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Check us out at the New Braunfels Beauty and Wellness show - Booth 206

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chest, and back in the warm penetrating heat of firm tourmaline gemstones and far infrared rays.

y and Working visit us attothe Hard help Hcubed you find the booth: Career and Life you Deserve! Life, Career and Resume Writing

Check us out at the New Braunfels New Braunfels Beauty and 206 Wellness Show Beauty and Wellness show - Booth BACK

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B Beauty and Wellness Show is scheduled for February 8-9, e 10 AM to 5 PM. Sunday's hours are 11 AM to 4 PM. Online ticket oor $8. 17 yrs old and younger free. For more information visit eautyandwellnessshow.com or call 830-214-4694. Transformational Coaching


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By Coach Ron Smith




we highly suggest drinking this with your pinky up


512-567-8575 | BUJEBEV.COM drinkbuje

"Such a fun Article Wanted include again" This final year of the twenty-teens has been filed with conclusions to many long running pop culture properties. It began with the conclusion to M. Knight Shyamalan’s surprise trilogy that started with 2000’s Unbreakable, continued in 2016’s Split and culminated in the movie Glass.

Tyler Perry declared A Madea Family Funeral the last appearance for his character after 11 films.

• • How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World brought closure after 10 years. • Then the mammoth hit that was Avengers: Endgame descended upon us which The Big Bang Theory said goodbye after 12 years on T.V.

tied together 11 years of storytelling within the MCU.

Dark Phoenix on the other hand was the not so well received final outing for Fox’s X-men films in the months after their acquisition.

Then there was Toy Story 4 which we all held our breath with anticipation would be good after the perfect ending was achieved in Toy Story 3. Thankfully it was.

Then came the controversial ending to Game of Thrones which many considered to be a very unsatisfying.

On television, The Walking Dead T.V. show trucks on despite slipping ratings but the comic book ended on a shocking and cleverly unannounced surprise ending after 16 years in publication.

After becoming the highest grossing horror movie of all time in 2017, the sequel It Chapter 2 concluded the story of the Losers Club and their fight against Pennywise.

Even Sylvester Stallone dusted off his old action hero Rambo for what is supposed to be the character’s final appearance with Rambo: Last Blood.

Finally, by the time this article drops we will know how the Star Wars saga will have concluded with the Rise of Skywalker.

Here’s to hoping we will raise our New Year’s toasts to a good ending and that 2020 will bring many new offerings for pop culture. -Joe Soliz




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InfraMat Pro® Pebble T Vest Firm

Check usabout” outLocalTouch - Booth 206 Spread the word Comal County” Every time you have a friend check out “LocalTouch Comal County” and then send us an email letting me know that you referred showing a screen shot of this issue - You both will Stopthem byandand register get an opportunity at: No Purchase necessary InfraMat Pro® Pebble T Vest Firm

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Or stop by and visit us at the HcubedOr booth: stop by Wrap your shoulders, chest, and back in the warm penetrating heat of firm tourmaline gemstones and far infrared rays.

Or stop by and visit us at the Hcubed booth:

New Braunfels Beauty and Wellness S

Beautyisand Wellness Show andBraunfels Wellness Show scheduled 2nd February Annual NB 8-9 The 2nd Annual NB BeautyNew The for The 2nd Annual NB Beauty and Wellness Show is scheduled for February 8-9, 2020. . Saturday's hours are 10are AM 5 PM. Sunday's hours 2020. are11 Saturday's 11 to 4hours PM. Onl are Saturday’s hours 10 to AM 5 PM. Sunday’s hours are amAM to 4pm. The 2nd Annual NB Beauty andtoWellness Show is scheduled for February 8-9, cost is2020. $5 and at the door $8.ticket 17toyrs old $5 and younger free. cost Forismore $5 and information at the do and at theare door Saturday's hoursOnline are 10 AM 5cost PM. isSunday's hours 11 $8. AM to 4 PM. Online ticket yrsatold For more information visit or callmore 830-214-4694. www.nbbe cost www.nbbeautyandwellnessshow.com is $517and the and dooryounger $8. 17 yrsare old free. and younger free. For information visit www.nbbeautyandwellnessshow.com or call 830-214-4694. www.nbbeautyandwellnesshow.com

Being born in New Orleans and having roots in southwest Louisiana (Cajun Country}, I come from a culture of good food, family traditions, and "passing a good time". With a tradition of big family gathering where cooking together, telling stories, and passing on tried and true recipes was the roux in the sauce my family's life, I wanted to show appreciation and share in the celebrate of my heritage. As a millennial and entrepreneur, it appealed to me that I could truly do both . . . cherish family and be an independent business owner. So, being able to share my own favorites such as gumbo ya-ya, shrimp etouffee, jambalaya, shrimp stew - in small batches - with friends and custom­ ers - gives me the best of both worlds . . . a viable business and ongo­ ing family experience. We are a family business located in New Braunfels; we host catering parties and serve at Farmer's Markets. Come visit and share my family's love of the good life. �---- ··"-;itr'.;




&�� : f


Benjamin Wlmberley New Braunfels Market Open 9am-1pm Check us out at: 231 Landa Street in New Braunfels Weds - Sat 11am - 8pm





Study Skills


NO MATTER WHAT SUBJECT YOUR CHILD STRUGGLES WITH, HUNTINGTON CAN HELP. If your child is having trouble keeping up in a subject or with schoolwork in general, here's how Huntington can help: Academic evaluation identifies problem areas Programs tailored to address each student's needs Highly trained tutors work individually with students Huntington helps improve skills, confidence, and grades

To find out more about Huntington Tutoring Programs, CALL NOW! TUTORING Reading - Writing - Math - Study Skills - Spelling Vocabulary - Phonics - Algebra - Geometry Trigonometry - Pre-Calculus - Calculus Earth Science - Biology - Chemistry - Physics



BEFORE 11/30/2019*



WHEN YOU CALL Personalized Attention. Proven Results.

Round Rock 2800 S Interstate 35, Suite 150 Round Rock, TX 78681 512-910-4050



©2016 Huntington Mark, LLC. Independently Owned and Operated. SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) are registered trademarks of the College Board. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. None of these entities was involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this program. *Offer valid for Academic Evaluation, HLC3105 new students only. Not valid with any other offer.



Room Redux is a nonprofit organization that focuses on transforming the rooms of children who have faced sexual or physical abuse. This can be a powerful tool to foster healing, as many times abuse occurs in a child's room or bed, making the room itself feel unsafe. As a result, children may stop sleeping, start acting out or may become depressed, avoiding their room entirely. Through donations and grants, Room Redux fully transforms children's rooms so they will feel comfortable and safe. A new room = a new start. For more information about our nonprofit, to submit your family for consideration for aid or to help our mission, email us at hello@roomredux.org




double-hung windows


Window Replacement Will Be 2020’S Hottest Home Improvement Project By Martin Bomba, Owner of Window World TX

According to a study conducted by the Home Improvement Research Institute, the most popular home improvement projects among homeowners includes kitchens, exterior paint, roofs, driveways and windows. We see this trend continuing into the new year due to the many benefits that come from window replacement projects in the home. Here are just some of the reasons why window replacement is going to be all the rage in 2020. Homeowners Want to Save Some Green Everyone has heard of energy-efficient dishwashers, ovens and other household appliances, but not many people know that windows can be a huge factor in energy efficiency. Older, inefficient windows are often to blame for an increase in air drafts and higher energy bills. According to Energy Star, older, single-pane windows are responsible for 25-30% of a home’s energy loss.

bay and bow windows Modern energy standards have made windows much more energy-efficient. Innovations like higher-quality frame materials, Low-E glass, multiple panes, gas fills and warm edge spacers have revolutionized windows over the best couple years. These energy-efficient upgrades are great for the environment and even better for homeowners’ wallets. Regardless of their reasoning, getting new windows will have homeowners seeing green.


Older Windows Aren’t Cutting It While windows do last a long time, they don’t last forever. The general rule of thumb is that windows last 15 to 20 years, but some windows might need replacing before or after their life expectancy. There are a few telling signs that windows are getting too old and losing their functionality. If the frames around the windows are warped or starting to break away, they’ve probably gotten too old. Windows that have difficulty opening are also a sign they need to be replaced. Windows that don’t open or shut properly are not only an inconvenience, they’re also a safety issue. If windows have begun showing their age, the start of a new decade is a good time for replacement. Homeowners Want an Updated Look While new windows are a functional addition to the home, they also add to a home’s overall aesthetic. With a wide array of styles available on the market, new windows can completely change the look of a home. Some homeowners even go the extra mile by adding shutters or other exterior window covers. If you want to increase your property value or if you want to make your home the envy of all your neighbors, a stylish new set of windows will do the job. 2020 is just around the corner, and with it, new home improvement projects. If you’re looking for a home improvement project to improve your home’s functionality and appearance, consider starting off with a window replacement project.

picture windows

sliding windows

garden windows

...older, single-pane windows are responsible for 25-30% of a home’s energy loss. localtouchcomal.com







Check us out at the New Braunfels Beauty and Wellness show - Booth 206


Transformational Coaching

Helping You Discover the “LIFE” you deserve

WELLNESS COACHING Health, Life, Nutrition & Spiritual

www.hcubed.rocks 210-663-2774 | CoachRon@Hcubed.rocks

By Dr. Aaron Cain

MyImpactChiro.com 2681 Gattis School Rd #140 Round Rock, TX 512-726-2120


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the back


the chest


In our day to day life it is a challenge to look around and not see people sitting and looking down. From cell phones, com-

puters, sleeping, driving, taking care of kids the list goes on. A few months back I wrote an article on text neck and how it can create a tremendous amount of stress in the joints and nerves of the neck. There has been a popular term for this forward head, rounded shoulders bad posture and that is upper cross syndrome. It can cause neck pain. headaches, mid back pain and shoulder issues. Instead of exploring the science of it, let’s dive into the best ways to combat bad posture.


1. Stretch your pecs. Find a door frame and place your forearm and hand against it and lean forward. You should feel a stretch from your sternum to your shoulder. Make sure to stretch both sides as this will allow your shoulders to not roll forward. The common question is how often and how long. We always suggest every few hours if your in that forward leaning posture.


2. Strengthen your back. With our head going forward and shoulders rounding the #1 muscle group that gets weak is your back especially between your shoulder blades. This requires any exercise where you are pulling back and trying to touch your shoulder blades together. Rowing machines or and weights that your pulling back work wonderful for this. We have to actively work the body in the opposite direction of how we are sitting all day.


3. Foam Rolling Place a foam roller horizontal and roll up and down your back a few times. After, place the foam roller again horizontally between your shoulder blades and stretch the top half of your body back over the foam roller. This will train your spine backwards, again, the opposite of your daily posture.


DEC 2019



DEC 2019



If you’re like many Americans with a mortgage, you’re probably looking for ways to pay it off sooner.

You’re in luck!

Below are some great tips to help you reduce your principal and eliminate your mortgage debt faster, so that you have more money in your bank account for retirement, investments or a relaxing tropical vacation. If you’re among the one-in-three lucky homeowners who have paid off their mortgage, forward this information on to family or friends who are seeking to pay off their mortgage debt.

Texas Real Estate Commi information: Information Ab

Texas Real Estate Commission requires that I provide you with the following information: Information About Broker Services and Consumer Protection Notice

Texas Real Estate Commission requires that I provide you with the following information: Information About Broker Services and Consumer Protection Notice



Texas Black Gold Garlic Announces Revolutionary New Products San Antonio, Texas – San Antonio-based gourmet food manufacturer, Texas Black Gold Garlic, is excited to announce the release of three new unbelievably delicious "true vegan" products: Black Shallot, Black Pearl Onion and Black Ginger. Currently, these new products will be sold on the Texas Black Gold Garlic website, through the Pearl Farmers Market and exclusively through local distributor, FARM to TABLE. For more information, please visit texasblackgoldgarlic.com.


For those who have had the opportunity to taste and cook with black garlic, you know what a wholly unique culinary experience it is and how it can enhance just about any dish, from savory to sweet, with its rich caramelized, balsamic-like punch of scintillating and complex flavors. Similarly, the Black Shallot, Black Pearl Onion and Black Ginger take these simple ingredients and send them into an umami orbit that chefs just can't get enough of. "There's simply nothing else like this on the market. Other black garlic companies have stopped at garlic, but we saw the potential to truly enhance these other basic ingredients that chefs and home cooks use every day," shares Chef and Owner, Stephen Paprocki. "This is my magnum opus for the culinary world." What They Taste Like, according to Chef Paprocki: Black Shallot: It's a pop of caramelized onion in your mouth, taking the staple of meat and potatoes to a whole new level. Black Pearl Onion: Imagine French onion soup in pearl form. Black Ginger: Nothing can compare to this unparalleled flavor profile. It's straight umami with none of the fiery/spicy ginger component one might expect. Like their predecessor, the new products also offer health benefits derived from the Malliard process, akin to fermentation, such as a massive increase in antioxidants. Additionally, the majority of the ingredients are grown in cooperation with local Texas farmers. "One of our company's primary missions has always been to work with and support local farmers. Not only does our seed program help the farmers, but knowing the farmer helps us maintain a significant amount of quality control, something no other black garlic companies are doing," explains Paprocki. "On top of that, we say our products are truly vegan and beyond organic because they're grown without fertilizer or pesticides and are naturally non-GMO, for that matter,' he says. "Many people don't realize this, but certified organic is not always what people expect. Meaning people, vegans for example, feel assured they're eating clean produce when, in fact, organic fertilizer can be used to grow certified organic vegetables, but when tested, animal protein is often found due to the organic manure, so it's not a truly vegan product. However, we test our produce for non-animal specific protein and it's a hundred percent clean. The industry practically forces companies like ours to pay thousands of dollars for a can be misleading, and we believe it's important that the public be made aware of this issue," adds Paprocki. Lab Test Results: https://www.texasblackgoldgarlic.com/quality localtouchcomal.com


Question: Are you ready to take the first step towards getting things under control? Well, there is a program right near you that has a proven track record with over 45,000 people AND nearly 1 million pounds of body fat lost. Scan Below and check it out!

Ron Smith – Coachron@hcubed.rocks

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LocalTouch Online - New Braunfels, Comal County and the Texas Hill Country - January  

What is happening in New Braunfels, Comal County and the Texas Hill Country communities. We look at Food, Music - check out Dallas Burrow,...

LocalTouch Online - New Braunfels, Comal County and the Texas Hill Country - January  

What is happening in New Braunfels, Comal County and the Texas Hill Country communities. We look at Food, Music - check out Dallas Burrow,...