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ROMA SEVEN 2018 simply the best 8 teams at the 11th International Invitation Vets Cup (over 35) 16 teams at the 17th International Invitation Roma Seven Cup 8 teams at the 10th International Invitation Roma Seven Ladies Cup 12 teams at the 3rd International Roma Seven Men Open Rugby Touch International Tournament 1st Wheelchair Rugby International Trophy Giorgio De Angelis Trophy 3 days of Great Rugby 700 players from 5 continents The amazing frame of the City of Rome The hospitality village The business village The Roma Seven Party The Gala Dinner 3

lliams ( GUEST PLAYER)

Final: Chester Wi Veterans Roma Seven Cup

in action




Veterans Roma Seven Cup 2018

The Best Veterans Teams of Rugby 7 expected in Rome, capital of sports • Namau

• Wooden Spoon Veterans (UK)

• Autumn Old Rugby

• Old Rugby Civitavecchia

• Italian Lawyer National Team

• Petrarca Padova Old Rugby

• Moscow Lads (RU)

• Old Rugby Frascati

• Gameface Pacific Chief

• Red & Blu Veterans

• Racing Verbier RFC

• Tevere Old Rugby

• Very Original Old Rugby Roma

• Catania Old Rugby

• Ostia Old Rugby

• Wanderland International RFC

• Villa Pamphili Old

• Imola Old Rugby


Original Very Old

Rugby Roma

Roma Seven Cup: the Gold Book 11th edition 2017 Torci Old Rugby 10th edition 2016 Original Very Old Rugby Roma


edition 2015


7th edition 2013

3nd edition 2009



6th edition 2012 Namau

5th edition 2011 Namau

2nd edition 2008 Original Very Old Rugby Roma

1st edition 2007 Unione Rugby Capitolina Veterani

4th edition 2010 8th edition 2014

Namau & Original Very Old Rugby


Roma (ex-aequo) 9


ar 2015

n Player of the Ye

by Best Seve r Kok: World Rug

Roma Seven’s guest stars: our Dream Team

Waisale Serevi The Fijian “maestro” of RUGBY 7s, a real icon

Ben Gollings IRB Best Seven Player 2006, World top Scorer, former England 7s captain

Alefeke Pelenise IRB Best Seven Player 2007 All Blacks 7

Ollie Phillips IRB Best Seven Player 2009, England 7

Cecil Afrika IRB Best Seven Player 2011, South Africa 7

Tomasi Cama IRB Best Seven Player 2012, All Blacks 7

DJ Forbes IRB Best Seven Player 2008, Former All Blaks 7 captain

Gordon Tietjens The strongest ever Rugby 7s coach Coaching All Blacks 7 since 1994 11

Two All Black in action, DJ Fo rbes e Fr

itz Lee

The Roma Seven Village The Hospitality Village will be lodged close to the venue. This is an exclusive area devoted to the guests of the event. The Village, a unique location, makes it possible to organize promotional events, Corporate Hospitality and meetings as well as arrange special areas with high exposure The Village, open throughout the event, is a point of reference for partners, insiders and the general public attending the tournament. A food and beverage service with music will be provided during the event.


Roma Seven, a Worldly Sports Frame Following the best British tradition, a Gala Dinner for more than 250 people will be served at the Vip Village tribune A unique and prestigious opportunity to “spoil� your customers, establish new business connections and live up new synergies Roma Seven Committee selects each edition a charity project to co-operate with

Roma Seven Party: Sport and Worldly Life The eagerly awaited, exclusive celebration will conclude the International Rugby Seven Tournament. Representatives of Rome’s jet set will parade at the Vip Village. Following the International Tennis Tournament and the “Piazza di Siena” horse show, the Roma Seven Party closes the great sports and worldly events of the Capital. The event will be the occasion to combine a unique and traditionally important sports like rugby and the world of entertainment. The party will start at the end of the awards ceremony, with seven DJs and endless champagne. An internationally renowned music star will most likely participate


Communication Plan - TV Coverage Rai Sport is MEDIA PARTNER of the event Rai Sport : recorded television report of qualifying rounds from 22.00 till 24.00 (Friday) Rai Sport: live coverage of final play-outs (quarters, semi-finals and finals) from 20.00 till 24.00 (Saturday) the longest broadcast of the Rugby 7 sector RAI: features, news and reruns for more than 12 hours on air

TG2 Costume e SocietĂ , SKY Sport, Studio Aperto, La7, Super 3 (interviews and features)




TG1 Saturday 26th May “Tempo Libero” (1.50”)


