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‘I’m delighted to get a second chance’

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Feighan is Minister of State Deputy Frank Feighan says he’s delighted to “get a second chance in politics” after completing a remarkable political comeback. In 2016, Feighan chose not to run in Roscommon/Galway, due to the fallout (for his career prospects) from Constituency the Roscommon Hospital Roscommon-Galway controversy. In February 2020, he instead turned his attention to Sligo/Leitrim, where the Boyle man won a seat. Last night his political comeback was sealed when he was informed by Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar that he will be appointed as a Minister of State by new Taoiseach Micheál Martin.


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Deputy Frank Feighan


Last night, Minister of State-elect Feighan told the Roscommon People: “Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar rang me on Wednesday evening and said he had good news for me. I accepted the offer of a ministry with delight”. Reflecting on his topsy-turvy political journey, Deputy Feighan said: “Life is an unknown journey, with trials and tribulations. I stand over my record on Roscommon Hospital and am proud of the work we’ve done there”. See more on page 3.

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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



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I booked a holiday to travel to the USA in early August. I hope to travel with my husband and our two children. I believe that the airline may offer me a refund if we do not travel but I would like to go ahead with the holiday, nonetheless. I have travel insurance which covers medical expenses. Is there anything else I can do to protect us? As you may be aware, at present, the Government has advised against all non-essential travel abroad because of the COVID-19 crisis. Many wonderful plans for holidays abroad this summer have been sacrificed for the good of all. Travel restrictions to some countries may be eased after 9th July through what are called ‘air bridges’ between countries. This simply means that you will be able to travel to certain countries without having to self-isolate for 14 days when you return home. A “green list” of applicable countries is expected to be published on or before 9th July next. However, this list will be reviewed every 2 weeks once it is in place. If the USA is not included on this “green list” at the time you expect to travel, then you may have to cancel your trip. You should ask your travel agent, airline or tour operator if you can rebook for a later date. If you decide to go ahead with your trip and if you travel to a country/area with a specific Department of Foreign Affairs warning against travel then you may invalidate your travel insurance policy and consequently may not be covered for medical or other expenses abroad should you require cover.


Oh, such joyous scenes! The long wait is over! So emotional! Historic! Wonderful! Yeah, but it wasn’t normal! Huh? I mean, I saw some of the celebrations…I agree it’s historic, but with Covid restrictions and all that, it just wasn’t the same… I know, I know. Still, it WAS HISTORIC! I mean, it’s been decades… who’d ever have thought we’d see this day? Well, it was always likely to happen some time… Oh, I dunno. I think the key to it was leadership…you can’t put a price on charismatic, single-minded leadership! Micheál Martin charismatic? I dunno! Leo? Think you’re being generous there. More like resilience from Martin and pragmatism from Varadkar! CYCLING ACCIDENT What are you on about? Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael finally getting If you were involved in a cycling together. Like you say, joyous scenes. Long accident contact wait over. Historic. Waiting for decades… Byrne Carolan NO! I wasn’t talking about THAT! I’m Cunningham Solicitors talking about Liverpool! The Reds! They’re back! Champions of England… after thirty long years! OH! SORRY! (There’s a pause on the line) Still, there’s none of our lads on the pitch… Nah…not like the great days… Steve Heighway, Ronnie Whelan, Steve Staunton… I’m not talking about Liverpool NOW! I’m talking about YOUR apparent highlight of the weekend! The coming together of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael! There are none of our lads – or ladies –

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

selected to play! No minister from the West of Ireland! It’s a disgrace! I agree! Fair play to Michael Fitzmaurice, he held up a map of Ireland, to highlight this outrage… I saw that! A chunk of the country in green… Where all the ministers are… Yeah…and the rest of the country in red! Maybe he’s a Liverpool supporter? No! The red was to show that part of Ireland which has been ignored – no minister from Donegal to Limerick! Oh, so that’s why nearly half of Michael’s map was red! I’m only surprised the other half was green!

What we didn’t like…

What were you thinking, Micheál? There was deep anger at the new Taoiseach’s failure to include a single minister from the West of Ireland when Micheál Martin announced his first Cabinet on Saturday evening. The Roscommon People shares the widespread frustration at this snubbing of Connacht!

What PEOPLE are talking about ...

Byrne Carolan Cunningham

Still…good to have a new Government, good to see Liverpool back…good to see Ireland reopening further this week! YES! Suddenly, there’s hope! So many restrictions are being lifted! It’s hard to keep up with all the news! Phases, stages, restrictions, guidelines, one metre, two metres…my head is all over the place! Oh this week is a big breakthrough! More shops open, restaurants too! Even a chance of a haircut! Brilliant! A weekend away? Yes, a weekend away, a staycation, a weekend in an Irish hotel! Where will we go? Not you and me! I was joking. Actually, I’m planning a weekend in Dublin, just my wife and myself… Lovely! When? Eh…December, weekend of the 18th. Fantastic! Get there Friday evening… spend Saturday in the shops… Christmas in Grafton Street… Yeah…ahem, have to wrap up now. Your wife will love it! So thoughtful. Yeah…talk soon… Hold it! ‘Weekend of the 18th of December’. In Dublin. Isn’t the All-Ireland Football Final on that weekend? What are you up to? Is it? In December? That’s strange! So hard to keep up with everything!

It was great to see more Roscommon businesses reopening this week as Phase 3 of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions took effect.

A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement


(There’s a pause on the line)

What we liked…

This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway.

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Why? The Greens! They’re in Government too! And Michael is spitting fire about that!

PIC OF WEEK: Cheers! Helen McDonagh and Martin Doherty, pictured on Wednesday evening in the Fiddlers Elbow, Ballaghaderreen. Picture: Mick McCormack.

Micheál Martin becoming Taoiseach as Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael enter into a historic Coalition (with the Green Party); the fact that there is no West of Ireland-based senior minister in the new Cabinet; Liverpool ending a 30-year wait by becoming champions of England; the commencement of Phase 3 of easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland.

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



‘I’m delighted to get a second chance’

Timothy’s Abbeytown


Feighan is Minister of State

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One year ago it looked likely that Frank Feighan’s Dáil career was over for all time – last night he received confirmation that he is to be appointed as a Minister of State in the new Government. The remarkable transformation in the Boyle man’s fortunes is the latest twist in a political career which now spans 21 years. Deputy Feighan (who will celebrate his 58th birthday this Saturday) was politically down and out in 2016 when he bowed to the inevitable and chose not to seek re-election to the Dáil in Roscommon. That was directly down to the sometimes poisonous fallout from his controversial role in the Roscommon A&E closure saga. Having sought a nomination to run for Fine Gael in a different constituency – Sligo-Leitrim – the then Senator Feighan’s prospects looked bleak. But just about a year ago (Gerry Reynolds having withdrawn his interest) Senator Feighan was added as a candidate. He went on to win a seat in Sligo-Leitrim last February – and last night (Wednesday) he got the call he’s been waiting for. New Minister of State Feighan told the Roscommon People: “Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar rang me on Wednesday evening and said he had good news for me. I accepted the offer of a ministry with delight”. The portfolio had not been confirmed as

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Deputy Frank Feighan

we went to press, but is understood to be in the area of health. Reflecting on his topsy-turvy political journey, Deputy Feighan said: “Life is an unknown journey, with trials and tribulations. I stand over my record on Roscommon Hospital and am proud of the work we’ve done there”. Deputy Feighan, who was speaking from Sligo, where he lives with his wife Elaine and their two children, added: “I’m delighted to get a second chance in politics”.




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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


Local Credit Unions look to the future ROSCOMMON CREDIT UNION




As the country emerges BOYLE from CREDIT tect UNION our members and staff atGLENAMADDY all CREDIT UNION Covid-19 and restrictions ease, times. While this saw reduced the credit unions of County Ro- operating hours and temporary scommon – Ballaghaderreen, branch closures, it also led to Boyle, Castlerea, Glenamaddy, the introduction of innovative Lanesboro Ballyleague and service solutions and supports are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your Roscommon – look Loans forward individual needs account will go into Thismeet may affectthe your credit rating which may limit yourof ability to access credit in the future. Credit unions in the Republic of Ireland are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. getting back to business, albeit our members”. with sustained health and safety “Members were encouraged measures in place to protect where possible to transact via members and staff. the credit union’s mobile and “We understand the last few online banking service CU months have been particularly 24/7. Member numbers of CU challenging for our members, 24/7 – both new registrations and on behalf of the credit un- and active users – increased sigions of Co. Roscommon, I nificantly during the pandemic, would like to sincerely thank across all credit unions”, noted our loyal members for their Joe Currid, CEO, Boyle Credit continued patience and support Union. during this unprecedented time” “CU 24/7 mobile and online member applications. While said Martin Lonergan, CEO, banking service allows memloan applications were greatly Castlerea Credit Union. Martin bers access their credit union reduced during the pandemic, went on to say: “We want to as- account, any time and from anwe continued to make affordsure our members that we con- ywhere, submit a loan enquiry, able flexible finance available tinue to be here for you, as we pay bills and transfer funds, to our members. Recognising always have”. both in and out of their credit many members faced reduced Credit Unions across the coun- union account”. earning capacity or increased try adapted quickly to support Joe continued: “Another iniexpenses at this time, emergenand protect their members dur- tiative which worked extremely cy loans and loan repayment ing the Covid crisis. Bill Gold- well was online and telephone solutions were developed to en, Manager, Ballaghaderreen, loan applications, so much so, support the individual needs of explains: “We were grappling several credit unions, includour members”. with an ever-evolving situa- ing Boyle, have launched or Catherine Egan, Office Adtion…our main priority as al- expanded their online offerministrator, Lanesboro Balways was to best serve and pro- ing in terms of loan and new

SUNDAY GOSPEL REFLECTION Sunday, 5 July 2020 The Liturgy this week continues to instruct us in the elements of discipleship. We’re told that even the most humble among us have a share in the mission Christ gives to His Church. We’re not all called to the ministry of the Apostles, or to be prophets like Elisha in today’s First Reading. But each of us is called to a holy life (see 2 Timothy 1:9; 1 Thessalonians 4:3). At Baptism our lives were joined forever to the cross of Christ, as Paul tells us in today’s Epistle. Baptized into His death, we’re to renounce sin and live for God in Christ Jesus. We are to follow Him, each of us taking up our personal cross, as Jesus says in today’s Gospel. That doesn’t mean we will all be asked to suffer a martyr’s death. But each of us is called to self-denial, to the offering of our lives in service of God’s plan. Jesus must be elevated to first place in our lives – above even our closest bonds of kinship and love. By Baptism, we’ve been made part of a new family – the kingdom of God, the Church. We are to proclaim that kingdom with our lives, bringing our fathers and mothers, and all men and women, to live as “little ones” under the fatherhood of God and the kingship of the Holy One. We do this by opening our hearts and homes to the service of the Lord, following the Shunnamite woman’s example in today’s First Reading. As Jesus tells us, we’re to receive others – not only prophets but also little children, the poor, and the imprisoned – as we receive Christ Himself (see Matthew 18:5; 25:31–46). As we sing in today’s Psalm, we are to testify to His favors and kindness in our lives. We’re to hold fast to the promise – that if we have died with Christ, we shall also live, that if we lose our lives for His sake, we shall find our reward, and walk forever in His countenance. – Scott Hahn Ph.D., www.salvationhistory (courtesy of Sacred Heart Church)

lyleague Credit Union explains how vulnerable and cocooning members were given special attention, with extraordinary provisions made to facilitate their needs. “With many members not wanting to visit their credit union at this time, express lodgement facilities and the introduction of nominations to access funds on members’ behalf all helped to provide our same great service, but at a distance. All six credit unions recognised

the need now more than ever for compassion, flexibility and understanding. It’s what we do best” stated Catherine. While we don’t believe this is the end of the Covid story for Ireland and the rest of the world, however we are optimistic we can get back to a ‘new’ normal, says John Murphy, Manager, Glenamaddy Credit Union. “With an easing of restrictions we have witnessed an increase in loan applications predominately for new cars and those long-awaited home improvements”. Garden renovations and upgrading a home’s energy efficiency have become very popular when seeking finance. With everything on hold, so too were big purchases and projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, explains John. All six credit unions have seen an upsurge in the number of loan applications over the past two weeks and welcome the much-needed boost. Cumulatively, the credit unions of County Roscommon have €30 million available to lend to members, with several County Roscommon credit un-

ions launching and extending promotional loan rates for car and home improvement loans. Credit unions cater for larger and smaller loans, so no matter what your project, we would encourage our members to speak with us first, says Bernie Moran, CEO, Roscommon Credit Union. Bernie continues: “We would also encourage anyone living or working within the county and who is not already a member of their local credit union to join today!” The CEOs/Managers/Administrator of Ballaghaderreen, Boyle, Castlerea, Glenamaddy, Lanesboro Ballyleague and Roscommon credit unions would like to express their deep gratitude to the frontline staff of each credit union, who demonstrated great professionalism, flexibility and good humour during this difficult time. For information on opening hours, services, loan applications and how to join, please visit the website of your local credit union. Contact details of your nearest credit union can be found on

Maurice is new President of Engineers Ireland Roscommon man Maurice Buckley, Executive Chairman of the Office of Public Works, has been inaugurated as the 128th President of Engineers Ireland at the professional membership body’s AGM, which was held virtually on Tuesday. Having commenced his career at Inland Motors, Ennis to taking up positions with The Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Maurice established a subsidiary of a German Printing Company, System Label (now MCC) in Roscommon prior to assuming his role as Chief Executive of the National Standards Authority of Ireland, where he had responsibility for the country’s standardisation, certification and metrology activities. In 2017, Maurice was appointed Chairman of the Office of Public Works where he has led large-scale capital investment and maintenance programmes to improve Ireland’s flood defences and public buildings, both modern and heritage. Commenting on his inauguration, President Maurice Buckley said: “The Programme for Government is a clarion call for engineering solutions from start to finish. Apart from the high level of capital investment already planned in Project Ireland 2040 and the National Development Plan, the policy changes foreseen in transport, housing, building retrofit, energy, broadband and communications, and in regionalisation are all changes that require engineers and sustainable engineering solutions if they are to be delivered effectively”.

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

For big dreams, small dreams and those in between, we can help with your finance – just talk to our team!







Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. Credit unions in the Republic of Ireland are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.



Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor


Christy’s delight as ‘Pool return to the top!

I only saw some of RTE’s very worthy version of the UK’s long established Comic Relief. It seems some skit involving Niall Horan, Ray D’Arcy and Dustin the Turkey has infuriated his fans in America (Horan’s fans, not D’Arcy’s). The unimpressed fans took to Twitter to vent their fury, presumably at the turkey. (I don’t know the details, and intend to keep it that way). I can’t imagine how worked up the Americans would be if they saw Marty Morrissey, Des Cahill and all two Johnnies prancing about as Westlife… er…lookalikes. For those of us who did see it, the horror will live on…

Well-known Roscommon Town resident Christy Rattigan proudly holds his replica Premier League trophy following his beloved Liverpool’s recent title triumph! There are hundreds of long-suffering (well, in terms of the Premier League) Liverpool fans in County Roscommon, and Christy is one of the most passionate of them. A keen sports fan, Christy has been supporting Liverpool for “over 50 years”. He told the Roscommon People he’s thrilled by Liverpool’s triumph, their first league title in 30 years. He now expects manager Jurgen Klopp to lead Liverpool to further glory in the coming years. Christy recently purchased this fabulous replica trophy – in confident anticipation of Liverpool’s win. He’s added it to his collection: “I also have the Champions League Cup and the World Cup!” * Picture: Michael McCormack

Saturday I found Saturday less than inspiring, but still, best of luck to our new Government… Maybe it was that vast Convention Centre (where TDs gathered) which totally drained what was undoubtedly an historic day of much of the atmosphere one normally associates with milestone such as this. After our son agreed to switch the TV from ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ (it’s a cartoon) we joined the Amazing World of Leo and Micheál. In studio, the ever-unflappable Bryan Dobson was trying to keep the analysis going with serious-faced guests, but it wasn’t easy, as nothing had really happened yet. Then, a breakthrough, as back in the Convention Centre, the TDs were being asked to vote. At this point I must express the hope that the RTE camera man or woman receives a bonus payment, because it was some task to try and get each TD on camera as their name was called out.

Every time a name was called, there was a pause as the camera tried to find them in a venue which the commentators kept reminding us was absolutely ‘vast’. Truth be told, the TDs looked lost in the er… ‘huge’ Convention Centre. One by one they stood and

declared their support or nonsupport for the man who would be Taoiseach. Eventually, Micheál Martin was declared to be our new Taoiseach, whereupon he permitted himself a deserved semi-smile of satisfaction. It had been a long journey.

After our son agreed to switch the TV from ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ (it’s a cartoon) we joined the Amazing World of Leo and Micheál. In studio, the ever-unflappable Bryan Dobson was trying to keep the analysis going with serious-faced guests, but it wasn’t easy, as nothing had really happened yet

Outgoing Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was gracious in his comments, helpfully declaring that the Civil War fallout is over, both on the outside and in the chamber, not that we were in the Dáil chamber. Green Party leader Eamon Ryan was quite gushing in his praise of our new leader. It was miraculous, after various spats over the years, how Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael were suddenly such committed partners! Anyways, we’ll certainly wish the new government well. The caretaker government did a good job in handling the extraordinary (and ongoing) Covid-19 crisis; we need this intriguing new Coalition partnership to provide inspired leadership in the months and years ahead.

Sunday Shortest honeymoon since Hollywood great Mickey Rooney was in his prime… The new Taoiseach unveiled his Cabinet on Saturday night... and all hell broke loose on the western front. No senior minister for the West, or, for that matter, from Limerick to Donegal! It’s all over the radio stations and social media today. It seemed a careless omission on the part of Micheál. Most sympathy was reserved for FF deputy leader Dara Calleary, whose inclusion in Cabinet had been seen as a safe bet. Sympathy for the likeable Dara aside, where does it leave the West? Not a good call!

Monday/ Tuesday Normally when a new government takes office, we get lovely hot weather for a week or so, but it’s been mostly cold and wet since Team FF/FG/ Greens took over. Serves them right for ignoring the West! And, speaking of politics, I’m delighted to see the launch of a new party, the Healy-Rae party. In his solemn speech on Saturday, Danny Healy-Rae – straight-faced, believe it or not – broke the news that he could not support the nomination of Micheál Martin for Taoiseach (presumably because the Cork man was not bearing gifts for Kerry). I can reveal that Michael Healy-Rae is chairperson and secretary of the Healy-Rae party, while Danny Healy-Rae is treasurer and PRO. They are an independent party in every sense, but will consider going into Coalition with the Mattie McGrath party.

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



Building confidence and developing skills in children Niamh Nestor, Ballygar, is a Primary School Teacher and qualified Life Coach who works with The Confidence Clinic. Our goal in The Confidence Clinic is to help as many kids and teens as possible to live happier, more confident lives. We work with young people who would like to improve their confidence and develop skills to deal with life’s challenges. We offer proactive life coaching sessions which can quickly improve thinking, behaviour and habits. As well as one to one coaching sessions, we run ‘Best Life Camps’ throughout the year for children. They have been developed using Life Coaching Techniques and philosophies

and the underlying principle of our camps is that children learn best when they are happy and having fun. We work with the children to develop confidence and resilience and to learn vital life skills. We also include games, creative activities, yoga and mindfulness into our day. We are very excited to be bringing the ‘Best Life Camp’ to Roscommon this summer. Since qualifying as a Life Coach this year, Niamh has also started her own business coaching adults. Coaching is a partnership between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, the client. As coaches, we believe

that you hold the answers to all the questions and challenges you have in your life. A coach helps a client to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviours in order to create action plans to achieve desired results. Our job is to help you to realise your potential and become the best and happiest version of yourself in a thought-provoking and creative process. Niamh is currently based in the Roscommon area and can do sessions online or face to face. For more information on coaching or the camps visit or email Niamh on or see www.

Activities include Life Lessons, Games, Art, Yoga & Meditation

Topics Covered

✪ Growing Friendships ✪ Confidence Booster ✪ Gratitude Attitude ✪ Destroy Your Worries ✪ Dealing With Mean Words ✪ Standing Up for Yourself

Age 6-9 9.30am to 12.30pm Age 10+ 1.30pm to 4.30pm Cost: €70

Limited to 15 per group

Hannon's Hotel Roscommon

August 4th - 7th 2020 email: Phone: 085 800 0989

Ceremony to mark 40th anniversary of deaths of Henry Byrne and John Morley A special ceremony will take place in Loughglynn on Tuesday next, 7th of July, to mark the 40th anniversary of the deaths of Detective Garda John Morley and Garda Henry Byrne. Forty years ago on that very date, Detective Garda John Morley and Garda Henry Byrne lost their lives in the line of duty at Shannon’s Cross outside Loughglynn. The two officers were responding to a call about a bank robbery in Ballaghaderreen when raiders killed them during an intercept. Also in the car at the time were Garda Derek O’Kelly and the late Sergeant Mick O’Malley, both of whom survived the terrible ordeal. In conjunction with An Garda Síochána, a ceremony will take place at 2 pm next Tuesday at the memorial monument at Shannon’s Cross that honours the two brave men and marks the place where they tragically lost their lives. This year’s ceremony at the memorial monument will be taking place against the backdrop of the Government’s guidelines on Covid-19. As part of the ceremony, Church bells in Loughglynn, Fairymount, Balla-

ghaderreen and Castlerea will ring out at 2.20 pm, the time the shocking incident happened on 7th of July, 1980. To coincide with the

event, the memorial committee is asking everybody to remember the two heroes and say a little prayer. Next Tuesday, road closures will be in place

from 1 pm-3 pm to facilitate people getting to the monument and to avoid any traffic congestion or interruption to the ceremony.

PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT ACT 2000 (AS AMENDED) PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS 2001 (AS AMENDED) NOTICE IN RELATION TO SPECIFIED DEVELOPMENT Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Section 179 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) that Roscommon County Council proposes carrying out the following works: Strokestown Town Centre Public Realm Enhancement Project including the provision of a new traffic management scheme and layout on Bawn Street and Church Street to include: • Provision of a pedestrian area along the centre of the L60451 Bawn Street with a one-way system for vehicular traffic around this pedestrian area. • Provision of a new footpath along each side of the N5 carriageway on Church Street with access/egress points at a number of locations. • Provision of 2 no. bus stops on the North and South sides of Church Street. • Provision of new parking arrangements and enhanced pedestrian civic space throughout the scheme. • All other associated site and ancillary works. At Bawn Street, Church Street, Elphin Street and Bridge Street, Lisroyne townland, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. An Appropriate Assessment screening report and Environmental Impact Assessment screening report in respect of the development have been carried out and are available for inspection. The reports concluded that a full EIAR is not required and that the development does not need to proceed to Stage 2 Appropriate Assessment. Where any person considers that a development proposed to be carried out would be likely to have significant effects on the environment, he or she may, at any time before the expiration of 4 weeks beginning on the date of publication of the notice referred to in article 81(2), apply to An Bord Pleanála for a screening determination as to whether the development would be likely to have such effects. Plans and particulars of the proposed development will be available for inspection (in the front windows only – building access restricted due to Covid 19) at the offices of Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon Town and in the front windows of Strokestown Post Office. Plans and particulars will be available for purchase (at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy) from 30th June 2020 to 28th July 2020 inclusive, during office hours (subject to prior agreed appointment for collection due to Covid 19) at the offices of Community and Enterprise, Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon Town – telephone 09066 37100. Plans and particulars of the proposed development will also be available for inspection online on the RCC website using the following link: Developments/Community-Enterprise/PART-8-Strokestown-Public-RealmEnhancement-Project/ Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made in writing to the undersigned on or before 5pm on 12th August 2020.

A good friend and a colleague of the late Detective Garda Colm Horkan, Garda Pat O`Grady and his wife Attracta, pictured at a Vigil for the late Detective in Ballaghaderreen recently. Picture: Mick McCormack.


Majella Hunt Director of Services Áras an Chontae, Roscommon Town


Date of Notice: 30th June 2020


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


DYNAMIC PURCHASING SYSTEM FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS (SUPPLY ONLY) The Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC) has published a Dynamic Purchasing System for Public Service Bodies to procure Civil Engineering Materials. This Dynamic Purchasing System will replace the existing; Multi-Party Framework Agreement for Road Making Materials (Supply Only) for Local Authorities and the Multi-Party Framework Agreement for Supply Only of Ready-Mix Concrete to Local Authorities. When established, Public Service Bodies (including local authorities) will run competitions with the Suppliers admitted to the Dynamic Purchasing System in their area to procure Civil Engineering Materials. To access the Dynamic Purchasing System documentation, please ensure you register on the Office of Government Procurement website All Applications must be completed electronically on Should you wish to find out more about this Dynamic Purchasing System, please contact the LGOPC Helpdesk at 076 106 4020 or by email at Competition Name

Publishing Time & Date

Initial Application Closing Time & Date

DPS Established & DPS Reopening for Applications

Publishing Website

Dynamic Purchasing System for Civil Engineering Materials (Supply Only)

26th June 2020

15.00 Hrs

Q1, 2021

21st August 2020

The local paper

System ID 166108



Coiste um Fhorbairt Pobail Áitiúil Ros Comáin

COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME 2020 The Community Enhancement Programme (CEP) offers funding to not-for-profit community groups and communities in Co. Roscommon to enhance facilities for a disadvantaged area/group, or a group/facility providing services to the disadvantaged as identified in the Roscommon LECP. The Department of Rural and Community Development provide the funding which will be administered through Roscommon LCDC and the Community and Enterprise section of Roscommon County Council. There are two strands to the CEP: Strand A: Grants for projects to the value of €1,000 will be funded. Strand B: Grants for projects with a value exceeding €1,000 (subject to a maximum grant of €8,000) will be funded. Eligible Projects are small scale capital projects only: Development/renovation of community centres, Once off maintenance of premises. This does not include regular routine maintenance, Community amenities, Development of youth clubs or facilities, Development of sports/recreation facilities, Improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces, CCTV equipment, Public realm improvements, Streetscaping, Development of play/recreation spaces, Energy efficiency type projects, Purchase of equipment, Adaptations or equipment needed as a result of COVID-19. Full procurement must be submitted with the online application form. Approval of successful projects will take place in August and all monies must be claimed with receipts no later than 4th December, 2020. Full details of the scheme are available on Applications must be submitted via My Online Services at: The application form will be available online from Monday 6th July,2020. Late submissions will not be considered Closing date for receipt of completed online applications is 6th of August, 2020. Any queries relating to the application process or eligibility for the scheme can be emailed to Majella Hunt Director of Services

Hat-trick…Donal scores! Cllr. Donal Kilduff is the new chairperson of the Athlone Municipal District after his name was drawn from a hat following a three-all draw! Cllr. Kilduff (Independent) and Cllr. John Naughten (Fine Gael) secured three votes apiece when the position went to

a vote at a recent AGM. Both names were then placed in the proverbial hat, and the fortune went with Cllr. Kilduff, a firsttime councillor. Cllr. Kilduff had been proposed by Cllr. Ivan Connaughton and seconded by Cllr. Ward. Cllr. Naughten was

proposed by Cllr. Laurence Fallon and seconded by Cllr. John Keogh – but the hat had the ‘final say’! * Our photograph shows Cllr. Kilduff (left) and Cllr. Fallon, who is the new Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council. Photo: Gerard O’Loughlin

Anger as no minister from West in Cabinet * Helen McEntee interview: Page 10 * Seamus Duke’s view: Page 14 Independent Roscommon/Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice has led condemnation of the fact that there is no senior Cabinet minister from the West of Ireland in the new government. When new Taoiseach Micheál Martin – who heads up a Coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party – unveiled his Cabinet on Saturday evening, there was widespread shock at what is being seen as a snubbing of the West of Ireland. It had been widely expected that there would be at least one senior Cabinet minister from the West. However, the claims of Fianna Fáil deputy leader Dara Calleary and party colleague Anne Rabbitte were controversially overlooked (Deputy Calleary was appointed as Government Chief Whip). Independent TD Marian Harkin expressed her shock on Twitter, while Deputy Fitzmaurice held up a map of Ireland which starkly showed a huge

Newly-appointed Taoiseach Micheál Martin

section of the country which is now without a senior minister. Strongly criticising the omission, Deputy Fitzmaurice said: “A map tells a thousand words and it was never as true as Saturday evening when there was a large part of the country left without a minister.

There’s 1.5 million people to represent (in that area). This is just unacceptable”. Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane said that the absence of any senior cabinet position based in the West or North West was “incredible” – and did not bode well for the region. Deputy Kerrane: “The Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and Green Party Programme for Government is largely silent when it comes to the western region. To add insult to injury, the region is now without a voice at the cabinet table. “This beggars belief. The West is underperforming and needs support. The Government parties have continuously ignored the region. They have no plan, no vision, or no interest in delivering for the West”. Fianna Fail Senator Eugene Murphy did not criticise the decision, but said it was disappointing. Senator Murphy: “I appreciate the disquiet and disappointment around the fact that there is no senior ministerial position in the West of Ireland, but the role of Dara Calleary as Government Chief Whip must not be underestimated. He will have a seat a Cabinet and have the eyes and ears of the Taoiseach, Michéal Martin”.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


No thanks for banks from Kerrane NOTICE PUBLISHING COMMENCEMENT OF AUDIT ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Notice is hereby given that the audit of the accounts of the above-named local government organisation for the financial year ended on the 31st day of December, 2019 will be commenced by Ms. Mary Keaney Local Government Auditor, on the 15th July 2020. In accordance with article 17 of the Local Government (Financial and Audit Procedures) Regulations 2014, objections to any matter or matters contained in the said several accounts will be considered by the Local Government Auditor during the audit.

Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane has criticised the banking sector for implementing what has been reported as a de facto ban on mortgage applications for customers receiving payments through the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme. Sinn Féin’s Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty has written to the CEOs of the five retail banks requesting clarity on the applica-

tion of this de facto ban and the status of deposits paid by customers who have now been rejected a mortgage. Deputy Kerrane said: “This week it was reported that AIB has put in place a de facto ban on mortgage lending to customers receiving payments through the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme. “Both Deputy Doherty and Deputy Mary Lou McDonald

raised this issue with AIB a few weeks ago and were told that no such blanket policy existed. It is clear that this has now changed. “This is neither proportionate nor fair, and will affect more than 400,000 workers availing of the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme. “This blanket ban will affect countless customers despite the fact that they have not lost

their job, and have seen neither their income nor their hours reduced. Their employment is secure and their income has not changed. “Such a blanket ban takes no regard of this fact. This policy also places in jeopardy the deposits paid by those who have now had their mortgage application declined or mortgage approval withdrawn”.

Written notice of any proposed objection, setting out the relevant particulars and grounds on which it is to be made, should be sent to the above Local Government Auditor c/o Roscommon County Council, Áras an Chontae, Roscommon within ten days of the commencement of the audit. The annual financial statement will be available during office hours at the reception desk at Áras an Chontae for the inspection of all persons for a period of seven days prior to the commencement of the audit. Dated this 29th day of June 2020. Eugene Cummins, Chief Executive of Roscommon County Council

Your local paper!

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Amanda Eze and Jessica and little Charlie Oliveira out and about in Castlerea. Picture: Michael McCormack

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Main  :Street, 087Ballaghaderreen. 194 5254 Tel. 094 9861688

 :


RosFM Community Radio was set up in 2004 with a disability ethos in mind. It would provide a safe, training environment and buddy system for an individual with Intellectual Disabilities. It wanted to show that we are all equal and training can be for everyone. It is completely run by volunteers, with no paid staff. They give 45 hours air time weekly. It provides advertising and information sharing to all in the community and is a voice to a lot of people in isolation and cocooning at this difficult time. The running cost of the station is approx. €15k a year, along with many loans to repay from previous costs accumulated. Each year RosFM hold fundraisers and training which helps with these costs. This year it has taken a huge hit due to COVID-10. NO fundraising and NO training can take place. They are in desperate need to raise funds to cover the running costs in order to continue providing a voice to all in the community. It is a difficult and an uncertain time for everyone with incomes lowered, etc., but if at all possible, please donate as little or as much as you can to this wonderful community driven iniative


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


HORAN’S RESTAURANT McEntee: ‘I’ll make sure voice of Racecourse Rd., Roscommon Town For great homecooked food you can’t beat Horan’s family run restaurant.

We put our food first

Outside catering a speciality, contract sandwiches, wraps, office catering, etc. Great Weekend Breakfast Menu including pancakes, omelettes, full Irish, etc.

SUNDAY LUNCH to include 7oz Steak Burgers, Stir frys and our very popular Fresh Cod with Homemade Tartare Sauce

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Roscommon people is heard!’ New Minister for Justice Helen McEntee on Covid-19, Justice challenges, the economy…and being an adopted Rossie! < PAUL HEALY

New Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has promised that she’ll make sure the “voice of the people of Roscommon” is heard at the Cabinet table! In an exclusive interview with the Roscommon People, Minister McEntee – whose husband, Paul Hickey, is a native of Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon – said that she is very happy to be considered an “adopted Rossie”. The minister added that now that travel restrictions are being lifted, she’s looking forward to visiting Roscommon again as soon as possible. On her promotion to one of the most senior ministerial positions in government, Minister McEntee said it was “a surprise, but a nice surprise” to be told the news by her party leader, Leo Varadkar. Less than 72 hours after receiving her seal of office, Minister McEntee spoke to the Roscommon People. On her high profile appointment, she said: “The first I knew of it was on Saturday evening. The new Taoiseach (Micheál Martin) had been elected…I had just sat down for a quick bite to eat in Leinster House, when I got a call from my party leader and former Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar. He said I was being offered ‘Justice’ – it was a surprise, but a good surprise!” And her response? “I jumped at the chance. It’s a fantastic department, it covers so many areas. There is so much to be done and I am really looking forward to it”. Implementation of recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland will be “a huge focus” for her, she said. There is, Minister McEntee added, a huge legislative workload ahead in the area of Justice. She has ambitions for her department and the new government to make progress in areas to do with immigration, and in regard to sexual and domestic violence. Further reforms of the courts and prison service are also on her agenda. Already, Minister McEntee has addressed the Seanad (on Monday) when she spoke on the renewal of provisions of the Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act 1998. Minister McEntee said that there remains a real and persistent threat from republican paramilitary groups on this island, commenting: “The State will continue to confront those who act in opposition to the democratic wishes of the people on this island”. She welcomed successes achieved by Gardai in the fight against gang-related crime, in terms of “significant” convictions and seizures of drugs, firearms and ammunition. On organised crime, she said there is stark evidence of the willingness of organised groups to engage in murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, drug smuggling, counterfeiting and other serious offences. Given that these criminals are prepared to kill, it’s her view that “the State requires legislation that can combat those who would

seek to subvert the system through the intimidation of citizens”. In her interview with the People, Minister McEntee acknowledged the huge challenges facing the country on foot of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Covid is still with us. Thankfully the numbers (of deaths, and infections) are falling. We’re trying to ease restrictions and this week (Phase 3) was a big step forward. But there is always the concern that there could be an increase again… “We’re trying to manage the health and wellbeing of our country, but we also understand that without investment, there could be longlasting implications for our economy. That’s why there will be a jobs’ stimulus announced (by Leo Varadkar) this month. There will be a new focus on jobs. That stimulus will, in particular, target industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic”. Asked if she feels the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme will be extended, Minister McEntee indicated that she expects this support to remain in place until the end of the year “for businesses that need it”. “We need to support people…we also have to be conscious that we have the implications of Brexit coming…like a train…towards the end of the year. This (the challenge facing the country) is not going to be easy”. However, Minister McEntee emphasised that it is a positive that Ireland can (and will) borrow money “at a significantly low interest rate”. The new Justice Minister again extended her sympathies to the family of murdered Detective Garda Colm Horkan and to his colleagues in An Garda Síochána.

“I know people who worked with Colm, both through my own connections and through my connections with County Roscommon. His tragic death was devastating for his family and for his colleagues, and impacted on everyone”. Minister McEntee says she hopes to meet with Detective Horkan’s colleagues in the near future. She said that the death of Detective Horkan was a stark reminder to everyone of the bravery of a community-focussed police force, the members of which “put themselves at risk” on a daily basis in the service of this country. While acknowledging the controversy over the absence of any senior Cabinet minister in the West, Minister McEntee said that Minister of State Hildegarde Naughton and Chief Whip Dara Calleary (from Galway and Mayo respectively) will both sit at the Cabinet table and articulate strongly for the West. In any event – and I don’t think it was a throwaway quip – the new Minister for Justice was quick to remind me of that ‘adopted Rossie’ status. “I will make sure that the voice of the people of Roscommon is heard at the Cabinet table” Minister McEntee told the People. And, speaking of Roscommon, the minister confirmed that she and her husband Paul have received a huge number of messages of congratulations and best wishes from the county. “I have so many messages to go through on my phone. People have been very, very nice and very supportive and we really appreciate everyone’s kind sentiments. And, now that we can travel beyond county boundaries, we’re looking forward to getting down to Roscommon as soon as possible”.

Minister McEntee pictured on a visit to Roscommon last November. Picture: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


NewsPeople Who’s saying what on Tweet Street ... Paul Healy’s take on top tweets! Dr Martin Daly @DrMartinDaly Indictment of all parties no senior Minister in West. Also indictment of us the electorate & our public representatives in West that no one had the power to leverage a Cabinet post. – War in the West over ‘No Minister Gate’ Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan @lukeming So what’s new about @fiannafailparty and @FineGael shafting the West of Ireland? Nothing. Any chance that those who vote for them might not do it again? – Ming wasn’t surprised 
Senator Eugene Murphy @SenatorEMurphy It’s really concerning that Dara Calleary was not given a full Cabinet position. Capable hard working and dedicated to fair deal for the West. – Senator Eugene Murphy wasn’t impressed with his own party leader’s decision Marian Harkin @MarianHarkin Is it possible, is it possible, is it possible??? that there is no senior minister from #Connacht and #Donegal. No it

cannot be possible, it can’t be – It’s possible, Marian! Alison O’Connor @alisonoconn Someone told me over the weekend this would happen & here it is. Jim O’Callaghan snubs an offer of a junior ministership. He prefers to work to “strengthen our great party”. How noble & interesting. – Day 4, and the new Taoiseach was already beginning to wonder if he should have come into the house at all! Jim O’Callaghan throws a wobbly (Wednesday night) and refuses to take a junior ministry. All not well in FF! Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Congratulations to @foxandfriends on completely dominating the just released morning TV Ratings. Morning Joke, staring Psycho Joe Scarborough on MSDNC, a Concast Company, was a disaster. Even worse was the barely registering @CNN mess! – Busy man in America comments on TV ratings 
Louise McSharry @louisemcsharry Settle something for me. I rang my husband to say I was getting McDonald’s on my way home. He said he didn’t want anything. He’s a weirdo, right? – No! Not even a MacWeirdo…

Marian Harkin

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan

Donald Trump

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Turbo Bull ticks all the boxes for my beef system. I’m achieving the excellent carcass grades & fat scores consistently throughout the year Eamon Fallon, Dysart, Co. Roscommon

Nutrias Animal Feeds

For information contact Nutrias Animal Feeds: (094) 9860234 I E: or your local Farm Commercial Specialist James Kelly: 087 2723636


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


D News page


Pictured are Maire Doorly, Patient Services; Maria Shannon, Marian Connolly and Imelda Finnegan, Endoscopy Administration.

Pictured are Mairead Rogers, Clinical Nurse Manager 2, Endoscopy; Olive Cummins, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Colorectal; Dr Haseeb Khan Niazi, Senior House Officer, Endoscopy; Mary McNeil, Endoscopy Nurse; Dr Asim Abdelgadir, Surgical Registrar; Amy Carroll, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Endoscopy and Mr Tapas Chatterjeem, Associate Specialist, Endoscopy.

Roscommon Hospital’s Endoscopy Department achieves JAG Accreditation Recently, following completion of an in-depth accreditation checklist and site assessment earlier this year, the Endoscopy Department at Roscommon University Hospital was successfully awarded accreditation through the UK-based accreditation programme for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy known as the Joint Advisory Group or JAG. The JAG accreditation is regarded

as one of the most innovative in the healthcare sector and focuses on a model of care which is patientcentred and workforce-based. Roscommon University Hospital has maintained ongoing JAG accreditation since 2012. Speaking of the accreditation, Mr. Mohamed Eldin, Clinical Lead for Endoscopy Services at the hospital said: “The feedback from the ac-

Joe Rogers is rightly proud of his garden at Dalton Terrace, Ballaghaderreen!

Getting back to business at Roscommon Arts Centre This week, Roscommon Arts Centre opened its doors to the public as part of a phased reopening of the building over the coming weeks and months. The show gets underway with the resumption of artist Margo McNulty’s ‘Duality’ exhibition which will now remain in place until 31st of July. Primarily an exhibition of prints and paintings by the artist, the exhibition also includes an artist book which contains McNulty’s images as well as writing by Shauna Gilligan, novelist and short story writer from Kildare.

Margo’s work deals with hidden history, memory and place. It concerns itself with episodes of chance, the intersection of personal and public histories and how these histories and meanings can be embedded in material objects. This will be followed by two further exhibitions by artist Mark Garry and Paul Hallahan later in the year. In line with Government guidelines and following a risk assessment of the space, access to the gallery will be limited to just ten at any one time.

creditation team was very positive. We are extremely proud of the important service we provide to people from all parts of the West. An award of JAG accreditation means we are able to demonstrate that we are delivering a quality assured, standardised and safe Endoscopy service to our patients from a competent, dedicated and caring team”.

Mary Garvey, General Manager, Roscommon University Hospital added: “The accreditation report highlighted multiple areas of excellence including the comprehensive pre-assessment service, efficient waiting list management, and an inclusive approach to service development. “In addition, the feedback acknowledged that there is an

excellent culture of safety and learning in the service and the strong and effective clinical leadership shown is underpinned by the emphasis the team places on quality and governance. This is a credit to the staff and the multi-disciplinary Endoscopy User Group, who demonstrate ongoing commitment to delivering an excellent patient-focused service”.

New book tells extraordinary story of Athlone woman Marion Carroll A new book by Curraghboy-born author John Scally tells the extraordinary story of Athlone woman Marion Carroll. In September 2019, the Catholic Church officially recognised that Marion, then a seriously ill woman, was ‘healed’ during her pilgrimage to Knock. This book tells the story of that miraculous day for the first time – in the words of the woman who was cured. In 1989, after seventeen years of debilitating illness, Marion Carroll, a mother of two, was at death’s door. A wheelchair user, she was incontinent, blind in one

eye and partially sighted in the other. She suffered from low self-esteem, with severely affected speech caused by a long-standing, debilitating illness diagnosed as MS. That September, against medical advice, Marion went to the Anointing of the Sick in the Basilica in the shrine at Knock. She was on a stretcher. Marion describes how during the Mass a “whispery breeze” passed over her. Once Mass was over, she stepped free of pain from her stretcher. To the astonishment of everyone present, she got up and walked.

