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Rohan Chauhan

Graduate of Architecture


Master of Architecture/Master of Project Management Bond University, Australia.

Portfolio & Professional Experience 2019-2010

Curriculum vitae E d u c at i o n Master of Architecture/ Master of Project Management @ Bond University, Australia May 2017 - October 2019 Bachelors of Architecture @ A . P . I . E . D , I n d i a July 2010 - August 2015 Diploma in Civil Engineering @ K. D. Polytechnic., India July 2005 - July 2009

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Architectural Graduate / Technician @ McFarland Architects, Brisbane Oct 2019 - Nov 2019 Achievements: ■ Worked on preparing drafting drawings for Optometrist shop project ■ Created construction drawings, working out joinery details and presentation ■ Worked with ArchiCAD and 3D visualization with Twinmotion directlink ■ Coordinated in team on construction drawing markups and detailing revisions Assistant Project Manager @ Case Meallin, Brisbane June 2019 - Aug 2019 Achievements: ■ Worked on construction documentation and specifications, ■ Learned preparing site inspection reports, project progress reports ■ Calculated progress claims for the project ■ Educated my self by interacting with builders for building warranties Architectural Intern @ Peddle Thorp Architects, Brisbane May 2019 - June 2019 Achievements: ■ Designed High Rise Tower proposal in Eagle Street Brisbane using Revit ■ Reported to director and designed schematic drawings, fully designed building services for commercial development ■ Gained practical experience applying BCA & NCC while designing High Rise Tower proposal, learned software: Revit Architecture ■ Learned to design with responsibility for recreational project in Logan City ■ Participated in council meetings with contractors and others for BA approval Intern Architect @ YFL Planning and Design, Australia Jan 2019 - April 2019 Achievements: ■ Learned to work on DA approval for the council assessment ■ Developed site analysis and conceptual drawings for BA approval ■ Built a BIM model using Revit and residential project brochure


C o n ta c t E-mail: M: 0405 391 914

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Jr.Architect @ Tesla Outsourcing Pvt.Ltd., Ahmedabad June 2016 - Aug 2016 Achievements: ■ Created documentation and detailing of construction for each project ■ Communicated and liaisoned clearly with overseas clients from the USA, Canada ■ Educated myself with international building and fire codes for different materials Jr.Architect @ Arihant Architects Pvt.Ltd., Ahmedabad Dec 2015 - May 2016 Achievements: ■ Proficiently worked on full service from conceptual development to preparing construction documentation


■ Gained experience in diverse range of projects including private, residential, mixed use, high rise, interior design, private villas


■ Proficiently learned using ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Sketchup, V-Ray,


Ecotect, Lumion on different projects


C e r t i f i c at e s ◉ ArchiCAD 21 Competency Test Certificate, Achieved 84 %, 2019. ◉ Rhino Essential Training Certificate, Archistar Academy, 2019 ◉ Unity 3d - Architectural Visualization, 2018 ◉ Certificate of Advance ArchiCAD Training - Dimension Plus, 2013 ◉ Certificate of Autocad Training 2D - GICEA, 2008




◉ Certificate of Appreciation - NASA Competition, 2012


◉ Certificate of Participation Utopia-10 - NASA


Hubli Department of Architecture, 2011

Hobbies Licence ◉Registered Architect : C.O.A, INDIA, 2015 -2020 Licence No: C A /2017/84911

Sketching Visual Reality Cricket Volley ball


Yoga Hiking

Professor in Architecture Department - Ar. Salil Bhatt


D C Patel School of Architecture, Gujarat


MO: +91 99980 64860 Email: Professor Dr. Adrian Carter- Abedian School of Architecture Bond University, Queensland MO: +61 0416 959 064 Email:


R ohan Chau han


Content 1. A Boat Centre Studio 8

2. Ayurvedic Detox Retreat Centre

Boat exhibition Local identity Heritage value BCA codes, council development plan

Yoga & Naturopathy Vastushastra Vedic principles

Master Thesis

3. Revitilisation of Palm Beach Precinct

Cultural & Creative hub Activating culture Re-introducing activities Council development plan

Studio 9

Scholars 4. Acme Arena School Professional

& 5. Documentation Technical Works Professional

School Development Sports focused Climate consideration LEED certification

Construction drawings Documentations Door and window schedules Detailing, Elevations, Sections, Site measurements


Ground floor Plan

A Boat Centre, NSW It started with the initial approach to the site. The most noticeable things were on-site is its historical significance with the Tweed River frontage and the view to Mount Warning. The short movie making has given us a critical eye to identify and understand the beauty of nature and the importance of the site with the surrounding elements. I started with responding to the immediate opportunities available such as Water, Mount Warning, Green lush Landscape. As the site has opportunities, but it does have for instance threats such as Flood levels and Harsh Summer months. As the site comes under the NSW territory, it has a Tropical Climate.

Prepared in: Design Studio - 8 Location: Muwillumbah, NSW Type: Cultural & Exhibition Centre Area: 3500 SQ.M Work: Individual

Section A - A'

To respond site I started to scribble my design intention on tracing paper. The first step was to provide the framed views with overlooking Tweed River and the Mount Warning. Then to identify the building mass to inform the site condition and Considering the simplicity of nature. It is not necessary to respond to the local character we only can do by imitating. it can be more efficient and workable design if the local traditional building styles and the local character are combined with the contemporary styles and the material which makes it more environment responsive design approach.





