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Bon Fete, Canada!

President Akuffo Addo Happy Grand Birthday Canada! swears in new Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

By Dr. Michael Baffoe, Winnipeg st

On July 1 , 1867, various parts of territories of a grand land mass in North A m e r i c a then known variously by different names: Upper Canada, Lower Canada, the Maritimes and the West came together to begin the process of nationhood, the declaration of a Confederation, what is now known as C-AN-A-D-A. Other parts of this experiment, NewFoundland and Labrador joined this Confederation years later in 1949. This process in nation

building has progressed, lasted, and has stood and withstood the test of time. On Saturday July 1st, 2017, this process of nationbuilding will celebrate a grand birthday of One Hundred and Fifty Years, a very significant milestone indeed! On this joyous occasion of the

150th Birthday of our adopted c o u n t r y, w e wish to join all Canadians in first saluting the earlier statesmen and women who toiled to make this Canadian experiment reality. We also wish to thank and salute all those who have contributed to the building and development of this dear nation over the past 150 years. Canada has had its fair share of difficulties, challenges, disasters and near disasters over the past 150 years, but through the hard work, dedication, nationalist cont’d on pg. 32

By Jonathan Baah Annobil, Toronto

President Nana Akuffo Addo and Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

Canada Named ‘Most Reputable Country’In Time For 150th Birthday

Happy 150th birthday, Canada — you’re the world’s most reputable country. Story on pg. 6

After being confirmed unanimously by Parliament after vetting, His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo on Monday June 19, 2017 swore in the new Chief Justice of Ghana, Her Ladyship Sophia Abena Boafoa Akuffo. She becomes the 13th Chief Justice and the fifth under the 4th republic. She is also the second female Chief Justice after the immediate past Chief Justice, Georgina Theodora Wood. The ceremony took place at the Banquet Hall of the State House at the Flagstaff House. Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo is 67 years old, born on 20th December 1949. She was

appointed to the Supreme Court by Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings on November 30, 1995. She was nominated as Chief Justice by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo on Thursday May 11, 2017. She holds a Master’s Degree in law (LLM) from Harvard University in the United States of America. She has also been a member of the Governing Committee of the Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute and Chairperson of the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Task Force. In January 2006, she was elected one of the first cont’d on pg. 28




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The Ghanaian News June 2017


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The Ghanaian News June 2017

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The Ghanaian News June 2017

The Ghanaian News June 2017


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EDITORIAL Publisher / Editor Emmanuel Ayiku Contributing Editors Dr. Michael Baffoe Joe Kingsley Eyiah Director of Operations Comfort Ayiku Community Reporter Jonathan Annobil Winnipeg Bureau Dr. Michael Baffoe The Ghanaian News Publishes news and comments from the Community, serves Ghanaians across Canada with good source of information is committed to give good community Journalism The Ghanaian News is published in Canada by The Ghanaian News Corporation Editorial Office 2256 Sheppard Ave. Suite 202 Toronto, Ont. M9M 1L7 Tel:(416) 916-3700 Advertising Fax (416) 916-6701 Internet: E-mail: $1:00 per copy Subscription costs $66.00 for one year. including postage U.S. and foreign subscriptions costs US$120 per year. Letters to the Editor We encourage your feedback and value your comments. Please feel free to write to us. keep letters to a maximum of 200 words, include your full name, Telephone # and mailing address with all correspondence. Address your letters to the Editor The Ghanaian News 2256 Sheppard Ave. Suite 202 Toronto, Ont. M9M 1L7 Tel: 416-916-3700 or Fax: 416-916-6701 or e-mail us at Articles appearing in various columns of the Ghanaian News are intended to generate civil and informed public discussions. You do not have to agree with opinions expressed by the writers. That should encourage you to write to express your own views. This is the way we generate lively and civil discussions in the community. Rejoinders are not forums for personal insults and we want readers to adhere to these principles.

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Ghana-Canada: Our Homes and Native Lands Ghana, is the Land of Our Birth, and native Land (for most members of our community) and Canada is our current “Home”. The two countries have something significantly common: July 1st is Canada’s national day and the same day is Ghana’s Republic Day, the day in 1960 when Ghana decided to shake off the last vestiges of colonial political domination by declaring itself a Republic. Our Ghanaian-Canadian Communities across the country have been celebrating this joint significant milestone for many years now. This year, 2017, the celebrations on July 1 st have some more significance in both countries: Canada is marking a historic milestone of 150 years of nationhood since the creation of Canada as a country. And in Ghana, the country is experiencing a rebirth after many years of rule by a political party that drew its ideology and sense of direction from a combination of military/ civilian personnel. In December 2016, the country voted massively to change its political direction. A new government run by a political party with totally different ideological orientation took over the reins of government from January 7th, 2017. Ghanaian-Canadians therefore have two significant celebration this July 1 st and beyond, and we have every reason to be proud and celebrate. We will continue to be proud of the Land of Our Birth, our native land, Ghana from where many of us migrated and settled in our present home, Canada. Canada has adopted us unto her fold and we have equally embraced and adopted her as our home as well. It is significant to note that the first line of the Canadian national Anthem refers to “our home and native land”. This is very significant for us as Canadians of Ghanaian origin. On this joyous and significant occasion therefore, we entreat all our compatriots to be proud of their heritage (origins) as well as their new “home and native land”, Canada. We should continue to work hard to contribute our quota, as we have been doing, in building and developing Canada for this is where our second, third and subsequent generations will be born, raised and hopefully spend the rest of their lives. For our children who were born to us in Canada, those that joined us here at very tender ages and those that will be born in later years, their “home and native land” will always be CANADA!! We will also entreat our compatriots to continue to show interest in the fortunes and direction of the Land of Our Birth, because our umbilical cords, those critical spiritual links are, and will always be there, in Ghana. Pray for Ghana and assist her in anyway you can as you also contribute to the development of your new home and native land. We wish all our compatriots and our fellow Canadians a very Happy Anniversary. Let’s continue to celebrate and support each other in our nation-building efforts.

How the homeless create homes The number of people facing housing insecurity, already on the rise, began to climb more steeply as a result of the Great Recession. This upward trend will likely be exacerbated if President Trump’s proposed cuts to food stamps, Medicaid and housing subsidies are enacted, which will force even more to make a choice between food on the table and a roof above their heads. To those who are safely housed, a homeless person is apt to inspire feelings ranging from fear and disgust to pity and guilt. Such negative responses are rooted in longstanding myths about “hobos,” “Bowery bums,” and “bag ladies.” Some may believe that homeless people are free spirits who simply prefer to live outside. More likely, they’re viewed as misfits – dysfunctional, threatening, potentially criminal. Above all, they are not like us. In my new book, “Extreme Domesticity: A View from the Margins,” I examine ethnographies, journalistic accounts and memoirs that have been written about homeless

people and communities. While the accounts describe individuals living in different decades, cities and circumstances, the homeless people portrayed all possess an impressive degree of agency and resourcefulness, even though they can’t take the comforts of home for granted. Homemakers once, they are homemakers still: however challenging, their efforts to satisfy basic domestic needs resemble those of people everywhere. Changing the narrative The guy on a median, working the cars with his scrawled sign. The woman camped on a sidewalk with her bundles. The sleeping figure curled under a roof of cardboard. These are only the most visible cases of homelessness. But many rotate among friends, stay in emergency shelters or live in their cars. Most are previously employed, and some still are. T h e m a j o r i t y a r e n ’t consistently homeless. Instead, high rents, low wages and insufficient federal aid combine to produce recurrent bouts

of homelessness – a cycle of instability. As Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond noted in his recent book “Evicted,” millions of families are forced from their homes each year. A l a rg e n u m b e r a r e children. In 2016, youth under 25 accounted for 31 percent of the overall homeless population. In addition to LGBT teens and those aging out of foster care, a recent study identified a more surprising subgroup of unhoused kids: community college students. Many lack sufficient financial aid and are earning poverty wages. A full 13 percent leave class with nowhere to go. Dealing with daily needs We tend to equate the absence of secure shelter with the absence of a domestic life. Is it even possible to make a home without one? But for people coping with homelessness, everyday domestic concerns become all the more urgent and allconsuming. Is this a safe, dry place to sleep? Does my kid have cereal for breakfast? cont’d on pg. 16

Canada Named ‘Most Reputable Country’ In Time For 150th Birthday We beat Sweden, while Mexico beat the U.S. By Daniel Tencer The Reputation Institute’s latest survey of most reputable countries has given Canada a first-place finish, up from second place last year. Canada bumped last year’s winner, Sweden, to third place, behind Switzerland. In the six years the survey has been carried out, Canada has never ranked worse than second place. “A country’s reputation has a direct impact on tourism, its exports and foreign investment,” Fernando Prado, a managing partner at the Reputation Institute, said in a statement. “The striking thing about Canada is that the nation’s reputation is equally strong both inside and outside its borders — which should be a source of pride on its 150th birthday.” The United States saw the largest decline among the 55 countries surveyed, dropping 10 spots to 38th, from 28th last year, something the RepTrak report blames squarely on U.S. President Donald Trump.

A larger number of respondents disagreed with the notion that the U.S. is “run by an effective government” (down 21.6 per cent), “has adopted progressive social and economic policies” (down 11.8 per cent), is an “ethical country with high transparency and low corruption” (down 11 per cent) and “is a responsible participant in the global community” (down 9.2 per cent). The U.K. also experienced a drop in the rankings, down five spots this year to 18th place, which RepTrak says is related to the impact of Brexit. “The consequences of Brexit are affecting supportive behaviours towards the country, with significant drops in intentions to ‘invest,’ ‘work’ and ‘buy,’” the Reputation Institute said.

Interestingly, Britain’s self-image improved by 7.5 per cent over this period. Meanwhile, Trump’s hostile approach to Mexico and Mexican migrants has cont’d on pg. 16

The Ghanaian News June 2017



The Ghanaian News June 2017


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The Ghanaian News June 2017


Canada issues $10 note to celebrate 150 years of Confederation By Jonathan Baah Annobil, Toronto

Canada will celebrate 150 years of Confederation

on July 1 st , 2017. In commemoration of this

milestone, the Bank of Canada has issued a special $10 bank note

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to mark this anniversary. The note has been in circulation officially since June 1 st . Most bank branches have been stocked with enough notes for distribution over the counter for a period of time. The Bank will issue a total of 40 million of these special notes and has worked with the various financial institutions to make them available across the country to Canadians. The commemorative note will circulate alongside the current $10 note in the Polymer series. The existing note will continue to represent the majority of $10 notes in circulation for the life of the current series. Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George- Étienne

Cartier, Agnes Macphail and James Gladstonefour parliamentarians who played significant roles in Canada’s history are featured on the front of the note. The Canada 150 note celebrates Confederation with a unique design which d e p i c t s o u r h i s t o r y, culture and land. The back of the note presents five landscapes from different regions across the country: the West Coast, the Prairie provinces, Central Canada, the North and the Atlantic provinces. While this note was intended to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary, it was also designed with security in mind. The Canada 150

note has a number of security features—some new and others similar to the features on the current series of polymer notes. A brightly coloured arch that represents an arch located inside the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill is one new feature on the front of the new note. When the note is tilted, the checkered pattern in the arch moves up and down and changes from green to blue. Also on the front of the note, at the bottom of the window, are threedimensional maple leaves. They appear to be raised, but when touched the surface is actually flat. In addition, the note has raised ink on both the front and back. Together with the polymer material, large transparent window, metallic symbols and images, these security features make the Canada 150 note very secure and difficult to counterfeit. Visit www.bankofcanada. ca/banknote150 to learn more about the design and security features of the Canada 150 note. Follow the Bank on Twitter (@ bankofcanada) for the latest information about this special note.

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Allegation of spike in illegal behavior of foreign diplomats living in Canada learned By Jonathan Baah Annobil, Toronto

Under the Access to Information Act, CBC News obtained a series of quarterly reports from the protocol office at Canada’s Global Affairs, covering a 27-month period from late 2014 to this spring. The identities of the offenders and their embassies are carefully blacked out under privacy and international-affairs exemptions. The reports show the number of incidents that required intervention by the protocol office — which has official oversight of the diplomats

living here — has risen from single digits each quarter to about two dozen currently. The types of incidents range from being caught in a police roundup of ‘johns,’ to unpaid tax bills and stiffing local landlords and construction companies. “Failure to pay property taxes on a state-owned property … has resulted in one of the worst debts of this nature attributed to a foreign mission recorded in recent history,” says one report, referring to tax arrears of about $210,000 owed to the City of Ottawa. Unpaid tax bills One embassy is cited in the most quarterly report of $283,750 in unpaid taxes owed to the Canada Revenue agency, $10,000 in salaries owed to workers at another embassy, and a diplomat left Canada owing $4,700 to an Ottawa car dealership. Another report cites a landlord allegedly stiffed for $23,000 in rent; yet another refers to $25,000 owed to a different landlord.

A diplomat attempted to illegally export two vehicles from Canada, though unsuccessfully, in another case called “the first of its kind to come to the attention of the Office of Protocol.” The documents also reveal at least four separate instances in which diplomats fraudulently obtained Canadian passports for their children, some of whom were born here but not entitled to citizenship.


There were no impaireddriving incidents, but traffic violations included stunt driving, speeding, distracted driving, failure to stop at a red light, and one case in which a diplomat hit a pedestrian after driving through a stop sign. “The pedestrian thankfully did not require medical attention beyond that provided at the scene,” the documents reveal. ‘They won’t waive the immunity, but they’ll take care of the problem. They’ll send the people home.’Ot t awa p o l i ce In s p . Michael Laviolette The 8,000 accredited cont’d on pg. 12

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Internal reports from Global Affairs Canada indicate that foreign diplomats in Canada are breaking more traffic laws, racking up more unpaid debts, and violating passport rules more frequently. Stunt driving, tax evasion, and child abuse, are part of the allegations against the diplomats, CBC has learned. The reasons for the general rise in misbehavior over the last two years are not clear, though may be related to outreach programs and tip lines that make it easier to report problems.




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FOCUS Graduation and its Aftermath By Joe Kingsley Eyiah, OCT, Brookview MS, Toronto preschool ceremonies. “History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”-B. C. Forbes Every year,the month of June brings to an end the academic year in most countries around the world. This special month of the year also marks ‘Father ’s Day’ which is also celebrated worldwide. Let me use this opportunity to congratulate fathers throughout the world. I also appeal to all families to ‘Let Fathers be Fathers!’ Now let’s briefly look at June as the month of graduation ceremonies. Graduation is a benchmark of student achievement, and therefore it is NOT wrong to celebrate such success in grand style at every ‘growth’ on the educational ladder! June every year see most

graduation ceremonies in Canada. Others refer to graduation as ‘the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, where students become Graduates. Before the graduation, candidates are referred to as Graduands.’ Graduation ceremonies usually include a procession of the academic staff and candidates. In the United States, besides “commencement,” the term “graduation” is also used in schools below university level such as the high school, middle school and even kindergarten and

In Japan, graduation ceremonies are in March followed by entrance ceremonies in April. This coincides with the Japanese school calendar and the Japanese government fiscal year. Graduation is also related to the changing of the seasons and is often reflected in the ceremony decor and related advertising (i.e. new uniforms, backpacks, school supplies...). In our motherland, Ghana, less or no attention is given to graduation ceremonies until one reaches the tertiary level of education. Whatever understanding you have for graduation, graduation ceremonies officially mark the ‘growth’ that a student attains at different levels of his/her education journey; and graduates from one level (specially High School) to higher level (such as College or University) should not be complacent of their ‘growth’ and rest

on their oars as they journey on! Graduation is a ‘growth’ that comes with responsibility. Graduation comes by hard work, perseverance and determination. I personally see graduation ceremonies as befitting ways of honoring such virtues. Obviously, many females in our Ghanaian community in particular and the Black community in Canada as a whole graduate from universities and colleges more than the males. However, Black male students are succeeding despite the negative indicators of schooling. We should therefore do all that is possible to encourage both Black female and male students to stay in school and work hard towards their graduations. The Aftermath:

The period after graduation for especially graduates who are to enter new school (High School/ College/University) or the workplace is very crucial. High Schools/ Colleges new entrants require transition strategies to make them settle successfully at their new environments of learning. Such strategies must be carefully planned by both their sending and receiving teachers, especially for students with special needs. Also, subjects selection that leads the student to his or her career/ profession for the future ought to be done based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and capabilities as well as jobs availability on the market. Those graduating from

Colleges and Universities might meet challenges in securing jobs due to the courses/programs they studied at such tertiary institutions. Students must follow the market trends for the professions and jobs they would want to pursue before graduating. Unemployment has become a challenge to many graduates around the world and especially in Ghana. I call on our high places of learning to plan and implement curriculums that are meaningful and relevant to our the needs of current workplaces. Once again, I take this opportunity to congratulate all graduates of 2017. May the Good God be your guide as you move on to either further your studies or enter the workfields.

