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Issue 4 - 2020 No.206

PARADE Porsche Celebrates 70 Years in Australia

The greatest compliment as time goes by: you haven’t changed at all. With expert knowledge and over 52,000 genuine parts, Porsche Classic makes sure it stays that way. Porsche Centre Melbourne is proud to be a Porsche Classic Partner, offering privileged access to Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. To find out more call (03) 9473 0917 or visit porschemelbourne.com.au/classic

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Issue 4 - 2020 No.206

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Club Calendar

12. How Hamilton brought Porsche to Austr al i a

10 . Porsche to celebrate 70 years in A u st r a l i a

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Porsche Launch Control event at Sydney Ai r por t


Shannon’s Festi val of Motor spor t at Sandown


Whats In Your Gar age?


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ISSUE 4, 2020



Your Dream Porsche. Pick your size.

Porsche Centre Brighton are delighted to announce our brand new online Driver’s Selection Shop: shop.porschebrighton.com.au Alongside our Virtual Showroom and online service booking system, you can now enjoy everything Porsche online, and still experience the friendly, professional service that is the hallmark of Porsche Centre Brighton. Please visit us online at shop.porschebrighton.com.au. Free shipping for Club members. Please use code: PCV Free.



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horizontally opposed Welcome to the fourth issue of Porsche Parade for 2020. My Apologies for the late arrival of this issue as it is always in your letterbox before Christmas. Unfortunately the “New Normal” as it has become known has devastated the 2020 events calendar leaving us with a tight window for a few events when things started opening up in early December. With events crammed in right before Christmas it was impossible to have the magazine out on time.

Also in this issue Russell Sturzaker debuts his series of history articles on the club. The first being the history of the Tony Jones Award. With the Club in its 46th year Russell should be busy with this project for a long time!


Get your Cheque books, sorry, credit cards out, as Porsche will be releasing a special Australia only model to celebrate 70 years of Porsche in Australia! The yet-to-be-announced special limited edition will be painted in a new colour developed by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. The colour, Fish Silver Grey Metallic, is a modern interpretation of ‘fish silver grey’, the colour of one of the first two Porsche 356 imported into Australia back in 1951. You can bet this limited model will be super collectable so if you’re lucky enough to be offered one, don’t pass it up!


The last month before Christmas certainly was a busy one compare to previous years cramming in the Summer Run, Sandown Festival of Motorsport, Phillip Island Sprints, a Coffee Run and Mid 911 run.

The Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. PO Box 911, Kew, Victoria 3101 web site: www.pcv.com.au email: pcv@pcv.com.au

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Also the long awaited Taycan which featured at the Sandown Festival of speed embarrassing new GT2’s and 992 Cup cars with its 2.8 second 0-100km and bitumen shredding 774lb-ft of torque will be finally be on sale in Australia this year.

Having said that it is wonderful to finally have the magazine full of Club content again. We have the usual suspects and in this edition of “What’s In Your Garage” we visit Social director Linley Baxter and his collection of GT3’s. This is our first all GT3 collection and what a great one it is whith a 996.1, 991.2 and a 996.2 Cup car! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as Will and I enjoyed making it!

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I hope you enjoy this issue ad let’s hope this year gets back to normal so we can enjoy our cars and friends’ company. As usual, a big thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue.

Disclaimer: Advertisers should be aware of the laws prohibiting misleading and deceptive conduct. No liability is assumed by the publisher for any losses which any person may sustain as a result of any misleading or deceptive advertisement or article published in this magazine.

Ron Widdison Editor

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Melanie Treloar Lisa Gillespie Kon Gogos Carly Pasco Anna Cook David Turner Clyde White

Competition sub-committee Competition Director Andrew Smth: motorsport@pcv.com.au Marshal Co-ordinator Murray Seymour: marshals@pcv.com.au Competition Secretary Richard Catchlove Juris Briedis Andrew Bonwick Peter Harrison Grant Stephenson Ian Geekie Cameron Goodyear Michael O’Brien Tony Carolan Tom Goulopoulos Phil Treloar Andrew Smith Mark Horton Andrews Andy Hall

Register Captains Register Director

Paul Sbrissa: pcvregisters@pcv.com.au

Mid 911 (1974-89) Paul Sbrissa & Jim Adamson: mid911@pcv.com.au 993/964 Roger Vella & Leon Christodulaki 993@pcv.com.au Modern 911 Kon Gogos modern911@pcv.com.au 911 Turbos James Borg & David Hosking: 911turbo@pcv.com.au GT3, RS & RSR Greg Humphries: gt3rs@pcv.com.au Boxster & Cayman Ken Anson & Carlo Fasolino: boxster@pcv.com.au Torque Tube Angelo Monteleone & Ivan Romanic(924, 928, 944, 968) torquetube@pcv.com.au Cayenne/Macan Jake Parsons cayennemacan@pcv.com.au Administration Carly Pasco & Lisa Gillespie administrator@pcv.com.au

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Social sub-committee Social Director Linley Baxter social@pcv.com.au


Issue 4 - 2020 No.206

PARADE Porsche Celebrates 70 Years in Australia

ISSUE 4, 2020 ISSUE 4, 2020

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president’s message After many many months of in action, PCV finally kicked back into action from late November with a very short but enjoyable Last Run up through the hills and finishing up with an excellent lunch hosted by Porsche Centre Brighton. This was followed up by a register and coffee runs plus two, non-point scoring, track events that have at least helped our competition members get back some race fitness. So it feels like we are starting to get back to normal. However, as those members that attended any of the above mentioned events will have noticed, we are in the era of the “new normal” and are likely to be so for some many months yet. Nevertheless I think we demonstrated in these pre-Christmas events that we can still have fun, enjoying our cars and each other’s company even in a Covid restricted environment. During our quiet times through 2020, your committees have continued to function very productively, taking the opportunity to look at new concepts for our events, not only to ensure Covid plan compliance but also to explore different activities and different ways through which you can get value for your membership. An interesting example of a different activity is the Midnight Cruise which will have been held in early January as our first event for the New Year. Keep your eyes peeled for Club emails and website announcements for what will be a far more exciting 2021.


Financially, 2020 has been a strain for the Club and this will certainly continue into the 2021 financial year. Losses in both the FY20 and FY21 years will reduce our reserves, but these are exactly the circumstances that our reserves are maintained to support. The Club will still be very well positioned to gear our activities back up in the year ahead. Even through lock down our membership continued to grow, which is a very encouraging sign. For many of you, receiving your quarterly copy of Porsche Parade will have been your major connection with the Club of recent times. I hope you will agree that the quality of our Club magazine is second to none and we are truly blessed to have someone on our General Committee with the editorial and publishing skills of Ron Widdison. 2021 for Porsche will be the year of the Taycan. We have already had our first new member with one. The differences between petrol power and noise compared to electric power and quietness will stir up a lot of emotions and debate, however having recently seen a Taycan doing a few laps of Sandown Raceway, Porsche have every right to label this a sports car – its performance, particularly in acceleration, was staggering.

Linley Baxter

I trust you all had a happy and safe Christmas and I will look forward to catching up with you at our events in the New Year. Regards to all. Tony Carolan President

The committees have also done a lot of work in writing up operating manuals and defining procedures on how we operate. These manuals will not only help us to run events even more smoothly but will certainly assist new members coming on to the committees.

