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Issue 57 – September 28, 2006



Roots Yoga to new heights

Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

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I N S I D E I S S U E 57 MOVEMENT IN THE RIGHT SPACE Denyse Green takes Roots Yoga to new heights NOW IN SESSION The just-opened Roots Yoga Studio attracts students from all over Toronto THE WINDOWS COME ALIVE Montreal store puts on live show for second year running

HOT ROD HOODIES Producers of new comedy come to Roots gifts for cast and crew A DYNAMIC DUO PAR EXCELLENCE Hooking up with Parisian friends of Roots in New York MONTREAL DISPATCH Chanel Sutherland reports on a season of style in a city of Roots WINNING HALIFAX Two Roots managers score big in cross promotion contest


Publishers Michael Budman, Don Green Editor Robert Sarner Editorial Assistant Paulomi Patel

The Source is published fortnightly by Roots Canada Ltd. We welcome letters from readers for publication. Please address all correspondence to The Source , Letters to the Editor, Roots Canada, 1400 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M6B 4CR or by email to Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Each issue of The Source is also available, in an abridged version, on the Roots website at Issue 57 - September 28, 2006


THE MAKING OF A DEAL Roots delivers the goods to top-rated HBO television series

SPECIAL DELIVERY A selection of recent letters from the world of Roots KATIE COMES THROUGH I just wanted to write to acknowledge the amazing service I received in your store in Toronto’s Sherway Gardens mall. I rarely send letters like this but in this case the service was so exceptional I had to write. I was in the store during a recent sale. I saw a leather purse that I liked but the colour I wanted was sold out. The sales person, Katie Christou, offered to call other stores even though it was obviously busy. During sales, other stores often refuse to call around but Katie offered and I accepted. After several unsuccessful attempts, she asked for my phone number and said she’d call the following week. I really did not expect her to follow up. But the following week, she left a message saying that she still was not successful but was going to ask Head Office to check the inventory in all stores. I was very pleased and frankly amazed with the followup and phone updates. The purse was finally located in Windsor and shipped to the Sherway Gardens store. Katie was wonderful, and the service was remarkable and unexpected. I would hire her to work for me in a minute, as I’ve never experienced such excellent

customer support. Thank you to Katie and huge congratulations on your remarkable staff. Melanie Fernandez Toronto IN THE BAG Just a quick note to say how great everyone in our store feel about the new Roots shopping bags. These are among the nicest bags we’ve done and they represent us as a brand brilliantly. A company’s bag is so important to its identity. It’s often the only remembrance people have of their shopping experience although we certainly try to impact in other areas as well. In any case, we just wanted to recognize a job well done and to express a sincere thank you on behalf of all of us at our store in Whistler. JM Ogden Manager, Roots Whistler, BC VALUE OF TEAMWORK I’m currently on maternity leave but I wanted to tell you about the awesome people I work with at the Roots store in Prince George, BC. Not only are they my co-workers but they’re also my pals. They all came to visit me the first day my son was born in April.

But last week they more than exceeded my expectations. As my daughter was collecting pledges for the Terry Fox Run, they came together to pledge her $100. With the birthday money she donated in lieu of presents from family and friends, the money generously donated from our Roots store, and other donations, she raised her goal of $500 to help keep Terry’s dream alive. Thank you to Susan Mccormick, George Apostolou, Nikki Carter, Crystal Schloegl and Ileana Egli for helping my daughter and showing her the value of teamwork. I look forward to working with you all soon. Kara Haack Prince George, BC The Source wants to hear from you. Please send your letters to Robert Sarner at Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

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Denyse Green takes Roots Yoga to new heights


and Michael ever hired to work at Roots, and it proved an auspicious decision for all concerned. In time, she and Don would get married and start a family, all the while playing a key role in the evolution of Roots. More than 33 years later, that role is as vital as ever. Being the Director of the Roots Yoga Studio is only one facet of her work at Roots. Denyse also works closely on the design of Roots leather bags with

Diane Bald and resident leather expert Karl Kowalewski on top of overseeing the Roots Yoga collection of active apparel. In 1982, Denyse created Baby Roots, after she could not find clothing she liked for her newly born son Anthony. Denyse’s involvement in creating the Roots Yoga line was also a natural extension of her own personal interests. “I first started doing yoga about 30 years ago after I found a

book about it,” says Denyse, 54. “Right away, I was very curious about it and began looking for a teacher. Back then, yoga was not very common in Toronto. I really got involved in it in a more serious way a few years later when I became pregnant with our son. Since I wanted to have the baby at home, I knew that yoga would be very beneficial for the breathing and relaxing part of it.” It was. Denyse has been a regular practitioner ever since. “Yoga is a journey that helps you to know yourself better,” says Denyse, who has been teaching since 1996. “It’s a discipline and a complete system that helps you maintain your health, physically and mentally, giving you added vitality and better awareness inside out. There is also a spiritual and philosophical side to yoga that also attracted me.” In 2001, at Denyse’s initiative, Roots launched the Roots Yoga line. It began with a modest selection and expanded two years later when the organizers Continued on next page


