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14 January 2022

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‘Shocking’ shortage of home carers

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Over 600 people in counties Roscommon and Galway are waiting for a carer to be allocated to them – despite having already been approved for the service. The revelation supports ongoing anecdotal claims in recent months of a growing crisis in terms of availability of homecarers. Roscommon-Galway Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane says figures released to her party by the HSE expose a “shocking shortage” of homecarers in this constituency. Deputy Kerrane has called on the Government to act urgently to ensure carers are available to assist those who need home support. The Roscommon-Galway TD said figures released to Sinn Féin spokesperson on Disability and Carers Pauline Tully TD by the HSE, have revealed that almost 5,000 people across the State are waiting for a carer to be allocated to them – despite being approved. Of these, 638 are living in the Community Healthcare Area (CHO) for Roscommon and Galway. See page 8.

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Celebrations at the final whistle after Padraig Pearses defeated Knockmore of Mayo in Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final. Full coverage inside. Pic: Mick McCormack


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Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

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Dancing with the (GAA) stars... and how to safely store the Christmas decorations! I just love it! Huh? The fact that it’s back...and it’s gonna be every weekend from now on! Woohoo! Eh... I was so excited! Watching the stars come out to play! Oh yeah... ACCIDENT CYCLING Dazzling us with their twists and turns, their clever moves, their stepovers, their If you were involved in a cycling jinks! accident contact YES! ByrneSO Carolan They’re fit! Cunningham Solicitors Eh...absolutely! I can’t wait for all the weekends to come... this is precisely what we need now! I know, I know... Of course we’ll ALL judge them... Indeed... And we’ll chat about the controveries next morning, led by the radio show hosts... Yep... I just can’t get enough of it! SAME HERE! I’m LOVING the returned GAA season! GAA? I thought you were talking about Dancing with the Stars! (Editor sighs and shuffles boyos’ draft contract on his desk) (They pause to turn down the radio on hearing yet another reference to the ‘plight’ of Novak Djokovic) So...why the long face? Oh, just the usual feelings at this time of year... The long evenings? Cold weather? January blues? I call it the SOD phase... SOD? Storing our decorations... Huh?

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

We took our Christmas decorations down at the weekend... Of course... Well, not OF COURSE. Some people are leaving them up for all of January – again – as an anti-pandemic gesture. Mmnn... In fact, there’s a guy up our road who doesn’t take them down ‘til May – and he puts them back up in September! You’re joking! Nope! Why? Does he absolutely love Christmas? No, he’s just a bit funny... You live on a funny road... I know. Anyways...tell me about this SOD... Well, we have the decorations down, but now it’s my job to store them away...safely. Store our decorations!

So...any word on our contract talks? Huh? Your discussions with the Editor about POSSIBLY renewing our contract... Oh yeah... You promised me you’d negotiate spectacularly improved terms... Eh...yeah...of course... So, any news? Well, I rang the Editor’s office a few times... Yeah...? He was on a call. EVERY time you rang? He’s a busy man! Leave it with me! Meantime, what a performance by Padraig Pearses! Yep! Our dancing stars of the week!

Padraig Pearses’ fantastic victory in Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final against Knockmore in Ballina (see our sports section).

What we didn’t like…

Little Christmas...or at least to the extent that it formally signals the end of Christmas. Is that really the end of the mince pies and chocolates?

A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

What PEOPLE are talking about…

Byrne Carolan Cunningham SOLICITORS

info@bccsolicitors.ie www.bccsolicitors.ie

(They pause to turn down the radio on hearing yet another reference to Dancing with the Stars; suddenly they kind of miss the Novak Djokovic updates)

What we liked…

This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway.

Telephone Central Line 090 6478433

Go on... Every year I try to avoid a crisis the following Christmas...it’s a nightmare ploughing through rubbish in the shed or attic in search of the previous year’s decorations. Didn’t I tell you last year to just label them? Yeah, I DID label them, but I couldn’t remember if I put them in the attic or the shed! Well label them, put them SOMEWHERE, take a photo on your phone, and calm down! Great! So I’ll go from SOD to yet another POD! Huh? PHOTOGRAPH our decorations! POD! Exactly! By the way, do you see much of that funny neighbour of yours? Not really. His garden is full of scary Halloween decorations all year, we tend to avoid it! Oh dear!

PIC OF THE WEEK: The cup that cheers...supporters celebrate Padraig Pearses’ victory in Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final in Ballina. Pic: Mick McCormack

Covid-19; A busy weekend on GAA front, one of the highlights of which was Padraig Pearses’ historic Connacht Senior Club football title win; The Novak Djokovic controversy…


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


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There is considerable anger amongst residents of the Brooklawn Estate in Ballaghaderreen due to ongoing incidents of illegal dumping in the area.

Anger over illegal dumping in Ballaghaderreen < DAN DOONER

There is considerable anger amongst residents of the Brooklawn Estate in Ballaghaderreen due to ongoing incidents of illegal dumping in the area. Waste including household appliances, garden equipment, bottles, and cans have been discarded in a communal area in the estate. Local resident, Geraldine Young-Ringer, said the illegal dumping has been ongoing and has led to a rat infestation in the area. “This has been going on for the last two years at least. We were told last May that it would be cleared but nothing has happened,” she said. “I’ve had to get three cats because there are rats just outside my patio door. The last two summers have been dreadful because of the heat. “I wish I could do something about it myself but there’s too much of it there now. Roscommon County Council have been here and told residents to hold on to their receipts and stubs from the Civic Amenity Centre to prove everyone is getting rid

of waste correctly…but they haven’t been back to check since”. Local councillor Michael Mulligan has slammed those responsible for what he called a “scandalous act”. “This is a scandal. I have been in contact with Roscommon County Council about this but it’s not just happening in Brooklawn, it’s happening all over west Roscommon,” he said. “The fines are not big enough for this indiscriminate dumping. There is a service there (at Civic Amenity Centres) and the Council work hard to take rubbish and other items away. There are no excuses for this”. The Sinn Féin councillor has called for greater enforcement of fines and increased surveillance of known dumping blackspots. “We need higher fines and stricter enforcement as a proper deterrent to this. We must also move past pussy-footing around the issue and install CCTV in these areas. We know exactly who’s doing this, it’s just about catching them in the act,” he said.

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NOW OPEN A big thank you for all the kind messages and support we have received. It’s much appreciated. We look forward to serving you. There is considerable anger amongst residents of the Brooklawn Estate in Ballaghaderreen due to ongoing incidents of illegal dumping in the area.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Victim of fatal collision is laid to rest

The funeral of a man who died following a single-vehicle collision in south Roscommon last Friday took place in Roscommon town yesterday (Wednesday). David Gillooly of Roscommon and Mount Cashel, Kilrooskey died following a single-vehicle collision on the N61 close to Ballybay National School in Kiltoom shortly

after 9.30 am on Friday last. Mr. Gillooly, who was in his 40s, received medical attention at the scene but was later pronounced dead. Mr. Gillooly was laid to rest in Cloontuskert Cemetery yesterday (Wednesday) following funeral Mass at the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon. Gardaí are appealing for any

Letters to the Editor

witnesses to come forward. They are especially appealing to any road users who may have camera footage (including dash cam), to make this footage available to them. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Roscommon Garda Station on 090-6638300, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666111 or any Garda Station.

Send your letters to: Abbey Street, Roscommon Town. Fax: (090) 66 34303 or email: news@roscommonpeople.ie

Student critical of reopening of schools Athlone, Co. Roscommon Dear Editor, I am writing as I am very disappointed about schools reopening because of the high numbers of those with Covid-19 in the school community as well as the number of students absent from school. I think that Education Minister Norma Foley is clueless and using students and staff as guinea pigs. We (students) returned for two days last week, risking our lives and health. We are lucky to be in a modern and spacious new-build but that

doesn’t mean that we are not putting ourselves at risk. I wonder if Norma would risk her health and go to a primary school, where the risk, in her eyes, is ‘low’ and there is no Covid? Surely she should jump in to help students and schools. I honestly don’t think we needed to come back for two days (in the week after Christmas) – a ridiculous idea by Minister Foley. In this writer’s opinion, it’s time she started earning her money and (come to understand) that schools are full of Covid. Yours sincerely, M. Nolan

Covid-19 outbreak curtails services at RUH < DAN DOONER

An outbreak of Covid-19 coupled with the rising number of positive cases in the community is having a significant impact on services at Roscommon University Hospital. The Saolta Health Care Group released a statement on Thursday last to confirm the postponement of urgent inpatient, day surgery, and diagnostic tests this week. Face to face outpatient appointments have also been deferred with virtual outpatient clinics now taking place wherever possible.

The hospital group said patients are being contacted directly if their procedure or appointment has been postponed or if their appointment is going to take place virtually. Saolta has assured patients that the Injury Unit at RUH continues to be available to treat minor injuries and the Medical Assessment Unit is available for GP referrals. The outbreak will also have a significant impact on visitors, with visiting now permitted on compassionate grounds and by appointment only. The nominated support person or visitor must also com-

plete a Covid-19 screening checklist and follow all public health guidance, including the wearing of a FFP2 surgical facemask. In line with national guidance on visiting, the nominated support person/visitor will be asked to produce their EU Digital Covid Certificate or HSE Covid-19 Vaccination Record or other proof of immunity at the hospital entrance. The limits on visiting access will remain in place until the end of this week and will be kept under review.

Fitzmaurice highlights concerns over school Covid conditions Invites applications for the following positions in Lanesborough / Ballyleague:

FULLTIME – Digital Marketing/Social Media Co-Ordinator/Reception Assistant (Ref: LRAFA1E2022)

FULLTIME – Receptionist/Marketing Assistant, Disability Vessel Centre (Ref: LRAFA1F2022)

FULLTIME – Boat Crew Trainee/Maintenance Caretaker (Ref: LRAFA1H2022)

All positions will be based at the new Lough Ree Access For All Boat Centre and associated sites at Ballyleague, Lanesborough, County Roscommon. The project is supported by the Department of Rural & Community Development & Pobail through the Community Services Programme. The project is also supported by the Just Transition Fund from the Department of Environment, Climate Change & Communications. Send your CV and application - quoting the reference number for the job you are applying for as stated above - by email to:

accessforalljobs@gmail.com or by post to the following address: FAO The Company Secretary, Lough Ree Access For All CLG, Ballyleague, Lanesborough, County Roscommon. Eircode: N39 E297 Closing date for receipt of applications is 6pm, Monday, 17th January, 2022 Lough Ree Access For All CLG is an Equal Opportunities Employer


Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice has said there are rising concerns over the conditions facing students as a result of Covid-19 precautions in schools across the country. The Roscommon-Galway TD says: “I have been in touch with a number of parents who are concerned that leaving windows open will mean kids will pick up regular flus and colds, despite measures supposedly being in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading indoors”. Deputy Fitzmaurice said he was “alarmed at the number of phone calls” he has received from parents of both secondary and primary students. “Recommendations to leave windows open to improve airflow may be practical during warmer months, but when temperatures dip in winter months it simply doesn’t work,” he said. “Alternative measures need to be put in place by the Department of Education and

Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice

school management teams – whether that is through the use of HEPA filters or other air filtration systems – to reduce the need for windows to be open. “We cannot afford to waste time deliberating over our next move – the action needs to be rapid by Government and the relevant Department and Minister”. The Independent TD said the

conditions are adding to the pressure already faced by those sitting State exams this year. “New measures must be introduced by the Department, such as a scheme to rent air filtration systems to schools in order to improve air flow while eliminating the need for windows to be open during these traditionally cold months,” he concluded.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

NewsPeople ! VED O M VE A H WE

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Padraig Pearses supporters pictured at Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final in Ballina in which Pearses defeated Knockmore to claim a first ever provincial crown. Pic: Mick McCormack

Boyle Gardaí investigate aggravated robbery Gardaí in Boyle are continuing to investigate an aggravated robbery which took place on Friday evening last when a man was threatened with a knife and also beaten. A sum of cash and a number of personal items were taken during the incident which occurred on the N4 near Drumharlow Lake and Carrick Golf Club. It is believed the victim received non-life threatening injuries but was left badly shaken following

the incident, which involved up to three assailants. Gardaí have appealed for any information from anyone walking or travelling on the N4 between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm on Friday evening, and anyone who may have been hitchhiking at this time in particular. Anyone with information or dash cam footage is asked to contact Boyle Garda Station on 0719664620, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800666111 or any Garda Station.

St.St. Comán’s Wood Comán’s Wood St. Comán’s Wood PrimarySchool, School, Primary Roscommon Primary School,Roscommon Roscommon where where where

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Rory joins Johnston’s team! Tell us a bit about yourself… My name is Rory Cunningham from Newbridge. I’m 22-years-old and a pre-registration pharmacist, studying at University College Cork where I’m in my final year. When did your first realise you wanted to study pharmacy? I’ve wanted to study pharmacy ever since I was back in school in science class at the Holy Rosary, Mountbellew.

New entrants entrants for 2022 New forSeptember September 2022 An initial initial application available on-line at at An applicationform form available on-line www.comanswoodprimary.ie must be completed www.comanswoodprimary.ie must be completed New entrants for11th September 2022 on or or before February, 20222022 on beforeFriday, Friday, 11th February, Theform form is isapplication also available for collection from the office An initial form available on-line at office The also available for collection from the located on the Junior Site, Convent Rd. or can be posted www.comanswoodprimary.ie mustRd. be or completed located on the Junior Site, Convent can be posted ononrequest. request. on or before Friday, 11th February, 2022 Email: info@comanswoodprimary.ie

Email: info@comanswoodprimary.ie The form is also available for collection from the office 090 0906626872 6626872 located on the Junior Site, Convent Rd. or can be posted on request.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your studies? I was in Cork for five years but moved home to Newbridge with my family including my parents, Marion and Tommy Cunningham and two sisters. We were studying online for 18 months before we went back to college for a few months. It hasn’t been easy studying from home. Now that I’m working at Johnston’s we have one online class each week. As a pharmacy student I’ve also spent a bit of time showing friends how to do antigen tests properly!

Rory Cunningham has recently joined the staff at Johnston’s Pharmacy, Ballygar. Rory is a pre-registration pharmacist from Newbridge, Co. Galway.

Do you enjoy working in community pharmacy? Yes, I would be familiar with most of the customers because I’m from Newbridge and play Gaelic football for St.

Brendan’s, who are sponsored by Johnston’s Pharmacy. The staff here at Johnston’s are lovely and I’m happy to be working here for the next few months.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor Thursday


It’s not entirely clear whether one should refer to the business magnate/ grim-faced media personality Alan Sugar as Lord Sugar, or Sir Alan Sugar, or even Baron Sugar, but in any event, He Who Has Definitely Been Honoured is back on our screens tonight as yet another series of ‘The Apprentice’ kicks off (BBC One). Having missed the entire recent series of ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’, it is possible that I will sign up to keeping a (sceptical) eye on this very lavish and very silly escapism. Given the supposed premise of this reality show, you could be forgiven for thinking that the participants should represent the cream of the available talent of Generations Y and X combined. They should, one might imagine, be brilliantly talented people who have the right amount of confidence (not arrogance), entrepreneurial flair, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to listen and learn. Of course they are anything but the above. Within ten minutes of tonight’s first episode it’s clear that the producers have unearthed yet another batch of egotistical and largely delusional wannabes. In the great tradition of this show, most of the contestants are frighteningly vacuous and laughably selfimportant. So, no budding Richard Bransons here, but at least there are petty rows, comically inept ventures, and boardroom showdowns to look forward to on upcoming Thursday nights. Mind you, in fairness to the young wannabes – who might as well pursue their 15 minutes of fame, plus the prospect of a new job and six-figure salary – the most objectionable part of episode one was Mr Sugar’s very feeble jokes. His writers need to be...fired.

It’s one of the great scandals of our time – but we seem to be powerless. I am of course referring (again) to GAA (and soccer) managers/players giving futile, tedious and arguably insulting interviews to the media. Today I heard a GAA manager (not Anthony Cunningham) maintain the now well established practice of talking up the opposition, while almost casting doubt on his own team’s chances of even competing, much less winning. The manager in question spoke of how formidable the opposition would be, and expressed the hope that his team might be able to hang in there for 50 minutes or so, and then – well, you know the rest – maybe, just maybe, they could have a bit of a chance in a close finale. It was sheer guff. Of course we all know that the same manager will have been telling his players all week – and in the dressing room before throw-in – that they have all the tools required to dispose of the opposition. Just once, in GAA or soccer, I’d love to hear a manager or player say something like this before a game: “Can we win? Of course we can. We have super players. We’re flying it in training. We respect our opponents, but of course we can win – in fact we fully expect to do so. We believe in ourselves…we’re going out to win. They’ll know they’ve been in a game…I am fully expecting our lads to do the business”. Sadly, such straight talking is very rare. Instead, waffle wins out. The tedious tactic is to talk up the opposition, never show one’s hand, and at all costs avoid giving any sense of being confident (for fear it might be a hostage to fortune). The result of these silly charades is that the media, and more importantly the supporters/ viewers/listeners, are being treated like fools.

Friday Devastation for comedians everywhere, following a statement from Twitter, which says it wants to reiterate its commitment to ensuring that the platform doesn’t become a forum that facilitates abuse. This, clearly, is the joke of the week.

Saturday That GAA Air Dome in Bekan has been getting some great publicity over the past week or two. What an excellent facility it is. I didn’t get there today, for Roscommon v Sligo,

paul@roscommonpeople.ie after receiving the judges’ votes; but the main reason I won’t be watching is because of the stilted presenters, with their faux excitement, all of it shamelessly scripted and of course ‘borrowed’ from the UK original. Pass the remote, please!

Monday night

Celebrations at the final whistle after Padraig Pearses defeated Knockmore of Mayo in Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final. Full coverage inside. Pic: Mick McCormack

but we have full coverage in our sports section. Social media footage of Enda Smith’s brilliant solo goal has whetted my appetite for the season ahead! The Rossies won well (3-23 to 0-21).

Saturday Having seen a number of Elvis Presley documentaries over the years, I wasn’t particularly motivated to look out for any ‘specials’ on the occasion of his birthday (Elvis was born 87 years ago today). However, I stumbled upon a lovely programme – ‘Elvis: The Rebirth of the King’ – on BBC Four tonight, and even though there has been so much content on Elvis over the years, it actually contained footage that I hadn’t seen before. The film (which first aired a few years ago) concentrated on Elvis’s period in Las Vegas, with band members, backing singers and others interviewed. Some of the footage was very poignant...Elvis taking ‘Vegas’ by storm in his peak, followed a few years later by the sad sight of his chronic physical decline beginning to manifest itself. The programme was written, directed and narrated by a man called Mike Connolly, and, given his accent and my minimal online research, he appears to be an Irish man! Documentaries on ‘The King’ are very plentiful – it’s a crowded field – this one is insightful, nostalgic and moving.

Saturday night Another Saturday night, another eruption of noise from cavorting cars as so-called boy racers do their ‘donut’ manoeuvres/wheel spins out our way. I don’t know how prevalent this activity is countywide, but where we live, pretty much every weekend features the revving and revelling. I can confirm that it is very, very annoying, irresponsible and dangerous. I am tempted to bring back my occasional ‘Idiots of the Week’ series.

Sunday Congratulations to Padraig Pearses on their magnificent win in the Connacht Club Senior Football Championship Final. I enjoyed TG4’s coverage, while switching to Willie for the final minutes. With Knockmore finishing strongly, it was nerve-wracking at the end, but Pearses held on for a superb and historic victory. We have full coverage throughout this issue.

Sunday night

I won’t be watching Dancing with the Stars (RTE One). I don’t mind the dancing, I could even put up with the stars, but I can’t stand that bit where the latest duo skip off up the stairs to be cooed over by their fellow contestants, all of them sporting permanent smiles, human love emojis who have been briefed to the last; worse is that moment when the celebrities impersonate a mobile phone (if that still happens) as they lobby for public support

Imagine you’re an opposition TD who’s been invited on to The Tonight Show (Virgin Media)…but you haven’t had time to check who the other guests are. You arrive in studio, and he’s there: Fine Gael’s new populism detonator, one Neale Richmond TD. Cool Hand Neale will annoy some viewers/listeners, he may even come across as smug – you may even detest what Fine Gael stands for – but he’s devastatingly good as the party’s in-form media ‘performer’. Adept across most subjects, Neale is particularly assured on all matters Brexit, frequently metaphorically chewing up/spitting out UK MPs on the airwaves. As for opposition spokespersons here, he’s really not the guy you want to be ‘up against’. Ruthless Richmond may be a touch monotone (calm?) and favour the po-faced approach over smiling, but so be it. Just now, when it comes to the media battlefield, he’s Fine Gael’s very effective and not so secret weapon.

Tuesday/Wednesday Watching Partygate threaten the career of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I am (naturally) reminded of ‘A Night at the Opera’… “The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part” a patient Groucho Marx tells Chico, when reading a legal document during the classic scene. Predictably, confusion follows. Chico wants Groucho to read ‘the first part’ out loud again, before later telling him “I don’t like the second party either”. Groucho: “You should have come to the first party…we didn’t get home ‘til around four in the morning”. There is no suggestion that Boris Johnson was at that party.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Meal delivery service available in your area with The Melting Pot Dinner4U

A freshy prepared hot dinner delivered to your door by staff from The Melting Pot Dinners delivered daily Monday to Friday Cost per meal is €7.00 WEEKLY MENUS AVAILABLE IN ADVANCE Below is a sample of dinners from our menu Loin of Bacon with Cabbage and Parsley Sauce l Roast Sirloin of Beef Mixed Vegetables and Creamed Potato l Braised Steak and Onions with Vegetables and Creamed Potatoes l Grilled Smoked Haddock with Mixed Vegetables and Creamed Potatoes l Chicken Curry with Rice l

For further information or to place an order please contact Monica on 083 8072959 Eircode details required for all deliveries

The team from The Melting Pot are delighted to be able to offer our ‘Dinner4U’ dinner delivery service, where we are delivering hot, nutritious dinners to people in areas of Roscommon where an existing service is not available. All meals are freshly prepared each morning by our chef Philip Gordon, using locally sourced fresh ingredients. Each dinner costs €7 including delivery, and menus are prepared a week in advance. We offer one meal option Monday to Thursday, and on Fridays, we offer two options, one of which is fish. You can order a dinner once a week, twice a week or even five days a week – whichever suits you best. We are currently delivering dinners to an extensive region, including Athleague, Ballyleague, Ballymoe, Ballinlough, Ballagh, Castlerea, Creggs, Donamon, Four Mile House, Kilbride, Kilrooskey, KIlmurray, KIltoom, Knockcroghery, Lanesborough, Lecarrow, Lisnamult, Mount Talbot, Rahara, Tulsk, and Roscommon Town. Our drivers (Kevin,

Mattie, Eddie, Colm, and Padraig) carry ID and our delivery vans have our Dinne4U logo displayed. If you would like more information or to check if we can deliver to you or someone you know who would benefit from this service, please call Monica on 083 8072959 or email meltingpotmanager@outlook.com. Eircodes are required for all clients.

Chef Philip Gordon pictured preparing dinners for The Melting Pot’s meal delivery service, ‘Dinner4U’.

Who’s saying what on Tweet Street ... Paul Healy’s take on top tweets! Roscommon GAA @RoscommonGAA A massive congratulations to @propearses who are Connacht Senior Club Champions!! -It was a good weekend for Roscommon GAA, and a great one for Padraig Pearses! Tom Peck @tompeck If Djokovic has appealed the decision does that mean we all have to clap really slowly til the result comes back? -You may have heard about this story...(checks online for latest twist) Novak Djokovic

Siobhan Benita @SiobhanBenita There are so many holes in #Djokovic’s

exemption story that I think he’d make an excellent Tory MP. -On and on it went, like a very long...er...tennis rally

solidarity with every single child and staff member in schools. Anyone with me? -We suspect there was some support for Rachel’s call!

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan Dressed like Tottenham. Played like Tottenham. Dreadful performance. -Arsenal fan Piers was so unhappy with his team’s FA Cup exit (to Nottingham Forest) he resorted to making mischievous comparisons with great rivals, Tottenham Hotspur

Michael O’Regan @Michael_O_Regan I thought the Dublin media would lead this morning with Kerry’s breakthrough in hurling. But no. Utter bias. Instead, those awful journalists asking questions about the funding of #Kexit and who paid for my fancy wallpaper. -Michael, on the big issues of the weekend

Rachel M @raqidoodle Am calling on the Dail to sit with no heating and windows open, with their lunches being eaten outside, for the rest of this month, in

John Collins @HangBlaa I think we’ll have a United Ireland before the Lotto Jackpot is won again. -The long struggle (to see the Lotto Jackpot finally being won) continues

Padraig Pearses supporters pictured at Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final in Ballina in which Pearses defeated Knockmore to claim a first ever provincial crown. Pic: Mick McCormack


NewsPeople newsbriefs Church gate collection for CHI Crumlin A Church gate collection will be held in aid of Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) Crumlin Children’s Hospital this Saturday and Sunday (15th and 16th) at Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon and St. Joseph’s Church, Kilteevan. All support would be greatly appreciated for this very worthy cause.

Feighan tribute to late Peter Flannery Boyle native, local TD, and Minister of State, Frank Feighan, has paid a personal tribute to the former Boyle Town councillor and commissioner, Peter Flannery, who passed away this week at Sligo General Hospital. “Peter served the people of Boyle with distinction for ten years, up and until the abolition of the Town Commissioners in 2014,” the Minister of State said. “Although we represented different parties, we had a strong friendship, and sought to bring as much funding and infrastructure to the town of Boyle as we could. Peter worked in his community through the GAA club and other important voluntary committees across the town that served the needs of the local people. “I would like to extend my sincere sympathies to his family firstly, but also to his wide circle of friends and neighbours who will miss him dearly”.

Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

Kerrane hits out at ‘shocking’ homecarers shortage < PAUL HEALY

Over 600 people in counties Roscommon and Galway are waiting for a carer to be allocated to them – despite having already been approved for the service. The revelation supports ongoing anecdotal claims in recent months of a growing crisis in terms of availability of homecarers. Roscommon-Galway Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane says figures released to her party by the HSE expose a “shocking shortage” of homecarers in this constituency. Deputy Kerrane has called on

the Government to act urgently to ensure carers are available to assist those who need home support. The Roscommon TD said figures released to Sinn Féin spokesperson on Disability and Carers Pauline Tully TD by the HSE, have exposed that almost 5,000 people across the State are waiting for a carer to be allocated to them – despite being approved. Of these, 638 are living in the Community Healthcare Area (CHO) for Roscommon and Galway. “In total, 638 people have been approved for a carer in CHO area

2, which includes Roscommon and Galway, but have not been allocated a carer due to severe shortages. Almost 5,000 people are in this unacceptable situation across the State” she said. “Behind every statistic are real lives and real people who are being let down by the State. People with disabilities and older people should have every right to lead full, independent lives and receive sufficient support from the State to meet their needs”. Responding to a parliamentary question from Deputy Pauline Tully, the Government acknowledged

Crosby welcomes minimum pricing move on alcohol

Murphy appointed to FF Communications Committee Taoiseach Micheál Martin has appointed Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy to the new Communications Committee which has just been established by Fianna Fáil. Acknowledging the appointment by the Taoiseach, Senator Murphy said he was delighted to be asked to join the committee. “I received a call from the Taoiseach recently asking me if I would accept a position on this new committee. He felt I could have a valuable contribution to this forum because of my time working on local radio and Irish TV. This is totally voluntary but I am determined to help revitalise Fianna Fáil,” Senator Murphy said. The Fianna Fáil Senator, who has indicated that he will seek a nomination for the next General Election, says he has every confidence the party can take a seat in the Roscommon-Galway constituency. “Remember, we had 8,000 first preference votes in the last General Election so don’t write us off,” he said. “Along with the Fianna Fáil Ministers and the threeparty Government, we are delivering more to County Roscommon than was ever delivered before. “Yes we need to do more, but most fair-minded people in the county privately tell me that Government are delivering fairly well to the county”.

Thank you from St Vincent de Paul

that factors such as contracts of employment, and employment terms and conditions, are posing recruitment challenges within the sector. “I am calling on the Government to engage with private and community and voluntary homecare providers to incentivise the progression of the terms and conditions they offer their staff and bring them into line with those employed directly by the HSE,” said Deputy Kerrane, who also called for the reintroduction of priority PCR testing for healthcare staff.

Roscommon supporters pictured at Saturday’s FBD game between Roscommon and Sligo in the GAA Air Dome. Pic: Mick McCormack

While there has been a largely negative response to recent new laws on alcohol pricing, local Independent councillor Tom Crosby has welcomed the price increase, expressing the hope that it “may help to cut down on binge drinking”. Speaking this week, Cllr. Crosby said that Ireland has “the third highest level in the world of adolescent binge drinking – 61 per cent for women and 58.8 per cent for men”. “This and alcoholism in general is a serious issue, which can contribute to domestic violence, crime and vandalism and many other problems which could be avoided if alcohol were not so readily available,” he said. The law in question means that a 70cl bottle of whiskey or gin cannot be sold for less than €22.09, a 70cl bottle of vodka for less than €20.71, a 750ml bottle of wine for less than €7.40, and a pint of lager for less than €1.93. “It is my hope,” Cllr. Crosby concluded, “that this law – long overdue – may help eliminate what has become a curse on our society”.

Cian’s Kennels project launched at CHI Crumlin Building work has commenced at Children’s Health Ireland, Crumlin which will see the construction of kennel facilities and a seating area for families as part of the Cian’s Kennels initiative.

The charity is named after Enda and Evelyn Neary’s son, Cian Neary from Killashee, Co. Longford, who sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 15 in 2019.

Cooper, a beautiful Golden Labrador, was Cian’s beloved pet, and the charity was set up to ensure sick children could get comfort from as well as quality time with their pets

while going through difficult treatment. Cooper and members of the Neary family were in attendance at CHI Crumlin recently to launch the project.

St Vincent de Paul, St Coman’s Conference, Roscommon town, wish to thank most sincerely all individuals, anonymous donors, and business people who responded so kindly to the Christmas appeal. For the second year due to Covid, we were unable to distribute food hampers, but your donations enabled the conference to help the most needy in our area, with food and fuel vouchers. A special thank you to the local school children, who through their carol singing and Christmas jumper days, contributed so generously. As demand for our services continues to grow, all contributions are really appreciated. If you are in need of help, phone 086 0741352, or post a letter to 15, Castleview, Roscommon town.

Two hospitalised after Frenchpark collision Two people were taken to hospital following a collision in Co. Roscommon on Wednesday evening, 5th of January last. Gardaí confirmed that they were investigating a twovehicle collision, which occurred on the Boyle road at Frenchpark at approximately 5.20 pm. The driver, a man in his 50s, and a passenger, a male in his teens, from one of the vehicles were taken to Sligo Regional Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Shane Neary, Evelyn Neary and Enda Neary pictured with Cooper and members of Dublin Society for Protection of Animals at the recent launch of Cian’s Kennels at CHI Crumlin.

Cian Neary pictured with his beloved pet Labrador, Cooper.

Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022



Kilteevan NS enrolment 2022 Kilteevan National School is now accepting enrolment applications for September 2022. We welcome girls and boys from junior infants to sixth class. A rural primary school only a short drive from Roscommon Town, Kilteevan NS offers low pupil-teacher ratio, ample indoor and outdoor space for social distancing, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a love for the natural environment, play-based learning through

Aistear, art, sport, music, school concerts, school tours, sports days and cycles, swimming lessons, computer lessons, project work, quizzes, nature walks, gardening and much more! Enrolment application forms can be downloaded from kilteevanns.com/enrolment or posted to you by our school secretary Lena – simply email kilteevannsoffice@gmail.com with your name and postal address. If you would like to find out

more about our school or arrange a viewing appointment, visit our school website or email us with any questions you may have. Closing date for enrolment applications is Monday, January 31st, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you. The staff of Kilteevan National School wish all pupils, their families and local residents well during this period of Covid-19 restrictions.

Pictured are Kilteevan NS students enjoying a wide range of activities in 2021. The school is now accepting enrolment applications for September 2022.

Kilteevan National School Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon


Kilteevan N.S is currently accepting enrolment applications up to January 31st for 2022/2023 School viewing by appointment only. Contact 090 6625936

For further information or to download an enrolment application form visit our

Website: www.kilteevanns.com or E-mail: kilteevannsoffice@gmail.com


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


D News page


Famous postmen! Paul Ronan pictured with Mike Lyons at The Claypipe Bar, Knockcroghery recently.

Kathleen Walsh, Paul Ronan and Tina English pictured at The Claypipe Bar in Knockcroghery recently.

Fair City actor does the rounds in Knockcroghery! There was some excitement among regulars at The Claypipe Bar, Knockcroghery recently when Fair City actor and father of Hollywood

star, Saoirse, Paul Ronan dropped in for a pint. Paul, who plays postman Anto Collins on the RTÉ soap, has also appeared in hit crime

series Love/Hate, and movies such as ‘Ordinary Decent Criminal’, ‘Veronica Guerin’, and most recently ‘Who We Love’.

The accomplished actor posed for pictures with locals and even got to meet another famous postman, Mike Lyons!

Paul Ronan pictured with Joe Naughton at The Claypipe Bar, Knockcroghery recently.

Proud dad: Paul Ronan pictured with daughter Saoirse.

Roscommon student receives diploma at ATI ceremony

Nicola Farrell from Rooskey, received her Diploma for Accounting Technicians at the recent Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) virtual conferring ceremony.

Roscommon student, Nicola Farrell from Rooskey, received her Diploma for Accounting Technicians at the recent Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI) virtual conferring ceremony. Graduates were conferred across three programmes, the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship, the Higher-Level Apprenticeship and the Diploma for Accounting Technicians. Qualifications combine professional exams and assessments with practical work experience. Fellowships were awarded to experienced Accounting Technicians Ireland members in recognition of their contribution and expertise. School-leavers, those changing career or looking to get back to work can avail of ATI’s recognised and respected qualifications, which open the door to a rewarding career in accounting. ATI students can study full-time, part-time, online and as apprentices. Enrolment for the next academic year of the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma, starting later this month, is now open until January 28th.

Wren Boys and Girls raise money for Hospice Presenting a cheque for €500 to Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation Chairman Mike Smith are the Kilroy and McCarthy children from Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Wren Boys and Girls for Hospice. A huge thank you to this brilliant group for their kind donation.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Serious issues require a serious approach, not ‘band-aid solutions’ Let’s talk about ... ‘band-aid solutions’

(A student’s perspective)

Alannah Ita Healy Minimum alcohol pricing came into effect on January 4th, and despite being implemented with the express aim of tackling harmful drinking, the measure has already attracted its fair share of criticism. The culture around drinking in Ireland is one which has served to downplay binge drinking and the effects that alcohol can play in people’s lives, and it has been this way for years. We drink a disproportionate amount of alcohol compared to other countries, with so much of it swept under the umbrella of what we view as ‘a bit of craic’. When you take into account the fact that alcohol consumption increased significantly during the pandemic, there is no denying the need for action when it comes to addressing harmful drinking. Yet, despite the clear need to tackle this issue, minimum pricing has been met with a considerably negative response. A myriad of concerns have been raised regarding what the implementation of minimum pricing would actually look like. While the price jump may indeed persuade some heavy drinkers to cut down, many more will simply prioritise alcohol over other expenses, buy contraband/across the border, or perhaps switch to illegal intoxicants. In countries that implemented similar policies (like Scotland), the decline in alcohol consumption was short-lived, and the policy was largely ineffective in terms of making impactful change. Additionally, since minimum pricing is a price floor not a tax, the extra money generated won’t go to the State – a missed opportunity to fund vital services for those suffering with alcoholism. What we have here is a measure that, in the best case scenario, will probably have an underwhelming impact on the issue it aims to address, and one which, in the worst case scenario, has the potential to do more harm than good for those dealing with substance abuse. Ultimately, minimum pricing represents a missed opportu-

nity to tackle a serious issue in a much more effective way – and this is not a unique case. For example, a couple of weeks ago, An Bord Pleanála approved plans for an 18km ring road around Galway City, which it is hoped will help reduce traffic congestion in the city. However, given the environmental impact such a road would have, the decision to approve it was met with a lot of criticism. In particular, people pointed out that much of the blame when it comes to Galway’s traffic problem lies in the lack of adequate public transport. Surely a better solution would be to put money towards improving the city’s public transport, or perhaps towards the construction of a light rail system? A well-functioning public transport system would have the dual benefit of reducing traffic congestion and having a positive environmental impact…and yet, the ring road plans remain. At the core of the issue when it comes to both the ring road and minimum pricing, is the notion that they both represent a missed opportunity. Far too often when we see important issues finally being addressed, we’re given ‘band-aid solutions’ – surface-level attempts at appeasing demand for change. It is a whole

However, as we have all seen since the beginning of the pandemic, there is great capacity for change within our systems ... As we emerge from the pandemic, hopefully our focus will not be on ‘returning to normal’ as it once was.

lot easier to come up with and deliver on a band-aid solution than it is to devise something that tackles the issue at its core, but in the end, you’re left with the problems you started with – and sometimes even worse ones. It’s also worth addressing how much these band-aid solutions disproportionally affect the less well-off in our society. Effectively doing away with the availability of cheap products is clearly going to disadvantage lower-income people over middle-income people, the latter group being able to withstand the increase in prices. Opting against improved public transportation most significantly disadvantages those who can’t afford alternatives, in turn limiting their options when it comes to work, socialising etc. There is an overlap with regard to how problems contribute to other problems, and if addressed improperly, problems feed into themselves. That’s why it’s vital they are tackled at their roots. We see these band-aid solutions pop up when an issue is addressed hastily, with no regard for how it actually affects the people the issue concerns. We see these solutions when the person making decisions is more preoccupied with getting credit for ‘enacting change’ during their time in the political limelight than they are with actually enacting change. In all honestly, we see these band-aid solutions everywhere. However, as we have all seen since the beginning of the pandemic, there is great capacity for change within our systems. The workplace, for example, will probably never go back to what it was pre-Covid, with so many people now preferring to work from home. As we emerge from the pandemic, hopefully our focus will not be on ‘returning to normal’ as it once was. Hopefully, after countless band-aid solutions and missed opportunities, we will jump at the chance to address our issues properly as we re-establish ourselves and our society.

Play your part in lighting up Roscommon

Pictured helping take down the Christmas lights in Roscommon town on Sunday were volunteers JJ Cattigan, Declan Molloy, Shane Fleming, John Doorly, John Ward, Cormac Hoare, Adrian Garvey, Johnny McCourt and David Kearney.

Everyone who shopped in Roscommon Town this Christmas was boosted by the lovely Christmas lights display, twinkling in the streets. Bringing light into the darkness of winter is always important, but this year more than ever. We all needed the lift they gave. It’s a community effort and the Roscommon Lights Committee would like to thank everyone who donated and made this possible. Instead of a physical collection, members of the public made their contributions online through idonate.ie/RoscommonLights2021. This is still open for anyone who would like to make a donation. The businesses of Roscommon always put their shoulder to the wheel, contributing generously to make sure this lovely Christmas light tradition can continue. Thanks to all of those who have already sent in their contributions. Any other businesses who intend to support the lights can do so by bank transfer to our bank account (IE37 BOFI 9054 2495 2995 93BIC BOFIIE2D) or by dropping their donation into Molloy’s Bakery in Abbeytown, Klassic Cleaners on Church Street, or Gleeson’s Townhouse in The Square. If there is one positive emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the renewed focus on the importance of community. Small towns like Roscommon rose to prominence because of their strong community spirit. We always understood how important community is and now the wider world does too. We look forward to 2022 with confidence and optimism.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022





unique take on life ...

