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Rosalind Davis Curatorial Projects 2009-16 Artist, Curator at Collyer Bristow Gallery, Writer, Teacher & Consultant. Graduate of Chelsea & Royal College of Art Twitter: @rosalinddavis @CBGallery1 Instagram: @rosalindnldavis @collyer_bristow_gallery Image: Complicity at Collyer Bristow Gallery, 2016. Artwork Justin Hibbs Courtesy of Michaela Nettell

Telling Tales Preview 13 October, 6-8pm Exhibition 14 October- 15 Feb 2018 Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF Twitter: @CBGallery1 Instagram: @collyer_bristow_gallery #tellingtales Artists: Sue Williams ACourt, Ben Coode-Adams, Iain Andrews, Helen Bermingham, Su Blackwell, Gordon Cheung, Simon Leahy-Clark, Ami Clarke, Graham Crowley, Peter Davis, Adam Dix, Annabel Dover, Tom Down, Richard Galpin, John Greenwood, Monica Ursina Jäger, Evy Jokhova, Stella Kajombo, Sandra Lane, EJ Major, Eleanor Moreton, Tim Shepard, Lex Thomas and Emma Talbot. Collyer Bristow presents Telling Tales Curated by Rosalind Davis ‘now here was I, new-awakened, with my hand stretching out and touching the unknown, the real unknown, the unknown unknown.’ DH Lawrence.

Complicity. Artifice and Illusion Curated by Rosalind Davis Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF. Exhibition 2 March - 7 June Hermione Allsopp, Sasha Bowles, Guy Bigland, Mel Brimfield, Alastair Gordon, Andrew Grassie, Justin Hibbs, Debbie Lawson, Peter Liversidge, Gibson Martelli, Helen Maurer, Damien Meade, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, John Richert, Joella Wheatley and Virginia Verran. “The question is not what you look at but what you see.” Henry David Thoreau ‘Cracking Show. Superb Artists. Brilliantly curated’ Review by Art Top 10 here

See the online catalogue here.

Alastair Gordon & Hermione Allsopp

Mel Brimfield & Sasha Bowles

Mel Brimfield: Between Genius and Desire - Vincent (after Kirk Douglas), 2012 Excerpt –Vimeo link:

Justin Hibbs

Across his practice, Justin Hibbs picks apart the mechanics of spatial perception and representation, drawing upon social, political and aesthetic agendas encoded within architectural structures “Hibbs’s works are worldly, imperfect at the outset.” Martin Herbert Justin Hibbs. Justin Hibbs. Alias, Vinyl Adhesive on Di-bond. 2015

Debbie Lawson & Damian Meade

Andrew Grassie & Marion Michell

Peter Liversidge

Every element in an exhibition of work by Peter Liversidge begins at the artist’s kitchen table with Liversidge sitting alone writing proposals on an old manual typewriter. These hand-typed pages, present an array of possible and impossible ideas for performances and artworks in almost every conceivable medium

Rules of The Library for The Drawing Room

Gibson Martelli

'MAN A takes military Dazzle Camouflage as its point of departure. Unlike traditional camouflage which operates on the principle of concealment, dazzle camo uses complex arrangements of high-contrast, interrupted patterns of geometric shapes intended to confuse the calculation of a ship’s range, speed and bearing in an enemy’s optical gunnery rangefinder.

Clare Mitten

The dialogue between object and image is at the heart of Mitten’s practice. Quickly-made painterly objects, (constructed from packaging, paper and other stationery), function as three-dimensional sketches for drawing, painting and collage, whereby the original is transformed through flattening, editing and error.

John Richert

In an endless loop around re-negotiation of design and art, presentation and display, Richert’s fabrications accurately reproduce the materiality and irresistible allure of contemporary fine art - and so become immaculate objects of desire in themselves.’

