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“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued. It is not living that matters, but living rightly. The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates houghts, events, and inspirations come to me in threes. I like to think it’s God’s way of saying hello, knock, knock, knock, I’m talking to you Rosemary! Yeah, He knows it takes me that long to focus, I’m afraid. With that in mind I would like to share with you three things that have made me look at life more thoughtfully over the last couple of months. I recently came across a blog article by Emily P. Freeman. It was entitled “Let’s Share What We Learned This Winter.” Each season she writes down what she has learned. Some of the things are technical, such as a Facebook app that made being on Facebook easier, and others have to do with her family. For instance, she had no idea that her grandfather enlisted in the army a week before Pearl Harbor. Another item was that wearing tall shoes makes her feel more productive. I chuckled at that one. You can read what Emily learns here and also download her seasonal lists so you, too, can track what you learn each season: For me, reading through her list transported me to something that happened in my past. In 2004, I sold a home for friends that I had known for years. Several things hit me while we were going through that process, and I was getting to know them on a deeper level. I learned of the unwavering devotion the husband had for his wife. I also learned the story of his life as an immigrant coming to San Diego from Scotland via Canada and meeting his lovely bride. The trials, tribulations, love story, and victories they went through are things that great novels are written about. They had a successful marriage and several successful businesses. Every day during dinner or just after, he documented what was happening in their lives. He would pull out a pen or pencil and write down what happened during that particular day. He didn’t use anything fancy to keep track of their life— only a spiral-bound or three-ring binder is what I recall. From the mundane to the exciting, it all went in there. He had volumes of daily journals that one day his children would inherit. What a treasure to leave behind. Recalling this, led me to think of this... I recently went to a funeral of the father of a friend. She is a fairly new friend, so I never had the opportunity to meet her father while he was living. This is what I learned about him while listening to his eulogy. He was a quiet, soft spoken, kind, gentle-spirited individual who could fix anything, and was fascinated by outer space. He enjoyed the writings of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawkins. He loved Hawaii and worked at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. He made a huge impact on his children and those around him. He was deeply loved. He led a life of example and taught others by doing, not saying. He wasn’t famous, didn’t have a large sum of money in his bank account, and yet he left a legacy. I left the funeral wishing I had known him while he was alive. In a way I do, as I see many of his attributes in his daughter. So what does all of the above mean to me? Well, we as a society, spend way too much time in celebrity and money worship. It’s those whose lives have impacted us on a closer level that deserve our attention. It is people who live their lives serving others and sharing their wisdom who make a difference with little or no recognition. Living a life of examination is important. Writing down what we learn is important. When we examine where we’ve been, we realize just how far we have come. It prevents us from beating ourselves up that we never accomplished this or that or what the current society deems as important. There is true fulfillment in taking the time to make an assessment of where we are periodically, instead of plotting through our days just existing. Socrates may have been a little over the top about the unexamined life, but then again… FROM THE FRONT PORCH JOURNAL april/may/june contributors:

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the real estate brief a note from rosemary “If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.” –Gaston Bachelard n the last issue of From The Front Porch Journal, we had an in-depth discussion on how to structure an offer, and, in the best of worlds, what the negotiation process should look like. This time we are going to look at the beginning process of opening escrow and the buyer’s investigation of the property’s condition (due diligence). 1. Offer Accepted: Bravo! The offer has been accepted and escrow has been opened. Now what? Financing should be in place with the stipulation that the home and appraisal is acceptable to the lender, along with nothing changing in a buyer’s financial situation. (Note: Now is not the time for a buyer to buy a new car, new furniture, or take out any other form of credit. A lender wants nothing to impact the credit of the borrower in a negative fashion and/or hurt the debt-to-income ratio.) The buyer’s agent will send over the executed contract to the lender so they can begin the loan process. A good lender will look over the contract and verify or ask questions that may cause a red flag in the lending process. The buyer will send their deposit to escrow within the time frame negotiated between the buyer and the seller—generally within three days of acceptance. This is also when the buyer will pay for the appraisal to be completed. An appraisal determines what the value of a home is based on recently sold and similar properties located within a mile of the property. It is protection for both the lender and the buyer that the purchase price paid is not in excess of the appraised value. If the price negotiated is higher than the appraised value, the buyer and seller can renegotiate the price. If the seller is not willing to come down to the appraised value, the buyer can elect to pay the difference or walk away from the purchase. A buyer has 17 days to complete the task of appraisal and 21 days for full loan approval, according to the California Association of Realtor's Residential Purchase Agreement (CAR RPA). The only time this differs is if the buyer and seller have negotiated a different time frame. 2. Due Diligence: While the buyer is having the appraisal completed, he or she will need to schedule a physical inspection of the house. This is when a buyer does not want to become a penny pincher. In my opinion, this is the most important dollars that a buyer will spend in a home purchase. It’s better to spend a few hundred dollars doing this than closing escrow and needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars because they weren’t aware of a major issue with the property. A buyer needs to be concerned about hiring a reputable and knowledgeable home inspector. As an agent, I always recommend hiring a CREIA or ASHI certified home inspector. A quality home inspector will give you an estimation of the age of the hot water heater, the HVAC system, the roof, etc. In addition, the inspector will make the buyer aware if further inspections need to be completed. Some examples are if the roof is near the end of its useful life, or if is there evidence of movement on a hillside that would require a geological inspection, and so on. Also during this time if there is a Homeowners Association, escrow will order the HOA documents. These will include financials; budgets; Rules and Regulations; Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s); and 12 months of HOA board meeting minutes. Reading through all of these documents is extremely important. A buyer wants to make sure there is nothing in the documents that will be unsuitable to their lifestyle. This is also where they determine if there is any discussion of additional assessments to the homeowners. It would not be a fun experience to move into a new home and get hit with a two-year assessment of $300 a month and not be prepared for it. We have barely touched the surface on what transpires during a home purchase. In the next article, we will talk about what the seller needs to disclose to the buyer. In the meantime, if you are considering buying this year or next, it’s never too early to seek the advice of a real estate professional and lender. We are here to help you achieve your homeownership dreams and to help you determine if now is a good time for you to purchase a home. I can be reached at 619.405.7673 or at

