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Aerial Photography: Ron Widdison

If ever there was a reason to come join the fun of the PCV Competition, it is Broadford. An hour from Melbourne and you are at a wonderful undulating track which has a seemingly unending left-hand uphill sweeper, fast zoom, slightly bumpy back straight, sharp right, then a dash down the hill through a few squiggles, turn, stay on track, full pace downhill once again, round another semi-circle, full pace again, getting ready to turn to enter the front straight, and ooh, it is blind, and then round again! The day was fully booked and the weather was perfect. So to Open. Phil Treloar made a winning debut in this Class with his RSR Clone despite a number of off course excursions as he came to terms with his new steed. Close behind were regular Open contestants in their 997 Cup Cars being Stan Bougadakis in second, and Joseph Ensabella in third. Rally ace Rex Broadbent showed his driving prowess in his wonderful Targa Tasmania Makalu Storage 911 3.4 RS. Rex’s car has a lot of history and a lot of success so it is always a privilege to witness it in action. Now to Cup. 996 Cup Cars saw Andrew Hall take this one out over James Papas, and gain a stunning 121 Class Points for his victory.



M1. Bob Hawker has pretty much had this Class to himself for a while – probably because he always sets amazing times in his 996 GT3. This year Nick Karnaros has moved from winning everything, including Open, in his Cup Car last year, to running his 993 3.6 in MI. This time, Nick beat Bob, but stay tuned as the year pans out as I suspect both are very competitive. Ken Eve was third in his 1995 993 GT2 Replica, and Mark Clair in his 911 Carrera RS close behind. What a mix of cars!

Class A. With Phil Treloar perhaps wandered off to Open, perhaps all are rejoicing in A! Who knows? Anyway, Andrew Smith, Juris Briedis and Darren Jones were all very close in that order. Mention must be made to Troy Hungerford who was not far behind and is quite a new competitor who I think has heard travels from near Phillip Island way.

M2. Once again Ben Faggetter dominated, with Ian Chiron in second and Paul Sbrissa third. Regular competitor in this class, Mike Herrod, was rumoured to be at the Isle of Man for the motor cycle race along with some other PCV regulars. Given Broadford is very kindly lent to us cars by the motorcycles, our thoughts are to those two wheeler dare devils.

Class C. Saw a good battle between regular protagonists Pete Matherson, Mark Chrzanowski, Grant Stephenson and Cameron Goodyear. They prevailed in that order.

GT1. The battle of the red 991 GT3s. Stefan W. (I have a Polish Grandma who has an easier name to say than yours!) set a very good time.

With 7 run groups and everybody getting 6 sessions on the day, that accounted for 42 sessions which our timekeeper, Timetronics, advised us was a record number for a club event.

GT2. Simon Dunn should be very happy with his very strong win over Andrew Richmond and Gil van der Venne. GT3. A very close category with Peter Harrison, Ian Geekie, and Tony Carolan coming in that order.

Class B. Richard Thompson won with Carlo Fasolino second and Frank Sallas third.

Class D. This is the class of those Hawaiian shirts fellows in the Regularity. I have heard that Gary S. beat Gary V. so this is a great win!

Thank you to all the marshals and organisers, and see you all again in October at marvellous Broadford.

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Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria