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We bring 50 engineering students to the Festival! They help measure sound for the benefit of Roskilde Festival’s work with sound and acoustics.


Welcome 5 News and general information New stuff at Roskilde 2011 8 Camp Codex 9 Let’s make a statement together 10 Green Footsteps 11 Festival media 12 Buy your ticket for 2012 14 Visit Roskilde town 15 Keep the festival clean 16 Donate your bottle & can refund 17 More than music At the camp site 20 Roskilde Cinema 28 Street City 36 At the festival site 38 Safety and practical information Menu 44 The vegetarian menu 46 All kinds of trade products at Roskilde 48 Practical information 49 Protect your ears 67 Social workers 67 Donate your camping equipment 68 Safety and security 70 Music Roskilde Festival stages 74 Band presentations: Pavilion Junior 76 Band presentations: Main Stages 83 Maps Map of Roskilde Festival 2011 124 Map of the festival site 126 Map of Roskilde town 128 Do you have input for your festival? 130



Editor Anders Hjortkær Christensen

Thanks to collaborators Roskilde Festival thanks its many great collaborators who support the festival’s development and marketing.

Design Anders Cold Sale of advertisements Stibo Print Datagraf Print run DK: 107,000 UK: 45,000 – in total: 152,000 Address Roskilde Festival Havsteensvej 11, DK-4000 Roskilde E-mail: Roskilde Festival cannot be held responsible for misprints and alterations or cancellations affecting the events described in this programme.

Tuborg is Roskilde Festival’s main partner. Tuborg and Roskilde Festival both wish to support music all year round and will consequently look into initiatives and ideas that aim at improving the conditions for the music scene in Denmark. Media Danish Broadcasting Corporation manages concert recordings at Roskilde Festival, and many concert recordings are broadcast in greater parts of Europe. Roskilde Festival collaborates with metroXpress on the festival newspaper Orange Press. Moreover, Roskilde Festival has a number of media collaborators, including (DK), Byte FM (DE), Close-Up (S), Festivalinfo (S), Festivalrykten (S) GAFFA (DK & S), Go-Card (DK), (DK), Intro (DE), Kingsize (S & N), Live XS (NL), MTV, NATT&DAG (N), NDR N-Joy (DE), Norsk Rockforbund (N), Nöjesguiden (S), Oor (NL), Piranha (DE), Pitchfork (US), POP Media (FIN), RockPhoto (DK), Rolling Stone (DE), Sonic (S), Soundvenue (DK), (DE), Transition (S), Unclesally*s (DE) and Vice Magazine (S, N & DK). Other primary collaborators and sponsors are Arriva, Avis, Ben & Jerry’s, Bryggeriforeningen, Brynje, Copenhagen Skatepark, Converse, Epson, E-sport Open, Frellsen, H&M, Lay’s, Leaf, Microsoft, Naturmælk, Nikon, Oticon, Polar Is, Sony Ericsson, Spejder Sport, WiMP and X-large. Transport collaborators include Swebus Express,, DSB, DFDS, Elmu Ry and Read more about the festival’s partners on


WELCOME Dear festival guest, Preparing for Roskilde Festival feels like solving a gigantic puzzle. Every year the festival is built anew on the bare fields. With the gravel pit and motorway expansion nearby, the surroundings are constantly changing. Other more welcome changes like more toilets and new areas are also happening. This year we also have a new stage. It is all laid piece by piece. While some are busy with the practical aspects, others are trying to piece together the music offerings of the year. This is also a big puzzle. We have to consider 170 artists and take their travel plans through the European festival landscape into account. In the end it all has to be adapted to satisfy you – the music enthusiast – in a way so that you can experience most, if not all, of the important acts on your wish list. We know you will be busy trying to squeeze them all in. If your own puzzle, the band schedule, is too much hard work we suggest that you just let go and try listening to some music unknown to you. At the festival you can encounter music from all over the world, musical legends and the sound of tomorrow. Diversity and breadth are important to us. This train of thought is also applied to other areas beside the music. In the food stalls the selection spans from traditional spaghetti to new Nordic

experiments. Our more than music programme offers everything from theatre and contemporary art to street soccer and cinema visits. This year you will also encounter the area Poor City that is created in order to make you acknowledge that there are people in the world outside who live with only a canvas over their heads. To them, unlike you, it is not 8 days of fun and partying, but a life of uncertainty. In between all of the above, you enter the picture with all your festival friends and your fantastic camps, parties and crazy ideas. We can boast of having the best audience in the world. Time after time the bands playing at the festival mention this. You are indeed special. Roskilde Festival would not be the same without you and your desire to create something new for one another and the festival. Every year we look forward to presenting what we have planned, and every year we look forward to seeing what you bring to the festival. We believe that the indefinable feeling, the Roskilde feeling – the orange feeling – lies hidden here. We look forward to playing with you, being surprised, wondering, enthusiastic and challenged. Together. So we bid you all welcome. Roskilde Festival


The programme you are holding in your hands is produced with the environment in mind. The printed matter is CO2-neutral and FSC-approved. We have used ink and glue that will not pose problems during the recycling process. The printing house also lives up demands on minimising waste and the emission of pollutants.





5 rke t tryksag




news and general information NEW STUFF AT roskilde 2011 Camp Codex LET’s MAKE A STATEMENT TOGETHER Green footsteps festival mediA BUY YOUR TICKET FOR 2012 AT THIS YEAR’s PRICE VISIT ROSKILDE TOWN LET’S KEEP THE FESTIVAL CLEAN 7 DONATE YOUR BOTTLE & CAN REFUND photo: dennis johansen

NEW stuff AT ROSKILDE 2011

photo: jens dige/rockphoto

new stuff at roskilde 2011 Gloria is our new stage This year we give you one more stage to visit. The new stage is called Gloria and is our new venture for smaller acts and musical intimacy. With its capacity for 1000 people, Gloria is the smallest stage at Roskilde Festival. Aerial cableway over the gravel pit Can that huge hole in the campsite be used for anything while gravel is being dug up? Of course! While we wait for the digging to finish, you can take a ride over the pit on an aerial cableway we are setting up in collaboration with Tuborg. Never before have you crossed camping East so quickly, easily and enjoyably. New landmark for the festival Two architecture students are delivering a new installation for our Culture Zone under the name “Why Don’t We Do It On the Stairs?” The installation is made as two great stair formations facing each other. The stairs afford a view over the festival and Orange Stage.


More and better toilets We are improving the toilet facilities this year in order to minimise the queues. All the toilets at the festival site are water-flushed and number around 500. At the campsite we are introducing more water-flushed toilets in areas where sewers are established, and we are increasing the number of portable toilets in the areas with the greatest pressure on the facilities. Beers on the walk are welcome once again In 2011 the trek from campsite to festival site can once again be done with a beer for company. You can bring up to half a litre, provided that it is in a container supported by our refund system. Empty containers are welcome regardless of size and shape. Cheers! Statement: Poverty Roskilde Festival is introducing a new attitudinal focus that we call Statement. This year we are focusing on poverty and inequality – more specifically the marginalised and homeless as an asset at the festival with a distinct focus on Romanies. Read more on p. 10.



LET’S MAKE A STATEMENT TOGETHER Does poverty and inequality exist in Denmark? Roskilde Festival says YES, and because of that we make a statement. We invite you to do it with us.

Roskilde Festival is a festival with a stance. Together with you as an audience we are in a strong position. We can shout out and be heard. We can provoke and impact the debate and force the politicians to react. We have an attitudinal focus. We call it Statement. It is about bringing issues in our society into focus – issues close to us. This year we bring poverty and inequality into focus. The difference between rich and poor is ever growing, and more and more groups find themselves at the edge of society, marginalised and viewed as a burden rather than a resource. This is in particular the case for the homeless and Romanies, two groups both affected by poverty and inequality.

5 10

‘Good refund attitude’ With Statement we wish to highlight values such as solidarity, diversity and tolerance. Every year, Roskilde Festival is a gathering point for a large group of the both young and old from all around the world. They attend the festival as audience, volunteers, refund collectors, artists and creative souls.

At Roskilde Festival there is plenty of room for everybody, and there must be room for diversity. No matter if you turn up to collect refund or you come to enjoy the music and the partying, everybody must be able to move around without being in danger of discrimination. Therefore Statement encourages everybody to display what we call ‘good refund attitude’. Together with the rest of the festival, you are a part of creating that very special festival feeling where we all take care of each other. Poverty line now! This year, Statement will focus on the implementation of an official poverty line in Denmark, and your voice is essential. By the entrance to Poor City at Agora P, you will encounter a border control post where you can sign a document stating that you support a poverty line in Denmark. In Poor City you will also be able to experience life at the edge of society, dine in a civic restaurant, swap prejudices with a Romany and make your own statement. Or you can party at this year’s statement camp or do the limbo under the poverty line. Read more about Poor City on p. 25.

THE GREEN EFFORT CONTINUES Green Footsteps is Roskilde Festival’s fight for a better environment – a contribution that seeks to involve and encourage you to take part in green activities. Just keep a lookout for the green feet.

You might have seen the big, green foot before. This year you cannot avoid spotting it around the festival area. It signals green fun and green activities. Partying with the Green Camps Previously our Green Camp has been situated in a separate area. This year, four carefully chosen Green Camps have been spread out over the entire camping area, which means that everybody will be able to enjoy the splendid green feeling. The Green Camps have promised to party with you in great style while taking special care of the environment. Find a Green Camp near you – recognise them by the foot! They might treat you to a shot of Pisang Ambon or some cucumber salad. Green Hot Spots Let yourself to be entertained at our Green Hot Spots, spread out around the entire area. For example, you can recharge your phone by working the pedals of an exercise bike. Or you can fill your water bottle with good conscience at Love Spring that supports clean water projects in third world countries. Drop by Art City at Agora M where we turn old tents and pavilions into ponchos or rent a bike from Baisikeli and transport yourself around the site or into town in a sustain-

green footsteps

GREEN Footsteps

able way. Follow the green foot and you’ll find plenty of Green Hot Spots around the festival. Your Clean Hour In collaboration with Tuborg, we’ll make it simple and fun for your camp to get rid of rubbish. In every camping area, one hour every day will be dedicated to collecting rubbish. We call it your clean hour. A fun and energetic rubbish parade will follow the garbage trucks and a team of cheerful rubbish collectors will visit the camps and start a bunch of competitions. We will be at camping area M and N at 10-11, L and K at 11-12, P at 12-13, G and H at 14-15 and C and E at 15:30-16:30. You’ll hear us before you see us! There are garbage collection areas in all camping areas where you can get rid of your waste at the ‘your clean hour’ campaign. Just keep an eye out for the green foot. The waste area is open daily between 8 and 18. Remember that you can always get rid of your waste at the service towers. Clean Out Loud Can we manage for camping area P to remain sparkly clean? That is Vallekilde Folk High School’s ambition. With their project, Clean Out Loud, they wish to involve all P-inhabitants in activities that focus on eco-friendliness. And the goal is obvious: to leave P as clean as possible.

5 11

FESTIVAL MEDIA photo: mia louise kristensen

FESTIVAL media During the festival week there are many things do not want to miss. Therefore, Roskilde Festival has its own media. Be entertained and updated by our mobile services, listen to Roskilde Festival Radio and read the newspaper Orange Press.

Roskilde Festival radio – 92.3 MHz Roskilde Festival has its own radio station. You can tune in to 92.3 MHz during the entire week and listen to festival-related music, entertainment, news and receive updates on happenings at Roskilde Festival. In addition, the festival radio is also responsible for arranging the annual naked run. Drop by our open studio by Agora G. Roskilde Festival on your mobile You can download a mobile Roskilde Festival guide to your phone. The guide contains all the latest news, the band schedule, band profiles, FAQ, maps of the festival area and much more. Download the application from our homepage or at the App Store or Android Market.

5 12

Text message hotline – get your questions answered directly

Where is PJ Harvey playing? When do the beer stalls close? Whenever you are in doubt, text your questions to Roskilde Festival’s text message hotline and get an answer directly. The service is open 10:00-22:00 in the period Saturday 25 June - Sunday 3 July. We will try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Questions received outside the opening hours will be answered the following day. Text faq followed by your question and send it to (+45) 42 40 90 19. What is happening at your agora?

On you can read news, band presentations, see the band schedule and much more.

This year we are offering a new service where you can receive news about activities at your agora. This way you will always know when exciting events are taking place. Text rf agora followed by the letter assigned to your agora (c, e, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p) to (+45) 42 40 90 19.

Receive news on your mobile

Tip us about your event

If you wish to stay updated on lineup changes, activities or other exciting initiatives on your mobile, just send the text rf news to (+45) 42 40 90 19. The service is free of charge.

Are you throwing a party for everybody at the festival? Or are you arranging the local agora championship in beer bowling? Text us with a tip about your event, and we may text everybody in your

FESTIVAL MEDIA photo: michael flarup

agora. Remember to give precise information about the event location. Text rf agora followed by your description of the event and the location. Send the information to (+45) 42 40 90 19. The above sms services are free of charge. You only pay the normal network text message charge. If you have a Danish service provider you can send your texts to 1204.

You can also be social through the media Ask us questions, share your festival fun and get into virtual contact with all your fellow festival-goers on our Facebook page. Use Facebook’s mobile app to ‘check in’ from wherever you are and receive information instantly about available camping spots and events in the area. You can also get in contact with our staff members for more information. Use Facebook’s mobile app to check in to all the official locations. Share your festival feeling by tagging your posts on Twitter #RF11 and swim directly into the official Roskilde stream of communication.

Establish your camp and your events Remember that you can create your camp or event on our website (under the menu option Share the feeling). If you have already created a camp and/or an event, then please remember to update the time and the exact location. All the events created will be posted in our event calendar on Use our internet cafés located at the CITY centres – or in the Pavilion area where a computer is dedicated to creating or updating camps and events. The festival newspaper Orange Press Orange Press is Roskilde Festival’s daily newspaper. It brings you daily news, reviews, profiles and lots of cool, relevant stories and pictures. The newspaper is published daily from Monday 27 June to Sunday 3 July. The newspaper is sold by sellers all over the festival area for DKK 10. On Sunday 3 July you can buy the whole collection of newspapers and take home memories from the whole week, for DKK 40. Please notice, the newspaper is only available in Danish-language versions.

5 13


photo: anders birch/rockphoto

BUY YOUR TICKET FOR 2012 AT THIS YEAR’S PRICE Ready for next year? You can get your ticket early – even for a special ‘early bird’ price.

We sell a limited amount of tickets for the same price as this year. So if you know that you are going next year, there is a discount to be had. 4,000 cheaper tickets for the early birds We have allocated 4,000 tickets for sale to those who want to buy their tickets to Roskilde Festival 2012 already now.

Buy ticket


Price: DKK 1,725 + fee (approx. EUR 230)

The tickets are available from 3 July 2011. Scan the code on the left with your phone and buy your ticket right away with your mobile – or visit This offer only applies to all-week tickets (no one-day tickets). No tickets are personal and can be transferred if you are unable to participate. How to scan a QR code The so-called QR codes can be scanned with your mobile. Scanner applications are included in newer phones. Otherwise you can download apps free of charge to your mobile phone from Android Market (for Android phones, e.g. Sony Ericsson Xperia) or from App Store (iPhone) by searching for ‘QR codes’. We recommend i-Nigma. If you have a different type of phone than the ones listed here, you can download a free application at with your mobile browser.

YOUR WRISTBAND GRANTS YOU ACCESS TO MORE THAN ROSKILDE FESTIVAL Are you a culture vulture? Do you need a change of air between all the festival experiences? Go explore Roskilde. By showing your festival wristband, entrance is free of charge to the following attractions in the Roskilde area.



Cathedral museumDomkirkepladsen, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri every half hour from 11:05 to 14:35 Sat every half hour from 9:05 to 11:35 Sun every half hour from 13:05 to 15:35 Butcher’s shop Sat 10-14

Ringstedgade 8, 4000 Roskilde

Land of legends Lejre Slangealleen 2, 4320 Lejre Daily 10-17 Museum of Contemporary Art Stændertorvet 3D, 4000 Roskilde Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

All of Roskilde Museum, including: Main exhibition  Sankt Ols Gade 18, 4000 Roskilde Daily 11-16 Lejre Museum  Daily 11-16

Ore Højvej 4B, 4320 Lejre

Lützhøft’s merchant’s house Ringstedgade 6-8, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14 Handicraft MuseumRingstedgade 6-8, 4000 Roskilde Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14 Fjord Museum Bygaden 28, 4040 Jyllinge Tue-Thur 11-15, Sun 11-15


Tadre Mill Tadre Møllevej 23, 4330 Hvalsø Sat-Sun 11-16, From 1 July all days 11-16

roskilde cathedral

The festival wristband also gives you 10 % discount on the entrance fee to the Viking Ship Museum that also has free admittance for everyone below 18 years of age. The Viking Ship Museum is located at Vindeboder 12 and is open daily from 10-17.



photo: mathias bojesen

KEEP THE FESTIVAL CLEAN With a minimal effort you can reap a maximum reward. If you keep your camp clean and tidy, the festival will save money that can then be spent on music instead.

Every year, Roskilde Festival spends around 300,000 euro on cleaning up the festival area. This is an unnecessary expense that can be avoided if everybody helps out. The math is simple: If 75,000 guests dedicate as little as 20 minutes each to cleaning up after themselves, we will save at least half of if. 150,000 is much better spent on live music than on rubbish, wouldn’t you agree? You can help us by tidying up your camp before you leave the area. Donate your used camping equipment to the organisations that collect these things, and throw your waste in the containers.

to the festival. You can pay the deposit at all luggage storage stalls. Read more about the deposit in our practical information section on p. 53.

Did you know... You can always get rubbish bags from the service towers. Here you also hand over your filled bags.

Educated cleaners with good advice ActionAid Denmark has trained some of the festival’s many camps for teaching, so that they can pass on the good messages about waste handling­ to all of you. Please welcome these campaigners bringing good advice.

Garbage lorries on tour Every day the garbage lorries drive around the camping area to collect rubbish from the camps. Dedicated members of staff, who want to make a difference and keep the festival clean, follow the trucks. We encourage you to collect your rubbish and get it ready for collection.

5 16

There is a deposit on your pavilion One of our biggest rubbish-related problems is the abandoned pavilions. This is why we ask you to pay a DKK 100 deposit if you bring a pavilion

Did you know that… It takes up to 5 years for a cigarette butt to be fully degraded in nature. This is why every single butt has to be removed from the area after the festival has ended. Use a pocket ashtray and then throw it into a bin. The pocket ashtrays are handed out for free at the festival site. You can also get them in several kiosks and at the cigarette stalls.

For the really hard-core tidying-uppers We are collaborating with the local waste management company. They have established a small recycling depot where you can drop off your sorted waste. Things like glass, metal, cardboard and remaining waste can be handed over. You can receive guidance about how to sort your waste by the educated staff on site. The recycling depot is established at CITY centre East.

Danish Refuge Council are gathering bottle­ and can refund to support a project helping young and poor refugees in Denmark to establish a social network and offers them leisure time activities.


Danish Red Cross Youth collects bottles and cans to benefit activities for vulnerable youngsters in Denmark. Each day, thousands of young volunteers help children with issues such as loneliness, poverty, abuse and crime. The profit goes to activities such as holiday camps, clubs, mentor arrangements and help with homework.

5 17


DONATE YOUR BOTTLE & CAN REFUND AND SUPPORT THE POOR Do you spot empty cans all over the place? Give them to our humanitarian refund collectors and support people truly in need of help.

Just like last year you can donate your refundable bottles and cans to our humanitarian refund collectors who patrol the entire festival area. You can also throw your bottles and cans into the turquoise domes and hatches that you find at the festival as well. The bottles and cans will all end up the same place, and the profit will be donated in full to people in real need. When you donate your refund to the collectors in the turquoise vests, you support three Danish humanitarian organisations that fight poverty and inequality – in continuation of our focus, which we call Statement (more info on p. 10.) You can recognise the official collectors by their vests Remember that you can always recognise the official bottle and can collectors by their turquoise vests. You will see them everywhere. Please feel free to call them to your camp if you have any refundable bottles and cans you would like to donate towards the good cause. Donate your refundable bottles and cans • to the turquoise-vested collectors • via a turquoise bag • in the turquoise domes

Remember that almost everything you drink from is refundable! DanChurchAid also collected refund last year and used the profit towards repairing damage in Asia and Africa caused by flooding due to climate change. This year’s profit will go towards continuing the good work and help even more people to escape the hunger cycle.

Same sensation – different venue

Iceland Airwaves October 12th–16th, 2011 + More details at

more than music AT THE CAMPSITE roskilde cinema street city AT THE FESTIVAL SITE

photo: michael flarup



photo: jens dige/Rockphoto


Roskilde Festival is music – and much more. Under the headline ’More than music’ we present a treasure chest of experiences. In Poor City you can bunk for the night at a shelter, in Game City we have prepared everything from role-playing games over board games to computer games, in Cinema City we show films from around the globe, in Art City, art will occupy the sky and in Gloria Zone lights will colour the trees yellow. More than music starts when the festival starts, and the first four warm-up days are filled with unique experiences. When the festival area opens, all these experiences will follow – and more than music keeps going for as long as the festival does.


Aerial cableway What to do about the large gravel pit? Fancy a ride on Denmark’s longest aerial cableway over it? A collaboration between Tuborg and Roskilde Festival now offers you such a trip. Your ride begins in the southeastern corner of the gravel pit, near Agora L, and then you glide over 500 metres over the gravel pit and land safely at the festival site. The trip is almost free – it will only

cost you a bit of refund. Drop by and look forward to the glide of a lifetime. Art City Get Down Landmarks

Three magical and majestic towers inspired by old Danish seafaring points of orientation are erected as icons for Art City. The largest of the towers marks the location of the agora while the smaller towers encircle the rest of Art City.

Authorship – spoken word photo: Janis Elko

A second-hand hot air balloon is sent skywards

Museo Aero Solar is a flying museum in the shape of a solar-heated balloon created solely from reusable plastic bags. During the warm-up days the bags will be collected, and in three simple steps they will be cut up and glued together to form a gigantic balloon. Each morning we will launch the balloon. Before sunrise we spread out the balloon on the ground and fill it with air from large fans. When the sun rises, the air in the balloon heats up and the balloon will rise towards the sky. Museo Aero Solar is a global doit-together project that emerged on an initiative by Argentinean artist Tomas Saraceno. WrapLab

WrapLab is workshops and chill-out in an atmo­ sphere of doodles, homespun philosophy, statements and poetry. Unges Laboratorier for Kunst, ULK (Laboratories of Art for the Young,) from the National Gallery of Denmark will create a creative and social room in collaboration with you. WrapLab shapes itself as a maze of walls made from biodegradable plastic wrap in Art City. Every day festival-goers will, in cooperation with ULK, create an unpredictable ‘work of art’ that which will be displayed and studied by spotlight at night. ReCycling Waves

Art City sports a playground where you can build, manipulate and develope a gigantic sound installation. The installation, which is created by Valdemar Schultz Andreasen and Mikkel BechHansen, invites you to build small electrical sen-

Drop by Authorship for at round of spoken word with some of the best writers and debaters from Denmark. Every morning begins leisurely with Children’s Hour where stories you might remember from your childhood will be read aloud. For instance, you can meet the author of Egon the Cycling Mosquito or the brilliant children’s writer and illustrator Jacob Martin Strid. Reading Hour is scheduled for later and it presents a hair-raising serial crime novel accompanied by music. In the afternoon both Debate Hour and Music Hour will follow. Here, debater Rune Lykkeberg pours scorn on Roskilde Festival’s focus on poverty while music journalist Jan Poulsen attacks Danish punk culture.


sors that will manipulate the creation’s sounds in real time. You can use materials such as broken ghetto blasters, empty beer cans, salt dough or water bowls. You can also send bits of sound from your mobile phone into the collected sound wallpaper and be part of creating live sound collages. The collages are recorded and made available as podcasts. There will be two daily workshops during the warm-up days, at 12-14 and at 15-17.

If you harbour an aspiring author inside you, you can have a chat with the editor of publishing house Gyldendal during Editor Hour. Have your manuscript evaluated or receive tips on what it will take to get your own book published. If you have got the balls, you can go on stage with your poem or short story and read it aloud. Literature critic Lars Bukdahl gives an immediate response by turning his thumb either up or down. During Editor Hour you have the chance to tell stories from Roskilde Festival. Gyldendal will collect the best stories, poems and tomfooleries in an e-book that which will be published immediately after the festival. During the late afternoon writers will drop by the stage and present samples from their newest books. Meet, among others, Morten Ramsland, Helle Helle, Jens Blendstrup, Dy Plambeck, Peter Øvig Knudsen and Søren Ulrik Thomsen. See the full programme of Authorship at Agora M.


MORE THAN MUSIC / At the campsite

photo: Frederik Emil Høyer-Christensen/GBCRATES

The love squad

Experience lines on paper brought to life as three comic book artists draw with and against each other to an improvised sound setting. The artists’ canvas is a long scroll and all lines are projected onto a screen so that everybody can follow the progress. Each session starts with a classic foldand-draw game where the artists, unable to see each other’s contributions, must add heads and upper and lower body parts. After that the evening is opened up to all sorts of possible and impossible drawings. You have the possibility to add silly words that the artists will visualise. The fold-and-draw drawing of the evening will be donated to the person in the audience who contributes with the silliest word. We are drawing on all warm-up days between 20 and 22 on the literature stage Authorship.

They are at work during the festival’s warm-up days to make sure that all lovebirds treat each other nicely. The love squad wears love uniforms so you can spot them easily. They distribute hugs and wise words on love to passerbys: couples or those on the lookout. You can also order a singing telegram that will be delivered loudly to your loved one. By the love squad’s headquarters you will find encouragement to be a good boy- or girlfriend while lounging in one of headquarters’ love nests. The love squad roams the site on all warm up days between 11 and 18.

New Views On Roskilde Festival – A radio project about cultural encounters


photo: kasper fladmose

Music meets drawings. Drawings meet music

The project New Views On Roskilde Festival will document a number of the cultural encounters that occur when more than 100,000 people meet at Roskilde Festival. The documentation will be shaped as a radio feature from this year’s festival focusing on poetic accounts of the scenery and the people. The features document life, stories and the atmosphere that develop as people meet on a field to experience music. Six podcasts are produced from Thursday 30 June at 8:00 till Friday 1 July at 8:00 and will be available on Roskilde Festival Folk School’s website.

