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DID YOU KNOW?... • Masses of Christian Burial are on the decline • Catholics are not aware of their rights and privileges as Catholics at the time of Loss • Parish Community contact, at the time of a Loss, is decreasing • Decisions are made by family members who do not know the deceased’s wishes for a Catholic Funeral and Burial • Family members do not always honor the deceased’s wishes for a Catholic Funeral and Burial • Families pay higher prices to exercise their liturgical rights when waiting until the time of a Loss


Serving The Community Since 1843 3819 West Eighth & Seton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205 Ph: 513-557-2306 Fax: 513-557-2310

• Spares your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions at the time of a Loss • Assures that all appropriate Catholic Liturgical options will be made available to your family • Provides that the services you desire will be carried out in accordance with your wishes • Eliminates lingering doubts and family disagreements • Removes the financial burden from your family Learn how you and your family can avoid the pitfalls of having to deal with business decisions at a time of a loss in your family. Contact the Catholic Family Security Assn. to simplify these responsibilities for you. We have created an Emergency Record File, which guides you and your family in difficult times.

OPERATING St. Mary Cemetery 701 East Ross Ave. St. Bernard, OH 45217 513-242-4191 St. John Cemetery 4432 Vine Street St. Bernard, OH 45217 513-242-4191

Call 513-557-2306 ext. 19 for more information and speak with one of your fellow alumni, Stephen E. Bittner ’69, Arthur “Butch” Abrams ’74.

St. Joseph Cemetery 3819 West Eighth & Seton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45205 513-921-3050

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Born to Eternal Life Mary Richter Farrell ’36 Mary Evers ’37 Marjorie Duffy Kerkhoft ’37 Rita Wesibrod Schaffeld ’37 Al Hock ’39 Ernest Staubach ’39 Ruth Vonderbrink Ingram ’39 Harry Germann ’40 Sr. Marcella Coors, OSF ’41 Vincent Auskamp ’43 Rita Taske Gillman ’44 Ed Lynch ’44 Patrick Hickey ’45 Louis Beuerlein ’47 Clifford Gruenwald ’47 George Rogers ’47

Raymond Schneider ’47 George Bruner ’48 Joseph Auciello ’49 James Thamann ’49 Julius Wolf ’50 James Alexander, Jr. ’51 Elaine Doerger Dinkelaker ’51 Shirley Schlarman Downing ’53 Frank Hermes ’53 Renate Lenhardt McGregor ’53 Ronald Hilvers ’53 Paul Schlarmann ’54 Phyllis Gehrich Decker ’56 George Hasselbrock ’56 Jerry Marks ’56 Thomas Evans ’57

The following members of the Roger Bacon family have been born to eternal life. Please join us in remembering them and their families in your prayers. Kenneth Kohlman ’57 Sally Macke Latham ’57 Thomas Uhl ’57 Daniel Bollmer ’60 Ronald Messerle ’60 James McKenna ’62 Terry Bonvillain O’Bryan ’62 Timothy Harrigan ’63 Joe Werle ’63 John Meyer, Jr. ’64 Leo Woycke ’64 Tom Rohling ’65 Thomas Kaelin ’66 William Gleason ’67 Leesa Berling ’68 Michael DeBurger ’68

Chris Blom Back ’72 Brian Robinson ’97 Mary West ’02 Margaret Barth Joseph Crowe Theresa Ann Cundy Carol Dauwe Mary Elizabeth Heimert Gina Kelsey Mildred Rose Lang Gerry Myers Beuleh Rich Kathleen Strotman Barbara Wilke Fr. Noel William, OFM Haden J. Williams

To the Our Lady of Angels & Roger Bacon Family, Thrilled, honored, excited and humbled! I’m not sure what adjective best describes my emotions at this point, but I know for certain that I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to return Fr. Bill Farris, OFM with newly appointed president, Tom Burke ’69. to the RB family. While many things have changed in the halls of RB since I was a student from 1965 to 1969, the core values of holiness and learning remain strong as the foundation of a Catholic education guiding the development of young women and men in mind, body and spirit. From the moment I learned that Father Bill was retiring and encouraged to apply for the President position by some dear friends, I was excited to pursue this dream of a lifetime. After going through the interview process and the days following my appointment, I learned so much more about the school, the people and myself. I would like to share some of what I have discovered. • RB is blessed with an abundance of great people doing extraordinary things, creating a positive buzz in the community. Our namesake, Roger Bacon, was known for challenging the education system of the time. Our faculty, staff and administrators are leaders in seeking innovative approaches to enhance the learning and critical thinking skills of our student body. • The Franciscan values of holiness and learning, self-discipline and compassion are the foundation of everything we do. For example, a teacher based team developed and launched our Assisi Scholars Program, the most unique and selective program in the city for high achieving students. • RB offers its students a coeducational learning environment rich in diversity, ample in opportunity and a leader in providing state-of-the-art instruction and extracurricular activities to prepare students for college.

September 4 6 20 28

Meet the Teacher Night First Friday Mass Grandparents Day Shantytown

October 4

4 4 5 12 20

Feast of St. Francis Mass with First Friday Mass Spirit Walk Homecoming Homecoming Dance Blacktop Dance/Grand Reunion Open House

November 1 2 5 8 13

First Friday Mass Alumni Awards Mass & Dinner Parent/Teacher Conferences Begin Veterans’ Day Assembly Blood Drive

December 6 7

First Friday Mass Christmas Dance

January 3 16

First Friday Mass Annual Sports Stag

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• The students of RB are the benefactors of the most generous and caring group of alumni/ae anywhere. I want to thank Father Bill for all of his encouragement and support in making this transition as smooth as possible. He truly has been a gift to the RB community over the last 12 years. I could never put in words just how grateful I am to my wife, Ellen, my two children, Joe and Jennifer, my daughter-in-law Blair and the joy of my life grandson, Rylan, for their support and believing in me. Finally, I want to thank my entire family and friends, the Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. John, and the entire alumni of Our Lady of Angels and Roger Bacon High Schools for your support and encouragement. May God bless us all in our mission to serve the young women and men of Roger Bacon High School. Sincerely, Tom Burke ’69 tradition


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volume 47 number 1 fall


Tom Burke ’69


Steve Schad


Rick Sollmann ’68 EDITOR

The Class of 2013 is

Sue Huerkamp ’72

congratulated by the student body


enroute to their Baccalaureate Mass

and staff of St. Clement School

Brandon Cowans

at St. Clement Church.


Jeff Fulwiler C I R C U L AT I O N

Chris Newton ’79


Sue Huerkamp ’72


Chris Bissmeyer

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1929 Baconian

Domina Angelorum 1929

Archbishop John T. McNicholas saw his dream of fostering higher education become a reality when Roger Bacon and Our Lady of Angels high schools were established in 1928.

1926. Archbishop McNicholas asks the friars of St. John the Baptist Province to open a centralized high school for boys.

1927. Groundbreaking for a girls’ high school, Our Lady of Angels, begins. The Sisters of St. Francis of Oldenburg, Indiana, are commissioned to be in

1929 Baconian

charge of the school. tradition


Spread the word by Brandon Cowans, Director of Admission

Change. It is not always an easy and welcomed adjustment. For some it is scary, others, a deviation from tradition. But in an ever-changing world and a competitive environment, sometimes change is needed. Through the years, Roger Bacon High School has experienced several changes. Some of those changes are as simple as not requiring our young men to wear ties, or as large as welcoming our sisters and becoming a coeducational school. Change should never be made simply to do something differently, but for the betterment and enhancement of our school community. In recent years, we have had many changes. One major one, was the decline in enrollment. This was not a phenomenon unique to Roger Bacon, rather a shrinking population felt throughout all Catholic schools. But we refused to sit back and accept it. We looked to our past and our traditions and made adjustments to be the quality, Franciscan, and person-centric school we wanted to be. These weren't just cosmetic changes to our logo and website, they were more in depth. We changed the way we looked at Admissions by focusing on quality over quantity. We audited our curriculum to ensure we were providing a top-notch education to our students. We have added new programs at every academic track to make us more appealing to prospective students and families. And it worked. A few years ago we were graduating more students than we were taking in – not anymore. We have not just stabilized our enrollment, we are growing it! There is a buzz around town, and that buzz is “check out Roger Bacon.” Now we are going through another change and entering a new era. We are welcoming Mr. Tom Burke ’69 as our first lay president. It is truly exciting to have an alumnus with vast connections, leadership experience, passion for our mission, and energy to continue moving Roger Bacon forward. While we may change some aspects of the school, we will never change who we are. We will always hold true to our traditions, remain loyal to our alums and care for our families. We will always be a Franciscan school developing the hearts, minds and bodies of its young men and women in a caring and challenging environment.