Allegation of spike in illegal behavior of foreign diplomats living in Canada learned cont’d from pg. 11 foreign representatives living in Canada — about half in the Ottawa area’s 133 diplomatic missions — enjoy diplomatic immunity from domestic laws under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a 1961 treaty ratified by 191 countries. Abuse allegations T h e p r o t o c o l o ff i c e routinely requests a waiver of immunity in cases of illegal acts and, if an embassy declines — as is often the case — will seek assurances that the offender face consequences, such as denial of driving privileges. In extreme cases, Canada can order the expulsion of an individual. The protocol office’s 91 employees also occasionally deal with alleged abuse of domestic workers, including claims of slavery. Some calls are likely the result of a Dec. 1, 2014, outreach session in which the office told domestic workers at Ottawa embassies about their labour rights and a confidential tip-line. The office deals regularly with alleged family violence and abuse, the most recent quarterly report citing five suspected child-

abuse cases referred to the Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) for follow-up. Fewer than 10 such cases were reported in all of the previous quarterly reports. Declines comment on trends A spokeswoman for the Ottawa CAS office, Cindy Perron, said the organization does not keep statistics on diplomatic child-abuse cases but confirms a general rise in all referrals. She also noted that CAS is involved in child-abuse cases much earlier than previously, avoiding more family crises. Similarly, Ottawa police do not keep their own statistics on diplomatic misbehaviour. Insp. Michael Laviolette, the force’s diplomatic liaison officer, says most of the cases do not result in charges or a court hearing. “Most cases, they’re dealt with by the [foreign] state itself, so they won’t waive the immunity, but they’ll take care of the problem,” he said in an interview. “They’ll send the people home.” “I’ve never seen where the particular state has basically thumbed their nose up at us … They’ve always been co-

operative.” Global Affairs Canada declined to comment on the numbers of incidents over the last two years. “The department cannot address particular cases or trends for privacy reasons,” said Natasha Nystrom. “Canada takes very seriously all reported incidents of alleged criminality or wrongdoing involving the diplomatic community.” One of the most grievous cases of diplomatic transgression in Ottawa occurred in 2001, when a drunken Russian diplomat drove his car onto a sidewalk, killing Ottawa lawyer Catherine MacLean. Protected by the Vienna Convention, he returned to Russia without facing Canadian justice, but was later sentenced to a Russian prison colony for four years. The outreach program has been a good thing as with the tip lines that made it easier to report problems. Also the labour rights of domestic workers were enhanced due to the outreach. Lastly no impaired driving incidents were recorded during the period of the report.

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Let Ramadan rekindle discipline By Edmund Agbeko, Toronto

Last Saturday the Islamic world ended a monthlong period of fasting, the Ramadan, as it is generally referred to. Our Muslim brothers, sisters and friends here in Canada and Ghana were part of it, a period during which they did not only abstain from food and bodily pleasures from dawn to dust but prayed for themselves and the nation as a whole. Fasting as one of the cannons of Islam was prescribed to the other great faiths of the world although in the case of Muslims it is compulsory for those who are healthy to do so annually in line with the lunar calendar. The discipline which the period of fasting imposes on those who engage in it, was it to be extended beyond the month under r e v i e w, w o u l d h a v e exacted upon us a lot of good. By the time those who fast complete the exercise, they would have been uplifted spiritually – a state which stops them from misusing state properties and abusing

the authority bestowed upon them by virtue of the positions they hold. If such persons hold themselves against the tendencies to engage in such negativities, why would they want to do so after the Ramadan fasting? Indeed what is bad during the month of Ramadan is equally bad outside the month. Religion is about discipline: it is about holding God in high esteem and doing things which would move society forward. Persons in authority, if they fear God and serve the interest of their people, must be respected by the ruled. The month-long period of fasting should therefore prime us to perform our various chores be they in public, civil or private lives, according to the dictates of God.

Imagine what our country or the world would have looked like were we all to abide by the rules of our faiths, the fear of God being the most outstanding of them all, as we do wholeheartedly during the month of fasting. Why are we barred from engaging in evil things such as backbiting, lying, stealing and all those engagements which constitute negativities in society? It is because these are frowned upon by God and pull society President Akufo-Addo (right) with Ghana’s Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu and the world as a whole backwards. Juxtapose these parts of The travails of the country year’s Ramadan fasting the world and Ghana, and are all about indiscipline; would be unlike others – To those who stretch their the difference is too vast the moral controls which changing the lives of the necks to dangerous points to be ignored. the Ramadan demands youth and entrenching as they seek answers to from all faithful. Muslims in them and the adults our predicaments as a They would consider state should be the last persons the discipline very much nation and why we are properties and kitty as to be associated with those associated with Islam. suffering retardation in belonging to all citizens acts which the great faiths The National Chief Imam life; the answer lies in and therefore not to be frown upon yet Islamic would definitely speak our inability to abide by abused or even usurped clerics continue to preach about discipline as he the tenets of our faiths. by individuals entrusted against these because of has always done on such Indeed the great faiths of with their care when the proclivity of youth in auspicious occasions. the world, Christianity, the kind of discipline this religion to engage in Islam and Judaism are all espoused by the Ramadan these misconducts. I wish all Muslims hinged upon discipline. fast is taken seriously and a hitch-free Eid-UlT h e r e w o u l d b e n o beyond the fasting period. It is our fervent prayer F i t r, e s p e c i a l l y, m y religion if there is no that the end of this G h a n a M u s l i m s . discipline. Countries like Canada, Switzerland, Finland and the Scandinavian countries are where they are because of discipline.

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Canada presented with many UN peacekeeping requests, but many declined Canada was presented with a long list of peacekeeping requests that not only include fronting a dangerous mission in hotspot Mali, but separate military and police training deployments by United Nations, including one in the volatile Central African Republic. This was revealed according to internal government documents. The list, paints the clearest picture yet of the expectations of the international community following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s declaration that “Canada is back” on the world stage, as obtained by CBC News under access to information legislation. The documents also hint at some of the diplomatic arm-twisting that has been underway, both before and after the Liberals announced last summer they would commit 600 troops and 150 police officers to international peace support operations. Much of the content also helps explain some of the dismay, particularly among European allies at the UN, over the Trudeau government’s indecision on the missions. A spokesperson for Global Affairs in an e-mail reiterated that no decision has been made and that options are being “carefully and thoughtfully” weighed. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has not been very clear about where Canadian troops might end up, but informally many government officials at National Defence and Global Affairs Canada have signaled that Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic were among the contending missions. The documents outline what precisely the UN and the European Union want Canada to undertake in most of those troubled nations. The largest and most significant of the request is for Mali. Canadian troops are being asked to “replace (the) Dutch contingent” this year and that would involve taking over the role of being the eyes and ears of the UN mission, conducting reconnaissance and gathering intelligence on local insurgents and Islamic extremists, who remain a persistent and deadly threat.

The Dutch have about 290 troops in Mali, which is down from 400 after they withdrew their helicopter contingent. P e a c e k e e p e r s and military training There have also been separate “repeated expressions of interest” for Canada to undertake a military training mission in Mali along with the European Union, the records show, and to provide helicopters to the UN’s stabilization mission there. According to the documents, the German foreign ministry has sent two separate letters and the UN secretary general made a direct appeal last September. Canada turned down a request that came last August around the time the Liberal government made its announcement. The response said the country was “not yet in a position to make a decision on specifics” of the Canadian military contribution. The Germans were particularly anxious last year because they relied on Dutch helicopter support to protect their troops.  Police reform The UN has also requested Canada contribute to police reform and training in Mali to help instruct local security forces in counter-terror operations, deal with organized crime and gather intelligence. Mali is the deadliest UN mission on the books right now, with more than 100 peacekeepers killed since the deployment began in 2013. “The tactics by the armed groups, including targeting the UN mission with improvised explosive devices, really hinder the ability of the mission, not only to protect civilians but to also protect itself,” said Cinq-Mars, who works at the Center for Civilians in Conflict in New York. “I think it’s important for the UN and member states like Canada to really ensure that considerations for deployments are made, and that troops and police that are willing and ready and trained to perform are fit for purpose.” In addition to Mali, there was a request for Canada to undertake a military training mission

— alongside France and the European Union — in the Central African Republic, where UN troops have been accused of sexual violence. It is also a nation where international forces have faced increasing attacks, including one last month that left four dead and 10 wounded. The documents list the request as “closed,” but also note that National Defence was “against” the deployment. As well, there is separate call for “several specialized police teams” in the Central African Republic, and similar pleas for “joint patrols and community police in South Sudan.” International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is expected to make a significant aid announcement for South Sudan Monday. Marquee postings Interestingly, Canada has been offered several marquee command positions under the UN flag, almost all of which have met with resistance at National Defence. It is widely known that the UN asked for a lieutenant-general to lead the mission in Mali, but the documents show the requet was made twice before a Belgian general took up the post. Canada also turned down these high-profile posts: * Brigadier-general to Kabul, as a senior military adviser to the Afghan government. * Deputy commander for the UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo. * Deputy commander for the UN mission Central African Republic. * Task force commander role in the Central African Republic. Canada did agree to send an officer to serve as chief of staff at the UN’s military affairs branch in New York. CinqMars says peacekeeping operations in the field rely on exceptional leadership and in the absence of that there have been “breakdowns in how these missions operate” and carry out their mandates. Canada has in the past contributed immensely to peacekeeping efforts and continues doing so in diverse ways.

Trudeau, Wynne, Tory announce $1.2B to revitalize Toronto’s Post Lands Tory’s staff declined to release details, but said announcement would be significant By John Rieti

will include reworking the mouth of the Don River and removing pollutants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario from the soil. Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor John Tory made an announcement in Tory has also been hoping for future Toronto’s Port Lands on Wednesday. transit commitments from the federal and provincial governments, including Last fall, all three levels of government funding for the Waterfront LRT line. announced they would invest $65 million in flood protection measures Recently, Trudeau has announced for the Port Lands area, which Tory billions in funding for Montreal and hopes will one day be transformed Ottawa’s light rail plans. from a primarily industrial space into a dynamic neighbourhood. The area is Meanwhile, Tory has been pressuring Wynne’s government for future southeast of downtown Toronto. investments in transit and social housing That initial funding is a small repairs for months. percentage of what is needed to storm-proof the area, something that Will Fleissig, President and CEO of Waterfront Toronto, was there. CBC

Ontario signs a $435M bilateral agreement with Ottawa to fund child care over 3 years The province of Ontario is to receive from the federal government $435m over 3 years to be invested in child care, in the first such bilateral deal Ottawa has signed with provinces. The federal government signed a multilateral agreement earlier this week with the provinces and territories except Quebec and British Columbia, and federal and Ontario ministers unveiled the details of Ontario’s deal on Friday. Each year about $100 million will support access to high-quality, licensed child-care programs, about $40 million will go to child and family programming at centres across the Province of Ontario, and about $5 million will go to early childhood educator training, said Ontario’s minister responsible for early years and child care. Indira Naidoo-Harris, MPP (Halton), Minister of the Status of Women and Minister Responsible for Early Years and Child Care said “The majority of the federal funding will help to make licensed child care more affordable, and more affordable for low- and middleincome families in Ontario.” It will give an estimated 11,200 more children access to licensed child care spaces. She added that this is on top of Ontario’s existing commitment to create 100,000 spaces over five years. The $100 million per year Federal funding support will include subsidies for low- and middle-income families. The eligibility for parents will be determined by municipalities. Capital costs for building spaces or renovating them will also be part of the funding, Naidoo-Harris said.

The federal money will also go toward 100 new early years child and family centres, which offer various programming. “These centres will essentially deliver high-quality early years programming to families, to kids,” said Naidoo-Harris. In addition to that families will be able to drop in and take workshops, drop-in programs> She underscored the fact that these are really wonderful support services for families. Ottawa’s funding framework will allocate a total of $1.2 billion to the provinces over the next three years. Hon.Jean-Yves Duclos, the Federal Minister of families, children and social development said. “Child care is more than a parking lot for children.” “Child care is about quality early learning for our children so they get the best possible start in life, and child care gives more parents, especially mothers, an opportunity to work, to train for their next job, or to go back to school. In fact, taking gender equality seriously means taking child care seriously,” he added. According to research from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, several Greater Toronto Area cities have the highest child-care fees in the country, with Toronto topping the list with a median fee of $1,649 a month for infants. The signing of such an accord will go a long way to alleviate the shortage of spaces for child care in Ontario especially in the Greater Toronto Area while making the cost affordable.

The Ghanaian News June 2017

Canada continues with its open immigration system in contrast to Trump’s travel ban Trudeau’s news conference wraps up Parliament’s spring sitting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will continue to promote Canada’s open immigration policy on the world stage as controversy rages over U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

electoral system because there was no compromise from other parties, and he didn’t want to use his Liberal majority to ram through fundamental change. “There was no path to do that.”

Canada’s stand on immigration was made known by the Prime Minister during a news conference in Ottawa to wrap up the parliamentary sitting that government officials have had “multiple conversations” with the U.S. administration about protecting Canadian rights in the face of immigration decisions south of the border.

‘No path’ on electoral reform The Prime Minister said Liberals preferred a ranked ballot system, while the NDP wanted a proportional voting system that would have led to “fragmented” parties. Conservatives wanted to keep the status quo, he said.

“But at the same time, Canadians have been very clear that we see immigration as a net positive, that we know we don’t have to compromise security to build stronger, more resilient communities,” he said. “I will continue to stand for Canadian values and Canadian success in our immigration system as I always have, whether it’s in Washington or in Hamburg next week or elsewhere around the world.”

“It was a very difficult decision for me,” Trudeau said in describing his decision to break the promise.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a limited version of Trump’s ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to take effect.

Trudeau also touted what he sees as the government’s key accomplishments so far, namely helping improve the quality of life for the middle class and taking steps to tackle the opioid crisis before taking questions.

Prime Minister responds to reinstatement of partial travel ban by the US The justices will hear full arguments in October, but in the meantime, the court said Trump’s ban on visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen could be enforced if those visitors lack a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.” Trudeau defends Canadian sniper role In the wide-ranging news conference in the National Press Theatre, Trudeau was asked about topics ranging from trade concerns with the U.S. to recent news that a Canadian special forces member had shot and killed an ISIS fighter at a record distance for a sniper. Trudeau called that “entirely consistent” with the role of troops in northern Iraq. The “advise and assist” mission has always had an element of defending Canadian forces as well as our coalition partners, he said. “That is something that is integral to this mission, and that is something that has always been followed,” he said. Trudeau also said he broke his key electoral promise to reform Canada’s

Asked about when the government will eliminate the deficit, Trudeau said his government is targeting billions in new spending on infrastructure and other services Canadians need and will not put a time frame of when it will “arbitrarily” balance the books.

Earlier Tuesday, the prime minister issued a statement to mark Multiculturalism Day. ‘We have strength in our differences’ “Canadians come from every corner of the world, speak two official languages and hundreds more, practise many faiths, and represent many cultures,” he said. “Multiculturalism is at the heart of Canada’s heritage and identity, and as Canadians, we recognize that our differences make us strong.” Canada’s tradition of multiculturalism has meant fresh perspectives and new answers to old problems, Trudeau said. Noting that Canada is celebrating both the 150th anniversary of Confederation and the 35th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Trudeau said the milestones are a reminder of the values that unite Canadians: Openness, inclusion and deep respect for our differences. “Whoever we are, wherever we come from, these values bring us together as equal members of this great country,” he said.

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Revised Trump travel ban goes into effect June 29, 2017 A court partially restored the previously quashed restrictions earlier this week By: Evan Vucci/ Assocated Press

The Trump administration has set new criteria for visa applicants from six mainly Muslim nations and all refugees who require a “close” family or business tie to the United States. The move comes the same week the Supreme Court partially restored President Donald Trump’s executive order, which was widely criticized as a ban on Muslims. Visas that have already been approved will not be revoked, but instructions issued by the State Department on Wednesday said that new applicants from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen must prove a relationship with a parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-inlaw or sibling already in the United States to be eligible. The same requirement, with some exceptions, holds for would-be refugees from all nations still awaiting approval for admission to the U.S. Grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers-inlaw and sisters-in-law, fiancés or other extended family members are not considered to be close relationships, according to the guidelines issued in a cable sent to all U.S. embassies and consulates late on Wednesday. The new rules take effect at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, according to the cable, which was obtained by The Associated Press. As far as business or professional links are concerned, the State Department said a legitimate relationship must be “formal, documented and formed in the ordinary course rather than for the purpose of evading”

appropriate travel documents, including a valid U.S. entry visa, in order to travel.”

President Donald Trump

the ban. Journalists, students, workers or lecturers who have valid invitations or employment contracts in the U.S. would be exempt from the ban. The exemption does not apply to anyone seeking a relationship with an American business or educational institution purely for the purpose of avoiding the rules, the cable said. A hotel reservation or car rental contract, even if prepaid, would also not count, it said. Exemptions possible Consular officers may grant other exemptions to applicants from the six nations if they have “previously established significant contacts with the United States”; “significant business or professional obligations” in the U.S.; if they are an infant, adopted child or in need of urgent medical care; if they are travelling for business with a recognized international organization or the U.S. government; or if they are a legal resident of Canada who applies for a visa in Canada, according to the cable. Meanwhile, the Middle East’s biggest airline says its flights to the United States are operating as normal as new travel guidelines come into effect. Dubai-based Emirates said in response to questions on the travel ban Thursday that it “remains guided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on this matter.” The carrier reminded passengers that they “must possess the

On Monday, the Supreme Court partially lifted lower court injunctions against Trump’s executive order that had temporarily banned visas for citizens of the six countries. The justices’ ruling exempted applicants from the ban if they could prove a “bona fide relationship” with a U.S. person or entity, but the court offered only broad guidelines — suggesting they would include a relative, job offer or invitation to lecture in the U.S.  — as to how that should be defined. Shortly after taking office, Trump ordered a refugee ban and a travel ban affecting the six countries, plus Iraq. He said it was needed to protect the U.S. from terrorists, but opponents said it was unfairly harsh and was intended to meet his campaign promise to keep Muslims out of the United States. After a federal judge struck down the bans, Trump signed a revised order intended to overcome legal hurdles. That was also struck down by lower courts, but the Supreme Court’s action Monday partially reinstated it. The initial travel ban led to chaos at airports around the world, but because the guidelines exempt previously issued visas, similar problems are not expected. After a judge blocked the original ban, Trump issued a scaled-down order and the court’s action Monday further reduced the number of people who would be covered by it. Also, while the initial order took effect immediately, adding to the confusion, this one was delayed 72 hours after the court’s ruling.


The Ghanaian News June 2017

IMMIGRATION AND SOCIAL ISSUES By: James A. Kwaateng, B.A. (Hons), LLB (Hons)

What is entailed in Refugee Protection Claims in Canada A claim for refugee protection in Canada may be made in or outside Canada. Claims made inside Canada are made to an immigration officer, who, pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), shall, upon receipt of a claim, promptly determine whether or not the claim is eligible to be referred to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) for further action on the claim. Under the Act, refugee protection is conferred on a person when the person has been determined by the Immigration and Refugee Board to be a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection or when the Minister allows an application for protection. To discourage or eliminate fraudulent claims, a refugee claimant is expected to provide supporting evidence to substantiate the alleged risk to his life or risk of cruel and unusual treatment or torture. The onus is on the claimant to convince and satisfy the Refugee Board that the allegations are true and that his life is at risk or he faces the risk of cruel and unusual treatment or torture. Section 96 of the Act defines a “Convention Refugee” as a person who, by reason of a wellfounded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or

and should be specific to the claimant and not generalized risk. The risk should also not be inherent or incidental to lawful sanctions, unless such sanctions are imposed in disregard of accepted international standards. In refugee protection claims, a distinction is made between persecution and prosecution. political opinion, is outside each of their countries of nationality and is unable or, by reason of that fear, unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of each of those countries; or not having a country of nationality, is outside the country of their former habitual residence and is unable or, by reason of that fear, unwilling to return to that country. Section 97 of the Act defines a “person in need of protection” as a person whose removal to their country or countries of nationality or, if they do not have a country of nationality, their country of former habitual residence, would subject them personally to a danger of torture or to a risk to their life or to a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. There is a general presumption that persons in need of protection and those who claim protection as conventional refugees cannot live safely in any other part of their countries of nationality. The risk they face should not be related to inadequate medical care in the country

Canada Named ‘Most Reputable Country’ In Time For 150th Birthday cont’d from pg. 6 actually boosted that country’s reputation. It has seen a sizeable bump in investment intentions, as well as an increase in the number of people saying they are willing to visit the country. Mexico ranked 37th in reputation this year, one spot better than the U.S. The RepTrak survey looked at three broad categories of reputation: Quality of life (appealing environment); quality of institutions (effective

At the hearing of refugee protection cases, the applicant needs identity documents to prove that he is who claims to be. This could be documents to show his nationality, affiliation with a particular religion or ethnicity or profession or membership in a social group or sexual orientation. Such documents could be national identity card, evidence of military service, marriage certificate, school transcripts, baptismal certificate, a letter from your religious leader

Thus, at a refugee hearing, greater focus would likely be on identity, credibility, subjective fear, generalized risk, particularized risk, state protection, internal flight alternative and legal residence in another country. Refugee protection law is becoming increasingly comp lex . I t is th er ef o r e necessary to contact a professional for advice and guidance if one contemplates seeking refuge in Canada. James A. Kwaateng is an Immigration Law practitioner. He has his offices located at 168A Oakdale Road, Suite 4, Toronto, Ontario. For thorough discussion of your immigration and related social and legal issues, contact him at telephone number (416) 743-2758 for an appointment.

cont’d from pg. 6 Where can I take a shower? When does the soup kitchen open? Where can I store my medication, papers and photos? How can I create some privacy and coziness in a public place? The sources I survey in my book suggest that answers to these problems are as diverse as the people experiencing homelessness. In “Travels with Lizbeth,” writer Lars Eighner recalls his years spent sleeping in makeshift camps and eating out of dumpsters, accompanied by his beloved dog. At one point, he nests for weeks in a stand of bamboo, reading and writing by the light of an improvised oil lamp.

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Community Service1997-2017

Supporting documents such as photographs, letters, videos to show the problems one has passed through, police and medical reports to substantiate the claims, if applicable, news articles about people connected to one’s case, if applicable, sworn statements of people who have witnessed what happened to you or who have experienced problems that are similar to yours in writing, if necessary; and probable impact of your ordeal on your mental health presented by a doctor or a psychologist. Also important is evidence of human rights conditions in your country even though the risk you face should be personal and not the same general risk that everyone else

in your country faces.

How the homeless create homes

government); and level of economic development. Jonathan Kozol, in the book Canada’s lowest ranking came “Rachel and Her Children,” in the “effective government” tells the story of Annie, category, where it ranked fifth. a woman who dreams of a Australia took the crown for sparkling house full of books quality of life, with Canada and plants. In the meantime, she second. and her family of four make do And as Canada 150 approaches, with a room in the Martinique Canadians are without a doubt Hotel, a decaying building in proud of their country. The midtown Manhattan serving R e p Tr a k s u r v e y s h o w e d as a homeless shelter. Braving Canadians have the highest opinion of their own country squalid conditions, Annie cooks out of any others surveyed, dinner on a hotplate and serves second only to Russia. HuffPost it on the bed, while still making sure the kids’ homework is done.

20 years of

or community group or family member, professional membership card, transcripts proving professional training, and diplomas.

Documented by anthropologist Jackson Underwood, the “bridge people” live under Los Angeles’ freeways, camping together, divvying up labor,

fighting with and caring for one another. Like any extended family, they share food, drink, cigarettes, clothing and cash. When Jerry and Suzi are sick, Mack brings them breakfast every morning: scrambled eggs, ravioli or grilled cheese. No home is just given. Every home is the product of someone’s daily labor and creativity. In this sense, the socalled homeless – under duress but carrying on with familiar routines of cooking, cleaning and caring – aren’t so different from the rest of society. Creating something from nothing The 2000 documentary “Dark Days” introduces us to life in a shantytown located in a railway tunnel beneath the streets of Manhattan. It’s no paradise, as the rats, garbage, arson and violent backstories make clear. Yet against all odds, the men and women we meet in the film have managed to domesticate their underground wilderness. Hardworking and innovative, they cobble together the necessities and even a few small luxuries: a dartboard, toaster oven, dogs, cats and a gerbil named Peaches. Along abandoned railroad tracks, residents live in rigged up wooden houses, furnished with items dragged in from the

street. A man named Henry was able to tap into the power grid, so there’s a ready supply of electricity for cooking, shaving and watching TV. Sanitation is poor, but sometimes there’s running water from city pipes. The 2000 documentary ‘Dark Days.’ People fuss over meals concocted on hotplates. Noting the merits of buttermilk in cornbread, a woman named Dee explains, “We’re homeless people, but if you know how to cook, cook right.” Others are shown sweeping, brushing teeth, preparing for a day’s work collecting cans or reselling found goods. Supplies are stacked on tables and shelves. Someone has painted a Dali-esque mural on rough tunnel walls. The film itself is a creative act that emerged from the community: It was first proposed by one resident and executed by a crew of tunnel dwellers. Mobilizing to take action David Wagner’s “Checkerboard Square: Culture and Resistance in a Homeless Community” is a 1993 study of street people in a midsized New England city. Like “Dark Days,” it shows that being homeless doesn’t necessarily mean being isolated. Wagner challenges the view that homeless people are “socially

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Galamsey: A symbol of National Ineptitude. By: Thaddeus Ulzen MD A new government arrives with its own vision but is often thwarted by unexpected fiscal realities which shape its eventual progress. For the new NPP administration, not only has this been the case, but internal eruptions within the party’s own ambit have also added to the distractions.All the problems of governance that have bubbled to the surface, boil down to one basic cultural imperative. The corruption of the administration of law and particularly its enforcement in Ghana. One of our weakest institutions is the Ghana Police Service. This continues to be a major risk to the administration of justice in the country. Freedom and Justice our motto is. We enjoy freedom to the point of chaos. There are no political prisoners to speak of but is there justice in Ghana for most? There is no social justice, if the ordinary requirements of daily living are generally out of reach for most. The functions of governance are financed by a tax to GDP ratio of 20%, though better than many African countries, points to the need for much needed functional transformation of all our institutions of revenue acquisition from local government units all the way up to central government. The reality is that nothing works because we only pretend to pay for services and most income earners do not contribute to the revenue base. No society can grow and progress without order. We continue to be a largely emotional and non-analytical society, with little regard for real facts, data and knowledge. We are for the most part a non-science based society, explaining everything from chronic leg ulcers, mental illness and meningitis epidemics with a catch all cause, “spiritual”. Those who have facts, data, real knowledge, are terrorized by the loud and ignorant into silence and obscurity. This is the context within which we attempt to compete in the global marketplace. We must begin a revolution of reason and mass education or we will continue to stumble aimlessly in the search for a better life of our citizens. The current Galamsey crisis is emblematic of our disordered and corrupt processes of the administration of law and policing, in particular. Greed, abuse of power and a callous disregard of the long-term costs to society have perpetuated this completely home-grown disaster. In Ghana, people seek posts or positions not as an opportunity to serve the nation.

The word missing in describing public roles is responsibility. This word strongly implies accountability, which never appears as an actor on the public stage. As long as we continue to be ambivalent about holding individuals accountable for their actions, within the public space, little will change in Ghana. This requires courageous and determined and fearless leadership addressing the cancer within our own national experience. So how do people acquire land for Galamsey? If land is illegally acquired for this purpose from chiefs, are they held legally responsible for the cost to society in the form of poisoned water, destroyed flora and fauna, unregulated deaths in mining pits and the spread of malaria from all those abandoned pools and pits? Someone has to be held responsible for the remedy to this horrendous attack on the environment and our own very future as a nation. Who is responsible for inspecting if surface miners are licensed and are mining in an ecologically sustainable manner? Minerals Commission? Police? Environmental Protection Agency? Who has failed in their duty to the nation? These problems have not occurred magically. Real people, not “faceless” people, as we like to say, are responsible for these problems, living in plain sight. How would thousands of Chinese find their way to Amansie West, if immigration laws are not being flouted? Are Ghanaian immigration authorities doing their job? If not, how are they being held accountable? The Chinese are not to blame. They are merely a symptom of very chronic and destructive national disease. Of course, if they have broken laws, they must pay the price as well. They may be most helpful in leading us to the central Ghanaian players in this national tragedy. It is very painful to watch Ghanaians on viral videos engaged in an activity which will shorten their lives from

mercury poisoning, though at the point of death, they will ascribe their fate to spiritual attacks and the like, saying they have a right to destroy drinking water sources and deforest the land in pursuit of fools’ gold. The long term costs to everyone as they pursue their near term riches, do not even occur to them. They present themselves as having no choice but there is always a choice. The government speaks of “resettling” Galamsey workers. This whole phenomenon is again a symptom of the failure of successive governments from both major parties to educate our young people and provide them with skills for fully participating in a growing and otherwise potentially competitive economy. Gold has always been in the ground but we have never been suicidal as a society in its pursuit. This is because we used to be a reasoning society with leadership that enforced the law. No society with functioning law enforcement agencies should look like many districts look right now. No self-respecting culture will prostitute its environmental legacy as we have done with a parliament, a judiciary and an executive presidency looking on as spectators, as happened in Ghana. At some point, our leaders have to be true to their sworn oaths to serve and protect us. Chiefs, Ministers, Police and all other officers of the land involved, must be identified and prosecuted. The cost to the country is unspeakable. We will need hydrologists, engineers, soil scientists, foresters, public health experts and more to repair the damage caused. Against this background of the cost of restoration, it makes no sense that seized equipment is burnt randomly by undisciplined youth in affected districts. Everything has value. This is often lost on Ghanaians. Invincible or Invisible Forces? I don’t know which is correct, as these words are used interchangeably in the Ghanaian press as if they are synonymous. Illiteracy rules and nobody cares! These unruly youth crop up after each change of government, seize public toilets, toll booths and other state and municipal properties because their parties have won. Again, the idea of personal responsibility is foreign to these groups affiliated with our political parties and they are openly enabled by political leaders for short-term reasons. The youth of political parties have no training in the ethics of citizenship and have no education on the ideological basis of their parties. They

plunder and pillage state properties, defy courts of law and are slapped on their proverbial wrists. The failure of the prosecution to progress in current case of the so called Delta Force before the courts is another indication of poor professionalism and ineptitude of the Ghana Police Service. This is a failing institution all round and the administration of justice suffers for it. Irresponsibility in Ghana is so entrenched that, even at post offices, the paid staff hold parcels hostage until they are paid a bribe by the recipients. In every corporate para-statal organization, such acts of unrestrained corruption and theft thrive under the supervision of those paid to ensure the public is served. This is the culture of impunity and disorder that pervades all levels of our society. In this context, while I understand the basis of the “One district-One factory” policy of the NPP government, the dangers of placing $1m in the hands of ill- prepared and poorly trained party apparatchiks are immense. My firm belief is that every district should identify key sanitation projects and start there. I also believe the districts should also raise 5-25% of the $1m

depending on their tax base, as a partial match and have clear business plans vetted by independent business reviewers before a pesewa is allocated and spent. Sanitation is a key problem with implications for health, education and tourism sectors, with the potential to attract more people and capital to poorer districts. Investments must be made in early childhood education, adult literacy, civic education and resource support of peasant farmers before we leap frog to factories, or these projects will end up as “white elephants”, suffering the same fate as the old state corporations of the first republic. The human resource element, though nuanced, is critical to the success of such a transformational national project. We must learn to get the simple things right first before we build cities on the hill tops. T. P. Manus Ulzen is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the University of Alabama and Author of Java Hill: An African Journey – A historiography of Ghana w w w. j a v a h i l l e l m i n a . w o r d p r e s s . c o m Twitter: @thaddeusulzen

How the homeless create homes cont’d from pg. 16 disorganized, disaffiliated and disempowered,” finding that many of the women and men he studied not only retain ties to mainstream society but also participate in well-defined subgroups, from what he calls the “Politicos” to the “Social Club.” The Politicos, for example, erected a tent city to protest policies detrimental to the poor and insecurely housed. Working alongside community organizers, interacting with journalists and city officials, these homeless activists succeeded in bettering conditions and gaining a voice for people living outside.

well as frequented by the people it served, the Center challenged mainstream views of this population as broken and needing to be fixed. Most Social Club members were women who defied the stereotype of the hapless bag lady: they were eloquent advocates for alternative mental health care. They helped to lead the tent city, and spoke out forcefully on behalf of homeless women and the mentally ill.

Being without reliable shelter is traumatic. But it’s only dehumanizing if you’re regarded as less than human. In fact, being homeless brings out the very things that make us human: our creation of domestic rituals, care for others, ingenuity in shaping Wagner describes, too, how our environment. members of the Social Club gathered at the Friendly Center, It may even inspire efforts to an innovative community change the society that leaves space for those with mental some out in the cold. The health issues. Staffed as Conversation


The Ghanaian News June 2017

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The Ghanaian News June 2017


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The Ghanaian News June 2017


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The biggest increase will be on a ticket from Union to Barrie. A single-fare ride will go up 40 cents to $13.95 from $13.55, while the fare for Presto card users will go up 32 cents from $12.03 to $12.35.


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Dreams of a gender-neutral O Canada are over — for now ‘I don’t like this bill, and I will do what I can to “It’s not as if the words were brought down ensure it doesn’t pass,’ Tory senator says from Mount Sinai on stone tablets like the Ten

Canadians will not be singing a gender-neutral Commandments, they are words created by national anthem on Canada Day after a bill before humans and subject to change as our social and Parliament to officially change the lyrics has cultural conditions change, and thank goodness they do,” she said. stalled. The House of Commons overwhelmingly passed a private member’s bill last summer that would alter the national anthem by replacing “in all thy sons command” with “in all of us command” as part of a push to strike gendered language from O Canada.