Behind this festive feature, a serious issue is at hand, which The National Organisation of Crisis Centres for Women and Children Exposed to Domestic Violence wish to bring into focus: domestic violence. A study from 2008 by the National Institute of Public Health shows that every tenth person aged 16-24 years experiences or has experienced domestic violence. Sex Games – the battle of the sexes

Every day at 13 you can participate in the battle of the sexes in different events. Or you can challenge your camp mates to a game of the popular Sex Jeopardy, Breast Memory or The Hunt for the STD. Or you can simply hang out in the chill-out area and have a chat with an advisor from The Danish Family Planning Society.

If the music sounds better than usual, blame the engineers DTU (the Technical University of Denmark) and Roskilde Festival have formed a new and exciting partnership. As part of their education students from DTU can work on various innovative projects during the festival. These projects will make life easier at the festival in the future, and pave the way for an improved infrastructure, more sustainable ways of disposing waste, and better acoustics – just to mention a few of the ideas. Learn more at – or go directly to if you too want to leave your mark on the future by becoming an engineer.

MORE THAN MUSIC / at the campsite 24

Receive guidance about sexual problems via the Sex Hotline, offering telephonic guidance for the young. Every day from 11 to 16 advisors are ready to answer questions from the festival guests. You can reach them by calling (+45) 42 41 66 66. Game City At Game City you can plunge yourself into table tennis, computer and board games, role-playing games, climbing, football or watch the final of this year’s festival treasure hunt. Social gaming and interaction is the focus of Game City. If you are into competitions there are many opportunities to take part, both in small and larger groups. This can be done both digitally and in analogue, physically or sedentary – the possibilities are endless. Board gamers’ Lounge

Board gamers’ Lounge gives you an offline alterna­ tive to being online and virtually connected. Here you can meet your friends on the couch to play games without having your eyes glued to a compu­ ter screen. Prepare to enter the wonderful world of board games. And saying this, we are not just talking about chess and checkers – board ga­mes are so much more. Gain a whole new board game ex­pe­­ri-ence when our competent game gui­des share their knowledge. You can participate in tournaments or simply just borrow a set of cards to pass the time – the possibilities are endless in the board gamers’ lounge. The opening hours are daily from 10 to 22.

photo: jens dige/rockphoto

The Roskilde run

You probably think this is a joke, but during the warm-up days you can get into better shape. During a cosy jog you will discover other sides of the festival. An experienced runner guides the tours and the participants will be divided into small teams according to level. We run every day at 11 and at 13 from Sunday 26 June until and including Thursday 30 June. Ping Out

Ping Out is an outdoor table tennis project inviting you and everybody else to drop by and join in. Originally Ping Out is a city project from Copenhagen. Last year, five original Ping Out tables from the project had their debut at Roskilde Festival and were in that context decorated by young artists. The tables are visually surprising this year – get ready to play! Slacklining

Slacklining is tightrope walking but in a cool way – without the umbrella and tutu. Skilled instructors will help beginners learn to walk the line in just 30 minutes. The more experienced can look forward to learning cool tricks. Every day we organise contests where everybody can participate or have a cheap laugh watching. The Roskilde Festival championships in slackline are held on Wednesday 30 June at 13 when lightly dressed judges will salute the slacker of the year. We are slacklining on all warm-up days from 10 to 18 and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 to 16.

photo: malene nielsen

The world from above

Are you wild as a pirate, sneaky as a pirate lass or brave as a sailor? If the answer is yes, then Roskilde treasure hunt is just the thing for you. You need to gather a crew of 10 people from your camp, come up with a team name, get a hold of your mobile and sign up for the hunt. The qualifying round is held on Tuesday 28 June from 14 to 16 at secret locations around the campsite – information will follow via text message. If your team is among the top 20, you will qualify for the spectacular final on Wednesday 29 June from 12 to 15. If you win the hunt, you can brighten your festival stay with a secret but fantastic prize. Sign up now! Send rf hunt to (+45) 42 40 90 19. If you have a Danish mobile subscription, send the text to 1204.

We invite you to enjoy a free flight over the campsite and see the festival area from above. Look out for the big hot air balloon in Game City. The event takes place Tuesday from 12 to 18. (possibly Wednesday if the weather is against us).

Shadow lounge

Every day from 11 to 16 you can drop by the shadow lounge and get free sun lotion and enjoy the cosy activities in the shade. Every day the Danish beat poet Claus Høxbroe is performing together with sound wallpaper The Clives, while happy nudists, relaxed Mexicans, hot sun babes and sun-loathing vampires create a festive vibe in the cosy lounge. We organise a pub quiz with attractive prizes every day at 13. Show up with your best team and share an hour of cosiness in the shadow lounge.

Fancy a cold beer?

Exchange a warm beer for a cold one. During the warm-up days our crew will provide this service from 10 to 18. Watch out for the suit-clad service personnel and their cart. Poor City This year you can visit Poor City, a city at the festival where poverty reigns. The container city, situated near CITY centre East, invites you to step into a world where a hot meal and a clean bed is not an everyday occurrence. Here, you can take part in the homelessness game, stay the night at the shelter, try food from the street aid restaurant, participate in debates and watch films about Romanies on the city’s stage. Come and give a speech to the people about poverty and inequality. Visit the social grocery store and experience for yourself how hard it can be to make ends meet and face the depths of poverty. Come over for dinner with a homeless person and experience the discriminating coffee break. The activities spring from the life of the poor in Denmark and give you an insight into the world of the homeless and the gypsies. A poor world – rich in experiences.

MORE THAN MUSIC / at the campsite

photo: kasper fladmose

Roskilde treasure hunt


MORE THAN MUSIC / at the campsite

ed and that silence prevails from 23:00. You are woken up at 5:30 the next morning and chucked out by 6:00. The shelter is open from Sunday 26 June to Thursday 30 June from 23 to 6. The homeless game

Poverty walks

Take a walk with the people of the street and hear stories from a completely different universe. Poverty walks give the word to an otherwise overheard voice, reporting from the daily life of the homeless. The guides – Per, Csaba and Svale – would like to break down prejudices and ignorance about the marginalised people in Denmark today as they take festival-goers on an offbeat walk around Poor City. What does it mean to sleep rough all year round? Where are the homeless welcome? Can you be alone in a world full of people? Where do you sleep when you do not own a bed? And not least, how does Roskilde manage to focus on poverty during the festival? The walks start in Poor City at Projekt Udenfor’s stall and take place from Monday 27 June until Wednesday 29 June at 12, 14 and 16. The walk takes around 1½ hours and the price is DKK 50 (the money goes in full to the guides of poverty walks). The shelter


Do you think sleeping in a tent for a week is rough? In Poor City’s shelter you find a different kind of accommodation. Luxurious and hard, and unfair all at the same time. Show up at the two shelters in Poor City. There is one for women and one for men. There is room for 12 people in each and if you are first in line you will get a warm bed to sleep in. It has a mattress, pillow, quilt and clean bedding. If you are lucky the shelter’s minister will stop by and read you a bedtime story. The conditions are that you stay at the shelter the entire night, that men and women are segregat-

Try to be homeless for a while. Try to experience how hard it can be to escape your problems and reach the goal. Try the homelessness game along with your camp mates. You take your position on the game board, a character is allocated to you and then the game master guides you through the game. The homeless game is an interactive and experience-based game in real size. The purpose of the game is to have an impact on the audience and thereby encourage a broader understanding of the homeless as an alienated and marginalised social group. Play the game from Sunday 26 June until Thursday 30 June from 10 to 19. Have you spoken with a poor person today?

Who are the poor in Denmark? What are their living conditions? Come along and hear the story of a real poor person. Shop for a month’s rent, leisure time activities and groceries at the minimum shop for a start allowance of DKK 5000 and see if it is possible for you to live a life of a reasonable and acceptable standard with what that kind of money will buy you. Enter into dialogue with the social workers about the many faces of poverty, about welfare and social politics. Additionally, there is a daily ‘social hour’ when some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject prepare the ground for debate on poverty in Denmark. We are open daily on all warm-up days from 10 to 19. Confession stand

Visit the rolling speaker’s stand – or get caught by it. The speaker’s stand wants you to give a speech. The speeches are pre-fabricated and revolve around issues such as homelessness, the treatment of Romani refund collectors, etc. The speeches come in different shapes and languages and are concluded with what you, the speaker, will do to resolve the issue at hand in the future. The speeches are recorded and published on our homepage. The speaker’s stand

The many-faceted Romani culture

The Centre for Positive Integration takes up the battle against racism and discrimination towards Romanies at Roskilde Festival and in the rest of the world. You can stop by and meet a Romani and come up with a prejudice and then see it confirmed or rebutted. The activities take place on the stage and grandstand in Poor City. See an exhi­bition of photographs in CePI’s container or meet CePI out and about on the site when the Balkan caravan rolls out and tries to create a good vibe concerning the Romani refund collectors. We stage activities on all warm-up days from 10:30 to 21:30. Swim City This year, Swim City by Agora K has been transformed into a recreational area where you can go to cleanse both body and soul. Here you find anything from dinner arrangements to morning yoga and the daily dip in the lake. The art and architecture collective Whoisin is behind the project Waves On Shore that make up the physical surroundings by the swimming lake. The area is made up of a lot of abstract waves that form a bar, seating arrangements, a platform for entertainment and a float from which OHOI! play on their huge sound system. Our safe sun communicators are armed with sunscreen and ready to lend a hand, applying lotion whenever sun safety needs to be improved.

photo: jens dige/rockphoto

Bicycle taxis The average festival-goer walks 10 km every day. It is no wonder, then, that your legs feel so tired during the festival. For this reason we offer a more comfortable mode of transportation as a test this year. We are sending 10 bicycle taxis out on camping East to make sure you get around the grounds in a fast and fun way. We ride from Sunday 26 June until Sunday 3 July from 13:00 to 01:00. The fare is DKK 20 between the first two stations and DKK 10 for each additional station. Drum trance till you drop If you think that you have seen the world’s wildest drummers, you just may have to revise that conception when you see Gonga Sain and Mithu Sain in action. The Pakistani brothers play as part of our music programme, but the two drummers also head out on performance walks at the campsite. They beat the drums and bewitch every­one around them with their Sufi trance from Pakistan’s ritual parallel world.

MORE THAN MUSIC / at the campsite

rolls out on all warm-up days and Thursday 30 June at 11:00-13:30 and 15:00-17:30.




Roskilde Festival’s very own cinema attaches funny and crooked images to your festival experience. Here you can lean back and relax in the dark and laugh and cry while a large selection of the world’s greatest films massage your senses. In cooperation with the film festivals CPH:DOX and CPH PIX, we offer a wide selection of gems consisting of everything from brand-new sneak previews over exclusive live acts to hand-picked classics. Films are shown daily between 09:30 and 03:30. Some showings will be introduced by the director or cast members, and others will have special events in connection to them – and for the first time we show live theatre in the cinema. All films are either in English or with English subtitles.

benny’s bathtub

black swan

Benny’s Bathtub  Live This is a theatre version of the legendary Danish children’s film Benny’s Bathtub with live music performed by three of the country’s best young jazz musicians on instruments such as drums, cornet and Hammond organ. It also features the original octopus voice Peter Belli as a guest star. Four actors play all characters while a live illustrator draws all the starfishes, controller crabs, mermaids and lobster boys on the back cloth.

Black Swan What does a self-destructive wrestler, heroin junkies and a perfectionist ballet dancer have in common? The golden touch from master director Darren Aronofsky! Natalie Portman danced her way to an Academy Award in the psychological thriller Black Swan in a breathtaking performance as the ballerina Nina.

The Big Lebowski “I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino...” Yes, it is time once again to get out your bathrobe and to fill your plastic cup with white Russians when The Big Lebowski rolls into Cinema. The Cohen classic is a bursting cocktail of nihilism, bowling and Creedence Clearwater Revival where Donny, Walter and The Dude just might bowl somebody over.

Clown Casper and Frank don the clown costumes and set sail on a staggering tour de pus(sy) down Gudenåen. While Casper aims for pussy, Frank is unsuccessful in his attempts to be a responsible father figure to the stowaway, the boy Bo. Dog Pound Dog Pound is a potent prison drama about the world behind bars in a juvenile correctional facility where the pecking order is merciless. Violence, humiliation and self-policing is the rule and fuses are ultra short.

Enter the Void 2001: A Space Odyssey for the ecstasy generation. A hallucinatory, neon-coloured death trip through the streets of Tokyo’s underworld, experienced solely through the eyes of a dead pusher who returns to life to take care of his sister. The Erotic Man Jørgen Leth’s at the same time most personal and most provocative film has been 10 years in the making and is a blunt and poetic journey around the world in the footsteps of eroticism. It takes us from the long-lasting love to the fleeting sexual meetings where the reality of flesh and gaze cross paths. Exit through the Gift Shop Don’t believe everything you see. Not according to the British street artist Banksy, anyway. In his directing debut we follow the French speedballer Mr. Brainwash and his hyped career in the art world of L.A. A film-inside-a-film that is as intelligent and (thought) provoking as Banksy’s art. The Good Heart The Good Heart is a well-turned and tragicomic pub poem where the chat between an aging innkeeper and a young tramp will make your heart ache. Down by Law meets Cheers in Dagur Kári’s American full-length feature film debut.

i’m still here

I’m Still Here Joaquin Phoenix made a fool of the world when he let his beard and hair grow and dropped out of the Hollywood jet set to pursue a doubtful career as an untalented rapper. The charismatic star turned himself into a fictive character in a social, viral and completely bonkers role-play.

MORE THAN MUSIC / roskilde cinema


Dogtooth This freaky Academy Award-nominated film from Greece sports a completely unique touch that lies somewhere between pitch-black comedy and a psychological spookiness that makes your laugh stick in your throat. Delightfully cruel and so far out as only an episode of Big Brother directed by Lars von Trier would be.

The Good Life 20 euro to live on for two weeks is all two Danish women, mother and daughter, have in Eva Mulvad’s black family portrait from Portugal’s sunny coast. Now the family face the biggest taboo of their lives: having to find a job! Mulvad herself introduces the film accompanied by the two main characters.

inside job

Inside Job An Academy Award-winning documentary thriller that grills the unscrupulous people behind the financial crisis in a meticulously prepared journalistic film. Master director Charles Ferguson interviews the central players behind the collapse of the financial sector in a way that makes you actually understand what happened – and much more.



iron maiden: flight 666

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 Up the irons! Experience one of the world’s biggest heavy metal bands up close and warm up for the concert with Bruce Dickinson and company. 23 concerts on five continents are collected in Flight 666, which follows the band on their 80,000 kilometre tour around the globe. Don your leather jacket and get ready to rock out with your air guitar! Jackass 3D (in 2D) Everything is peaceful and quiet, and the toilet in front of you is only half full. All day you have been painting your dirty underpants brown and your bowels are screaming to be emptied. Eight seconds later you find yourself 40 metres above Orange Stage while cascades of poo envelop you. Welcome to Jackass! Once again, Johnny Knox-ville and crew test the limits of masculine stupidity.

Machete The director Robert Rodriquez uses violence and sex as the Roskilde Festival-goers drink beer: lots, loads and all the time. Danny Trejo, whose face makes Grand Canyon look like a smooth surface, sharpens his knife in his role as the bloodthirsty avenger Machete while icons from the 80s such as Steven Segal and Don Johnson add extra booze to this explosive party of gore!


Oddsac A trippy and neo-psychedelic ‘visual album’ created by Animal Collective and the director Danny Perez, Oddsac borrows from the 70s’ horror and acid flicks. With a brand-new soundtrack from the unique American band, we offer an audiovisual mindfuck that can (and must!) be experienced at Roskilde Cinema.

the other guys lemmy

Lemmy Only three things will survive a nuclear war: cockroaches, capitalism and Lemmy from Motörhead. This man, who defines rock’n’roll, performed on Orange Stage last year. This year he returns in his own film where he manages to test-drive a German tank in between whiskey drinks and a stadium concert. Don’t try this at home, kids!


The Other Guys What happens when the jacks-in-office of the police force are made to clean up the filthy streets of New York armed only with wooden guns and dangerous dance moves? In this star-studded comedy from the man behind the cult hit Anchorman we follow the partners Terry (Mark Wahlberg) and Allen (Will Ferrell) as the long arms of the law who must act as dustmen amongst bank robbers, fraudsters and hobo (s)exhibitionists.

!"#$%&'()*+,, :;&/%/&-/+(0!(./&-7(%$&(!+0'8<

%*+0&*0+$+'(12345(-%$/ 6&,/($(!#$+#,#/7 !0"&80 !#$+#,#-)/79+0/&-/ !"#$%$&&$'()*#+&,-./0 !+0/#&$%--=/#7/#(>(!#/'/&=9--$'/()&,0+$+'/#(>( *&%:#&$'(!+0/#&$%-)/79+0/&-/(>()/79+0/&-/($()$7/-7$6&/#+/( >('#*%$0$7/7(!0/+(":#(&$%=:0/#/+ LÆS MERE PÅ SUNDHED.DK OG SE HVOR DU KAN FÅ EN GRATIS TEST


The Room This cult success is now at Roskilde! The Room is meant to be a serious love triangle drama but is instead famed for its terrible acting and absurd dialogue. Join us as we overturn Roskilde Cinema when the ‘worst film in the world’ delivers an unforgettable experience whilst plastic spoons and pillows fly through the air. Husets Biograf presents the film. Sound of Noise Six academy of music-trained terrorists attack the Swedish town of Malmö with drumsticks and a metronome in an anarchistic and entertaining hybrid of a film about music in life and life in music.

True Legend This is a Chinese martial arts film that gives you a bang for your buck. True Legend is an epic tale of a hostile brotherhood directed by the great Yuen Woo-Ping, the man behind the choreography of the legendary fighting scenes in Kill Bill, The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

tucker & dale vs eviil


Super “Shut up, crime!” James Gunn’s violent and comical attempt at the superhero genre works both as a better and political incorrect version of Kick-Ass. The Trip A clever, witty and mad road movie for those who enjoyed Tristram Shandy and Sideways. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are old friends touring the best restaurants in Northern England. They talk, eat and compete at delivering the best Michael Caine impersonation.


Troll Hunter In this Norwegian cousin to Cloverfield a group of students of journalism follow a man with a rather peculiar job: state-certified troll hunter.

Tommy Tommy Seebach brought disco to Denmark and made it popular in his own charming way. But the hard life as an entertainer typecast in the lightweight end of the genre cost him dearly. The director of the film, Sami Saif, introduces this entertaining and moving portrait himself. This is a small piece of Danish pop history seen from a popular angle.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil This is teenagers vs hillbillies in the middle of nothing – but this time from the hillbillies’ point of view. Tucker and Dale just want to have a good time but everything ends in disaster for everybody in this film, which flips normalities upside down. Upside Down “In my mind my dreams are real,” Oasis front man Liam Gallagher drawled when Definitely Maybe ignited the Britpop wave in 1994. The words perfectly describe the visionary Allan McGee, founder of the English record label Creation Records and the man behind the super group’s album debut. In the 80s and 90s McGee and Creation, on a high of booze and hard drugs, released the real artists of that time: Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. Bands who all spent their first years as recording artists signed to this legendary label.

Gymnasial supplering Den hurtige, målrettede vej til ønskestudiet

Tjek adgangskrav til de videregående uddannelser på GSK / Fagpakke HHX / GIF / HF+





Sunday 26 June

Monday 27 June

Tuesday 28 June


I’m Still Here

Inside Job

Iron Maiden: Flight 666

The Trip


Dog Pound


The Good Life



Sound of Noise

The Erotic Man

Black Swan

The Big Lebowski





Upside Down


The Other Guys


The Room

Troll Hunter


Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Enter the Void


True Legend



Jackass 3D (in 2D)



About Roskilde Cinema Roskilde Cinema is 100 % digital and almost all films are shown in full HD. The cinema seats about 800 people in the completely lightproof tent. Entertainment is guaranteed on the 7x11 meter large screen.

Cure for hangovers by Adult Swim Adult Swim presents a cure for hangovers every day between 10:00 and 17:00 for the sinful and sun-stricken hangarounds who just want to enjoy a casual round of Robot Chicken or Metalocolypse. Hangovers need the right treatment!

All films are either English-language or with English subtitles.

Husets Biograf You can expect excitement, goose bumps and eccentrism when we invite you to Late Night Pulp Cinema. Husets Biograf show American short films in a 16 mm format. You can expect everything: exotic film clips spanning from striptease to burlesque, ghastly horror, paranoid war propaganda, Batman and other cult series, puzzling and censored animation, sensual and scary trailers and scary movies about LSD. Chill out in a Fatboy while remarkable films conquer the screen – every night at 22.

Cinema Zone The area in front of Roskilde Cinema is Cinema Zone. TV2 Zulu, Husets Biograf, and VideoMarathon stage all sorts of activities in this area – watch films, make your own or participate in film-related competitions.


Wednesday 29 June

Friday 1 July

Saturday 2 July

Exit through the Gift Shop

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Troll Hunter



Benny’s Bathtub

True Legend

Benny’s Bathtub



The Good Heart


Inside Job



VideoMarathon winners + The Good Heart


The Other Guys

Exit through the Gift Shop

Black Swan


Jackass 3D (in 2D)

Sound of Noise

I’m Still Here


Iron Maiden: Flight 666




VideoMarathon During the warm-up days you can participate in VideoMarathon. How to do it: First you borrow a camera (you pay a DKK 500 deposit and must provide photo identification), then you book a computer at VideoMarathon in Cinema Zone, which can be used to edit the film. The length of the film should be between 3-5 minutes and deal with one of two topics that will be revealed Sunday when the competition starts. You can make your film whenever you want, just remember that the deadline is Friday 1 July at 20:00. The winners will receive two tickets to Roskilde Festival 2012 and reflex camera from Nikon.

Sunday 3 July



Thursday 30 June In’s container you can have a filmic festival. The editorial team from Denmark’s biggest film website and film magazine are doing their day-to-day work in the container and thus provide an opportunity for all film lovers at the festival to drop by and pick up the magazine and review current films. You can also comment on the latest news from the world of films or simply just share your opinions on everything from 3D to the selection of films on offer. Every day you can participate in a quiz on general film knowledge or one on twisted geeky knowledge and also watch the newest explosive trailers and interviews on the big screen.



photo: Frederik korfix schultz

MORE THAN MUSIC street city

The skating park at camping West is named Street City. During the warm-up days you can experience professional skaters, BMX riders and inline skaters. You can also participate in workshops, experience various live acts or give it up to DJ sessions in the evening.

You can look forward to seeing some of the best inliners, BMX riders and skaters in the world. Together with Converse and Rune Glifberg we present the legendary Flip team, Juergen Horrwarth, Nicky Guerrero and, not least, Rune Glifberg himself. Erik Bailey and Alex Broskow, to name a few, will entertain you on their inliners while Adrian Malmberg and James Reynolds are on their BMXs. The vert ramp will again this year feature some of the best skaters in the world such as Alex Person and Neal Hendrix. At the skate workshop on Sunday, we invite everybody to give skateboarding a go. When no activities are planned, the 2,500 m2 large skating park is open to general use by all. Street art Some of the best graffiti artists in the world are decorating Street City. This is done in collaboration with Molotow. You can also help decorate Street City from Monday 27 June until Wednesday 29 June. During these days you can participate in our art workshop and enjoy the


cosy and creative environment together with the street artists Osv and the duo V-Werk. We will supply inspiration and materials. Street Dance Street dance is also a consistent element in our programme. Sunday 26 June we open the ball with the girls from Gully Grinders. Gully Grinders is a street dance group from Copenhagen. The group performs within the genres: dancehall, break-dance, poppin, hip hop and house. During the warm-up days you can, besides from watching the Sunday show, give dancing a try yourself at our workshops. Live music Every day a new live act will take the stage in Street City, and throughout the week DJs will provide music to accompany your street experiences â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this will happen both during performances, at competitions, at workshops and at the nightly parties. Keep an eye on our big screen for details.

Skate workshop


Street dance workshop



DJ session

Street dance show



Live act



Opening of Street City, then skate workshop


Sunday 26 June






DJ session

Converse professional skate performance (vert ramp)

Street dance workshop

Live act

Converse professional skate performance (street)

Film: Extremely Sorry

Street art workshop

Monday 27 June

DJ session

Skate competition (bowl days), final

Street dance workshop

Live act

Skate competition (street area)

Inline skate performance (street area)

Street art workshop

Tuesday 28 June

DJ session

Professional skate show (vert ramp)

Street dance workshop

Live act

BMX performance (bowl)

Inline performance (bowl)

BMX performance (bowl)

Street art workshop

Wednesday 29 June





Gloria Zone Gloria Zone is an oasis of relaxation in the midst of the throngs of people. Here you’ll find tranquillity, intimacy and closeness, and there is ample opportunity to take a break. The area is imbued with Nordic elements: Nordic design, Nordic food, Nordic minimalism and Nordic lights. The art installation Bifrost is the central meeting point in Gloria. With its glowing satellites spread out over the area, the installation combines art, architecture, landscape architecture, scenography and light installation with intimate seating arrangements and surprising playful elements. Bifrost is both an experimental art installation that is meant to challenge and surprise as well as a functional piece of furniture that combines aesthetics and practicality. Take a walk past the plated fences in Back Alley where graphical designer Louise Ryberg has been experimenting with 3D decorations based on an idea of lifting the vibe and expression of the area – and also counteract the festival’s ‘pee problems’ along the fence. All the trees in the Gloria area have been equipped with yellow lights. When darkness falls, the whole area will be encircled by a huge, glowing halo. The Food Show – more than eating


What is the state of the food culture at Roskilde Festival? Some think that true Roskilde grub is canned mackerel in tomato while others swear by nachos with cheese. At The Food Show you can listen to suggestions as to how future dining experiences at Roskilde Festival might be. Participate in discussions, taste food samples and learn how you can combine food with experiences. Gain insight into how we at Roskilde Festival want to share more knowledge and engage with you about our common food habits. It takes place in the Gloria area from Friday 1 July until Sunday 3 July at 15:00.

