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P o r t f o l i o Architecture Rosa






Profile Rosa Jonkman 20-01-1993 Rosa. R. Jonkm an@gm ail. c om +31 649 25 99 84 Ber t Haanst r akad e 2082 1087HR, Amst er d am



JUNIOR ARCHITECT MOPET architecten | January

2016 - present

A sma l l D u tch ar c hit ec t ur al c omp any in Amst er d am foc us s i n g o n

Academy of architecture | 2015 - present Th e ma s t e r o f Ar c h i t e c t u r e i n Ams t e r da m

bi g a n d sma l l p r ojec t s suc h as housing, r esid ent ial housi n g a n d


pu bl i c bu i l di n gs.


Academy of architecture | 2014 - 2015

Team V architecten | 2015 - 2016

A mi n o r t o p r a c t i s e t h e w a y o f t h i n ki n g , ma ki n g a n d l i s t e n i ng t o

A bi g a n d f a mous Dut c h ar c hit ec t ur al c omp any in Amst er da m. I


w o rked o n so m e b ig p r ojec t s in The Hague and a new apa r t me n t


to w er a n d Ho tel at Over hoeks Amst er d am.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam


My g r a du a t i o n p r o je c t w a s a b o u t a n e w de s i g n fo r a e xt e n s i o n o f

Nanda Eskes Arquitectura | 2013 - 2014

t h e G e r r i t Ri e t ve l d Ac a de my. G r a du a t e d w i t h a 1 0 !

|2011 - 2015

I n tersh i p i n R i o d e Janeir o, Br azil. A small Br azilian ar c hit e c t u r a l o ffice. W o rked on a p r ojec t for t he Biennale, a highsc hool a n d a


h o u si n g pro j ec t .

Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam |2006-2011

Language skills B o rn i n th e N eth erl a nd s. Doing t he int er nat ional M a ster A rch i tectu re in Amst er d am.

DUTCH 100%



Pl a c e s i n t h e w o r l d w h e r e I h a d t h e o p p o r t u n i t y t o di s c o ve r t h e c u l t u r e

Skills ArchiCAD




Illustrator Photoshop Indesign Revit

Jonathan Doeshell

July 7th, 2015

Human Resource Manager Clipping Mask Design 730 Saddleback Street B a d a fi l l , S a n D i e g o 7 2 0 0 9

I a m a 24 ye a rs o ld a rch it ec t u re st u d en t , d esigne r a n d c r e a ti v e s e e k e r , s ta r ti n g th e th i r d y e a r o f th e ma s te r Archit ecture a t t h e ‘A ca d em y o f A rc h it ec t u re’ in A ms te r d a m. T h r o u g h o u t my a c a d e mi c c a r e e r , I h a v e d i s c o v e r ed a philo sophy tha t en t a ils d esign a s a m u lt id isc ip l i n a r y , c o l l e c ti v e e ff o r t to r e s po n d to c o n te mpo r a r y n e e d s a n d fut ure issue s. I believe grea t d esign is t h e resu l t o f c o l l a bo r a ti v e w o r k c o mbi n e d w i th i n n o v a ti v e , pa s s i o n a te , se nsit ive va lues t h a t t ra n sfo rm a p la c e o r o b j ec t i n to a u n i qu e s o l u ti o n th a t r e s po n d s to h u ma n n e e d s a n d i t’ s surrounding . I a m pa ssio na te, self- d riven , h a rd wo rkin g, a goo d pl a n n e r a n d w i l l i n g to g o a bo v e a n d be y o n d to d e s i g n s pa ces or o bjects t ha t be st fit o u r lifest y le.

In this do cumen t y o u will see t h ree p ro j ect s.

The first p ro j ect , Ho rt u s C o n c lu su s, is a s o l o a c a d e my pr o je c t I w o r k e d o n pr e v i o u s ye a r . T h e pr o j e c t dura ted 16 weeks a n d wa s su p ervised by te a c h e r M a r c e l v a n d e r L u bbe .

The seco n d p ro j ect , Livin g u n d er o n e r o o f , i s a n o th e r s o l o a c a d e my pr o j e c t. T h i s pr o je c t w a s a n e i g h t we ek p ro j ect in t h e first sem est er o f t h e s e c o n d y e a r .

The la st p ro j ect o f t h is d o c u m en t , Iseld o k s , i s a bi g pr o j e c t I a m c u r r e n tl y w o r k i n g o n a t M O P E T a rchit ect en . I’ve b een in vo lved in t h is pr o je c t f r o m th e be g i n n i n g a n d d e s i g n e d f o u r o u t o f fi v e h o u si ng block s. U sin g in p u t fro m clien t s a n d co l l e a g u e s , I a m r e s po n s i bl e f o r th e d e s i g n , te c h n i c a l d r a w i n g s , de t a ils, ren d ers, p la n s a n d fa c a d es.

The project ‘Iseld o ks’ will sh o w m y a b lit y t o p ro d u c e te c h n i c a l d r a w i n g s a s w e l l to c o mmu n i c a te i n s k e tc h e s by sk et ching the first id ea s o f t h e fa ca d es.

H o r t u s Co n c l u s u s Framing the nature


iemen is getting bigger and bigger and the nature of Diemen is in danger because it is going to be replaced by buildings in the future. How can we protect a piece of the existing context of the nature of Diemen and see the nature as an opportunity and a potential of the place? Diemen is becoming a city and people want to have the opportunity to escape it and relax somewhere. A retreat center is the perfect opportunity to protect nature and make spaces for people to completely let go of their stress. Activities like yoga and meditation have a strong relation with nature, because nature is an important element of relaxation. By making a Hortus Conclusus, enclosed gardens, we can protect the nature and make gardens for the program.

Location: Diemen Diem Function: Retreat center; bathhouse, yoga and meditation rooms, gardens and a restaurant. Project: Rosa Jonkman, Academy second year.


The new developings in Amsterdam


Holland Park Diemen

Skyline of Diemen

Hortus Conclusus of Diemen to protect it from future developments

N 0

It is a walk from one circle to the other circle


he circle as the main basic shape of nature. It is a walk from one circle to the other circle and crossing the enclosed gardens with the concept of a cloister. It is about experiencing the rooms as circles and experiencing the circles as a whole by the materialization of the floors, walls and the ceiling. This Hortus Conclusus captures the aspects of nature and its landscape of Diemen in the gardens. The gardens and circles lead you through the space.

| Hortus Conclusus | 

The continuation of circles


he material of the project is a combination of concrete and fabric. The concrete as the still standing material and the fabric as the movement of the people and the softness of the relaxation. In the detail of the intersection of the circles you will experience the continuation of circles. One circle will stop and intersect the other circle. Each circle has his own use of material so you will experience the circle as a whole.

  | Hortus Conclusus |

The intersaction of the circles

The city inside the city Waterfront

The wall as the protector


place relatively isolated from the city of Amsterdam. The Marine terrain is, in this way, a treasure in the big city. Cut off by the water as a physical boundary and a wall as a physical and visual boundary. How do you deal with the fact that this place is going to be open to the public and is changed into an urban ensemble? How do you seperate the public and the private spaces? The wall as the characteristic of the Marine terrain will be incorporated into the urban and architectural design. It is a border between the buildings and private spaces. The outside of the building block will have a tough look and will form the protector of the inside spaces. The inside will have an individual appearance. The wall, buildings, public and private spaces are merged into one urban ensemble.

Location: Function:

Marine terrain, Amsterdam Residential housing and open spaces

The public and private areas wil combine in an certain way.

Living under one roof Sharing is the new living


way of living, focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle. People live in their own house but under one roof. The building itself is your home. Each floor has his own community. On these floors private units are placed, which form squares for communal spaces. The streets inside connect all these private units and communal spaces. Eating together and helping each other. It is a special kind of living and not yet everybody is sure about this concept.

Location: Function: Project:

Helmersbuurt, Amsterdam Housing, communal living Rosa Jonkman, Academy second year.


F a c ade of t he c o m m u n u a l s p a c e s

Facade of the private units

Rooftopgarden, communities are coming together

33 private living units

Each floor has his own community


Private units

Private units STREET STREET SQUARE Private units

Private units


Private units

The neighbourhood can interact with the communities


Third level (communal living) 0


10 m

Fo l low i n g t h e l i g h t The use of senses


ll of the information about our surroundings or fascinating world is achieved by our senses. All this information helps us with processes like perception and recognition. In fact, these processes would not happen without these senses. In order to realize each sense completely, we use the other senses. Reading triggers the use of your imagination. This will increase when you read in an environment where you need to use your senses. This project focusses on the senses sight and touch. Sight by following the light to the rooms. Touch by the use of different materials.

Location: Tolhuistuinen, Amsterdam Function: Library



Following the light

Room with a view to the nature

One without any view. 5m


5m 5m

5m 5m

Principle of boxes merge together

Black vs with Sense

Following the light

Light is making the seperation of the structure

The two different atmospheres Soft warm material Comfort + cosy place to think and read

Room Room with a with Room witha a totothe view toview the nature view thenature nature

One One without any any Onewithout without any view. view. view.