Paul Sbrissa pcvregisters@pcv.com.au

Club Permit Scheme

Russell Sturzaker

Taycan Turbo S at Shannon’s Festival of Motorport, Sandown, December 2020

ISSUE 4, 2020




from race control This is my final report from Race Control. After three years, I will retire as Competition Director at the end of December. 2020 has been a calamitous year for Competition. Following the Hill Climb at Haunted Hills in February, every subsequent event was cancelled through to November. Who would have anticipated in February that Bryant Park would be my final Drivers’ Briefing as Competition Director? Once the Covid-19 restrictions lifted the Club participated in several events and activities. Members of your Club have been working to support the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA) in setting up their own team of flag marshals, by providing initial consultation and information sharing, and mentoring at events. Through Porsche Cars Australia we had forty participants in the Shannon’s Motorsport Australia Festival at Sandown in early December. Then, to close out the year we ran a joint meeting with MSCA at Phillip Island in late December. By running joint meetings both Clubs can manage the significant cost and logistics of events. As noted in the email to members, one of the strengths of our Club has been our ability to create succession for key roles. This brings in fresh experience and perspective

and avoids the build-up of knowledge over many years in one person. I am delighted that Andrew Smith has agreed to take on the role of Competition Director from 2021. Andrew is a former Club Rookie of the Year and is a much liked and respected Competitor. He will bring the perspective of a current Cup Car pilot to the role.

Harrison, Michael O’Brien, Grant Stephenson, Andrew Bonwick, Simon Dunn (resigned), Ian Geekie, Tom Goulopoulos, Andrew Smith, Cameron Goodyear, Gordon Johnstone, Phil Treloar, Juris Briedis, Andy Hall, and Richard Catchlove. Hopefully, we will be more active in 2021 due to running Competition events! I have also enjoyed the support of our senior Officials and the Marshals without whom we simply could not run Competition. PCV is almost unique in being able to independently run our own events, due solely to the contribution of these great Club people. Being Competition Director has been challenging, time consuming and frustrating (at times), it has also been extremely rewarding. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement as an Official and sometime driver.

Cup Cars on the Dummy Grid at Sandown Festival of Motorsport December 2020. When I started as Competition Director, I relied heavily on help from two former Competition Directors, Andrew Bonwick and Tony Carolan. I soon came to appreciate the support of Carly and Lisa, and had my eyes opened to the work they do behind the scenes.

Finally, my thanks to Mrs Competition Director. Caroline has supported me every single inch of the way and I am deeply thankful to her. See you at the track! Mark Horton Andrews Competition Director

The Competition Director cannot operate as a ‘one-man band’ and so the ongoing support of members of the Competition Committee is essential. Thanks to members of the 2020 Committee including Tony Carolan, Peter

the socialist Hooray. Finally we are back in our cars attending events and meeting up with our buddies. And we are making up for lost time. PCV has already had two social events with many more to come. Personally I have gorged on four track days in two weeks. We can’t get enough of everything Porsche. The Last Run held on 29 November, reported on elsewhere in this issue, was indeed a real blast and lived up to its organisers billing. Thanks go to Geoff Mould for finding such wonderful roads so close to Melbourne and within range of our lunch stop at Porsche Centre Brighton. Thanks to Clyde for his innovation in keeping the event alive under very difficult circumstances and also to Anna Cook and Vickie Morris. And we must especially thank Pike Peters and his mighty team at at Porsche Centre Brighton. Making up for lost time by compressing events into the remaining part of 2020 meant that soon

after Ken Gogos had his always well received and very well attended December Coffee Run. And unusually we have a social event in January. Vickie Morris has a very special Midnight Run on Saturday 9th January. Then there is the rest of the year leading off with a new event, Picnic with Porsches at Como. Keep your eye on the website and email updates. It will be a fast and abundant year. I am especially grateful to all members of the Social Committee for their wonderful work and especially looking forward to working with them all in 2021. To help coordinate our very full calendar of events we now have a full compliment of CoOrdinators. Vickie Morris for Runs, Geoff Mould for the End of Year Awards Gala, Clyde White for Sponsorship, Russell Sturzaker for Club Nights and Alison Belot for the Social Manual. Each of the coordinators is very ably supported by other members of the social committee and together they will bring to you a dazzling array of events in 2021. See you there.

Clyde White presentation to Pike Peters of PCB in thanks for their generosity in hosting the Last Blast Run.

Linley Baxter Social Director

ISSUE 4, 2020


46467-Charlie Battisti A5 Flyer.qxp_Layout 1 3/10/18 7:36 am Page 2

46467-Charlie Battisti A5 Flyer.qxp_Layout 1 3/10/18 7:36 am Page 2

2-4 Moncrief Road Nunawading VIC 3131 Ph: +61 3 9894 4622 admin@charliebattisti.com.au 46467-Charlie Battisti A5 Flyer.qxp_Layout 1 www.charliebattisti.com.au

3/10/18 7:36 am Page 1

Noel Griffiths Ross Booth Carl Doggett Shane Perry

0409 884 469 0400 448 268 0425 725 396 0424 281 994



Prestige vehicle repairers for over 35 years, Charlie Battisti & Co. ensure you the customer are one hundred percent satisfied with all repairs undertaken. Every Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering. And its expert repair is just as complex and challenging. If your Porsche should be damaged in an accident, we are committed to getting you back on the road with the assurance of rigid standards for workmanship, quality and integrity. Be it a heavy structural repair or minor repair, paint or touch up, our facility and techniques meet Porsche’s exacting standards and our staff are trained in the proper use of Porsche factory approved repair equipment, tools and technologies.  We have access to the latest Porsche repair information and guidelines and we guarantee the highest level of workmanship and skill with factory trained staff. We only use Porsche Genuine Parts to maintain rigid tolerances and standards. Factory Approved repairs enable the continuation of the Porsche 10 year body warranty and are all made with original assembly line accuracy.

Prestige vehicle repairers for over 35 years, Charlie Battisti & Co. ensu percent satisfied with all repairs undertaken. Every Porsche is a masterpiece of engineering. And its expert repair is If your Porsche should be damaged in an accident, we are committed t assurance of rigid standards for workmanship, quality and integrity. Be paint or touch up, our facility and techniques meet Porsche’s exacting proper use of Porsche factory approved repair equipment, tools and te Warning: We have thetowed latest Porsche repair information and guideline Do not be coerced intoaccess having yourto vehicle to a repairer you haven't chosen. Insist that the tow truck driver carries out your instructions as to the destination of your vehicle. workmanship and skill with factory trained staff. We only use Porsche and standards. Factory Approved repairs enable the continuation of th made with original assembly line accuracy. 2-4 Moncrief Road Nunawading VIC 3131 Ph: +61 3 9894 4622 admin@charliebattisti.com.au PORSCHE PARADE 10www.charliebattisti.com.au

Noel Griffiths Ross Booth Carl Doggett Shane Perry

0409 884 469 0400 448 268 0425 725 396 0424 281 994

Warning: Do not be coerced into having your vehicle towed to a repairer you hav driver carries out your instructions as to the destination of your vehicl

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ISSUE4, 4, 2020 2020 ISSUE


Porsche to celebrate 70 years in Australia in 2021 Porsche will celebrate 70 years in Australia in 2021, with activities including several events and a new, only for Australia, limited edition model. The yet-to-be-announced special limited edition will be painted in a new colour developed by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. The colour, Fish Silver Grey Metallic, is a modern interpretation of ‘fish silver grey’, the colour of one of the first two Porsche 356 imported into Australia back in 1951. The first two Porsche sportscars brought to Australia, a fish silver grey 356 cabriolet and a maroon 356 coupe, are both still on the road today and driven regularly by their respective owners. “Australia holds a special place in the history of Porsche,” said Sam Curtis, CEO and Managing Director, Porsche Cars Australia. “2021 will be a special year for Porsche enthusiasts. It is fitting that we will celebrate 70 years in Australia just as we launch the Taycan, our first all-electric Porsche sportscar and a signal of the future of the brand.” Australia was introduced to Porsche by Norman Hamilton in 1951 after a chance meeting with Ferry Porsche in Austria. “Porsche and Australia have a close bond and tradition and Australians love our sportscars, especially the iconic Porsche 911,” said Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG. “Our Australian fans are keen on everything Porsche’s DNA is about: sportiness, performance and an emotional design – this hasn’t changed in seven decades.” The special edition model will be a feature of the 2021 celebrations. The model, to be announced in the first half of 2021, has been a project bringing together the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur department, the Style Porsche design team and Porsche Cars Australia.

