, while the heavier lots made up to €2,080. The weanling rings saw trade maintained for the quality lots but plainer quality lots remain a harder sell at the moment. The dry cow trade with big numbers on offer saw prices peak at €1,870 for the forward lots while the store cows witnessed a good clearance. Breeding stock saw cows with calves at foot make up to €1,600 while springers made up to €1,480. Cows with calves at foot made from €1,070 to €1,600 per head. Springers made from €960 to €1,480 per head and runners made from €310 to €710 for continental lots. There were 300 bullocks on offer at Monday’s sale with an excellent clearance taking place on the day with demand for stores remaining strong both online and ringside. Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday) with our weekly sale of heifers, cows, calves, runners, and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am. Sample prices for heifers: BBx 405kgs €1260, Lmx 400kgs €1200, Lm 390kgs €1030, Lm 490kgs €1390, Lm 465kgs €1290, Ch 865kgs €2080, Lm 745kgs €1680, Ch 590kgs €1490. Dry cows: AAX 830kgs €1870, Lm 790kgs €1850, Lm 800kgs €1800, Ch 810kgs €1750, Ch 640kgs €1370, Fr 420kgs €510, AA 785kgs €1590, AA 665kgs €1500, Lm 735kgs €1480. Weanling bulls: Ch 275kgs €970, Ch 255kgs €900, Ch 280kgs €900, Lm 285kgs €850, Ch 350kgs €1100, Ch 340kgs 1040, Ch 330kgs €1030, Lm 375kgs €1010. Weanling heifers: Lm 270kgs €900, Lm 285kgs €800, Lm 235kgs €780, Lm 315kgs €1020, Ch 340kgs €990, Ch 335kgs €970, Ch 310kgs €890, Lm 400kgs €1060. Bullocks: Ch 485kgs €1370, Shx 430kgs €1290, Lm 455kgs €1260, Lm 525kgs €1470, Lm 525kgs €1350, Ch 565kgs €1500, Lm 635kgs €1570, Ch 630kgs €1510, Ch 735kgs €1780, Lm 690kgs €1650, Lm 660kgs €1580.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

FarmingPeople Contact: 087 3779966

Wanted - Hitachi ex60 ex100 ex120, Caterpillar, JCB, Massey Ferguson, Fiat Tractors etc.

Businesses: Reach your target market! Your local paper!

IFA acknowledges advance on GLAS payments IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins has welcomed the roll out of GLAS payments to 34,000 participants under the scheme. He said it’s important that the remaining 13,000 participants are

also paid without delay. Advance payments for GLAS began last week. They represent 85 per cent of the full year payment for 2021. “This 85 per cent advance payment, worth €118 million, is vi-

tal for farmers who have made commitments to pay bills at this time of the year,” he said. Mr. Biggins said it’s important that all farmers who participate in GLAS receive their payments without any hold up due

to on-going inspections. Michael Biggins concluded by saying that the Department must also address any outstanding issues relating to 2020 GLAS balancing payments without delay.

Funding for Bovine EID tags won’t cover all costs - IFA Acknowledging the provision of the €4.25 million subvention scheme announced by the Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue for Bovine EID tags, IFA Animal Health Chairman Pat Farrell has said the Minister must go even further. Mr. Farrell said the main beneficiaries of Bovine EID are outside the farm gate and that farmers will be left exposed to the additional cost of EID tags. “IFA has sought the full additional cost of EID tags to be covered. While the subvention scheme offsets this cost for a period of time for most farmers, it still leaves additional and unnecessary costs on breeding farms,” he said. He said the scheme must be extended to include all tags purchased by farmers and must be amended to also cover the additional cost of replacement EID tags, which are also more expensive than conventional tags.

Special Sale of Bullocks Friday, November 19th at 11 a.m. Also Heifers and Dry Cows 80 pens of Bullocks on offer Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. Stock to be penned by 9.30 a.m. ----------------------

End of the Month Special Sale of Heifers Friday, November 26th at 11 a.m. Also Bullocks & Dry Cows

Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Monday, 22nd November ----------------------

Christmas Cracker Special Sale of Bullocks Friday, December 3rd at 11 a.m. Also Dry Cows & Heifers ----------------------

Special Sale of Weanlings

Mr. Farrell also called for EID tags purchased prior to January 1st to be eligible for the subvention payment. The IFA Chairman said for farmers to accrue any benefit from these tags they will need a tag reader. “The Minister must provide direct support to all farmers purchasing tag readers for the full cost that will be incurred,” he said. He said this change to our bovine identification system is not a legislative requirement and is based on a decision taken by the Minister to facilitate meat factories, marts, large feedlots and other service providers. Mr. Farrell said the Minister must amend his proposed subvention scheme to offset all additional costs for farmers and provide all farmers with EID tag readers to allow them avail of at least some potential benefit from the changes Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced.

sourcing stock this week. On Tuesday, November 23rd, we will have our special sale of weanlings and general sale of sucklers and springers. Bookings will be accepted until 5 pm today (Thursday, 18th). There was a similar entry on offer at our weekly sale for lambs and cast ewes on Wednesday, November 17th, with an improvement in trade from the previous week. Finished lambs made up to €174, store lambs made up to €136, and stag ewes made up €185 Sales continue as usual on Wednesday next, November 24th, at 11 am. The yard opens at 8 am and all stock must be penned by 10 am. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID tag set. The sale can be viewed live on livestock-live. com. Sample prices for dry cows: Char X 850kgs €1900, Char X 790kgs €1880, AAX 850kgs €1820, Lim X 705kgs €1800, Char X 770kgs €1760, SAX 795kgs €1570, AAX 735kgs

Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Monday, 29th November

Roscommon MART WATCH There were good numbers on offer again at our cattle sale on Friday, November 12th, with a firm trade for all classes. Buyers remain anxious for stock, with plenty of bidders at the ringside and online. Bullocks averaged from €2.13 per kilo up to €2.75 per kilo, heifers made from an average of €2.42 per kilo up to €4.03 per kilo for a Lim X weighing 520kgs and dry cows fetched from €1.81 per kilo up to €2.55 per kilo. Sales continue this Friday with a special sale of bullocks and general sale of heifers and dry cows. There were good numbers on offer again this week at our sale on November 16th, with a strong trade for all classes. Weanling heifers made from an average of €2.70 per kilo up to €3.75 per kilo, weanling bulls made from an average of €2.54 per kilo up to €3.80 per kilo, cows with calves at foot made from €1,800 up to €2,100, and springers made from €1,000 up to €1,700. Customers were active both online and at the ringside, with more farmers

(Proudly serving farmers for over 62 years)

Tuesday, November 23rd at 4 p.m.

Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday, 18th November

--------------------Tuesday, November 30th at 5 p.m.

Special Entry of 10 Excellent Quality Springers Feb/Mar 19 born, All home bred stock no moves, In calf to pure breed Limousin Bull, Calving January/February 4 Saler X, 4 Lim X & 2 Char X. & 6 In Calf Springers & 1 Cow with Calf at foot (5) 3rd Calvers and 2 Springer Heifers in calf to AI Char & Lim Bulls due from January to April - Genuine Stock Photos on our Website/Facebook ----------------------

Lambs & Cast Ewes Each Wednesday at 11 a.m.

€1540, AAX 760kgs €1490, Lim X 605kgs €1280, Lim X 585kgs €1280, BAX 670kgs €1360, Char X 545kgs €1070. Heifers: Char X 695kgs €2380, Lim X 520kgs €2100, Char X 590kgs €2000, Lim X 580kgs €1990, Lim X 640kgs €1960, Lim X 520kgs €1800, 2 Lim X 572kgs €1620, Lim X 510kgs €1660, Char X 570kgs €1600, BBX 515kgs €1600, SAX 615kgs €1570, Lim 515kgs €1410, Char X 470kgs €1280, Lim X 420kgs €1300, 4 Char X 460kgs €1210, BBX 410kgs €1240, 5 AAX 464kgs €1040, Lim X 375kgs €1000, Lim 365kgs €1000. Bullocks: Lim X 600kgs €1650, AAX 645kgs €1540, Char X 615kgs €1450, 2 AAX 592kgs €1420, 2 AAX 597kgs €1350, 2 AAX 577kgs €1350, Char X 520kgs €1350, Lim X 520kgs €1150, Lim X 515kgs €1130, Lim X 445kgs €1000. Weanling heifers: Lim 420kgs €1150 - €2.73 per kilo, Lim X 340kgs €1140 - €3.35 per kilo, Char X 380kgs €1060 - €2.78

per kilo, Char X 280kgs €1050 - €3.75 per kilo, Char X 260kgs €790 - €3.03 per kilo, Char X 250kgs €790 - €3.16 per kilo, Char X 260kgs €830 - €2.19 per kilo, Lim X 260kgs €950 - €3.65 per kilo, Char X 280kgs €1050 €3.75 per kilo. Weanling bulls: Char X 315kgs €1200 - €3.80 per kilo, Char X 365kgs €1190 - €3.26 per kilo, Lim X 335kgs €1170 - €3.49 per kilo, Lim X 320kgs €1000 - €3.12 per kilo, Char X 300kgs €1020 - €3.40 per kilo, Char X 315kgs €1050 - €3.33 per kilo, Char X 280kgs €940 - €3.35 per kilo, Char X 280kgs €890 - €3.17 per kilo, Char X 245kgs €790 - €3.22 per kilo, Lim X €780 €2.88 per kilo. Finished lambs: 55.7kgs €174, 55.3kgs €172, 50.4kgs €172, 50kgs €170, 49.3kgs €168, 51kgs €167, 53kgs €166, 47.5kgs €163, 47.3kgs €158. Store lambs: 37.1kgs €136, 39.4kgs €134, 36.7kgs €130, 38.2kgs €129, 38.6kgs €124, 35.3kgs €122, 36.8kgs €120, 34.5kgs €114, 32.5kgs €112.