Spread the word... There is a new Roger Bacon, and it is thriving! GO TO to learn more.

If you know of a student interested in Roger Bacon, contact Brandon Cowans at 513.641.1313 or

What a thrill it was to participate in the 85th graduation ceremony at Roger Bacon High School. Eighty five generations of Spartans have passed through these hallowed halls and every generation has special moments and memories which form the lore and history of Roger Bacon and Our Lady of Angels. For this graduating class, there will be memories of classmates, the Spartan Army, eating lunch off campus, Kairos, and a myriad of people and activities which will be the basis for stories and tales far into the future. Two very special people – Joe Corcoran and Fr. Bill Farris, OFM, touched the lives of this graduating class and will become part of those talked about and cherished memories. Our new President, Tom Burke ’69, and Athletic Director, Tom Merkle ’74, will stamp their special brands of leadership on our school community and will undoubtedly be remembered by future generations of Spartans for their influence and contributions. As my second year as Principal comes to a close, I am reminded of the constant changes that envelop every family. The Roger Bacon family is no exception. There is an air of optimism that surrounds our school community in the midst of this change. New programs, new initiatives, and new family members all add to the excitement. However, regardless the scope or pace of change, we strive to stay true to those core values which make us unique and special, and more importantly, which bind every generation of Spartans together.



We share and celebrate our Franciscan heritage - the hallmark of our school. The “caring and challenging environment” as stated in our mission statement echoes throughout the generations. Academic excellence, athletic toughness, community service and our Catholic identity are just some of the attributes all generations of Spartans share. As we move confidently forward, our commitment to those attributes remains unflinching and solid. We owe that to the eighty five generations of Spartans that make up our alumni and to every future generation that will someday join the proud ranks of our Spartan Army. We are working diligently to secure the future of Roger Bacon and sincerely appreciate your support and prayers. This is truly a special place. We look forward to the arrival of the Class of 2017 and pray, with your assistance, that God will continue to bless our Roger Bacon family. God bless you and God bless Roger Bacon.

Steve Schad Principal



Dan Starkey was awarded the JOSEPH A. KNEIP FACULTY/STAFF DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD. Dan has served RB for 37 years as a Health and Phys Ed teacher and also taught American and World History. In addition, he was a Guidance Counselor for several years and Admissions Director for two years. He served as Head Football Coach for ten years as well as the head Wrestling Coach for seventeen years.

Members of the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (pictured below) were recognized and inducted at a ceremony organized by moderator Mellen MoorsDressing on April 23. Newly inducted members are: Tabitha Adams ’15, Michelle Mondillo ’14, Tony Arreaga ’15, Jake Meiners ’13, Ben Schenck ’13 & Cara Uetrecht ’13

Hard Work Spent Outside the Classroom This year’s ASSIST-A-FAMILY program generated $1660 in Kroger cards, 530 toy and clothing items, and $200 in gift cards which were distributed to those in need during the Christmas season by the Mother of Christ Church and St. Monica/St. George pantries. Our Pennies for Patients program run by Senate generated $1300. Through the French Department initiatives, $325 was generated for the Missionaries of Charity in Port au Prince, Haiti.


fall 2013

The following 19 students have won the BRONZE AWARD for performing between 100 to 174 community service hours this past year: Alrashid Abdelwahed, Tony Arreaga, Alan Bossman, Grace Cunningham, Joshua Engel, Eric Foster, Shelby Grein, Crysol Gutierrez, Jazmyne Jones, Tammara Jones, Amberly Leigh, Sarah Luken, Rebecca Meisman, Christopher Miller, Tommy Perry, Stephen Post, Ethan Ruter, Christine Volz and Sarah Watterson.

THE 2013 PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARDS Bronze Award 100 to 174 Hours Alrashid Abdelwahed, Tony Arreaga, Alan Bossman, Grace Cunningham, Joshua Engel, Eric Foster, Shelby Grein, Crysol Gutierrez, Jazmyne Jones, Tammara Jones, Amberly Leigh, Sarah Luken, Rebecca Meisman, Christopher Miller, Tommy Perry, Stephen Post, Ethan Ruter, Christine Volz, & Sarah Watterson Silver Award 175 to 249 Hours Michelle Mondillo & Katie Weidner Gold Award at least 250 hours of community service this past year Jose Arreaga, Myra Garcia & Brittany Wittaker Brother Conrad Rebmann Service Award Ian Eckart Knights of Columbus “Youth of the Year” Dan Luken David Greider Award Kevin Anneken Representing Roger Bacon this year at the HOBY Leadership Seminar Alrashid Abdelwahed, Kevin Dinh, Amberly Leigh, Lyndie Mesina & Kasey Niesen

“Ready...Set...Go!” Mr. Schaffer’s Engineering II class headed to the St. Bernard High School pool to test their homemade cardboard boats. The Engineering students were assigned the task of constructing a boat made out of cardboard and tape, no other objects or materials were allowed to help the boat float. The challenge was to get across an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the quickest amount of time to make it to the Final Round, a race to the finish. The four contenders who made it to the final race were: Matthew Brichler, Jacob Westerfeld, Ethan Burgess and Alan Bossman. With the words “Ready, Set, Go!” the boys were off. Jacob Westerfeld’s canoe-type boat hardly made it to the finish, while Ethan Burgess’ speed cruiser seemed to be the most likely winner. As Ethan was getting to the half way point, a kayak-type vessel built by Alan Bossman took the lead and ended up winning the race by making it the other side of the pool in less than 20 seconds. The students really enjoyed the test of making a boat out of cardboard. There was definitely some disappointment when a boat sank (but those were the most fun to watch!)

The Arts... Feelin’ Emotional. A few students in Katie Rigney’s Art Classes each decorated one of the school’s front windows with acetate sheets painted to reflect the emotions they felt throughout one day, known as 1000 Words, a feature highlighting a single photo.



Congratulations to Michelle Casey ’13 (pictured right) for being selected to represent the United States in the “THE SOUND OF AMERICA”: AMERICA'S FINEST EUROPEAN CONCERT TOUR HONOR BAND AND CHORUS.” Michelle joined a group of students who have demonstrated outstanding musical ability and excellent character on a month long trip through Europe, exploring and performing. Michelle had the opportunity to visit Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg this summer.

SPECIAL 2013 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS Our Lady of Angels Scholarship Ashley Cooper, Ashley DeBurger & Rebecca DeBurger Spartan Achievement Scholarship Sarah Luken Adam Hortemiller Scholarship Emy Ventura Paul “Doc” Meyer Scholarship Nathan Geers William Carey Scholarship Kyle Suffoletta Angeline Uhrig Scholarship Michelle Mondillo

A European Vacation On June 5th, 33 RB faculty, students, and parents left Cincinnati for their “EUROPEAN VACATION” to Paris, the Riviera and Rome. Every other year French Teacher, Karen Adams, organizes a trip to Europe for RB students and chaperones. In June, 2015 she hopes to organize a 14-day trip to Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England. The trip is open to RB students and community members, past and present, and their

Paul & Naomi Thomas Scholarship Brennan Bollmer Nicholas Reider Scholarship Stephen Post Vincent Kathman Alumni Scholarship Hannah Neal & Katelyn Wright Caryl Schawe Leadership Award Libby Shepherd Ronald L. Lamb Memorial Scholarship & National Merit Scholarship Finalist Elizabeth Fromhold

families. For more infomration contact Xavier University sponsored a MATH COMPETITION for area high schools this year. Under the direction and coaching of Mr. Kyle Nobbe, members of the RB team competed and finished fifth out of 35 teams! Team members were: Sadie DiMuzio, Liz Fromhold, Crysol Gutierrez, Amberly Leigh & Jack Liam.


