Florida Roofing Magazine- March 2022

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enough, but in many cases the roof that was replaced wasn’t damaged at all. One of the ironies is that approximately 70 percent of the payout amounts from those claims went to attorneys. The laws in other states do a much better job of heading off this sort of activity. It seems the solution is in the hands of the insurers, the lawyers and the legislature. Yet everyone seems to want to blame the roofers. There are clearly some bad actors in our industry but they are a minority. FRSA’s efforts to help solve this problem demonstrate this. Another bit of irony is that the previously discussed insurance industry practice of forcing premature roof replacement is influencing their insureds. If your roof is eight years old and you now have to replace it when it’s ten years old, you are certainly more likely to look favorably on the guy who knocks on your door offering you a “free roof.” The insurance industry is not claiming that roofs that are more than ten years old are more susceptible to damage. Their logic is simply that most of the “free roof” claims are for roofs older than that. Following that thinking, they seem to believe that if all roofs are less than ten years old, they won’t have any claims. As if the storm chasers couldn’t claim storm damage on newer roofs when the older ones have all been replaced. Talk about wishful thinking. Imaginary hale and high-wind events can affect any roof regardless of age, at least when an attorney gets involved.

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The waste of natural resources, the increased debris generation and diversion of financial resources at so many levels is simply not sustainable. The legislature has been working on the issue during the last several sessions but a true solution has been elusive. One thing is clear: we can’t afford to just roof our way out of this and at the same time install high-quality storm-resistant roof systems. To end these claims, insurers and the Legislature must find a way to cut off the flow of cash that pays for undamaged roofs with many years of serviceable life remaining. Legitimate roofing contractors have taken great exception with the way the worst abusers have sullied our reputations. Part of the solution involves proper roof inspections by knowledgeable and qualified contractors willing to verify a roof’s condition and remaining serviceable life. This, along with a willingness to push back against fraudulent claims and prosecution of those perpetrating fraud, is the most effective way to accomplish positive change. Make no mistake, for the sake of our industry’s reputation we have to be part of the solution. FRM Mike Silvers, CPRC, is owner of Silvers Systems Inc. and is consulting with FRSA as Director of Technical Services. Mike is an FRSA Past President, Life Member and Campanella Award recipient and brings over 40 years of industry knowledge and experience to FRSA’s team.