Florida Roofing Magazine - April 2022

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Will Gerstman, MFM Sales & Marketing Independent Manufacturers Rep, 15 years How did you get started in the roofing industry? My stepfather, Park Adams, has been in the industry longer than I’ve been alive. I started helping him during the summers when I was in high school. In college, I worked part time for a two step distributor, Coast to Coast. After college, I went back to working with my stepfather as a full-time rep. I’ve been very fortunate to have a great mentor in Park and wouldn’t be here without him. What’s your favorite part of the job? Working with our manufacturer partners to market and finding the right fits for those products our distributor partners need. When it comes together, it’s rewarding for everyone. What’s the most unusual roofing project that you’ve been a part of? Not sure it was that unusual but a memorable one recently was a S.T.A.R. Awards winning project from a few years back, the GOAA Internodal Terminal Facility at the Orlando airport (pictured above). Architectural Sheet Metal was tasked with putting the roof on and it was a huge project. MFM Ultra HT was the underlayment used on the job. It’s fun to watch a project that big come together and Architectural Sheet Metal did a great job as always. What do you consider a waste of time? Traffic and commutes aren’t much fun. I live in a relatively small town and, luckily, don’t have to deal with much traffic. I do travel quite a bit and always try to plan my days to avoid heavy traffic or any long delays. A big time waster. 38


What’s your favorite vacation? My family and I enjoy beach vacations. We’re spoiled with some of the best in Florida. We enjoy the Panhandle beaches close to home in Tallahassee. What is your dream job? General Manager for a team in the NFL. I’ve always been a big football fan. Building a team as GM would be a good gig. How long have you been involved with FRSA? 15 years What do you personally find most rewarding about being involved in FRSA? FRSA has always been a first class organization. There is a wealth of industry knowledge and everyone involved is always happy to help. I’ve personally learned a ton from being involved with FRSA and think that it is a must for anyone in the industry in Florida. What advice would you give to someone interested in joining the roofing industry? Give it a shot. It is a big industry with lots of opportunities. If you’re willing to learn and apply yourself, you can punch your own ticket and go far. What’s your favorite pastime activity? I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife and I have a four year old daughter and a two year old son. They keep us busy and we’re having a great time watching them grow. FRM