fall 2013

Roger Bacon Assisi Scholars by Deb Luebbe

Walking in the steps of St. Francis of Assisi is not just a dream for the seventeen freshmen students who on May 9th were welcomed into the Roger Bacon High School Assisi Scholars Program. After completing four years of rigorous course work in all core academic subjects, these students will visit Assisi, Italy as seniors in 2016. Traveling as pilgrims is the culminating activity and reward for their four years of hard work. In addition to maintaining Honor Roll status, this community of learners must remain active in the life of the school, and they must demonstrate the hallmarks of the program—a strong mind in a strong body, compassion, and leadership. According to Assisi Scholar, Brittany Jerger, “I am honored to have been selected to such a prestigious group of students. I am looking forward to excelling in my classes, my relationship with others, and my faith.” As honors freshmen, the first step in the Assisi Scholars process, students were invited with their parents to attend “The Honors Lecture Series.” This series of five evening programs helped the students prepare for the steps of their four-year journey. Attending seminars on careers, meeting successful alumni to learn about college and work life, and exploring the life of St. Francis completed the first year of orientation. The lecture series will continue each year as Roger Bacon High School welcomes new honors students. The remaining years of the Assisi Scholars Program offer the students many opportunities to explore career possibilities, vocations, citizenship, and service. Through course work and learning activities at school, in the community and beyond, students will develop skills and will identify and hone their talents and interests. They will also come to understand how they can contribute now and as adults in the world of the 21st century. Learning from mentors from local businesses, traveling within the United States and abroad, learning about career opportunities, and experiencing other cultures augments the academic course work.

Assisi Scholars Throughout the students’ four years, they will design a capstone project that they will present in their senior year. According to freshman Shelby Watterson, “All my hard work paid off when I heard that I had been accepted as an Assisi Scholar. My classmates and I are the first, so we get to set the standard for all those to come. Now we have to prove ourselves to everyone.” To learn more about this unique program offered at Roger Bacon High School, visit Assisi Scholars pictured l to r: back row: Jake Blaut, Ben Kelly, Cullen Trentman, Kaitlyn Fryman, Mackenzie McCoy, Julia Kidd, Anna Williams, Drew Suffoletta, Hunter Jones, Konnor Barnes, Keir Adams. first row: Kevin Reed, Brittany Jerger, Shelby Watterson not pictured: Henry Bollmer, Sam Devlin, Liam Garrett



Alan Bossman ’13 was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the FOREST PARK WOMAN’S CLUB. He will be attending the University of Cincinnati DAPP program for Architechture this fall. High school students in Ohio’s southwest region were judged for the OHIO GOVERNOR’S YOUTH ART EXHIBITION at Milford High School in the spring. Emily Pine’s paper sculpture “A Forest” was selected to move on to the state judging.

Pictured above is the BAND performing at our annual art show.

“Fly Like An Eagle” with RB & The Eagle Scouts The two subjects have much in common, especially this

of 82 co-ed students, Roger Bacon has exceeded the

year as six members of the 2013 graduating class also

national average with 15% of the 39 males earning the

earned their Eagle Scout. Nationwide, fewer than four

Scouts’ highest honor. The Eagle Scouts are pictured

percent of all of the boys who start in Scouts stay to

l to r: Dan Luken, Joe Baldauf, Ben Schenck, Kevin

achieve this prestigious award. With a graduating class

Anneken, Ben Bruns, and Alan Bossman.


fall 2013

Hunter Jones ’16 and Nick Shooner ’15 both received the SILVER MAXIMA CUM LAUDE in the National Latin exam this year.

In April, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati sponsored the CINCINNATI CATHOLIC SCHOOLS BANQUET at the Cintas Center to honor teachers and staff in their 1st, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 50th or 55th years of ministry to our Catholic schools. Representing RB were first year teachers Samantha Carpenter, Mel Forman, Joe Gerth & Apryl Pope. Staff members celebrating 25 years were Mary Beth Hausfeld & Jeff Rapking. Linda Hilsinger was awarded for 30 years of service to RB. Thank you for your service to our school, students and faith!

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati sponsored the PACEM IN TERRIS EVENT at the Cintas Center in April. The program called “New Hope to the World: Called by our Faith to be Peacemakers” is sponsored by the Archdiocesan Offices of Catholic Social Action, Evangelization and Catechesis, Xavier University, College of Mount St. Joseph, and the Educating for Peace Coalition. The following seniors were selected to participate in this event based on involvement in their religion classes: Josh Clark, Josh Engel, Austin Frentsos, Megan Fulton, Jake Hart, Kearston-Hawkins Johnson, Si-Asia Martin, Daniela Schulten, Samantha Stamey & Drew West. This event coincided with our fourth quarter Franciscan theme of “Peacemaking.”

Prestigious Scholarships Kevin Anneken ’13 was offered two prestigious scholarships from both the University of Cincinnati and the University of South Carolina. UC’s Lindner Honors Plus Scholarship Program and the McNair Scholars Award from USC. Kevin plans on majoring in the International Business Program at the University of South Carolina. The McNair Scholars Award is one of the most prestigious awards at the University of South Carolina. Only 25 students were selected from over 1,650 out-of state Honors Students. The average McNair Scholars Award recipient is in the top 3% of his/her class. The McNair Scholars receive awards of $60,000 ($15,000 per year), laptop/iPad, and other perks from the university. Lindner Honors-PLUS is an educational experience at the UC College of Business designed for highly motivated individuals with superior academic ability and demonstrated leadership skills. Admission to the Lindner Honors-PLUS program is highly competitive. The program accepted only 25 students from over 200 highly qualified applicants this year.

The Bright Lights of NY! Freshman Maya Parks headed to the “Big Apple” to perform at Carnegie Hall. Maya is a member of the Cincinnati Children’s Choir and her group, Bellcanto, was invited to come to New York for a special performance on March 26.



Every year RB celebrates diversity at the annual UNITY ASSEMBLY. We celebrate our diverse student body with awareness of our differences but learn how these differences bring us together. The assembly started with a singing act from the Spanish classes. “Soy Guapo” was brought to life with fabulous dancing from Eli Nixon. Zhane Broomfield & Alex Browne sang “Stay” by Rihanna and invited the crowd to join in. Student voices were also heard through poetry from Joshua Clark, Tony Arreaga, Brian Richardson & Jacob Hart.

French Artists Invade RB Mrs. Adams’ French students honored a French artist, living or dead, by creating a poster to represent the life and work of their chosen artist. This project was done as part of the French Department’s unit on the HISTORY OF FRENCH ART. The unit culminated in a field trip to the Cincinnati Art

RB is hosting a new event to mobilize youth from across the country to address child hunger in the US. WHAT WILL YOU BRING TO THE TABLE? is powered by generationOn, the youth service enterprise of Points of Light. At RB, geometry students designed and constructed a picnic table that has been placed in the school’s community garden on campus (pictured left). It is envisioned that this table will serve as a gathering space for students, staff, and community members to discuss ways to address the issues of hunger in our city. Additionally, the table will be used as a place to sort and clean the produce that is grown in the Spartan Garden. These fruits and vegetables will be shared with those in need in our community. By gathering around the table to create service projects that raise awareness and bring collective action to this critical issue, RB is continuing the Franciscan tradition of being a voice for the poor. Thank you to our coordinator, Kyle Nobbe!

To raise PHILANTHROPY AWARENESS at school and to raise money for their projects, Mrs. Vehorn’s students sponsored a dress down day as one of their fundraisers and taped Mr. Paul Zlatic, Assistant Principal, to a pole in the cafeteria. This event raised over $360.

Museum, as well as the poster contest. The 110 posters were displayed in the hallway and the RB faculty and staff were invited to cast their votes for their favorite posters. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s competition! First place: Keir Adams & Kit Weber; Second place: Alex Greene; Third Place: Abby Dovel & Honorable Mention: Megan Mitsch


fall 2013

Congratulations to Kearston HawkinsJohnson (pictured below) for being selected to receive the CARTER G. WOODSON LEGACY AWARD sponsored by Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. This award recognizes an African American high school junior who has demonstrated outstanding character, academic achievement and leadership.