‘Political correctness run amok’ Wells said national symbols cannot be altered to simply adhere to the “flavour of the day.” He said Canadians were not consulted by the government and that there hasn’t been an adequate conversation about a fairly significant change.

Although the bill sailed through the House with government approval, Conservative senators opposed to the changes have scored a victory in the Red Chamber. A yearlong campaign successfully punted a vote on the bill until the fall, at the earliest, and even then the legislation faces an uncertain future.

“I’ll be working my hardest to delay this bill until there’s a full debate,” he said. “I get a lot of emails, and many comments to me personally, from people who don’t want to see the anthem change, who see it as a part of our tradition and who see this attempt to change it as political correctness run amok. It is a slippery slope. Calls “I’m trying to protect the tradition rather than, for inclusion will always be there, but my belief is you know, water it down with a politically all Canadians are already included in the national correct version that is historically inaccurate,” anthem.” Conservative Senator David Wells said in an He said pictures adorning the walls of the Senate interview with CBC News on Tuesday. depict men in combat during the First World “I don’t misrepresent why I’m [using parliamentary War. “Would we now airbrush females into those stall tactics] … I don’t like this bill, and I will do pictures to accurately reflect what it might be today with those pieces of Canadians’ history? My what I can to ensure it doesn’t pass.” answer is no, that would be an abomination, and Wells and roughly 20 other senators have said they oppose efforts to tinker with the lyrics written by a man long dead. (The lyrics have been changed since they were first penned by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, but not since O Canada officially became the country’s national anthem in 1980.)

Senate amendments stall bill A flurry of amendments were introduced to the bill in the last few weeks of the parliamentary sitting — all failed to pass in the face of opposition from most Liberal and Independent senators — which dragged out debate considerably. Parliament rose for summer break before a final vote at third reading could be held. Ramona Lumpkin, the president and vicechancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, and a strong proponent of the bill, said she was deeply disappointed by the developments. “We’re so close and I really regret that there are a few senators who seem to have dug in and decided to delay. I hope it’s not a permanent block,” said Lumpkin, in an interview with CBC News.

‘I think the gesture, even though it’s symbolic, would say a lot to young women.’- Ramona Lumpkin If the bill is amended in the Senate it would be sent back to the House for another vote. As per parliamentary rules, because Bélanger is dead, MPs will have to unanimously agree to replace him as sponsor or the bill drops from the order paper; that is unlikely given entrenched opposition from some corners of the chamber. “That worries me,” Lumpkin said. “I know language matters and I talk to students and young women regularly who still feel their voice doesn’t carry as strong as the voice of their male friends. I think the gesture, even though it’s symbolic, would say a lot to those young women.” The Liberal government could also choose to introduce legislation of its own — with the same wording — to avoid some of the problems that often befall private member’s bills; namely, the government could invoke time allocation to prevent procedural time delays. CBC

President Akuffo Addo swears in new Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

cont’d from pg. 1 Ontario proposes of the African banning real estate judges Court on Human and agents from representing Peoples’ Right and was re-elected until seller and buyer 2014 when she served

The late Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger introduced TORONTO -- Ontario the bill, and many MPs backed the legislation as is proposing banning the practice of double ending, a salute to a colleague on his death bed. “The bill was passed in the House compassionately and out of sadness for a dying colleague. While that is touching, it is not the way we make public policy in this country and it is not the way we do our legislation,” Ontario Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak said.

I think that’s what it is with the anthem as well.”

in which a real estate agent represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction. The Liberal government announced its 16-point housing plan earlier this year, with centrepiece planks of a 15 per cent foreign buyer tax and expanded rent controls. Another plank was reviewing the rules for real estate agents to ensure consumers are fairly represented. The government has now published several proposals for changes to real estate agent rules and penalties, and is seeking public consultation on them. One of the proposals is to ban -- with some limited exceptions -- salespeople from representing both the buyer and seller or

more than one potential buyer in a trade. The government is also considering increasing the maximum fine for salespeople and brokers who violate a code of ethics from $25,000 to $50,000 and $100,000 for brokerages. Cp24

as the Vice-President. She is the immediate past president of the court. She wrote the Application of Information & Communication Technology in the Judicial Process- the

Ghanaian Experience, a presentation to the African Judicial Network Ghana (2002) President Akuffo Addo said Chief Justice Akuffo will guard jealously the independence of the judiciary and will be an effective leader as well as bringing honor, not only to the judiciary, but to our country, Ghana.

Jesluv Endless Ventures Area of service: • • • • • • • •



Contact Charlotte @ 647-575-4825


The Ghanaian News June 2017

Federal government avoids private lawsuits by shelving part of anti-spam law. Provisions to allow Canadians to sue spammers was to take place as from July 1 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is being accused of caving to big business lobbying after it decided to indefinitely freeze application of part of Canada’s anti-spam law that would have allowed ordinary Canadians to sue for spam. Professor Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa, who was part of the task force whose report led to the anti-spam law, is “highly critical” of the government’s decision to stop the law’s private right of action provisions from going into effect as scheduled on July 1. “There is no way to interpret this as anything other than a major victory for the business lobby groups like the chamber of commerce and the marketing association whose lobbying, I would say, has been relentless against the legislation.”

Geist said the provisions would not only make it possible for Canadians to sue spammers, but it could allow Canadians who have been victims of ransomware to try to recover the money they may have had to pay to recover their computer files. Marketers feared ‘frivolous lawsuits’ Three government agencies are already enforcing the anti-spam law. This was revealed by Wally Hill, vicepresident of government and consumer affairs for the Canadian Marketing Association. He said that His members were concerned that the provisions allowing Canadians to sue spammers could lead to a multiplication of lawsuits. “The private right of action, in terms of protecting consumers from spam and in terms of incenting organizations to obey the

law, is unnecessary,” he said in an interview with CBC News. “It was simply going to provide an avenue for frivolous lawsuits that would really just end up costing the economy and business and consumers at the end of the day.” Hill and Dan Kelly, president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, say they are hoping an upcoming review of the anti-spam law will result in even more changes. A spokesperson for Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and economic development, said the minister was concerned that the private right of action provisions would have led to “unnecessary red tape and costs” for Canadian businesses.

cont’d on pg. 46

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Population of children under five has boomed in downtown neighbourhoods: report Chris Fox, The condo boom in downtown Toronto has given rise to a boom of another kind - a baby boom. A new analysis released by Social Planning Toronto on Thursday reveals that there has been a substantial increase in the population of children under the age of five in a number of downtown neighbourhoods over the last decade as more couples decided to raise their children in highrise buildings and forgo low-rise neighbourhoods further afield. In the census area known as Waterfront Communities-The Island, which spans from Bathurst Street to the Don River in the southern end of the city, the population of pre-school-aged children increased by 173.5 per cent between 2006 and 2016. That increase exceeded the 153.9 per cent growth in overall population in the neighbourhood over the same time period. Further west in the

Niagara neighbourhood, which spans from Bathurst to Shaw streets south of Queen and includes parts of Liberty Village, the population of pre-school aged children was up 115.5 per cent, which was roughly in line with the overall population growth in the neighbourhood (116.5 per cent) over the same time period.

communities, and this is changing the way we think of how families can live and play in our city”. The analysis by Social Planning Toronto is based on data from the 2016 census. The data reveals that while many downtown neighbourhoods saw a boom in pre-school aged children over the last decade, the overall population of children under the age of five in the city was only up slightly from 2006 (from 134,980 to 136,000) and was down 3.2 per cent from 2011.

Even the city’s financial district wasn’t immune to the phenomenon with the number of children under the age of five in the Bay Street Corridor rising by 87.6 per cent since 2006, compared to an overall population increase of 69.2 per cent over the The neighbourhoods to same time period. see the biggest decrease were Regent Park (down “These condo 36.5 per cent) and Elmsneighbourhoods are Old Rexdale in north small spaces that were Etobicoke (down 25.2 intended to be homes per cent). for single millennials and young couples, but are now housing young The analysis, however, families,” Executive does point out that the D i r e c t o r o f S o c i a l drop in children in Regent Planning Toronto Sean Park is likely a result of the Meagher said in a press large-scale revitalization release accompanying of the area, which has t h e a n a l y s i s . “ B a b y included the temporary stroller traffic jams are relocation of affordable not uncommon in these

housing tenants.

and community centres become your living room or backyard, and we have to invest more to respond to this changing landscape”.

In the press release accompanying the analysis, Meagher says the data highlights the need for increased investments in community assets, Same increases not seen such as parks and public in older children libraries. While the population “These young families of children under five are going to rely on i s u p s u b s t a n t i a l l y community services in many downtown as part of their daily neighbourhoods, there lives,” he said. “When has not been the same you’re bringing up a spike in middle-aged child in a small condo, children between the ages your local park, library, of 5 and 14, indicating

that many families are still moving away from the city’s core when their children get older. The increase in children between the ages of 5 and 14 in the neighbourhood known as Waterfront Communities-The Island was 40.3 per cent, which paled in comparison to the 153.9 per cent overall bump in population. There was also smaller increases of between 10.1 and 25 per cent in the Niagara and Bay Street Corridor neighbourhoods.



THERE WILL BE A GENERAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION ON SUNDAY JULY 2, 2017 VENUE: MSB DRIVING SCHOOL, 15 JOHN ST (WESTON RD & JOHN ST) TIME: 5PM – 7PM (Come with your family to meet your classmates, schoolmates and friends. Come and let’s have some fun!)

(For more information, call or text Jane on 905-447-9065 or Nana Osei-Achampong on 416-274-5869)

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Community Information Ghanaian undergraduate student drowns in USA By: Solomon Owusu A Ghanaian undergraduate student, Francis Adusei Manu, at Colorado School of Mines (CSM), USA passed on Wednesday, June 21, during the school’s organized field session. He was a final year student pursuing BSc in Petroleum Engineering. Francis planned to graduate in December this year. He was drowned in a reservoir (Lake) close to Utah around 5pm and the professional divers found the body around 8:20 pm. According to the Dean of Students, he was swimming in the reservoir with other students. Very horrible. The school communicated to the family in Atlanta and also to the CSM community. The family members arrived in Colorado on Friday and went through the needed processes to identify the body and arranged for its transportation to Atlanta.

Although the school is on vacation, a small memorial service was organized for him so that few of his friends around, especially the Africans could meet the family and share some memories. The final funeral rites will be taken place at Atlanta, where the family lives. The date for the final funeral rites will be announced later.

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The Ghanaian News June 2017

Ask Aunty Doris From this edition, we start a new Question and Answer Column with our Columnist on Relationships titled: ASK AUNTY DORIS. Readers who want to chat with our Counselor/Columnist should send their questions to: She will publish your Question and her Answers in our subsequent issues. Please keep your questions short... maximum of three lines. These hurdles should keep you from hurrying to a decision to marry. Give yourself more time to get to know each other. Plan for trips to spend time with people in each other’s lives. Good luck.

Dear Aunty Doris,

Hello Aunty Doris,

Dear Aunty Doris,

I got married to a lady I met whilst I was on a one month vacation in Ghana. We got married after three years. I sponsored her to Canada and she came to live with me inToronto, but unfortunately the marriage did not survive. I have met another woman in Ghana and we are talking about marriage. Do you advice me to go ahead and marry her?

My husband has turned moody and gets angry easily after marriage. What should I do or how should I handle the situation? Mimi

Dear Mimi: Any dating couple whether they’re next door neighbors or international should pursue clarity. We all do well to make decisions in dating with that reality in mind. However, since long-distance relationships bring special challenges, they require special wisdom. In long-distance dating, you will not have the regular, every day time together that same city relationships will — fewer time out, less time together with mutual friends, fewer shared experiences that feel like normal life. It’s hard because you want to be with this person, but it also makes discernment especially difficult.

Ask your partner if he still want to be with you. And if he answers that he still want to be with you, then ask him a simple question like, ‘What is going on in your world? Are you aware that you often seem too angry? Is this something I did or something you need support with?’ Usually people get angry when they have resentment about something they can’t express. If you can have a conversation and get to the source of the resentment then usually the moodiness goes away. Do not ignore him. Have attitude or pretend not to have noticed his behaviour out of pride.

Dear Aunty Doris,

Bon Fete, Canada! Happy Grand Birthday Canada! cont’d from pg. 1 spirit and determination of leaders and ordinary citizens at various points in time throughout its history, the nation has survived and thrived up to this point. The list of challenges as well as opportunities have been many but some have really stood the test of times, survived and propelled the nation along. We recall with nostalgia two major attempts to break up the country in 1980 and 1995 when the Eastern Province of Quebec attempted to secede from the country. On both occasions, the unity forces sailed through by razor thin margins and the country has stayed together since. Despite earlier attempts to restrict migration and entry to Canada by some hot-headed and racist politicians in the early part of the nation’s history, much progress has been made in the area of immigration and the settlement of people from various parts of the world into Canada. Two major events stand out for us as members of the cultural minorities in Canada that are worth mentioning, noting and remembering because they laid the foundation of what is now the Canadian cultural Mosaic. First was the 1967 Immigration act that created what became known as the Points System or the so-called “Open Door” immigration policy which began the process of admitting people from certain regions of the world who were previously inadmissible to Canada. This was the beginning of the process that allowed people from our part of the world, Africa, to migrate to Canada in their numbers in the years that followed to date. This open door policy and the immigration of people that followed

My wife has put on so much weight after our third child, and I have told her several times to do something about it but she seems not to care. What should I do to make her understand how I feel? It is affecting our marriage. Kofi

from 1967 started changing the cultural and demographic composition of Canada. This demographic shift led to the introduction of the Multiculturalism Policy by then Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1971 to recognize the changed and continuously changing demographic composition of Canada and the recognition of the new Canadian Cultural Mosaic that include us. We therefore doff our hearts and salute the late and former Prime Minister Trudeau for this brave act whose fruits all Canadians are reaping and enjoying today. It is very significant to underscore the fact that at the time of celebrating the 150 years anniversary of this great nation called Canada and its Multicultural accomplishments, the current leader of this nation is the son of the former courageous Prime Minister who saw the need and worth to recognize the multicultural reality of Canada, and to promote its development as the fundamental characteristic of the Canadian nation. As we congratulate each other and celebrate this significant national birthday, we wish to urge current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to continue the good works of his great and illustrious father, the initiator and “Father of Canadian Multiculturalism” in the area of positive integration of cultural minorities into Canadian society. This country is for all of us. We have, and all continue to work towards its progress and, in the years ahead, no group, no matter where they migrated into Canada from, should be left out of the nation’s resources and opportunities. Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Dear Kofi, Ask yourself, ‘Did I get into a relationship with them or their body?’ If she is someone you want to be with till death, you need to get over your judgements of them putting on weight because what you don’t realise is someone that is putting on weight is usually in huge judgement of themselves, so much they won’t talk about it, When you take your judgement out of the equation and you determine you will love them no matter what body, shape, or size they are, and you’re congruent with that, that allow her to change her body. This is because it is the continuous state of judgement that keeps their body putting on weight. Lastly have gratitude for your wife. What if it happened to you and you were the one putting on weight? Would you want your wife judging you? Judgement is the biggest killer of any relationship.

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The Ghanaian News June 2017






The Ghanaian News June 2017

Pastor Boniface Daawee Keelson Inducted as Pastor of Lighthouse Assembly of God Toronto By Jonathan Baah Annobil, Toronto

The sanctuary of Lighthouse Assembly of God on 42 Steinway Boulevard was filled to capacity on Sunday, June 25, 2017. The worshippers were there to take part in the induction service for Pastor & Mrs. Keelson. cont’d on pg. 35

Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso and Rev. Tom Quinn

Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso and Rev. & Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong-Manso inducting Rev. & Mrs. Keelson and Mrs. Keelson annointing them

Rev. Raymond Baah Abekah of Ghanaian Presby and Fred Apraku clerk of session

Rev. & Mrs. Osei Amoah and some AG Pastors

Group picture of Pastors and wives Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso

Rev. & Mrs. Keelson flanked by other Pastors and Church Board members

Cross section of congregation

Music Ministry with Georgia Adjei (extreme right)

Rev. & Mrs. Keelson flanked by other Pastors and wives and some deacons

Cross section of congregation

Cross section of congregation

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Pastor Boniface Daawee Keelson Induction Service cont’d from pg. 34

read by Ben Asante-Yirenkyi. The main speaker was Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso, General Superintendent, Assemblies of Rev. Dr. Paul Frimpong Manso based his sermon God Ghana. Word of exhortation was given by Rev. Tom Quinn, PAOC Regional Director, South East. Jonathan Manu of Lighthouse Assembly of God offered the opening prayer and the purpose of the gathering was also delivered by Sylvia Adjei Darko with a short biography of Pastor Keelson Rev. Tom Quinn

Rev. and Mrs. Daawee. Keelson proposing toast at the reception

on the theme “I will build my church” taken from Matthew 16:18. He intentionally read 16 different verses of Matthew 16:18 for a purpose of more cont’d on pg. 41

Mr. John Bosco Kpebesani, Ghana Consul Gen for Toronto

Rev. Milton Ofei Rev. and Mrs. Daawee. Keelson

Youth presentation

From L: Deacon Paul Boateng, Rev. Daniel Engmann, and some A/G Pastors’ wives

Rev. Dr.Frimpong-Manso (2nd L), Rev. Isaac Takyi-DeGraft (R) Rev. & Mrs. Keelson, Georgia Adjei, Singer (4th L) and some church members

From L: Mr. & Mrs. Ayiku, Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso, Rev. & Mrs. Keelson and Georgia Adjei

Mrs. Evelyn Keelson receiving a gift from the Women’s Ministry

Rev. & Mrs. Keelson flanked by other Pastors and Church Board members

High Table at the reception

Hospitality Team

Consul-Gen John Bosco (2nd R) and staff, Elder Appiah Kubi (3rd L) and the 2 MCs



The Ghanaian News June 2017


y in pictures

The Ghanaian News June 2017



The Ghanaian News June 2017


Minister Alex Opoku and wife Mrs. Comfort Opoku of Brampton, Ontario pose for Ghanaian News candid camera

Mr. Yaw Frimpong Manso and wife Mrs. Doris Manso at a family dinner in Woodbridge, Ont.