Forgotten Ireland: A lament for Bernadette’s ... and other small country shops Our man Frank on Manchester United’s underperforming and want-away stars, memories of Bernadette’s little shop...and going nuts about squirrels... It’s Sunday morning, the 9th of January. The tree, lights, decorations, and all the baubles are back up in the attic, and I am missing them – not so much the actual individual items, but moreso the hope, excitement, and anticipation that the Christmas season brings. I have to admit that all the Covid stuff and the fact that our Creggs rugby game (which was due to be

played today) has been called off, is getting me down a bit. So, to brighten myself up, I decided to go for a walk up the quiet country roads of Lenamarla. As I head off, I find my mind going back more than 40 years to when I first came to live down in Crosswell. Bernadette Keaney’s little shop, 50 yards down the road on the corner, was undoubtedly the hub of our little area. While it sadly no longer exists, it is an example of the many important things that so-called progress has got rid of in rural Ireland. Bernadette was ‘married’ to her little shop, and Christmas Day was the same as any other day. When every other shop in the country was closed, Bernie’s was open, and if you were short of a loaf of bread or a pint of milk, she was always there. Even up until 11 o’clock at night (or as long

as she was still up), she would oblige anyone she knew by opening her doors. When you knocked on her door at a late hour, you would hear Bernadette ask, “Who is it?”, and on hearing your name, you would hear her say, “Be there in a minute”. She would then have to take the security bar from the inside of the door, turn on all the lights, and let you in. All that might be for a pint of milk, or a loaf of bread, but no matter what it was, you would not go short. If you were operating on tick, everything would be written into her little accounts book, and it was all there to the very last penny. As times were pretty tough back in the ‘80s, there was quite a number of debtors in her book, but I never heard of her asking anyone to pay up. I’m sure she did, but in her own kind, smiling way, any

such request was probably accompanied by one of her never-ending supply of jokes. If you heard the immortal words, “Did you hear the one about…”, you could rest assured that you wouldn’t be leaving the shop for quite some time. The truth was that a lot of her jokes weren’t terribly funny, but even before she started to tell them, she would be in fits of laughter. So, no matter what you thought of them, you had to laugh along with her, and if there was no one else in the shop, she would have another and another to tell you. Many is the time I would be praying that someone else would come in to buy penny sweets, or socks, or knickers (because Bernie literally sold everything), so I could make my escape. As I walked past the now-closed shop (Bernadette sadly passed away

Underperforming multimillionaires testing my loyalty! As you know by now, I started following Manchester United as a 12-year-old way back in 1963, simply because Cork man Noel Cantwell captained United when they won the FA Cup. They beat Leicester City 3-1 in the final at Wembley Stadium, the goals coming from United legends David Herd (2) and Denis Law (1). Since then, following the Reds has been quite a rollercoaster of a ride. There’s been enormous highs (like winning the European Cup/Champions League three times) and enormous lows (like being relegated thanks to a Denis Law goal while he was playing for rivals Manchester City in their second last game of the 1973/74 season). To his credit, Law did not celebrate scoring that goal, and United got back up to the First Division (now the Premier League) at the first attempt. For all of us long-suffering supporters, there were a lot of barren years before the magic era of Alex Ferguson and his all-conquering teams from the early ‘90s on, a golden period that last-

ed for almost two decades. Playing for United meant you lined out for one of the most revered football clubs in the world. It meant you earned wages that other footballers could only dream about. That you had truly made it as a footballer. So what is the matter with the present United footballers? We are told that as many as 17 of the first team squad want to leave Old Trafford, a move that is nearly always a backward step. Maybe it shows the lack of fight and ambition that the present squad undoubtedly have. How any footballer/sportsperson could voluntarily walk away from any club (never mind United) without really fighting for a place on the team beats me, and, if it truly is the case, then it’s no wonder we are seeing pathetic, spineless performances from these multimillionaires, week in, week out. We are told of unrest in the dressing room, but anyone that has ever togged out – even for the

local Junior Fs – would know that you will not always be friends with everyone you share the dressing room with. However, the golden rule in team sports is that you put aside personal differences. Even if you hate someone’s guts, you pass the ball to your teammate when they are in a better position. You must also fight for your teammate no matter what, and stand by them when they make a mistake. Sadly, none of these values seem to apply to the present United squad. Their lack of desire, fight, and commitment is nothing short of appalling, and it appears as if most of them do not have the stomach for the fight. Even during the bad days of the 1970s and ‘80s, I can’t recall seeing a United team that looked as if it couldn’t care less. In a year’s time I’ll have been supporting them for 60 years, but if the present lack of effort continues, I might have to turn to Liverpool (only joking) or Leyton Orient!

some years ago), I thought of the huge part she and all the other small country shop owners played in our lives. The big multinationals like Aldi, Lidl, and Tesco now dominate the shopping market, and having helped reduce the cost of living, they are surely here to stay. I don’t deny that I was sad to think that we will never see the likes of Bernadette’s, or indeed Bernadette, again. So in the end, the walk that was meant to cheer me up and improve my humour, only made me sad, as I reminisced of days gone by. I was a long way up in Lenamarla before the depression lifted, and as I returned home, I was glad to be alive, happily retired, relatively healthy (if you discount all the things that are wrong with me), and looking forward to a leisurely future with (hopefully) much better weather coming our way.

And finally… Finally for this week...one of the things that I enjoy at this time of the year is feeding the many little birds that populate our garden. While I don’t really know what varieties are out there apart from sparrows, robins, various tits, and the very recognisable willie wagtails, I love to see them as they congregate round the bird feeder, seemingly waiting their turn until it’s time for them to feed. We also have up to four doves calling on a regular basis, along with a few unwelcome crows, but thankfully no squirrels so far. Over in Hartlepool before Christmas, a greedy squirrel managed to get into a supposedly squirrel-proof feeder. He ate all the nuts and seeds that were left out for the birds, but sadly ate so much that he couldn’t get back out – and instead got himself stuck inside the metal bars. Luckily, his plight was spotted before he did himself any damage, and an RSPCA officer, Ruth Thomas-Coxon, came to the rescue. Using wire cutters, she freed the very full squirrel, who scampered away to pastures new. Another grey squirrel was similarly trapped in Surrey a few weeks earlier, and so people are advised to check on their feeders regularly. I don’t think the grey squirrel is very common out here in Crosswell, but from now on I will keep an even closer eye on the feeder. I will be very surprised if I ever do find any stuffed squirrel(s) stuck inside it.

‘Till next week, bye for now

Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022




We had a huge response to our recent ‘€1000 Christmas Giveaway’ competition. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, jointly sponsored by Roscommon Chamber of Commerce and the Roscommon People newspaper.

The ten lucky winners are...

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• Grant Leonard, Ard Coman, Henry Street, Roscommon

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• Eunan Kiely, Hawthorne Drive, Roscommon • Noreen Neary, Tulsk

• Conor Mulrennan, Whitehall, Tarmonbarry

• Oliver Kelly, Doughill, Curraghroe • Eamon Carley, Lisnaville, Fuerty • Maura Gilmore, Riverside Avenue, Roscommon • Sheila Dalton, Clooneigh, Elphin • Margaret Whyte, Castlestrange, Athleague • Carmel Dair, Cloonlyon, Ballygar

The things people say…

*Winners are being contacted this week. Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to the hundreds of people who entered the competition

It’s been a GOOD week for…

“It’s a dream come true. We fell short against Corofin a couple of years ago but to come down here to Ballina and win is unbelievable” -Niall Daly of Padraig Pearses, reflecting on his team’s momentous Connacht Club Senior Football Final win in Ballina on Sunday

Padraig Pearses’ footballers and supporters, with the Roscommon senior football champions doing their club and county proud by winning their first ever Connacht Senior Football Club title, defeating Knockmore of Mayo on Sunday (1-13 to 1-11)


Famous birthdays ... this week

Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, (well, good and bad) who finally won his appeal against a decision to refuse him a visa ahead of the Australian Open (to be continued)

Liam Hemsworth (Australian actor, turns 32 on Thursday)

Patrick Dempsey (American actor and race car driver, celebrates his 56th on Thursday)

GAA fans nationwide, with the return of intercounty and club action, last weekend’s fare including impressive wins for Padraig Pearses (Connacht Club Final) and Roscommon seniors (v Sligo in FBD League)

Dove Cameron (American actress and singer, will be 26 on Saturday)

Kate Moss (British supermodel and businesswoman, turns 48 on Sunday)

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Padraig Pearses supporters pictured at Sunday’s Connacht Senior Club Football Final in Ballina in which Pearses defeated Knockmore to claim a first ever provincial crown. Pic: Mick McCormack

It’s been a BAD week for… UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is not being taken very seriously after revealing that when he sees dozens

of colleagues drinking their own beer in his (Boris’s) garden on a summer’s day, he considers it to be ‘work’ Fans of popular TV Soap Eastenders, with news that Danny Dyer (who plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter) is set to leave the show (after nine years) in the near future – no doubt not quietly! Sicilian mafia fugitive Gioacchino Gammino (61), who was apprehended

The people of Strokestown, with over €700,000 made available to strengthen the town’s links with Strokestown Park House, and to support the growth of further retail and indigenous business in the town

after being spotted on Google Street View...after almost 20 years on the run (he escaped from prison, while on murder-related charges) The now mega-rich but still pitifully mediocre Newcastle United FC (recently bought by a super-super wealthy Saudi group), who were victims of a classic FA Cup giant-killling swoop when they lost 1-0 at home to third tier Cambridge United


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022




Words of wit and wisdom with MIRIAM KERINS

I believe the new alcohol ‘floor price’ is a regressive move The Government claims its new minimum unit alcohol pricing, which it introduced last week much to the annoyance of many (me included), will ‘curb binge drinking’ by as much as ‘15 percent’. This move is apparently being aimed at Ireland’s ‘heaviest drinkers’, and comes as a result of The Public Health Alcohol Act (2018) – or as I call it, Big Brother’s cunning plan to control not just our alcohol consumption, but also our lives. Seriously readers, do the over-paid individuals running this country not realise that rather than being a progressive measure, this new ‘floor price’ they’ve set is really a regressive one? It’s all very well for the likes of Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly TD and Minister for Public Health, Well Being and the National Drugs Strategy Frank Feighan TD saying they ‘welcome’ the move. The Government’s website even quotes Mr Feighan saying, “We are taking this action to ensure that cheap strong

alcohol is not available to children and young people at ‘pocket money’ prices, and to help those who drink to harmful levels to reduce their intake”. Normally, I’d pay attention to any local TD whose own website blurb tells browsers he was ‘appointed as Minister of State with responsibility for Public Health, Well Being and National Drugs Strategy by An Taoiseach Micheál Martin in July 2020’, believing they genuinely have our best interests at heart. However, as Mr Feighan is the same TD who disgracefully voted to downgrade emergency services at Roscommon hospital, then his opinions regarding alcohol – or anything else – are of no interest to me! But fair play to you on your comeback Frank, and while I don’t know you at all, I’m sure you’re probably a decent man at heart. I still can’t take you seriously though, especially given the ‘pocket money’ part of your comment, which I believe to be both harmful and delusional. Why? Because rather than

curb consumption and save lives, this Bill will most likely drive young drinkers to purchase cheap and illegal counterfeit alcohol from criminals peddling it out of the back of a van. Consuming these products can pose a serious risk to people’s health

and in some cases it can prove fatal, but hey Frank, I’m sure those ‘children and young people’ you’re so concerned about won’t think about that when they hand over their ‘pocket money’ to buy bootleg beer! Kind of pours cold water on

Why I disagree with the Pope! According to global media reports, Pope Francis has suggested that having pets instead of having children is ‘a form of selfishness’ and ‘takes away our humanity’. Wow! As the mother of two humans and a litany of rescued four-legged fur-babies, I respectfully disagree with the Pope’s views. In addition, I’d have to wonder why the leader of the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics thinks it’s okay to urge people to procreate, when he himself has chosen to remain celibate and childless? I mean, if His Holiness is so concerned about declining global birth rates, why doesn’t he allow priests and nuns to marry and raise families? After all, if the Pontiff believes ‘pet keeping is a denial of fatherhood and motherhood’, then it could be argued that so is taking a vow of celibacy. To that end, priests and nuns shouldn’t be denied the trials and tribulations of married life and parenthood. Just sayin’. I’m someone who embarked on marriage and parenthood at a ridiculously young age. Therefore, following the birth of my second daughter, I decided my future lay less

in dirty nappies and cracked nipples, but more in water bowls, chew toys, animal rescue, and pet adoption. My life, my choice. I believe the Pope (who’s clearly an animal lover, given he chose the name Francis after St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals) should withdraw his remarks, or at least clarify what he meant by allegedly saying having pets ‘diminishes us’. I don’t wish to upset anyone or be disrespectful to the Holy Father, but as someone who has given up a lot – emotionally, physically and financially etc. – to help, rescue and adopt animals, I feel extremely vexed by these words. While taking on the responsibility of my dogs has sometimes been tough, I can tell you hand on heart that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because rather than ‘diminishing’ my life, my beautiful, loyal, loving, four-legged kids have greatly enhanced it. Not only did I rescue them – the munchkins have rescued me right back! My advice? Never, ever underestimate or under-value the power of an animal’s love and devotion.

your little scheme, doesn’t it Frank! Look readers, I do know and understand that this country has had to endure the whole ‘drunken Irish’ label, and on some level (God help me), I do see Frank’s point. But here’s the thing: a recent Global Drug Survey (GDS) has found that it’s ‘Australians’ and not the Irish who ‘get drunk the most often’. I kid you not! Using ‘an encrypted’ online platform to collect ‘anonymous’ data from some 32,000 people across the world, including 989 Irish people, the survey says that the average person living in Ireland only gets drunk ‘twenty times a year’, with ‘a quarter regretting it afterwards’. So you see, we’re not really a nation of drunkards, rather we’re a nation of guilt-ridden, cash-strapped, taxpayers, fed up with over-paid Ministers (with egos bigger than their job titles), restricting our freedoms and making ill-thought out obfuscatory remarks around how we use our ‘pocket money’ to enjoy our downtime!

Covid chaos facing our entire school system While we all know the value of in-person classroom education, we also know that, given the rising Covid numbers, in-person learning presents many risks to our children. With that in mind, is it any wonder the hot topic of conversation among parents this week is, “Will I send them to school or will I keep them home?” I don’t have any school-going children, but I do have a granddaughter doing her Junior Cert. Like other students, she’s being forced to sit in a freezing cold classroom with windows open wide enough to allow snow to fall through. I’m sure readers will be aware of the image doing the rounds, allegedly taken in a Dublin classroom, recording a shockingly low temperature of only 9 degrees. As someone who knows the legal temperature level for sedentary workers is 17.5 degrees, with the minimum being 16 degrees, I became very angry after hearing this, especially as it has been alleged that some children are not allowed to wear warm tracksuits instead of their uniforms. Three Dublin parents told me that their child’s principal – not at my granddaughter’s school – actually stands at the gate, making sure students are wearing the correct uniform. This means checking to make sure students aren’t bulking up with leggings or tracksuits, or a coat other than the school gabardine to keep warm. If they did, the parents allege that the principal ‘confiscates the warm item of clothing,’ thus ‘forcing’ their children ‘to sit only in their uniform’… in a freezing classroom. While the experience of these parents is simply a snapshot of the broader chaos facing the entire school system, with Covid infecting thousands on a daily basis, I can tell you that any principal who removed an item of warm clothing from a child/grandchild of mine wouldn’t be doing it a second time.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

NewsPeople Gospel Reflection


Sunday, January 16th Think of these first weeks after Christmas as a season of “epiphanies”. The liturgy is showing us who Jesus is and what He has revealed about our relationship with God. Last week and the week before, the imagery was royal and filial – Jesus is the new-born king of the Jews who makes us coheirs of Israel’s promise, beloved children of God. Last week in the liturgy we went to a baptism. This week, we’re at a wedding. We’re being shown another dimension of our relationship with God. If we’re sons and daughters of God, it’s because we’ve married into the family. Have you ever wondered why the Bible begins and ends with a wedding – Adam and Eve’s in the garden and the marriage supper of the Lamb (compare Genesis 2:23–24 and Revelation 19:9; 21:9; 22:17)? Throughout the Bible, marriage is the symbol of the covenant relationship God desires with His chosen people. He is the groom, humanity His beloved and sought after bride. We see this reflected beautifully in today’s First Reading. When Israel breaks the covenant, she is compared to an unfaithful spouse (see Jeremiah 2:20–36; 3:1–13). But God promises to take her back, to “espouse” her to Him forever in an everlasting covenant (see Hosea 2:18–22). That’s why in today’s Gospel Jesus performs His first public “sign” at a wedding feast. Jesus is the divine bridegroom (see John 3:29), calling us to His royal wedding feast (see Matthew 22:1–14). By His New Covenant, He will become “one flesh” with all humanity in the Church (see Ephesians 5:21–33). By our baptism, each of us has been betrothed to Christ as a bride to a husband (see 2 Corinthians 11:2). The new wine that Jesus pours out at today’s feast is the gift of the Holy Spirit given to His bride and body, as today’s Epistle says. This is the “salvation” announced to the “families of nations” in today’s Psalm. -Scott Hahn PhD, salvationhistory.com (courtesy of Sacred Heart Church)

THIS WEEK...On The Political Beat This week, local public representatives highlight rising inflation, hit back at holiday claims, criticise disability supports, and pay tribute to the Air Ambulance Service…

Rising inflation impacts on workers

Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane has this week warned that rising inflation is having a major impact on workers and their families. Deputy Kerrane was speaking following the release of figures, which showed inflation across the euro area had risen to 5 per cent in December. “Rising inflation at record levels is having a major impact on workers and families. Many households have also seen their income drop due to Covid-19 while outgoings remained the same. This is putting huge pressure on people’s finances,” she said. “Sinn Féin published a range of proposals on how this could be done last November. This included banning rent increases for three years, the introduction of the living wage, a discretionary fund to assist those struggling with energy costs, reducing the cost of education, including childcare, and reducing the cost of insurance. “Government inaction is not good enough. It’s time to deliver the change that ordinary workers and families need to get a break from spiralling costs”.

Murphy hits back at ‘holidays’ claim

Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has hit

back over claims that public representatives took extended holidays over the Christmas period. Reacting to recent comment, Senator Murphy said he had returned to his office on Tuesday, January 3rd. “I know that many of my political colleagues across the political divide are back at work but I do accept the Houses of the Oireachtas are not returning until early next week,” he said. “Let me be quite clear: if the business committee of the Houses of the Oireachtas decide we should return on January 1st each year then I am more than happy to do so. “However, we must have meaningful legislation to deal with or else there would be little point in returning that early. “I continue to give a seven-day service to local authority members and to the public including voluntary groups and it is my intention to continue this work”.

“We are told that a review of transport services for people with a disability commenced in March 2020 under the auspices of the National Disability Inclusion Strategy, but we’ve no idea how long it will take to complete or if Government will even act on the recommendations that come from the review. “In the meantime, people with a disability are unable to take up employment or even engage within their own local community due to the lack of very basic independence”. Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane expressed her “grave concerns” following the recent resignation of the entire Disabled Drivers Medical Scheme Appeals Board. She said: “An immediate review of this scheme and its criteria needs to take place with input from disabled persons’ organisations and other relevant stakeholders and must include detailed actions to widen eligibility to the scheme and improve its administration”.

Naughten and Kerrane critical of disability Feighan pays tribute to supports Air Ambulance Service Independent TD Denis Naughten has said last year’s blanket resignation of the appeals board for primary medical certificates for disabled drivers and passengers effectively means the “vast majority of people with a disability are now marooned in their home homes”. “When a disabled person eventually secures a primary medical certificate, it allows them to receive a reduction in VRT and VAT when purchasing or adapting a vehicle. It also exempts them from motor tax and tolls and offers a fuel grant,” he said. “For many disabled people who have no access to public transport, this was the only assistance available to them.

Local Minister of State Frank Feighan has paid tribute to the Air Ambulance service this week as it marked 6,000 completed missions since its foundation in June 2012. Ahead of the service’s tenth anniversary later this year, Deputy Feighan said: “While decisions around the A&E in Roscommon in 2011 were very difficult, one of the positives that has come from that was the setting up of the Air Ambulance. “I would like to pay tribute to the Irish Air Corps and the advanced paramedics at the national ambulance service who have performed their duties with diligence and professionalism on behalf of the people of

Claire Kerrane

Roscommon and surrounding counties”. The Fine Gael Minister of State added that he believed the new configuration at Roscommon University Hospital and the Air Ambulance had ensured that “a lot of lives have been saved” and that the people of the region now have “better and safer emergency services”.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


On The Back Benches Reward at last for community groups who soldiered on through pandemic Last October in this column, we bemoaned the fact that additional practical and financial supports were not being put in place for community groups and people who volunteer with not-for-profit organisations within their parish in the course of carrying out weekly local improvements work. I was writing at the time of the release of the Tidy Towns results for 2021. Specifically, I made the suggestion that it might be a good idea for the State to put some sort of a free ‘catch all’ insurance policy in place for every Tidy Towns group in the country so that they could get either cheaper insurance, or free insurance, to cover their voluntary actions – and especially after the last couple of years we have all had to endure with the Covid-19 pandemic – when raising funds at local level has been practically impossible. I was writing from first-hand experience as one of those who has worn the yellow fluorescent bib along the roadside, picked up the litter, cut the grass and come into umpteen tidy towns meetings year after year to hear about the cost of paying for a policy to cover the activities of the grass-cutters, the lawnmower, the litter-pickers and the Christmas lights erectors. My good friend and colleague James Hudson in Ballyleague Tidy Towns has actually spent years trying to make the case (nationally) for the introduction of a national policy by the Tidy Towns people or the State so that every group can tap into the national insurance cover and avail of either a premium saving or a full discount in return for the fantastic work they do in keeping our local towns and villages looking so well. Unfortunately, James has been coming into meetings for several years telling us about his fruitless efforts to get the powers that be to respond to his appeals, so I have to acknowledge this week that something has in fact been done now about this situation. There’s an ideal opportunity coming up very soon for every Tidy Towns group in County Roscommon and every other community group in the country to try and have the cost of that insurance – or at least some part of it – covered by a State grant this year. The Department of community and rural affairs says it will now provide over a quarter of a million euro to County Roscommon alone to help to provide practical support to smaller community groups and facilities at a grassroots level. A new scheme – to be known as the ‘Community Activities Fund’ – has been created and will apparently support groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas, with running costs such as utility or insurance bills, as well as with improvements to their facilities. Tidy Towns groups, hall committees and others will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and to purchase equipment such as tables and chairs, tools and signage, laptops and printers, lawnmowers, canopies and training equipment in a move that I think has to be warmly welcomed. The full list of costs that can be helped with is fairly extensive and I am sure that there are lots of groups reading this who could well do with some financial assistance covering bills for development or renovation of community

At the time of the release of the Tidy Towns results for 2021 (national winners were Ennis, pictured) our columnist Ciaran Mullooly argued for the State to put some sort of a free ‘catch all’ insurance policy in place for every Tidy Towns group in the country so that they could get either cheaper insurance, or free insurance, to cover their voluntary actions. This week, Ciaran updates readers on some positive developments.

centres, community amenities, development of youth clubs or facilities, development of sports or recreation facilities, improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces, CCTV equipment, public realm improvements, street-scaping, development of play and recreation spaces, purchase of equipment, adaptations or equipment needed as a result of Covid-19, maintenance of premises, utility bills (electricity costs, refuse charges, heating charges) and all other operating costs (e.g. existing rental/lease costs, insurance bills). Website maintenance, cleaning and audit and accountancy fees are also eligible and I am pretty sure the full list covers almost all of the bills our hard-working Tidy Towns groups get into their letter box every year – so here’s hoping they will all get a fair share of the cost back now. Nine million euro has been made available for the groups nationwide and it seems to me that every community group in Roscommon is now entitled to seek a decent share from the national pie in return for the outstanding work they all did during the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the country was shut down on several occasions, they plodded on with local food collections and deliveries from their com-

munity organisations, clubs, men’s and women’s sheds, youth centres and parish halls. This is very much ‘PAYBACK TIME’ as far as the State is concerned and I would encourage all interested groups to get in touch with Roscommon County Council and their Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) that administers the programme to make their application. The Department has recommended that LCDCs ring-fence some funding to provide small grants of €1,000 or less, thus ensuring it goes around as much as possible – at least 60,000 euro of the Roscommon allocation is destined to go to 60 local groups. The programme can also fund or partially fund larger-scale projects to address disadvantage. This will also be important where new projects have stretched voluntary groups. For the record, the following expenditure is not eligible for funding under this new community activities fund: employment costs, legal fees, project management fees, purchase of lands or buildings, feasibility studies, private or commercial operations, costs which are being paid for by another funder or department, and what the Department describes loosely as any project

In association with: LOUGH REE ACCESS FOR ALL

“which is not in keeping with the ethos of the Programme”. In order to allow flexibility, the Department did not set a national closing date, but allowed each LCDC to set its own – to best suit its area – and here in Roscommon that closing date is Friday February 11th. The council will accept applications on its own website portal, details of which can be found at the bottom of this column, and they have also made public the criteria that is going to apply for the distribution of the funds. There is a fair degree of homework to be done by the groups involved but it seems to me that even the smallest committee with basic running costs could avail of support here if they get their paperwork sorted. For instance – if your Tidy Towns group had to repay their annual insurance premium in the period 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022, that cost is eligible for consideration of a grant payment. I would suggest you dig out that policy document, the invoice for the renewal, and get your bank statement out to prove you paid it. You may well need to show the receipt for payment at a later date and the bank statement to help confirm your group actually renewed it, but apart from that it’s about 20 minutes’ work on the website portal and your claim for at least 1000 euro should be ready to go in. As most community volunteers already know, there is no such thing as ‘soft money’ in any grant process of this nature and all applications will be evaluated by the LCDC to ensure eligibility and that they are targeted at addressing disadvantage as identified in the local county plan. Projects will be judged having regard to how they supported local groups and clubs, which have continued to serve their community during Covid-19, invested to increase or extend the use of their facility, for example, to voluntary and community groups, or actually reduced the annual running cost of a facility. Two big conditions jumped out to me when I read the small print about the community activity grant applications process. The Department says that previous funding will be taken into account when assessing applications and the amount of funding received from other sources will be considered, so if you’re just after buying a new community bus to try and help people living alone with another grant you’re immediately at a disadvantage, which is a pity. The other key sentence in the all the ‘bumpf’ that comes with the scheme is that the Department says this is a ‘once-off payment’. In the context of the national pandemic that is very much with us for another year, I am not sure if all the community groups involved will be too happy with that latter condition. I truly hope I am wrong, but this time next year they may well have to revisit it. Footnote: To get more information and apply online for the Community Activities grant-aid visit: http://www.roscommoncoco.ie/en/News-Events/ Latest-News/Community-Activities-Fund-2022/ Community-Activities-Fund.html


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Employment growth up 9% in the west Employment growth increased 9 per cent in the west last year for companies supported by Enterprise Ireland, according to Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan. Commenting on the growth, Senator Dolan said: “This shows the amount of innovation and ambition in businesses across Roscommon, Galway and

Mayo competing and winning in Irish and world markets. “It is a year of record jobs growth for Enterprise Ireland companies who are connected to markets all over the world. “Last year €61.6 million in funding was approved nationally for 341 Covid-19 impacted companies in 2021. Employ-

ment increased across all economic sectors, with particularly strong jobs growth reported in Life Sciences (14 per cent), Business Services (12 per cent) and Digital Technology (10 per cent). “Enterprise Ireland are very clear that the new strategy will support the Government’s Na-

tional Economic Plan which has a strong focus on creating more and better jobs, and in ensuring that job creation occurs throughout the country. “They will work closely with our Local Enterprise Offices, ensuring a flexible service to help companies recover from the effects of the pandemic”.

€1.8m in funding for local regeneration projects < DAN DOONER

Two projects in County Roscommon are set to benefit following confirmation of €1,767,519 in funding under the Rural Regeneration Development Fund, announced last week by Minister Heather Humphreys. As part of the funding, €1,207,144 will go towards the development of the €1.5 million Monksland Community Hub as part of the ‘Putting the heart into Monksland’ project. A further €560,375 will be used for the regeneration of Strokestown in order to revitalise the Roscommon town.

Reacting to the announcement in recent days, Independent TD Denis Naughten said the project would address vacancy in Strokestown while improving links between the town and Strokestown Park House. “This funding is to complement previous rounds of Government funding of over €6 million for Strokestown itself, Strokestown Park House as well as developments on the local Mount Dillon Bog Complex,” he said. Deputy Naughten praised the continued efforts of Strokestown Town Team and Roscommon County Council and said the funding would “help towns and villages across our

area to reinvent themselves with the long-term objective of making them better places in which to live and to invest”. Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy also welcomed the funding and said both Strokestown and Monksland would benefit significantly. “While a lot of work would have to be done between Roscommon County Council and the communities concerned, huge positivity has been created which will drive local people on,” he said. Meanwhile Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan said the funding announcement was “fantastic news” for both areas.

“Monksland will see the creation of a town centre focus for Monksland with a new community hub, linear park and increased pedestrian and cycle linkages between residential and commercial areas,” she said. “Strokestown will see project development in the centre of Strokestown including improved public realm and parking, plans for the redevelopment of Bawn Street, creation of a civic space at the gates to Strokestown House, and creation of community gardens on a backlands site. “My colleague, Cllr. Liam Callaghan, has worked closely on the development of this area”.

Should the Fro go? Roscommon mum Paula Naughton and her husband Padraic have issued a heartfelt thanks to Ireland’s Fittest Family finalist, James Cuddy, for his fun and creative offer to help raise funds for the Join Our Boys Trust. The public will get to decide what style James’ famous ‘fro’ will take at ‘The

Fro Must Go’ restyling event scheduled for January 29th. The event aims to raise funds for the completion of a purpose-built home for the Naughtons’ three brave sons, Archie, George and Isaac who were diagnosed with the debilitating disorder Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). For any donation, large

or small, the public can decide whether James sports a ‘Mohawk Viking’ or a ‘Mullet & Mo’, or whether ‘Everything must Go’. All proceeds will go towards the house completion project, and you can make your donation and choice of hairstyle for James at https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11424836_the-fromust-go.html.

Man (30s) arrested over Athlone drugs seizure A man in his 30s has been arrested in Athlone following the seizure of over €7,000 worth of drugs. Gardaí, acting on foot of a warrant, searched a house in the town on Monday and recovered a mixture of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy worth €7,000. The man was detained for questioning and investigations into the seizure are ongoing.

Four arrested over alleged false imprisonment incident Gardaí arrested three men and a juvenile in County Roscommon on Sunday night last in relation to an incident of false imprisonment, which is alleged to have taken place in Claremorris, Co. Mayo on Sunday evening. Gardaí have confirmed that three men, one is his late teens, another in his mid-30s and a further man in his early 40s along with a male juvenile, were arrested in relation to the incident and detained at Castlerea Garda Station on Monday afternoon. An investigation is ongoing and no further information is available at this time.

Local punter wins €15k in EuroMillions wager Lady Luck was shining on a Co. Roscommon punter recently when they scooped €15,000 following a €10 bet on last weekend’s EuroMillions draw with BoyleSports. The anonymous customer placed their bet on numbers 47, 49 and 50 all to come out in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Friday evening last. It didn’t take long for their optimism to pay off as all three numbers were revealed, smashing odds of 1,500/1 in the process. The run of numbers meant the lucky winner was able to call back up to the counter and swap their betslip for a total of €15,010.

Murphy calls for Leaving Cert options

‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ finalist James supporting Join Our Boys < DAN DOONER


Ireland’s Fittest Family finalist, James Cuddy, will host a fundraising event for Join Our Boys called ‘The Fro Must Go’ on January 29th.

Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has called on Minister for Education Norma Foley to allow Leaving Certificate students a choice between predicted grading or sitting the State examination this year. Speaking this week, Senator Murphy said: “I am not sure of what method the Department might introduce to ease the burden on students but I am hopeful the Minister and the special committee looking at this will recognise the challenge for our younger population. “Covid has presented many challenges to society and education has been no different. In a time of such challenge, I know Minister Foley is anxious to listen and discuss such matters with second-level students. “I am hoping we will have choice for students and I do hope we will get clarification on this within a reasonable timeframe”.

The late PJ Connor: An Appreciation Ollie McCormack (a neighbour and friend) It was with deep sadness I learnt on Saturday of the passing of PJ Connor of Ballyglass, Four Mile House. PJ was a lifelong family friend, a true gentleman, and the best neighbour anybody could have. One of my earliest memories of PJ was the delight I felt on seeing him strolling up the field where we were harvesting corn. It meant that your patch to tie the sheaves would be greatly reduced and I could look forward to taking a ride on the empty

seat on the mowing machine with the auld fella, as we called my dad. It was such a treat to sit on that seat and pretend you were driving the horses. To this day I don’t know how the auld fella could operate a two-man machine, drive the horses and make the sheaves, especially as one horse was a two-year-old – mad to be out in front. The other one was more like PJ – steady as she goes – but without PJ’s help that treat would not be possible. My mother would arrive with the tea and sandwiches and her first words would be ‘Arra how are you PJ? It was God that sent you’. I don’t know

if it was God or Pat that sent him or if he heard the hum of the machine down in Ballyglass, but we were very glad to see him coming up the field. PJ lived all his life in Ballyglass, working the land, and caring for his parents in the early years. Later, he met and married Phyllis and they had two sons, Padraig and Declan. It was a house you could go to for anything you wanted, even if that was only a chat. Indeed PJ loved nothing better than to go to Harvey’s/Con Moran’s/Hurley’s or the Kilbride Inn as our local (now sadly closed) was known down the years and have a pint of Guinness

and enjoy the chat and the craic with his neighbours. PJ was in and out of hospital for the past while. Speaking to a member of staff at Roscommon Hospital during the week it was clear that they, like ourselves, loved to see him coming – not because he was sick, but because he was a pleasure to be around. PJ’s harvest is now home and I am sure he will reap the rewards for all the good deeds quietly done throughout his life. To his wife Phyllis, sons Padraig and Declan and the Connor and Lyons families, my sincere sympathy. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam dilis.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

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Our Peat Bedding is highly absorbent and extremely comfortable for Dairy & Dry Stock, Calves & Poultry Available in small or bulk truck loads. Peat can also be collected from our yard.


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Please ring to make an appointment for the small animal clinic.

Roscommon angling clubs encouraged to apply for sponsorship programme Inland Fisheries Ireland, the state agency with responsibility for the protection and conservation of freshwater fish and habitats and the promotion of recreational angling, is encouraging angling clubs in Roscommon to apply for funding under its 2022 Sponsorship Programme. Angling clubs, groups and associations in Roscommon and all over Ireland are being invited to apply for sponsorship funding before the January 21st deadline. The €30,000 fund will have a particular focus on initiatives aimed at beginners and young anglers, as well as events that promote sustainable angling tourism. Over 327,000 adults in Ireland consider themselves an angler (according to Ipsos/ MRBI), while 18 per cent of adults in Ireland that had never been fishing before said that they are “likely” to try angling in the future (according to Amárach Research). Therefore, the sponsorship programme is one of the main

funding mechanisms used by Inland Fisheries Ireland to promote angling in Ireland. It awarded funding to 41 angling events and initiatives across the country in 2021. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the programme didn’t go ahead in 2020. Of the 41 events that received funding, the state agency supported ten national or international competitions and festivals that showcased Ireland’s angling resources and contribution to local economies in 2021. Meanwhile, a total of 28 coaching and juvenile outreach events were supported in 2021 to help increase participation in the sport, along with three public awareness events and angling-related initiatives. Suzanne Campion (Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland) said: “As more people in Roscommon enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors, mainly driven by Covid-19 guidelines, we are seeing greater levels of interest in angling na-

tionally. For example, nearly one in five Irish adults are likely to try angling in the future, according to Amárach Research. “In addition to supporting those who would like to go fishing for the first time, we also have a unique opportunity through the Sponsorship Programme to highlight the importance of biodiversity, conservation and sustainable angling”. Applications for funding from the Sponsorship Programme are now invited from angling clubs, associations or any local group organising an angling initiative in Roscommon during 2022. The programme will remain open for funding applications until Friday, January 21st 2022. Meanwhile, applications for equipment, staff support and biosecurity assistance can be made to Inland Fisheries Ireland throughout the year. More information about the Sponsorship Programme is available by visiting the Inland Fisheries Ireland website at fisheriesireland.ie.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


EPA competition asks second-level students to consider global impact of everyday decisions Second-level students from across Ireland are asked to consider the global consequences of local actions as the EPA launches ‘The Story of Your Stuff competition 2022’. Now it its sixth year, The Story of Your Stuff has the empowerment of students at its core, encouraging young people to realise the influence they can have on their friends and family when it comes to making environmentally responsible consumer choices. With its focus on sustainability, waste management, climate action and environmental protection, the competition asks young people to think, talk and make small changes that can have far-reaching impacts. Entrants visually tell the environmental story of their ‘stuff’ through a creative medium of their choice (including video, animation, infographics, photography, etc.). They are then in with a chance to win €500 for themselves and €500 for their school. There is also a special ‘climate topic prize’

as well as a prize for the best Irish language entry. Speaking at the launch of the competition, the EPA’s Stephen Fennell said, “Whether using disposable coffee cups or taking the car instead of walking or using public transport, these short-term conveniences often are not environmentally sustainable. Our individual actions have lasting impacts, and The Story of Your Stuff competition asks young people how they, and those closest to them, can act in a more environmentally friendly way. “Now more than ever, we cannot lose sight of our power as individuals to bring about change, and this competition instils that message among young people”. Students can access resources from the EPA website, particularly the ‘Ireland’s Environment’ and ‘Environment and You’ sections, while researching their topics. These resources will help students to better understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind us needing to change

our waste systems, the way we use energy and the ways that we get around, as well as wider environmental concerns.” Aeronautical engineer, citizen scientist-astronaut candidate and award-winning STEM advocate, Dr Norah Patten returns as competition ambassador for 2022. Last year’s overall winner was Robert Urquhart from Presentation College Athenry in Galway for his very topical video ‘Story of Disposable Face Masks’. Oonagh Hales from John the Baptist Community School, Co. Limerick was awarded the climate topic prize for her entry ‘The Story of Plastic Cutlery’, while the inaugural Irish-language prize was awarded to Rebecca Ni Challanain and Kate Ni Mhathuna from Gaelcholaiste Charraig Ui Leighin, Carrigaline, Co. Cork for their entry, ‘Scéal Lipéad Crochadh’ which looked at clothing labels. Competition guidelines and tips are available at thestoryofyourstuff.ie. The deadline for entries is Monday, March 7th 2022.

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“Management of the Ewe Pre-Lambing” Monday, 17th January 8pm on Zoom

Topics & Speakers Ewe Nutrition pre-lambing by Michael Conroy Flock Health pre-lambing by James Kelly All welcome, register here: http://bit.ly/RNLDzoom or scan the QR code Michael Conroy & James Kelly Sheep Advisors, Teagasc Roscommon.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Macra meets Cuffe over letter to banks


Phone Patrick 086 2589453 www.campbelllivestock.ie


ulhern Bro Agri Contractors Ltd.

Macra na Feirme recently met virtually with MEP Ciaran Cuffe in relation to a letter he wrote to banks regarding extending credit to young farmers. Macra na Feirme members in attendance gave an overview of their farm enterprises and impressed on MEP Cuffe the important role access to credit plays in developing and improving their businesses. The members outlined that financial support was required to implement environmentally friendly practices, such as grazing infrastructure development, improved slurry storage facilities, and investments in implementing the best advice based on the MACC curve, like Low Emissions Slurry Spreading Equipment, amongst others. Macra na Feirme National President John


Kilmore, Athleague, Co. Roscommon l Hedgecutting l Saw/Flail l Fertilizer l Lime Spreading l Fencing Telephone:

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Catering for: • Individuals • Sole Traders, Partnerships • VAT, RCT, PAYE/ PRSI, Financial Control, Completion of Annual Tax Returns • First consultation FREE, can meet clients outside office hours • Provides training & mentoring for start your own business and basic computers and accounting. • Also training in Thesaurus accounting products.

Keane outlined that for the past number of decades, access to credit has consistently been highlighted by young farmers as a key barrier in entering farming: “Our organization has consistently highlighted the lack of support for young farmers in addressing the access to credit issue. The statement by MEP Cuffe in his letter to single out young farmers has not helped in addressing the constant issue of access to credit”. The Macra President asked MEP Cuffe to send a letter to the banks once more to clarify his position: “Macra na Feirme accepts MEP Cuffe’s apology on the matter. This meeting was constructive and positive with the overall message that we must all work together on these matters going forward”.

ICMSA urge Co-ops to consider 2021 End-Of-Year Bonus

‘YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS’ Contact Nuala 090 66 25818 or (086) 0352849

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• Sprayers tested on owners premises All sprayers • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. tested in • Small stock of parts available 2016/2017 are now and can be fitted on sprayers due re-test All sprayers are required to be tested every 3 years according to Dept. of Agriculture regulations.

Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: thomasneilan4@gmail.com D.A.F.M. Approved Reg No: EI000083

MEP Ciaran Cuffe

ICMSA’s Dairy Committee, Noel Murphy

Reviewing market returns throughout the twelve months of 2021 and the milk price paid to farmers, the newly elected Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee, Noel Murphy, said that significant returns from the market were achieved last year and milk processor boards must now look at paying an end-of-year bonus to milk suppliers to reward dairy farmers for their huge contribution and to fully reflect the improved market returns from 2021. Mr. Murphy said that close analytical tracking of the Ornua PPI through last year demonstrated conclusively that milk processors had not always paid the base price in full and that was before any consideration of added value payment. He noted that the 2021 milk payment year will come to a close later this month and ICMSA is proposing a bonus that would bring the final 2021 milk price up to actual market returns. “Dairy markets showed considerable

improvements throughout 2021 and clear evidence of this can be seen in the Ornua Index which increased by a hugely significant 24 basis points,” Mr. Murphy said. “The GDT rose by over 30 per cent and the Dutch Dairy quotes rose by over 20cpl on both Butter/SMP and WMP. We are confident that Q1 of this year will see this trend consolidate. “The increase in the farm gate price paid to farmers between December 2020 and November 2021 was approximately 7cpl, which was very a modest increase given the buoyancy of the market. “2022 will be a challenging year in terms of inputs cost and that increases the importance of milk price. The record shows that 2021 market returns were notably better than the actual milk price received by suppliers and that difference should now be returned as an end-of-year bonus to Co-op milk suppliers,” he concluded.


Main Massey The all New Massey Ferguson 5711M 110hp stockman’s tractor now in stock. Ferguson Dealer

New and Ex Demo MF round balers in stock. Ex Demo 17 knife c/w auto greaser 900 bales €37,500 inc VAT. Beat the price increase, pre order your New Kane O’Connor on 086 6056807 MF round baler today and avail of a better price.

Diarmaid Waldron 086 2538512 www.johnston.ie Johnston Farm Equipment Ltd, Longford Phone: 043 33 41951 l www.johnston.ie

Massey Ferguson leading the way The Massey Ferguson 5711M 110hp tractor has an entirely new, yet simple design and high level of comfort. The MF 5711M series tractors are definitely designed to be the new workhorse of the land. Massey Ferguson 5 S Series boasts an unrivalled loader tractor. With its stylish and smart design, the MF 5S Series brings the best visibility on the market thanks to its step nose bonnet. With this visibility, combined with the fastest hydraulics, robust and simple to use Dyna 4 transmission, integrated loader joystick and uncontested comfort the 5S Series is without doubt the best loader tractor available to buy.

Massey Ferguson 6 S Series is available from 120 to 200hp The MF 6700 S blends all the

benefits of a 4 cylinder machine – compact dimensions, low overall weight, good manoeuvra-

bility – with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable 6 cylinder tractor.

Massey Ferguson 7S series – this range is available from 140hp to 200hp, with 9 models to choose from it will be one of the best choices that you will make. The MF 7S is a profit earner in any sector right from the first day. Low Fuel consumption, long service intervals, impressive traction, ultimate comfort, higher lifting capacities together with low maintenance costs – the MF 7S simply makes your business more profitable. For more information on the Massey Ferguson Range Phone Kane O’Connor on 086 6056807 @ Johnston Farm Equipment Ltd Longford 043 33 41951


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


IFA: Lack of enforcement leaves sheep vulnerable to dog attacks < DAN DOONER

Roscommon IFA Sheep Chairman Pat Leonard has criticised the Government and state agencies of “sitting on their hands” with regards to recent sheep kills across the country. Mr. Leonard’s comments come in the wake of a number of incidents reported over the Christmas period. The IFA has met with Ministers Charlie McConalogue and Malcolm Noonan on the issue in the past year to discuss measures to protect sheep farmers from what the association describes as the “irresponsible behaviour of some dog owners”. “There are very few sheep farmers in the country who have not had the horrendous experience of finding their flock savaged

by dogs, yet the official figures recorded only 241 such incidents in 2020,” Mr. Leonard said. “It’s not acceptable to farmers, who provide full traceability for seven million cattle and three million breeding sheep - where every animal is individu-

ally tagged and traceable to the person responsible for them - that a similar system is not in place for dog owners. “There’s an estimated 800,000 dogs in the country, with only 207,866 licences issued in 2020. This leaves almost 600,000

without identification, or association to a responsible keeper”. The IFA launched a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ campaign in early 2021 and insists the campaign will continue until action is taken by Government. Local authorities are re-

sponsible for the control of dogs under the Control of Dogs Act 1986. The act gives them the power to appoint dog wardens; provide dog shelters; seize dogs; impose on-the-spot fines; and take court proceedings against owners. “Based on the latest pub-

including: a single national database for all dogs in the country; further sanctions on owners for non-compliance of micro-chipping obligations; more appropriate sanctions for those who fail to control their dogs; and additional resources to enforce and ensure compliance with the obligations of dog ownership.

Echo Hedge Trimmer Battery Powered


Minister McConalogue confirms opening of year six of the Sheep Welfare Scheme The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue has announced that the sixth year of the Sheep Welfare Scheme will commence on February 1st, 2022. As in previous years, all existing participants in the scheme will be automatically enrolled in year six and do not need to take any action should they wish to remain in the scheme. The Minister stated: “The allocation for the Sheep Welfare Scheme has increased from €17 million in 2021 to €19.5 million in 2022

lished figures of implementation of the law by local authorities, it is clear even the existing obligations of dog owners are not being enforced, with only 82 prosecutions initiated in 2020 and only 198 dogs seized,” Mr. Leonard added. The IFA has called for key areas to be addressed

to cover the continuation of the scheme in 2022 and the change to reference year. The Sheep Welfare Scheme provides a valuable support to sheep farmers for undertaking actions which make a positive contribution to flock welfare”. The Minister urged all eligible new entrants to the sheep sector who wish to apply to participate in the scheme to return their forms by February 1st. For the purposes of the scheme, a new entrant

to sheep farming is defined as an applicant who has applied for a new herd number in the period January 1st to December 31st in the year preceding the scheme year, or an applicant with an existing herd number who has not held or traded in sheep for a two-year period up to October 31st preceding the scheme year. Application forms are available by contacting the Sheep Welfare Scheme section of the Department by email at sheepscheme@agriculture.gov.ie or by phone on 057-8674422.


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TRACTOR & MACHINERY SALES & SERVICES – SPARE PARTS FOR ALL MAKES We stock a range of CLAAS agricultural machinery, including the latest tractor models, mowers, telehandlers, wheel loaders, and balers. We also sell agricultural equipment from other leading franchises, including Teagle, Strautmann and Quicke.

Sales Contacts: SEAMUS QUIGLEY 087 935 3552  MIKE LYONS 087 979 7084 Web: www.quigleysgarage.ie

NOW IN STOCK: Battery Powered Lawnmowers, Hedgecutters, Strimmers, Chainsaws and Leaf Blowers

Complete back-up service and spare parts stocked Delivery and pick-up service available

Contact Anthony 086 786 6774 Facebook: Cllr Anthony Waldron Twitter: CllrAnthonyW Instagram: cllranthonywaldron

Please ring the Constituency Office in advance to make an appointment, tel: 090 66 28479 or email michael.fitzmaurice@oireachtas.ie


Fitzmaurice TD Mobile:

086 1914565 Michael.Fitzmaurice@Oireachtas.ie

Roscommon MART WATCH Roscommon Mart held its first sheep sale of the year yesterday (Wednesday, January 12th) and there was a firm trade for both hoggets and ewes. Finished hoggets made up to €162 for 56.5kgs while stag ewes made up to €159. Cast ewes made from €70 to €159 per lot. The next sale of sheep for lambs and case ewes takes place next Wednesday (January 19th) at 11 am with the yard open from 8 am. All stock must be penned by 10 am and the sale can be viewed at www.livestock-live.com. Sample prices for finished hoggets: 56.5kgs €162, 53.5kgs €161, 52.6kgs €160, 52.8kgs €160, 49.9kgs €159, 54.4kgs €159, 48kgs €158, 50.2kgs €158, 49.7kgs €157, 49.4kgs €155, 48.6kgs €150.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


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- Mowing - Baling & Wrapping - Silage Wagon Pit & Self Propelled - Track Excavators - Hedgecutting

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Gannon Agri Contractors Creggs, Co. Galway Tel: 086 2538169

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For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Visit Our Website For Details.


Online public meeting on Athlone to Ballinasloe Cycleway An online public meeting to discuss the emerging preferred route for the Athlone to Ballinasloe Cycleway will take place on Wednesday, January 19th. Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan has confirmed the meeting with the project team will take place via Zoom. “I’ve organised a pub-

Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 (090) 96 87651 Lowest price GUARANTEED Daily collection

lic online zoom meeting with the Cycleway project team and engineers next Wednesday evening (19th) at 8 pm to discuss the proposed corridor, show maps for the route and have a Q&A – as it is difficult to hold in-person meetings,” she said. “The emerging preferred route is from Athlone Castle along the Shannon through Moore to Shannonbridge and a route to Ballinasloe along the Grand Canal. It is fantastic to see Ballinasloe as one of the stops on the Galway to Dublin Cycleway. “Our families and children will now have safe places to walk and cycle off-road and it will bring so many opportunities for our town. We have a region full of cultural and heritage treasures to explore and discover for visitors. “Virtual Consultation No.3 is now open on the website www.galwaytoathlonecycleway.com and people can see maps of the routes”. All are welcome to join

online through zoom.com with ID number 830 9553 1283 or dial in by phone by calling 01 653 3895 and enter Meeting ID number 830 9553 1283. “Submissions can be made online, emailing or by calling 091-509267 up to Monday, January 31st,” Senator Dolan added. Landowners in the consultation can engage with Public Liaison Officers at any time and the public consultation deadline does not apply to this group. Cian McGuinness, Engineer with the Cycleway Project Team based in Ballinasloe, stated: “This is an exciting project and I look forward to this public meeting next Wednesday on the section of the Cycleway from Athlone to Ballinasloe and all our team are available to engage with people so do get in touch with us”. Local Poolboy landowner, Kevin Dolan added: “Anything that brings tourism and business to Ballinasloe is a bonus”.

Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

FARMING & RURAL LIVING (Proudly serving farmers for over 62 years) Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Lambs & Cast Ewes Wednesday, January 19th at 11 a.m. ----------------------

General Sale for Bullocks, Heifers & Dry Cows Friday, January 14th at 11 a.m. ----------------------

Opening Sale for Weanlings & Suckler Cows Tuesday, January 18th at 4 p.m. Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 13th ----------------------

New Year Special Sale of Heifers Friday, January 21st at 11 a.m. Also Bullocks & Dry Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Monday, January 17th ----------------------

New Year Special Sale of Bullocks Friday, January 28th at 11 a.m. Also Heifers & Dry Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Monday, January 24th ----------------------

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING Dylan Treacy and Sean Allen from Roscommon Community College who will be showcasing their project ‘An investigation into a novel alternative to synthetic fertilisers for a future of sustainable agriculture in Ireland’ at the 58th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition from January 12th to 14th.

Local students taking part in 2022 Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

Local students are taking part in the 2022 virtual Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition which commenced yesterday (Wednesday 12th) and runs until Friday (14th). Among the local participants are CBS Roscommon, Garbally College, Lanesboro Community College, Roscommon Community College, Castlerea Community School,

Scoil Mhuire gan Smál, Carrick-on-Shannon Community School and Scoil Mhuire, Strokestown. Local Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan offered best wishes to students and teachers. “Inspiring teachers, parents & guardians have helped secondary school students show their potential through the Young Scientist & Tech-

nology competition. Also the Primary Science Fair will take place in March and is still open for applications until February,” she said. “This exhibition drives imagination, curiosity and we need that more than ever to help us find innovative solutions to global challenges today. Well done to students, teachers and their spirit of discovery”.

62nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY will be held at the Society’s Registered Offices, Circular Road Roscommon on Saturday, January 15th 2022 at 3.30 p.m.

ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

Email: roscommonmart@gmail.com Visit our website: www.roscommonmart.ie

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Drumshanbo Mart Plc FRIDAY EVENING 14TH OF JAN AT 7.00 PM



Friday Jan 14th: Timed Auction of Lanark Ewe Lambs and in lamb ewes from the Trenearla Blackface Flock on MART BIDS PLATFORM from Friday Jan 14th – Closing Sunday Jan 16th at 10 p.m ORGANIC SALE OF ALL STOCK SATURDAY 22ND OF JAN AT 12 O’CLOCK Drumshanbo Mart PLC, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim PSRA Licence No: 3868 Phone: 071 9641116/7, Fax: 071 9641118 Email: drumshanbomart@gmail.com Web: www.drumshanbomart.ie


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


PSRA Licence No: 003201


3 Cloonbrackna Avenue, Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon F42 XR50 Quality 4 bedroom bungalow, located in a much sought after residential area and situated within walking distance of Roscommon town centre and all its amenities. Excellent layout with large private garden to rear. Accommodation briefly: entrance hallway, 4 bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen/dining room and 2 bathrooms.

Price Region: €180,000 BER Rating: D2



Ballinwully, Curraghroe, Co. Roscommon F42 RH28 Charming 2 Storey countryside residence situated on a mature c. 0.54 acre site with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The residence, which is located between the towns of Roscommon, Lanesboro and Strokestown is in need of renovation and comprises entrance hallway, kitchen/dining room, sitting room, utility and bathroom. First floor, 2 large bedrooms. Benefits include traditional cut stone outhouse together with 2 bay hay shed, private water supply and solid fuel central heating.

New to the market this week with Oates Auctioneers is a superb 4-bedroom detached residence on a large landscaped site situated on the Walk Road within walking distance to all Roscommon town amenities. This property is furnished to the highest specification with exceptional finish throughout and comprises of entrance hallway, sitting room, living area, open plan kitchen dining room and large utility with w.c. off. First floor, four large bedrooms master ensuite and family bathroom. There are large, mature grounds with wide variety of shrubs and plants together with mature hedging and trees surrounding the property. Viewing strictly by

The Walk, Roscommon town.

prior appointment.The price region for this property is €315,000 and

BER rate is C3. For more information, contact Oates Auctioneers

on 090-6627878, email info@oates.ie, or visit oates.ie.

Sale closed: bungalow residence at Creevyquinn – RE/MAX Team Earley

Price Region: €100,000 BER Rating: F



3 The Fairways, Golf Links Road Roscommon, Co. Roscommon F42 X023 Impressive property finished to a very high standard and located in a mature residential area on the Golf Links Road adjacent to Roscommon Golf Club. Spacious accommodation includes entrance hallway, sitting room, living room, kitchen/dining room, utility, 4 large bedrooms and family bathroom. Overall this is a quality residence overlooking large green area and the Auctioneer invites viewings and offers.

Price Region: €299,750 BER Rating: D1



Culleenanory, Curraghroe, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon F42 AE37 Traditional country cottage in need of refurbishment situated on c. 3.32 acres with dual road frontage, private well, septic tank and traditional cut stone out buildings. Located in a quiet country setting c. 7 miles from the scenic town of Lanesboro which boasts excellent fishing and boating. This property comprises entrance porch, sitting room, kitchen/ dining room with solid fuel stove and back boiler, bathroom and one bedroom. Price Region: € 75,000 BER Rating: G

Church Street, Roscommon Town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail info@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

Superb detached residence for sale at The Walk

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail athlone@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

This week, RE/MAX Team Earley are pleased to advise that they have closed the sale of four-bedroomed, detached bungalow, located in Creevyquin, beside Roscommon town The bungalow, offering spacious and well-proportioned living accommodation, is presented in good condition throughout. Built around 1980, the bungalow extends to ap-

proximately 1,560 square feet. We are looking for similar properties in all areas for cash buyers. For further details or to arrange a free consultation, please contact RE/MAX Team Earley, Stonecourt, Roscommon, on 090-6626579, email teamearley@remax.ie, or log onto teamearley.ie. Contact auctioneer Cormac directly on 086-3519492.

Roscommon house prices expected to rise in 2022

The price of the average three-bedroomed semi-detached house in County Roscommon is expected to rise by 10% in the next twelve months, according to a survey by Real Estate Alliance. Three-bedroomed semi-detached homes in the county now cost an average of €175,000 (with an 11% rise in the last quarter of the year, the REA Average House Price Index shows). The survey concentrates on the actual sale price of Ireland’s typical stock home, the three-bedroomed semi, giving an upto-date picture of the second-hand property market in towns and cities countrywide. Landlords exiting the market have accounted for almost one in four home sales over the past three months, the data shows. Prices in Roscommon town rose to €200,000 in quarter four 2021, an increase of 11.1% over three months and 17.6% annually. In Castlerea, prices rose 11.1% in Q4 to €150,000, representing an annual increase of 15.4%. “There is a lot of interest from people moving home from the main cities,” said Seamus Carthy of REA Seamus Carthy. “Roscommon town is a great place to settle so there is a lot of demand for quality homes. In Castlerea, the price-base is low, attracting interest in terms of its value, with buyers coming from the cities and overseas.” Average house prices rose by 2.24% nationally in the last three months of 2021, half the rise experienced between June and September as demand eased and the

market calmed. The price of a three-bedroomed semidetached house across the country rose by €5,900 over the past three months to €269,963 – representing an annual increase of 13%. Selling prices rose in commuter areas (3.34%) and the country’s large towns (2.57%), as buyers continue to move out further from the capital in anticipation of long-term remote and hybrid working situations. The commuter area increases are treble those in Ireland’s major cities, with Dublin increasing by 1% and Cork Limerick and Galway by an average of 0.8% as agents reported a quieter quarter. In Dublin city, house prices rose by over €4,000 in Q4, compared to more than €10,000 in Q3, increasing from €467,000 in September to a present rate of €471,667. Three-bedroomed semis in commuter counties rose 3.34% by over €9,000 in the past three months to an average of €291,944 – with the average home selling in just three weeks. As the flight to rural locations continues, prices in the rest of the country’s towns rose by 2.6% in Q3 to €190,138. Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford cities shared a combined increase of 0.8% in the past twelve weeks with the average three bed semi now costing €283,000. While Cork (€335,000), Galway (€302,000) and Waterford (€250,000) were relatively static, prices in Limerick rose by 2.1% to €245,000.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

PropertyPeople Stone Court Centre, The Square, Roscommon Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Mobile: Cormac 086 3519492 Email: teamearley@remax.ie Licence No. Web: www.teamearley.ie PSRA004420






A primely located public house located in the heart of Castlerea Town adjacent to the Mart and all town amenities. Offering spacious commercial and residential accommodation throughout, the property lends itself to various alternative uses due its size and location. The said property and 7 day license can be sold independently should market interest dictate and the auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers after €125,000 to sell. The Auctioneer now invites viewings – by appointment only.



A quaint 2 bedroom detached cottage of approx 900 sq ft standing on a site area of approx 0.29 of an acre. the property is presented in excellent condition. Living comprising briefly of an entrance hall, living room, kitchen, dining room/living room, 2 double bedrooms and main bathroom. Heated via oil fired central heating and a solid fuel stove with back boiler in the kitchen/dining room. Double glazed windows are fitted throughout. The site features a large rear garden with well maintained lawn and a paved patio area. There is gated side access and ample private parking is available. Sewage system is located on site and the water is connected to the mains water supply. Viewings strictly by appointment only. The Auctioneer now invites immediate viewings and all offers to sell


An excellent quality 5 bedroomed dormer style bungalow residence of approx 2,500 sq ft standing on a beautiful mature site area of approx 1.5 acres with immaculately maintained manicured lawns and landscaped to the highest standard The property is presented in excellent condition throughout and in turn-key condition. Comprising briefly of Ground floor: an entrance hall, Sitting room, kitchen cum living room, dining room/living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and utility room First floor: 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms and office Heated via oil fired central heating Viewings strictly by appointment only. The Auctioneer now invites immediate viewings and all offers to sell



A primely located commercial property of approx. 9,700 sq.ft standing on a large site area with extensive hard top forecourt area. The said property is located approx. 4km from Roscommon town and would suit various commercial pursuits due size and location. Servicing the said property are 3 number electric roller doors with 2 number loading bays on the front elevation. There is also an ample supply of good quality water available from an on site source. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings for immediate sale.



Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


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To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie



DC Computer Services Complete Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods CCTV CAMERA INSPECTIONS • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

087 2798704


Providing IT services for Homes, Businesses & Schools. Home Callouts.