carolyn’s mortgage memo for sale by owner it may not be the deal you think it is ecently, I had two different families purchase a home listed as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). When you purchase a FSBO there aren't any Real Estate agents involved. And since the agents' commission comes from the seller's proceeds, some sellers opt to sell their home this way to save money. Statistics have shown that the opposite can be true as it can cost both the seller and buyer more money. I will let Rosemary, as the real estate expert, explain the reasons this is not a good idea for a homeowner to sell their home this way. I, as a lender, want to address some of the issues for buyers. One incentive a seller may use to have a buyer agree to forgo a buyer's agent is a reduced sales price. Without an agent to check on market value, it is hard for the buyer to really know if they are getting a deal or not. The buyer has to wait for the appraisal report. The appraisal usually doesn't come in for several weeks. In the meantime, the buyer has already invested money into a home inspection and appraisal fees. This brings me to the next issue: repairs. Without an agent to represent you as the buyer, there is no one to negotiate any repairs that may show on the inspection report and/or appraisal. There is no one to protect your interest. This is exactly what happened on one of the recent transactions. Things became heated between the buyer and the seller over repairs. The buyer was not sure of his rights in regards to the contract. Tensions ran high as his family was depending on this new home. Not only does the buyer's agent negotiate for you, they make sure you are protected and they make sure all the paperwork is in order. A seller on a FSBO does not have to do the same disclosures that is done on a transaction involving the MLS and agents. Agents are bound by law to inform potential buyers of property defects and hazardous materials. On a FSBO, that is not the case and disclosures are not required. On property issues discovered after the close of escrow the buyer may have no recourse. In the case of the second family that was purchasing a single family residence FSBO in a planned community, there was a home owner's association ( HOA). Unfortunately, escrow knew nothing about the HOA until after the close of escrow since there was no agent to send in the HOA paperwork. This resulted in additional fees the buyer paid to transfer the HOA into their name and receive the HOA paperwork, These were fees the seller should have paid as part of escrow. As the saying goes.. "Buyer Beware". For more information on FSBO transactions, please contact either myself or Rosemary.

Carolyn lives in Rancho San Diego with her husband and 2 dogs. Her daughter is in her first year of college in Northern CA. She has lived in East County for the past 22 years and loves the sunshine and sense of community. Carolyn can be contacted at or at 619.813.8934. Equal Housing Lender. I am a licensed mortgage originator, NMLS# 256447, and am licensed to originate mortgage loans in the State of California.

AmeriFirst Financial, Inc., 1550 E. McKellips Road, Suite 117, Mesa, AZ 85203 (NMLS # 145368). 1-877-276-1974. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. This is not an offer to enter into an agreement. Not all customers will qualify. Information, rates, and programs are subject to change without prior notice. All products are subject to credit and property approval. Not all products are available in all states or for all loan amounts. Other restrictions and limitations apply. CA: Licensed by The Department of Business Oversight under the CA Residential Mortgage Lending Act

on our porch Details

mmediately after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which is estimated to have been about 7.8 on the Richter scale, real estate and transportation magnate John D. Spreckels moved to San Diego. If you don’t know who Mr. Spreckels is, let me share a little San Diego history. Spreckels is the reason we have Belmont Park, the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion, Coronado’s Hotel Del, and the Spreckels Theatre downtown. Spreckels, along with some other great civic leaders, played a large part in making San Diego the cosmopolitan city it is today.