Mrs. Comfort Mr. and Mrs. Adu-Gyamfi, Fr. Amuzu with Ayiku poses for Anna Aidoo with a friend Afrakoma and at Ghanaian Presbyterian children after Mass at Ghanaian News Church St. Andrew’s Roman on family Day at Toronto Plaza Catholic Church Hotel

Diana Sledge (l), Tracy Verlyn and Clement Baah Foh at Bella Tee’s new CD launching

Ohene Darko family at Ghanaian News Office

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Ahmadiyya Muslims break a Fast with National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada By Jonathan Baah Annobil, Toronto

Committee Room 1 at the City Hall Toronto, was the venue on Friday June 16, evening where a Break a Fas t wa s held by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at . Thomas Saras, President of the National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) in cooperation with its members and the AhmadiyyaJama’at. A section of the NEPMCC was present to cover the event. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Qur ’an by Prof. Mu’taz Kazak. Mr. Thomas Sarasin his opening remarks

thanked the participants and organizers for holding this event. It was followed with a speech by Mr. Hannan Sobhi, Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at about the philosophy of the holy month of Ramadan and importance of charity

(as one of the pillars of Islam as contained in the Holy Qu’ran) with value to become true worshippers of God as essence of this month. Mr. Abdul Haleem Tayyab, National Vice President, in his remarks praised Allah the Almighty and gave a brief history of the founder of Ahmadiyya cont’d on pg. 41

Ethnic Press Media with Mitzie Hunter (in scalf)

From left Farhat Nasir, Tariq Shah, Brig Ghafoor

From left: Mitzie Hunter, Thomas Saras, Abdul Haleem Tayyab and Aris Babikian

Councilor Jim Karygiannis (standing) with some the delegates

The Ahmaddys praying

Harding Church of Christ holds gospel meeting in Toronto By Elder Aikines Wiredu, Toronto “True and Acceptable Worship to God,” taken from John 4:23 was the theme of Harding Church of Christ in Toronto’s gospel meeting. The gospel meeting started on Monday June 5th and climaxed Sunday June, 11, 2017 at the church’s premises on 47 Harding Ave. The main speaker was Dr. Daniel Owusu Asiama (Takoradi Central Church) Ghana who exhorted the congregation

to search the scriptures properly when it comes to worshipping God instead of worshipping doctrines

of man ( Matthew 15:9) The gospel meeting was attended by delegates from the Greater Toronto area and Montreal.

Presenting a gift to Dr. Daniel Owusu Asiamah from the church Bro Authur Esau Regis (R) praying

Cross section of congregation

Group of Dr Daniel Owusu Asiama with some church members


The Ghanaian News June 2017

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Frankly Speaking Ghana’s Parliament Need to Restore its Integrity The “Bribery” Scandals are getting too many By: Dr. Michael Baffoe, Winnipeg, MB

The Parliament of Ghana is in the news again…once again for all the wrong and shameful reasons. Over the past number of years, anytime Ghana’s Legislative Body or some of its members are in the news, it has not been about some innovative and far-reaching piece of legislation they have worked on diligently and passed for the good of the country. It has mostly been about one major scandal over giving or taking of bribes to facilitate the very work they are actually overpaid to do. A couple of years ago, one of the longestserving Members of Ghana’s Parliament, Alban KinsfordBagbin, disclosed publicly (something that many Ghanaians and observers of the Ghanaian political scene had been suspecting all along) that members of that Parliament routinely take bribes. Hey presto! His fellow MPs rose up in arms, accusing him of denigrating the integrity of Parliament. Some demanded that he be summoned before the Privileges Committee of the Parliament for him to answer charges

of contempt or prove his allegations. After a few weeks of noise, the issue died down as Alban Bagbin himself starting recrafting his words to soften the impact of what he had said. Remember this guy is a lawyer and an old fox in Parliament so he managed to wiggle his way out of this mess and the issue faded out of the public view. In 2015, a popular Ghanaian Reggae Musician and Radio Host called Black Rasta accused some members of Ghana’s Parliament of being drug users with Indian Hemp (Marijuana), known in Ghana as “Wee”, as their popular drug and he even dared them to challenge him and he would name those he uses the drug with. Heeeeei! Hell broke loose among Members of Parliament. The culprits

were so scared that they will be exposed. Those who knew they were not part of the “wee smokers” were desperate to clear their names. Instead of conducting a painstaking investigation into the matter of this drug use accusation, the collective body of Parliament resorted to the use of their most dreaded and powerful weapon: dragging “offenders” before the all-powerful Privileges Committee of Parliament, the highest sanctions “court” of the Parliament. Black Rasta was summoned before the Privileges Committee together with the management of the Radio Station over whose air waves he made the allegation. The management panicked. Not only did they apologize to Parliament. They virtually abandoned the guy to his fate. Black Rasta was left to face the dreaded “Court of Parliament” alone. He appeared and “apologized” to the “honorable members” (obviously on the advice o f h i s l awy er). T h e matter however, is still lingering in the minds of the Ghanaian public

that some MPs actually “burn” the thing. Sometime in 2016, there was another accusation from some Ministry officials that Members of Parliament routinely demanded and took bribes before considering and passing the budgets of various Ministries, Government Departments and Agencies. This accusation had it that if a Government Department wanted their budgets passed they had to go and bribe the Members of the appropriate Committee of Parliament that is in charge of their budget consideration. Again, when this news broke out, the “honourable” MPs vehemently denied it and dared their accusers to come up with “evidence”. January 2017: Another scandal broke out involving members of this same Parliament. Some of them accused some of their colleagues of giving and taking bribes to facilitate the positive outcome of the vetting of the then proposed Minister of Energy. Heeiba!! Another hullabaloo broke out. This particular allegation was so serious that the Speaker of Parliament

Pastor Boniface Daawee Keelson Inducted as Pastor of Lighthouse Assembly of God Toronto cont’d from pg. 35

understanding of the verse. He said that the Lord Jesus said He will build His Church and gates of hell shall not prevail against it. It was after Peter had answered the Lord on who the Lord Jesus is. He continued that if we talk about church we are talking about people who have been called out of all generations, races, cultures and backgrounds. “People who believe in the Lord Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour, renounce their sins and they have been baptized in water, as a sign of their conversion and declaring to the world that they are living for God. Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso again added that Jesus said I will build my church so the church belongs to Jesus and is the one building it. Any church that collapses means it was not built by Christ.

had to intervene to set up a special investigative committee to probe t h e m a t t e r. A f t e r a couple of months of “investigations”, the committee came out with a report that the accusers could not prove their allegations. The accusers were warned by the Speaker of Parliament to “go and sin no more”. The matter ended there, but the doubts about the integrity of the Members of Parliament involved in this particular allegation still lingers. Wednesday June 28, 2017: Another big allegation of bribery taking has again broken out involving some members of the Parliament who were members of the Finance Committee of Parliament. It is alleged that they demanded and took an amount of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC150,000) from the National Lotteries Authority to facilitate the amendment of the National Lottery Act. This time around, those bribe-taking MPs have admitted taking the “goro”, but they claim that it was supposed to pay for the conveniences (travel, wine and dine, sleep, and other undefined (“nefarious”?)

Ahmadiyya Muslims break a Fast with National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada

God, heavens through PAOC, Assemblies of God Ghana has invested all authority in him to bring discipline and order to the house of God. The church is built with spiritual men, spiritual might and spiritual ministry. There is a hierarchy in the cont’d from pg. 39 church and must be respected. After his sermon, Rev. Dr. Frimpong Manso began the climax of the induction after Rev. Tom Quinn had prayed by pouring oil on Pastor Keelson and wife Evelyn with thunderous applause from the entire congregation as the pastors in the sanctuary prayed over them. Goodwill messages from individuals, churches and ministries within the church were given after which Pastor and Mrs. Keelson responded by thanking God and the congregation to uphold the trust and authority bestowed upon them.

The leadership of the church stands on behalf of God to execute God’s given authority. “Today” Benediction was given by Rev. Dr. Frimpong he continued as we are installing this man of Manso and was followed by reception in the upper room.

activities of the Finance Committee members at the posh Senchi Hotel in Akosombo to consider the Amendment of the Act. Seriously???? Members of Ghana’s Parliament are in fact very well paid, compared to their counterparts in other public institutions. And why do they routinely demand to be bribed extra…and big… to work on the very issues for which they are overpaid. And did they need to travel 200 kilometers to the posh Lake-View Hotel just to consider an Amendment to an Act of Parliament, an activity that has to take place in the offices of Parliament in Accra? These issues, accusations, denials, admissions, qualifications of bribes, allowances,etcetc involving members of Ghana’s Parliament, which recently have also included visa fraud scandals, are becoming too much. If the members of this Legislative Body want to maintain their “honorable” titles and be accorded the respect they deserve, it is time for them to take the necessary measures to purge themselves of all these wrong-doings. They do them and the image of that House no good.

Muslim Jama’at, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1889 with his peaceful teachings and His coming as “Messiah of latter days whose advent has been foretold in all religious scriptures.” Hon. Mitzie Hunter MPP and Ontario Education M i n i s t e r , M r. J i m Karygiannis, Toronto City Councilor for Ward 39, ScarboroughAgincourt, Aris Babikian, Mohammad Tojdolat, all

spoke at the event. Before the event at 7.00p.m, Ahmadiyya Muslims started feeding the hungry around City Hall by distributing free Pizza and water to over 500 people which attracted coverage from City TV.The program inside the City Hall ended with dinner for the guests and prayer by the Ahmadiyya Muslims after which they also joined in the dinner.


The Ghanaian News June 2017

Kufour, Rawlings and Mahama to queue when applying for US visa The United States Ambassador to Ghana has hinted that, Members of Parliament, Ministers of state including all former presidents are expected to join queue like ordinary Ghanaians, when applying for US visas for their private visits. According to the US authorities, Ghana embassy has withdrawn all courtesies extended to top politicians in the country on such visits to their country.

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This harsh actions have been effected after the outgoing British High Commission to Ghana Jon Benjamin accused some four MPs of flouting the country’s visa regulations.



Divorce Custody, Access and Support Separation Children Aid Cases

It is not yet known what triggered this latest diplomatic action by the US embassy, but sources say some politicians have abused the previous courtesy arrangement.


Mississauga, Ontario, L5S 1R6

Osei Owusu

“Now if you are travelling for tourism or business that is not related to government business, you will need to make a personal appearance. For official travel, protocol officers pass the passports for visa applications

through the foreign ministry’s protocol office. But for personal travel, every person is required to make a personal appearance, even former presidents of Ghana have to come in for personal appearance,” Mr Jackson told the parliament.

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The Ghanaian News June 2017


DVLA’s Mandatory Towing Fees: Excuse Me! WHAT about putting DVLA offices in every district capital and make DVLA paperless? No doubt, many of my readers are as tired of reading about wacky ideas our policymakers dish out every day, as I’m of writing about them, but like a dog with a bone, I have to keep worrying it . Yes, someone has to. Over my life, I have heard so many bizarre things and ideas, but not quite as crazy as the one about National towing fees for vehicle owners which has been proposed. On top of it, DVLA is planning to increase Driving Licenses fees. The question is: why do we make things harder and complicated every time we want to dupe the consumers or customers and citizenry? Of course, we should demand for road safety remedies, but more importantly we need to demand DVLA decentralization and better customer service. Having more diverse DVLA locations in our localities is the surest (and perhaps only) way to prevent the cutthroat fees we pay at DVLA and time –consuming process of vehicle registration we go through. Those of us who were fortunate to spend a little bit time outside Ghana know that when your car breaks down in United

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi States, either you the owner tow it to the earliest car repair garage or the police will tow it for you, with a heavy price tag. Once your car is towed by the police you will pay the towing fee plus the storage fee. The juicy part of it is if you don’t pay after some time the vehicle will be auctioned off. And if the money from the sale doesn’t cover all the cost of the bill from the police the court will go to the owner’s bank account and withdraw the balance without any question— the I’m not kidding you! After that, insurance surcharge will be applied to your insurance payment. Car towing is not part of the duties of DVLA. The picture I’m trying to paint here is it’s the vehicle owner’s responsibility to see to it that towing and storage fees are paid on time because the outcome is too troublesome and uncomfortable to take it for

granted. It’s also the owner’s responsibility to see to it that his/her vehicle is in top shape all the time so that it won’t break down on the highway. If DVLA officials want to make a difference in clearing and cleaning up the broken vehicles on our road network, it should let the vehicle owners stomach the cost of their vehicles—from the maintenance to towing. By the way, what about the government’s vehicles that are left in the middle of the roads? For me, the most shocking thing about this proposal is that nothing was said about how to improve the services of DVLA so as to make Ghanaians inhale a little bit fresh air .If you lived somewhere at Otwenkwanta and you have to register your car at DVLA in koforidua, you will appreciate me for bringing this issue up. In this day and age when everyone can virtually send money to any part of the country without any difficulty, how come the DVLA can’t decentralize its registration and license offices? What about making it possible for Ghanaians to register their vehicles in every district capital? Not to compare miseries—since many Ghanaians are catching hell because of bad policies from our lousy policy makers—

vehicle owners continue to get the shittest end of the stick. Apart from the sky high cost of spare parts, and constant police harassment, our pot-hole infected roads are adding insult to injury. And now comes the towing fees. Now before anyone starts coming up with all of reasons why DVLA offices can’t be located in district capitals or how someone can cheat the system, please take a deep breath and then go take a class in basic computer science. The technology is one -hundred percent fool proof. Even the sakawa boys couldn’t rig the system—not that they would want to.

The only thing that can prevent such an exercise in true democracy and market oriented economy is lack of will on the part of the politicians who run the ‘system’. I guess in this part of our world nothing is important to our policy makers as long as it makes some few individuals billionaires and Zillionaires in a short possible time. Let’s stop playing games with Ghanaians’ thinking faculties and rather put DVLA offices in every district capital and go paperless because some of us can read between the lines. Until we meet again, stay Tuned. Be blessed, educated and informed. Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (Voice of Reason)

Ghanaian News celebrates 20 years of Community Service 1997-2017


The Ghanaian News June 2017

View Point

Community Concerns

Tips for Teens Prom and Parents Support By Golda Abena Quayson Prom, a short form for Promenade is a formal ball organized for students, both girls and boys at the end of their academic year mostly in May/June. Its an event they look forward to, and dream about. It is a day to be remembered in their lifetime, and they would need all the support from parents’/guardians and the other family members to get them ready for this grand occasion. This preparation requires days or sometimes even months in advance planning and preplanning to see that nothing goes amiss.

seamstress to make the dress to your liking. In this way, you can choose a style and the type of material, as well as other accessories to march it. If the girl is not accustomed to wearing high heels she better starts practising well in advance rather than be a spectacle on the This even includes, the big day, or just wear a low type of conversation heels or even flat shoes to they would engage in, avoid disasters. and practising before the mirror the various facial Some girls are really tall, expressions that would and their dates might be enhance your image. a little shorter than them, A checklist would be so wearing low heels or the first item on the list flats would be a perfect that would help them idea and comfortable to go about getting ready. allow you to have fun. Surfing the net for outfits The dress that would be that are trendy suiting chosen should make you one’s personality and feel comfortable, able to the budget too would sit properly and dance be a must for the girls. freely, without disturbing There is the need to fix a the hairdo as well as being date with the hairstylist restricted in movements. well in advance as there Dress to impress. The girl would already be a bee should remember to carry line there. a boutonnière/or a small flower which she would S o m e p r e p a r a t i o n be giving or pinning to i n c l u d e s , a p e r f e c t the boy’s coat when he handbag with a bit of comes to pick her up. money in it, one would never know if the ‘date’ would spend for her! Purchasing items required for the right type of make-up getting help if required from, big sister, cousins or even Mama would not be a bad idea. Just the right perfume, and if it is strong that would be a disaster! The Net surfing would also help in choosing the right shoes and dresses. But I personally prefer going to store to see it, and try them on to see, and feel how they fit you, instead of ordering it without not feeling it or trying it. There would be no time for exchange or to do some alterations.