Wednesday, December 1st at 11 a.m

Funds for Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Sheep Auction Please Support this worthy cause ----------------------

Saturday, November 20th

Premier Show & Sale of Pedigree Shorthorns Show at 9 a.m. Sale at 12 Noon-51 lots on offer ----------------------

Saturday, November 27th at 12 Noon

Organic Sale – Cattle & Sheep

ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

Email: roscommonmart@gmail.com Visit our website: www.roscommonmart.ie


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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


‘No child should die from a vaccine preventable disease’ Roscommon Hospital supports UNICEF drive This year, staff working at Roscommon University Hospital are supporting UNICEF’s Childhood Immunisation Programme through the ‘Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine’ flu initiative. For every member of staff Staff at Roscommon University Hospital are once again supporting UNICEF’s Childhood Immunisation Programme through the ‘Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine’ flu who gets a flu vaccine, initiative. From left: Mary Garvey, Hospital Manager, and Ursula Morgan, Director of the Saolta Hospital Group Nursing, Roscommon University Hospital. will make a donation to

help vaccinate one child against polio. This supports UNICEF in their work towards global polio eradication, which includes Pakistan and Afghanistan, the last two countries where the wild polio virus continues to spread and cause paralysis among children. Mary Garvey, Hospital Manager, said: “I am delighted that we are in a position to take part in the ‘Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine’ once more. I strongly encourage

all members of staff to get their flu vaccine early so that they are protected as soon as possible. The flu vaccine provides protection for our staff, our patients and our families. “Immunisation is key to protecting us and those around us from many serious and potentially deadly diseases and this has really been brought home to us this year. Polio has been eradicated in most countries because of childhood immunisation programmes and we are

delighted to be able to help UNICEF in their efforts to supply polio vaccines safely and support the life-changing impact that vaccines can have for children on a global scale”. UNICEF Ireland Executive Director Peter Power appealed for the support of Saolta healthcare workers at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has heavily disrupted childhood vaccinations in the developing world.

Parishioners give Fr Joseph a fitting send-off

Bishop Paul Dempsey recently announced that Fr Joseph Gavigan, the Parish Priest of Ballaghaderreen, has being appointed as Parish Priest of Kilmovee. There was a Mass of Thanksgiving at the cathedral in Ballaghaderreen, in appreciation of Fr Joseph’s many years of devoted service to the local community. Presentations by the Sacristans of the four parish churches were made to Fr Joseph on behalf of their parishioners.

PJ Durkin pictured in Ballaghaderreen wishing Fr Joseph Gavigan all the best in his new parish of Kilmovee. Pic: Mick McCormack

Teresa O’Connor (Sacristan for the Church of St John the Baptist and St Colman in Derrnacartha) pictured presenting Fr Joseph Gavigan with a gift following Thanksgiving Mass at the Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. Pic: Mick McCormack

Fr Joseph Gavigan pictured speaking during his Thanksgiving Mass at the cathedral in Ballaghaderreen. Pic: Mick McCormack

Phil Flaherty (Sacristan for St Aidan’s Monasteraden Church) pictured presenting a Statue of The Holy Family to Fr Joseph Gavigan following Thanksgiving Mass at the Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. Pic: Mick McCormack

John Frain (Sacristan for the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Nathy in Ballaghaderreen) pictured presenting Fr Joseph Gavigan with a Chasuble following Thanksgiving Mass at the Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. Pic: Mick McCormack

Maureen O’Connor (Sacristan for the Sacred Heart Church, Brusna) pictured presenting a gift to Fr. Joseph Gavigan following Thanksgiving Mass at the Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. Pic: Mick McCormack

Ballaghaderreen Folk Group pictured preforming at the Thanksgiving Mass at the Ballaghaderreen Cathedral. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

PropertyPeople Stone Court Centre, The Square, Roscommon Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Mobile: Cormac 086 3519492 Email: teamearley@remax.ie Licence No. Web: www.teamearley.ie PSRA004420 NEW TO THE MARKET





New to the market A mixed-used investment property in the heart of Ballyleague village. The main property comprises commercial units on the ground floor and residential on the second. Commercial units comprise functioning public house with front and large back bar with toilets and outside area, fast food takeaway, antique shop and restaurant space with fitted out kitchen. There is also a separate building which contains a dog grooming business. On the second floor of the property, the residential area comprises 6 bedrooms which are all ensuite. While the residential section is in need of refurbishment, this property offers excellent potential for investors. The tenants are not affected by this sale and it is offering a fantastic yield. The Auctioneer invites inquiries and viewing is by appointment only.




A fine Public House with 7 Day Licence and a 5 B/R Townhouse known as



Magnificent town centre bar beautifully furnished to an superb standard with a large 5 Bedroom family home attached. The premises enjoys enormous character with a front bar and back lounge which offers an ideal opportunity for a quality “hands on” operator to acquire a ready to go business with growth potential. The living accommodation is modern and beautifully maintained and includes a fully fitted Kitchen, Utility and Living/ Dining Room on the ground floor. Overhead on the first floor and maintained to exacting standards there is a large Sitting Room, 5 Bedrooms (2 of which have En-suite Bathrooms), Family Bathroom, Office and Storage Room. The Living Accommodation also benefits by PVC double glazed Windows throughout and an oil central heating system for supply of heat and hot water to both bar and residence. The Auctioneer now invites viewings and all offers to sell



Remax Team Earley closed the sale this week of a 3 bedroom bungalow located in Ballinderry, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon. This deceptively large property extends to c. 1,750 sq. ft. and is presented in excellent condition with tasteful décor throughout. The owners have evidently kept this property in immaculate condition both inside and out. Living accommodation is comprised of an entrance hall, living room, kitchen/dining room with living area, utility, main bathroom and 3 double bedrooms – master of which features an en-suite. There is also a very large attic space and storage room on the first floor. Externally the property sits on a stunning c. 1 acre site with large, manicured lawns, mature trees and shrubs, Laurel hedging with a patio area and detached shed to the rear. The Leitrim chip driveway provides ample private parking space. The laurel hedging and a stone wall seals off the boundary of the site.



Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


New to the market: five-bedroomed residence in Roscommon town New to the market with Oates Auctioneers is an imposing, fivebedroomed, two-storey residence, located at Old Circular Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon (F42FV56). The residence is situated in a highly sought after, mature, residential area on the doorstep of Roscommon Town. Positioned on a large corner site with impressive gardens, this residence comprises of an entrance hallway, sitting room, large living room, kitchen, dining room, utility with WC off, and a large attached garage. First floor accommodation consists of five bedrooms, two with built-in wardrobes, together with two bathrooms.

PSRA Licence No: 003201


Toghergar, Ballinamore Bridge, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway H53 HR22

This is a select property in a highly desirable location, for which the auctioneers now invite viewing and

offers. The price region for this property is €390,000, and the BER rating is D1. For more information,

contact Oates Auctioneers on 090 6627878, email info@oates.ie, or visit oates.ie.

‘Sale of the Week’ at Remax Team Earley This week, John Earley of Remax Team Earley, is pleased to advise that he has closed the sale of a character two-bedroomed, detached, two-storey, countryside residence.

The residence stands on approximately 0.51 of an acre, and is located at Larragh and Ross, Ballymoe, Co. Roscommon (F45 DT99). John described the prop-

erty as “A most attractive, stone-built, countryside residence, located in a select residential area close to both Ballintubber and Ballymoe villages. The residence is in shell condi-

tion internally, and would make for a most rewarding renovation project. Also standing on the site area is a stone-built storage shed in derelict condition”. The water and electric supply is set adjacent at the roadside, but is not connected, and there is no septic tank on site. BER: Exempt. For further details or to arrange a free consultation, please contact Remax Team Earley of Stonecourt, Roscommon, on 0906626579, email teamearley@remax.ie, or log onto teamearley.ie. To contact John directly, phone 0862551380.

Residential farm for sale in Roxboro

Pat Hughes Auctioneers are inviting offers for a 43-acre residential farm, located at Roxboro, Roscommon. The property, which is being sold under the reps of the late Mary (Maisie) Farrell, can be sold in one or more lots to suit. Downstairs accommodation consists of a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, three bedrooms and a bathroom, with two further bedrooms upstairs. There are several out-offices including a hay shed and lean-to. The land has excellent road frontage and would have development potential subject to planning permission being granted. The property is situated less than two miles from Roscommon town and half a mile off the main Lanesboro to Roscommon road, convenient to schools and all local amenities. There are approximately nine acres located a short distance away from the main block. All these lands are of top quality. Lot 1 comprises the residence on approximately 34

Oates Auctioneers are delighted to bring this superb residence to the market. Finished to the highest standards with no expense spared this property is well maintained by its present owners and comprises entrance hallway, kitchen, utility with bathroom off, sitting room, sunroom and downstairs bedroom with ensuite off. First floor - 4 large bedrooms (master ensuite) and family bathroom. Outside spacious landscaped grounds and large detached garage with roller door and office off. Viewings strictly by appointment only with Sole Agents.

Price Region: €350,000

BER Rating: B3



4 Lisroyne Court, Elphin St., Strokestown, Co. Roscommon New build 3 bedroom terraced house benefiting from generous tax relief, with attractive cut stone façade. Situated in the centre of the Heritage Town of Strokestown and adjacent to Strokestown House and Gardens, this residence comprises entrance hallway, sitting room with attractive marble fireplace, open plan kitchen/ dining room with patio doors to the rear and guest w.c. First floor 3 bedrooms, master ensuite and family bathroom. Located 10 miles from Longford, Roscommon and Carrick on Shannon town centres.

Price Region: €120,000

BER Rating: C3



Glenballythomas, Tulsk, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon F45 HY11 Imposing 3 bedroom 2 storey farm house situated on c. 1.35 acres of mature garden and paddocks, presented for sale in excellent condition and boasting traditional old world style and charm. This residence comprises entrance hallway, sitting room, kitchen/dining room and utility with wc off. Upstairs 3 bedrooms and bathroom. Outside cut stone walling, manicured gardens together with 2 large paddocks and numerous garages/workshops Price Region: €200,000 Viewing is a must. BER Rating: D2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


8 Cnoc Na Gaoithe, Lanesborough, Co. Longford N39 WR13

Superb family home presented for sale in excellent condition on the outer leaf of this established development. Located within walking distance to all town amenities including schools, shops, marines etc., Lanesboro has become a very popular area to reside being only 20 minutes to Longford Town centre and 30 minutes to Athlone Town centre. Accommodation consists of entrance porch, reception hallway with WC off, open plan kitchen/dining room with patio door to large rear garden and french doors to sitting room, utility with door to side garden. Upstairs, 3 large bedrooms master ensuite and family bathroom. Viewing advised by the Auctioneers.

acres, lot 2 comprises approximately nine acres, lot 3 comprises the residence on approximately three acres and lot 4 comprises 31 acres. For further details, contact Pat Hughes Auctioneers on 090-6627003 or email info@pathughesauctioneers.com.

Church Street, Roscommon Town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail info@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

Price Region: €150,000 BER Rating: C3

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail athlone@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021



Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Everyone wants it Everyone reads it 80,000 PEOPLE READ OUR NEWSPAPER EVERY WEEK!

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CHIMNEY SWEEP Complete Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods CCTV CAMERA INSPECTIONS • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

087 2798704

• Open fire, stove, ranges • All flues and chimneys • Power brushed & vaccumed • No mess, no fuss • CCTV camera inspections • Detailed report and CCTV recording provided for insurance claims • Fully insured Also available for powerwashing and gutter cleaning


DC Computer Services Providing IT services for Homes, Businesses & Schools. Home Callouts.


PC Maintenance – Upgrades, Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal. Network Solutions – Cabling, Hardware & Software Installation & Maintenance. Contact David Conboy Tel: 087 7496459 Email: info@dccomputerservices.ie Web: www.dccomputerservices.ie





Construction General Building l Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations l Chimney CCTV Inspections l Chimney Repair - Insurance Claims

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

087 9268424 stephenrockcasey@ gmail.com

BSC (Hon.) Chiro. MSc. Chiropractic Association of Ireland

VHI and Laya Covered

Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to advertising@roscommonpeople.ie or alternatively call 090 66 34633

Please call Glynis on

Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on

EDT Lessons Available Mobile:

This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation




BOOM SPRAYER TESTING SERVICE • Sprayers tested on owners premises • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. • Small stock of parts available and can be fitted on sprayers All sprayers are required to be tested every 3 years according to Dept. of Agriculture regulations. Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: thomasneilan4@ gmail.com

D.A.F.M. Approved Reg No: EI000083

GARDENING SERVICES Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

Phone John on

087 2860428




Paul McStay

DSA/ADI (UK) RSA MIAM ROSPA Approved Driving Instructor Former BSM Driving Instructor and UK advanced Met. Police Driver. GIFT VOUCHER CARDS AVAILABLE Castlerea & Roscommon


087 2346364


086 8936012

Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit www.billybrogan.com

Des Kelly Fencing


094 96 20099





Telephone: 086 8433433

Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon. David Connor

Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you?

email: downeyglynis@yahoo.co.uk


CONNAUGHT CHIMNEY CLEANING Chimneys Power Sweep ( no mess) - Openfire - Stoves - Ranges Chimney CCTV Inspection OIL BOILERS SERVICED Burners Repaired CARPETS CLEANING Satellite and Digital TV Installation All areas covered Mob: 086 2495851 www.connaughtchimney cleaning.com


085 2514394


Fergal 086 1016899


For all your fencing needs. GLAS Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail l

Tel: 087 2172281

Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496

FOR SALE < FOR SALE: Beautiful Jack Russel female pup, 10 weeks old, small breed, black/tan and white in colour. Vaccinated and microchipped. Tel: 087 7952487 after 4pm. < FOR SALE: Large Steel Tank (kept in shed) 6ft x 2ft x 4ft approx. UPVC Woodgrain windows 2 off. 5ft 11” x 3ft 10” approx. Tel: 087 2534891




General Maintenance l Dangerous Tree Removal l Garden Hedges & Trees reduced and shaped l Wood Chipping l Fully Insured Contact Alan on l

087 6558597


• Certified Arborists • Tree Surgery • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Leylandii hedges reduced and shaped Comprehensive Insurance Cover. I.S.A. member.

Tel: 086 6077307 or 086 8125165



Tree Services

• Hedge Cutting • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Fully Insured


087 2721193

HOME REPAIRS < HOME REPAIRS: Repair walls, plasterboard, painting, fascia, tiles, plinths, ceiling, wallpaper, parquet floors etc. Phone: 083 3369829

LAUNDRY SERVICE < LAUNDRY SERVICE: Washing, ironing, best prices, Abbey Street, Roscommon Town, open 10.00 am - 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Tel 083 3369829


Roscommon Physical Therapy Clinic Movement Matters 20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries. Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes

Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009 Like us on Facebook www.rosptc.com 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902


Plumbing & Maintenance • Bathroom planning and design to suit you • All aspects of plumbing and maintenance • Boiler Servicing • Heating Installation • Call for FREE QUOTATION

Contact Luke on

085 7359120 Working throughout current restrictions with full PPE equipment.

Locally owned ... in the heart of the community

. e


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021



Reflexology may bring relief from conditions such as: • Allergies • Colic • Eczema • Constipation • Migraine • Back Problems • Stress • Infertility • Insomnia • Respiratory Disorders • Blood Pressure • Pain • Bowel Disorders • Joint/Muscle Problems • Thyroid Imbalance • Emotional Disorders - Fertility Reflexology - Ante Natal Reflexology - Baby Reflexology - Cancer Care Reflexology - Special Needs Reflexology Mobile Service Available Marina Furey B. Sc. (Hons)

Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon

Tel: 087 2264951 Find us on facebook

Registered Reflexologist


Give your mind and body a relaxing experience with a reflexology treatment. Through massage of the feet reflexology can • Rebuild energy levels in the body • Assist in relieving stress • Encourage relaxation • Improve general well- being Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has “reflex” points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body. Contact TERESA for appointment at 087 9001212 Brideswell, Co. Roscommon N37 EW20

Reflexologist Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

l General Reflexology l Baby Reflexology l Special Needs

Reflexology l Hoppi Ear Candling l Indian Head Massage

Phone Diane

086 4061401

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Paddy Diffley intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for development at this site at Roscommon Road, Farnbeg, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. The development will consist of the construction of a dwelling house.

Signed: Paddy Diffley. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Further Information We, John and Marie Crowe, hereby give notice to the general public that we have furnished “Significant Further Information” to Roscommon County Council in relation to a recent planning application, Planning Reference PD/21/374, to retain (a) as Constructed Dwelling House which is at variance to the Dwelling House permitted under Grant of Planning PD/99/892, (b) Amended Site Boundary and (c) Domestic Garage with associated site development works at Clogher Td, Kilmore, Co. Roscommon.

The Significant Further Information is available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the lodged Further Information/Revised Plans may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 not later than two weeks after the receipt of the newspaper notice and site notice by the planning authority. There will be no fee payable on a further submission if it is accompanied by a copy of the acknowledgement of a previous submission/observation. Signed: Michael Hennessy Advanced Planning & Design Services Ltd., Dorrary, Carrick-on-Shannon Co. Roscommon Mobile: 086 1701549

Family Notices • Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance

Call into our office on Abbey Street, Roscommon

Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Lynch Roofing Systems (Ballaghaderreen) Ltd, intend to apply for permission for: i. The demolition of an existing storage shed & toilets. ii. The construction of an industrial unit. iii. Construction of new boundary wall and entrance gate to south eastern site boundary iv. Connections to services and all other associated site works. At Ballaghaderreen Td., Market St., Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon F45 NH60 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Collins Boyd Engineering Ltd. Engineers & Architects Galway Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. Ph: (090) 6634421 Fax: (090) 6634423 Email: info@collinsboydeng.com

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Damien and Mary McIntyre are applying to Roscommon County Council for full planning permission for the following: 1. Construct extension to rear and side of existing dwelling house. 2. Relocate entrance and drive to dwelling house. 3. Upgrade existing septic tank and percolation area at Carrowphadeen, Lecarrow, Co. Roscommon, F42 Y060.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee, €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed:

Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: james@jlce.ie & aaron@jlce.ie Web:www.jlce.ie Architectural Designers – Consulting Engineers

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Joe Brandon and Sharon Corbett are applying to Roscommon County Council for full planning permission to construct dwelling house, domestic garage, treatment system and percolation area and all ancillary site development works at Grange, Fourmilehouse, Co. Roscommon.

he planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee, €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed:

Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: james@jlce.ie & aaron@jlce.ie Web:www.jlce.ie Architectural Designers – Consulting Engineers

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, David and Sheena Foley, are applying to Roscommon County Council for full planning permission to construct domestic dwelling house along with domestic garage, new Treatment system and percolation area and all ancillary site development works at Newtown, Cloonfad, Ballyhaunis, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee, €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed:

Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: james@jlce.ie & aaron@jlce.ie Web:www.jlce.ie Architectural Designers – Consulting Engineers

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I am applying to Roscommon County Council on behalf of Gerard Dervin for permission for a change of house type on Sites 2 and 3 to that previously granted permission under planning permission, ref- PD/12/261 at Ascaill Eoghain, Lisnamult, Roscommon.