08:00 AM

12:00 AM

03:00 PM

A piece of advice was given to me in my first semester by well recognised practising architects Lindsay Clare and Kerry Clare. They suggested me to develop your ideas on a tracing paper, it will help you to engage in your design. Also, it would give you more clarity and sense of scale, which is critical for any project. I started to stick with basics skills, which I used to work in my bachelor studies.

Sun studies


Initial Concept Sketches

Section B - B'

Section C - C'

Drawing Scale: NTS

Hand Sketched Process

Hand Sketched Process


Hand Sketched Final Drafting

Artistic Renders

Ayurvedic Detox Retreat Center, NSW The Ayurvedic Detox retreat centre is located into a vast landscape and surrounded by farmlands. The idea behind bringing the retreat at Murwillumbah was to accommodate people from various age groups diagnosed with mental and physical health issues. The leading cause of these issues was a mental stress. The center will act as a with various programs focused on improving the overall health of body and mind. Centre has distinct Ayurvedic therapies originated from India and with Naturopathy therapies.


Initial Concept Sketches

Site Plan

Prepared in: Master Thesis Location: Muwillumbah, NSW Type: Health & Residential Area: 4500 SQ.M Work: Individual


Sun Studies

Drawing Scale: NTS

Pavilion 1

Ground Floor Plan

Section 1

Drawing Scale: NTS


Exploded Axonometric

Artistic Render

Section 2,3,4,5 Drawing Scale: NTS


Pavilion 2,3,4,5


Artistic Render

Axonometric Drawing Scale: NTS

Model Pictures


Model Pictures

In planning an Ancient Vastushastra is tailored to make it more aligned with laws of nature and the universe. Vastu has considerations such as a planetary movement is affecting the human mind and physiology. Initial hand sketch was drawn, keeping the idea of simplicity and Vastushastra planning principles. Those was then conceptualised with site condition with using the climatic aspect. Further insights were synthesised on design to planning an ideal location to emphasise the natural daylight and efficient natural ventilation within the building envelope.

Artistic renders Drawing Scale: NTS


Revitilisation of palm beach cultural precinct Palm Beach has developed as a distinct, diverse cultural value in Gold coast. It has served many essential functions as in the development of the local community and urban centre. The site we got to work was used to be a playroom with the other complementary activities. Since then now it is being used a car park of the Palm Beach hotel and for other bars, restaurants.

Prepared in: Studio 9 Location: Palm Beach Hotel, Gold Coast Type: Mixed Use Area: 7500 SQ.M Work type: Individual

Climate Considerations Conceptual Massing Ideas


Ground floor plan

Drawing Scale: NTS

01 - Basement 02 - First Floor 03 - Second Floor 04 - Third Floor 05 - Fourth Floor 06 - Roof






Initial Sketches



Section AA' Drawing Scale: NTS

Analysis Diagrams We have given a brief with a set of requirements to distribute in a group of two people. In a group, I had Viviane as my group work partner. According to the requirements, we tried to disperse the sets of functions based on its specific use. My role, was focusing on the playroom, studios and residential spaces which came through lots of ideas and concepts at the beginning. The process of ideas and developing the brief frequently progressed further with practical and technical inputs from our mentors Lindsay Clare and Kerry Clare. Along with the directions with no exception, Justin Twohill was always there to resolve the design issues. Axonometric Plans


Drawing Scale: NTS

08:00 AM

12:00 PM

03:00 PM

Artistic Render





Artistic Render

Axonometric Plans


Drawing Scale: NTS


I tried my best to get the design working functionally and adapting local climatic conditions as far as possible in the finite period at studios. In the end, the final design outcome stands out as a combination of ideas, critique and development process.

Drawing Scale: NTS

The sustainable approach consists of analysing different models. Then I took on the path to create various options for school elevation keeping in mind to make it playful and appealing for school children. There were many classroom options with varied requirements of the brief. While designing a school balcony, I took a creative approach, which makes it more fluidic and clear design apart from a traditional method.

Prepared in: Arihant Architects Pty.Ltd Site Location: Rajesthan, India Type: Institutional - Educational Area: 15, 785 SQ.M Work: Professional

Initial Artistic Rendering


Initial Artistic Rendering

Acme scholars arena school, India The project is located in Rajasthan. I worked on school design development with the school building and rental student apartments within the school precinct. Throughout the school project, I worked towards making it more design efficient with incorporating sustainable design approach.

Site plan

01 - Ground Floor 02 - First Floor 03 - Second Floor


Initial Artistic Renderings


Front Elevation

Floor plans


03 Drawing Scale: NTS

Documentation Works While working at Tesla outsourcing Pty. Ltd. I was engaged in preparing a construction documentation and drawings for the overseas clients. The client I worked for based of different locations such as USA, Canada, Australia. While working with the different projects from various locations. I got familiar with understanding the standard procedures to prepare the construction drawings for particular project. I also got familiar with different building bylaws and building codes. The fire rating consideration with allocated construction details showing materials specification. Apart form that I worked for in preparation of plans, elevation and sections for the projects.


First Floor plan Prepared in: Tesla Outsourcing Pty.Ltd Site Location: Gujarat, India Type: Commercial & Hospitality Area: N.A. Work: Professional - Individual

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Drawing Scale: NTS Front Elevation


EIFS Details

Wall Detail - 1HR

Wall Detail - 2HR

Ceiling Details Roof Details

Wood Partition - Non Rated

Construction details

Wood Partition - 2HR

Signage Detail

Exterior Door Details

Store Front Details

Hollow Metal(HM) Head Details

Internal Door Details

Window Elevation Details

Operable Wall Details

Drawing Scale: NTS

Door & window details 44


Prepared by: Rohan Chauhan Phone: +61 405391914


R ohan Chau han

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