To this day, conventional medical wisdom is unable to account for this life-changing moment. For three decades the Church investigated her recovery, and finally, 30 years to the day of her cure, Marion was back in Knock as the Catholic Church recognised that hers was indeed a miracle cure – the first ever miracle recorded at the religious site. Now Marion has five grandchildren. She is able to walk, talk and see perfectly. With humour and grace, Marion tells the incredible, moving story of her life for

the first time. This is a story of hope and triumph of the human spirit – an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

NewsPeople Reopening of the Sacred Heart Church

The Roscommon Parish Covid 19 Support Team continue to meet to implement the Diocesan plan to reopen the Sacred Heart Church to public Mass on Tuesday, July 21st 2020. To make the necessary preparations, in accordance with the protocols of the Western Bishops and Government your help is needed. Volunteers will be required for stewarding and cleaning. If you can help out please contact Ann on 087 6145303 or Tony on 087 9773339 for more information on what the requirements and what the roles entail. The parish community’s help is an indispensable part to the implementation of the plan to reopen the church for public Mass. Thank you for your support and patience. Pictured are members of the Plastic Surgery Department at Roscommon University Hospital, from left: Ms. Deirdre Jones, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon; Imelda Wynne, Clerical Officer; Caroline Webb, Acting Clinical Nurse Manager 2; Laura Beirne, Clerical Officer; Rachel O’Donnell, Clerical Officer; Bernie McTeague, Senior Staff Nurse; Bernie Finneran, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Plastic Surgery and Skin Cancer; and Amanda O’Halloran, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Plastic Surgery.

Roscommon Hospital using ‘Photo Triage’ during Covid-19 pandemic The Plastic Surgery Department at Roscommon University Hospital has been using a ‘photo triage’ process to identify patients who require an urgent consultation, to replace face-to-face consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Deidre Jones, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon said: “When our ‘See and Treat’ skin cancer clinics were suspended due to Covid-19,

we set up a new pathway to identify patients who required urgent consultation. “By telephoning patients directly, asking them a few key questions and requesting that they email a good quality photograph of their skin lesion to a secure and dedicated email address, we have been able to photo triage over 400 patients in the past few months.

“The patients can either take the photo themselves or ask a family member to take the photo for them. We have been surprised at how many patients – of all ages – have been able to send us high quality photos. “Using this process we are able to identify patients who need to be brought in for a procedure which helps to reduce the movement of patients into the hospital.

“As we start to reintroduce services to the hospital, it will no longer be possible to have large numbers of patients attending our clinics due to social distancing and infection control requirements. We plan to continue with and refine the photo triage process because it is so convenient for patients and will allow us to continue to prioritise those who need to be seen urgently first”.

New text service to help people in crisis

Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan says it is important to highlight the recent launch of a free, anonymous and inclusive text service which provides support for people going through a mental health or emotional crisis. ‘50808’, a first of its kind for Ireland, is a free 24/7 text service which provides everything from a calming chat to immediate support for people who need it. Deputy Feighan: “Many people – particularly young people – don’t feel comfortable making that call or reaching out for help. This is a service that will offer a lifeline to people of all ages”. The service’s trained Crisis Volunteers will help people through this current crisis and will continue to provide free 24/7 support in the long-term. If you need to talk, just text 50808 and you will be connected to a trained and compassionate volunteer.

Re-opening Pool & Gym facilities on Monday 20th July

ROSCOMMON LEISURE CENTRE RE-OPENING POOL & GYM FACILITIES ON MONDAY 20th JULY under restrictions and in line with Covid -19 guidelines. All sessions in Pool & Gym must be pre-booked and booking will open on Monday 13th July at 7am Intensive Lessons will run on weeks commencing 27th July, 10th August & 17th August Booking will open on Thursday 16th July at 7am.

For further details contact

090 66 28219

For further updates please go to or see us on facebook

• St. Coman’s Wood, Roscommon • Killina National School


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

POLITICAL PEOPLE How the West was lost…

Ivan congratulates Micheál!

The shock absence of a single senior minister from the West of Ireland in the new Cabinet drew immediate ire at the weekend. Leading the outcry was our high profile local Independent, Michael Fitzmaurice, the straight-talking, selfstyled defender of rural Ireland. ‘Fitz’ vented his anger at the fact that there’s no minister in the new Government ‘from Limerick to Donegal’. He emphasised his point by holding up a colour-coded map of Ireland to highlight the great injustice done to ‘the West’.

Not good! No Government TD in Roscommon

Roscommon is facing the prospect of five years without a Government TD – for the first time in history. For much of the term of the last government, Independent TD Denis Naughten was a member of Cabinet in the Fine Gael-led administration. Now, as a new Government commences a potential five-year term, Roscommon/Galway constituency is without Government representation in the Dáil. We will have two government senators, with Fianna Fáil’s Eugene Murphy now joined by Aisling Dolan of Fine Gael (pictured together at General Election count earlier this year), who was one of the Taoiseach’s Seanad nominees, announced on Saturday night. * On Saturday, Claire Kerrane and Michael Fitzmaurice voted against the nomination of Micheál Martin for Taoiseach; Denis Naughten abstained. – PH

Aisling’s rise It was no surprise to see Aisling Dolan being chosen as one of the Taoiseach’s nominees to the Seanad. This was on the cards over recent weeks. The then-Cllr. Dolan had a good inaugural General Election outing in February, and went close to winning a seat in the subsequent Seanad elections. If Fine Gael were going to be in

the new government, Dolan was always likely to be a choice of Leo Varadkar’s. Quite apart from Senator Dolan’s promising political potential, Fine Gael was never likely to leave Roscommon/Galway barren in terms of Oireachtas representation for the party. The party, damaged locally by the Roscommon

A&E controversy, is determined to win a seat back in this constituency. Cllr. Dolan has gone from citizen to Council to Senate in just over a year. It’s early days in the Ballinasloe woman’s career, but it will be no surprise if Aisling makes it to the Dáil at some point in the future.

Anybody remember Cllr. Ivan Connaughton’s sensational interview with yours truly in the Roscommon People a few years ago? Some in Fianna Fáil will never forget it! They almost choked (thankfully not) on their Christmas pudding on reading the Athleague man’s expose of how he had been treated by FF HQ during a Dáil by-election campaign. The now Independent Cllr. Connaughton castigated Micheál Martin and vowed never to run again for the Dáil as long as the Corkonian was FF leader. On Saturday, Cllr. Connaughton tweeted: “Despite our political differences, I wish Micheál Martin all the best as Taoiseach”. However, he followed up with: “Hard to believe FF, FG & Greens gave no Ministry to the West of River Shannon. #BalancedRegionalDevelopment?” Christmas cards are still not expected to resume travelling from Cork to Athleague any time soon… – PH

Ivan Connaughton

Big challenges facing new Government It was never going to be easy for Micheál Martin to satisfy everyone with his Cabinet choices, but few people expected this bombshell on the West, writes SEAMUS DUKE Last Friday, 139 days after the people went to the polls, there was finally an agreement on formation of a new Government. Why it took so long for the politicians to get their act together in the midst of the biggest health and economic crisis since the foundation of the state is an issue that should be tackled another time, but here we are. It was never going to be easy for Micheál Martin to satisfy three parties when he was deciding on his cabinet, but few people expected the bombshell he would drop with his announcement on Saturday. The inference that there is no sitting TD, male or female, in the entire western half of the country (excluding Kerry) capable to run-

ning a Department and sitting at the cabinet table, beggars belief. Not only that, but the Department of Rural Affairs has been scrapped and shoved in with Social Protection. It’s a remarkable statement about the priorities for this new administration and a worrying one for us here in Roscommon (and for other rural areas). Predictable excuses have been trotted out since, including the familiar ‘It’s talent that matters – not where they are from’. I’m sorry folks, but that one doesn’t wash. I have been covering politics for over thirty years and having a senior minister in your area is hugely important. No amount of junior ministerial appointments in the West this week will make up for the lack of representation at the top table. The treatment by the new Taoiseach of Fianna Fáil deputy leader Dara Calleary will have severe repercussions in that party for many years to come. But let Fianna Fáil deal with their own problems. Here in Roscommon, we couldn’t have been expecting to get anything from the new Government as we have no Government TD. We are the only constituency in the country not to have had even one vote in support of

the new administration. The people here made their choice at the polls and we have to accept that – but it doesn’t bode well for the next few years. A word of congratulations to Helen McEntee, who will be stepping up to the very difficult Justice portfolio. Her excellent work on the Brexit issue in the last Government has clearly led to her promotion. Her husband, great Rossie and former journalistic colleague Paul Hickey, will be justifiably proud. The new administration will face some monumental problems in terms of the pandemic and the economy. I will be especially interested to see how Stephen Donnelly, the new Minister for Health, does. He has been a very impressive performer over the past few years in the national media. However, it’s a different story answering questions from Ivan Yates on the Tonight Show to having to deal with the myriad of problems that exist in the health service. Barry Cowen will have the responsibility of handling the agriculture portfolio and he can expect to be well marked by the farming organisations. There is no time for any honeymoon period in any department, and especially in agriculture. In Roscommon, it’s our

biggest and most important industry. Cowen is the nearest thing we have to a senior minister in the West. He will need the wind at his back. The Green Party deputy leader Catherine Martin has a bewildering number of major responsibilities that looks well beyond the capabilities of any one person. She is now Minister for Media, Tourism, Art, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht. It sounds ridiculous. In fact it will be interesting to see how the Greens fare in the new administration. There is no doubt that they are viewed with suspicion by many in rural Ireland. However, we have a climate emergency that cannot be denied, and they deserve a chance to make their contribution. I wish the new administration well and they deserve a chance to get down to work on behalf of the people that elected them. There are enormous challenges ahead in this era of the coronavirus and the associated economic collapse. When you add in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations and the problems in health and housing, it’s obvious that a gargantuan task lies ahead for all ministers. I just hope that they do not forget us here in the West of Ireland. They have made a poor start in that regard.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

NewsPeople Councillor Naughten secures funding for verge trimming

Cllr. John Naughten says he has secured the support of fellow councillors to ensure adequate funding is made available for verge trimming to improve road safety on the local road network. “This trimming is needed on local roads as overgrown verges create a health and safety issue for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users,” stated Cllr. Naughten. Cllr. Naughten raised the issue at a recent meeting of Roscommon County Council where he received support from other members for his proposal. “During the summer months the verges become overgrown and can create a significant traffic hazard,” added Cllr. Naughten. “Verge trimming is particularly important on the local road network where junctions and bends are seriously overgrown and are in urgent need of attention to ensure the safety of those using the roads”.

Senator Murphy’s novel fundraiser is this Saturday Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy is embarking on a novel fundraising event this Saturday, 4th of July, by attempting to walk 10km backwards across Sliabh Bawn all in aid of local charities. Backstepping 10km across Sliabh Bawn Mountain outside Strokestown is no easy feat, but the Fianna Fáil Senator is taking on this novel task as a fundraiser for The Hub Community Café in Strokestown and the East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre in Ballinasloe. The event is due to take place on Saturday, July 4th at 10.30 am and social distancing guidelines will be in place as Senator Murphy embarks on his mission with a cohort of supporters. An online fundraising platform has been set up on at the following link The money raised will be divided between the Hub Community Café in Strokestown and the East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre in Ballinasloe. While the event is taking place on Saturday, the fundraising link will be in place for a few months so people can donate at any time. Senator Murphy: “I am really looking forward to my 10 km backstepping walk this Saturday on the beautiful, scenic Sliabh Bawn. This is without question one of Ireland’s natural beauty spots. Thanks to Coillte, Roscommon County Council and Roscommon Tourism this venue is now becoming a favourite with hill walkers and nature lovers.

Green Party local branch meeting

The next Green Party Roscommon-Galway branch meeting will take place online on Saturday, 4th of July at 11 am. Both members and non-members are very welcome to join on Zoom for this meeting to examine some local issues, to influence Green Party policy and to discuss the future of the Green Party in the region. If you are interested in attending, please email at to receive the login details. If anyone is unfamiliar with Zoom but would like to join, please get in contact with this email address and we will be happy to assist you with logging in.

Pride of Place win for Ballaghaderreen Mens Shed

“I want to thank Coillte and particularly Tom Costello for all the support with this walk. It is much appreciated. Please

donate what you can to the two causes I’m backstepping for on this Saturday. Thanks to everybody for the good wishes”.

Congratulations to Ballaghaderreen Mens Shed who are the worthy winners in the 2020 Roscommon County Council Pride of Place awards under the Community Wellbeing Initiative section. They have been selected to represent Roscommon County Council in the All-Ireland series.

WE ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE WE HAVE RE-OPENED OUR DOORS... Our premises has undergone a full deep clean in preparation

We are offering Face-to-Face Counselling, Family Therapy & Support Services, as well as telephone & online counselling and support

Vita House

Roscommon Roscommon Cancer Support Centre have re-opened for face to face counselling. We will also continue to offer our counselling service by telephone or online for those who do not wish to attend the centre at this time. We hope to open our groups and complimentary therapies soon and in line with Government guidelines. Please call 090 66-25898 for more information.


Roscommon Suicide Bereavement Service offers support & assistance for Individuals, Families & Communities grieving the death of a loved one by suicide. The service can be accessed by telephone or email on 085 7407856 or

The staff of the newly established Family Resource Centre (17 Castle View, Castle Street, Roscommon) continue to work behind closed doors. Please contact us on 090 66 28621, email us on or familysupport.srfrc@

Please contact the centre for more information by calling 090 66-25898 or emailing


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

NewsPeople now that they need a holiday after more than three months in lockdown. On a positive note, tourism in Ireland can look forward to a busy summer with thousands of people opting to holiday at home rather than abroad. Many hotels and most of the holiday homes in coastal areas are booked out – a welcome boost for those who usually rely on foreign tourists for their summer trade. Meanwhile, Ray is in the shed as we speak, looking for the tent!

Conexão Brasileira BRAZILIAN connection with Catia Da Nova

Property musings

Então finalmente temos um governo! Depois de mais de 4 meses, será ou não será? O líder de Finna Fail, Michael Martin, é o novo Taoiseach. Eu pensei que a política brasileira era confusa até começar a prestar atenção nas eleições gerais aqui em fevereiro. Entre os principais partidos, Micheal Martin foi eleito na 6ª contagem, o líder do Gael Fine Leo Varadkar foi eleito na 5ª contagem e a líder do Sinn Fein, Mary-Lou Mc Donald, foi eleita na primeira contagem, liderando a votação em Dublin Central. O Sinn Fein de fato se saiu bem em todo o país, e parecia que eles estariam envolvidos na formação de um novo governo. No entanto, não era para ser e as três partes que se saíram pior são as que formam o novo governo! O partido que parecia ter o apoio do povo tem sido uma forte voz da oposição no Dail. Tempos estranhos, de fato! Com as restrições de viagem suspensas desde segunda-feira, podemos ir aonde quisermos nesta bela ilha. Como muitos outros, tinhamos uma semana reservada no sudoeste para julho. Cancelamos porque não tínhamos certeza se poderíamos viajar. Agora estamos lutando para encontrar algo adequado. Uma amiga tem um mobile home na praia na Península de Dingle e dissemos nao a oferta de ficar uma semana lá, pensando que não poderíamos ir. Agora está todo reservado e as crianças estão um pouco furiosas com o papai, pois foi uma decisão dele. Ele só agora percebeu que eles precisam de férias depois de mais de 3 meses em confinamento. Em uma idea positiva, o turismo na Irlanda pode se preparar para uma temporada cheia, com muitas pessoas escolhendo ter ferias aqui no país em vez de ir para exterior. Muitos hotéis e a maioria das casas de férias nas áreas costeiras estão lotadas ... um incentivo bemvindo para quem geralmente depende de turistas estrangeiros para o comércio de verão. Enquanto isso, Ray está no shed enquanto escrevo procurando a barraca !! Durante a semana, conversei com uma senhora super querida de Galway. Como eu, ela é uma grande fã de móveis reciclados e costumamos conversar sobre isso. Ela me disse que ela e o marido decidiram vender sua linda casa uma hora de Galway. Eles restauraram completamente por um período de 10 anos e criaram um paraíso cercado de rios e montanha. Ela esta sentindo a necessidade de estar perto da cidade, depois de ter ficado doente. O corretor usou um drone para criar um vídeo que capturou a magia do terreno imobiliário, recebeu 25.000 visualizações em 24 horas !!! O telefone não parou com potenciais compradores que queriam marcar uma visita. Ela e o marido pensaram muito sobre repercurção e perceberam que muitas outras pessoas queriam o que eles tinham... e uma casa idílica em uma bela parte do país. Então eles retiram a casa do mercado e decidiram ficar na mesma. Isso me levou a pensar…. Eu esperava

John and Caoimhe Murray in Loughnaneane Park, Roscommon on Tuesday. Picture: Michael McCormack

que o mercado imobiliário seria afetado negativamente pela pandemia de Covid, mas parece ao contrário. Talvez as pessoas que tiveram seus morgages aprovadas antes do quarentena, agora estejam com vontade de começar a procurar para comprar. Uma notícias positivas em meio a toda essa tristeza. O Centro de Doação de Alimentos Light of Light começou originalmente em 2017, atendendo principalmente a imigrantes em necessidade na área de Roscommon. Devido a trabalhar de forma independente financeiramente, usando doações apenas das pessoas da organização, ela não foi registrada como instituição de caridade formal até 2020, quando a instituição começou a crescer e tornou-se oficialmente o Seed of Light centro de doacao de alimentos, sob a Caridade dos Ministérios Light for People. O centro cresceu de um pequeno projeto, auxiliando um punhado de pessoas, a uma operação com aumento de sua equipe, recursos e alcance. Somente em 2019, a Seed of Light entregou cerca de 12 toneladas de produtos para famílias carentes. No entanto, devido ao clima atual, a Seed of Light teve que ampliar seu alcance e recursos para acompanhar a demanda. A Seed of Light agora ajuda mais de 20 famílias por semana, o que equivale a cerca de 120 pessoas sendo alimentadas semanalmente. O centro agora fornece famílias além da cidade de Roscommon, incluindo áreas como Ballygar e Mountbellow. Para uma única pessoa, casal ou família pequena, a Seed of Light fornece pelo menos uma caixa de comida, para famílias de tamanho médio, de duas a três caixas, e para famílias grandes, de quatro a cinco caixas. As pessoas encarregadas de encher as caixas têm como objetivo colocar uma grande variedade de alimentos, variando de produtos frescos, enlatados e alimentos não perecíveis para cada família. Até o momento, a Seed of Light distribui mais de 600 kg de alimentos semanalmente, tendo distribuído mais de 10 toneladas de

alimentos entre os meses de janeiro a maio. Para maiores informações contatar Pastor Pedro: 087 6928001 - Catia da Nova

So we finally have a government! After more than four months of ‘will they, won’t they?’ Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin is the new Taoiseach. I thought Brazilian politics was confusing until I started paying attention to the General Election here in February. Among the main parties, Micheál Martin was elected on the sixth count, Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar was elected on the fifth count and Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald was elected on the first count, topping the poll in Dublin Central. Sinn Fein, in fact, did well nationwide and it appeared that they would be involved in the formation of a new government. It wasn’t to be however and the three parties that fared worse than SF, are the ones who form the new government! The party which appeared to have the support of the people, has been frozen out of the picture, although they will be a strong opposition voice in the Dáil. Strange times indeed!

Restrictions lifted With travel restrictions lifted since Monday, we can again go wherever we wish on this beautiful island. Like many others we had a week booked in the Southwest for July. We cancelled it as we were unsure whether we would be able to travel. Now we are struggling to find something suitable. A friend has a mobile home by the beach on the Dingle Peninsula and we said no to her offer of a week there, thinking we wouldn’t be able to go. Now it’s all booked up and the kids are a little angry with Daddy, as it was his decision! He realises

During the week I spoke to a lovely lady from Galway. Like myself, she’s a big fan of upcycling furniture and we often chat about that. She told me that her and her husband decided to sell their beautiful home, about an hour from Galway city. They fully restored it over a period of ten years and created a paradise, surrounded by lakes and mountains. She felt she needed to be nearer to town, after being quite ill recently. The auctioneer used a drone to create a video which captured the magic of the home and, when it was uploaded to a property website, it received 25,000 views in 24 hours! The phone was hopping with potential buyers looking to book a viewing. Herself and her husband had a long hard think about it and realised that many other people wanted what they have – an idyllic home in a beautiful part of the country. So, they withdraw the house from the market and have decided to stay put. It got me thinking…I expected the property market to be adversely affected by the Covid pandemic but it would appear to be the opposite. Perhaps people who were mortgage-approved prior to the lockdown are now in the mood to start buying. That would be more positive news amid all the doom and gloom!