Grant Larson, Director Special Projects, Style Porsche and Daniela Milosevic, Designer Colour and Trim, Style Porsche, with the colour swatch for the new colour ‘Fish Silver Grey Metallic’, as well as papers from the production of the original Porsche 356 Cabriolet imported to Australia in 1951. “This has been an exciting project to work on for everyone here in Stuttgart,” said Grant Larson, Director Special Projects, Style Porsche in Weissach. “It is fantastic that the new special edition model for Australia will be based on an iconic, modern Porsche sportscar, but with a nod to the very first car we shipped to Australia all those years ago. It’s especially pleasing to hear that those first two cars, like most Porsches, are still on the road being enjoyed by their owners to this very day.” Celebrations begin at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne, where a oneoff non-championship event will be held for Porsche motorsport competitors. The Porsche PAYCE Michelin Cup will see two generations of Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race cars (type 991 and 991.2) go head-tohead for the first time in a dedicated Porsche event in Australia. Three Sprint events are also scheduled for members of the Porsche Club of Victoria. A Porsche Taycan pre-production vehicle will also be on-track for a speed comparison demonstration. Porsche is also launching a photo competition via its @PorscheAus Instagram page. People are encouraged to upload images that creatively interpret the competition theme each fortnight, follow and tag @PorscheAus and use the hashtag #70YearsPorscheAus to be eligible for entry. 70 minor prizes and the grand prize of a luxury getaway driving the new Taycan for up to three days are on offer.

Grant Larson, Director Special Projects, Style Porsche in Weissach



Visit Porsche.com/australia/70years for more for more information regarding 70 years of Porsche in Australia, as well as following @PorscheAus on social media.

“2021 will be a special year for Porsche enthusiasts. It is fitting that we will celebrate 70 years in Australia just as we launch the Taycan, our first all-electric Porsche sportscar and a signal of the future of the brand.�

ISSUE 4, 2020


By Michael Browning

How Hamilton brought Porsche to Australia The amazing true story of how Norman Hamilton made Australia the first right-hand-drive market for Porsche in the world.

On his way from Austria to Switzerland to investigate the latest in pump technology for Australia’s nation-building Snowy Hydro project, his cumbersome rented Oldsmobile 88 was ’rounded up’ by a low slung, silver sports car. In a village further up the valley, he came upon noted German racing driver and Porsche tester, Richard von Frankenberg, at an inn, with his silver steed still ‘pinging’ hot outside. The two struck up a conversation.

of a lone aluminium-bodied coupe for the famous Austrian one-armed racing driver Otto Mathé, had been built with right hand drive. This was no problem for Hamilton, a fearless entrepreneur, and the deal he struck included a supposed contribution to the tooling costsfor the right hand conversion.

Interrupting his mission of refining its chassis, von Frankenberg showed Norman Hamilton over the sleek little car. Then, in a burst of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Hamilton followed the German back to the Porsche factory and after a formal introduction to Ferry Porsche, followed by a short factory tour, he secured the Australian and New Zealand commercial rights to sell the rear-engined sports cars on a hand-shake. In doing so, he became only the second Porsche agent outside Europe, following Max Hoffman in the USA. It wasn’t uncharacteristic for Hamilton, who was born in Preston, Melbourne in 1910 and was a calculated risk-taker. Leaving school early after the premature death of his father to become an accountant in the National Bank, he was interested in all things mechanical. He studied at night while working, getting his pilots’ licence before marrying and then serving in the Air Force during World War II. After the war, he purchased a pump manufacturing company in South Melbourne on the site of the current Crown Casino. His first retail customer was another pump manufacturer, Kelly and Lewis Pumps, which took him to Europe in 1951 to research high-pressure mining pumps that could be used in Australia’s Nation-building Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. It was an inspired time to become a Porsche distributor. Just a few months earlier, the design office founded in 1930 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche had completed its 500th eponymous car since production began in Gmund, Austria at the end of 1949. But none, with the exception 14


The first two Porsche sportscars brought to Australia: a fish silver grey 356 cabriolet and a maroon 356 coupe. As part of the deal, the two 356s, a Fish Silver Grey split screen Cabriolet and a Maroon Coupe, were both to be produced in July 1951, with Hamilton arriving back at the factory in August to collect them with a friend, Andrew Kennedy, who was an active spy during and after the War. They then drove the cars across the Swiss and Italian Alps to Genoa, from where they were shipped to Melbourne, arriving in early October.

Then, on 1 November 1951, Hamilton introduced both cars to celebrities and motorsport identities at a function at the South Melbourne Town Hall, after which selected guests were driven for laps of nearby Albert Park Lake by Australian Motor Sports Club members, Ken Harper and Ken McConville. Guests were left suitably impressed with the performance of the unadorned little cars with their 1286cc air-cooled engines. Just 40 months after the first Porsche had received its road permit in Austria, the make had arrived in Australia.

Jones – both drove their fathers’ cars as children. “I was going to Camberwell High School, but my marks weren’t good,” said Alan. “My parents thought I was aimless, so they sent me off to vocational guidance and they were stunned when they were told my ambition was to be a racing driver.” After subsequently failing his first year at Swinburne Technical College, he then took a cadetship at William Adams Tractors working on Caterpillar earthmoving equipment. He also tried his hand at real estate, but at the dawn of the 1962 Credit Squeeze, Norman decided it was time Alan met with his destiny, which he believed was to work in the family business. On 1 November 1951, Norman Hamilton introduced two Porsche 356 to celebrities and motorsport identities at a function at the South Melbourne Town Hall. Alan Hamilton, Norman’s son, was then just nine years old and welcomed Porsche into his young life with enthusiasm. “I recall thinking that I was being dropped at school in a better car than the other kids,” said Alan. The early days of Porsche in Australia were not very glamorous. Australian import restrictions severely limited the local Porsche population, with Hamilton supplementing his income by becoming an insurance loss assessor. He also started another company, Hamilauto, which manufactured automotive accessories such as trouble lights and battery pole and clamp cleaners, the latter in association with Harold Clisby, who became Porsche’s first South Australian Porsche dealer. Just one more car arriving in 1952, another in ’53, five in ’54 and 15 in ‘55, but the tally grew to 84 in 1959. Three Porsche tractors and Porsche aero engines also arrived for evaluation during the 1950s, while Porsche industrial engines based on the cars’ later 1600cc engine found their way into Australia’s Antarctic Division, where they were used in over-snow transport by the SEC and the Man From Snowy River Hotel at Mt. Kosciuszko. Porsche engineering was truly part of Australia’s Post-War success story. Porsche’s first Australian office as part of Australasian Lloyd Pty Ltd was on the eighth floor of the Southern Cross Assurance building at 315-317 Collins Street, Melbourne (which then belonged to the Brotherhood of St. Lawrence) and the showroom was the kerbside, with the parking officers suitably encouraged to turn a blind eye. Although Norman Hamilton rarely raced himself, he was an extremely competent driver and embraced motor sport as a wonderful way to promote Porsche. This led to close associations with many of the top drivers of the day, including Otto Stone, Frank Kleinig, Harry Firth, Ken Harper, Ken McConville and Jack Brabham, to name just a few. In 1953, people took notice of Porsche when the first low-slung Coupe driven by Hamilton and Ken Harper bumped and ground its way around Australia to complete the first 10,400km REDeX Reliability Trial, carrying few spares but more than a dozen pairs of Norman’s shoes – just in case he met any prospective customers or celebrities on their travels. As Porsche sales initially rose at a glacial pace, Alan met and mingled with many motorsport identities who were attracted to the new sports cars and also watching his father building light planes at Moorabbin Airfield. By the age of 12, he was determined to join them. He and his friends – like later 1980 Formula 1 World Champion, Alan

