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To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking. In the midst of putting together this issue, I stumbled upon these perceptive words by Agnes de Mille. Whether you’re looking at it from a professional dancer’s vantage point, or from a café patron who has just picked up this copy, the words ought to resonate – they have to. Those words affirmed our decision to create this issue, to cast at the very least, as bright a spotlight as we can on the vibrant, diversity of the word dance. In all honesty, I’m not a dancer. I’m as groovy and lively as a Bahamas palm tree, occasionally swaying, but never in full flight. It takes a gladiator’s courage for me to swivel my hips, but I think I can do some decent shuffling. Anyhow, I agree that dance is a fulfilling medium where human emotions start to connect, where there’re slivers of joy galloping through your veins. Galloping, because you can feel your heart pound, because you can utter nothing and yet still exude swirls of charm that leave the audience gasping. There’s an organic grace present within all dancers, as well as a primitive need to just bop a head and tap a foot for the rest of us – whether you like it or not.

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Dance doesn’t have to be strictly literal. It can be a celebration of the senses (pg 19), it can mean a fulfilment of a lifelong dream (pg 12), and it can mean a little pirouette on your taste buds (pg 53). This issue, the dazzling Jessica Rabone (pg 14) makes a splash within our pages, and reveals a little bit more about herself. Also, be enamoured by the images of prominent wildlife photographer, C.S.Ling (pg 56), and hitch a ride through our fashion pages (pg 34) for a preview of what is to come. Along with the likes of Sally Ann Triplett (pg 26), Raquel Yeo (pg 24) and our globetrotter, Pearly Cheong’s Bali highlights (pg 60), you’re holding a magazine brimming with tasty gravy. So go on, let your fingers ease through the pages – from front to back, back to front, from the middle – it’s up to you. We’ve put this together with great heart, and I do hope your remaining endeavours would be a fruitful dance. Till we meet again in November. Signing off,

Mcken & the team

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ON THE COVER: Photography: 217...Nina Hair & Makeup: Sooyoo Kim Model: Jessica Rabone



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You’ve been really busy lately! Care to share with us what’s been keeping you occupied? Life is crazy as always! I have been on a sewing marathon the past few weeks, making little plush pins for an upcoming flea. I’ve also finalised some designs for bags and tee-shirt prints too - seems like my Etsy store should be well stocked pretty soon. On the side, I am always finding pockets of time to get back on the neglected pieces for my first solo art-show taking place sometime mid2014. And oh, definitely not missing out feeding on heaps of coffee and ice cream, the fuel to my creativity!

Can you describe your story with illustration and art? How did it begin, blossom and eventually become something you want to do for the rest of your life?

They say the artist is often broody and withdrawn because they spend so spoke to another illustrator recently who much time with their work commented that every one who draws and not enough time with has different skills and some are good the outside world. Do you in certain areas others cannot do. He doesn’t care who draws better, but cares agree? how long they are at it, because those are the ones who truly believe. I think people who persist and still draw when their heads are dotted with grey are the admirable ones.

You recently shaved your lovely locks off in support of Hair For Hope, what was the motivation behind this act?

For years I have been having such thoughts but never had the courage to act. Earlier this year, I wrote a promise to myself on a napkin while having tea. Promises are meant to be fulfilled, and that was the motivation to finally do something this crazy for a good cause. Hair is important to me, as important as I have been an art vandal since young, how clothes can make a man to impress doodling on walls and under the chairs and influence. Shaving it off leaves me at home to much disapproval. I got into a little vulnerable and insecure, and the Art Elective Programme at Nanyang I sometimes avoid the gazes on the Girls High, which provided me with streets. Most importantly, it somewhat knowledge of the basic aspects of art. I made me feel like we can be more - a explored and experimented with a variety little more giving, more patient and more of mediums such as ceramics, fashion courageous. design, jewellery and installations. I went on to visual communications after, We’re often amazed by how followed by jewellery and textiles design much time you dedicate in University. I doodled all these while, yourself to your work as but only started drawing some years seen on your Instagram back. There were low moments in my life where I had to quit my design job, had a starving piggy bank and honestly had no clue what was next. My heart was terribly in love with a boy who adored cats yet he didn’t feel the same. The reasons to draw were like roots that grew deep in my heart. Unrequited love sparked feelings so strong that desired to be inked on paper. As the feelings burgeoned, the occasional hobby developed into a passion. I’ve been drawing almost everyday for 2 years now, too short a time to determine if I can do it for the rest of my life. I

and Facebook posts. Would you call yourself a workaholic?

I hope I don’t give the impression of being broody and withdrawn! The outside world exhausts me while my inner world brews magic spells and grows unicorns. I consider myself an introvert and very much love my solitude. In aloneness, I learn to have faith in my own works without being judged by others. I enjoy time with people too, but only with a close-knit group I hold close to heart.

If there was only one last piece of art you could create, what would it be? I’m incredibly in love with girls who have intricate linear tattoos. Those are such poetically delicate creations that hold many interesting stories. I once met a girl on the train who has a female’s face tattooed to her arm. My friend went up to her and asked if there is a story behind it. She said it is in memory of her sister and I was really moved. My illustrations are stored up with personal stories and feelings, if there is one last piece of art I could create, I would ink my entire body with them. Like Sylvia Plath says, “Wear your heart on your sleeve this lifetime.”

What’s the one thing you adore most in your life?

I adore the simple pleasures that no amount of money can buy. A homemade meal by family or friends when they Indeed, I work 24/7. We are eight months sincerely wanted to feed, watching the full moon with people who appreciates into the year and I have never worked its beauty the same way, spotting this hard my entire life. I keep myself a rainbow after the rain, watch the busy with various works from sewing crashing waves at sunrise or to share a merchandises for my online shop to good conversation over coffee. These freelance painting projects, pieces for fleeting moments are precious to me, a future art show to little doodles. I and life has many things to be cherished. wouldn’t consider myself a workaholic, I adore them all with heartfelt gratitude. not when the things I do make me happy! I would very much love to take some time off and travel to be recharged. The thing you hate the But always, I count my blessings for most? being able to do something soul fulfilling. Hate is a strong word and I don’t use it often. I guess I really do hate losing people in life, be it dear friends or little children I teach at work. Spending time builds connection and grows attachment, it just eats me up a little each time this happen.

What would you want to be remembered for? Love, honesty and joy. The love for life, the honesty within and a joy for people and the simplest things in life. These are the beliefs I live life by, and I hope my art pieces show my voices and thoughts in some kind of beauty.



Wearing Hearts on Sleeves

Among the sketches of dreamy eyed moon girls and adventures of Lyttle stone people, Ly Yeow has got our hearts firmly clasped between her gifted fingers. An artist with a talent that extends across the boundaries of illustration, design, crafting and even a touch of blogging, the world is a playground when viewed through her eyes. Inspired by the beauty of life and the upwelling of emotions that provide backbone for the ethereal and childlike approach to her works, Ly Yeow is a gem in the rough, a diamond waiting to shine. Chow Liying finds out more.


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Moving abroad to carve out a career can be rather arresting, but it can also be equally toilsome. The aptitude to adjust to a vastly different culture, and the emotional dexterity to cope with bouts of loneliness, require the exertions of time to placate and soothe. For Jessica ‘JJ’ Rabone, her grit and determination to succeed are exemplary. The 28-year old Japanese hip hop specialist (she’s of a fabulous British-Japanese parentage), has always had a flair for movement, foraying into the world of choreographed dynamism in Japan. However, a spark was needed to ignite her efforts, a greater platform that can cause this flower to bloom. “I started as a studio dancer and I neither knew how to freestyle nor was I willing to try. I felt scared as I could not anticipate what would come out of me”, she says. It wasn’t until 2006 - after dancing for artists and in fashions shows, as well as taking on modelling assignments - that JJ finally got a breakthrough. There was an open call audition in Tokyo, for Beat Box Dance Studio’s annual showcase with a guest choreographer. And his name? Celebrated American dancer/choreographer, Sho-Tyme, who has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Shakira, Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland – you get it. “That was my life-changing experience, right there and then. I was fortunate to work with him and after that, I knew right away that Japan wasn’t the place to be. I needed to go to Los Angeles!”

tasted what it’s like to dance competitively and internationally. The bigger platform that was craving for the talented dancer soon became visible, and it affirmed her decision to move to the States. Not only was she involved in the recent Dance @live World Cup held here in Singapore, she has won battles with Stylz Play in New York (Juste Debout) and Los Angeles (KOD/Showdown). Her pursuit of happiness is no longer chimerical. Of course, behind the sparkling curtains of success – where stage lights go off and music silenced – lie obstacles and challenges. The idea of showcasing one’s talents or practising in an American studio isn’t really a piece of cake, especially for non-US citizens. “I fought for my Visa to be able to live and work in America. For us foreigners, the work visa process can take up to six months, and I’m waiting on my third one now.” Lamentably, this scenario rings true for many. There is always the presence of uncertainty, when one’s hard work and plans hang precariously on an administrative protocol – leaving an innate temerity to stay positive. “It’s scary knowing you might not be able to stay here and pursue your dream anymore. This is why I work hard everyday, to never have regrets and stay happy. God will decide which path I’m going to take, so I just want Him to know that I’m serious and that I really want this.”

whatever you do, don’t do it halfway. Put your heart into something if you really want it.

JJ was soon taken under ShoTyme’s wing and groomed into the freestyle extraordinaire she now is. “He’s my mentor and is also the one who encouraged me to do freestyle. I’m so inspired by him, not just because of his dance skills, but also by his readiness to teach me and push me forward each time I get stuck.” Being one-sixth of a female dance crew assembled by Sho-Tyme (Stylz Play), JJ gradually

With an iron-willed fervour, JJ is someone who has already figured out her purpose in life, and will give her all to grab whatever chances and fulfil it. You can sense her genuine appreciation for the opportunities that have been afforded her, and her gratefulness to be able to do something she adores. “I always tell people that whatever you do, don’t do it halfway. Put your heart into something if you really want it, and live life to the fullest. The biggest thing though, is to always be thankful. Before each performance, battle or audition, I always repeat the words ‘thank you’ for about 10 times in my head.


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SLOUCH where others drag themselves through a progressively disenchanted journey, JJ’S is cloaked with ubiquitous thanksgiving.

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“Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for my family and friends who are always there for me, and thank you for the life I’m given.” Away from the dance floor, JJ enthuses about her other favourite things. Apart from stitching, catching movies and bike-riding, the girl is also a precocious dumpling-making talent. “My mother taught me how to make them since I was little. I love dumplings and I can make 300 at once! And I’m not joking.” This budding culinary interest is reflected in JJ’s eagerness to own a restaurant that opens for lunch, and then transforms into a bar come sundown. (*Check out our spread on similar establishments in Singapore within this issue) “I love to cook and watch people enjoy my food. As for the restaurant that becomes a club at night, I think most people would enjoy it.” The Monsters Inc. fanatic also has fashion blood coursing through her veins, as she revels in designing and crafting clothes (she made costumes for Team iLuminate, a group of glow-suit dancers on America’s Got Talent), and becoming a style guru basically. In any field of profession, being devoted to one’s job has become a lost art, more so a daily grind. JJ on the other hand, dedicates herself to dance and a myriad other things that colour her existence. She clutches at things worthy of her time, and leaves her worries to a higher being she trusts. It’s no coincidence that her favourite quote comprises three simple words, ‘life is good’. It’s this humble contentment that streaks a divisive line between arrogance and confidence, and where others drag themselves through a progressively disenchanted journey, hers is cloaked with ubiquitous thanksgiving. “At the end of the day, dance is my life. When I enjoy my life, my happiness flows through my dance.” Brilliant.

Ø SLOUCH 18/72

Photography JAZPAR YEO


Rian - Photo by Ros Kavanagh

Esplanade’s da:ns festival returns once again to fill our hearts with rhythm and euphoria, promising spectacular dance showcases with artistes hailing from Ireland and Brazil, while showing off our budding local talents. And you can get involved as well, as Joey Murray puts on his dancing shoes and pirouettes deeper!

On with the da:ns! SLOUCH

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ance is everywhere in our lives – the annoying hokey pokey you were made to do at your first preschool graduation in front of your parents as they gleam and point you out; pervading our minds by being a vital part of pop culture and entertainment, as we all know we tried to do the Single Ladies routine (even the hand part… come on!). And come this 11 Oct, there will be lots of movement in our favourite dual-half-husked landmark cum concert hall cum theatre, the Esplanade. World acclaimed Grupo Corpo are ‘trained to pirouette as expertly as they samba or shimmy, and the steps seem to pour out of their sleek, supple limbs with unstoppable force’, as The Guardian puts it, and let’s just say their summary barely does Grupo any justice. A Double Bill – Sem Mim and Onqotô (11 & 12 Oct, 1 hr 50 mins) features Grupo Corpo’s potent blend of ballet and Afro-Brazilian rhythmic movements, and a one-and-only vocabulary that encompasses exuberant, energetic, and rich visual expression. Sem Mim, which means ‘without me’, lulls the audience into an oblivion of ebbs and flows, and never-stagnant landscapes. The talented dancers flow with desire and emotion, to the alluring tune of 13th century medieval Portuguese-Galician chants.

“It’s an evening of buoyant rhythms and happy atmosphere, it really does feel like a party on stage!” reports a very impressed The Independent, UK. Meaning “mark” or “trace” in Irish, director-slash-choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan and musician Liam Ó Maonial aim to evoke the life-enhancing spirit of community. On a vibrant green stage (of course), the performers express joy, poignancy, and reflection through the spontaneity of dance and flow through interactive emotional landscapes. There’s no ‘play’ to ‘press’ over here on the 8-track, as riveting live music will be played by five musicians, some of Ireland’s best, delighting with the rich and melodic backdrop Celtic and West African music, strummed out of fiddles, and blown and beaten out of pipes and percussion. For those who are yearning for the deeper and philosophical, Awakenings is here, do not fear! Local senior dancers from LASALLE’s BA (Hons) Dance Programme, branded by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Albert Tiong, and premieres Foo Yun Ying and alumnus Chiew Peishan. “Contemplative” is how the creators would describe it, being a journey from “what was” to “what could be”. How about some dance for thought? The 70-minute performance yields dreams and memories, as well as laughter and tears.

Grupo Corpo - Photo by José Luiz Pederneiras

Onqotô catapults both the dancers and viewers into unchartered territory, “exploring humanity’s place and the universe along the allegory of a football match in Rio de Janeiro, and the ageold battle of the sexes”. Expect no less than passionate and furious Latin footwork, rhythms, and a pulsating soundtrack by Caetano Veloso and José Miguel Wisnik. After all, their mission is to tempt the rhythm of life out of us all! There is just something so captivating about dance, ranging from the slow, dexterous glides and sensual dips, to enthralling gallops and twirls and kicks and tosses and turns! And such is of Rian (1 hr 30 mins, 18 & 19 Oct), by Fabulous Beast, an Irish dance troupe.

Ø SLOUCH 20/72

Rian - Photo by Ros Kavanagh

Feeling inspired? da:ns also gives you a dance (pun) to coordinate and gyrate to. Bellydance, Bhangra, Street Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Bachata, Waltz, Tango, and even K-Pop MV Dance 90-minute classes are offered from just $12! ‘Twinkle Toes’ classes are also offered for toddlers aged 3 to 6 and their parents, in case you have any inner ballerinas, swingers, and flamenco dancers in the family you feel you need to unleash. Shall We Dance?, a free 1-minute compact dance lesson will also be conducted in select spots around Esplanade to let you loosen your hamstrings and give yourselves a chance to fall in love with rhythmic movement. This could be a start of something new – after all, life is the dancer and you are the dance!



I am a contemporary artist and movement is my tool. It is a medium with which I make art, and I enjoy both the line kinaesthetic pleasure and intellectual challenges that come with the journey. Comfort-ability, curiosity and commitment are the key traits for a contemporary artist to perform well. Also, wanting to dance as a profession is still not very accepted in our society, but it’s surprising how far desire and fortitude can take you. If you love something, stick to your guns. Christina Chan

Artistic Movement What keeps a choreographer’s creative process churning? How does a dancer’s movement get stirred up? What entails a good performance? Dance, as we all know, is a broad cocoon of multiple genres and purposes. What we see and recognise, are the completed, beautified art pieces. What we don’t see, are the personal thoughts and toil that each performer/choreographer has to plough through. Behind the veils and bright lights, three variant dance practitioners tell us more.


Ø 21/72


I pursued dance after being moved by a NUS Dance Ensemble performance, but I found it difficult to dance with a group at times – making me stick out. Rather than seeing it as a setback, I channelled it into finding my own voice through choreography. I like to talk to people, to find commonalities and draw parallels with my own life. Talking gives me inspiration and I feel a melancholic happiness when things personal to my life, or others, are incarnated visually for the audience. As an audience member to my own work, it is a cathartic experience. Basu Mallick Koustav

Ă˜ SLOUCH 22/72

SLOUCH It depends on your execution technique that separates a great break dancer from a good one. It depends on the amount of time and energy invested into practising that particular move, how you feel about the movement and whether you have enough stage presence. My moves are not strictly down to a particular type of choreography, but I just do what I feel like doing, and this has become an integral part of my life. Leonard


Ă˜ 23/72





allet is an extraordinary art form

comes into play for major life decisions. There

performed with such exuberance, of lithe

would soon come a time when you arrive at

elegance and flustering grace. It captivates

the crossroads, and it’s a choice between – in

not just the watching audience, but seemingly,

Raquel’s case – being a ballet teacher and an

gravity. For Raquel Yeo, 21, her fervour for

academic one. Both are respectable, and both

ballet has spanned 15 years, ever since she

require intense commitment and perseverance.

was six. “My mum advised me to sign up for

She opted for the latter. “Honestly, I’m still

ballet as a Co-Curricular Activity in primary

not sure if I’ve made the right choice. I have

school. At that time, training was twice a week,

however urged myself to put these doubts

but I soon grew to like it,” she says. All loving

behind, and to do my best at what I’ve been

parents are naturally inclined to want their

given,” she says. In her eyes, there’s always a

children to be prolific in something. Whether

chance to reconnect with her passion. Raquel

it’s tickling the ivories of a piano or taming

teaches children ballet in her free time, and

the strings of a guitar, the child has to taste the

this is one of those chances that have allowed

pudding before he or she decides what’s best.

her to keep in touch - to be involved - in the

At such a tender age, Raquel had found hers.

graceful sphere she has grown up in.

What emotions course through you when you dance? Dancers are like actors. We have sombre and happy expressions, according to the choreography, the mood and the characteristics of the dance.

Anything else that you would need to perform well? Determination and discipline. For example, training to do a split. It doesn’t come in a day, and you’ve got to push yourself for months in order to get that perfect split. You’d need the determination to be disciplined, which you can see, works hand in hand.

Since you also teach ballet in your free time, is there a difference between teaching and actually performing? [Yes] I normally teach young children – from three to ten year-olds. It’s an opportunity to impart your own knowledge to them, and you receive an intangible end product, such as a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction. When I perform, it’s to put my teacher’s words into an artistic display, and it’s a recognition of the hard work paying off.



It isn’t easy, however, when practicality

And your most rewarding experience? I was teaching a baby class on how to do pony gallops, and there was this one girl who just couldn’t do it. She was of course, demoralised, and I took her to the side to comfort and encourage her. When she finally managed to accomplish it, the smile on her face just brought me so much warmth.

Are there any stereotypical views of ballerinas that you want to break down? We certainly aren’t anorexic, bulimic and snobbish.

How do you stay so slim then? (Laughs) Personally, I feel that due to our constant exertions when we dance, it contributes greatly to a higher metabolic rate – hence the slim figure. I would also abstain from fast food and soft drinks.

Finally, who’s your favourite dancer? Daniil Simkin! He’s absolutely amazing to watch, and I actually managed to catch him perform at the International Ballet Gala in Singapore a couple of years back.


Ø 25/72


Sally Ann Triplett Ø SLOUCH 26/72

The first thing I think about is how lucky I am to have been involved in so many productions, as well as working with all these amazing, talented people. It’s a really hard profession at times and the fact that I’m still in the thick of it is incredible.

How have you changed or grown as a person through it all?

I think my love for what I do hasn’t really changed but the sort of things I like to be involved in are different. I am now more interested in the stories and the characters in each production and that just comes from being older, having children and living a life. Not only have I changed but the profession around me is different too.

If there is one thing you would change in your career, even if it’s a tiny tweak, what would it be? To be honest there is nothing I would change. I am very lucky to have performed for over 30 years in a profession I have adored, am happily married to Gary and have the most extraordinary children Max and Grace - who I am very proud of. What more could I want?

Has participating in the Eurovision contest helped you blossom as a musical actress? Not really, in fact the two things are worlds apart. The Eurovision sent me into the music world which was an amazing experience, but then I went straight back to the world I love. I have “ blossomed” as an actress through working and watching other people.

Which musical(s) in particular was the most memorable? My most favourite show I have been in was Anything Goes which started live at The National Theatre, and then did a year’s run at the Drury Lane. Everything about it was first class: the set, costumes, cast, director, choreographer… and of course that wonderful score. Other ones at the top are Rizzo in Grease and Jolson, where I met my husband.

