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Estelle Jauneaud Visual Communication

Marie Matheron Visual Communication

Ryan Smith Visual Communication

Jiayu Liu Information Experience Dseign

Roman Schoeneboom Service Design contact: 07516340597

X VOICE 1.a SCENARIO ‘X voice’ is about experiencing the heritage of place (X) through different sound installations, which are hidden in the community. We use the physicality of space to share stories about personal and factual history. We use object to platform our whispering ideas. The 2/ 3 prototypes will be set up in 3 different locations in Hoxton square / great Eastern street and Old street junction interacting with people in different ways. As the public pass by the installation, it reacts to their movement. The sound is triggered through 3 motion sensors which transmit short stories relevant to that

particular space. The short length of sounds give samples of the story, the aim is to experience history as a personal discovery and make it more accessible personal and interactive. Each shape of the prototype will be adaptated depending on the place it will be hidden: ° Prototype 1 will be hidden in zone old street / at a bus stop. It will be placed directly under the bench. ° Prototype 2 will be hiden in Hoxton square at the main entrance. ° Prototype 3 1.b CHECKING Before setting the installation Checking Connection between sensors and speakers.

X VOICE 2. CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS We need : Arduino board Sensors Speakers Solar panel battery LED lighting 2.a CALCULATION Arduino board = 5.4cm x 6.9cm MP3 board = 5.4cm x 5.6cm Casing = 15cm x 20cm Casing = 8cm x 8cm Casing = 10cm x 15cm 2.b NOT APPLICABLE


mp3-player cable

data medium

Type of sensors Ultra sonic Pressure sensor Light sensor Infrared sensor switch


DURATION of sound - Approximately 3 min. - Nature of the audience : adult and children - Informations on technology / sensors :

motion detector

3. RISK ASSESSMENTS a. DIMENSIOSN of the prototype 14 cm - 20 cm length by 14 cm width, height around 8 cm

X VOICE b. Nature and type of ENTERTAINMENT Informative, interactive and playful. c. LOCATION(S) and nature of the venue Bus stops, telephone booths, benches, parks, traffic lights. d. Seasonal/ WEATHER FACTORS We’re using a waterproof prototype, in case it’s raining. To decrease vandalizing, we use a tough casing and covered up any position of possible damage. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS No need for electrical requirements for our sound installation, as we use solar panels and a additional battery. Compatibility of equipment is proved. No need for use of low voltage equipment.


pressure sensor

X VOICE Installations - our prototypes will be installed in a way, that non authorised staff and members of the public will not be able to interfere with them - our Installation will not require the use of extension leads to prevent the risk of tripping over long cables - all exposed equipment that is suitably constructed and protected - all testing has been completed - the electrical systems are safe to use and comply with industry requirements - the device is easy to use - there is no risk to the employees or the public - our three part installation uses demountable structures which are taken away at the end of the event

- the devices promote on-site interaction with the public (people will be surprised by emerging sounds) - our installations have limited impact on traffic and parking; they are small and light weight By using different types of sensors we are able to engage the public in a fun and informative way. The sensors are connected with the Arduino board. We will be using 5 types of sensors, according to different locations and spaces, to engage the public in various ways (movement, pressure, light and sound). Our three sounds Installations are light and durable. The installation of the prototypes will take a few minutes.

sensor attached to speaker could be installed somewhere in the park and would react to movement of people

X VOICE 4.a SAFETY statement X voice will use a reasonable level of sound in order to not discomfort local residents and business owners: - our installation will use sound and music and/ incorporated within interactive responses - we use the environment to project sounds within a controlled space, which is CCTV protected NOISE used for the X Voice We’ll provide entertainment such as live music, information and dance. Therefore the audience expectation for this event is different to that of traditional festivals.

5. COMPLETITION (Handover) certificate The Prototype will be ready around 17th-18th of may. As we designed a first prototype for Brixton, we have peformed all the necessary tests and are able to prove the functionality of the prototype. We are making 3 new prototypes for the exhibition, improving the casing as well as changing the sensors. For the exhibition all equipment that is exposed to the elements, will be suitably constructed and protected. We are confident in safe perfomance of our prototype.


Urban Prototype submission broshure  
Urban Prototype submission broshure  

submission broshure for Urban Prototype Festival 2013