Culture Zone Take a break on a huge staircase that is also the landmark of this year’s Roskilde Festival. Under the name “Why Don’t We Do It On the Stairs?”, Victor Serrander and Anders Grivi Norman bring us two stair structures facing each other. The stairs present a view of the festival site and Orange Stage. It’s possible to stay both on top of and under the stairs. The construction also features a variety of activity boxes where you can find both art projects and events – or simply a seat on which to take a break. Sustainable Zone Sustainable Zone is the area that is ahead with green initiatives – both in front of and behind the stage. This year we have two windmills supplying the backstage area with power. Across the area you can sit in beanbags made out of rubbish, charge your mobile phone in a sustainable manner or enter into dialogue with volunteers from Operation Dagsværk about the oil industry in Peru. The industry’s work has great consequences for the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest and for the environment. If you need a break you can rest on a “Nature Box” designed by students from Aarhus School of Architecture. You can also buy a bottle of water at Love Spring,


organic ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s or other organic, fair trade and sustainable products. Behind the stage you find Sustainable Lab where students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) record Roskilde’s climate pulse. Together with DTU we aim to develop, ensure a high quality conduct research into green festival production in order for Roskilde Festival to retain its position as one of the leading festivals in the world when it comes to sustainability. Arena Zone Experience something new in the area around the Arena stage this year. The area has been expanded and has as a whole become significantly larger. This means that there is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy the scenery and the music on a big seating installation in front of the stage – or on the new grandstand along the fence to the east of the stage tent – with a view of the stage. Orange Zone The festival’s largest stage is the beating heart of the festival – a heart with room for the music and the huge audience in front of the stage. As a direct counterpart to the stage you find a 92-metre long grandstand wall. This year, the festival has invited an exciting group of artists to decorate the wall. Under the row of trees west of the stage you can rest in the shade on seats covered with the original orange canvas.

Social Zone Visit the area where relaxation and social media meet. Social Zone is the place where you find sanctuaries in the midst of the pulsating festival. During the sunny hours you can get comfortable under the trees or take a walk down a wonderful avenue of tents. But it’s also the area where you, when darkness falls, can see art installations that you can put your own mark on or you take part in a flash mob. In Social Zone you also find the collectors from our Statement campaign. We collect money for organisations working on reducing poverty and inequality in Denmark. If you choose to support the great causes we guarantee that it will give you a warm, orange sensation inside. Urban Zone Urban Zone by Cosmopol is the pulsating metropolis of Roskilde Festival. Urban Zone represents the city, the traffic, the lights, the noise, the interactive and electronic, the people, the buildings and the interplay between it all. It is a visual cityscape with room for playing, contemplation, music, art and creativity, light, noise and partying. Benches have become works of art with decoupage of information about drugs in an area where you can relax and get advice about drugs. Here you can hear stories from former drug addicts about life on drugs, talk to other young people and watch a documentary film.


photo: michael flarup

In YourSpace you will find lots of offers and opportunities for music lovers. Come and say hello to indie record labels who will be happy to tell you about their bands and sell their music. Sony Ericsson showcase new initiatives for smart phones and demonstrate how they enable you to experience music in a new way. The Coffee Lounge is again present in YourSpace to pamper you with delicious, organic coffee while you relax in the lounge. An internet café is also located in the area where you can check your e-mail and advertise your camp and/or events (read more about this on p. 13). Rillbar hosts an exhibition about the history of vinyl records and organises intimate ‘silent concerts’. In 4Sound’s demo studio you can record a track with a professional producer. All you have to do is sign up on the list for one of the popular sessions.

photo: jens dige/rockphoto

Graffiti Zone This year you can once again experience worldclass graffiti art in the Graffiti Zone between Orange Stage and Arena. An international lineup of some of the world’s best graffiti artists visits the festival. Take a walk among the stables and enjoy the colourful and artistic creativity that the artists travel from afar to produce and showcase. Graffiti workshop

Every day you can do your own graffiti on our long workshop board fences. Spray paint, jets and masks are supplied free of charge. Just bring your creativity and good spirits.


YourSpace Do you want to stay updated on the continual developments behind the stage and with the new technology that allows the audience to enjoy music in completely new ways? Drop by YourSpace, situated next to the Pavilion stage.

Roskilde Festival respects and has a good attitude towards graffiti. Respect Roskilde Festival back! Use the graffiti workshop if you want to do graffiti. Graffiti is prohibited in all other places at Roskilde Festival.

Molotow sponsors graffiti at Roskilde Festival.

photo: marie joensen


Nutella Nutella






Street City




Bicycle parking






ty e Ci Gam







Bus+ taxi







No matter which kind of food you hunger for, Roskilde Festival has a stall that suits your cravings and needs. Below is a guide to the food selection at the various festival areas. When you have found the kind of food you feel like, look for the colour or the agora on the map. All stalls serve a variety of dishes. Vegetarians, have a look on p. 46. Bon appétit!

Agora C

Agora L

Organic Pizza JGI Gymnastik: Breakfast. Lasagna. Sandwich Tante T: Breakfast. Sandwiches KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes WurstWunder: Sausages

KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes Pølsepusheren: Organic hot-dog stand

Agora E, H, K and N

Agora M KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes Organic Pizza Pølsepusheren: Organic hot-dog stand

KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes

Arena Agora G Aladdins Kebab: Shawarma. Pita Delleboden: Breakfast. Dishes w. meat balls KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes

Bagels Kristinedal: Roast beef in whole-wheat bun

Back Alley Folkekøkkenet: Traditional Danish dishes

Agora J


KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes Lystfiskerhjørnet: Fast food

Det Gyldne Brød: Bakery. Sandwiches Burger and sandwich Giant Burgers – Garlic Bread – Greek Meatballs Gringo: Nachos Mummbai Indian Streetfood: Breakfast. Indian dishes Rock *N* Risotto: Risotto dishes Pizza Restaurant: Breakfast bags. Organic pizza

CITY centre West Grocer and bakery DUI Leg og Virke: Fruit and vegetables Eat Beer: Chili con carne. Chicken dishes. Soup. Pancakes Fastfood: Burger. Sandwiches Mexifood: Mexican dishes African Food: Breakfast. Chicken cape malay Soup and sandwich KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes

Mors Madpakke: Rye bread sandwiches Mor Toves: Desserts The Strawberry Shop: Strawberries. Soup. Filled pancakes Meyers Bageri og Deli: Breakfast. Chicken. Sandwiches. Salad


CITY centre East

Odeon –  ecology and sustainable trade Den Gyldne Bønne: Falafel in pita bread. Veggie rissoles w. potato salad Organic Pizza Milk & Shakes: Breakfast. Mini-pizza. Sausages. Pancakes.

Pavilion  Bagels Hjaltes: Breakfast. Baked potato. Toast. Casserole w. chicken Time-out: Fast food

Pavilion Junior  Cosmopol Christiania Falafel: Falafel. Pita

Culture Zone Badeklubben: Breakfast. Brunch. Pasta. Sandwiches Ski-burger: Burger. Roast pork sandwich Spaghetti: Spaghetti bolognese. Rice dishes KFUM: Breakfast. Sandwiches. Various hot dishes Flaming Cactus: Mexican dishes Yutaka: Sushi. Soups. Noodle salad Shark House: Chicken. Salmon w. rice

Brazil: Brazilian food Coffee Lounge: Breakfast Dixie Burger: Burger. Gumbo Soup Gringo: Nachos Mama’s Corner: Brunch. Sandwiches. Filled pancakes. Cold buttermilk dish

Social Zone  Roskilde mini-shopping: Desserts


Food Shop: Breakfast. Sandwiches

Danish Corner: Traditional Danish dishes Mor Toves: Desserts Nam-Nam: Pizza. Pasta. Soups Thailanna: Brunch. Thai food

Gloria – Nordic food and specialties 

Trade area west of Orange Stage 

Ystad: Swedish specialties Bus-Bus: Brunch. Grilled dishes. Sandwiches DØP: Organic hot-dog stand Folkekøkkenet: Traditional Danish dishes Manfreds: Pea soup. Cold buttermilk dish. Sandwiches. Porridge w. toppings Monas Køkken: Breakfast. Brunch. Grilled dishes. Sandwiches

Flaming Cactus: Mexican dishes Piben: Falafel. Chicken. Bread The Ranch: Sandwiches. French fries. Salad. Hot wings Roskilde Lilleskole: Breakfast. Beef burger Tokyo: Rice dishes. Sushi Handmade grill sausages

Get A Tent



THE VEGETARIAN MENU PHoto: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto

THE VEGETARIAN MENU The veggie offerings have never been better at Roskilde Festival. All stalls offer at least one vegetarian dish. The coloured dots below refer to the dining map on p. 44, so you can see where to go when you have found out what you are hungry for.

Campsite and Pavilion Junior


Eat Beer: Chili sin carne w. rice & tortilla chips. Tomato soup w. thyme & bread Mexifood: Nachos.  Mexican vegetable soup African Food: Rainbow salad w.  veggie beef and ciabatta bun Soup and Sandwich: Kenyan tomato soup w. bread. Sandwich w. mozzarella and tomato Garlic Bread – Giant Burgers –  Greek Meatballs: Tzatziki w. ciabatta bread Mummbai Indian Streetfood:  Potatoes, squash and mushrooms in tandoori- curry sauce, basmati rice, naan bread & spinach salad. Rice w. coconut, curry paste and fillings. Classic Indian veggie soup w. curry, carrots and rice, naan bread Rock *N* Risotto:  Veggie risotto

JGI Gymnastik: Corn bread w. Quorn fillet w.  various salads. Luxurious minestrone and spelt bread Delleboden: Veggie rissoles, seasoned fried  potatoes, potato salad, tzaziki or salad w. bread Aladdins Kebab:  Pita/durum bread w. bulgur and tzatziki KFUM Shop Non Stop: Veggie sandwich. Pasta salad Pølsepusheren: Tofu sausage w. bread

Festival site Kristinedal: Veggie chili dish. French fries. Home-made shake with/without liquor Bagels:  Bagel w. hummus or sprouts, pepper and pesto Meyers Bageri og Deli:  Nordic veggie sandwich Ystad:  Veggie pytipanna w. eggs, lettuce and beetroot Manfreds: Eco pea soup w. crushed  crust and cold-pressed rape seed oil. Cold buttermilk dish w. strawberries. Carrot juice w. sallow thorn Tokyo:  Asian slaw w. Rice. Sushi. Fresh fruit The Ranch:  Mozzarella sandwich. French fries. Three salads w. bread (w. hummus, tzatziki and coleslaw) Flaming Cactus: Veggie burrito. Veggie nachos grande Piben: Hummus and falafel.  Potatoes w. cinnamon Roskilde Lilleskole: RLS veggie burger  and chili fries Handmade Grill Sausages:  Veggie sausage w. tofu and garniture Shark House: Carrot cake w. pesto potatoes and ratatouille and green lettuce w. dressing Badeklubben:  Pasta w. tomato sauce. Pasta w. home-made pesto KFUM Shop Non Stop: Veggie sandwich. Pasta salad Yutaka Sushi Bar:  Veggie sushi Christania Falafel:  Pita bread w. falafel. Wraps/rolls

Hjaltes: Baked potato w.  beans and feta Time Out: Oriental veggie box w. small crisp  dumplings w. spicy filling Bagels: Bagel w. hummus or sprouts,  pepper and pesto Gringo:  Nachos Danish Corner:  Quorn burger Nam-Nam: Minestrone soup.  Cold pasta dish. Pizza. Garlic bread. Veggie quiche w. grilled vegetables and feta/tomato salad Thailanna: Kaeng ka ri pak. Keeng pet pak Den Gyldne Bønne:  Veggie rissoles w. potato salad. Falafel in pita bread. Carrot cake. Salad. Cucumber salad Organic Pizza:  Pizza w. artichoke/olives or spinach/pepper

photo: uffe frandsen


Brazil:  Tortilla veggie brunch: tortilla wrap w. eggs and onions, yoghurt, dried bananas, tomatoes, coffee/tea Dixie Burger & Gumbo Soup:  Gumbo soup Mamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Corner:  Filled pancakes w. broccoli, feta and cottage cheese, served w. Indian carrot raita and salad w. marinated grains of wheat, parsley and garlic



photo: søs bell andersen

ALL KINDS OF TRADE PRODUCTS AT ROSKILDE Each year more than 100 sales stalls set up at the festival. We give you a general guide to the outlets.

Everywhere at Roskilde Festival you can visit an ingenious selection of shops and stalls selling goods and a range unique to Roskilde. We have an offering that meets your immediate needs, and we have an offering that will service and entertain you. In the warm-up days, buzzing trade areas are located at camping East and West and in the Pavilion area. In these areas you find an even wider array of stalls compared to previous years. Here you can utilise the waiting time by shopping for clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, hats or absolute festival necessities. In the four music days you can head for the festival site where even more stalls are located: In the red barn buildings you can purchase unique designs and experience the market atmosphere among both Danish and international stalls.


In the Odeon area we have a special focus on sustainability. Trade stalls also comply with this focus. Here you can see contributions from

WWF, ActionAid Denmark and other sustainable designs. You find a large trade area between Orange Stage and Cosmopol, connected to the Cosmopol zone with its atmosphere and pulse of urban life. Here you find many of the established Danish clothing brands from the city. Make a stylish scoop that stays in fashion both during and after the festival. The Culture Zone is the festival’s traditional shopping lane with many stalls from Denmark and abroad. You will not return empty-handed if you are seeking authentic festival atmosphere. Many of the festival’s repeat traders are located here, with a wide range of music, jewelry and clothing. The bazaar area, located in the quaint streets between Arena and Orange Stage, is transformed into an urban oasis with activities, bar areas and well-known designer clothing stores from the Latin Quarter in downtown Copenhagen. Look at the map in the back to find the different areas.

A / Practical information

photo: Ivan r. boll

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Access Your ticket – and thereby your festival wristband – grants you access to the entire festival area. From Saturday 25 June at 18:00, with a valid entrance booking you can exchange your ticket to a wristband at entrances 1 and 5 in west, 2 and 3 in east, 4 in south and at the festival’s train station – and get access to the campsite. Without an entrance booking you can exchange your festival ticket at the entrances East, West and at the festival station and get access to the campsite when we have the capacity. The festival site, which includes the festival’s seven stages, opens on Thursday 30 June at 17:00. Entrance booking

When buying your ticket you have been able to book access to the campsite through one of five entrances. The booking guarantees you access from Saturday 25 June at 18:00. Festival-goers without entrance booking cannot expect to get access to the campsite before Sunday 26 June at 08:00, but we aim at getting you inside as soon as possible, whenever we have the capacity.

Age When you are 15 years old, you can go to Roskilde Festival on your own. If you are under the age of 15, you must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years) whom you know. Please notice, in Denmark it is illegal to serve alcohol to people under the age of 18. Agora Agoras are small squares located around the campsite. At each agora you find free luggage storage, toilets and a cooking area. Some of the agoras – Cinema City, Art City, Poor City, Game City, Street City and Swim City (see the locations on the map in the back) – have different identities, marked through decoration, activities and events. Activities at the agoras take place from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June. The activities at several agoras continue throughout the last four festival days at ”a reduced pace.” Get info about the activities on SMS. See p. 12. Band schedule See Programme on p. 60.


B / Practical information

Bank See Cash dispenser on p. 53. Battery charging At the agora luggage storages you can recharge your mobile phone, digital camera and other electrical equipment if you bring your own recharger. The price is DKK 15 per recharging. Mobile phones that have been handed in for recharging and not been claimed before Monday 4 July at 12:00 will be handed over to the police’s lost property office. See Lost property on p. 57. Car batteries

If you bring car batteries, you must pay a deposit of DKK 200 at the luggage storage where you get your battery recharged. When you leave the festival, you can either bring your battery back home again or hand it over to the staff at the luggage storage along with your receipt and get your DKK 200 back. Car batteries can be recharged at CITY centres East and West and at Agora G. Each recharge costs DKK 125. We use our own rechargers, so please do not bring your own. Beverages and prices At the campsite you can buy beer, water, juice and wine in bottles, cans, cartons and crates. At the festival site, beverage stalls serve drinks in plastic cups with a refund charge.

Beer sale

Beer and soft drinks are sold at CITY centres East and West and at the Get A Tent site. In addition, we have three sales-from-trailers at the campsite – by the festival station, at Agora G and entrance East – where you can buy crates of cold beer. Payment by card only. At the festival site you can buy beer and soft drinks at all Tuborg stalls and at some food stalls. You can also buy beer in the pits in front of Arena and Orange Stage. Beverage sale opening hours Camping Festival site East/West Saturday 25 June 18:00 - 03:00 Sunday 26 June 08:00 - 03:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Monday 27 June 09:00 - 03:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Tuesday 28 June 09:00 - 03:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Wednesday 29 June 09:00 - 03:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Thursday 30 June 09:00 - 02:00 17:00 - 01:00**) Friday 1 July 09:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00**) Saturday 2 July 09:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00**) Sunday 3 July 09:00 - 06:00 10:00 - 21:00***)

*) The beverage sale is located in the Pavilion area. **) The stalls by the stages are open until ap- prox. 15 minutes after the last performance. ***) Beverage sale by Orange Stage is open until 24:00 and by Arena until 04:00.

You may bring one beverage in a container up to 0.5 litres to the festival site. The container must not be made of glass and it must be included in our refund system to ensure that we minimize waste and do not affect the environment. You can still bring empty containers regardless of shape and size as long as they are not made of glass. We check at all entrances.


At the campsite you can still bring all kinds of glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, etc. Refund stalls are located all over the festival area – see Refund on p. 60. photo: michael flarup

All prices exclude refund (if any). Prices at the festival site Tuborg beer 30 cl cup  Tuborg beer 50 cl cup  Tuborg Classic beer 50 cl can  Tuborg Gold beer 50 cl can  Soda 50 cl plastic bottle  Somersby cider 33 cl can  Cocio chocolate milk 40 cl cup  Mineral water 50 cl plastic bottle  Burn 25 cl can  Red and white wine carton 

All camping areas open Saturday 25 June at 18:00 and close Monday 4 July at 14:00. Bonfire and other kinds of open flames

Open flames are not allowed at the campsite – including bonfires, torches, candles, lanterns, cooking apparatus and grills. All food preparation with heating equipment must take place at the cooking areas where you find communal grills. Due to fire safety, you are not allowed to cover tents with a tarpaulin. Cooking areas

DKK 22 DKK 36 DKK 36 DKK 39 DKK 21.50 DKK 39 DKK 25 DKK 14.50 DKK 29 DKK 69

All prices exclude refund (if any). Bicycle taxi This year you can hail a bike taxi. Read more on p. 27. Bicycles You are allowed to bike at the campsite (the festival site, however, is closed for bicycles), and we offer bicycle parking by entrance East and West and just north of the festival site.

You can cook your food at the cooking areas at the agoras. Here you can use primus cookers, disposable grills, the communal grill and bonfire. Service guards in the area can help you with any questions.

B-C / Practical information

Prices at the campsite Tuborg beer 33 cl in crate with 24 cans  DKK 156 Tuborg beer 33 cl can  DKK 22 Somersby cider 33 cl can  DKK 39 Cocio chocolate milk 40 cl glass bottle  DKK 25 Mineral water 50 cl plastic bottle  DKK 14.50 Burn 25 cl can  DKK 29 Red and white wine carton  DKK 69 Spirits in bottle with soda, ice and cups from DKK 200


The designations ‘East’ and ‘West’ are used on bus­ses from Roskilde Station. West is the part of the campsite and parking areas located west of the railroad. East is the campsite and parking areas located east of the railroad. When looking towards Orange Stage, you are looking straight north. Fire access roads

At the campsite you find fixed fire access roads that – for safety reasons – must be kept clear of tents, wires and other equipment. Service guards in the area will help keep the roads clear.

Bus See Transport on p. 62. Camping You can camp at camping East and West. Further­ more, certain areas are reserved for Get A Tent, Get A Place, sleep-in busses, MCs and caravans. The campsite is divided into numbered squares you can use for guidance. Service guards can help you get settled and will remove tents or caravans if they are placed outside of the marked areas.

photo: Aida Veggerby Fredsgaard


Party Suit

Buy the official Roskilde Festival merchandise only in the official merchandise shops. Or at

Street names

For fire safety reasons, you are not allowed to bring living room furniture or similar inflammable components to the campsite. This rule does not apply to common, lightweight camping equipment, fixed built-in installations in caravans and equipment normally used for tent camping.

6th Street and Back Alley are just a couple of the place indications that mark the main streets at the festival area. They make it easier for you to find your way around and arrange with your friends where to meet. See all the street names on the map.

• common, lightweight camping furniture • folding and leaf tables • small deck and folding chairs • sleeping mats • pavilions (by paying a refund) • foam rubber mattresses • living room furniture, e.g. armchairs, sofas, coffee and dining tables • construction material of any kind • generators and household appliances

Cash Dispenser There are four cash dispensers at CITY centres East and West. Further eight cash dispensers are located just outside of the Pavilion area by gate 10. Also, see Currency on p. 54. Cinema Roskilde Cinema shows films throughout the entire festival week (26 June to 3 July). Admission is free of charge. You find Roskilde Cinema by Agora N. See the programme and read film pre­ sentations on p. 28.

C / Practical information


High-voltage power lines

Several high-voltage power lines cross the campsite. It is dangerous to touch them or stay near them. Therefore, please respect the barriers. Quiet and clean area

At Agora J at camping East, you find a special camping area for festival guests who do not want constant noisy parties and loud music. The area must also be kept totally clean. We encourage everyone to help one another to make it a comfortable place to stay.

CITY centres East and West CITY centres are located at camping East and camping West. Here you find agora, cash dispensers, merchandise sale, first aid, beverage stall, refund stall, internet café and food stalls. The CITY centres are open around the clock from Saturday 25 June at 18:00 to Monday 5 July at 12:00.

Deposit levied on pavilions

A deposit of DKK 100 is levied on each pavilion brought into the campsite. You pay the deposit at the luggage storages. Upon payment you receive a strip to put on the pavilion and a receipt. Both prove that the pavilion has been deposited. You must show both to get your DKK 100 back at the luggage storages at CITY centres East and West and at Agora G from Sunday 3 July at 08:00. You must bring the pavilion when getting back your deposit, either to be thrown out or to be taken home. We put up special containers for this purpose at all luggage storages. photo: anders debel hansen


C-E / Practical information

Condoms You can buy condoms at the pharmacy and the kiosks. Currency At all stalls you can pay with DKK, NOK, SEK, EUR, GBP and USD – and many stalls accept payment via credit cards. Change is only given in Danish kroner. At the supermarket you can only pay with a credit card. See Supermarket on p. 62. Disabled Roskilde Festival creates conditions for the physically disabled audience to approximate the same level of service for all guests. Besides toilets and platforms by the stages, the arrangement includes the possibility of bringing helpers to the festival. Disabled guests must buy their own festival ticket. A special campsite for disabled guests can be used if applied for. We also offer a parking area that you can use without application.

Ryttergården opening hours Thursday 30 June  Friday 1 July and Saturday 2 July  Sunday 3 July 

10:00 - 01:00 09:00 - 02:00 09:00 - 01:00

You can recharge your wheelchair at the agoras’ luggage storages and at Ryttergården. Disabled campsite opening hours Around the clock from Sunday 26 June at 08:00 to Monday 4 July at 10:00.

Doctor There is access to medical care from Sunday 26 June to Sunday 3 July between 09:00 and 22:00. This medical service is located at the first aid at CITY centre East. Here you can see a doctor in cases of acute illness. The location near the pharmacy makes it possible to hand in prescriptions for further treatment. Please note, on Thursday 30 June this is only possible at the festival site from 20:00.



At Ryttergården, located at the handicap campsite, you can get help for minor reparations on mechanical aids, use handicap toilets, rest after many hours in a wheelchair and lie down when urinating. Volunteers at Ryttergården are helpful with further information about facilities for disabled festival guests.

Earplugs Earplugs are for sale at the festival pharmacy and at all kiosks, beverage and merchandise stalls. Use of earplugs is recommended for all participants who stay in frequent high-decibel noise areas for extended periods of time.

photo: ann jonasson

photo: Berry Schiffeleers

If you suffer from allergies, or if you are generally interested, you can always ask about the ingredients in the dishes at the food stalls.

photo: michael flarup

First aid First aid stations are located at CITY centres East and West and two other places at the campsite. One is located in the service tower at camping area B and is open around the clock from Saturday 25 June at 18:00 to Monday 4 July at 12:00. The other is at the swimming lake and is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. In addition, a first aid station is located at the festival site west of Orange Stage. It is open around the clock from Thursday 30 June at 17:00 to Monday 4 July at 08:00. The first aid stations can store insulin and other medicine that requires cooling. The first aid stations are clearly marked with first aid signs. Fishing lake At camping East by Agora J you can fish in the artificial lake. You are welcome to bring your own gear but you can also rent it. Food and beverages The festival’s many food stalls serve everything from sushi to open-flame grilled steaks – and all types of beverages are on offer, from beer and soda to milkshakes. The selection of food and beverages is characterised by quality, and there is something suiting every taste and from many corners of the world. We make heavy demands on the quality of raw materials and hygiene in the stalls and strive to use organic products produced in Denmark. The food stalls are chosen because of their ability to live up to this food policy. All food stalls sell at least one vegetarian dish.

Food stalls opening hours Camping Festival site*) East/West Saturday 25 June 18:00 - 03:00 Sunday 26 June 09:00 - 03:00 Monday 27 June 09:00 - 03:00 Tuesday 28 June 09:00 - 03:00 Wednesday 29 June 09:00 - 03:00 Thursday 30 June 09:00 - 03:00 17:00 - 01:00 Friday 1 July 09:00 - 03:00 10:00 - 03:00 Saturday 2 July 09:00 - 03:00 10:00 - 03:00 Sunday 3 July 09:00 - 23:00 10:00 - 23:00**)

F-G / Practical information

To allergics

*) Food stalls in the Pavilion area are open from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June at 12:00 – 24:00. **) On the night after Sunday 3 July, a few stalls are open for a longer period of time. Bars

The festival has several bars where you can buy tasty drinks in all the colours of the rainbow. Visit Baren at the Gloria area, Skylinebar at Street City, Gringo Bar at Pavilion, Boutique Lize at Odeon and Arena, Rom & Cigarbar at Culture Zone and Beach Bar – Uxo Bar at Agora K. Garbage Help keep your festival clean. The service guards at the campsite hand out garbage bags for all camps. We ask of you to put filled garbage bags in the waste containers at the agoras. You can also give your filled garbage bags to the small bin lorries that daily drive around at the entire campsite. And if you need extra garbage bags, you can pick them up at the service tower at your nearest agora. One hour each day we do a garbage collection event at the campsite where we invite you to play along. See more on p. 11.