Year Built: 1906 Architecture: American Vernacular with a Creole Cottage Influence Bedrooms: 2 Baths: 1 Square Feet: 670 Sq. Ft. Lot Size: 1588 While Spreckels and his colleagues were busy putting San Diego on the map, this 101Address: 4092 Goldfinch St., year-old American vernacular cottage with French creole influence was being built. San Diego, CA 92103 Upon approach, this home feels like it’s been plucked out of New Orleans and placed Price: $598,000 in San Diego’s charming district of Mission Hills. Tucked behind tropical low-water plants, the front porch, with its pineapple motif railings, beckons people to come and Listing Courtesy of Steve Porter take a rest. This porch and a tall glass of ice cold lemonade is all the inspiration you will Bennion Deville Homes Little Italy need for thinking deep thoughts and for enjoying Spreckels’s vision of San Diego.


feels like home looring. My goodness – if you’ve ever taken on a home improvement project, you’ve no doubt had to consider the floor. And if you’re like most people, you went into Home Depot or Lowe’s, and when faced with the multitude of choices, immediately felt overwhelmed. Hardwood; Engineered Hardwood (and, yes, there’s a difference); Laminate; Vinyl; Tile; Tile that looks like wood; Vinyl that looks like wood; Carpet; Carpet Tiles…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Since the floor is such a major element of any design, I’ll be sharing tips about selecting the perfect flooring here, and in future articles.

Rule # 1 in any design project – Form Follows Function. What that means in terms of flooring is choosing the appropriate material for each room. (This is why bathroom floors are typically tile or vinyl – they stand up to heavy use and moist climates.) You will also want to consider your life and lifestyle, because different floors require different types of maintenance (i.e. if you have small children and/or pets, perhaps white or cream carpet isn’t the best choice.)

Photo Credit:

As in anything in life, you can spend as little or as much as you want on flooring, but most of us have to stick to a budget. It’s important to remember that no matter the flooring, there’s the cost of the materials and the cost of installation – so bear that in mind when you’re shopping for options. Some materials are easier/less expensive to install while others are more labor intensive/expensive…more on that when we discuss each option, but for now let’s double the cost of the materials to arrive at an estimate of the final cost.

Photo Credit:

One of the biggest mistakes I encounter is when homeowners select flooring that is incongruous with the style and architecture of the home. I recently had a design client that purchased a vacation home near a beach. Visions of grey-washed wood floors and linen sofas creating a breezy and light feeling danced in her head. The only problem was that she bought a Mediterranean style house that was more standard traditional than beach cottage - and no matter how you slice it, grey wood floors would look just plain wrong. Ultimately, we selected a beautiful hand-scraped birch that has varied warm tones of red, gold, and brown – it’s perfect for the house, and she loves it.

Lisa Vasey, lives in La Mesa with her husband and two pugs. When not staging or redesigning, Lisa likes to try new restaurants and recipes, travel, read, and enjoy live music. You can find Lisa on the web at Reach out to Lisa at 619.335.8550 or email her at for help with your redesign or staging project.

And even in the above example, we were faced with So. Many. Choices! We knew that we wanted to have wood throughout (other than the bathrooms) – but that’s where the easy ended. Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood? Wide plank or narrow? Warm brown but not too orange (or red, or yellow). We gathered about 15 samples from a variety of sources, then looked at them in various rooms around the house. In the next issue, I’ll share specifics about how to make a selection that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

bon vivant Marco Sawrey & Karin Zonis-Sawrey

Snooze An A.M. Eatery Hillcrest 3940 5th Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 Del Mar 3435 Del Mar Heights Rd., Ste. D3 San Diego, CA 92130 858.703.5300

et here early! That's the best advice we can give you. While this breakfast eatery is a chain, with outlets in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California, it's a Hillcrest staple. After 8am, the line is out the door. What's so special about Snooze? Well, the coffee and cocktails will satisfy that morning urge and the wait staff is some of the friendliest in the neighborhood, always striving to grant your breakfast wishes. With six different kinds of eggs benedict, it's difficult to pick just one. Fortunately, you're encouraged to design your ideal dish, mixing and matching different egg benedicts. The same thing goes for the pancakes. Is the Pineapple Upside Down pancake too sweet to have a full stack? That's okay, offset that sweetness with a plain pancake. And speaking of pancakes… the choices are endless: there is always a pancake du jour, as well as sweet pancakes, sweeter pancakes, and pancakes you didn't know existed. Topped with different flavored butters, drizzled with maple syrup, crème anglaise, blueberry coulis, or even homemade caramel. Try two or three different kinds! Aside from the plethora of pancake possibilities and benedict beauties, there are the classic Southern California dishes, like breakfast burritos, tacos, chilaquiles, as well as omelettes with your choice of filling, sandwiches and light fare for those who didn’t bring their stretchy-pants. Hash browns are another reason to keep coming back to Snooze. Whether in the Spuds Deluxe, where a pile of hash browns are topped with any kind of breakfast ingredient you like or simply shaped into a cake alongside an omelette, these hash browns are crispy, soft, and potatoey. Top the Spuds Deluxe with cheese, oozy egg yolk, and your choice of two sides (we love the pulled pork) and you’ll be rubbing your full belly for hours. We recommend ordering the hash browns extra crispy for that added yum factor.