On April 9th, RB hosted the 14TH ANNUAL CAREER DAY. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors had the opportunity to listen to presentations from three career speakers of their choice. Engineers, news producers, pharmacists, bio-statisticians, forensic scientists and architects, just to name a few, were willing to give their time to our students. In addition to career speakers, everyone participated in the “THINK FIRST” program presented by Tri-Health about making good, safe choices. Juniors attended a panel presentation of admissions representatives from local colleges for tips on the college application process. And returning again to talk to our seniors was Mr. Richard Vande-Ryt to present his informative “NOW YOU’RE 18” program. We appreciate the time and energy given so generously to our students each year. It is especially rewarding to see how many alumni return to give their time and experience for this event!

by Megan Guldner & Mike Benjamin

The Roger Bacon Planeteers are a group of environmentally concerned students who promote environmentally friendly practices at RB. This group has pioneered an extensive recycling, repurposing, and composting initiative to help reduce the amount of waste generated on campus. Currently, they coordinate paper and plastic recycling as well as terracycling. This year, the Planeteers are investigating how to make RB a “Zero Waste” school. In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Ecology, the Planeteers developed a sense of environmental responsibility among the community of Roger Bacon. Current stewardship projects at RB: 1. Composting (over 1600 pounds this year) 2. Plastic recycling (over 2100 pounds this year) 3. Paper recycling (6.68 tons this year) 4. Battery recycling (over 100 pounds) 5. Small electronics recycling (over 50 pounds) 6. Terracycle program (Lots of stuff!) This year they also recycled 6,279 pounds of phone books as part of the Cincinnati Bell/Rumpke Phone Book Recycle Challenge! The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is committed to achieving Zero Waste and initiated The Zero Landfill Challenge this year to help tri-state schools and communities to get involved. This project is a challenge-based, collaborative learning experience aligned with state standards where teachers act as mentors to students leading the charge in achieving Zero Waste in their classrooms, schools and communities. By taking part in this challenge, students are empowered to inspire communities to reduce waste, live responsibly and act naturally.

RB Planeteers

Students in Mrs. Vehorn’s “Writing for Change” class participated in the MAGNIFIED GIVING STUDENT PHILANTHROPY PROGRAM in which they invited local non-profit organizations to apply for a grant, investigated the organizations and ultimately awarded a grant for $1,000 or more. They wrote blog posts for the Cincinnati ToolBank and researched local non-profit organizations to determine which should receive grants from Magnified Giving. This year the students narrowed their decision to two organizations: The Healing Center in Tri-County and the Interfaith Hospitality Network in East Walnut Hills. Ultimately, the students chose to give $1,250 to the Healing Center to purchase art supplies and music instruments for children. They also awarded the Interfaith Hospitality Network a $450 grant to purchase bus passes for their working families.

Save a Whale, Hug a Tree, Don’t Trash the ’Nati!

The 2013 Zero Waste Challenge entries were reviewed by the Zoo for creativity, student involvement and enthusiasm, community engagement and the likelihood that the efforts would continue. Roger Bacon received the highest evaluation and was selected to receive the 1st place award of 20 free field trips to the Zoo, a special gift from one of the Zoo ambassadors and a spotlight on the Zoo’s website.



2O13 ATHLETIC SIGNINGS & AWA R D S Christine Volz ’13 (pictured below) was surrounded by family and friends as she signed her letter of intent to join the Owls of SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE. Christine will be a member of the nationally ranked gymnastics team at SCSU where they compete against some of the top programs in the sport, including Division I programs.

Tom Merkle ’74 (pictured above with Assistant AD Liz Wilking ’84) was welcomed in his new role as Athletic Director at RB in May. “We are so pleased to have Tom as a member of our staff” said Principal Steve Schad. “He has strong Bacon ties and brings a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to the job.” It’s also extra special as Tom was a close friend and brother-in-law to Joe Corcoran. Tom has been married for 34 years to Sally (Kelsey) Merkle, a 1974 graduate of OLA. Their children Sam ’99, Abby ’02, Betsy ’04 & Zach ‘09 are graduates of RB. Tom is a lifelong member of St. Vivian’s Parish where he has served in various capacities including Chairman of the Stewardship Campaign, President of the Athletic Boosters and as a youth sports coach for more than 30 years. In 1996 Tom was inducted into the RB Sports Hall of Fame and received the school’s highest alumni honor, the Astrolabe Award, in 2012. He also served as Vice Chairman of the RB Board of Trustees and as Chairman of the RB Advancement Committee. Additionally, Tom has served as the President of the Athletic Boosters, as an Executive Board member of the Alumni Association, Co-Chairman of the 2009 Evening for Excellence, the Roger Bacon Strategic Planning Committee and as a long time member of the RB annual Sports Stag Committee.

Congratulations to the following Boy’s Volleyball team members for being honored in GCL Central AND All South Region VOLLEYBALL ALL STARS: Player of the Year Erik Edwards First Team Max Bishop Erik Edwards Bobby Wilking

Second Team Alex Brenner Matt Brichler First Team – ALL OHIO Erik Edwards

Tom is a1978 graduate of Xavier University (BSBA Management) and has served for the past 24 years as a Senior Vice President with the Fifth Third Equipment Finance Company prior to his new position at RB. It seems redundant to welcome a good man to a school he has never left behind, but RB is very pleased to welcome Tom now as a member of the Administration!


fall 2013

Molly Walterman received a full athletic scholarship to play volleyball at CINCINNATI STATE.

Reggie DeLuca ’14 was recognized as quarterback MVP of the NATIONAL UNDERCLASSMEN COMBINE. He was invited to play on the National 7 on 7 Team (sponsored by the NFL) and also invited to play on the National Underclassmen Combine All-American Team.

Senior Ethan Burgess “TOOK TO THE TRACK” in his RB race car this year. He had the support of the Bacon family, including principal Schad, in the crowd. According to Ethan's blog he came in 4th place in his first race of the year at Moler Raceway. Follow Ethan by checking out his website and blog at /blog.html

A Season to Remember The RB boys’ basketball team celebrated another successful season under Coach Brian Neal’s leadership. After our beloved AD Joe Corcoran’s death in February the remaining season was dedicated to Joe. “After knocking off top-ranked Summit Country Day en route to the Division III regional finals RBHS came within a minute of punching its ticket for the state final four” wrote Nick Dudukovich of the Community Press. “But it wasn’t meant to be, as Versailles outlasted the Spartans 56-53 at Trent Arena on March 16.” The season ended 24-4 and the team was ranked No. 7 in the Associated Press’ D-III statewide poll. The 24 victories are tied for the second most in school history, according to Coach Neal. After the last game Coach Neal said he was hurting for the team and the school, because the RB community had been through much pain with Joe’s death. “Basketball served as an outlet that rallied the school” said Brian.

Congratulations to seniors Kellie Behrle ’13 & Cara Uetrecht ’13 on their commitment to continue their VOLLEYBALL CAREERS. Kellie is planning on playing at Thomas More College. Cara is joining Muskingum University in New Concord, OH. Kellie and Cara played on the same club team at Cincy Classics.

Four student athletes from RB were nominated and selected as final candidates for the Community Press sponsored SPORTSMAN/SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. Each year the Community Press honors juniors and seniors who display excellence, leadership and good character on and off the field of play. Pictured l to r: Erik Edwards, Cara Uetrecht, Kevin Anneken & Jake Westerfeld.

Jake Westerfeld ’13 (pictured below left) won the Hilltop Press Sportsman of the Year Award (sponsored by the Community Press) based on his academic and athletic achievements, as well as his community service duties. He was a two-time captain of the basketball team and captain of the football squad as a senior. Basketball coach Brian Neal said “He is a great ambassador for the school and our program.” Jake’s leadership skills were also strong in the classroom where he was a student ambassador and part of the RB student senate. He volunteered time working soup kitchens in Clifton and was a part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network. He will enter engineering school at UC in the fall.



SR. LAURENCIA LISTERMAN, OSF ’31 celebrated her 100th birthday on April 25, 2013. Her family birthday celebration was held at Oldenburg in the Franciscan Center where Sr. Laurencia resides. We believe that Sr. Laurencia may be the oldest living graduate from OLA.

BUDDY LAROSA ’48, founder of LaRosa’s Pizzeria, was honored early in May with the UC Lifetime Achievement Award in Entrepreneurship at the 2013 Entrepreneurship Recognition Banquet. This award was established in 1999 by the Carl H. Lindner College of Business and the Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Research. Charles H. Matthews of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote “Buddy LaRosa is the epitome of the revolutionary entrepreneurial generation that has transformed this country.”

FRANK NIEMAN ’50 writes “I have written a small book in hope that it will be of use to persons in religion, persons studying world religions, or persons looking to joining a religion. Why I self-published this book will be clear in the reading. I do remain friends with the clergy of our church. Copies may be obtained through Barnes & Noble, or the publisher, Outskirts Press (Just type in: Frank Nieman Religious Faith and Reason). This book is the start of a larger project on the same topic.” The men of RB ’53 CELEBRATED THEIR 60TH REUNION on Saturday May 25th at the Great American Ballpark with a social and Reds game. About 28 classmates attended, the Reds WON, and everyone got a free pizza thanks to the Red’s pitcher. Not only are these guys true to their school, but also loyal to their Cincinnati baseball team!

STARLEY TEST is a 1945 graduate of Roger Bacon, as are his 3 granddaughters, Abby ’98, Lisa ’00, & Lindsey (Vondrell) ’00. Starley was one of the 72 veterans who went to Washington DC on May 21, 2013 as part of the Honor Flight. This is a non-profit organization that transports as many US Military veterans to the memorials of the war(s) they fought in, at no charge to the veteran. WWII vets of course, have priority. “I was with Dad, and took many pictures. This was the one of the most emotional events


REUNIONS & ANNIVERSARY A GOLDEN REUNION MASS & BRUNCH FOR THE OLA/RB CLASSES OF ’38, ’43, ’48, ’53 AND ’58 was held on the RB campus on April 28th. MR. & MRS. RON KAMPEL ’48 (pictured left) enjoyed the reunion brunch with classmates of RB ’48 and also celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on the same day!


fall 2013

of my life” said his daughter Starleyne Vondrell.

The RB CLASS OF 1955 enjoyed a stag weekend in Lexington, Kentucky, in March. Thanks to the great organization skills of classmate JACK LUHRMAN this class meets quarterly every year and receives updated news briefs about ’55 classmates from Jack every quarter. The class also met for their quarterly reunion lunch at Montgomery Inn on June 6th. “One of God’s blessings, and what a grace filled blessing it is, is the brotherly bond every one of us shares as members of the Class of ’55. Who in his right mind would have thought back in the early 1950’s that teen age boys from different neighborhoods and circumstances would meet each other at a Franciscan school and then 58 years later would still be keeping that bond, that tradition alive?” said Jack. Enjoying a good time together in Lexington are seated l to r: RAY LINESCH & BOB MEADE; standing l to r are: NICK GUERRARA, JACK LUHRMAN, BOB POHLKAMP & KEN SCHNEIDER.

At of the end of June 2013, PAUL SCHILDMEYER ’56 retired as President of the Greater Catholic League after serving in that position for 31 years. In May of this year he received a Special Recognition Award presented by the Greater Cincinnati Basketball Hall of Fame.


EARL LEONHARDT ’65 writes “In April 2012, the Archbishop of Cincinnati, The Most Reverent Dennis M. Schnurr, appointed me to serve as Administrator of the Office of Due Process. The office mediates issues within the Archdiocese that have not been resolved at the local parish or school. I have served as a volunteer Mediator for the Archdiocese since 1991.” Earl was a Federal Mediator for 33 years with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service with duty stations in Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohio. He retired from the Federal Government in June of 2011

and is now a private mediator and the owner of “ECL Mediation” resolving disputes through conciliation, mediation and facilitation. EARL and PAM (CALDER) LEONHARDT ’66 live in Madeira and have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

RICK SOLLMANN organized a great reunion for the RB ’68 guys on July 12 at Glenview Golf Course, followed by a social and dinner for all at the Back Porch Saloon.

earring, long hair & rough edges “My name is ZACHARY GREEN and

identify, honor and financially assist a

I am a 1991 graduate of Roger Bacon.

company in Ohio that is demonstrating

When I walked through

Ohio’s historical innovative spirit. Local

the doors of Roger Bacon

chambers of commerce submitted one

in 1988 I had an earring,

nominee earlier this year for this

long hair and a few rough

prestigious award. MN8-Foxfire was

edges that needed to be

nominated by the Cincinnati USA

“smoothed out.” I quickly

Regional Chamber. MN8-Foxfire, located

learned the lifelong lessons

in Wyoming, Ohio, is the developer of

of a sound mind in a sound body. I can

break-through advanced photolumines-

honestly say that when I graduated from

cent technology products for firefighters.

Roger Bacon four years later, I was set on

“For our company to receive the

a lifetime trajectory of

Entrepreneur of the

success. The ability of RB

Year award shows that

to combine spirituality,

we’re trying to do the

education, discipline,

right thing by helping

compassion and

firefighters perform their

teamwork is something

jobs safer and better

that I will never forget.”

through the use of our products” said Zach.

“On Tuesday, Governor Kasich awarded the

“As I walked off the

company I founded

stage, I thought of all the

(MN8-Foxfire) the Ohio Chamber of

influences in my life that helped make

Commerce Excellence in Entrepreneur-

this moment possible and I want to say

ship Award and Entrepreneur of the

that those important formulate years at

Year Award. This award is designated to

RB were at the top of my list.”



“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” and a few “Angels” from the OLA CLASS OF ’70 know how to enjoy a dreary winter weekend having fun. They spent a weekend together in February at the home of classmate Jan Hamburg Beckemeyer on Lake Cumberland. Pictured l to r: MICHELE DEVERAUX MCINTYRE, CINDY HEENAN GREEN, CAROLYN DAVIES FARMER, ELLEN ESCHMEYER HEIMERT, CINDY BLIND MOORHEAD, JAN HAMBURG BECKEMEYER, CHARLENE CECARDO CLARK & BARB CHURCH SMITH.

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) selected KIMBERLEY STEWART ’97 to receive a 2013 PCFSN Community Leadership Award. The award is given annually to individuals or organizations who improve the lives of others within their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutritionrelated programs. Kimberley has taught dance lessons to children in inner-city Toledo, Ohio for over three years. She provided over 16 classes per week through the YMCA of Greater Toledo and free lessons to children throughout several area churches. Kimberley was a case manager with The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (Toledo Correctional Institution) where she developed and piloted a program for inmates called Reforming Arts, helping them to identify and develop their cultural awareness and talents in the areas of spoken word, music and dance. Kimberley also volunteers as the Auxiliary Director for the Toledo Scott High School Marching Band where she served as head coach for the poms, majorettes and flag corp.

On Saturday, July 27th the CLASS OF RB ’93 enjoyed their 20th Reunion at Bar Louie in Newport, Kentucky. Thanks to MARSHA BAUER LOOMIS for organizing.

DIANE H. LAAKE ’75 was recently appointed as the new President of Oldenburg Academy in Oldenburg, Indiana. She will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Academy reporting directly to the Board of Trustees. Diane comes to the Academy with extensive educational and professional qualifications. She has served as instructional leader and institutional chief operating officer of an independent, inter-parochial high school, effectively managing an annual budget of $5 million. As a graduate of Our Lady of Angels High School and educated by the


GOLF, MASS, DINNER & MUSIC RB ’63 HELD A WONDERFUL 50TH REUNION weekend at Clovernook Country Club on June 7 (Golf Outing) and June 8th (Mass, with Fr. Pat McCloskey, OFM, dinner and live music at Clovernoook). Special thanks to the chief organizers, DAVE MEYER & JIM HINNENKAMP and their committee!


fall 2013

Sisters of St. Francis, along with her work serving on the board of Franciscans Network and founding member, Diane possesses a strong passion for Franciscan Catholic education. She holds a Master of Education from Northern Kentucky University, Administrative Certification and a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University.