Alan’s initial task was to help set up a proper Porsche service division in Melbourne, before moving to the retail side. But the big marker in his young life came on his 18th birthday on 29 July 1960 when he passed his driving test and got his racing licence from Motorsport Australia the same Friday afternoon. The latter was essential, as he was already entered in his first motorsport event – a motorkhana at the Templestowe Hillclimb venue – that Sunday in the old small window 1954 VW Beetle he already owned. Alan Hamilton As he recalled of his motorsport debut, his enthusiasm was greater than his skill, but he was not easily deterred. Wanting something faster, he acquired a 1958 Porsche 356 Super on Hire Purchase, then looking to go still faster, he befriended another enthusiast with an engine-less racing car. He would tow it to meetings behind the 356, remove the Porsche’s engine, install it in the racing car for a day’s competition, then reverse the procedure to tow it home. Then came a 356 Speedster, with its 1600cc engine modified to output about 130 horsepower, and success followed. When sent to the Porsche factory to broaden his product knowledge, he found the 904/8 Bergspyder sports car that had finished second in the 1965 Targa Florio road race lying unused in a corner of the Competition Department. After convincing them to replace its flat eight cylinder engine with a two litre 906 six-cylinder engine because it would be easier to maintain, he purchased the car, brought it back to Australia and scored a string of racing successes. His victory in the 1966 Australian Hillclimb Championship was Porsche’s first Australian national title. Before long, mechanical components from the 904/8 were transferred into a later and more sophisticated Type 906 chassis, generating further circuit success, plus another National Hillclimb Championship in 1971. In 1981 he made it three with a Porsche-engined hillclimb ‘special’. On a visit to the Porsche factory in early 1968, he ordered a new six cylinder 911 TR to comply with the revised FIA regulations adopted by CAMS that made Porsche 911s eligible to race as Touring Cars against the big American V8s in Australia. Fresh off the boat with a 204 horsepower Type 906 engine, Hamilton drove the 911 to third place after a last lap puncture in the single race 1968 Australian Touring Car Championship and came to within a single point of taking the multi-race 1969 title. At that stage in the cautious post Credit Squeeze years, all Porsche were ordered ex-factory to customer requirement, but Alan was even more of a risk-taker than his father and wanted to order cars for stock, rather than to firm customer order. ISSUE 4, 2020


Alan Hamilton After old and new Hamilton bulls argued the case, in 1972 at a ‘kitchen table’ board meeting and with the support of Alan’s mother Flora, Norman agreed to hand over control of the Porsche company to his then-29 year-old son. Alan still played hardball and also convinced his father to transfer the company shares to him in case he changed his mind down the line and afterwards moved Porsche into an imposing new purpose-built showroom in Chapel Street, South Yarra, with sales growing to 190 cars in 1974. Alan Hamilton’s style of running Porsche was similar to his father’s, with the company’s growing an image built to a large degree on entrepreneurial feats and success in motorsport, with 911 variants winning the Australian Sports Car Championship six times in succession between 1976 and 1981 and then dominating the Australian GT Championship with Porsche 935 models in 1982 and 1983. While Alan’s racing career was cut short by a serious accident at Sandown Raceway in 1978, Porsche’s Australian business grew from strength to strength. Sales were booming with 660 cars sold in 1985 and 657 in 1986. Expansion of the range to include front-engined ‘transaxle’ 924, 944 and 928 sportscars necessitated a move to larger and more prominent premises in the late 1980s, with Hamilton taking a deep breath before acquiring and renovating the sprawling former Bryant & May match factory in Church Street, Richmond. Then, in 1989, the Recession struck. It all came to a head in February 1992, when Porsche AG took control of all Porsche operations in Australia, ending 41 years of Hamilton family control that had laid the strong foundations on which the company has grown to be one of the longest continuously represented makes in the Australian motor industry. Sadly, Norman Hamilton wasn’t there to see his project reach this milestone. He died just a month before Porsche Cars Australia was formed by the head office takeover.



First RHD 356 coupe in Australia

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ISSUE 4, 2020


Porsche launches 911 Turbo S on runway at Australia’s gateway airport

Porsche holds spectacular ‘Launch Control’ event at Sydney Airport Sydney, Australia. Porsche ( 30th October 2020) has today held one of the most spectacular car launch events in recent memory, hosting the ‘Launch Control’ event on a 2.2 kilometre runway at Sydney Airport. Porsche conducted the event to launch the new Porsche 911 Turbo S sportscar to the Australian market, with VIP guests able to drive the car on ‘Runway 16L/34R’, one of two runways that protrudes out into Botany Bay. Instructors from the Porsche Track Experience were on-hand to safely guide all participants through two runs each down the runway. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sydney Airport was Australia’s busiest airport, hosting 44 million passengers and more than 300,000 flight movements annually across its three runways. With passenger traffic down 97 per cent, Sydney Airport coordinated with multiple government and regulatory agencies to safely and temporarily close the runway for this event. The Porsche 911 Turbo S delivers 478kW of power at 6,750 rpm, as well as 800Nm of torque. It moves from zero to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds, zero to 200km/h in 8.9 seconds and has a top speed of 330km/h.



“The Porsche 911 Turbo S delivers 478kW of power at 6,750 rpm, as well as 800Nm of torque. It moves from zero to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds, zero to 200km/h in 8.9 seconds and has a top speed of 330km/h.”

ISSUE 4, 2020








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11th - 13th December

Shannonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Festival of Motorsport at Sandown Story: Toni Andreevski & Ron Widdison Photos: Ron Widdison



ISSUE 4, 2020


While national border closures and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic meant the 2020 Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup and Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge seasons could not be conducted as scheduled this year, Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) announced a one-off non-championship race weekend held on 11-13 December at the Sandown International Raceway in Victoria. The Porsche PAYCE & MICHELIN Cup races headlined the Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival, which was supported by the MG Car Club of Victoria. The combined event saw two generations of Porsche 991 Cup Cars, being the Gen I and Gen II, going head-to-head for the first time in a dedicated Porsche event. The Porsche PAYCE & MICHELIN Cup had a total of 4 classes in which competitors competed for Mobil Pro and Pro-Am trophies, for each generation of Cup Car, with 2 x 25 minute races conducted on the Saturday as well as a longer 40 min endurance race on the Sunday.