Seed of Light Food Donation Centre Seed of Light Food Donation Centre originally began in 2017, catering mostly to immigrants in need in the Roscommon area. Due to working independently financially, using donations only from the people in the organisation, it was not registered as a formal charity until 2020 when the charity began to grow and officially became the Seed of Light Food Donation Centre, under the Light for the People Ministries Charity. The Centre grew from a small project, aiding a handful of people, to an operation with an increase in its staff, resources and reach. In 2019 alone, Seed of Light delivered around twelve tonnes of produce to families in need. However, due to the current climate, Seed of Light has had to broaden their reach and resources in order to keep up with the demand. Seed of Light now helps over twenty families weekly, which equates to around 120 people being fed weekly. The centre now provides for families beyond Roscommon Town, including people in areas such as Ballygar and Mountbellew. For a single person, couple, or small family, Seed of Light delivers at least one box of food, for medium sized families two to three boxes, and for large families four to five boxes. The people in charge of filling the boxes aim to put a large variety of food ranging from fresh produce, canned goods and non-perishable food for each family. Currently, Seed of Light distributes over 600kg of food weekly, having distributed over ten tonnes of food from the months of January to May. Great work being carried out locally by a kind-hearted, dedicated group of people. For more information contact Pr Pedro: 0876928001. – Catia da Nova

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

Roscommon Town We are opening our doors again ...

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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


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# Shop local! # Resilient Ros! A Roscommon Chamber and Roscommon People initiative This week, the Roscommon People newspaper and Roscommon Chamber of Commerce, as part of our joint response to the Covid-19 crisis, is appealing to the public to continue to exclusively shop locally as the huge challenge of mounting an economic recovery gets underway. Paul Healy, Editor of the Roscommon People: “Many SMEs have been devastated by the impact of Covid-19 since March. While most are now reopening, social distancing and uncertainty over where consumer confidence is at means recovery is likely to be slow and difficult. “Having said that, it’s wonderful to see so many businesses reopening. Here at the Roscommon People, we want to wish the very best to all involved. And we’re urging our thousands of readers to continue to support local business-

es and service providers by shopping locally”. Brendan Allen (Chamber President): “We have a great county town and a great county. We genuinely have everything you need locally. Local businesses need your support more than ever. Local businesses, most of which have been closed for months – an unprecedented situation for them – are desperately trying to salvage and maintain employment levels. Every euro spent locally will help keep people in employment. “The members of Roscommon Chamber – and all local businesses who are not members are invited to join us now – are deeply grateful to our local customers for their support. We know that it’s a very tough time for everybody. Key to our recovery will be Roscommon’s great community spirit. We can do this – together. Adhering to a ‘shop local’ philosophy will be key. Let’s get Roscommon moving again!” Interview: P. 24.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


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We’ve made great efforts to ensure the safest possible environment for all our clients and staff. With biodegradable single-use gowns, towels and facial mitts, safely sequestered areas, and our highest hygiene levels, you can be assured of our usual fantastic service – with the comfort of sensible, effective precautions

PLEASE NOTE — appointment queries and booking requests must be made by phone on 090 66 26041 MOTHERHOOD? ... WALK IN THE PARK! Jean and Luke McHugh, Rachel and Luke Gilleran in Loughnaneane Park, Roscommon on Tuesday. Picture: Michael McCormack

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Meeting up with family and friends? – Call today to place your order for collection Our selection of bread and delicious cakes are ideal to celebrate seeing loved ones again On entering the shop.

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The local paper

‘We can’t wait to reopen’ Local businesses on exiting lockdown < DAN DOONER

Business owners in Roscommon town are this week adapting to a ‘new normal’ as they reopen their premises’ following the beginning of Phase Three of the lifting of lockdown restrictions on Monday. Daire Stephens, who co-owns the Comfy Café on Main Street with his sister Oonagh, says the new protocols will take time to get used to. “We were open for takeaway purposes but since Monday we have been welcoming customers back into the Comfy Café. It’s great to get our team back together again. “As per the guidelines, we have new seating arrangements, and while I was worried about the changes, they actually enhance the place. There is more privacy and more room for customers now. “The new procedures are difficult but I find if you think about it too much you can make them more difficult. You’re better off just getting on with it,” he said. The Comfy Café opened its ‘coffee window’ at the front of the premises a few years ago and

Agnieszka Koszlawska serving Tessa Lino outside the Comfy Cafe. Picture: Michael McCormack

Daire says it has been popular with customers in recent weeks. “I think we had a crystal ball when we introduced the coffee window because it’s now working a treat! Some people still aren’t comfortable with coming in and sitting down and that’s going to be a slow process in terms of building up

confidence (in the new protocols). The coffee window makes it easier for people who are on lunch break or just walking by to grab coffee on the go,” he said. Business has been fairly good since Monday and Daire is hopeful that things will continue to improve in the coming weeks.


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“We’ve been busy enough but there hasn’t been an avalanche or anything like that. It’s going to be a slow process and hopefully the danger (of Covid-19) will begin to ease and people will become more comfortable sitting in. It’s a case of so far, so good though this week,” he said.

Regan’s Gastro Pub and Restaurant is set to reopen this Friday afternoon and proprietor David Regan is looking forward to welcoming customers back. “We have the protocols from the HSE, the HSA, Fáilte Ireland, and the Vintners Federation of Ireland have contributed as well. We’ve put a safety plan in place to protect our employees and our customers. We will be taking temperature readings of our employees as they arrive for work. They’ll also complete a ‘return to work’ form to make sure that they are safe to do so. In terms of our customers, we will have a protocol on every table where we will explain what we intend to do. “We are opening this Friday (July 3rd) at twelve o’clock and we’ll be open from then on. We would prefer if customers booked in with us before attending and we’ll record their details when they come in, as per the guidelines. “It’s quite busy with bookings this weekend and it’s about testing the water to see if customers are comfortable coming in. If we have the proper protocols and safety measures in place then I think our customers will be comfortable to come back,” David said. While everything is being done to ensure customers and staff are safe and comfortable, there will be a knock-on effect for venues like Regan’s in terms of capacity.


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The local paper

Regan’s Gastro Pub & Restaurant in Roscommon town is opening this Friday, 3rd July. Pictured on right are Ciara and David Regan making final checklist for Friday’s re-opening. Pictures: Mick McCormack.

“Capacity-wise, we are going to be restricted. We’re fine if it’s a family unit of course but if it’s a non-family unit then we have to have space all around them. That will be a little bit challenging but we will be asking everyone who comes if they are a family unit in order to ensure we are providing that space,” he said. Enforcing the rules will also be important for businesses like

Regan’s and alcoholic drinks will only be served under the new guidelines. “If a customer is looking to purchase an alcoholic drink then we have to make sure they spend €9 on their meal. We’re hoping that our customers will understand and that the time limit of one hour and forty-five minutes plus fifteen minutes for cleaning will be honoured.

After that it becomes dangerous for people to be in that internal space so we have to police that properly,” David said. Reopening is the light at the end of the tunnel for business owners but David knows this lockdown has been tougher on some. “We can’t wait to reopen. It’s been a tough few months but nothing compared to what some families

Abbey Hotel reopening on Friday, July 10th The Grealy family and staff at the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon look forward to reopening and welcoming back all our valued customers and guests on Friday, July 10th. Meanwhile, it’s our intention to reopen Abbey Health & Fitness on July 20th next. We have really missed you all over the past few months and hope you and your families have stayed safe and well. We have a Health & Safety Charter in place, reflecting the fact that your health and safety will be at the forefront of our minds when we reopen. (All Abbey Hotel staff have received additional appropriate training to ensure best practises and standards are met). For bookings of all special occasions you can call us on 090 6626240. For all wedding enquiries please email We will have a special 10% discount offer on all new wedding bookings for 2021/22 but couples are advised to register for their appointments

and those on the frontline have been through and we have to remember that. We’ve all sat at home while doctors, nurses and other essential workers have been at work taking care of us,” he said. There is a real buzz around Regan’s, however, as the staff prepare to reopen the doors on Friday afternoon. “To see the enthusiasm of our

team, it’s incredible. They’ve come back in and it’s like Manna from Heaven. There’s a great buzz…to do what we’ve done in the past and re-launch. “Of course we’ve also missed our customers during this time too so to meet them again and catch up is so important for us. We really can’t wait to get it open again…for our own sanity as well!”

4H Abbey Hotel Galway Road, Roscommon Tel. 090 6626240 • Email:

Re-opening July 10th Multi Award Winning Hotel, Restaurant, Conference Leisure Facilities Owned and Managed by the Grealy family since 1963 The Grealy family looks forward to welcoming you all on July 10th.

as there are limited dates available for 2021. For all conferences, meetings and other events please email Gift vouchers can be purchased online on our website or at hotel reception.

Remember to book direct for the best available rates via or call 090 6626240. For guests wishing to avail of a well deserved summer staycation we have 10% off all B&B for a limited time. Simply use

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Publicans call time on Vintners want clarity ahead of July 20th < DAN DOONER

The Chairperson of the Roscommon Town & District branch of the Vintners Federation of Ireland, Larry Brennan, has said that a lack of guidance from the HSE concerning the reopening of pubs and bars has led to increasing frustration among many local business owners. Mr. Brennan, joint owner of Down The Hatch in Roscommon town, said a list of guidelines were overdue ahead of the planned reopening of pubs on July 20th. “It is most frustrating. We have been closed for four months now and as of today we are twelve working days from when we are supposed to be open. We still have no indication of what guidelines will be in place by then. “Unfortunately, it will not be viable for some bars and pubs to reopen. Any business that does reopen will have to order stock from Heineken and Diageo no later than Monday, July 13th, as it takes about eight working days to restock. “We (Down The Hatch) are hoping to reopen but until we see the guidelines we can’t really know for sure,” he said. Mr. Brennan said that while restrictions on music would not impact on the pub he runs with business partner Seamus Hayden, some venues would struggle. “As we know, music will not be allowed in pubs and that’s going to be a serious issue for some venues where music is a big part of their business. There will also be no parties on the premises and these are issues pubs need clarification on. “We have to know whether there will be a time limit, whether customers will have to book in, and whether it will be one or two metre social distancing. No business wants to be spending money (preparing to reopen) to find out that with the regulations it’s not viable for them to open. We are in limbo

Larry Brennan of Down The Hatch pub in Roscommon town.

at the moment. The big hope for everyone is that we can open on July 20th so that we can at least get a few weeks of the summer,” he said. It is believed that when pubs do reopen customers will be prohibited from sitting at the bar counter, something which will greatly

affect premises’ such as Down The Hatch. “With nobody at the bar and a distance of a metre in terms of social distancing, we’d be talking about a maximum capacity of twenty people in here. Customers would also have to sit at designated tables which would affect the atmosphere in

Email: /marty.mcdermott.184



#Shop Local #Shop Local #Shop Local l


Stay Local, Shop Local Best wishes to all business owners and staff as they reopen for business from


Cllr. Kathleen

SHANAGHER Ard Aoibhinn, Athlone Road, Roscommon Mobile 086 3726743 – Tel. 090 6627138


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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



reopening guidelines!

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Klassic Cleaners

Church Street, Roscommon. Tel: 090 6625995 Dry Cleaning: Suits, pants, coats, jumpers, shirts, casual/ formal dresses, etc. • Ironing/pressing service • CURTAINS A SPECIALITY FULL LAUNDRY SERVICE, including; Blankets, Duvets, Throws,Team Kits, etc.


TIDYING UP! Larry Brennan, taking down the Roscommon Gaels Lotto results from the 8th March … the week before the lockdown started. Picture: Mick McCormack.

Down The Hatch. Like many pubs of its kind, most of the business here is done around the counter,” Mr. Brennan added. Down The Hatch is famed for its connections with Roscommon GAA and as a popular venue for supporters on match day as well as those watching televised sport. While this summer will see a sizeable reduction in its clientele, the owners

are determined to reopen in the safest way possible. “The best case scenario at the moment is that we break even but we’d just like to open and see how it goes. No pub will be making a killing while these regulations are in place but at the same time you don’t want to miss out completely. “It’s way over time for the Government and the HSE to come out with guidelines

for pubs. Tell us what to do! Everyone wants to abide by the regulations but just tell us what those regulations are. “It goes without saying that the health of staff, customers and everyone else is paramount. If reopening is viable then happy days but if it’s not we will just have to sit down and have a look at things,” Larry concluded.

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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



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‘Working together, we can recover!’ Brendan Allen, the President of Roscommon Chamber of Commerce pictured in Roscommon town last Tuesday. Picture: Mick McCormack < PAUL HEALY

Brendan Allen, the President of Roscommon Chamber of Commerce, says that businesses in the county town which have been reopening over recent weeks are deeply grateful to the public for their loyalty and support during this unprecedented pandemic. Mr. Allen, who welcomed the reopening of restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, barbers and other businesses this week, said that it is now more important than ever that people in Roscommon work together to ensure that the local economy can recover from the upheaval of recent months. He has paid tribute to local business owners and their staff, to the wider public, and to local agencies such as Roscommon LEADER and Roscommon County Council, all of whom have played their part in mounting a united, community-driven response during lockdown. The Chamber President said that local businesses have – in an extremely challenging and uncertain economic climate – invested in measures aimed at ensuring that staff and customers can feel safe as the reopening process gathers momentum. ‘Don’t take local economy for granted’ Speaking to your locally-owned community-focussed newspaper, the Roscommon People, Mr. Allen said one lesson of lockdown is that it is important for all of us to appreciate our local economy and “never take it for granted”. The local business community has

been hit by an economic tsunami in recent months and is facing an uncertain future. “The business community really needs the continued support of the people of Roscommon at this critical time” Mr. Allen said. “There is still a lot of fear out there, with regard to a possible second wave of Covid-19. However, I want to strike a positive note. If there is a resurgence, of whatever scale, we will know what to do this time. Back in March, when this pandemic began to impact in Ireland, we had to learn how to respond. We had to learn about the hygiene guidelines, social distancing, cocooning, testing, self-isolation, etc. “People should not underestimate the amount of knowledge we have now. I think we can take real heart from that. “Also, another positive is the fact that local businesses have invested a lot in recent weeks in preparation for reopening and with a view to ensuring the safety of staff and customers. So we have that ‘defence’ in place too”. A positive week! The Roscommon Chamber President said that it has been encouraging to see a number of businesses across various sectors reopening over the past week or two. A number of essential services had remained open during the pandemic and Mr. Allen paid tribute to those businesses, and the frontline workers involved. He said it was particularly heartening to see cafes reopening. “It was lovely to see cafes and coffee shops in town this week with people in them! A lovely sight! A few months ago, it would have seemed crazy if someone

had said that Roscommon’s cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotels would be closed for three months”. Currently, pubs that serve food are entitled to reopen, while other pubs and bars can open their doors from July 20th. However, as reported in this supplement this week, local publicans are frustrated over lack of clarity as to the guidelines they will be required to follow. The Chamber President shares the publicans’ concerns – as voiced by Larry Brennan in this week’s People. “I really hope that our pubs get clarity on these issues without any further delay. As I understand it, they still don’t know if the social distancing requirement will be two metres or one metre. They need that clarity now”. Facemasks According to Roscommon Chamber of Commerce, and contrary to some trends elsewhere nationally, there is increased wearing of face masks in the county town. Brendan Allen: “People are moving around a lot more over the past ten days or so. Our observation would be that there is actually an increased use of face masks over the past week or so. We welcome this. Roscommon Chamber is encouraging wearing of face masks by people when they are in close proximity to other people…all in the interests of public safety. We encourage it, but ultimately it is up to people to take responsibility”. Mr. Allen said it is the business community’s view that social distancing is now becoming the norm and that has to be welcomed at this point in time,

as efforts continue to curb and defeat the virus. A word of thanks Roscommon Chamber of Commerce launched ‘Resilient Roscommon’ in conjunction with the Roscommon People newspaper, Roscommon LEADER and the County Council. That initiative was hugely successful, with volunteers delivering food, other goods and services to hundreds of homes in the Roscommon Town area. Mr. Allen said that he wishes, on behalf of the Chamber, to thank all the stakeholders who made that initiative such a success at a time of great need in the community. In particular, he wishes to thank Roscommon LEADER, Roscommon County Council, local sporting and voluntary groups, the business community, and the wider public. Shop local! The Roscommon People newspaper and Roscommon Chamber of Commerce, as part of our joint response to the Covid-19 crisis, is appealing to the public to continue to exclusively shop locally as the huge challenge of mounting an economic recovery gets underway. Brendan Allen (Chamber President): “We have a great county town and a great county. We genuinely have everything you need locally. Local businesses need your support more than ever. Local businesses, most of which have been closed for months – an unprecedented situation for them – are desperately trying to salvage and maintain employment levels. Every

euro spent locally will help keep people in employment. “The members of Roscommon Chamber – and all local businesses who are not members are invited to join us now – are deeply grateful to our local customers for their support. We know that it’s a very tough time for everybody. Key to our recovery will be Roscommon’s great community spirit. We can do this – together. Adhering to a ‘shop local’ philosophy will be key. Let’s get Roscommon moving again!” On behalf of Roscommon Chamber, Mr. Allen wished everyone well and concluded: “Please continue to follow all HSE/Government guidelines. Shop local, support your local community, stay in touch, and stay safe”.

Roscommon Chamber is encouraging wearing of face masks by people when they are in close proximity to other people…all in the interests of public safety


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



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Join the Chamber – it’s FREE! Businesses which are not yet members of Roscommon Chamber of Commerce can avail of free membership from now until the end of the year. To find out more, go to the Roscommon Chamber of Commerce website for full details on how to become a member! Chamber President Brendan Allen says the business group looks forward to welcoming new members. The Chamber has a number of new projects in the pipeline.


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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

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Carrowreagh, Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon.

Attractive residence for sale at Carrowreagh, Ballinagare

Sean Naughton Auctioneers is delighted to offer new to the market a large detached residence at Carrowreagh, Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon. Accommodation consists of four bedrooms (two ensuite), kitchen, dining room, living room, shower room, utility, and bathroom. The property has additional benefit of master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe. The property has large garden area to the front and rear and large decking area. The property is located just off the N5 main Dublin to Westport Rd. and within thirty minutes’ drive of Knock Airport. Viewing is highly recommended by appointment with sole auctioneer. For further details contact Sean on 087-2479486 or email


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SEE YOU FOR A PINT SOON! Dan Dooner enjoys a break from lockdown. Picture: Mick McCormack.

Minister or no Minister, Roscommon is reopening! < DAN DOONER

Did you ever get the feeling that somewhere in a parallel universe there’s a version of you waking up this week having performed much better during lockdown? You know, fluent in Spanish, able to play the guitar, washboard abs, that sort of thing? Instead here we are…on the phone to food-serving pubs, in the hope of 105 minutes away from the house! We may not have become multi-lingual or managed to bake the perfect banana bread, but there is no doubt that we have learned a great deal about ourselves and others over the past three months. Yes, living with each other can be hard at times, but in most cases living without each other is much more difficult! We are social creatures and so being socially distant goes against all of our natural inclinations. While 2020 has played out like a disaster movie in many ways, those of us lucky enough to live in Co. Roscommon will have had some consolation over the past few months. Our Government-sanctioned 2km and 5km walks were made a little easier by the weather and our beautiful surroundings. Our weekly visit to the supermarket was also made a little less stressful by the feeling that we were all in it together. I’ve always loved Roscommon but I have to admit that since the end of March I’ve found new ways to appreciate this county and those I share it with. This week the county’s gyms, hair salons, barbers, restaurants, pubs that serve food, and a whole host of other retail outlets have reopened their doors as part of Phase Three of the easing of lockdown restrictions. Many businesses are tentatively opening their doors following a very dif-

ficult few months while there are others, sadly, that may never reopen again. Last week, in an interview with the Roscommon People, the new Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council, Cllr. Laurence Fallon highlighted the determination and optimism among local business owners ahead of Phase Three. Cllr. Fallon also reiterated that there are supports such as restart grants available for businesses across the county. Our local businesses are the backbone of our communities and not only do they provide vital services, but also employment for local people. Put simply, they breathe life into our towns and villages. Therefore, it has never been more important to support them as they seek to make up for lost time and income. Much has been made lately about the lack of Cabinet representation Connacht – ­and indeed much of the west coast –­ will have in the 33rd Dáil. Roscommon itself has become a forgotten county in the last decade as IDA visits dwindle and vital services are closed down. Indeed, if the last government is anything to go by and the current situation is an indication of what’s to come, then it may be left up to us to support ourselves, and the best way to do that right now is to shop, chop, snip, clip and sip local. Lockdown may have been a struggle at times, but we’ve shown remarkable resilience to get to this point. Most of us will have gained a new appreciation of family, friends, neighbours, not to mention publicans and barbers! Now is the time to emerge from lockdown with optimism and a renewed determination to ensure that the county gets back on its feet and that, minister or no minister, rural Ireland is part of the national conversation as we move forward.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


Re-opening on Friday, July 3rd Pictured is Tommy Kelly at his store in Athleague. Picture: Michael McCormack.


To pre-book your table, please call David on 090 66 25339 or 086 2499619 Social distancing/Covid-19 guidelines in place

Mario Costello pictured making deliveries recently. Picture: Michael McCormack.

Thank you for your custom and support

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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


6 reasons to shop in Roscommon…

MOLLOY’S MAIN STREET, ROSCOMMON Tel.: 090 6626120 or 087 6546512. E.