ROB STARKEY ’98 was named Division III Coach of the Year by the Northern Kentucky Boys’ Basketball Coaches Association. Rob is the head coach of the varsity boys’ basketball team at Villa Madonna Academy. “Our team went 16-13 this year and we were the NKAC (Northern Kentucky Athletic Conference) Division III conference champs. I was named the Northern Kentucky Boys Basketball Coaches Association’s Division III Coach of the Year. I live in Delhi with my wife Kelly and two sons Joey (4) and Andrew (1).“

24 continuous years of RB education Many Cincinnati families have had

Shortly after graduating from college

strong ties and connections to Roger

with a BS in Education Kathy married

Bacon High School. In

Steve and one year later delivered her

the past it was not unusual

first child, Eric. Kathy, who was substi-

for a single family to have

tute teaching at the time, gave up her job

had six to twelve children

to become a “stay-at-home” mom. Little

graduate from Roger

did she know then how vital her degree

Bacon/OLA high schools.

in teaching would be, as eight more

But as family size has

children followed Eric. She is still

reduced drastically in the last thirty

amazed that she and Steve were able to

years, it is very unusual in recent times to

provide a Catholic education from grade

have one large, immediate family attend

school through high school for all nine

the same school and graduate. THE

of their children. “We prayed a lot and


put it into

is one of those

God’s hands

very unusual

and due to the

families. They


have been a

of many we

part of the RB


family for 24

managed. God

straight years!

seemed to put

The oldest child

people in our

of Steve and

lives who

Kathy Doll, Eric ’93, started at RB in

helped make it possible to send our kids

1989, followed by Andrea ’94, Stephanie

to Catholic schools, but you have to have

’97, Carrie ’99, Emily ’02, Renee ’04,

faith. We have always tried to instill that

Matthew ’08, Adam ’11 and Ali ’13.

with our kids.”

While attending RB all nine of the Doll

OJ MESINA ’01 is the new boys’ and girls’ swimming coach at Clark Montessori. Previously he coached at the club level and multiple youth programs along with XU’s club team.

children played sports and Eric returned

After 24 straight years at RB, Ali, the

as a football coach here for a few years.

youngest, graduated on May 31st, and Kathy retired from her part-time job in

Kathy said “The most dramatic change

the school cafeteria.

in the RB experience is the change in number of Franciscan Sisters and

However, Kathy and Steve are continuing

Priests/Brothers and the cost of tuition.”

their lives as sports enthusiasts as they

Their family started at RB under the

now attend their grandchildrens’

leadership of Principal Fr. Jim Bok,

sporting events (they have eleven

followed by Fr. Roger Bosse ’74, Tom

grandchildren). Two of the Doll children

Devolve ’82, interim principal Rick

(Eric and Stephanie) are also married to

Sollmann ’68 and now Steve Schad.

RB grads (Eric’s wife is Holly Gronefeld


Currently, there will be a change in

’95; Stephanie’s husband is Ben Niesen


leadership with new President, Tom

’96). It would be no surprise to see their


Burke. “My concern and hope with a new

children enrolled as young Spartans in


President is that the Franciscan values

the future to carry on the Doll family

will be kept alive always at Roger Bacon.”

legacy at Roger Bacon!





The CLASS OF RB ’03 enjoyed a great night reuniting for their 10th Reunion at Gangsters Dueling Piano Bar in Newport, Kentucky on June 29th. ANGELA CALIGURI ‘02 is now a NFL Cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts. “I followed my dream and am honored to say that I am an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader! I am ecstatic to be involved within the community and charities, to perform on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium and to use this as a platform to expand my business AMC Cheer and Dance” said Angela.

LANCE DURHAM RB ’06, also a former UC Bearcat, currently plays baseball with the West Michgan Whitecaps. Early in the season he was mentioned in the Cincinnati Enquirer for his solid hit pitched by Johnny Cueto of the Cincinnati Reds. Cueto was pitching at the time for the Dayton Dragons during his second rehab game with the team.

GAVIN SCHUMANN ‘11 earned 2nd team All-Conference honors for Sinclair College (Basketball) as a sophomore averaging 19 points, 3 assists and 5 rebounds per game.

RB CLASS OF ’92 celebrated their 20-year reunion in August of 2012 at FB’s Cincinnati. The committee of Teresa Hanes Rouff, Susan Howell Chin, Kathy Ewald Weeks, Stacey JohnsonMiller and Montez Shugars worked


STAYING POSITIVE... From graduation to now it feels like things have been moving at warp speed and up hill at times but life is a blast. The old adage of what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger is very true. I never thought eleven years ago I would be where I am today. At least I thought I would be working on my third enlistment in the U.S. Navy—boy, little did I know. I just won my second battle with brain cancer. My first battle with this deadly disease was in 2005 and that one took me four years to strike down. One thing I’ve learned is that living healthy, staying positive, and never quitting on anything, even yourself, is key. As I type this, I’m recovering from an operation on March 20th. Besides all of the medical stuff I stay healthy playing “The Perfect Game” of Handball and training to stay in shape. I wrapped my Four Wall season in


fall 2013

for almost a year on making it all happen. “It was a great turn-out and

2012-2013 placing third in the Ohio Four Wall Handball Championships. So I’m excited about next season, and getting into the swing of the Three Wall season and Playing at the Nationals. There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of the game.

a great night. We mixed and mingled

As for my profession, I’m happy to be working for a fantastic maritime company. I may be on medical leave, but Carlise and Bray Marine has been very supportive. My current vessel is the J.L. Braden, which is stationed at the Gent Generating Station in Carroll County, Kentucky. Gent is a coal burning power station, so we help get the coal unloaded that comes up river. It’s dangerous and dirty but I love it! Once I’m healed up and cleared, I can't wait to get back to work next football season. Hail Spartans, Hail yes!

we were able to make a donation

(thanks Scott Sheridan for your help) and then danced to the hottest early 90’s hits,” said co-cordinator Teresa Dinwiddie-Herrmann. “With proceeds from the reunion in honor of our classmate, Michael Niehaus, to the Roger Bacon High School Athletic Fund and were also able to make a donation to Roger Bacon in our class name.” Anyone who was not able to attend or did not send an updated mailing or email address, please contact Teresa DinwiddieHerrmann at 513.505.0512 or pictured above: Katie Savage Bartelt, Holly Mayborg Calameto, Amy Palmer Holt & Jay Clark.


VICTOR WYRICK ’08 was featured

basketball. Victor decided to give Sinclair

in an article by Tom Archdeacon of the

College (Dayton, OH) a serious look

Dayton Daily News on

where he was given an opportunity to be

RB spirit wear is now avail-

February 21, 2013 “The

a walk-on by head coach Jeff Price. Even

able online. RB has partnered

Dream Continues.” While

though he is not on scholarship, pays

attending RB, Victor was a

his own way to Sinclair and is the oldest

with where

member of the basketball

player on the team, Victor began the

team but got little playing

season as a starter this year scoring 20

you can design and make

time prior to his senior

points and 13 rebounds against Tiffin.

your own spirit wear. To view,

season. So when he graduated he had stirred no interest from college

Victor comes from a long line of family

go to the

programs. Instead he went to Massannut-

athletes, so his determination to follow in

website. This website is not

ten Military Academy in Woodstock,

the family footsteps was strong. His dad

Virginia, and

Tim ’76 played

the same spirit wear that is

hoped a season

basketball at

there would

RB and Ohio

available in the RB Spirit Shop

build his


game and

and uncle

his portfolio.

Tom Wyrick

different spirit wear options.

But just a few

’75 played

We hope to see you sporting

months after


getting there he

at RB and

landed on his


and there are many new and

your new gear this fall!

back on the floor during a practice,

Wyoming College. Cousin Beckham

resulting in a broken back.

Wyrick ’02 played at RB, UNC Wilmington and professionally in Germany, and

After several months, his back brace

cousin DJ Wyrick ’03 is on the coaching

finally came off and Victor followed

staff at Wright State and was a team

his cousin, Nate Wyrick ’02 to Casper

captain at Miami University Hamilton.

Community College in Wyoming, where

Mallory Wyrick ’05 played at UNC

he tried out for the team with hopes of

Wilmington and then Wright State and

becoming a preferred walk-on. “I didn’t

cousin Nate Wyrick ’02 played basketball


make the team and I felt pretty down”

at Casper College after RB. Victor’s older


says Victor. He returned to Cincinnati

sister Karlee was a volleyball player for


and after working at several jobs he was

Lincoln Memorial University in


unsatisfied that he wasn’t playing

Harrogate, Tennessee.