PC Maintenance – Upgrades, Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal. Network Solutions – Cabling, Hardware & Software Installation & Maintenance. Contact David Conboy Tel: 087 7496459 Email: info@dccomputerservices.ie Web: www.dccomputerservices.ie


Stephen Casey

Construction l



Telephone: 086 8433433

l General Building Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations l Chimney CCTV Inspections l Chimney Repair - Insurance Claims

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

087 9268424 stephenrockcasey@ gmail.com


COUNSELLING & HYPNOTHERAPY Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit www.billybrogan.com COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you? Please call Glynis on

085 2514394

email: downeyglynis@yahoo.co.uk


Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon. David Connor

BSC (Hon.) Chiro. MSc. Chiropractic Association of Ireland

VHI and Laya Covered

• Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

Paul McStay

DSA/ADI (UK) RSA MIAM ROSPA Approved Driving Instructor Former BSM Driving Instructor and UK advanced Met. Police Driver. GIFT VOUCHER CARDS AVAILABLE Castlerea & Roscommon

EDT Lessons Available Telephone:

094 96 20099 Mobile:

086 8936012

This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation

FARMING < FOR SALE: 58 bales of silage in Ballinlough area, €20 per bale. Tel: 087 0545257


Des Kelly Fencing Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on

087 2346364





For all your fencing needs. GLAS Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail l

Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to advertising@ roscommonpeople.ie or alternatively call 090 66 34633

Tel: 087 2172281




Tree Services


• Certified Arborists • Tree Surgery • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Leylandii hedges reduced and shaped


Tel: 086 6077307 or 086 8125165

• Hedge Cutting • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Fully Insured

087 2721193


General Maintenance l Dangerous Tree Removal l Garden Hedges & Trees reduced and shaped l Wood Chipping l Fully Insured Contact Alan on l

087 6558597


GARDENING SERVICES Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

Phone John on

087 2860428

Comprehensive Insurance Cover. I.S.A. member.

Design Consultation Planning Applications New Build, Extend, Renovate Bespoke Design Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural



Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496


Roscommon Physical Therapy Clinic Movement Matters 20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries. Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes

Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009 Like us on Facebook www.rosptc.com 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902

HAIRDRESSER KATHLEEN’S HAIRDRESSING SERVICE Ladies and Gents Hairdressing Services. Also Mobile service available. Evening appointments available. For enquiries Tel: 085 8514270 or 094 9643286


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086 3482387 info@moleskinarchitecture.com

facebook.com/moleskinarch ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Richard O’Gara, am applying to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for the following: 1. To demolish existing dwelling house. 2. To rebuild house on the existing footprint, with minor alterations, to link it to the existing extensions that were granted under Planning Ref: PD/21/277. 3. Install 2no. roof lights to rear extension, granted under Planning Ref: PD/21/277. 4. All associated ancillary site works at Castle St., Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon, F42 WT10.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee, €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed:

Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529 E: james@jlce.ie & elaine@jlce.ie Web:www.jlce.ie Architectural Designers – Consulting Engineers


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

Classifieds PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Jason Glynn and Christine Healy, intend applying to Roscommon County Council for permission consequent on the grant of outline permission Ref No PD/21/217 for construction of a dwelling house, onsite wastewater treatment system, access onto the public road, connection to services and associated site development works at Carrownanalt Td, Arigna, Co. Roscommon.

This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing, on payment of the prescribed fee within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt of the application by the planning authority. Signed: Michael Hennessy Advanced Planning & Design Services Dorrary, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Roscommon Tel: 086 1701549

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Hanly Quarries Limited intends to apply for permission for the construction of the plant storage canopy (approx. 293.09 sq. m.) and all associated site development works on approx. 0.40 ha application site within the existing quarry in the townlands of Cuilreevagh and Largan, Elphin, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I am applying for planning permission for erection of dwelling house with sewerage treatment plant and percolation area, and ancillary site development works at Lisgillalea, Mount Talbot, Roscommon.

Signed: Thomas Hannon. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Áras an Chontae, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon NOTICE OF FURTHER INFORMATION Name of applicant: Eamon Harney Location: Rooskagh Td., Bellanamullia (Bealnamulla), Athlone, Co. Roscommon Reference number of the application: PD/21/463 The development applied for consisted of the extraction of Sand, Stone and Gravel (site area 6.72 Hectares) . The development will involve the extraction of sand, stone and gravel over an extraction area of 6.12 hectares (volume to be extracted = 541,750m³ approximately) over a 10 year period, screening/ processing of stone, sand and gravel from the site using mobile plant, construction of offices (33m²), welfare facilities (9m²), well, water settlement pond (area 2,020 m²), weighbridge, wheel wash, entrance, set down area, carparking, truck parking, refuelling pad, petrol oil interceptor, fencing, landscaping/ screening, signage, lighting, wastewater storage tank for site offices, and all other ancillary works. The land will be restored to agricultural lands on the completion of the extraction of sand, stone and gravel.

Significant Further Information in relation to this application has been furnished to the planning authority and is available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the “Further Information” may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 not later than five weeks after the receipt of the newspaper notice and site notice by the planning authority. There will be no fee payable on a further submission/ observation if it is accompanied by a copy of the acknowledgement of a previous submission/observation Signed: Collins Boyd Engineering Ltd. Engineers & Architects Galway Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. Ph: (090) 66 34421 Fax: (090) 66 34423 Email: info@collinsboydeng.com

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying for planning permission for retention of domestic storage shed to rear of dwelling house at 54 Castle Manor, Racecourse Road, Roscommon. Signed: Noel and Jean McHugh. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Joshua McDonnell intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for retention and completion of existing single storey original dwelling to new residential use, revised site boundaries, new waste water treatment system and percolation area, associated site development works and services at Lisheenanierin, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon.

Signed: Gaynor Architectural + Design Services Ltd. Architects Fallon Avenue, Roscommon. Phone: 090 6626974 Mobile: 086 8115449 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Brothers of Charity on behalf of Sesame Building Services Ltd, Lanesborough Street, Roscommon intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to construct training workshop with offices, toilets and reception area, associated site development works and services on site No. 6 Ballyboughan Industrial Park, Racecourse Road, Ballyboughan, Roscommon.

Signed: Gaynor Architectural + Design Services Ltd. Architects Fallon Avenue, Roscommon. Phone: 090 6626974 Mobile: 086 8115449 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying for planning permission for erection of commercial premises, comprising manufacturing unit with storage provisions office and toilet accommodation and all ancillary development on site at IDA Business Park, Lisnacroghy or Gallowstown, Castlerea Road, Roscommon.

Signed: Dan O’Brien and Liam Casey, Lidan Designs. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying to Roscommon County Council on behalf of Jamie and Elaine Gaffey for planning permission for the retention and completion of partly completed living accommodation from that granted in Planning Permission Reference Number PD/20/5 for a domestic garage/general purpose domestic store/ fuel store together with all necessary ancillary siteworks at Tully and Tonvey, Ballydangan, Co. Roscommon.

Signed: Seamus Dowd & Associates Ltd, Surveyors, Project Managers & Building Consultants. Tel: (090) 6623417 Mob: 086 8546035 The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.

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PODIATRIST Podiatrist/Chiropodist

Sarah Fleming

CB.Sc (Hons) Podiatry MScPI at


PODIATRIST FOOT CLINIC ROSCOMMON – MOLLOYS PHARMACY (Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed

By Appointment Only –

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP

HSE Trained and Approved l Home visits available l

For any of your foot issues call:

094 9620009


For all foot ailments

Corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, verruca, orthotics, diabetic assessments and treatment.

Siobhan Murray BSc (Hons) Podiatry M.Ch.S.I.

Department of Health Approved Kearney’s Chemist Main Street, Castlerea For appointment: (094) 96 21647 / (089) 4142233 • Home visits SIOBHAN ALSO RUNS A CLINIC FROM KNOCK

• 20 years experience

The Galway Podiatrist FOOT AND ANKLE CLINIC

Aoife Reilly BSc Pod, MChSI, SCPI (registered with VHI, AVIVA, LAYA & GloHealth)

PROPERTIES TO LET/RENT/WANTED CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732

REFLEXOLOGY Registered Reflexologist


BNS (Hons). M.Sc (Hons) (MNRRI) Give your mind and body a relaxing experience with a reflexology treatment. Through massage of the feet reflexology can: • Rebuild energy levels in the body • Assist in relieving stress • Encourage relaxation • Improve general wellbeing Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has “reflex” points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body. Contact TERESA for appointment

For Bookings Contact:

College Road, For Bookings Contact: Mountbellew,

(087) 707 5803

(087) 707 5803 (Saturday & evening appointments available)

Co Galway H53 D7W8

(Saturday & evening appointments available) Treanrevagh, Mountbellew, Co. Galway H53 D7W8 Open under Goverment + HSE Guidelines

PODIATRIST/ CHIROPODIST Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I. Department of Health Approved

EVERY FRIDAY St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

085 1503353 086 8538404

Email: m.kilgallon23@gmail.com

• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar


at 087


Gift vouchers available. Brideswell, Co. Roscommon N37 EW20

Maths Grinds

Experienced Higher Level Teacher l Excellent results record l Limited places available l

l Roscommon Town Venue

Contact by phone/text:

Lorraine 086 3688302

EMAIL: roscommonmathsgrinds @gmail.com

< GRINDS: French and German exam preparation up to Leaving certificate higher level. Tel: 087 3515985


TURF AVAILABLE Bulk bags of Turf available Tel: Donal

086 2721812 (All areas)

Also loads of Peat bedding for livestock (delivered) < W O O D / F I R E W O O D : High quality seasoned split hardwood timber, suitable for stoves and open-fire. Available in 500kg bulk bag and 25kg bag. Very competitively priced and delivery can be discussed. Call 086 3312411 after 6pm.


Reflexology may bring relief from conditions such as: • Allergies • Colic • Eczema • Constipation • Migraine • Back Problems • Stress • Infertility • Insomnia • Respiratory Disorders • Blood Pressure • Pain • Bowel Disorders • Joint/Muscle Problems • Thyroid Imbalance • Emotional Disorders - Fertility Reflexology - Ante Natal Reflexology - Baby Reflexology - Cancer Care Reflexology - Special Needs Reflexology Mobile Service Available Marina Furey B. Sc. (Hons)

Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon

Tel: 087 2264951 Find us on facebook

TOP QUALITY TURF 10x6 Loads of Turf, saved in good weather and stored in dry shed, will deliver. Phone:

083 0684011

< TURF: Top quality well seasoned black hopper turf, delivered in large trailer loads also bales of hay for sale. Tel: 086 3903120 or 086 2544294 < THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Net bags of seasoned firewood only €3 per bag, buy 20 bags get 1 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf only €35 per bag. Half tone bags of Ash/Beech only €35 per bag. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439 or Tony 087 7055800


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Quality Small Job Services For Home or Business


To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie



Supplied & Fitted From

PERMIT NO: WCP - MO - 09 - 0267 - 01


TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815

094 9373445 087 9100477

Electrician Available

The company that can do all them small jobs

€190 www.oddjobsolutions.ie Established since 2005 < AVAILABLE: Qualified, experienced installer available to repair and install fascia, soffits, gutter and downpipes. Tel: 089 4173239

Plumbing & Maintenance • Bathroom planning and design to suit you • All aspects of plumbing and maintenance • Boiler Servicing • Heating Installation • Call for FREE QUOTATION

Contact Luke on

085 7359120 Working throughout current restrictions with full PPE equipment.

Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@ gmail.com.

Do you have a house or shed that you want cleaned out and all unwanted items removed? If so ring:

087 9657933 or 090 6626752

WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured. Phone:

086 2437376

Alan O’Toole


Window Protection Ireland Commercial/Domestic Registered and Insured All areas covered Also protecting windows during construction see windowprotection.ie GUTTER CLEANING ALSO AVAILABLE Telephone

087 9795226 To have your advert seen by over 80,000 people every week advertise with us! The most read newspaper in Co. Roscommon! The local paper!

PAINTER & DECORATOR Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Appointments Applications are invited from suitability qualified candidates for inclusion on a panel for the position of:

FACILITIES SUPPORT ASSISTANT Application form and candidate information booklet setting out full details in relation to this position are available by logging onto the Job Vacancies section on Roscommon County Council’s website at www.roscommoncoco.ie Candidates may be shortlisted on the basis of information supplied on application form. The closing date for receipt of completed applications is 4.00 p.m. on 27th January 2022 Canvassing will disqualify. Roscommon County Council is an equal opportunities employer. Is fóstóir comhionannais deiseanna í Comhairle Chontae Roscomaín


CRECHE AND PLAYSCHOOL currently have a vacancy for an


SITUATIONS VACANT < CLEANER REQUIRED: 3-4 hours per week, good english and references essential, Roscommon Town. Tel: 087 2765421 call after 6pm

087 2683079

086 4679798

LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB? 80,000 people every week advertise

or Mobile:


Experienced Painters

To have your advert seen by over

090 6661635

For all your decorating needs

Acceptance of an advertisement or payment therefore is not to be taken as Required implying guarantee that (20 hours per week) the advertisement will be published. The right from 1.30pm - 5.30pm is reserved to refuse to Salary negotiable depending on insert any advertisement, qualification, experience and references without giving any reason; Please reply with CV to: also to discontinue Box No: 3004 c/o Roscommon People, the publication of any Abbey Street, Roscommon advertisement previously published, without compensation for any loss or damage claimed for non-publication. Publication of an advertisement cannot be Ballymurray, Roscommon guaranteed on a specific week or at all, whether or not a particular week has been stipulated by the advertiser, and the company will not be liable for any loss claimed by Domestic, Commercial, Industrial such omission, whether from all editions or any particular edition or editions of the paper. Right is reserved to IMMEDIATE START alter any advertisement without liability for Contact Tom Crean on 086 81 645 83 any compensation for or email your CV to such alteration. Further, info@tomcreanandson.ie the company does not accept liability for any Roscommon Office: loss or damage caused 090 66 61047 by an error or inaccuracy Dublin Office: (01) 525 2029 in the printing of any advertisement. W: tomcreanandson.ie

Minimum qualification FETAC Level 5 Applications to: Helen Cosgrove, Cloonslanor, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. Phone: 087 6995548 E-mail: cosgrap@hotmail.com

Phone Alan on:



Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to


The local paper! TELEPHONE:

090 66 34633

advertising@ roscommonpeople.ie

EMAIL: advertising@ roscommonpeople.ie

or alternatively call


090 66 34633

We cannot guarantee publication after this time


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

AtYourService BLINDS

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email advertising@roscommonpeople.ie




Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact JOHN GREENE BALLINASLOE



TEL: (090) 96 88606

Also Wooden Venetians, Velux Window Blinds.

(090) 96 88830 or (090) 96 87651 Lowest price guaranteed

We buy any CARS, VANS, TRUCKS, JEEPS all types wanted. End of life certs can be provided. Also scrap metal

Tel: 090 66 30521 Mobile: 086 8115928


- CCTV Camera Inspection For Professional For Professional Advice Contact Advice Contact: John Hibbitt: Tel: 090

9673336 Mob: 086 2678350 Email:

Chris’s Window Service

Cathal Dooley 087 6579064

20 Years Experience Free Insurance Quotes Nationwide Service Stoves and Ranges Fitted All Work Guaranteed



Racecourse Road, Roscommon We SUPPLY & FIT Double & Treble Glazed Windows & Doors, Patio Doors, French Doors, Porches and Conservatories WIDE RANGE OF COMPOSITE DOORS

uPVC Window and Door Locksmith We are the only Licensed Window and Door Locksmith in Roscommon

Telephone: 090 66 33026 www.roscommonwindows.ie


Supply and fit uPVC Doors and Windows ONLY TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS USED Composite Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors in a wide range of styles and colours Also various styles and colours of uPVC Windows

Full replacement service provided and all work carried out to a high quality finish


Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation Cellulose, Sheepswool, Fibreglass, SIGA Airtightness New Buildings & Retrofit

086 6002721

to discuss your requirements

Email: pjmhanley@gmail.com

Call in or contact us for free advice and quotes

To have your advert seen by over 80,000 people every week advertise with us!

Ballybane Industrial Estate, Unit 2, Ballybrit Industrial H91 P5k5 BlockEstate, 12, Galway Galway


091 768 768 info@ecowise.ie



Martin Hibbitt CLEANING Martin Martin Hibbitt Hibbitt APA-PL, CIP, CDIP LA Martin Hibbitt APA-PL, CIP, APA-PL, APA-PL, CIP, CIP, CDIP CDIP LA LA Martin HibbittLACDIP



S tephen H oare

APA-PL, LA APA-PL,CIP, CIP, CDIP CDIP LA 091 380900 091 380900 091 091 380900 380900 091 091380900 380900 087 7371280 087 7371280 087 087 7371280 7371280 0877371280 7371280 087 info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie info@icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.ie www.icr.iewww.icr.ieCleaning Services • Roscommon www.icr.ie

Springfield, Williamstown, Co. Galway Unit 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Mountbellew, Co. Galway UnitUnit 12 12 Oranmore Oranmore Business Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | |Mountbellew, | Mountbellew, Co. Co. Galway Unit 12 Oranmore BusinessPark, Park,Oranmore, Oranmore,Galway Galway Mountbellew, Co.Galway Galway • Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Co. Mountbellew, Co. Galway 12 Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway | Mountbellew, Galway Window restrictors l Burglary repairs l Window locks UnitUnit • WINDOW CLEANING Loss • Approved Product Advisor • Member the PSAB-GI • Certified • • Certified DipDipinDip inLoss Loss • •Approved Approved Product Product Advisor Advisor • • Member •Member Member ofofthe theofPSAB-GI l Cylinder and lock supplied l Hinge replacement • Certified Certified Dip ininLoss Approved Product Advisor theofPSAB-GI PSAB-GI Adjusting Adjusting • Certified Dip in Loss • Approved Product Advisor • Member of the PSAB-GI Adjusting Adjusting • Approved Member the Insurance • Regulated byCentral the Central Insurance • Regulated the Central • •Member Member ofofofthe theof Insurance Insurance •Advisor •Regulated Regulated byby•the by Central the l Glass replacement •Adjusting Certified Dip in Loss •Member Product Member of the PSAB-GI • POWER WASHING • Loss Loss Assessor Services Institute Ireland Bank Ireland Assessor Services Institute of Ireland • Regulated Bank of Ireland • Member of the Insurance the Central • Loss • • Loss Assessor Assessor Services Services Institute Institute ofofofIreland Ireland Bank Bank ofofIreland ofbyIreland Adjusting l Window and door seals • ofMember • Regulated by the Central • Loss Assessor Services Institute Ireland of the Insurance Bank of Ireland Fascias & Soffits • Loss Assessor Services Institute of Ireland Bank of Ireland l Window and door handles supplied and fitted PROPERTY • Gutters & Down pipes l Aluminium and uPVC doors and windows repaired. • Drive ways ‘paths and patios’ Tel: 085 2191234 ROS KEEN and COMPETITIVE PRICES email: chrislocksmith.162@gmail.com

Chimney Problems

• Relining • Rebuilding • CCTV Camera Inspection

Tel: 090

Martin Hibbitt



Dooley Chimney Repairs • Lining


Tel: 087 0944027

DOORS/ WINDOWS SERVICE - Chimney Repairs - Soot & Smoke Problems - Demolish, Re Build & Re Flue Line - Chimney Fires - Flexible Stainless Steel Liner - Insurance Claims processed

Daily collection

Contact Maurice on 086 2538169 or Kenneth on 086 8044030 Gannon Environmental Services Ltd.

RO S l

Property Services

M: 086 3912396 Ph: 090 66 62892

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Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


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Tearmainn Bhríde, Brideswell Who passed away on 4th December 2021

The family of the late Theresa Connaughton wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those who sympathised, consoled and supported us on the sad loss of our dearly beloved mother. We are truly touched by the outpouring of support shown to us by those leaving messages on RIP. ie, texts, Mass Cards and to those who travelled long distances. To all our relatives, neighbours and friends who visited, kindly brought food, helped and supported us during Theresa’s illness and in the days following her passing, we will be forever grateful. Heartfelt thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff in UHG and Portiuncula, her GP Dr. Donegan and staff at the Medical Centre, Chemco Pharmacy and the Palliative Care Team and Home Support Services for their professionalism and exceptional care they provided to Theresa during her illness and all who enabled Theresa to spend her final resting days at home, we are eternally grateful to you all. Sincere thanks and appreciation to the management and staff of Tearmainn Bhríde, for their help and support and providing Theresa with a Guard of Honour on her final journey. Sincere thanks to Fr. McManus and Deacon Willie Gacquin for celebrating the beautiful Funeral Mass. To the singers Bernard and Patrice for their beautiful enhancement of the ceremony. Our appreciation to Enda McHugh, Funeral Directors and Lakelands Crematorium for their compassion, professionalism and support during this sad time. As it is impossible to thank everybody individually, we hope that you will accept this notice as an expression of deep gratitude and appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for all your intentions. Sadly missed by sons Jason and Robert, daughters Thérése and Sarah, Clement, sisters and brothers, her partner Willie, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandchildren, relatives and friends. Month’s Mind Mass will be celebrated in Church of the Risen Christ, Kiltoom, Ballybay, Co. Roscommon on Saturday, 15th January at 7pm.