What do you think are the qualities that a good musical actress should have? The obvious qualities you need to be in musicals are singing, dancing and acting. But more than any of these, I believe you need to be truthful and just like any other “straight” plays, get to the bottom of the person you are playing and be clear on their storytelling.

Any musicals that you wish to perform in but haven’t?

There is one… Kiss Of The Spider Woman and of course, Next To Normal.

Any other career ambitions you might have opted for besides performing? If I didn’t choose this career, I think I’d still be attached to the Arts in some way. Possibly in make up or recently, I have thought I’d be quite good at casting. Having taught in many performing arts schools, I think I may have a good eye for talent.

Tell us more about your character in Next to Normal. Diana has bipolar. She lost her first child when he was a baby and has never recovered from this loss. She is on medication to control her emotions and we join her and her family at a time when she decides to stop taking the medicine. The play shows what happens as a consequence of her doing this, and the effect it has on her and the people she loves. It’s a deep and powerful story but it also has lots of humour and amazing music!

She’s one of West End’s most familiar faces, having starred in productions like Chicago, Cats and Grease. Sally Ann Triplett has also left indelible marks at the Eurovision Song Contest – twice – and has since captured the attention of audiences worldwide with her


When you look back at your career, what’s the first thought that comes into your mind?

acting and singing flair. Mcken Wong finds out more about the lead actress in Pangdemonium’s latest offering – Next to Normal. What’s one guilty pleasure that you look forward to after a hard day’s work? I’m a bit boring really as I don’t really drink and definitely don’t smoke, so I suppose it would be a nice long bath with my iPad watching BBC drama on catch up. Dull I know and not very rock and roll’, but hey.

What do you do to protect your vocal chords? Any particular food that you try to abstain from before performances? I try not to eat anything major after about six in the evening and avoid spicy food when I’m performing. The best thing for your voice is sleep and plenty of water.

How do you keep your passion burning after so many years? Well, it’s hard to keep being motivated when you do eight shows a week for years, which is why I’m delighted to come to Singapore and be involved in something new - with a new production company and one that lasts only three weeks. You have to try to keep things fresh and challenge yourself.

Getting into the role is what every performer wants. For you, how do you ‘get into a role’? I find out as much information as I can about that person and what they do, or in Diana’s case how they feel. I once played Amelia Earhart and actually took a flying lesson to feel how she would have felt flying a plane on her own. It was awesome! Knowledge is the key.

How do you cope with pressure? The pressure of doing a good job night after night is quite intense sometimes, especially if it is a hard show like playing Donna in Mamma Mia. You don’t want to let the show or other people down so to give 100% every time is a difficult challenge.

What advice would you give to young performers? Pursue this profession only if you REALLY want to and you honestly think you have the talent. There are so many people who want to be involved now and only the best will get the jobs. If you do decide it’s the life for you, then follow your heart and be an honest performer. If you do “make” it, always remain nice and humble.

Any future plans? My family and I have just got our green cards, so we’ll try our luck on the other side of the pond. My son Max Milner has had some success already in the UK as a musician and is off to the States in a couple of weeks’ time to follow his dream. Fingers crossed for all of us.

What do you feel about coming to Singapore and performing? I’m very excited about my trip to Singapore and to be working with people I’ve never met. Pangdemonium has such a great reputation and I hope to live up to that. The weather’s also going to be warm, which after our British winter is a really big plus.


Ø 27/72


Calendar Perks

Elizabeth Moreira compiles some shoo-in events for you.

Pangdemonium’s Next To Normal

Sentosa Spooktacular Sentosa Spooktacular Fans of bloodcurdling Thai horror films, Sentosa’s Spooktacular 2013 has a nerve wrecking treat for you this Halloween. For the first-time ever, they have teamed up with renowned Thai movie production studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd (GTH) – masterminds behind international horror hits such as Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and Pee Mak, to spice up the trails with more spooks at the usual Fort Siloso. Long termed resident ghouls of Spooktacular such as The Pontianak, the Chinese Ghost Bride, the Dead Soldier and the Chinese Vampire (Jiang Shi), will be joining these Thai friends to ensure an unforgettable experience for you. Where: Fort Siloso, Sentosa When: 18, 19, 25, 26 Oct & 31 Oct, 1 & 2 Nov 2013 Price: $40.60 - $66.60

Coach X Chen Man Photo Exhibition The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Coach X Chen Man The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Hear ye! Hear ye! The comical trio from The Reduced Shakespeare Company takes the stage to amuse you in their outrageous tights, as they piece together all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays into short, sharp comedies within 97 minutes. Hailing all the way from London’s West End at the Criterion Theatre, this’ll leave you breathless and in stitches! Where: DBS Arts Centre When: 1 – 12 Oct 2013 Price: $58 - $108

BPangdemonium’s Next To Normal

A winning Broadway hit of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Next To Normal is the powerful Top American design house, musical that was nominated Coach, will team up with Chen for 11 Tony Awards in 2009 Man, who is one of China’s most and won three: Best Original influential fashion photographers, Score, Best Orchestration and to shoot its Fall 2013 footwear Best Performance by a Leading collection. The collection itself Actress in a Musical. It tells the zooms in on the exceptional story of Diana Goodman (West leather quality and craftsmanship, End star Sally Ann Triplett), ideal for the modern woman who a suburban housewife who prefers the brand’s use of mixed battles her mental demons in materials and colour blocking. the form of bipolar disorder Whether you’re keen on flats or and the struggles her husband pumps, do come down for a peek (played by Adrian Pang) face into Coach’s world of printed to maintain stability within fabrics, python embossing and the family. Next to Normal is bicolor patent. MW also Pangdemonium’s second musical this year that displays Where: Paragon Level 1 the difficult themes of life and (outside Coach Paragon) loss, providing a different take When: 9 – 15 Sept 2013 on musicals - that they’re not Price: Free always filled with rainbows.

Photo Exhibition

Where: Drama Centre Theatre When: 5-22 Sept Ticket prices: $30 - $88


Agnes B Snap Cardigan Photo Exhibition


1 World Music Festival

F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2013

‘The Penis Society’ 1 World Music Festival The F1 hype is on, and adding to the excitement is the brand new 1 World Music Festival! The major music fair that features an epic lineup of A-listers such as Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, Moby, Cosmic Gate, Far East Movement, Iggly Azalea, Taboo (from the Black Eyed Peas) and heaps more. Besides the international performers, local and regional artists such as Kevin Lester, Wicken Aura, Bangkok Invaders, Jon White, and Nicole Chen would also contribute to the epic weekend. And since Topshop would be the festival’s official fashion partner, they’ll be offering a branded print space with limited edition festival totes and tees. Music mayhem anyone? Where: Marina Barrage When: 20 & 21st September 2013 Price: $98

Toy Factory F1 Singapore Grand Presents ‘The Penis Prix 2013 Back again after a one year Society’

Agnes B Snap Cardigan Photo Exhibition

It stirs a lot of curiosity when you come across “The Penis Society”. But hold those thoughts; its not what you’re thinking! The Penis Society is an original comedy, and also one of the many original edgy productions by Toy Factory Productions. Written by award-winning Singapore playwright, Goh Boon Teck and directed by Patricia Toh, one of the Best Director nominees in 13th Life! Theatre Awards, you are in for a night of knee-slapping laughter - at 3 witty gentlemen (Prem John, Wilson Xin & Muhammad Farid aka Ryd) illustrating the current Singaporean male culture.

French fashion house, Agnes B, is set to present its Snap Cardigan Photo Exhibition, which serves to highlight the brand’s more than two decade old history – illustrated by 70 archived images. The exhibition will also see the unveiling of seven new works from artistes such as film-maker Royston Tan, photographer Leslie Kee, actress-singer Karena Lam, singer Cheer Chen and visual artist Lam Wai Kit. Other works include a record of photographs from European artists, including Mikael Lafontan and Agnes Bonnot. The simple, classic and timeless exhibitions will then trot off to Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai, United States and the United Kingdom to showcase the fashion empire’s iconic and signature silhouettes.

Where: Aqua Nova, Block C #01-09, Clarke Quay When: 10 - 29 Sept 2013 Price: $26 (ticketing agents), $31 (at the door)

sojourn, the world’s first Formula One night race just piles on the glitter and gets even more mind-blowing each time. The high-speed action in the heart of Singapore with the astounding city backdrop builds up and intensifies the whole event. This year, the Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2013 would continue to enthral spectators with the adrenaline-pumping, intensity-driven night racing, topped by performances from the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, The Killers, Owl City, and even Big Bang! Expect plenty from one of the best organised events in the Singapore calendar. Where: Marina Bay Street Circuit When: 20 - 22 Sept 2013 Price: S$68 - $988 *do check out for more details

Where: The Paragon Shopping Centre Atrium When: 5 – 14 Sept 2013 Price: Free


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In A Warzone Transplants

Epitaph Records

Transplants have reunited yet again this year for In a Warzone, a ferocious 12-track album that may be only 30 minutes long, but sure has more bite to their bark than expected. With sub-punk titans Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Operation Ivy), Rob Aston (former roadie for bands such as AFI and Rancid) and who can forget, Blink 182’s beloved drummer Travis Barker, this punk rock supergroup delivers a delicious mixture of combative punk, hip-hop, rap and blues-rock. Be taken on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride in tracks such as Any of Them, where Barker’s stand-out style of drumming truly shines, and the mellower, sunny Come Around – think The Offspring meets Barenaked Ladies. In a Warzone may be deemed more purist-punk than their previous two album releases, which definitely boast a more experimental repertoire, but we’re sure you’ll love this puppy all the same.

Struggling to add to your music playlist? Joey Murray's got you covered.




The debut studio album of Tim Berg (a.k.a. Avicii), True, is set to defy all rules of chart-friendly Electronic Dance Music this September 17 with the likes of Mike Einziger of Incubus, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, as well as musicians Nile Rogers, Mac Davis, Adam Lambert and Aloe Blacc. Few can forget his somewhat-controversial performance at the Ultra Music Festival earlier this year when he released nearly 40 minutes of album material, drawing massive criticism for his heavy bluegrass and country music influences. But the official Promo Mix 2013 released on Soundcloud in April has already done more than enough to rub a global audience the right way, with the album’s first single, Wake Me Up, selling 88,000 copies on its first day out in the United Kingdom and peaking at the number one spot in 13 countries this year. Just like Audra Mae sings it in True, we’re Addicted to You, Tim Berg.


Gogol Bordello ATO Records

Oh, how we’ve missed Gogol Bordello’s drunken, energetic frenzy of listening fun! Opening Pura Vida Conspiracy aptly with the first track, We Rise Again, this hotly-anticipated album from the Gypsy folk-punk-rock band will be their sixth in the nearly 15 years they have been together. Breaking all music conventions as the group usually does, Pura Vida Conspiracy should definitely be on the list of everyone’s favourite album releases in 2013. Every tune is a breath of fresh air, and the after-listening effects easily leave one intoxicated with liberation and joy. Throw yourself into reckless abandon with up-beat accordion playing, distorted guitars, dub-styled violin notes and Ukrainian-born Eugene Hütz’s distinctive gem of a voice, as the vocalist himself belts out in Malandrino: “I was born with a singing heart”.


Pura Vida Conspiracy

Collapsible Lung Relient K

Mono Vs Stereo

Relient K’s frontman, Matthew Thiessen, confesses that the seventh album by the American band is an experiment with (gasp, the horror!) pop: expect an overall preppy approach with happy-go-lucky whistling in Lost Boy, and breezy summer vibes in several tracks such as Can’t Complain. Gloria, on the other hand, pulls us in with an energetic and raw sound, faring pretty well in the album in a pop-punk way. It seems that 2013 has inspired many an artiste and musical group to break away from their genre stereotypes; the sudden change of style when Don’t Blink was first introduced to the music scene came as a shock to longtime fans of the band, with its teeny-boppy demeanor and overthe-top optimism in lines such as, “Love is beautiful and true / life and beautiful and new”. Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Collapsible Lung seems to be generally lacking the usual clever lyrics which fans adore them for. Relient K, we still love you, but we hope you get over your identity crisis soon.


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Find film photography immensely rewarding? Then take picture-snapping up to a whole new level, with the world’s first 35mm DIY SLR camera from Lomography that lets you hand-build the device. The assembling process of the compact Konstructor is no daunting feat, however. A few clicks, screws and you’ll be all set and ready to roll. Packed with an array of features despite its plastic frame, the Konstructor comes equipped with a top-down viewfinder, a ‘Bulb’ setting for long exposures and a detachable 50mm f/10 Lens so that every shot will be a guaranteed work of art. Price: $58.00

LG OPTIMUS G PRO If this phone got any smarter, we fear it might take over the world. Equipped with a FULL HD IPS display – read double the resolution of any smartphone released - the Optimus G Pro by LG will reinvent your smartphone. Paired with an ultra swift 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, lags and freezing screens are history while you immerse in resource-intensive applications that run at tremendous speeds. The Optimus G Pro also functions as a universal remote control by first registering home appliances and then controlling them via infrared signals. Supporting up to nine appliances like your TV sets, set-top boxes and air-conditioners, watch in awe as the world responds to your beck and call via this one device.


Price: $868.00

GADGET REVIEWS Chow Liying peruses some eye-catching gadgetry that might catch your fancy.

Got the dance bug in your bones and it’s hard to keep still? Take your passion everywhere with the first ever line of serious dance gear by Panasonic. It might look like your run-ofthe-mill boom box, but make no mistake, because behind its brightly coloured metallic shell, STEEZ packs the ability to change music tempos, set choreographed cue points and create smart playlists. Unbelievable? STEEZ music systems also come packed with an Auto Battle Mode that’ll allow you to bring the moves down to a real arena. Creating a battle sequence that comes complete with a countdown timer on the player’s LCD screen and voice prompts, STEEZ’s music players are a revolutionary accessory for the tech savvy dancer. Price: $399.00


Tony Stark is nothing without his Iron Man suit that sadly ran out of juice way too quick. Luckily for us, the HTC Butterfly s comes equipped with a stamina battery cell that packs 3200 mAh of raw power, so you’ll never have to endure the pain of losing your trustee companion prematurely. Rigged to fuel your social needs for as long as you desire, the Butterfly s also comes incorporated with the HTC Blinkfeed that transforms your home screen into a customisable, buzzing stream of live information from various social media platforms. Sound quality is also impeccable on the Butterfly s thanks to the HTC BoomSounds that features dual front-facing stereo speakers and amplifiers that are dedicated to delivering quality sound and power. Available in stylish shades of Fervour Red, Glamour White and Metallic Grey. Price: $988.00

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Outdoing itself with the latest release of the EOS 70D, Canon reinvents the art of DSLR photography with this Wi-Fi enabled, DIGIC 5+ image processor equipped masterpiece. The first ever EOS model to showcase the new Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, feel the difference in it’s superior focusing speeds and improved tracking during Live View shooting — fast moving subjects will never pose a problem again. Weighing up smaller than the EOS 60D, the new 70D packs a powerful punch despite it’s slighter frame, with excellent low-light capabilities thanks to it’s ISO speed range of 100 to a whopping 12800. The ever popular creative filters also become a dreamy reality, with effects such as Miniature and Fish-eye applicable in real-time Live View, allowing users to witness the stunning effects before they shoot. Price: TBA



CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Kenneth Cole New York is ramping up support for amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) this season after releasing the limited edition timepiece, Change: Powered by You. For those who aren’t familiar with amfAR, the organisation assumes a heavy responsibility in providing AIDS research, identifying critical gaps in our knowledge of HIV and AIDs, and at the same time conducting groundbreaking studies that could prove conclusive towards a feasible solution. The automatic watch spots a 21 jewel self-winding movement, accentuated by the skeleton silver dial as well as a crimson second-hand resting on the sub dial. The back of the watch will feature a double loop red ribbon, signifying united efforts in searching for the elusive cure for AIDS. It’s no surprise that Kenneth Cole himself used to leverage his platform as a fashion designer 25 years ago, in order to launch a series of exceptional, but provocative advertising campaigns aimed at raising awareness and funds for the said research. Geneva Watch Group, which is also Kenneth Cole New York’s manufacturer, has commendably decided to donate a minimum of US$25,000 from the sale of these voguish unisex watches. MW Price: $395

style journal

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In the darkest throes of our wardrobe, lie the least worn, over-sized, and impulsively-bought pieces of clothing that we’d want vanquished. This season, there’s more reason to cheer and ply onto the steel racks some choice designs, that may just outshine the best that you already have. Mcken Wong reveals.

FASHION AVENUE Ø style journal 34/72


JOURNAL Customer Satisfaction A glance at Marks & Spencer’s latest Autumn/Winter womenswear collection, and it may resonate with the modernday, tony lady. To be sure, Belinda Earl, the company’s new style director, shifts the spotlight onto female shoppers, delving into what they would’ve preferred that would make the strongest style statement. The result? A marvellous seasonal repertoire that is divided into 5 key trends – Modern Elegance, London Calling, Wild Opulence, Femme Fatale and Dark Drama – from muted colours to ostentatious brocades, luxe leather to sartorial tailoring.

style journal

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Exuberant Flair Shanghai Tang continues to outdo itself with its stunning Autumn/Winter range, based on a fresh campaign effusing cinematic pageantry. Set against the backdrop of Paris’ Folies Bergere, be captivated by the vivid imagery as captured by acclaimed photographer, Richard Bernardin. The pieces suit men and women who are sophisticated and assured, with a tasteful penchant for all things cultural and artsy. Canvassing the textures and overtones of rich velvets, fine silks and leathers, this collection is truly glamour personified.

style journal

Ă˜ 37/72



Ambush-ed Cult luxury streetwear symbol, AMBUSH, is available exclusively at Salon by Surrender – a dapper 1600 square foot multi-label boutique at Marina Bay Sands. We’re taken by AMBUSH’s latest NOMAD collection, which screams for the closet rebel within you – and it’s close enough since the clothes take on an anime bike gang theme. Similarly, the label’s collaboration with K-pop megastar G-Dragon (who will need no introduction), feels like a triumphant collaboration already. Items from the AMBUSH X G-Dragon capsule collection are sold in limited quantities of 1, 8 and 88, playing on Asia’s penchant for prosperity as well as G-D’s favourite numeral. Each piece will also be adorned by a specially designed AMBUSH X G-Dragon crest, adding lavish exclusivity.

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JOURNAL style journal

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PIONEER Pioneer’s latest foray into the home entertainment market speaks of confidence. And it is justified when the VSX series offers perks like expanded high resolution audio file playback, multiple HDMI connections, as well as ably integrating with iOS and Android smartphones.

LG The LG Pocket Photo smart mobile printer produces tangible replicas of memorable moments. Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, doing up a scrapbook or a personal diary will never seem like a chore any longer. This sleek, handy gadget will take up almost zilch space in your home.

SONY Sony is an established proponent of innovative technology, and will readily cement its place within your home with its backlit LED TV (BRAVIA™ KLV-R452A), as well as the stylish slider hybrid VAIO®Duo 13. The former spots amped up specs (clarity and audio fidelity), while the latter is capable of straightening images of documents and photos taken at odd angles.

Ø style journal 40/72



MARKS & SPENCER Marks & Spencer’s range of kitchen and homeware lends elegance and panache to any living room setting. The colours are vivid, yet practical, swiftly bringing up the aesthetics level you’ve always wanted to attain.

FEELING HOMEY style journal

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TEXT Susannah ZERIN Jaffer



Face Match

A stylish and functional wardrobe addition, eyewear today is available in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes for you to express your personality. To make the most out of this fashion accessory, however, it is important to choose a design that will complement and flatter your face shape.

So, instead of using trial-and-error methods for different designs in stores, here’s a handy guide to help you determine which eyewear style will suit you best. Remember, choosing the correct eyewear is all about balancing your facial proportions. Handy Tip: To identify your face shape, simply pull back your hair and step back from the mirror to match your face to the shape descriptions below.

Diamond Blak

e Li


A diamond face tends to have broad, high cheekbones, and is narrower at the eye and jawline. It’s also often considered to be the most unique shape! To soften your cheekbones, choose a frame with distinctive angular brow lines, or a cat-eye shape to break up the face. When choosing colours, patterned or detailed frames will do well to balance a diamond face.







Heart Characterised by a broad forehead and a narrower chin and jawline, a heart shaped face is often likened to an upside down triangle. Bottom-heavy eyewear is the perfect choice to add width to the lower part of your face, whilst opting for light materials in metal or plastic will balance your proportions. Opting for narrow or round frames will also detract attention from a broader forehead. Aviator and retro shapes will work perfectly for you, but avoid large frames and bold colours.

Ø style journal 42/72


MAX & CO, $180









r sF

Oval If you have an oval shaped face, congratulations! – Your balanced proportions mean you can carry off most eyewear styles with ease. The key to framing an oval face is to add interest. Experiment with square and rectangular styles that will add an angular dimension to the soft lines of your face. Try to avoid frames that are too oversized, as they will detract from your great features.

