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From the Front Porch Journal Compliments of: The Joles Group Rosemary Joles Realtor 619·405·7673 8310 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942

the real estate brief a note from rosemary Hello again from my favorite part of the world, La Mesa! Yesterday was a lovely rainy day and today everything outdoors looks refreshed and clean. I love this time of year! Look out for the California Poppies in bloom! A sure sign of spring. So, onto what is going on in the San Diego sold housing market. The year over year figures from January 2010-2011 show a slight increase in sales although it was less than 2%. Median sales prices for the same time period has seen an increase of approximately $3500 for detached home and attached homes have seen an decrease by around $10,000. Keep in mind that this is an average of all of San Diego County and individual neighborhoods and communities may be experiencing an increase vs. decrease and vice versa. It’s always best to have a Realtor look at the value of your home and what trends are happening in your particular neighborhood. Active, contingent and pending listings have seen a steady increase of inventory since May of last year. San Diego county has gone from roughly 3 months to 6 months of housing inventory. This increase is understandable given that many buyers were taking advantage of the $8000 tax credit at the beginning of 2010. In recent real estate news the current administration is talking about a phase out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There is concern that the elimination of government involvement could raise borrowing costs for home buyers and severely restrict an affordable flow of financing which would impede the housing market. This would be bad news to an already struggling national real estate market. There is also a proposal in the 2012 budget to limit the amount of mortgage interest deduction for those tax brackets over 28%. Historically this has been an effective tool in facilitating homeownership. Only 30% of taxpayers itemize their deductions in any given year. Yet over 3/4 of homeowners utilize the interest deduction over the period of time of owning their home. Realtors, their local boards and the National Association Realtors are working hard to preserve affordable housing. I will keep you updated on what happens in the future. Until next time, blessings to each of you.

finding the right mortgage lender the most important decision you can make... For most people, a home purchase is the largest financial purchase they have made to date. Every real estate transaction is unique whether this is your first home purchase or your tenth. Great care should be given to selecting your mortgage professional. You want your lender to be your lender for life not just for this transaction. With all the changes in the mortgage industry it can be hard to decide on the right mortgage professional for your needs. Do you go with a large lending institution or a small more boutique mortgage broker? This decision should go beyond loan interest rates and fees. In today’s market, most lending institutions offer comparable rates and fees. A lender that is significantly lower in rates and fees is usually at the sacrifice of customer service and individual attention. Your mortgage professional should be considering your short term and long term financial goals before suggesting the appropriate loan program and rate. The loan program you choose today will impact both. In this day of technology, it is easy to lose that face-to-face contact in business. Your mortgage professional should be willing to meet with you in person to work up your financial profile and go over all the terms and costs associated with your loan. This is also the time to be asking your mortgage lender questions. Here are a few suggestions:      

How long has the lender been in business? Is the mortgage professional a direct lender or do they broker their loans out to another lender? How long has the mortgage professional been doing your type of loan program? What is average time it takes the lender to complete the loan? Will you receive the appraisal results and loan approval in the time allowed by the seller? Can the mortgage professional provide you the names of 5 past clients you can contact?

The last question to ask yourself is: do you trust your mortgage professional? Now more than ever, trust is important. Again, don’t think of this as a single transaction. You want to pick someone you trust to not only handle your loan for this purchase, but all future real estate transactions. And also be available to answer any lending questions in between. You want to choose a lender for life. Carolyn Plummer is a mortgage professional with Prospect Mortgage. She has been in the mortgage industry for 25 years. When she is not busy helping clients with their mortgage needs she is spending time with her husband of 23 years and her 14 year old daughter. Carolyn can be contacted at 858-550-2541 or

out and about experience sd theatre Lamb’s Players Theater

The Old Globe

Steel Magnolias February 4– March 20

Jane Austin’s Emma Romantic Musical January 15– March 6 Groundswell March 12– April 17 Rafta Rafta March 19– April 24 Life of Riley April 30-June 5

The Book of the Dun Cow April 1– Mary 15

The Coronado Playhouse Leading Ladies January 2– March 6

San Diego Repertory Theatre Superior Donuts February 5– March 6 San Diego Junior Theatre Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox March 4– March 20