Signed: Seamus Murray, Project Managers, Engineers & Surveyors. Phone: (087) 2222874. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I am applying for planning permission for erection of dwelling house and domestic garage with septic tank and percolation area and ancillary site development works at Lisbaun, Kiltoom.

Signed: Leeanne Leonard The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

PODIATRIST Podiatrist/Chiropodist

Sarah Fleming

CB.Sc (Hons) Podiatry MScPI at


HSE Trained and Approved l Home visits available l

For any of your foot issues call:

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP

Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I.

For all foot ailments

Corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, verruca, orthotics, diabetic assessments and treatment.

Siobhan Murray BSc (Hons) Podiatry M.Ch.S.I.

Department of Health Approved Kearney’s Chemist Main Street, Castlerea For appointment: (094) 96 21647 / (089) 4142233 • Home visits SIOBHAN ALSO RUNS A CLINIC FROM KNOCK

• 20 years experience

The Galway Podiatrist FOOT AND ANKLE CLINIC

Aoife Reilly BSc Pod, MChSI, SCPI (registered with VHI, AVIVA, LAYA & GloHealth)

(087) 707 5803 (Saturday & evening appointments available)


By Appointment Only –


College Road, For Bookings Contact: Mountbellew,


(Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed


(087) 707 5803

086 3482387


094 9620009

For Bookings Contact:

Design Consultation Planning Applications New Build, Extend, Renovate Bespoke Design Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural


Co Galway H53 D7W8

(Saturday & evening appointments available) Treanrevagh, Mountbellew, Co. Galway H53 D7W8 Open under Goverment + HSE Guidelines

To have your advert seen by over 80,000 people every week advertise with us! The most read newspaper in Co. Roscommon! The local paper!

Department of Health Approved

EVERY FRIDAY St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

085 1503353 086 8538404

Email: m.kilgallon23@gmail.com

• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar

PROPERTIES TO LET/RENT/WANTED < APARTMENT TO LET: 2 bedroomed apartment to let, Lanesboro Street, Roscommon Town. Fully furnished, OFCH, secure parking available. Tel: 087 3503655 < ACCOMODATION TO LET: Ballymoe area, 3 bedroomed house, one or two bed apartments, O.F.C.H., furnished or unfurnished. All mod cons, village or country setting. Call Martin 087 2363745

CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732 < TO LET: Small storage unit available to rent, Lanesboro Street, Roscommon Town. Contact 087 350355 for more details.


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

Classifieds TUITION

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie


Christmas LCHL Revision Course l Wed 29th Dec

l Thurs 30th Dec

l Roscommon Town Venue l Booking deposit


Contact by phone/text:

Lorraine 086 3688302

EMAIL: roscommonmathsgrinds @gmail.com

PIANO LESSONS < EXPERIENCED PIANO TEACHER: Available in the Strokestown area. For details contact Blánaid on 089 9791653

TOP QUALITY TURF 10x6 Loads of Turf, saved in good weather and stored in dry shed, will deliver. Phone:

083 0684011

< THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Bags of seasoned firewood only €2 per bag• Bags of turf only €2.50 per bag, buy 20 get 2 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf €35 per bay, or buy tonne firewood + tonne turf + 2 bags coal 20kg all for €80 delivered. • Stove coal 40kg bags only €14, buy 10 bags get 1 20kg bag coal free. • 8x4 trailer load firewood only €90. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439


Pete’s Cabs



086 2721812 (All areas)

– Contact –

Also bulk loads of Cattle and Peat bedding (delivered)

Peter Lynch 086 8400002



TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815 WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured.

• Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance Call into our office on Abbey Street, Roscommon

Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

for all types of work, including maintenance, roof repairs.

Call 087 646 7322

Electrician Available Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@ gmail.com. < ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: Rewires, first and second fix new houses, fuse board upgrade. All farm buildings and sheds, security lighting and garden lights. Tel: Tom on 086 0815802.

Evo Roofers Covering Athlone, Galway and surrounding areas


PAINTER & DECORATOR Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Phone Alan on:

090 6661635 or Mobile:

087 2683079 Do you have a house or shed that you want cleaned out and all unwanted items removed? If so ring:

087 9657933



Roof Cleaning and Resealing All types of roofs cleaned down, painted Tegral Roof paint applied All work fully guaranteed Fast and efficent

Telephone: 089 9899 912

AtYourService PROPERTY

RO S l

ROS Property Services

Extensions l Renovations l Property Maintenance

P: 090 66 70996 M: 085 2162555 E:rospropertyservices@gmail.com VETERINARY

or 090 6626752

Free Quotations provided

Leaky Roof or Gutter? Call 085 2427727


Family Notices


086 2437376

OIL BOILER < TURF FOR SALE: In tonne bags, delivery to Roscommon town and surrounding areas. Price €50. Bag and delivery also included in price. Tel: 086 8534011



Quality Small Job Services For Home or Business

TURF/FUEL/ FIREWOOD < W O O D / F I R E W O O D : High quality seasoned split hardwood timber, suitable for stoves and open-fire. Available in 500kg bulk bag and 25kg bag. Very competitively priced and delivery can be discussed. Call 086 3312411 after 6pm.


ONLY €80 Includes new nozzle, Efficiency report, Printout, etc .... 094 96 31880 087 9100477

To have your advert seen by over 80,000 people every week advertise with us! The most read newspaper in Co. Roscommon!

Our Services: • New Roofing • Lead Valleys • Emergency Repairs • Attic Insulation • Fascia Soffits • Flat Roofs • Guttering/Downpipes • Chimney Repair • Ridge Pointing • Roof Cleaning

www.evoroofers.com email: evoroofing122@gmail.com

Phone: 090 6400177

HANDY MAN AVAILABLE Power Washing l Gutters Cleaned l Fitting Shower Doors l Bathroom Accessories l Tiling and Timber Flooring l Flat Pack Furniture Assembled l General Gardening Maintenance and Clean-up etc. l


Call Mike

The local paper!

087 2478609

Lanesboro Street, Roscommon Alan O’Toole


Window Protection Ireland Commercial/Domestic Registered and Insured All areas covered Also protecting windows during construction see windowprotection.ie Telephone

087 9795226


087 2596055 You must call in advance to order repeat prescriptions

Please ring to make an appointment for the small animal clinic.

To have your advert seen by over 80,000 people every week advertise with us! THE MOST READ NEWSPAPER IN COUNTY ROSCOMMON!

The local paper!


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

AtYourService BLINDS

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Chris’s Window Service

Springfield, Williamstown, Co. Galway Window restrictors l Burglary repairs l Window locks l Cylinder and lock supplied l Hinge replacement l Glass replacement l Window and door seals l Window and door handles supplied and fitted l Aluminium and uPVC doors and windows repaired.



Also Wooden Venetians, Velux Window Blinds. Tel: 090 66 30521 Mobile: 086 8115928


- CCTV Camera Inspection For Professional For Professional Advice Contact Advice Contact: John Hibbitt: Tel: 090

9673336 Mob: 086 2678350 Email: info@athlonechimneyrepairs.ie

Chimney Problems

email: chrislocksmith.162@gmail.com


Supply and fit uPVC Doors and Windows ONLY TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS USED Composite Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors in a wide range of styles and colours Also various styles and colours of uPVC Windows

Tel: 087 0944027

CLEANING - Chimney Repairs - Soot & Smoke Problems - Demolish, Re Build & Re Flue Line - Chimney Fires - Flexible Stainless Steel Liner - Insurance Claims processed

Te l : 0 8 5 2 1 9 1 2 3 4

We buy any CARS, VANS, TRUCKS, JEEPS all types wanted. End of life certs can be provided. Also scrap metal

S tephen H oare

Cleaning Services • Roscommon • Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning • WINDOW CLEANING • POWER WASHING Fascias & Soffits • Gutters & Down pipes • Drive ways ‘paths and patios’

Full replacement service provided and all work carried out to a high quality finish

Contact Pat Hanley on

086 6002721

to discuss your requirements

Email: pjmhanley@gmail.com 086 8229606


(090) 96 88830 or (090) 96 87651

• Relining • Rebuilding • CCTV Camera Inspection

Cathal Dooley 087 6579064

20 Years Experience Free Insurance Quotes Nationwide Service Stoves and Ranges Fitted All Work Guaranteed

Daily collection


Racecourse Road, Roscommon

Call in or contact us for free advice and quotes

091 768 768 info@ecowise.ie




Unit 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Mountbellew, Co. Galway UnitUnit 12 12 Oranmore Oranmore Business Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | |Mountbellew, | Mountbellew, Co. Co. Galway Unit 12 Oranmore BusinessPark, Park,Oranmore, Oranmore,Galway Galway Mountbellew, Co.Galway Galway Unit 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Co. Mountbellew, Co. Galway Unit 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Mountbellew, Galway • Approved Product Advisor • Member the PSAB-GI • •Approved Approved Product Product Advisor Advisor • • Member •Member Member ofofthe ofPSAB-GI theofPSAB-GI Approved Product Advisor the PSAB-GI



uPVC Window and Door Locksmith We are the only Licensed Window and Door Locksmith in Roscommon