Principle ofofboxes Principle of boxes withvsvswith Principle boxes Black vsBlack Black with merge merge together mergetogether together Sense Sense Sense

Hard cold material The transition from outside to inside

making two Following the Lightisismaking making The twoThe different Following the light The twodifferent different Following thelight light Light isLight the the seperation atmospheres theseperation seperation atmospheres atmospheres ofofthe of the structure thestructure structure

The use of the sense thouch Soft warm Soft warm material Soft warmmaterial material Comfort ++cosy Comfort + cosy place Comfort cosyplace place think and to thinktoand read to think andread read

Hard cold Hard cold material Hard coldmaterial material The The transition from from Thetransition transition from totoinside outsideoutside to inside outside inside use ofofthe The useThe of the sense The use thesense sense thouchthouch thouch

S a f e h av e n Outside and inside intertwine


he route towards this house is a route of escaping the city and finding nature. The path is a straight line which continues through the building. Some restricted viewing points provide the change of going from an enclosed area, city, to an open space, nature. The route through the building connects all different spaces and rooms. The differences between the rooms are bound to changes of the terrain. Spaces are placed on the rocks without damaging nature. The nature is part of the house.
Outside and inside intertwine.
Outside is part of the rooms and the rocks are part of the house. The use of the grey wooden facade is in contrast and consistency of the rocky grey landscape.

Location: Function:

Vancouver Island, Canada A house for myself






Outside and inside intertwine

A rich layering of space carefully eliminates the notion of distinct boundaries, allowing a subtle shift in program to place a heightened awareness on the spaces in-between.

City to home (coming back from work)

Home to city (going to work)

Spaces are placed on the rocks without damaging the nature. Keep nature alone.

The Drape Blend of stiffness and flexibility


alling fabric was my inspiration for this project. A building where the roof transitions to a place to sit. Winter and summer period can change the movement of the people on the main roof or underneath where you can watch performances covered by the elements of the roof. Gaps in the construction dictate the experience of the pavilion by influences of the weather and its effect on the surrounding. The construction has a bright appearance, to give it a flexible look. Some rigid structural elements will provide for the construction. The gaps will stay open to experience climate and the shadows of sunlight. There is no difference between constructive elements and the interior. The elements are both exterior and interior. A drape of sloping lines merged into the landscape.

Location: Serpetine gallery Function: Pavilion

Modest b ar

Sto rag e ro o m

To i l et

I n s i d e - O u t s i d e b ox e s Experiencing the boxes

Woningen jonge kunstenaars Kunstcollectie

Woning kunstenaar


he concept of the building consists of cubed elements with the dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 meters. A design where the connecting boxed elements will be experienced throughout the whole design. Both inside and outside. The building started off as a single block. After grouping some of the cubes within this block, an exploded view creates a new composition in which every group of cubes stands freely. This creates an open plan that recognizes the loose elements from both the inside and the outside. There are special square spaces all of which have their own characteristic and form other spaces.

Location: Function:

Herengracht, Amsterdam Housing, studios and exhibition space

Atelier/expo ruimtes/workshop ruimtes

E X T E N S I O N G E R R I T R I E T V E L D ACA Graduation project


he contemporary starting point of the modern, new art school is about exchanging information and ideas that contributes to a better development of students. Therefore Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute need to have to create more space and collective places where interdisciplinary work will play an important role. The expansion is a large assembly hall with a large space that can be expanded or divided. It is the place to be assembled and all disciplines meet. In the large space, “cells�, starting from a size of 4000mmx4000mm, can be joined to larger cells using sliding elements. Every student has his own preference, some need structure in a closed space, the other students freedom and flexibility. The assembly hall thus responds to the wishes of the user. Location: Function: Mark:

Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam Extention Art school 10



ith the addition of the third building, called ‘A-factory’, and by circulation through the buildings, the academy will work as a campus and all teaching activities will take place in one place. This leads to more opportunities for learning from each other and discovering new techniques and stimulating interdisciplinary work. Another important theme is to make “public” play a bigger role. The circulation through the landscape along the expo boxes makes people from outside more involved into the academy. This fits in with the idea of the new art school in which the artist is a worker and entrepreneur.

|  Extension Gerrit Rietveld Academy  | 

|  Extension Gerrit Rietveld Academy  |

R o sa

j o n k m a n 0649259984 Bert

Haanstrakade 1087HR



Rosa Jonkman Architectural Portfolio 2017  

I am a 25 years old architecture student, designer and creative seeker, started the third year of the master Architecture at the ‘Academy of...

Rosa Jonkman Architectural Portfolio 2017  

I am a 25 years old architecture student, designer and creative seeker, started the third year of the master Architecture at the ‘Academy of...