  

  

 

 

 

 

From 28th of august 2011 (12, 16 or 37 weeks)      

 

Laundromat At the laundromat at Agora C you can get your clothes washed and dried. A wash (5 kg) costs DKK 35, and drying costs DKK 25.

Information office You can receive general festival information at the information office located by gate 10 on the street ‘Along the Railroad’. The information office answers all practical questions about the festival such as train and bus schedules, where certain stalls are located etc. It is not possible to report missing persons through the stages’ loudspeaker systems nor on the large screens. The information office is open around the clock from Saturday 25 June at 18:00 to Monday 4 July at 12:00.

Lost property You can hand in lost property at the information office by gate 10 on the street ‘Along The Railroad’ where it can be claimed until Monday 4 July at 12:00. After Roskilde Festival, items can be claimed at the festival’s secretariat, Havsteensvej 11, 4000 Roskilde on Tuesday 5 July and Wednesday 6 July at 10:00 - 18:00. On Thursday 7 July all unclaimed items are handed over to the police’s lost property office at Skovbogade 3, 4000 Roskilde, telephone: (+45) 46 35 14 48.

Internet Internet cafés are located at CITY centres East and West where you are welcome to use the available computers – free of charge. The cafés are open from Saturday 25 June at 18:00 and in the following days from 08:00 to 02:00 until Monday 4 July when we close at 12:00. An internet café is also located at the Pavilion area. During the warm-up period it is open from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June at 12:00 - 22:00.

Luggage storage You find free luggage storages at each agora at the campsite. They are open around the clock from Saturday 25 June at 18:00 to Monday 4 July at 12:00. Here you can store common items, from overcoats to rucksacks and tents as well as valuables. The luggage storages do not store money and cannot be held responsible for money hidden in items handed in for storage. We also offer a luggage storage for small items at the information office at gate 10 on the street ‘Along The Railroad’. The luggage storages also offer recharging of mobile phones – see Battery charging on p. 50.

Kiosks Kiosks are located at CITY centres East and West. At the festival site you find kiosks at Culture Zone by Orange Stage. All kiosks sell various goods for daily use, such as tobacco, newspapers and earplugs. Cigarettes are sold in small cigarette stalls at the CITY centres and at the trade area west of Orange Stage, by Pavilion and Arena.

photo: line kongsted

G-L / Practical information

Gate numbers The many entrances to the campsite and the festival site are shown with gate numbers. You can see them on the map.



Sleeping bag ........................................ 150,Sleeping pad .......................................... 50,Air mattress ......................................... 100,Dbl. air mattress .................................. 250,Plugs for air mattress ........................... 15,Pump ...................................................... 50,Blanket ................................................... 25,-


Tent/table torch incl. batteries .......... 100,Hand torch ............................................ 25,AAA batteries, 4 pcs ............................... 25,AA batteries, 4 pcs ................................. 25,C batterie2, 2 pcs ................................... 25,D batteries, 2 pcs ................................... 30,-


Vinyl poncho ........................................ 20,Plast poncho ........................................ 10.Army poncho (rugged) ...................... 250,Rubber boots ..................................... 100,-


Sun lotion UPF 30 ............................... 100,After sun ............................................... 80.UPF lipbalm .......................................... 25,-


Festivalchair DeLuxe .......................... 75,Table ...................................................... 100,Water container, 5L .............................. 15,Water container, 15L ............................ 40,Cards ....................................................... 15,Soccer ball ............................................ 20,-


EAST & WEST ...AND MUCH, MUCH MORE Asivik Igloo tent, 3 pers ..................... 300,Stormpeg, 10 stk .................................... 20,Peg, 10 stk ............................................ 15,Peghammer ........................................... 20,Tarp, 2x3 m ........................................... 35,Tarp, 4x6 m ........................................... 75,Party tent, 3x3 m ............................... 200,-

Foto: Rasmus Rahbek



At the luggage storage at CITY centres East and West you can exchange freezer packs. This service is free of charge. Map You can see maps of the entire festival area and the city of Roskilde in the back of this programme. Memorial Out of respect for the nine young men, who died on 30 June 2000 at Roskilde Festival, and their families, in 2001 the festival made a memorial at the western end of the audience area at Orange Stage. The memorial is established to commemorate and to remember ”how fragile we are...” The sculpture at the place is done by Lars Skov Nielsen. Merchandise Our merchandise stalls sell official festival merchandise such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, key hangers, mobile phone chargers, earplugs, etc. In addition, all merchandise stalls sell festival programmes incl. band schedule for DKK 20 and earplugs for DKK 10. The stalls are located by the stages – east of Orange Stage, west of Orange Stage, at the Pavilion area, by Arena and at CITY centres East and West.

Merchandise stalls opening hours Thursday 30 June  Friday 1 July  Saturday 2 July  Sunday 3 July 

17:00 - 02:00 10.00 - 02:00 10:00 - 02:00 10:00 - 22:00

The stall at the Pavilion area is also open from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June at 12:00 to 24:00. The stalls at the CITY centres are open Saturday 25 June at 18:00 to 02:00 and from Sunday 26 June to Sunday 3 July at 10:00 - 02:00. Mobile phone You can have your mobile phone recharged. See under Battery charging on p. 50. Newspaper We produce a daily Danish-language (no Englishlanguage version is available) newspaper called Orange Press from Monday 27 June to Sunday 3 July. The newspaper costs DKK 10. On Sunday 3 July you can buy all newspapers in one set at the price of DKK 40. The paper can be bought daily from sellers all over the festival area.

M-P / Practical information

Freezer packs

Parking There is a number of parking areas at the festival. Parking is limited to these officially marked parking areas. Overnight stays in cars are under no circumstances permitted. All parking areas are open around the clock from Friday 24 June at 15:30 to Monday 4 July at 15:00. Paid parking

The parking areas have for the most part been moved farther out in favour of the camping areas. The exception is two areas by entrance East and West. If you wish to park this close to the festival, you must pay DKK 400 (DKK 350 in presale) for the entire festival period. All other parking areas can be used free of charge. Pavilion deposit See p. 53.


P-R / Practical information

Pavilion Junior From Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June, Nordic, upcoming music acts play on the Pavilion Junior stage. There is access to the stage through gate 10. Read about YourSpace at the Pavilion area on p. 41. Read about the Pavilion Junior acts on p. 76. Pharmacy During the warm-up days the pharmacy is located at CITY centre East, and during the music days (30 June - 3 July) you find the pharmacy by the first aid station west of Orange Stage. Here you can buy the most common over-the-counter drugs such as headache tablets, asthma and allergy medicine as well as other products such as sunscreen and earplugs. You can also hand in prescriptions and have insulin stored.

Programme You are now looking at your festival programme. If you should lose it or if you simply want a new copy, you can buy it in our merchandise stalls. The price is DKK 20. See Merchandise on p. 59. Band schedule

The band schedule is produced separately and handed out together with the programme when you exchange your ticket for a wristband. When buying a festival programme the band schedule is included. See Merchandise on p. 59. Radio Roskilde Festival operates its own radio station before, during and after the festival on the frequency 92.3 MHz. The studio is located at Agora G. Read more on p. 12.

Opening hours at the campsite (CITY centre East) Sunday 26 June to Thursday 30 June  12:00 - 20:00

Refund Refund charges are levied on containers sold from the beverage stalls.

Opening hours at the festival site Thursday 30 June  Friday 1 July  Saturday 2 July  Sunday 3 July 

Container with a Roskilde Refund label  Container with refund label A  Container with refund label B  Container with refund label C  Empty beer and soda crate (Danish)  Cardboard carrier  Jug  Lid from jug  Shot tube 

17:00 - 24:00 12:00 - 24:00 12:00 - 24:00 13:00 - 19:00

Photo and video You are allowed to take pictures with cameras and mobile phones (without flash in front of the stages). Permission to record sound/motion pictures at the festival site is not granted to the audience, but you can record all you want at the campsite. RockPhoto sells concert photos east of the Orange Stage.

DKK 1 DKK 1 DKK 1.50 DKK 3 DKK 5 DKK 5 DKK 5 DKK 1 DKK 1

Police During Roskilde Festival the police have established a station at MaglegĂĽrdsvej 8 from Saturday 25 June at 07:00 to Monday 4 July at 15:00. We ask you to refer all police matters to this address.


photo: øystein kvanneid

Hot showers opening hours Sunday 26 June  Monday 27 June to Sunday 3 July  Monday 4 July  photo: marie joensen

Cans must be able to â&#x20AC;&#x153;rollâ&#x20AC;? and the refund label has to be visible. We do not accept containers without an official refund. Refund stalls opening hours Camping Festival site East/West Saturday 25 June 18:00 - 01:00 Sunday 26 June 12:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Monday 27 June 12:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Tuesday 28 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Wednesday 29 June 10:00 - 01:00 12:00 - 24:00*) Thursday 30 June 10:00 - 02:00 17:00 - 24:00 Friday 1 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00 Saturday 2 July 10:00 - 04:00 10:00 - 04:00 Sunday 3 July 10:00 - 21:00**) 10:00 - 22:00***)

10:00 - 18:00 07:30 - 22:00 07:30 - 10:00

SMS Sign up for our SMS service by sending the text rf news to (+45) 42409019. You will then be notified in case of any programme changes. The service is free of charge. You can also download the mobile festival guide for your phone. Read more on p. 12.

S / Practical information

Shower Cold showers are free of charge and located at Agora C, H and L. Hot showers cost DKK 40 and are located at Agora C, H, L, P and at the caravan/MC/Get A Tent/Get A Place campsites (see the map).

Stages Roskilde Festival has seven stages: Orange Stage, Arena, Cosmopol, Odeon, Pavilion, Gloria and Pavilion Junior (the latter is open in the period 26 - 29 June). Read more about the stages on p. 74.

*) The refund stall is located in the Pavilion area. **) Stalls at CITY centres East and West are open until Monday 4 July at 14:00. ***) Stalls at the entrance to Gloria and by the sails are open Sunday 3 July until 24:00. The stall at Arena is open until approx. 04:00. You can also donate your refund to volunteers from several humanitarian organisations who collect for their own projects against poverty. All official refund collectors can be recognised by the turquoise-coloured vest. photo: michael saly


S-T / Practical information

Supermarket At CITY centre East you can buy your groceries at the supermarket. The supermarket does not accept cash but you can pay with all kinds of credit cards. Daily opening hours are 07:00 - 04:00.

Train See Transport. Transport Bus

Swimming lake Take a refreshing dip in our own swimming lake located at Agora J. Admission to the swimming lake is free for all festival guests as long as you are not intoxicated. The swimming lake is supervised by lifeguards. Taxi See Transport. Tickets If the festival is not sold out, tickets can be bought at the festival entrances. Children’s tickets (10 - 14 years) are sold regardless if the festival is sold out. We sell a limited number of oneday tickets, also available at the entrances unless they are sold out before the festival begins. Tourist information Roskilde Lejre Tourist Office can assist you with general information about the town of Roskilde. The address is Stændertorvet 1, located in central Roskilde. Telephone: (+45) 46 31 65 65.

Shuttle busses operate between Roskilde Train Station on Østergade and the campsite. The bus service begins on Saturday 25 June at 17:30 and with the following first and final daily departures as listed below: From Roskilde Station First departure  Final departure Saturday 25 June 17:30  00:30 Sunday 26 June 07:00  00:30 Monday 27 June 07:00  00:30 Tuesday 28 June 07:00  00:30 Wednesday 29 June 07:00  00:30 Thursday 30 June 07:00  01:30 Friday 1 July 07:00  01:30 Saturday 2 July 07:00  01:30 Sunday 3 July 07:00  01:30 Monday 4 July 06:00  14:30 From camping East/West First departure  Final departure Saturday 25 June 18:00 01:00 Sunday 26 June 07:30  01:00 Monday 27 June 07:30  01:00 Tuesday 28 June 07:30  01:00 Wednesday 29 June 07:30  01:00 Thursday 30 June 07:30 02:00 Friday 1 July 07:30  02:00 Saturday 2 July 07:30  02:00 Sunday 3 July 07:30  02:00 Monday 4 July 07:30  15:00 From camping East Friday 1 July  Saturday 2 July 

Extra departures 03:00 and 04:00 03:00 and 04:00

Ticket price DKK 20, one-way. Bus to shopping centre


photo: sanne vinter

Between Monday 27 June and Saturday 2 July, a shuttle bus drives between entrance East and

Ticket price DKK 20, one-way. Night bus

Night bus services run non-stop from camping East to Copenhagen Town Square after the schedule below: Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June 00:01, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30 and 02:00 Thursday 30 June to Sunday 3 July 00:01, 00:30, 01:00, 01:30, 02:00, 02:30, 03:00, 03:30 and 04:00

Ticket price DKK 65, one-way. Please notice: timetables are available at all departure sites. Taxi

Taxi stops are located by the bus stops at entrances East and West. We encourage everyone not to use pirate taxis. As something new in 2011, we also have a taxi stop on Darupvej, north of Orange Stage.

From the festival station First departure  Final departure Saturday 25 June 17:39  23:39 Sunday 26 June 09:39  00:39 Monday 27 June 09:39  00:39 Tuesday 28 June 09:39  00:39 Wednesday 29 June 09:39  00:39 Thursday 30 June 09:39  02:09 Friday 1 July 09:39  04:09 Saturday 2 July 09:39  04:09 Sunday 3 July 09:39 00:09

The trains depart every half hour between 09:39 and 18:39 and every hour after 19:39. The trains bound for Copenhagen depart every hour with stops at most stations the night after Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 00:41, 01:09 and 02:09 – Friday and Saturday also at 03:09 and 04:09. Ticket price is DKK 20 to Roskilde Station. If you are going farther than Roskilde Station, you can buy a ticket for DKK 70 that covers the whole trip to Copenhagen.

T / Practical information

the shopping centre RO’s Torv with first departure at 10:00 and final departure at 14:00.

Home journey

Trains run from the festival station to Copenhagen Central Station without change of trains – with a stop at Roskilde Station. The first departure is on Sunday 3 July at 09:39, departing every hour until Monday 4 July at 05:25.


Trains run in both directions between Roskilde Station and the festival station (camping West) following the timetable below: From Roskilde Station First departure  Final departure Saturday 25 June 17:59  00:29 Sunday 26 June 09:59  23:58 Monday 27 June 09:59  23:58 Tuesday 28 June 09:59  23:58 Wednesday 29 June 09:59  23:58 Thursday 30 June 09:59  23:59 Friday 1 July 09:59  23:59 Saturday 2 July 09:59  23:59 Sunday 3 July 09:59 23:59

Two trains bound for Aarhus the night after Sunday 3 July, departing at 02:09 and 04:09. The trains stop at the following stations: Ringsted, Slagelse, Nyborg, Odense, Middelfart, Fredericia, Vejle and Horsens. Two trains are bound for Copenhagen Central Station on Monday 4 July, first departure is at 09:39, and subsequently twice an hour until 14:09, stopping at Roskilde Station and Høje Taastrup Station. Train timetables are posted at Roskilde Station, the festival station, the information office and shown on the info screens by the larger stages at the festival site.


”Om sommeren udnytter vi vores WildCards på det groveste”

Køb dit DSB WildCa rd via sms

Sms Wild [cp r-n [nav n] til 14ummer] 12

Spar op til 50% på dine togrejser og få adgang til de billige klapsædebilletter Er du 16-26 år eller på SU? Så kan du få op til 50% rabat på dine togrejser. Køb dit WildCard nu via sms eller tjek

DSB WildCard koster 185 kr. + alm. sms-takst. Tjenesten udbydes af DSB A/S, Sølvgade 40, 1349 København K., tlf. 70131415.

At the festival train station you can buy train tickets, multi-trip tickets, make seat reservations and get info on train departure times, prices etc. Ticket sale opening hours Monday 27 June to Saturday 2 July  Sunday 3 July  Monday 4 July 

10:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 14:00 08:00 - 14:00

Guides at Roskilde Station

From Saturday 25 June, guides at Roskilde Station can help you get on the right bus or train to the festival area. Video See Photo and video on p. 60. Water You can draw water free of charge from taps located by most toilets at the campsite and at the festival site. During concerts water is also handed out in front of the stages.

Wristband Take care of your wristband. It gives you access to all audience areas at the festival. If your wristband is partly or entirely broken, you have to go to one of the ticket stalls by entrance East, West or the festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s train station. Here the personnel will look into the situation. If your wristband has been stolen, you have to report it immediately to the police (see Police on p. 60) and subsequently bring the police report to one of the ticket stalls by entrance East, West or the festivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s train station where the personnel will look into the situation. We normally do not replace stolen/ lost wristbands. People without wristbands at the festival area will be charged with a control fee of DKK 3,500. Upon payment one is offered a wristband unless the festival is sold out.

V-W / Practical information

Ticket sale

Dates for coming festivals 2012 5 - 8 July (warm-up 1 - 4 July) 2013 4 - 7 July (warm-up 30 June - 3 July) 2014 3 - 6 July (warm-up 29 June - 2 July) 2015 2 - 5 July (warm-up 28 June - 1 July) 2016 30 June - 3 July (warm-up 26 - 29 June)

photo: khanh gia nguyen


I THINK it’s good for everyone to read something. Start with this Roskilde Festival against dRugs Taking drugs is dangerous, anti-social and illegal. Drugs cause unpredictable behaviour which may ruin the festival experience for yourself as well as for others. Drugs are illegal at Roskilde Festival – as they are in the rest of Denmark. As a result, police officers will be present and will handle drug-related offences in accordance with Danish law. If you see someone who is ill, depressed or afraid – and perhaps under the influence of drugs – please contact a festival employee who will do everything to help the person in question. For information on the harmful effects of drugs a folder is available at the Festival Site or at the luggage storages at the camp site. expRess youR opinion What is your attitude to drugs? Against Drugs badges are available at the information booths around the festival grounds and camping areas. Our Against Drug film is available on our website for sending to friends. You can also download music from the Against Drugs film for your mobile phone. For more information, see under ‘Practical/Safety’. We hope you enjoy the festival! Roskilde Festival


PROTECT YOUR EARS We wish to provide you with the best possible concert experience – also in terms of sound. We rent the very best audio equipment, hire the best sound techs, hang the loudspeakers high and use many delay systems for maximum coverage. We are in regular dialogue with authorities and sound professionals to produce an optimal sound quality at an acceptable decibel level. Use earplugs If you hear a ringing tone in your ears following a concert, it is a warning sign that your hearing is stressed. Remember, the amount of sound that ears can tolerate varies from person to person.

So pay attention to your ears and pay attention to how they feel when you are at a concert. And use earplugs. In collaboration with the Oticon Foundation, we have obtained some high quality earplugs. They are shaped as spruces and lower the sound level while giving a great live sound. You can buy earplugs at all kiosks, beverage stalls and merchandise stalls. Use earplugs for your ears’ sake.



photo: mathias bojesen

SOCIAL WORKERS The social workers seek dialogue with the youngest festival guests regarding alcohol and drugs and how to have a good festival. The team provides help and care for anyone in need. As a new feature, Ventilen provides youth-toyouth counselling and support for those who feel overwhelmed or lonely during the festival. Ventilen is open while the music is playing and is located by the stables west of the Arena stage. If you see or hear about children or very young people who look like they might need help, or if you yourself feel the need to speak with an adult, we urge you to contact the team.

The social workers also seek out families coming to Roskilde Festival with the main purpose to collect refund. Refund collecting is definitely allowed but it must be done with reasonable conditions for the children. Children moving around the festival site during the night will be escorted back to the campsite and to their parents. Everyone on the team has a relevant background in pedagogy, social sciences or health sciences. Roskilde Festival’s social workers are easily recognisable by their white vests marked ‘Social Worker’.


Donate your camping equipment

photo: marie joensen

DONATE YOUR CAMPING EQUIPMENT Not bothered dragging all your stuff back home again? Then do a good deed and donate your reusable items to refugees, the poor and the homeless.

Save yourself and the festival a lot of unnecessary work by packing up your usable things and putting them in the festival’s collection container before you go home. Thereby you are easing the festival’s cleanup work and at the same time helping people in need. All your donated gear goes directly to the people who need it in Denmark and worldwide. Every year after Roskilde Festival, large amounts of useable camping equipment are thrown out.

In cooperation with humanitarian organisations, Roskilde Festival collects as much as possible (e.g. tents, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and blankets) to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the globe. On Sunday 3 July and Monday 4 July we set up collection containers at all service towers and exits. Help yourself by helping others – donate your camping gear to Roskilde Festival. Thanks in advance!


Metal and batteries left behind when you go home destroy our fine campsite. Therefore, support the environment and hand over your batter-

ies and other metal material (cans, etc.) to the nice Iron Maidens and Battery Boys collecting all over the campsite.


everything center with

you need 800

- 0nly meters from the train station

70 ShopS

15 reStaurantS

grocerieS fitneSS center


mon-fri 10-19. Sat 10-16 first and last Sunday each month 11-16 roâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s torv Shopping center Københavnsvej, roskilde


At Orange Stage, there are two entrances to the four sections in front. If you want to go to sections B or D, you have to use the entrance east of the stage. The entrance to sections A and C is west of the stage.

SAFETY AND SECURITY Roskilde Festival’s goal is to give everyone the best possible festival experience. We create space for you to enjoy yourself, but it is important that everyone – staff and guests alike – do their part to keep the festival safe. Follow all safety instructions and take an active part in ensuring that you – and everyone around you – have a positive concert experience.


The security guidelines for Roskilde 2011 have been reviewed and evaluated in order to eliminate and minimise risks. We address safety, not only on and in front of the festival stages. We carefully review all elements of the festival and

follow national and international developments and expertise very closely. Three ways for you to help: • Pay attention to the security information • Pay attention to your friends and those close by • If needed, ask the staff members wearing vests (crowd safety personnel) for help

Information about your safety Screens are used at all stages to provide specific information during concerts. It is important that you are aware of this information and follow any instructions given to you and your friends. The security manager of the stage, who fol-

Safety by the stages Pit systems are installed in front of the two largest stages, Orange Stage and Arena. The pit systems are safety-devised constructions that use specially developed modules to establish a safe concert experience right in front of the stage. Arrive in plenty of time prior to the concert at the entrances located at both sides of the stage. We open the pits as soon as we have cleaned them after the previous concert. You are not allowed to remain in the area to wait for the next concert. Light signals are located at both entrances, which indicate when the area is open. Green light signals that admission is open. Red light signals that the pit is full, which means that you must experience the concert from outside the pit. Follow the instructions of our crowd safety personnel in the orange vests, and work actively to ensure that you and everyone around you enjoy a positive concert experience. Please avoid: • Crowd surfing (prohibited at all stages and results in immediate expulsion from the festival) • Human chains (you can endanger the safety of others by creating turmoil in the crowd) • Rushing or pushing towards the stage (this can cre ate waves among the audience and pose a risk of someone falling over) • Sitting on shoulders (this ruins the concert for those behind you)

Remember that cups of water are handed out at all stages.

Safety while camping It is important to follow the directions of the service personnel in the camping areas. Their job is to make the camping areas comfortable and safe for everyone, and it is very important that you cooperate. The service towers located in the camping areas are manned with service personnel whose job it is to help festival guests and service guards in the area and keep an eye out for possible fires or theft. The towers are designated by single letters near the top, which correspond to the agora they are placed at. For example, service tower C is located at Agora C. Use the service towers as beacons and points of orientation when you navigate around the festival area.


lows the situation on and in front of the stage, manages the information. A significant source of safety information during concerts is video surveillance, which is used to cover several of the festival areas, including many of the stages.

Bonfires and campfires Due to fire hazard, the use of grills and primuses is limited to the cooking areas at the agoras. It is permitted here – and only here – to build campfires at the specially designated campfire areas. Many guests are eager to sit around a fire on the last night of the festival. Use the campfire areas at the agoras if you want a little warmth – but do not start a fire yourself. Theft Unfortunately, many thieves visit Roskilde Festival. Look after your belongings and lock up your tent with a padlock, so your neighbours can see if your tent is being visited by anyone other than its rightful owner. Always use the luggage storage facilities for storing your valuables. They are available free of charge (read more about luggage storage on p. 57). All thefts should be reported to the police at Maglegårdsvej 8. Remember: society’s general rules about alcohol and other intoxicants also apply at Roskilde Festival.

Take care of yourself and those around you Remember to sleep, eat and drink enough to provide your body with the rest and energy it needs. Contact the festival staff if you feel unwell or if you notice others who may be in need of help.


terival t e l l i o b e Fest t d VinRoskild012! til 2

Jeg er på Roskilde. Ses vi? Kærlig hilsen Brevet mød mig i Coffee Lounge i Pavilion Junior området og i de to internetcaféer i bycenter East og West. Her kan du sende postkort med mobilporto direkte fra pladsen og være med i konkurrencen om at blive ”roskildes ultimative kærlighedsskribent anno 2011.”

Et brE v bE t ydEr mErE

music Roskilde festival stages BAND presentations: PAVILION JUNIOR BAND PRESENTATIONS: OTHER STAGES

photo: jens dige/rockphoto



ROSKILDE FESTIVAL STAGES Roskilde Festival has seven stages on which the many-sided music programme is presented. Read about the stages below.

photo: Daniel madsen

Orange Scene More than 30 years under the canopy Orange Stage is the symbol of Roskilde Festival and has been so since 1978. The orange canopy was originally designed in the UK for The Rolling


Stones’ summer tour in 1976. The present canopy, however, is a new and larger version from 2001. Orange Stage has the capacity for really major acts. Over the years, artists such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Metallica, Nirvana, Prince, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine and U2 have played on the stage. The stage and the area in front are perfectly suited for stadium concerts. Two big screens (54 sq m) provide a great view of the stage for everyone and a specially designed pit system ensures a good and safe concert experience. Capacity: 60,000 people

photo: camilla wagner gade

photo: mads holm

Arena Giant concert hall Arena provides the frame for the big “indoor” concert experiences where the music best fills out a covered space. The characteristic tent has borne many colours through the years but it has kept its location in the south-eastern corner of the festival site. The stage was created in 1986 under the name Green Stage, but the stage name changed to Arena when the green tent canvas was replaced. The tent is rented in the UK and its usual name is Valhalla, which seems fitting for the audience experiences under the canvas.