Broadway San Diego

The Great American Trailer Park Musical April 8– May 15 Stomp April 19– April 24

SD Sports APRIL 2011 MON






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LAD 1:05PM

HOU 4:05PM

PHI 7:05PM


STL 11:15AM

LAD 5:35PM

HOU 5:05PM

PHI 7:05PM


ATL 12:35PM



HOU 5:05PM

CHC 11:20AM


ATL 7:05PM


LAD 7:05PM

CIN 3:35PM


STL 1:10PM

SF 3:35PM

CIN 7:05PM

CHC 5:05PM



PHI 1:05PM


LAD 7:10PM

LAD 1:10PM

family corner bargain hunter

thoughts from moms and dads

bar·gain [bagr-guhn}] -noun 1. an advantageous purchase, esp. one acquired at less than the usual cost: The sale offered bargains galore.

More Debt Elimination Tips Yes you can do it continued! Did last issues bargain hunter inspire you? I hope so...because here are more tips on how to get out of debt. Good luck!

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1. Cut up your credit cards. Use only a debit card. 2. Don’t overpay your debts. Leave enough so you have enough for regular expenses too. Avoid eating out. Cook your own meals, except on very special occasions. For entertainment visit friends and be creative on how to entertain yourselves and your family without spending a dime. Look for expenses coming up in the future. Plan for them, so you don’t have to go into debt when they come up. Make a budget. Purpose every dollar (including some buffer). Snowball the debt. Pay minimums on everything, attack the smallest balance with all the extra cash you can assemble, then move on to the next one. Be on the same page as your spouse or partner. Competing interests are suicide. Recognize your spending tendencies and your family’s. Place limits on them. Develop good habits instead. Read anything by Dave Ramsey. Read anything you can get your hands on about becoming debt free. Keep trying and don’t give up. Make a commitment, and if you aren’t getting out of debt slowly but surely, revisit that commitment. Change is difficult and it takes drastic change in mindset and behaviors to get out of debt. Anyone can do it, as long as they really want to do it. Stop spending! You have to really, truly want to do this. Otherwise, you’ll put yourself on a financial diet and then crash and burn and find yourself justifying why you deserve to spend so much money on a new iPhone when you have a perfectly good phone and $20,000 of debt. Praise yourself for every small accomplishment. But, don’t praise yourself by spending frivolously.

“Grandparents are there to help the grandchild get into mischief they haven't thought of yet.” -Gene Perret Grandma Becky and Grandpa Larry Lang with granddaughters Chloe and Kassidy Lang

“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future. “ -Gail Lumet Buckley Ruby the family dog, Nathan, Jennifer, Chloe and Kassidy Lang. Son, daughter in law and grandchildren of Larry and Becky Lang. Photo Credit: Becky Lang

A note from Rosemary: As much as I would love to show off my grandbaby every month...I would hate to be accused of being one of “those” kind of grandparents. So I thought it would be fun to show off your children/grandchildren! Submit your photos of moms and dads with their wee ones and they could be featured in upcoming issues of From the Front Porch Journal! Email your jpeg to: Please include the names of parents, children and grandparents!

where’s rosemary? I love exploring this beautiful county that we live in. In every issue of From the Front Porch you’ll find a photo of different places that I’ve been in San Diego County. Your goal is to figure out where I took the photo. Submit your guess by April 20th, 2011 and the first correct answer will win a $25 gift card to the restaurant of their choice! You can email them to: or mail them to 8310 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 91942. Thanks for playing!

et cetera

delish strawberry angel cake 1 baked angel food cake 1 6 oz box of strawberry jello 2 cups strawberries sliced 1 cup whipping cream 2 T sugar

where was rosemary? La Jolla Shores Playground La Jolla No winners in our last issue. Please try again!

1. Slice 2 cups of strawberries. 2. Prepare the strawberry gelatin according to package directions; allow to cool. Fold the strawberries into gelatin. 2.Whip half of the cream with an electric mixer at medium speed until stiff. Fold into gelatin mixture; refrigerate. 3.Crumble the angel food cake, placing a third into a truffle bowl. Pour half of the gelatin mixture over cake. Add another third of the cake and the remaining strawberry mixture. Press the rest of cake on top. Refrigerate overnight. 4.When ready to serve. With an electric mixer at high speed, whip the remaining half of the cream with the sugar to form stiff peaks. Spread on the top and sides of the cake. Recipe Credit: Rosemary Joles