Castlerea Vehicle Recycling All NCT Failures Destruction Certs Issued l Sale of Second Hand Parts l Contracted to all Major Car Companies l Farm Machinery, Old Gates l Metals, Iron Baths l Old Cooking Ranges l Weighbridge on Site l



E: wardbrosltd@gmail.com



Gerry Martin:

Keen Prices

086 2203335

Gmail: gerrymartin198@gmail.com





• Double Glazing Units Replaced • Servicing Athlone, Roscommon, Ballinasloe areas • Based in South Roscommon

• Stone • Sand & Gravel • Topsoil • Readymix • Plant Hire

071 96 33222

C astlerea ELV R ecycling L td ., Cloonkeen, Castlerea Kevin & Martina Keenan Tel: 094 96 21250 Mob: 086 2522231

Repairs Ballybane Industrial Estate, Unit 2, Ballybrit Industrial H91 P5k5 BlockEstate, 12, Galway Galway


Loss • Certified • • Certified DipDip inDip inLoss Loss • Certified Certified Dip ininLoss


New Buildings & Retrofit


APA-PL, LA APA-PL,CIP, CIP, CDIP CDIP LA QUARRY 091 380900 091 380900 091 091 380900 380900 091 091380900 380900 087 7371280 087 7371280 087 087 7371280 7371280 0877371280 7371280 087 info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.iewww.icr.ie www.icr.ie

Adjusting Adjusting Dip in Loss • Approved Product Advisor • • •Member ofby the PSAB-GI Adjusting Adjusting We SUPPLY & FIT Double & Treble Glazed • •Certified • Approved Member the Insurance • Regulated byCentral the Central Insurance by the Central • •Member Member ofofofthe theof Insurance Insurance Regulated •Regulated Regulated by Central the Certified Dip in Loss •Member Product Advisor •the Member of the PSAB-GI • Loss Loss Assessor Services Institute Ireland Bank Ireland Assessor Services Institute of Ireland • Regulated Bank of Ireland • Member of the Insurance the Central •Adjusting Loss • • Loss Assessor Assessor Services Services Institute Institute ofofofIreland Ireland Bank Bank ofofIreland ofbyIreland Windows & Doors, Patio Doors, French Adjusting • Member of the Insurance • Regulated by the Central Assessor Services Institute of Ireland Bank of Ireland Doors, Porches and Conservatories • •Loss Loss Assessor Services Institute of Ireland Bank of IrelandSUPPLIERS OF ALL TYPES OF:

Telephone: 090 66 33026

Cellulose, Sheepswool, Fibreglass, SIGA Airtightness

For appointment call me on 086 8229606

Martin Hibbitt OR email your enquiry to cburkecoaching@gmail.com

Martin Hibbitt Martin Martin Hibbitt Hibbitt APA-PL, CIP, CDIP LA (FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS OR ON-LINE/TEAMS) Martin Hibbitt APA-PL, CIP, APA-PL, APA-PL, CIP, CIP, CDIP CDIP LACDIP LA LA Martin Hibbitt


Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation


Lowest price guaranteed


Dooley Chimney Repairs • Lining


TEL: (090) 96 88606


CAROLINE BURKE Career & Life Coaching


Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact JOHN GREENE BALLINASLOE


M: 086 3912396 Ph: 090 66 62892




Contact Maurice on 086 2538169 or Kenneth on 086 8044030 Gannon Environmental Services Ltd.

Tel: 090


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Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


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Roscommon Community Preschool

BROTHERS OF CHARITY SERVICES IRELAND Providing Intellectual Disability Services in Ireland for more than 80 years.

Recruitment Open Evening Galway & Roscommon

Roscommon Community Playgroup CLG, RCN 20029777

Roscommon Community Playgroup CLG, RCN 20029777 18 Henry Street, Roscommon, F42 X292

Phone: (083) 305 6686 / (090) 6627208 Email: roscommonpreschool@gmail.com

18PART-TIME Henry Street, Roscommon, F42 X292 AIM SUPPORT WORKER POSITION 9am-12.30pm Monday – Friday (Term Time Only) For the preschool year 2021-2022


AIM Support Worker, working alongside our experienced ECCE Team. Thursday, 25th November Phone: (083) 305 6686 / (090) 6627208 Responsible for assisting in developing and coordinatingEmail: support to roscommonpreschool@g children participating in ECCE setting. 4pm to 8pm Essential Criteria: • Minimum QQI/ FETAC Level 5 in Childcare or SNA Qualification The Harbour Hotel, Galway • Minimum 1 Year experience in a busy childcare environment • Garda Vetting Required & Hannon’s Hotel, Roscommon PART AIM SUPPORT WORKER POSITION PersonTIME Specifications:

If you are interested in joining our services we would love to hear from you. Pop into either location to find out more about us, and how YOU could become part of the team, in enhancing the lives of the people we support. For more information on this event and to view our current opportunities, please log into www.brothersofcharity.ie/galway or contact the HR Department on 00 353 (0) 91 721400 For anyone attending this event, please observe current Role: Government Covid 19 guidelines.

• Ability to work as part of a team • Ability to ensure the health & safety of children at all times • Kind, friendly and responsive to the needs of children • Good communication skills, fun loving and active • Ability to work on own initiative Desirable: • First Aid Responder Training (Level 5) • Tusla Always Children First Foundation Training

9am-12.30pm Monday – Friday Term Time Only

Subject to Garda Clearance, please email for a blank Garda Clearance form. Job description available upon request.

For the preschool year 2021-2022

Interested applicants should send in completed Garda Clearance Form with letter of expression of interest and CV to: The Manager, Roscommon Community Preschool, 18 Henry Street, Roscommon F42 X292 or roscommonpreschool@gmail.com Closing Date for applications is Tuesday, 23rd November Roscommon Community Preschool is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

AIM Support Worker, working alongside our experienced ECCE Team.


SERVICEin ECCE s Responsible for assisting in developing and coordinating support to childrenHEALTH participating

Essential Criteria:

< CARER REQUIRED: Kind trustworthy carer required to stay with elderly lady up to 5 nights per week. Must have full driving licence and references required. Tel: 086 1974099 < STYLIST REQUIRED: For busy hair salon in Roscommon Town. Apply to Box QQI/no.FETAC 5 inPeople, Childcare 2099, c/oLevel Roscommon Abbey or Street, Roscommon


The HSE currently has the following opportunity:

– Health Care Support Assistant (formerly Home Help)

LOOKING FOR • Minimum SNA Galway, Qualification Mayo, Roscommon Ref: NRS11281 • Minimum 1 Year experience in a busy childcare environment THE RIGHT PERSON < CHILDMINDER REQUIRED: ExperiApplication details and form are available at: kind, reliable lady required to mind • Garda Vetting enced, Required 5 year old boy, Monday to Thursday from https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/jobs/job-search/ FOR THE JOB? • 2 - 5pm in his own home. Must be available patient-and-client-care/

for school pick-ups, Roscommon Town. To have your advert seen by over Closing date for receipt of Application Forms is Tel: 086 8715607 12 noon Tuesday 30th November 2021. Person Specifications: 80,000 people every week advertise For further information on this post please visit: SITUATIONS WANTED www.hse.ie/jobs • Ability to work as part of a team with us! < CARER AVAILABLE: Honest, kind, caring, available • Ability to ensure theexperienced health &ladysafety offor children at all times THE MOST READ NEWSPAPER IN sitting/chatting, shopping, driving for elderlyresponsive person, flexible, Roscommon • Kind, friendly and to the needs of children COUNTY ROSCOMMON! area. Confidentiality assured. Tel: 083 • Good communication 8431415 skills, fun loving and active • Ability to work on own initiative

To have your advert seen by over 80,000 TELEPHONE: 090 66 34633 • First Aid Responder Training (Level 5) people every week advertise with us! EMAIL: advertising@ • Tusla Always Children First Foundation Training The local paper!



OUR DEADLINE IS STRICTLY 2PM ON TUESDAY We cannot guarantee publication after this time

The most read newspaper in county Roscommon and surrounding areas!


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


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ommon West Business Park, 1 st Floor, Tower Block A, Golf Links Rd, Roscommon, F42 TD98 Tel: 090 6628608 Email: info@rosemp.ie Website: www.rosemp.ie y Ability is an employment support service for people who disability, health condition, illness or injury, live in County mmon and are seeking the open labour Roscommon West Business 11st st Floor, Roscommon Westemployment Business Park, Park,in Floor, Tower Block A, . The service is funded by the Department of Employment Golf Links Rd, Roscommon, F42 F42 TD98 TD98 and Social Protection. invited from Tel:090 090Applications 6628608 Email: info@rosemp.ie Tel: 6628608 Email:are info@rosemp.ie Website: www.rosemp.ie y qualified candidates for the following position: Website: www.rosemp.ie

Full-Time Employment Facilitator

Employ Ability is an employment support service for people who have a disability, health condition, illness or injury, live in County Roscommon and are seeking employment in the open labour market. The service is funded by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the following position: #


Full-Time Employment Facilitator a full-time temporary position to cover Maternity leave

FAMILYNOTICES .... DOYLE Clare 11 St. Ciaran’s Park, Roscommon Town.


SCANLON (nee Owens) Sharon Limerick & formerly Lisnamult Roscommon (3rd Anniversary)

• Superior Quality Headstones • Restoration work carried out • New Inscriptions added


087 6758874

In loving memory of my dear Mother who died on the 22nd November 1965 R.I.P.

Scrine, Athleague, www.brianmuraystone.com Co. Roscommon E: brianmurraystone@gmail.com


In loving memory of Sharon who passed away on the 15th November 2018.

Golf Links Road, Roscommon.

Term contract covering maternity leave until 10th of June,

encing in January 2022. (Temporary) The successful candidate will # e a range of supports to jobseekers and employers, Fixed Term contract covering maternity leave until 10th of June, ng:2022. al Assessment This is a full-time temporary position to cover Maternity leave dance, planning and preparation for Employment commencing in January 2022. The successful candidate will provide a range of supports to jobseekers and employers, Sourcing -the-Jobincluding:Support and Coaching • Initial Assessment vice and Support to Employers • Guidance, planning and preparation for Employment ow-up Support and Mentoring to both Employers and • Job Sourcing ployees• On-the-Job Support and Coaching ndidate• will work 39 hour week. Advice andaSupport to Employers fication •and /or experience ofMentoring placingtopeople in Follow-up Support and both Employers and Employees but not essential as some training will yment are desirable vided. This requires high professional The post candidate will work a 39 hour week. standards and A qualification and /or experience of placing people in users cular the ability to communicate well with service mployers.Employment are desirable but not essential as some training will be provided. requires high professional standards and Vetting applies to This this post post. in particular the ability to communicate well with service users riving licence is essential to this post. and employers. apply inGarda writing enclosing Vitae to: Vetting applies to Curriculum this post. A full driving licence is essential to this post. mme Coordinator yAbilityPlease Roscommon apply in writing enclosing Curriculum Vitae to: Programme Coordinator mmon West Business Park, 1st Floor, EmployAbility Roscommon Block A, Roscommon West Business Park, 1st Floor, nks Road, Roscommon. Tower Block A, 98 Golf Links Road, Roscommon. Email to:F42TD98 - info@rosemp.ie al enquiries Or by0906628608 Email to: - info@rosemp.ie Informal enquiries 0906628608 ates may be shortlisted on the basis of information Candidates may be shortlisted on the basis of information d. supplied. g date for receipt of applications is 5pm on Closing date for2021. receipt of applications is 5pm on 26th of November Friday 26th of November 2021. l may be formed as a result of this interview process. A panel may be formed as a result of this interview process. yAbility Roscommon is an Equal Employer EmployAbility Roscommon is anOpportunities Equal Opportunities Employer y Roscommon Supported Employment Service CLG. County Roscommon Supported Employment Service CLG. County Roscommon Supported Employment Service CLG. ered in Registered IrelandinNo.360833 CHV19160 Ireland No.360833 CHV19160 Registered in Ireland No.360833 CHV19160

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I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about yesterday and the days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame, your memory is our keepsake with which I’ll never part, God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart.

Love you always your daughter Bridie who loves you. There will be a Mass in the Sacred Heart Church at a later date.


HANLEY Padraic 6 Shannon Heights Ballyleague, Lanesboro, Co. Roscommon

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile if only we could have you back for just a little while then we could sit and talk again like we used to do you always meant so very much and always will do too. The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause us pain but you’re forever in our hearts until we meet again.

Missed, loved and remembered everyday by all her family. xxxx A Mass will be offered in the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon on Thursday, 25th of November at 11am.

McHUGH (nee Lennon) Lena Elphin Street, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon (4th Anniversary)

Too dearly loved to be forgotten, cherished memories of Padraic. Always remembered by his mother Kathleen, father Patsy, sister Marie and brother Alan.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times, for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. M.F.

In loving memory of a life so beautifully lived, and a heart so deeply loved.

Loved and remembered by all her family. Anniversary Mass on Sunday, 21st November at 11.30am in Strokestown Church.

On the First Anniversary of Leo’s passing, we his family would like to thank most sincerely all those who sympathised with us and showed us kindness and support on the loss of our beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother and Uncle. Thanks to all who visited our home, sent mass cards, letters, phone calls, text messages and left messages of condolence on RIP.ie, your kind and supportive words and actions gave us great comfort. To our neighbours and friends who were always there when needed, who provided food and refreshments over the time of Leo’s illness and in the days following his passing and for their ongoing support, it was and is still much appreciated. To Leo’s good friends who called to visit him during his short illness, we know that Leo certainly enjoyed reminiscing, sharing memories, and seeing you all. A special word of thanks to Leo’s doctor Dr. David Harrison, the staff at Roscommon Hospital and to the Palliative Care Team for their great care, attention and support during Leo’s illness. Thanks to Fr. Kevin Fallon for celebrating the Funeral Mass, to Henry Hamrock for his music in the church that added so beautifully to the mass, to Margaret, Kieran and Fiona Madden for their singing at the graveyard, we very much appreciated it. To Pat and Gillian Smyth, thank you for your professionalism, guidance and support throughout this sad time, thank you also to the grave diggers who prepared Leo’s final resting place with such care and attention. We would like to acknowledge and thank all our neighbours and friends who lined the roadside or stood outside the church to pay their respects to Leo on his final journey, the support even from a distance meant so much to our family, also to those who provided Guards of Honour and to the members of An Garda Siochana. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions. Leo’s First Anniversary Mass will take place on Sunday, November 21st at 11.30am in the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon. Sadly missed by his wife Kathleen, daughters Orla and Michelle, sons Damian and Alan, sons-in-law Damien and Gerry, daughter-in-law Eileen, grandchildren Leah, Laura, Chloe, Jessica, Senan, Emma, Dara, Cillian and Hazel, sister Dympna, aunt Joan and extended family and friends.

Locally owned ... in the heart of the community


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


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Runnamoat, Roscommon 13th Anniversary on 26th November

Athleague, Co. Roscommon (5th Anniversary)

Oran, Donamon, Roscommon Who passed away on the 25th November 2019 (2nd Anniversary)

Late of Main Street, Kilcormac, Co. Offaly and Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon (1st Anniversary) Who passed away on the 15th November 2020

Roxboro, Roscommon. (4th Anniversary)

No matter how life changes no matter what we do a special place within our hearts is always kept for you.

Loved and remembered by Maisie and family. Anniversary Mass in Cloverhill Church, on Saturday, 20th November at 7pm.

DONOHUE Mary Kate Feevagh, Dysart (16th Anniversary)

In loving memory of Mary Kate, who passed away on the 19th November 2005

Deep in our hearts your memory is kept to love and to cherish and never forget.

Always remembered by your loving family.

Who died on the 19th November 2016

WE HOLD YOU CLOSE We hold you close within our hearts, and there you shall remain, To walk with us, throughout our lives until we meet again, So Rest In Peace dear loved one, and thanks for all you’ve done, we pray that God has given you the crown you’ve truly won.

HAUGHEY Noel Correal, Co. Roscommon (6th Anniversary)

In loving memory of Noel who died on 23rd November, 2015.

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Loved and very sadly missed by his wife Anne and extended family members. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in Clooneycolgan Church on Wednesday the 24th November at 10am.

KELLY Patrick (Paddy) Mullymux, Co. Roscommon (19th Anniversary)

Lovingly remembered by her husband Edward, daughter Linda, son-in-law Thomas, grandchildren Eve, Erin, Tommy and Saoirse. Anniversary Mass in Fuerty Church on Saturday 20th November at 7pm.

Private Mass.

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Loving memories never die as years roll on sad days pass by. In our hearts a memory is kept of ones we loved and will never forget.

What he suffered he told but few, he did not deserve what he went through, tired and weary he made no fuss, but tried so hard to stay with us.


Loving remembered and sadly missed by your husband Mike, sons James, Micháel and daughter Grace. xxxx Anniversary Mass for Sylvia will be celebrated on Saturday, 20th November at 7 pm in Kilcormac Church, Kilcormac, Co. Offaly.

McDERMOTT Nancy & Peter In loving memory of Paddy, late of Mullymux, who died on 21st November 2002, his wife Anna Marie, who died on 16th June 1985 and their son Martin, who died on 11th December 1985 Time passes, memories stay, quietly remembered everyday. Will those who think of them today, a little prayer to Jesus say.

Loved and remembered by all the family. Masses offered.

TARPEY Lilly Scrine, Rahara (14th Anniversary)

Loved and remembered Margaret and family. Anniversary Mass on Sunday, 21st November at 11.30am in the Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, Fuerty.

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A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, it broke our hearts to see you go, God only takes the best. Your life was love and labour, you loved your family true, you did your best for all of us, we will always remember you. We sat by your bedside, our hearts were crushed and sore, we did our duty till the end, til we could do no more. In tears we watched you sinking, we watched you fade away and though our hearts were breaking, we knew you could not stay. Our lips cannot speak how we love you, our hearts cannot tell what to say, but God only knows how we miss you. in our home that is lonely today.

A quiet thought, a silent prayer for someone special in God’s care

Forever in my thoughts, your loving friend Teresa. Anniversary Mass in Rahara Church on Wednesday, 24th November at 7pm.