f the recent opening of Roots Rosedale in Toronto marks the completion of a circle for Co-Founders Don Green and Michael Budman, it also has special significance for Don’s wife Denyse Green. The eco-friendly emporium signifies a return to the company’s roots on Yonge Street as it’s situated just a block up from where it all began back in 1973 when the first Roots store opened. But there’s also another dimension to the story. An important part of Roots Rosedale is the new Roots Yoga Studio situated upstairs on the third floor. Conceived and managed by Denyse, a seasoned instructor, classes began earlier this month with great feedback so far. For Denyse, the Studio is also a return to her roots of sorts. In August 1973, a few months after moving to Toronto from her hometown of Chicoutimi, Quebec, and barely a week after Don and Michael had opened the original store, Denyse was offered a job that would change her life. She was the first person Don

Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

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of the Yoga Show in Toronto asked Roots to supply the staff with suitable clothing. Today, the Roots Yoga line has grown to include many more styles featuring pants, jackets, and T-shirts in different fabrics and colours. Denyse works closely with Jules Power, Senior Designer, and Nikki Kime, Senior Technician, both in the Womenswear Department, on the designs and specifications. Denyse has also been helped by Elsa De Sousa, Senior Designer for Babies and Dylan Anderson, Designer for Menswear, who have been developing a Roots Yoga line for children and men. On the graphic side, a new Roots Yoga logo was recently unveiled after being designed by Graphic Artist Stephanie Briers with whom Denyse has been collaborating on the beautiful new Roots Yoga T-shirts. Earlier this year, during the planning for Roots Rosedale as a special store with a new concept, Denyse noticed the building had a beautiful space on the third floor. As she was looking for a new home for her yoga studio and the store was going to have a strong focus on organic and health-related products, it seemed like a natural move to create a Roots Yoga Studio upstairs. “The two complement each other,” says Denyse. “As the

building was new, it allowed us to design the Studio the way we felt it should be. I may not be objective but our space is the nicest urban yoga studio I’ve ever seen. That’s thanks in large part to Diane (Bald) and Pauline Landriault, (Director of Visual Planning and Store Development) Denyse with Roots who helped me shoe in 1974 tremendously as we prepared the space. Howard Pollack, (Director of Purchasing and Facilities), who oversaw the construction of the studio, also deserves a lot credit.” The Studio offers instruction in six main types of yoga (see box). Each week, there are 25 classes taught by 11 teachers, all of whom are experienced and certified from various renowned yoga schools. Denyse is nothing if not passionate about the Roots Yoga Studio. “I love the challenge of creating something new within the framework of Roots that has such a positive influence on people’s lives,” says Denyse. “It’s even more gratifying that it’s in a neighbourhood that has played such a big part in my life. It feels like completing a circle with the new store and Roots Yoga Studio being so close to where we began this great adventure 33 years ago.” – R.S.

Don Green at recent class at Roots Yoga Studio

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NOW IN SESSION The just-opened Roots Yoga Studio attracts students from all over Toronto


ituated above the new Roots Rosedale store on the third floor, the Roots Yoga Studio offers classes to all yoga enthusiasts. Check out the new Roots Yoga Studio website at: for detailed class descriptions, schedules and pricing. Here’s a brief look at the yoga classes available: • ASHTANGA/VINYASA AND VINYASA FLOW Mixing two types of yoga practice, this class focuses on linking movement with breath and exploring alternative posture sequencing. Suitable for students with previous yoga experience. • IYENGAR Iyengar focuses on the precise alignment of the muscles, bones and joints, using props to support and assist students when needed. Iyengar yoga increases flexibility, stamina and strength. No yoga experience (or flexibility!) required. • HATHA This class is moderately-paced between basic and intermediate poses, building core strength and flexibility. It focuses on alignment, breath and inner intention. Suitable for all levels. • KRIPALU This gently challenging classical style of Hatha yoga includes physical yoga postures, breath-work and meditation. Suitable for all levels. • ANUSANA A uniquely integrated approach to Hatha yoga, this class blends balanced energetic action with universal principles of alignment and the science of biomechanics. Previous yoga experience required. • GENTLE YOGA Perfect for those who would like to work at a slower pace. This class emphasizes moving with ease and comfort with breath awareness to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. No yoga experience needed. • YOGA FLOW Similar to gentle yoga but with flowing sequences and more challenging variations. Strengtheners and standing poses used allow for a complete body warm-up and awakening. Previous yoga experience required.

Reception area at Roots Yoga Studio

• DEEPENING YOUR PRACTICE This class takes your yoga even deeper by attending to the mind with breath, sounding and chant; and by exploring the subtle body through meditation and sense exploration. Previous yoga experience required. • YOGA AND MOVEMENT Putting more emphasis on listening to the inner body and exploring postures through movement, breath and flow of prana, this class increases endurance, strength and balance. Previous yoga experience required.

ATTENTION ALL ROOTS STAFF Newly opened Roots Rosedale store Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

Please note that effective immediately, all Roots employees are welcome to benefit from a free class every week at the Roots Yoga Studio. The Human Resources Department will be soon emailing all Roots staff on how to book classes. Come and enjoy. You’ll feel great.

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Roots Rosedale store hosts Toronto launch of Noah Richler’s new book

Roots Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green congratulate Noah Richler, (far left), at event held to celebrate the publishing of This Is My Country, What’s Yours? The evening, held on Sept. 20, drew some 200 people including many leading figures from the literary and media worlds.

THE WINDOWS COME ALIVE Montreal store puts on live show for second year running


oots Centre-Ville sure knows how to turn heads in Montreal. Earlier this month, people did a double take as they walked by the store next to the busy intersection of St. Catherine and Peel. What captured their attention were instructors from a nearby fitness club who appeared in the store windows giving choreographed demonstrations to music. For the second year in a row, Roots Centre-Ville teamed up with Club Sportiff MAA and hosted two-hour live window sessions for five consecutive days. Dressed in Roots Yoga attire, two male Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

and a half-dozen female instructors demonstrated eyecatching moves from a selection of their courses, including pilates, yoga, power pump free weights and cardio ball bootcamp. There was also African, hip hop and salsa dancing, and male instructors demonstrated sports conditioning and core strengthening. “It was great because they were promoting our Roots Yoga line and we were promoting their gym,” says Store Manager Aran Pamplona. “The club is right up the street and (Roots Co-Founders) Don Green and Michael Budman are always promoting

health and fitness, so it’s a good relationship.” Roots Centre-Ville’s relationship with the MAA started several years ago through world champion and Olympic medalist Natalie Lambert, when Roots Centre-Ville hosted an Olympic press conference at the store. Then, last year Natalie contacted Roots to suggest putting on live shows. “When you come into the store every day, it’s always exciting for something new to be happening,” says CentreVille Assistant Manager Angie Ello. “It was a nice change, especially because of where we’re located. It gave the store great energy and it definitely brought in traffic.”

New appointments and promotions at Roots • Tara Berringer, appointed Assistant Manager, Kitchener, ON • Ruth Chab, promoted to parttime Keyholder, Devonshire Mall, Windsor, ON • Christine Bailey appointed Assistant Store Manager, Roots Rosedale, Toronto • Monique Green, appointed Store Manager, Bramalea, ON • Shelley Sowinski, promoted to full-time Keyholder, Kitchener, ON • Natasha O’Brien promoted to Keyholder, Roots Rosedale, Toronto • Bethany Peckham, promoted to Store Manager, Waterloo, ON • Matt Stokes, appointed Manager in Trainee, Terminal 3, Pearson International Airport, Toronto • Kristina Stanhope, appointed Store Manager, Burlington, ON

STAYING POWER Saluting those who go the distance


his month, many Roots em ployees marked major anniversaries of their time at the company. By ‘major’, we mean benchmark achievements as in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years spent at Roots. We invite anyone celebrating such an anniversary at Roots to send the relevant information to The Source. Congratulations to the following employees for their huge contribution and enduring loyalty to Roots: (listed by seniority at Roots)

• Edmond Chin, Shipper, Leather Factory, Toronto, 10 years • Kitty Duquette, Sales Associate, Robson, Vancouver, BC, 10 years • Kerry Kirby Zbikowski, Store Manager, Mt. Tremblant, QC, 10 years • Jolene Andrews, Keyholder, St. Catharines, ON, 5 years • Howard Kriezman, Sales Associate, Bayview, Toronto, 5 years • Robin Nelson, Director, Information Technology, Head Office, Toronto, 5 years • Janice Waldrum, Assistant Manager, Windsor Crossing, Windsor, ON, 5 years The Source 5

Actor Kerry Washington

Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar with R. Perkins

Actor Oscar Isaac

Actor Derek Luke

GUESS WHO JUST DROPPED IN… Taking attendance of special guests at Roots stores


elebrities have long made a point of shopping at Roots. Every year, during the Toronto International Film Festival, there’s a veritable invasion of Hollywood A-listers who make a point of coming to the flagship store on Bloor St. while in town. Here’s a selection of photos of prominent figures who connected with Roots during the last few days of the Festival, along with some other notable guests at Roots stores in other cities. · Victoria (BC) – American actress Nancy Travis enjoyed shopping at the store using the 15% Roots discount card that she received as part of the Roots Smarten Up campaign from Chapters. She bought several T-shirts from the Roots Yoga collection for herself. She also picked up the Roots men’s Woodland plaid shirt and an assortment of other men’s Tshirts for her husband. · Robson Kids (Vancouver, BC) – Former teen model and American film actress Jennifer Beals, best known for her role as Alexandra “Alex” Owens in the 1983 movie Flashdance visited the store. Additionally, American actress Jessica Alba, known for her roles in Dark Angel and Sin City also shopped at the Roots Kids store.

Actor Jessica Alba Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

Actor/director Kevin Costner, (right), with Michael Budman

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte

Actor/director Forest Whitaker

Actor Jennifer Beals

Actor Tim Robbins

Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, (right), with Raymond Perkins Actor Nancy Travis

Pauline Landriault and Diane Bald The Source 6

MONTREAL DISPATCH Chanel Sutherland reports on a season of style in a city of Roots

Dana Kalisky, Chanel Sutherland


ne of the hottest spots in Canada for this fall’s best fashion is Montreal where nearly everyone is a trendsetter. Whether you are strolling down St. Catherine Street or shopping on St. Laurent, people you see have a style of their own. Despite their diverse modes, many share one thing in common: Roots. The beaver is showing its paws everywhere in Montreal. With this fall’s collection, new trends are being created out of mixing

and matching Roots. Montreal women, like their counterparts elsewhere in Canada, are finding at Roots what they need to express their inner selves. In this city of great culture and style, fall nights are never about boring sweaters. For a night out, female Montrealers can spice up their look by throwing on a pair of Roots Jazz leggings in forest green, a long layering tank in camel, and the camouflage hoody in jungle. To accessorize, add a Venetian Village Bag in tribe leather. Cropped hoodies are also fun this fall and make layering a breeze. The Sunset cropped hoody in forest green looks great paired with Roots sweatpants in vintage white. Add the Bonita peaked toque and voila! This Montreal look is almost complete. Top it off with a little spray of Roots Spirit perfume. With its natural scent, it’s sure to lift your spirit! Whether it’s a simple stroll along Montreal’s famous European-flavoured historic dis-

trict, dining in Little Italy or taking in a history lesson at one of the city’s many museums, savvy Montreal women choose Roots as their look for style and comfort. But, fall isn’t just for women. Are Montreal men remaining true to their Roots? Stay tuned for the next style dispatch from this great city. • Chanel Sutherland works as a part-time sales associate at the Roots, Cavendish Boulevard, Montreal. She is also studying English literature at Concordia University and writing her first novel.

Chanel Sutherland

HOT ROD HOODIES Producers of new comedy come to Roots for gifts for cast and crew


dding to its already im pressive foothold in Hollywood, Roots recently shipped custom-designed products to the set of the upcoming film Hot Rod. Coordinated by West Coast Sales Representative Rich Patterson, the Business-toBusiness Department supplied 350 full-zip hoodies and 40 leather CD cases for the cast and crew in Vancouver. Product Coordinators Mary Jane Saliba and Kam Ryatt helped execute this time-sensitive order which entailed making sure the bags were received only 12 days after the order came in. Hot Rod is the latest comedy teaming the Lonely Island trio (Andy “Ardy” Samberg, Akiva “Kiv” Schaffer, and Jorma “Jorm” Taccone) with Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

Lorne Michaels, creator and executive producer of NBC’s hit show Saturday Night Live (SNL) and friend of Roots CoFounder Michael Budman. Directed by Akiva and produced by Lorne, the movie stars Andy (of SNL’s Chronicles of Narnia Rap fame) as Rod Kimble,

an accident-prone daredevil who decides to jump Snake River on a moped to win over his hard-toplease step-father. Sissy Spacek, Danny McBride, Ian McShane, Isla Fisher, and SNL’s Bill Hader, also star. During filming in August, Lorne and several stars of the film visited the Roots store in Victoria, B.C. Shot in various locations in the Vancouver area including Burnaby and Coquitlam, Hot Rod is set to hit theatres next summer. This sale follows the recent leather bags orders for several major music tours, including Madonna’s ongoing Confessions Tour and tours for The Who and Steely Dan. Roots also produced duffle bags for the cast and crew of the boxoffice hit Snakes on a Plane this summer.

A DYNAMIC DUO PAR EXCELLENCE Hooking up with Parisian friends of Roots in New York


riends of Roots come from all walks of life and all over the world. In Paris, two people close to Roots also happen to be one of France’s most famous couples – writer/ philosopher Bernard-Herni Levy (known as BHL) and actress/singer Arielle Dombasle. Last week, they were in New York where Arielle was performing a three-night engagement at the Supper Club. Co-Founder Michael Budman and his wife Diane Bald attended the first evening. Backed by the New York Big Band, Arielle performed hits from the 1940s and 50s in English and French. Over the BHL past year, she has been performing to sold out audiences all over France. Michael first met BHL in Paris in 1983 when the outspoken intellectual was the subject of a cover story in Passion magazine. Michael was the Executive Publisher while Robert Sarner, current Roots Director of Communication and Public Affairs and former journalist, was the founding Editor-inChief of Passion. Since then, both Michael and Robert have become good friends with BHL and his wife Arielle. Among his many projects, BHL just produced a documentary film on the renowned Paris-based architect and interior designer Andrée Putman who has previously worked with Roots on several projects. The Source 7

WINNING HALIFAX Two Roots managers score big in cross promotion contest



enior Manager Taron Driedger from Regina, SK and Store Manager Terri Smith from Halifax, NS will be VIP guests at the coolest annual party on the East Coast next week while visiting one of the oldest breweries in Canada. Both Taron and Terri are the lucky winners of the first-ever Roots-Alexander Keith promotion. Their prize includes round trip airfare with a two-night accommodation for two in Halifax. They will also participate in Keith’s welcome reception and brewery tour, a Maritime lobster dinner,

a guided Halifax pub crawl and get VIP event passes to Alexander Keith’s 211th birthday concert. Taron, who has been with Roots for seven years, will be going on this trip with her husband. “I’m very thrilled to be one of the winners,” she says. “I’m looking forward to seeing Halifax and my husband is looking forward to the beer wenches there.” The trip is thanks to the cross promotion between

Roots and Labatt’s Alexander Keith’s beer. As part of this incentive, Keith’s customers could win Roots hats and gift coupons at stores by presenting specially designed tartan labels taken from the beer bottles. Store managers kept track of winners and were eligible for the trip to Halifax. Terri, the other winner, has been to Keith’s birthday event in the past and is thrilled to be there once again this year. “This year’s Keith’s birthday blast is bigger than ever,” says Terri. “I’m also eager to do the tour of the brewery.”

The promo, which lasted from May to early July, included all Roots stores and outlet locations and was coordinated by Liz Doggett, Manager of the Wholesale Operations at Roots. Roots is also the official supplier of gifts at Keith’s birthday bash next week. Coordinated by Celso Afonseca of the Business-toBusiness Department, Roots will supply leather ticket holders and luggage tags, made at the Roots leather factory in Toronto, to be used as giveaways for guests at the event.

Managers Taron Driedger, (left), and Terri Smith

THE MAKING OF A DEAL Roots delivers the goods to top-rated HBO television series


he Roots Business-toBusiness Department keeps chalking up the hits. Latest proof: the cast and crew of the hit HBO TV series Entourage are now making use of their customized Banff Bags. Made of 100% genuine leather at the Roots factory in Toronto, the small Banff bags come with an embroidered logo of the show’s title, as well as the classic Roots Genuine Leather logo. Product Coordinator David Jackson handled the order and sent 200 black and 50 brown bags to the Entourage producers earlier this month. The producers then gave the bags to Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

The cast takes a break on the set of Entourage

the cast and crew at their wrap party in Los Angeles. Roots Co-Founder Michael Budman and Los Angeles-

based Roots salesperson Wendy Goodman made initial contact with Entourage’s production company, and Graphic

Artist Winnie Tam designed the artwork. Entourage, which is based on the Hollywood experiences of executive producer Mark Wahlberg, has been hailed as one of the best comedies on TV and has received eight Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations. Adrian Grenier stars along side Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Debi Mazar and Emmy award winner Jeremy Piven. Entourage finished its third season in the U.S. last month and is scheduled to premiere in Canada on October 9 on CityTV. Check local listings for show times. The Source 8


DOING THE RIGHT THING Guelph store manager makes tracks for good cause


his weekend, thousands of Canadians of all ages and backgrounds will be participating in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. Many Roots employees will be participating in the annual charity event, including several who The Source has written about in recent issues. Lindsey Howat-Kinsella, Store Manager, Guelph, Ontario, will also be taking part in the five-kilometer run/walk this weekend. The slogan of the CIBC Run for a Cure is “Who are you running for?” Lindsey, who is taking part in the event with her close friend Laura Dunn, explains: “Laura and I are running for our mothers. We both watched our mothers battle cancer.”

Lindsey Kinsella and Laura Dunn

Lindsey’s mother survived cervical cancer while her friend Laura’s mother had breast cancer. Both women had successfully recovered after their initial treatments only to have the cancer return. Lindsey’s mother survived, her friend’s mother did not. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is the largest singleday, volunteer-led fundraiser in

Canada in support of the advancement of breast cancer research, education, diagnosis and treatment. Runs like these are happening in more than 50 communities all over Canada on Sunday, October 1. For the past month, Lindsey and Laura have been training to successfully go the distance in Guelph. In August, Lindsey, along with the Roots team in Guelph, also took part in the Parkinson’s Super Walk, raising more than $1,200 for research to find a cure for the disease. • Interested individuals can sign up by going to and linking up to the Run for a Cure web site. To make donations to Lindsey’s efforts, go to: ( html/personal_page.asp?track= 1744757& languageid=1.) You can make donations on this website even after the Run for the Cure on Oct. 1.



Store comes through for family in need

The Roots global village

Kristi Lee, Store Manager, St. Catharines, ON


he Groeneveld family of St. Catharines, Ontario was in for a rude awakening when their home went up in flames last month. The fire, which started in the basement, soon enveloped the entire house leaving the family with almost nothing by the time it ended. Adding to their misery, the house was uninsured.

Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

The Groenevelds are longtime Roots customers, having shopped in stores in Hamilton and St. Catharines on several occasions since 2001. A few weeks ago, as they began to rebuild their lives, the Groenevelds approached Store Manager Kristi Lee whom they first met when she managed a Roots store in Hamilton. With Kristi’s help, the family received a substantial discount on various purchases at Roots. They were grateful for the assistance, which allowed them to buy quality apparel, especially for their disabled son who was preparing for high school. “Helping a family in need makes me proud to be a part of a company that shows its support for customers in this way,” says Kristi who has been at Roots for nearly ten years. “That is what being a part of the Roots family is all about.”


oots may be based in Canada but it’s known around the world. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to stay connected to Roots no matter where you are. If ever proof was needed of the interest in Roots far beyond the shores of North America, the website department feels it every day. Over the past five months, according to statistics compiled this week, people from 184 countries visited Here are the top ten countries in terms of traffic on the Roots site since last spring: Canada, the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Germany, France, and India. The next spot was occupied by China.

A selection of coverage of Roots in the media Here are some recent sightings of Roots in the pages of newspapers and magazines: • Elle Canada magazine, Oct. issue. Spotlight on the Roots Green Café Bag and the Editor’s Bag. • Toro magazine, Oct. Spotlight on the Roots leather love seat and organic cotton washcloths available at Roots Home and Roots Rosedale featured in the “Annual Guide to the Perfect Pad” section. • Fashion magazine, Oct. Spotlight on the Roots Lindsay Bag featured in the “Fashion Shops” section. • Green Living magazine, autumn issue. Spotlight on the Roots organic hoodie featured in the “Fashion Goes Forward” section. • The Globe and Mail, Sept. 23. Article entitled, “Buy towels, save the planet” mentions Roots bamboo bedding line available at Roots Home store. Spotlight on Roots Yoga stretch sleeveless tee made from bamboo and organic cotton. Diane Bald is quoted. • The Windsor Star, Sept. 21. Article entitled “You can find Canadian products if you want to” cites Roots for sells products made in Canada (and others made abroad). • Ottawa Sun, Sept. 21. Photo of country singer Tim Amick wearing red Roots Canada shirt in concert near Kingston. • The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 19. Mentions that Beyonce and Penelope Cruz both own the Roots leather Venetian Village bag featured in the “Fall 2006 Trends” section. • Marketing magazine, Sept.18. Mentions Roots uses online forums and blogs to develop a community of loyal young consumers. Robert Sarner is quoted. • The National Post, Sept. 16. Mentions the new Roots eco-friendly Rosedale store and Yoga Studio. Also, spotlights organic cotton and hemp clothing, vegetable-tanned leather furniture, reclaimed-wood tables and bamboo-fibre linens. Michael Budman is quoted. • Marketing magazine, Sept. 11. Column on Hello! magazine includes quote from Robert Sarner on how will consumers respond to new magazine. • Style at Home magazine, Sept. issue. Spotlight on Roots black leather handles featured in “A Fresh Start, Hardware” section. • Flare magazine, Sept. issue. Article entitled “Our Guide to help you pick the best investment handbag” includes tips from leather bag expert Karl Kowalewski. • Ottawa City magazine, Aug. issue. Mentions Roots outlet store in South Keys Shopping Centre as one of several places for good deals in Ottawa. The Source 9

MUSICAL ROOTS This month, we spotlight Steve Winwood


or the past 40 years, Steve Winwood has had one of the most esteemed careers of the rock era. He’s enjoyed success as a solo artist and as a leading member of the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith, and as a much soughtafter session musician for some of music’s great names. He’s also had multi-platinum selling albums and singles as well as two Grammy Awards. Born in 1948 in Birmingham, England, Winwood jumped into the music scene at a young age. He played guitar in his father’s band at the age of nine and was soon playing keyboards with some of the pillars of blues music - T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, B.B. King and John Lee Hooker on their UK tours. But with a distinct vocal style derived from a deep, soulful voice that sounded bigger and older than he was, Winwood would not remain in the background for long. At 15, he co-founded the Spencer Davis Group and scored a few chart topping hits with “Keep On Running”, “I’m A Man” and “Gimme Some Lovin’” before leaving to form Traffic in 1967. Traffic’s debut album Mr. Fantasy was released that year and the group would go on to define the psychedelic rock sound and register chart hits with “The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys” and “Dear. Mr. Fantasy”. In 1969, Traffic briefly disbanded as Winwood formed Blind Faith with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Rick Grech (two-thirds of Cream, who had recently also disbanded). Con-

Steve Winwood

sidered by many to be the world’s first supergroup, Blind Faith enjoyed brief success with its only release, the selftitled Blind Faith. Winwood soon began work on what he intended to be his first solo album. He brought in former members of Traffic to work on the project and it quickly turned into a Traffic reunion. It resulted in the 1971 album Low Spark Of HighHeeled Boys and marked the

THE TOP 10 A guide to the sounds of Roots for the month of October 1. Roots Woman, Jimmy Cliff 2. Wonderful World, Sam Cooke 3. Arc Of The Diver, Steve Winwood 4. Where Are We Going, Marvin Gaye 5. Gimme Some Loving, Spencer Davis Group 6. Peg, Steely Dan 7. Soul Shakedown Party, Bob Marley & The Wailers 8. Dancing In The Moonlight, Van Morrison 9. Try A Little Tenderness, Otis Redding 10.It’s Man’s Man’s World, James Brown -Compiled by Davin Bujalski

peak of Traffic’s commercial success. The band officially broke up in 1974. Winwood spent the next few years as a session musician for artists such as Joe Cocker, George Harrison, and Toots and The Maytals. In 1977, he released his solo debut to lukewarm responses. Arc Of A Diver, his glorious 1981 album, was an instant smash. Winwood played every instrument on the album which he produced, engineered and mixed as well. He went on to record Back In The High Life in 1986, an album that sold 3 million copies and gave Winwood his first #1 single “Higher Love” and two Grammy Awards. In 1988, he released Roll With It whose title track went on to become his biggest hit ever. More recently, Winwood released a new studio album in 2003 entitled About Time and a DVD featuring a wide array of his work from the past 40 years. He is currently on tour in the USA and is preparing a new album. He can also be heard on “Makes Me Wanna Pray” from Christina Aguilera’s album Back To Basics. – Davin Bujalski • To learn more about Steve Winwood: Go to: Music: Arc Of A Diver, released 1981, Island Records; Back In The High Life, released 1986, Island Records; Roll With It, released 1988, Virgin Records; The Best Of The Spencer Davis Group, released 1989, Capital Records; Feelin’ Alright: The Very Best Of Traffic, released 2000, Island Records.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Our fortnightly spotlight on new positions at Roots Here is a list of current job openings at Roots stores along with the appropriate contact person. For more information, please refer to the separate email notices sent out recently about each position: • F/T Keyholder, FT and PT Sales Associates, Pacific Centre, BC (Gold level store). Email your resume to the attention of Ross Shafer at Deadline: Fri., Oct. 6. • Assistant Manager, F/T Keyholder, FT & PT Sales Associates, Whistler, BC (Gold level store). Email your resume to the attention of Ross Shafer at Deadline: Fri., Oct. 6. • Store Manager, F/T Keyholder, FT & PT Sales Associates, Park Royal, BC (Silver level store). Email your resume to the attention of Ross Shafer at Deadline: Fri., Oct. 6. • Assistant Store Manager, Vaughan Mills Outlet, ON (Silver level store) Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Sat., Oct. 7. • Assistant Store Manager, Orfus Road Outlet, ON (Platinum level store) Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Sat., Oct. 7. Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

SPREADING THE WORD Guide to new ads appearing this week and next

• Thurs., Sept. 28 - Now magazine (Toronto): Full-page colour ad featuring Roots Flat bags with spotlight on the Venetian Village Bag. • Thurs., Sept. 28 - Eye Weekly (Toronto): Full-page colour ad featuring Roots Flat bags with spotlight on the Venetian Village Bag. • Thurs., Sept. 28 - Toronto Star: Halfpage ad featuring Roots Flat Bags • Sat., Sept. 30 - Globe and Mail: Halfpage ad featuring Roots Flat Bags. • Sat., Sept. 30 - National Post: A full-page colour ad on outside back cover of the Toronto section featuring Roots Flat Bags.

GREEN TIP #23 Easy ways to help the environment Forget pre-heating: Ignore cookbooks! It is usually unnecessary to pre-heat your oven before cooking, except when baking bread or pastries. Just turn on the oven at the same time you put the dish in. During cooking, rather than opening the oven door to check on your food, just look at it through the oven window. Why? Each time you open the oven door, it results in a significant loss of energy. • Source: Fifty Ways to Help Save the Planet. What you can do. Vanity Fair magazine

HEALTH TIP #20 Easy ways to help you stay healthy Smaller Meals, More Often: Loading up our bodies with food three times a day is a cultural habit, not a biological need. Instead, eating smaller portions four to five times a day delivers a steady stream of nutrients, blood sugar, and energy to the body throughout the day. Less taxing on the digestive and metabolic systems, smaller meals prevent overloading and excess waste accumulation. Yet another benefit: dividing caloric intake in this way reduces your risk of heart disease. (Source: Secrets of Longevity, by Dr. Maoshing Ni) The Source 10

NEW & NOTEWORTHY A guide to just-launched Roots products

THE PERFECT FALL ADDITION Layering has never been so simple for men

Panorama Crew Sweater


ow that the leaves are turning red and the brisk autumn air has a new cool breeze, the votes are in: the Blackcomb Hoody Sweater and Panorama Crew Sweater are perfect additions to every man’s fall wardrobe. Made of 70% cotton and 30% lambswool, the lightweight hoody and sweater bode well in early to mid-fall weather. With their 100% cotton jersey linings, both the hoody and sweater eliminate

itchiness from their woolblend exterior. The lining also creates an effortless layered look; perfect for students who just like to throw things on and head to class. Featuring contrasting stitching on the sweater and contrasting elbow patches and classic kanga pocket on the hoody, both tops look great paired with the Echo Lake Jean. Created by Senior Designer for Mens, Rita Shulman, the hoody and crew neck sweater

come in different colours. The hoody is available in timber with charcoal lining, and the crew sweater is available in navy with medium grey lining. Putty with timber lining and evergreen with forest night lining are also available in both styles. Coordinated by Martha Galora and Adele Zapotochny, Merchandise and Merchandise Planning

Managers for Mens, the hoody and sweater also feature a small pinch label on the hem. Both items are currently available in select Roots locations (including in Toronto at Bloor St. flagship store; Roots Central ( Eaton Centre); Yorkdale; and Queen St.) • Blackcomb Hoody Sweater, sizes XS-XXL, retail price: $88; Panorama Crew Sweater, sizes XS-XXL, Retail price: $84

Blackcomb Hoody Sweater




If you’re on the move with a digital camera, this is the way to go

New accessory perfect for carrying select cell phones

A fast look at what’s flying off the shelves at Roots stores



Based on the latest sales figures from all Roots stores in Canada and the United States, here are the 20 top-selling products:

arrying a camera has never been so easy. One of the latest Roots Equipment accessories to hit stores this season is the neoprene digital sports pouch. Designed to fit Pentax Optio and other Micro digital cameras, the pouch features an efficient Sure-Lock belt loop with Velcro closure, as well as a detachable shoulder strap with all-metal hardware. Neoprene, a synthetic rubber commonly used in weather-resistant products, makes up the exterior of the pouch, allowing people with active lifestyles to benefit from maximum protection. Additional details include an interior pocket to store memory cards and a mini mesh pocket with Velcro closure. Coordinated by Rebecca Fernando, Merchandise Manager, Accessories. Available in select Roots stores in Canada and the US. Retail price: $14.95

Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

oots has done it again. Always one to keep up with the latest trends, Roots Equipment accessories has designed a custom-fit leather pouch for the popular Motorola RAZR V3 cell phone. Made from good quality leather, the case features a clear vinyl window so the display is visible without having to remove the phone. Also featuring a leather-covered clip that can be used to attach to belts and purse straps, this Roots Equipment accessory is sure to be a hit. Coordinated by Rebecca Fernando, Merchandise Manager, Accessories. Available in select Roots stores in Canada and the US. Retail price: $19.99

1. Women’s Heritage Toggle Cardigan 2. Men’s Cooper Full Zip Hoody 3. Men’s Cooper Zip Polo 4. Men’s Basic Cooper Pant 5. Men’s Cooper Kanga Hoody 6. Women’s Roots Original Sweatpants 7. Women’s Vintage Graphic T-shirt 8. Women’s Basic Kanga Hoody 9. Women’s Varsity Sweatpants 10. Women’s Grassroots Hoody 11. Women’s Maple Pullover Sweat Top 12. Women’s Basic Varsity Sweatpants 13. Boy’s Long Sleeve Baseball T-shirt 14. Baby’s Smoothie 15. Baby’s Wheaton Jacket 16. Baby’s Woodland Toque 17. Roots Bottled Water 355 ml 18. Roots Eco Bag 19. Crocs Beach Clogs 20. Village Bag Prince Leather Bag The Source 11

Issue 57 - September 28, 2006

The Source 12

September 1, 2006  

Movement In The Right Space - Issue 57

September 1, 2006  

Movement In The Right Space - Issue 57