CALL 513.641.1313.



48 58

RB ’48 is making plans to gather on the RB campus Saturday, September 21, 2013. Call LOU KNOLLE 513-931-7945 for more information.

RB ’58 will gather for their 55th Reunion at Clovernook Country Club on October 19, 2013. The evening includes Mass and social hour, followed by dinner and entertainment. Contact CHARLES MILLER 513-251-2639 or RON METZLER 513-481-4788 for more information.


OLA ’63 is looking forward to celebrating their 50th Reunion with a luncheon at Clovernook Country Club on October 5, 2013. Call MARY WILSON 513-398-7369 for information.

HOW ABOUT YOUR CLASS? If your class is interested in having a reunion, please contact SUE HUERKAMP, Alumni Director, at or call at 513-641-1313.


and getting better, thanks to you! Every donation given to RB is much-appreciated. Your caring and giving keeps our Spartan spirit and traditions alive. You Can Make A Difference! Did you know that a monthly donation can be made for $5, $10, $25, etc. on your credit card? American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are all accepted at RB. Contact Rick Sollmann to set up your monthly donation at 641-1313 or Companies who donate matching gifts: Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Colgate, Duke Energy, Eli Lilly, Farmers, Fidelity, 5th/3rd, Granger, Lubrizol, Macy’s, Toyota, Wells Fargo, & Wrigley FEDERAL ID FOR RB IS 310 536 691




SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2013 …for the RB/OLA Grand Reunion & Blacktop BBQ Bash including food, drink, music, lively crowd and another great evening under the stars! All members of the RB family and friends (21 and over) are invited to come back to campus for a great night in the upper parking lot, outdoors and under the big tent. Classes celebrating special reunions this year are also invited to gather together at this event–let RB take care of all the details–the only work involved is to contact your classmates! (Classes of 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988 and 1993 received letters of invitation with further details.) Questions? Contact Sue Huerkamp at 641-1313 or

Celebrating a 20th Anniversary in New Location Family and friends of MARIA OLBERDING ’85 started the Reggae Run in 1994 as a tribute to the 27-year-old woman whose life ended in a random act of violence. They hoped that it would commemorate Maria’s life in a positive way by bringing together a few hundred people and raising a little money for a local charity. Reality far exceeded their hopes that first year when about 2,700 people showed up and raised more than $20,000 for a local nonprofit organization. Over the years, the Reggae Run continued to grow, raising more than $1 million for local nonprofit organizations. In fact, this event continued to be so popular that it ultimately outgrew the space at Ault Park. So the 2013 Reggae Run, the 20th anniversary, will start downtown Cincinnati and end in Eden Park. On Saturday, October 5, the 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) run/walk will start at 6 p.m. on Eggleston near Sawyer Point, go down Pete Rose Way, loop around Great American Ball Park, head back to Eggleston, and then climb Gilbert Avenue to Eden Park for the finish and post-race party. Runners and walkers can park in one of the numerous lots along Eggleston, near the start. After the 5K run/walk, free shuttle buses will run continuously from Eden Park to Eggleston through 11 p.m. The post-race party will feature music from the Ark Band. The Ark Band was a favorite live act for Maria during the late 1980s and early ’90s. The post-race party will also have about 30 food and drink booths.

The Reggae Run brings together a couple of Maria’s favorite things: reggae music and running. She was often accompanied by the sounds of Bob Marley on drives in her red 1973 convertible Volkswagen Karman Ghia. Maria enjoyed running ever since she was a member of the first women’s cross-country team at Our Lady of Angels/Roger Bacon High School. She was training to run a marathon at the time of her death. Online registration for the Reggae Run is $35 through October 1, $40 on October 3 and 4 at Bob Roncker’s Running Spot in O’Bryonville (1993 Madison Road), and $45 on race day at Eden Park. The registration fee includes a t-shirt, entry to the race, admission to the post-race party with food and non-alcoholic beverages, and tickets for four glasses of beer or wine for those who are 21 and older with photo identification. For those who pre-register, race materials can be picked up on October 3 and 4 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Bob Roncker’s Running Spot in O’Bryonville. A large number of individuals just come for the party – without running or walking the race – for $25. This fee does not include a T-shirt. Registration forms will be mailed to all persons who participated in the Reggae Run within the past few years. In addition, forms will be available on the internet at

SAVETHEDATE An invitation to attend FIRST FRIDAY MASS each month is open to all members of the Roger Bacon family. Mass is at 8:15 am in the Our Lady of Angels Chapel (enter through school cafeteria) and follow the crowd. Stay after Mass to enjoy coffee and pastries with great people and good conversation! (Reservations are not necessary.) Parking is available on the plaza in front of the main entrance.

WE WANT YOU (and your opinions, ideas, time and talent) to consider joining the Alumni Association. A great group of RB/OLA alums meet every second Thursday of the month from August to May in the Library/Media Center at 7:00 pm. Please join us! More information needed? Contact President Andy Kalb ’03 or Alumni Director Sue Huerkamp

GO TO or our facebook page for RB Alumni events.

ATTENTION VETERANS! Please join Roger Bacon High School for a special Veterans’ Day Celebration on Friday, November 8, 2013 in the school’s auditorium. Call the main office at 513-641-1313 to make a reservation to attend.



RB Reds’ fans enjoy a fun night together at the annual ALUMI ASSOCIATION sponsored night with the Cincinnati Reds in April.

Pictured l to r are Matt Hagen ’04, Stephanie Doll Niesen ’97, Rob Even ’96, Scott Pumpple ’04, Ben Niesen ’96, Stacey Sollmann Cahill ’96 enjoying a YOUNG ALUMS EVENT at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield in March.

After 30 years of dedication to RB, LINDA HILSINGER ’66, OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR in the Advancement Office has retired. Rick Sollmann honored Linda with his words of thanks and presented the official retirement gift, a rocking chair, to her at the end-of –the-year faculty/staff cookout. Linda has been the “one constant” at RB during a reign of 5 principals in which millions of dollars have been donated. THANKS LINDA for surviving the many changes, moves, principals, a first-time president, teachers and staff!

Special thanks to art teachers Katie Rigney, Ed Dauterich and band director Joe Montgomery for a lovely May afternoon celebrating art and music at the RB FINE ARTS FAIR.

Annual Alumni Golf Outing Friends and families enjoyed another lovely night under the big tent at the annual RB STEAK FRY hosted by the Athletic Department in June. About 125 people attended this year.

Bernice Bishop ’62 invited Fr. Bill Farris, OFM, to have LUNCH WITH BUDDY LaROSA ’48 and friends in Buddy’s personal dining room. The luncheon was a special Evening for Excellence oral auction item purchased by Bernice at the event.


fall 2013

Anne McKinney, Chairwoman of the RB Board of Directors, emcees FR. BILL’S FAREWELL PARTY at Clovernook Country Club in May.

Thanks for another year of chairing a successful PTA “RB AT THE LUAU” Fashion Show to Terri Dean and her creative committee!

This year’s outing started out okay but toward the end the sirens went off due to an approaching storm. Thanks to everyone for the donations especially Rick Bierman from Heidelberg Distributing Co. who donated many items. Thanks again to the hole-sponsors and Chris Bissmeyer and Sue Huerkamp for their help with the split-the-pot. This years winners were Dave and Doug Nurre, Rob Harris and Dan Geoppinger. Next year’s outing will be Friday May 16, 2014. Some changes are being looked at so check for emails and the Tradition magazine in the spring of 2014. A huge THANKS to Steve Asbach ’77 and Chris Speed ’88 for donating their time and producing another successful alumni golf outing!


It was a great night on April 13th for Roger Bacon’s largest fundraising event, “The Evening for Excellence,” as we transformed the Fogarty Center into “NEW YORK, NEW YORK!” and welcomed a sold-out audience. The event grossed over $190,000, and $50,000 of that amount was raised during the final plea for the “Joe Corcoran Scholarship Fund” in honor of our late athletic director & friend, Joe Corcoran. Top item up for bid that night by auctioneer Murray McCandless was a weekend trip to New York on a private jet which included hotel, dining and play tickets to “Annie” and “The Jersey Boys.” A trip to “The Biltmore Estate” was also on the list for the night as were several luxurious condos and dining along with some cash at the new Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincinnati. Grand Raffle winner Jim Schmalz ’64 donated his prize back to RB much to the delight of the audience. Guests enjoyed listening to our own “Sound Body Jazz Orchestra” as they dined on a delicious meal prepared by Vonderhaar’s Catering. Special thanks to the decorations chairs, Tom Kraemer, Matt Hagen ’80, Randy Kent and Gary ’68 & Beth Brichler, and to the team of Underground Detective/Zins Plumbing for bartending all evening! Thanks to our Honorary 2013 Alum Chairs, Jim ’63 & Elaine Tenkman ’63 Hinnenkamp, Jerry ’63 & Sue Palermo and Jon & Ruth Singer. Also, Parent Chairs, Rich & Gail Staubach ’77 Kelly and Michael & Heather Batdorf. This year we were also glad to introduce our first ever Young Alum Chairs, Cam & Stacy Sollmann ’96 Cahill and Andy Kalb ’03. Your donations to the “Evening for Excellence” are always appreciated as they support scholarships and financial need here at Roger Bacon. Thanks to everyone for making this our “best ever” auction! See you next year on April 12, 2014.

Alumni Association 2013 Amaranth Award LISA BIEDENBACH ’72

2013 Astrolabe Award Winner TOM DEHMER ’63 The Astrolabe Award is

The Amaranth Award

presented to a graduate of

is given to an alumna

Roger Bacon High School

of OLA who illustrates

who has in his or her

Christian principles

personal, professional and

and Franciscan ideals.

family life exhibited high moral character.

Lisa Biedenbach’s love of writing and editing for a Franciscan institution started in high school at OLA. She was the editor of the school newspaper, The Herald. At OLA she was a member of the National Honor Society and class salutatorian. Staying true to her Franciscan roots, Lisa continued her education and love for journalism at St. Bonaventure University where she earned a BS in journalism cum laude. “After college I worked as assistant editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine. For the next 10 years I worked at Western-Southern Life. While employed there I also worked on the company’s United Way and Fine Arts funds campaigns and wrote speeches and researched special projects for the CEO.” In 1988 Lisa rejoined St. Anthony Messenger Press as managing editor of the book department. Eventually she became a director of product development and director of foreign rights. She is currently president of LAMB Editorial Consulting, a business she developed in 2012, to provide editorial and pre-press production services to publishers and other organizations and clients. As if her professional life hasn’t kept her busy enough, Lisa also edited the Northside News and writes for the alumni publication of St. Bonaventure University. She has remained active for more than 35 years in the Salesian Guild (a group of Catholics working in the communications field in Greater Cincinnati), served 12 years on the United Way Information and Referral Board, and has been active in her parish, St. Boniface in Northside. Lisa will be married 20 years (this year) to Robert Wuerth.


fall 2013

Tom Dehmer graduated from RB and ten days later embarked on what turned out to be a 37-year career at Western & Southern Life Insurance Company. In 1966 the call came and he spent the next 21 months in the US Army achieving the rank of Specialist Five, a rank not usually earned in such a short time. Upon returning to the states Tom enjoyed the next 30 years as a softball coach for the Western & Southern team and later with an independent team. Thirteen years ago Tom officially retired from Western and Southern and remembers his retirement party as the first event held in the newly air-conditioned cafeteria at RB. Tom serves on the Board of Trustees for The Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society. Several times a year he is called upon to be Porter at the Headquarters of the Franciscans of St. John the Baptist Provence. He is also booth chairman at the St. Clement Parish Festival. In 1983 he joined the Secular Franciscan Order and is also currently active in the St. Anthony Fraternity. At the urging of his classmate, Fr. Ken Beetz, OFM ’63, Tom made a Cursillo weekend and is still active with Cursillo. Almost anyone who attends events at Roger Bacon can easily identify Tom, who bleeds brown, and is hardly ever spotted on campus without his Spartan spirit wear. He served as the Alumni president for eight years and vice president and secretary for several years. Currently, Tom is a member of the Association’s Advisory Board. He has assisted and been instrumental in the success of our First Friday Mass each month. Perhaps he is most recognized at RB as the “guy who sells split-the-pot tickets at both the boys’ and girls’ basketball games.”

Award Winners 2013 Spartan Award Winner ADAM M. CLARK, PH.D. ’93

2013 Roger Bacon Award Winner GARY ’68 & BETH BRICHLER

The Spartan Award is

The Roger Bacon Award was designed to recognize

awarded to a Roger Bacon

a non-Roger Bacon graduate who believes and

graduate from 1985

supports the mission

to the present who has

of Franciscan education

accomplished significant

and has given their

lifetime achievements

time, treasures or talent

since graduation.

to this institution.

Currently Adam Clark serves as a health scientist in the Innovation Division of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). BARDA is a research agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS). “I have a background in biomedical sciences as a researcher, program administrator, and policy advisor in both the government and non-profit sectors.” Prior to coming to the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Clark worked with numerous patient advocacy and disease research organizations including the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Preceding his work at the foundation, Dr. Clark served as a technology development specialist at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). While at the NCI, he also performed assignments in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “In 2009, I was appointed to the Federal Advisory Committee for Health Information Technology Policy. I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and did my post-doctoral training at the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research.”

Over the last decade, RB has been gifted by the presence of Gary and Beth at almost every special event. When their oldest child, Laura, started as a freshman at RB, Gary became a member of the Athletic Booster Board and Beth became involved with the PTA. Each has served as President of those organizations and took an active role in sports-related and PTA-related events: Sports Stag, Steak Fry, Cornhole Tournament, Homecoming, Blacktop Dance, Fashion Show, Graduation Breakfast, After-Prom and Teacher/Staff Appreciation luncheon. Gary initiated the Kroger Reward Program for the Athletic Boosters, earning $25K for the organization over the last five years. He is currently the chair of the President’s Activities Task Force at RB. Beth co-chaired the Procter & Gamble dental research fundraiser in 2006-07, earning more than $25K for PTA and was a member of the strategic planning committee in 2004. As a couple the Brichlers co-chaired the 2010 Evening for Excellence. Gary retired from Procter & Gamble after 40 years and is also a volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity. Beth is the Director of Accounting for Carespring Health Care Management. Gary and Beth are both graduates of the University of Cincinnati and continue to stay active in Annunciation Parish. Their three children Laura ’06, Eric ’08 and Matthew ’13 are RB graduates.

“All of the activities I have been able to be a part of are built upon the foundation of education, faith, and ethics I received from Roger Bacon. So much of who I am and what I have Make Reservations for the Alumni Awards! done is due to the guidance, assistance, Saturday, November 2, 2013 ministry, and education Roger Bacon High School Auditorium of the Roger Bacon Mass 5:00 pm • Social 6:00 pm • Dinner 6:30 pm family.”

Cost is $30 per person Email Sue Huerkamp at For reservations or call 513.641.1313

The presence of the Brichler family is, indeed, a great gift to the Roger Bacon family.



Commencement was held for 82 seniors on Friday, May 31st in the Fogarty Center. The Class of 2013 accumulated over 2500 community service hours and earned over 3.4 million dollars in merit based scholarships. Students will be attending many different colleges and universities across the country and one member of the class will be joining the military. Congratulations to our seniors and good luck in your future endeavors!

Bowling Green University Capital University Central State University, Centre College Cincinnati State Cleveland State University College of Mount St. Joseph Culinary Institute of American Eastern Michigan State Indiana University Indiana University/Purdue University – Indianapolis Kentucky State Miami University-Hamilton Morehead State University Muskingum University Northern Kentucky University Ohio State University Ohio University Otterbein University Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology Purdue University Shawnee State University Southern Connecticut State University St. Bonaventure University Thomas More College Tiffin University University of Akron University of Alabama University of Cincinnati University of Dayton University of Pittsburgh University of South Carolina University of South Florida Wilmington College Wittenberg University Wright State University Xavier University

”Small enough to know you, big enough to challenge you” – Steve Schad, Principal


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