Spuds Deluxe

Pineapple Upside Down Pancake

While we wake up thinking about breakfast at Snooze, the service and comfortable space they offer are what really keep us going back again and again. Just remember to get up early because if Snooze lose!

Juan’s Breakfast Tacos

the so-called american palate s a wine professional, I often hear the term ‘American Palate’. I’ve used it a few times myself. This refers to a generalization of what Americans typically tend to drink when it comes to wine. We are often stereotyped as consumers who love over-ripe fruit and sweet styled wines. It’s true that many of our wine regions are warmer climates and therefore produce fruitier wines with more residual sugar and higher alcohol levels. But if truth be told, Americans are increasingly learning just how diverse wine and winemaking is -- and much to our happiness.

Just as our food preferences change, our wine preferences change. We start out eating sugary cereals when we are very young and progress into healthier choices as we age. We enjoy overly sweetened desserts and carbonated beverages as kids but then look for more naturally sweetened options instead as we learn to appreciate the natural essence of food. I know for me personally I enjoy a broader spectrum of foods, flavors and ingredients the older I get. Similarly, our winemakers here in the US are graduating to embrace old world winemaking techniques as they try to combine new world terrior & modern winemaking techniques with old world wisdom. Bringing the tried & true philosophy of winemaking into their domestic styles brings exciting and awarding results! Instead of reinventing the wheel they are just improving on the original. What I endorse over and over again with my clients and people who inquire about such topics is, go with your instincts. Your palate is yours, there is no right or wrong, and always go with wine that suits you and let adventure happen naturally. But as I will always preach, wine is a living thing. It is not a science project created out of formulas and additives. If your wine tastes the same from year to year, you are drinking a ‘formula’ wine: a concoction created to thwart the diversity that mother nature adds to wine. Perhaps it is not necessary to exclude the mass produced wines completely from your life, but if you’ve been drinking the same wine because you are intimidated by the unknown, take a chance once in a while. Mother nature will not disappoint. Reach out to a professional in the wine world to help guide you through the massive world that it is and I promise you will find pleasure where you least expect it.

Beth Fraitag is a lead wine consultant with Quigley Fine Wines. Wine is her passion and she works one on one with individuals who also enjoy popping the cork from time to time. Her specialty is small production wines from around the globe where sustainable farming practices have been the norm for generations. Her belief in biodynamic methods to bring mother nature's bounty into our lives is the basis for the wines she represents. She can be reached at 619.742.0245 or Check out the QFW website at for additional information.

or many vacationers from North America, a trip to Cancun is a first trip internationally. Small wonder. Cancun is a very convenient and accessible international vacation destination from either the United States or Canada. It is close to the rest of North America, and conveniently located in the Central time zone - that means minimal jet lag. There are flights from most major U.S., and airfares are among the most reasonable when compared to other Caribbean and south-of-the-border destinations. The inhabitants are very service oriented and friendly. English is spoken everywhere, but it has the exotic culture of the Mayan civilization close to the surface. Visitors will find some of the finest resorts in the world, but at prices significantly less than one might expect. Indeed, value here is the destination’s strong suit… more for less, in all categories, from budget to ultra luxury. All-inclusive, adults only, honeymooners, family-friendly, gay-friendly, chic and modern, old-world and traditional - Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer it all. Cancun is a vibrant vacation destination with so much to do including high-energy nightlife, excellent dining options, a shopping mecca with upscale shops, boutiques and art galleries. Excellent recreational options include golf, water sports of all kinds, "party cruises" and archaeological tour options. Spectacular all-inclusive resorts in every price range offer unparalleled onsite amenities for everyone. Resorts include outstanding accommodations and world-class facilities including top-rated golf courses, full-service spas, expansive supervised children’s programs, top-notch meeting space and fine restaurants. The Riviera Maya is a more laid-back beach destination experience with excursions to important archaeological sites close by. The region is famous for white-sand beaches and crystal clear water. However, the area also offers ancient Mayan ruins and pristine ecological wonders to explore, as well as impressive nature parks. Visitors are pleased to find that the weather in this part of Mexico is predictable and pleasant year-round. There are diverse travel activities - world-class deep sea fishing, diving, golf, water sports, and archaeological excursions. Anyone who loves the outdoors will love Cancun. Its year-round warm tropical weather is ideal for all types of activities.

Photo Credit:

Beth Taylor

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top destinations for 2017

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A travel agent will know how to find the best possible accommodations and airlines for Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Any time of the year, even for no more than a long weekend, Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer a truly perfect, high-value getaway.

