Florida Roofing - April 2021

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Training, Codes, Legislation and Research are on FRSA’s Horizon Mike Silvers, CPRC, Owner of Silvers Systems Inc. and FRSA Technical Director Like many of you, I was thrilled to see that the next FRSA Board of Directors meeting in April will be an in-person event. For many of us this is another step in the all-too-slow return to somewhat normal. Virtual meetings have allowed our work to continue but are lacking in the face-to-face exchanges of information and viewpoints that in-person meetings offer. These meetings and the Convention have been the life blood of our Association. A few days before this writing I received my COVID vaccination. I was among the last in my age group to receive it but was very happy and somewhat relieved to get it. I guess there are a few advantages of being an old guy – I’m not complaining about getting older mind you – I certainly prefer it to the alternative. Beginning to put the effects of the virus in the rearview mirror is, in many ways, a new starting point for what lies ahead. With that in mind, I want to lay out just some of the opportunities and challenges that await FRSA and the Florida roofing industry it represents.


As we rebound and start rehiring, attracting new folks to the industry, providing appropriate training will be more important than ever. Roofing is becoming more complex every year. New materials and application methods, along with more complex NRCA ProCertification tile testing.



and stringent building codes, demand that we as an industry respond by training our workforce. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a pilot testing program for the National Roofing Contractors Association’s (NRCA) ProCertification for Clay and Concrete Tile Systems held at Trent Cotney’s impressive facility in Tampa. If you are into cars, and who’s not, you know how impressive early transportation advertising signs can be. If you are into roofing, which you must be if you’re reading this, Trent’s shop area behind his offices is every bit as impressive. His collection of roofing-related signs and memorabilia from the twentieth century was a stroll down memory lane. Thanks, Trent, for all you do. Back to the tile testing. Once those participating in one of the ProCertification modules completes a course, he or she will need to take a final hands-on exam demonstrating experience and knowledge of that particular module. A qualified accessor oversees the hands-on demonstration. Attending as an accessor was Trent’s instructor and master mockup fabricator, Jim Montague. NRCA had a great group there that included: John Schehl, Jared Ribble, Jon Goodman and Frank Perna. Representing Eagle Roofing Products and FRSA was the always willing and invaluable Manny Oyola. He was not only helping with the students' hands-on roof tile evaluation but was also acting as an interpreter. FRSA is