November 2020

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Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal Wins Low Slope S.T.A.R. Award FRSA Staff

The Spotlight Trophy for the Advancement of Roofing is an awards program designed by FRSA to recognize members' unique and outstanding projects. A panel evaluates the entries for inclusion and outstanding performance in each category. This year there were 48 submissions for placement in one of four categories: Low Slope, Steep Slope, Community Service and Craftsmanship. Judging criteria includes, among other considerations, aesthetics, special circumstances, unique project design, complexity of project, workmanship, teamwork, testimonials and creative problem solving. The judges use before, in-progress and completed pictures and videos to assist in the judging process. Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc., Eaton Park, Fla. won first place in the Low Slope category for its Hillsborough County Court Annex in Tampa. The project consisted of the removal of the existing coal tar and gravel roof and insulation from the metal deck and covered 327 squares of roof area. All work had to be completed after hours and on weekends, as no noise was allowed during normal business hours while courts were in session. Most of this project was completed at night. The coal tar pitch was, as we say in the industry, very much “alive” and made for some miserable nights for the crew. To further complicate things, on one side of the building there was a framework of steel and piping to support the HVAC 32

FLORIDA ROOFING | November 2020

equipment that was only about three feet off the existing roof deck. The area below this framework totaled about 50 squares. That’s 50 squares on your hands and knees in coal tar pitch for those keeping score at home. Once the existing roof and insultation was removed, the team from Springer-Peterson was faced with repairing decking that was not fastened to code. Adding additional fasteners into the steel was easy enough, although the side laps of the deck were crimped together, so additional stitch screws where of no use. Special tools were purchased in order to add additional crimps to the side laps to meet the requirements of the architect. Once the deck was prepped, cleaned and fastened, a two-inch base layer of insulation was mechanically attached to the deck. Once the insulation was secure, a layer of GAF Liberty SBS Self-Adhered Base Sheet was installed as a temporary roof system until Springer-Peterson was able to remove additional roof sections and install a new one. Since this install was being done at night, the team from SpringerPeterson was having issues with the laps sticking and the base sheet wrinkling due to temperature and humidity. To make certain that there would not be any