Beth Taylor is a local travel consultant who has been in the travel industry for over 30 years. She specializes in group and family travel. Her experience has taken her to places around the world. She’d love to help you plan your own unique vacation or simply “talk travel” with you! She can be reached at or 619-303-8771. Visit her website at for more tips about travel and some of the latest travel specials

destination-spring garden tours Rosemary Joles ww Spring! It’s my favorite time of year in San Diego County. I’m especially fond of it this year with all of the rain we’ve received. Everything from the desert to the coast is blooming and so green! Spring is the season when you will find me with dirt under my nails and inspiration flowing. I generally partake in at least one area garden tour. Over the years, I’ve done the Clairemont tour, the Point Loma tour, the Alpine Sage & Songbird tour, and the San Diego Horticultural Society tour. I’ve seen incredible artisans, a backyard hillside vineyard in Clairemont, creative low-water gardens, and nature-friendly gardens. We have so many talented gardeners in the region. If you want to learn a little more about what to grow here, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. It will get your creative juices flowing, whether you have a small balcony, a postage stamp lot, or acreage. Below you will find this years tours.

April 8 San Diego Horticultural Society Spring Garden Tour April 8-9 92nd Coronado Flower Show April 9 15th annual Seaside Native Plant Tour or April 22 Bernardo Gardeners Club Spring Garden Tour April 29 Fallbrook Garden Club Tour May 6 21st annual Clairemont Garden Tour May 13 Mission Hills Garden Walk May 13-14 Mother’s Day Weekend Art, Garden & Studio Tour May 19-20 The Secret Garden Tour & Candlelight Garden Soiree

time-out family-friendly places to go with kids in and around san diego

Why Kid Friendly? Ice Skating Family Friendly Dining Kid Ventures Art Studio Dance Studio Second Saturday Cinema NTC Park Liberty Station 2640 Historic Decatur Rd. San Diego, CA 92103

Liberty Station

where’s rosemary?

In every issue of From the Front Porch you’ll find a photo of different places that I’ve been in San Diego County. Your goal is to figure out where I took the photo. Be specific and submit your guess as fast as you can (You have competition!!!) The first correct answer will win movie tickets for two! You can email,, or call us at: 619-405-7673.

et cetera


3-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream


  

2 cups cold heavy whipping cream 1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk 1 pound of fresh strawberries mashed Instructions

where was rosemary? Village Walk at East Lake 878 East Lake Parkway Chula Vista, CA 91914 Winner No Winners Keep trying!

1. Mash strawberries in a bowl and set aside. Don’t drain the juice. 2. Pour the heavy whipping cream into the chilled bowl and begin whipping with chilled beaters. Keep up until the cream holds stiff peaks, about 4 minutes. Do not overmix. 3. With the hand mixer on low, start streaming in the sweetened condensed milk. Gently mix until just combined. 4. Pour the mashed strawberries into the mixture and gently fold in until combined. 5. Pour the mixture into a freezer safe container. I personally like Trovolo containers. Cover and freeze for about 4-5 hours. If you like soft serve ice cream freeze about 3-4 hours. If you prefer a more firm texture, freeze for at least 5-6 hours or overnight. Photo & Recipe Credit:

around our town

minutia Silent movie starlette Mary Pickford once rode her bicycle from her home in Rancho Santa Fe to a Laurel And Hardy film premier at the La Paloma Theatre in downtown Encinitas, CA. Photo Credit: Detroit Public Library Todd Joles is now known as Mr. Useless Knowledge (this is an affectionate title), is a business associate of his wife Rosemary, a passionate woodworker by night, mandolin/bluegrass aficionado by choice, chief cook and bottle washer because he loves his wife and a purveyor of this useless knowledge.

I feel sorry for people who don’t own a dog. I hear they have to pick up food dropped on the floor! -Anonymous Photo compliments of: Rebecca Johnson Bravo and Mia are the fur-children of Rebecca Johnson. They are the grand puppies of Rosemary and Todd Joles.

botanical name: Cercis occidentalis common name: Western Redbud Likes: Full Sun Needs: Cooler weather to bloom. Blooms: Magenta Note: Deciduous, provides winter interest with pods that stay on tree. Has heart shaped leaves

"I like gardening-It's a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself." -Alice Sebold To see more SD plants go to:

Rosemary Joles is passionate about low-water gardening in San Diego. She loves creating gardens that look like lush water thirsty gardens, yet need very little moisture to maintain them. Her other passions include real estate, lattes, spending time with family and friends, reading, music and laughter!

upcycle let there be light At Upcycled Home and Garden, we focus on “what can be” rather than “what it was”.’ Gail and Jim Hallemeyer pcycling unique things into lighting elements or taking lamps and upcycling them into non-electrical things is a really fun way to explore your artistic talents and create one of a kind lights. To get started, you need a chandelier lighting kit available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Photo credit:

Old Wire Lampshades One of the simplest upcycling ideas is to take an old wire lampshade, rip off the worn cloth. Use a chandelier lighting kit and assemble that around the center hole of the shade. Screw in one of those really cool old looking Edison bulbs. Now the fun begins adding lace, fabric, various crystals, keys or anything else that you may collect that will add to your décor.

Glass Bowls and Metal Structures Glass bowls or other metal rounded shaped structures can also become an interesting lamp. Usually all it takes is a good metal, quarter inch, bit to drill out the center hole so the lamp kit can be installed. This opens many ideas from using old colanders with all the straining holes as interesting ceiling spots when the light is lite up.