[|áàÉÜ|v V{tÜÅ \Ç `|áá|ÉÇ [|ÄÄá

\ÇàÜÉwâv|Çz 4235 Arista St. · San Diego· CA· 92103 $1,395,000.00 Historic Mission Hills entices one and all...a sweet privilege to live here, enveloped by natural and architectural beauty! Purchasing one of the older homes in this coveted area usually requires compromises with certain creature comforts. Not so with 4235 Arista. This spectacular home is an artistic blend of traditional craftsmen style with contemporary amenities. Dramatic design, superior workmanship, and “top drawer” appointments define this hallmark residence. Special features include: Extensive use of glass providing exhilarating vistas from all major rooms. Handsomely appointed kitchen and adjoining dining area flow out to the canyon rim. Master suite on main floor allows single level living, if desired. Two custom craftsman tiled fireplace, rich oak flooring and an option for a tremendous 2nd master suite on the upper level. An abundance of custom closets and storage space through out. Delightful decks, gardens and terraces, front and back. Sensational canyon, harbor, and night-light views beckons a newcomer to Mission Hills. Call Rosemary for your private showing to view this classic Mission Hills Presidio Home.

Rosemary Joles

In Harmony With Your Dreams 619-405-ROSE (7673) 8310 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942

minutia A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through. The whiskers act as feelers or antennae, helping the animal to judge the precise width of any passage. Because they aren’t hampered by collarbones, cats can squeeze through any opening big enough to push their head through. Todd Joles known as Todd the “Toolman”, is a handyman by day, a passionate luthier by night, mandolin/bluegrass aficionado by choice, and a purveyor of this useless knowledge. His wife Rosemary threatens it’s going to get him into Jeopardy training one day.

bravo and mia bites

Photo compliments of: Rebecca Johnson

useless knowledge

Bravo and Mia Advise: "Dogs are lousy poker players. When they get a good hand they wag their tails." The newest addition to the Rebecca and Shane Johnson household is a puggle named Mia. Diva Mia is the one with the pink collar to the left. We finally got Bravo and Mia to sit still long enough to take a photo. Of course the only way we could do that is by catching them sleeping! Bravo still spends most days working at getting peanut butter out of his Kong and is definitely terrorized daily by Mia. He is truly the innocent one of the two as Mia has taken over the role of the family terrorist! Mia and Bravo are the grandpuppies of Rosemary and Todd Joles.

botanical name: raphiolepis indica common name: indian hawthorne Likes: Sun Hates: Deep Shade Blooms: Pink, White Negatives: None Bonus: Drought tolerant and low maintenance

The best way to garden is to put on a wide brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other, tell somebody else where to dig. Photo compliments of: Rosemary Joles

rosebud’s garden Rosemary is passionate about low-water gardening in San Diego. She loves creating gardens that look like lush water thirsty gardens, yet need very little moisture to maintain them. Her other passions include real estate, lattes spending time with family and friends, reading, music and laughter!

sd concerts 3/12 Michelle Shocked Location: Normal Heights Price: $25/$50* or $30 at the door Time: 7:30 pm Info: 3/11-13 Grieg's Piano Concerto Location: Downtown Price: $20-$96 Time: 8:00 pm (2:00 Sun) Info:

4/8 & 4/10 Evelyn Glennie Performs Location: Downtown Price: $20-$96 Time: (4/8) 8:00 pm (4/10) 2:00pm Info: 4/9 Tish Hinojosa Location: Normal Heights Price: $20/$45 Time: 7:30 pm Info:

3/15 Mendelssohn's Piano Trio Location: Downtown Price: $20 Time: 7:30 pm Info:

4/10 Pablo Sainz Villegas, guitar Location: La Jolla Price: $30 Time: 3:00 pm Info:

3/18 Watts (piano) / Liszt Location: La Jolla Price: $55-$75 Time: 8:00 pm Info:

4/15-16 The Temptations Location: Downtown Price: $20-$85 Time: 8:00 pm Info:

3/18-20 Haydn's London Symphony Location: Downtown Price: $20-$96 Time: 8:00 pm (2:00 Sun) Info:

4/16 Elephant Revival Location: Normal Heights Price: $17-$45 Time: 7:30 pm Info:

3/25-26 Peter Pan Location: Downtown Price: $20-$30 Time: 8:00 pm Info:

4/28 Hot Club of Cowtown Location: Normal Heights Price: $20-$45 Time: 7:30 pm Info:

3/26 Brentano String Quartet Location: La Jolla Price: $25-$75 Time: 8:00 pm Info:

4/30-5/1 Ramona Bluegrass & Old West Festival Location: Ramona Price: $6.50-$26.50 Time: Sat. 10 am-10 pm /Sun. 10 am-5 pm Info:

4/1 Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord and organ Location: Point Loma Price: $20-$22 Time: 8:00 pm Info: 4/8 Stile Antico, music vocal ensemble Location: La Jolla Price: $30-$35 Time: 8:00 pm Info: 4/5 Myriad Trio Location: Downtown Price: $20 Time: 7:30 pm Info: 4/7 Corigliano Percussion Location: Downtown Price: $20 Time: 7:30 pm Info:

front porch pickin san diego music from classical to bluegrass

books or blogs


Being a real estate agent affords me the opportunity to be in all kinds of homes. My favorite type of homes though are vintage or historical homes that haven’t been remuddled. (Remuddle is to remodel a building or room in a way that obscures or destroys key aspects of the original design. Think 1960’s kitchen in a 1910 home. Just saying it gives me the willies.) Katy’s blog feeds this love I have of old houses. Katy Elliott and her husband Greg are in the process of lovingly renovating a historic 260 year old home in Marblehead, Massachusetts, by themselves and under the watchful, critical eye of the historical society of Marblehead. It’s a fantastic site with beautiful period design ideas with a 2011 twist, luscious recipes, creative craft ideas and tons of eye candy photos. So head on over and see what you think! You can also find Katy on facebook at:

This is my latest find in apps. I’ve just started to use it and I can tell already Evernote is going to be my new best friend. Not only does it keep me organized, but it helps me to remember things too. (This is so important to me since I’ve been losing brain cells at an alarming rate ever since I turned 40.) I can access it from my home, computer, my smart phone or from the internet. My files are with me wherever I go. I can save articles, ideas and information from the web. I can even save notes via voice recordings to evernote while driving my car on my blackberry. This column isn’t big enough to begin to share all that it can do for you. So start the new year right go to and see how it will work for you.

podsibilities Andrćs Segovia is what has been playing on my ipod as of late. The best classical guitarist who lived in my lifetime. I love to listen to him on quiet Saturday mornings. See him playing Bach on by clicking on the link below.

What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?

bits and pieces



-Source: Real Simple Photo: Sang An


Repurpose an old frame for a vanity tray that’s pretty as a picture. Place a piece of colored paper or fabric inside as a finishing touch.



Gorgeous Remodel · Spring Valley · $299,900 3 Bedroom 1.5 Bath · 1170 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Tucked in the Trees · La Mesa · $329,000-$349,000 3 Bedroom 2 Bath · 1500 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

1928 Restored Craftsman· La Mesa Village · $385,000 2 Bedroom 1 Bath · 876 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Panoramic View Adobe · Pine Valley · $405,000 3 Bedroom 2 Bath · 1847 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Stylish Interior · Mission Valley · $489,000 2 Bedroom 2.5 Bath · 1538 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Spectacular Views · Rancho San Diego · $500,000 4 Bedroom 3 Bath · 2491 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

from east county to the coast

Great Opportunity · Rancho San Diego · $349,900 2 Bedroom 2 Bath · 986 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Cowles Mountain Views · La Mesa Village · $353,000 2+Bedroom 2 Bath · 1600 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Eye-catching Trevi Villa · Hillcrest · $409,000 2 Bedroom 2 Bath · 789 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Cul de Sac Location · Allied Gardens · $469,000 4 Bedroom 2 Bath · 2037 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Historic Landmark · Mission Hills · $1,595,000 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath · 3127 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673

Distinctively Unique · Encinitas · $1,965,999 4 Bedroom 4.5+ Bath · 5735 Sq. Ft. · 619·405·7673









$6 E 00 L 0!

$1 HI 0,0 LL 00 CRE 0 ST


Rosemary Joles THE JOLES GROUP

In Harmony With Your Dreams

Sales · Leasing 619· 405· 7673 8310 La Mesa Blvd. · La Mesa CA · 91942

2011 March/April From The Front Porch  

A San Diego Journal about real estate and other home tidbits.

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