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for sale at the moment as the new car is looking to be extremely good value. Currently there is a 991.1 GT3 for sale for $275k - that’s 997.2 GT3 territory! And to all those 997 GT3 owners who are advertising their cars as the last manual GT3’s, you better revise your Ads.

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Have you read the review on the new GT3? I was so impressed that I wanted to drive up to my local OPC and plonk down a big pile of cash for my spot in the queue!


At last, Porsche have seen the error of their ways and have brought back the manual transmision as an option on their new flagship rocket ship. Sure, it won’t get you from 0-100kph in such a rapid rate (3.9 vs 3.4 sec for the PDK) but is that what these awsome machines are all about?


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I for one would only have the manual. I drove the 991.1 GT3 RS in Dubai, and yes it was extremely fast. Unfortunately it did everything so well that I could not get my head around its speed as it was all just too easy. Now I understand that if you planned on seriously racing these cars that you would want the PDK to get you to the finish line first. But at the end of the day they are not Cup Cars and will not be racing for sheep stations but will mainly be driven by enthusiasts on the road and at club sprints. Having an extra pedal and gear shift gives the driver double the input and undoubtedly twice the fun! Sure, the PDK can do a quicker job of it but for me the manual is so much more rewarding which is what driving is all about. The new GT3 has a four-litre engine and is faster than the 991.1 GT3 RS, which owners have recently been trying to sell for 600k! With a drive away price of $340k and a manual box option you can see why there are a lot of GT3’s and GT3 RS’s SOCIAL SUB-COMMITTEE

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The new 911R. I have never seen so much journalistic hype on a Porsche! It seems the only disappointing thing about them is their low production numbers that attracts speculators.

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And hey presto the cars are being re-advertised months later for seven figures. (smells a little like the 930 Turbos in the late 80’s) I have heard that Porsche will ban you from buying any exclusive models in the future if you sell it too quickly for a profit, but at the end of the day they are creating this problem with their low production numbers. They are awesome cars, let the market decide how many will be made. Low production numbers for exclusivity is great, but it also robs those of us not on the exclusive list from ever enjoying them! Thank you to everyone who contributed stories and photos to this issue. Ron Widdison Editor REGISTER CAPTAINS Register Director Ken Anson: Mid 911 (1974-93) Ken Anson & Graeme Anderson: 993 Roger Vella & Leon Christodulaki Modern 911 Kon Gogos 911 Turbos James Borg & David Hosking: GT3, RS & RSR Greg Humphries: Boxster & Cayman Kane Wilson & Mark Behan Torque Tube Angelo Monteleone & Ivan Romanic (924, 928, 944, 968)

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ISSUE 2, 2017

ISSUE 2, 2017


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Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria