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Visit athletics Learn and performing about arts facilities how the admission process works

The Office of Admission schedules information sessions every weekday, as well as some Saturdays. This flexible schedule allows you to discover Rollins at a time that is convenient for you. While you’re on campus, ask a student about the typical workload for a semester; have

lunch in the Cornell Campus Center; tour classrooms, labs, residence halls and the library; visit the athletic and performing arts facilities. You can even request to sit in on a class during the academic year, as long as you let us know at least two weeks in advance.

Why visit Rollins? • You prefer meaningful dialogue with living, breathing humans over exploring a Web site or reading a brochure. • You have unanswered questions. • You want to fully experience the community you may soon call home. Whatever your reason, we encourage you to visit Rollins. For more information about campus visit options, visit and click on “Admissions/Visit Rollins” or schedule a visit by contacting our Visitor Liaison at 407.646.1573.

Visit Rollins College  

A visit to Rollins:the moment when a picture in a brochurebecomes the place where you will spend the mostpurposeful years of your life.Stand...

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