John Richert, Eh? Is For Art. Sealed book, 30x25cm, 2015

Virginia Verran & Joella Wheatley


Read the Counter_Fitters Blog with interview with all the artists in the show here. Photos courtesy of Sasha Bowles, Alice Wilson, Lex Thomas, Evy Jokhova and Michaela Nettell

David Ben White (left) and Rosalind Davis

Lex Thomas (left) Jane Hayes-Greenwood, and Freddie Robins

Clockwise: Nick Kaplony, Freddie Robbins, Nick Kaplony and Alex Marc

Marion Michell

Justin Hibbs

Hermione Allsopp and David Ben White

Evy Jokhova and Ben Woodeson

Alice Wilson

Evy Jokhova, Jane Hayes-Greenwood and Rosalind Davis

Sasha Bowles & Michaela Nettell

Rosalind Davis

No-One Lives in the Real World Curated by Rosalind Davis & Annabel Tilley Standpoint Gallery, London 2015

See the exhibition page here

Card design by Ana Ruepp

No-One Lives in the Real World Curated by Rosalind Davis & Annabel Tilley Standpoint Gallery, London 2015

Exhibition installation shots courtesy of Rachel and Charlotte Wilberforce

Left: Srinivas Surti. Right: Evy Jokhova

Left to right: Srinivas Surti, Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley

Work by Sasha Bowles in the Elevator space at Standpoint Gallery looking through to sculpture by Srinivas Surti

Rachel Wilberforce and Michaela Nettell

Echo Chamber Rosalind Davis, Caroline Lambard, Michaela Nettell Curated by Rosalind Davis 26th September- 4th October 2014 “We make spaces in relation to us but the spaces then re-make us” – Niall McLaughlin, architect Bond House Gallery, ASC Studios, Bond House, SE14 6BL Echo chamber is an exhibition and exchange between three artists interested in the perceptual experience of space and form. ‘Echo chamber’ in this case refers to a gallery in which ideas, processes and materials are brought together to reverberate one against another, in which shared ways of working can be observed and new thoughts and practices set in motion. See the Echo Chamber web page here.

Echo Chamber Install Shots.

Michaela Nettell

Rosalind Davis

Caroline Lambard

See the online exhibition page here.

L/R: Simon Leahy-Clark, Rosalind Davis, Sinivas Surti, Rosalind Davis & Annabel Tilley

L/R: Mandy Hudson, Jonny Green Mandy Hudson, Evy Jokhova & Jonny Green

The Distance Between, 2014 Curated by Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley

See the exhibition page and link to catalogue here.

Images. Left; Enzo Marra, Right Sasha Bowles

Untitled IX from series: Running Wild, 2013 by Frances Kearney

See the exhibition page and link to catalogue here.

Postcard image Kelly Sweeney, above Luey Graves

Left to right: Tom Down, Paul MacArthur & Joella Wheatley

See the exhibition page and link to catalogue here.

Artist: Ben Woodeson

Left to right: Hermione Allsopp, Tom Butler & Jeremy Turner

See the exhibition page and link to catalogue here.

Clockwise: Lauri Hopkins, Sarah Filmer, Anna Maria Kardos & Clare Mitten Flyer image: Louisa Chambers

Sculpture by Ben Cove

Ben Coode-Adams and Peter Jones.

Debbie Lawson, Corinna Spencer and Steph Goodger

See the exhibition page and catalogue here.

Clockwise- Rosalind Davis, Karl England, Jake Clark, David Oates, Clare Mitten and Lauri Hopkins.

Wieland Payer and Sasha Bowles

Collectible, 2012 Curated by Rosalind Davis & Annabel Tilley

"Collectible, first and foremost, is a deftly-curated compendium of artistic talent..." Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin on

Some of the 67 Artists participating: Iain Andrews, Freya Douglas Morris, Annabel Dover, Alyson Helyer, Andrew Hewish, Peter Jones, Cathy Lomax,, Fiona MacDonald, EJ Major, Nadege Meriau, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, Kate Murdoch, Elizabeth Murton, Charlotte Norwood, Wieland Payer, Alex Pearl, Edd Pearman, Alli Sharma, Gordon Shrigley, Corinna Spencer, Emily Speed, Giulia Ricci, Freddie Robins, Virginia Verran, Jenny Wiener, Rich White, Rachel Wilberforce, Chiara Williams, Sarah Williams, James Wright, Peter Wylie.

See the exhibition page here.

Virginia Verran

Iain Andrews

Alyson Helyer

The Annual Zeitgeist Members Summer Show 2013-15 “ The Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition is an antidote to the RA Summer show. One of the most uplifting shows I have seen this year. � Rachel Guthrie

Work by ZAP Members: Dina Varpahovsky , Jane Archer, Sue Williams Acourt, Binita Walia, Carol Wyss, , Pippa Gatty Helen Latham, & Marion Michell

SHARE & EXCHANGE ANNUAL EXHIBITION. Jan 2013-16 An instant exhibition, open to all, where all the artworks are exchanged randomly through a £10 ticketed raffle at the end of the evening.

Images clockwise: Sasha Bowles, Milena Michalski, Lex Thomas and Neill Fuller

Kate Murdoch, Birdcage

Home Exhibition, 2011 Core Gallery.Install shots

11 artists. New & Established. Age 25-80.

Background on ZAP & Philosophy ZAP Founded and run 2012-16 by Annabel & Rosalind to support artists with professional practice events & exhibition opportunities.

ZAP: Artist’s Network & Membership Organisation Activities included • • • • • • • • • • •

Membership Organisation 2012- 16 & open to all artists Curated Exhibitions & Art Projects Annual Open Exhibition Competition. Art Tours & Studio Visits 4x5 Milestone Moments Tutorials 1-2-1 Advice Sessions Sustaining A Practice - Artists Talking Professional Practice Talks Raising Your Profile Social Media Workshops Online Resource- How to Survive as an Artist

Images : Michaela Nettell (logo), Michael Craig-Martin & Peter Liversidge

Rosalind Davis Davis co-founded and directed an artist-led space Core Gallery, for two years in Deptford and worked with over 200 Artists and Curators, programmed 17 Exhibitions, 5 open studios, 22 workshops & talks. "Working with Core Gallery is an energising and inspiring experience for me as a curator. It embodies many of the most positive aspects of artist led spaces, acting as a platform for risk taking, experimentation and diversity of practice with real commitment to and engagement with the development of the local arts ecology" Nick Kaplony

Left: Ciaran O Dochartaigh in Skin Job. Above: l-r Alyson Helyer, Tom Butler, Marion Michell in Extra-Ordinary

Core Gallery 2009-11

‘ An ‘interested’ and engaged space, connecting with artists and its context in collaboration and debate. The gallery’s programme is seen through many voices rather than one which seems to indicate something about an artist led space operating as a community, one where ownership of the space and its output is shared between its members and collaborators’ Nick Kaplony

Curatorial Development: Extraordinary, Core Gallery, Deptford Curated by Rosalind Davis & Jane Boyer. .

REVIEW: An exhibition exploring a “disjointed world of macabre coexistence” Extra-Ordinary, a subversive mixed media show by three London artists ; Tom Butler, Alyson Helyer and Marion Michell, diving headlong into the depths of identity and the psyche, the real and the unreal, and the anguish of memory. Extra-Ordinary at Core Gallery in the depths demonstrates, worthwhile art flows in all directions “ Whitehot Magazine.

Open Submission Exhibitions Included Iain Andrews ( Marmite Painting Prize) Claire Mitten (Jerwood Painting Fellow) EJ Major (Salon Photo Prize)


Above: Claire Mitten, top left Amy Moffat, below Annabel Dover

Iain Andrews, Marmite Painting Prize, Jerwood Drawing Prize


Tom Butler, Daisy Richardson & Liv Pennington

An exhibition by Andrew Bryant of Goldsmiths MFA students.

Selection of Partnerships/ Employers

Curatorial projects Rosalind davis  

Curatorial Projects Portfolio from the last 7 years, 2009-16 from Core Gallery, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Standpoint Gallery, Geddes Gallery...

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