Using a glass bowl as an example, all you need to do drill a hole in the center of the glass. A diamond bit under water to cool the glass is your best process to minimize the risk of shatter. Once the hole is complete, again attach the lighting kit and enjoy the brightness of the color array produced by your selected glass structure.

Imagination is the only limitation that people have in the creation of interesting light fixtures. Once you get comfortable with the ease of doing these things, you and your friends will enjoy using Non-functioning Lamps Another idea is to take some old, non-functioning, lamps (either many types of objects in ways never thought of in the past. floor or table) and take them all apart. Now, with all of the parts, you start to rebuild the base blending the various parts together Light and Electrical Classes are held at Upcycled Home and that fill the center pole length. When you get to the top, instead Garden 4747 Oceanside Blvd. Suite I Oceanside CA 92056. of attaching a light fixture, get a plate, bowl or some other Check out of website for more details, proportioned surface that blends well with the base you created and the surrounding décor of the area. Using lighting finials attach the top to the base and then enjoy the unique one of a kind bird feeder or candy dish. Upcycled Home and Garden is located at 4747 Oceanside Blvd, Suite I, Oceanside CA 92056. We can reached at 760-908-9800 or We offer classes in Milk Painting, Succulent Planting, Garden Art, Chair Upholstering and more, check out our website for detailed information. You can also find items we have upcycled on our site. We are open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10:00am-5:30pm. Come by and say hello.

nitty gritty insurance 411 water damage and the homeowners responsibility he laundry hose breaks or the toilet overflows. What do you need to do? The first Rule is “Do Not Wait to Mitigate.” It is your responsibility to get the water shut off and the floor dried out as soon as possible. You can take time to do repairs, but not on the cleanup of water. Houses are sponges. From the carpet pad to the drywall, water spreads further than you would think. Call a plumber or restoration company to get the water stopped and the drying process started. I cannot stress how critical this is. If there is furniture on wet flooring, put plastic or aluminum foil under it --- this can possibly stop the furniture from being lost.

This is why water is so destructive: A ¼” fridge line (the size of a drinking straw) expels water at ½ - 1 gallon/min or 60 gallons of water within an hour. A ¾” hose expels at 2-3 gallons/min. Within 24 hours that’s 3000-4000 gallons, enough to fill a small swimming pool. The most destructive water comes from your washing machine hose, because it is pressurized. This can expel at 10-12 gallons/ minute. Within 24 hours that can be 14,000-17,000 gallons of water. Shut off the water every time you are done doing laundry. You also need to determine what category the water is. It can be clean, grey or black.

Clean water generally is water you can drink. Think your kitchen faucet. Grey water cannot be drunk. Think fish tank water or from the washing machine while it is running. Black water is the most dangerous. This is grossly contaminated water. Think sewage, bathtub, or rainwater. Rainwater may be clean as it falls from the sky, but as it travels on the ground, it picks up fertilizer, animal feces, trash…. Anything touched by black water falls under the Hazmat category; flooring and walls must be torn out and replaced. Here are your steps to mitigation: 1)Turn off the water 2)Determine the ‘true’ path the water has travelled 3)Determine the water category 4)Protect your contents 5)Remove surface water 6)Start the drying process 7)Prevent mold growth

Susanne Romo, LUTCF has been working in insurance since 1986. Her passion is showing her clients that there can be a vast difference between just ‘having’ insurance…and being properly insured. She can be reached at: 858 751 0956 or at

project diy creating a “no-fly” zone... not talking about the kind of no-fly zone where aircraft isn’t allowed to go. No I’m talking about creating a “no-fly” zone for the pesky little critters that irritate the living daylights out of you when you are trying to entertain outdoors. The kind that like to land on your food ewww. The ones who like to buzz around your head and land on you. Who can avoid swats like they’ve taken ninja avoidance training from a fly ninja master. Yep, that’s the kind of no-fly zone I’m talking about. So are you ready for a eco friendly no pesticide solution to get rid of them? First let me tell you how I discovered this little trick. Last summer I was at a friends home for a birthday party and noticed cut lemons with cloves piercing the cut side of the lemon down the middle of her table. When I asked our hostess what they were for . She said it was to repel flies. I was a little bit of a skeptic, but sure enough only one fly bothered us the entire evening and it wasn’t for very long. Thinking it was some sort of fluke I tried it at my home while entertaining and sure enough. No flies!!!!! Easy to do, just cut your lemons and pop the cloves into the cut side about 30 minutes before company arrives. Place them in the areas where you don’t want them attending and voila no pesky flies while your dining outdoors. So there you have it no more flies at the dinner table, the family barbecue, etc.. You can thank me later. Rosemary


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Out of the Mouths…. When I tell my 3 year-old daughter to clean up her toys, she says " Mom, you better go ahead and do it. I don't know anyone who cleans up toys as good as you can." -Angelynn


books or blogs

Anna Evans: The Fay Longchamp Series: Follow Mary along with archeologist Fay Longchamp as she


Cassidy: How have we never heard of you? Eva was virtually unknown outside the Washington D.C. area. Music critic Joel Siegel called her the greatest voice of our generation. From jazz to pop she could sing it and make you shup up and listen. Sadly she passed away in 1996 from an aggressive form of melanoma. Her posthumous albums released in the UK has breathed new life into her legacy. Check out her music and her story here on YouTube.

bits and pieces stackable crafting wine racks


stackable wine racks and cheap plastic cups to store all of your office and craft essentials! Take advantage of vertical space and stack as many as you need to keep your office and craft supplies handy.

