Florida Roofing - July 2021

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Lisa Pate, FRSA Executive Director “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” is one of my favorite sayings and it embodies the spirit of our small but hardworking staff. I’m often told what a great job our team does on projects, events and publications and I know that it takes all of us to accomplish these goals. Together, the Association (FRSA) and the Credit Union are a small staff of nine full-time employees and one consultant, each of us with a specific skill set that enables the whole organization to run smoothly. FRSA is the largest regional roofing association in the country, offering membership benefits, industry-specific educational programs, code and technical support, human resource and legal services, meetings, events and media publications. Through the Credit Union, we offer equipment and vehicle loans, project financing, mortgage lending and in-person and online banking services. The Self Insurers Fund (SIF) offers workers’ comp insurance to members who meet its underwriting guidelines and, together, FRSA is a one-stop shop for the services and support contractors need to successfully run their businesses. So, who makes up your FRSA team?

Anna Torres, Office Manager/Receptionist

Anna is new to FRSA, having been with us for only three months. With FRSA’s Annual Convention and Expo approaching fast, Anna had to quickly learn how to handle many of our daily functions. She is responsible for overseeing our office, organizing vendors, outside office orders, electronic equipment, machinery, office supplies, mailings, phone systems and databases. She assists the Executive Director, the Director of Convention and Expo and other staff members on an as-needed basis. Part of Anna’s responsibilities include working on Convention and Expo items and we’re lucky that she has hands-on experience in this area. Anna graduated from UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality and Management, Orlando and is no stranger to the convention industry. She’ll be one of our team members heading up the registration desk during the July 21-23 event. The most important item I keep in mind when hiring is ensuring that new staff prospects will complement current staff personalities and Anna certainly meets 34


that requirement. She is fun-loving, quick-witted and fits in with our mostly female staff of strong type A-plus personalities.

John Hellein, Director of Educational & Research Foundation

John has been with FRSA for nine years, beginning as the Editor of Florida Roofing magazine. Over the years, John transitioned from a staff person to a consultant, laying out graphics for the magazine and creating promotional material for the Convention and Expo. He came back full-time last year as Educational Foundation Director. His duties include staff liaison for the Foundation, Endowment Board of Governors and the Worker Training Subcommittee. He also assists with the Codes Committee and Codes Subcommittee. John’s strengths include technology skills, photography and graphic design. Last year, he moved the Foundation Auction online, increasing donor exposure and enabling additional bidder participation. John’s light-hearted personality and humor keep us laughing and mindful to not take ourselves too seriously.

Kelsey O’Hearne, Ad Sales Manager

Kelsey has been with FRSA for four years and her main job is to sell advertising for Florida Roofing magazine, but her speed and efficiency enable her to assist with other programs and services. Kelsey started as our Office Manager, but with her outgoing personality and positive attitude, we knew she was destined for bigger challenges. At the end of 2019, we brought Florida Roofing magazine ad sales in-house and Kelsey took on that task, exceeding previous sales numbers. Her technology skills enabled us to convert the magazine to digital and to offer digital