Cosmopol Roskilde’s metropolis At Cosmopol you can experience the raw, fragmented and pulsating atmosphere of a modern city. The music comes from the high-profiled part of hip hop and R&B, the extroverted part of electronic music and the urban-oriented part of world music. In order to create an ’urban’ atmosphere, we integrate the stage, decorations and the area in front of the stage. Sharp and innovative sound and lighting effects are used inside the tent to create an experience for ears and eyes alike. Capacity: 6,000 people

Capacity: 17,000 people

photo: michael saly

Pavilion The small rock stage at Roskilde Festival Pavilion covers everything from frail singer/songwriters to Norwegian heavy metal. The size of the stage makes it an ideal spot to present underground and experimental bands. The stage offers the best of conditions for new bands, which is one of Roskilde Festival’s focus areas, and it has delivered many unforgettable concert experiences over the years.


photo: michael saly

Odeon The sustainable rock stage The austere expression at Odeon supplies a direct and unadorned music experience. Odeon is the stage for concerts with bands that ought to be experienced face to face – perhaps for the last time before they get really big. Odeon is the classic rock stage with room for much more than rock. It is also our sustainable stage where we use energy-saving LED lighting. Both stage area and the surrounding trade area focuses on ecology and sustainability.

Capacity: 2,000 people

Capacity: 5,000 people

photo: nanna kreutzmann/rockphoto

Gloria The intimate, offbeat and low-key room In 2011 we introduce a new mini stage. It is called Gloria and takes care of music that would “drown” in the surrounding loud festival atmo­ sphere. Gloria is the brand-new place for smaller acts – a place where the intimacy of the music will make you hold your breath. Gloria is no party stage with popular acts. Rather it is a room for intimate experiences between you and the artists. The music genres can extend from quiet music to abstract music, from spherical electronica to quiet acoustic shows.

Pavilion Junior Bands of tomorrow playing today During the four festival warm-up days (26 - 29 June), upcoming Nordic acts play on Pavilion Junior. Pavilion Junior is different from the traditional stages at Roskilde Festival as it is the only stage at the festival playing from Sunday to Wednesday before the actual festival site opens. The stage has been a stepping stone for bands such as Baby Woodrose, Datarock, Division of Laura Lee, Johnossi, Kvelertak, Nephew and Oh No Ono. Capacity: 2,000 people

Capacity: 1,000 people


Pavilion Junior

PAVILION JUNIOR JUNIOR PAVILION The Pavilion Junior stage presents Nordic upcoming acts. You can experience these bands during the warm-up days from Sunday 26 June to Wednesday 29 June.

4 GUYS FROM THE FUTURE (DK) Danish music export these days is mainly based on a generation of young, healthy men filled with complex ideas of pop and a refreshing ability to transform them into critically acclaimed releases. Playing slightly intricate art pop, 4 Guys From The Future are no exception, and these four fellows just might follow in the footsteps of other successes such as Oh No Ono and Treefight For Sunlight.

AGENT FRESCO (ISL) Everything from symphonic to mathematical, complex rock finds its way through the amplifiers in Agent Fresco’s successful balancing act between a progressive tour de force and melodic catchiness. The band combines that distinctive Icelandic sense of fairytales with an epic width that with some righteousness could make them Iceland’s first stadium band. This is hard-hitting rock on volcanoes.

Released on: Tambourhinoceros / Playground

Released on: Record Records / Import

BATTLEKAT (DK) Up until now they have existed under the cryptic name Just A Number 05272011, but on this very date – 27 May 2011 – the Danish electronic act changed its name to Battlekat. The trendsetting webzine Pitchfork, along with many others, has persistently tried to find facts about this mysterious quartet who are defining a new and exciting direction for Scandinavian electro pop with their metallic and melancholy avant-garde rock references. Released on: Good Tape emma acs

EMMA ACS (DK) You know you must have done something right in the upbringing of your child if she all of a sudden at the tender age of 19 reveals herself as Denmark’s new queen of acid rock. That is what Emma Acs’ parents must think of their gingerhaired offspring who has already made Danish critics swoon over her trippy and contagious 60s psychedelic music that has plenty of room for sitar, Farfisa organs and hippie phrases. Released on: A:larm


BOTTLED IN ENGLAND (DK) For most people, drum’n’bass is a fully electronic genre with crackling, icy productions. Bottled in England have a live drummer who helps transform their gigs into a dirty, brutal and non-stopping affair. The concerts are one long mix, making sure your feet never rest. Bottled in England are filled to the neck with rap, grooves, catchy songs and – as the band name implies – massive inspiration from the UK urban underground.

Pavilion Junior

BROTHER GRIMM (DK) Not many young men can replace Manchesterinspired gloominess with danceable hipster hip hop in just a few years without losing their artistic integrity. Yet, this is what Asbjørn Auring Grimm has done under the name Brother Grimm. The instrumentation is mostly kept to guitar, bass and drums, but the cheeky cockney rap gives the music an unusual countermeasure with a very un-Danish hip hop sound as a result. Released on: Mermaid essence · photo: Nuno Alexandre

ESSENCE (DK) Nobody knows what has been put in the water in​​ the Danish town of Aalborg to make it such a fertile breeding ground for Danish metal. However, it does not require repeated listens to Essence’s debut album Lost in Violence before you realise that they are doing something right. Filled with aggression, passion and sing-along-choruses Essence digs 80s’ thrash and manages to add complexity and musical depth to the legendary genre. Released on: Ultimhate de høje hæle

DE HØJE HÆLE (DK) De Høje Hæle have stolen quite a few hearts in the Copenhagen underground – and perhaps also far outside Denmark. Even though they sing their old-school punk rock in Danish, they have toured extensively throughout Europe, America and Australia. This goes to show that good music is indifferent towards language. De Høje Hæle will start you up with a round of rascal punk with lots of attitude.

FASTPOHOLMEN (DK) Imagine yourself lying in a Swedish clearing surrounded by red wooden houses. Far away you sense Caribbean waves lapping against the rocks and some rocking reggae rhythms. This mixture seems impossible, yet it is the starting point for Fastpoholmen who call their laid-back acoustic folk songs ’forest reggae’. The cousins Adam and Dawn Fastholm’s voices match each other perfectly. Together they create genuine Swedish music harmony full of nostalgia and sweetness.

Released on: Hjernespind

Released on: Free Kids / Target Distribution

THE ECLECTIC MONIKER (DK) The Eclectic Moniker brings summer for your ears and Afro beats for your feet with their calypso-­ inspired indie rock. And the band has no less than nine members! It takes that many to achieve such a voluminous and puzzling sound. The Eclectic Moniker is a musical playground – a place where rules are broken and curiosity takes over.

HAMMONDS, HARRINGTON & DESTROY (DK) Fans of alternative rock in the great American tradition ought to give Hammonds, Harrington & Destroy a listen. This four-piece is working on putting out its first EP. Judging by the first leaks from the recordings, we can look forward to lots of catchy hits delivered with a reckless, almost punk rock attitude.


Pavilion Junior

charmed by beautiful vocals and dreamy tunes from two true natural talents. Released on: Tambourhinoceros / Playground

honningbarna · photo: stian herdal

HONNINGBARNA (N) Norway has an exciting, young punk band. Six lads under the age of 20 who can play punk and make it sound – despite all the Norwegian oil millions – like 1977, mass unemployment and frayed leather jackets. However, these young punk rebels are far from orthodox. Beautiful organ and cello sounds blend seamlessly on their debut EP that has made enthusiastic Norwegian critics proclaim Honningbarna the saviours of rock – and perhaps of their souls.

LITTLE MARBLES (S) The Swedish language is made for cute girl pop. Just have a listen to Little Marbles. Rumour has it that the two young ladies performed their first concert at one of the girls’ grandmother’s birthday party. Since then, they have charmed a much bigger – and tougher – audience with their acoustic, easy-going and sweet pop music. And with great success. Even Mike Patton from Faith No More has given them a thumbs-up at a Swedish music festival. Released on: National / Import

Released on: Karmakosmetix / Import

the malpractice · photo: mogens kjeldsen

kirsten & marie


KIRSTEN & MARIE (DK) They still live with their parents but Kirsten & Marie stand out with their innocent and forest floor-scented folk pop. The Danish twins have stolen the hearts of a whole nation with “My Dear”, an incredibly effective pop song with a simple, childlike refrain. Let your heart be

THE MALPRACTICE (DK) Johannes Gammelby has explored almost every corner of Danish indie rock. After excelling with the bands Strumm, I Am Bones and the hard-hitting Beta Satan, Gammelby now goes in a whole new direction with The Malpractice and the album Tectonics. It is heavy and tight but never without charm and the inclination to take chances. Released on: Crunchy Frog

MESSY SHELTERS (DK) To Mikkel Bolding, indie folk rock is one big buffet, and believe us when we say that this Danish one-man orchestra has a huge appetite. This spring, Messy Shelters released his debut album

Released on: Tigerspring

SELVHENTER (DK) Their instrumental setup does not look like your traditional noise rock band. Selvhenter gain access to the cosmic world of sound through violin, trombone, saxophone, lots of drums and distortion pedals. The result is a blend of noise rock, drone and jazz – a sonic breeding ground for improvisation, strange atmospheres and supernatural insights through music. Inhale the scent of Copenhagen’s most unorthodox music underground. A noisy trip into chaos with no other compass than the one provided by the music.

Pavilion Junior

Root System – and it is the many jumps between efficient rock equilibrium and monotonous and minimalistic electronica that make Messy Shelters so interesting.

Released on: Eget værelse / Rillbar Distribution

nive nielsen & the deer children

NIVE NIELSEN & THE DEER CHILDREN (GRL) Snow, isolation and sub-zero temperatures provide good conditions for music. This has been proven in Iceland, Norway – and Greenland. Nive Nielsen’s soothing voice is accompanied by a little red ukulele, and her band The Deer Children adds all the best from the American prairie. The inspiration is American but the Inuit blood flows strongly through Nielsen’s veins. Her first album, Nive Sings, is a bestseller in desolate Greenland and may indicate the birth of a new, icy music mecca. Released on: Tuttu / Import

REPTILE & RETARD (DK) Despite the fact that Esben Valløe and Mads Damsgaard have not yet released their debut album, Reptile & Retard have already played to much larger audiences than what the Pavilion Junior stage can muster. Last year their insane live show was discovered by Oasis’ previous American agent who sent the two Danish electro rock lads on a big Chinese tour.

this is head · photo: emma svensson

THIS IS HEAD (S) The dark mechanical beats are thriving. This Is Head is inspired by bands such as New Order, The Cure and Neu! with a sense of dedication and seriousness alien to many trendy hit makers. Most songs are instrumental and all tracks have a number for a title. Still, Henric, Adam, Tom and Björn are able to create catchy tunes from their mechanical and experimental pop. This Malmö band won the ”Pop of the Year” award from Swedish National Radio earlier this year. Released on: Adrian / Sony Music


Pavilion Junior

rhythm changes. It sounds exhausting and complex but is rather hot, energetic and fundamental. This is guitar hard rock with a penchant for occult sci-fi and music from the 70s. Released on: Play/Rec


TÔG (N) One of Norway’s new pop comets is called Tôg. The seven-piece is inspired by new wave, Italian disco and, according to themselves, various horror and western flicks. Their song ”Sansen” was one of last summer’s big hits up North, and musical Norway licks its lips in anticipation of the debut album from the Stavanger band. Tôg means fool in the local dialect, which is also the language of the songs. However, front figure Lars Christian Olsen seems to have the upper hand with his danceable, organ-adorned pop music. Released on: Brilliance / Import


UNDERGANG (DK) Copenhagen has a stinky, rotten-as-a-corpse metal band that more fans of metal, cruelty and brutality deserve to know about. On the debut album Indhentet af døden Undergang delivers heavy-as-anvil, old-school death metal. The bass is tuned down so much that it is often felt rather than heard, and the vocalist’s growls are so deep that he most of all sounds like a glacial storm on its way across the mainland. Undergang will melt your face with a number of coal-black hymns about death, our cloaked ruler. Released on: Xtreem Music



TRUST (DK) There are only two men onstage. Yet, Trust kick in the interplanetary door to distant galaxies when they play progressive rock in true garage style. Here you will find Ozzy-esque vocals, stony riffs, cleverly dribbling drumming and tackling

WHO KNEW (ISL) Icelandic bands can also make the ground shake. Just listen to Who Knew’s semi-desperate, hot guitar rock. The expression is hard-hitting, strangely uplifting and performed with the same devil-maycare apathy as bands such as Modest Mouse and Wolf Parade display. A summer soundtrack for anyone with a penchant for moody atmospheres, falsetto vocals in harmony, and rich amounts of melodious guitars and keyboards. Released on: DevilDuck / Import

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BAND PRESENTATIONS 4 GUYS FROM THE FUTURE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. 1349 (N) How many Norwegians remember the exact year that the bubonic plague came to their country? 1349 do. They named their band after this annus horribilis. The Norwegians play some of the most intense black metal you will ever experience. Often fear-inducingly fast and packed with slaughtering riffs and at times atmospherically lingering and glancing towards the dormant forests. 1349 is created in the ashes of legendary Alvheim, and Satyricon’s Frost whips the drums so hard that you would expect blood to spurt from them. The most supreme forces from black Norway perform in full corpse paint and with darkness on the agenda.

DANIEL ADAMS-RAY (S) In Sweden, Daniel Adams-Ray is on everyone’s lips as the new blue and yellow pop sensation. First, Daniel Adams-Ray – or Big Danne as he is called – became popular as one half of the hip hop duo Snook. The rapper Daniel then went into a phone booth – and out came the pop singer Daniel. His debut album is called Svart vitt och allt däremellan and offers irresistible Motown-inspired pop music sung in a melodious Swedish tongue. Singles such as “Dum av dig” and “Gubben i lådan” has already topped the Swedish charts, and it seems that all of the Nordic countries are open to Daniel Adams-Ray. Released on: Lagom / Universal

ACORN FALLING (DK) It would be a shame to call Acorn Falling a solo project. Even though Lars Kivig is the driving force behind the band, he gets help from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds percussionist Thomas Wydler and Current 93 cellist John Contreras on the debut album Cabinet of Curiosities. Lars Kivig is not an unfamiliar name on the international dark rock scene. With a background in the band My Beloved, he knows his sinister means and he uses them cleverly on the instrumental debut album.

AFROCUBISM (INT) West Africa meets Cuba with Afrocubism. This transatlantic supergroup was on the drawing board for the first time in 1996. Back then the Africans did not reach Cuba. Instead, the Cubans recorded Buena Vista Social Club, one of the biggest sales successes on the global music scene. Now the original vision is finally played out. African superstars such as Toumani Diabaté, Djelimady Tounkara and Bassekou Kouyate are unusual partners for Buena Vista member Eliades Ochoa, who is often referred to as the Cuban answer to Johnny Cash. Superb virtuosos like these in bubbling interaction is truly a unique music event.

Released on: Vicious / VME

Released on: World Circuit / Playground

EMMA ACS (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

AGENT FRESCO (ISL) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Indie Recordings / Target Distribution


pj harvey



ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION (DK) Alcoholic Faith Mission sounds like an army of hopeless romantics whose weapons are drum machines and acoustic guitars, and who are guarded and timid in the fmiliar indie fashion. At the same time their melancholy is so heavy that it will make even the most heartbreaking teenage love letter sound like a ‘get well soon’ greeting card. Alcoholic Faith Mission will release a new record this fall and the little preview from this winter’s mini album reveals a band that in all fairness should become the next big Danish indie export. Released on: PonyRec

API UIZ (FR) French trio Api Uiz has existed since 1995 and plays an experimental and instrumental type of neo-grunge and post-rock at full speed with the volume turned to 11. The band has found inspiration in grunge and noise rock, but most of all, Api Uiz has a unique sound. It is loud, noisy, twisted and, above all, it is uncompromising and energetic. An original and challenging take on how grunge sounds in 2011. The act plays as part of the The Ex curation on the Pavilion stage.

Monkeys’ third visit at Roskilde Festival looks like it will be a certain success on paper, and if we are not mistaken, these lads will do their utmost to give the audience the perfect no-nonsense rock experience. This also happens to be Arctic Monkeys’ only Scandinavian festival gig this year. Released on: Domino / Playground

ÓLÖF ARNALDS (ISL) Her songs are like a quilt you can crawl under for a short break from the stress and deadlines of the world. Ólöf Arnalds sings mainly in her native Icelandic tongue, but her English-language songs also seem to be from a different world without noisy electronics. You feel the friction of each chord change on her acoustic guitar, as you listen with rapt attention – even when you do not understand a single word. A session with these quiet serenades should be a must for all fans of unadorned beauty. Released on: 12 Tónar / import


arctic monkeys


ARCTIC MONKEYS (UK) Few bands manage to write universal, British rock full of everyday realism, poetry and cheeky charm. Their rate is rising steadily on the international rock stock exchange, and with the new album Suck It and See out, the young Brits are one of the Roskilde audience’s biggest requests. Arctic

ATMOSPHERE (US) God Loves Ugly is the title of one of the band’s albums. This is one part of the secret behind Atmosphere’s success. They do not mind showing ugly snapshots of themselves and real life. Atmosphere combines a backbone of hip hop with jazz, alternative rock and soul music, played on real instruments. Their latest album features guest appearances by both Tom Waits and Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio). It is, however, rapper Slug’s tales of love, self-hatred, poverty and

Released on: Rhymesayers / VME

AUTOPSY (US) The good taste gasps with alarm; Autopsy has released a new album, Macabre Eternal, and plays few, exclusive concerts this summer. Roskilde Festival presents the only concert in Scandinavia. The legendary band emerged from the bloody trail left by another group of black pioneers known as Death. The mission was clear from the first day of practice in 1987, to create the most brutal and sickening death metal that the synthesizer-happy decade had ever heard. Autopsy growls, screams and butchers its way through a chaotic attack of rapid riffs, technical drumming and X-rated lyrics. Darkness, brutality and bad taste await our Scandinavian coasts. Released on: Peaceville / Target Distribution

AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA (US) Brian Shimkovitz was in Ghana as part of his education. Here he collected hundreds of cassette tapes with rare African music from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Senegal. He has since put the songs from the tapes on his blog Awesome Tapes from Africa, and lots of music-loving Westerners have become addicted to the updates from the New Yorker’s fragrant music library. The popular blog now packs the tour bus. Fans of African music should not deny themselves this handful of rare, hard-to-find treats. BAD RELIGION (US) Since 1980 Bad Religion has released loads of melodic, politically indignant records. The formula is essentially the same. Three chords and a simple chorus. Principal songwriters Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz can keep on sprinkling gold dust on this simple formula so the audience never gets enough. It becomes obvious at the band’s live shows where several generations of punk fans are treated to old and new favourites. Bad Religion are persevering, politically empathic veterans, and they keep on delivering the goods. Released on: Epitaph / Cosmos Music Group

julianna barwick · photo: jody rogac

JULIANNA BARWICK (US) Imagine an entire choir of female voices singing to you in a hazy, mythological landscape. That describes the sound of Julianna Barwick’s atmo­ spheric world. It is both beautiful and challenging to the ear and full of non-religious spirituality. Her voice is the undisputed main instrument of the music. Only rarely does she accesorise with a little piano or guitar. Utilising loops and pedals, the American singer puts layer upon layer upon layer of abstract vocals until you no longer believe that there is only one woman on stage.


drug problems. All served in a technically superior rap, which is Atmosphere’s unmistakable triumph.

Released on: Asthmatic Kitty / VME

Battlekat (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. BATTLES (US) An avant-garde rock band, a jazz band and a dance-friendly pop band are trying to break out when Battles grab their instruments. Fortunately, none of the previously mentioned bands ever get the upper hand. Battles float weightlessly in a galaxy of musical impressions where common boundaries between easy and difficult music seem to go up in pink smoke. Tyondai Braxton recently left Battles so the remaining band has invited a number of odd guests on the new album which the trio is looking forward to playing live. Battles are challenging for the brain and power for your dancing shoes – an optimistic vision of how music could sound in the year 2111. Released on: Warp / VME



BE-BEING (KOR) Korea’s ancient culture gets an experimental treatment by Be-Being. The project is created by six already well-established names from the Korean music scene. Be-Being creates an Eastern potpourri of sounds and impressions. Everything from Buddhist chanting and glockenspiels to traditional stringed instruments are in use when the ensemble heads out on a journey toward the heart of enlightenment where Buddha may sit smiling indulgently at us all. Surprise your ears with something quite strange. Be-Being is quite probably unlike anything you have ever heard before.

big boi

BIG BOI (US) As one half of Outkast, Big Boi has put southern hip hop on the musical world map. With Sir Lucious Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty, Big Boi shows that he is fully capable of delivering the same swagger, style and variety single-handedly. The solo debut is already considered one of today’s key hip hop works. Big Boi can pimp beats, quirky verses, funk, pop choruses and sultry synths, making it a revelation to Outkast fans who saw Andre 3000 as the duo’s most important member. Big Boi puts hip hop at his feet as a true dandy with a diamond in the cane, a soft hat and thinly disguised ambitions for world domination. Released on: Def Jam / Universal


BEATSTEAKS (DE) They are huge in Germany and great parts of Europe. Scandinavia now also gets the opportunity to become better acquainted with Beatsteaks. Lending from hardcore, power pop and ska, the five friends from Berlin deliver English-language punk rock sparkling with a big musical scope, melodic flair and lots of humour. And despite the fact that the band has signed with major label Warner – with a new album, Boom Box, out – there is not the slightest tinge of sell-out. The attitude is still DIY, just like when they started their career back in 1995. Beatsteaks are served raw and contain lots of protein.

BLACK MILK (US) Detroit has delivered its share of noteworthy hip hoppers, obviously with a certain Marshall Mathers as a figurehead. In the rapper/producer category the now deceased J Dilla casts long shadows. But with Black Milk both the motor city and the hip hop genre have an ideal successor. Album of the Year from 2010 blooms and develops in a more orchestrated, funk rock direction than earlier works. “My shit is Martin Luther, your shit is Martin Lawrence,” exclaims Black Milk. Find out that there is truth in his words as he visits Roskilde backed by both keyboardist/singer AB and drummer Daru Jones.

Released on: Epitaph / Warner

Released on: Fat Beats / VME


Released on: Polydor / Universal

BOTTLED IN ENGLAND (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

bright eyes

BRIGHT EYES (US) You can easily recognise Bright Eyes by the voice whose pain and experience exceeds the years lived. Conor Oberst’s voice enjoys the company of well-written songs that can instantly go from flickering beautifully and quietly as a candle to bursting out in a fireball of emotional rock. In the course of numerous albums and EPs, the young songwriter has gone through an impressive development. Reportedly, The People’s Key is the last record under the moniker Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst has gone from being a breathless teenager to a fully grown songwriter with air under his wings, political indignation and a great arsenal of musical effects.


JAMES BLAKE (UK) Dubstep, soul, R&B and abstract electronica are some of the tags that have been put on James Blake’s music. His auto-tune-distorted vocals are lowered into a digital acid bath where genres quickly melt down and turn into bubbles on the sound surface. Organic and electronic are no longer true contradictions with James Blake’s generation. This stylistically consistent debutant delivers a mixture of avant-garde, daring electronic playfulness and a desire to communicate broadly with moving and touching pop songs. James Blake’s talent allows him to do it all.

Released on: Polydor / Universal

charles bradley

CHARLES BRADLEY (US) A lifetime of hard-earned experience is carved in Charles Bradley’s soul vocals. After 40 years of concerts in small clubs, the debut album No Time For Dreaming is finally a reality – delivered by the same people who gave us Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. The limelight has missed someone like him. Charles Bradley’s voice (and hairdo) is reminiscent of James Brown, and the former cook and plumber has a similar grim story to tell, which is also heard in the voice. The always reliable Menahan Street Band delivers a backdrop of brass, organ and groovy rhythms for a party full of funk and soul. Released on: Daptone / VME

BRING ME THE HORIZON (UK) The deathcore genre has few representatives that are both as hugely popular and as uncompromising in their musical quest as Bring Me The Horizon. The British band plays surprising deathcore that divides the waters by choosing countless unexpected exits, thus making the final result sound both violent, original and compellingly epic. Here are treats for both emo kids and fans of pure metal. Surrender yourself to the sea of flames when Bring Me The Horizon alternates between brutal power chords with desperately screaming vocals and more melodic and stormy passages. Released on: Visible Noise / Target Distribution



BROTHER GRIMM (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

anna calvi

karina buhr

KARINA BUHR (BRA) São Paulo has an adventurous acquaintance: A female artist mastering jazzy and playful pop with a European touch. Karina Buhr is also of German descent and is widely regarded as one of Brazil’s most interesting artists right now. Her 2010 album Eu Menti Pra Você has been proclaimed one of the best albums of the year by the South American media. Buhr’s catchy music draws is sophisticated and modern Brazilian rock and has, due to its warm organ tones and gentle wind instruments, an immediate but also inscrutable charm. Released on: Tratore / import


CALLE 13 (PRI) They are originally linked to the reggaeton genre, a stamp they have now left behind. Grammybombarded Calle 13 – whose nucleus is rapper/ vocalist Residente and multitasker Visitante - use a wide palette in their Spanish-language music where hip hop, pop and cumbia are just some of the many genres hijacked by the two brothers in their danceable urban output. On stage you will find 11 well-playing musicians and that is not one man or woman to many when the aim is organic, borderless pop filled to the brim with Latin American flavour and politically indignant hip hop attitude. Released on: Sony Music Latin / import

ANNA CALVI (UK) A new woman conquers the rock scene. Her name is Anna Calvi and she has been hailed as “the biggest thing since Patti Smith” by Brian Eno while Nick Cave invited this debutant to be the support act for Grinderman in 2010. You too will soon discover why this powerful singer has caught the attention of these rock veterans. Anna Calvi’s music is like a perfume oozing with erotic and nostalgic elegance. Like a meeting between Edith Piaf and Nina Simone – if they were playing guitars juiced with electricity. She delivers pop songs dripping with passion, a rare and voluminous vocal with a solid grip on her faithful Telecaster. Released on: Domino / Playground

CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO (ARG) The Cumbia collective Zizek Club gave a demonstration of modern South American city beats at Roskilde Festival in 2009. Chancha Via Circuito is one of the key profiles of this powerhouse of Latin beats, electronica and dance. Pedro Canale demonstrates how traditional cumbia tones can sound differently with an electronic beat, and his interest in dub, IDM and down-tempo is also evident. The musical creations are often from the slow end of the spectrum – equal parts Andes Mountains and buzzing Buenos Aires – and yet so difficult to stand still to. Released on: ZZK / import

Released on: Mercury / Universal

chuckamuck · photo: tassilo rüster

CHUCKAMUCK (DE) The German people are known for never doing anything half-heartedly, and the latest star on the German indie sky is no exception. Chuckamuck plays power pop in such a compelling way that there can hardly be any doubt that the four young Berliners are born into this genre where rules are made to piss on, and selfrestraint does not exist. In an awry German fashion, Chuckamuck stumbles over everything from slacker rock, lo-fi and indie rock. They are like a power pop invasion that does not stop until you wave the white flag and just dance along. Released on: Staatsakt / VME

CODY (DK) Alternative country and folk is still often associated with musicians from the other side

of the Atlantic. Cody proves that Danes can easily play the same game as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Lambchop and Neil Young. Kaspar Kaae is Cody’s band leader, songwriter and artistic driving force. Singlehandedly, he produces Americana-sounding pop hits and performs them with a perfect American accent. In concert, a whole group of musical esquires join him on stage. This way, Cody’s lonely starting point is turned into a collective experience lifted by violins, lap steel guitar and banjo. Released on: Slow Shark / VME

CONGOTRONICS vs ROCKERS feat. KONONO N°1, DEERHOOF, KASAI ALLSTARS, JUANA MOLINA, WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS and SKELETONS (INT) Congo’s urban music scene has had a great impact on the Western world’s experimental music. Now a handful of acclaimed alternative bands go on stage together with the black veterans from Kinshasa and environs. With Congotronics vs Rockers, the two central congotronics bands Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars revive their sound in new interpretations along with Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Skeletons. Together, this bunch rediscovers the electrified and joyous trance sound that has turned Congo into a music mecca for hipsters and music lovers.