With your wider shape and straighter cheek line, when it comes to choosing eyewear for an oblong face, it’s all about creating balance. Choose a pair of frames that is wider than your face to add depth and break up the length, as well as a low bridge, will help to shorten the nose.




vi ne




style journal

Ø 43/72





Round To complement the curved lines of a round face, opt for narrow, angular frames – such as a rectangular shape – to elongate and balance your proportions. A wayfarer design would be an excellent choice. Stick to classic colours such as black & tortoise shell to further minimize roundness.

Nina Dobrev

Square Square face shapes are characterized by a prominent jaw line and forehead, with even proportions on the width and length. A cat-eye style with flicked edges will add curves to your shape, whilst a narrow frame will soften your angular features. Whatever you do, steer clear from square frames!


ki R


MAX & CO, $180 CARRERA, $290

Ø style journal 44/72



Swirling Magic Eyewear brand Mystic Vintage has waved its wand to unveil the Magic Series, in the mould of Alchemy and Sorcery. For starters, Alchemy is a 1947-era browline glasses, combining an acetate nose bridge, angular temples and alchemic colours (black, grey or tortoiseshell) into one spellbinding piece. Sorcery, on the other hand, subjugates flamboyance with gentle curves and a trademark Mystic Vintage nose-bridge. The lenses are mirrored and finished, while shades of black, copper or clear purple are used to enliven the frames. There’s nothing like wearing vintage-inspired glasses and thronging the streets, and if you’re looking for a missing piece in your fashion jigsaw, look no further. MW Price: $260

ALCHEMY style journal

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Seasons are changing, and it’s time for French Connection’s watches to evolve too. Have a fresh start with the new FCUK COLOUR PLAY series. These funky tickers are designed with splashes of colour intensities and contrasts. Get ready for a cutting-edge collection that features a dial with precise minutes and seconds’ countdown, along with a complementary silicone rubber strap for that sporty finish.

Price: $118.00

MIRU Contact Lens Moleskine Bag Organizer Going beyond the line of their iconic notebook and diary creations, Moleskine has rolled out its new Travelling and Writing collection. A series of Bag Organizers in particular, are designed with the perfect combination of functionality and character - available in Oxide Green, Orange Yellow, Brilliant Violet, Magenta and classic Black. They’re also available in Tablet 10” sizes and fitted to suit all laptop sizes!

Price: $104(Laptop 13.5”) $102(Tablet 10”)

style journal

Japan’s first and largest contact lens and eye care product manufacturer, Menicon, has looked into the inconvenience of daily lens packaging and invented the world’s thinnest and most compact lens pact with proprietary technology. The Miru (meaning “to see” in Japanese) contact lenses are not only the thinnest daily disposables, but also promise highwettability for all-day comfort. The lenses are so flat that the wafer-thin pack can even fit into your credit card holder.

Price: $58 (15 pairs)

Tech@Vogue @ Suntec City Newstead Technologies’ Tech@Vogue stores have been blossoming all around the island within the last 12 months IMM, Marina Bay Link Mall, VivoCity and Nex Mall. In celebration of their first year anniversary, they have planted their fifth store in the heart of the Marina Bay district, Suntec City Mall. The new Tech@ Vogue Gallery store differs from the other outlets, with a wider selection of tablets available - from iPads to PadFones, quality speakers to portable chargers.




In celebration of its fourth year anniversary, one of Singapore’s largest fitness and rehabilitation centres, The Moving Body Group, is kick-starting a new workout called CoreAlign ® . Developed by physiotherapist Jonathan Hoffman, the workout is a unique combination of mental and physical training. The overall result? Corrected standing, walking, running posture and improved balance. The Moving Body Group is offering an opportunity for you to join in their free trial classes at each of their venues with, a goody bag and vouchers for each participant.

PIONEER DDJ-WeGo For those wannabe DJs, Pioneer has a little something for you to get started on it - the DDJ-WeGo. From beginners to music enthusiasts, the ultra-compact DDJ-WeGo is user-friendly and packed with built-in effects and features - the Jog FX, Pulse Control, Mix Pulse and Launch Pulse – to squeeze your creative juices. The system has been designed to be portable, and is available in five body colours of white, black, red, green and violet.



SWAROVSKI LOVLOTS As part of its Fall/Winter collection, Swarovski has introduced a new family to their fabled Lovlots City, the Lovlots Zodiac. The Lovlots are a range of cute, expressive characters, each defined by a certain family characteristic and style. Each family has its own unique traits, such as the Emotis family with Pressure and Ambitious attributes, and the Zodiac version of Me Me the Sheep which symbolises luck. The craftsmanship is absolute class, and the creativity is an enjoyment instilled within the crystal characters. If you’d like some quirkiness, don’t hesitate to get one!

American Express’s latest Far Card Gourmet membership offers year-round discounts of up to 50%, for unlimited visits to some of Singapore’s finest restaurants and bars. This would be applicable for all AMEX Platinum and Platinum Reserve card members, riding on the partnership between American Express and a slew of top hotels such as Fairmont Singapore, Swissotel the Stamford Singapore, Equinox Complex, Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore, and even Swissotel Nankai in Osaka, Japan.

American Express Platinum Cardmembers will receive a complimentary The Far Card Gourmet membership (worth $588 inclusive of GST)

style journal

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Storm Troopers APIVITA is creating a storm with the MEN’S CARE line, comprising 6 dedicated products for the male user, including hair and body wash, eau de toilette and moisturising gel-cream. Made up mostly from natural ingredients such as propolis, cedar and balsam, the series does not contain alcohol traces and has a light texture to it. What makes it stand out? Organic cardamom infusions are used to replace water to offer an antiseptic action. Price: Varying

Where to get: all APIVITA shops and counters

Oil-free Dedication Organix has rolled out the THICK & FULL BIOTIN & COLLAGEN AMPLIFYING LOTION, which can be used to combat the, yes, annoying effects of a flattened crop. Spread this evenly throughout your damp hair before pointing a hair dryer at it, and witness the extra volume being conjured. What’s more, there’s no greasy after-feel. Price: $15.90 Where to get: Watsons

Skin Serenade Men’s skin are usually frequented by shaving blades and various other factors that may cause degeneration. The MANOLOGY 101 ALCOHOL-FREE TONER by belif, is said to encompass the virtues of apple mint and marrubium as ingredients - with the former providing cleansing and anti-blemish properties, and the latter possessing calming and soothing abilities. Besides, this product also contains

Ø 48/72

vital skin food like oat seed, calendula and wild indigo. Price: $36 (200ml)

Where to get: all belif counters

denominator for busy, hectic individuals. Catering to this particular crowd, Human+Kind has rolled out the ALL-INONE WASH-OFF FACIAL CLEANSER to cope with life’s urgent momentum. Chemical-free and rich, this cream formulation lathers away excess dirt and what-nots to reveal a revitalised


As society progresses, convenience has become a common


Scrub and Away

surface - all in record time. Price: $29 (100ml) Where to get:, 181 Orchard Road #03-29, Orchard Central


If you need a tangible morning perk-me-up, Billy Jealousy’s ADRENALINE JUNKIE ENERGIZING SCRUB would be an able acquisition.

Start Your Engines

Comprising jojoba esters that does the exfoliation duty, peppermint oil that stimulates

Come September, if you’re swept up in the whole

circulation and mulberry extract for natural

revving engine goodness of Formula One, Ralph

firming qualities, your skin has never felt so

Lauren has created something for the thrill-seeking

pampered. Take the plunge, and feel the

man. POLO RED mimics the stunning horsepower

difference to your usually stagnant morning.

of the sweeping machines, spilling powerful notes in the form of fresh red grapefruit, deep red wood

Price: $30 (236ml)

and saffron. Add this to your collection and you’d

Where to get: What He Wants outlets

understand what the fuss is all about. Price: $119 (125ml) Where to get: all Ralph Lauren Fragrance counters

Beads Extraction White and blackheads are constant thorns that blemish our skin, which is why b.liv ’s SQUEAKY CLEAN exfoliating cleansing gel is a tangible antidote. Ultra-gentle and containing green tea and aloe vera extracts, the gel’s prowess increases with the presence of micro-breads and pepper oil - capable invoking a skin revolution. Price: $34.95 (130ml) Where to get: Sasa stores

RØMP’s Pick b.liv’s SQUEAKY CLEAN exfoliating gel

The tangible, refreshing after-effects of this product would be welcoming to the modern man, looking for that bit of extra perk-me-up in the morning. A confidence booster westyle say.


journal 49/72

CC-CRAZY! Bye Bye BB and hello CC! Nip + Fab introduces the latest innovation in skincare - the CC



(Complexion Corrector) cream and EYE FIX cream. This latest beauty invention coaxes your skin with exclusive ingredients such as Soline® from wild sunflower, Osilift® from oat extract, hyaluronic acid, light diffusing pigments and even



beeswax which can be found in the Eye Fix Cream - to yield an overall toned, smooth and well-protected radiant appearance. Price: : $29.90(CC Cream, 40ml), $19.90 (CC Eye Fix Cream, 1.8ml) Where to get: all Watsons stores

RAPUNZEL’S SECRET Straight Arrow ’s MANE N TAIL ORIGINAL FORMULA shampoo and conditioner have been a hot topic among many Youtubers for its miraculous results in hair growth. Some video bloggers have revealed before and after results of their hair growing at least one and a half inches longer after a month’s use! The Mane N Tail’s secret? Micro-enriched protein formulas, cleansing agents that are charged up with moisturizers and emollients to achieve the goal of stronger and fuller hair. Price: : $14.90 (355ml)

Where to get: Guardian Health & Beauty outlets

THE FACIAL DIET Not only is a well-balanced diet an essential factor for healthy living, our skin also requires an evened nutritional intake. APIVITA recognises this need and as a result, were the first to formulate a menu of 15 different face masks that covers all of the skin’s needs. From cleansing to moisturizing, anti-ageing, firming, nourishing and radiance, the EXPRESS and EXPRESS GOLD range have it all. Overall, a delectable and hearty buffet for all skin types! Price: : $58, $72(Express Gold Range)

Where to get: ION ORCHARD #B3-45/46 & VIVOCITY

FLAWS REDUCTION Redness, dark spots, uneven skin texture and the list just goes on for minor skin flaws. Who would’ve thought that with just one bottle, it could reduce them all? The Lierac team of physicians, researchers and pharmacists have come up with the LUMINESCENCE SERUM COMPLEXION CORRECTOR. It contains a special formulation of iridescent milky serum to act simultaneously within and on skin surface, as well as smoothing botanical extracts from Lens esculenta lentil seed to reduce dilation and deformation of pores.

