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03 December 2021

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

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I was joking... I would NEVER miss the Late Late Toy Show! So, did you remember the Late Late Toy Show? Of course! I had my mobile send me a reminder! Ah great... So it buzzed at 9.30 on the dot! I knew then that it was time to... Switch to RTE 1? CYCLING ACCIDENT NO...to go to the pub! I couldn’t watch THAT! If you were involved in a cycling (Boyoaccident 1 pauses to ponder if contact

Boyo 2 has crossed a line, breached an unwritten Byrne Carolan ‘Irish’ code, committed an act of heinous Cunningham Solicitors treachery for which there can never be forgiveness...) I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Huh? You went to the pub...instead of watching the Toy Show? Of course! But that’s a form of sacrilege! There are certain unwritten rules that Irish people the world over MUST adhere to... Huh? Talking about the immersion. The full Irish. Standing up for the National Anthem in a pub. Mixing with opposition supporters before and after a GAA match. Soda bread. Being kind of proud of Bono but never admitting it. Being obsessed with the craic. Watching the Toy Show... Relax! I WAS watching it! Phew! (They pause to check how many days are ‘left’ before Christmas and resume their conversation after some brief panic) I’m glad you watched it! Yeah, I was joking...I would NEVER miss the Late Late Toy Show! Did you see that

Endangered Species The barstool boyos

cheeky young lad on the show? Ryan? I suppose sometimes he’s just TOO MUCH! Not Ryan...the Ed Sheeran moment! You think Ed’s cheeky? No! There was a group of kids singing WITH Ed...and one of them said ‘Sure I’m sick of that song, I’ve heard it a billion times, my mum is always playing it!’ Are you sure they were his EXACT words? Well, something like that! Ah that was a lovely moment...such a charming kid! Agreed! (They pause to check their Lotto numbers, and end up cursing their luck, destiny and Bernard Durkan) I see the legend is gone! Huh?

The old guy...the veteran, he’s hanging up his boots! Is it Clint Eastwood? NO! Surely not Cliff Richard? NO! Ah...hanging up his boots! That’s a clue... is it Zlatan Ibrahimović? Well, he IS 40! NO! Ronaldo? Has he gone berserk after being put on the subs’ bench? Is he joining Keano on the Sky panel? NO! Closer to home! A veteran GAA star is hanging up his inter-county boots! Ah yes...Cathal Cregg! What a player! Those long, loping runs into the opposing half of the field... close control, power, strength, an ability to slot over a quality score, could take a goal too...what a player! What a player, what a servant, what a career! He leaves with the best wishes of Rossies all over the world ringing in his ears... (They pause to dreamily reflect on some of those inspirational Cathal Cregg performances in a Roscommon jersey) WHAT? Ah I was just saying...in some respects he reminds me of myself... Who? The adorable/cheeky kid? Ryan? Ed? NO! WHO reminds you of yourself? Cathal Cregg! Huh? As a player, I was quite similar to him! YOU WEREN’T! I WAS! Like Cathal, I made myself available to successive Roscommon managers for over 15 years...it’s their loss that they never selected me!

Shopping locally of course supports local businesses and local jobs and offers a more personal service. It may also be simpler to resolve a dispute with a local retailer if an item purchased is unsatisfactory. Please keep receipts as proof of purchase. It is important to act quickly, so always check that products are working as soon as you get them home.

What we liked…

When buying gifts ask for a gift receipt. It will not state the price of the item but will provide the recipient of the gift with proof of purchase if a fault arises.

What we didn’t like…

Another successful Late Late Toy Show has raised an approximate €6m for children’s charities, a tremendous response by the Irish public.

News of the emergence of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. It remains to be seen how serious or otherwise the implications of this latest challenge in the battle with the virus will be.

If buying a gift voucher keep it safely as shops are not obliged to replace lost vouchers. This column is prepared by Dolores Gacquin, Solicitor. Byrne Carolan Cunningham have offices in Athlone, Moate, Lanesborough and Galway.

What PEOPLE are talking about

A person should always contact their solicitor to obtain legal advice specific to their own situation. The above column contains general information and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. * In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

Byrne Carolan Cunningham SOLICITORS

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PIC OF THE WEEK: Young fans pictured in the stands during Saturday’s Connacht Club Hurling quarter-final between Athleague and Tooreen at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus; New measures on children socialising; The Late Late Toy Show; Roscommon footballer Cathal Cregg calls it a day after a great career; I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! being cancelled (due to storms) then resumed; Garth Brooks...


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021




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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


New visiting guidelines at hospital Following new national guidance on visiting restrictions, visitors to all hospitals will now be asked to produce their EU Digital Covid Certificate or HSE Vaccination Record or other proof of immunity at the entrance. Visitors may also be asked to show proof of ID. There are exemptions from the requirement to produce a digital certificate or vaccination record, on compassionate grounds. Those visiting Roscommon University Hospital must also complete a Covid-19 screening checklist and follow all public health guidance, including wearing a face covering, and performing good hand hygiene regularly. Mary Garvey, Roscommon University Hospital Manager, said: “We know how important it is for patients to have a visitor every day and we are trying to balance this need with the need to reduce the footfall in the hospital due to the current high number of Covid-19 cases in the community. “Visiting is by appointment only and to schedule an appointment, please call the relevant ward from 2 pm to 4 pm to book a timeslot. The telephone numbers are: St. Bridget’s Ward 090-6632214/15, St. Teresa’s Ward – 090-6632253/30, and St. Coman’s Ward – 090-6632223/25. “Children may not visit the hospital unless agreed in advance, on compassionate grounds, with the ward or unit manager. “If you are a nominated support person (visitor) for a patient in the hospital, we ask that you do not visit the hospital if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or are awaiting the results of a test. “We are grateful to the public for their ongoing cooperation in ensuring we can facilitate visiting in a safe manner to protect both patients and visitors”.

Beginning t o feel al ot like C hr istmas . . Mark, Matthew and Adrianna Coyne pictured on their way to post their letters to Santa on Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

€880k for outdoor activities in Roscommon Almost €800,000 has been allocated for outdoor recreation projects in Ballintubber/Ballymoe, Arigna and Ballyleague under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastruction Scheme announced by Minister Heather Humphreys recently. The Ballintubber/Ballymoe Waterway and Looped Cycle Project will receive €179,730, Destination Ballyleague is set to benefit from €200,000, and the Arigna Energy Inclusive Discovery Park

and Miners Trail has been allocated €500,000. The Ballintubber/Ballymoe project will see the development of cycling and kayaking facilities along the River Suck while Ballyleague will see the improvement of amenities on the River Shannon. The Arigna park and trail will include a panoramic viewing platform, an activity area, and an energy and biodiversity trail. A number of local public representatives welcomed the announce-

ment this week with local TD Denis Naughten describing the announcement as “part of the bigger jigsaw of developing a range of tourism activities throughout the Hidden Heartlands region”. Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy said it was a “great boost” for the local rural economy particularly for the growth of adventure tourism. Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan said the projects were the result of the vision of community groups

working together with Rural Recreation Officers and the local authority. She said the funding would support local towns and villages in bringing tourism, business and footfall to their areas. Fine Gael Minister of State Frank Feighan, meanwhile, said the funding for the Arigna Energy Inclusive Discovery Park and Miners Trail would compliment the success of the Mining Experience and “build the visitor experience for tourists to the region”.

‘A judge for the people and the community’ Tributes paid to the late John F Neilan

Tributes have been paid following the passing of retired District Court Judge John F. Neilan of ‘Rathanane’, Abbey Street, Roscommon, who died peacefully at home on November 24th, surrounded by his family. A Roscommon native, he was called to the bench in the early 1980s and served as District Court judge for the Tullamore and Kilbeggan area, before later serving in the Athlone, Mullingar, and Longford areas until his retirement in July 2010. One of the country’s longest-serving district judges, the late John F Neilan came from a family with a long and distinguished legal background, stretching over many decades and continuing to the present day. Very highly regarded in legal circles, he was an outspoken judge who was often in the headlines. Sean Mahon, Vice-Chairman of the Roscommon Bar Association, paid tribute to the late John Neilan this week, stating: “When you were before him, you always got fairness. He took his job seriously, believing he had not only a legal responsibility but also a civil responsibility to his role. He was a judge not only for the people but also for the community. He always believed the law and the courts were there to serve the people. He did his job with dignity and some skill. “Together with my colleagues, I would like to join in extending my sympathies to John’s family on their sad loss,” Mr. Mahon concluded.

Sympathies are expressed to his wife Peggy, daughter Gillian, sons Jonathan and Jevan, and their respective partners Damien, Deirdre and Amanda, as well as to his grandsons Daniel, Conor, Christian, Finn and Toman, sisters Ann and Bridget, brothers William and Gerard, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. He was predeceased by his sisters Elaine and Edwina, brothers Pat, Brian and Maurice, and brother-in-law Gerry Liddy. The Removal took place on Saturday morning last, to the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon, for Mass of the Resurrection at 11 am. The late John Neilan was laid to rest in St. Coman’s Cemetery. (See also Paul Healy’s Week, page 6).


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Ballyleague lights to be switched on this Saturday Share the Magic The official switching-on ceremony of the Christmas lights in Ballyleague will take place after 7 pm Mass in Ballyleague this Saturday, December 4th. This year, representatives of the St. Faithleach’s team wich won the Roscommon Intermediate Championship will have the honour of flicking the switch. This year the lights committee have once again invested heavily in new light features which will

be in place along the length of the stone wall in front of Ballyleague school. In order to fund this project the committee have a GoFundMe campaign running, via their Facebook page Ballyleague Christmas Lights. Donations can also be made in person to Noel Moran, Gerry Trimble or John Loughlin, or through donation boxes located in Inver Filling Station, Credit Union and Keane’s SuperValu. All donations greatly appreciated.



Saturday 4th & Saturday 18th December 11 am to 5pm (And once monthly thereafter)

Sterling silver and gold jewellery, handbags, scarves, local crafts, knitted goods, wood crafts, furniture, fresh pizza, coffee, breads and snacks ... and more ... Ali Fallon, Aoibhinn Hamrock and Saoirse Hoare pictured in Roscommon town on Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

Booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine are currently being offered to: • Everyone aged 60 and over • Healthcare workers

Right now, COVID-19 cases in the community are high and this increases your risk of coming into contact with the virus.

It is very important to take your booster appointment when it is offered.

Why do I need a booster dose?

What type of vaccine?

Your COVID-19 vaccine offers protection against hospitalisation and severe illness from COVID-19, but this protection may weaken over time. Infections and illness in people who are fully vaccinated can happen.

How will I get my booster dose?

• If you are aged 70 or over, you’ll be invited for your booster vaccine by your GP. • If you are aged 60 to 69, you will get a text message from the HSE with a vaccination centre appointment. • Healthcare workers will be invited for their booster vaccine at their workplace or at a HSE vaccination centre.


For further details, please call 087 3965568

For more information visit hse.ie or freephone 1800 700 700

You will be offered a single booster dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. You can get one of these vaccines even if you already got a different COVID-19 vaccine. You should get your booster dose around 5 months after your last COVID-19 vaccine. If you had COVID-19 since your last vaccine, you should get a booster dose at least 6 months after your positive test.

What about other groups of people?

People with high-risk health conditions and people aged 50-59 will be invited for their booster next. When it is time for your vaccination you will get a text message from the HSE with a vaccination centre appointment.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

PAUL HEALY’S WEEK A column by Roscommon People editor Wednesday The latest series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is up and running, with its familiar ‘diet’ of gruesomeness. For a second year, due to the pandemic, the celebrities (so-called) and their less than appealing ‘jungle friends’ are located in a castle in Wales, rather than in the Australian bush. Dismiss it you might, but it’s a phenomenal ratings success, no doubt much to the dismay of Culture Snobs. For millions of TV viewers, I’m A Celebrity is an entertaining diversion that shortens the winter. That said, I haven’t seen any of the first few episodes of the current series, but I will probably catch up. As with Big Brother at its peak, it can be fascinating to see how the whole experience affects the contestants, to observe how they can even be psychologically impacted by living in such demanding conditions. As for the more disgusting trials, I am usually happy to look the other way.

Thursday All over the country, it’s a little bit like Christmas Morning...with one important exception: on this day of great anticipation, nobody is sure if the much-desired gifts will actually arrive. Laptops, phones, tablets – and even the odd set of rosary beads – are strewn around kitchen tables. In Dalkey, Bono skips his session with the mirror and joins the frantic queue. There are unconfirmed reports that George Lee may even be excited. Me? I’m in two minds. We saw Mr Garth Brooks live on two occasions in the early 1990s. We were big fans. His concerts were fantastic. He had us in the palm of his guitar-strumming hand...fans for life. Then, 2014 happened...Saipan with a Stetson. I was well unimpressed with him. Here’s my version of what happened: The big guy had three concerts in the bag, wanted five, sulked when he couldn’t get them, and just threw his Stetson out of the pram (I am summarising). Before Glum Garth pulled the plug in 2014, we had joined the mass ticket hunt. Finally, we made a breakthrough on DoneDeal. A chap in Wexford agreed the sale of two tickets. We handed him the cash in person in Enniscorthy. He seemed like a nice guy. When Brooding Brooks cancelled, the chap in Wexford (and everyone else) was reimbursed by the promoter. Oddly, when we rang (a few times) he


declined to answer! We’re still waiting. I digress. The laptop is on our kitchen table this morning too. By 8.30, I gave in and had a look. Just 80,000 people ahead of us in the queue. Luckily, Garth very helpfully added three concerts by 10 am (amazingly quick decisionmaking on his part, especially given the time difference between here and America). We secured two tickets. My challenge now is try and forgive Garth. I have ten months to work on it. It would help if he stopped giving those incredibly corny interviews. Anyways, I may end up succumbing to Garth-mania again. With a bit of luck we’ll meet the Wexford guy on the way in...

A gentleman and a judge...

Friday A bit like Jim Carrey’s character in the movie ‘Liar Liar’, the kid on the Late Late Show has to tell the truth – regardless of the implications. So, when the boy met Ed Sheeran, he told the star that he’s not a fan of the song ‘Bad Habits’ – as he’s heard it “about 1.2 billion times”. We need this kid to appear on more RTE shows. He could start on The Week in Politics. “No, Minister, you won’t in fact end hospital waiting lists by that deadline. You aren’t going to look closely at the opposition’s proposed amendments. When you say ‘with respect’ you mean the opposite. As for your promises on the economy/broadband/housing, I’m afraid I’ve heard the same guff about 1.2 billion times!”

Saturday As the first few episodes of I’m A Celebrity were recorded in our house (well, that’s recorded on our TV, they were actually shot in Wales) I’m now kind of tuning in. Anything to divert from the Covid mayhem. The usual mix of DJs, presenters, sportstars and actors, many of the ‘celebrities’ seem to have been drawn from the lower leagues this year; either that or I’m suddenly completely out of touch with modern culture. Truth be told, I haven’t a clue who most of them are. Thank God for Richard Madeley, legend of daytime TV. Also taking part is former footballer, the magnificent David Ginola, loved in equal measure by men, women and… David Ginola. Just as I begin to belatedly develop an interest in this year’s line-up, Ant & Dec announce that Richard Madeley

Saoirse and Eamonn Gleeson pictured under the Christmas lights in Roscommon on Sunday. Pic: Mick McCormack

has had to leave the show (briefly hospitalised, he couldn’t return on Covid safety grounds). But without Richard Madeley, what’s the point?

Sunday Reviewing Gary Murphy’s biography of Charles Haughey in The Sunday Times, Bertie Ahern (one of the great man’s successors as Taoiseach) writes: ‘It is the job of the impartial historian or biographer to weigh up the credit and the debit side of a political figure’s actions, but this task is always aided by space for mature reflection and the passage of time allowing passions to cool’. I wonder what consideration could possibly have prompted Bertie to write the above?

Monday Just as I thought...‘I’m a Celebrity’ has barely survived the departure of

Richard Madeley! As readers will be aware, the show had to be ‘pulled’ for a few days due to stormy weather in Wales (not actually because Richard was gone). Apparently it’s back on Tuesday night. I can hear your sighs of relief...winter has been saved!

Tuesday In tonight’s FIFA Women’s World

Cup qualifying game, the Republic of Ireland defeated Georgia by a record-breaking 11-0. I suspect it will be a long time before we see a more remarkable scoreline. Actually, only a few seconds...as when I go scrolling on to the BBC website, I see the result from Keepmoat Stadium (definitely not ‘Keep ‘em out’ Stadium): England 20 Latvia 0. Unfortunately this information came to me a few seconds too late...I had already given the ‘Team of the Night’ award to the superb Irish ladies, now second in their group after a highly promising start to the campaign.

Many years ago, when then Judge John F Neilan was in the news (again) having made what were perceived to be controversial remarks from the bench, I got a call from RTE’s Morning Ireland. They wanted to know if I thought there was any chance of the esteemed judge (who lived beside what was then the Roscommon Champion office) giving them an interview. I said I didn’t. They persisted. “Can you please get a message to him?” I knew a sitting judge was highly unlikely to speak to the media, but I had no problem with being a messenger. That’s when I wrote a polite note (for RTE) to Judge Neilan, before walking across the road and putting it through the letter box. My job done! When I met John on one of his frequent walks a day or two later, no words were necessary. Just a wry smile and a roll of the eyes. For years afterwards, any time I met him on his walk I’d ask if – now that he was retired – he was ready to give us the ‘tell-all’ interview. He’d always joke about it. I was very saddened to hear of John’s death last week, which followed a period of illness. Abbey Street (and our county) has lost a very distinguished resident. He rose to considerable heights in his legal career, while all the time remaining rooted in his own town and community. During his time ‘on the bench’ Judge Neilan was often in the headlines, reflecting his outspoken style and fearlessness (he was very happy to criticise or hold the establishment to account, and was a passionate advocate for the marginalised and vulnerable). Post-retirement, he retained a great interest in public affairs, and a boundless love for Roscommon. Very modest and unassuming, he was thoughtful, with fascinating, forthright and very sensible opinions – and a great sense of humour. A gentleman, he will be greatly missed in Abbey Street, and further afield. My sympathies to the Neilan family on their loss. May he rest in peace.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


THIS WEEK...On The Political Beat the Government spoke against it but then supported the motion, despite having no intention of suspending the current tendering process as the motion sets out. “Their behaviour is a further kick in the teeth to Local Employment Services and Job Club workers. It is telling that not a single Fianna Fáil TD was in the chamber during the debate. “The Government cannot continue to hollow out services in this way. They should be up front and honest with people about the reality of what they are doing,” concluded Deputy Kerrane.

This week, local public representatives raised concerns about afforestation, the beleaguered hospitality sector, a ‘kick in the teeth’ for job clubs, and welcomed the Government’s Mica compensation package…

‘Hospitality sector in tailspin’ Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy says the region’s hospitality sector is in a ‘tailspin’ and facing catastrophic consequences due to pre-Christmas cancellations. Speaking in the Seanad on Wednesday (yesterday), Senator Murphy said he had received a number of phone calls from worried constituents. “The traditional Christmas party is not happening…and maybe that’s the right thing for now,” he said. “However, there is nothing wrong with going shopping, or going to restaurant or hotel for a meal with family, friends, or work colleagues. “We are asked to wear masks, not to overcrowd on one another, and wash hands, but we don’t need to lead hermit-type lives. “I ask the public to do their best to support the hospitality sector, and if everyone acts responsibly, we can have some type of normal interaction”.

Afforestation issues must be addressed Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice says there’s no chance Ireland will reach its climate change targets unless afforestation issues are addressed. Laying the blame squarely at the door of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Deputy Fitzmaurice said: “Minister Hackett has acknowledged that the improvement in the processing of licences has not been equal – and that the afforestation system needs particular attention. “This is an understatement. With just one month of processing left in the year, the likelihood is that 2021 will fall behind each of the last two years when it comes to afforestation. “The Department revealed plans lately to implement a pilot preapplication discussion with foresters ‘to streamline the applications for afforestation’. But further action is required if we are to have any

Feighan welcomes Mica compensation

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien and Cllr. Kathleen Shanagher supporting International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which takes place this Friday (December 3rd).

hope of reaching the lofty afforestation targets, which will in turn assist with meeting climate change targets”.

‘Kick in the teeth’ for job clubs Sinn Féin spokesperson for Social Protection, Claire Kerrane, has criticised the Government for supporting her motion calling on the suspension of the LES and Jobs Club services tendering process “while having no intention to support it”. Confused yet? Deputy Kerrane explains: “It is incredible that the Government has supported a Dáil motion that they have spoken against. “I brought this motion to protect community employment services…


Now providing an Outreach Service in Roscommon The Athlone (Midland) Rape Crisis Centre provides a free and confidential counselling service to clients from the age of 14 years, who have suffered the trauma of sexual violence of any kind. l Sessions are by appointment. l Our counsellors are professionally

qualified and accredited.

l We are now providing an

outreach service in Roscommon.

For appointment or if you need support ring freephone 1800 306 600

It wouldn’t be The Political Beat without a public representative welcoming something, and this week it’s the turn of local Minister of State Frank Feighan who was pleased with the “significant enhancements to the Defective Concrete Block Scheme” recently announced by Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien. Deputy Feighan highlighted the fact that homes in Sligo and north Leitrim will come under the scheme, and welcomed the raising of the maximum grant to 100 per cent for all remediation options 1-5, as well as an increase of the maximum grant for demolition and rebuild (Option 1) from €247,500 to €420,000. He acknowledged the work of the Housing Minister and other Oireachtas members as well as the battle waged by Mica Redress campaigners.

Another welcome…and a Christmas bonus! Fine Gael Senator Aisling Dolan was another local public representative laying out the red carpet for a recent announcement. Senator Dolan was happy to see recent confirmation from Minister Heather Humphreys of a 100 per cent Christmas Bonus for the 1.4 million people currently receiving social welfare payments. Senator Dolan said: “This additional fund of €313 million will support people all over the country – our carers, people with a disability as well as older members of our community on pensions and long-term welfare recipients. “Also, the qualifying period for people on PUP and Jobseeker’s has been reduced from fifteen to twelve months. It will be available from December 6th next week through Post Offices or in nominated bank accounts”.


Main Street, Ballygar, Co. Galway. Tel. 090 66 24780 www.johnstonspharmacy.ie

Extended Christmas opening hours due to demand Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00 Saturday 9:30 - 16:00

Covid Booster Vaccines Available Call us to arrange an appointment

For the month of December, every customer will be entered into a draw for a €100 VOUCHER

Keep an eye on social media for upcoming news & offers


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Eileen McGreevy, Jamie, Alfie and Leah Bailey pictured in Roscommon recently. Pic: Mick McCormack

Christmas Festival to celebrate new-look Square!

To mark the completion of the Roscommon Town Realm Enhancement project on the north side of the Square, Roscommon County Council, Roscommon Town Team, and Roscommon Chamber have joined forces to present the inaugural Roscommon Christmas Festival. The festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, December 11th and 12th from 3 pm to 8 pm with a host of musical acts, entertainment and a Christmas Market with a number of food stalls on offer. Roscommon Town Team Chairperson Larry Brennan had previously told the Roscommon People that the “Christmas

Festival would have something for everybody” and was a celebration of the new-look civic space in Roscommon town. Chamber of Commerce President Brendan Allen said the festival would “help bring back some Christmas cheer following a year and a half of Covid-19 lockdowns”. Among the impressive line-up for Roscommon’s two-day Christmas Festival will be popular local acts including: Mick Hanly, Angela Gavigan, Danny Arnold, the Ukulele Collective and Singers Circle, Matt Rogers and Joe Healy, Therese Hanley and Nuala Donlon, Michael Banahan & Friends, Vincent Pierse, The

Inspectors, CCG, Lady Betty, John Wynne and John Carlos, Blacksticks, and Gatehouse. There will also be street performances and an art unveiling which is certain to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and ages. The Christmas Market, complete with craft and food stalls, will further enhance the festive experience. The event will take place under the eye-catching 5-metre tall Crochet Christmas Tree, crafted by talented Transition Year students from Roscommon Convent of Mercy. It is hoped that this will be the first of many outdoor events in the newly-enhanced heart of the historic county town.

Roscommon Athletic Club are hosting a Santa Hat 5k charity run/walk in aid of Cancer Support Services in Vita House on Sunday 12th December 2021 @ 1.00pm” starting from Hannon’s Hotel. The kids fun run starts at 11am and the adults run starts at 11.30am. Spot prizes on the day. All donations appreciated



Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021




11 & 12 11 & 12 th







www.facebook.com/RoscommonChristmasFestival Proudly Supported Supported by: by: Proudly Roscommon

Roscommon Christmas Christmas Lights Lights Committee Committee


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021



D News page

Local student receives €20,000 Naughton Scholarship Award

Founding patrons, Dr. Martin Naughton and his wife Carmel, recently announced the winners of the Naughton Foundation Scholarship Awards for 2021.

Supporting academic and innovative excellence in Irish students, the Naughton Foundation Scholarship Awards are an investment in the future of Ireland’s reputation as a country with outstanding graduates promoting the study of engineering, science and technology at third level. Founding patrons, Dr. Martin Naughton and his wife Carmel, recently announced the winners of the 2021 awards with County Roscommon Student, Michael Lohan, receiving a scholarship worth €20,000. Since its establishment in 2008, scholarships worth over €4 million have been

awarded to over 330 students. The scheme started in three counties and has continued to expand annually to become a nationwide scheme in 2016. There is one guaranteed scholarship (€20,000) for each participating county, with some counties awarded more than one scholarship. Each scholarship is worth €5,000 per annum for each year of a student’s three or four year undergraduate degree. Traditionally the awards are presented by Dr Martin Naughton and his wife Carmel at a ceremony with the students’ schools and families in attendance but as a result of

current restrictions, this event was unfortunately deferred again for this year. A former student of Roscommon Community College, Michael has accepted a place in the National University of Ireland, Galway, studying BioMedical Engineering. He joins 37 exceptional Irish students who were awarded third level scholarships towards their studies in the areas of engineering, science, technology, and maths. Michael’s former secondary school, Roscommon Community College, received a prize of €1,000 towards their school’s science facilities, for

their support of these students. Speaking about the growth of the programme over the past twelve years, Dr. Martin Naughton commented: “We have been awarding scholarships to encourage and reward students for their undergraduate studies in the STEM area since 2008. “After the difficult academic year that 2021 was, we are particularly delighted to announce this year’s scholarship winners and their schools. We are both really looking forward to celebrating with them in person in the future and welcoming them to our growing community of scholars and alumni”.

Locals to be honoured at Volunteers In Sport Awards Three Roscommon volunteers – Máire Allen, Jacqueline McCormack (Special Olympics Roscommon) and Joe Moore (St. Aidan’s GAA) – are set to be honoured at the Federation of Irish Sport Volunteers in Sport Awards next week. Máire and Jacqueline will be awarded a team Special Recognition Award and Joe will be awarded the Roscommon Volunteer award for the 2021 edition of the awards, which are supported by EBS. Máire and Jacqueline have collectively dedicated over forty years to Roscommon Special Olympics. Máire’s involvement has seen her become a devoted volunteer, keen to positively impact the lives of those around her. Leading by example, she takes part in any fundraising events and has coached gymnastics, trampolining, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and a host of other sports during her time. Jacqueline became a volunteer with Roscommon Special Olympics club fifteen years ago, and currently serves as the club’s chairperson. In this role, she has doubled membership numbers and vitally increased the range of activities available to the athletes. She also founded a young athlete Special Olympic Club, which provides young children with the opportunity to participate in a range of activities. Both Máire and Jacqueline

have made enormous contributions to Special Olympics sport. Meanwhile, Joe Moore has been a stalwart of St. Aidan’s GAA ever since the club’s inception in 1956. Since a Junior Championship win in 1966, in which Joe lined out as right wing-forward, the club has continued to grow from strength to strength, in no small part due to Joe’s herculean efforts on and off the pitch. At his first ever club meeting, Joe was appointed as Club Secretary, remaining in that role for some time. He has also committed his time to refereeing, taking charge of the 1975 Roscommon senior final and replay between Roscommon Gaels and Castlerea St. Kevin’s. Today, Joe is Pictured are Jacqueline McCormack and Máire Allen of Roscommon still heavily involved in the club Special Olympics. as Club President and as part of the Parks Committee, and is ever-present by the pitch on match day. The Federation of Irish Sport Volunteers in Sport Awards will be streamed live each evening from 7 pm on the Federation of Irish Sport’s Facebook page. On Tuesday, December 7th, the Leinster and Special Recognition Award will take place, while on Wednesday, December 8th, the Munster, Connacht and Special Recognition Awards will be announced, followed by Ulster on December 9th. For more information on the awards, visit volunteersinsport. Pictured is Joe Moore of St. Aidan’s GAA. ie.

Monasteraden writer Jessamine O’Connor has just graduated from IT Sligo with a first class honours degree in writing and literature, as well as an ‘Order of Merit’ governing body award.

Writer Jessamine wins Dermot Healy Award Monasteraden writer Jessamine O’Connor has just graduated from IT Sligo with a first class honours degree in writing and literature, as well as an ‘Order of Merit’ governing body award. On the evening of the graduation she was also announced as the 2021 winner of the Dermot Healy Writing Award for her poetry and fiction, which was described as “work that is staggeringly beautiful and human”. Jessamine runs conversational English classes in Ballaghaderreen Resource Centre, and is available for creative writing projects, workshops, courses and mentoring. Her most recent collection of poetry ‘Silver Spoon’ was published by Salmon Poetry. To see Jessamine’s latest work visit www.jessamineoconnor.com.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


New website for LGBT community in County Roscommon Tuismitheori Le Cheile (TLC) support group are made up of parents of LGBT persons who have come together to support their young people by supporting each other. This is achieved through a support helpline which is live each Monday evening between 7 pm to 9 pm, wellbeing seminars, support group meet-ups and the provision of information. The group formed in 2016 with the support of Roscommon LEADER Partnership Company SICAP (Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme). The group are excited to announce the launch of a new website for County Roscommon www.lgbtroscommon. ie. The aim of the website is to create a safe and welcoming environment where people can be informed, access support and hear stories that will empower and uplift. Life in rural Ireland is different to that in urban areas and it makes sense that for young people and their families the experience of coming out will be different too. Apart from the obvious societal influences, support services are not always readily available and distance and lack of access to transport means that it can be challenging to get the support or information you might need. www.lgbtroscommon.ie will point you towards services and resources in the area as well as those available nationally or online. The website will also offer information and guidance for both young people and parents, encouraging understanding and empathy towards the ultimate goal of supporting LGBT+ people in Roscommon. The telephone support lines are open on Mondays (7 pm to 9 pm) on 083 8979280. Funding for the website came from the Department of Rural and Community Development through Roscommon County Council and delivered by Roscommon LEADER Partnership Company SICAP Programme. Would you like to get involved? TLC management committee is currently made up of parents of LGBT persons and staff of Roscommon LEADER Partnership SICAP Programme. We are looking for volunteers who have lived LGBT experience, is a family member or service provider. Volunteer opportunities can be to sit on the committee, operate the support phone line, marketing and social media support. Please contact Teresa O’Brien on 086 029 1215 or email teresa@ridc.ie with any enquiries.

Who’s saying what on Tweet Street ... Paul Healy’s take on top tweets! Lisa Treacy @Lisa_Treacy double denim was all the rage… so forgive us if we want to relive our misspent youth and quit whining about a bit of fun! Life is short, pandemics are long, buy the hat! #GarthInIreland -Apparently Garth is coming back...(it was ‘in the news’) Garth Brooks @garthbrooks IRELAND!!!!! Just waking up to the news!!!! Unbelievable !!!!! All my love to you!!! love, g #GarthInIreland -Oh for God’s sake! (One interested party reacts to ticket sales) Anton Savage @AntonSavageShow If you’re spending a lot of time worrying about Covid, can I recommend trying to speak to someone in Hotpoint Whirlpool parts. It will distract you by driving you into incandescent frustration. Astonishing stuff. -Anton’s not happy with the person from Hotpoint/Whirlpool...but can’t even let them know...

Sheila O’Flanagan BooksBooksBooks @sheilaoflanagan I accept there’s something wrong with me. Couldn’t care less about #LateLateToyShow or #GarthInIreland or #BlackFriday #lostcause -Well-known author Sheila has had enough! Western Gaels GAA @gaelspro Congratulations to @cathalcregg as he retires from Intercounty football! He has served for many years and done us very proud in Western Gaels. Wishing him a happy and healthy future with his family!! -Thanks Cathal for the great performances, dedication and service

newsbriefs St Coman’s Church of Ireland Carol Service St. Coman’s Church of Ireland on Henry Street in Roscommon town will play host to a Festival of Lessons and Carols for Christmas on Sunday, December 12th at 7 pm. Please observe current Covid-19 guidelines.

Santa Hat Walk and Fun Run! Roscommon Athletics Club are hosting a Santa Hat 5k charity run/walk from Hannon’s Hotel in aid of Cancer Support Services in Vita House on Sunday, December 12th at 1 pm. A kids’ fun will take place at 11 am on the day while the adults’ run takes off at 11.30 am. There will be spot prizes on the day and all donations are appreciated. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan Omicron is not a ‘South African variant’, it’s a variant that was spotted & reported by brilliant South African scientists so fast the world has a chance to get on top of it. Could have originated anywhere. -Piers puts the record straight... girlwiththedragontattoo @SarahJayWard The world is really in shambles if even Piers Morgan is making sense -A somewhat mean-spirited response! Sheila O’Flanagan

St Vincent de Paul make annual appeal Today in Ireland, it can still take just one small problem, such as an unexpected illness or bill, to tip many people into crisis and poverty. However, St. Vincent de Paul know that a little help at the right time can halt the domino effect that leads to a family experiencing prolonged hardship. Many of you regularly support our work. Without this help, we simply would not be able to support those struggling. This Christmas, please support St. Joseph’s Conference Boyle’s Annual Appeal. Our collection will take place in St. Joseph’s Church on the weekend of December 11th/12th, where envelopes will be available in the porch. Envelopes received through the post may also be returned to the church. Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Boyle Conference at svp.ie/ boyleannualappeal, or donate by phone to 081-8176176.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


FRANK BRANDON Back to the high stool for Toy Show 2022! FRANK BRANDON’S

Our man Frank on a disappointing Toy Show, making the most of your time in sport, an entertaining edition of the Sunday World, and putting up the Christmas decorations a week early… Up to a couple of years ago, I would look forward to the Late Late Toy Show with great gusto and whole-hearted enthusiasm, because I always used it as a form of escapism. On that

Friday night each year, I would escape to the pub, where I would enjoy a few quiet pints while happily ignoring the mayhem taking place on the Late Late set and in thousands of homes around the country. However, for the last year or two I have actually sat down to watch the show. Last year, as we got to grips with our first Covid Christmas, I really enjoyed it. In my piece the week after, I told you all what a wonderful show it was, and that Ryan Tubridy was an absolute master when it came to organising, running, and hosting it. As a result, I was once again really looking forward to last Friday’s Late Late Toy Show

– and this time without any intention of nipping off to the pub! I was settled in my chair in good time, ready for kick off but sadly, the magic just wasn’t there for me this year. By 11.15 pm, I was heading for bed, with more than an hour left in this year’s offering. Somehow I didn’t warm to a few of the children, although the Leitrim and Newbridge girls were the exception. In fact, this time I felt Tubridy hogged the show himself, and everything else was just a sideshow. Now I am well aware that the overall reaction to the show has been extremely positive, and it raised millions of euro for different charities, but for

unique take on life ...

me, it just didn’t tick the boxes. If I am still around next year, it will be back to the high stool for the Late Late Toy Show! Sticking with television and escapism, there is no doubt that certain shows fulfil that very important role. For me, I have recently become a big fan of Netflix series ‘Heartland’. It is a long-running series set on a horse ranch in America, and it follows the fortunes of a young girl and her family as they try to come to terms with the death of her mother in a car accident. Since I started watching it a week or so ago, I have managed to squeeze in seven episodes! All I can say to you is, if you get a chance, try to watch it.

There are very few programmes nowadays that constantly deliver that feel-good factor, but from what I have seen so far, Heartland does

Daniel and Fr. Brian are my kind of gang! I have long been a fan of the Sunday World newspaper. The fact that it has lasted for almost fifty years is a tribute to its popularity, and it remains the second-biggest selling Sunday paper in the country to this day. Having regular columnists who are extremely popular and well liked, such as Wee

Daniel, Nathan, and Fr. Brian D’Arcy, along with others like Pat Spillane (who is liked and disliked in equal measure, but nonetheless, interesting and controversial) keeps the paper right up there with the Irish public, who are still buying it in large numbers. Yet recently, I have found

that the never-ending stories of gangland murders, attempted murders, foiled murders, murderers, failed murderers, billionaire drug cartel bosses, and all that sort of stuff, has grown to be a little tiresome. While the success of TV shows like Kin, Love Hate, and Hidden Assets proves that as a nation,

we are interested in the carry on of such gangs, I for one have had enough, and would prefer to see other types of stories in the Sunday World. Thankfully, this week there were two full pages of entertainment ads, and it was great to see that the music scene is finally back in action. The

dances all seem to be running from 8.30 pm to just before midnight, and wouldn’t it be great if those dances were well supported and those hours became the norm. I imagine there would be a huge improvement in terms of absenteeism in the workplace if everything closes and stays closed at midnight!

Some sage advice for Creggs’ young guns… On Sunday afternoon, I went to see the Creggs First XV take on Westport in a Connacht Junior League match. Just like Heartland, the Creggs rugby teams (Firsts or the Development XV) very seldom fail to deliver. Despite losing an unprecedented seven players to injury during the course of the game on Sunday, they managed to beat a very strong, physical, and talented Mayo side by 29 points to 18. It was a win fashioned by old-style values like courage and commitment, allied to a large sprinkling of talent. As I watched the team, which is made up of a large number of players under/in their early twenties, I imagined they must have felt on top of the world, almost invincible. I imagine they must be looking forward to long and glorious rugby careers – hopefully in the maroon and white of Creggs - and maybe for some, in the green of Connacht and Ireland. Anyways, off I went home and didn’t give it another thought until about 3.30 am

the following morning, when I found myself dreaming about the year 1971 (fifty years ago), when I was a twenty-year-old involved heavily in all kinds of sport. It was a year in which I was to win an U-21 football medal with Creggs, a Junior Provincial Towns Cup medal with Dundalk, and play in a major local soccer final at Oriel Park, after which I was invited to go to Liverpool Football Club for a trial. In the course of our run in the rugby cup, we played Longford in one of the early rounds. I dropped a goal from somewhere near the halfway line (I modestly recall), and our bagman, the legendary Paddy ‘the Bowler’ Boland, put an extra forty or so yards on it. For years afterwards, he would tell whoever cared to listen that I had dropped a goal from over 100 yards. In the final the same year, we played in Navan against Skerries. I made a clean break through the Skerries defence, but (momentarily forgetting that I was playing rugby) instead of going on and scoring the try, as I reached the 25-yard line in

glorious isolation, I had a rush of blood to the head and let fly with my left foot and buried the ball into the back of the nonexistent net. Thankfully, despite my horrendous error, we won the final. My moment of madness, while never forgotten, was eventually forgiven. At twenty years of age, despite my renowned lack of dedication, the sporting world was my oyster, and there was no knowing where my career would take me. As it transpired, I never did go to Liverpool. I had the shortest inter-county football career on record, which lasted about two months and was over before I was 23. In the end, I never got to wear the green of either Connacht or Ireland. Actually, that last bit is not entirely true, as I wore the Connacht Junior jersey on two occasions – once in a 55-3 defeat to Ulster in the fog in Dungannon (where only for the fog, it could well have been a hundred…and maybe it was) and the other time in a narrow enough loss to Leinster

in Portlaoise, in a game I have absolutely no memory of. All I know is that the fog saved my bacon up in Dungannon, but on a nice day in Portlaoise, there was no such safety net. The selectors saw enough, and I never again got a call for any more representative honours. And so, as I woke from my dream and thought back to what I saw against Westport, I realised that while old age seems so far away now for all these young lads, sporting careers can be very fickle and even short lived. My advice is to grab every opportunity that comes your way, give it all you can for as long as you can, and don’t look back in later years and wonder what you might have achieved with a bit more dedication. As for me, I have no regrets. I had great craic on and off many sporting fields. While I may not have any great national sporting achievements to my name, I can at least claim to have scored a drop goal from over 100 yards – if you don’t believe me, just ask the Bowler!

just that. So if you do decide to take a look, I will be very surprised if you are disappointed with what you see.

Finally for this week ... People seem to be putting up their Christmas decorations even earlier this year, and I suppose we can thank our new friend Covid for that as well. We all need a bit of cheer to try and combat the seemingly neverending misery, and the trees with their beautiful baubles and lights, and that feeling of excitement around putting up the decorations, gives us all a lift. So, after a lifetime of putting our tree up on December 8th, this year we are moving it forward by a week. God willing, this week will see our tree go up for 2021. A few years ago, we couldn’t find our decorations and there was a big panic. Thankfully they eventually turned up, and since then we have been very careful about putting them away… but I wonder where we put them last Christmas…

‘Till next week, bye for now


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021



Ballygar. Tel. 090 6624267. Email: ballygarpharmacy@gmail.com


Covid-19 Booster Vaccines now available instore. Digital Covid Certs also available

- suitable for travel, events etc. Government approved. Claire, Ruth, Rachel, James and Anna Feely pictured in Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack Advertorial

Roscommon Credit Union Ltd is here for all your borrowing needs At Roscommon Credit Union, we understand the reasons to borrow are as varied as life itself, so whether you are a new or existing member in need of financial assistance for Christmas, a new car, home improvements, a wedding, or holiday, we are here to support and here to lend. We provide a personalised and friendly service, catering for loans of all sizes. We are always happy to work with each member individually to tailor a loan to their needs and encourage anyone who is planning to take out a loan to talk to us first at Roscommon Credit Union. Not a member? Not a problem! New members can join and apply for a loan straight away! There is no waiting or saving period required, simply apply online, in person or by calling our dedicated loans team on 090-6626657. To join Roscommon Credit Union simply call us on 090-6626657, pop into any of our three branch offices in Roscommon, Strokestown or Elphin, or visit our website www.roscommoncu.ie. Whether you are a new or existing member of Roscommon Credit Union there are many benefits of borrowing from us. Personal loans • Straightforward loans with personalised service • Easy application process and fast approvals • Flexible repayment options • Interest calculated on a reducing balance • No sneaky conditions, penalties, or charges for early repayment • A loan with built-in insurance, at no direct cost to you • The ability to top up your loan at any time Members can now have two separate loans on their account, at the same time, with no need to repay an existing loan before applying for the new loan. We are committed to working each day to positively impact the lives of our members and wider community. As a member-owned, not-for-profit, financial co-operative, every euro earned as a direct result of a member loan is reinvested into

bringing more value to members, by adding and enhancing products, services, and innovations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 10,500+ strong membership for their continued loyalty and support and wish each and every one a safe, happy and healthy Christmas. December Cash Prize Draw One of the many benefits of being a Roscommon Credit Union member relates to our bi-annual Cash Prize Draw, with ten prizes up for grabs with a 1st prize of €10,000. Our next draw takes place on Thursday, December 16th. To enter, simply complete an entry form in any of our branch offices. Entry fee is €10 per draw, €20 annually. The last date for entry is Wednesday, December 15th at 3 pm. To check if you are already entered, simply give us a call on 090-6626657. Online and mobile banking service Manage your credit union account any time from anywhere with our 24-hour online banking and mobile app service. View account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, apply for a loan and download e-statements! Visit www.roscommoncu.ie to register today! Help us ‘Go Green’ Sign up to receive your AGM pack via email and not post – and help us reduce our carbon footprint. Visit www.roscommoncu.ie to sign up today!

Christmas opening hours ROSCOMMON OFFICE Closed on Thursday, December 23rd at 5 pm, reopening Thursday, December 30th from 10 am to 5 pm. Closing on Friday, December 31st at 5 pm. ELPHIN OFFICE Closed on Thursday, December 23rd at 5 pm, reopening Thursday, December 30th from 3.30 pm to 7 pm. STROKESTOWN OFFICE Closed on Thursday, December 23rd at 1.30 pm, reopening Thursday, December 30th from 11 am to 1.30 pm. Closing on Friday, December 31st at 4.30 pm.

Contact Catherine to make your appointment.

Catherine Healy M.P.S.I. at the healthy heart of the community


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021




Words of wit and wisdom with MIRIAM KERINS

Madonna strikes a pose for middle-aged women everywhere

One of Madonna’s ‘risqué images’ on Instagram

While I love dancing to her 1980s’ tracks, I’m not a fan of Madonna’s current ‘stuff’ – believing most of it to be unlistenable. That said, there’s absolutely no denying the fact this rule-breaking, shape-shifting, trendsetting, pop provocateur has made a major impact on the music scene – and fair play to her! It’s for this reason I was not in the least bit surprised when last week, the 63-yearold took to Instagram to post a selection of risqué images showing her sprawled across her bed, wearing nothing but a set of skimpy undies, a smile, and a pair of (to die for) Louboutin’s! However, instead of setting followers’ pulses racing, Madonna’s butt-bearing, biting-down-on-the-bedpost antics have led to Instagram removing the images due to a ‘small portion’ of her nipple being ‘exposed’. Not to be deterred, she later reposted them, complete with strategically placed emojis, commenting on how she has experienced, “four decades of censorship, sexism, ageism and misogyny”, resulting in some fans and celebrities unkindly labelling her as being ‘desperate’. Personally, I applaud Madonna’s bold move, because if there’s one thing this

What is driving kids to kill other kids? I was both shocked and heartbroken this week to read yet another story about one child killing another child. This time the news came via our UK neighbours. Ava White, a 12-year-old girl, went into a Liverpool town with her pals to see the Christmas lights being switched on. At some point during the festivities, the child was apparently involved in a ‘verbal argument’. This argument escalated to such an extent that she ended up suffering ‘catastrophic injuries’ after being ‘assaulted with a knife’. A 14-year-old boy has appeared in court, charged with her murder, along with three other teens aged between 13 and 15 being arrested and ‘conditionally bailed’ as police continue their enquiries. As a parent/grandparent, I have to ask myself what is going on in society and in some kids’ minds that they go along to events allegedly armed to the hilt, committing the most heinous of crimes? I have no doubt a legal team, an investigative team, and a team of therapists will weigh in to try and ascertain what happened, with the rest of us (me included)

insisting the killers are held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law for their alleged crimes. Very often, when kids kill other kids, we tend to blame the operant conditioning associated with say, a violent video game, where some impressionable youngsters may become so involved that they interpret the rules and strategies of the game, accepting them as being the ‘norm’, acting them out in reality. We could also blame rap lyrics, a graphically violent movie, or even the weapon itself – after all, if the kid hadn’t been holding a knife, he wouldn’t have committed the crime… and so on. Even though there seems to be an alarming increase in this type of crime, the fact is that this savagery cannot be attributed to one single contributing factor. At the end of the day, five lives have either been lost or potentially greatly affected here – the poor child who died violently and needlessly, the three who’re being investigated, and the one who has been charged. Something or someone needs to bear the brunt of the blame.

Material Girl is good at, it’s making a scene and shocking people. While she may have had a half-decent vocal range back in the day, Madonna’s voice now sounds like nails grating on a classroom chalkboard, meaning Mother Time hasn’t exactly been kind to her vocal chords. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and Madge’s no different. Therefore, proving to everyone that you don’t need to have talent to make it big in the entertainment industry – you just need to have a bangin’ bod – the mistress of reinvention got her baps and butt cheeks out for all the world to see. To that end, I’m quite annoyed that those who are (let’s face it) pretty ‘meh’ and ‘blah’ themselves have ganged up on her. People like Piers Morgan have accused her of reaching ‘rock bottom’, and 50 Cent trolled her saying, “Yo this is the funniest shit! LOL. That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. She shot out, if she don’t get her old ass up. LMFAO”. What did they expect? She’s a badass mature lady (with hindsight, pardon the pun). If those images haven’t been altered, Madge doesn’t have a bad ass at all, she has an amazing ass, so you strike that pose girl!

Therefore, are those who mock her simply just crippled with jealousy, or are they desperately seeking attention for themselves? It wasn’t too long ago that egomaniac 50 Cent caused quite a stir himself on social media, making a homophobic remark to Playboy (so horrific I refuse to write it, but Google it yourselves), which incited uproar – and rightly so. This leads me to ask the question… bitter much Fiddy? Should I page Dr Freud to reception for you? Okay, we all get it wrong sometimes, and beneath the disrespect, I’m sure Fiddy’s pretty decent. But placing 50 Cent, Piers and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly (who cheekily called Madge’s pictures ‘pretty sleazy’) aside, I have to ask why there appears to be a cohort of petty-minded individuals who have this damaging idea that older women should simply fade away to live their lives unhappily ever after? Is it any wonder ladies that instead of getting into the groove like Madonna, we spend our days backing out of bedrooms and bathrooms so that the men in our lives (who, let’s face it aren’t exactly turning heads themselves) can’t see the wrinkles on our thighs and on our butts?

We’re all suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’ Another week, another Covid variant – is it any wonder we’re all suffering from pandemic fatigue? As a vegan who’s very aware of what goes into my body, I’m not only concerned about the ingredients in the Covid vaccine, I’m also concerned about the way in which it’s being tested. Despite that, I got vaccinated. I’m planning on getting my booster too and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to do so. Had I refused the vaccine (citing my animal cruelty issues as a reason), and God forbid contracted Covid and became very ill – or worse, passed away from

it – who’d take care of my dogs? Nobody! Exactly! Let me stress that while I’m no medical professional, I firmly believe the only credible way out of this destructive situation is a vaccine. Therefore, I wish the Covid-deniers and anti-vaxxers would get a clue and realise this is not an intrusion on your person, nor is it the government’s way of ‘tracking us’. Perhaps when we’re out the other side of this pandemic, scientists might invent a vaccine to cure ‘conspiracist paranoia’ – now wouldn’t that be great!


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

and Capolatte


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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Lost services: Local communities must fight back with more than rhetoric and hot air A few weeks ago, I was invited onto the panel of the Claire Byrne TV Show on RTÉ 1 to talk about the effect that the closure of banks, post offices, Garda stations and more public services around County Roscommon and further afield has had on rural Ireland. Emotions were running high on this issue at the time. In many respects it’s an old story. The island has seen dozens of smaller banks and post offices close over the last ten years, ever since the country went into the protection of the EMF after losing millions of euro due to the collapse of construction. Nevertheless, it’s an issue that continues to bubble up from time to time, and puts the plethora of published plans for the regeneration of rural Ireland back on the top of the news agenda for at least a day or two before being fully forgotten again. In the immediate aftermath of the TV show, I must have received over 400 different communications from all over the country about the closure of all sorts of crucial public services. They came by text, letters, emails, and social media messages, and told the same story every time – a tale of genuine fear and anxiety as key local services – essential to maintaining population in any village or town – seem to be either closing or being downgraded. Over a dozen of the communities affected are here in the western region. In the last four weeks, the calls have still been coming, with follow-on requests to visit some of the areas affected where public meetings were being held and new rallying calls going out to try and do something locally to avoid closures. I am pleased to say I have had an opportunity to do just that in the last while. My journey last week on one such mission took me away up into the hills of north Leitrim and the BeePark Community Centre in the bustling town of Manorhamilton, where a decent crowd turned out on a wet night to hear concerns over the erosion of banking services in the town – described by most of the top table as another attack on rural Ireland. Manorhamilton is a little different to many of the other towns where the letters have been coming from. For starters, its bank is still open, but there is unease (to put it mildly) over a decision to withdraw the over-the-counter services in the local branch in December. During a meeting that went on for

Columnist Ciaran Mullooly pictured on RTE’s Claire Byrne show recently.

well over an hour and a half, person after person from the local business community spoke about how no longer having an exterior main ATM machine in Manorhamilton was already damaging the local economy. The lady from the local credit union, in fairness to her, was there to express support for the committee, and suggested that they open an ATM outside their own office in the New Year. However, deep surprise was expressed at the decision to withdraw the cash services at the counter, considering that there are still over 1100 jobs in the town, which has a population estimated to be somewhere between 1500 and 1600 people. Kevin Comiskey from the Irish Farmers Association was one of the leading lights that organised the meeting and invited

I was a bit surprised to hear from the IFA that as many as 90% of all farmers who sell at Irish marts still get a cheque for the sale of their cattle, and that there apparently is no uniform system to pay by electronic funds transfer.

me up to Leitrim. With a mart still operating in the area, he said the absence of a bank to cash a cheque in was still impacting farmers in the region and those who would regularly use the local livestock mart. I was a bit surprised to hear from the IFA that as many as 90% of all farmers who sell at Irish marts still get a cheque for the sale of their cattle, and that there apparently is no uniform system to pay by electronic funds transfer. Surely this must cause great difficulties when there is no such thing as a local bank in many towns around the country any more? I remember myself the way it used to work on our own farm when I was a young boy. The routine was always the same. My father would very proudly head for the local bank branch a day or two after the cheque arrived from the mart to cash the proceeds of his hard labour. After rearing nine or ten Charolais bullocks for a couple of years, once the money came in, he would start the process of paying the bills for cattle meal, fertiliser, or whatever else he owed to get the animals into the mart in the first place. Local publican and independent councillor Felim Gurn sat beside me as I chaired the meeting in Manorhamilton. He spoke passionately about the huge frustration that a town with a population in excess of 1500 people could be left without such a basic financial service. After the meeting, I went back with Felim and the TD (and former MEP) Marian Harkin into Felim’s pub for a

In association with: LOUGH REE ACCESS FOR ALL

cup of tea and a sandwich before hitting the long road for home. The fact that this establishment – like so many more around the country – had to be opened on the night as it is now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, tells its own story of the decline of rural Ireland. Footfall is the key to the survival of business in our smaller country towns, and I was delighted to hear from Marian Harkin that new legislation is coming through the Dáil which will give all local credit unions the power and right to open up themselves with some of the many key other financial services the local banks have enjoyed for years. On the night of the meeting, I spoke about the pressures being put on our local credit unions by the Central Bank as part of a general move to reduce the number of little credit unions around the country. There were some local anecdotes told to me afterwards about the absolute torture the voluntary members of the credit union boards are still experiencing in other towns as they try to comply with the very heavy burden of additional regulation. My own contribution on the night was to urge everyone involved to move quickly while the ATM and bank is still open in their local town, meet local and regional management, and try to work together to make a financial business case for the retention of services before they are closed. We did this successfully in Lanesborough and Ballyleague over ten years ago, when the late Gerry Thompson led a delegation that met National Irish Bank to fight for the local ATM machine. The bank duly engaged in a process that ensured the machine stayed – even after they left the country. Thankfully, businessman Bernard Keane came to our rescue and facilitated the machine in his own SuperValu store across the road, and that’s where it has stayed ever since. The bottom line with regard to these closures is that local communities must get up off their own posteriors and fight back – not just with rhetoric and hot air, but with a rock-solid business plan based on the ability of the local community to justify the local service. That remains the only viable way of stopping the further decline of your local community services – and the sooner townspeople realise that, the better. What do you think? Email People columnist Ciaran at ciaranmullooly@gmail.com.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

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Belonging is a major part of life, a feeling that manifests itself most in our family circles, in relation to the schools we attended in our formative years, and amongst the clubs and teams we become a part of. Playing team sports is one of the great character builders for young boys and girls, as well as for young ladies and men, not least during the transition from childhood into adulthood. Creggs Rugby Club is one such club, one that provides that special team environment. It’s a place where those involved are always working on developing top class facilities for the hundreds of young players at the club, all with the aim of ensuring that everyone enjoys their sport and the communal benefits of being part of a club. It is a community club, a safe and enjoyable family space where children look forward to every visit, with parents reassured that their sons and daughters have that special feeling of belonging. Creggs Rugby works to foster the community ethos of the club, and has a great relationship with all other sports in the region. In fact, the pitches at Creggs RFC are often used for Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, and soccer training. The importance of a true welcoming attitude is appreciated by the entire community. For example, last season, players of all ages from up to fourteen different GAA clubs in Co. Roscommon and north-east Galway played rugby with Creggs.

First draw is this Saturday! Th

The club recently developed a kilometre-long tarmacadamed and fullylit walkway around their grounds, which facilitates safe walking for the community (members and visitors alike). In autumn 2019, they opened the first fullsized IRB approved 4G artificial rugby playing pitch in Connacht, as well as two additional sand-based grass pitches in spring 2020. This expansion to four pitches was made necessary by the massive growth in young player numbers, a trend which is ongoing. The latest phase of the club’s

development of facilities targets the building of four new dressing rooms and a large gymnasium. The dressing rooms will include individual cubicle changing areas and showers. These accommodate anyone who may be uncomfortable changing in communal settings. Girls in particular have been asking for facilities like these. They spoke – and Creggs Rugby Club listened to their requests, and is acting on them. Other requests from players, members and the community, included a fully

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


The things people say…


“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do” -Mark Twain


Famous birthdays ... this week

Britney Spears (American singer-songwriter, turns 40 on Thursday)

Amanda Seyfried (American actress, will be 36 on Friday) Pictured is Clare Reidy, a sixth year student from Our Lady’s Bower school in Athlone, who was recently named SciFest STEM Champion 2021.

Brendan Fraser (Canadian-American actor, turns 53 on Friday)

Tyra Banks (American model, actress, and television personality, celebrates her 48th on Saturday)

For updates, check our social channels

Clare’s research into radiation protection wins SciFest 2021! Clare Reidy, a sixth year student from Our Lady’s Bower school in Athlone, was recently named SciFest STEM Champion 2021, having claimed top prize at this year’s SciFest National Final, which took place over the weekend. Clare received the award for her innovative research project, which explored Cosmic Radiation Protection, investigating effective building materials for future exploration of Mars. Clare’s victory will see her represent Ireland at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Atlanta, Georgia, next May. Cosmic radiation consists of high-energy particles travelling through space. Clare’s pro-

ject investigated whether bricks made from Martian soil (regolith) could be used to block cosmic radiation. She discovered that these bricks could offer effective protection against cosmic radiation and constructed an optimum brick using Martian regolith simulant as a primary component. Her discovery supports the use of Martian regolith bricks to protect future inhabitants of Mars. Norma Foley TD, Minister for Education, said: “SciFest continues to bring together some of the best and brightest minds of future generations and I am delighted to see so many young people who are passionate about STEM fields. These subjects are crucial for equipping the young people of today with the

It’s been a GOOD week for...

Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tubridy pictured during RTE’s Late Late Toy Show last Friday night. Well done all!

problem-solving and critical thinking skills needed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The level of innovation gives great cause for optimism now and into the future. I’d like to congratulate Clare on winning this award and applaud all those students who have participated in this year’s competition. I’d also like to commend the parents, teachers and mentors who have helped students throughout the process”. Sheila Porter (SciFest CEO) said: “We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Clare on winning this year’s SciFest National Final. We received a tremendous number of entries this year and the standard was as high as we’ve come to expect from SciFest participants”.

It’s been a BAD week for...

Children’s charities in Ireland, with the phenomenon that is the Late Late Toy Show working its magic again, with this year’s emotional programme raising over €6m in donations thus far

The producers (and viewers) of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, with the hit programme having to be taken off air due to storm damage at the castle in Wales (where it is being filmed)... happily, the celebrities and creepy crawlies returned to our screens on Tuesday night

International pop star Rihanna, who was made a member of the Order of National Heroes in her native Barbados, a gesture timed to coincide with the Caribbeen country becoming a republic earlier this week...

Munster Rugby, with nine positive Covid-19 cases in their camp (as of Tuesday) and the touring party having to delay their return to Ireland from South Africa, with related implications on their return due to the emergence of a ‘South African variant’ now named as ‘Omicron’

St Patrick’s Athletic, who won the FAI Cup, defeating Bohemians on penalties at ‘the Aviva’ after a 1-1 draw

All future opponents of Cork senior camogie team, with the irrepressible Davy Fitzgerald joining the management set-up!

Ant and Dec got a few nights off the telly as the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ show was taken off air for a few nights due to storm damage on set.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Roscommon GAA Chairperson Brian Carroll and GAA activist Larry Brennan pictured on the sideline during the Connacht GAA Club Junior Football Championship semi-final between St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s (Sligo). Pic: Bernie O’Farrell

Enterprise Castlerea’s call: ‘Try Town First’ this Christmas!

Some years ago, a County Cork town adopted the slogan ‘Try Town First’, in order to highlight the need to support local towns. The idea was that you tried to source the item you needed in your local town and if you didn’t succeed then go to the larger town to make your purchase. The slogan is even more appropriate in this current climate, where the cost of fuel is rocketing, local businesses are trying to recover from Covid-19 related closures, and we the consumers are being asked to curtail our interaction with others in order to get control of this virus. So shop local and support the businesses in your community this year. Enterprise Castlerea are delighted to announce that our Christmas Craft and Food Fair for 2021 will take place once again in The Hub, Castlerea, on Sunday, December 5th from 10 am to 4 pm. With 50 stands showcasing local crafts, food products and gift ware, there will be lots to choose from in every price range. In order to comply with Covid restrictions, we have limited the number of stands to 50, but we have an amazing array of hand-crafted gifts on offer including woodcraft, knitting & crochet, tombola, jewellery, candles, toiletries, selection of hampers and flower arrangements and much, much more. In fact everything you would like and expect to see will be there.

There will be a variety of food outlets, with the local bakery, Benny’s Deli, launching their Christmas range of Festive Food. Roscommon Chocolates – made in Castlerea, Black Donkey Brewing (from Ballinlough), and Emma’s Cakes with lots of tasty treats, will also be there. Fierce Fun Faces, those popular and talented face-painting people, will be on hand to brighten up the children’s faces. They also do glitter tattoos for older children, which is very popular. The exhibitors are mainly from the locality and environs, so you will be supporting local crafters and food producers. There will also be a cookery demonstration, free of charge, with tips for the big day in An Chistin, at 1.30 pm. Refreshments will be available during the day and Wendy and Bridget from BW Outside Catering will be on hand with delicious hot food. So gifts galore for everyone, whatever you are looking for. Our very own Cllr. Pascal Fitzmaurice will be the MC for the day, so there will be lots of craic. Come along – and most of all – support local! In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that all stand holders and visitors to the Craft Fair wear their masks at all times while inside the building. As this is a fundraising event for the ever-developing Hub, we would greatly appreciate your support.

of the laughs ‘SIMPLY RED captures many r United.’ associated with Mancheste KEN DOHERTY

United fans, ‘A must-read not just for out there!’ but for every football fan EY SIMON DELAN




Marsh mellow After he played for United, Best


en From golden balls to gold double balls-ups, this kit bag of and quips s geou outra dres, enten tickle your quotes is guaranteed to all for must A . funny bone Man Utd fans.

of The Funny Book

Chinese takeaway George Best was disappointed that Northern Ireland were not as famous for their generous application of the parentage laws as their southern counterparts. In 1980, Everton manager Gordon Lee rang up Billy Bingham to recommend one of his midfielders, Eamonn O’Keefe, for the Irish squad. Lee was shocked to discover that he did not qualify because he was not Irish and indignantly asked: ‘Well, what business has anyone got naming him Eamonn O’Keefe if he isn’t Irish?’ Bingham replied: ‘Probably the same business they have naming you Lee when you’re not Chinese!’

‘It’s a funny old game.’

Budd Design Cover design © Richard om Cover image © Shutterstock.c

Curraghboy native John Scally has written a new book entitled ‘Simply Red: The Funny Book of Manchester United’. This book contains a number of humorous stories relating to the Red Devils including about some colourful former players who graced the hallowed turf at Old Trafford. Below are a few extracts from the new book, featuring tales involving the late, great George Best…


Two men, one in his mid-50s and the other in his late 20s, were arrested at the scene and detained at Roscommon Garda Station under the provisions of Section 2 of the Drug Trafficking Act 1996. The men have since been released without charge pending a file being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

face.‘ to put a smile on your ‘Hilarious! Guaranteed - PAT CRERAND



Two men were arrested after Gardaí seized €8,000 worth of suspected cocaine and cannabis herb under Operation Tara in Athleague on Thursday last. Gardaí carried out a search of a property in Athleague and seized €7,840 worth of suspected cocaine and €140 worth of cannabis herb as well as two shotgun cartridges.

John’s ‘Simply Red’ is a must-read for soccer fans! SIMPLY RED

Two arrested over drugs seizure in Athleague

went on to play for Fulham where he lined up with one of the most skillful strikers in English football in the early 1970s, Rodney Marsh. As England struggled to qualify for the 1974 World Cup, the manager Sir Alf Ramsey was feeling under pressure. In the previous two matches England had missed penalties. Ramsey was seeking a volunteer to take penalties before the match. Everybody declined his invitation. His face lit up when he turned to Marsh. ‘Ah Rodney surely you’d have the confidence to score a penalty tonight?’ ‘No problem boss. It wouldn’t cost me a thought’. ‘There’s just a tiny problem boss’. ‘Oh, what’s that Marsh?’ ‘You haven’t picked me on the team!’


Book of

ster anche


United Foreword by Ken Doherty

JOHN SCALLY Ah ref Best was one to complain to referees. After a series of bad decisions from one ref, George approached him and said: ‘If I called you a stupid old goat, who didn’t know the first thing about football what would you do?’ ‘I would report you and you would be in front of the FA authorities,’ said the ref. ‘What if I didn’t say it, and just thought it?’ ‘Well, nothing could be done about it’. ‘Okay,’ said Best, ‘then we’ll just leave it at that, then’. John Scally’s new book ‘Simply Red: The Funny Book of Manchester United’ is available in all good bookshops now.

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Roscommon County Council | Tel. 090 6637100 | Email: info@roscommoncoco.ie | www.roscommoncoco.ie All offices of Roscommon County Council are now open to the public by prior appointment 9.30am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

REGISTER OF ELECTORS 2022/2023 Notice is hereby given that the List of Claims to have corrections made to the Draft Register of Electors has now been published. The List of Claims is available for inspection at Áras an Chontae, Roscommon by prior appointment only - contact 090 6637390 for further details. CLAIMS FOR INCLUSION OF NAMES ON THE 2022/2023 REGISTER OF ELECTORS WILL BE ADJUDICATED ON BY THE COUNTY REGISTRAR AT PUBLIC SITTINGS TO BE HELD AT THE VENUES LISTED BELOW. INTERESTED PERSONS MAY ATTEND SUBJECT TO COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS. Monday 20th December 2021

Courthouse, Athlone

2:00 pm

Monday 20th December 2021

Boyle Municipal District Office, Cootehall Street, Boyle

3:30 pm

Tuesday 21st December 2021

Courthouse, Roscommon Town

12:00 noon

Caitlín Conneely A/Director of Services Roscommon County Council Áras an Chontae Roscommon F42 VR98


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Athleague Hurling Club

mmon Herald

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters Correction Proof for their support in the Rep Contact Details: Order No.: 825674 Roscommon and Alan beirne Copyline: business club Championship 090- 6627377 Date: 02/10/2020 | Connaught Fri 12:39 Members adopt Council’s Katarina, Karmen, Nika, Rosie and Rob pictured out and about in Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack


€66.6m budget for 2022



for spending on services to be maintained. The Council CEO added that a number of Roscommon County Council members improvement schemes such as the Public adopted their budget for 2022 at a meeting of Realm Enhancement in Roscommon town, the local authority on Thursday of last week. the continued development of Boyle and the The €66,603,100 budget comprises rates of creation of an innovation hub in Monksland income of €12,709,600 and Local Property would benefit the county next year. He also described the commencement of Tax revenue of €10,825,200, which makes works on the N5 Ballaghaderreen to Scramoup 17 per cent of the total budget for 2022. Addressing last week’s meeting, CEO of gue bypass project as a personal highlight of Roscommon County Council, Eugene Cum- the past year. “I set myself the target of making sure it mins, paid tribute to the support the local authority has received from central Govern- was going to be started…it is one of the most significant projects in my tenure,” he added. ment. Mr. Cummins highlighted a number4C of “This year we have received tremendous Home,Interiors,DIY support from Government in respect of waiv- housing developments under Government ers and rates support and it would be remiss housing plans that would most likely come before members in the coming months. of me not to acknowledge that,” he said. He also confirmed the establishment of a Mr. Cummins also thanked the county’s “very loyal” ratepayers and commended dedicated team tasked with meeting the members for retaining the Local Property Council’s environmental targets and also the Tax rate of 15 per cent which would allow continued ‘digital transformation’ when it


comes to services provided by the local authority. Commending Roscommon County Council staff, Mr. Cummins said they had been willing to work remotely to deliver services at times which suited people. Cathaoirleach Joe Murphy urged members to adopt the “prudent” budget while respective Directors of Services’ provided an extensive overview of income and expenditure of their departments. The budget was adopted on the proposal of the Cathaoirleach and seconded by Cllr. Tom Crosby. The rate of valuation, meanwhile, was proposed by Cllr. John Keogh and seconded by (CMYK) Cllr. John Cummins. While there were queries around funding for the maintenance and repair of local authority housing, local roads and cemeteries, the budget was well received by members, who described it as “the envy of other counties” and “an important economic driver” for Roscommon.


Look after your Body and Mind Book a Physiotherapy or Energy Healing Session in Athlone/Roscommon with

Darragh Sheehy

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Physiotherapy 12cms x 5cols and energy healing with Darragh Sheehy Hi, I’m Darragh Sheehy and I have been working as a physiotherapist and an energy healer based in Athlone/Roscommon for over ten years. With physiotherapy I’m working with people who have physical pain or and injury which is affecting their wellbeing. Typical sessions involve: Movement scans, hands on work, an exercise prescription. The focus is to get to the root of what’s creating the pain in your body and releasing it so you can do more of what you want. With energy healing I’m working with people who want a relaxing session, want deeper healing or further understanding of a symptom. Sessions involve body scans and meditation, hands on work, breathing exercises, and sound healing. If you would like to ex-

perience this work or to find out more about what I offer, please contact me on 086-3114042.

Testimonials “I went to Darragh with an ongoing back problem and after a couple of visits the issue was much improved. Also from a mindset point of view, things looked much better. I couldn’t recommend a visit to Darragh enough”. “Physically, emotionally and spiritually I am in a far better place now. What I learned from Darragh was invaluable, and I use what he taught me each and every day. I now love meditation and how it helps me to deal with everyday life”.


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The Path To World Peace The prayer of the guardian angel of Portugal in 1916 also known as the angel of peace, and the message of Fatima in 1917 to the three shepherd children are of the keys to World peace today. It is very important now to spread the word through all the available social networks to get the Catholic priests and Catholic deacons in every country in the World to consecrate each country by name to the immaculate heart of Mary to establish “peace” throughout the whole World. To explain to people who don’t know the immaculate heart of Mary we are talking about “our lady of Fatima” who is also known as the blessed virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

The Prayer of the Guardian Angel of Portugal in 1916 In the Spring of 1916, Francisco and Jacinta Marto were allowed to go out with their cousin Lucia dos Santos as she looked after the sheep, the children would play while keeping an eye on the animals. They were in an area known as Loca do Cabeco one morning when it began to drizzle, causing them to take shelter. After the rain stopped, they ate their lunches and then said the rosary together. The day became beautifully calm and sunny and they began to play again, only to be surprised by a strong wind shaking the trees. Then, they saw “a light whiter than snow, in the form of a young man, transparent, and brighter than crystal pierced by the rays of the sun”, coming nearer, until they could see his features and he spoke to them; Do not be afraid, I am the angel of peace. Pray with me.” He then knelt down and touched the ground with his forehead, the children following his example, before continuing; “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, I love you! I ask pardon of you for those who don’t believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you!” He repeated this prayer three times before rising and saying: “Pray thus”. “The hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to your supplications”. Then he gradually faded away in the sunlight, to leave. The children were absolutely overwhelmed with a sense of the supernatural, repeating the prayer for hours, until towards evening they returned home. This feeling only diminished gradually over the next few days, and the intimacy of the encounter meant they naturally kept silent about it. Spring turned to Summer with its intense heat, and this meant that the flocks could be pastured only in the morning and evening leaving the children to rest during the siesta. They were by the well in Lucia’s garden one afternoon when the angel suddenly appeared before them again: he gently admonished them saying: “What are you doing? Pray! Pray very much! The hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you. Her prayers and sacrifices to the most high.” Lucia asked how they could do this and he replied: “Make of everything you can a sacrifice and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sin’s by which he is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinner’s. You will thus draw down peace upon your country. I am its angel guardian, the angel of Portugal. Above all, accept and bear with submission, the suffering which the Lord will send you.” Again, the children were completely overcome by their encounter with the supernatural, and when later Francisco, who, as on the first occasion had seen the angel but not heard his words, questioned the girl’s, they were still too overwhelmed to talk properly to him, and told him to wait until the next day. Lucia later wrote about the effect of this apparition: These were like a light, which impressed upon our minds. Were like a light, which made us understand God is, how he loves us and desires to be loved, the value of sacrifice, how pleasing it is to him and how, on account of it, he grants the grace of conversion to sinners. It was for this reason that we began, from then on, to offer to the Lord all that mortified us, without, however, seeking out other forms of mortification and penance, except that we remained for hours on

the children and said: “Do not be afraid, I will not harm you.” Lucia as the oldest, asked her where she came from, the lady pointed to the sky and said: “I come from heaven.” Some what reassured, Lucia asked what she wanted: I have come to ask to come here for six months in succession on the thirteenth day at the same hour. Then I will tell you who I am and what I want. And I will return here yet a seventh time. The lady then said: “Are you willing to offer yourselves to God and bear all the sufferings he wills to send you, as an act of reparation for the conversion of sinner’s?” Lucia as spokesperson for all three readily agreed: “Then you are going to have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort’. Lucia recounted that, at the same moment as she said these words, the lady opened her hands. Communicating t5o us a light so intense that, as it streamed from her hands its rays penetrated our hearts and the innermost depths of our soul’s, making us see ourselves in God, who was that light, more clearly than we see ourselves in the best of mirror’s. Then, moved by an interior impulse that was also communicated to us, we fell on our knees, repeating in our hearts: “O most Holy Trinity, I adore you, my God, my God, I love in the most blessed sacrament.” After allowing them to remain like this for some time, the lady finished with a request: Say the rosary every day to bring peace to the World and the end of the war.

end with our forehead’s touching the ground, repeating the prayer the angel had taught us. In the Autumn of 1916, the children again saw the angel as they were out looking after the sheep. They had said the rosary and the prayer they had been taught, when he appeared before them, holding a chalice in his hands. Above it was suspended a host from which drops of blood were falling into the chalice. The angel left the chalice suspended in the air and prostrated himself before it, repeating the following over three times: Most Holy trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I adore you profoundly, and I offer you the most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the World, in reparation for the outrages, sacriledges and indifferences, with which he is offended. And, through the infinite merits of his most sacred heart, and the immaculate heart of Mary, I beg of you the conversion of poor sinner’s. The angel then gave the host to Lucia to eat, and let Francisco and Jacinta drink from the chalice whilst saying: “Take and rink the body and blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Repair their crimes and console your God.” Then he prostrated himself again, repeating the prayer he had just recited for the children, a further three times with them, before disappearing. The children felt practically annihilated by an intense sense of the presence of God, one,

which left them physically exhausted, but at peace and happy. These sensations remained with them for a considerable period. They still did not tell anyone of these visits of the angel, though, feeling an interior necessity of keeping quiet about these events; without realizing it, they were prepared for their encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary during the following Summer. The apparition of the angel were not made public until 1937 with the publication of Sister Lucia’s second memoir. The Apparitions and Message of Fatima 1917 In May 1917, on May 13th, the three children, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta after going to early mass took their flock’s out to pasture on the small area owned by Lucia’s parent’s known as Cova da Iria. At midday, they reached their destination, where, after eating their lunch, they said the rosary together. After this they took the sheep up a little higher to fresh pasture. Suddenly there was a bright flash of something like lightening, and the children looked up, thinking a thunderstorm was coming: but to their surprise the sky was still a cloudless blue and there was no wind. Then came another flash: They looked up to see on their right, in Lucia’s words, a lady clothed in white, brighter than the sun, radiating a light more clear and intense than a crystal cup filled with sparkling water, lit by

The Second Apparition June 13th 1917 Lucia recounted how the children saw a flash of light, followed by the apparition of Mary on the little holmoak tree: Lucia asked what she desired: I want you to come on the 13th of next month, to pray the rosary everyday and to learn to read. She also asked Mary to take them to heaven and was reassured in this way: I will take Jacinta and Francisco shortly; but you will stay here for some time to come. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the World. I promise salvation to whoever embraces it, these souls will be dear to God, like flowers put by me to adorn this throne. Lucia said “Am I to stay here alone?” Mary replied: “No my Daughter. Are you suffering a great deal? Don’t lose heart. I will never forsake you. My immaculate heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.” As our lady spoke these last words, she opened her hands and for the second time, she communicated to us the rays of that same immense light. We saw ourselves in this light, as it were, immersed in God. Jacinta and Francisco seemed to be in that part of the light, which rose toward heaven, and I in that part of the light, which rose toward heaven, and I in that which was poured out on the Earth. In front of the palm of our lady’s right hand was a heart encircled by thorns, which pierced it. We understood that this was the immaculate heart of Mary outraged by the sins of humanity and seeking reparation. The Third Apparition July 13th 1917 Lucia once again asked our lady what she wanted, Mary replied: “I want you to continue to pray the rosary everyday in honour of our lady of the rosary every day in honour of our lady of the rosary, in order to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war, because only she can help you.” Finally to obtain world peace ask all Catholic priests and Catholic deacons to consecrate each country by name to the immaculate heart of Mary, all of us to pray the prayer of the angel of peace, to make sacrifices for poor sinners and continue to pray the rosary everyday for our lady of the rosary, because only she can help to stop and prevent war. Preserve a copy of this for the family home and please share this on Social Media. – Chris O’Gara, No 3, The Courtyard, Athleague, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. 086-22-55-029


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

NewsPeople newsbriefs Dolan/Cuddys back in ‘Fittest Family’ action!

Kerrane calls for domestic violence refuge spaces in Roscommon Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane has urged the Government to end “the scandal of there being no domestic violence shelter in County Roscommon”. Speaking on Thursday last as part of UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Deputy Kerrane commended the bravery of women who have spoken out before calling on the Government to take action.

The Dolan/Cuddy family from Fuerty, Co. Roscommon will be back on TV screens this Sunday as their supporters from across the county wait to see how they got on in their ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ quarter-final. The family which includes mum Bernie Dolan, her son James Cuddy, and daughters Lisa and Emma Cuddy, won the ‘Golden Ticket’ following their impressive performance in the heats, and will be back in action on RTÉ One this Sunday at 6.30 pm.

Book proceeds to support Haitian orphanage

“We cannot talk about the scourge of domestic violence, but at the same time fail to provide resources that are urgently needed, which those in power are prone to doing,” she said. “There are nine counties in the state which have no domestic violence refuge and Roscommon is one of them. This is indefensible and the Government must act urgently to change this.

“Research by Safe Ireland shows that on average seven women per day during the pandemic were turned away from a refuge when they sought help. No one who seeks help should ever be turned away. “I am urging the Government to act now and ensure there are domestic violence refuge spaces in Roscommon. Failing to do so is leaving victims at risk”.

Since the publication of Ballygar native Michael Nolan’s ‘Memories of Haiti and Other Stories’, the situation in Haiti has seriously deteriorated. The cost of living has soared and riots, violence and kidnappings have become more common. The proceeds of the book are being donated to ‘Our Little Brothers and Sisters’ Orphanage, Kenscoff, Haiti. Life expectancy in the country is low with many children being orphaned and sometimes abandoned. The orphanage comes to their rescue. The book is available in many shops in counties Roscommon and Galway and also from the author for €5 (€7 by post): Michael Nolan, Tully, Ballygar, Co. Galway (F42 WR88) by email at mikenolantul@gmail.com or by phone on 087-9695924.

Roscommon to feature on ‘Ear to the Ground’ Roscommon is set to feature on this evening’s episode of ‘Ear to the Ground’ on RTÉ One as presenter Ella McSweeney spends a day at sheep dog trials in the county. The episode airs at 7 pm and viewers will learn what drives sheep dog owners’ love for this most rural of rural pursuits.

Repossessed Strokestown farm is sold The 33-acre farm at Falsk, Strokestown, which was at the centre of a bitter repossession dispute three years ago, has been sold, according to a report in the Irish Independent. The newspaper claims the property was listed for sale by BRG Gibson Auctions and purchased from a receiver in recent weeks. In 2018, footage of the eviction of members of the McGann family went viral following the execution of a repossession order by KBC Bank. This was followed a number of days later by a violent incident involving a security firm which was stationed at the house in the wake of the repossession. The McGanns, who had no involvement in the violence, subsequently moved back into the house and a large demonstration in support of the family took place in Strokestown prior to Christmas 2018. Last year, three men were jailed for allegedly refusing to comply with an order to stay away from the property by the High Court. Auctioneer Fitz Rearden told the Irish Independent that the farmhouse, land, and outbuildings went on sale in September and the sale went through recently. No details of the price or the identity of the new owner(s) were made available.

Pictured at the launch of ‘Wear Purple Day’ outside Roscommon County Council offices on Friday last.

Rossies urged to wear purple this Friday for International Day of Persons with Disabilities < DAN DOONER

RosFM in association with Roscommon County Council are calling on people to wear purple this Friday (3rd) to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The initiative was launched on Friday last at Roscommon County Council offices in Roscommon town. The local authority will be lighting up some of the county’s well-known landmarks in purple this Friday in order to acknowledge people with disabilities in our communities. RosFM will also be dedicating four hours of programming on the day to the initiative and will be speaking to those with disabilities in County Roscommon as well as advocates with local disability John Tobin, Margaret McHugh (RosFM), Ann Marie Donnelly and Teresa Kiernan pictured at the launch of ‘Wear Purple groups and organisations. Day’ at Roscommon County Council offices on Friday last. Community groups, volunteer organisations and local businesses can get involved by donning purple clothing and accessories and share photographs of their efforts on social media, tagging RosFM and Roscommon County Council. Participants can also send their images and messages of support to Ros FM throughout the day at 083-8599748. According to a statement released by RosFM, further information is available by contacting Margaret McHugh on 085-8517447 or by emailing info@rosfm.ie. Meanwhile, businesses are being urged to support the cause with flyers, posters and balloons. Email RosFM or contact Roscommon County Council on 090-6637100 to find out how you Pictured at the launch of ‘Wear Purple Day’, an initiative to promote disability awareness, were Amanda Scanlon (Social Inclusion can play your part. Officer, Roscommon County Council), Cllr. Kathleen Shanagher, Margaret McHugh (RosFM) and Bernie Kearney.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Are we risking health and wellbeing for in-person exams? Let’s talk about ... IN-PERSON EXAMS (A student’s perspective)

Alannah Ita Healy The first half of the academic year is beginning to wrap up for third-level students, and the final hurdle of semester one – exam weeks – is fast approaching. Unlike last year however, this year’s end-ofsemester exams are set to take place in-person, despite the rising case numbers. While some courses/colleges have elected to have part of the assessment take place online, the fact remains that most students are expected to sit at least a portion of their exams on campus. The past few weeks have seen Covid cases grow steadily, giving cause for new restrictions to come into effect – and yet, the gathering of hundreds of people for exam weeks is set to continue. There seems to be a distinct sense of apprehension coming from the Government at the moment with regard to enacting strict measures, due in all likelihood to the public’s exhaustion over restrictions. There is no denying how disappointing the prospect of returning to more restrictive measures is for many, but in

the case of third-level exams, the Covid-safe option is the one that students are asking for. Hosting hundreds of people in examination centres across the country, at a time when case numbers are so worrying, flies in the face of reason. It seems quite clear that by moving ahead with in-person exams, students are being exposed to significant risk. However, the issue of community transmission isn’t even limited to what these numbers are telling us, not when the current lack of PCR availability is taken into account. Beyond the increased numbers of people self-referring due to the recent Covid spike (causing available time slots for testing to be few and far between), many test centres have also experienced a shortage of tests. I know anecdotally that in Galway, availability in the two test centres in the city centre has been so scarce recently, that whenever I’ve heard of people having to get tested, they’ve had to go to the test centre at the airport –

sometimes even waiting a day or two for a time slot there. Mind you, getting to the centre when you don’t have your own car (the reality for most students), usually sets you out over €40 for a taxi, which can be a bit of an ask if you’re on a student’s budget. Not only does the sheer amount of people in such close quarters give cause for concern, but in-person exams will also result in an increase in the use of public transport as people travel to campus from all corners of the country. This is especially worrying given the recent calls for passenger capacity to be reduced for public safety. In addition, all of this is set to happen right before students return home for winter break, when hordes of people will be congregating the island over in celebration of the holiday season. Meanwhile, outside of the impact that in-person exams will have on case numbers, one of the most pressing concerns regarding this issue is the impact on students’ mental health. The harmful effects that the pandemic and subsequent restrictions have had when it comes to mental wellbeing have been undeniable, and for students, the stress of the pandemic served to compound the anxiety that was already being felt around college. College mental health services, which were already stretched thin pre-pandemic, are now swamped, with countless students stuck on waiting lists while academic and Covid-related stresses pile up.

The consistent efforts that students put in to adjust to online and blended learning in the past year and a half have been significant, and the sudden return to in-person examination, even regardless of the public health implications, is a great source of anxiety for many students. Many colleges up until this point still maintained some degree of online learning, leaving students entirely unprepared in many respects for the upcoming in-person exams. The traditional process of inperson assessment has always involved last minute cramming and study fatigue, with all the semester’s work culminating in one or two hours of trying to regurgitate everything you can, all while sat in the stressful environment of an exam centre. One of the few benefits to online learning was that online exams – or more specifically the open-book aspect – drew more heavily on the actual application of what’s been learned. Additionally, the comfort of being able to sit exams in your own home was an anxiety-easer for a lot of people.

In truth, the fact that in-person exams seem set to move forward is not only worrying for many students, but also slightly confusing. The many risks and disadvantages that hosting these winter exams in-person would present do not seem outweighed by any advantages, and it’s easy to wonder why they’re going forward this way at all. Perhaps the student outcry over this issue will lead

to changes in the coming days, and hopefully so, because it would seem that any negative repercussions from holding these exams on campus could so easily have been avoidable, especially given the success colleges had last year in assessing students online. In any case, regardless of whether they go online or not, best of luck to anyone sitting exams, and stay safe!

Covid-conscious Kris Kringle Secret Santa, or Kris Kringle, is one of the most popular traditions around the holiday season. It’s a brilliant way to exchange presents within a group without breaking the bank, and it injects a bit of mystery into the process. Of course, now with the rising Covid-19 case numbers, people are trying to meet up less, but even if you’re far away from your group of loved ones, you can still continue the annual Secret Santa draw. The website ‘drawnames.ie’ allows you to assign names for Secret Santa online, even giving you the option of adding ‘wishlists’ so people have an idea of what to buy. So if you can’t meet up in person this year, why not try using the site – post gifts to each other, open them up together during a Zoom call, and have a Covid-conscious Kris Kringle!

The People’s Christmas Event Guide While Covid-19 restrictions dampened the Christmas spirit last year, many local venues are delighted to be able to provide a warm welcome to members of the public this time around…

Friday next. Mick has been performing since the 1970s, including time as lead singer with ‘Moving Hearts’. His songs have been covered by some of the biggest names on the Irish music scene, including Christy Moore and Mary Coughlan. Join Mick on Friday 10th for what promises to be an intimate evening of sublime music. Tickets €20/€18.

December 4th: Local music group, Gatehouse, return to the Roscommon Arts Centre this Saturday. The group has been performing together since 2014, releasing their highly acclaimed debut album, Tús Nua, in 2026. Described as “An unerring delight” (The Irish Times), this is one post-lockdown performance not to be missed. Tickets €16/14 from the box office (090-6625824/ artscentre@roscommoncoco.ie).

December 11th and 12th: The inaugural Roscommon Christmas Festival takes place over two days (Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th). Featuring some great local bands and musicians as well as food and market stalls, this outdoor event will mark the completion of the newlook Square in Roscommon town.

December 8 : The Backstage Theatre in Longford welcomes Aonghus Óg McAnally to the stage with his smash hit solos show ‘Fight Night’. The story charts the gripping comeback of Dan Coyle Jnr, a failed amateur boxer living in the shadow of his brother’s Olympic success. Tickets €18/€16 and available at www.backstage.ie. th

Well-known local music group ‘Gatehouse’ will perform at the Roscommon Arts Centre at 8 pm this Saturday, December 4th.

December 10th: One of Ireland’s finest singer-songwriters, Mick Hanley, takes the Arts Centre stage on

December 12th: Mamma Mia, her we go again! You’ll be thankful for the music as ‘ABBA Forever – The Christmas Show’ comes to The Backstage Theatre in Longford on Sunday 12th. Tickets €25/€23 are available now through the box office. December 17th: Comedian Conal Gallen is ‘Back for the Craic’ at the Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday, December 17th. After two years of not performing, the Donegal funnyman is chomping at the bit to get going again! Tickets €27.50.

#Roscommon Together Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


#Roscommon RoscommonTogether Together



Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021



to be won by ten lucky readers! Courtesy of the Roscommon People and Roscommon Chamber of Commerce

Roscommon Chamber & Roscommon People



Answers to competition (Find the Roscommon Chamber Crest)

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How to enter

The #Roscommon RoscommonTogether promotion will be published in the Roscommon People between now and Christmas. That’s four issues, including this one! Each week of the campaign we’ll ‘hide’ the Roscommon Chamber crest in TWO of the advertisements published as part of the #Roscommon RoscommonTogether promotion.

Find the crest… To enter, name all eight advertisements in which the Chamber crest is ‘hidden’ – that’s two each week. Only submit your entry after Week 4 of the campaign (Roscommon (Roscommon People issue dated December 24th, 2021). Entries to ‘Roscommon Chamber Voucher competition’ by 2 pm on Thursday, December 23rd. Please make sure to include your name, address and contact number – and all eight answers (see entry coupon)! Entries by post or hand to the Roscommon People, People, Abbey Street, Roscommon. We will accept entries by email to advertising@roscommonpeople.ie

Ten winners will be selected, with each winner receiving a €100 voucher Vouchers redeemable with businesses that are members of Roscommon Chamber.

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Submit this entry form AFTER Week 4

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Christmas more important than ever for the Roscommon community! Chamber update After the last two years of a pandemic that still lingers, the sentiment in Roscommon Chamber of Commerce is that Christmas is probably more important than ever before for our community. People have been kept apart, businesses have been affected like never before, and for some, life has been turned completely upside down. Hopefully this Christmas will be the last one where we have the cloud of Covid above us, but even with it there, it won’t stop us creating a unique experience in Roscommon Town for all. Christmas lights As usual, the Christmas Lights committee have worked hard on their own time to brighten the

town for Christmas. All Rossies are indebted to them every year for the effort they make to bring the town to life. There are too many to name individually so it’s just a big ‘Thank you!’ to all involved. ‘Best Window’ competition Yet again, AIB are sponsoring the ‘Best Christmas Window’ display competition amongst the members of the Chamber. The Chamber members always make a great effort, and the usual high standard is expected this year. So watch out for the AIB adjudicators, who will be visiting your premises anonymously over the Christmas! The winners will be announced before Christmas. The Chamber wishes to

formally thank AIB for their continued support of this Chamber initiative – it adds greatly to the festive spirit around the town. Upcoming Festival Roscommon Chamber is delighted to be part of the upcoming Roscommon Christmas Festival on the 11th and 12th of December. Brendan Allen (President of Roscommon Chamber) said: “It has been a great joint effort in getting the inaugural Christmas Festival operational with the Town Team and Roscommon County Council. “The redevelopment of Main Street and the square will have a lasting positive impact for the town and the people. The short-term disruption was difficult for

some, but now we are seeing fantastic results. The festival will also celebrate this new civic area we have,” Brendan added. When asked about any positives that may come from the pandemic, the Chamber President said there are two clear patterns: “The pandemic has highlighted two major things to us. The first is what a great place Roscommon is to live – it’s safe, secure, affordable, and has a great community spirit. The second is how people supported local business when they needed it most. Shopping with local businesses has a major positive effect on the local economy and the local people. This is a pattern we hope to see continuing over this Christmas period and beyond”.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year from

Joining forces with Roscommon People Once again this Christmas, the Roscommon People and Roscommon

Chamber are teaming up for a great voucher giveaway. Ten €100 vouchers are up for grabs, which can be used in any Cham-

ber members’ businesses throughout Roscommon town. Keep a close eye on this newspaper for details!


MAIN STREET, ROSCOMMON. Tel.: 090 6626120 or 087 6546512. E. dnmolloymainstreet@eircom.net

Find your perfect Christmas Tree Fresh rown locally g

• Church Street, Roscommon • Telephone: 090 6626097

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Ardcarne We’re here to help Garden Centre


At two great locations: Ardcarne, Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Tel: 071 966 7091 Lanesboro Rd., Roscommon Town Tel: 090 662 7700 Open Monday to Saturday 9-6pm Sundays and Bank Holidays 12-6pm

ARDCARNE GARDEN CAFÉ (Boyle branch) Open 7 days

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year from


Christmas all wrapped up for you at the Abbey Hotel Enjoy the build-up to the festive season in style at the Abbey. Carvery and lounge food is served daily, as well as a delightful festive à la carte menu, serving festive Christmas puddings and mince pies. Why not experience the culinary delights of the MultiAward Winning Chefs at the 4* Abbey Hotel Roscommon, for a dining experience where casual elegance and sophistication meets in a timeless relaxed atmosphere. County Winners of the RAI Best Chef & Best Hotel

Restaurant Award 2019. The 4* Abbey Hotel in Roscommon offers a varied range of dishes prepared from only the freshest of locally sourced produce and served with great care and attention to detail, therefore making it the perfect setting, whether dining in Roscommon for business or pleasure. The hotel offers an extensive Seasonal Bar Food Menu for those wishing for a less formal experience. Lounge Food is served daily from 4.30 - 9.00 p.m. Afternoon Tea is available and cost is €25 pp ( with prior booking essential) there is also a takeaway Afternoon tea option. It is advisable to make dinner reservations as our restaurant and lounge areas can be very busy at weekends and during the busy peak seasons especially with busy mid terms coming up. With the current COVID restrictions, all those wishing to dine in the Lounge and restaurant area must pre book their table. We also have a new Pizza Menu available to eat in or take out.

After dinner guests can relax by the open fire in the luxurious newly refurbished lounge areas or in the Abbey Hotel Bar. There is an extensive drinks and ‘Wines of the World’ menu to choose from and a range of Cocktails are also served including the RAI award-winning ‘Apple of my eye’ Martini. We also serve an extensive range of craft beers, whiskeys, and liquors. The Abbey Hotel is renowned for it’s Sunday Lunch with Carvery Lunch served from 12.00pm 4.00pm. We also serve a FourCourse Lunch Menu in our award-winning Restaurant. Dinner is served from 6pm - 9pm each evening with Seasonal Bar Food served from 4.30 - 9.00 p.m daily. Samples of our menus are all available to view on our website. Gift Vouchers are available to purchase on our website www.abbeyhotel.ie or direct from hotel reception. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

Lanesboro Street, Roscommon


087 2596055

You must call in advance to order repeat prescriptions

Please ring to make an appointment for the small animal clinic.

Wishing all our clients a very Happy Christmas and New Year

The Manse, Northgate Street, Athlone, CO. WESTMEATH TEL: 090 6477500 FAX: 090 6477546 E-mail athlone@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

Church Street, Roscommon town, CO. ROSCOMMON TEL: 090 6627878 FAX: 090 6627877 E-mail info@oates.ie Website: www.oates.ie

With over 30 years’ experience, Aengus Oates Financial Services provides expert financial advice and bespoke financial solutions to our highly valued clients

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info@oates.ie • www.oatesfinancialservices.ie

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WiWsihsihninggaallll of oouurrccusutsotmoemrserasMaerM ryerry ChCrhisrtismtmaassaanndd haappppyyaandndhehaeltahlyth neywnyeewaryear

Openinghours: hours: Opening Monday Friday: 9am 9am ––6pm Monday – –Friday: 6pm Saturday:9am 9am––4:30pm 4:30pm Saturday:

Sophie and Dylan Horan pictured under the Christmas lights in Roscommon. Pic: Mick McCormack

0906625900 6625900 090 info@vsr.ie info@vsr.ie Veterinary Supplies Supplies Veterinary Ros Ros Lucy, Ryan and Chloe Clogher pictured in Roscommon recently. Pic: Mick McCormack

Christmas Christmas Draw nownow Draw on!on! v v

#Roscommon RoscommonTogether Together


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

New scarf collection launches at ETL! A fabulous new collection of scarves is now available at ETL Roscommon ahead of the busy festive season. The scarves were designed by local artist Rita Oates, and would make an ideal gift this Christmas, with each coming in a lovely, high quality, lightweight presentation box. These beautiful scarves are based on Rita’s original artwork, each having a matching framed print (sold separately). There are twenty unique designs available in the collection, inspired by themes such as nature, and the kindness and resilience of the human spirit. These timeless, chic designs feature a host of elegant and vibrant colours, such as rich reds, blues, and greens. Full descriptions of the inspiration behind each design can be found on Rita’s website, ritaoatesartist.ie, where more information can be found on the artist and her work. A free greeting card is being offered with each scarf until December 5th, along with free shipping through the site. The scarves are available for purchase on

ritaoatesartist.ie or via ETL Roscommon. In addition to the host of products on offer in store, engraving plates are now also available at ETL Roscommon. These plates would be an ideal addition to artwork, frames, plaques etc. Visit ETL Roscommon or log on to etlgifts.ie for the full range of products on offer. For more information, contact ETL Roscommon on 090-6625117 or email info@etlgifts.ie.

Main Street, Roscommon SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES IN PLACE More privacy/more Comfy corners

order on line www.comfycafe.ie

OPEN FOR TAKEAWAY Now open from 8.30am

PHONE: 083 4844333

Also find us on Facebook/thecomfycafe

Circular Road, Roscommon | Tel. 090 66 27600 www.toplinewards.ie

Bring festive spirit to your home with our Christmas decoration ideas

Large Selection Of Christmas Trees, Lights, Wreaths, Garlands, Decorations and Gift Ideas to choose from


#Roscommon RoscommonTogether Together Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

What is included:

What is included:

What is included:

• Signature Tastes Belgian Chocolate Box 200g • Signature Tastes Colombian Excelso Coffee 227g • Signature Tastes Pink Himalayan Salt 95g • Signature Tastes Tellicherry Peppercorns 45g • Signature Tastes Strawberry Conserve 340g • Signature Tastes Relish Selection 480g • Signature Tastes Belgian Triple Choc. Cookies 200g • Signature Tastes Belgian Biscuit Selection 200g • Signature Tastes Sean’s Brown Bread Mix 450g • Signature Tastes 6 Month Matured Pudding 100g • Rare Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 75cl • Rare Vineyards Malbec 75cl

•• Grifòn Prosecco Frizzante 75cl • Aresti Estate Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl • Aresti Estate Selection Sauvignon Blanc 75cl • Hassett’s Shortbread 160g • Bewley’s Drinking Hot Chocolate 250g • Folláin Raspberry Jam 370g • Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 210g • Lavazza Original Rossa Coffee 250g • Ballymaloe Country Relish 310g • Lorina Artisanal Pink Lemonade 750ml • Lily O’Brien’s Exquisite Collection 138g • Lily O’Brien’s Mega Milk Chocolate Pouch 110g • Border Beautifully Crafted Biscuits 400g • Murphy & Barrett Fig & Vanilla Jar Candle 5oz

Pierre Darcys Brut Champagne 75cl • Nugan Estate McLaren Vale Shiraz 75cl • Abellio Albarino 75cl • Paterson’s Shortbread Selection 500g • Cantucci Italian Cookies 100g • Folláin Raspberry Jam 370g • Ballymaloe 6pce Gift Pack 210g • Cali Cali San Diego Peri Peri Sauce 230g • McVitie’s Moments 400g • Carol’s Large Luxury Caramel Box 210g • Lavazza Original Rossa Coffee 250g • Lorina Artisanal Pink Lemonade 750ml • Murphy & Barrett Fig & Vanilla Jar Candle 5oz


Main Street, Roscommon Ph: 09066-26196

BESPOKE HAMPERS MADE TO ORDER Talk to us in-store, we will be glad to help.

SuperValu Real Food, Real People

Roscommon Drama Group set for AllIreland final

Model train enthusiasts Sean O’Clurid and Padraig Gaffney pictured in the Harrison Centre, Roscommon, on Sunday for the Roscommon Men’s Group Model Train Show. Pic: Mick McCormack

The Rossies are back in an All-Ireland final once again! The Roscommon Drama Group perform Geraldine Aron’s The Galway Girl in the AllIreland One-Act Play Finals in Ennis on Sunday afternoon, taking the stage at 1.30 pm. They will come up against Navan Theatre Group, PIC Players from Clara, Phoenix Players from Tubbercurry, and Conna Dramatic Society from Co. Cork, all of whom received the maximum 36 points in the qualifiers, 14 points ahead of Roscommon, so they will have to be at their very best. That should be no problem to the Roscommon Drama Group, whose never-say-die attitude will see them rise to the occasion. Tom Holian, Bernie Maher, Mary Cox and all the backroom team will hopefully win at just their second attempt in the All-Ireland Finals this Sunday. For those who have not yet seen the play and cannot make it to Ennis, there will be a performance tonight (Thursday) in Culleen Hall, Knockcroghery at 9 pm with donations welcome. Booking is advised on 086-7363597 as numbers are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions.

#Roscommon RoscommonTogether Together Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


090 66 26664 / 087 6339548 / 087 8512921 email : info@connaughtonfuels.ie



Wishing our loyal staff and customers a Happy and a safe Christmas and an even better New Year

090 66 26664

Stockin all size g of Flo Ga s Bottle s To suit y o u r every n eed



#Roscommon RoscommonTogether Together Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

So, what’s new on Winter is here and Christmas is fast approaching so with that in mind, Ciara Dowd offers some top Netflix picks to enjoy in front of the fire this month… *Ciara Dowd is a transition year student at Convent of Mercy, Roscommon, who is currently on work experience at the Roscommon People.

Bruised (Film) Years after a humiliating defeat, a Mixed Martial Artist goes in search of one last shot at redemption when the young son she left behind comes back into her life. This hardhitting movie about grit and determination is directed by and stars Oscar winner, Halle Berry.

True Story (Series) This mini-series follows a world famous comedian who desperately seeks a way out following an ill-fated night in Philadelphia with his brother. It stars Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes and is produced by Eric Newman of Narcos and Narcos: Mexico fame.

Azzurri – Road to Wembley (Documentary) Nothing warms the hearts of Irish football fans more than seeing England beaten at a major tournament, right? Relive the tension, ecstasy and ultimate glory with this documentary which traces the Italian soccer team’s path to the Euro 2020 final, where they rather rudely brought football back to Rome.


Robin, Robin (Kids’ Short Film) An optimistic young robin, who was raised by a family of mice, makes a heartfelt wish on a Christmas star. Will she finally learn who she is…and how to fly? This heart-warming movie stars Gillian Anderson and Bronte Carmichael.

The Harder They Fall (Film) Outlaw Nat Love is gunning for revenge as he saddles up with his gang in order to take down Rufus Buck. Ruthless Rufus is a crime boss who has just been sprung from prison and he won’t be getting much Love from Nat and his fellow gunslingers. This Western stars Jonathon Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Festive s g n i t e e r g from Please support local SMEs and shop local this Christmas


Molly’s Bar Ballaghaderreen. Tel. 094 9877923

All in Molly’s wish our customers a very happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year Thank you for your custom.

Come along and enjoy a great night out Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021

Martin’s Drycleaners and Launderette Work in progress: The team pictured working on the lights at Dillon House. Pic: Mick McCormack

GoFundMe set up for 2021 Ballaghaderreen Christmas Lights A GoFundMe page with a target of €5,000 has been set up to raise funds for the Ballaghaderreen Christmas Lights this year with all excess money being donated to Mayo-Roscommon Hospice. A statement from the Ballaghaderreen Christmas Lights team read: “Once again we are preparing our special Balla-

ghaderreen Christmas tree, our sparkling lights and a visit from Santa himself to our town. “In the midst of the pandemic last year, the lights provided a much-needed, cheery and festive atmosphere for so many. “In keeping with the tradition, we want to do our very best to recreate this at the end of what

has been yet another difficult year for so many people. In order to try and cover costs for the upkeep and maintenance of the lights we are asking businesses and the local community to help us out. “We would very much appreciate your donation to help us brighten up the town for Christ-

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year from Tommy, Bernie & staff at

mas for those of us who live here and for our visitors”. The committee went on to thank the local business community for its support as well as Ballaghaderreen Echoes and Town Team. The link for donations can be found at: www.gofundme.com/f/ ballaghaderreen-christmas-lights.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021

For all your school, office, arts and crafts supplies!! Barrack Street, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon Tel: 094 98 60658 Mob: 086 3779971 (after hours) Web: www.allseasonsflorists.ie

No. 6. The Mill Business Park, Dublin Road, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon

Tel. 094 9860358. F. 094 9862886

www.firstclassoffice.ie info@firstclassoffice.ie

4 New Street, Ballaghaderreen Tel. (094) 9877741 E. martinsdrycleaners@gmail.com www.facebook.com/martinsdrycleaners

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year Thank you for your support in 2021

Martin Towey (Ballaghaderreen Ltd)

• Newsagents • High-class Confectionary • Grocery and Fruiterer • Tabacconist • Petrol • Oils • Briquettes • Coal supplies • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Daily

Main Street, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon

Telephone: (094) 98 60076

Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon Tel.: 094 98 62233 • 094 98 62222


Over 50 years experience in the business Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Festive greetings from Please support local SMEs and shop local this Christmas


Phillips Garage Phone Derek Phillips 087 9796767 Crenane Ballaghaderreen Co. Roscommon

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021

For all your servicing requirements l Timing Belt Replacement l Electric Diagnostics l Clutch Replacement l Headlight Alignment All NCT & DOE work carried out Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021


Christmas fund for displaced families A GoFundMe page has been set up by staff at the Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre at the Abbeyfield Hotel in Ballaghaderreen in order to provide a present for

each of the children and teenagers currently living there. Last year, thanks to the generosity of the general public, a total of €1,800 was raised to purchase gifts

for over 60 children and teenagers at the centre. Currently, there are 90 young people resident at the centre and all support would be greatly appreci-

The People’s Christmas Selection Box

Santa’s Christmas post box

Main Street, Ballaghaderreen

Tel. 094

98 60092

Wishing all our clients a very Happy Christmas and New Year

John McLoughlin & Co. Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors

Derek Rogers, Amy Horan, Amy Gibbons and Stephen Towey pictured in Spells Bar, Ballaghaderreen on Saturday night last. Pic: Mick McCormack

Church St., Ballaghaderreen

Santa Claus will be checking in twice!


094 9877756 Email: mcauditor@eircom.net

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year



ated for this year’s fundraiser. To donate, visit www. gofundme.com and search ‘Christmas Fund for Displaced Families’.

A big thank you from the lights committee The Christmas Lights committee says a big thank you to all those who have donated once again to the lights fundraiser via GoFundMe. Ballaghaderreen will be illuminated this Sunday (5th) at 6.30 pm and Santa is expected to join the festivities.

Santa Claus is set to pay two visits to Ballaghaderreen within the next fortnight before returning to the North Pole as he readies the reindeer for Christmas. Tickets to meet Mr. Claus at Duffy’s SuperValu this Sunday are already sold out but he has confirmed that he will be returning for one more visit on Sunday 12th. You can book your slot at www.eventbrite. ie by searching ‘Meet Santa in Ballaghaderreen’.

Speaking from the North Pole this week, Santa Claus has confirmed that his post box has returned to Ballaghaderreen just in time for local letters. The post box is located in its usual spot, outside Egan’s Jewellers on The Square and ready to receive all your letters!

Cloontia Christmas Market The Cloontia Christmas Market will take place this Friday, December 3rd at Cloontia Teach Ceoil, Derrinacartha in Ballaghaderreen (F56 XV07). The market will run from 6 pm to 9 pm with 20 stall holders in place offering a variety of produce including food, art and crafts, and giftware. Shop local this Christmas and support the Cloontia Christmas Market.

Tibohine, Frenchpark Tel: 094 98 70007 Elphin Tel: 071 96 35470 Castlerea Tel: 094 96 20033 Athenry Tel: (091) 844174 Crossmolina Rd., Ballina Tel: (096) 74939 Email: info@cooneys.ie

Pat Towey (Towey’s Spar Express) presents a set of polo tops to David O’Gara, Secretary of the Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed.

Members of Ballaghaderreen Men’s Shed were recently presented with a set of polo tops by Towey’s Spar Express. Members of the shed are pictured with Pat Towey (back row, far left) in Ballaghaderreen recently.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Festive s g n i t e e r g from Please support local SMEs and shop local this Christmas


The People’s guide...to Christmas gifts from tots to teens and family to friends < MIRIAM KERINS

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and, if you’re still looking for that something special for that someone special, we’ve got six seasonal suggestions just for you.



or that tech-savvy kid in your life, why

not treat them to a smart watch. They can play games by themselves or with friends, (parents/guardians please be sure to supervise their ‘friend’ list), track their steps if they’re the sporty type, and/or take some festive selfies!

2 I

f, like me, the teenager in your life tells

you, “don’t buy me anything, just give me the money”, you’ll still need a nice stocking filler gift or two to give them something to open from you on Christmas morning. As

many of today’s teens tend to have their sights set on becoming the next TikTok sensation, what about considering splurging on one of those Go Pro for beginners camera thingys?



aking mammy’s Christmas special has

never been easier. Simply pop into your local gift shop/pharmacy/jewellers and check out their wonderful array of scented candles, magic moisturisers, designer perfumes and bespoke jewellery etc.

4 S

ourcing a gift for that special man in

your life, i.e. your dad, is often difficult; especially if he’s told you he wants nothing more than a hug! If he fancies himself as a DIY expert, why not stock up his tool box. Then again, if he’s Mr. Gadget-Guy, he might appreciate a new phone mount for his car.


ifts for him/her: This is important, readers. If your partner has ever mentioned they’d love a pamper day, adore a particular perfume/aftershave, or enjoy getting their hair and nails done – then listen up, because these are your clues! For extra brownie points, you could throw in a nice piece of jewellery! You’re welcome.


Solan’s Bar & Solan’s Hackney Service Ballaghaderreen Co. Roscommon Teddy 087 2461150 Anne 086 8226632

Thank you for your support in 2021 and wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year



Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year

Cllr. Michael Mulligan

& Family

The Square, Ballaghaderreen Contact me on (087) 7799781

hen buying a Christmas gift for a

neighbour, it’s important to keep it simple yet fun; therefore a gift for their home or garden will always be welcome. You could take it up a notch by ordering a personalised Christmas cake, pudding or cookies from your local bakery. Then again, a festive candle infused with the scent of Christmas is always a winner.

Jim’s contact details: Mobile: 086 859 6919 Office: 071 91 94000 Email: jim@moneyplus.ie Jim’s O’Kelly offers the full range of financial services • Life Assurance. • Mortgage Protection • Investments • Pensions (Pre & Post Retirement) • Overseas pensions • Mortgages

• Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021 • Money Plus Financial Brokers Ltd trading as Money Plus is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Murphy’s PHARMACY The Square, Ballaghaderreen Lighting up Ballaghaderreen for Christmas: Pictured are Aodhan Egan, Brian Mulligan and Colm Durkin, part of the team working long hours to light up Ballaghaderreen for Christmas. Pic: Mick McCormack

On the job: James Sharkey and Robert Foley pictured installing lights on Dillon House. Pic: Mick McCormack

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year

Kilgarriff Funeral Directors Market Street, Ballaghaderreen Tel: 094 9860069 (24-hours)

Email: info@funeralcare.ie • Web: www.funeralcare.ie

Excellence in Funeral Care

Dublin Road, Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon • Tel. 0 94 9861116 • E-mail: shop@toweystopoil.com

Everything you need under the tree at Spar! Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and thank you for your support in 2021

Telephone: 094

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year Thank you for your support in 2021



Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Festive greetings from Please support local SMEs and shop local this Christmas


Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year

Main Street, Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon

094 9862735 or 087 2201088 mairead mc grath

Dianna’s Nail & Beauty 087 7859506 Nails, Brows and Lashes • Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021 •

CONNOLLY CARPETS & FLOORING Pound Street, Ballaghaderreen

Telephone: 087 1366482 Supply and installation of Carpets,Vinyl, Laminates, LVT and Wood Flooring l

Domestic l Commercial

MASSIVE RANGE TO CHOOSE FROM Available for collection or delivery in 2/3 days

Call-out service also available Contact us and we will call out with samples

Over 40 years fitting experience in the trade

Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Ltd Main Street, Ballaghaderreen. Tel. 094-9860522

Email: info@ballaghcu.com Website: www.ballaghcu.com

Our loan book is open Why not consider your

Credit Union for a CHRISTMAS LOAN KNOW YOUR LOAN: Representative example as at 29th November 2021 €1,000 loan repayable over 12 months 52 weekly payments of €20.25 Rate of interest 10.21% p.a. variable; Representative 10.74% APR Total Amount Payable is €1,052.68

(Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating).

OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10.00am-1.30pm & 2.30pm5.45pm; Friday: 10.00am-1.30pm, 2.30pm-5.00pm, 5.30pm-7.45pm; Wednesday: 10.00am- 1.15pm.

Pictured at the presentation of the cheque for sponsorship are James Kilcoyne (Chairperson, Ballaghaderreen FC), Eoin Buckley (Chairperson, Ballaghaderreen Credit Union), Bill Golden (Manager, Ballaghaderreen Credit Union), Seamus O’Grady (Secretary, Ballaghaderreen FC) and Brid Duffy (Treasurer, Ballaghaderreen FC).

Ballaghaderreen FC partnership with Credit Union Ballaghaderreen Football Club is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ballaghaderreen Credit Union. Ballaghaderreen

Credit Union has come on board as the official sponsor of the dugouts at the Ballaghaderreen Community Park.

In recognition of this new sponsorship, Eoin Buckley of Ballaghaderreen Credit Union recently presented a cheque to James Kil-

C hristmas People Tell us a bit about yourself... I’m living in Hollymount, Co. Mayo. I’m married to Jarlath, with a daughter Rachel (23) and son Iarla (20). I’m working with Mayo-Roscommon Hospice Foundation, and without doubt, it is the most rewarding job of my career. How will you be spending Christmas this year? At home with Jarlath, Rachel and Iarla. It will be a lonely Christmas this year as we

with Martina Jennings lost my dad in October. We will visit his and my mother’s graves on Christmas morning, then visit my stepmother Olive. The rest of the day will be spent at home with family. One Christmas present you will never forget… I will never forget receiving my first guitar when I was 11! Who’s on your ‘Nice’ list this year? All the volunteers, donors,

We wish all our members a Happy and Peaceful Christmas & New Year Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021

JOHN HENRY Lung Autos Motor Repairs • NCT Preparation • DOE Testing • Diagnostics Specialists

Lung, Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon Tel: 094 98 60801 Mobile: 087 2968746

coyne (Chairperson of Ballaghaderreen FC) at the newly-installed dugouts at the Ballaghaderreen Community Park.

Work in progress: The team pictured working on the lights at Dillon House. Pic: Mick McCormack

support groups, and fundraisers who support the Mayo-Roscommon Hospice Foundation, and made it possible for us to complete our second hospice in Roscommon. Also my wonderful colleagues in Mayo-Roscommon Hospice, and the board of voluntary directors who trust me to do this job, as well as always being there with the best of support and advice. All I want for Christmas is… An end to Covid-19!


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Festive greetings from Please support local SMEs and shop local this Christmas

Ballaghaderreen Where is ROSS THE ELF? Win €100 voucher for Duffy’s SuperValu! Over the next four weeks, the Roscommon People’s friendly elf – Ross – will be embarking on a tour of the county! We’re asking readers to try

and identify where he is each week! Readers will have a chance to win a prize... every week!

This week’s prize: A €100 voucher to spend at Duffy’s SuperValu, Ballaghaderreen

See our Facebook page to enter this great competition!

Kindly sponsored by Duffy’s SuperValu

Caoilfhionn McDermott and Elaine Murray pictured in Solan’s Pub, Ballaghaderreen on Saturday night last.


Real Christmas Trees Sarah Fahy and Teresa Geever pictured in Spells Bar, Ballaghaderreen on Saturday night last.

€30 - €35 Stands €12

Jan Willem and Sierd Bron pictured in Spells Bar, Ballaghaderreen on Saturday night last. Pics: Mick McCormack


Due to a high volume of recent sales we urgently require all types of Residential and Commercial Properties in all areas for immediate listing.

Contact us for a free property appraisal Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year & thank you for your support in 2021

all our Wish in g rs a ve r y c us t ome r is t m a s H a ppy C h Ye a r & a n d Ne w r u f o r yo u o y k n a th in 2021 t r o p p u s


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Minister announces funding increase for Land Mobility Service < DAN DOONER

Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue

Property Services Providers Licence No. 002249

TELEPHONE: 094 9620300 Email: info@castlerealivestockmart.com Web: www.castlerealivestockmart.com THURSDAY 2ND DECEMBER:






Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue last week announced a 100 per cent increase in funding for the Land Mobility Service, a programme which matches younger and older farmers aiming to create collaborative farming arrangements. The Minister made the announcement during an address to the Macra Na Feirme national conference via Zoom on Friday last (26th). “The Land Mobility Service has been one of the great success stories of agricultural policy over the past few years. I am a firm believer in using all the tools at our availability to leverage generational renewal,” he said. “I am a firm supporter of the service and I know that as we transition through the next decade, the need to have an agile and fit-forpurpose Land Mobility Service will be crucial. The Department

has provided annual funding to the Land Mobility Service of €50,000 and this has remained unchanged since its inception. “I have decided to increase the Department’s contribution by 100 per cent for the year 2022. This is another clear example of my commitment to facilitating generational renewal in our sector”. Reacting to the announcement, Macra President John Keane said: “This funding recognises the continued role that a Land Mobility Service can play in generational renewal. “We look forward to the proposed engagement with the Department and Teagasc, and to continuing our engagement with the Department about the role that the service can play in the context of supporting the achievement of objectives of Generational Renewal within the future Common Agricultural Policy”. The Minister also highlighted a

50 per cent increase in the national envelope ring-fenced for young farmers as well as proposals to raise the TAMS investment ceiling to €90,000 (from €80,000). The conference, which was moderated by RTÉ’s Damien O’Reilly, also heard from Diana Lenzi, President of CEJA, the European Council of Young Famers; Eoin Lowry, Head of Agri with Bank of Ireland, and Declan McEvoy, Head of Tax with IFAC Accountants. Mr. McEvoy said young farmers required a business plan to ensure the sustainability of family farms when it came to succession. “A plan in the head is not a plan. Communication is critical five to ten years out from when the older farmer has a desired step back. It’s also important for the older farmer to realise that the young farmer may have different way or farming methodologies”. Shane Fitzgerald, Chairman of

New Sheep Welfare reference periods worth €2m to farmers Commenting on the issuing of the advance payments for the 2021 Sheep Welfare Scheme (SWS), IFA Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said the new reference periods are worth over €2 million more for farmers in the scheme. He said the new reference periods for the scheme

provide established flocks with the higher of 2017, or the original 2014/2015 reference years, for payment calculations. New entrants can use 2019 to reflect the process of establishing their flock. “The Minister has honoured this commitment and provided the addition-

al funding for this year’s and next year’s SWS, increasing payments to farmers by over €4 million over the two-year period,” he said. Sean Dennehy said the focus must now be on building on this scheme in the new CAP, to bring payments to €30/ewe.

For Enquiries Please Contact Mart Office Or Visit Our Website For Details. < FOR SALE: Fodder beet, stone free washed and nationwide delivery. Collection also welcome. Tel: 087 2781024

Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


Dead & Worn-Out Animals Contact


TEL: (090) 96 88606 (090) 96 88830 (090) 96 87651

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Tel. (071) 96 34783 and (071) 96 33344

Lowest price GUARANTEED

Your LOCAL Collector Guaranteed lowest price

Daily collection

Calls for support for Horticulture Bill IFA President Tim Cullinan has welcomed the Bill to recommence the harvesting of horticultural peat, which was published in the Seanad recently, and said the Government must now work together “to put an end to this travesty”. The Bill seeks to introduce a single step system for the licensing of horticultural peat harvesting. Mr. Cullinan says it will be instrumen-

tal in helping ease the pressure on the horticulture industry. He acknowledged the efforts of Senator Regina Doherty and Senator Robbie Gallagher in bringing it forward. The final report from the peat consultation group is still outstanding. It was received by Minister Noonan over a month ago and now IFA is calling for this report to be published immediately.

Macra’s Agricultural Affairs Committee and Teagasc Signpost farmer said: “Farmers want to keep their environmental credentials and improve their sustainability, especially for the next generation. “As young farmers we don’t want to contemplate production reductions, purely because it makes for an unattractive sector and doesn’t reflect the dynamic nature of Irish farming”. Frank O’Meara, Director of Teagasc, said he believed Macra’s young farmers were very much up to the climate challenge: “There is a pathway to achieving those targets through the application of current, planned and future technologies. This is a pathway that we in Teagasc see, rather than a cull of the national herd”. The conference also heard from UCD Economist Colm McCarthy as well as the CEO of Kerry Dairy and Chairman of Dairy Industry Ireland, Pat Murphy.

Castlerea MART WATCH There was a slight increase in the numbers of stock presented for sale this week with a sharper trade all round. In the weanling rings, the bulls topped out at €3.75 a kilo while the heifer weanlings peaked at €4.23 a kilo or €1,270 for a Limousin weanling weighing 300kgs. The heifer ring reported a similar tone with increased demand for all lots on offer. The dry cow trade, with good numbers on offer, peaked at €2.43 a kilo with cows making up to €1,960. Cows with calves at foot made up to €2,000 and springers up to €1,650. The runner ring noticed the biggest price improvements this week with an excellent clearance taking place and lots fetching up to €900. Cows with calves at foot made from €1,030 to €2,000. Springers made from €900 to €1,650 per head. Young calves made from €170 to €340 with runners making from €270 to €900 for continental types. There were 200 bullocks on offer last Monday with an excellent clearance taking place. Quality stores peaked at €3.02 a kilo with heavier lots making up to €1,780. Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday, December 2nd) with our weekly sale of heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am with Covid-19 restrictions in place. Sample prices for heifers: Ch 415kgs €1090, BBx 415kgs €1050, Ch 420kgs €1010, AA 420kgs €1000, Ch 375kgs €1000, Lm 480kgs €1330, Ch 465kgs €1320, Lm 470kgs €1290, Ch 660kgs €1700, Lm 605kgs €1610 AA 645kgs €1460, Lm 675kgs €1640 Dry cows: Lm 855kgs €1960, Si 870kgs €1940, Lmx 810kgs €1900, Lm 765kgs €1860, Lm 840kgs €1850, AA 705kgs €1530, Hex 685kgs €1230, AA 620kgs €1100. Weanling bulls: Lm 280kgs €960, Ch 245kgs €920, Ch 265kgs €840, Ch 360kgs €1100, Ch 335kgs €1090, Lm 450kgs €1100, Lm 400kgs €1100, Lm 285kgs €890. Weanling heifers: Lm 280kgs €1060, Ch 265kgs €810, AA 253kgs €750, Lm 300kgs €1270, Ch 370kgs €1140, Ch 330kgs €840, Sim 285kgs €770. Bullocks: Chx 475kgs €1380, Lm 420kgs €1270 Ch 465kgs €1260, Ch 545kgs €1400, AA 525kgs €1400, Ch 520kgs €1400, Ch 580kgs €1550, Ch 640kgs €1520, Ch 830kgs €1780, Ch 720kgs €1740.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


(Proudly serving farmers for over 62 years) Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

Christmas Cracker Special Sale of Bullocks Friday, December 3rd at 11 a.m. 60 pens on offer Also Dry Cows & Heifers Yard opens at 7.30 a.m. Stock to be penned by 9.30 a.m. ----------------------

Christmas Cracker Special Sale of Heifers Friday, December 10th at 11 a.m. Also Dry Cows & Bullocks Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Monday, 6th December ---------------------Tuesday, December 7th at 5 p.m.

Weanlings & Suckler Cows

(2nd last Sale) Bookings accepted up to 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 2nd ----------------------

Lambs & Cast Ewes

Pictured at IFA’s ‘Save Irish Farming’ Rally, which was held in Dublin recently, were left to right: Claire, Michael and Emily Beattie, Jim O’Connor, Roscommon County IFA Chairman, Pat Leonard, Kiltoom and Sean Murray, Knockcroghery.

IFA calls on Government to heed ‘Save Irish Farming’ message IFA President Tim Cullinan said IFA’s ‘Save Irish Farming’ rally in Dublin recently sent a strong message to the Government that negotiation with farmers on their future has to take place. He was speaking after a convoy of tractors and farm machinery travelled from the Irish Farm Centre to Merrion Square. “Farm families are genuinely concerned about their future. Equally, there

is deep frustration that every policy of this Government, including their proposed National Strategic Plan for the next CAP, is designed to reduce production. Farmers are being asked to do more and more for less,” he said. Tim Cullinan said proper engagement with farm leaders is needed to negotiate a farm-level plan that farmers can implement. “To date, nothing has been forthcoming from

the Government. Minister McConalogue cannot continue to avoid the views of farmers before he finalises plans next month,” he said. The IFA President said farmers are very conscious of the climate challenge, and they want to play their part but claimed the Government had no plan. “Farmers are being talked at, rather than talked to. The Govern-

ment needs to provide more funding, including a properly-funded Common Agricultural Policy, to ensure that farmers can take on the climate challenge while remaining viable,” he said. “Currently, only 30 per cent of farmers in Ireland are viable, and the Government’s policies will make more family farms unviable. “The farming and food sector employs 300,000

people across the country, and we contributed €13 billion in exports in 2020. We will not be ignored or pushed aside”. Mr. Cullinan added that if food is not produced in Ireland, it would be produced in countries with a higher carbon footprint. “Farming is a business activity, and farmers will not stay at it unless they can make a profit and make a living for their families,” he concluded.

Roscommon MART WATCH There were good numbers on offer at our sale on Friday, November 26th, with a strong trade and a high percentage clearance rate. Heifers ranged from an average of €2.52 per kilo up to €3.55 per kilo, and bullock numbers were small due to next week’s special sale, so lots averaged from €1.88 per kilo up to €2.12 per kilo. There was a bigger number of dry cows this week, with prices ranging from an average of €1.90 per kilo up to €2.45 per kilo. Buyers were anxious for stock, with a good attendance at the ringside in addition to online bidders. This Friday (3rd), we will have our Christmas Cracker sale at 11 am, with a special sale of bull-

ocks and general sale of heifers and dry cows. There was a smaller entry on offer at our weekly sale for lambs and cast ewes on Wednesday, December 1st. There was a slight improvement in trade for lambs this week. Finished lambs made up to €173, store lambs made up to €137, and stag ewes made up €164. Sales continue as usual on Wednesday next, December 8th, at 11 am. The yard opens at 8 am, and all stock must be penned by 10 am. Please note that all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID tag set. The sale can be viewed live on livestock-live. com.

Sample prices for dry cows: BBX 825kgs €1900, Simm X 825kgs €1860, AAX 910kgs €1860, SAX 860kgs €1850, Lim X 760kgs €1790, Lim 770kgs €1790, BBX 820kgs €1750, Lim X 725kgs €1700, Lim X 620kgs €1270, Simm X 675kgs €1330, SHX 755kgs €1590, Char X 640kgs €1270, Simm X 715kgs €1510, Lim X 725kgs €1700. Heifers: Char X 830kgs €2090, Lim X 565kgs €2010, Char X 675kgs €1880, Char 735kgs €1880, Char X 705kgs €1830, Char X 625kgs €1820, Lim 550kgs €1540, Char X 590kgs €1550, Lim X 500kgs €1590, Lim X 485kgs €1690, SA

515kgs €1490, Lim X 445kgs €1390, AAX 585kgs €1460, 2 Lim x 450kgs €1280, AA 635kgs €1300, Char X 440kgs €1360, Char X 465kgs €1270, Lim X 420kgs €1170. Bullocks: Char X 565kgs €1200, Lim X 390kgs €800, HEX 415kgs €780, 2 HEX 415kgs €780, 2 HEX 350kgs €700, 3 HEX 406kgs €765. Finished lambs: 60.7kgs €173, 52.8kgs €172, 57.8kgs €171, 58.8kgs €169, 50kgs €168, 53kgs €166, 52.1kgs €164, 50.8kgs €161, 46.8kgs €158. Store lambs: 39.3kgs €137, 40kgs €134, 39.5kgs €132, 40kgs €130, 41.1kgs €117, 35.3kgs €106.

Wednesday December 8th at 11 a.m. Final Sale – Wednesday, December 15th @ 11 a.m. ---------------------Friday, December 3rd at 7 p.m.

Annual Western Region Pedigree Texel Female Show & Sale 74 hogget ewes, 5 ewe lambs and 1 embryo pregnancy Show @ 6 p.m. ---------------------Friday, December 10th at 7 p.m.

Lisullane Charollais Pedigree Registered In Lamb Hogget Ewes- scanned in lamb ENQUIRIES 090 6626352

Email: roscommonmart@gmail.com Visit our website: www.roscommonmart.ie

Find us on facebook


Businesses: Reach your target market! 18,000 COPIES PRINTED WEEKLY


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


‘Sale of the Week’ at RE/MAX Team Earley

Joe Naughton Auctioneer Ltd. 1 Golden Island, Athlone, Co. Westmeath N37 F6C5

Tel: 090-64 49090 Mobile: 086 8508977 Licence No. 003252 Joe Naughton Auctioneers are delighted to have been associated with the sale of the highest priced property sold so far this year, both in Co. Westmeath and Co. Roscommon, at an impressive guide price of €850,000 completed recently. This is encouraging for the midlands property market, in these hard and testing times through Covid.

This week, RE/MAX Team Earley are pleased to advise that they have closed the sale of a four-bedroomed, detached bungalow, located on Circular Road in Roscommon town. According to the team at RE/ MAX Team Earley, this wellmaintained property attracted quite a number of viewings and bidders. Built in 1960s, the property was presented in good condition but in need of some modernisation throughout, and sits on a generous and very well


maintained site of approximately 0.42 acres. Living accommodation consists of a porch, entrance hall, living room, kitchen, second living room/dining room, four bedrooms, and a main bathroom. There is also a wheelchair accessible entrance to the rear. The property is ideally located in the centre of Roscommon town, within walking distance of all amenities one would require including schools, preschools, hospital, various retail

shops, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, hotel, Loughnanane Park, playgrounds, church, hospital, medical centre, Roscommon Castle, various sporting facilities and public transport links. For further details or to arrange a free consultation, please contact RE/MAX Team Earley, Stonecourt Roscommon on 090-66 26579, email teamearley@remax.ie, or log onto teamearley.ie. Contact auctioneer Cormac Sheehy directly on 086-3519492.

RE/MAX Team Earley seeking properties for Dubai Convention

Cormac Sheehy

RE/MAX Team Earley are planning to showcase local, one-off properties at RE/ MAX’s Dubai Convention in January. This week, Cormac Sheehy (MD of RE/MAX Team Earley, with offices in Athlone, Roscommon, Galway and Limerick) is seeking commercial and residential properties to bring to the convention to sell.

There has been a strong growth in the resident Irish community in the UAE in recent years and there are now over 10,000 Irish citizens officially resident in the Emirates. A large portion of them would love to dip their toes back into the Irish property market, and where better to do it than at the first ever property exhibition in the UAE.

RE/MAX has over 123,000 agents in nearly 100 countries, a greater worldwide presence than any other real estate brand and Cormac hopes to capitalise on this vast network to achieve the best price for all vendors. Cormac says he is excited to make the trip away and to fly the Irish flag (subject to Covid restrictions). There are some cracking properties already on

the books, and hopefully by the time the convention rolls around, many more will be added. If you are looking to sell a property in 2022, maybe this is the way to get it moving. Get in touch with Cormac by phoning 086-3519492, or emailing cormacsheehy@remax.ie, or contact the office on 090-6626579.

Daft report: Roscommon rents up 20% Rents in Connacht rose 19.4 per cent year-onyear, reflecting a sharp fall in availability - just 112 homes were available to rent on November 1st, down over 50 per cent compared to a year ago, according to Daft.ie’s Q3 report. In Roscommon, rents were on average 20.4 per cent higher in the third quarter of 2021 than a year previously. The average listed rent is now €876, up 78 per cent from

its lowest point. Nationwide rents in the third quarter of 2021 were an average of 6.8 per cent higher than the same period in 2020. The average monthly rent nationwide between July and September was €1,516, up 2.6 per cent on the first quarter and more than double the low of €742 per month seen in late 2011. The increase in rents around the country reflects an on-going and

unprecedented scarcity of rental homes. Nationwide, there were just 1,460 homes available to rent on November 1st, an all-time low in a series that extends back to January 2006. Indeed, the level of availability now is almost half the lowest level recorded between the start of 2006 and the outbreak of Covid19, which was 2,706 in mid-2019. While Dublin had initially seen an increase in

availability after the start of the pandemic, there were just 820 homes available to rent on November 1st, the lowest ever recorded for the city in two decades. In Dublin and in the other cities, the stock of homes to rent is between 70 per cent and 80 per cent lower than a year ago. Outside the cities, availability continues to fall, with just 559 homes to rent, down almost half on a year ago. While rents rose around

the country between June and September, there remains significant differences in annual inflation rates. Rents in Dublin are just 2.7 per cent higher than a year ago, while rents in Cork and Galway are 6.9 per cent and 8.3 per cent higher. Inflation in Limerick and Waterford cities is higher again, at 8.9 per cent and 10 per cent respectively, while rents outside the cities are 11.9 per cent higher than a year ago.

Houses urgently wanted in all areas! Due to the large volume of residential sales over the past number of weeks, Remax Team Earley now require properties in all areas for mortgage approved and cash clients. All properties will be considered, and we offer a free appraisal service. For further details or to arrange a free consultation, please contact Remax Team Earley, Stonecourt, Roscommon, on 090-6626579, email teamearley@remax.ie, or log onto teamearley.ie. Contact auctioneer John Earley directly on 086-2551380.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

PropertyPeople Stone Court Centre, The Square, Roscommon Tel: (090) 6626579 / 6626796 Mobile: Cormac 086 3519492 Email: teamearley@remax.ie Licence No. Web: www.teamearley.ie PSRA004420



A fantastic 4 b/r bungalow residence of approx. 1500 sq ft with an attached garage of approx. 254 sq ft serviced by a dual entrance with tarmacadam driveway standing on a large mature site area of approx. 0.37 of an acre. Comprising briefly of reception/hallway, sitting room, living room, dining room, kitchen, cloak room, 4 bedrooms in all and family bathroom. Set in a quiet cul-de-sac on the Galway Road, this property will satisfy all requirements for anyone looking for a quiet life on the outskirts of Roscommon town.



The Auctioneer now invites viewings – by appointment only.






New to the market: a mixed-used investment property in the heart of Ballyleague village. The main property comprises of a renowned Public House, fully licensed and commercial units on the ground floor and residential on the second floor. Sitting tenants with vacant possession. Commercial units comprise functioning public house with front and large back bar with toilets and outside area, fast food takeaway, Antique shop and restaurant space with fitted out kitchen. There is also a separate building which contains a dog grooming business. On the second floor of the property, the residential area comprises 6 bedrooms which are all ensuite. This property offers excellent potential for investors. The tenants are not affected from this sale and it is offering a fantastic yield.

The Auctioneer invites inquiries and viewing is by appointment only.




A beautiful 4 bed bungalow on the outskirts of Strokestown. Set on a mature site area of 0.86 of an acre, this home is in turnkey condition. The accommodation comprises briefly of four large double bedrooms, a lovely modern kitchen/diner, sitting room and an ample utility. Located 15km from Roscommon and 4km from Strokestown on the Four-Mile-House Road. This home is both private and quiet as well as being within close distance of both towns.

The Auctioneer now invites viewings – by appointment only.



Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Irish Water project to aid county’s relocation pull With Roscommon among the top places in the country for a pandemic move, further investment in the county town’s wastewater network is expected to aid the county’s pull in terms of relocation. Armed with a recent survey indicating that Roscommon is a favourite for relocation and remote working, CEO of the Western Development Commission Tomás Ó Síocháin said the upgrade of the wastewater network is vital if Roscommon town is to continue to thrive. “Water and wastewater infrastructure are key if our centres are to revive and grow. Data collected over the past two years shows that working from Roscommon is no longer a dream for many people and it’s vital that infrastructure supports growth,” he said. Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council Joe Murphy is pleased to see work underway on the

€20 million upgrade of the sewer network in Roscommon town. “Roscommon has a lot to offer. The past two years have allowed people to take a step back, slow down and experience remote working and it’s great to see people moving back to the town,” he said. “It’s fantastic to see investment of this scale; the scheme will be hugely beneficial for the entire county. The project has been organised very well and the works are being carried out with very little disruption”. Turning the official sod on the project, Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien said he looks forward to seeing further growth. “Not only will this project increase the capacity of the wastewater network and improve water quality in local rivers, but it will support economic, social and commercial development. This upgrade will also play a

key role in the successful delivery of housing into the future, a key focus of our Housing for All plan,” he said. Explaining the complexity of the scheme, which includes more than 7km of new sewer infrastructure and new and upgraded pumping stations and storm water overflows, Irish Water’s Wastewater Portfolio Delivery Manager Michael Tinsley thanked the people of Roscommon for their support: “Irish Water is committed to continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support the growth needed in housing and across our economy, while protecting the environment and safeguarding water supplies. “Together with our partners Roscommon County Council, Tobin Consulting Engineers and GMC Utilities Group, we are excited to deliver this project which will benefit the entire region when it’s completed in 2023”.

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien spoke of the benefits of the Roscommon Town Main Drainage Scheme when he turned the official sod on the project this week. He was joined by Chief Executive Officer of Roscommon County Council Eugene Cummins, Irish Water’s Wastewater Portfolio Delivery Manager Michael Tinsley and Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council Cllr. Joe Murphy.

Ifac highlights supports for local businesses

Ifac, Ireland’s farming, food and agribusiness specialist professional services firm has this week highlighted the multiple supports available to Roscommon businesses that are looking to manage the challenges they are facing and grow their business. David Leydon, Head of Food and AgriBusiness with ifac says: “As Roscommon business owners look to manage the challenges that Brexit, Covid-19, climate change and digitalisation present, it’s important to make sure that all available resources are being actively considered”. One of Enterprise Ireland’s latest supports is the Digitalisation Voucher. This support is becoming increasingly important as consumers now demand a streamlined digital offering regardless of the product or service. David continued: “It is imperative that any business looking to develop their digital muscle should avail of this grant. It has been designed to aid businesses to prepare a plan

for the adoption of digital tools and techniques across the business including process optimisation, improving digital customer experience and data management”. Businesses must audit their current digital capabilities, including their internal strengths and gaps before reviewing potential external threats including cyber threats or competitor activities. To support businesses struggling in the wake of Brexit, the Brexit Impact Loan Scheme (BILS) has been developed by the SBCI in partnership with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, the Department of Agriculture, the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank to offer affordable medium-term finance to businesses that have been negatively impacted by Covid-19 and Brexit. With businesses also looking to reduce emissions and improve their environmental focus, Enterprise Ireland has developed the Climate Enterprise Action

New EuroGiant to open in Monksland

A new EuroGiant store is set to open at Monksland, Co. Roscommon in the coming weeks. The popular discount retailer already has a store at the Centrepoint Retail Park in Roscommon town. EuroGiant will join similar retailers such as Homesavers and Supersavers in opening a store at the Westpoint Business Park in Monksland.

89% of online retailers concerned about labour shortage and supply chain issues

David Leydon, Head of Food and AgriBusiness with ifac.

Fund which consists of several supports including the Climate Action Voucher, GreenStart and GreenPlus. David commented: “With the recent publication of

the Climate Action Plan 2021, it is evident that businesses must begin taking decisive action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve the 2030 targets.

Funding this change can be expensive but utilising the Climate Enterprise Action Fund can allow more businesses to make this change”.

A recent survey carried out by software provider Scurri has found that 89 per cent of Irish online retailers have increasing concerns regarding supply chain issues and a shortage of HGV drivers ahead of the busy Christmas period. More than half (59 per cent) of those surveyed also believe they are heading into a challenging festive season. However, 75 per cent of retailers feel Ireland is currently in a better position than the UK when it comes to the current situation. “Supply chain disruption is at a crisis point. HGV driver and CO2 shortages, inflated shipping costs and commodities prices, sustainability issues, financial strains and greater ESG regulations for sourcing and manufacturing goods are just some of the many challenges retailers are facing. “As we approach one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, it’s therefore critical for retailers to reflect on how they can respond to their concerns through their own campaigns and strategies. Retailers have no choice but to turn this disruption on its head by kickstarting Christmas marketing earlier than usual to keep customers happy,” says Rory O’Connor, founder and CEO of Scurri. For physical stores there were similar sentiments, with 58 per cent stating that they see the circumstances being more challenging than what we experienced in 2020.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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Chimney Cleaning

• Power brush and vacuum technology for cleaning chimneys, stoves, ranges and open fires

• Removes up to 50% more than traditional methods CCTV CAMERA INSPECTIONS • Firebacks replaced and flues repaired • Can be cleaned from the bottom up • Chimney cowels and crow guards fitted Power washing and gutter cleaning services. Telephone:

087 2798704

CONNAUGHT CHIMNEY CLEANING Chimneys Power Sweep ( no mess) - Openfire - Stoves - Ranges Chimney CCTV Inspection OIL BOILERS SERVICED Burners Repaired CARPETS CLEANING Satellite and Digital TV Installation All areas covered Mob: 086 2495851 www.connaughtchimney cleaning.com







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Are you affected by Anger Issues, Bullying, Bereavement, Confidence/self-esteem issues, OCD, Stress, Depression, Eating disorders Panic/Anxiety, Relationships, Exam pressure, Sexual Abuse Contact: Billy 094 96 59966 Mobile: 086 0675433 or visit www.billybrogan.com


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COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Such as depression, anxiety, life or spiritural crisis. Are you having difficulties in relationships at work? Have you experienced sexual abuse or abuse and need counselling to help you? Please call Glynis on

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CHIMNEY SWEEP • Open fire, stove, ranges • All flues and chimneys • Power brushed & vaccumed • No mess, no fuss • CCTV camera inspections • Detailed report and CCTV recording provided for insurance claims • Fully insured Also available for powerwashing and gutter cleaning


Construction General Building l Extensions & Roofing l Groundworks l Renovations l Chimney CCTV Inspections l Chimney Repair - Insurance Claims l

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon

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EDT Lessons Available Telephone:

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Fergal 086 1016899



This driving School conforms for the new RSA regulations & legislation

• Sprayers tested on owners premises • Test report & D.A.F.M. stickers provided. • Small stock of parts available and can be fitted on sprayers All sprayers are required to be tested every 3 years according to Dept. of Agriculture regulations. Contact: Thomas Neilan on 087 2395171 or 090 6663069 e-mail: thomasneilan4@ gmail.com

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Des Kelly Fencing Over 20 years in business All types of fencing supplied and erected Including: • Cresoted Posts • Agricultural Fencing • Site Fencing • Security Fencing • Post & Rail Fencing • Concrete Fencing • Grant Approved Fencing No job too big or too small Just give us a call on




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l l

For all your fencing needs. GLAS Fencing Grant Fencing Post Rail l

Tel: 087 2172281 GARDENING


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< HOME REPAIRS: Repair walls, plasterboard, painting, fascia, tiles, plinths, ceiling, wallpaper, parquet floors etc. Phone: 083 3369829

LAUNDRY SERVICE < LAUNDRY SERVICE: Washing, ironing, best prices, Abbey Street, Roscommon Town, open 10.00 am - 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Tel 083 3369829


087 6558597

www.corbetttreecareandlandscaping.com GARDENING SERVICES Including: • Hedge Cutting • Hedge Planting • Grass Cutting • Spraying • Strimming • Weeding • Garden Tidy-ups • Planting • Gutter Cleaning, etc. Chainsaw work also available

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Four Roads, Co. Roscommon • Landscaping • Timber Decking • Patios • General Maintenance Contact Liam on 086 8749550 or 090 66 27496

ROSCOMMON COUNTY COUNCIL I, Carol Kelly am applying to the above authority for planning permission to construct a single-storey dwellinghouse and a domestic garage including a waste water treatment system and associated services at Carrowreagh, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon.

The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Signed: Carol Kelly


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20 years experience treating babies to adults. Everyday aches & pains to sports injuries. Physical Therapy CranioSacral Therapy Medical Dry Needling Prescription Orthotics Pilates – Small Classes

Can we help you? Call us today to enquire 090 663 0009 Like us on Facebook www.rosptc.com 1 Castleview, Roscommon F42 C902

Brian Keenan Bookmakers Ltd., Quarry Springs, Convent Road, Roscommon F42 W995 is applying to the Superintendent, Roscommon Garda Station for a certificate of personal fitness and bookmakers licence (course only).


Plumbing & Maintenance • Bathroom planning and design to suit you • All aspects of plumbing and maintenance • Boiler Servicing • Heating Installation • Call for FREE QUOTATION

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

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Mark Kilgallon B.Sc Podiatry (Hons) M.Ch.S.I.

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Registered Reflexologist

Department of Health Approved



BNS (Hons). M.Sc (Hons) (MNRRI)

St. Joseph’s Resource Centre, Boyle For appointment

Give your mind and body a relaxing experience with a reflexology treatment.

085 1503353 086 8538404

• House Visits • Insoles and Orthotics Prescribed • Chiropody Services

Through massage of the feet reflexology can: • Rebuild energy levels in the body • Assist in relieving stress • Encourage relaxation • Improve general wellbeing


Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has “reflex” points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body.

Email: m.kilgallon23@gmail.com

Clinics also in Ballaghaderreen and Castlebar

< COTTAGE TO LET: In the Castlecoote area, 3 bedroom, oil and solid fuel heating, quiet country area. References required. Tel: 086 8693154

Contact TERESA for appointment at 087 9001212

Gift vouchers available. Brideswell, Co. Roscommon N37 EW20

(Monday to Saturday) Also available in Boyle & Athlone -------Chiropody treatment and all aspects of Foot Pain. Orthotics prescribed

By Appointment Only –

087 2982214

Tel: Catriona Byrne DIP CHFP


l Roscommon Town Venue

Tel: Donal


086 2721812

l Thurs 30th Dec

l Booking deposit

Contact by phone/text:

Lorraine 086 3688302

EMAIL: roscommonmathsgrinds @gmail.com

< GRINDS: French Leaving certificate grinds available around and in Roscommon Town. Please call: 089 9470991

Pete’s Cabs


– Contact –

Peter Lynch 086 8400002 TURF/FUEL/ FIREWOOD

l General Reflexology l Baby Reflexology l Special Needs

Reflexology l Hoppi Ear Candling l Indian Head Massage

Phone Diane

086 4061401

ROS Property Services

Extensions l Renovations Property Maintenance


P: 090 66 70996 M: 085 2162555 E:rospropertyservices@gmail.com

(All areas)

Also bulk loads of Cattle and Peat bedding (delivered) < FOR SALE: Small truck loads of Turf, size 9x5, 14 inch box, 3 rows of reeking over the box and a heap on top, delivered. Tel: 087 6280483

TOP QUALITY TURF 10x6 Loads of Turf, saved in good weather and stored in dry shed, will deliver. Phone:

083 0684011

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Strokestown, Co. Roscommon






l Wed 29th Dec

Mobile Service Available Marina Furey B. Sc. (Hons)


CHAZEY PROPERTIES: We require properties for waiting tenants, we advertise, conduct viewings, arrange references, read meters, set up tenancy agreements and arrange direct debit payments straight into your bank. We charge a one off fee only if we are successful in renting your property. If not no fees are payable. Tel: 086 8212732

Christmas LCHL Revision Course


< TURF FOR SALE: In tonne bags, delivery to Roscommon town and surrounding areas. Price €50. Bag and delivery also included in price. Tel: 086 8534011

< THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL OFFERS: • Net bags of seasoned firewood only €3 per bag, buy 20 bags get 1 free • Tonne bags firewood/turf only €35 per bag. Half tone bags of Ash/Beech only €35 per bag. All includes free delivery. Contact Tom: 086 2628439 or Tony 087 7055800 < W O O D / F I R E W O O D : High quality seasoned split hardwood timber, suitable for stoves and open-fire. Available in 500kg bulk bag and 25kg bag. Very competitively priced and delivery can be discussed. Call 086 3312411 after 6pm.


Quality Small Job Services For Home or Business


ONLY €80 Includes new nozzle, Efficiency report, Printout, etc .... 094 9373445 087 9100477

TELEPHONE MICHAEL HAVERTY: 086 8381227 or 086 1997815



Evo Roofers Covering Athlone, Galway and surrounding areas

Free Quotations provided

Leaky Roof or Gutter? Call 085 2427727 Our Services: • New Roofing • Lead Valleys • Emergency Repairs • Attic Insulation • Fascia Soffits • Flat Roofs • Guttering/Downpipes • Chimney Repair • Ridge Pointing • Roof Cleaning

www.evoroofers.com email: evoroofing122@gmail.com

Phone: 090 6400177

WANTED: Fallen trees for firewood. Ash, Beech, Birch and Whitethorn. We are safety certified and insured. Phone:

086 2437376

WASHING MACHINE, REPAIRS, DISHWASHER REPAIRS, OVEN AND TUMBLE DRYER REPAIRS Contact Paul on 086 0538977 087 4046478 071 9664207 www.appliance-repairs.ie


Electrician Available

or Mobile:

Safe Electric Registered. Domestic and Industrial, All work considered. No Job too small. Phone Paul 086 2553153 or 090 666 3053 or Email p0862553153@ gmail.com.

< ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: Rewires, first and second fix new houses, fuse board upgrade. All farm buildings and sheds, security lighting and garden lights. Tel: Tom on 086 0815802.

HANDY MAN AVAILABLE Power Washing l Gutters Cleaned l Fitting Shower Doors l Bathroom Accessories l Tiling and Timber Flooring l Flat Pack Furniture Assembled l General Gardening Maintenance and Clean-up etc. l


Call Mike

087 2478609

Private & Commercial Power washing 25 years experience Free Estimates Given

Phone Alan on:

090 6661635 087 2683079 Do you have a house or shed that you want cleaned out and all unwanted items removed? If so ring:

087 9657933

or 090 6626752

Alan O’Toole


Window Protection Ireland Commercial/Domestic Registered and Insured All areas covered Also protecting windows during construction see windowprotection.ie Telephone

087 9795226


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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SITUATIONS VACANT < STAFF URGENTLY REQUIRED: For busy Restaurant/Take-away, Forte’s Restaurant, Roscommon town. Tel: 090 6630503 after 3pm. < CHEF/COOK/WAITING



Corrib Oil are recruiting the following roles forfor ourthe Service Stations in positions; QUIRED: Full and part time positions availorrib Oil Roscommon arefornow recruiting following Castlerea and Roscommon:

able for Chef/Cook and Waiting staff. Please send CV to: kilglassdevelopmentven tures@gmail.com

Deli and Catering Assistants (Full & Part Time)

Corrib Oil Deli Roscommon are now recruiting for the positions; Assistants (Full and Partfollowing Time)

Fresh Food Chef Time) Deli and Catering Assistants (Full(Full & Part Time)

PRAYER TO ST. JOSEPH O glorious Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to you we raise our hearts and hands to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the benign heart of Jesus all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly for the grace of a happy death and the special favour we now request. (mention your request). O guardian of the Word Incarnate, we feel animated with confidence that your prayers in our behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God. O glorious St. Joseph, through the love you bear to Jesus Christ and for the glory of His name, hear our prayers and obtain our petitions. Amen. A.H.

Rogers Funeral Directors Rooskey

(Covering Rooskey and surrounding areas)

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MEMORIAL CARDS Individually Designed and Printed

The local paper!

Previous experience is desirable, but training will be provided.

TELEPHONE: 090 66 34633

To apply, please forward your CV and cover letter to:

EMAIL: advertising@ u are an energetic, motivated individual with a passion for providing first class customer roscommonpeople.ie cmulroe@corriboil.com service we want to hear from you!

or apply directly on our company website.

Previous experience is desirable, but training will be provided


Email or call for Sample Pack

We cannot guarantee publication after this time

If you are an energetic, motivated with a passion for providing first class&customer ust be available to work flexibleindividual hours Monday to Sunday incl. evenings weekends


service we want to hear from you!

To apply, please forward CV and Cover Letter to:

Previous experience is desirable, but training will be provided cmulroe@corriboil.com

Greenstone Structures is an offsite construction company based between Ahascragh and Ballyforan, that designs, manufactures, and installs light gauge steel frame structures for use in residential and commercial projects throughout Ireland and the UK.

CRECHE AND PLAYSCHOOL currently have a vacancy for an


Must be available to work flexible hours Monday to Sunday incl. evenings & weekends

PRODUCTION MANAGER To apply, please forward CV and Cover Letter to:

The Production Manager will be required to manage and co-ordinate all cmulroe@corriboil.com aspects of the production process such as recruitment and development of production personnel, drive a culture of continuous improvement in the manufacturing process, maintain highest product quality standards, and procurement of materials. The ideal candidates will have experience in general construction and production management.


The Production Foreman will be responsible for completing the daily works schedule in all areas of the manufacturing process, managing an existing team of skilled and motivated personnel, optimising production flow, ensuring high quality standards and using own initiative to make improvements to the production process. Excellent package available for the successful candidates. More information on request. Please forward your cv in confidence to careers@greenstone.ie or contact 087 2363043

Submit your Classified online Send your Classified advertisement to advertising@ roscommonpeople.ie or alternatively call 090 66 34633

Minimum qualification FETAC Level 5 Applications to: Helen Cosgrove, Cloonslanor, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon. Phone: 087 6995548 E-mail: cosgrap@hotmail.com

Scrine, Athleague, Co. Roscommon Third generation Monumental Sculptors specialising in: • New Headstones • New Inscriptions • Restoration and Cleaning of Monuments • Wall Plaques and Name Plates • Grave Maintenance Service Contact James on 087 3549574 or David on 087 6086723 E-mail: info@anthonymurrayandsons.com www.anthonymurrayandsons.com


Full-time Deli Assistant Full-time Barista

Please apply with CV to: comfycafe.ds@gmail.com


• Anniversary Remembrance • Acknowledgements • Birthday Remembrance Phone: (090) 66 34633 Email: advertising@roscommonpeople.ie


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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WARD Patrick (Paddy)

Clooneen, Athleague, Co. Roscommon (10th Anniversary)

Friaryland, Creggs, Co. Galway In loving memory of Paddy, who passed away on 1st December 2017 (4th Anniversary)

In loving memory of Kitty, who died on the 3rd December 2011. Also remembering her husband Jeremiah who died on 18th August 1989.

You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide and though we cannot see you you are always at our side.

Sadly missed by your loving daughter Marcella, loving son Basil and daughter-inlaw Fiona. Anniversary Mass in Fuerty Church, on Friday, 3rd December at 7pm.

SLYMAN Margaret (Maggie) Currahoolia, Ballyforan, Ballinasloe (2nd Anniversary)

In loving memory of Maggie who died on 4th December 2019

God has you in His Kingdom now, we have you in our hearts. A daily thought and a silent tear, a constant wish that you were here. An empty space no one can fill, we miss you dearly and always will.

Sadly missed and always remembered by her loving family. Anniversary Mass on Saturday, 4th December at 7 pm in St. Joseph’s Church, Ballyforan.

May Paddy Rest in Peace Time cannot steal the treasures that we carry in our hearts. Nor ever dim the shining thoughts our cherished past imparts. For the memories of the ones, we loved still cast a gentle glow. To grace our days and light our paths, wherever we may go.

Missed each day and remembered by his wife and family. Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Kilbegnet on Sunday, 5th December at 11.30am.

FINNERAN Brian Feevagh, Dysart, Ballinasloe (4th Anniversary)

In loving memory of Brian Finneran whose fourth anniversary occurs on December 2nd. May the winds of Heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear, how much we love and miss you and wish that you were here.

Deeply loved, sadly missed and always remembered by his wife Máire, daughters Méabh, Ella and Eabha, his mother Lily, sisters Maria and Anne and extended family. Anniversary Mass will be held in St. Patrick’s Church, Dysart on Friday, December 3rd at 7pm.

CONNAUGHTON Philomena (Phil)

Main Street, Athleague, Co. Roscommon Who passed away on the 6th December 2020 (1st Anniversary)

The family of the late Philomena Connaughton (Phil), Main Street, Athleague, Co. Roscommon who passed away on the 6th December, 2020, would like to thank all those who sympathised with us on the loss of Phil. To all who sent Mass Cards, sympathy cards, letters, telephoned, left condolence messages on RIP.ie and sent flowers. Thanks you to all those who gathered at the Church, along the street and at the Cemetery. Thanks to Fr. Eugene McLoughlin and Fr. Alo Connaughton for celebrating her Funeral Mass. To Margaret and Sean for providing the music. Thank you also to her carers, Liz and Ann Marie, the Public Health Nurse, Ursula O’Donoghue and the team from the Public Health Department, who attended her daily and weekly providing her with great support and comfort. To Helen Ely for organising support and equipment in order that Phil could return to her home in the final months of her life. Thank you to Helen and Geraldine Keane for their accessibility should it have been required. We wish to thank Smyth’s Funeral Directors for their professional help and Sean Connaughton for preparing the grave. We hope this acknowledgement will be accepted as a token of our gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions. Phil’s First Anniversary Mass will take place on Sunday, 2nd January, 2022 at Athleague or Castlecoote Church (to be confirmed).



Kilnasella, Curraghroe, Co. Roscommon (1st Anniversry)

Mount Mary, Ballygar, Co. Galway Who passed away on the 8th December 2017 (4th Anniversary)

In loving memory of a life so beautifully lived and a heart so deeply loved.

Sadly missed by your family and friends.

A silent thought, a quiet prayer for someone special in God’s care.


Always remembered by your friend Claire.

THE MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Say for three days and promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. A.D.

Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Ballagh on Saturday 4th December at 8pm.

JOYCE Margaret Ballymoe, Co. Galway (35th Anniversry) In loving memory of our dear Mother who died on December 4th 1986 Rest In Peace

Mam For the rest of our lives we will miss you, our secret tears still flow. Oh how we really loved you no one will ever know. We miss your smile your joking ways, we miss the things you used to say. When old times we do recall it’s then we miss you most of all. You were always there when we needed you, no task too great or small with loving heart and willing hands for us, you did it all.

Always remembered and sadly missed by her family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also remembering our brother

Paddy Who passed away on July 4th 2021 Rest In Peace Sadly missed along life’s way quietly remembered every day. No longer in our life to share, but in our hearts, you are always there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also remembering our brother

Tommy Who passed away on July 13th 2021 Rest In Peace A smile for all a heart of gold the very best this world could hold. Never selfish always kind these are the memories you left behind.

Loving memories never die, as years roll on and days pass by. In our hearts a memory is kept, of ones we loved and will never forget.

Always remembered by your loving family Ita, Tomás and Kate and extended family and friends. Anniversary Mass in St. Mary’s Church, Ballygar on Friday, 3rd December at 7.30pm.

Sadly missed and fondly remembered by all their family.


Corboley, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon

On the first anniversary of Delia’s passing, we, her family would like to most sincerely thank all those who sympathised with us and provided help and support to us on the loss of our beloved mother, grandmother and aunt. Thank you to everyone who visited our home, sent Mass Cards, left messages of condolence on RIP.ie, sent flowers, text messages and phone calls. Your kind gestures, words of support and stories and messages about Delia, gave us great comfort and support. Particularly at a time where we were still under restrictions, it was very much appreciated. Thank you to all our neighbours, relatives and friends who were there for us when Delia passed. Thank you for your help in preparation for Delia’s funeral, from food and refreshments left to our home, lights and parking at her wake and directing traffic, nothing went unnoticed. Thank you most sincerely for your help and ongoing support. A special word of thanks to all the Home Help team who so caringly and lovingly looked after Delia in her own home. We are forever indebted to you for your great care, attention and support to Delia. Thank you to Delia’s doctors, Dr. Michael Lynn and Dr. Wojciech Wawrzynek, whom she always spoke so well of. To the wonderful staff of Our Lady’s Ward, The Sacred Heart Home for their exceptional care given to Delia while she was a resident of the ward, thank you for your kindness, support and help. Delia was so well looked after during her time there, which was of great comfort to us. Thanks to Fr. Ray for celebrating the Funeral Mass and to Catherine for her beautiful singing in the church. We very much appreciated it. To Pat and Gillian Smyth, thank you for your help, support and professionalism in preparing Delia’s funeral and thank you to the grave diggers who prepared Delia’s final resting place, on short notice, with such care and attention. We would like to acknowledge and thank all our neighbours, relatives and friends who lined the roadside or stood outside the church to pay their respects to Delia on her final journey. The support from everyone, even at a distance, was so appreciated. We would also like to thank those of you who travelled for Delia’s funeral. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions. Delia’s First Anniversary Mass and her late husband Frank’s 50th Anniversary Mass, will take place on Saturday, December 11th at 7pm in St. Patrick’s Church, Knockcroghery. Sadly missed by her son Jim, grandchildren Karen, Robert and Bryan, daughter-in-law Martina, niece Patricia, brother-in-law Leo and extended relatives, neighbours and friends.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Say for three days and promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. I.W.

PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN O Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother. O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mary, I place this cause in your hands (3 times). Say this prayer for 3 consecutive days. M.C.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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Athleague, Co. Roscommon (7th Anniversry)

Racecourse Road, Roscommon

O’CONNOR Gerry Late of Cyprus Villas and Galway Road, Co. Roscommon (4th Anniversary 9th December 2017)

FITZGERALD George Jamestown, Four Roads, Co. Roscommon (25th Anniversary)

KEMMITT Sadie (nee Keane) Rathmoyle, Castlerea (2nd Anniversary) In loving memory of Sadie who died 3rd December 2019.

BRIAN MURRAY MEMORIALS • Superior Quality Headstones • Restoration work carried out • New Inscriptions added


087 6758874

May the winds of love blow softly, and whisper for you to hear, we will always love and miss you and wish that you were here. If it’s memories that keep us close, then we are never far apart, for you are always on our minds and forever in our hearts.

In loving memory of Richard, who died on 8th December 2014 R.I.P. A silent thought a quiet prayer for you, dear Richard in God’s care. Deep in our hearts your memory is kept too dearly loved to ever forget.

So sadly missed and always remembered by his wife Margaret, daughter Belinda and families. Anniversary Mass in Castlecoote Church on Sunday, 5th December at 11.30am.

Loved and remembered by Mam, Dad, Jude and Sinéad. xxxx Anniversary Mass for James in the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon on Saturday, 11th December at 11am.

SCANLON John, Mary Anne & Sean Emlaghroyan, Donamon


Mary Anne


In loving memory of our dear parents and brother whose anniversaries occur: Mary Anne, 6th December 2016, John, 18th August 1979 and Sean, 29th January 1997. Rest in Peace.

Time slips by and life goes on but from our hearts you are never gone .

Lovingly remembered by Michael, Mamie, Annie, Rosaleen, Eileen and extended family. Anniversary Mass on Saturday, 4th December at 7pm in St. Patrick’s Church, Cloverhill.

Scrine, Athleague, www.brianmuraystone.com Co. Roscommon E: brianmurraystone@gmail.com A day that’s filled with sadness, returns to us today to mark the day you closed you eyes and quietly slipped away. You had a smile for everyone you had a heart of gold you left the sweetest memories, this world could ever hold. A smile can hide our sadness, tears can be wiped away, but the heartache of losing you will never go away, because you were so special, no words could ever say how much we love and miss you today and everyday. We sent a dove to Heaven with a parcel on its wings, be careful how you open it for its full of beautiful things. Inside are a million kisses, wrapped up in a million hugs to tell you that we miss you and give you all our love.


Just a prayer from the family who loved you, just a memory fond and true. In our hearts you will live forever, because we thought the world of you.

Always remembered by your family. Anniversary Mass will be held in Church of Good Shepherd, Four Roads on Wednesday, 8th December at 11am.

BIRTHDAY REMEMBRANCE 100th Birthday 25/11/2021


Deerpark, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon

MONTH’S MIND MASS Your always had a smile to share, a laugh, a joke and time to care, a wonderful nature, warm and true, those are the memories we have of you.

Sadly missed by her brother, sisters and extended family and friends. Anniversary Mass on Sunday, 26th December at 9am in St. Patrick’s Church, Castlerea.

GARVEY Joan Ballinaheglish, Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon (4th Anniversary) In loving memory of Joan – much loved wife, mother and granny who passed away on December 3rd 2017.

Loved and never forgotten by his heartbroken parents, daughters, brothers, sister, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncle, nieces and nephews and extended family and friends. Anniversary Mass in St. Joseph’s Church, Kilteevan on Thursday, 9th December at 7pm.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Say for three days and promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. D.D.

In loving memory of George who passed away on 10th December 1996

THE MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Say for three days and promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. K.D. THE MIRACLE PRAYER Heartfelt thanksgiving to St. Martin, St. Anthony, Fr. Rookey, St. Peregrine the Cancer Saint, Blessed Virgin, St. Rita, St. Jude and Blessed Padre Pio for favours granted. Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry. Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry. Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry. Amen. K.D. PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail) O Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my Mother (make request). O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (3 times). Holy Mother, I place this cause in your Hands (3 times). Thank you for you mercy towards me and mine. This prayer must be said for three days and after that the request will be granted (will never fail). This prayer must be published immediately. M.L.

(Granny) Softly the leaves of memory fall, gently we gather and treasure them all. Unseen, unheard, you are always near so missed, so loved, so very dear.

Loved and remembered by her sons and daughters.

GRANNY Your smile was made of sunshine, your heart was made of gold. Thank you for the precious years and the memories we hold.

Love your grandchildren Niall, Tara, Saoirse and Sarah. A Mass celebrating Mary’s 100th Birthday will be held in Ballinagare on Saturday, 4th December at 8pm.

We think of you in silence we often speak your name but all we have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your resting place we visit and put flowers there with care but no one knows the heartache as we turn and leave you there. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. Though absent you are very near still loved still missed and very dear.

Loved and remembered every day by husband John, daughters Deirdre and Emer, sons John and Niall, son-inlaw Brian and grandchildren Senan, Ruan and Emilia. Anniversary Mass in Cloverhill Church on Friday, 3rd December at 7pm.

FINAN Kathleen

Celtic Avenue, Roscommon Who passed away on 29th October 2021

We the family of the late Kathleen Finan wish to thank most sincerely all those who sympathised and supported us on the loss of a dear wife, mother and nana. We will be forever grateful to those who visited, made phone calls, posted condolences online, sent cards and letters to Mom during her illness and travelled to the funeral. Thanks to all the nurses, Doctors and staff at Roscommon Hospital, Galway University Hospital and the Palliative Care Team who took such excellent care of Mom. A special thanks to friends, neighbours and extended family members who brought food and refreshments and to all who helped in our home. To Fr. Douglas Ziggi and Fr. Kevin Fallon who visited Mom during her time in hospital. To Monsignor Travers for all his visits throughout the years and for his prayers, especially in Mom’s last days. Thanks to Fr. Kevin Fallon for a most beautiful mass and to Fred Mulryan and Peter Burke for lovely music. Thanks to Smyth’s Funeral Directors for their total professionalism in arranging Mom’s funeral. To the grave diggers who beautifully prepared Mom’s final resting place. To her Godson Peter Burke who played beautiful music at her graveside. Thanks to Hannon’s Hotel and their staff for the lovely meal provided. Thanks to all great neighbours and friends for the lovely way they lined the road as Mom made her journey from her home to the church. Mom always enjoyed being part of many local groups and especially loved the days she went to Derrane Resource Centre, Roscommon Swimming Pool, Active Age Group, Pioneer dinner dances, bingo and of course the card games, where she always enjoyed the craic. As it not possible to thank you all individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude. A mass will be offered for your intention. Kathleen’s Month’s Mind Mass will take place on Saturday, 4th December at 7pm in Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon.

THANKSGIVINGS THE MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Say for three days and promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. D.D.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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Cois na Coille, Galway and formerly of Lecarrow, Co. Roscommon Who passed away on the 6th December 2020

MURPHY Una (nee O’Keeffe)


Renefarna, Ruskey, Co. Roscommon (2nd Anniversary)

Scramogue, Co. Roscommon (2nd Anniversary) In loving memory of Stephen who passed away on the 3rd December 2019.

In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother who died on 7th December 2019. We, Lindsey’s heartbroken parents John and Margaret, sister Ashling, brother Martin, brother-inlaw Jason and our extended family deeply appreciate and are extremely thankful to each and everyone who expressed their sympathy with us on our most devastating loss of our beloved Lindsey. We are extremely grateful to all who sent flowers, sympathy cards, enrolment certificates, Mass Cards, letters, phone calls, text messages and all who called personally to our home to offer sympathy and support. We will never forget our kind neighbours and friends who rallied round, bringing food and refreshments and looked after us and all who called to our home during the days following our tragic loss, and who have continued to support us over the past year. We want to express our gratitude to the kind gentleman who alerted the Emergency Services and to the Ambulance Crew who attended to Lindsey. To Roscommon Gardaí, Sergeant Michael Byrne and Garda Maura Hopkins and Garda Finbarr Thomas of Mill Street Garda Station for their kindness and compassion shown to us at the time and in the weeks and months following. To Cavan Traffic Corps. for traffic management and escort to Lakelands Crematorium. To the undertaker Donal Hamrock for your kindness and respect as you took care of our most precious Lindsey’s farewell. To Deacon Willie Gacquin for coming to our home and offering prayers and blessings for Lindsey as we prepared for her eternal rest. To Lakelands Crematorium for their help and guidance in organising our dear Lindsey’s send off and celebration of her life. To all who lined the route from our home in Lecarrow Village as we accompanied our beloved Lindsey on her final journey, it was such a lovely gesture. To her Landlord Richard O’Hanlon who spoke so highly of Lindsey. To her employers Murray and Spelman Financial Services, Galway for your glowing tribute to Lindsey as an employee and as a person, it was so comforting to us. To the Coroner and Garda Nora Brady at the Coroners Office for all your help. And lastly to her true loyal friends whom she adored, she was blessed with the best, thank you. Thank you all for sharing memories, videos and stories with us and for all your continued support especially Sinead and Rob. It is a testament to Lindsey and who she was. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, we hope you will accept this acknowledgement as an appreciation of our gratitude. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions. Our darling Lindsey May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear how much we love and miss you and wish that you were here Lindsey’s Anniversary Memorial Tribute will take place in Galway on Monday, 6th December 2021 Forever loved, Forever missed.

THANKSGIVINGS NOVENA TO THE SACRED HEART Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours. This time I ask this you for this special favour. (mention it). Take it Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour, not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail. M.L.

If roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in dear Mammy’s arms and tell her they’re from me. Tell her I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while. Because remembering her is easy, I do it every day, but there’s an ache within my heart that just never goes away.

Lovingly remembered and missed by Ann and Liam and your beloved grandchildren, Laura, Rachel, Rebecca and Chloe. Mother, you left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, although we cannot see you still, you’re always at our side.

Sadly missed and remembered by Michael.

Always so good, unselfish and kind, few on this earth your equal we find, honourable and upright in all your ways, loyal and true to the end of your days. You are not forgotten, dear Mother

Lovingly remembered forever by Pauric.

Little did we know that morning, God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death, we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, for part of us went with you the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always by our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.

Always lovingly remembered and missed by Vinny and Monica and your much loved grandchildren, Eoghan, Aaron and Kilian. There is someone who misses you sadly, and finds the time long since you went, There is someone who thinks of you always, and tries to be brave and content. Gone is the face we loved so dear, silent the voice we loved to hear, It’s sad but true, we wonder why, we find it hard to say goodbye.

Sadly missed and lovingly remembered by David and Geraldine. They say there is a reason, they say that time will heal, but neither time nor reason, will change the way we feel. For no one knows the heartache that lies beyond our smiles, no one knows how many times we have broken down and cried. We want to tell you something, so there won’t be any doubt, you’re so wonderful to think of, but so hard to be without. We cannot bring the old days back when we were all together. The family chain is broken now but the memories live forever.

On that December morning you heard a gentle call you took the hand God offered you and quietly left us all. The day you left us our hearts just broke in two, the smallest part is still with us and the biggest part with you. For the rest of our lives we will miss you our secret tears still flow. Just how much we loved you no one will ever know. We miss your smile, your joking ways, we miss the things you used to say. And when old times we do recall, it’s then we miss you most of all. You were always there when we needed you, no task too great or small. With loving heart and willing hands for us you did it all. Look around your garden Lord and when he turns and smiles, put your arm around him and hold him for a while.

Loved and remembered by his wife Ursula, sons John and Michael, daughters Tara, Lisa and Deirdre, sons-inlaw, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, relatives and friends. Anniversary Mass in St. Anne’s Church, Scramogue on Sunday, 5th December 10am.

GERAGHTY Myra Kilmore, Athleague, Roscommon Who passed away on 6th December 2010 (11th Anniversary)

Your life was full of kindly deeds, a helping hand to all in need, a pleasant smile, a heart of gold, no better friend this world could hold.

Always loved and remembered by Maura, Colette and Noel.

Lovingly remembered and missed by Laura, Rachel, Rebecca, Chloe, Eoghan, Aaron, Kilian and Mia xxx Anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 5th December at 11.30 am in Rooskey Church and streamed via - link churchtv.ie/ rooskey.html

NESTOR Stephen and Bridget Curraghboy, Athlone, Co. Roscommon

Who died 3rd January 1999 (22nd Anniversary)

Mammy, you are forever loved and sadly missed by Teresa and Ollie and your much cherished granddaughter Mia x

A special time, a special face, a special Granny we can’t replace, with an aching heart, we whisper low, we miss you Granny and love you so xxx


Remembering Myra with love and affection

Your presence we miss Your memory we treasure.

Forever in our thoughts Bernie and Mike.

Who died 1st October 2010 (11th Anniversary)

Remembering also their beloved daughter

Anne O’Brien (nee Nestor) Leixlip, Co. Kildare Who died 20th April 2020

Although the world keeps turning., and the sun comes up each day, life has never been the same since you all were called away.

Sadly misssed by all the family. A Memorial Mass will be held in St. Bridget’s Church, Curraghboy on Friday, 3rd December 2021 at 7pm.



Ballymacfrane, Donamon, Co. Roscommon (1st Anniversary)

Gailey, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon. (4th Anniversary)

In loving memory of Nancy who died on 6th December 2020

In loving memory of Jimmy who died on 5th December 2017.

Memories are precious, they don’t fade away. We think of you always especially today, there’s no tomorrows that we can share, but yesterday’s memories will always be there.

Fondly remembered by her sons Sean, Noel, Padraic, Gerry, Liam daughtersin-law Frances, Carmel, Marie, Catherine, AnnMarie, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Anniversary Mass in Clooneycolgan Church on Sunday, 5th December at 9.30am.

AFTERGLOW I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an Afterglow of smiles when Life is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when Life is done.

We miss you Jimmy and mourn you in sorrow unseen and dwell on the memories of days that have been. Anniversary Mass will be celebrated at a later date.

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

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Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

Sports PEOPLE Connacht draw boost for Roscommon < SEAMUS DUKE

Cregg calls time on county career

Cathal Cregg pictured in National League action against Dublin at Dr. Hyde Park earlier this year. Cregg has this week announced his retirement from inter-county football. Pic: Mick McCormack


One of Roscommon’s most talented footballers over the past two decades, Cathal Cregg, has decided to call time on his inter-county career.

The Western Gaels man had been on the county scene since his minor days in 2005 and he has won two Connacht senior championship medals (2010 and 2019) in his sixteen years playing for Roscommon. Cregg also won countless other titles dur-

ing an illustrious career including a Sigerson Cup in 2010 with DCU when he lined up alongside the likes of Philly McMahon, Jonny Cooper, Bryan Cullen, Paul Flynn and Peader Andrews. He also represented Ireland in the Compromise Rules series in 2014 in

Australia when Paul Earley was the Ireland manager. Cregg is now the Games Development Officer for Connacht GAA and Roscommon fans will look back on many memorable displays over the years in a Roscommon jersey.

Faithleach’s set for final push AIB Connacht Club IFC Semi-Final: St. Faithleach’s v St. Farnan’s (Sligo) at Dr. Hyde Park on Saturday at 1.30 pm < SEAMUS DUKE

After falling over the line in the Roscommon intermediate final against St. Dominic’s, St. Faithleach’s will fancy their chances of getting to a provincial final when they face the Sligo champions St. Farnan’s in Dr. Hyde Park on Saturday.

The Sligo champions hail from the parishes of Templeboy and Dromore West and they defeated St. Molaise Gaels in the Sligo county final by 0-12 to 1-8. Mattie Long and Eamon Kilgannon are players to watch in the defence. Up front Patrick O’Connor is their main scorer but watch out also for Shane O’Brien and Ciaran O’Connor. Faithleach’s will be hoping to field a strong team. David Harrison is out, but Wally Burke’s side have plenty of players to step into the breach on Saturday. Mikey Cox, Adrian Murtagh, and Darren Nerney will lead from the back while David Rooney and Connell Kennelly will be hoping to continue the good

form that they showed in the Roscommon championship. But it’s up front where Faithleach’s will be hoping to prosper with Ciaráin and Diarmuid Murtagh leading the line, and if Kevin Farrell, Jonathan Hussey and Cathal Gunn can make big contributions, Faithelach’s will be well on their way. Football at this time of the year is unpredictable and can be low scoring and dour, but Faithleach’s at home and with their firepower should be able to win this and get to a Connacht final. Prediction: St. Faithleach’s

Roscommon footballers have been handed a favourable draw ahead of next year’s Connacht Senior Football Championship, as Anthony Cunningham’s men will face either Sligo or New York for a place in the Connacht final. On the other side of the draw, Mayo will face Galway in the opening round with the winners playing Leitrim or London in the semi-final. The FBD League will also be played in 2022 and Roscommon will take on either Sligo or Leitrim in the semifinal which will be played at the new Connacht Dome in Ballyhaunis on Saturday, January 8th. Meanwhile, the Roscommon Ladies footballers will play Sligo this weekend in the delayed Connacht Intermediate Championship. The losers will face Leitrim while the winners will progress to the provincial final. On the club scene, Roscommon senior champions Pádraig Pearses will now face Galway champions Mountbellew/Moylough in the re-fixed Connacht senior club championship semi-final on Saturday week at Dr. Hyde Park at 1.30 pm. This weekend, the other semi-final between Knockmore (Mayo) and Tourlestrane (Sligo) will be played in Ballina.


Athleague in Clarinbridge clash Roscommon senior camogie champions Athleague are set to face Galway champions, Clarinbridge, in the final of the Connacht Intermediate Camogie Championship at 2 pm this Saturday in Clarinbridge. Athleague are fresh from their county final win over St. Dominic’s but will face a difficult assignment in Galway. In the junior championship, Roscommon champions Four Roads are also in action against Galway opposition this weekend when they take on Salthill-Knocknacarra.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

SportsPeople Handball

Another All-Ireland title for Treacy! Siobhan Treacy capped off a brilliant end to the year for Roscommon juvenile handball when she won her second U-17 All-Ireland title in four weeks. This time around she added the Coviddelayed 2020 40x20 title to the 60x30 one she annexed at the end of October. Siobhan faced Una Brophy of Laois in the beautiful Kingscourt complex in Cavan last Saturday and they served up a thriller. Due to the quick turnaround

from over a year playing 60x30 handball, Siobhan struggled to adapt to the quicker small court in the early exchanges as Brophy’s accurate serving and roof game racked up most of the points. Once Siobhan made some adjustments to her footwork however, the match tightened up considerably and what followed was a tense encounter. Brophy’s early lead helped her to a 21-14 first game win, but the second was titfor-tat the whole way with Siob-

han just edging it 21-17. The tie-breaker could have gone either way, with both taking leads, but a vital timeout at 5-8 down stalled the Laois girl’s momentum and Siobhan cooly picked her way to a nail-biting 11-8 win. Lisacul’s Shauna Corrigan’s great run in the 2020 40x20 Girls U-14 singles ended in disappointment when she was beaten by Kilkenny’s Katie Brennan on the same bill.

Shauna had blasted her way through all opposition back in early 2020, but her momentum was badly stalled by Covid. She is an accomplished footballer and like so many other dual players, handball took a backseat during the extended delay. The short preparation time for the final did her no favours and though she tried hard and showed glimpses of her undoubted potential, the Kilkenny girl was just a little sharper, winning 15-6, 15-7.

Horses for Courses Racing today is at Clonmel with a national hunt card away at 12 pm. Tomorrow evening there is a flat card at Dundalk, off at 4 pm. Navan race on Saturday at 12 pm and feature the Grade B Bective Stud Handicap Hurdle, the Grade B Foxrock Handicap Chase, Grade 2 Navan Novice Hurdle, and the Grade 3 Klarion Davis Novice Chase on a top-class card. There are two meetings on Sunday at Cork at 12.10 pm and Punchestown at 12.25 pm. Cork features two Grade 2 races, the Mares Novice Chase and the Hilly Way Chase along with the Grade 3 Stayers Novice Hurdle. The feature race of the day is at Punchestown, the Grade 1 John Durkan Memorial Chase Terrestrial TV racing begins on Friday with four races from Sandown, including the Grade 2 Winter Novices Hurdle and three from Exeter on ITV. On Saturday, they are covering eight races with four from Aintree and four from Sandown including two Grade 1 races the Henry VIII Novice Chase and the Tingle Creek Chase. Gordon Elliott has Tiger Roll entered in the Grade 2 Many Clouds Chase at Aintree where Willie Mullins has the second favourite Al Boum Photo, the 2020

Gold Cup winner. They both have Protektorat trained by Dan Skelton to beat.

Review of the Week

The highlight of the Fairyhouse was the performance of Henry de Bromhead’s super mare Honeysuckle with Rachael Blackmore in the saddle winning her third Hatton’s Grace Grade 1 Hurdle in fine style by 8l over Matthew Smith’s Ronald Pump and Gordon Elliott’s Abacadabras another 2¼l away in third. The 7-Y-O has now run up a winning sequence of 13 including the Cheltenham and two Irish Champion Hurdles in her nine Grade 1 wins in which Blackmore was ever present in the saddle. Local interest Skyace finished seventh of the eight runners. In the two other Grade 1 races on the card, the hot pot in the Royal Bond Novice Hurdle, My Mate Mozzie, came undone as the Willie Mullins 12/1 shot Statuaire caught him on the line to win by a short head with Mighty Potter 1¼l back in third. Noel Meade and Denis O’Regan combined with Beacon Edge to win the Drinmore Novice Chase from Gabynako and Fury Road with 1¼l and a head to spare. O’Regan completed a riding double, Gordon Elliott a training

double as Smoking Gun won the Grade B Porterstown Handicap Chase. Blackmore and de Bromhead also completed a double as 25/1 Gua Du Large caused a shock in the Grade A Handicap Hurdle winning by a neck from Glan. In the Grade 3 Juvenile Hurdle, odds-on Fil Dor looked impressive for Elliott and Davy Russell. On Saturday, the Grade B Handicap Chase was won by Pat Fahy’s Dunvegan ridden by Bryan Cooper who completed a treble at the meeting with Lieutenant Command and Grangee.

Racing News

Willie Mullins is responsible 9 of the 17 remaining entries for Sunday’s John Durkan Memorial Punchestown Chase. The champion trainer has saddled seven previous winners of this Grade 1 contest, with the now-retired Min winning the last three renewals. His nine include Allaho, Chacun Pour Soi, Al Boum Photo, Asterion Forlonge, Franco De Port, Janidil, Kemboy, Melon and Tornado Flyer. Allaho, winner of last season’s Ryanair Chase at Cheltenham, looks to be his main hope here but he is also entered in Saturday’s Betfair Tingle Creek Chase

by Tom Red

where Mullins is expected to send Chacun Pour Soi across the small pond. Henry de Bromhead has three in the mix: Envoy Allen, Grand National winner Minella Times and Notebook. Elliott also has three: Battleoverdoyen, Hardline and Samcro, while Joseph O’Brien could saddle recent Clonmel Oil Chase victor Fakir D’oudairies. Ellmarie Holden’s Ex Patriot is the other hopeful.

Point-to-Point News No racing on Saturday in the north but there are three meetings down south on Sunday with racing at Ballindenisk in Cork with 173 entries, at Lingstown in Wexford with 144 entries and nearer home, at Corbeagh House outside Edgeworthstown in Longford, with 132 runners. With the large entry across the board racing begins at the earlier time of 11.30 pm at all three meetings. History was made last weekend at Moig South when Liz Lalor equalled Helen Bryce-Smith’s alltime record of 109 winners. The 38-year-old Lalor equalled the record on the David Christie trained On The Sod at in the ladies open. It is only a matter of time before she establishes a new record.

‘Dads and Lads’ hurling in Four Roads

Siobhan Treacy capped off a brilliant end to the year for Roscommon juvenile handball when she won her second U-17 All-Ireland title in four weeks.

Shor t putts (News from local golf clubs)

Athlone Last weekend’s Singles Stableford competition was won by Kevin Maguire with a score of 30 points. Other Results: Cat A: Thomas Gilhooly (27); Cat B: Declan Corcoran (30); Cat C: Derek Martin (27); Cat D: Oran Fahy. The results for the Johnny Bracken Memorial Trophy which took place last Thursday were as follows: Winner: E. Moloney (29); C1: D. O’Donoghue (21); C2: PJ Harris (25); C3: G. Ballantyne (23); C4 Vets: E. Fayne. Last week’s Ladies’ competition was won by Deirdre Connolly with a score of 24 points and Yvonne Walsh was runner-up with 23 points.

Castlerea The AGM will take place in the clubhouse on Tuesday, December 7th at 8 pm. Club competitions continue on a weekly basis for both the Ladies and Men, and the Ladies will play the Christmas Hamper Competition during December.

Roscommon It was with sadness that we learned of the passing of our friend and club member John F. Neilan. He was a popular character both on and off the course, serving as President during our club centenary year in 2004. To his wife Peggy and family we extend our sincere sympathy. May John rest in peace. Paul Hoare was once again the winner of the 15-hole Stableford Competition with 37 points. Declan Dowling narrowly finished second on 36 points. John Cunningham and Alan Craven took third and gross prizes respectively. Meanwhile, Bernie Browne won the Ladies’ 9-hole competition, with Claire Keane in second place. Helen Earley was victorious in the Ladies’ Seniors, with Gertie Spillane in second place, Nuala Costello in third place and Una Gleeson in fourth. JT Finn was the winner of the Men’s Senior competition on Thursday last with a score of 36 points. Congratulations to Richard Browne who recently won ‘Golfer of the Month’.


Four Roads’ ‘Dads and Lads’ hurling team is proving to be a bit hit with 23 players currently signed up to the Healthy Club initiative. New members are always welcome and further details are available on the Four Roads Healthy Club and Hurling Club Facebook pages.

The Men’s AGM will take place this evening (Thursday, December 2nd) at 8 pm via Zoom. Oliver Duignan was the winner of week two in the Winter League with a score of 21 points.


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

SportsPeople Creggs RFC Report


Creggs in bonus point win over Westport

Creggs came away with a fantastic bonuspoint win (29-18) over Westport at The Green on Sunday last, a result which puts them top of the Connacht J1A League table after four matches. Meanwhile, the Creggs Development team narrowly lost out to Our Lady’s Boys Club on a scoreline of 18-14. Creggs had led 6-3 after 25 minutes thanks to well-struck penalties from Brian Cleary but OLBC responded with tries either side of half-time to gain a foothold in proceedings. Michael Feeley provided a glimmer of hope for Creggs with a try in the closing stages but OLBC restored control with a vital penalty from the restart to see out the win. Creggs did earn a late bonus point when Cleary slotted another penalty and they will be hoping for a better outcome when they take on Carrick-on-Shannon this Sunday at The Green.

Youth Rugby


Kings return to court Castlerea Kings recently made their long-awaited return to the court with a brilliant 63-54 win over Sligo All Stars at The Hub. A new-look side, led by the inspirational Seanie McDermott, was forced to dig deep in the final quarter to come away with the victory in the LLR League. Tomas Callaghan has taken over as player coach. He has also assembled a youthful ladies’ team who will begin their campaign shortly. Castlerea Kings regret that only a small number of supporters can attend games due to Covid-19 restrictions. Team and scorers v Sligo: Joe Fleming (3), Seanie McDermott (12), Daniel Doherty (1), Tomas Callaghan (9), Daragh Lowrey, Tautvydas Kersulis, David Quinn (12), Ronan Cahill, Mike Callaghan, TJ Hannon, Frank Hester, Joseph Henry (26), and Jack Woods.

Ballinasloe Town and Boyle Celtic progress in FAI Centenary Cup < DAN DOONER

Catch me if you can! Kevin Gavin outruns Ross Bourke during Sunday’s Connacht J1A League match

Creggs’ U-18 and U-16 Girls teams have between Creggs and Westport in Creggs. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell both qualified for the Connacht Division One League finals. The U-18s will take on Claremorris on Saturday while the U-16s will play Ballina the following weekend. The U-18 Girls had a very impressive 5012 win over Westport with Sarah Purcell, Nadine Fitzmaurice, Jemima Adams Verling, Roisin Maher and Sarah Purcell the try scorers. The U-16s, meanwhile, had already booked their final spot before beating Ballinasloe 24-17 away from home. Remarkably, Ballinasloe were 17-0 up before tries from Sarah Purcell (2), Michaela Gillooly, Julie Ann Fahy completed a remarkable Creggs comeback. Commiserations to the U-14 Boys who narrowly missed out on their own Division One final when they drew 22-22 with Sligo last Saturday. The boys almost completed another stunning comeback from 17 points down. Tries Creggs’ U-16 Girls have qualified for the Connacht League Final. from Jack Finn, Luke Shelly, and Cian Trimble brought Creggs level by half-time but they were unable to push on and seal a memorable win in the second half. The U-14s return this Sunday to take on Corrib in a friendly in Creggs. The U-13 Boys produced a good performance away to Ballina last Sunday in Connacht League Division One but were beaten 17-10. Luke Hayes and Michael O’Brien were the try scorers and the U13s are back in action this Saturday away to Buccaneers. The U-15 Boys are in league action this Saturday away to Gort while the U-17s are at home to Loughrea. The U-18.5s are away to Sligo on Sunday in League Division One.

Mini Rugby Mini Rugby players will take on teams from Ballinrobe in a Blitz this Saturday at 10 am in Creggs. New boys and girls are always welcome. The Creggs U-14 Girls had another great win, defeating Ballina 41-20 last weekend.

Roscommon & District Football League sides, Ballinasloe Town and Boyle Celtic, are through to the last 32 of the FAI Centenary Cup following wins over Munster opposition on Sunday last. Boyle Celtic made the long journey to Waterford Division One side Portlaw United, and came away with a convincing 2-0 win. Louis Garvin had them ahead at the break before Shane Battles wrapped up a famous win in the second half. Ballinasloe Town entertained one of the leading lights in the Kerry League, Listowel Celtic, in what proved to be a real cup thriller at the Curragh Grounds. The hosts took the lead

after just five minutes when Darragh Concannon headed home the rebound after his penalty was saved. Liam Lynch then doubled the Town lead with another header shortly after. Listowel were reduced to ten men before the home side appeared to put the game to bed before the break when Mark Duffy got on the end of a Jordan O’Leary pass to make it 3-0. However, the visitors fought back bravely and a penalty just before halftime gave them hope. They reduced the deficit to a single goal mid-way through the second half but ran out of steam towards the end with Ballinasloe finishing the stronger of the two sides to hold on and book their place in the next round.

Soccer Results RDFL Division One Skyvalley Rovers 2 Ballinagare Manor United 0 RDFL Division Two Moore United B 0 Rahara Rovers 2 Skyvalley Rovers B 1 Cloonfad United B 1 Boyle Celtic B 1 Ballaghaderreen FC B 4 Dunmore Town B 4 Roscommon United B 2 Cam Celtic 9 St. Cuan’s Ahascragh United 0 Ballymoe FC B 8 St. John’s Athletic B 3

FIXTURES Friday, December 3rd

RDFL Division Two (8 pm) Moore United B v St. John’s Athletic B Ballymoe FC B v Ballaghaderreen FC B

Sunday, December 5th

Connacht FA Cup Cloonfad United v Ballyheane. 2 pm RDFL Premier Division Kilkerrin United v Castlerea Celtic. 11 am Moylough ’79 v Ballymoe FC. 11 am Ballaghaderreen FC v Ballinasloe Town. 2 pm Moore United v Boyle Celtic. 2 pm RDFL Division One Ballinasloe Town B v Roscommon United. 11 am Ballinagare Manor United v Shiven Rovers. 2 pm CP Ajax v Dysart FC. 2 pm Dunmore Town v Skyvalley Rovers. 2 pm RDFL Division Two Cam Celtic v Skyvalley Rovers B. 11 am Rahara Rovers v Dunmore Town B. 11 am Roscommon United B v Cloonfad United B. 11 am St. Cuan’s Ahascragh United v Boyle Celtic B. 2 pm


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Connacht woe for Joe’s! St. Patrick’s halt provincial adventure AIB Connacht Junior Club FC Semi-Final St. Patrick’s 4-17 St. Joseph’s 0-3 < DAN DOONER

St. Joseph’s’ first Connacht adventure since 2003 was ended rather abruptly by an ice-cold St. Patrick’s outfit in the chilly environs of Markievicz Park on Saturday last as the Sligo side romped home to a 26-point win to book their place in the Connacht final. St. Joseph’s captain Johnny Mannion, however, was philosophical at the full-time whistle. “I think the gap from when we got knocked out was just too long and we never got going. They were on their third week on the bounce and they were fitter and stronger, they outplayed us all over the field,” he said. “We were trying to keep the mood up in camp, thinking that we had a chance, but it’s always in the back of your mind that these guys have won Sligo, they played intermediate football very recently, and we got knocked out in a semi-final. You always come hoping that you’ll get a victory, but it wasn’t to be”.

The hope and optimism of the first ten minutes, which saw Mickey Joe Egan give Joseph’s an early lead while St. Patrick’s toiled at the other end, quickly vanished before the first-half water break as the Sligo side finally found their range with five unanswered points. Unfortunately for the ‘Joe’s’ they were just getting started too. Goals from the often unplayable Padraic Clarke and Jim Davis, and points from Cathal Finneran, Pierce Kearins, David Giblin and Conor Kevaney followed by half-time. At that stage, St. Joseph’s were already staring down the barrel of a comprehensive defeat, trailing 2-9 to 0-2. Things didn’t get any easier for the Kilteevan side in the second period as Pierce Kearins raised a green flag within a minute of the restart. Half-time substitute James Clarke then got in on the act when he breezed through for goal number four just three minutes later as the Joseph’s’ resistance wilted under constant pressure. Bryan Dolan’s point ten minutes into the second half did offer brief respite but that’s where the scores dried up for the Roscommon club. Meanwhile, Patrick’s were in

merciless mood, picking off points and developing a 4-14 to 0-3 lead by the second water break. Three more St. Patrick’s scores from Padraic Clarke (a free), substitute Niall Connolly and Pierce Kearins polished off an impressive performance, and brought a shuddering halt to a St. Joseph’s’ campaign. “It was one of the best years I’ve ever had with the club. It was our first time to get to a semi-final since 2003,” Johnny Mannion said. “People forget that we haven’t an underage setup or anything and what we do is driven by the players; we’re the ones who get the managers and coaches in. “Although we were well beaten, it’s still a great day out for our club. To see all those people out there cheering us on, it’s great to see”. As for the way forward, the St. Joseph’s skipper believes more competitive football would help. “I always thought myself that there should be a championship alongside junior championship, that could be played during the league when the Roscommon county team is out. “If you had a championship with Kilglass, St. Mi-

Action from the Connacht GAA Club Junior Football Championship semi-final between St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s at Markievicz Park, Sligo. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell

chael’s, St. Ronan’s, St. Barry’s and ourselves, and the winner of that goes on to Connacht, they know then that that’s where they’re going,” he said. “We won the quarter-final and we got through on that, but if you knew beforehand, you’d be more prepared I think. “Then you’d play your normal championship against the ‘B teams’ of Brigid’s and Pearses to

keep the standard up, because you’re not going to improve if you’re just playing at your own level, you need to play better teams”. There’s no doubt St. Joseph’s encountered one of those ‘better teams’ last Saturday afternoon, but while the final score wasn’t pretty, the Kilteevan side can rightly be proud of their efforts in 2021.

Stat Attack Wides:

St. Patrick’s 10 (8 first half) St. Joseph’s 2 (None first half)

Yellow cards: St. Patrick’s 2 (Farrell 4 mins, C Kearins 39 mins) St. Joseph’s 3 (M Gilleran 10 mins, Dolan 29 mins, Timothy 55 mins) Black cards: St. Patrick’s 0 St. Joseph’s 1 (P Gilleran 47 mins) Red cards: None Man of the Match:

Padraic Clarke (St. Patrick’s)

Teams and scorers St. Patrick’s: T McMunn; J Egan, J Kearins, P Farrell; D Giblin (0-3), J McMunn, C Giblin; C Kearins, C Kevaney (0-1, a free); P Kearins (1-3, one free), D Brady (0-1), C Finneran (0-2); J Davis (1-1, one free), O Kevaney, P Clarke (1-3, one free). Subs used: J Clarke (1-1) for Farrell (half-time), N Connolly (0-2) for O Kevaney (39), E Clarke for J Kearins (48), C Brady for Davis (48), C Lacken for Giblin (52). St. Joseph’s: G Reynolds; D Gibbons, E Garvey, B Garvey; P Gilleran, S Gilleran, Chris Feeney; P Feeney, D Gillooly; L Egan, S Gilleran, MJ Egan (02); J Mannion, B Dolan (0-1), M Gilleran. Subs used: D Hynes for Gillooly (half-time), E Keenan for Chris Feeney (41), N Timothy for S Gilleran (41), Conor Feeney for M Gilleran (45), K Coyle for P Gilleran (58). Action from the Connacht GAA Club Junior Football Championship semi-final between St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s at Markievicz Park, Sligo. Pic: Bernie O’Farrell

Referee: A Coyne (Galway)


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021

SportsPeople Patricia Beirne is new Chair of LGFA

Clann na nGael’s Kelley Colgan pictured in action during the Connacht Club Championship semi-final at Johnstown on Sunday last. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Clann na nGael’s Megan Kelly closes down Kilkerrin-Clonberne’s Ailish Morrissey during the Connacht Club Championship semi-final at Johnstown on Sunday last. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Clann struck for six as Kilkerrin march on Connacht LFGA Club SC Semi-Final Kilkerrin-Clonberne 6-22 Clann na nGael 0-4 Clann na nGael may have ended Kilbride’s dominance of the ladies football scene in Roscommon this year but they could do little to halt the Kilkerrin-Clonberne juggernaut at Johnstown on Sunday last. The reigning Connacht champions were in irresistible form as they

continued on their way to another provincial final with a spell-binding display of attacking football. Eva Noone, Chloe Miskell and Ailish Morrissey ran riot in the opening exchanges as the Galway side ran up a 0-10 to 0-1 lead by the first-half water break. This early display of attacking intent was added to by goals from Miskell and Louise Ward to give the visitors a 2-14 to 0-2 lead at the interval. Clann’s points came from Jenny Higgins and Ruth Finlass, who tried in vain to relieve the constant barrage of attacks. The second half proved even more

difficult for the Roscommon champions as further goals from teenage substitute Áine Shaughnessy (2), Chloe Miskell and Nicola Ward sent Kilkerrin-Clonberne on their way to a final showdown against GlencarManorhamilton.

Kilkerrin-Clonberne: L Murphy; C Costello, S Gormally, A Costello; C Dunleavey, N Ward (1-0), K Mee; S Divilly, L Ward (1-0); O Divilly (0-7, 3 frees), H Noone, L Noone; E Noone (0-4), C Miskell (2-4), A Morrissey (0-5, 1 free). Subs used: A Shaughnessy (2-2) for H Noone (39), S Fahy for C Cos-

tello (46), S Mee for O Divilly (48), M Flanagan for Morrissey (53), C Boyle for L Noone (53). Clann na nGael: G Killilea-Jamil; M Macken, A Connaughton, M Kelly; K Colgan, O O’Neill, R Finlass (0-1); I Crehan, J Higgins (0-1); S Bannon, R Lennon, K Finlass; S Farrell (0-1, a free), C Lennon, K Earle (0-1). Subs used: G Hannon for K Finlass (34), G Wall for Crehan (39), E Kildea for R Lennon (51), C Quinn for Earle (53), E Duff for KillileaJamil (59). Referee: G McMahon (Mayo)

Over 25 clubs were represented at the recent Roscommon LGFA AGM which took place at the Hyde Centre in Roscommon town. The executive and committees for 2022 were nominated by the clubs with the large majority of the current committee retaining their roles. The most notable change saw Brendan Cregg stepping down from his role as Chairperson with Patricia Beirne taking over ahead of next year. Roscommon LGFA would like to wish Patricia well while offering sincere thanks to Brendan Cregg for his commitment to the position over the past five years. Departing Treasurer Sandra Shanagher was also thanked for her commitment to the role while the LGFA welcomes newly-elected Treasurer Michael McHugh. Anne Marie Hynes was also elected to the role of registrar. The AGM heard that there remain important roles to fill in fixtures and clubs were invited to put names forward. A statement from Roscommon LGFA read: “Thank you to all the players, managers, supporters, sponsors, and especially our committee members for everything they have done this year. “To the committee members who hold onto their roles, the members who stood down, and the new members who have stepped in: well done and thank you. Most notably, we wish to thank Ballymore and all our sponsors who have continued to offer support this year more than – it has been greatly appreciated. “Everyone gave their time in 2021 under difficult circumstances, and we hope you are all ready and willing to do it all again in 2022. We wish you the best of luck for 2022, and to all our members – new and old – and all our supporters, thank you!” Officers elected for 2022: Patricia Beirne (Chairperson), Johnny Cox (Vice-Chairperson), Marie McAleer (Secretary), Aileen Daly (Assistant Secretary), Michael McHugh (Treasurer), Yvonne Donohue (Assistant Treasurer), Anne Marie Hynes (Registrar), Michelle Hughes Walsh (PRO), Maureen Sharkey (Cultural and Irish Language Officer), Maire Allen (Children’s Officer), Marie McAleer and Grace O’Brien (delegates to Central Council), and Rosaline Timothy, Pat Heneghan and Michelle Hughes Walsh (delegates to Connacht Council).

GAA Results U-20 FC Division One (Group A) St. Brigid’s 4-18 Castlerea St. Kevin’s 0-6 U-20 FC Division One (Group B) Oran 2-11 Roscommon Gaels 2-3 U-20 FC Division Two (Group A) St. Dominic’s 6-9 Elphin-Ballinameen 1-9 St. Ciaran’s W/O Tulsk Lord Edwards U-20 FC Division Two (Group B) Strokestown 4-8 Boyle 1-12 U-20 FC Division Three (Group A) Kilmore/Shannon Gaels W/O St. Croan’s

Fixtures Friday, December 3rd U-20 FC Division Two Semi-Finals At Kilbride: St. Ciaran’s v Strokestown. 8 pm At Ballyforan: Michael Glavey’s/Éire Óg v St. Dominic’s. 8.15 pm

Saturday, December 4th Tansey Cup Final At Enfield: Oran v Shannon Gaels. 2 pm AFL Division Five Semi-Final At Kilmore: Kilmore v St. Dominic’s. 2.30 pm U-21 Hurling Championship At TBC: Four Roads v Athleague/Tremane. 230 pm

Sunday, December 5th

Clann na nGael captain Ruth Finlass pictured in action during the Connacht Club Championship semi-final at Johnstown on Sunday last. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

Kilkerrin-Clonberne’s Chloe Costello and Clann na nGael’s Kara Earle compete for possession during the Connacht Club Championship semi-final at Johnstown on Sunday last. Pic: Michelle Hughes Walsh

AFL Division Five Semi-Final At Mulhern Park: Fuerty v St. Barry’s. 1 pm Junior B FC Final At Mulhern Park: Strokestown v Éire Óg. 2 pm U-20 FC Division One (Group A) At O’Rourke Park: Castlerea St. Kevin’s v Pádraig Pearses. 12 pm U-20 FC Division Three (Group A) At Ballyforan: St. Aidan’s v Kilmore/Shannon Gaels. 1 pm


Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


Tooreen too good as Athleague bow out AIB Connacht Club IHC Quarter-Final Tooreen 0-28 Athleague 2-7 < SEAMUS DUKE

There was further evidence of the widening gap between the standard of hurling in Roscommon and Mayo at Dr. Hyde Park last Saturday when Tooreen handed Athleague a heavy beating in this very onesided match played in bitterly cold conditions. Save for a mini-rally in the opening ten minutes of the second half, the Mayo side were in total control as they put up an impressive total and they never looked in any trouble against Padraig Mannion’s men. With Fergal Boland leading the charge, and Shane Boland,

Cathal Freeman, Liam Lavin, and Eoin Delaney not far behind, Tooreen took the game to Athleague from the opening minute and the scores flowed freely from all angles. By the 10th minute it was 0-9 to 0-1 with Shane Boland and Liam Lavin chipping in with two points apiece and Ben McGahon’s 8th minute free the only reply from the Athleague men. The onslaught continued until the break, by which time the Mayo side led by a whopping 0-18 to 0-4, with Ben McGahon (2) and Cormac Kelly the only Athleague scorers. In truth, by the half-time whistle this game was over as a contest. In fairness to Athleague, even though they knew that the win was beyond them, they started the second half well. Aengus Lyons pointed on the resumption and in the 33rd minute

Stat Attack Wides: Tooreen 8 (5 first half) Athleague 2 (1 first half) Red cards: None Yellow cards: Tooreen 2 (Gary Nolan, Fergal Boland) Athleague 2 (Aengus Lyons, Cormac Kelly) Man of the Match:

Fergal Boland (Tooreen)

Action from last Saturday’s Connacht Intermediate Hurling Championship Quarter-Final between Athleague and Tooreen at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

Robbie Fallon pounced for a goal from close range after Ronan O’Meara’s shot was saved by Tooreen goalkeeper Bobby Douglas. Ben McGahon added another point from play, and in the 40th minute Robbie Fallon was fouled in the big square and Ronan O’Meara blasted the resultant penalty to the Tooreen net. Now at least the scoreboard was slightly more respectable as the Mayo side’s lead was reduced to seven points (0-19 to 2-6). But unfortunately for Athleague, that was as good as it was going to get as Tooreen re-asserted their superiority

and the scores started to flow again. By the second water break it was 0-23 to 2-6 as they coasted to the easiest of wins and now they can prepare of a Connacht semi-final in London this coming weekend. The winners were best served by Stephen Coyne, Liam Lavin, Sean Kenny, Shane Boland, Cathal Freeman, and man of the match, Fergal Boland. For Athleague, it was a day that they will want to forget quickly. Ben McGahon, Ronan O’Meara and Robbie Fallon did their best, but they were fighting a lost cause from the very early stages.

Teams and scorers Tooreen: Bobby Douglas; Gary Nolan, Michael Morley, Daniel Huane; David Kenny, Stephen Coyne, Joe Boyle; John Cassidy (0-1), Liam Lavin (0-3); Sean Kenny (0-2), Fergal Boland (0-7), Eoin Delaney (0-3); Cathal Freeman (02), Sean Regan (0-1), Shane Boland (0-9, 6 frees). Subs: Conor Henry for Huane (41), Conor English for Lavin (41), David Harrisson for Morley (48), Brian Morley for Freeman (56). Athleague: David Connell; David Delaney, Niall Connolly, Mark Ward; Naoise Coyle, Eoghan Coyle, Pat Nolan; Darragh Heavey, Ben McGahon (0-5, 3 frees, ’65); Aengus Lyons (0-1), Ronan O’Meara (1-0, pen), Robbie Fallon (1-0); Eoin Ward, Cormac Kelly (0-1), Stephen Kilcommins. Subs: Tom Bannon for Nolan (h/t), Thomas Clayton for Heavey (h/t), David Flaherty for McGahon (57), Thomas Connaughton for R Fallon (58), Aaron Lyons for Aengus Lyons (61). Referee: Shane Hynes (Galway)

Action from last Saturday’s Connacht Intermediate Hurling Championship Quarter-Final between Athleague and Tooreen at Dr. Hyde Park. Pic: Mick McCormack

Roscommon People Friday 03 December 2021


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