Due to maximum grid capacity for the event, first priority for entries was given to 2020 Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup Australia and Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge teams and drivers with eligible Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 991 Gen I and Gen II cars. PCA invited thePorsche Club of Victoria to run super sprints over the weekend. On the announcement of Porsche’s involvement in the event, Toni Andreevski, Porsche Cars Australia’s Director of Marketing and Motorsport said, “As we approach the 70 year anniversary of Porsche Cars in Australia, we felt this was a great way to kick-off our celebrations of this milestone with both Porsche enthusiasts and our motorsport customers.” One of the highlights of the event was the attendence of the new Tycan Turbo S which was displayed at the Porsche Marquee which was serving coffee and cool drinks to PCV members over the weekend. We were also lucky enough to receive Porsche showbags with Porsche Motorsport hats!

Here’s a drag race you don’t want to miss! The new Tycan Turbo S takes on the new GT2 and 992 Cup car on the grid at Sandown. As you can see from the photos below the Tycan smoked the contenders off the line with its 2.8 second 0-100km time and bitumen shreding 774lb-ft of torque!



â&#x20AC;&#x153;The combined event saw two generations of Porsche 991 Cup Cars, being the Gen I and Gen II, going head-to-head for the first time in a dedicated Porsche event.â&#x20AC;?

ISSUE 4, 2020


With so many race drivers keen to get back on the track after so many events were cancelled during 2020, it was great to see that Shannons, Motorsport Australia and the MG Car Club all worked together to host an event at Sandown over the December 18, 19 and 20th weekend. Although not a championship point scoring event, it gave a variety of championship categories an opportunity to get back on track and to start resharpening their skills for the 2021 season. One of the premier categories at this event was the Porsche PAYCE and Michelin Cup, represented by the top tier Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup and the second tier Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge. These two categories



ran in joint races that gave a broad range of Pro and Pro-Am drivers a great opportunity to mix together in their first on track event for many months. To Porsche Club Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s surprise and delight, we were invited by Porsche Cars Australia to run a PCV sprint event in conjunction with their Porsche Cup entries. With our members desperately missing having time on track, this was not only a great opportunity to get some track time but also to be part to a greater Porsche presence over this weekend, clearly reinforcing Porscheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dominant motorsport pedigree across professional, amateur and club level.

For our members, the opportunity to mix with the Cup car drivers and teams as well as share the Porsche Cars Australia hospitality made this a unique weekend. In addition to the always eye-catching Cup cars, PCV was able to contribute a range of Porsche models that demonstrated the depth of our motorsport pedigree. This started from the latest GT2RS with Porsche approved Manthey Racing enhancements (if ever such were needed), older Cup cars, multiple GT3 vintages, Cayman GT4’s, early 930 Turbos, 911SC’s and 944’s.

A particularly interesting feature of the weekend was the ability to have a good look over a brand new Taycan Turbo that PCA had brought along. The Taycan’s presence was also embellished by a speed comparison that was organised between it, the 991 generation 911 GT3 Cup car and the latest GT3 RS. As would be expected, the Cup car had the fastest overall lap time, but not by a long way. However the Taycan blew both the Cup car and the GT3 away on standing start acceleration – a mighty impressive performance. Thanks again to Porsche Cars Australia for inviting PCV to be part of this great motorsport weekend.

“To Porsche Club Victoria’s surprise and delight, we were invited by Porsche Cars Australia to run a PCV sprint event in conjunction with their Porsche Cup entries.”

ISSUE 4, 2020


“As would be expected, the Cup car had the fastest overall lap time, but not by a long way. However the Taycan blew both the Cup car and the GT3 away on standing start acceleration – a mighty impressive performance.” 30


ISSUE 4, 2020




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ISSUE 4, 2020


Story: Will Darvall Photos: Ron Widdison

N U M B ER 4 4



ISSUE 4, 2020




Linley Baxter As Ron and I enter the twelfth year of WIYG?, having started in Issue 3 2009, we are amazed at the variety of the owners’ collections, aims, desires, attitudes, presentations, reasons and stories. We never know what we will get when we visit for the pics and the story, but it’s always great fun, as WIYG? owners are a special bunch of PCV owners, who are a special bunch of Porsche owners anyway! It’s all about the cars, not status or prestige. The owner of this collection is club stalwart Linley Baxter, who joined PCV in the 90s, after buying a 924 Turbo, rapidly becoming involved in all activities, particularly competition and the social committee. 20 years ago he became Social Director for a spell and in 2019 he took it on again, doing an even better job, in a difficult period, also moving to the General Committee. He took to the track in the 924, followed by a 944 Turbo, a 968CS, a 944S2, then a Boxster. Along the way, son Simon started racing and they shared the Boxster. Like many members’ sons, he became very good and they continued the partnership, moving to a 996 Series 2 2004 Cup car and running in the State Series of Production Sports Car Racing Vic, from about 2015, where they still alternate events, acting as pit crew for each other when not driving. Very practical and supportive. Around 2008, Linley moved to a 2000 996 Series 1 GT3 in Zanzibar Red (Orange-Red Pearl on the plate), which was the hero colour for the GT3, but not continued, about 6 being brought into Oz. I remember first seeing this

996 MK 1 GT3

car, thinking it was one of the best colours of all time, which Linley didn’t like! Thus began this collection of GT3s only, a unique twist on our WIYG? presentations. The GT3 started in 1999, beginninng perhaps the most impresssive run of excellence the performance car world has ever seen. It was the homologated racing version of the 911, named after the FIA GT3 racing class. It spawned the Porsche Carrera Cup, the GT3 Club Challenge series, then ultimately supporting the Formula 1 series, becoming incredibly popular and further enhancing the prestige of the famous 911. Linley’s car is completely standard, being the Touring version, hence leather for the carbon buckets and unusually, carbon interior trim. Prior to first registration, it was fitted with the factory 1/2 cage, racing belts added to the racing buckets and factory Club Sport mechanical mods, including single mass flywheel and steel gearbox synchros, added to the new dry sump 365 hp, Hans Mezger motor, with extra water cooling of cylinders, other brake and handling modifications, in typical Porsche thorough style.

Chronologically, the next GT3 is the 2004 Cup Car, bought in about 2015, a full race car, weighing about 1100kg, with 385 hp, LHD, originally white, now thoroughly adorned in racing livery, with original 2004 systems, motec dash, rear vision camera, super dooper round the world track ap, fire system, helmet cooling, different gear short shift, but no engine fan for the water engine cooling system. Just another thing to keep a driver on his toes.

As the first of a new design is usually the best, it is a pure design, with a parabolical theme repeated externally and internally. Interior is full black leather, with an olive greenish tint, in superb condition, with only 56K travelled, wheels are 18s, with 225/40 on 8s and 285/30 on 10s, with the whole package looking almost quaint, considering the way more modern cars are all tricked up. It has not been raced, although it has run around the track, ABS and airbags being the only technology.

Porsche states that the motor is the most expensive production engine in the world. Again, this car is not driven on the track, but has been run around. The 20 year age difference reveals cars that could not be recognised as siblings, such has been the change in Porsche technology and motoring in general. What 2 perfect road cars! There were also many iterations of a 997 GT3, and now there is a 992 GT3. Should we wait for Linley’s GT3 number 4?

996 GT3 Cup

991.2 GT3

To bookend 20 years of GT3, Linley has a 991.2 2018 Guards Red GT3, with the 4l. 500 hp engine, running to 9000 revs, being the CS version, with similar interior mods as the older car. It has rear wheel steering, to load the rear at speed, by turning the rear slightly the same way, or help you get around corners at slow speed, by turning the rear the opposite way. It is a bigger, longer and heavier car, 1430 kg, with 20 inch wheels, wearing 265/35 and 325/30, on a 103 longer wheelbase and tracks 62 wider at the rear and 113 at the front. It’s full of technology, much of it optional. Apparently

ISSUE 4, 2020


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The 20 year age difference reveals cars that could not be recognised as siblings, such has been the change in Porsche technology and motoring in general.â&#x20AC;?