McDERMOTT Mairead Tarmonbarry & Strokestown Co. Roscommon Treasured memories of Mairead who passed away on January 12th 2020 (2nd Anniversary)

They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal, but neither time or reason, will change the way we feel. For no one knows the heartache, that lies behind our smiles, no one knows how many times, we have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something, so there won’t be any doubt, you’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without. We cannot bring the old days back, when we were all together, the family chain is broken now, but memories live forever.

When God was making Mothers, he must have made a fuss, he spent a lot of time on one and gave that one to us. Of all the gifts in life however great or small, to have you as our Mother was the greatest gift of all. Because you were so special no words can ever say how much we love and miss you today and everyday.

Lovingly remembered and sorely missed by your heartbroken family, Paul, Ali, parents Ronnie and Mary, Sharon, Noel, Sandra, Ronan, Barry, Tracey, brother’s and sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives and many friends.

Loved, cherished and dearly missed every day Bernie and Eamonn. xxx

Loved and missed everyday.

FALLON Larry Culleenboy, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon Who passed away on 7th January 2013

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Cloontuskert, Lanesboro, Co. Roscommon (2nd Anniversary) In loving memory of our beautiful, gentle, loving Mother Kathleen who passed away on 15th January 2020

In Heaven you rest no worry or pain but in our hearts you will always remain.

Always remembered by his wife Eileen and his daughters Lorraine and Noelle. Masses offered.

Always a smile instead of a frown, always a hand when one is down, always true, thoughtful and kind, wonderful memories she left behind. Your smile we miss, your laughter we treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never.

In loving memory of Mammy Though your smile is gone forever and your hand we cannot touch we have so many memories of the one we loved so much. Your memory is our keepsake with which we will never part, God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts.

Loved and remembered by your son Johnny and daughter-in-law Nuala. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ In loving memory of Granny Granny your life was full of thoughtful deeds, forever thoughtful of our special needs. Today and tomorrow my whole life through we will always love and cherish you.

Loved and remembered by your grandchildren Lisa and Alan. Kathleen’s Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in the Church of The Holy Rosary, Ballyleague on Saturday, 15th January at 7pm.


HEGARTY Jack Glinsk, Castlerea, Co. Galway (8th Anniversary)

• Superior Quality Headstones • Restoration work carried out • New Inscriptions added


087 6758874

In loving memory of Jack, who went to Heaven on the 14th January 2014

Mairead’s Anniversary Mass will takes place in Strokestown Church on Sunday, January 16th at 11.30am.

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MALONE (nee Hennessy) Kathleen

Scrine, Athleague, www.brianmuraystone.com Co. Roscommon E: brianmurraystone@gmail.com

KENNY Darragh

Although you were with us for such a short while, we will never forget your happy, bright smile. A ray of sunshine came and went, a beautiful treasure, only lent.

Late of Gort, Lecarrow (9th Anniversary) Died 15th January 2013

Loved and missed every day, from Mammy and Daddy, your brother Patrick and all your family. xx Also at this time we remember Jack’s twin brother Thomas, who is also with the Angels.

In loving memory of Darragh Kenny DARRAGH You left us quietly your thoughts unknown but left us memories we are proud to own. So treasure him Lord in Your garden of rest because here on earth he was one of the best.

8th Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in Donamon Castle Church on Friday, 14th January at 9.30am.

CAHILL Seamus St. Ciaran’s Park, Roscommon Who passed away on the 17th January 2017 (5th Anniversary)

Sadly missed by Liam, Fidelma, Catriona, Sarah, Michael and Ciara. Anniversary Mass in St. John’s Church, Lecarrow on Sunday, 16th January at 11.30am.

FARRELL Matthew (Mattie) & Mary Clooneyourish, Athleague (16th and 11th Anniversaries) In loving memory of Mattie, who died on 30th December 2005 and Mary, who died on 13th January 2011

Deep in our hearts your memory is kept to love, to cherish and never forget.

May Seamus Rest In Peace. Sadly missed by his loving wife Máire and the Cahill family. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated privately on Monday, 17th January.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times, for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. B. O’D.

Many a lovely moment, many a silent tear, but always treasured memories of parents we loved so dear. We hold you close within our hearts and there you shall remain, to walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again.

Always remembered by Seamus, Kieran, Marie and Sean, relatives and friends. Masses offered.

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Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


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(Michael- 40th Anniversary)

(Mai - 4th Anniversary) In loving memory of our dear parents Michael and Mai. Time cannot heal the heartache or stop a silent tear it won’t take away the memories of the parents we loved so dear.

Remembered always with love by Kay, Maura, Nuala and extended family. Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Ballagh on Saturday, January 22nd at 8pm.

TIGHE  Philomena Glinsk, Castlerea (22nd Anniversary)

MULLOOLY James Carrowmore, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon (3rd Anniversary)

HANLEY Sally Ann

TIERNAN Margaret & Brian



(5th Anniversary)

Late of Cartron, Kilrooskey (11th and 40th Anniversaries) In loving memory of Margaret, who passed away on 14th January 2011 and Brian who passed away on the 25th October 1982

(18th Anniversary) Antrane

(10th Anniversary) Onagh

Who passed away on the 13th January 2017

SISTER Although I’m sad without you and wish that you were here, within my heart your lovely smile still shines bright and clear. I treasure all those memories, of growing up with you, the secrets we would share, the childish things we’d do. And as the years passed quickly, we grew closer still. I miss you dearest sister and you know I always will.

No matter how life changes no matter what we do a special place within our hearts is always kept for you.

Always remembered and sadly missed by your loving family. xxx


Time passes, memories stay, quietly remembered every day. Will those who think of them today a little prayer to Jesus say.

Sadly missed and lovingly remembered. Anniversary Mass in St. Michael’s Church, Glinsk on Tuesday, 18th January at 7pm.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times, for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. A.D.

In loving memory of James Mullooly who passed away on the 13th January 2019 Our lives go on without you but nothing is the same we have to hide our heartache when someone speaks your name. Sad are the hearts that loved you silent are the tears that fall, living here without you is the hardest part of all. You did so many things for us your heart was kind and true. and when we needed someone we could always count on you. The special years will not return when we were all together but with the love we hold in our hearts you will walk with us forever.

In loving memory of a much and always loved son and a great brother from his mother Mary, father Peter, his three sisters Dara, Margaret, Laura. Godson Luke and niece Lucy.


Anniversary Mass in Donamon Castle on Wednesday, 19th January at 9.30am.

HANLEY Sally Ann (5th Anniversary)

Who passed away on the 13th January 2017

CORBETT James (Jimmy) Mount Prospect Roscommon. (5th Anniversary)

Love’s Greatest Gift - Remembrance

MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

A dear Husband and Father Whose birthday occurs on 18th January 2021 A smile for everyone A heart of gold The very best this world could hold Never selfish Always kind These are the lovely memories you left behind

Always remembered by your loving daughter, Kathleen, son-in-law John and grandsons David and John. R.I.P. Grandad

Jimmy we love and miss you so much God bless. “Our hero.”

Veronica, James and Martin.

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Scrine, Athleague, Co. Roscommon Third generation Monumental Sculptors specialising in: • New Headstones • New Inscriptions • Restoration and Cleaning of Monuments • Wall Plaques and Name Plates • Grave Maintenance Service Contact James on 087 3549574 or David on 087 6086723

Always in the thoughts of Pat, Andrew and Matthew.

E-mail: info@anthonymurrayandsons.com www.anthonymurrayandsons.com

Anniversary Mass in Donamon Castle on Wednesday, 19th January at 9.30am.

THE MIRACULOUS PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this special one. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times, for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. C.

Loved and remembered by all the family. Anniversary Mass in St. Ronan’s Church, Taughmaconnell on Sunday, 16th January at 11am.

Email or call for Sample Pack

Gone from our hearth but forever in our hearts.


Will those who think of them today, a little prayer to Jesus say.

Cloonslanor, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

Love always Bernie and family.

In loving memory of Philomena Tighe late of Glinsk, Castlerea, who passed away on the 22nd January 2000 also Sr. Ann Tighe who died in January 2019

Taughmaconnell In loving memory of Enda and his granddad Paddy

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• Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Dome-ward Bound!

Shot stopper: Roscommon goalkeeper Conor Carroll pulls off a terrific save to deny Sligo’s Niall Murphy from the penalty spot during last Saturday’s FBD League Semi-Final at the NUIG Connacht GAA Air Dome. See match report on page 34. Pic: Mick McCormack

Rossies face Galway in FBD decider FBD League Final: Roscommon v Galway at the NUIG Connacht Air Dome, Bekan on Friday at 5.45 pm < SEAMUS DUKE

Roscommon senior footballers will have famil-

iar opposition in the FBD League Final on Friday when they face Galway for the seventh time in a row in this decider (there was no competition in 2021). It will afford Anthony Cunningham and his selectors another chance to look at new players and combinations as the National Football League season approaches at the end of the month. Speaking after last weekend’s 3-23 to 0-21 win against Sligo in the semi-final, the Roscom-

mon manager admitted that the conditions in the dome were totally removed from those that apply playing football outside in the winter months, but admitted that it gives a great workout to players and is a valuable barometer of fitness for the squad. Roscommon looked at 25 players last Saturday night against Sligo (see match report) and it is expected that the same will happen this weekend. However, Galway will provide formidable

Pearses now third favourites for All-Ireland club glory Pádraig Pearses are now third favourites in the race to be crowned All-Ireland Senior Club Football champions following their 1-13 to 1-11 win over Mayo champions Knockmore in the Connacht Club final on Sunday last (see match report and reaction on pages 35, 36 and 37). The south Roscommon club have

been backed into 6/1 from 10/1 with betting company BoyleSports to become just the second side from the county to become All-Ireland club champions following St. Brigid’s’ historic win in 2013. Down champions Kilcoo remain the 5/4 favourites ahead of their Ulster showdown with Derrygonnelly Harps (Fermanagh) this

weekend while Leinster champions Kilmacud Crokes, who Pearses meet in the All-Ireland semifinal, are 9/4. Davy Murray leads his Pádraig Pearses teammates out for last Saturday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final against Knockmore in Ballina. Pic: Mick McCormack

opposition. They defeated Mayo by 0-17 to 0-14 in the semi-final last weekend and they fielded a very strong team. Without the Pádraig Pearses and St. Faithleach’s players, Roscommon will be understrength once again but it will still be a credible test for the new players on the Roscommon panel ahead of the new season. Prediction: Roscommon


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Horses for Courses There is racing in Ireland this week starting tomorrow on the all-weather at Dundalk away at 4.15 pm. On Saturday racing action is at Fairyhouse, first race at 12.15 pm and on Sunday and Monday at Punchestown. Sunday features the Grade 2 Moscow Flyer Novice Hurdle and the Grade 3 Kildare Novice Chase starting at 12.45 pm. Racing on Monday starts at 12.50 pm. Racing on TV this Saturday is from Warwick and Kempton, with five races from Warwick and four from Kempton including three Grade 2 races and one Grade 3 race. The horse that caught my eye last week, Higher Road, finished fourth at 22/1 in Clonmel this day week and paid 4/1 for a place in four-places market. In the closing hunter chase, Ask D’Man won for the stable of David Christie and leading point-topoint rider Barry O’Neill at odds of 7/4. Hope you got a few quid of the Christmas expenses back. Over to Sandown, Shark Hanlon’s Skyace finished third on Saturday in the Unibet 3 Uniboosts A Day Mares’ Hurdle pocketing nearly €3,000 euros for connections. Willie Mullins’ Gauloise, odds on favourite, finished last of five runners.

Racing News Aidan O’Brien’s triple Group One winner Snowfall has been put down after suffering a pelvic injury. The mare blossomed as a 3-Y-O winning the Epsom Oaks by 16l, the Irish equivalent by 8½l and the Yorkshire Oaks by 4l. Henry de Bromhead’s Grand National runner-up Balko Des Flos is out for the rest of the current campaign with injury. Winner of the 2018 Ryanair Chase, when owned by Gigginstown House Stud, 11-YO was purchased by the Racehor-

by Tom Red

Shor t putts (News from local golf clubs)


Ask D’ Man and Barry O’Neill jump the last at Clonmel.

seClub syndicate for over €100k. He returned from the cross-country chase at Cheltenham last month carrying an injury.

2022 Cheltenham Festival Henry de Bromhead’s Honeysuckle heads 23 entries for the Champion Hurdle at the Cheltenham Festival. The mare is odds-on to retain her title and will probably run in the Irish Champion Hurdle at Leopardstown next month. There are thirteen trained in Ireland with WP Mullins and Gordon Elliott boasting four each, de Bromhead three, and Noel Meade and Gavin Cromwell one each. Leading the challenge is Nicky Henderson’s Epatante who was third in last year’s race and won it in 2020. Mullins’ Sharjah was runner-up in both races and will be hoping it’s a case of third time lucky. There are 33 entries in the Stayers

Hurdle headed by last year’s winner Gavin Cromwell’s Flooring Porter. His recent Leopardstown conqueror Mullins’ Klassical Dream is also in the field along 16 more Irish trained runners. Mullins has seven, Elliott three, Cromwell two, Joseph O’Brien, Henry de Bromhead, Noel Meade, Mouse Morris, Peter Fahey, and David Christie have one each. Henry de Bromhead’s A Plus Tard will head straight Prestbury Park for the Cheltenham Gold Cup. The 8-YO eight-year-old, ridden by Rachael Blackmore, was the runner-up behind stablemate Minella Indo under Jack Kennedy in last season’s race, beaten 1¼l. He always runs well, winning five of his 13 races and has been second or third in the other eight. He won the Betfair Chase at Haydock on his return to action this season, but had to make do with second place when caught by Galvin when defending his Savills Chase crown at Leopardstown. Skyace returned lame after her run

at Sandown at the weekend where she finished a very respectable third. Shark Hanlon, her trainer, hopes she will recover to run at the Cheltenham Festival. Bought for the bargain price of £600 after being placed in three bumpers for Willie Mullins, the 7-YO has proved a real money-spinner for the Birdinthehand Syndicate and her Rossie connections. There are 21 of the 36 Irish trained entries for the Ryanair Chase on St. Patrick’s, headed by Allaho in the ante post market. The layers go a very short 7/4 the Mullins trained 8-Y-O and 10/1 bar. If the same horse wins both the Irish Gold Cup in Leopardstown and the Cheltenham Gold Cup, connections will qualify for a €150,000 bonus put up by Paddy Power who sponsor the Irish race. Only three horses, Jodami in 1993, Imperial Call in 1996, and most recently Sizing John in 2017 have completed the double. This should prove a boost for the Irish race, entries for which close today (Thursday).

Point-to-Point Corner

Aidan O’Brien’s triple Group One winner Snowfall has been put down after suffering a pelvic injury. Snowfall and Frankie Dettori annihilated the field in the Epsom Oaks.

Last weekend, racing at Aghabulloge was postponed following the passing of point-to-point stalwart Jack Murphy. Jack was former chairperson of both the Cork and Waterford point-to-point association and Aghabullogue point-to-point committee. He was laid to rest in Aghabullogue on Saturday (RIP). The meeting will now take place on Saturday next starting at 12.30 pm with 82 entries. Racing Sunday is at Carrigrostig near Castlemartyr in Cork and at Turtulla near Thurles in Tipperary. There are 112 entries in Carrigrostig and 158 in Turtulla with both meetings scheduled for off at 12.30 pm. Due to the large entry at Turtulla, the starting time has been brought forward to 11.30 am. The meeting at Ballycrystal in Wexford has been cancelled. The Dungarvan Farmer’s point-to-point scheduled for Sunday, January 23rd has also been cancelled leaving a blank day on the calendar as the Stonehall Harriers’ point-to-point pencilled in for the same day was cancelled earlier.

Feargal Shine won the recent 12hole Ladies’ and Gents’ Open with 32 points. Other results: Cat A: John Rice (28 points); Cat B: Cathal Donnelly (30); Cat C: Derek Martin (28); Cat D: John Fagan (28). Meanwhile, Tim McCarthy, Donal Shine and Kevin Newcome won the 12-hole Open Scramble on December 28th. Noel Kilcommons topped the Ladies’ and Gents’ leaderboard (Category A) on December 28th with 34 points, Eugene Rafferty topped Category B with 29 points, Category C went to Brian O’Looney (29) and John Mee took Category D with 28. The Ladies’ 12-hole competition was won by Lily O’Sullivan with 24 points. Patricia Cleary was runner-up with 21. The Gents’ ‘Better the Score’ competition, which is sponsored and run by PGA professional, Kevin Grealy, commenced last weekend and will run until St. Patrick’s Day. This year’s competition is a 15hole Stableford and one of the early competitors on the first day of the competition was Glenbeigh native, Denis O’Sullivan, who left the field trailing with a magnificent 37 points. Athlone Golf Club wishes to convey its deepest sympathy to Frank O’Regan, a member for many years and to Niamh, a current member and Celeste, a former member and to the family, on the passing of Kay, who was also a member for many years. Condolences also to Kiltoom native Barney Kenna on the passing of his brother, Dominic. May they rest in peace.

Golfing wisdom from Athlone… Fore is the warning cry to players ahead that they are in danger of being hit by a golf ball. The Oxford Dictionary gives the derivation as ‘probably for Before’ - which was a shortened version “Beware before”. The more likely derivation of the word is from the forecaddies who were used long ago. Forecaddies went ahead to watch and mark the place when balls landed in the rough. If the ball was heading straight for a forecaddie, the warning cry “fore!” would be emitted.