What's one small miracle that has happened in your life?



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uncovers mysteries or the old south. Fay struggles to renovate and keep her family’s home where her ancestors, slave and slave owner, have lived for generations. The dead speak to her from both the centuries old grave and todays morgue.


4/12 @ Rockies

12:10p 5/2


7:10p 5/20



6/10 Royals


4/14 @ Braves

4:35p 5/3


7:10p 5/21



6/11 Royals


4/15 @ Braves

4:10p 5/4


12:40p 5/23



6/12 Reds


4/16 @ Braves

10:35p 5/5


7:10p 5/24



6/13 Reds


4/17 @ Braves

4:35p 5/6


5:40p 5/25



6/14 Reds


4/18 D-backs

7:10p 5/7


1:40p 5/26

@Nationals 4:05p

6/16 @Brewers 5:10p

4/19 D-backs

7:10p 5/8


7:10p 5/27

@Nationals 1:05p

6/17 @Brewers 1:10p

4/20 D-backs

6:10p 5/9


12:40p 5/28

@Nationals 10:35a 6/18 @Brewers 11:10a

4/21 Marlins

7:10p 5/10 @Rangers

5:05p 5/29



6/19 @Cubs


4/22 Marlins

5:40p 5/11 @Rangers

5:05p 5/30



6/20 @Cubs


4/23 Marlins

1:40p 5/12 @White Sox 5:10p 5/31


12:40p 6/21 @Cubs


4/24 @ D-backs

6:40p 5/13 @White Sox 4:10p 6/2



6/23 Tigers


4/25 @ D-backs

6:40p 5/14 @White Sox 11:10a 6/3



6/24 Tigers


4/26 @ D-backs

6:40p 5/15 Brewers

7:10p 6/4



6/25 Tigers


4/27 @ D-backs

6:40p 5/16 Brewers

7:10p 6/6

@ D-backs 6:40p

6/27 Braves


4/28 @ Giants

7:15p 5/17 Brewers

7:10p 6/7

@ D-backs 6:40p

6/28 Braves


4/29 @ Giants

6:05p 5/18 Brewers

12:40p 6/8

@ D-backs 12:40p 6/29 Braves


4/30 @ Giants

1:05p 5/19 D-backs

7:10p 6/9



sd outdoors


6/30 Dodgers

word search –birds of san diego-part 1

park exploration

California Quail Snowy Plover Scrips Murrelet Wild Turkey Upland Sandpiper California Gull

Western Grebe Long Billed Curlew Least Tern Mourning Dove Willet Pacific Loon

Hummingbird Red Phalarope Red Tailed Hawk Sandhill Crane Horned Puffin Golden Eagle

Find the answers at

lifestyle Lamb’s Players Theater

The Old Globe

Shadowlands February 24-April 9

Red Velvet March 25-April 30

Silent Sky April 21-May 28

Skeleton Crew April 8-May 7

Wine, Women & Song May 8

The Old Man and The Old Moon May 13-June18

San Diego Rep

North Coast Repertory

Into the Beautiful North March 30-April 23

Travels with My Aunt April 12-May 7

To Be Dali April 10

Vista’s Broadway Theater

Broadway San Diego

The Man Who Came To Dinner April 7-30

Finding Neverland April 4-9

Honky Tonk Laundry March 3-March 26

Brain Candy Live April 5

San Diego Adventures Del Mar National Horse Show April 12-May 6 CityBeat Festival of Beers April 22 Oceanside Days of Art April 22-23 Little Italy Art Walk April 29-30 Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo May 5 Carlsbad Village Faire May 7 Ramona Rodeo May 18-21

april | may | june Fiesta Del Sol May 20-21 Art Around Adams June 3

Photo Credit:

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Greek Festival June 9-12 San Diego Festival of the Arts June10-11 San Diego International Boat Show June 15-18

sd concerts

Missy Anderson

Mercy Me

AMSD Concerts Sweetwater Union High School 2900 Highland Avenue National City, CA 91950 619.303.8176

San Diego Theatres Balboa Theatre 868 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 619.570.1100

4/28 Hapa 6/9 Hot Club of Cowtown 6/16 Venice

4/14 Passion Play 4/15 Gene Kelly: The Legacy 4/22-23 Broadway Now! 4/29 Mercy Me 5/16 The Vietnam War 5/30 David Blaine

California Center for the Arts 340 North Escondido Blvd. Escondido, CA 92025 800.988.4253 Tickets 760.839.4183 All others 4/10 Cage The Elephant 4/15 Escondido Recreational Ballet Recital 5/2 Pasacat Philippine Dance & Music 5/3 RIP Carson & The Valiants 5/7 Karen and the Klassix 5/14 The Mariachi Divas 5/26 Deva Premal & Miten with Manose 6/7 Missy Andersen 6/25 Opera’s Greatest Moments

San Diego Theatres Civic Theatre 1100 Third Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 619.570.1100 4/9 Finding Neverland 4/22-30 La Traviata 5/9-14 Jersey Boys 5/21 Impractical Jokers 5/24 Brian Wilson 6/13-18 The Bodyguard 6/30 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Poway OnStage Poway Center for the Performing Arts 15498 Espola Road Poway, CA 92064 858.668.4798 4/8 Andy McKee and Celino Romero 4/23 Taj Express 4/29 The Doo Wop Project 5/20 Sounds of Laurel Canyon 6/17 Taste of our Towne

San Diego Symphony Copley Symphony Hall 750 B St., San Diego, CA 92101 619.235.0804 4/15 The Wizard of Oz 4/23 Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches 4/29 Big Band Bash Feat 4/30 The Freshman 5/5-7 Mahler Symphony No. 3 5/12-13 Spring and Summer 5/19-21 Charles Dutoit Conducts 5/26-28 Janja Ling’s Finale

Crystal Bowersox

Belly Up 143 S. Cedros Ave. Solana Beach, CA 92075 858.481.8140 4/11 Katchafire 4/12 Justin Froese 4/13 Preservation Hall Jazz Band 4/15 Cash’d Out 4/16 Anders Osborne 4/20 Rev. Horton Heat and Dale Watson 4/23 Felix Cavallere’s Rascals 4/26 Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors 4/27 Asleep at the Wheel 5/1 Crystal Bowersox 5/2 Kiefer Sutherland 5/4 Dweezil Zappa 5/7 Bob Schneider 5/9 Fuel and Marcy Playground 5/13 Common Sense 5/21 Ann Wilson of Heart 5/26 Los Lonely Boys 6/2 Little Hurricane 6/3 Lewis Del Mar 6/4-5 Michael Frantl & Spearhead 6/8 Valerie June 6/14 The Record Company 6/19-20 Donavon Frankenreiter

front porch pickin san diego music from classical to bluegrass


Chula Vista-Rancho Rios · $310,000 · 619·405·7673

Chula Vista-Monterey Place · $579,750 · 619·405·7673

Fallbrook · $750,000 · 619·405·7673

Point Loma · $785,000 · 619·405·7673

La Costa-La Costa Greens · $1,175,000 · 619·405·7673

Del Mar-Playa Del Mar · $1,779,000 · 619·405·7673

from east county to the coast

Downtown San Diego-Icon · $624,900 · 619·405·7673

Vista · $649,000 · 619·405·7673

Downtown-The Mark · $849,000 · 619·405·7673

Carlsbad-Calvera Hills · $859,000 · 619·405·7673

Mission Hills · $1,989,000 · 619·405·7673

Solana Beach · $1,895,000-$2,075,000 · 619·405·7673


Has The Value Of Your

Gone up in the last 6 months? Don’t rely on online websites for your homes value. While they can give you a rough estimate of value, they can be off by as much as 20-40%. For a more accurate no obligation home evaluation please call: Rosemary Joles at 619.405.7673

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Front Porch Wisdom Don' t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all. -Mandy Hale

Remember When


Loma Theatre

Architectural Style: Art Deco| Built: 1944 3150 Rosecrans Place | San Diego, CA 92110 | | Bookstore

Photos: & Rosemary Joles



all me now to sell your home!

JUST LISTED · $169,000 · 3/2 · Vista

JUST LISTED · $279,900 ∙ 2/1 ∙ San Carlos

SOLD · $310,000 · 2/2 · San Diego

PENDING · $369,000 ∙ 3/2 · La Mesa

SOLD · $436,000 · 4/2 · Santee

SOLD · $650,000 · 5/3.5 ∙ Fletcher Hills

SOLD · $799,000 · 4+/2.5 · Tierrasanta

PENDING · $899,000 · 4/2.5 ∙ El Cajon

SOLD · $1,138,000 SOLD · $1,138,000 ∙ 5+/3 · Carlsbad· Carlsbad

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or lease a home we have the skills to get the job done right. LETS GET STARTED TODAY! CALL 619.405.7673

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From The Front Porch Journal Issue 2-2017  

From The Front Porch Journal is a San Diego Real Estate & Lifestyle publication produced by Rosemary Joles of the JOLES group. Inside it's...

From The Front Porch Journal Issue 2-2017  

From The Front Porch Journal is a San Diego Real Estate & Lifestyle publication produced by Rosemary Joles of the JOLES group. Inside it's...