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ISSUE 4, 2020


Saturday 19th December

Phillip Island Sprints with Marque Sports Car Association Story: Mark Horton Andrews Photos: Ron Widdison

Garry Saber at turn one in his Cayman S



ISSUE 4, 2020


At the time of cancelling the proposed September event at Phillip Island, we were offered hire slots close to Christmas. We were keen to give members some time on track in 2020, provided we could find a way to run a viable event.

established which grew to 24 entrants. Although MSCA later increased our allocation, the weeks leading up to the event saw several cancellations, and on the day, we had 47 participants. The decision to combine with MSCA was justified!

a range of classes were achieved by Andrew Campbell, Richard Thompson, the evergreen Mark Chrzanowski, Phillip Cox, Rodney Gordon, Stefan Wojciechowski, and competition stalwart Peter Fitzgerald in Modified Class.

As the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, PCV had been working with the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA) to assist them to set up their own team of flag marshals, with several of our members attending events through November and early December as mentors.

The event was our first one run under Covid-19 protocols which meant lots of changes to normal, including online briefings for drivers and officials, and appropriate social distancing and other protocols on the day. No spectators were allowed, and each competitor was able to register one support person only. These requirements will be part of Covid-normal events in 2021. The paddock also had quite a different feel to a normal PCV day, featuring a range of marques including MG, Lotus, BMW, Triumph, Ford, Holden, and Subaru.

Although not a Competition event, the day was a timed day, and several new Club Records were established. For those that wanted, there were four runs available for each group.

The reasons for running a joint event with MSCA were to minimise the financial risk of low participant numbers (being a noncompetition event on a pre-Christmas weekend) and to manage the availability of Officials close to Christmas. We agreed with MSCA to allocate us 50 slots, which filled in no time and a waiting list was soon

Much of the feedback from Competitors and Officials revolved around the pleasure of once again being able to get out and do what we love doing. Thanks as ever to all the Officials and Competitors and to the Marque Sports Car Association.

And despite the long hiatus during the year some very quick times were recorded by Porsche Club members. Notable times across

Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Smith

Peter Fitzgerald 42


Richard Catchlove

Jason Whitling

Peter Rechner

Carlo Fasolino

Joseph Smith

Joseph Haddad

David Turner

Michael Minshall

Tony Carolan

Stephen Sluga

Troy Hungerford

Michael McLaurie

Mark Chrzanowski

Dennis Bath

Philip Cox ISSUE 4, 2020


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Much of the feedback from Competitors and Officials revolved around the pleasure of once again being able to get out and do what we love doing.â&#x20AC;?

PORSCHE PARADE 44Sally Anne Hains at turn one in her 997 Turbo

Story: Russell Sturzaker

From the Archives …..

Definition: Plural noun: archives. A collection of historical documents, or records, providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.

Club Awards - The Tony Jones Memorial Award On the Club Website, under Club Info there is a tab called Roll of Honour, and it is in this section that we show listings of Past Presidents, Life Members, Club Champions, Hall of Fame Winners and the holders of Other Club Awards. In this issue of Porsche Parade we take a look at the background behind the Tony Jones Memorial Award, we’ll look at the man, the Award, and the legacy that his wife Estelle has left with PCV.

Tony left Porsche Car Distributors a short time later to live in Tamworth, N.S.W., and it was here while out riding one day that he had a horse roll on his ankle, and even though he had several operations, it was never the same. It was at Tamworth where Tony developed his enthusiasm for Polo, and during this time Tony’s presence became more and more frequent at Polo Meetings, and he was rapidly becoming a very competitive and keen Polo player. However, his stay up north was to last only two years, and in 1972 on returning to Victoria, he recommenced employment with Porsche Car Distributors, in their unforgettable blue/green building on Chapel Street opposite Southern Motors until they relocated in 1974 to the new Hamilton’s site at 681 Chapel Street, South Yarra.. Tony’s belief in the Porsches he sold was obvious, and consequently he helped start our Club with other enthusiasts in 1975, and along the way he helped in taking us to being the largest, single marque Car Club in Victoria by 1979.

however, this persistence brought Tony’s life to a sudden end, when early in the morning on Friday 14th September 1979, while out cycling, he was struck down by a car and killed. PCV Memoriam On behalf of the Porsche Club of Victoria, who have lost the guidance and friendship of one of our foundation members, and a person who will be missed by all who knew him, we would like to pass on our condolences to Tony’s wife, Estelle and their four year old son, Nicholas Michael Pratt (Vice President) – Sep ‘79 In November ’79 Tony’s wife Estelle and Family approached the club with their wish to donate a trophy to the Club in Tony’s memory, and that this should be a Perpetual Clubman Trophy to be called “The Tony Jones Memorial Award” and should be awarded to the Club Member who is the most consistent throughout the year in all events, regardless of class.

Tony’s stay at Hamilton’s’ lasted until November 1977, when he put together a life-long dream and opened his own prestige car yard Tony Jones & Co at 460 Whitehorse Road, Mitcham, selling the product that had made him synonymous with Porsche. Anthony Herbert Jones 1941-1979 Anthony Herbert Jones (Tony as we all knew him), was born in 1941 in South Australia. He later moved to Victoria, where he was educated at Ivanhoe Grammar School. His physical achievements were to say the least, outstanding at Ivanhoe, and he particularly excelled in swimming and athletics.

Tony Jones Memorial Trophy ‘79

Upon leaving school, he became interested in cars, and with a personality that overflowed with confidence, he started selling cars with a great deal of success. During his career, he worked for B.S.Stillwell, Southern Motors and during the late 60’s and 70’s, for Porsche Car Distributors. Tony commenced working with the Hamilton Family in 1967, starting a relationship with Porsche cars that will never be forgotten. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of Tony’s most exciting achievements during his employment with Porsche Car Distributors was in 1969, when he and Alan Hamilton entered the Sandown 3-hour Event. They entered the company’s “demo” (a burgundy 2-litre 911 L), and as it had to be used on the Saturday morning for prospective buyers, Tony and Alan arrived late for practice that afternoon. On Sunday, the company “demo” was taken around the track to finish second outright and first in its class, it was only a fuel problem that cost them outright first place.

Porsche Parade Advert - July ‘78 Tony’s ultimate dream however was to become the Polo playing “patrolish”, to retire from the car business, move up North, spending his time on the land, and playing Polo whenever he could. Tony’s best year so far was 1979, not only with the success of his new business venture, but also with Polo, having been selected in the Victorian team for the “Gold Cup”, which was held in Adelaide in March 1979. So he decided to buy a bike and keep himself in prime condition for the coming season. Tragically

The first presentation of the Tony Jones Memorial Award was made at the Annual Dinner at Le Chateau on 15th December 1979 when Estelle presented the award to Russell Sturzaker. Russell won the Award again in 1980, and rather than creating a new trophy each year, Estelle very generously provided the club with another ice bucket, which was then engraved with both Russell’s 1979 and 1980 wins. This perpetual trophy now passes on from year to year, with the new winners name being added, and the recipient also receiving a smaller trophy to keep as their own. The final result for the first Tony Jones Memorial Award in 1979 was not announced prior to the Annual Dinner, so to hear that I had won this award was a great honour, and meant a lot to me, as I knew Tony well having bought a Porsche from him at his new yard in Mitcham in 1978. In 1985, following Rick Hallgren’s win the previous year, the committee amended the criteria for the awarding of the trophy to “Rookie of the Year”. Russell Sturzaker ISSUE 4, 2020


AUTO sport

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5% D

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ISSUE 4, 2020


Story: Anna Cook

Photos: Neville Sampson & Gotham Studios

The Last Blast Circumnavigation Dandenong Ranges Sunday 29th November 2020



PCB 991.2 GT3 Cup Car and driver Cooper Murray.