Bob Hope on golf… “I’d give up golf if I didn’t have so many sweaters”. “President Eisenhower has given up golf for painting. It takes fewer strokes”. “I didn’t realise how long some of these seniors had been around. Yesterday, I saw a guy signing his scorecard with a feather”.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Dome shoot-out sees Rossies advance Connacht FBD League semi-final Roscommon 3-23 Sligo 0-21 < SEAMUS DUKE

A unique start to the year for Roscommon senior footballers saw them defeat Sligo by 11 points in the magnificent NUIG Connacht GAA Air Dome last Saturday night. The facility is a credit to all involved and the 300 spectators who were there on the night saw at first-hand one of the finest pieces of sports infrastructure in the country. The ability to stage a senior inter-county competitive match indoors – and in such comfort – gives an idea of the scale of the facility. However, the conditions are about as far removed as one could see at this time of the year outdoors. The fast underfoot conditions and the absence of any wind or rain leads to a high-scoring shoot-out, and that’s what we witnessed here. There was very little in the way of serious physical contact as the players were able to move the ball quickly through the lines on both sides. Nevertheless, while short several players for various reasons, Anthony Cunningham and his selectors used no less than 25 players on the night and there were some impressive performances from a number of new faces. Conor Carroll had a very good game between the posts and looks one for the future. St Dominic’s’ Eoin McCormack got on a lot of ball at centre halfback and did well overall, while Shane Cunnane had a good first

half in the middle of the field. It was good to see Cathal Heneghan back in the team again and hopefully he will stay injury-free this year. Further upfield, Conor Cox was outstanding at corner-forward throughout, and Donie Smith played well in the number 14 jersey. Of the subs who came on, Enda Smith scored a brilliant goal, Keith Doyle also caught the eye at midfield, and Ben O’Carroll capped an impressive display from the Rossies with a welltaken goal in injury-time. Roscommon led by four points to no score within three and a half minutes, but by the 11th minute it was 0-5 to 0-4. Sligo’s Niall Murphy and Pat Hughes were giving the Roscommon full-back line plenty to think about, and Murphy in particular was rampant on the evening. Roscommon were always able to conjure up a couple of scores and in first-half injury-time Eddie Nolan, Cathal Heneghan and Ciaran Sugrue set up Diarmuid McGann who found the net from close range. From the kickout, Sligo attacked at pace and when Pat Hughes was fouled by Fergal Lennon, referee Liam Devenney pointed to the spot. Niall Murphy’s effort was brilliantly saved by Conor Carroll. Half-time score: Roscommon 1-13 Sligo 0-9. With Murphy again to the fore, Sligo narrowed the gap to three within six minutes of the restart, but Roscommon recovered their mojo and they led by six again by the second water break. Both sides emptied their benches as the game went on, and the action was very stop-start for the final quarter. In the 68th minute Enda Smith scored a superb goal after a blistering 60-metre solo

Roscommon manager, Anthony Cunningham, issues instructions during last Saturday’s FBD League Semi-Final. Pic: Mick McCormack

Diarmuid McGann slots home from close range during Roscommon’s FBD League Semi-Final win over Sligo last Saturday night. Pic: Mick McCormack

run, and in the 5th minute of injury-time Ben O’Carroll finished well to cap a good scoring performance from Roscommon on the night. Now it’s on to another FBD League final against Galway which is tomorrow night (Friday) at the same venue (6 pm). That will be another stern test ahead of the big league starting date against Cork in Dr Hyde Park on Sunday 30th of January. Roscommon: Conor Carroll; Fergal Lennon, Colin Walsh, Niall Higgins; Richard Hughes, Eoin McCormack, Dylan Ruane; Eddie Nolan, Shane Cunnane (0-2); Cathal Heneghan (0-2), Ultan Harney, Diarmuid McGann (1-0); Ciaran Sugrue (0-1), Donie Smith (0-4, frees), Conor Cox (0-11, 3 frees). Subs: Cian McKeon (0-1) for Harney and Enda Smith (1-0) for Nolan (h/t). Ciaran Lawless for Higgins (39), Ben O’Carroll (1-0) for Sugrue (42), Aengus Lyons for Lennon (45), Brian

Derwin (0-1) for Heneghan (49), Keith Doyle (0-1) for Cunnane (50), Thomas O’Rourke for McGann (66), Ronan Dowd for Ruane (69), Adam McDermott for D Smith (69). Sligo: Eamonn Kilgallon; Eddie McGuinness, Evan Lyons, Mark Walsh; Keelan Cawley, Paul Kilcoyne, Nathan Mullen; Peter Laffey, Conan Marren; Karl McKenna, Alan Reilly (0-4), Mikey Gordon; Brian Egan (0-2, 1 free ’45), Pat Hughes (0-2, 1 M), Niall Murphy (0-13, 4 frees,’45, 1 M). Subs: Kenny Gavigan for McKenna, David Phillips for Walsh and Paul McNamara for Gordon (all h/t), Nathan Rooney for Egan (49), Oisin Kennedy for Laffey (55), Sean Taylor for Kilgannon (60), Ray Connolly for Reilly (69). Referee: Liam Devenney (Mayo). Man of the Match: Niall Murphy (Sligo)

Conor Cox gets his shot away under pressure during last Saturday’s FBD League Semi-Final between Roscommon and Sligo at the NUIG Connacht GAA Air Dome. Pic: Mick McCormack

Pictured is the Roscommon team which overcame Sligo in the semi-final of the FBD League at the NUIG Connacht GAA Air Dome last Saturday night. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Flanagan: ‘This is special but there’s more to come!’ < SEAMUS DUKE

Pat Flanagan has spent 27 years patrolling the sideline as a manager at county and club level, but the Clara man said after the final whistle last Sunday that this Connacht final win was up there with anything he has achieved as a manager. “It was a very tough game. We went seven points up in the second half and they scored 1-2 without reply, which made it very difficult for us but we showed massive character to come back again and see it out. There were many ups and downs in the match and remember that they (Knockmore) are a serious team. They have won two Mayo championships and it was always going to be a difficult

game,” he said. Was there a plan to put forward Hubert Darcy in goal if there was a problem with Paul Whelan? “That certainly was not in the plan! We never considered that we might lose Paul but the reason we put Hubert in there was that he would be able to carry the ball out the field if that was required and that was the explanation for that move,” Pat replied. The veteran manager also paid tribute to young Paul Carey for his sensational performance: “Paul had a super game. Remember, he had a few quiet games this year but he really stood up today. I said to him before the game to believe in his own ability and he was fantastic and some of the points he kicked from play were superb”.

Ever the perfectionist, Pat says that there is plenty of improvement left in his side. “I honestly think that there is far more in this side. We were not near 100 per cent today and we have a big, big game coming up in a few weeks’ time. Can we win that game? Yes we can. “I have been involved in a couple of provincial finals in the past and didn’t get over the line so this is very special. I cannot speak highly enough about this club. The standards they have are higher than many of the counties that I have been involved with. There is so much desire in them to be better and bigger and stronger. It is an honour to be part of it,” he concluded.

Pádraig Pearses manager, Pat Flanagan, celebrates with Shane Carty following last Sunday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final win over Knockmore at James Stephens’ Park, Ballina. Pic: Mick McCormack

‘This is a dream come true!’ < SEAMUS DUKE

Pádraig Pearses midfielder Niall Daly wore the smile of a man who had just witnessed the coming of age

of his club team just after the final whistle. “We certainly don’t make it easy for ourselves. It’s been that way all year. We get ourselves into good

positions and we switch off for a minute or two and we get punished. We were 1-9 to 0-5 up and we conceded 1-2 out of nowhere, but as we have

done all year we stood up and fought back,” he said. “All the lads were great again and the subs did their part too but Paul Carey was unbelievable.

“It’s a dream come true. We fell short against Corofin a couple of years ago but to come down here to Ballina and win is unbelievable. I am thrilled”.

Man of the Match: Pádraig Pearses’ Paul Carey chats to the media following last Sunday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final win over Knockmore in Ballina. Pic: Mick McCormack

McLoughlin rues missed chances < SEAMUE DUKE

Experienced Knockmore and Mayo star, Kevin McLoughlin, bemoaned the many missed chances that his side had on the day and admitted that Pádraig Pearses were deserving winners at the full-time whistle. “The difference between the teams was that they took their chances and we didn’t. It was a really tough game and they were probably the deserving winners in the end,” he said. “We knew that even though we were a few points down we were able to come back. But they were always able to get a few scores when they needed them and we just couldn’t draw level. “They are very good side and they defended really well and they have some excellent players. We are disappointed today but we have won the last two Mayo championships and that’s a great achievement for the club,“ he concluded.

Niall Daly carries possession forward during last Sunday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final between Pádraig Pearses and Knockmore in Ballina. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

SportsPeople Teams and Scorers Pádraig Pearses: Paul Whelan; Mark Richardson, Anthony Butler, Gavin Downey; Conor Lohan, Ronan Daly (0-1), David Murray; Niall Daly, Conor Daly; Lorcan Daly, Niall Carty, Shane Carty; Conor Payne (0-1), Hubert Darcy (1-1, 1-0 pen), Paul Carey (0-8, 3 frees). Subs: Caelim Keogh for Downey (3), Tom Butler (0-1) for L Daly (42), Emmet Kelly (0-1) for S Carty (49), Shane Mulvey for Keogh (65). Knockmore: Colm Reape (0-1); Marcus Park, David McHale, Sean Holmes; Nathan Armstrong, Kieran King, Conor Flynn; Kevin McLoughlin, Shane McHale; Pearse Rutledge, Adam Naughton, Connell Dempsey; James Ruddy, Aiden Orme (0-5, 2 frees, 1 mark), Peter Naughton (0-3). Subs: Liam Durcan for Ruddy (21), Charlie Burke (1-0) for King (30+4), Darren McHale for Park (42), Keith Rutledge (0-2) for Durcan (59), Kieran Langan for P Rutledge (60).

Pearses crowned

Roscommon champions win final battle in Ballina AIB Connacht Club SFC Final Pádraig Pearses 1-13 Knockmore 1-11 < SEAMUS DUKE

Magnificent Pádraig Pearses wrote their own piece of football history in the county when they became only the fifth Roscommon club to win the Connacht Club Senior Football Championship title following

this thrilling decider played at James Stephens’ Park in Ballina last Sunday. It was not all plain sailing for Pat Flanagan’s men, who looked to be in total control a number of times throughout the contest, as Knockmore battled back to within striking distance on at least three occasions, leaving the final outcome in doubt right up to the final whistle. But to win big titles you need heroes, players who stand up to be counted on the big day, and Pádraig Pearses had many

last Sunday, but none more so than young corner forward Paul Carey. The 20-year-old (he celebrates his 21st birthday next week) came of age last Sunday with a sensational display of point kicking (0-8) from play and frees and Knockmore were simply not able to deal with him. Niall and Conor Daly were immense too. Niall played in front of the defence and was a superb link man between defence and attack while Conor drove forward throughout and

set up many a dangerous move. Anthony Butler was also superb at full-back, driving out with the ball time after time. A word too for Hubert Darcy, who calmly slotted home a penalty in the third minute and who ended up as a goalkeeper for a ten minute spell after Paul Whelan received a black card in the 22nd minute. It was a massive team effort once again from Pearses with the substitutes’ bench playing their part once again, as Tom Butler and Emmet Kelly

grabbed vital late scores when the game was in the melting pot. The wide count (14 to 2) might suggest that Knockmore dominated the match, but in truth many of those errant shots from the Mayo men were from far out the field and impossible angles. At the other end, Pearses were clinical. On a dry and dull day, the big crowd were treated to a cracking contest played in a great spirit by both sides. Pearses led by 1-1 to no score after only

Referee: James Molloy (Galway)

Stat Attack Wides: Pádraig Pearses 2 (2 first half) Knockmore 14 (7 first half) Red cards: None Black cards: Pádraig Pearses 1 Paul Whelan (22 mins) Knockmore 0 Yellow cards: Pádraig Pearses 2 (Hubert Darcy, Emmet Kelly) Knockmore 2 (Sean Holmes, Kevin McLoughlin) Man of the Match: Paul Carey (Pádraig Pearses) Attendance: 3,500

Joint captains, Emmet Kelly and Davy Murray, lift the Shane McGettigan Cup following Pádraig Pearses’ AIB Connacht Club SFC Final win over Knockmore in Ballina last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

Hubert Darcy sends Knockmore goalkeeper Colm Reape the wrong way from the penalty spot during last Sunday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final. Pic: Mick McCormack

Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022



Connacht champions! five minutes. In the second minute Shane McHale up-ended Niall Carty and Hubert Darcy sent Colm Reape the wrong way with the resultant spot kick, and Carey then started his scoring spree with a great point in the 5th minute. Knockmore goalkeeper Colm Reape pointed from distance in the 6th minute to get them off the mark, before eight scoreless minutes, during which the Mayo side kicked three wides from distance. Their best player, Aidan Orme, then pointed from a mark in the 21st minute to narrow the gap to three, But just when it looked like Pearses were in control, Paul Whelan carried the ball out from his goal, was caught in possession, and was deemed to have fouled Aidan Orme. Referee James Molloy showed Whelan a black card and he was off the field for ten minutes. Pearses re-jigged their team and it was Hubert Darcy who took up duty between the posts. Aidan Orme pointed the resultant free to narrow the gap further. However, before halftime Carey struck over another super point before Orme’s free from 25 metres saw the teams go in at half-time with Pearses ahead by 1-3 to 0-4. Back to a full compliment of players, Pearses played their best football in the third quarter. Five points from the rampant Carey (three frees) and another fine effort from Hubert Darcy saw the Roscommon side in a commanding 1-9 to 0-5 lead by the 44th minute. But the game was far from over. Aidan Orme and Peter Naughton pointed for Knockmore to reduce the gap, and in the 47th minute sub Darren

McHale’s long ball was fisted past Paul Whelan by another sub Charlie Burke, and suddenly the gap was down to just two points. Pearses response after the second water break was superb however. Carey kicked another wonder score from way out near the sideline (the point of the match) in the 51st minute, and when that was followed by inspirational points from Emmet Kelly and Ronan Daly the gap was out to five points again. There was one more kick in Knockmore. As the winning post came into view, Keith Rutledge kicked two fine points, and Peter Naughton another, and as the game slipped into injury-time the gap was down to two again. ‘Super sub’ Tom Butler lifted the siege with a great point for Pearses in the 63rd minute and then in the last attack of the game Orme raced through for Knockmore and blasted the ball low and hard but it just flew over the Pearses crossbar and the Roscommon men had survived. Having won their first ever Roscommon title just two years ago this Pearses team were anxious to write their own bit of history and make their mark in Connacht. They have done that now in no uncertain terms, and next up is a clash with Dublin kingpins Kilmacud Crokes in the All-Ireland semi-final at the end of the month. What a mouth-watering prospect that is. But that’s for another day and as the Shane McGettigan Cup heads for Taughmaconnell Moore and Creagh, the Pearses supporters, players and club members who were there will never forget this momentous day in Ballina.

Man of the Match Paul Carey scored 0-8 during last Sunday’s AIB Connacht Club SFC Final. Pic: Mick McCormack

Pádraig Pearses players, management and supporters celebrate at the full-time whistle following their AIB Connacht Club SFC Final win over Knockmore in Ballina last Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022

SportsPeople Hoping the lads can take home the Gene Byrne Memorial Cup ... we are all behind you!

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Ciaráin eyes up more provincial success < SEAMUS DUKE

Ciaráin Murtagh has fond memories of Connacht finals in Pearse Stadium. In 2017 he captained Roscommon to capture the Nestor Cup in a sensational nine-point win against Galway. This weekend, Ciaráin will lead his club side out as they attempt to win provincial honours – and once again it is Galway opposition they will face. “We are all looking forward immensely to this final now. Winning the title with Roscommon was great but it would be fantastic to win a provincial final with the lads that we grew up with and went to school with and who are our friends and neighbours,” he said. “We have had really tough games against Fuerty, Castlerea, St. Dominic’s (extra-time in the county final) and St. Farnan’s of Sligo (another extra-time win in the Connacht semi-final) so we have had to battle all the way. We have got to ensure that we play for the whole 60 minutes on Saturday because we have a tendency to let the opposition back into games,” he added. Faithleach’s have done

a bit of research on their opponents ahead of Saturday’s game. “A few of the lads went to see Leitir Móir in action against Mayo Gaels in the Connacht semi-final and they have plenty of good players. They have a tight-knit group with a lot of brothers and cousins on their team. From what I have seen of them, this game is 50/50 and we will have to play well to win it,” Ciaráin said. The talismanic forward says he is expecting Faithleach’s to have a full hand to choose from on Saturday after a bit of uncertainty over the past few weeks. “In common with many other clubs we had a problem with Covid and in fairness to Naomh Anna they were very accommodating when we looked for a postponement and now we have everyone fit and we are looking forward to the match. “We had a few days off at Christmas but we have been training hard since and it would be a very special day for everyone at the club to win this provincial title. If we give a good account of ourselves we have a great chance,” he concluded.

St. Faithleach’s talisman, Ciaráin Murtagh, is hoping for club provincial silverware to add to his success at inter-county level. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell

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The manager of the Naomh Anna team is former player Ciaran Ó Flaharta and he says that they have a similar tale to tell as St. Faithleach’s have in the run-up to Saturday’s game. “We went down to intermediate two years ago. We got back up this year and have had a great campaign – but it was tough going. We had a great battle against Dunmore in the county final. We played well against Dromahair and we had another real battle against Mayo Gaels in the semi-final” he told People Sport this week. Ó Flaharta admits that they know a little bit about St. Faithleach’s: “We have seen some videos of them...they are a

well drilled side. They are fast and play a nice brand of football. Of course everyone knows the Murtagh brothers and their quality, so we are preparing for a very tough battle. It will be very tight”. Ciaráin says that in common with most other club teams, their preparations have been interrupted by Covid. “We have had some problems but thankfully all of those have cleared up now and we are ready to go on Saturday. Look, we know that this will not be an easy game but we are confident in our own ability and we will be giving it everything. The club are going well and we will have a big following there on the day, which is great. It’s brilliant that people are able to go to these matches and hopefully it will be a good game,” he concluded.

Meet the opposition… The Naomh Anna Club was formed in 1964 and is based in Leitir Móir in the Galway Gaeltacht. The village is 55 miles from Galway City and the club enjoyed its best ever year in 2009/2010 when they won the Galway intermediate title and followed it up by winning the Connacht IFC title, beating Westport in the final by 2-14 to 2-13. They were defeated by Cookstown of Tyrone in the All-Ireland semi-final. Naomh Anna defeated Dunmore MacHales in the Galway IFC final this year before going on to beat Dromahair in the first round of the Connacht intermediate championship (by 2-13 to 0-5). In the semi-final, they defeated Mayo Gaels by 3-12 to 1-14 in a thrilling match that went to extra-time. Their best known player is Galway senior fullback Sean Andy Ó Ceallaigh, while others like Matias Eoin Bairead and the Seoige brothers (Warren and Dylan) also have inter-county experience. They are managed by former player Ciaran Ó Flaharta.


Roscommon People Friday 14 January 2022


Faithleach’s firepower can deliver title! AIB Connacht Club IFC Final: Naomh Anna (Galway) v St Faithleach’s on Saturday in Pearse Stadium at 1.30 pm < SEAMUS DUKE

St. Faithleach’s can make it a week to remember for Roscommon clubs when they line out against Naomh Anna of Galway in Saturday’s Connacht intermediate final. One thing is for certain: if the game is tight, Faithleach’s know how to win a battle as they have gone through the mill in Roscommon against Fuerty, Castlerea and St. Dominic’s, and again in the Connacht semi-final against St. Farnan’s. Naomh Anna prevailed against Dunmore in a thrilling county final before swatting away Dromahair in the first round of the Connacht Championship. They were put to the pin of their collar to beat Mayo Gaels in the semi-final after extra-time so they too know how to survive a tight game. Their best known player is Galway senior full-back Sean Andy Ó Ceallaigh, but they also have an impressive looking half-back line of Ciaran

Bairead, Chris Seoige and Evan Ó Flaharta who are not afraid to go forward and attack. Up front, Matias Eoin Bairead and the Seoige brothers, Warren and Dylan, are excellent and dangerous attackers. Faithleach’s will have to ensure that they are tight in defence and Mikey Cox, Adrian Murtagh and Darren Nerney will have to be on top of their game. Dave Rooney and Conal Kennelly have been very good at midfield for Faithleach’s this year and don’t be surprised if you see Kennelly going in to the edge of the square at some stage. The attack is led by Ciaráin and Diarmuid Murtagh, and if they play well then Faithleach’s are in with a great chance. Cathal Gunn and Kevin Farrell will also need to perform as they can and with Jonathan Hussey, Darragh Hussey and Stephen Ormsby among others to call on from the bench, Faithleach’s have a strong panel. The conditions will probably be poor on the day so it will most likely be a low-scoring game. In that regard Ciaráin and Diarmuid Murtagh will hold the key. If they can do the business, Faithleach’s can bring the Gene Byrne Cup home to Ballyleague. Prediction: St. Faithleach’s.

Following a frustrating 2020, Wally Burke led his home club to county IFC success in 2021 and now he leads his charges into a Connacht final this Saturday. He says that their

preparations for the final have been disrupted by the Christmas break – and especially by Covid. “We are very hopeful that we will have a full pick on Saturday but we won’t know until nearer the day. In common with

Best wishes to St. Faithleach’s team and management

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every club in the country, we had problems with Covid, but everyone is now out of isolation and ready to go next weekend as far as we can see,” he told the People. “We didn’t do any training Christmas week and

St. Faithleach’s manager Wally Burke believes his side will be at full strength for Saturday’s Connacht IFC Final against Naomh Anna, Leitir Mhóir. Pic: Mick McCormack

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Wally Burke: Winning the Gene Byrne Cup would be extra special < SEAMUS DUKE

Good luck to Wally and the team in the final

we went back on the Wednesday afterwards in Ballyleague. But the fact that Christmas came between the semi-final and final was a distraction for players, supporters and everyone involved. It has crept up on us now!” Wally says that the conditions will play a part on Saturday: “It’s the middle of January and pitches are heavy and it will be a tough slog. We don’t know a lot about our opposition and they probably don’t know a lot about us either. That means that it could be a very open game or else it could be a very dour game too,” he added. “Naomh Anna are in a very similar position to ourselves. They went down from senior two years ago like we did and they are back up again now. The Galway intermediate football championship is not easy to win, and I thought they were very impressive in the latter stages of the game against Mayo Gaels. They have a number of very good players and are a well balanced and well organised side”. Playing in Pearse Sta-

dium does not hold any worries for the Faithleach’s manager: “It’s the luck of the draw. We had the semi-final at home so we are on the road on Saturday. We will head down there early and give it our best shot,” he said. There is also another special reason why Faithleach’s would dearly love to win this final: “The cup we are playing for is named in honour of Gene Byrne (St. Faithleach’s legend) whose brother Gerry is a selector with us on Saturday. We would love to win a provincial title of course but with the local connection with the cup it would make it extra special,” he concluded.

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