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Nobody can tell you that iPhone 3GS insurance is essential or even highly advisable. The only person that can reach that conclusion is you. The issues Your iPhone might be sitting snugly in your pocket at this very moment. Perhaps you're planning to make a call shortly or get onto the net. The question is - what would you do if it weren't in your pocket ready for use? What if it were now: · sitting in the pocket of a thief; · in 127 different pieces on the floor; · broken down on your desk outside of the warranty period and effectively useless to you? Your options In such circumstances, you may end up facing only a limited number of options: · if you're feeling flush with cash, you could just go out and buy another one; · you could do nothing, accept that you're iPhone is no more - then just sulk about how unlucky you've been; · you could try and look endearingly at family members and hope they'll buy you another; · you could claim and typically get a fast replacement through your iPhone 3GS insurance. Of course, you may have spotted the potential flaw in the final option above - claiming on your iPhone insurance might be a little difficult if you don't actually have any! The iPhone 3GS insurance option This is a form of gadget insurance that offers protection specifically to owners of iPhones. The cover provided will vary but some providers may offer:

a replacement iPhone delivered within 48 hours of your claim being approved; cover against the risks of theft, accidents (including liquid damage) and breakdowns outside of the

manufacturer's warranty period; possibly free backup for important data such as your contact list; global protection - in other words these services would apply even if you'd taken your iPhone overseas. These are possibly attractive benefits - particularly when you consider the alternatives. The catch The good news is that typically there just isn't one. All insurance will have its own conditions and terms that you'll need to be familiar with. Compliance with those is advisable unless you want to risk having a claim rejected. Things to note may include the fact that with some providers:

your iPhone is unlikely to be covered for personal loss if your claim relates to theft, you will need to show that you've reported it to police and obtained a crime number. A full list of any terms and exclusions is commonly found on the policy documentation. The decision As said at the outset, ultimately only you can decide whether or not iPhone 3GS insurance would be beneficial for you. It just may be worth thinking very carefully before you start being tempted to say no.

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==== ==== Click this link for the iPhone Solutions : ==== ====

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