Ø 50/72

Price: : $138.00 (30ml) Where to get: all Robinsons and John Little outlets, Watsons stores and Beauty by Nature

SHOWER DELIGHTS All the way from the UK, Bomb Cosmetics will set


off a blasting bathing experience. With a delicious


carte of cake soaps, donut bath blasters, ice cream face scrubs and bite-size shaped scented burners, its CLEANSING SHOWER BUTTER is a favourite. Not only do they smell heavenly - Chilla Vanilla, Madarin & Blood orange, and Mint Choc Chip just to name a few - the hand-made rich creamy wash is loaded with pure essential oils and a natural vegetable based glycerine that locks moisture in the skin. Price: : $24.90 (360g) Where to get: ‘Shea’ Orchard Central, 181 Orchard


Road, #B2-47/48

For you ladies, Clinique presents the LID SMOOTHIE ANTI-OXIDANT 8-HOUR EYE COLOUR to enhance the beauty of your pair and allow them to speak to the world. The infusion of anti-oxidant-rich extracts of Vitamin E, broccoli, carrot, blueberr y, spinach, cucumber, aloe vera, caffeine and collagen boosting peptides leaves you bright-eyed and revitalized for 8 hours! Since it ’s so easy to apply and also waterresistant, you can explore different long-lasting looks by layering and pairing their selection of colours - Bit O’Honey, Cashew-Later, Apri-cute, Cute-cumber, Pinkgo Biloba, Born Freesia and


Currant Affair.

Glam-it!™’s GlamPact™ is an all-in-one portable makeup compact case. It ’s light, organised, and extremely

Price: : $45 (7ml)

Where to get: all Clinique Counters Island Wide

convenient to carr y around. All the basic makeup essentials are provided, from their Superfection™ CC pressed powder with SPF 30 PA+++ and a bronzer, to eye shadows and MAXI-LIP™ lipsticks to generate that pouty sexy look. The inbuilt LED lighted mirror further levels up the ‘cool’ factor. The combination of potent clinical ingredients such as Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid provides anti-aging benefits, while botanical extracts from Licorice, Argan Oil and Mango butter add further benefits. Price: : S$128

Where to get:

RØMP’s Pick The Glampact™

It’s a must-have for all women who are always on-the-go, especially in ever- bustling Singapore. The compact, multi-purpose and sleek qualities make this a handy invention by its beautiful founder and CEO, Jennifer Cheng.

HANDY DOOHICKEY Olay has recently launched their first-ever cleansing device - the REGENERIST ADVANCED CLEANSING SYSTEM - to complement its recently-upgraded Regenerist Advanced anti-ageing line-up. It promises cleansing that is four times better and deeper with its micro-massaging action, while gently exfoliating your skin to help it absorb 25% more anti-aging ingredients. Compared to a $200 professional cleansing system, Olay ’s brainchild has proven similar results. The only difference? It ’s way more affordable! Price: : $49.90

style journal

Where to get: Available in all leading pharmacies and supermarkets

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Ever wondered how the timeless Barbie doll would look like when covered with a modern interpretation of the classic American style? New York fashion label, Coach, has combined forces with Mattel to produce the special edition Coach Barbie® doll. We haven’t seen something, or rather, someone like her for awhile – totting a red classic Coach duffle and donning a classic trench in Tattersall of the same brand. This collaboration is pointedly detailed – just look at the turnlocks on her skirt and trench buckles - and Barbie would most certainly be proud of her latest fashion foray that isn’t a faux pas. MW Price: $195

Ø savour 52/72



Places with Two Faces: Same Place, Different

Cafes serve the energy-hungr y and caffeine driven, while bars feed the social butterflies with their bittersweet nectar. Cafes start days, while bars are often the last stop before home. Though different in purpose and clientele, Joey Murray discovers many of these places have two faces – and besides, wouldn’t it be pretty hard to say no to a margarita in the day and a macchiato at night?

Shoebox Canteen/ Bitters & Love I have to admit it. It’s hard to deceive it. I love value, and I love quality, and I love a place that has all of the above, and still manages to pull off the am-and-pm concept: bustling in the day, then clothed in a sultry glow to welcome the evening crowd by night, without breaking a sweat. Shoebox has (almost) forever changed my perception of the Singaporean burger – I now find it hard to do patty-talk without enthusing about their expertly ground and prepared babies rested on soft, custommade buns, placed next to the best cut-chips in a 1-kilometre radius. Shoebox Beef Burger fan-girling aside, they get major points for making the effort to revamp their menu once a month or two. And if you’re having drinks and don’t feel like calling for a main, the B&L Sandwich is probably as gourmet as pub grub can get (sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, oh my gosh), and their mixologists definitely know a thing or two about making that little cup of alcoholic heaven.

36 North Canal Rd 6438 1836 Shoebox Canteen: Mon - Fri 11.45 am -2.30 pm Bitters & Love: Mon -Thu 6pm - midnight; Fri & Sat 6 pm – 2 am


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Spathe A spathe is the enclosing petal that emerges from a stalk, the colourful first one to emerge from a green, boring flowerbud, and Spathe is every bit as effervescent and unique as it sounds – housed in a boring brick-and-timber shophouse and blooming with lovely spray-painted brick walls and eclectic contemporary plates for sharing (sorry, no tables for one here! Unless you’re eating for two…) As far as recommendations go, most of Spathe’s menu is unpretentious and promise good and delicious portions. The Sous Vide Octopus Salad ($18) is a tangy way to whet your appetite for the Chicken and the Sea ($25), an ingenious twist on the typical seafood-y paella that includes our favourite bird. Ladies will revel in The Garden Pimms ($56), a refreshing gin-based cocktail to toast to after a long week at work – and to kick off the weekend.

#01-01, 8 Mohamed Sultan Road Tel: 67351035 Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

Artistry If you happen to be in the too-cool-forschool Haji Lane district and catch a whiff of delicious coffee percolating and follow its trails, you’ll most probably end up at Artistry. And as its name suggests, Artistry is a new art gallery and café, housed in a charming shophouse off Jalan Pinang, which also happens to serve Liberty Coffee and delectable slices from Windowsill Pies. And besides being a venue for intellectuals to cross their mental swords and for that quiet afternoon alone with a book and macchiato, Artistry transforms after 7 pm, turning into anything from open mic nights, to yoga classes, and the monthly Liquid Lab, a perfect excuse to dial-up on the orange rinds and rums and indulge on snazzy, interesting new concoctions while chilling to live music and more!

Ø savour 54/72

17 Jalan Pinang Tel: 6298 2420 Tue – Sun: 10 am – 7 pm


Kawara I’m a sucker for authenticity, and it wasn’t until I met the woman behind the scenes – Akiko Nomoto – and a few briefs words with her charismatic and deep contralto voice (and found out she helps in the décor and food!) was I convinced that this was a true blue Japanese joint. Whether if it’s the mix of traditional Japanese with trendy knickknacks hanging from the ceiling, or the uber cool mix of Shiina Ringo and The XX buzzing from her stereos, Kawara helps you enjoy that after-work cocktail (with sakura and matcha of course) and their super oishi mentai soba with nicely done veg tempura and an adorable crabmeat onigiri to match. Kawara is as cool as Tokyo can be.

33 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace Tel: 6836 5738 Sun - Thu: 5 pm -12 am

PARK @ Holland Village While the greens that surround PARK hardly scream ‘Park!’, the classy standalone window-y building does a great job of distinguishing itself from the rest of HV. Tossing pancakes in the air from 10 am, PARK makes us question the very definition of breakfast itself. Besides the usual Sweet Basic Pancakes, which comes served with honey and a dollop of ice cream, they also do them with a side of tiramisu. It doesn’t hurt that Rosti is on their daily Breakfast Platter selections as well. And did I mention $6 glasses of sparkles, red and white wine all day long and all through the wee (for what is suitable for Singapore) hours?

#01-01, 281 Holland Avenue (Holland Village MRT) Tel: 9721 3815 Mon – Fri: 10 – 2 am Sat – Sun: 8.30 – 2 am


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PERSPECTIVE Ø perspective 56/72

Female nature and wildlife photographers consist of only a small group, jostling with men in a somewhat uneven playing (in this case, snapping) field. Of these, only a handful has scored published works with esteemed magazines, collected awards and laurels. 29-year-old C.S.Ling, truly our pride, belongs to this group of photographers and has since established herself further, and etched deeper, into the highly competitive cornerstone of wildlife photography. She was named Singapore Women’s Weekly ‘Greatest Women of Our Time’ (Arts & Media) in 2011, as well as a ‘Green Role Model’ at the Green Carpet Awards 2011, organised by the National Geographic Explorer magazine and Nikon Singapore. These were in recognition of her images that depicted endangered wildlife and vanishing landscapes, shining the spotlight on



the various environmental problems plaguing earth. In 2012, C.S.Ling became the first woman ever to win the Grand Prize of Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards. Her image of a Southern Pig-tailed Macaque - hanging precariously from a tree branch and sipping with nonchalance from a crocodile-infested river – caught the judges’ attention. It’s now being showcased at the prestigious Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C., USA. Recently, the much travelled, talented photographer has also set up her own Pets & Family Photography studio. With it, she wants to further her aspirations, to continue influencing others via her dedicated works that will always be linked to nature and animals.


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PERSPECTIVE Ø perspective 58/72


I want to bring out the story, and develop a connection between the subject and viewer.

‘‘ perspective

Ø 59/72


grand prize award

How and why did you end up choosing wildlife photography? It was a trip to Borneo in 2006 that really kick-started my love for wildlife /nature photography. The forests were amazing, as if National Geographic was playing right before my eyes. It’s this connection with nature that drew me back time and again, and I’ve returned to Borneo for about 15 times now.

Any initial difficulties that might have prevented you from pursuing photography? [Yes] My parents were quite worried initially, that this path wouldn’t be ideal for me. They advised me to think through it carefully (going full-time), as it wouldn’t be as stable as my previous job then. One other challenge is due to my slight frame, as my genre of photography would require carrying heavy gear – big lenses, tripod, etc. Occupational hazards such as the scorching sun and freezing wintry conditions, and even getting caught up with leeches while trekking through rainforests, would prove testing.

Many wildlife photographers dream of having their photos published with renowned geographic magazines. How did yours happen? I held a solo exhibition at Sentosa in 2010, and the Vice President of National Geographic Explorer magazine happened to be there. He liked my work, and decided to call me for lunch. To him, my images were different, and that the pictures were akin to emotive storytelling, something that would be educational and suitable for children. It was a life-changer, really.

It must have felt amazing. What are some good traits for a wildlife photographer? Being able to love and appreciate nature, as well as having the patience to stay still while observing and waiting for that moment to capture a shot. You’d also need to possess determination to chase that moment, to want to go for it.

If you could choose to shoot in another country all over again, where would it be? Japan. The food, the wildlife and the weather (I love winter seasons!) are absolutely marvellous.

Ø perspective 60/72

How would you describe your photography style?

Tell us more about your venture into pets & family photography. The special bond we have with our furry friends is one of the most beautiful and fascinating subject to me. Each of them may have their unique colours, fur patterns and personality but one thing is constant - the unconditional love & joy that they bring. They are family, a companion & soul mate. That’s what drives & inspires me - to capture that unconditional love, bond & story between pet lovers & their pets.

I also want to provoke people into thinking, why is there such a positive connection between humans and their pets, and yet, animals in the wild have to suffer due to human activities such as illegal wildlife trade, clearing of forests, poaching, etc. Is it due to our lack of understanding or appreciation for the wild animals? I want to inspire people to care more about wildlife, to find that missing link between humans and animals that should also exist outside of a domestic household.

I think my mum feels more proud of those than I am! Personally, awards are just pieces of paper that can motivate and validate the hard work that you’ve put in – and I feel proud as a Singaporean to have a picture displayed at the Smithsonian. Ultimately, spreading love and awareness is what I truly want. I consider it an achievement if I can influence someone with my pictures, and inspire them to fall in love with wildlife and nature.

You’re a person who has set clear goals for yourself, judging from your ‘life list’. How important is it for a person to have goals?

In your own words, fulfilment is…. To make a positive difference in someone’s (human or animal) life. If it’s something that I can do to help create a brighter and better place, I would do it.

Can you share with us, what is needed for Singaporean photographers to make it as a professional?


I always capture emotions in my images. I want to bring out the story, and develop a connection between the subject and viewer. Many times, my pictures have a back story, and it’s this back story that shines the light on the subject’s plight or behaviour, that draws this particular connection.

Do you feel successful with all the awards you’ve garnered thus far?

Becoming a professional photographer requires many stages, and it is vital to have an adequate business sense when it comes to going full-time. Many people forget that full-time photography is a business – think studio rent, marketing techniques, business development, quality of photo products and customer experience, so on and so forth – and these come with thousands of hours of experience and hard work. Lastly, you should always value your work and never devalue it. Only by doing so would you be able to build a thriving business around it, and not short-change your time, talent and expertise by competing on prices.

orangutan_Borneo It depends. That list contains all the things that I’d really love to do, sort of like a blueprint for my journey in life – one that I want to experience without being affected by society, without being told what to do or what not to do.


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Snow-Monkey Japan




BALI Ă˜ globe trotter 62/72

TEXT AND photography Pearly Cheong

Settling us into Kuta’s Sheraton Resort, where one of his restaurants is nestled in, we were right smack in the shopping district. For surf brand lovers, and lousy negotiators, this could be heaven. Everything from Billabong, G-Star to locally made Polo Ralph and hippy Japanese brand Mooks, this place is meant to burn holes in tourists’ pockets. I was definitely burnt, in every sense of that word. On a brighter note, to me at least, Kuta seems to do less with the commonly seen street shops – there are, of course, but they are pretty much tucked away in alleys so shop owners stood on the streets to lead tourists in. Just avoid them, I reminded myself. Having learnt on trips to Thailand and Hong Kong that I have no talent in negotiations, well, I paid 80 dollars (for two dresses) to learn my lesson again!


Maybe we took it for granted that we had a friend there, hence we traveled without so much as checking the exchange rate, which turned out to be a really bad idea. While everyone headed straight to touristy and, in my opinion, pretty worthy attractions like the Potato Head Beach Club, Rock Bar and the famous temples in Ubud, we set foot on even more touristy places. You see; it skipped our minds that this friend of ours, an Executive Chef to a string of restaurants in Indonesia, is living the high life- probably a tad too high.

I was a little taken aback when our friend rented us a scooter as our mode of transport but I quickly found out why. To drive in Bali will require the patience of a saint and the skill of a Formula One driver. Snaking through the traffic and after what seemed like twenty minutes of getting honked at by twenty different cars, we managed to arrive in one piece for our first dinner. Restaurant La Lucciola at Seminyak is by far the most romantic restaurant I have ever seen. If I were ready to get married, I would have arm-twisted my boyfriend to go on bended knees! The beachfront hut-styled restaurant is up on the market for USD 2 million, anyone?



hat would you have done differently if everyone around you is thrown into panic or complain mode, as the most-hazardous-hazeever-in-the-history-of-Singapore creeps into every corner of your life, literally, and an air ticket to paradise is just a click away? Even if it sets you back 500 dollars just to cover 1050 miles on a budget airline, you’ll grudgingly pay up and move your ass. Or so I did, with an equally begrudging boyfriend, to Bali.

Trust a chef to bring us only to the best restaurants and bars. We also wined and dined to our hearts’ content at Metis- a sprawling French restaurant set in front of a breathtaking paddy field. This could only be made better by an exquisite fare that kept the two chefs at my table away from their cigarettes for the whole 2-hour dinner. Ending my meal was a cup of 25 dollars espresso- ‘Kopi Luwak’. While I thought a night of after-meal drinks at Kudeta was a fine touch – as we lay in one of a dozen tourists-filled daybeds by the beach, with champagnes and martinis in hands- I definitely did not have a good understanding of ‘high life’. I could barely stop my jaws from dropping as we passed through the beautifully trimmed garden-arch entrance of W Hotel. Not to mention my excitement when they told me we were going to a ‘silent disco’! Totally new to the idea, we were pretty engrossed as we danced away to the songs blasting in our headphones. But when we hand-signaled and agreed on a break by taking the headphones off, there it was, the silence like a scene right out of a classic zombie film. The boyfriend could not help feeling dumb – a guy’s ego thing - and so we left, with Maroon 5’s Payphone still throbbing in my head.

globe trotter

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In retrospect, the beach at Kuta was probably nothing in comparison to the Potato Head Beach Club (or so I think after a little digging online). But it was not all that bad either. There were definitely lesser people and, while I work on my tan, Balinese ladies carryings pails of fruits and bundles of sarongs kept me, and my wallet, entertained. I would have been on the receiving end of the you-are-spending-too-much speech from the boyfriend if not for a local peddling some exotic hand-carved blowguns, bow and arrows. Of course, when the man says he wants something, the practicality of transporting it home or the probability of getting interrogated as terrorists goes out the window. Miraculously, other than having some difficulty locating it because ‘odd-sized items’ comes out onto a different belt (new fun fact for us!), we managed to bring it home to Singapore. Yes, Singapore! While we did miss out on many tourist attractions, Sheraton itself was undeniably a great host with a view! On the plane, I made a mental note to visit the shops along the streets from Kuta to Seminyak on my next trip. A few quick glances at the works (from paper lanterns and clothes to sculptures) of local artisans and I am sure I will have to save up more before my next trip. Whatever it is, I guess I have the perfect reason to visit Bali again.

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THE ART OF PACKING LIGHT Make a list & check it twice A list will ensure the cutting down of items to bring. Or if you are a frequent traveller, compile multiple lists according to the type of trip you’re going for - a business trip, weekend getaway or a much needed long vacation. Lastly, tally what you’d absolutely need, and leave the unnecessary home.

Roll it up – or vacuum pack Rolling, bundle-wrapping (wrap garments tightly around a central core object) or vacuum packing saves the space, keeps it organized and makes it easier to find things. This method also minimizes wrinkling as compared to folding. Finally, stack your stuff beginning from the heavier ones to the lighter items.

Pick items that can serve double or triple duty

One of the biggest problems that most of us face before travelling is over-packing. Ever caught yourself kneeling over your luggage just so you could zip it up? Or paying for that exorbitant excess baggage fees? There are of course, other pressing matters besides the wallet holes. First and foremost, it’s the concern of your back – having to hoist that load up and over can have a nasty consequence on your spine. The nuisance of lugging a heavy-weight baggage can also cause congestion at the collection belts, especially if you’re making a scene trying to lift – not without tripping over and chasing after - that deadweight onto your trolley. Elizabeth Moreira reveals five essential packing tips. Go with a colour scheme that complements your footwear Ladies are usually guilty of this: over-packing shoes. Please limit the number of pairs you bring and reduce unnecessary repeats of clothing items so that you can mix and match. The colour scheme should revolve around your favourite pairs of shoes for travelling, and do choose darker hues of clothing which can go with almost anything.

Go mini When in doubt, smaller is better! Pony up and buy your necessities in miniature sizes. Don’t waste precious space in your toiletries bag with full-size containers of deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and lotions. Grab sample sizes at pharmacies or even local supermarkets. If there is any medication required, count your doses and have them packed accordingly.

You won’t have to pack that much stuff if you pack things that can pull off double or triple duty (more than one function). You can also pack in a couple of soap packets that will provide the flexibility to re-wear items that get dirty, plus they don’t take up much space as well.

globe trotter

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THREAD Aloysius Chow answers a couple of burning questions that may be familiar to some.

The surge of social media has been phenomenally quick in the last few decades. The more familiar versions of social media are what you’ve mentioned, namely Facebook and Twitter. At the time of writing, it was reported that Facebook has over 1.1 billion registered users while Twitter has 500 million registered users. Let me try to put that into perspective here. The population of China is around 1.2 billion. So the number of registered users on Facebook is about the number of people in China. Again another example, the population of Singapore is about 5 million; this means everyone in Singapore has to be registered with 100 Twitter accounts to make up the number of registered Twitter users. But of course there are duplicate registered users, but even 1% of these numbers is extremely large. The reason why these figures were shared with you is because of all the people using social media, some of us do have problems logging off cyberspace and getting back with our real lives. Although this is this a growing concern, there is no official medical diagnosis for social media addiction. Hence there are no official or established ways to help people who are hooked on social media.

I’m a social media addict, and I think that’s causing me to gradually drift away from hanging out and interacting with real people. I’ve developed a liking for staying indoors or just being alone outside, busy scrolling through my Facebook and Twitter accounts on my phone. I can spend hours just reading other people’s stuff, and that’s making me reject meetups and gatherings with friends. Even if I’m at the dining table, my phone is my constant companion, and I can’t sleep without reading a couple of Tweets first. How can I curb this addiction?

Ø self 66/72

A recent study was conducted on about 200 students, and they were cut off from their social media platforms for 24 hours. After which, these students had to blog about their feelings and thoughts. The common feeling amongst these students was anxiety because they could not be updated about what was happening with their friends, family and even about the world. Is this a possible reason why you were unable to take a break from your social media? If it is, there is no reason to panic or to be upset. A possible explanation is that there is information overload in the world we live in, and we feel a need to be in control. We get this sense of control by updating ourselves (and updating others about us) through social media, because it is easy and fast. One of the first things you can do to cut down your usage is to ask yourself why you’d rather spend time in cyberspace than with your friends and family. Some common reasons are that they feel down or upset, and use social media as an outlet to escape or release these negative emotions. Likewise, lacking a good social support system in real life is another. There could be other reasons, but you have to find out what these reasons are. Only then can you work on these reasons to cut down the amount of time you spend on social media. Another thing you can do is to set a targeted amount of time you can use your social media, and keep a record of this. Keeping a record is important because it will give you an overview of your usage. When you succeed in meeting your target, congratulate yourself with a healthy reward (note: bonus hours on social media are not acceptable!). On the other hand, if you fail to meet your target, don’t despair; keep trying and you will be successful sooner rather than later.

What is a panic attack? I think I’m starting to have panic attacks, especially when stress levels build up at work. My colleagues seem to handle their stress well, so are there any reasons why I’m not psychologically or mentally strong? Sometimes, I’d even hate what I’m doing as the panic attacks can be quite distressing. Please advise.

A panic attack is defined as a sudden experience of intense fear accompanied by bodily reactions without any apparent reason. For some people, when they experience a panic attack, they think that they are having a heart attack or even going to die. Do note that if you have a risk of a heart problem, do check if it is your heart giving you problems. It is dangerous to ignore this possibility. The first thing you have to do is to recognise what is happening to your body and mind during your panic attacks and when do they occur. Firstly when you are having panic attacks, does your heart pump much faster than it usually does? Do you start sweating a lot (when your environment is not hot, of course)? Do you feel like you are going to black out and cannot breathe? Do you feel that you are losing control of yourself? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you can practise meditation. But wait, I am not asking you to quit your job to join the monastery. What you can do is a simple deep breathing exercise as follows. Practise this exercise when you are at home or feel that you need to relax. This way, when you do experience a panic attack, you will be familiar with how to relax yourself. You can also try other forms of meditation like tai chi or yoga, which have shown to decrease stress and even anxiety symptoms. Keep calm. However if these do not work and you feel like your panic attacks are worsening, you may consider consulting a mental health professional for more personalised help.

Step 1: Sit down somewhere where you can keep your back straight. Make sure that your surrounding is comfortable and quiet. Step 2: If you are sitting on the floor, place your hands flat on your thighs. If you are sitting on a chair, place your feet flat on the floor. Step 3: Close your eyes to shut out any distractions. Step 4: Breathe normally through your nose for 1 minute and observe your breath. To aid yourself, close your mouth and relax your facial muscles when doing this. Step 5: In the next minute, slow down your breathing. Inhale through your nose and fully inflate your lungs for 5 seconds. Step 6: Then exhale slowly for 7 seconds as you imagine your navel point being pulled towards your spine. Step 7: Continue Steps 4 to 6 for 3 to 5 minutes.


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DO IT LIKE THIS Text choo huiquan

It’s no secret that everyone in this day and age wants to keep fit and look great. Many times however, we often struggle to adhere to that strict fitness routine that promises us that haloed six-pack or flat tummy. Myself included, we have fallen off the wayside far too many times due to work commitments, laziness and very poor discipline. If you’d like to infuse some fun into a usual exercise routine and make it tacky, there are quite a number of variations available on the market. Here are some viable options.

Ø work it 68/72

WORK IT X-rated Workout Ever wondered how strippers, pole dancers and belly dancers maintain their gawkilicious figures? The secret lies in their daily routine. If you still don’t believe me, go try out a session of Cardio Striptease or Pole Dancing. I guarantee your muscles will be crying like a baby after an hour of these powerpacked routines. I know what goes through your mind when the words striptease and pole dancing are mentioned. Sorry to burst your bubble but women aren’t clad in lingerie or learning how to please their men (even though you could always apply what you’ve learnt to spice up your sex life!). These routines may be stripper-inspired or stripper-choreographed, but women are definitely fully-clothed while performing these steps designed to flaunt and shake what Mother Nature has blessed them with. We aim to Empower, not Exploit.

Circus Workout

Yoga Fusion Workout

As a kid, I used to gape at flying acrobats, wishing that I could be one of them, swinging and flying from pole-to-pole, tree-totree (aka Tarzan). If you’re like me and you still dream of flying, many gyms in Singapore today offer classes that include a good mix of tumbling, juggling and trapeze. Some of these gyms even feature modified equipment so it’s easier for mere mortals like us to use. With more practice, you’ll not only get to tone your upper body and core abdominal muscles, you’ll also get to fulfill your childhood dreams. Cirque du Soleil anyone?

The ancient method of meditation and spiritual relaxation, yoga has transformed into a workout to attain toned abs, tight bum and defined shoulders. For people who crave for tranquility from their busy and overworked lives, and dismissing ordinary yoga as too boring, why not give yoga fusion a shot?

Karaoke ‘Sing-ercise’ If you’ve watched Nestle’s ad campaign for its Contrex mineral water, you’ll probably know what’s going on. Nestle’s French ‘Contrexpérience’ commercial features women cycling on bicycles which then power a neon male stripper if they continued cycling. ‘Sing-ercise’ similarly, relies on continued cycling. Attached to the bicycle is a television screen featuring the words of a karaoke song. To make sure that the words and music keep playing, you’ve got to keep pedaling according to the beat!

The High Heel Workout Love them or hate them, women have for years, struggled with the obsession with heels – an object that creates the illusion of sophistication and increased sexuality. As much as heels are frowned upon by podiatrists, many have come to accept you’ve probably got to silence a woman before she stops sauntering in her heels in the name of vanity. Since you’re already determined to don on those pair of heels, why not learn how to walk correctly at a high heel workout class? Occasionally led by podiatrists or professional dancers, women are taught on how to fix their posture and walk or exercise in heels. They’ll be asked to perform a set of lunges and squats to strengthen their lower body. These exercises will not only help to strengthen lower leg and foot muscles, but also reduce pain and strain after a long day on your tippy-toes.

Yoga fusion is a mix of yoga with aerobic exercises like pilates, boxing, spinning or running. One interesting form of yoga fusion is antigravity yoga. Newton’s law of gravity states that what goes up must come down. Combining traditional yoga with aerial arts, pilates and dance, participants strap themselves to a hammock that acts like a swing or soft trapeze. This routine will help participants grasp a better understanding of their bodies and their relationship to physics.

‘Doga’ The epitome of Man’s best friend, doga practitioners believe that through acts of meditation, gentle massages and stretching with their pet dogs, it will help achieve greater harmony. Doga (Dog Yoga) requires dogs and their masters to work as one. Their human masters help assist their pet dogs with various poses - helping to promote relaxation and peace within the pets. In some cases, pets are also used as props or instruments while their masters perfect their poses. This kind of Zen method of practicing non-traditional yoga and training explores the possibility of power play dynamics. Although it sounds a lot like a gimmick, animal experts have noticed the health benefits of doga. The calm environment encourages the canvas to relaxation mode and a drop in stress and anxiety. The biggest benefit of all is definitely for both individuals as they get to share a bonding experience particularly for busy working adults who leave their dogs at home most of the time.

work it

Ø 69/72

HURRY UP! GRAB YOUR OWN COPY OF RØMP! 15-minutes Cafe @ LASALLE - 1 McNally Street LASALLE College of the Arts Blk D #01-01

Awfully Chocolate - Holland Village 40 Lorong Mambong

The Broers Cafe - 3 Petain Road, Residence@Somme

The Butter Factory - 1 Fullerton Road #02-02/03/04


Oriole Cafe

- Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #B1-23 - Hougang Mall 90 Hougang Ave 10 #B1-K11 - Tampines 1 10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-32 - Bugis Junction 80 Middle Road #01-K1 - Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 8 Grange Road #B1-07 - Bukit Batok Central Blk 630 #01-158

- 10 Jiak Chuan Road - 617 Bukit Timah Road - 96 Somerset Road, MakeShake Pan Pacific Serviced Suites - City Square Mall #01-01 180 Kitchener Road - 9 Raffles Place #B2-K2/K11 Republic Plaza #01-23/23A


- Holland Village 21 Lorong Mambong, - 348 Tanjong Katong Road - Esplanade Mall - Tampines 1, #02-01/03, 8 Raffles Avenue 10 Tampines Central #03-22 - Springvale 907 East Coast Road #01-05 The factory - 22 Lim Tua Tow Road Once Upon A Milkshake

Cupcakes with Love

J CO Donuts - Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #B1-24

chota - The Cathay 2 Handy Road #03-03


Raffles City #B1-51 Pasir Ris SRC #01-09 Ion Orchard #B4-74 Maxwell Chambers #01-08


STAGE - SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #02-08 - Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #02-60

Collage - 61 Haji Lane

Threadbare & Squirrel - Bali Lane 660 North Bridge Road The Only Place - Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #04-131B


- Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #03-24

Reckless Ericka - Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road #02-08/09

Leftfoot - Orchard Cineleisure 8 Grange Road #02-07A - Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #03-94 - The Cathay Gallery Handy Road #01-19/20

POLYTECHNICS Nanyang Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic

180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 - Blk E, Level 4, Room E407

9 Woodlands Avenue 9 - One Stop Centre

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic

535, Clementi Road - Blk 1, Level 2

RØMP 70/72


21 Tampines Avenue 1 - Student Development Centre

Island Creamery - 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #01-03 - Holland Village Shopping Mall #01-02 - No. 3 Lorong Liput - 11 King Albert Park #01-02 - Great World City, Basement (Cold Storage), 1 Kim Seng Promenade

LICK - 258 Tanjong Katong

The Sauce Bar - 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #01-10/12

SelfISH Gene Cafe - 40 Craig Road


Marble Slab Creamery - Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street, #05-02 - Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, #03-89 - The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #01-27 - Causeway Point 1 Woodlands Square #B1-22 - 112 East Coast Rd, #B1-25 - Junction 8 Shopping Centre 9 Bishan Place, #02-52

Pies & Coffee - Rochester Mall 35 Rochester Drive #01-02

Tango’s Restaurant & wine bar - 35 Lorong Mambong

Jurong Point


- Jurong Point (Cust. Info) Shopping Centre #03-07

- Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road #03-24A



- SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #02-20/21/22


- Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #03-22A - Orchard Cineleisure Grange Road #02-04


- Orchard Cineleisure Egg3 8 Grange Road #03-05 - Tong Yuan Industrial Building Level 5 85 Playfair Road #07-01 - Vivocity - The Cathay 1 Harbour Walk #02-201 2 Handy Road #01-18 - 33 Erskine Road #01-10/11/12

Singapore Polytechnic 500 Dover Road - Main Library (Opposite Admin Building) - Hilltop Library (Next to Teaching Block 22) - Student Service Centre (Building T16, Level 1)

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