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Story: Ron Widdison, Editor - June 2017 Yes, “What’s in your Garage” has just celebrated its 30th instalment!

WIYG turns 30!

It all started 8 years ago when I saw a similar concept in a UK Porsche magazine and I thought it would be a great edition to Porsche Parade, as we have so many fantastic collections in the club. My first garage to visit was no other than Will and Barbara Darvall’s. Will and Barb, (both life members of the club and Will is a former President) were good friends of mine and Barb is also the person who I have known longest in the club as she introduced me to Porsches when she was my next-door neighbor in the 90’s. Will has a 550 Spyder replica which he built himself over a 10 year period and Barb had an ‘84 3.2 Carrera at the time which she competed in. They also have a Cayman and an Audi RS4. After photographing the cars, I asked Will to pen a few words about his cars to go with the pictures. He did such a great job that I suggested that he join me in doing articles on other members, and eight years and thirty stories later we have one of best for you in this edition of the magazine.

Craig Rayner and Will Darvall during the WIYG interview I would personally like to thank Will for his wonderful efforts over the past eight years and hope that he wishes to continue working with me on future articles. His knowledge and sense of humor always make for a great interview and

article and I’m sure the owners of the Garages appreciate his efforts and talent as much as I do. If you enjoy the articles and or have any suggestions please drop me ann email to pass onto to Will at

Story: Will Darvall Photos: Ron Widdison


For the first time, we are revisiting a Garage of long time member and Porsche expert Craig Rayner. Craig has recently moved to the country and has built a purpose-built garage for his wonderful collection. For the first time, also we are making a video of WIYG with the help of Justin Parker, a new member who is studying Film and Television at Swinburne.

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If you are of weak disposition, have a dicky heart, or emotional instability, look away now. If you are prepared to risk it anyway, read on. The shock therapy may even fire you up! We first visited Craig Rayner’s perfectly presented collection for Issue 2 of PP in 2011. (All issues of Porsche Parade ever produced by the Club are on our website; this is Issue 192 and WIYG? Number 30). Now, 6 years later, after moving to a near country property, the collection of cars, models and memorabilia have more room, are even more selectively chosen

and, as “a dream come true”, are all displayed in one large newly constructed 16x18m you-beaut garage. Craig’s attention to detail, selection and preparation are amazing; how there are enough hours in his day is hard to calculate. With this collection, my words are superfluous. Suffice to say that Craig is a country boy, son of a car nut, who had up to 20 cars at a time, including a 300SL Mercedes Gullwing, perhaps the most famous car ever produced. Briefly, Craig has worked in various businesses, having trained as a spray painter, moving to car sales, then his own business, Creative Colour Design and Display, for 25 years, developing display products, doing fit outs for stores and many types of events, until working in another business, Full Throttle Garage (now

Rennsport Garage), doing car preparation, carrying out or sourcing car repairs or restoration, selling models and memorabilia, in fact doing anything that involves cars! Porsche additions Craig’s Porsche epiphany began in 1994, when he bought an ’86 944 Turbo, followed by many different 968s and the 924 Carrera GT, until he branched out to the 911s. Since our last visit, there have been 7 acquisitions. 1989 944 S2 reg. CJR 944. As new, in Guards Red with Black trim, original radio and 19,000 km. 1988 944 Turbo Cup car reg. CUP 1. Guards Red, ex-Alan Hamilton special order, being the

Craig atPORSCHE home in his truely PARADE awesome Garage 18

3-2009 - The fisrt WIYG

only RHD worldwide, light weight, fitted with prototype Le Mans rear wing, GTR doors. 1995 968 Turbo RS reg. RS 968. Guards Red, 5th (last?) Fitzgerald RHD replica of the original 4 factory LHD cars, with Craig’s cosmetic and promotional livery reproduction of the first factory car, that he fell in love with, thus beginning his Porsche life! It has 380 hp and is probably his favourite car. 1992 964 RS reg. RS 92. Guards Red, light weight, with thin glass, alloy bonnet, magnesium wheels and light weight interior. 1993 964 3.6 Turbo reg. 930 964. Special order in (Ferrari) Fly Yellow, with Turbo S rear guard intakes. 1 of 159 RHD cars, 10 of which came to Oz. The picture spread ISSUE 2, 2017


2-2017 - Eight years later - the 30th WIYG!

ISSUE 2, 2017


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Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria

Porsche Parade 2-2017  

Official magazine of the Porsche Club of Victoria