Thank you to all our customers for their support during the past few months


According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), there are nearly 250,000 small to medium businesses operating across Ireland, many of which are located right here in County Roscommon. And, while at one time we viewed Brexit as being the biggest threat to our local economy, it’s now clear the negative impact of Covid-19 – with its fallout resulting in major economic uncertainty – has proved more problematic. Therefore, the need to shop local has never been more important. Here’s six reasons why people should support the Roscommon Chamber/Roscommon People ‘Shop local’ campaign…

Whispering Angel – Rose Wine; Kylie Minogue – Rose Wine; Graham Norton – Wines & Gin; Sarah Jessica Parker – Wines. All you need for the summer! – Stay safe


The majestic Roscommon Castle. Picture: Mick McCormack

Small local Roscommon businesses can offer us that oneof-a-kind item we won’t find at their larger chain store equivalents. Ask yourself this question…how many times have you found yourself turning up at the company barbeque or a family christening wearing the same outfit as three other people? Yes, mortified!






14” Pizza, 3 Regular Fries Large Bottle, Garlic Bread or 8 Nuggets T&C’s Apply: Choose from Classic, Finest or three topping Create Your Own


2 Medium Meals & 2 Kids Meals



T&C’s Apply: Excludes Lunch box, Fish 7.5oz Burger and 5 Tenders Meals

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When we shop local we’re supporting our neighbours and our communities. Remember, the lady who owns the local shop is also the mother who shares the burden of bringing your child to his/her GAA practice, possibly even sponsoring their training kit!


Shopping in Roscommon Town (and county) means our lovely shops will continue to grow and expand, resulting in them not only providing additional products for us to enjoy, but also providing more jobs, showing other startups that this county is a desirable place in which to do business. When this happens, more and more people will naturally become attracted to the county, the economy will get a major boost, and more public services will be made available. It’s a win-win!


Car parking fees, fines, clamping, restrictive enforcement rules and regulations, and lack of available spaces have diluted the shopping experience in most towns across Ireland, with motorists paying as much as €3.20 an hour for a space! But not here in Roscommon, where – uniquely – a county town boasts a highly attractive free parking policy, something which can only serve to enhance its popularity, thus positively impacting on its economic development. More shoppers means not just more jobs, it also means more choice!


When you shop local you automatically get a more personalised service. This is because the business owner often knows his/her customers/clients, greeting them on a first-name basis. They ask about their families, their lives, and, in getting to know them, they can automatically provide them with a better service. This is a direct contrast to the bigger chain stores, some of which tend to view customers as a nameless consumer with money to spend!


A local business, whether it’s a haberdashery, bespoke boutique, gift shop, hotel/restaurant/coffee shop/artisan bakery/grocery store or hair and beauty salon, etc., will always go that extra mile… for example, providing creative window displays that serve to not only enhance, but to add character to a small town, city or village. * So, this weekend, rediscover Roscommon post-lockdown and shop local…you know it makes sense!


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020





unique take on life ...

To hell with Connacht? Despite all our distinguished people and achievements, Connacht has always been regarded as ‘the poor relation’. Now we’ve been cut adrift again, with no senior minister from the West in the new government…so says our extremely unimpressed columnist… In 1649, history tells us that Oliver Cromwell arrived on Irish soil with the express remit to quell the threat posed to the Commonwealth by the alliance of English Royalists and Irish Catholics. Even though he was only here for less than a year, he went about his duties with great enthusiasm and his forces were responsible for two massacres – in Drogheda in September 1649 and in Wexford in October 1649, where more than 7,000 people, including civilians, prisoners and Catholic priests were put to the sword. Cromewell had a hatred of all Catholics, and by the time he was finished all Catholicowned land had been confiscated from the owners and given to English and Scottish settlers and other favourites. All remaining

Catholic landowners were given the choice of death or relocating to the poorer land in the province of Connacht, thereby giving rise to the famous – but until this week largely forgotten – saying ‘To hell or to Connacht’. And yet despite all the obstacles…poor land, geographical remoteness and total rejection by each and every government… the Cinderella province managed to flourish and punch way above its weight, producing leaders in every aspect of society, from politics to commerce, to sport and entertainment. Two of our nine presidents – Douglas Hyde and Mary Robinson – were born in Connacht, and obviously we have a huge connection with the present incumbent, Michael D. We have had All-Ireland champions in football and hurling, have a major international airport in Knock, and we have firms like our own locally-owned Ward & Burke, who are huge players in the global construction business, with major projects on almost every continent. On top of all that, we have Teresa Mannion – who, while not a native, has lived here for 13 years – famously bringing the city of Galway to a worldwide audience when she was almost blown over during her reporting of Storm Desmond in 2015. And yet, despite everything, we have always been regarded as the poor relation. Even in sport, especially rugby, Connacht

has long been regarded as an unwelcome visitor. Back in the day, long before professional rugby arrived on these shores, when it came to selecting Irish international teams Leinster and Munster had two votes each, Ulster had one vote and Connacht had no vote at all! As a result, some of the best players of their time never played for Ireland. It all came to a head in 2003 when the powers that be decided the Connacht rugby team should be disbanded entirely. They hadn’t reckoned on the will of the people. After a meeting attended by hundreds of supporters in the Radisson in Galway, more than 2000 marched on the rugby headquarters in Lansdowne Road and effectively put paid to the threatened cull. Some years later (2016) this Connacht team had the audacity to go to Edinburgh and beat a star-studded Leinster team in a never to be forgotten Pro 12 Final. The western fans travelled in their thousands by bus, train, car, lorry, ship and plane, taking over the Scottish capital. Connacht had arrived on the big rugby stage. All that took place less than four years ago, and yet this week we have once again seen Connacht cut adrift, but this time in the political sense. For the first time in our history we, along with some more western seaboard counties, have no representation whatsoever at the cabinet table. Back in 1916, we had Pearse and Con-

nolly and many more lay down their lives for a United Ireland. Up to now, despite decades of unrest and insurrection, we have had to make do with 26 counties, but on Saturday evening, without a shot fired in anger, Micheál Martin, aided and abetted by Eamon and Leo, let five more counties slip away. As Michael Fitzmaurice has said so forcibly and passionately, we now have a 21-county republic. A friend of mine who is equally upset at this development wonders if the RTE weather forecast will bother to tell us about our weather at all, and he also feels that our county hurling and football teams should simply have their own championships and not bother with the All-Ireland at all. Certainly the ‘All-Ireland’ mantra doesn’t extend to everything. I have never bothered much with political matters (probably wrongly), and most of the time would have a healthy indifference to the workings of our major parties, but even I know that when you have no representative at the Cabinet you have no voice at all. Despite all the protestations coming from the new Government, and promises of junior ministries coming our way, Connacht has been badly let down. I wonder have they made the biggest mistake of all by opening the door to an already powerful Sinn Féin? If that is the case, how big of a price will they pay when the next General Election comes around?

Jack’s a good lad! Thank God it looks as if we will see some football and hurling action this year after all. On the intercounty scene the big news is that the wonderful footballer that is Jack McCaffrey has left the Dublin panel, if not for good at least for this year. I have to say that it is in my opinion a very brave move, as a man with five All-Ireland medals to his name – who is, at 27, at the peak of his considerable powers – must know that in certain quarters his move will not be very well received (mostly around ‘Coppers’ and the county of Dublin). A relative of mine worked for a couple of years with him in recent times, and says Jack was always a thoroughly likeable lad who never had an opinion of himself and always said there was more to life and to him than his football, and that his football career would not define him. It can’t be easy to walk away, so all I can say is ‘well done, Jack’. A lot of other counties will be delighted to see the back of you! Good on you for having a mind of your own – and the best of luck in the future.

And finally… a farewell to Joseph

Mario Costello pictured in Athleague recently. Picture: Michael McCormack.

Pictured is Louis Conlon, Pharmacist, with Physical Therapists Trevor Mulvany and Jamie Power-Disney in Conlon’s Chemist, Athleague. Picture: Michael McCormack.

Reopening is great, but crisis isn’t over After so many weeks of lockdown I would have sworn that at the first opportunity I’d have been off to the pub to taste a long-denied creamy pint of lovely Guinness. The remarkable thing is that a few days after the reopening of our pubs (or at least some of them) I have not even been tempted to venture out, and

at this point in time I think I will leave it until what they call the ‘wet’ pubs – which are those who don’t serve food – are open again. However, it is great news for everyone that businesses are reopening all over the place and that commercial life is starting all over again. All I hope is that people don’t jump

to the wrong conclusions and think the scare is all over. It most certainly is not. Places all over the world are paying the price for easing up on the necessary restrictions. All I can hope is that we don’t undo all the good that has been done over the last few months. The message still has to be: wash the hands and stay safe.

Finally for this week, a couple of weeks ago our local area was greatly saddened at the death of Joseph O’Roarke from Coalpits, Creggs, who passed away after a long, brave battle with illness. Joe was a noted athlete in his young days, before leaving for London where he was to spend most of his working life in Tottenham. He never forgot his roots, and was a regular and popular visitor to his native village. Covid-19 meant the local population couldn’t attend his funeral, but in testimony to the esteem in which he and his grieving family were held, a large number of people stood in silence outside the church and on the roadside as Joe made his final journey to Kilbegnet graveyard. It can truly be said that he was a larger than life character, and he was way too young to die, so all I can do is sympathise sincerely with his brothers and sister and all his other relations and friends. May he rest in peace.

‘Till next week, bye for now


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


IFA welcomes extension of deadline for loan deferments

The Chair of the Farm Business Committee Rose Mary McDonagh has welcomed the extension of the deadline for payment break applications for those whose income has been impacted by Covid-19. “The postponement to 30th of September from the end of June for first-time applicants for a loan break is much more realistic and practical. “In recent meetings with the banks, I have outlined that the impact on income is delayed for

some farmers. The pinch is only being felt now, or certainly will be in the next few months. Farmers who need this break must make sure they avail of this opportunity and avoid falling into the non-performing loans category,” she said. Whilst these payment breaks will assist in the short-term, IFA is urging the new Government to urgently legislate for the Covid Credit Guarantee Scheme and the second phase of the Fu-

ture Growth Loan Scheme to support famers. Whilst both are open to farmers, it is imperative to establish the terms and conditions, as well as eligibility criteria. “Farmers are going to have increased costs, as well as credit and cashflow problems due to this crisis. These schemes must be low-cost and be open to farmers across all sectors to assist with working capital, investment and credit issues,” Rose Mary McDonagh concluded.

MART WATCH Roscommon Mart Report Dry cows, heifers and bullocks (Friday, 26th of June 2020): There was a good entry of stock on offer at our weekly general sale for bullocks, heifers and dry cows which included both bidding at the ringside and online with our LSL App. There was a solid trade for all stock with a strong demand and a good clearance of lots. Again, this week purchasers were very active on line with many sellers also opting to view their stock and accept their prices without having to return to the mart. Prices for dry cows ranged from an average of €1.65 per kilo up to €1.98 per kilo. Heifers fetched from an average of €2.14 per kilo up to a maximum of €3.14 per kilo. Bullocks made from an average of €2.19 per kilo up to €2.62 per kilo. Our next sale for dry cows, heifers and bullocks will take place on Friday, 3rd of July. Intake from 7.30 am up to 9.30 am. Viewing by appointment from 10.15 pm to 11.45 pm. Sale at 12 noon. Limited access to the ring

Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


for buyers only. Also online bidding facility with LSL gates close at 10 am. Dry cows ranged from €1.65 per kilo up to €1.98 per kilo. Sample prices: Char X 785 kgs €1450, Char X 750 kgs €1440, Lim 710 kgs €1390, SHX 800 kgs €1370, Lim X 700 kgs €1300, Char X 655 kgs €1300, Lim X 750 kgs €1250, Char X 660 kgs €1230, AAX 695 kgs €1150, Simm X 685 kgs €1030, Simm X 685 kgs €1040, Lim X 610 kgs €1120. Heifers ranged from €2.14 per kilo up to €3.14 per kilo. Sample prices: Lim X 540 kgs €1700, BBX 555 kgs €1400, Char X 635 kgs €1370, Char X 530 kgs €1310, AAX 605 kgs €1290, Lim X 565 kgs €1270, Lim X 545 kgs €1170, 2 Char X 432 kgs €1030, Lim x 435 kgs €1090, Char 440 kgs €1080, Simm X 395 kgs €1000, 3 Lim X 345 kgs €860, Char X 370 kgs €940. Bullocks ranged from €2.19 per kilo up to €2.62 per kilo. Sample prices: 2 Lim X 582 kgs €1340, 4 AAX 590 kgs €1335, Lim X 460 kgs €1110, Lim x 455 kgs €1070, Char X 430 kgs €1070, Lim X 455 kgs €1060, Char X 435 kgs €1050, Lim X 375 kgs €920, Char X

Dead & Worn-Out Animals

400 kgs €1050, Lim X 425 kgs €950, Lim X 390 kgs €880. Sheep Sale Sheep Sale, Wednesday, 1st of July 2020: There was a larger entry of sheep on offer at Wednesday’s Sheep Sale. Spring lambs made up to €115 for 53.9kgs. Stag Ewes made from €80 up to €121 per head. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID Tag set. Our next Sheep Sale is next Wednesday, 8th of July. Sheep to be penned by 10 am on day of Sale. Sample prices: Spring lambs: 53.9kgs €115, 50.5kgs €115, 56kgs €115, 46.4kgs €115, 48.3kgs €114, 54kgs €113.5, 47.1kgs €113.5, 46.5kgs €113, 47.8gs €112, 45.8kgs €110, 45kgs €109. Store lambs: 39.7kgs €92, 39.5kgs €91, 39.2kgs €90, 34.7kgs €87, 39.7kgs €85, 38.4kgs €80, 36kgs €78. Cast ewes made from €80 to €121 per lot.

Virtual Beef Week 2020

Lowest price GUARANTEED Daily collection

Dry Cows, Heifers, Bullocks & Weanlings

Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. All cattle must be penned by 9 a.m. --------------

Friday July 10th @ 12 Noon

61st Anniversary Special Sale for Bullocks, Heifers & Dry Cows

Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. All cattle must be penned by 9 a.m. Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Tuesday 7th July -----------------------

Tuesday July 14th @ 4 p.m.

61st Anniversary Special Sale of Weanlings Yard opens at 12 Noon All cattle must be penned by 1 p.m Included in sale 45 Top quality Char & Lim Bulls & Heifers born in 2020 – 350 to 400 kgs Photos on our website/face book page Also Suckler Cows Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday 9th July -----------------------

Lambs & Cast Ewes Each Wednesday @ 11 a.m.

Yard open at 8.30 a.m. All stock must be penned by 10 a.m. -------------------

Saturday July 11th @ 12 Noon

Irish Vendeen Sheep Society Premier Sale - Rams & Ewes --------------------


All animals must be pre-booked for sales– Buyers must register for viewing Limited Access to Sales Ring for Buyers only Cattle may also be purchased on line- by downloading the LSL App or Please contact the Mart if you require any assistance with the setting up of the App

ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

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Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July Open the Camera on your phone and scan the QR Code


Your LOCAL Collector Guaranteed lowest price

Friday 3rd July @ 12 Noon

‘Building a Sustainable Irish Beef Sector’

JOHN GREENE TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 (090) 96 87651

There were 350 cattle on offer last Thursday. A firm trade was reported with smaller stock and forward stores especially in strong demand this week, aided by grass growth – and northern demand prices in general were improved for these categories of stock. Breeding stock and cull cows were similar to previous weeks while the calves and runners reported good clearances. Sample prices – Heifers: Lmx 415kgs €980, Ch 385kgs €940, Lm 495kgs €1370, Ch 445kgs €1030, BBX 480kgs €1030, Ch 630kgs €1390, Ch 890kgs €1970, LMx 550kgs €1280. Weanling heifers: Lmx 230kgs €650, Hex 205kgs €645, AA 250kgs €610, Ch 335kgs €1030, Ch 315kgs €810, Lm 345kgs €850, Ch 430kgs €940. Dry cows: Lmx 735kgs €1430, Ch 875kgs €1540, AA 795kgs

€1355, Fr 740kgs €960, Lmx 795kgs €1325. Cows with calves at foot made from €1000 to €1640 per head. Springers made from €780 to €1030 per head. Bullock and Weanling Bull Sale began on Monday, 22nd of June. 200 lots on offer with trade holding firm. Also weanling bulls were an improved trade, with the top quality lots exceeding €3 a kilo while the bullocks reported a good clearance also. Sales continue at Castlerea Mart with our bullock and weanling bull sale. Thursday, 2nd of July we have a sale of heifers, bullocks, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. Please note as and from Thursday, 2nd of July, bullocks and weanling bulls will be sold on Thursdays. Two rings in operation, all animals to be penned before 10 am. Sale can also be viewed online on

Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Property Services Providers Licence No. 002249


Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Tel. (071) 96 34783 and (071) 96 33344

Castlerea Mart Report

(Proudly serving farmers for over 60 years)

• YARD OPENS AT 8 A.M. • ALL STOCK PRE BOOKED. • ALL STOCK TO BE PENNED BY 10 A.M. • ALL SALES COMMENCE AT 11 A.M. Protocols will be in place to due to Covid-19.


Kindly sponsored by:

For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Vist Our Website For Details.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

PropertyPeople CO. ROSCOMMON



LEASED Call 090 662 7200





CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200




• Excellently presented and pivotally located 6 bedroomed dormer residence. • Within walking distance of the Shannonside village of Tarmonbarry. • Spacious living accommodation throughout the entire property. • This property may be considered for B&B given its size and location. • Tarmacadam driveway to the front and sides, paved patio and large garden to the rear. CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200

• Large 4 bedroom bungalow on c.24 acres site • Excellent views of the surrounding countryside. • Spacious detached garage to the side. • The said property is surrounded by manicured gardens. • Viewing strictly by appointment only . BER : D1. EIRCODE : F45PK50

BER : C3

• Beautifully presented bright and spacious 3 bedroomed bungalow. • On the banks of Lough O Flynn short distance from Ballinlough Village. • Large manicured garden to the front, side and rear. • Close to all amenities. • Underground heating and rediators. BER : D2 CALL DAVID FLYNN : 090 6627200

It’s not just about property. It’s about people. PSRA No. 001316


Business moves: Leased by Sherry Fitzgerald P. Burke Sherry Fitzgerald P. Burke has recently successfully leased a number of landmark properties. An ‘Esquires coffee house’ is now located at Centrepoint Retail Park, Roscommon. P. Burke said: “This very well located premises just off the N61 is leased to one of the region’s leading coffee houses, Esquires. It is a bright, spacious and contemporary space with stylish comfortable seating. There is plenty of space for parking. Best of luck to the new tenants”. Meanwhile, James Lohan Consulting Engineer Ltd. are now located at Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, with this lease also successfully completed by Sherry Fitzgerald P. Burke. This high profile premises attracted significant interest on the market.



P. Burke describes this property as “a prime commercial unit, comprising c. 770 sq. ft. situated in a prime area of Roscommon Town”. Mr. Burke has wished the new tenant every success. A Barber Shop located in The Square, Roscommon Town has also recently been leased by Sherry Fitzgerald P. Burke. P.


Institute of Professional Auctioneer & Valuers

PSRA Licence No. 001481

Burke said: “It is always great to see new businesses opening up. Best of luck to the owner, Sean. “This property is in a highly convenient location, close to Bank of Ireland and Harrison shopping centre. Another great advantage to this premises is the fact there is a car park directly in front,” concluded P. Burke.






A primely located retail unit of approx. 700 sq.ft offering vacant possession located at

A quality 3 B/R semi-detached bungalow residence of approx. 1,150 sq.ft located at


A primely located 4 B/R bungalow residence of approx. 1,350 sq.ft located at


2 ASHBROOK, BALLYMOE VILLAGE, CO. GALWAY, F45 CF89. All offers after €125,000 ono to sell.

All offers after €80,000 to sell (+ vat if applicable).

A primely located commercial unit of approx 700 sq.ft (Former East West travel agents) located in the busy Stonecourt development on the town Square and benefiting from ample free car parking facilities at the rear and on the Square. The sale of this said unit offers a prime oppoertunity to re-establish the former travel agency business or would suit various commercial pursuits due size and location and the auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers after €80,000 to sell. BER: G.

A quality 3 B/R semi-detached bungalow residence located in the heart of Ballymoe village. The said residence offers spacious living accommodation together with excellent value for money. Finished to a high standard and within walking distance of all local amenities, this is a property that must be viewed to be fully appreciated. BER: D1



Price Guide: €90,000 the entire

Price Guide: €90,000

(The said lands and residence can be sold independently should market interest dictate)

A prime parcel of lands on which stands a 4 B/R residence in need of moderisation conveniently located just of the main Roscommon/Athone Route (N61) The said lands and residence can be sold independently should market interest dictate and are set out as follows: • Residence standing on approx. 0.6 of an acre – say €70,000. • Lands containing approx. 2.66 acres – say €20,000. The Auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers for immediate sale. Legal: Roddy McCrann, Messers Thomas V McCrann & Son, Roscommon.

A most attractive 4 B/R bungalow residence located in a select residential area close to Roscommon town center. The said property offers spacious living accommodation throughout and stands on a generous site area. The auctioneers now invite immediate enquiries, viewings and all offers to sell. BER: D1. Legal: Messers Peter H Jones & Co, Roscommon. 090 66 26925.

Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon Email: Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Fax: (090) 6625405


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


PSRA no. 001090

Auctioneers & Valuers

NO. 1 ABBEY ST., ROSCOMMON. TEL 090 66 27003. FAX 090 66 26296 EMAIL • Web:

NEW TO THE MARKET – FOR SALE – circa 25 acres at


The lands are located a short distance off the main Athlone to Ballinasloe Road in a nice rural setting. The lands have excellent road frontage. Most of the lands are of good quality but have been neglected over recent years and would need some clearance. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail info@ ------------------------------------------------------------------------


The Building comprises of Office Space which could easily be converted to a warehouse subject to planning permission being granted. For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------

FOR SALE – THE WALK, ROSCOMMON A circa 1/2 acre site with the benefit of full planning permission for a Dormer Bungalow. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------


Attractive waterside lands available at Earley’s John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley is this week offering new to the market prime Shannonside lands commanding a peninsula on to Lough Ree containing approximately 18 acres located at Annaghmore, Kilteevan, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. John describes this as “a rare opportunity to acquire prime Shannonside lands commanding extensive frontage onto the famous Lough Ree on the Shannon Waterway”. He adds: “The location and setting of the said property speaks for itself and the auctioneer highly recommends viewing and invites offers to anyone

looking for Shannonside property. The auctioneers now invite immediate viewings and all offers to sell”. For further details or to arrange a viewing, please

Earley’s agree sale of bungalow after virtual tour! John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley is this week pleased to advise that he agreed the sale of a quality fourbedroomed bungalow residence located at Ballybride, beside Roscommon town, for a very satisfactory price from an online virtual tour of the property to an overseas client. John commented to the Roscommon People: “We have just invested in the latest virtual tour technology on the market and have experienced a huge surge in enquiries as a result. “Prospective purchasers can now digitally walk through their desired property 24 hours a day on our website or using our social media platforms. We use this tech-

nology in-house and with no extra cost to the client. To see a full range of our virtual tour properties, logo on to our website”. For further details call 090-6626579, email or log on to

The land would have development potential and parts of the land would suitable for Forestry subject to planning permission being granted. Approximately ½ of the lands are of top quality.


FOR SALE – circa 10 acres of top-quality land TUBBERVADDY, ATHLEAGUE, CO. ROSCOMMON Circa 10 acres of top-quality land located on the main Creggs to Athleague Road. The lands have development potential subject to planning permission being granted. The lands also have the benefit of River Frontage. For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail ------------------------------------------------------------------------

URGENTLY REQUIRED 7 DAY LICENCE – CASH AVAILABLE ------------------------------------------------------------------------

TO LET / MEADOW TO LET • At Dysart, Roscommon circa 26 acres. Grazing or Meadow until 31st December 2020. • Circa 10 acres of meadow at Coolegarry, Curraghboy, Co. Roscommon. • Circa 27 acres for sheep or meadow at Curnalee, Curraghboy, Co. Roscommon. • Circa 20 Acres of Meadow, Can be let per bale. Convenient to Roscommon Town.

John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley is this week pleased to report that the residential property market has “roared back to life” since they reopened for business. In the two weeks since reopening, John reports that his firm have reached ‘sale agreed’ status on ten properties including residences in Oldwood, Stonepark, The Galway Road in Roscommon, Strokestown, Castlerea and Tulsk. John further commented: “We have experienced a very busy selling period with quality properties attracting strong interest in all areas. Due to demand, we are now seeking properties in all areas for disappointed underbidders and cash buyers. We welcome all submissions and offer a free appraisal service”. For further details or to arrange a free consultation, please contact John Earley (FIPAV) at Property Partners Earley, Roscommon on 0906626579, email jearley@propertypartners. ie or log on to www.

Cottage for sale in Derrane area

Hughes & Co. Auctioneers & Valuers are offering new to the market this week a cottage for sale at Derrane Road on an elevated site, located close to the local church and school. Speaking of the said property, Pat said: “The property is located only three miles from Roscommon Town. This is an ideal opportunity for somebody to acquire a property with huge development potential and which is convenient to all amenities”. For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 090-6627003 or email info@

For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail

For further details contact the office on 09066 27003 or e-mail

contact John Earley (FIPAV) of Property Partners Earley, Stone Court, The Square, Roscommon on 090-6626579 or email jearley@propertypartners. ie.

Residential market has ‘roared’ back to life – Earley

Machinery items available with Hughes & Co Due to Covid-19, Hughes & Co. Auctioneers have been unable to hold their annual machinery auction this year. “As a result,” explained Pat, “we have some items still available for sale. Items available include bale splitter, power harrow, two-furrow plough, square bale grab, plough, disc mower and haybob for parts”. For further details contact the office on 090-6627003 or email

Two-storey residence for sale at Glenballythomas, Tulsk

Hughes & Co. Auctioneers & Values are offering a twostorey residence on a circa three-quarter acre site for sale at Glenballythomas, Tulsk, Co. Roscommon. Pat said: “This property is in need of total refurbishment. It is situated in a much sought after area conveniently located to Tulsk, Frenchpark and Ballinagare”. Pat is confirming that the company are prepared to accept offers in excess of €30,000 for this dwelling. For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

PropertyPeople PSRA Licence: 001350





ATHLEAGUE, CO. ROSCOMMON. Tel. (090) 6663700. Mob. (086) 8985013 •


Kilnanoonan, Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon • Prime parcel of lands c.17.10 Acres • Located in renowned farming district just off N5 • Close to Elphin, Tulsk, Castlerea & Ballinagare • Auctioneer invites enquiries and offers for immediate sale For further details call 090-6663700

Final Offers By 2pm on Wednesday 8th July

FOR SALE Five Bedroom Residence at

Lisnaville, Fuerty, Co. Roscommon F42 KP74 • Spacious five-bedroom residence in excellent condition • Standing on large site c. 0.66 Acres • Detached garage to rear • Located c .4 miles from Roscommon Town • Excellent views of surrounding countryside • Viewing highly recommended To arrange a viewing contact the office on 090 6663700 Viewings at evenings, weekends and bank holidays also accommodated


• C. 12 Acres @ Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon • C. 30 Acres @ Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon • C. 20 Acres @ Dysart, Co. Roscommon

THINKING OF SELLING? We have buyers waiting ... See what your Property is Worth Call 090-6663700 for a FREE VALUATION All Enquiries in Strictest Confidence No Sale – No Fee

No. 11, The Paddock, Athleague

Five-bedroomed residence for sale at Athleague Village Connaughton Auctioners are announcing that due to cancellation, No. 11, The Paddock, Athleague is for sale as a newlybuilt, spacious two-storey residence, which has been finished to a very high standard with a BER energy rating of A3. Located in the village in a low volume, good residential estate, this property has a triple heating system of oil-fired central heating, solar panels and solid fuel stove with back boiler in the sitting room. The property is eligible for the ‘First Time Buyers’ Scheme’ which purchasers can avail of a tax rebate of 5% of the purchase price. Advice and additional information on this scheme can be accessed online or by phoning Connaughton

Auctioneers. Accommodation includes – on the ground floor: reception hallway with good quality tiling and stairwell to first floor. The sitting room which is located on the left overlooking the green area of the estate, has a feature marble fireplace with solid fuel ‘Henley’ stove inset and wooden flooring. Double doors which can be opened for maximum space and open plan living lead into the large kitchen/ dining room. There are sliding patio doors off the dining area which lead to the rear garden. Utility room is a good size with tiled flooring and UPVC door to the side of the property. The guest WC doubles as an ensuite bathroom for bedroom one and is known as the ‘Jack & Jill’

bathroom with separate doors from both utility and bedroom one. Bedroom one is a double bedroom with good quality wooden flooring. On the first floor, this residence does not disappoint, with four large bedrooms all with very good quality wooden flooring. The master bedroom has an ample-sized ensuite bathroom with beautiful tiling floor to ceiling. The main bathroom is located off the landing and has a bath, separate shower with enclosure, WC and WHB. Externally, the driveway to this superior home is fully tarmacadamed and kerbed. For further details and viewing arrangements, contact the office on 090-6663700 or email info@

Three-bedroomed bungalow for sale at Cloonshanagh, Rooskey Connaughton Auctioneers are pleased to advise of this very attractive threebedroomed bungalow residence, which has newly arrived on the market for sale, located just off the Tarmonbarry to Rooskey road in a much sought after area and close to the River Shannon. The residence is in excellent condition and situated on a large private site, set back from the public road. In excellent condition internally, the accommodation includes porch to front with sliding door, reception hallway with wooden flooring, airing cupboard off and ample storage cupboards. The sitting room located to the left of the hallway has an open fireplace with marble surround. The living/dining room has a ‘Stanley’ oil-fired stove. The kitchen is fully fitted with door off to rear. There are three bedrooms in all, and main bathroom. This property presents very well. The driveway is fully tarmacadamed and extends to the rear of the property. There is a storage shed also located at the rear. Services include mains water and septic tank. Viewing highly recommended. For further information and to arrange appointment, contact the office on 090-6663700 or email


Large two-storey four-bedroomed residence for sale at Tulsk

Hughes & Co. Auctioneers are offering a twostorey four-bedroomed residence with an office/ shop unit to the side, for sale at Tulsk. The property has the benefit of a large workshop of approximately 3,000 sq. ft. which is located to the rear of the building (with its own self-contained canteen). The property is located within walking distance of Tulsk village and was formerly known as ‘Tulsk Machinery’. Pat is encouraging interested parties to contact him as this is one of the finest properties to come on the market in recent times. For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 090-6627003 or email


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


PSRA Licence No: 003201

New to the Market: -

26 Glentaun Close, Creagh, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway H53 XK88

Impressive 4-bedroom residence in immaculate condition situated in a mature sought-after residential area within walking distance to all local amenities. Spacious accommodation consists of entrance hallway, sitting room, open plan kitchen/dining area with patio doors to enclosed garden, utility with W.C. off. First floor comprises 4 bedrooms, 3 of which have built in wardrobes with master ensuite together with family bathroom. PRICE REGION: €210,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New to the Market: 3 Bedroom Residence

Church Street, Strokestown Co. Roscommon F42 AN22

Character property set in the heart of Strokestown adjacent to Strokestown Park and all town amenities. Well maintained residence recently refurbished with canopy entrance porch, reception hallway, sitting room, kitchen, utility and dining room. First floor consists of 3 bedrooms and family bathroom. Dual central heating with solid fuel stove with back boiler together with condensing oil- fired central heating system. Spacious rear garden with wide array of shrubs and plants with rear entrance. Price Region: €79,500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New to the Market: Fully refurbished 3 bedroom residence

The Grove, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon F42 XY18

Quality ‘A’ rated property located in a quiet countryside setting, 5 miles from Roscommon Town on c. 0.7acre mature site. Fully finished with modern fitout to all the latest regulations, incorporating entrance hallway, sitting room, open plan kitchen/dining room with patio doors to side. Upstairs, 3 large bedrooms and family bathroom. Overall, this is a select property in a sought after residential area for which the Auctioneer invites viewings and offers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New to the Market: -

16 Sycamore Close, Clonbolt Wood, Longford N39 P4F4 Situated in one of the most exclusive and sought after developments in Longford Town this 4 bedroom detached property is brought to the market in excellent condition. Within a short walk from town centre, the property is just off the N4 and is in close proximity to schools, shops and sport facilities. Accommodation consists:- entrance hallway, Kitchen with open plan dining room, sitting room and w/c. Upstairs, 4 bedrooms (1 ensuite) and family bathroom. Price Region: €179,500

Church Street, Roscommon town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail Website:

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail Website:

Derrydarragh, Newtowncashel, Co. Longford

Two excellent properties for sale for the price of one! Oates Auctioneers (Roscommon) are pleased to announce a unique opportunity to acquire two excellent properties for the price of one in this much sought after location adjacent to Newtowncashel Village and Barley Harbour (famed for its excellent boating and fishing). The primary residence is a modern

three-bedroomed property finished to a very high standard by its present owners – with no expense spared. The second property consists of a traditional one-bedroomed two-storey residence. Located at Derrydarragh, Newtowncashel, Co. Longford (Eircode: N39 H003), the property is situated on c. 1 acre of manicured gardens with water ponds and water-

falls filled naturally by a new water collection system. This is a unique property located twenty minutes from Athlone and Longford town centres for which the auctioneer invites viewings and offers. Price region: €249,950. For further details or to arrange a viewing, contact the office on 090-6627878 or email

Residence for sale at Moneymore, Knockcroghery

Hughes & Co. Auctioneers & Valuers are offering for sale an attractive four-bedroomed residence on a circa oneacre site at Moneymore, Knockcroghery, which is being sold ‘under construction’. The residence is located less than one mile off the main Athlone to Roscommon Road in a nice rural setting. For further details or to make an appointment to view contact the office on 090-6627003 or email

Moneymore, Knockcroghery

Final offers invited for superior family home On the market with REA Seamus Carthy is a most impressive four-bedroomed detached family home. The said residence is set within the highly sought after Oldwood residential estate in Roscommon Town. The said residence benefits from a high level of finish and is presented in excellent condition both internally and externally. Located in the heart of Roscommon Town, convenient to all amenities, this select property will be of interest to owner-occupiers. Its location, adjacent to Mote Park and Roscommon Golf Club, means it would represent

an ideal base for a family. No. 8, Oldwood is a substantial home and comprises of feature entrance hallway, sitting room, living room, dining room/playroom, kitchen with feature island, utility and WC at ground floor with four double bedrooms (one ensuite) and a family bathroom at first floor. The said property presents itself as an excellent opportunity to purchase a quality family home and Seamus now invites final offers. For more information, contact REA Seamus Carthy today 090-6630001 or email info@ Four-bedroomed detached family home at Oldwood residential estate in Roscommon Town.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020



A most select residential family home majestically set on a large mature 0.6 acre site with 3 No. outbuildings. In need of modernisation, an excellent opportunity now exists to buy a quality family home in the very best of locations. All offers are now invited above €150,000. Guide Price: €150,000





Quality 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached residence situated on the outskirts of Lanesboro village. Its sought after location, within walking distance to all amenities including schools, shops, library etc makes this excellent value for money and viewing is highly recommended with immediate enquiries advised. Guide Price: €110,000




Unrivalled online auction platform for selling your property. Check out, securing excellent results for our clients.

Contact our office to confirm your appointment.


Contact: 090 66 30001 NEW TO THE MARKET


Stunning 4 bedroom period family home with fine traditional stone outbuildings set on a mature 1.55 Acre landscaped site encircled with rich history. Located on the outskirts of the award winning village of Castlecoote and formerly the hunting lodge to Castlecoote House, the said property also benefits from complete refurbishment offering the character and traditions of the past whilst also offering a modern family home presented to the highest specification.

Personal – Qualified – Experienced

Quality 4 Bedroom Detached Dormer Bungalow presented in excellent condition, set on a 0.5 Acre picturesque Site, offering Countryside living yet within close proximity to the Towns of Ballyhaunis, Ballaghaderreen and Castlerea. Seamus now invites immediate enquiries and offers for immediate sale Guide Price: €165,000

T: 090 66 30001 • W:

PSRA Licence No. 002782

Advertorial through REA Seamus Carthy producing ‘excellent results’ REA Seamus Carthy are market leaders in selling properties via their online platform REAonline auc-

Valuation service

Sherry Fitzgerald P Burke are offering a valuation service. “We have agents on hand to ‘virtually’ inspect property and provide you with an up to date appraisal on your property. “We currently have a strong level of enquiries from potential buyers for all areas in Co. Roscommon. So if you are considering selling, please contact us on 090-6627200 or by email on pburke@”.

tions .ie, selling on a daily basis all types of property – be it a house, shop, or agricultural land. Speaking on the online sales, Seamus said: “Last Thursday, 25th of June, we had two properties for sale by online auction, Curry, Strokestown and Barrymore, Athlone. The first property, located at Curry, Strokestown, is a substantial five-bedroomed detached dormer bungalow set on a scenic elevated site conveniently located 8km from Strokestown, in what is considered a very much picturesque location within County Roscommon. “The property is set on 1.4 acres, offering enormous potential, and had a guide price of €160,000. The

property successfully sold for €191,000 after 33 bids. “The second property, located at Barrymore, Kiltoom, Athlone, is a detached three-bedroomed house located in the highly sought after residential location of Kiltoom. “The property is considered to be in poor condition overall but has

the potential to be a hidden gem. It represents excellent value and had a guide price of €100,000. The property successfully sold for €127,000 after 29 bids. “We would encourage everybody to simply log on to, do a property search, and you can follow the sale process every step of the way.

We are changing the way property is sold in order to improve the efficiency and provide transparency and complete confidence in the bidding process and more importantly assisting in bringing the property sale to a successful conclusion,” commented Seamus. “It’s not just the tradi-

tional auction properties we sell online, we now sell properties by private treaty as well. The market is changing and you have to move with the market or else you are left behind and you are then not offering your client the best method of disposal of their most valuable asset to ensure they secure the best

outcome. We have heavily invested in our new online platform – Bidnow. ie – and we would invite people to take a look and we have no doubt they will be hugely impressed. “Even when the market was difficult over the last few weeks, we were selling without breaking any of the very important restrictions that were placed on society because is available 365 days, 24/7 across all platforms to include desktop, phone and tablet,” concluded Seamus. Considering selling? Give your property every chance of securing the best price – contact REA Seamus Carthy today on 090-6630001 or email


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


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McGOWAN ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES Catering for: • Individuals • Sole Traders, Partnerships & Companies • VAT, RCT, PAYE/PRSI, Financial Control, Completion of annual tax returns First consultation FREE, can meet clients outside office hours Provides training for start your own business and basic computers and accounting. Also training in Thesaurus accounting products


090 66 25818 086 0352849 Email: Web:

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS ROOM 14, 1ST FLOOR ST. COMAN’S CLUB, ABBEY STREET, ROSCOMMON EIR CODE: F42YT51 Tuesday 1pm; Tuesday 9pm; Wednesday 1pm; Thursday 1pm; Thursday 9pm; Saturday 8.30pm; Sunday 12 noon

Tel: 01 4538988 or 091 767777


Complete Chimney Services

Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

087 2798704



For all foot ailments Siobhan Murray BSc (Hons) Podiatry M.Ch.S.I.

Department of Health Approved

Cloonchambers, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon For appointment: (094) 96 21647 / (089) 4142233 • Home visits • 20 years experience

PODIATRIST/ CHIROPODIST Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I.

(Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed

By Appointment Only –

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP



Telephone: 086 8433433

Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon. David Connor

BSC (Hon.) Chiro. MSc. Chiropractic Association of Ireland

VHI and Laya Covered


Construction l

l General Building Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

087 9268424 stephenrockcasey@

Department of Health Approved

EVERY FRIDAY St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

085 1503353 086 8538404


• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar


COUNSELLING COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you? Please call Glynis on

085 2514394


COUNSELLING & HYPNOTHERAPY Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit

COMPUTERS DC Computer Services Providing IT services for Homes, Businesses & Schools. Home Callouts.


PC Maintenance – Upgrades, Repairs, Virus & Spyware removal. Network Solutions – Cabling, Hardware & Software Installation & Maintenance. Contact David Conboy Tel: 087 7496459 Email: Web:


FRANCIS REGAN FENCING LTD For all your fencing needs. Glas Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail

l l


Tel: 087 2172281

Des Kelly Fencing Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on

087 2346364


Paul McStay

DSA/ADI (UK) RSA MIAM ROSPA Approved Driving Instructor Former BSM Driving Instructor and UK advanced Met. Police Driver. GIFT VOUCHER CARDS AVAILABLE Castlerea & Roscommon

EDT Lessons Available Telephone:

094 96 20099 Mobile:

086 8936012

This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation

FARMING BOOM SPRAYER TESTING SERVICE • Sprayers tested on owners premises • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. • Small stock parts fitted on site (if necessary) Dept. of Agriculture regulations. From 2020 all sprayes are required to be tested every 3 years Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: D.A.F.M. Approved Reg No: EL000083

< ABATTOIR SERVICE AVAILABLE: Cattle, lambs and pigs. Ready for freezing. Home Cured and Honey Dry cured traditional bacon (not pumped with water) now available. Tel: Webb’s Butcher’s, 094 96 20005 or 086 4094715. < FOR SALE: Good quality top soil. Tel: 086 3776948.

FOR SALE < FOR SALE: 5 acres of quarry for sale in Croghan. Tel: 087 366 2900.


ALL ABOUT THE GARDEN • Roscommon Town • Grass and Hedge Cutting • General Maintenance • Strimming and Weeding • Clean-up/Maintenance


090 6630879 or Mobile

087 2835742


Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496

• Certified Arborists • Tree Surgery • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Leylandii hedges reduced and shaped Comprehensive Insurance Cover. I.S.A. member.

Tel: 086 6077307 or 086 8125165



Tree Services

• Hedge Cutting • Dangerous Tree Removal • Wood Chipping • Fully Insured


087 2721193 WALTER BEGLEY

Gardening, Maintenance & Painting Roscommon Town • Indoor & Outdoor Painting • Winter Garden Clean-Up • Power Washing Driveways - Paths • Prepare Lawns for Spring • Hedge Trimming • Planting • Grass Cutting • General Maintenance

Contact Walter on 087 9519873 < GARDENING SERVICE: Overgrown shrubs and hedges, cut back and mulched. Contact 086 2437376


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

Classifieds GARDENING



l General Maintenance Dangerous Tree Removal l Garden Hedges & Trees reduced and shaped l Wood Chipping l Fully Insured Contact Alan on


087 6558597



Push lawnmowers 123cc c/w grass box €129 139 cc self propelled €299 Strimmers 22cc bent shaft €129 Strimmers 22cc straight shaft €159 Hedgecutters 24” €209 Lawn tractors 32” 382 cc c/w grass catcher €2,200 Back up service available, spare parts stocked

Please call 086 7866774 GARDENING SERVICES Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

Phone John on

087 2860428 HOLISTIC JOAN MOORE Therapy Rooms • Sports Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Reflexology • Indian head Massage • Reiki • Aromatherapy • Dry needling • Thai Massage Roscommon West Business Park, Circular Road, Roscommon

087 9201818

Gift vouchers now available

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PROPERTIES TO LET/RENT/WANTED CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732

< 4-BEDROOMED HOUSE to rent in Roscommon town centre. Dual central heating. Close to all amenities. Fully furnished. Tel. 087 6712846.




Tried & Trusted Since 1993

Phone JOHN

083 8838022

H&S Adviser available for all your H&S needs

Farm, Factory, etc.

Movement Matters

Tel. 086 8562040

Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes

Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009 Like us on Facebook 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902



086 4679798 PAINTER & DECORATOR Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Phone Alan on:

090 6661635 or Mobile:

087 2683079

Storage facility available in Ballyfarnon (Close to Boyle and Carrick on Shannon areas). Ideal for storing belongings for personal or business reasons. Short or long term contracts. Keen rates. Available from late September 2020. Tel. 087 6591787.

TURF/FUEL/ FIREWOOD < FOR SALE: Large lorryloads of turf. Screened and delivered. Orders for this year’s turf taken now. Tel: 086 7236301 < FOR SALE: Turf – 10 hoppers saved. Excellent conditions. Easy access €1,200. Convenient to Castlerea. Tel. 086 8255313. < GOOD QUALITY 10’x6’ loads of turf. Can be delivered. Also bags of turf. Tel. 086 3776948.


Roscommon Physical Therapy Clinic 20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries.


Risk Assessments & Safey Statements, etc.,


Evo Roofing & Guttering Experts CONNAUGHT AREA

Call on 091 734122 or 085 1240639

• All types of roof repairs • Gutter cleaning from €49 • PVC fitted • Roof moss removal • Chimney repairs • Power washing • Ridge Piping • Lead valley repair • New tiles • Quality work, guaranteed

No job too big or too small

TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815 < ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: Rewires, first and second fix new houses, fuse board upgrade. All farm buildings and sheds, security lighting and garden lights. Tel: Tom on 086 0815802

Electrician Available Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@ < TURF FOR SALE: In tonne bags, delivery to Roscommon town and surrounding areas. Price €50. Bag and delivery also included in price. Tel: 086 8534011

TURF/FUEL/ FIREWOOD WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured. Phone:

086 2437376

SITUATIONS WANTED < KIND AND RESPONSIBLE Leaving Certificate student available for childminding or babysitting. Has experience. Roscommon town area. Please contact Ciara at 087 3374496.



Design Consultation Planning Applications New Build, Extend, Renovate Bespoke Design Domestic, Commercial & Agricultural

086 3482387




TURF/FUEL/ FIREWOOD < THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Bags of seasoned firewood only €2 per bag• Bags of turf only €2.50 per bag, buy 20 get 2 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf €35 per bay, or buy tonne firewood + tonne turf + 2 bags coal 20kg all for €80 delivered. • Stove coal 40kg bags only €14, buy 10 bags get 1 20kg bag coal free. • 8x4 trailer load firewood only €90. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439 < FOOTED TURF FOR SALE: Near Lanesborough. Also loads and bags available. Tel. 087 6175160. < FOR SALE: Top quality hopper turf. Delivered. Call 094 9860270/087 681 0849.

< CHILDMINDER REQUIRED to mind 2 children (age 1 & 3) in the Roscommon Town area 3 days per week in child’s home. School term only from end of August 2020. Own car essential. For more information call 086-0252848 or email roscommonchildminder@ < CHILDMINDER NEEDED, max 4 days per week, to mind 3 children ages 2,5,8 in minder or childrens home must drive as pick up from school a necessity. Please contact Nichola on 0876674161. < RAMUNE’S HAIR & BEAUTY: Fully-qualified hairdressers required for full-time and parttime work. Please contact Ramune on 085 1600663. < MATURE, RELIABLE teenager available for babysitting in Roscommon town. Days, nights, weekends. Tel. 087 7825180. < CLEANER REQUIRED 3 evenings a week (Mon/Weds/Fri) to clean busy dental surgery in Roscommon Town. Must have impeccable attention to detail, bring own equipment and have good references. Please call ********* ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, FERN Architectural Studio, intend to apply for permission on behalf of Peter Gavin, for development at this site, Crancam, Drum, Co. Roscommon. The development will consist of a single-storey, threebedroom dwelling, comprising of open plan kitchen and dining room, living room, evening room, accessible bathroom, w.c. and utility areas, new waste water treatment system and ancillary works.

The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. SIGNED: Enda Fallon, FERN Architectural Studio (RIAI Registered Practice); Roscommon. Phone (Enda): 089 4439458.;

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Cathal Shine and Jennifer Higgins intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to construct two storey dwelling, domestic garage, propri-etary effluent treatment system and percolation area, associated site development works and services at Taylorstown, Cloonown, Co. Roscommon. Signed: Gaynor Architectural + Design Services Ltd., Architects, Fallon Avenue, Roscommon. Phone 090 6626974 or 086 8115449 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, The Board of Management of Tarmon National School intend to apply for Permission for the erection of 2 prefabricated temporary classroom buildings, including connections to all services and all other associated site works. At: Tarmon National School, Ballinphuill Td & Termon Beg Td, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasona-ble cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submis-sion or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Collins Boyd Engineering Ltd., Engineers & Architects, Galway Road, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon. Ph (090)6634421. Fax: (090) 6634423; Email: info@

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Mark & Denise Feeney, intend to Apply to Roscommon County Council for Planning Permission to refurbish and erect an extension to the rear of Existing Dwelling House, upgrade Existing Septic Tank with a sewerage system and a treatment plant, to provide secondary and tertiary treatment , and all associated works, At Drumman More Td, Roosky, Co. Roscommon. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasona-ble cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the appli-cation. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed : Mark & Denise Feeney

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We Rathcroghan Designs intend applying for Planning Permission on behalf of Eamon Cunniffe to construct Domestic Garage together with all associated site works at Rathnallog, T.d., Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 within a period of five weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submission or observation will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission

Signed: Martin Dowd, Rathcroghan Design, Ballyconboy, Ballinagare, Co. Roscommon. Tel. 086 2328484


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020

Classifieds PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Fergal & Eithne Fannon, intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for construction of a single storey side extension, and all ancillary works at Ballinderry, Four Mile House, Roscommon The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Moleskin Architecture, Mote Park, Roscommon. Tel. 086 3482387; info@ Roscommon County Council

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Cathal & Anita McCormack, intend to make application to Roscommon County Council for planning permission for construction of dwelling house & domestic garage, installation of a secondary sewage treatment system & a tertiary percolation area, plus all ancillary works at Steill, Tulsk, Castlerea, Roscommon. The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Moleskin Architecture, Mote Park, Roscommon. Tel. 086 3482387; info@ Roscommon County Council

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Breda Dunne, intend to apply for permission for retention of a 19 sq.m garage and a 61 sq.m single storey fuel store at Clooncraff, Townland, Kilteevan, Co.Roscommon.

The Planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Breda Dunne.

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Damien Gavigan, intend to apply for permission for the construction of a 3 bay slatted shed with lieback together with all ancillary site works at Hollywell, Derrane, Coolteige, Co. Roscommon.

The Planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Damien Gavigan.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Paul Cox, intend to apply for Permission for the construction of a dwelling house, domestic garage, the installation of a sewerage treatment unit and percolation area along with connections to all site services and all other associated site works. At: Ballyhubert Td, Scramoge, Co. Roscommon. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Murtagh Engineering, Chartered Consulting Engineers, Tarmonbarry, Co Roscommon. Ph: (086) 3490965

NOTICE TO ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We are applying on behalf of Roscommon Integrated Development Company Ltd for Planning Permission to make material alterations to include an attic conversion and to construct extensions to an existing unused Childcare Facility (Previous Planning Grant PD 04/1138) in order to provide a new Childcare Facility (to be called “The Growing Tree” Childcare Centre) with connection to public services and all associated site works at “The Shambles”, Charlestown Rd, Ballaghaderreen Townland, Co Ros-common.

Signed: AOL Design Ltd. Consulting Engineers, C/O Albert Looby, Killeenboy, Kilteevan, Co Roscommon. Tel: (090) 66 28184. Mobile:(086) 8167365 The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasona-ble cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the appli-cation. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission.

To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Carrowkeel (E.D. Lackan), Rahara, Co. Roscommon. I hereby apply to the above authority on behalf of Henry Finnerty for planning permission to; 1. Extend existing sheep shed to accommodate slatted shed to include concrete apron/ collection yard with race and crush. 2. Construct manure pit. 3. Open new farm entrance and construct new farm entrance roadway to include all associated works at the above location.

The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Ruane Survey, Design and Planning Ltd. Phone : (087) 8188596.

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL We, Raymond & Michelle Gately are applying to Roscommon County Council for planning permission to construct dwelling house, domestic garage, treatment system and all ancillary site development works at Coolagarry, Curraghboy, Co. Roscommon The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: James Lohan Consulting Engineer Ltd, Unit 5, Ballypheason House, Circular Road, Roscommon, F42 C982. Ph: 090 6634365 Mob: 087 8228529; E: &;

PLANNINGS ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL Mote Demesne, Co. Roscommon. I hereby apply to the above authority on behalf of Brendan Lohan for planning permission to construct a loose housing shed to include concrete apron and all associated site works at the above location.

The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of a fee of €20.00 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application and such submission or observation will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Ruane Survey, Design and Planning Ltd. Phone : (087) 8188596.

THANKSGIVINGS NOVENA TO THE SACRED HEART May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, honoured, adored and glorified throughout the world today and forever. Amen. Say 6 times daily for 9 days and your request will be answered. Publication promised. S.M. & C.M.



Munsboro, Roscommon (11th Anniversary)

Kiltultogue, Ballinaheglish Who died 4th July 2016. (4th Anniversary)

TREACY Rosie Gailey, Roscommon Who died on 1st July, 2015 (5th Anniversary)

We lost a mother with a heart of gold, How much we miss her can never be told, She shared our troubles and helped us along, If we follow her footsteps we will never go wrong. † We miss you from your fireside chair, Your loving smile and gentle air, Your vacant place no one can fill, We miss you mother and always will. † She was a mother so very rare, Content in her home and always there, On earth she toiled, in Heaven she rests, God bless you mother you were one of the best. † Each time we look at your picture, You seem to smile and say, Don’t be sad but courage take, And love each other for my sake

Always remembered and forever loved by your family.

In loving memory of our dear Eilish, who passed away on 6th July, 2009 R.I.P. The happy times we once enjoyed How sweet their memories still What it has meant to lose you God alone will ever know But death has left a vacant place This world can never fill God bless you dear Eilish for those precious years.

Lovingly remembered and sadly missed by Mam, Dad, Mary, Patrick, Eamonn, Lorcan and David. Masses offered.

Memories are precious they don’t fade away, We remember you always not just today. Although we sadly miss you, we are not alone, For you are watching over us from a place you now call home.

Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by his family Anniversary Mass in St. Patrick’s Church, Ballinaheglish on Saturday 4th July at 11am.

Notice re. Memoriams and Anniversaries If you wish to place acknowledgements, memoriam notices, birthday and anniversary remembrances, please email them to

or call us on 086 8054227 or by post, along with your name and contact details, to Roscommon People, Abbey Street, Roscommon


Book-keeper required for accountancy practice We are an accountancy practice located in Roscommon Town, and are currently recruiting for a bookkeeper to join our team. Your duties will involve but are not limited to: · Preparation of VAT returns · Creditor reconciliations · Bank reconciliations · A strong attention to detail is an essential part of this position. Ideally, you will be proficient with excel and have experience working with a computerised accountancy software application. · Previous experience of at least 2 years in a similar role is a necessity. This position is 30 hours per week, and flexible working hours can be arranged.

Email cover letter and curriculum vitae to the following address:


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


To advertise, telephone 090 66 34633 or email


To hear your voice To see your smile To sit and talk with you a while To be together in the same old way Would be our dearest wish today.

Fondly remembered by her husband Sean, daughters Pauline, Geraldine and Martina, sons Joe and David, daughter-inlaw Jayne, sons-in-law Jonathan, Gerard and Enda and grandchildren Laura, Lochlainn, Keelan, Grace, Olivia, Jessica, Carla, Hazel, Ava and Sean. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Will those who think of her today A little prayer to Jesus say.

Lovingly remembered by her sisters, Ellie and Sheila, their husbands and nieces and nephews.

WARD Teresa (Tess) Keelogues, Williamstown In loving memory of our dear Mother Teresa (Tess) who departed this life on 8th July 2015 (5th Anniversary)

BEIRNE Ita Clooncundra, Ballymurray, Roscommon In loving memory of Ita, who died on the 6th July 2017, RIP (3rd Anniversary)

A smile for all, a heart of gold, The very best, this world could hold. Never selfish, always kind, Those are the memories you left behind.

Always remembered and loved by your husband, Seamus.

~~~~~~~~ A beautiful nature, a heart of gold, your loss to us can never be told. A special mother we can never replace. No verse, no flower no tears can say, How much you are loved and missed every day.

Loved and remembered by your children Fiona, Alan, Sinead, Grainne, Ronan, Eilish, their partners and your grandchildren. ~~~~~~~~ Beautiful memories, silently kept, Of someone we loved and will never forget.

Sadly missed by the Reynolds and Beirne families.


Of all the gifts of life, however great or small To have you as a parent was the greatest gift of all. Your life was love and devotion, your love for your family true, You did your best for each of us, precious memories we have of you. We speak your name with love and pride, We smile with tears we cannot hide Your place in our hearts no one can fill We miss you and always will.

Sadly missed and always loved by your loving family. Anniversary Mass: St. Michael’s Church, Glinsk, on the 5th of July.

Taughboy, Ballyforan In loving memory of James Kelly late of Rathmoyle, Castlerea and formerly of Taughboy, Ballyforan (6th Anniversary)

BRACKEN Alice Grange, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon Who died 8th July 2019

‘We lost a mother with heart of gold, How much we miss her can never be told, She shared our troubles and helped us along, If we follow her footsteps we will never go wrong.’

As we lovingly remember Alice on her first anniversary, our family would like to most sincerely thank all those who sympathised with us on our sad bereavement. Thank you to our relatives, friends and neighbours for their kindness, help and support. We would like to offer a heartfelt thanks to those who visited Alice in her home, those who paid their respects at our home, and those who attended her Removal, Requiem Mass and Burial. To all those who travelled a long distance to be with us a sincere thank you. Thank you to everyone who sent Mass Cards, Enrolment Certificates, floral tributes, phone messages, phone calls and shared memories with us all. A special thanks to all to those who brought food and refreshments, especially Liam McNeill and Seán & Bernie Mulry and those who helped in our home. Our most sincere thanks to Fr. Raymond Browne for his weekly visits with communion, for his compassion, thoughtfulness and prayers during his daily visits towards the end of Alice’s illness. We would also like to thank Fr. Bowne and Deacon Seamus Talbot for concelebrating Alice’s Requiem Mass so beautifully along with Fr. Whitney and Monsignor Travers. We would like to thank all the Doctors, Therapists, Nurses and medical staff, in Roscommon University Hospital, that helped and cared for Alice during her illness. A special word of thanks to Dr. O’Mara and his medical team and to Geraldine Keane, Palliative Care Nurse Specialist, for their excellent care. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Roscommon Palliative Care Service. Thank you Caroline, Martina, Dee and Mary for your care of Alice, carried out with incredible gentle dignity. Thank you for being with Alice and helping her to stay at home during her final weeks. Our thanks to the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses who cared for Alice during her final days. To Dr. John Keenan, Dr. Claire, Quinn, Dr. Davina Hoban; and to all staff of Roscommon Medical Centre, our sincere thanks for caring for Alice over the years and in her final weeks. Our sincere thanks to Margaret for your gentle care and friendship each morning and to Orla, Danielle, Laarny and Teresa for their care, kindness and help. A special thank you to Pat and Tom Smyth for their professionalism, support, kindness and the dignified management of the funeral. Thank you Regina for your weekly care for Alice’s hair and to Regina and Gillian for looking after Alice on her final journey. Thank you to Peter Gormley for preparing Alice’s final resting place. Thank you to Hannons Hotel for providing food and refreshments after Alice’s Funeral. It is impossible to thank everybody individually, please accept this acknowledgement as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for all your intentions.

MURPHY Tommy (Tom) Sheehaun, Curraghroe, Roscommon Who died 28th May, 2020

The family of the late Tommy Murphy wish to acknowledge the many expressions of sympathy and kindness shown to us following our sad and sudden loss. We offer our heartfelt thanks to our many friends and neighbours who provided help and support. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Thanks also to those who sent Mass Cards, telephoned or sent text messages and those who expressed condolences on Thank you to all who came our and lined the route by standing as a mark of respect outside their homes along the way to his final resting place. A special word of thanks to Dr. Harrison, Roscommon University Hospital and Galway University Hospital for their kindness shown to Tommy. Thank you also to Pat Smyth, Funeral Director for his handing of arrangements. Sincere thanks also to Fr. Dusmanta and the choir for their beautiful singing. Thanks also to gravediggers who prepared Tommy’s final rest place. Mass will be offered at a later date.

GUNNING Patricia Ballymacurley, Co. Roscommon. (3rd Anniversary)

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Alice is sadly missed by her family and friends.

We also remember James’ Dad, Paddy, at this time. He left no quietly, His thought unknown, He left us a memory, We are proud to own. So treasure him Lord In your garden of rest, For when on earth He was one of the best.

Always remembered by his daughter Laoise and the Kelly family. Mass will be offered for James on 5th July at 11am in Tisrara Church.

Alice’s First Anniversary Mass will be offered in St. Brigid’s Church, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon on Sunday 12th July at 11:00 a.m.

GALVIN Thomas (Sonny)

GALVIN Margaret

(40th Anniversary)

(14th Anniversary)

Carrowmore, Dysart, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon Time may pass and fade away, But silent thoughts and memories stay. No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts, ye are always there.

Fondly missed by their daughters Annette and Maureen, son Francis and niece Teresa.

In loving memory of a dear mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who passed away on the 4th of July 2017. A special place within our hearts is set aside for you As long as life and memories last, We will love and remember you.

Love’s Greatest Gift - Remembrance

MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

Fondly remembered and greatly missed by your loving family.

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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


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Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


Reeling in the Archives Rossies to face London in October

At Monday night’s GAA Club Championships’ draw: Aidan Brian (Clann na nGael) and Hugh Lynn, Roscommon GAA PRO. Picture: Michael McCormack

At Monday night’s GAA Club Championships’ draw: Gerry Keegan (Assistant Secretary, Roscommon GAA) and Brian Carroll, Roscommon GAA Vice-Chairperson. Picture: Michael McCormack

Roscommon will face London in the Connacht SFC in October at an Irish venue yet to be decided upon. Details of the fixture will be finalised in the next ten days. The 2020 All-Ireland SFC will be played on a knockout basis. The winners of the Roscommon/London clash will face Mayo or Leitrim in the Connacht semi-final.

Murtagh brothers back!

At Monday night’s GAA Club Championships’ draw: Tom Murray, Ann Connaughton, John Corcoran and Tommy Gilleran. Picture: Michael McCormack

Let the games commence… GAA club clashes revealed GAME ON: The draws for the 2020 Roscommon GAA Club Championships were held in socially distancing circumstances at Hyde Park on Monday evening. SEAMUS DUKE reports… Having won the title for the first time in their history in 2019, Padraig Pearses will face Boyle, Michael Glavey’s and intermediate champions Tulsk in Group C of the Hodson Bay SFC. The champions, and last year’s semifinalists Boyle will be strong favourites to emerge from the group when the championships begin on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July. As usual there are some interesting sub-plots ahead. For example,

new Western Gaels manager Fergal O’Donnell will come up against his former club teammate and good friend Liam McNeill as his new charges and last year’s beaten finalists Roscommon Gaels will meet in Group B. St. Croan’s and Fuerty will complete that group. There will be two big local derbies in Group A as St. Brigid’s will meet old rivals Clann na nGael and Elphin will play Strokestown. In the Mulryan Construction IFC, Group A is a real ‘Group of death’, as last year’s beaten finalists Oran, Kilmore, Castlerea St. Kevin’s and Conor Cox’s new club, Eire Og, will all fight it out for the quarter-final spots. Championship favourites St. Faithleach’s will face Creggs, Kilbride and St. Aidan’s in Group B. Group C looks very evenly matched with St. Dominic’s, Shannon Gaels, St. Barry’s and last year’s junior champions Ballinameen ready to do battle. In the King & Moffatt JF ‘A’ Championship there is a real local feel to Group A with three neighbours in the five-team section. Roscommon Gaels, St. Joseph’s

and St. Dominic’s are alongside Western Gaels and Castlerea St. Kevin’s. St. Brigid’s will fancy their chances in Group B (alongside St. Ronan’s, Boyle and St. Michael’s) while Kilglass Gaels will be hoping to bounce back to the intermediate ranks immediately. They are in a group with Padraig Pearses, Elphin and Clann na nGael. The football championships will see the top two teams in each group qualify for the quarter-finals with the thirdplaced teams in the respective groups playing off for the final two spots in the last eight. The bottom team in each group will be involved in a relegation play-off. The championships will start on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July and the fixtures will be published later this week. In the Kepak SHC holders Four Roads are in a tough group alongside Padraig Pearses, Oran and St. Dominic’s. Tremane, Roscommon Gaels and Athleague will compete in Group B. The hurling championship will start on the weekend of the 17th of July.

The full draw

Hodson Bay Hotel Roscommon SFC Group A: Strokestown, St. Brigid’s, Elphin, Clann na nGael. Group B: Roscommon Gaels, St. Croan’s, Western Gaels, Fuerty. Group C: Padraig Pearses, Boyle, Michael Glavey’s, Tulsk Lord Edward’s. Mulryan Construction Roscommon IFC Group A: Oran, Kilmore, Castlerea St. Kevin’s, Eire Og. Group B: St. Faithleach’s, Creggs, Kilbride, St. Aidan’s. Group C: St. Dominic’s, Shannon Gaels, St. Barry’s, Ballinameen. King & Moffat Roscommon JFC Group A: Roscommon Gaels, St. Joseph’s, Western Gaels, St. Dominic’s, Castlerea St. Kevin’s. Group B: St. Brigid’s, St. Ronan’s, Boyle, St. Michael’s. Group C: Kilglass Gaels, Padraig Pearses, Elphin, Clann na nGael. Kepak Roscommon SHC Group A: Padraig Pearses, Oran, Four Roads, St. Dominic’s. Group B: Tremane, Roscommon Gaels, Athleague.

There is good news for Roscommon football fans as senior football manager Anthony Cunningham has revealed this week that Ciaran and Diarmuid Murtagh will be back on the panel when training commences in September. The St. Faithleach’s brothers had both taken a break from intercounty action over the past 12 months or so.

Hurlers face Wicklow

Roscommon senior hurlers will have a home tie against Wicklow in the Christy Ring Cup in October. This tournament will be played on a knockout basis.

‘Win a home in London’ update The Club Rossie ‘Win a home in London’ fundraiser will be relaunched in midAugust and the draw will take place on the 30th of December.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


Hurling manager Ciarán steps down Ciarán Comerford (pictured left) has stepped down from his position as the Roscommon senior hurling team manager. Ciarán was in his final year at the helm of the senior team, but rather than complete the season when intercounty training resumes in September, he has brought the decision forward. The former Laois and Borris-Kilcotton player was appointed Roscommon manager in November 2017. Roscommon Hurling Board Chairperson Christy McDermott told the Roscommon GAA website: “I’d like to thank Ciarán for his efforts over the past two and a half years with the Roscommon team. I fully respect the decision he has made, as the Christy Ring Competition will not now commence until much later in the year. “Ciarán feels this is a more appropriate time to step down as it allows a new manager to prepare for the Christy Ring Cup and the new season which will follow on so closely. We had some good days including our winning of the Division 3 A National League last year. For those, we thank you Ciarán”. It is hoped that a new manager can be appointed before the end of July. Roscommon play Wicklow in the Christy Ring Cup in October.

At Monday night’s GAA Club Championships’ draw: Pat Compton, Clara Hester and Valerie Murray. Picture: Michael McCormack

At Monday night’s GAA Club Championships’ draw: Seamus Sweeney, Roscommon County Board Chairperson, Aidan Brian and Tommy Dolan. Picture: Michael McCormack

Golf Club Roscommon Golf Club Roscommon Golf Club are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ this week as casual and competition golf with visitors and guests resumes. The Club also welcomes the reopening of its restaurant and bar facilities under strict guidelines (as of Monday last). The Club are running a ‘Get into golf’ programme for ladies commencing on Monday, July 6th. This will comprise of eight sessions under the guidance of Philip Murphy, Club Profes-

sional. If you are interested, please contact Sandra on 087 2854755 or Pat on 087 1336981. For current members who are interested in refresher lessons, Philip is available on 086 8894232. All associated with Roscommon Golf Club wish its members and local businesses the very best of luck as they return to work.

Castlerea Golf Club We are delighted to announce our return to Club Competi-

tions (beginning on Tuesday last, ladies) and continuing on Saturday/Sunday, the 4th and 5th of June for men. Both the ladies and the men’s competitions this week are kindly sponsored by The Kelly Henry Medical Centre. The management committee are extremely thankful to all the volunteers who oversaw the safe return to golf since the 18th of May. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as many of our members have expressed their renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty of our course.

Horses by Tom Red for Courses

Peaceful and Seamie Heffernan win the Tattersalls Irish 1,000 Guineas at the Curragh

Today’s action is on the level both at Sligo at 4.10pm and Bellewstown at 1.00pm. Tomorrow evening the action is also on the flat at Navan at 5.10pm. Saturday Bellewstown race again at 2.00pm but this time over the sticks and there is a flat meeting at Naas at 2.45pm. Both Cork at 2.30pm and Fairyhouse at 2.45pm have racing on the level on Sunday. No racing on Monday but there is racing over jumps at Killarney and on the level at Lenebane, with 7 races advertised, on Tuesday. Roscommon’s leading flat race The Listed Lenebane Stakes is the feature race on the card. Busy weekend across the pond with the Epsom Derby and Oaks on Saturday and the Eclipse at Sandown on Sunday. In the Oaks Ballydoyle have 4 of the 11 declared including Love, English 1000 Guineas winner, and Peaceful winner of the Irish equivalent. I expect Love to win from Gosden’s Frankly Darling ridden by Frankie “Darling” and Peaceful will probably go to Chantilly on Sunday for the Prix de Diane, the French equivalent. There are 17 left in the Derby of which Ballymore have 7 including Mogul, Russian Emperor and Vatican City with Jessica Harrington’s Gold Maze with David Egan booked. They will all have to give way to English King who will be ridden by Dettori. On Sunday there are 8 entries in the Eclipse headed by John Gosden’s super filly Enable. Ballydoyle is two handed with Japan and Magic Wand. The Japanese trained Deirdre also takes her chances. You could worse than, like suggested a few weeks back, try another small patent on Frankie for the 3 Group 1 victories. Further afield John Gosden’s Mishriff is among the 27 colts in the Prix du Jockey Club, the French Derby, at Chantilly on Sunday. Aidan O’Brien has 4 entered, headed by Armory, while Joseph O’Brien can choose from 7, including Crossfirehurricane. There are 2 British entries Gosden’s Mishriff and Paul and Oliver Cole’s Celtic Art. There is other Irish interest along with Peaceful in the Prix de Diane with Jessica Harrington’s Coronation Stakes winner Alpine Star among the 17 entries. Donnacha O’Brien has Fancy Blue and his brother Joseph New York Girl, who ran in the Irish Derby. Aidan O’Brien to win another Group 1.

Review of the Week

At Lenebane last Wednesday punters had the better of the battle as 4 favourites and 2 second favourites obliged. The only relief the layers got was when the locally bred 18/1 shot Sweet Home Chicago trained by Colin Bowe

beat Kilkishen and Cooldine Bog. The winner was bred by Michael Conlon in Tulsk and runs in Fiona Bowe’s colours. I hear that he is owned by a west Roscommon syndicate. Galway beckons. The Dubai Duty Free meeting at the Curragh last weekend in the Group 1 Irish Derby Ballydoyle provided the first 4 home with the favourite Santiago, ridden by Seamie Heffernan, holding on to win by a head, 5l and 1¼l from Tiger Moth, Dawn Patrol and Order Of Australia. On Sunday in the Pretty Polly Stakes O’Brien and Heffernan completed a Group 1 double as on her return Magical easily accounted for Cayenne Pepper and Fleeting by 4½l and 1¾l. They were also completing a treble on the day having won earlier with Hudson River and Napa Valley. Wayne Lordon, who finished 2nd in the Derby, completed trebles on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday he won on Merchant’s Quay and Delphi for O’Brien Sn and on Music To My Ears for son Joseph and on Saturday a double for Joseph with Buckhurst and Twilight Payment having won the first on Serpentine for Aidan.

General News

Yesterday afternoon Emmet Mullins was in trouble again as Tipperary’s stewards took action against the trainer and jockey Brian Hayes for the running and riding of The Shunter in the first race. The pair later landed a touch with Pilbara, who easily won Division II of the MansionBet Best Odds Guaranteed Handicap Hurdle. Mullins was fined €6,000, with jockey Brian Hayes receiving a 21 days suspension and the gelding banned from racing for 60 days for not running horses on their merits and using the racecourse as a training ground. The ban on over-70s going racing was lifted yesterday and two owners per horse will be permitted to attend race meetings in Ireland from July 20, under new protocols released by Horse Racing Ireland on this day week. Owners can attend racing in Britain from Saturday next. Jessica Harrington made quick use of this easing of the restrictions turning up in Leopardstown yesterday evening. On her return to the track for the first time since the resumption of Irish racing she greeted the winner of the first Cadillac ridden by Shane Foley. The pair, with Celestial Object, finished runner-up to Johnny Murtagh’s Know It All under Ben Coen. The French government has announced that all sports stadia, including all racecourses, will reopened to the paying public from July 11, with a limit of 5,000 people in the initial stages.


Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


‘A tempestuous force of nature… and a Nureyev of the green baize’ 1982…and THAT break



Ten years ago…

Ten years ago this summer, they lined the streets of Belfast to say farewell to the man they called Sandy. Sandy to his own people, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins to those of us who borrowed him for a few unforgettable, chaotic decades. Bereft at their loss – anguished that persistent demons had finally trumped genius – they stood in silence for their Sandy. Every so often, another veteran of the professional snooker circuit – most of them lost in memories of the past – came into view, their presence greeted with heartfelt ripples of grateful applause. The eclectic members of the Hurricane’s supporting cast were here to pay their respects. Belfast paused for its fallen tormented genius…and many of my generation stopped too. We said goodbye to an astonishing man, a Nureyev of the green baize who was also a tempestuous force of nature. He wasn’t the most successful snooker player of all time, but he was certainly the most compelling, and perhaps the one who was most touched by genius. More than that, he had charisma, volatility, showmanship, charm – rebelliousness too – of such magnitude that it is to him we must give most credit for the extraordinary elevation of snooker from the nondescript smoke-filled halls of grim city side streets to mainstream acclaim as a televised sport watched by millions. The advent of colour TV, the popularity of the quaint ‘Pot Black’ show, and the resulting profile of dapper gents like Ray Reardon and John Spencer did much to bring snooker to the masses, but it was the irrepressible, flamboyant and mesmerising Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins who almost single-handedly made snooker the riveting sporting soap opera which came to be adored by millions of people. Alex Higgins was probably the ultimate sporting hero of my youth. Well, that’s a big call – I loved Best and Ali and many of the Leeds United legends – but Alex takes some beating! I began watching him in the late 1970s – and never stopped. He was sensational. Mind you, watching him was incredibly nerve-racking. He played without fear, living on the edge. We willed every ball in. I wrote some weeks ago (in this series) how I used to dread the great Ille Nastase’s exit from a tennis tournament. I’m sure that’s because we saw so little tennis, and the departure of the eccentric entertainer meant much of the promise and magic of the tournament went with him. It was the exact same with Alex. Although I loved snooker, when Alex bowed out, the tournament lost a significant amount of its appeal. This brings us to Alex’s impact, and legacy. You might argue that he wasn’t amongst the top four or five of all time (which is debatable), and you might frown at his frequent bad behaviour, but many observers will always contend that he was the most influential figure in the game. I know that legends like Joe Davis, John Spencer, Ray Reardon and Steve Davis certainly did their bit, but it was Higgins who lifted snooker from the dimly-lit halls and plonked it in front of an enthralled audience of millions. What was it about Higgins, just how did he

revolutionise snooker? As Eamon Dunphy might say, it’s called style, baby!

Enigmatic entertainer

Fred Davis: “Alex has one of the sharpest brains in the game”. John Pulman: “The quickest brain the game has ever seen”. Steve Davis on the importance of the crowd to Alex: “It makes him feel like God. When Alex is playing at his best, he’s the best player in the world”. Terry Griffiths: “I love watching him play. He’s so exciting”. Doug Mountjoy: “Sometimes he will do something just for the crowd. He might have an easy positional shot on, but he’ll do the outrageous”. Ray Reardon: “It’s not all bang, crash, all that business. He knows where the ball’s going. He reads the table as quick as a flash”. Jimmy White: “He’s the only player that other snooker players will actually go and watch – including me”. – From ‘Snookered’ by Donald Trelford (1986) Alex Higgins changed snooker forever because snooker – sport arguably – had never quite seen anything like him. Before Higgins came along, professional snooker had little or no mainstream media profile. At the top level, the game was played by middle-aged men who behaved impeccably, slowly circling the table and studiously (and slowly) choosing their shots. Invariably, they played with safety in mind; snooker as chess with balls. Higgins, meanwhile, was a cheeky young kid growing up in Belfast. In the time-honoured tradition of future snooker stars, he began spending more time in the local snooker hall than in school. He quickly excelled at the game, learning and honing his skills in the Jampot club (often practising for up to ten hour a day). Legend has it that he moved around the table with speed for fear of getting a belt over the head from the hardened adult players who were being humiliated by this upstart! Higgins was Northern Ireland amateur champion at age 18, Irish champion shortly afterwards, and played in the World Professional Championships for the first time in 1972, aged 22. Sensationally, Higgins won the title, defeating Rex Williams 3130 in a classic semi-final, before beating hot favour-

ite John Spencer in the final (37-32). The Hurricane had announced his arrival to the world. Young Alex was playing a style of snooker that nobody had ever seen. His attacking play stunned the game’s elders, turning everything they knew about their sport on its head. His audacious long putting, rapid-fire play and inventive shot-making had audiences – and opponents – gasping. Higgins was taking a once-sedate sport and Hurricanising it! His emergence led to a massive increase in the game’s popularity. He was supremely entertaining, his style of play making him box office!

Snooker’s wild man

‘The TIMES headline read ‘Snooker star Alex Higgins plunges 25 feet to break his ankle after mistaking a window for a door’. Pat Hammond remembers the incident: ‘My sister rang me from London…and I said: ‘Just a moment, I’ll have to leave the call, Alex Higgins has just gone past my window’. The eyewitness continued: ‘As luck would have it, the forces of law and order were in the vicinity. There was a policeman there, and a sergeant. And the policeman said to the sergeant, ‘Oh God, do you think he’s dead?’ Higgins looked up and said, ‘No, but I bet you wish I was’. It was the funniest thing’’ – From ‘The Hurricane’ by Bill Borrows (2002) What also made Higgins box office was the whiff of danger around him. His behaviour, at the best of times erratic, was often unacceptable; he became the ‘wild man’ of sport. His off-table exploits were on the front pages of the tabloids as much as his snooker brilliance was featured in the sports pages. Higgins thrilled fans with his showmanship and attacking snooker, while also leading a chaotic private life…involving marital problems, gambling, heavy drinking, fights, clashes with authority. He was found guilty of head-butting a tournament official, and of urinating in a flower pot at the Crucible Theatre. Joe Davis, he was not! In 1988, he played a couple of tournaments while on crutches! After a three-hour row with his girlfriend (detailed above), Higgins tried to ‘escape’ through a window – but forget that her flat was on the third floor. By the time the Benson & Hedges tournament started in Goffs in Kildare, Higgins was still injured. He got to the final, defeating Stephen Hendry 9-8, while limping around the table!

His was such a chaotic journey through life, perhaps the wonder is that he achieved all that he did as a player. Those of us of the proverbial ‘certain age’ will never forget his second world title triumph, which came in 1982, culminating in those iconic scenes of Higgins crying as he pleaded with his then wife Lynn to join him with their baby, Lauren. Higgins had sealed that comeback win with a great 135 break against Ray Reardon. In the semi-final, he made arguably the greatest pressure break ever seen in snooker, a magical 69 which broke his great friend, Jimmy White. Now that is worth watching on YouTube, particularly for a pot on the blue which (as a positional shot) still defies all logic. It is often described as the single greatest snooker shot in history. In 1983, Higgins had another never-to-beforgotten triumph, coming from 7-0 behind to defeat his great rival Steve Davis (16-15) in the UK Final. In Rooskey, I watched, spellbound. The gripping Higgins soap opera had attracted millions of people to the game. In the early 1980s, as Alex-mania took over the UK and Ireland, publican Andy Byrne put seven or eight full-sized snooker tables into the spacious lounge of his pub in Dublin Street in Longford. A friend and I thumbed in most Wednesdays, for a couple of hours of weekly snooker. And Alex was our hero! It’s a sad year for snooker fans, with the passing of Willie Thorne. The cast of the 1980s (and ‘90s) were wonderful. Higgins was the irrepressible hero-villain of that era. I love how graciously people like Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan still speak of the troubled but mesmerising Alex. Ten years ago this summer, Belfast paused for its fallen tormented genius…and we watched, our sadness offset by happy memories of Alex in his utterly captivating prime. And his peers, the men who graced the Crucible on our TV screens, solemnly stood amongst Sandy’s people. The worst of the past was forgotten. Alex was Alex. The memory of his genius prevailed now. The downcast snooker greats gathered with dignity, to remember, and celebrate, the man who had infuriated and thrilled them, the man who paved their paths with some glory and gold. “He is a legend of snooker” Ronnie O’Sullivan said, “and should forever be remembered as the finest ever snooker player”. Alex Higgins. Probably my greatest sporting hero. Wild and wonderful. I loved him. The series so far… 1: Tony Currie & Trevor Brooking 2: Steve Davis, Jimmy White & Ken Doherty 3: Con Houlihan 4: Eamonn Coghlan 5: Bjorn Borg 6: Muhammad Ali 7: Dermot Earley 8: Liam Brady 9: Tony Ward & Ollie Campbell 10: Seve Ballesteros 11: Sonia O’Sullivan 12: George Best 13: Alex Higgins For previous columns, see www.

Roscommon People Friday 03 July 2020


Be Responsible. Be Safe. The crisis is not over: COVID-19 is still having a major impact on our country. While great progress has been made to date, the experience of countries that have seen a resurgence of the virus makes it clear that there is still a risk of further spread. By working together we have saved lives and limited the impact of the disease. Continued adherence to public health advice will determine whether we continue to move forward.

The fundamentals of regular handwashing, coughing and sneezing etiquette and social distancing have never been more important. It’s in our own hands. We are still in this together.

Here are five things you should know:

Public Health Advice Wash your hands Practice good cough & sneeze etiquette Stay 2m away from others Avoid crowds Know the symptoms

It is a matter of personal responsibility that we limit our social interactions, continue to be constantly aware of risks, avoid complacency, and take care when meeting people.

Face-coverings will be mandatory on public transport, and should also be worn in shops and any indoor places where social distancing is difficult.

Reopening businesses must take necessary measures to keep their customers safe. Businesses must adhere strictly to the Return to Work Safely Protocol. Continue to work from home as much as possible.

If you are over 70 or medically vulnerable, please use your judgement to decide how best to apply the following health guidance:

International Travel restrictions remain in place. A protocol for safe overseas access will be prepared to ease restrictions on travel to countries that we know have comparable COVID-19 incidence will be published by 9th July.

Stay home as much as you can

Use the times specially allotted for shopping

Maintain social distancing with visitors/those whom you visit and use face coverings

Use face coverings when attending shops or busy public areas.

Phase 3 — Commencing 29th June Education/Childcare/ Young People

Economic Activity & Work


Cultural & Religious


Transport & Travel

The following may reopen: — All adult education facilities — Creches, childminding facilities and pre-schools — Summer Camps — Youth Clubs — All indoor and outdoor amenities for children.

Continue to work from home as much as possible.

Indoor gatherings of up to 50 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible.

The following may reopen: — Museums, Galleries, Theatres, concert halls and other cultural outlets — Cinemas, Music Venues (excluding nightclubs and discos), leisure facilities, bingo halls, arcades, skating rinks, amusements parks — Religious Buildings and places of worship.

Sporting activities may gradually recommence, including:

Walk or Cycle if possible

The following may reopen: — Wellbeing services, e.g. chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and homoeopathy. — Hairdressers, barbers, nail and brow salons, beauty salons, spas, make up application services, tanning, tattooing and piercing services. — Driving schools. — All remaining retail (e.g. bookmakers), services and commercial activities. Driving tests as well as volunteer and other driving services may recommence. Compliance with work protocols and health guidance will be monitored by State agencies.

All details are now available at

Outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible. The following may reopen: — Pubs and hotel bars operating as restaurants, and subject to meeting specific requirements — Cafés and restaurants providing on premises food & beverages — Hotels, hostels, caravan parks and holiday parks. Specific recommendations apply to singing, choirs and playing musical instruments in groups. All of the above are subject to the Phases 3 and 4 restrictions on numbers for public gatherings and other important public health advice.

— Team leagues for adults and children — Close contact sports — Organised sporting spectator events and fixtures.

Specific guidance will apply to numbers attending religious buildings and places of worship.

The following may reopen: — Indoor Gyms and exercise facilities — Yoga, Pilates and dance studios, — Sports clubs and public swimming pools.

All of the above are subject to the Phases 3 and 4 restrictions on numbers for public gatherings and other important public health advice.

All of the above are subject to the Phases 3 and 4 restrictions on numbers for public gatherings and other important public health advice.

Public Transport: — Social distancing means that overall capacity remains restricted — Use public transport only for essential journeys — Face coverings should be worn — Avoid peak-time travel. International Travel: — All non-essential overseas travel should be avoided — Passengers arriving from overseas are expected to selfisolate for 14 days — Passengers will also have to complete a form showing where they will self-isolate. Tourist travel to offshore islands may resume. Private Transport — Tour, event and private bus use, and vehicle hire, may recommence.