As is expected of the girl, the boys should wear a nice suit or tuxedo to make sure your dress is formal enough for the occasion. Find out what color your date is wearing so you can coordinate small details like socks, ties, and pocket squares. Pay close attention to your hygiene that night including showering, shaving, getting a fresh haircut, and using cologne (sparingly) unless you are allergic to it. The boy should carry a corsage to be handed over to the girl as he arrives at her place to pick her up. The boy should also practise how to smile, how to talk, how much to talk and no vulgar Another way of getting suggestions, please! May a proper fi is also getting be just a peck on the your measurement by a cheek would just be ideal

for the occasion and of course holding hands. When he rings the bell let her be the one to open the door. Parents and guardians, can stay behind her to avoid intimidation. Making the ‘date’ wait, would be the last thing a girl should do as that would spoil the whole evening. Since all eyes will be on the girls, boys need not bend backwards to select an outfit for the day although they are expected to be spic and span and well groomed. Put his hand round her waist and chaperon her to his car, open the door for her, close the door and then go to his side of the car and drive away to spend time with her on the big day. And last but not the least, both should be adept at dancing, particularly the first and last dance. Stick to your date at all times and be the best lady or gentleman for the evening. One of the most effective prevention efforts is for parents to simply talk with their teens about the dangers of drinking on prom night. But that is not all that parents can do to help. Prom is not just about the dance itself. The prom experience includes transportation, pictures, dinner, the after party, and more. Offer your assistance with the planning process to not only share ideas, but also to show you care. Make sure your teen has a plan for the evening and that you know what that plan is. Work with the school to make sure food is served during the prom itself. Know all of the “hot spot” destinations, including who is driving. If it’s a rented limo, check their policy on allowing alcohol in the vehicle. Discuss the school’s prom rules with your teen and the consequences for violating them. Communicate with other parents and school officials. Let your teen know that you trust him or her. Make it a fun night for them to remember!

Doris Osei Bonsu, Crisis Counselor, Toronto

Dealing with debt in a relationship

Whether it’s a credit card or a bank loan, help from a family member, a quick dip into the overdraft, or even a payday loan, almost everyone has some experience of borrowing money.In between borrowing money and paying it back, we are in debt. As long as we have the means to pay it back, debt can be a useful way of managing money - but it can end up costing more than it is worth. Money worries are one of the biggest causes of stress and arguments in marriage.A number of studies have pointed to the fact that couples who get into problem debt are twice as likely to break up. If you are worried about debt, it’s better that your spouse finds out sooner rather than later. When you are under pressure financially, your spouse will pick up on it and bear some of the brunt of that strain. Many people feel ashamed of debt, or think they can handle it better alone. However, keeping debt a secret can just make things worse. By sharing the concern with your partner, you can share the burden and work together towards a solution. It is said that when you share a problem, the load lightens. Couples can get into debt when entering a new phase of the relationship, like moving in together, getting married, or having a baby. These times are always challenging, no matter how positive and exciting the change. Your relationship is intensified and magnified as you step up the commitment and costs can escalate. In these times, couples tend to have big expectations of the future, and how their lives will be. While it can be tempting to load up a few credit cards to get the things you want, it’s important not to borrow more than you can reasonably plan to pay back. These may be classified as the “normal costs” of developing and managing relationships. Yes, they are, but it is the management of these “costs” that

sometimes create problems. Being in debt makes it much harder to live up to your expectations of the future anyway. The more debt you have, the more likely you are to argue with your partner and the less time you are likely to spend together. Dealing with debt: Below are a few tips for dealing with, and managing debt: •

Talk to your partner. Get things out in the open and share the burden. Remember, sharing the load of difficult information lightens the burden.

Put all your debts in front of you. Open your post and check your accounts. Hiding from debt won’t make it go away and could make it worse.

Make a budget. Look at what you are spending and where you can cut back.

Work out how much you can afford to pay off each month.

Contact your creditors to can organise a payment plan, even if it’s only a small amount.

Speak to a debt advice organisation if you feel things are getting out of control and you cannot see your way forward.

Dealing with debt takes time and understanding. You can make things easier by getting help from debt organisations, but keep in mind that money issues can persist. You may need support not only with money issues, but also with the relationship strains that can accompany them.If you and your partner want some extra support, counsellors may be able to help you deal with relationship issues, whether debt-related or not. The good news is that once the debt has been paid off, relationship quality will improve again.

The Ghanaian News June 2017

Ask The Doctor


By: David Yaw Twum-Barima, MD, MSc, FRCPC


This column is devoted to answering your questions on health and discusions of diseases which are common among the African Canadians.

Changing your eating habits can be tough Start with these strategies to kick-start your way toward a heart-healthy diet Heart-Healthy Living Although you might know that eating certain foods can increase your heart disease risk, it’s often tough to change your eating habits. Whether you have years of unhealthy eating under your belt or you simply want to fine-tune your diet, here are some hearthealthy diet tips. Once you know which foods to eat more of and which foods to limit, you’ll be on your way toward a heart-healthy diet. 1. Control your portion size How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Overloading your plate, taking seconds and eating until you feel stuffed can lead to eating more calories, fat and cholesterol than you should. Portions served in restaurants are often more than anyone needs. Keep track of the number of servings you eat — and use proper serving sizes — to help control your portions. Eating more of low-calorie, nutrientrich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and less of high-calorie, highsodium foods, such as refined, processed or fast foods, can shape up your diet as well as your heart and waistline. 2. Eat more vegetables and fruits Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are also low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Vegetables and fruits contain substances found in plants that may help prevent cardiovascular disease. Eating more fruits and vegetables may help you eat less high-fat foods, such as meat, cheese and snack foods. Featuring vegetables and fruits in your diet can be easy. Keep vegetables washed and cut in your refrigerator for quick snacks. Keep fruit in a

bowl in your kitchen so that you’ll remember to eat it. Choose recipes that have vegetables or fruits as the main ingredient, such as vegetable stir-fry or fresh fruit mixed into salads. 3. Select whole grains •

Whole grains are good sources of fiber and other nutrients that play a role in regulating blood pressure and heart h e a l t h . Yo u c a n increase the amount of whole grains in a heart-healthy diet by making simple substitutions for refined grain products. If you are making fufu, use fresh plantains rather than the possessed plantain flour which has no fiber. Similarly the possessed potato flour has no fiber and gives no nutrients. Examples of high fiber products include:Whole-wheat flour, Whole-wheat flour Whole-grain bread, preferably 100% whole-wheat bread or 100% whole-grain bread ,High-fiber cereal with 5 g or more of fiber in a serving, Whole grains such as brown rice, barley and buckwheat (kasha), Whole-grain pasta and Oatmeal (steel-cut or regular).

4. Limit unhealthy fats and cholesterol Limiting how much saturated and trans fats you eat is an important step to reduce your blood cholesterol and lower

your risk of coronary artery disease. A high blood cholesterol level can lead to a buildup of plaques in your arteries, called atherosclerosis, which can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

or egg substitutes are some of your best sources of protein. But be careful to choose lower fat options, such as skim milk rather than whole milk and skinless chicken breasts rather than fried chicken.

The best way to reduce saturated and trans fats in your diet is to limit the amount of solid fats — butter, margarine and shortening — you add to food when cooking and serving. You can also reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet by trimming fat off your meat or choosing lean meats with less than 10 percent fat.

Fish is another good alternative to high-fat meats. And certain types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower blood fats called triglycerides. You’ll find the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring. Other sources are flaxseed, walnuts, soybeans and canola oil.

You may also want to check the food labels of some cookies, crackers and chips. Many of these snacks — even those labeled “reduced fat” — may be made with oils containing trans fats. One clue that a food has some trans fat in it is the phrase “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredient list.

Legumes — beans, peas and lentils — also are good sources of protein and contain less fat and no cholesterol, making them good substitutes for meat. Substituting plant protein for animal protein — for example, a soy or bean burger for a hamburger — will reduce

When you do use fats, choose monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil or canola oil. Polyunsaturated fats, found in nuts and seeds, also are good choices for a heart-healthy diet. When used in place of saturated fat, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats may help lower your total blood cholesterol. But moderation is essential. All types of fat are high in calories.

your fat and cholesterol intake. 6. Reduce the sodium in your foodEating a lot of sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Reducing sodium is an important part of a heart-healthy diet. The Department of Agriculture recommends: •

Healthy adults have no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium a day (about a teaspoon)

People age 51 or older, African-Americans, and people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease have no more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day

Although reducing the amount of salt you add to food at the table or while cooking is a good first step, much of the salt you eat comes from canned or processed foods, such as

soups and frozen dinners. Eating fresh foods and making your own soups and stews can reduce the amount of salt you eat. If you like the convenience of canned soups and prepared meals, look for ones with reduced sodium. Be wary of foods that claim to be lower in sodium because they are seasoned with sea salt instead of regular table salt — sea salt has the same nutritional value as regular salt. 1.Reference: Modified f ro m M a y o C l i n i c Housecall : 2012 2 . D r D a v i d Ya w Tw u m - B a r i m a i s a specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology. Appointments ( by referral only through your family doctor), may be made by faxing referral letter to : LMC Endocrinology and Diabetes, 4121235 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON. L6H 3P1. Fax:905 337-0044

Patients of Hamilton doctor over 4 decades advised to be tested for HIV, hepatitis HAMILTON - Public h e a l t h o ff i c i a l s a r e advising patients who had in-office surgical procedures done by a Hamilton doctor during a period of nearly four decades be tested for blood-borne illnesses.

Hamilton Public Health Services says it was informed on June 16 by the College of Physicians • Some good choices and Surgeons of Ontario include:Olive oil, of an infection prevention Canola oil, Margarine and control lapse at Dr. that’s free of trans Lorin Gilbert Harding’s fats and Cholesterol- office in Hamilton. lowering margarine, such as Benecol, It says this involved a Promise Activ or “lack of evidence” of Smart Balance appropriate cleaning, disinfection, sterilization 5. Choose low-fat protein and storage of equipment sources between patients. Lean meat, poultry and fish, low-fat dairy The procedures involved products, and egg whites could include the removal of moles, warts, skin tags,

cysts, and biopsies for November 1979 and June 8 be tested. cancer diagnosis. A spokeswoman said We d n e s d a y i t w a s not known how many patients could be affected, but officials are advising people who had minor surgical procedures at Harding’s offices in Hamilton between

Hamilton Public Health says while the risk of infection is low, it is recommending patients have blood work for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B core total antibody, hepatitis C, and HIV. The Canadian Press

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“Protecting consumers and businesses is a priority for our government,” Karl Sasseville said in a statement. “Canada’s current Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) protects consumers and businesses from spam and other threats, such as malware, that lead to identity theft and fraud.” “However, there have been various businesses, technology and not-forprofit organizations that have expressed concerns with the Private Right of Action provisions of the act.”

Private lawsuit provision suspended indefinitely

Tel: 416-916-6675

Tel: 416-740-1859

cont’d from pg. 29

Sasseville said the government has asked a parliamentary committee to review the anti-spam law.

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Federal government avoids private lawsuits by shelving part of anti-spam law.

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Canada’s three-year-old anti-spam law was adopted by Parliament in 2010, but much of the law only went into effect in 2014. The private right of action provisions were only scheduled to go into effect on July 1, nearly seven years after the law was first adopted. However, in early June the government adopted an order-in-council, indefinitely postponing the right of action provisions. U n d e r C a n a d a ’s a n t i spam law, those who send commercial electronic messages without a r e c i p i e n t ’s c o n s e n t — including to social networking accounts and text messages to cellphones — can be hit with stiff fines. The government estimates s p a m c o s t s C a n a d a ’s economy $3 billion a year. The law also includes provisions that prohibit false or misleading representations online, harvesting email addresses without consent and installing computer programs on somebody’s computer without their consent. Enforcement actions Three government bodies are charged with enforcing various parts of the

legislation: the CRTC; the Competition Bureau; and the Privacy Commissioner’s Office. Since the anti-spam law went into effect, the CRTC alone has received more than 975,000 complaints from Canadians, Steven Harroun, chief compliance and enforcement officer, told a Toronto audience earlier this month. A number of companies have already been fined or forced to pay penalties in the three years the law has been in effect. · In March 2015, the CRTC fined a Quebec company, 3510395 Canada Inc., known as Compu-Finder, $1.1 million for spamming Canadians in 2014. In 2016, the CRTC fined Blackstone Learning Corp. $50,000 for sending unsolicited emails in 2014. · Other cases have been settled through undertakings on the part of the companies involved. For example, in November 2015. Rogers Media paid $200,000 for sending out emails that did not include an unsubscribe mechanism, and in June 2015 Porter Airlines agreed to pay $150,000 for sending out emails that did not clearly feature an unsubscribe option and to people it could not prove had consented to receive its emails. · Plenty of Fish Media Inc., an online dating site, paid $48,000 after it sent emails that didn’t have an unsubscribe function that could be readily performed. · In August 2016, Kellogg Canada reached an undertaking with the CRTC that included a $60,000 payment after Kellogg or its third-party service provider sent emails to Canadians without their consent. The Competition Bureau has hit three prominent companies under the antispam law with seven-figure penalties for misleading representations online. · In June 2016 it announced Avis and Budget rental car

cont’d on pg. 59

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Royal Bank asked to settle $22M it overcharged its Clients in investment fees. Ontario regulator has reached no-contest settlements with 8 other major financial firms By Jonathan Baah Annobil

The Royal Bank of Canada is ordered to pay almost $22 million in compensation to clients who were charged excess fees on some mutual funds and investments products.

bank’s business units had been including investment products with embedded trailer fees inside fee-based accounts, where customers pay a fixed fee to have their investments managed.

The payment is part of a no-contest settlement worked out by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and three units — RBC Dominion Securities, Royal Mutual Funds Inc. and asset manager RBC Phillips, Hager & North Investment Counsel Inc.

In other cases, clients who qualified for lower-fee versions of some mutual funds due to the size of their account were not advised that they were eligible for lower-fee versions of the same investments.

The OSC said in a release that the settlement comes after a compliance review in 2015 found the bank had overcharged some of its customers “excess fees,” for their investments “that were not detected or corrected in a timely manner,” the OSC said in a release. The bank will reimburse affected customers $21,802,231 worth of investment fees it shouldn’t have charged, and $975,000 to the OSC to pay for the investigation and to further the regulator’s mandate to protect investors. The rebate amount includes interest on the excess fees investors paid, the opportunity cost of which has been calculated at 5 per cent per year. According to a settlement between the bank and the regulator, some of the

The settlement document says fees were improperly charged to some clients as far back as 2005. Across all units, the bank believes 50,477 customer accounts were overcharged, the OSC says. “OSC staff do not allege, and have found no evidence of dishonest conduct by ... RBC,” the OSC said in a release. Royal Bank isn’t the only big Canadian lender to have admitted to overcharging on investment fees in recent years. The regulator has reached no-contest settlements with eight other major financial firms including Bank of Montreal, TD, Scotiabank and CIBC in recent years for doing something similar.


Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program The Multicultural Community Capacity Grant program will help build diverse and inclusive communities by enhancing the ability of newcomers and ethno-cultural communities to participate fully in the civic, cultural, social and economic life of Ontario.

This grant program will make funding available for projects across

Ontario that address one or more of the following priorities: • Civic engagement – Facilitate community engagement, social integration and volunteerism to promote inclusion for immigrant and ethno-cultural communities. Social • connections – Promote social connections and employment networking, including programs that reduce

barriers and increase support for vulnerable groups. • Education and empowerment – Promote intercultural understanding and break down barriers to participation in community life and decision-making. Women’s • empowerment – Support empowerment by helping women of diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve cont’d on pg. 60

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All said and done, the OSC has recovered $342 million worth of fees that investors shouldn’t have been charged as part of the regulator’s latest investigation.

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The Ghanaian News June 2017


Sudeep Verma is seeking the Ontario PC Party nomination in the riding of Etobicoke North. Your support is important, and it will make a difference.

People First.

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The Ghanaian News June 2017

Joint Service and Barbeque of Ghanaian Anglican Church and St. Mary and Martha Anglican Church Toronto on June 8, 2017

Church members at the baberque

Rev. Fr. Korsah and some elders of the church

Church member at the baberque

At the baberque

B.B.’s Auto International Ltd. General Auto Repairs & Dealership. All Repairs, Electricals Key and ECU Programings, Accra-Oyibi-Dodowa

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Life of Senior Pastor Ohene Kena, husband of Kate Kena celebrated at The Apostles’ Continuation Church Banquet Hall on Sunday June 11, 2017

Children From left: Apostle Anokye-Manu, Snr. Pastor Kantanka and Snr. Pastor Arhin Widow, children and other mourners

Women leaders

Rev. Dr. Charles Mantey (Middle) and some church elders

From Left: Apostle Oduro, Rev. Boniface Keelson Some well-wishers

Women’s Fellowship

Men’s Fellowship

Celebration of life of Opanin Thomas K. Owusu father and father-in-law of Rev. Martin Boakye Yiadom, Pastor Anthony Osei Owusu, Grace Boakye Yiadom and Christiana Boakye respectively held on Saturday June 3, 2017 at the Apostles’ Continuation Church

Chief mourners Apostle Charles Anokye Manu and other Pastors from The Apostle’s Continuation

Chief mourners

Mourners from Montreal


The Ghanaian News June 2017

Memorial and Thanksgiving Service for Mr. Franklin Oppong Botchway at All Nations Full Gospel Church Sunday June 25, 2017

Pastor Donkor Jr. praying at the Service Mrs. Felicia Botchwey flanked by family and well-wishers

Family members being prayed over by Pastor Donkor Jr.

Mrs. Felicia Botchwey flanked by family and well-wishers with Rev. Dr. Samuel Donkor behind the pulpit

In Loving Memory of Mr. Franklin Oppong Botchway A year ago you left our wife, children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and friends to be with the Lord after years of loving service to the family. The church family you served for many years still remember your labour of love toward His name and His house! May you rest in peace till we meet again at the resurrection!

The Late Mr. Franklin Oppong Botchway

The Ghanaian News June 2017


Final funeral rites of Obaapanin Margaret Badu a.k.a. Abena Badu held at Apostle’s Continuation Church on Saturday June 17, 2017 She was the mother of Nana Akwasi Baffuor and Mavis Okyere, mother-in-law of Philomena Baffuor and Nathan Addison Mrs Philomena Baffour, daughter in-law giving the Eulogy

Chief mourners

Chief mourners Assembly of God Church delegates


Abusuapanin and his entourage welcoming the well-wishers


The Ghanaian News June 2017

FOOD AND RECIPES Compiled by Nana Ama


Fruit Buns

Ingredients 2 tins of plam nuts paste 2 large tomatoes 1 large size onion chopped salt and pepper to taste 500g fish and or meat 2 small size salted fish (optional) 1 tablet cabe maggie 8 large Okro (optional) 4 large garden eggs (optional)

For 8 Serving(s)

Ingredients 2 ounce(s) Grace Margarine 1 bottle(s) stout 1/2 cup(s) wine 1 teaspoon(s) vanilla 1/2 tablespoon(s) Grace Browning 1 tablespoon(s) Grace Guava Jam 1 medium egg (optional) 8 ounce(s) dark sugar 1 pound(s) counter flour 1 teaspoon(s) nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt 1 teaspoon(s) cinnamon powder 1 tablespoon(s) baking powder 1 tablespoon(s) mixed spice 1/4 pound(s) mixed peel, chopped 1/4 pound(s) raisins, soaked

Method 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Melt Grace Hello Margarine and allow to cool, then add stout, wine, vanilla, Grace Browning, Grace Guava Jam and beaten egg (if used). Stir in the sugar and mix until all the granules are dissolved. Mix together all the dry ingredients then add the chopped mixed peel and raisins. Combine liquid mixture with dry ingredients and mix well. Scrape the batter into a greased loaf pan 12”x4”x3”. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C/350°F or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Cool on a cooling rack.

To Glaze: Combine 2 tablespoons honey with two tablespoons water and bring to a boil; remove from flame and use a pastry brush to apply it over the surface of the bun. To Serve:  Serve with slices of cheese.

Mashed Ripe Plantain (Otor)

YAM BALLS Ingredients 250g Yam 50g Margarine 1 or 1/2 Egg Yolk beaten 1 tlsp Milk Pepper, Salt, grated Nutmeg (to taste) Egg and bread crumbs for coating Oil for deep frying

METHOD 1. Boil yam thoroughly till cooked, drain and mash to get a smooth result 2. Add margarine while still hot 3. Add pepper salt and grated nutmeg 4. Add egg, malk if mxture is dry 5. Divide them into pieces and dredge with flour 6. Roll into balls and coat with eff and breadcrumbs 7. Fry in deep-frying until golden brown 8. Drain and serve

KAKLO - 6 Servings

Ingredients 4 fingers half ripe plantain 5g groundnut paste 1/4 teaspoonful ground pepper 1 large onion 2 tablespoonful palm oil Salt to taste

Method 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Method 1.Prepare fish/meat, chopped onions, salt and tomatoes and simmer 2. Mix palm nut paste with warm water and strain the liquid through a strainer. 3. Add liquid to the simmered meat/fish and the other vegeables and spices. 4. Allow the soup to simmer to the desired thinkness. 5. Skim off the excess oil from the top of the soup 6. Take it off the fire, serve with fufu, banku, kenkey, rice, yam etc.

Peel the plantain into a saucepan Add water and salt to it and boil After 20 minutes, remove it from the fire and drain the water Grind pepper, onion and salt Add boiled ripe plantain and mix together Add groundnut paste and mix Put palm oil on fire, add chopped onions When the oil with the onion is well cooked, pur it onto the mashed plantain and mix altogether using a wooden spoon. Serve with eggs or avocado

INGREDIENTS 400g - Riped Plantain (soft) 100g - Onion 50gm - Wheat Flour 1/2 tbsp - Salt 1 tbsp - Cayenne Pepper 1/2 tbsp - Mill Ginger 2 tbsp - Sugar

METHOD 1. Wash and peel plantain 2. Blend into a pulp 3. Add mixed spice and mill ginger and gradually incorporate in flour. 4. Add sugar and salt 5. Scoop and fry in moderately hot oil until golden brown in color 6. Drain and place on a kitchen paper. ACCOMPANIMENT: Bambara Beans, Red Red or Bean Stew

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Federal government avoids private lawsuits by shelving part of anti-spam law. cont’d from pg. 46 agencies would pay a $3-million penalty after the bureau concluded that discounts they advertised online were misleading. In April 2017, it was Hertz and Dollar Thrifty that agreed to a $1.25-million penalty for “advertising unattainable prices and discounts.” · In January 2017, Amazon agreed to change its online pricing practices and paid $1.1 million to settle the case with the Competition Bureau. Geist said the CRTC and other government departments are enforcing the anti-spam law, but their efforts are “a drop in the bucket” compared with the barrage of spam that hits Canadians. “They are doing what they can, but there’s a limit to what they’re able to do, and if we take a look at what the private right of action has the potential to do — in a sense it is crowd-sourcing potential enforcement actions — particularly against well-known spamming organizations. So you might have the public come together to seek compensation.” In the United States, which has a private right of action provision, big companies like Microsoft have used it to deal with spammers who were spoofing their identify online and launching phishing attacks, Geist said.

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Businesses want more change to law

“There is still a lot of bad stuff within the anti-spam legislation that we feel is still in need of change, but this aspect was probably the most troubling and the fact the government has put the brakes on that part is certainly good news from our perspective.”

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“The real issues of true spammers that are out there trying to trick you into something or spread some sort of virus, we believe that the existing legislation will be hopelessly ineffective given that happens internationally.”

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“Bad guys are already breaking so many existing rules doing this, they’re not going to worry about Canada’s anti-spam legislation, even if they are domestic.”

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While the anti-spam law risks hitting businesses, Kelly questioned whether it stops the worst spammers.

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Geist said he is concerned that those who lobbied the government to shelve the private right of action provisions of the law will turn their attention to the government’s planned review of Canada’s anti-spam legislation.

Kelly said the Canadian Federation of Independent Business was “delighted” when the government postponed implementation of the right to sue spammers and is hoping the upcoming review will lead to more changes.


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Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program cont’d from pg. 47 their full social and economic potential. • Capacity building and partnerships – Build the capacity of immigrant and multicultural organizations, and promote collaboration

between service providers, to better serve newcomer and ethno-cultural communities.

on or after November 1, 2017, and end by March 31, 2018.

Grants between $1,000 and $8,000 will be available for projects that address these priorities. Projects must start

Who can apply for funding?

unincorporated not-for-profit organization focused on newcomers and/or an ethnocultural community and in operation for at least one year can apply for grants between $1,000 and $3,000.

Stream 1: Individuals representing an

Stream 2: Organizations incorporated as a not-for-profit with a vision, mission or activities focused on newcomers and/or ethnocultural communities, and incorporated for at least one year can apply for grants between $3,000 and $8,000. How do I apply for funding? Read the application guidelines and get the application instructions and form at multiculturalgrants. What is the application deadline? The deadline to submit applications is 4:00 p.m. on August 1, 2017. Questions? Contact a Ministry Regional Advisor by phone toll-free at the following regional offices: Central Region: 1-877-3954105 North Region: 1-800-4656861 East Region: 1-800-267-9340 West Region: 1-800-265-2189

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Things that Canada is really, really good at In celebration of Canada’s 150 years as a country, BBC has asked Canadians who are making waves in the worlds of science, technology, art and design how the country has influenced and supported their work, and how this country and its citizens will impact on the world in the future. Science In 2015, Dr Art McDonald shared the Nobel Prize in physics with Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita for their work on neutrinos - miniscule particles that are helping scientists answer fundamental questions about the cosmos. McDonald calls his research “a further attempt to understand our universe in microscopic detail, but at the same time to understand things that influence how our universe evolved”. “We are looking for these particles which were produced in the original Big Bang and are still in our galaxy.” Laureate Nobel Prize in physics 2015 Arthur B McDonald attends a press conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science in Stockholm Arthur B McDonald 1 McDonald’s research was done in Canada at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, a lab specialising in dark matter and neutrinos. The Ontario lab is 2km (1.2 miles) underground in order to shield it from cosmic rays. There are 500 researchers worldwide working on experiments at the lab, including one investigating a rare form of nuclear decay, which could help explain the development of matter in the early universe. His team also has “a lot of common interests” with Canadian particle

physicists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern).

and eight billion years ago - the time period when the expansion of the universe began to speed up.

in North America for thousands of years, the Canada 150 celebrations are controversial.

“There’s a real advantage for Canadians to be plugged in internationally,” McDonald says.

Kaspi says there’s a “spirit of camaraderie” among researchers in the country.

But Aboriginal recording artist Susan Aglukark has embraced being named an ambassador for the celebrations.

Beyond his own work, McDonald says Canada is excelling at different kinds of science, including physics, genomics and biology.

“There’s a little friendly competition sometimes but overall, with these big projects we’re talking about, people work really well together and we recognise that there’s strength in numbers.”

“We’re the original Canadians, so we’re always going to participate in anything that is Canadian and makes this a better country.

“The accomplishment of the Ebola vaccine here in Canada is a real international success,” he says. Like Dr McDonald, McGill University’s Vicky Kaspi spends her time probing the mysteries of the universe. Kaspi has won a number of awards for her work, and was the first woman to win the Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for science and engineering. The Texas-born astrophysicist, who has taught at MIT and Princeton, says being based in Canada has allowed her to have larger research team than the funding structure generally allows at U.S. universities. Among her projects is a collaboration between several universities and observatories - the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (Chime), a groundbreaking radio telescope. Radio astronomy is one of the technologies developed and pioneered in Canada, Kaspi says. Using computer processing technology originally designed for gaming and mobile phones, Chime will begin making precise measurements of the acceleration of the universe between 10 billion

She says there’s a number of Canadian physicists making their mark in the field, including René Doyon, studying exoplanets at the Université de Montréal, Mark Halpern at the University of British Columbia and a colleague on Chime, and Ray Carlberg at the University of Toronto, working on the international Thirty Meter Telescope. Art and design The three founders of the Torontobased design firm Daniel Christian Tang have an eclectic background in disciplines ranging from biochemistry to architecture and engineering. The trio design 3D-printed fine jewellery using architectural modelling software, and among their inspirations is Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry, who once collaborated with Tiffany & Co to create an exclusive jewellery collection. “[Gehry] been able to really merge all sorts of different disciplines,” says Mario Christian Lavorato, who along with colleagues Heng Tang and Luca Daniel Lavorato, is behind the label. Christian says, as a young and multicultural country, Canadian design does not have a set look and style. “That’s also what makes it so exciting. Anything can come out of Canadian design creation,” he says. “There’s a type of diversity that exists here that really doesn’t exist in a lot of other places.” Christian says many of the new firms in Canada are marrying the worlds of tech and design. “There’s going to be a lot of really interesting innovation coming out of here that will take that design to another level,” he says. Many designers who do become global brands end up leaving Canada to go fully international. The market in Canada remains small compared to Europe, United States and Asia, where Daniel Christian Tang is setting up a satellite office. These include names like Jason Wu, who dressed former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Erdem Moralioglu, a U.K.-based Canadian and Turkish fashion designer who has dressed stars like Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard. But Christian says Canadian designers are recognised globally for their attention to detail and the level of care they put into their brands. “Being a Canadian presence goes quite a long way,” he says. For many indigenous peoples in Canada whose ancestors have been

“And as an artist I write about Canadian history, I write about indigenous issues in Canadian history and you know, the controversy is part of that history,” she says. The Inuk singer-songwriter grew up in Arviat, Nunavut, and has gone on to perform for Queen Elizabeth II and Nelson Mandela. She has long been inspired by Buffy Sainte-Marie, the pioneering indigenous musician, social activist and artist whose songs have been covered by artists like Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond. Aglukark also points to Kashtin, a Canadian Innu country folk duo who rose to fame around the same time as Aglukark, as an inspiration. “We became fast friends because as much as we come to this career from different places, we come to it from very isolated environment. “When success happens, for a lot of us it’s a lot,” she says. “It’s sometimes too much, too fast,” Like Buffy Sainte-Marie, many of Aglukark’s inspirations are multitalented artists also deeply committed to activism, from one of Canada’s most popular actors, Tom Jackson, to singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. Aglukark says while Canada has failed indigenous people in many ways, it has done much to support indigenous art and talent. Those artists have done some “incredible heavy lifting on our behalf in an international platform and put Canada on the map” Aglukark says. Business and tech One industry where the world is taking notice of Canada is artificial intelligence. AI researchers like Geoff Hinton, Richard Sutton and Yoshua Bengio are recognised globally for their contributions to deep learning and related AI techniques behind recent innovations in the field. Jordan Jacobs, co-founder at Toronto’s Layer 6 AI, calls artificial intelligence “the most transformational tech of our lifetime and maybe the last 100 years”. “From a research perspective, it leads the world,” he says. Layer 6 AI, which uses deep learning to solve business challenges, helped found the new Vector Institute, which is trying to build a bridge between AI research and its commercialisation. The Institute has received support and funding from banking giant RBC and Google,among others. cont’d on pg. 68


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Bringing the Gospel to our Community by Rev. Isaac DeGraft Takyi The Christian Life is the Life of Faith - What is Faith? Part 2 “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” ― C.S. Lewis It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that He exists and that He cares enough to respond to those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6The Message (MSG) Thank you for your attention and welcoming me into your life. In this write up I would love to have us look at what other people have said about faith, how I define it and leave you to think about how you will functionally define it for yourself, and then I will conclude with a text from the Scriptures.It is very important to know that the experiences of people with Christ, their life challenges and the Scripture influence the meaning of faith to them. Here are a few for us to think through: Tolkien J. R. R. in the

book “The fellowship of the Ring” puts it as: “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” To Elbert Hubbard it is in this statement:“God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas but for scars.” According to Sylvia Plath, it is “I talk to God but the sky is empty.” J.M. Barrie in the book The Little White Bird puts it this way: “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”  In Roy T. Bennett’s words as revealed in The Light in the Heart, faith meansto “Be Brave and Take Risks: You need to have faith in yourself. Be brave and take risks. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move

forward.” C. JoyBell follows a similar trend of thought but puts it as follows: “I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.”  Joni Eareckson Tada, in her book,The God I Love, explains faith in this light: “Sometimes God allows what He hates to accomplish what He loves.” For  Max Lucado, in his book He Still Moves Stones, reveals that “Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.” And last but not the least, C. S. Lewis, in his book,  Mere Christianity,

Ghanaian Presbyterian

clarifies it in these words: “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic—on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg—or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this Man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.” In myown words, Faith is absolute trust in the faithfulness of God to keep His promise in spite of what I see, feel, thinkorgothrough.

