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Roommate is a children’s design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 2006 by the two designers Christine Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle. The focus point is to create positive and stimulating settings for creative children's play. Since children invariably install themselves in every room of a house, Roommate's products are scaled and coloured with other household furniture in mind; so even though they're meant for kids, their charm and quickness sits well in a grown-up environment. Roommate gives kids the mental and physical space for interaction, fantasy and absorption. The versatile and appealing designs are perfect for self-expression and creation across a wide range of ages. The collection has two main lines: High quality organic textile products including play tents, cushions, blankets and bedding and laser cut metal objects - such as lighting, storage, hooks etc. Roommate stands for playful design, high quality, ecology and social responsibility. Roommate is a GOTS certified company. Enjoy!

A magical collection with golden shimmering dots. Every little princess's dream!

Create an adorable decor with lots of cozy cushions and soft blankets. Decorate with handy and playful storage solutions - It's perfect for displaying those little trinkets, post cards and your favorite books.

Surround yourself with products that can grow with your children and look great into the modern home.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) integrates all of the textile processing stages, from the fibers to the finished product. "The purpose and goal of the GOTS standards are to define globally recognized requirements that ensure organic certification of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling."

Who wouldn't want to be measured on this growth chart? Be creative and decorate the House ruler with magnets and your favorite photos.

HOOKED ON HOOKS Great for hanging up school bags, coats, scarves, shopping bags ...all sorts! Use baskets and playful shelves and you get endless possibilities for decoration and storage.

Surround yourself with friendly faces as you drift off into dreamland... Tuck your dollies and teddies in at night. With a KITE bedding set they'll be sure to have a good night's sleep!

This playful furnishing is all kid... or for the kid in you. The ears make them easy to move around and position, it can be used for sitting in, but is also designed for play and romping about - making the HappyCat bean bag a combined furniture and toy. Award winning design.

Create an adorable decor with a Silhouette wall light that looks as good on as it does off. The silhouette provides a soft warm glow and light shines through the cut-out details creating a cozy atmosphere.

Embrace your children's creativity and the inevitable chaos it brings. Small House boxes are perfect for storing pencils, crayons and anything else lying around that needs a home!

The main principle behind Scandinavian Design is functionalism alongside design. Our collection draws on this heritage and we find great inspiration in our proud history.

Every kid loves a small space to call their own. The Hippie Tipi is easily transformed into a den for dolls and teddy bears or a perfect spot to read, nap, or pretend. The Hippie Tipi is made for fun and versatility.

All rights reserved Roommate ApS Photo, styling and art direction: Roommate - Playful Danish Design Special thanks to: Sally, Anna Rosa, Bella, Silje and Viggo Emil


With reservations for printing mistakes, colour differences and changes in the product range.

Catalogue august 2017 aw web  


Catalogue august 2017 aw web