In loving memory of Eileen who passed away on 16th November 2017 R.I.P.

A gentle reminder that we’re never far apart, My spirit will live on forever there within your heart. And when you see a butterfly, here to brighten your day, remember that I’m here with you, and there I’ll always stay.

Always loved and remembered by her family and friends. Anniversary Mass will be held in Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Derrane on Saturday, 20th November at 7pm. Love’s Greatest Gift - Remembrance

MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

Email or call for Sample Pack

Cloonart Beg, Tulsk, Co. Roscommon

Nancy who passed away on the 19th November 2020.

Peter who passed away on the 27th December 2016

Will those who think of them today a little prayer to Jesus say.

Loved and remembered by all your family and neighbours and friends. Anniversary Mass will be held in Tulsk Parish Church on Friday, 19th November at 10am.

THANKSGIVINGS PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail) O Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother (make request). O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your Hands (3 times). Thank you for you mercy towards me and mine. This prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted (will never fail). This prayer must be published immediately. M.L. NOVENA TO THE SACRED HEART Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. M.L.

Scrine, Athleague, Co. Roscommon Third generation Monumental Sculptors specialising in: • New Headstones • New Inscriptions • Restoration and Cleaning of Monuments • Wall Plaques and Name Plates • Grave Maintenance Service Contact James on 087 3549574 or David on 087 6086723 E-mail: info@anthonymurrayandsons.com www.anthonymurrayandsons.com

FAMILY NOTICES • Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance

Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021



Tough at the top! Boyle Celtic produced a remarkable comeback last weekend as they recovered from a two-goal deficit to beat Ballaghaderreen FC 3-2 and thus keep their Premier Division title hopes on track. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell 14.11.2021 RDFL Premier Division Ballaghaderreen FC v Boyle Celtic Referee: Damien Jordan


Danni is 5-0!

Congratulations to Roscommon MMA fighter, Danni Neilan, took her record to five wins with no losses at Bellator 270 in Dublin recently when she defeated Frenchwoman, Audrey Kerouche by knockout in round three of their bout.

In the interim period between the ending of the county club championships and the start of the provincial championships, there have been a number of appointments on the county scene over the past week or so. There are two new selectors in the Roscommon senior football back room team. Former London manager and Roscommon native Noel Dunning and former star attacker Derek Duggan will replace Mark Dowd and Iain Daly who have stepped down. There have also been two further appointments made by manager Anthony Cunningham who has appointed Luke Bree and Peter Tierney who will assist as coaches with the team. Leo Tierney will become the new goalkeeping coach while Gary Flannery will remain as the strength and conditioning coach. Meanwhile, James Duignan has been ap-

pointed as the minor football manager for 2022. The former Garrycastle player served as a selector under last year’s manager Enda Nugent. His selectors will be Fintan Cregg, Stephen Bohan, Pat Regan and Gary Sammon. On the field of play, there will be major Roscommon interest in the clash of Leitrim champions Sean O’Heslin’s of Ballinamore and the new Galway champions Mountbellew/Moylough which takes place in Carrick-on-Shannon this Sunday at 1.30 pm. The winners will face Pádraig Pearses in the Connacht Championship semi-final on Sunday week. Mountbellew/Moylough won their first Galway senior title title since 1986 last Sunday when they defeated former All-Ireland champions Corofin by six points (1-12 to 0-9). Sean O’Heslin’s won their first county title in 31 years recently after they defeated Mohill in a thrilling final by 1-16 to 0-17.

HOW IT’S GOING… O’Gara Cup Division Two Final St. Dominic’s 2-22 Tulsk Lord Edwards 2-17 Tansey Cup Division Three Semi-Final Shannon Gaels 1-12 St. Aidan’s 1-11 Oran 4-17 Creggs 0-8 AFL Division Five Quarter-Final St. Barry’s 5-16 Kilbride 1-10 Junior B FC Quarter-Final St. Aidan’s 1-9 St. Brigid’s 0-3 U-20 Championship Division One (Group B) Clann na nGael 2-16 Roscommon Gaels 1-6 U-20 FC Division Two (Group A) St. Ciaran’s 4-10 ElphinBallinameen 1-9 U-20 FC Division Two (Group B) Michael Glavey’s/Éire Óg 4-10 Strokestown 2-11 U-20 FC Division Three (Group B) Western Gaels 1-12 Kilglass Gaels/ St. Barry’s 1-6 St. Michael’s 5-18 Kilbride 0-10 Fixtures Friday, November 19th AFL Division Four Final At Strokestown: St. Michael’s v St. Dominic’s. 8.15 pm Junior B FC Semi-Final At Kilbride: Strokestown v St. Aidan’s. 8 pm

U-20 FC Division One (Group A) At Woodmount: Pádraig Pearses v St. Brigid’s. 8 pm U-20 FC Division One (Group B) At Johnstown: Clann na nGael v Oran. 8 pm Saturday, November 20th U-20 FC Division Two (Group A) At Kiltoom: St. Dominic’s v St. Ciaran’s. 7.30 pm Sunday, November 21st U-20 FC Division One (Group A) At O’Rourke Park: Castlerea St. Kevin’s v Pádraig Pearses. 1 pm U-20 FC Division Two (Group A) At Orchard Park: ElphinBallinameen v Tulsk Lord Edwards. 1 pm U-20 FC Division Three (Group A) At Enfield: St. Croan’s v St. Aidan’s. 1 pm Junior B FC Semi-Final At Mulhern Park: Clann na nGael v Éire Óg. 2 pm U-20 FC Division Two (Group B) At Ballinlough: Michael Glavey’s/ Éire Óg v Boyle. 2 pm U-20 FC Division Three (Group B) At Ardcarne Park: St. Michael’s v Western Gaels. 2 pm At Pairc Naomh Bearra: Kilglass Gaels/St. Barrys v Kilbride. 2 pm


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021

SportsPeople Creggs RFC Report


Development team overcomes Corinthians Creggs Development 20 Corinthians RFC 10 (Connacht J1C League): The Creggs Development team recorded an impressive win over Corinthians in the Connacht J1C League game which was played in ideal conditions on Friday night last. Creggs took the lead in the 23rd minute with a fine try by Tommie Devine, who scored under the posts after Enda Naughton made the initial break. Michael Holland added the conversion to put Creggs 7-0 up. Holland then slotted a penalty before adding a try of his own in the second half before converting and adding a penalty to stretch Creggs’ lead to 20-0. The visitors responded with some rousing rugby in the closing stages and reduced the arrears with two unconverted tries for a final score of 20-10 to Creggs. On a night when every Creggs squad member made a significant contribution to the victory, Matthew Curley was a tower of strength and led by example throughout,

while in addition to the scorers, Ronan Cahill, Peter Lohan, and John Martin caught the eye with powerful displays.

Youth Rugby

Gort RFC 5 Creggs RFC 52 (U-18 Girls Connacht League Division One): Creggs U-18 Girls kept their hopes of reaching their first ever Connacht League Final alive with a good win away to Gort last Sunday. Creggs, who remain unbeaten in their group, opened the scoring with a try from Nadine Fitzmaurice after just seven minutes and increased their lead five minutes later with a try from Megan Donohue, which was converted by captain Eabha Dowd. Gort responded with a converted try of their own to reduce the deficit to 12-7 before Sarah Purcell crossed for a try which was once again converted by Eabha Dowd. Purcell grabbed her second try just before half-time to give Creggs a 24-5 lead at the interval. Creggs continued to dominate until the end and ran in further tries

The Creggs U-16 Girls enjoyed a good win away to Sligo.

through Jennifer Morris, Jemima Adams Verling (2), and Mikayla Gillooly with a further two conversions from Eabha Dowd. Sligo RFC 19 Creggs RFC 45 (U-16 Girls Connacht League Division One). Creggs made

it five wins from five in the Connacht League on Saturday last with a comfortable win over a strong Sligo side. While all of Creggs’ scores came from three players, this was a real team performance with

backs and forwards both playing their part. Tries from Jemima Adams Verling (3), Sarah Purcell (2) and Siofra Hession (2 tries and five conversions gave Creggs a deserved win. The Creggs U-14 Girls

Local athletes set for National Cross Country Championships Three Roscommon athletes have secured their place on the Connacht Cross Country team for this weekend’s National Even Age Cross Country Championships, which take place in Santry, Dublin. Hollie Kilroe of the Suck Valley Athletics Club placed second in Connacht while

Eamonn Coyle (Reeside Athletics Club) placed ninth, and Hazel Kelly (Roscommon Athletics Club) placed eleventh. All three athletes ran a very difficult 4km course to secure their spots on the provincial team. Best of luck to Hollie, Eamonn and Hazel this weekend.

are due to play Castlebar away in the Connacht League this weekend while the U-13 Boys are at home to Corinthians and the U-15 Boys are away to Galwegians. The U-17 Boys are away to Oughterard.

Mini Rugby Mini Rugby training continues this Saturday for U-7s to U-12s. Last chance before training this Saturday to check the new club top sizes and confirm orders.

Soccer Results RDFL Premier Division Moore United 6 Cloonfad United 1 Ballaghaderreeen FC 2 Boyle Celtic 3 Ballinasloe Town 2 Ballymoe FC 0 RDFL Division One Dunmore Town 3 Glen Celtic 3 RDFL Division Two St. Cuan’s Ahascragh United 3 Cloonfad United B 2 Cam Celtic 1 Ballaghaderreen FC B 2 Skyvalley Rovers B 1 Dunmore Town B 0

Fixtures Sunday, November 21st

Eamonn Coyle (Reeside AC) placed ninth at the Connacht Cross Country event in Ballina, Co. Mayo recently.