ISSUE 4, 2020


On the morning of the run the weather served up light drizzle and gusty winds. However, this did not dull the sparkle and enthusiasm, as everyone was revved-up to celebrate the end of the lockdown with a blast of fun. Arriving at the meeting point, on the corner of Compark Court Mulgrave, stood Jeanette Sampson who cheerfully directed drivers to ensure no one missed the entrance and end off piste over Springvale Road. The surrounding offices were closed and the roads therefore were empty, leaving curb side parking galore to marshal the cars into convey. There was also abundant space on the wide footpaths and verges for members to group and socialise. For those wanting a wake-up coffee, Mc Donald’s was only a short walk away. The meeting point was an excellent choice. Just before departure, Geoff Mould welcomed everyone, including twelve new members and reiterated driver courtesy obligations. Participants then dispersed to their cars and with odometers zeroed drove off, however, before we could hit the full Krakatoa, rain sheeted down and the visibility with it. Then bingo!.... after five minutes it stopped and throttles and sun roofs opened. Within twenty minutes, we reached the fabulous Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, that took us away from the city and up into the dense forests beyond. Reaching Sassafras, the convey meandered through Sherbrooke Forest Park with its magnificent remnant of towering Mountain Ash and Messmate Stringy Bark Trees and ubiquitous tree ferns that bordered either side of the narrow road en route to Belgrave. Between Olinda and Monbulk the road continued into deeper forest. Tight curves and inclines were dotted with cyclists and made safe passing precarious. After ninety minutes then arriving at Emerald, many cars had stopped for a coffee break before heading back.

On arrival at Porsche Centre Brighton (“PCB”), we gathered in the spacious new undercover used car display area, adjacent to the showroom, that looked inviting with the PCB cars encircling, beautifully decorated dining tables set with seventy-four places and laden with appetising foods and beverages. A saxophonist began playing and the atmosphere immediately came alive with member chatter and the clinking of glasses as sparkling wines were served, with a distinct atmosphere of enjoyment and fun. Now seated at long tables with a Christmas theme of bonbons and fresh conifer sprigs decorated with silver and blue bows, everyone self-served from platters of turkey and ham, gourmet salads, cheese selections, breads and biscuits. Red and white table wines complementing our food were sipped and enjoyed. To complete the feast there was a tempting array of fruits, shortbreads and sweet treats. Run Coordinator Clyde White welcomed everybody and thanked Marketing and Events Business Partner Pike Peters and Porsche Centre Brighton for their incredible generosity in hosting the lunch. He also thanked Pike for making available a Lucky Draw prize, a 911 GTS Carrera 4 to drive on the run. Clyde explained that initial plans to drive via Gippsland and stop for lunch at Sorrento, was initially planned to commence from Porsche Centre Brighton (PCB) with coffee and pastries. Unfortunately due to constant changes of COVID restrictions delays occurred. We ultimately settled for November 29, just three weeks prior. Then our Sorrento venue owner called apologizing at having to cancel due to staff shortages. With short notice Pike helped out. The run was reversed and lunch was organised at PCB. Clyde then congratulated the winner of the Lucky Draw Prize, new member Sean Berend (who lives at Numurkah and drives a 2010 Cayman.) Après the run Sean reported that he liked everything about the marque: the interior Alcantara trim, the

higher gear selector position, the power and the auto ‘blip’ assistance for down shifts. He thought the GTS was an easy high performance car to live with! Sean added that as a new club member, he felt especially lucky to have won and said, ‘but thank god I could drive stick!’ During the lunch Pike introduced Porsche Centre Brighton’s up and coming Carrera Cup Driver, Cooper Murray who proudly revealed the magnificent Porsche Centre Brighton 991.2 GT3 Cup Car. Cooper hopes to continue his run of success into 2021. It soon became apparent that a World Champion was in our midst when it was announced that Cooper had won the World Porsche Sports Carrera Cup, the online simulator series run by Porsche, a partial substitute for the COVID caused worldwide shutdown of the 2020 Carrera Cup series. Social Director, Linley Baxter then thanked the Run organisers, Clyde White, Geoff Mould, Anna Cook, Vickie Morris, Michael O’Brien and Omnia Holland, noting their tenacity and agility in coping with an ever changing environment to produce a wonderful event. After lunch the music became lively, fun and laughter invaded the gathering with members relaxing. No one was in a rush to leave but soon it was three o’clock and time to say farewell! In closing, congratulations Clyde White and Geoff Mould. Clyde’s idea to reverse the Run and have the lunch at PCB was a masterstroke, as was the idea of including the musician that gave a WOW factor! And Geoff for producing a run with wonderful traffic free roads so close to Melbourne and PCB. A final thanks to Alison White for her contribution regarding the table décor. New Members ‘Last Blast Run’ - 29 November 2020 The PCV Welcomes New Members in attendance: Stewart Allan, Sean Berend, Andrew Burgess and Xiao Fang, Frank and Rita Filippis, Rebecca and Chris Hitchcock, Adam Lindell, Michael and Sue Minshall, Darren Sultana.

Sean Berend, new member and winner of lucky draw. 50


PCV Social Director Linley Baxter

Presentation to Pike Peters of PCB in thanks for their generosity.

Congratulations! New engaged Craig Taylor & Elena Schwob

Meeting Point ISSUE 4, 2020


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ThePorschaDen Classic is Melbourne’s premier specialist in pre-loved Porsche vehicles. Matt’s knowledge and expertise ensure every car is hand-curated and purely exceptional.

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10 EST. 2008

Specialist Porsche Technician, factory trained and working on Classic Porsche since 1994 9a Spray Avenue, Mordialloc VIC 3195

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Hartech Automotive Services

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31/03/2017 ISSUE 4, 2020

8:53 AM 53

Story & Photos by Ken and Harriet Anson

Porsches and Coffee Run

After the Covid-19 lockdown and the resultant minimal PCV activity for almost all of year 2020 how good was it to get together at BP Keilor North, just past Calder Raceway with 48, or maybe a couple more PCV members, and with the car park full of all Porsche cars, and friends not seen for literally months! And how good and how varied were the cars? Boxsters, Cayman, (Caymans, Caymen?), 911s, Turbos, Carreras, a 1978 SC, a Macan, a 924 Carrera GT, a 944 Turbo Cab, and an unusual colour 964 Turbo, all very nicely presented, more about some of these cars later. In bright sunlight and perfect weather conditions our enthusiastic and energetic run organiser Kon Gogos introduced the new members and briefed us on the roads, on some cautions, the direction of the run, including telling us that even though it was Saturday morning and the township of Bacchus Marsh was likely to be busy, we were going to drive right down the full length of the main street and that was because he “liked Bacchus Marsh”. I suppose that is as good a reason as any! The run began with Andrew Ingram leading the way in his copper brown 1978 SC, the rest of us following in a genteel cruise for a few klicks up the freeway, then back through Diggers Rest and Toolern Vale, then a tricky left turn onto a narrow but nice piece of road leading into Bacchus Marsh.

