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This autumn and winter we are being told that it's all about layers - and that goes for children's fashion too. Autumn really is the time when they can show their style off to maximum effect and experiment with ideas and colours. Children should be encouraged to express themselves and create their own style for a funky, groovy look that is all their own! The High Street The High Street can be used for inspirational ideas and accessories to add that little touch that brings a whole outfit together. Don't be afraid to go shopping with your child and get their take on what they like and dislike. Don't dismiss an outfit that they take a shine to, instead think of alternative ways of wearing it or other pieces that would help it to blend in. Explain about colours and patterns but don't get too bogged down by the rules, for if anyone can get away with the eccentric look it's a child! Only by experimenting and making mistakes will they eventually find a look that they are happy with. Here are some top tips for children's autumn fashion: Dresses are very versatile and can be matched with jeans, leggings, tights and even skirts, providing the skirts are longer than the dress. Long sleeved t-shirts are great for the layering effect, don't be afraid to team them up with shortsleeved outfits. Shirts are no longer just for boys, teamed with a belt they look great on girls too! Chunky knitwear worn over long t-shirts look great! Don't tuck in! Layering requires that you let it all just hang out! Recycle If you don't want to spend too much, then browse through the new collections of many High Street stores to find out what the latest look is and see if you can't jazz up some old outfits with patches, buttons, clothes dye or sequins. Short t-shirts look great over longer items, so don't throw away last year's stock! Likewise longsleeved t-shirts can have their arms chopped off to make trendy tank tops. Accessorise Hats, scarves, belts, gloves, jewellery - all of these items can help liven up plain outfits! Try a long, brightly coloured necklace or pendant to jazz up a plain top, or a groovy belt. Boys can go all Dr Who for bright braces and neckties. You don't have to spend a fortune on accessories either, buy

some plain ones and decorate them yourselves for a truly unique look!

Let your child stand out with some mix and match children's autumn fashion. Every child is unique and different, so let them express their individuality, let them choose and design their own children's clothing!

==== ==== For more information about childrens fashion visit Olivia Rose here: ==== ====

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