CHASE & STATUS (UK) Saul “Chase” Milton and Will “Status” Kennard are about to become megastars in the arena where drum’n’bass, dubstep, pop and rock collide in spectacular public celebrations. This year the duo has released its second album, No More Idols – from which you may already have heard the single “Blind Faith”. In addition, the duo has become popular remixers and producers of artists like, Jay-Z and Rihanna. Everyone who enjoyed a hot rave in the company of The Prodigy or Pendulum at Roskilde Festival 2010 must go to a massive drum’n’bass party with Chase & Status.

Released on: Crammed Discs / Cosmos Music Group

CHRIS CUNNINGHAM (UK) Chris Cunningham’s music videos have fascinated, frightened and amused a whole generation with their dark insanity and ingenuity. The Aphex Twin videos are pure psychedelic nightmares, and in the video for Björk’s ”All Is Full of Love” Cunningham shows how the message of the song includes both androids and robots. The long-haired sci-fi fan now moves even closer to music. With three big screens, a laser show and musical support from reliable forces including LoneLady and Squarepusher, Chris Cunningham is DJ/VJ in some kind of audiovisual total theater.


WE MAKE YOUR FESTIVAL A PURE PLEASURE It takes electricity to run Roskilde Festival – some 400.000 kWh. But this year SEAS-NVE will make sure this energy is climate neutral. The entire festival is powered by GlobalEnergi, which leads directly to more sustainable energy and less CO2. SEAS-NVE – feel the energy

Hovedgaden 36 • DK-4520 Svinninge • +45 70 29 29 00 •

Released on: Warner Bros. / Import

dark dark dark · photo: tod seelie

DARK DARK DARK (US) 60% American prairie, 40% Eastern European pavement – 100 years ago. This is just about the sound of Dark Dark Dark who paints bygone worlds by means of beautifully orchestrated chamber pop. Cello, accordion, guitar and piano are just some of the components of this archaic world of sound. The band’s instrument park takes up some space on stage. Yet, the experience is, above all, intimate, personal and melancholic. Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount are the band’s songwriters and vocalists. Together they build Dark Dark Dark’s beautiful, eclectic music in short and dark stories.


CURREN$Y (US) What do you need crisp bills for when you can rap about them instead? The rapper with the dollar sign in his name has taken the long road towards his current status as a future star – from Lil Wayne’s cash-rich Young Money label to doing it himself. Curren$y is from New Orleans. You can feel it in the distinctive southern sense of luxurious sounds, making even the swampiest rap about almost nothing seem grandiose. The backing track of corny horns, synths and soul make a perfect match for rap that is laid-back, stoned and full of love of hip hop rather than money.

Released on: Melodic / Import dãm-funk · photo: mathew scott

DÃM-FUNK with MASTER BLAZTER (US) ”I’ve only got a seventh-grade education, but I have got a doctorate in funk, and I like to put that to good use.” The words come from funk legend James Brown who quickly found out that music – especially funk and soul – gave him everything that school and rest of society could not. He shared this approach with L.A.based musician Dãm Funk, famous for being the boogie-funk ambassador of California. Like a young Prince, Dãm Funk lives and breathes to keep familiar funk genres of the 80s alive while at the same time leading them all into a musical zeitgeist where everything is more cutting-edge. He is backed by Master Blazter. Released on: Stones Throw / Import

DE ENESTE TO (DK) Two of Denmark’s strongest songwriters stand shoulder by shoulder in De Eneste To. The duo is shaped by Nephew front man Simon Kvamm and popular singer/songwriter Peter Sommer. The two buddies let each other’s talents shine in many new ways, and the debut album from 2010 has already spawned several radio hits. De Eneste To create their melodic sounds from traditional rock with electronic beats and quirky ideas, and the final result sounds both familiar and refreshingly new. Released on: Copenhagen Records / Sony Music

DE HØJE HÆLE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



ters as Burial and Boards of Canada. Yet, the unique point of departure, that has some of the gloomy atmosphere and dynamic beats from the proud German traditions of kraut rock and industrial, has made Desolate’s debut The Invisible Insurrection one of the most exciting and exceptional acts on the European scene. Released on: Mojuba / import


DEADMAU5 (CAN) The electronic artist Joel Zimmer’s star has grown steadily. The pseudonym Deadmau5 has become synonymous with out-of-the-body parties in the proud tradition of bands such as Daft Punk. Zimmerman calls his concerts ’technological orgies’ – and the mouse’s head has been upgraded to an LED version. Techno, house, trance and electro are just some of the components in a session with the smiling mouse who brought down Roskilde Festival’s Cosmopol stage in 2009. Deadmau5 in 2011 is an upgraded and even wilder experience – a journey into the heart of Zimmerman’s high-tech party vision. Released on: Mau5trap / EMI

MATTHEW DEAR – Live Band (US) Put on your shiniest black dancing shoes. You will not find a better guide into the big city’s dark musical centrifuge than Matthew Dear. This American DJ, producer and songwriter is a multi-faceted figure. He delivers steely hard techno beats under aliases such as Jabberjaw and Audion, and chilled experimental pop under his own name. Matthew Dear’s latest album Black City underlines his multi-lane motorway with indications of minimal techno, Roxy Music and LCD Soundsystem. Released on: Ghostly / VME


DESOLATE (DE) Desolate delivers minimalistic electronica with clear references to chill-out and deep house. Desolate is sailing in the same minimalistic wa-


DESTROYER (CAN) Daniel Bejar has since the mid-90s released some of the most delicate and enigmatic albums. He also plays in New Pornographers and Swan Lake. But it is with Destroyer that you can experience this Canadian wizard’s eccentric glam pop in full size. On his latest album Kaputt, Bejar and his sizeable backing band flirt, almost inappropiately, with soft rock, synths and saxophone solos. However, Destroyer always sounds unique – not least because of the peculiar vocals and the lyrical universe that constructs an entire mythology using references to pop culture, highbrow literature and Bejar’s own lyrics. Released on: Merge / VME

DJ /RUPTURE (US) Jace Clayton aka DJ /Rupture is a busy man. Besides being an internationally renowned DJ, he is a record label owner, radio host, journalist, blogger, speaker, guest lecturer at Harvard University and member of the band Nettle. Musically, he is also hard to pigeonhole. He started playing in the drum’n’bass collective

tarists turn each concert into an eye-opener regarding virtuosity and dizzying solos, while drummer Kevin Talley is a star in metal circles for his take-no-prisoners drumming. Released on: Century Media / EMI

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (US) As the son of Steve Earle one could easily just remain ‘the guy with the famous father’. Yet, Justin Townes Earle seems convincing in his insisting in marking his own territory. With a rough life behind him, Earle has lots of material to write songs from, loaded with the isolation and hardearned experiences of country music. At the same time it is clear to hear that this is a new generation singing. As a member of the mp3 generation he can easily skip between different genres such as blues, folk, hillbilly and honky tonk. Earle junior is at the same time loyal and unpretentious when he leads classic, American songwriting into the new millennium.

Released on: Tigerbeat6 / import


DOP (FR) dOP has quickly become one of France’s most wanted electronic acts. A position they have fought and worked hard for through countless appearances on big and small European music festivals. The trio is famous – perhaps even infamous – for its concerts that are a sort electronic grab bag with all sorts of delicious and impulsive ideas, from chill-out and house to hip hop and rock’n’roll without ever compromising the electronic base. dOP’s stated mission is to prove that electronica concerts also dare to reach out from the stage, so get ready for a revolutionary concert experience. Released on: Circus Company / Import

DÅÅTH (US) The extreme metal genre has its share of fundamentalists who prefer that the music does not deviate too much from the scripture. Dååth belongs to extreme metal’s more curious minds. In the course of four albums, the American band has investigated the borderland between death metal, thrash and whichever musical impressions that have caught their interest. Dååth’s two gui-


Toneburst in Boston in the late 90s. At the same time he began performing as a DJ, and he was known for mixing and combining everything from hip hop and noise to contemporary classical and South American folk music. The act plays as part of the The Ex curation on the Pavilion stage.

Released on: Bloodshot / Import

THE ECLECTIC MONIKER (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. ELEKTRO feat. JOHN TCHICAI (DK) John Tchicai is quite a famous gentleman. Not only has he recorded with John Lennon and John Coltrane – the Danish-American saxophonist has also been awarded a lifetime grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture, which gives him freedom to challenge the frames of interaction between world music, jazz and electronica. John Tchicai gets ample opportunity to explore especially the latter as he steps on stage with the Danish four-piece Elektro. Together, these five musical adventurers go on a trip that leads them through the three genres’ most intricate recesses, from familiar territory to new discoveries. Released on: Blackout Music / VME

ESSENCE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


Roskilde Festival lives on in WiMP! Experience WiMP in the Xperia Zone at Yourspace. Check out the programme for this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s festival, and sign up for WiMP to get unlimited access to ten million tracks and a load of playlists â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all through the summer!

FALLY IPUPA (CD) He is one of Central Africa’s greatest R&B stars – some even call him Africa’s Craig David. And Fally Ipupa does have a huge potential in the West with his inspiring pop music. At the same time, it is always clear with this award-winning artist that we are not in the US on the seat of a glittering sports car. There are plenty of African scents in Ipupa’s skilfully composed music, drawing on especially the Congolese rumba soukous that always takes care of the fat combustion with both the audience and the large orchestra that the Congolese like to bring. Released on: Obouo / import


THE EX with ROY PACI (NL) They chose the band name because it can be quickly spray-painted on a wall. 32 years and countless lineups later, The Ex is still a completely independent, autonomous punk band with their political anger intact. The starting point is manic post-punk with British-sounding talking vocals, crackling guitars, syncopated drums and an inclination for jazzy improvisation. But as true musical globetrotters, the Dutchmen have also shared both stage and recording studio with influential musicians from Africa and the US. We salute The Ex and their embrace of the world by letting them curate an entire afternoon on Pavilion. Released on: Touch and Go / Import

FASTPOHOLMEN (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


EYEHATEGOD (US) A disgusting, sodden monster rises from the Southern swamp. Angrier and higher on pot than ever before. Eyehategod is back. Their Southernstate-drawling update of Black Sabbath and Melvins has long since made the band an important reference among lovers and practitioners of the metal genre. Now the band is ready with its first studio album since Confederacy of Ruined Lives from 2000. After years of hardships – including hurricanes and prison sentences – Eyehategod is ready to tear at your ears with a round of tormented and tough metal.

FOALS (UK) This is danceable rock that you can easily move your feet to. However, Foals are intent on musical experimentation, constantly shaking and challenging the templates of their rock songs. Here you will find skewed and tricky rhythms, African-inspired guitar playing and some abstract but disturbing lyrics, half shout half sung by front man Yannis Phillipakis. Foals have a musical pioneering spirit that makes the young Oxford lads a different acquaintance on the UK charts.

Released on: Century Media / EMI

Released on: Transgressive / Warner




with the anachronistic mustache is a clever genre mixer who knocks, bends and curves music out of shape. His DJ set is filled with cactus acid, urban beats, jazz and Californian post-dubstep. The Gaslamp Killer provides you with the electronic sounds from Los Angeles so that you almost feel the Pacific winds blowing through your hair. Released on: Brainfeeder / import

frente cumbiero

FRENTE CUMBIERO (COL) Mario Galeano originally carries the name Frente Cumbiero (cumbia brother) on his own shoulders – but when he visits Roskilde Festival he comes as the band leader of a four-piece. Frente Cumbiero is from the stronghold of cumbia, Colombia, but his versatile nature becomes extra obvious as he soon releases an album in collaboration with the dub master himself, Mad Professor. Frente Cumbiero takes us on a journey through the many variations of the cumbia genre with instrumental, laptop-based party music that makes your heart jump and your pulse race. Released on: Honest Jons / Cosmos Music Group

FRISK FRUGT (DK) Danish act Frisk Frugt mixes Danish, poetic lyrics with sampled sounds and impressions from travels in West Africa. But the musical embrace of the world does not stop here. Children’s vocals, homemade instruments, free jazz, noise and avant-garde are stacked on top of the already lopsided genre tower. With Frisk Frugt you are offered both skewed Danish schlager music and a trip through West Africa’s dusty villages. Released on: Yo Yo Oy Oy / Lolita Industri


GHOST (S) ”Lucifer” is the first word uttered from Ghost’s widely talked-about debut album Opus Eponymous. The Swedish heavy rockers spread the message of the impending arrival of the Antichrist. This without any tomfoolery. The style is ultra-conservative heavy metal that proudly ignores most of the influences from post-1970s hard rock. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate are the godfathers of this round of apocalyptic rock that is equally focused on riffs and on melodies. To keep music in focus, it is unknown who is actually under the ritual clothing in which the band always performs. Be warned, Ghost is ready to light the black wax candles. Released on: Rise Above / Target Distribution


THE GASLAMP KILLER (US) He DJs almost every Wednesday at Low End Theory, one of the most trendsetting music clubs in Los Angeles. The Gaslamp Killer is part of the same family that has enriched the music world with Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi. The acid head

GOLD PANDA (UK) Gold Panda’s debut album Lucky Shiner – a follow-up on numerous praised and acknowledged remixes and the blog hit “Quitters Raga” – is a dreamy distillation of samples, hot synths,

Released on: Ghostly / VME

JOHN GRANT (US) His releases with The Czars never won the acknowledgement they deserved and John Grant was on the verge of turning his back on music. Against all odds, the solo debut album Queen of Denmark came into being. Nevertheless, this classic piece of Americana ended up as last year’s dark horse among critically acclaimed successes with its songs about homosexuality and self-loathing wrapped in 70s-like pop. At Roskilde Festival John Grant serves trimmed versions of his sensitive songs backed up just by a single piano and, of course, his goosebumpinducing tenor.

riffs roar alongside vocalist Joakim Nilsson. In other words, Graveyard is the sound of the first and greatest heavy rock legends of the 70s, and if you have ever mourned the untimely death of rock music, you should absolutely not miss out on Graveyard. Rock thrives with this band. Released on: Nuclear Blast / Warner

HAMMONDS, HARRINGTON & DESTROY (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


raspy oriental flutes and crackling underlying layers of synthetic drums. It has an eclectic and much travelled ring to it, and he has in fact lived in Japan. But there is also a sense of homeliness and comfort in the middle of the numerous wild samples. Gold Panda has moved away from making instrumental hip hop to inhabit his own world of calm, yet playful electronica.

Released on: Bella Union / Cosmos Music Group hoffmaestro


GRAVEYARD (S) If rock really is dead and buried, something critics have often claimed, then Graveyard is fully determined to dig it up and breathe life into it again. With Hisingen Blues the Swedish band has created a roaring monster of an album – a grim but solid work where stony grooves and heavy

HOFFMAESTRO (S) Last year, Swedish band Hoffmaestro released the album Skank-a-Tronic Punkadelica which has already become somewhat of a neo-classic in Sweden. This definitely makes sense as we are dealing with a band that unites ska and punk with electronica, funk, country and techno. But it is actually not just the band’s playful handling of genres that make them a natural addition to this year’s festival programme. Hoffmaestro’s concerts are notorious and famous for their intensity, which is one of the reasons that the ten-piece orchestra was the most booked act in Sweden last year. Udgives på: Monza / Warner

HONNINGBARNA (N) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



HOW TO DRESS WELL (US) R&B is more than hot chocolate-coloured beauties on MTV. Tom Krell has his own take on the genre. With his reverb-drenched falsetto voice as the primary instrument, this American philosophy scholar dissolves the genre and discovers a dreaminducing texture underneath. How To Dress Well is a challenging and welcome renewal of a genre that many loves and loves to hate. Breathtakingly beautiful music comes out of the seemingly inaccessible sounds. Far from and yet flirting heavily with the pop music from the charts.

an evergreen innocence and honey-marinated melodies. Front man Frode Strømstad is the centre from where the good tunes pour. Fans of Norwegian music will also spot people from Harrys Gym in the line-up. I Was A King’s British/ American influenced sound is a round of roughly grounded sugar for your ears. Released on: Sounds Familyre / VME

Released on: Lefse / import

HYMNS FROM NINEVEH (DK) It is seldom fair to judge musicians based on their religious beliefs. But in the case of Hymns from Nineveh, Christianity is an inevitable part of the music. Like a young Leonard Cohen, Jonas Petersen from Hymns from Nineveh takes his point of departure in the Bible and mainly in the more epic parts of it. Yet, the songs from his self-titled album are neither part of a missionary quest or a doomsday prophecy. On the contrary, this young Dane’s indie psalms are accompanied by doubt, search and sorrow. Released on: Good Tape / Playground


ICEAGE (DK) Danish punk rock takes a great leap forward these days. Four lads from Copenhagen take the longest jumps. Iceage took our Pavilion Junior stage last year with their clattering post-punk. The band’s first album fully meets the early expectations. Danish critics rejoice over New Brigade, a darkened post-punk album full of sharp guitars, tumbling drums and apathetic doom lyrics. 1977 multiplied by 2011. Iceage’s chaotic music sounds like the start of a new frosty golden age. Released on: Tambourhinoceros / Escho / Playground

i was a king


I WAS A KING (N) Melodies + noise = heaven. If you can concur with this equation, I Was a King is your kind of band. The Norwegians are audibly inspired by the 90s noise rock scene, but add a 60s-ish element of

ILILTA BAND (ETH) Ililta Band is based in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and was formed by singer and masingo player Chalachew Ashenafi. He started his career playing at bars and performing at day-long wedding celebrations among wealthy Ethiopians where Ashenafi got a reputation for being able to kick-start any party. In 2009 he released his first CD and began touring as a trio with Ililta Band. The trio knows how to deliver a positive and intimate atmosphere that exudes

JACKDAW WITH CROWBAR (UK) Something peculiar and highly alluring is going on when British Jackdaw with Crowbar is on stage. The band plays a kind of psychedelic post-punk with dark disco synths and a singer cackling like a chicken. Jackdaw with Crowbar was formed in 1986, released three albums and recorded two of the legendary BBC Peel Sessions before breaking up in 1992. After a 15-yearlong break the group reformed in 2007 and as recently as last year they released a live EP. It is, however, on stage that you get the full benefit of raving Brits. The act plays as part of the The Ex curation on the Pavilion stage.


African hospitality. The act plays as part of the The Ex curation on the Pavilion stage.

iron maiden · photo: john mcmurtrie

IRON MAIDEN (UK) An unforgettable round of Maiden is in store for the audience at Roskilde Festival. The heavy metal legends’ recapturing of the Orange Stage will be the band’s only festival concert in Scandinavia this summer. Iron Maiden’s new album, The Final Frontier, shows a group of musicians who, in spite of having played nearly 2,000 concerts, still hold a firm grip of their instruments. The same goes for an untiring audience who greets the British heroes with their arms raised high in the air in almost every part of the world. The hellfire, the theatrical refrains, the wind-swept sensation; the entire riff-packed Valkyrie ride is still intact in Iron Maiden after more than 30 years as one of the most important heavy rock bands on the planet. Released on: EMI

NICOLAS JAAR (US) The just 21-year-old American has already been dubbed electronic music’s big American hope. Nicolas Jaar’s music is focused on both rhythm and repetition while giving room for lots of musical frills. He moves in and out of electro pop, Afro jazz, sound collages, hip hop and many other styles – all tied together by his melancholy vocal. Nicolas Jaar is inventive and curious but he is also completely on top of things when it comes to the electronic genre’s very finest effects. Released on: Clown and Sunset / Import

jagwa music

JAGWA MUSIC (TAN) They play most of their concerts on street corners after weddings in Dar es Salaam, and their current back catalog is only out on cassette tapes. Jagwa Music from Tanzania cultivates a genre called mchiriku, a percussion-based type of music that makes your blood boil with its steady, rhythmic attack. Due to a lack of funds, the musicians use old Casio keyboards and whatever materials they can get a hold of as well as traditional African drums. The experience is still luxurious when Jagwa Music in a dancy and acrobatic stage show gets the audience to raise their arms in excitement. Released on: Jahazi Media / import


KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT (FIN) Kemialliset Ystävät is Finnish for ‘chemical friends’ and is an ever-changing group of free form pilots who have sent dark sound clouds up from their basement in Tampere, Finland since 1995. They work with short instrumental songs, built up by simple, repetitive riffs and noisy drone scapes. But there is a meaning to the madness – and Jan Anderzén, the mastermind behind the project, is actually one of Finland’s most visionary musicians who has broken down barriers of folk music with his psychedelic and out-there experiments since the 90s. Released on: Fonal / Playground


JATOMA (DK) Tomas Barfod (WhoMadeWho) crosses swords with Jakob Littauer and Mads Kolding (Electrojuice) in Jatoma. The collaboration of the two young boys and the slightly older star producer was really mostly for fun. But no! The music was picked up in Cologne, and soon the trio was signed to the exclusive German label Kompakt, home of some of the biggest buffs from the electronic scene. Jatoma is an exciting direction for everyone involved. Minimal techno, found sounds, impressionistic synthesizers. Everything drifts easily together and apart again in a picturesque absorbent sound cosmos, boosting both daydreaming and an urge to dance. Released on: Fake Diamond / A:larm

JUJU (UK/GAM) Robert Plant’s guitarist Justin Adams and Gambian musician Juldeh Camara conjure up a blend of West African sounds and guitar rock from cloudy North-West Europe. On the album Trance Sessions you get an insight into the psychedelic session awaiting Roskilde Festival’s audience. Adams’ guitars create a lengthy and churning trance atmosphere as part of an exciting symbiosis with Camara’s ritti, a West African, one-stringed predecessor to the violin. A psychedelic cultural meeting full of both vibrant guitar and ancient African magic. Released on: Real World / import KAIZERS ORCHESTRA (N) Like a herd of elephants in panicky flight from a traveling circus, Kaizers Orchestra has trampled over a wildly enthusiastic Scandinavian audience who immediately took to the heavy Balkan rock. It was again allowed to leave rock concerts drenched in sweat – and heavy touring almost made Kaizers Orchestra a resident band in Denmark. Earlier this year the Norwegians made a comeback with the album Violeta Violeta, Vol I, which marks a clear return to the original starting point. Get ready for uncompromising, infernal and totally unscrupulous gypsy rock delivered in Norwegian. Released on: Kaizerecords / Universal

killing joke · photo: nathan gallagher

KILLING JOKE (UK) They have played together for 32 years on a mixture of gall, doomsday readiness and general pessimism. With industrial synths, aggressive guitars and electronic techno rhythms, Killing Joke has inspired a dizzying number of bands. Both the metal and punk crowds have embraced this band who with legendary Jaz Coleman in front has one of the many relentlessly unique front men of the British rock scene. Absolute Dissent from 2010 is made with the original lineup from the late 70s and shows a manic top form on par with back then. Released on: SpineFarm / Cosmos Music Group



kings of leon

KINGS OF LEON (US) Kings of Leon were brought up among Tennessee pickup-trucks and leather-bound Bibles. Since their fourth album – the breakthrough Only by the Night – things have progressed rapidly, and Kings of Leon are no longer just for fans of alternative country rock with a Southern flavour. Today the whole world sings along to hits such as “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody”. In 2011 we welcome them back as the American answer to U2 – and with a long-awaited new rock album, Come Around Sundown, that, according to the band itself, should satisfy both new and old fans. Prepare for a stadium rock experience full of American country roads and a proud music tradition. Released on: Sony Music

KIRSTEN & MARIE (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


KITCHIE KITCHIE KI ME O (N) Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O has risen from the ashes of the once prominent Norwegian bands Madrugada, My Midnight Creeps and Ricochets. And like the bird of legend, what a strange and unique creature it is. Until very recently, the only way to hear their music was to see them perform live. The music is described by those who have seen them as extremely percussive and trancelike. Imagine African desert blues, garage and psychedelia blended into a volatile mixture that resembles the music of a tribe of ancient lore, whose rhythms will hypnotise you before they eat you alive.

KLOSTER (DK) Mystics from the 14th century are a rare sight on the Danish music scene. Kloster (Danish for monastery) belongs in a different category. Mikael R Andreasen is the centre of the project. On his ­latest release, The Waves and Winds Still Know His Voice, lyrics and themes are borrowed from Julian of Norwich, an English seer who rose up to her God around 1416. With this remote background, a unique, meditative atmosphere arises with poetry and beauty flowing from it. Andreasen’s songs are mainly acoustic and sparing of words but rich on instrumental variations – full of spiritual aspiration and delicate desperation. Released on: Washington Inc / VME

DJ KOZE (DE) Some people manage to be good at almost every­ thing – resulting in equal parts admiration and irri­ tation for the rest of us. DJ Koze seems to be one of those types and with a lengthy resume. He has been active since the 90s and made everything from electro house to hip hop. Dance, disco and tech house are just the superficial mission description with this electronic Renaissance man. DJ Koze’s sets are rock-solid German electronic class following the proud tradition of connoisseur label Kompakt. But you also find surprising genre leaps and style shifts, dissolving preconceptions about the German soul as gray, mathematical and humourless. Released on: Kompakt / VME

FEMI KUTI & POSITIVE FORCE (NGA) As son of Fela Kuti he has carried on the legacy of his father to a huge audience who rejoice over this incredibly hot and sexy music. He started out as a member of his father’s band back in the 80s. Today Femi plays with his own fourteen-piece band, Positive Force, combining sharp-edged rhythms with Miles/Gillespie-inspired brass and seductive dancers. All this in one and the same awesome show. His fourth appearance at Roskilde Festival is out of the ordinary. After a concert with his faithful band, Positive Force, Femi plays together with younger brother Seun Kuti – for the first time ever. A historic Afrobeat celebration awaits. Released on: Wrasse / COSMOS MUSIC GROUP

Released on: Season of Mist / Target Distribution seun anikulapo kuti · photo: kelechi amadiobi

SEUN ANIKULAPO KUTI & EGYPT 80 (NGA) The youngest son of Afro-beat pioneer Fela Kuti, Seun Anikulapo Kuti, plays with Fela’s old backing band Egypt 80 – and a new Brian Enoproduced album, From Africa with Fury: Rise, has seen the light of day in 2011. The red-hot mix of funk, sparkling brass, musical joy and political indignation continues – yet, Kuti junior relates just as much to the present music scene as he does to his iconic family name. He follows up on his dazzling Roskilde concert in 2007 – after his show he will share the limelight with big brother Femi Kuti – The two sons of the great Kuti on the same stage is never seen before.

LITTLE DRAGON (S) Sweet pop music is easily combined with an experimental temper, and Little Dragon is proof of that. The quirky pop band never resigns itself to just pleasing. It explores texture, rhythms and melodic patterns so that the expression constantly changes. Yukimi Nagano is fronting the band. With this charismatic singer (last seen at Roskilde Festival together with Gorillaz in 2010) the band has an extra ace, making the mixture of synth pop, jazzy R&B and trip hop particularly appealing. Little Dragon has collaborated with capacities such as Damon Albarn and Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio.

Released on: Knitting Factory / VME

Released on: Peacefrog / VME

LITTLE MARBLES (S) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. L.O.C. (DK) He has become somewhat of an institution at Roskilde Festival and in the Danish Kingdom. L.O.C. brought down the Orange Stage singlehandedly in 2008, and he has been a guest rapper at Roskilde concerts with Petter, Tech N9ne and Nephew. Now, the king of Danish hip hop has released a brand-new album, Libertiner, his most personal album so far. With more than 200,000 albums sold the expectations are high. But the Irish-Danish rapper hasn’t let down his numerous fans who love Liam O’Connor for his magnificent flow and twists of the Danish language inspired by his American role models.


KYLESA (US) Many metal fans already know Kylesa as a productive band with five albums under the belt since 2002. Fans of Pink Floyd and At the

Released on: Virgin / EMI


Drive-In ought to also give the Georgia band a chance. Make no mistake. This is bad Southern metal with hungry vultures and impoverished desert soil. But the band’s double drums attack, the vocal alternation between Laura Pleasants and Philip Cope and the many accessible and almost indie-rocking features of the songs make Kylesa a band who, as a matter of course, invites all kinds of music lovers into the fold. Here the newly initiatied can experience how gruesomely they can rock out in the Southern states.


Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why! Roskilde University, Denmark

If you want to study multidisciplined and project-oriented, problembased and closely with other students in groups in an active, dynamic study environment then Roskilde University may be the right choice for you..... Read more:

Scandinavian for many. Wounded Rhymes – the critically acclaimed, cloudy album number two from this year – shows a more mature artist, and although the Swede’s entry into the adult world has left some marks on her heart, we should be excited about the new Lykke Li. Inspired by especially classic, Phil Spector/Motown-esque pop music, she has created a record full of substance and melody, which bodes well for a concert full of catchy tunes and feminine power in the proud Swedish tradition. Released on: LL / EMI

Released on: A:larm

LUKESTAR (N) Great songs sprout like oil from the Norwegian underground. Lukestar is one of the most important bands from Norway’s alternative scene, and the band’s latest record Lake Toba has reaped tons of praise. Lead singer Truls Heggero has a high pitched, frail voice and the rest of the band create angelic melodies and turbulent arrangements that sound as if they were made from a unique mixture of inland ice and helium. With Lukestar, Norway has a worthy cousin to other Nordic worshippers of beauty such as Mew and Sigur Rós. Released on: Tuba / COSMOS MUSIC GROUP

lykke li

LYKKE LI (S) With her youthful, light voice and symmetrical face, Lykke Li was the epitome of a happy


LOVE SHOP (DK) The last few years have not been easy for fans of Love Shop. In 2008 we lost guitarist Hilmer Hassig in a tragic car accident, and earlier this year Henrik Hall lost the battle against cancer. So this is Love Shop’s first visit to the festival with Jens Unmack as the only original member. But anyone who has heard one of Love Shop’s concerts during the spring has seen a singer who lively and life-affirmingly steps out of the shadows. Love Shop’s pop magic has always been greater than the individual members, and the band’s sixth concert at Roskilde Festival will be no exception.

magnetic man

MAGNETIC MAN with Special Guests KATY B and SBTRKT DJ Set (UK) Roskilde Festival 2008 was a part of turning Magnetic Man into what they are today. The response from the audience at their last Roskilde visit was so overwhelming that the three Brits just had to continue playing live shows. They have brought the dubstep genre into the mainstream with singles such as ”I Need Air” and ”Perfect Stranger”. But there is still plenty of bass-loaded atmosphere from the genre’s steamy underground when Benga, Skream and Artwork play live. Magnetic Man show Roskilde Festival their affection by doing a custom-designed and extended show. Look forward to visits from Katy B and SBTRKT, a boiling party atmosphere and, above all, bass, bass, bass. Released on: Sony Music UK / Sony Music



LA MAKINA DEL KARIBE (COL) Africa and South America are intertwined musically. La Makina Del Karibe is a Colombian music collective, but their primary guiding principle is, according to themselves, soukous, the hot kind of rumba that you particularly associate with Congo and Central Africa. However, this is not a clear-cut tribute to the distant neighbors. In the course of five years, La Makina Del Karibe has spread a high pulse and party atmosphere at home by combining African sounds and percussion in a fun and schizophrenic blend of champeta, cumbia, punk and ska. This is the sound of summer.

experimental with a basic joy of fast riffs and heavy grooves. Released on: Reprise / Warner

MESSY SHELTERS (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Chusma / import

The malpractice (dk) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. m.i.a.



MASTODON (US) With a band name like this, you are almost predestined to become great. Mastodon has played at Roskilde Festival in 2005 and 2007. We welcome them back in 2011 as full-grown metal giants. Mastodon is on the front line when it comes to complexity, technicality and literary weight. Their latest album, Crack the Skye, is about astrology, time travel and the Russian czardom. Meanwhile, the songs become more beautiful and melodic with each new album. Mastodon stands as a huge profile in the progressive metal scene. Perhaps because they manage to combine the challenging and

M.I.A. (UK) Mathangi ”Maya” Arulpragasam is the daughter of a political activist from Sri Lanka, and in many ways she has followed in her father’s revolutionary footsteps. She calls herself M.I.A.. Her music is dirty like a city pavement, and it has both Western and Oriental blood running through its system. She skips between the continents in the same way as the rest of us maneuver the internet. Dancehall, Bollywood, Afro hip hop, Suicide. Everything is put on the catapult and fired. London’s grime scene is the starting point, and M.I.A. has long since become a global, provocative phenomenon – equal parts Che Guevara and pop princess with sunglasses. Released on: XL / Playground

JANELLE MONÁE (US) She is in her mid-20s, but from which planet? Janelle Monáe’s debut album The ArchAndroid sounds like Fritz Lang’s classic silent film Metropolis if it were played as a musical by Stevie Wonder’s backing band and a group of indie rockers had dropped by. R&B, soul and alternative rock in an almost rudely perfect choreography. Janelle Monáe is so larger-than-life that it is almost hard

Released on: Bad Boy / Warner

MUNCHI (NL) In a short time, Munchi has become one of the global electronic scene’s most sought-after DJs and producers. M.I.A. has invited him along on her latest mixtape Vicki Leekx – and just like the style and pop icon, this Dominican kid from Rotterdam has a mixed background. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for Munchi’s musical palette. Look forward to a multicoloured DJ set full of dancehall, baile funk, dubstep, and, last but not least, moombahton. Munchi is one of the main exponents of this brand-new, sloweddown variant of reggaeton.


NARASIRATO (SOL) This group is spectacular, even at Roskilde Festival. The collective consists of natives from the Solomon Islands near New Zealand and Australia. They play the music of their ancestors throughout hundreds of years – authentic, ritual music that imitates nature, animal calls and Pacific waves. Panpipes of all kinds of sizes and percussion are at the centre when the band dances, blows and drums its way through terrific concerts – all delivered in traditional war paint but with a peace-loving atmosphere of nature, brotherhood and well-being.


to believe she really exists. Look forward to experiencing that this is in fact true at Roskilde Festival – it will be miss Monaé’s first visit on Danish soil.

Released on: Pan People Publishing / import

my chemical romance · photo: neil krug

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (US) Over the years, My Chemical Romance have sent thousands of teen girls home, blubbering, weak at the knees and with running mascara. But on their latest album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, the New Jersey band has confronted the post-pubertal pessimism that has made them kings of emo land. Now My Chemical Romance turns to a less complex, more classic type of rock music. British 80s rock bands like The Cure and The Smiths are new sources of inspiration for the colourful band with the grand gestures. A big musical experience awaits from a band reborn. Released on: Warner Bros. / Warner

NEXT LIFE (N) ‘An electronic attack’, ‘chip-core’ and ‘Gameboydeath metal’ are just few examples of the strangely precise descriptions that have been used about Norwegian Next Life the last couple of years. With guitarist Hai Nguyen Dinh in front, this Oslo trio is probably the first band ever to combine Asian avant-garde electronica and computer game beats with legendary Norwegian metal. Next Life is as heavy as Mayhem but as colourful as Japanese Manga – and even though the guitar-synth-drums combo has been used several times before we doubt that anyone has done it quite like Next Life. Released on: Fysisk Format / Import

NIVE NIELSEN & THE DEER CHILDREN (GRL) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



read more about ool Ry Folk High Sch

photo: olivia blondal

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Released on: Superpuma / import

OH LAND (DK) Nanna Øland Fabricius continues conquering new territory. Oh Land has become a prime focus with label giant Sony, and she now resides in New York City. Still, the feel and taste of the Dane’s lux-pop is predominantly European. Oh Land has the song material, the flamboyant looks and the stage presence to compete with today’s sophisticated pop divas. The first international album has just been released, and even though all sorts of expensive producers have had a hand in it, you can still feel the experimental playfulness that has always flowed through Oh Land’s twisted, electronic pop.


DANIEL NORGREN (S) If blues singer Robert Johnson actually sold his soul to the Devil to become the world’s best guitarist, as legend has it, Daniel Norgren has probably offered the latter a similar deal. He has a devastating insight into the blues and sounds like Tom Waits in a bar fight with Muddy Waters. This does not make the young Swede a simple blues pastiche. His ability to squeeze the sound of an entire garage rock band into a simple blues riff is nothing less than impressive.

Released on: Fake Diamond / A:larm

tyler, the creator

OFWGKTA (US) A hip hop sensation rolls like an avalanche through the web’s many music blogs. YouTube is tainted with concert footage of some young hip hoppers who clearly take the genre in a punk direction. This phenomenon is called OFWGKTA – Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Tyler, the Creator is the centre of the wolf pack, and around him is a whole formation of young and talented rappers. The expression is dark, apocalyptic and demonic. Tyler raps about violence, death and necrophilia – but the Los Angeles collective also have humour, gags and subversive activism going for them. Alternative hip hop has found its strong­est voice in a very long time.

OUDADEN (MAR) In Morocco Oudaden easily gathers 100,000 people at their concerts. The popular band is an ambassador for the Berbers, Northern Africa’s indigenous population. Many of the members have played together since the 80s and are now an institution in Moroccan music. Banjo, guitar and infinitely subtle percussion playing are the basic ingredients in their improvisational song cycle about the beauty and agony of life. Oudaden’s front man Abdellah el Fouah sings in the Berbers’ own dialect tashelhait on top of both complex and festive grooves. IVO PAPASOV & HIS WEDDING BAND (BG) One of the greatest masters of the clarinet – possibly the best of all time – is named Ivo Papasov. In the 70s he developed a special blend of jazz-coloured party brass music for weddings in his homeland of Bulgaria. Today he is long since canonized as one of the central figures of Romanic music. Western capabilities such as Frank Zappa and David Sanborn have gaped when the Bulgarian master puts his lips to the mouthpiece. Together with his Wedding Band, Ivo Papasov kicks the door in to a whirlwind of brass, Middle Eastern sounds and almost illogically high tempos. A true legend holds court. Released on: HARMONIA MUNDI / NAXOS DENMARK



PARKWAY DRIVE (AUS) With three albums under the belt, Parkway Drive is becoming one of Australia’s biggest successes in metal and hardcore. The young band’s first albums were produced by none other than Adam Dutkiewicz from metalcore kings Killswitch Engage. In the future the Australians may just as well be in the same league as these metal giants. Do not let Parkway Drive’s pretty band name fool you. This is metalcore from the angriest and heaviest part of the genre spectrum – with no MTV-friendly choruses to sweeten the pill. Show up for a round of indignant guitar ripping from Down Under. Released on: Epitaph / Cosmos Music Group

PER VERS (DK) Now 34 years of age, Per Vers is reaching that age when most other rappers are considering retirement. And as if that was not enough, he is also so happily in love with his wife that he hardly can muster the exaggerated self-satisfaction that has always been the fuel to the flames of hip hop. But instead of sinking into musical indifference and lyrical trivialities, Per Vers has with the album Ego made the most vital move of his career, rhythmically as well as lyrically. So, this is a rap veteran on top of his game, returning to Roskilde Festival – happy, but by no means trivial. Released on: Mixed Ape Music / Playground


PJ HARVEY (UK) She is the queen of alternative rock. A chameleon who prefers to wear black or white. Infatuated men and admiring girls got to know her as a tough yet sensitive vixen on the early 90’s albums. Later on she has embraced the role of the cool city girl and gothic ballad singer with just as much conviction. Polly Jean Harvey’s eighth opus, Let England Shake, is a concept album about England’s many wars, mainly written for autoharp – the result being some of the catchiest tunes of her career. We are proud to have this boundary-seeking rock figure with a thirst for life back at Roskilde Festival. Released on: Island / Universal


PORTISHEAD (UK) It did not take Portishead more than a single album to define a whole genre. The album Dummy from 1994 set a fashion for trip hop, and the dark, melancholy sounds of Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley would over the following decade launch thousands of copyists. Three years ago the Bristol trio returned after a long break, reborn and even more curious than ever, and with an album, Third, that ended on several best-of-the-year lists among both fans and critics. This year awaits the fourth studio album from one of the most trendsetting bands on this side of The Beatles and their first Roskilde concert since 1998. Released on: Island / Universal

PRINCE FATTY SOUNDSYSTEM feat. LITTLE ROY and HORSEMAN (UK) Prince Fatty Soundsystem have proclaimed that they were made to “dub your feet with Rock Steady beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazzlike way”. The mastermind behind the music collective from Brighton is producer Mike Pelanconi who has previously worked with major acts such as Lily Allen, Sugarhill Gang and Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. Even though Prince Fatty Soundsystem was originally created as a musical advertisement for a clothing brand, it became such a great success on the British airwaves that Pelanconi decided to continue the party with a long line of musicians and singers.   Released on: Mr. Bongo / cosmos music group

source of rock, they take a new step. Often it is in a completely unexpected direction but fortun­ ately always with outstanding results. With this year’s Raven in the Grave, Sharin Foo and Sune Wagner demonstrate new sides of their musical companionship – where emotions are allowed to overshadow the otherwise tight form and where the 80s-like dark and melancholy guitar crunch now lives and breathes side by side with the rock’n’roll that began the whole story of Denmark’s biggest ever rock export. Released on: Universal

REptile & retard (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.

Released on: Transgressive / COSMOS MUSIC GROUP


PULLED APART BY HORSES (UK) Their self-titled debut album from 2010 has been several years in the making. Pulled Apart by Horses have been far too busy making a name for themselves as a perverse, unpredictable and violent live acquaintance. Pulled Apart by Horses plays a festive kind of rock/hardcore hybrid with a penchant for screaming vocals, odd time signatures and short songs. One of the band’s many charming features is an unmistakable sense of humour – just look at song titles such as “Back to the Fuck Yeah” and “I Punched a Lion in the Throat”.


RANGO (EGY) Hassan Bergamon is a master of an ancient musical instrument, the rango. This African marimba is, as the band name suggests, one of the fundamental elements in Rango’s Sudanese ceremony music. With the rango at the center, and the lyre-like tanbura and often lavishly costumed dancers, this is unlike anything you will find elsewhere in Egypt – or in the wider world. We give you a rare opportunity to experience a musical trance, equal parts wizard cult, polyrhythmic percussion and rich slave blues from a band filled with defiant vigour. Released on: 30IPS / import

THE RAVEONETTES (DK) Every time we think that The Raveonettes have reached the end of their quest for the primal

tarrus riley

TARRUS RILEY & THE BLACK SOIL BAND (JAM) The reggae scene needs charismatic leaders in a time when the more electronic dancehall genre conquers ever more territory. Tarrus Riley (son of the legendary Jimmy Riley) keeps the rasta flag flying. At the same time he has such a broad vision that he can jump from original songs to covers of Michael Jackson and John Legend. In the course of three albums, Tarrus Riley has won over hearts both in Jamaica, USA and Europe with his mix of roots reggae, soul and R&B. And naturally, sunny music of this caliber comes with a large and well-playing live band. Tarrus Riley helps ensure the survival of classic reggae. Released on: VP / Import



ROLL THE DICE (S) Roll The Dice works from the conviction that the more rules and the fewer distractions you have the better the result. And there is some truth about it. Even though the Swedish duo most definitely do not hold back on the eccentric impulses or impro whims, the melancholy soundscape never becomes dull. Pedrol Manner Folt and Deadactiveman are patient musicians and expect the same patience from you. If you have the time and the taste, then lean back and let Roll The Dice recharge your batteries and daydreams. screaming females

Released on: The Leaf Label / import

GONGA SAIN & MITHU SAIN (PAK) Percussive trance from one of the finest representatives of Sufi mysticism. He has been deaf since childhood. Yet, Gonga Sain is one of Pakistan’s most acclaimed percussion artists. Together with his brother Mithu Sain he performs rituals from the spiritual world of Islamic Sufi mysticism, played on Dhol – special drums used for this kind of music since the golden age of Sufi ceremonies between the years 900 and 1400. With an almost occult sense of rhythm and repetition, the duo creates a magical state of trance, almost as otherworldly and enigmatic as the dizzying patterns of a Persian rug. JOHAN SARA JR. (N) Even though the Sami form of singing ‘joik’ is one of the oldest forms of folk music in Europe, it is still in large reserved for the Samis themselves. Johan Sara Jr., who was born and raised among reindeer herdsmen and shamans on the northern Scandinavian tundra, is looking to change this. The Norwegian musician adds elements from both electronica and jazz to the traditional way of singing, creating a hypnotic and organic hybrid of tradition and new ideas. We are proud to present such a unique and visionary musician who respectfully navigates between his people’s past and present. Released on: Stierdna / import

SCREAMING FEMALES (US) Marissa Paternoster – guitarist, vocalist and front woman of Screaming Females – is like a small atomic bomb on stage. She sings, screams and chastises herself through utterly unvarnished garage rock songs that are driven forward by equal parts ill-temper and the fundamental joy of playing a loud guitar riff. Screaming Females seize the audience by the throat and keep a firm grip despite a scarce base consisting of guitar, bass and drums. All fans of punk, garage and ultrapotent front women should not deny themselves experiencing this trio from New Jersey. Released on: Don Giovanni / import

SELVHENTER (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. SHANGAAN ELECTRO (ZA) It is fast. The tempo typically starts at 180 beats per minute, which is faster than Western genres such as drum’n’bass. Shangaan Electro is an only 5-year-old genre movement. In the townships of Johannesburg people from 12 to 95 are shaking their booties to this revolutionary mix of up-tempo, synthetic marimba beats and pitched vocal samples – and they can keep going for hours as long as the tempo is fast enough. Genre mastermind Nozinja, the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys and DJ Spoko all give you the opportunity to experience a brand-new genre from the front row. Released on: Honest Jons / Import


Released on: Asphalt Tango / Import

SPIDS NØGENHAT (DK) “Have you seen my psychedelic wallpaper?” sings front man Aramis (aka Uffe Lorenzen known from Baby Woodrose and Dragontears) on Danish band Spids Nøgenhat’s already classic 2001 debut En Mærkelig Kop Te. And the answer is yes. More and more have both seen and heard the amazing colours that this fourpiece conjures up in their 60s and 70s-inspired mushroom rock. With just one album, the band has achieved an almost cult-like status among Danish music freaks. The rare performances by Spids Nøgenhat are like psychedelic sessions that will appeal to all lovers of psychedelic rock and strange plants.


SHUTKA ROMA RAP (MKD) Shutka Roma Rap comes from the Skopje district called Shutka – the area in Europe with the largest concentration of Romany people. With Shutka Roma Rap, this politically vilified people have finally gotten a strong and uncompromising musical voice with the courage to add fuel to the political fires and speak up for a generation of young Romany people who once and for all want to root out racism. We are proud to present a rap act with a message – and something at stake.


soilwork · photo: hannah verbeuren

SOILWORK (S) Roskilde Festival has plugged in amplifiers for several of the big buffs from the Swedish metal scene: In Flames, At The Gates, Amon Amarth. So it is obvious that Soilwork now pays us a visit. The Swedish metal heroes from Helsingborg has brought the Swedish melodic metal style to a huge audience. The Panic Broadcast, Soilwork’s eighth album, is a peak from a band that after changing lineups now has just the right setup to blow back your hair with both the brutal and epic melodic songs. Archetypal Swedish metal with red-hot racing stripes and infectious ­choruses. Released on: Nuclear Blast / Warner

the strokes

THE STROKES (US) They are responsible for possibly the most important rock album of the new millennium. The Strokes and the debut album Is This It lead the way for a new and much welcome wave of guitar rock in 2001. 10 years later, The Strokes extends their already superb song catalog with album number four. Angles is an album that – to a greater degree than before – contains contributions from all band members. The photogenic lads have already changed rock history for the better. Now they stand ready to prove why we still need their catchy hooks, laid-back cool-cat attitude and striking choruses in the year 2011. Released on: RCA / Sony Music


har du lyst ? HØJSKOLEN

se mere og tilmeld dig på


surfer blood · photo: dan monick

SURFER BLOOD (US) Imagine The Beach Boys if they had grown up listening to the first Weezer albums. Surfer Blood could be this band. The four-piece from Florida writes songs that seethe with a zest for life, frustration and a great love of guitar rock from the 90s. Even the most youth-heartbreaking outbursts on the successful debut Astral Coast regain the will to live when the brilliant riffs and choruses take over. Surfer Blood’s forthright attitude and winning melodies may very well establish them broadly as one of America’s next big guitar rock bands. So if you are still not among the fortunate initiated: surf’s up!

SWANS (US) They are indeed beautiful swans – but not the kind that pop up happily at the end of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. Swans are responsible for some of New York’s and perhaps the Western world’s most nihilistic music. As part of the 80s’ no wave scene, Swans experimented with noise and drone sounds for the inspiration of a whole generation of bands. On later albums Michael Gira’s baritone vocals haunt a burned soundscape where black post-punk and a pronounced sense of tragic beauty form a melodic synthesis. Now Swans have landed again, and they are ready to explore the seemingly infinite shades of darkness existing in Michael Gira’s sewer-black soul. Released on: Young God / import

Released on: Kanine / Import

SVARTE GREINER (N) Svarte Greiner is an exploration of a dark, mysterious and disturbing universe. With inspiration from artists such as Earth and Volcano the Bear, Svarte Greiner takes you into a frightening, unforgettable and unique world that sends you off into the night with fear planted firmly in your mind. Svarte Greiner is a one-man project by Erik Skodvin (one half of the duo Deaf Center). Since the debut album Knives in 2006 and the followup Kappe in 2009, he has released a series of vinyl singles, cassette tapes and other limited edition releases before the latest album Penpals Forever (And Ever). Released on: Type / Import

the tallest man on earth

THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH (S) He sounds like a protest singer who could have jammed with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez in the early 60s. But The Tallest Man On Earth comes from Sweden and was born in the 80s. Fortunately, good music does not care about time, place and age. Kristian Mattson’s raspy voice has a resonance so great that you can practically sense the American prairie under your feet. The international press agrees about the album The Wild Hunt. You do not have to stand on tiptoe to see the Swede’s musical references. His talent is nonetheless staggering. The Tallest Man On Earth makes his acoustic guitar glow and the old days to seem new again. Released on: Gravitation / import



tame impala


TAME IMPALA (AUS) Their 2010 debut album Innerspeaker sounds like a forgotten masterpiece released on vinyl in the late 60s. Tame Impala has skillfully picked up the tricks from psychedelic bands such as Cream and The Beatles – but also more contemporary mushroom pickers like The Flaming Lips. A mildly drugged vibe hangs over each note from the young band. It is the sound of smiling dolphins swimming through the big blue, while the softas-cotton vocals, jazzy drums and laid-back guitar drift through the melodies like warm ripples at the edge of the lagoon.

THULEBASEN (DK) An avant-garde approach to songwriting is nothing new for mastermind Nis Bysted. With Thulebasen he shows how an experimental and raving approach to music can also be used in a more straightforwardly rocking, song-oriented universe. The album Gate 5 from 2011 sounds unlike anything we have heard from a Danish band. Thulebasen is expanded with Felia and Niels-Kristian, and together the three let improvisation and playfulness take control. Be guided into a parallel world of warped avant-garde, rattling guitar dissonance in the vein of Sonic Youth and surprisingly catchy elements.

Released on: Modular / import

TERROR (US) Keep searching if you are looking for the reinvention of the wheel. Terror prefer to do a show where the good old wheel turns at roaring and shattering speed with a discharge of muscular but melodic hardcore. Keepers of the Faith from 2010 convincingly displays one of Terror’s main objectives, a fuming crowd full of sweaty girls and boys. Terror embodies the hardcore lifestyle with a flicked finger to about 95 % of the surrounding world. Shake those tattoos to a round of pure back-to-basics hardcore.

Released on: Tambourhinoceros / Playground

Released on: Century Media / EMI

THIS IS HEAD (S) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.



TIMBUKTU & DAMN! (S) Timbuktu once again takes his playmates from Damn! on tour, and with their expertise in Afro funk, reggae, Latin and Swedish folk music you

Released on: Ju Ju / EMI

TÔG (N) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. TREMOR (ARG) South American music is placed in a futuristic acid bath with Tremor. The trio has composer, musical archaeologist and performing musician Leonardo Martinelli in front. His starting point is the traditional instruments from Argentina – especially the upright bombo legüero, a bass drum that is a characteristic part of Tremor’s stage show. The traditional Argentinean sounds are part of a musical pairing with contemporary electronica and synthesizers. This way Tremor creates a sound space with fascinating contrasts between past, present and future. Released on: ZZK / Import

TRUST (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. TU FAWNING (US) When the musical routes are plotted, more and more young bands set in the direction of folk music. Perhaps this is because the genre allows enough freedom to stray from the path, get lost and still find a way back home safely. In any case this is the plan that Portland duo Tu Fawning seems to have up its sleeve. Armed with a bass drum, strings and a refreshing musical recklessness, they go exploring several decades of folk music. Tu Fawning take you to the circus, illicit bars and to ramshackle and haunted castles, so expect a journey you will not forget. Released on: City Slang / Cosmos Music Group

tv on the radio · photo: michael lavine

TV ON THE RADIO (US) The Brooklyn band TV On The Radio mixes rock and post-punk with electronica and soul. The musical range and the solid songs have earned the band a position as absolute heavyweights of indie rock, but at the same time they are no strangers on best-of-the-year lists. TV On The Radio have recently released their fourth album, Nine Types of Light, once again lauded with – the almost usual – praise and critical acclaim. Unfortunately, the sweetness of success was dampened by news that the band’s bassist Gerard Smith had passed away. Fortunately, they are a band keen to play themselves out of the mourning. Look forward to them doing so at Roskilde Festival.


are in for a different hip hop treat. With a live energy that can take the breath away from every marathon runner, it is no wonder that Timbuktu has been at the very top of Nordic hip hop over the past many years. A position that is only maintained because he is never afraid to place himself at the front lines with political songs, self-revealing lyrics, musical detours and a wry smile that reaches the back rows.

Released on: Interscope / Universal

UNDERGANG (DK) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80. UNDERØATH (US) In America’s huge array of rough but melodic metalcore bands, Underøath has always stood as one of the most refreshing groups. On Ø (Disambiguation) from 2010 you can sense a band reconsidering its sound. The pop choruses are gone. Instead the album has the same organic expression that you experience live. Wild, crushing and punishing. None of the original members are in the band any longer. Yet, this new incarnation delivers a round of flame-enshrouded metal about chaos, drug problems and the Lord. Released on: Roadrunner / Warner



VALBY VOKALGRUPPE (DK) Valby Vokalgruppe is a female, a capella group with members from Kirsten Ketsjer, Pinkunoizu and Chimes & Bells. The fact that only a couple of the women in the collective have a background in the conventional branch of the Danish music scene is evident in Valby Vokalgruppe’s avant-garde approach to feminine singing. Come hear trance-like rhythmical patterns and improvisations in the women’s musical landscape where the voice is allowed to take the primary role of an instrument.

audience-appreciated bands, their sombre style may seem paradoxical – but front man Troels Abrahamsen has never let the steadily growing success block his artistic vision. The starting point is alternative British rock, but the four Danes add a more distinct electronic touch to the music that is constantly sprawling, ticking and hissing inside the dark soundscapes. With three rainy electro rock albums under the belt, Veto have really established themselves on the Danish rock scene.

Released on: Eget Værelse / Rillbar Distribution

Released on: RCA / Sony Music

ANIBAL VELASQUEZ Y LOS LOCOS DEL SWING (COL) In his home country they call him ”El Mago” (the wizard). You realise why once you let go of the reins to these sputtering and cheerful tones. Anibal Velasquez has made ​​over 300 albums since 1952. The accordion player has conquered his homeland Colombia – as well as great parts of the rest of South America – with his blend of Caribbean styles such as salsa, mambo, cumbia and his own version of Cuban guaracha. All the songs you will hear from this legendary trendsetter are packed with musical history, hot percussion and some of the most superb accordion playing you can imagine. Released on: Analog Africa / import



VETO (DK) Dark tones have always characterised Veto. As one of the most critically acclaimed and

KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS (US) The American highway is quite easily interpreted from the privacy of your bedroom. On Kurt Vile’s homemade records you can hear classic American radio rock rummaging behind the finger picked guitar and the reverb enveloped vocals that can grow from a snuffling to a shout in no time. Yet these slightly simple arrangements leave the impression of an experimenting soul with a hunger for creation that almost wants to take a bite of you. Kurt Vile’s music combines the scent of cactus and dusty highways with a homemade skewed feeling that encompasses American indie rock. Released on: Matador / Playground

THE WALKMEN (US) Desperate but always hopeful The Walkmen have, during the course of many albums, become experts at portraying the human condition in classic rock songs. Several members even have a history with the noir-rock band Jonathan Fire*Eater who played at Roskilde Festival in 1997. Electric guitars, electric organ and a hardworking drummer are all key elements in The Walkmen’s nostalgic sound. However, lead singer Hamilton Leithauser’s soul-wrenching croon is the band’s primary instrument. With this weather-beaten voice in front, every song from the band is a show of quiet desperation and clattering charm. Released on: Bella Union / Cosmos Music Group

Released on: Kompakt / VME

WANG LI (CHN) Silence is the mother of all music. It is also the starting point for Wang Li in his absolutely minimal compositions on the Chinese Jew’s harp, a popular instrument already 500 years BC. The Chinese musician has been at both a monastic seminary and at an academy of music in France. Furthermore, he has traveled and played contemporary music in his homeland. Wang Li brings both spiritual insight and a broad cultural frame of reference with him as he explores silence with his delicate ​​ mouth instrument.

young band makes a virtue of lowering our ears into sonic dissonance: brutal guitar feedback and towering decibel levels that could force even Godzilla to his knees. The tracks on the debut album Sports do not use cheap tricks but respect the legacy of bands such as Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine – lo-fi, punk aesthetics and noise in an uncompromising union. Look forward to a visit from one of the coolest and most promising noise rock bands from the US west coast. Released on: Slumberland / import

WHO KNEW (ISL) See Pavilion Junior presentations on pp. 76-80.


WALLS (UK) If a genre called ’Sunday morning music’ actually existed, London group Walls would probably have a defining role in it, just like The Rolling Stones have in rock. The reason for their success may be that the young lads through the years have accumulated a certain expertise in hangovers and electronica’s power of relieving them. Whatever the case may be, their critically acclaimed self-titled album is something of a miracle cure. Walls deliver soft, blurry, beautiful and mesmerising electronica that goes directly into your mind and soul – hangover or none.

Released on: Buda Musique / import


WHOMADEWHO (DK) The mirror ball and the electric guitar are good friends. Just ask WhoMadeWho. The Danes are loved far and wide (Josh Homme himself has played a cover version of “Space for Rent”) for their mutated, hand-played disco rock. This trio’s diverse backgrounds in jazz, electronica and alternative rock never denies itself. The style is humorous, the mood is cheerful and WhoMadeWho can win over the audience whether they appear in semi-bizarre one-piece suits or just walk onstage in their own civilian clothes. weekend · photo: brian vu

WEEKEND (US) This is the sound of black hearts in white noise. Weekend is for everyone who likes noise rock and post-punk, especially from the 80s. The

Released on: Kompakt / A:larm


Den nye

MacBook Pro Stor ydeevne når helt nye


70215353 / / København: Vesterbrogade 12 / Gl. Mønt 12 / Magasin (Kgs. Nytorv) Frederiksberg: Åboulevard 15 Aarhus: Fredens Torv 2 Odense: Vestergade 94 Lyngby: Lyngby Hovedgade 19A Aalborg: Lille Nygade 8 Vejle: Søndertorv 2


yelle · photo: gregoire ale

YELLE (FR) French-language pop music is for many a special combination of innocence and eroticism. This is also the case with Yelle who, dressed in showy costumes, continues the French tradition of semisuggestive elegance in a different and feminist way. Never mind if you do not understand a word of her songs. You are still elevated by the pop hooks and the danceable sway of the music that is also captured on two albums, the latest being Safari Disco Club. Yelle is a French branch of the same musical family as Goldfrapp and Robyn.

ZEA (NL) Behind the name Zea hides Dutch multi-instrumentalist and singer Arnold de Boer who with his frantic one-man project delivers highly energetic electro punk and schizophrenic indie pop. On stage he is reputed for giving it full throttle, and both singing, playing guitar and dancing maniacally around while simultaneously keeping track of an arsenal of drum machines and synthesizers in an obscure mix between They Might Be Giants, Ramones and a punk version of Pink Floyd. Since 2009 Arnold de Boer has been the lead singer of The Ex. The act plays as part of the The Ex curation on the Pavilion stage. Released on: Makkum / import

Released on: Recreation Center / Cosmos Music Group

YEMEN BLUES (ISR) Ravid Kahalani is Israeli with a Yemeni background and rigorous studies of the Torah behind him, but for many years he has been absorbed in genres such as jazz-blues, delta blues and desert blues. With Yemen Blues, Kahalani returns to his roots that are nourished by many musical impressions and now sprout in completely unexpected ways. Yemen Blues blends the ancient sound of the (un)happy Arabia with brass, cross flute and percussion. He brings everything together in a fragrant potpourri full of blues and jazzy finesse. The result is both festive, musical and universal – a proof of the common humanity hiding behind all forms of blues. Released on: LGM / import

zun zun egui

ZUN ZUN EGUI (INT) Bristol four-piece Zun Zun Egui is principally considered a British band – but this is really a rainbow-coloured explosion of nationalities, genres and musical languages. Lead singer Kushal Gaya babbles and coos in an often unrecognizable Esperanto. The other band members also evoke associations from parts all over the world. African guitar, Japanese avant-garde and jazzy post-rock from Chicago clash in a Dadaist carnival. It is a sound nightmare for everyone who demands clear-cut genre borders. Fans of Frank Zappa, Mike Patton and Talking Heads will nod appreciatively. Released on: bella union / Import


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”AVIS” til 1241*


photo: daniel madsen


H&M Reboot Camp

HC05 HC05

HC04 HC04 HC03 HC03 HC02 HC02 HC01 HC01



g arkin cle p VEJ UP DAR




9 TH







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L45 L4

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H53 H52 H53 H49 H51 H52 H49 H50 H51

G55 G55 G56 G57 G58 G59 G60 G57 G58 G59 G60 G61 G61 G62 G63 G63 G64 G65 G65 G66 G66

H55 H56 H56

H60 H57 H59 H60 H58 H59 H57 H58

H73 H72 H72 H73 G69 H75 G75 H74 H75 G67G68 G67G68 G69 G74 G74 G75 H74 G72 G73 G71 G70 G70 G71 G80 G81 H76 G79 G80 H63 G78 G79 H63 H64 H64 H65 H65 H66 G77 G76 G87 G76 G77 G86 G87 G85 G86 H68 H68 H69 H69 H70 H71 H70 H71 G84 G84 G85 G82G83 G82G83 G91 G91 G90 G89 G90 K43 K43 G88 G89 G95 G94 G95 K44 K44 G93 G94 G92 G92 G93 K46 K45 K45 J98 J97 J97 J96 J96 J103 J103 J95 J95 J102 J102 J94 J94 J101 J101 J107 J107 J100 J106 J106J110 J99 J99 J105 J110 J109 J104 J104 J108 J108 J111 J111


G49 G49 G50 G50 G51 G51 G52 G53 G53 G54




H46 H47 H42 H45 H46 H47 H43 H44 H45 H42 H43



H37 H39 H39 H39 H39 H40 H41 H41

G43 G48 G43 G44 G45 G45 G46 G46 G47 G47 G48






E62 E61 E62 E60 E61 E59 E60 E57 E57 E58 E58 E59 E65 E64 E65 E63 E63 E64




E55 E56 E54 E55 E53 E54 E51 E52 E52 E53


H34 H34 H35 H36 H36

G37 G37 G38 G38 G39 G40 G41 G41 G42 G42

E44 E43 E44 E42 E43 E41 E42 E40 E40 E41 E50 E49 E47 E48 E49 E45 E46 E47




E39 E38 E39 E37 E38 E35 E35 E36 E37











G34 G34 G35 G35 G36 G36





B34B35 B35 B36 B36B37B38B39 B40 B37 B39 B40 B47 B47 B49 B45 B41 B43B44B45 B41B42B43 B48 B48 B44 B46 B42 ROSKILDE ROSKILDE B50 B58 B56 B58 B51B52 B50 B54 B52B53B54 B57 CITY B57 CITY B53 B55 B62 B62 B64 Street B63 B61 B63 B61 City B68 B68 B70 B70 B69 B67 B69 B67 ENTRANCE ENTRANCE PLATFORM PLATFORM C35 C35 C38 Bicycle C37 parking C36 C44 C36 C44 C43 C43 C42 C41 C51 C51 C50 C117 C50 C117 C49 C49 C48 C48 C58 C58 C118 C118 C47 C47 C57 C57 C56 C56 C55 C55 C65 C65 C119 C119 C54 C54 C64 C64 C53 C63 C63 C52 C52 C62 C62 C72 ENTRANCE C72 ENTRANCE C61 C61 C71 C71 C60 11 C60 C70 C70 C59 C69 C69 C80 C80 C68 C68 C79 C79 C67 C67 C78 C78 C66 C77 C77 C88 C88 C76 C76 C87 C87 C75 C75 C86 C74 C85 C85 C96 C96 C73 C73 C84 C84 C95 C95 C83 C94 C94 C82 C93 C93 C81 C81 C92 C92 C104C105 C91 C91 C103 C90 C90 C102 C102 C114 C89 C101 C101 C113C114 C100 C100 C112 C113 C99 C99 C111 C111 C98 C98 C110 C110 C97 C97 C109 C109 C108 C108 C107 C107 C106 C106 CITY CITY CENTRE CENTRE WEST WEST ENTRANCE ENTRANCE ENTRANCE ENTRANCE WEST 5


L74 L74 L L79 L79 L8 L

L83 L83 L8 L8

L86 L87 L87

L89 L90 L89 L90 L92 L92

L91 L91

L94 LL

K48 K47 K47 K48 K49 K49 K50 K50 K51

K52 K52 K53 K53

J60 J60 J67 J67 J37 J37J41 J59 J59J66 J41 J45 J36 J40 J45 J112 J49 J58 J115 J112 J115 J49 J58J65 J73J79 J65 J79 J53 J44 J53 J44 J35 J114 J35 J114 J72 J72 J57 J48 J57 J48 J39 J39 J78 J113 J64 J52 J64 J43 J52 J43 J34 J34 J84 J71 J84 J71 J56 J47 J56 J47 J38 J38 J77 J77 J63 J117 J63 J51 J117 J51 J42 J42 J46 J83 J70 J70 J55 J55 J46 J116 J116 J88 J76 J62 J88 J50 J76 J62 J82 J54 J82 J69 J69 J119 J119 J87 J87 J61 J75 J75 SILENT & CLEAN J118 J81 J91 J118 J81 J91 J68 J68 J86 J74 J74 J20 J80 J90 J80 J85 J93 J85 J93 J21 J21 J89 J89 J92 J92


Map of roskilde festival 2011

M38 M38 M35 M36 M37 M34 M34 M35 M43 M42 M43 M41 M42 M40 M41 M39 ROSKILDE M39 M40 ROSKILDE CITY CITY M48 M47 M48 M46 M47 M44 M44 M45 M46 M55 M55 M54 M54 M52 M53 M52 M53 M51 M49 M49M50 M51 M62 M61 M62 M59M60 M61 M58 M59 M57 M58 M56 M56M57 M69 M68 M69 M66M67 M68 M65 M66 M64 M65 M63 M63M64




















ARENA ycle Bic

M75 M74 M75 M73 M74 M72 M73 M70 M71 M72 M70M71 M81 M80 M81 M78 M79M80 M77 M78 M76 M76 M77

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P44 P44

P45 P45

P46 P46

P60 P60

P47 P47

P61 P61

P36 P36

P48 P48

P62 P62

P37 P37

P49 P49

P63 P63

P78 P78



P64 P64

P79 P79

P40 P40

P41 P41

P53 P53 P52 P68 P67 P67 P66

P51 P51


P80 P80

P81 P81

P90 P90

P91 P91

P102 P102 P89 P89 P77 P77 P59 P101 P59 P101 P88 P88 P76 P76 P87 P58 P58 P100 P100 P87 P75 P75 P112 P112 P57 P57 P99 P99 P86 P86 P74 P74 P111 P111 P98 P85 P85 P123 P73 P123 P73 P110 P110 P97 P97 P84 P84 P72 P122 P72 P122 P109 P96 P96 P83 P121 P121 P108 P108 P95 P132 P82 P132 P82 P120 P120 P107 P107 P94 P94 P131 P131 P119 P119 P106 P138 P93 P138 P93 P130 P130 P118 P118 P105 P105 P92 P137 P92 P137 P129 P129 P117 P117 P104 P141 P141 P136 P128 P116 P128 P140 P116 P140 P103 P135 P135 P139 P127 P139 P127 P134 P115 P144 P144 P149 P126 P114 P126 P133 P114 P149 P133 P143 P125 P143 P125 P148 P113 P148 P113 P124 P142 P142 P152 P152 P147 P147 P151 P151 P146 P146 P150 P150 PARKING PARKING P145 P145


P42 P42 P56 P56 52 P55 P55 P71 P71 P70 P69

P54 P54


P35 P35

P39 P39







L112 L112 L114 L114





L102 L102

52 52

93 93



44 L96 L96


M87 M86 M87 M84 M85 M86 M82 M83 M84 M82 M83 M90 M90 33 M88 M89 M88 M89 ART CITY 5 35 6 ENTRANCE M91 M91 L35 L35 33 L36 L37 L34 L36 L37 L38 ENTRANCE 34 ENTRANCE L38 L39 L39 L40 L40 L41 EAST L41 L42 L45 L45 L46 36 L46 L47 L43 L47 L48 L43 L44 L44 N36 N35 L48 L49 N37 N36 N38 N37 N38 L49 L50 L50 L51 N34 N34 L51 L52 L54 L52 L53 L53 L55 L55 L56 L57 N43 N44 N41 N42 L57 L58 N41 N42 N39 N39 N40 L58 L59 N40 L59 L60 L60 L61 L61 32 L62 L62 L63 L64 N48 N49 N50 L64 L65 N50 N51 L65 L66 L66 L67 N45 N46 L67 N46 N47 N47 L68 N52 L68 L69 N52 L73 L72 L72 L73 L69 L70 L70 L71 L71 N53 N53 N54 N54 N55 ENTRANCE 74 74 L75 N55 N56 N56 N57 N57 ENTRANCE L75 L76 L76 L77 L78 22 L78 CINEMA CITY N58 N58 N59 N60 N61 N61 99 L80 L104 N64 L81 N64 N65 L81 L82 N62 N62 N63 N63 L103 L106 33 L84 L106 N67 N67 K N66 N68 N66 N68 N69 L85 L85 AL WL98 ER L98 L105 L105 L107 L88 OWL97 L87 N70 L87 L88 N70N71 P N72 N72N73 N73N74 N74 L109 L108 L99 L108 L109 L90 L90 N75 L100 N75N76 N76N77 L93 L93 L100 L111 L111 N78 N78N79 N79N80 L101 92 92 L95 L101 L113 L110 L110 L113











H&M Reboot Camp





9 TH








e Ci

















































5 35

arkv ej



RoskildeHallerne vej


Roskilde Idrætspark sha

nd ma Råd

Politi Skovbogade j




Kø j

Knudsve ej

sSvenedj v Thyrasvej Gormsv



Roskilde Sygehus






Hf. Bregnevang






Eriks vej










Bjørneklovej Brudelysvej


lv Mote


rog en





Ha Ro


Hf. Maglehø

Have Magl





os der











a Tulip



Teknisk Skole










Jobcenter Ringpark

Søndre Ringvej









Ved Hallen Møllehusene

Sko v








Sø n


Lydmuren Penselstrøget

de Basgangen




Parkv ænget

T Nieh. ls Vej ens

Sto Mø re llev ej




Teknisk Skole Daru

Rønø's Allé





Nee rgå rds par ken

ve n




Ringsted bo væ Sko nget s All vb Sid ovæn é eallé gets

Dyrskue- / Festivalplads

Poppelgå rdsve j




I. P.

Holbæ kv


Ejbo park en

Æb le

ot orve jen





Holbæ km

sve ber Wæ


Ve Ringde n




Darup Idrætscenter






ele d



dv ste M ba ølle kk en

kk Ba



ng Ri Gl. Darupvej

Mø Sto lle re væ ng


bærpar ken Neergår dsvej g

an pv Da

Smedeg årds parken Eget B o Eget B o

dv lle

e ik Rønne ru



Ni nr He

aveforeningen olvang

Hf. So

Kamstrup sti


Roskilde Havn




j rsve

lde Ba




j Ve

Dr on



ur is


So fie



Ve j

Ki rs

nin g



ins B



sbøll Krogvej


H. H. Kochs Vej

Bernadotte- Frøbel gården Seminariet


Ve j











gade ke


Havneve j








. Skgt nes A

Kl os

g Va



d de






K e

F b


ldem ars

n Sto res

Vej Erik eds ej V v Men orgs geb g In nnin j Dro s Ve nd E

Solso vej













rsve l Vio



Ro's Hav


sangerLøv vej





Ro's Torv








Østre Kirkegård






iv Un

Sankt Jø

. str

rste Klo sevej mo



Hedegårdenes Skole

j avnsve


Bøgev ej

Lindev ej


Karen Olsdatters Stræde



ndevej ue-

Gammel La

Elmev ej

rgens Ve Duebrød

j revej

re nd Sto jbrø Høræde st


Vi nd ing ev


n akke geb Kon

ej sV


m g E nnin Dro

g Vej nnin hes Dro rgret s rald Ma Ha Vej ng us Ko gn ej Ma V ng Ko

Plantagen Rolighedsvej

sLysevang vej Østergade








rgade NyØ ste



Ve j

al lh Va H veøde j rs Sig yn s Lok vej e s v ej Tho rsve j Friggasv ej Odinsvej




Va l

Gråbrødre Kirkegård

e ad


ej raV


VikingeskibsStrande museet ngen


Vandrerhjem Fjordvej

ktI San b

sV ej


Sankt Laurentii Kirke Sankt Josefs Skole

Sankt Ibs Kirke



eg an rnb Je

j Ve



Brøndgade e




Byparken eallé Birk

j kt Sanrtens Ve Mo

Borch Læder stræd gade s-


rønn e

e gad e Herse Toldbodgad


Gl. Vor Frue Kirke

Bøgev ej




nk ono

Fredensvej s



Weysegangen Domkirke Lille D de P o m ro M kirk unke vste Maglekil st s bro tr ræde e- S æ stræde t kt. O Bibliotek de ls S nge tr Sortebrødre æ d deti e Plads Bon Kloste Latiner- Palæstræde rstien haven Algade HesteStænderergade torvet torvet Skomag Store Gråbrødrestræde Alga de e

Schmeltz Plads






Sa Ele Ka

Hedegade Gustav Wieds Plads


llig j


Bredgade Hersve Bo ko r ge Bønnelyckes di Plads Kildeg Lammegade gården Bleg-en et mm da Jern


ve j



fte To

Smedeg ade

Amtssygehuset Fjorden

Tofteb akken


Bistru p Allé

Toftep arken

Sankt Hans Hospital

svej Godthåb





svej rkvej




Haveforeningen Vestervang

Hf. Vestervang




vej Ahorn

Lindev ej


gv ej bor

ra lds


Ro ba

By Hed marken emø ll pa e- Hedem



Dronning Sofies Vej

riksbo Frede Sankt Agnes Ve j



Ejlsko vej

degård svej


svej Ved Kloste rm




V vealm j


Ha ud n

nk Allehelgen



de n Kn ge ren

ra V ej Kornerups Vænge



ej gv Havnevej

Ægir æde

rs Str


Cla nkt Sa

er bj le



s Gade


gen Frederiksborgvej Trægårde n

Sankt Ol

Frue Kirkestr.

ng gvæ



Provste sgade

de Ru

Sa Fondens Bro



av gh olde

tga on rm

Ug Blågårdsstræde Mag le kildevej



Sankt Jørgens Skole

j ve



Helligkorsvej Ve j ns


Ved Mosen

n parke gårds




Ve j s

Kastanievej Jasminvænget

se el Ni k

en ns Ha








photo: jacob dinesen

DO YOU HAVE INPUT FOR YOUR FESTIVAL? Did the music programme meet your expectations? Did we arrange the campsite in an optimal way? Did you miss any service offers? We are happy to receive your suggestions for how Roskilde Festival should look in the future. Do tell us how your festival went. What was good and what was bad? Give us constructive suggestions for new initiatives. Visit

r­ We are amenable to great inputs. Dates for coming festivals 2012 5 - 8 July (warm-up 1 - 4 July) 2013 4 - 7 July (warm-up 30 June - 3 July) 2014 3 - 6 July (warm-up 29 June - 2 July) 2015 2 - 5 July (warm-up 28 June - 1 July) 2016 30 June - 3 July (warm-up 26 - 29 June)

ROSKILDE FESTIVAL’S VALUES Roskilde Festival is an annual week-long international cultural event offering quality experiences based on modern music and creative kinship. With its attitude towards environmental issues, humanitarian causes and cultural work, Roskilde Festival reflects and challenges the surrounding society and world.

Roskilde Festival is a boundary-pushing culturalpolitical manifestation. Roskilde Festival is based on the efforts of an unpaid workforce who focus on all aspects of audience service, quality, creativity and safety. All profits from Roskilde Festival are donated to humanitarian and cultural work.


Relive the experience on and give us all your good ideas for Roskilde 2012.

dige/rockphoto photo: jens

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30. JUNI-3. JULI

Publikumprogram 2011-UK  

Audience programme UK 2011