It is the ability to stand firm in Christ in all seasons—Spring, Summer, Fall (or Autumn) and Winter—that is, in good times and bad times. Proverbs 14:12 reminds us that God’s direction in our lives must take precedence, as it leads to life: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death”. The decisions we make define us in many respects and may have a profound impact on the lives of people around us. Our faith may impact generations to come. And so as Christians we must stick to the Word of God, which defines faith in this way: “Faith is the assured  expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen. Without faith, it is impossible to please God well, for whoever approaches God must believe that He is and that He becomes the Rewarder of those earnestly seeking Him. (Hebrews 11:1,6) What is faith to you? Please send me your definition:

Living Word

Church of Montreal

Assembly of God Church (Affiliated with P.A.O.C.)

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1345 rue Lapointe St. Laurent, QC, H4L 1K5 Location: At the Corner of O’Brien and Poirier.

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Church Activities

Sunday Early Morning Prayer: 8:30 a.m. Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Worship Service: 10:30 a.m. Tuesday Prayer: 10:00 a.m-12 noon Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Friday Prayer 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Last Friday of the month“All Night Prayer”): 7:30 p.m.-12 mid-night Youth Service (Fridays): 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Departmental Meeting (Every other Sunday): 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


The Ghanaian News June 2017

Ghana Calvary Methodist United Church, Toronto Tel: 416-614-6110 647-341-7305 Email: Invites all Christians to join us to worship and glorify the Living God

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Bethel Prayer Ministry Int'l Do you desire to experience the power and the presence of God demonstrated in your life? Do you want to experience the marvelous work of God's grace in your life? Then, Bethel Prayer Ministry International would like to invite you to visit their church where the word of God is preached powerfully to release the power of God in your life. Pastor Dennis Awuku COME AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED Senior Pastor


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Auxilliary Minister Rev. Samuel Victor Mpereh



Venue of Worship 65 Mayall Avenue, Toronto, ON Tel: 416-614-6110 Email: Hamilton Society Stoney Creek United Church (Chapel) 1 King Street West, Stoney Creek, Hamilton Contact: 289-244-5914, 289-700-6815, 289-698-1388

Worship Hours Sundays (Mornings) 10 - 12:45pm Wednesday (Bible Study) 7 -8:30 pm Friday (All Night Prayer) 8-10:30pm Rev Moses Sarpong

Come and Experience the power of the Word Join us at 196 Toryork Drive(Corner of Weston/Finch)

Tel: 416-743-2507

It’s Harvest Time So Reach Out And Make A Difference

It’s A Great Commission!

Apos. Dr. Emmanuel Anthony Owusu National Head

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The Apostolic Church Int'l. The Apostolic Church International (Toronto Assembly) is a Branch of The Apostolic Church in Ghana Apostle Nii Aryee (Area Supt. Canada-Wide)

Meeting Schedule Sunday (Worship) Wednesday Teaching Service Friday Prayers Friday: Monthly All Night Service Saturday : Movements -

- - - -

10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


Field Superintendent contact: 416-454-6141 (cell) 905-913-2037 (Res)


168 Rexdale Blvd.,

North American Headquarters: 10 Belfield Road Toronto, Ont., M9W 1G1 Tel: 416-247-6629 Fax: 416-247-5308

Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 1P6 Church Office 416-740-1979 Field Secretary: Pastor Cyril Williams - 416-875-9616 Apostle Charles Anokye-Manu

Lighthouse Assembly of God Church


2017: LIBERTY IN THE SPIRIT 2 Corinthian 3:17

SUNDAY SERVICES: 10:00 am-1:30 pm Ghanaian Service WEEKDAY SERVICES: Wednesday - Bible Studies Friday - Prayer Service LOCATION:

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 7:00 pm -9:00 pm

42 Steinway Blvd. Unit 1&2

Tel: 416-740-1200 Fax: 416-740-6435 Website: http:/www/

Rhema Power of Grace Chapel Int'l

Worship Service Bible Studies Service All Night Service Deliverance


63 Howden Rd., Unit 'F' Scarborough, ON, M1R 3C7 Pastor In-Charge: Pastor Ohene Kena Tel 647-850- 0142 Fax 416-945- 9445

Sunday - Divine Worship - 10a.m. - 1p.m. Wednesday - Bible Studies 8p.m. - 10p.m. Friday - Prayer / Deliverance - 7p.m. - 10p.m. Contact Lines: Tel: 416-321-2796 (Pastor's Res) 416-747-9225 (Church)

Cell: 647-921-2414

Tel: 514-271-9083 Pastor-In-Charge: John Arhin

Contact: Res: 450-687-4916 Cell: 514-654-6178

Immanuel Assembly of God Church, Scarborough Sunday School: 9:30am -10:30am Church Service: 10:30am - 12 noon

350 Deerhide Cres, North York, ON Rev. Bishop Joe Bonnah

378 Cremazie East Montreal, Quebec, H2P 1E5

Scarborough Assembly

Place of Worship:

Founder &Pastor-in-charge

Montreal Assembly

10 Belfield Road Tel: 416-247-6629

Invites all Christians, Non-Christians and members of the Resurrection Power Tradition to join us worship the Great Jehovah

Days And Time of Worship

- Sunday 10:30 a.m. Wednesday 9:00 p.m. - Friday 9:30 p.m. - Saturday 4:00 p.m.

Worship With Us At These Branches In Canada

Pastor-in-charge: Rev. Boniface Keelson

(Hwy 27/Steeles) Toronto, Ontario, M9W 6Y6 Email:


Rev. Douglas O. Ansah Pastor-in-charge

LOCATION Don Montgomery Community Centre 2467 Eglinton Ave. E. Scarborough, Ont., (Kennedy/Eglinton Subway Station) For more info contact:


Email: Website:


The Ghanaian News June 2017

The Apostolic Church Int’l Canada Inc.

(Currently, the only Ghana affiliated Apostolic Church in Canada)

Heaven In My Heart Ministries 100 Penn Dr, Unit #3 Rev. Eleanor Adu-Anane, Oversea and Founder MRE, ECE

Tel, 647-892-9412 Fax: 905-846-6257 E-mail

Time of Worship: Apostle Dr. KwabenaAkufo Supervising Apostle

Reverend Festus Ofori Senior Pastor Services

Sunday Worship Service 10am-1:00pm Wednesday Bible Studies 7:30pm-9:30pm Friday Prayer Meetings 7:30pm-9:30pm Contacts Us: 312 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke ON M9R 1R6 Major intersection Martin Grove

Wednesday: Bible Studies 7:00pm to 8:30pm Friday: Prayer Meeting 8:30pm to 11pm st 1 . Friday of every month: All Night Prayer Meeting & Deliverance 9pm to 2am Saturday: Youth Meeting: 2pm to 4pm Choir Practice: 3pm to 5pm Sunday: Christian Education: 9am to 10am Celebration: 10:30am to 12:30pm

Rev. Mrs Eleanor Adu-Anane MRE, BA, RECE For Counselling & other matters contact the Pastor

647-892-9412 or 905-846-6257 E-mail: 100 Penn Drive Unit #3, North York, Ontario Canada. M9L 2A9

Tel: 647-607-5124 / 416-274-3378 416-897-4742

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Mathew 5:6

Come and taste the power of Christ.

Mailing Address: 2 Berwick Avenue Brampton Ontario, L6Z 2P6,

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Welcome Home Evangelistic Ministries Affiliated with the Evangelical Church In Canada

Gen. Overseer & Founder: Evang. & Prophetess Winnie Manu BRE, M. Div.

Worship Celebration Services Sunday Worship Celebration: 10 a.m. Wednesday: Bible Studies - 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Friday: Intercessory Prayer Meeting 8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Friday: Youth Night - 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Healing Service: Last Sunday of every month

Place of Worship Cheyne Middle School 236 Queen Mary Drive Brampton, ON L7A 3L3

Contact Info: Tel: 647 210 7057 Fax: 905 495 4789

Christian Hope Ministry Int'l Invites You All To Come Worship With Us Apostle-in-charge: Apostle Twumasi Ankrah

Tel: 647-344-6726 Cell: 416-200-2453 TIME OF WORSHIP: Sunday 10:30 am - 1:30 pm Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Friday 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Apostle Twumasi Ankrah

VENUE: 1177 Finch Dr. #20, North York "And these signs will follow those who believe, in My Name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick , and they will recover. Amen (Mark 16:17)


Transformation Centre Assembly of God Church, Mississauga Join us on Sundays for worship at: Venue: Clarkson Community Centre (Margaret Marland Room) Address: 2475 Truscott Drive, Mississauga, Ont (Southdown Rd/Truscott Dr. on Winston Churchill Blvd/Truscott Dr.

Time: 10.00AM-1.00PM



Glory Pentecostal Ministry of Toronto Pastor-in-charge: Rev. Rockson Owusu Atwima - 416-708-7742

Invites all Christians and Non-Christians to join us to worship the Almighty God WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday Regular Service 11:00 am to 1:30 pm Tuesday Prayer and Healing Service 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday Prayer Night 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

PLACE OF WORSHIP 230 Eddystone Ave., #207, North York, Ont. M3N 1H7 We are more tan our conquerors Romans 8:37 "Come and see the manifestation and the power of the Holy Spirit at work"

Praise Temple of Christ International Snr. Pastor: Apostle Osei-Bonsu 336 Gary Ray Drive @ Signet Worship Schedule Sunday Worship - 10 am - 12:30 pm Wednesday - Bible Study - 7 pm - 9 pm Friday - Prayer Meeting - 8 pm - 10 pm Second and last Friday of each month All Night Prayer Meeting 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Apostle Osei Bonsu

Contact: Pastor Isaac K. Bonful Tel: 289-814-5482 Email: "...Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Romans 12:2a

For information call: 905-840-7387, 647-208-1093 416-209-9136, 647-710-2573 Pastor Appiah Jacob


The Ghanaian News June 2017

Around the Ghana Sports Scene

with Jonathan Baah Annobil

Current News from Ghana Sports Asamoah Gran, Black Stars captain, hit his 50th international goal for Ghana when they thrashed Ethiopia in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2019 qualifiers in Kumasi on .......... This feat has put him among the top five goal poachers on the African continent. He is also the leading scorer for Black Stars and being active will move up if he bangs in more goals as all the rest in the top five are inactive. I believe he will move up the bragging rights in the goal poachers ranks. Samuel Inkoom, Ghana Black Stars defender has been handed a one-year ban by FIFA. The reason being that he failed to pay his agent for his brokerage fee after he was transferred from Ukrainian side Dnipro in 2014. He has been capped 46 times. The Black Stars under watchful eyes of coach Akwasi Appiah are expected to play 2 friendlies against Mexico and USA on June 28 and July 1 respectively in the United States of America. As the Mexican national team are currently playing in the FIFA Confederation Cup in Russia, I do think the Black Stars will meet a Mexican Team B. Is it a wrong timing or what? Christian Atsu signed a permanent contract with Newcastle United in May after an initial one-year loan spell. He did impress and no wonder

Ghana loses 1-0 to Mexico in friendly A second-string Mexico team battled to a 1-0 win over Ghana in an international friendly in Houston. Asamoah Gyan he was readily signed. Also former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah now Technical Director in the new Black Stars backroom staff, urged the country to invest more in grassroots football. He said Michael Essien, SulleyMuntari and himself are all the products of grassroots football. He added that it is right to revive it to unearth more talents. FIFA’s new rule to fight racism in football has been introduced. Sulley Muntari was racially abused on the pitch as a result he left the pitch in disgust and was shown the yellow card and when he protested was suspended that caused a lot of uproar in football circles. The suspension was rescinded after a backlash. The new scheme is currently on trial at the ongoing Confederation Cup in Russia. During the tournament, referees will be able to stop and suspend matches. At the time of going to press one match between

Samuel Inkoom Portugal no game has been stopped as a result of racial abuse. It is high time such abuse is stamped out. The Sports authorities should make sure in my humble opinion that other disciplines apart from soccer are not neglected. It is true that soccer is the craze of Ghanaians but the other national soccer teams be it youth or female should also be given the necessary support and not only the senior Black Stars. I support the clarion call of Stephen Appiah that grassroots football should be revived. Where are the Academicals of the 70s? What about the second divisions teams like Auroras and Anokye of Hearst of Oak and Kotoko in the years gone by? Also, where are the colts which was very good in years gone by. I played for Chahal Babies in Agona Swedru, it unearthed young talents. Please bring back grassroots football and Ghana will be great again. A word to the wise is........

Sports Minister presents President’s Cup to Bawumia The Youth and Sports Minister has presented the trophy for coming Sunday’s President’s Cup to Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia. Isaac Asiamah in the company of executives of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) and National Sports Authority (NSA) visited the Vice President at the Flagstaff House Wednesday, to invite him for the event.

With Mexico’s stars Javier Hernandez, Carlos Vela, Hirving Lozano, Giovani dos Santos and Andres Guardado away in Russia preparing for Thursday’s Confederations Cup semi-final against Germany, Wednesday’s fixture was a chance for the CONCACAF Gold Cup squad to impress. And the Mexicans emerged triumphant thanks to Elias Hernandez’s 32nd-minute penalty at NRG Stadium in the United States. Luis Pompilio Paez – Juan Carlos Osorio’s assistant – oversaw proceedings in Houston. The team – made up of players based in Mexico – only had six men with 10 caps or more as Hugo Ayala, Jesus Molina, Moises Munoz, Jesus Duenas and Hernandez were named in the starting XI. Former Sunderland star Asamoah Gyan was named on the bench as Isaac Sackey made his debut in the absence of Andre and Jordan Ayew following Ghana’s 5-0 victory over Ethiopia in Africa Cup of Nations qualifying on June 11. Ghana settled quickest of the two teams but Mexico soon found their rhythm as Rodolfo Pizarro wasted two good opportunities.

“The President is an embodiment of the whole nation Pizarro received the ball a n d w h e n y o u outside of the penalty area, honour him it is not turned onto his right foot and for him,” he said.

The Vice President said President Nana Addo Dankwa AkufoAddo has the development of all the sporting disciplines in The Minister remarked the the country at project, started in 2003, was done heart because Vice President Dr. Mahamudu not only to “unify the nation” Bawumia with Isaac Asiamah, Youth o f h i s l o v e f o r s p o r t s . towards a common cause but and Sports Minister to honour the sitting President. “What we know is that the President is an avid sports The President’s Cup was The Vice President thanked person – he follows sports instituted by former President the Minister and executives of and I know soccer is very John Agyekum Kuffour and GHALCA and NSA for starting close to his heart [and] this the maiden edition held at the project in the first place. particular cup means a lot the Accra Sports Stadium. to him,” Dr Bawumia said. ‘It speaks to your dedication The 2017 event has been and discipline to keep it T h e p e r s o n a l i t i e s w h o scheduled to take place at going all these years [and] a c c o m p a n i e d t h e S p o r t s t h e B a b a Ya r a S p o r t s for making it a firm part Minister include, Director Stadium in Kumasi Sunday. of the calendar,” he said. General of the National Sports Authority, Robert Safo Mensah The match will be between Dr Bawumia told the gathering and MD of UBA bank, Abiola traditional giants Kumasi the President’s Cup should not Bawuah. UBA is the lead A s a n t e K o t o k o a n d be seen as an event held for sponsor of the President’s Cup. A c c r a H e a r t s o f O a k . the President as an individual.

flashed a shot just wide of the post in the fourth minute. It should have been 1-0 six minutes later but Pizarro fluffed his lines after he was played in by Angel Sepulveda’s delightful backheel. Ghana had chances of their own as Frank Acheampong cut his way past two opponents and shot wide of the post, while Moises was forced into a fine diving save by Majeed Waris. Mexico’s attacking play did result in a goal just past the half-hour mark after Jesus Gallardo was taken down by John Boye in the penalty area and Hernandez made no mistake from the spot – his first international goal since scoring in a friendly against Colombia in September 2010. It was not all smooth sailing for Mexico, who were forced into a substitution before half-time. After receiving treatment following a head collision, Munoz succumbed to injury, replaced by fellow veteran Jesus Corona, who was kept busy until the break. The second half was not as free-flowing amid the raft of substitutions, but Ghana still had chances to level proceedings. Ghana’s best opportunity fell to Acheampong with 12 minutes remaining but he was thwarted by the woodwork. The Anderlecht attacker had Corona beaten but his ferocious effort cannoned off the post. Goal. com

Things that Canada is really, really good at cont’d from pg. 61 Canada’s tech has an international legacy, from Research in Motion, which developed the Blackberry smartphone, to the now defunct Nortel Networks, a multinational telecommunications equipment maker. But now there is a push to turn Canada into a major tech powerhouse rivalling Silicon Valley. Jacobs says efforts to build a “Silicon Valley north” in the Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo region

of Ontario are bearing fruit, with a critical mass of new companies smart and large gaining more access to capital, and established tech companies like Google and Uber opening labs there. There is Thalmic Labs, a wearable technology maker, which last year recently got nearly US $120m (C$156M) from investors, storytelling app Wattpad which raised US$66m (C$86.03M) from investors, and dozens of other companies - from e-commerce powerhouse Shopify to chat app Kik. BBC News

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The Ghanaian News June 2017

The #I Automobile & Cargo Shipping To WEST AFRICA

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