Hollie Kilroe (Suck Valley AC) placed second at the Connacht Cross Country event in Ballina, Co. Mayo recently.

Hazel Kelly (Roscommon AC) placed eleventh at the Connacht Cross Country event in Ballina, Co. Mayo recently.

Connacht FA Cup 3rd Round (2 pm) Maree/Oranmore FC B v Kilkerrin United Moylough ’79 v Ballisodare United Salthill Devon v St. John’s Athletic Athenry FC v Ballaghaderreen FC Cam Celtic v Dynamo Blue or Gort United Aughanagh Celtic v Boyle Celtic Galway Hibs v Moore United Ballinasloe Town v MCR FC Connacht FA Shield First Round (2 pm) Knocknacarra v Ballinasloe Town B Dunmore Town v Merlin Woods/Medtronic Shiven Rovers v Oughterard Ballinagare Manor United v Calry Bohs


Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


Horses for Courses

by Tom Red

Ballaghaderreen GAA AGM This year’s Ballaghaderreen GAA AGM will take place at 4 pm on Sunday, November 28th in the clubhouse. Email nominations for of-

ficers and team management teams can be sent to secretary. ballaghaderreen.mayo@gaa. ie by this Friday, November 19th.

Shor t putts (News from local golf clubs)


Gin On Lime was a very lucky winner for Rachael Blackmore and Henry de Bromhead at Cheltenham recently.

The racing today is at Thurles with a national hunt card away at 12 pm. Tomorrow evening there is flat cards at Dundalk tomorrow off at 4 pm. Saturday racing is on at Gowran Park starting at 12 pm. The weekend’s racing ends on Sunday with racing at Proudstown Park near Navan, away at 12.50 pm and featuring the Troytown Chase and the Grade 3 Monksfield Novice Hurdle. On Saturday, there are four races from Haydock covered on ITV, and three from Ascot including the Chanelle Pharma 1965 Chase.

Review of the Week The 3-day Cheltenham Festival started with a treble on Friday for Irish trained horses with Gin On Lime, Blazing Khan and Mc Alpine. Gin On Lime was a very lucky winner for Rachael Blackmore and Henry de Bromhead as she looked beaten jumping the penultimate fence behind the odds-on favourite My Drogo. My Drogo slipped on landing and deposited Harry Skelton onto the turf. Gin On Lime also slipped on landing but Blackmore somehow kept the partnership intact and hunted the last for a very lucky win. Blazing Khan won the penultimate for Charles Byrnes and the last went to the Philip Rothwell trained Mc Alpine. There were no more Irish winners on Saturday and Sunday. There was also top-class racing at Punchestown on Saturday and Sunday and the Grade 2 Novice Chase was won by the Gordon Elliott trained Riviere D’Etel with Denis O’Regan on board. Top Bandit won the Novice Hurdle with Davy Russell completing a double for the trainer. Jamie Codd brought up the

Elliott treble in the bumper with Minella Crooner making it two out of two following his Sligo win. On Sunday in the cross country, Risk of Thunder Chase Derek O’Connor and Enda Bolger combined to win with Shady Operator. In the Grade 1 Morgiana Hurdle there were three runners who served up a great race with Sharjaj, winning his second Morgiana, beating Zanahiyr and Echoes in Rain by 3l and 12l. In the Grade 2 Florida Pearl Novice Chase Vanillier beat Fancy Foundations by 26l, only two of the four runners finished. Sixshooter was fatally injured in the race. The listed Grabel Hurdle for mares was won by Dysart Diamond trained by WP Mullins and ridden by Bryan Cooper. Dysart refers to Dysart outside Mullingar not south Roscommon. Mr Fred Rogers with Davy Russell and Sassy Yet Classy ridden by Conor Maxwell completed a training double for Elliott. Every year these two top-class meetings clash and once more it is more than time for the powers that be get together and run them on different dates. Galway based trainer Brian Cawley sent Ask Bloomsforth over to Ayr on Tuesday where he won the mares handicap hurdle with his brother British based Alain riding. It was the brothers’ first winner together.

Racing News Following her return from the Breeders Cup at Del Mar, the Dermot Weld trained and Aga Khan owned mare, Tarnawa, has been retired and will return to Gilltown Stud in Kilcullen, County Kildare. Winner of 3 Group 1 races as a 4-YO, two in France and the Breeders

Cup Turf, she was just beaten in this year’s Prix De l’Arc when caught by Torquator Tasso. It with regret we report the passing of Gerry (GT) Lynch, former trainer, after a long illness. Based in Craughwell, Co. Galway Gerry, who was in his 60s, was well known in western racing and point-to-point circles and saddled his last winner, Miss Mcilroy, at the Listowel Festival in 2019. R.I.P. Tiger Roll is entered in Saturday’s Grade 1 Chanelle Pharma 1965 Chase at Ascot having missed the Click And Collect Handicap Chase at Cheltenham last week.

Point-to-Point News Racing on Saturday in the north is at Kirkstown in County Down with 96 entries. There are two meetings on Sunday with racing at Kildorrery in Cork with 98 entries and at Tortulla in Co. Tipperary with 129 entries. Racing begins at 12.30 pm at all three meetings. Hunts are having problems getting insurance as was reported last week. As packs’ insurance comes up for renewal they are unable to get cover at any price. If insurance for hunting packs comes to an end, hunts will not be able to engage in any activity. Consequently, the organisers of point-to-point events, which operate under the same umbrella, will not be able to operate either. Spectators still must preregister to be allowed access to point-topoints. One can preregister with p2p.com and get an access QR code to present before entering the venue. Registration will open at 9 am on any Friday in advance of each weekend’s racing on www.p2p.ie. All attendees, industry participants and spectators will have to register.

Michael Ryan won the Gents’ 12hole Stableford recently with 29 points. Class D: Adrian Kelly (29); Class B: Aidan O’Driscoll (29); Class C: Denis Earley; Class D: Noel O’Carroll (29). The Ladies’ competition was won by Catherine Fitzgerald with 25 points while Bernie Watson was second with 23. Ann Geoghegan was third with 22 and Sheila Geraghty fourth with 21. Results from the 97 Club on November 11th: Class A: Cathryn Mannion (20 points); Class B: Kathleen McDonald (20); Class C: Jean McGowan (21); Class D: Kay Shevlin (21); Class E: Margaret Bannon.

Boyle Charlie O’Donnell was victorious on Sunday, November 8th with 40 points while Michael Reid (40); and Padraic O’Connell (40) were second and third respectively. Best of luck to Lochlainn Conboy and Jason Beirne who will contest the final of the 2021 King Harmon Cup (or the Sir Cecil Stafford King Harmon Cup, to give it its rarely used full title!). The trophy has been competed for within the club for almost 100 years. The Men’s Club AGM took place last Sunday and the following members were elected to the committee for 2022: Jonathan Egan, Brendan Gaffney, Lorcan Egan, Vincent Egan, Liam Mullaney, Terry Bright, Seamus Gallagher, Jim Mooney, Gerry Carty, and Lochlainn Conboy. The overall Club AGM takes place on November 28th at 5 pm in the clubhouse. The Ted Hester Competition and social event to mark Ted’s 90th birthday, which was due to take place this Saturday, has now been postponed until after Christmas.

Castlerea The Men’s and Ladies’ club AGMs were very well attended recently. The club would like to wish incoming Captain Gregory Bruen, and incoming Lady Captain Catherine Collins, a very enjoyable year.

Thanks to our outgoing officers Michael Creaton and Kathy Burke, for all your hard work. Club competitions for the Men and the Ladies continue on a weekly basis. The club also wishes to thank the very generous sponsors who came on board this year, and greatly enhanced the golfing season at Castlerea Golf Club. Castlerea Golf Club also extends its deepest sympathy to Keith Revins and the extended Revins family on the death of Davy (RIP).

Carrick The Gents’ Winter League will run for seven weeks up to January 1st and 2nd excluding Christmas week. More information available at the clubhouse. The presentation of prizes will take place on Sunday, January 2nd at 7 pm in the clubhouse.

Roscommon Congratulations to Olivia Costello on winning the Golf Ireland Girl’s Order of Merit title for 2021. Olivia had a wonderful golfing year having achieved many top finishes and also receiving her first international cap. Everyone in the club is very proud of Olivia and wishing her continued success for the future. All Club AGMs took place recently with the following officers elected for 2022: President Charlie Farrell, Lady Captain Ruth Kilduff and Men’s Captain Kieran Madden. The Vice-Captains were also announced as Paula Miley for the Ladies and PJ Moran for the Men. S. Kenny won the recent Men’s 15hole competition ahead of L. Bagnell. E. Naughton was victorious on November 7th with 36 points while R Hynes (33) and Tony Grehan (33) finished in second and third places respectively. S. Walker won the gross prize with 31 points. The Ladies’ 9-hole competition was won by B. Browne with 23 points while K. Ruane finished second with 20. M. O’Keeffe was the winner on November 8th with 22 points. The Senior Ladies’ competition on November 11th was won by J. Maxwell while J. McGrath was best of the Men with 33 points. The over 80 winner was T. Murphy (29) and there was one deuce by E. Smith.

Roscommon People Friday 19 November 2021


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