TG2 Thursday 24th May “Costume & Società” (2.40”) TG2 Thursday 24th May evening news (1.20”) TG3 sabato 19 maggio edizione serale (1.10”) Sky Sport 24 Tuesday 3rd July (1.10”) Studio Aperto Saturday 4th June evening news (48”) Costume e Società TG2 Wednesday 24th June (4.00”)


LA7 Saturday Lunchtime News (1.30”) Super3 Saturday 2nd June evening news (1.30”) Rete Sole Friday 18th May (2.30”)





Mobile Advertising (Railway stations, Outdoor Tv) MOBY outdoor TV - Rome ADV Circuit - 900 buses + 45 metropolitan trains 3.780 screens - 15” video adv - 72 runs/day during the two weeks before the event - 1.680.000 viewers / day

Pubblicità Dinamica - Rome Circuit - screens in selected locations among the best fitness centers, restaurants, concept stores, loungebars . - 60” video adv during the three months before the event - 42.000 viewers/day more than 1.000.000 viewers / month

CENTOSTAZIONI ADV Circuit - 1.200 screens in 103 railway stations 47 of which chief towns - 43” video adv during the two weeks before the event - 143 runs /day - 16 millions viewers / day

VIDION ADV Circuit - 800 screens in 20 underground stations of Rome - 30” video adv during the two weeks before the event - Target: Fast Moving Consumer - 10 million viewers / day 19

buses Atac dynamic ADs

Outdoor advertising panels

parking areas panels

Panels in Rome’s Metro

Posterbus 2x2 m

Banner 2x2 m

Mobile Advertising (Railway stations, Outdoor Tv) 100 outdoor AD 3 m x 2 m Central City during the two weeks before the event 400 parking areas panels 100 x 140 cm Pubblicità Circuito Roma during the two weeks before the event 130 billboards 2m x 2m ODP Pubblicità Rome Circuit during the two weeks before the event 250 buses Atac dynamic ADs Rome’s routes (posterior sides 120x70 cm) during the two weeks before the event n.7 truck ADs 2m x 2m during the two weeks before the event (OPD Pubblicità) 50,000 A3 size posters in ticket advance sale points (2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/ 2013 service assigned to Lis Ticket, Lottomatica Group) and highly attended areas selected by target Roma Seven branded corner at Fiumicino Airport to welcome arriving athletes during seven days before the event (extra Schengen arrivals) - 93.800 people traffic/week Information campaign during the Six Nations event generating more than 60.000 contacts 21

Talk about us

Press Metro news (Partner media) 850.000 copies (from Monday to Friday) 1.934.000 readers each day n. n. n. n.

1 1 1 2

half page in NETWORK circuit half page in Roma Circuit quarter page in NETWORK circuit quarter page in Roma Circuit

Sport ClubMagazine(Media Partner) - monthly free press distributed in sports club in Italy -

90.000 readers Rome area 50.000 readers rest of Italy AD page May / June issue article April issue

RUGBY! monthly sport magazine - 30.000 readers - AD official page May and June issue - articles with previews and report of the event 23

Press Clippings


match program magazine 80 colour pages 15x21 format A circulation of 70,000 Home delivered

Radio Radio Dimensione Suono Roma (Partner Media) - 48 audi adv 20”each 6 airplays per day - Banner + Advertorial (15 days) visibility on homepage - Dedicated page with informations about event and clicktrhogh on our official site - Live interviews during the event

321.000 listeners/day

RomaRadio – by Rome Mobility Agency - broadcasted in A and B lines of Rome’s Tube - 15” audio adv in the two weeks before the tournament - 16 runs/day during the two weeks before the tournament

800.000 listeners/day


Live Streaming

potentially reaching an audience of 375 millions Rugby 7s fans worldwide (World Rugby estimate)

Roma Seven TV Official YouTube Channel (180.000 views) 120� Video spot sent to 40.000 single contacts selected from international database

Web Communication ( 220.000 single contacts from different IP-address ) 50.000 email invitations (from Roma Seven Press Office database) Facebook Communication (Roma Seven Fan & Friends) & campaign reaching 80.000 contacts Twitter annual increment of interest of 250%

Roma Seven Communication 60.000 leaflets (21 x 30) 100.000 sms invitations (from Roma Seven Press Office database ) 65.000 home delivered invitations (from Roma Seven Press Office database)

NewsLetter - METRO NEWS 20.000 contacts - LISTICKET NewsLetter “Primissima” 240.000 contacts

Banners on several websites, among these: PAGINE GIALLE home page 1 month PAGINE BIANCHE home page 1 month TUTTO CITTA’ home page 1 month COMUNE DI ROMA home page & 060606 PROVINCIA DI ROMA AGENZIA DELLA MOBILITA’ FIR (Federazione Italiana Rugby) AIR (Associazione Italiana Rugbisti) ANG Agenzia Nazionale dei Giovani


2007 Press conference at Campidoglio

2016 Press conference at Circolo Canottieri Aniene

2008 Press conference at F.I.R

2014 Press Conference

Press Office -

press conference to present the event to major national and local newspapers press releases match program magazine’s mailing web mailing list invitations to the exclusive Gala Dinner and Roma Seven Party relation with Testimonials from showbiz and sports sector

Waisale Serevi chosen as Roma Seven 2009 testimonial Dj Forbes, Roma Seven 2010 testimonial, current All Blacks 7 Captain and IRB Best 7s Player 2008 Chester Williams, Roma Seven 2011 testimonial, World Rugby Champion & icon of the against Apartheid in South Africa Andrea Lo Cicero, Roma Seven 2012 testimonial, the still playing “azzurro” with more caps


Roma Seven 2018 Business Proposals The strength of a great international event Rugby Seven in the Olympics starting 2016 Rugby: the real novelty of Italian sports enthusiasts Strong international appeal of the city of Rome, more and more value for sports and rugby Tough and constant effort to raise the overall level of the event in terms of sports quality, audience and sponsorship Public relations and committed Press Office Individuation of the event as an elegant and sought-after meeting occasion, not only in the sports sector, due to the Gala Dinner and to the “Roma Seven Party� Particular attention to international public, through agreements with sports tour operators and exclusive marketing activities Excellent sports level of international teams and players Roma Seven, 1st Sevens tournament in Italy, 3rd in Europe, 9th in the World 33

ational Samurai Intern rs le ai W a G oo 2007 Final : K

Sponsorship Roma Seven 2018 INSTITUTIONAL SPONSOR







Main sponsor Visibility

n° 4 posters (3.00 x 1.00) front row Back cover and dedicated page in Match Program Magazine (more than 70,000 copies) Brand to be mentioned by the speaker during the event and awards ceremony 50 invitations to the closing party of the Tournament Customized area and exclusive signboards in the Village Logo on scoreboard of Tournament 50 pass all areas for the Tournament, including authorization to enter the field and the village 20 invitations for the Gala Dinner at tribune




Foster’s Roma Seven

Nastro Azzurro Roma Seven

Sidis Roma Seven


Roma Seven

Main sponsor General Rights

Qualification as “Main Sponsor� of Roma Seven Tournament 2018 Exclusive merchandise rights Use of image and logo of Roma Seven Tournament 2018 Logo and link in the homepage of the official website of the event ( Logo placement in all official promo-adv communications of the event Possibility of Tournament Naming (Title Sponsor) Possibility to hand out samplings and promotional material


2008 - 2009

Aams Roma Seven

Banca Fideuram Roma Seven

2010 - 2011 - 2012 2013 - 2014

Greennetwork Roma Seven


Main Sponsor Stand 2009

Renault Official Partner Roma Seven 2011 and 2012

ATAC Stand: Roma Seven 2009 Sponsor

Casino Yes Official Partner stand Roma Seven 2012

Main sponsor

Visibility & General Rights n° 2 posters (3.00 x 1.00 m ) issued by the Sponsor Qualification as “Official Partnerâ€? of Roma Seven Tournament 2018 Exclusive merchandise rights Use of image and logo of Roma Seven Tournament 2018 Logo and link in the homepage of the official website of the event ( Dedicated page in Match Program Magazine (more than 70,000 copies) Possibility to hand out samplings and promotional material Logo placement in all official promo-adv communications of the event Brand to be mentioned by the speaker during the event and awards ceremony 30 pass all areas for the Tournament, including authorization to enter the field and the village 30 invitations to the closing party of the Tournament 6 invitations for the Gala Dinner at tribune 39

Special thanks to

2008 Final : St ellenbosch Unive rsity - British Ar my ARU

Visibility at Courtside Courtside advertising billboards (3.00 x 1.00 m) Commercial and exhibition stalls will be mounted for Sponsors in the Vip Village Commercial and exhibition stalls will be mounted for Sponsors in the Vip Village


Brasile 7 Bradesco

“Bernabei” Seven Kings of Rome

The Banca Generali Roma Seven

Sponsorship of a Participating Team - Possibility to fully associate your brand with one of the top participating teams, thus maximizing the exposure - Mention of the sponsor’s name in all official press communications and during tournament - Display of logo on shirts

Logo placement on shirts - Possibility of branding a shirts of a team

Testimonial - We can identify one or more testimonials from the rugby sector to be associated to your brand as symbol of reliability, solidity, suppleness, agility and speed


International Rugby Sevens Tournament


ROMA SEVEN 2014, UNA EDIZIONE RECORD Abbiamo fatto 13 ! ebbene sì, siamo giunti alla tredicesima edizione e siamo felici di poter confermare il nostro impegno nell’aver inserito nel calendario del Roma Seven 2014 le più forti squadre del panorama internazionale ! Roma si conferma Capitale dello Sport. Il Roma Seven quest’anno avrà luogo Venerdì 20 e Sabato 21 giugno e si terrà presso lo Stadio dell’Acqua Acetosa in via dei Campi Sportivi. Il Roma Seven si inserisce in un momento di grande fermento per il Rugby Seven, che sarà sport olimpico a Rio de Janeiro 2016 e come sempre porta a Roma il meglio della specialità con l’obiettivo di fare del Roma Seven una tappa del circuito delle IRB World Sevens Series e conta di accendere il cuore degli appassionati di rugby. Dopo il Sei Nazioni arriva il Roma Seven. 1° in Italia, 3° in Europa, 9° al Mondo per prestigio! Fra le squadre maschili presenti la Francia 7, il fortissimo team ad inviti Roma Seven che dopo gli ottimi risultati a livello internazionale. La punta di diamante di questa edizione sarà nuovamente il Sud Africa, i famosi Springboks Sevens seconda potenza al mondo già vincitrice della scorsa edizione. Hanno scelto Roma Seven per prepararsi al meglio per i prossimi Commonwealth Games. La novità simbolo è l’arrivo del Brasile 7 oltre alla nazionale del Kazakhstan e alla conferma di tutte le più forti selezioni ad invito europee. La possibile sorpresa sarà certamente la Georgia 7 che punta alla Roma Seven Cup. Le Fiamme Oro vincitori della Coppa Italia , i Clandestinos argentini, i Froggies francesi, gli Switzers Rugby, i 7SIRS, la URC Unione Rugby Capitolina, la Grande Milano e la squadra della capitale spagnola Madrid 7. Uno spettacolo! Ma il Roma Seven si tinge anche di rosa. Fra i teams femminili da segnalare la partecipazione davvero importante della Cina 7, per la prima volta a Roma oltre all’Italia 7 ladies, Madrid 7 e la selezione ad invito Mamas 7. Il Roma Seven anche quest’anno godrà della diretta televisiva RAI Sport nostro Partner Media a quelle nazionali e a quelle territoriali, a tutti gli Enti che hanno concesso il patrocinio e, naturalmente, a tutti i Partners che ci sostengono. In un contesto particolarmente critico come quello che stiamo vivendo, la crescita è possibile solo adottando delle sinergie con tutti 3 i Partner che ci accompagnano in questa splendida avventura iniziata nel 2002. Torneo sui canali RAI Sport e il gradito ritorno del Corriere dello Sport. Vi attendiamo venerdì 20 e Sabato 21 giugno per festeggiare con noi il solstizio d’estate con l’evento di rugby più mondano della stagione. Tutto è pronto, che il Roma Seven abbia inizio. Donec ad metam.

Fabrizio BERNARDI – Valter CAPONE

150x210CHRZEROCENTOLocal.indd 1

09/06/17 16:41

Inside front cover TOYOTA

single page METRO

double page GREENNETWORK

center fold BANCA FIDEURAM

Match program Advertising 80 colour pages, 15 x 21 cm, a circulation of 70.000 copies home delivery Inside front cover Inside back cover Center fold Back cover Double page Single page Half page One quarter of a page 47

Moreover Inclusion of logo and link in the official website of the Tournament Prize money for the winning team, given during award ceremony by your representatives Branding the closing party Branding the Saturday’s Roma Seven aperitif

Branding of referees’ shirts: high exposure thanks to continuous presence on the field during international live TV coverage Flags at courtyard branding 3D Pitch Branding Post protection equipment branding: excellent visibility throughout the event


Our Patronage in previous editions:


y7 France 7 vs Ital 3 1 0 2 N E V ROMA SE


ROMA 7 Srl Via Donatello, 7 - 00196 Roma Ph +39 06 64824111 - ROMA SEVENS

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