Saturday 12th December 2020

it up to the standard it is today. I was attracted by the outstanding purple colour, a colour I had not seen on a Porsche before. It is a genuine Porsche colour, Viola Pearl, which was available on the 1993 Anniversary or Jubilee (Jubi) models. The car is a head turner! Owen Baker’s 944 Turbo Cab 1991 944 Turbo Cabriolet in Cobalt Blue with 62,000 kms. The 944 Turbo Cabriolet combined the 944 Turbo S 250bhp engine with the cab body. Only 625 Turbo examples were built in 1991 and less than 100 in right-hand drive, however none were ever delivered new to Australia to my knowledge. The car was purchased in the UK at auction and privately imported to Australia. It required an asbestos check and certification before leaving the UK and VASS engineering certification when it arrived in Australia. It was previously kept in a collection in Scotland for many years. Russell Sturzaker’s 1981 924 Carrera GT Odometer 129,000kms, A quick recap of the 210 bhp, 240 kph. 924 Carrera GT Total built 406, (including prototypes, Wikipedia).

The possible busy main street situation didn’t eventuate, at least not to this scribe. There were few, if any, holdups with traffic through Kon’s favourite town and then up through Gisborne, Riddells Creek, after which the drivers had to work a bit in the hilly country west of Romsey around Kerrie. Then the elbows came out a bit as we progressed up Mt Macedon from the north, and the elbows came out even further as we got closer to our coffee destination.

Porsche entered three 924 Carerra GT’s in the 1980 Le Mans, the cars finishing 6th, 12th, and 13th in general classification. Following that a further 400 production cars were built to meet FISA homologation requirements for admission into the Group B Sports Car Category. The only factory colours were red, silver and black. Of the 406 cars built, 200 cars went to Germany, 75 to the UK, and 131 to the rest of the world.

Kon had arranged a safe out of the way car park for all of us, however if you look at the photos someone had obviously been using the car park for other purposes in the past!

Only fifteen cars were imported into Australia, only one was in black, and Russell purchased that car in 1981. He raced it successfully with the Club, the car holding Class lap records at Winton and Phillip Island during the early eighties.

Now about the cars…..I took the liberty of contacting the owners, so if you should speak to Simon, Owen or Russell at any of our events, I am sure they will be happy to elaborate about their cars.

But Russell’s 924GT was not just a fast race car, his car is also the holder of both State and National Concours Trophies for the same period.

Simon Ansell’s 964 Turbo Simon purchased his 265Kw 964 Turbo about four years ago from an outlet in Sydney, with the car requiring some attention to bring 54


Russell sold the car 1984, and during the following years it had four other owners. But he repurchased the 924GT in 2002, and now he has brought this unique car in as new, or better than new, condition.

ABBOTSFORD BODY REPAIRS Prestige Car Specialists

16 Thompson Street, Abbotsford 3067 Tel: 9428 8167 or 9428 5095 Fax: 9428 4848 email: lucky@abbotsfordbodyrepairs.com.au

Service, Maintenance, Repairs, Diagnostics, Race set up and Alignment to the following models 996 / 7/ 991, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera using Genuine Porsche parts. We stock used parts & make bimodal sport exhausts

Greg Bailey - greg@baileyspecialprojects.com.au - 3/2 East Circuit Sunshine West 3020 Melbourne, Victoria ISSUE 4, 2020




Run to Parnassus Function Centre Drouin East Story: Maria Del Gallo Photos: Neville Sampson Sunday 6th December

A group of forty-three PCV members met in Hallam for a briefing as well as an introduction of three new members to the Club. We welcomed Nitesh and Sue Deo, Grant and Rosalie Day and Phillip and Bridget Bolonis. We set off to Loch, our morning tea destination, travelling south east through lovely little towns including Koo Wee Rup, Lang Lang and Poowong. Mandy and Jim Adamson wanted to make the drive a little more interesting with an optional Trivia questionnaire along the way. We had six questions to answer before morning tea and then another six to our lunch destination, Parnassus Function Centre. Congratulations to one of our new members Phillip and Bridget Bolonis with a top score in the Trivia questionnaire of 9/12. Excellent effort to be able to have an eagle eye to answer the questions as well as instructing the driver and navigating to our destinations. I wonder how their â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;in car harmonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; was?! The second part of the run was even more beautiful with lovely scenery and, of course, great roads, driving through Konwak and Korumburra. We arrived at Parnassus Function Centre and were treated to a wine tasting as well as a delicious lunch. The views from the Function Centre were superb overlooking the Gippsland Hills. We were lucky enough to have 4 prizes for the draw, including a champagne and liqueur wine kindly donated by our Parnassus host (and Chef) Rhys. Congratulations to our winners: Nitesh Deo, Stuart Yap, Ange Koletas and Margaret Bath.



After everyone being in lockdown and unable to attend any Porsche Club functions this past year, it was wonderful to catch up with some old and new faces. At the Function Centre there was a frame above a mantle which I thought may resonate with fellow members as it did with me. It read:

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.’

ISSUE 4, 2020


DParts is an online supplier of new, used and performance Porsche parts & accessories. Proud sponsor of Porsche Club Victoria.


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w: www.dparts.com.au e: info@dparts.com.au t: 03 9110 0911

New Members We welcome the following members who have joined the P.C.V. since our last issue. Patricia Armstrong-Grant

2005 Boxster

Gavin Lau

1986 911 Carrera

Anne Baker & Mark Williams

911 Carrera S

Adam Lindell

1995 993 Carrera

Darren, Chantal & Byron Bonney

MY18 991 Carrera GTS

Ferenc Matzken & Katja Schubert 1968 911 E

Paul Bradshaw

1988 Carrera

Jonathan Malotsis

1978 911

Joe & Pam Chakravartti

2011 987 Cayman

Gavin McGill

1983 911 SC

Brad, Beck & Finn Clark

2013 Panomera

Les McMillan

2016 911 Turbo

John & Rebecca Clark

911 SC Targa

Tony & Sebastian Mickovski

2020 992 Carrera S & 2020 Macan GTS

Matt Damos 1968 912

Paul Neate

1982 930

Alex & Joanne Danielsen

Angelo Pacella

997 Carrera

1991 94 Turbo & 1992 968 Cabriotlet

Emma Deane

1983 93 Turbo

Rowan Pinder

1977 91

Julie & Vincent Fodera

2011 987

Glenn & Taylor Secomb

1979 930 Turbo

Paul & Shelley Forkas

1986 928 S

Jarrad Smith

1990 964 C2

David Galea

2002 911

Martin Smith

2007 Boxster

Allen & Debbie Hartley

1972 911 T

Ted Smith

2001 996 Carrera

Matthew Hibbard

1970 911 S

Alex Stojanovski & Snezhana Nikitina 2018 911 GT3

Peter Jones

1976 912 E

Bruce Trengrove

2011 Boxster Spyder

Ashley Joesph & Lara Crocker

2009 911 SC

Sydney Teeuwsen

2020 718 Cayman

Tony Kershaw

1974 914 Monterey Spyder

Zlatko & Sophie Trpcevski

2004 911 Carrera

Henning Koehnken

1987 911 SC

Cal Watson

1976 912 E Cochney

Steven & Daniela Kostovski

1983 911 SC

Adam Willison

2015 918 Cayman GT4

Peter Kotsovolos

1987 Carrera

Joe & Pam Chakravartti ISSUE 4, 2020


Ted Smith

Paul & Carla Bradshaw

Glenn Secomb

Alex Danielsen

Ferenc Matzken 60


Alex & Joanne Danielsen

Brad Clark

Bruce Trengove

Paul & Shelley Forkas

Patricia Armstrong-Grant

Gavin McGill

Tony Mickovski

Tony Mickovski ISSUE 4, 2020



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ISSUE 4, 2020




Profile for Composite Colour

Porsche Parade 4-2020  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 4-2020  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria