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The relationship between Brazil and other BRIC countries

2nd Edition – June/July 2011

The New Power How new social network systems can enhance the ways of works today Asia Special Report – The history of trade between Brazil and Japan p.44


Anyone who knows me knows the satisfaction that I present the second edition of Trade Summit. Since we decided to re-print, we saw the need to develop a product that appeal to industry professionals and technical without being boring, provoking interest and curiosity of people who are not our means. In a quest to bring more people to understand this market Ricardo Demasi segment and its significance for the country. NetMarinha Director With this objective we assembled a team young, dynamic, talented and who faced this challenge. I like to remember what Otavio Frias Filho, heir and editorial director of the Folha de Sao Paulo since 1984, said at the time assumed the editorship of the newspaper: “Inexperience is the only defect that improves with time.” Thanks to the many positive comments received by our first issue and let me commend those responsible for the materials that you have read and will read throughout our fellowship, which will not be short. In this issue, we decided to enter the current context of social media, which still faces much resistance in the companies, but has been showing a wonderful tool to promote sales and corporate approach to its consumer market and the wider community. We also talk about the trade between Brazil and Japan, particularly Eurotunnel and dissect the acronym more pronounced today, Brics. In addition to all other sections that will make your reading more enjoyable. Happy reading everyone!

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O Mundo da Logística , do Transporte de Cargas e do Comércio Internacional terá seu encontro anual, em novembro, no Rio de Janeiro. Brasil Trade Summit 2011. Um evento com estrutura voltada para promover o network, trocar experiências com profissionais qualificados, estimular negócios e fazer a diferença no planejamento e nas tomadas de decisão. Em dois dias, você realizará negócios que durarão o ano todo. Dias 10 e 11 de novembro, no Riocentro, o maior e mais completo centro de convenções da América Latina. Informações: ou pelo telefone (48) 3321 0200.

Um cenário de grandes negócios • O maior evento do segmento no Brasil • Idealizado pela NetMarinha, que conta com mais de 30 anos de experiência no setor • Participação de grandes empresas nacionais e internacionais. • Palestras, fóruns e seminários com profissionais renomados do Brasil e do mundo.

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Products that make life easier Among other useful and not lighting the Trade Summit indicates some news for a day to day with more quality and pleasure As far as the eye can see Axis, a global leader in IP cameras, launched two cameras are ideal for monitoring large areas in ports and airports. Each supports 60 frames per second on HDTV, allowing you to capture fast motion and can operate with a rate of 30 frames per second on HDTV with 20x optical zoom. Can capture the license plate of a vehicle or a person’s face when motion is detected in a given area and then follow the object. The machines also allow intelligence resources such as reading number of containers.

DoubleTrack It’s a suitcase on wheels that can also be used on the back, besides having a second bag that stands out from the main compartment for easy handling of small objects when traveling, have a choice of three colors.


U Bike - Cycle tourism program of Urban Hotel Unique announces a partnership with the U-Bike project, a new mobility program that will bring the cycle tourism to the city of São Paulo. The project goal is to develop a program of sustainable mobility in the capital, linking the environment with bicycle tour routes and providing alternatives to the tourist a different view of São Paulo, more sustainable and less polluted. The tours are conducted in groups and start with a concentration in Hotel, following a stretch of 8:30. The bike tour begins at 9am. Tourists will visit the major museums and parks scattered along the cycle track of Sao Paulo, or make a script with the main works of street art in the city. The cuisine of the neighborhood east of Liberty. Visit a circuit of shops of young designers, or even enjoy the great creations in the studios of renowned artists. Those interested can schedule tours at the hotel directly or through the website

360º images The company Kogeto launched a new accessory for the iPhone 4. A device that is placed on the camera lens of the iPhone. The Dot is capture pictures and videos at 360 degrees. You can pre-order for $ 100.00.



For lovers of the wind The classic sailboat K8, which recalls the lines of boats from the 50’s, combining the art of wooden shipbuilding with contemporary technology. It is a versatile boat, easy to handle and has engine as an option. The ship is a replica made by Kalmar yard. Based in the city of Itajaí Santa Catarina, builds boats with manual techniques and high technology. Wood is worked out in detail. The shipyard builds to order any type of boat through projects associated with yacht designers or customer supplied.



The face, the like and sound of Brasilia

by Fernanda Cunha

Concrete, politics, drought. And why not? Cuisine, culture and nature? The brainchild of Juscelino Kubitschek, now a young lady of 51 years, was erected literally in the middle of nowhere from nothing became everything


he idea of transferring the capital to the countryside is much older than you think. For over 200 years the Marquis of Pombal suggested moving to a place that not only promote the settlement of the center of the country but also offer less danger than the maritime cities. But it was only on April 21, 1960 that what JK classified as “meth synthesis” of the “Goals Plan”, it happened. Today, Brasilia is the third. Nd richest city in Brazil, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $ 80.5 billion - of which 53% comes from public service - which represents 3.75% of all GDP Brazil. The center of the political decisions the country takes up only 472.12 sq km to 198.422 inhabitants, ie 8.1% of the total area of the Federal District and 9.6% of its inhabitants.


Seat of the Legislature: the design of the National Convention is one of Niemeyer’s creations. Divulgação | Secretaria de Turismo do DF

Representation of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia.


Specifically, policy and dry The Pilot Plan was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO. The capital city has been immortalized as a monument by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer. The first and second with planning the design of major buildings. For each plane, for others, birds and even cross, the master plan designed by Lucio Costa has no name streets and neighborhoods, just blocks of numbers. Everything is divided into sectors: banks, hospitals, embassies, industries, municipalities and so on. Once understood the mathematics is extremely easy to walk on the wide streets, parkways and transit organized. Already Niemeyer gave life to the concrete with unusual shapes. The geometric and organic mix and result in harmonic solutions, fine and light that interact with the breadth of urban space. The core of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Brazil was the scene of much controversy. The city breathes politics, from the banal conversations elevator to the journalists who run into each other in search of scoops. The characteristic climate of Brasilia has two well defined seasons, rainy summer and dry winter. In summer the heat is intense and can reach 32 degrees, with heavy rains and fast. While in winter the temperature drops to 12 degrees and humidity can reach only 10%. This is one of the factors most relevant to the adaptation of those coming from outside. Diversity Because it is a very young city and get people from everywhere, yet there is an accent or a genuinely brasiliense biotype specific. This mix of cultures is reflected in every detail of everyday life, there is a place for everything and everyone. There could be different in the cuisine. The cheese bread mining, kebab Arab, sushi Japanese and tapioca Northeastern divide the table in unison. The journalist Andreas Rio Lanzellotti notes the importance of that variety, “Brasilia owes


Divulgação | Projeto Criolina.


“We wanted to unite the arts, not hold us to any label. Promoting differences, mixing generations, cultures“. Dj Pezão, one of the creators of Project Criolina.

nothing to the other major capitals, and has the advantage of bringing together all the cities have in one place.” All this diversity is also reflected in music. This is the proposed project Criolina, cultural celebration created in 2005 by a group of DJs to make the exchange of rhythms and sounds from around the world, samba, jazz, hip hop, Maracatu, bossa nova,

Fernanda Cunha | NetMarinha

g What to do in the Capital Check out some tips that broke trade magazine for you

^^Bars and restaurants: a more traditional option is the Beirut Arab origin of the bar has been around since 1966 and fell nicely for happy hour. For those who enjoy contemporary cuisine, we recommend the Aquavit, overlooking Lake Paranoá and innovative menu created by Chef Dane Simon Lau.Already Coco Bamboo is a versatile choice, the menu includes seafood, pizzas, crepes and even tapioca.

^^Evening: the tradition of rock city, the pub O’Rilley is a great option. For those who like clubbing, to Moena. And to celebrate diversity every Monday is the Project Criolina in Calaf!

^^Sunset: the beauty of the sky in Brasilia, sung by Djavan, can be seen all over town, since it is forbidden to construct buildings over 6 floors. The best known places to enjoy the sunset are the TV tower, 75 meters tall, the leisure center, the Point and the Don Bosco Chapel, a chapel designed by Niemeyer, both in South Lake

^^Shows and Festivals: a cultural producer Juana Miranda, creator of “Place in the Audience” - a Green: Park City Sarah Kubitschek, The Botanical Gardens and the Parque Nacional de Brasilia (Or mineral water), options are essential for contact with nature. Another tip is to walk through a residential blocks where green trees break the concrete of the city

project that takes tourists to the shows according to their tastes - points out: “Brasilia has several cultural venues, plays local and national affordable. From classic to alternative, is for all tastes. “Featured in the National Theatre and Film Festival in Brasilia, which now goes to his 43.Th edition.


Gregg Newton | Reuters

TRAVEL Monumental Axis is an avenue of 16 km and six lanes on each side, corresponds to the body of the plane. There are many sights, including: the Ministries, the National Congress, the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, the National Theatre, the

samba-reggae, lambada, afrobeat and many others. “We wanted to unite the arts, not hold us to any label. Promoting differences, mixing generations, cultures, “reaffirms Dj Bigfoot, one of those behind the project. Finally, our capital city is a unique, distinctive, and unforgettable as Niemeyer said, “Who is the Brasilia may or may not like the palaces, but cannot say we saw something like that before.”


Modern architecture is predominant in the city landscape.

Divulgação | Secretaria de Turismo do DF

Memorial JK and TV Tower.


Roberto B. de Gayoso e Almendra, lawyer of cível and labour sectors.

Computers, electronic media, email and Work! by Roberto Gayoso

It is acceptable to monitor the content of electronic communications of employees?


ne of the highlights in the current work is the use of new and modern technologies that serve both to increase productivity, increase profitability and also for the welfare of the worker, who may well aspire to laboring in an environment more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. However, due to the application of technology in relation to social communications, faced with the collapse two rights: the first issued by the guiding power of the master to control the provision of services, its legality and regularity and the second coming from the right to privacy , privacy and confidentiality or secrecy of correspondence and electronic mail of which the worker enjoys. Our Federal Constitution, in art. 5. No, items X and XII, guarantees citizens the inviolability and the privacy and intimacy: “X - are inviolable intimacy, private life, honor and image of persons, guaranteeing the right to compensation for material or moral damages resulting from the violation.” “XII - is inviolate the secrecy of correspondence and of telegraphic, data and telephone communications, except in the latter case, by court order, in cases and in the manner provided by law for purposes of criminal investigation or criminal procedural” . On the other hand, as it is well known, the boss has a range of powers established in the labor laws, which in its slogan for the power to direct, control and organize the activities performed by the employee, all with the purpose dedicated to achieving the proposed objective , particularly since a profit to shareholders of the company. It would be permissible for the employer to eavesdrop on electronic communications of your employee?


Employers contend that the monitoring of e-mails of employees does not imply any violation of the rights to privacy and the privacy of employees, considering that such action would be supported not only by right of ownership over their own property, but also in Given the need to protect their interests. On behalf of officials, it is argued that the termination of the employment contract due sending of these emails look beyond the principle of proportionality should govern the disciplinary power of the employer, it hurts, yet, head on rights to privacy, privacy and, in particular the inviolability of correspondence. The doctrine and jurisprudence, labor, making their interpretation based on the consolidated legislation imposes limits on disciplinary power, hierarchical or directive employer, also denying any abuses committed by the employer. Although one might assume that the widespread use of electronic mail, the Internet and other digital media will produce serious problems to the company, such as overloading the computer system and the high likelihood of spreading viruses, not counting the actual loss of time by the employee , which uses equipment owned by the employer for personal purposes during working hours, even in that form would not be acceptable that the employer, systematically, has the power to access communications from the subaltern in an unlimited way. Within the complex system of rules (principles and rules), even absent specific legislation to regulate Internet use and e-mail by an employee in the workplace, it must be a finding that access to the contents of the messages it sent and / or received personal electronics in your account without proper authorization, injures human dignity, featuring abuse of power of employment.


Trade Partner’s Club é o cartão de benefícios e vantagens dos leitores do portal NetMarinha, maior portal de notícias do mercado de logística, transportes e comércio internacional do Brasil. Com ele, seu estabelecimento tem acesso a um mercado inteiro de clientes e um público consumidor altamente qualificado. Se você é proprietário de restaurante, escola de idiomas, hotel, academia de ginástica, cooperativa de táxi ou qualquer negócio ou serviço e quer aumentar o seu movimento, associe a sua empresa ao Trade Partner’s Club. É simples, gratuito e vantajoso.

Acesse e faça parte deste clube de vantagens.



The MS Beluga SkySails your candle and conducted by computer. The system reduces fuel consumption by up

Jorge Silva | Reuters

to 15%, saving approximately $ 1500 per day.




Volkswagen cars covered and waiting for shipment at the port of export of the

Christian Charisius | Reuters

company itself in Emden in Germany.


President of Toward tual Logistics , Julio Fontana Neto.


“Doing better, and cheaper” Here’s a ping-pong with the current president of Logistics Course, Julio Fontana Neto


he president of Toward tual Logistics has over 25 years experience as chief executive in national and multinational companies of medium and large segments, metallurgy, steel, infrastructure and logistics. Degree in Mechanical Engineering and also in administration from Mackenzie University with an MBA from Eise Business School - University of Navarra - Spain, the executive has been president for two terms, the National Association of Railway Transport (ANTF) and three years of the National Union of Railway Transport. He is currently vice president of the railway section of the National Transport Confederation (CNT) and since 2005 a member of the council’s infrastructure Fiesp. Rumo Logistica is a company of Grupo Cosan offering a multimodal logistic system for the export of sugar and other bulk solids. The Company carries cargo from producing centers to its port facilities at Port of Santos. Possess about 1,200 employees and revenues of $ 520 million in 2010. The revised Trade Summit presents below a little personal side of this professional.

A book? - The Kite Runner. Sports, or prefer to watch practice? - Assist. Basketball, soccer, tennis, football and motorsport. The trip that will still do? - Egypt. Club of the heart is? - Palmeiras. Dream is? - Tranquility. Beach or field? - Mountain. In my spare time is best? - Read and be with family. What is the motto we follow? - Where to do the best and cheapest.


The new COVER


w power by Leandro Almeida


oday they are a reality and are important tools for the visibility of companies, direct communication and personal tone, which contributes to building a brand image. This is the case Twiiter, a site where the “posts� or social commentary, are inserted by people who publish their thoughts, thus generating a number of followers. Where 52% of people in one way or another, they interact better with the brands and 80% of consumers rely on recommendations from friends before making the purchase or use any service. The Twiiter has more than 150 million users worldwide, according to InfoWester. Already the site LinkedIn, took a long time to reach the mark of 50 million users, its explosion happened one year, increasing its revenue in 2009 was 123 million dollars

to 243 million by 2010, according to Exame magazine. But the great advantage of LinkedIn, are not exactly the relationship of friends, as happens in other social media, but the possibility of hiring the right employee or get the job you had expected, because it enables the curriculum is a business card, with a much broader view. In addition to cheapening the cost of a consulting firm, allows you to select a world without leaving the office without having to make one phone call. Today, according to a global survey commissioned by the Infinite magazine on the Internet media, 80% of companies are using LinkedIn as a tool to find your employees. According to Fortune magazine, 73 of the 100 largest companies in the world use social networking services to seek qualified people.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and LinkedIn, these are names you may already be familiar, if not, it’s good to stay, because they represent today an audience that no media outlet has achieved worldwide


cover In Brazil, Orkut is who holds the peak audience among social networking, with 52 million users, according to the online magazine Info, the publisher in April. The social network developed by Google, has half of its users belonging to class C. So a company that aims to reach this segment of class, Orkut has a powerful direct marketing tool. That’s exactly what the brand did Marisa, by sponsoring the Girl Contest Society, which elected the internet prettier. The campaign reached almost 250 000 votes and 97,000 comments, making a spontaneous publicity generated by the candidates and their networks of friends and an appreciation of the company name for this range of potential customers. Blogs are another interesting way to interact with the target audience and develop discussions about products and services, several Brazilian companies use this tool to establish a positive image and open communication with your customers. In the state sector, we have the Blog Plateau, a blog in the Brazilian government aims at creating a communication vehicle that can generate improvements in the way of communicating with people, gaining a voice with the public and providing an integrated service, that can be shared with users of other social networks and create a more interactive and dynamic on the government’s actions. In the private sector, construction Tecnisa developed a blog without a mediator, ie what is opined by an Internet user goes straight in the air without an approval or not, what comes to increasing the company’s credibility. Already Banco Real, has a blog that allows employees, former employees and customers, exchange information, but one must accept the terms of use blog. With attitudes like these, companies are able to generate a good return on advertising investments with virtually zero. “According to a survey by the Altima Group and


Social Networks more used by entrepreneurs: 78% twitter 75% facebook 30% linkdin 10% blogger Source: Postting, based on records of 50 000 business customers in 40 countries.

Wetpaint, for Business Week magazine, with the 100 most valuable companies around the globe, have shown that enterprises that invest in social media have better results and more revenue end stuffed. On average, companies that have invested in social media grew 18% in one year, while those with little invested in the networks were down 6% on average in their income. “ Informa Marcus Pilleggi in a story for the magazine Small Business Large Business. But social networks are not perfect, some companies that tried to engage in this race for the top of public opinion of social media, problems faced by not knowing how to relate to the public and the media format. The most famous case in Brazil is the former commercial director of Powerball, Alex Glikas, who recently because of improper use of social networks, the company was fired for sending inflammatory messages to the fans of Sao Paulo Football Club, via Twitter. Corinthians declared, the executive left the company in a bad situation when he published a series of “tweets” from the club with the Powerball had signed a lease for two games. Already the United aviation company, had serious problems with the Canadian musician Dave Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell,

g Facebook

g Orkut

The website is free to users and generates revenue from advertising, including banner ads and sponsored groups.

Orkut is a social network affiliated with Google, created on January 24, 2004 with the goal of helping its members to meet people and keep relationships.

Users create profiles containing photos and

Its name is originated in the chief designer,

lists of personal interests, exchanging mes-


sages between private and public participants

Google. The initial target orkut was the United

themselves and groups of friends. The viewing

States, but most users are from Brazil and

of detailed data of the members is restricted

India.Brazil is the largest social network with

to members of the same network or confirmed

the participation of Brazil, with more than 23

friends. Mural is a space on the page that al-

million users in January 2008. India is the

lows friends to post messages. He is visible to

second most visited. The headquarters of Or-

anyone with permission to see the full profile.

kut was in California until August 2008, when

Many users post on the wall of his friends to

Google announced that Orkut in Brazil will be

leave messages and warnings temporary. Pri-

operated by Google Brazil, due to the large

vate messages are saved and sent to the inbox

number of Brazilian users and the growth of

of the user. Are visible only to the sender and

legal issues. Today the Brazilian group has

recipient. You can also promote events and has

complete autonomy in the world and India is

a free advertising platform.

the second voice.

who traveled by the airline, United Airlines, in March 2008. During the scale of the flight in Chicago, an incident happened. The singer said he and other passengers of United Airlines employees caught him throwing his guitar along with other luggage. His instrument, valued at US$ 3500.00 suffered severe damage. Carroll demanded compensation from the company, which refused to pay after nine months of talks and attempts to reach agreement. Outraged by the situation, Dave Carroll decided to compose music, create a video and post it on YouTube as a protest. The video “United Breaks Guitars” (United break guitars) had 135,000 views in just 24 hours and reached a total of 10 million. The company saw a drop in the value of their shares and irreparable damage to its image.





An interesting case happened with Amazon, the site for online sales remotely deleted the books 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell, several customers that had legally purchased the works, for copyright issues. The action was seen by users in bad taste, the pressure was so great that made Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, would make a This had an amazing effect, because customers of the site, expressing their opinions and messages of support, making the apology from the founder himself to raise the sympathy of their users on the company, increasing the credibility and the name of Amazon, which was recently named the leading brand in the world, by brand, media and communications, according to research


Capa g Twitter It is a social network and server to microblogging, which allows users to send and receive personal updates from other contacts through the website of the service by SMS and software-specific management. Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twit-

up of men aged 21 to 30 years, single, locat-

ter has gained wide popularity and notoriety

ed in the states of Rio Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

around the world. It is sometimes described as

Mostly, people are university graduates, and

the “SMS from the Internet.�

monthly income of between $ 1,000.00 and $

Several companies have focused their activities for the development of applications for

5,000.00. According to the survey, the public spends about 50 hours a week connected to the

Twitter, allowing users, ways and alterna-

Internet. About 60% of it is considered opinion

tive interfaces for the use of micro blog. Sweep-

leaders: they have a blog; know the tool through

stakes, promotions, and even a more detailed

friends or posts on other blogs.

analysis of users’ opinion about your brand or

On the use of the tool by companies, the

service, which can now be done via APIs devel-

survey reports a very favorable scenario. The

oped. One factor influencing the high rate of

majority (51%) of users surveyed said the find

business development with his back to Twitter

interesting corporate profiles, provided they are

is the documentation that is provided by the

used with relevance. Approximately 50% of us-

service team of developers.

ers never participated in promotional activities. Still, consider an interesting experience. About

User profile Brazilian

30% have participated in some action on adver-

According to a survey by Bullet agency, the ma-

tising and 70% follow or have followed a corpo-

jority (61%) of Twitter users in Brazil is made

rate profile.

1 in 8 married couples met through the social networks in the U.S. Facebook more than 1.5 million blog post / web links / videos / photos are shared daily on facebook apology on your own site. Suorce: Box Hill


by Millward Brown. Such cases are becoming increasingly frequent and up to the company how to deal with social media. Is that the best way would be to prohibit the use of such networks in the workplace? But how to do this if smartphones can perform this same function? How to watch the full-time employee? As an employee of the new millennium, accustomed to such language can behave with such a ban? According to experts, is to create solutions that benefit both sides of the coin, because the end result of the


g LinkedIn Business network founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003. It is comparable to networking and is mainly used by professionals.

The main purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust companies. The people in this list are called Connections. Users can invite anyone (whether a LinkedIn user or not) to become a David Carroll: protest had 10 million views.

connection. This list of connections can then be used in several ways:

^^A network of contacts accumulated: consisting success depends on everyone. The best thing to do in this environment that is free to the Internet, the company is creating its own rules, which differ from company to company according to its internal policies. But above all the liberation of social networks in business, must be seen as an act of entrepreneurship. Of course, a guide to good manners in social networks for businesses, can help a lot, especially if trying to determine rules of conduct and establish jurisprudence, that an employee is questioned by deflection or improper actions on social networks. In the case of Dell, the computer maker, the policy on social networks is very free, even including the use of intranet to facilitate communication within the company and eliminate the barrier hierarchical with senior officials of higher ranks. “At Dell, we use instant messaging software for internal communication. The tool gives a lot of speed for the interaction. In addition, more than one year our intranet serves as a sort of social network. Any employee can create your profile and include a photo in your contacts list. Participation is optional in our ‘corporate Orkut’. Who wants to join the other networks also has free

of their direct connections, second grade, third and so easy that you can know someone through their mutual contacts. This can be used to find jobs, people and opportunities recommended by anyone in their network.

^^Employers: can list jobs and search for potential candidates.

^^All job seekers can: review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them to employers.

access. Of course people know that it is important to focus on work, but we have no access restrictions to these pages. Here, in HR, we use networks like LinkedIn to selection processes. When we find the resume of the person on the site, use the information touptake. Normally, we base our evaluation not only




Flavio Amancio: social networks as tools to sell the company.

Twitter: posting daily 2007 to 50 mil 2008 - 300 mil 2009 - 1.2 million 2010 to 50 million* *Only in March 2010 were 10 billion were made twitter


on such data, but they serve as a complement. These networks are important to organizations because they enable a search for people and for more information about candidates online. However, still nothing replaces personal contact and exchange of experiences. “Declares Paulo Amorim, HR executive of Dell. The German airline Lufthansa began looking more closely at the Social Media and its significant growth around the world in early 2009. “As we are a company that deals with customers on the move around the world,

it makes sense to utilize the new media on their behalf. This makes communication very fast and the client are logged in, you can answer your questions regardless of where you are”, declares Flavio Amancio, marketing coordinator online with Lufthansa in Latin America and the Caribbean. In June 2009 Lufthansa Brazil began to build its strategy for Social Media and launched in October 2009 on Twitter, @ Lufthansa_BR. “More than just post information on our brand, we have a great concern to bring relevant content and that can always be useful to our customers. Is to better organize your trip or to meet new targets for the upcoming holiday”, affirms Flavio. He said another important point is to always respond as quickly as possible, any question coming from Lufthansa customers on Twitter. For this, the department responsible for social media aligns with all other departments. Is a question about baggage allowance or connections in other countries, riding an agile structure capable of providing information almost instantaneous. It happened in 2010 when the volcano erupted in Iceland, amidst the chaos caused by the closure of airports in Europe and the mismatch of information about flight cancellations, Twitter, Facebook and the site of Lufthansa, has emerged as a link with customers. “Here we had the ability to post the latest news every hour and keep our customers aware of the situation at airports throughout the European continent. With the congestion on telephone lines (remember that millions of people could not fly), Twitter was the alternative to many of our passengers. It was through this channel that many got to know about their flights. It was also through him who knew firsthand the standardization of air traffic”, reports Flavio. If the years 2009 and 2010 were important to the achievement of social media as a communication channel, for the year 2011 Lufthansa serves as the initiation of a job to also use them as a sales tool. “In addition to increase our fares to destinations

- In Brazil, 1 in 3 Brazilians are connected to the Internet equivalent to 70 million people. - The Brazilian spent on average 23h12 connected to the Internet per month. - Sao Paulo is 4. The city of the world’s biggest user of twitter. - 1 billion is the number of YouTube views in one day. - Each year nearly 500,000 hours of content are published daily on YouTube, Globo vehicle in the same period 4500 hours. - Blogs: Brazil and 4. The country where the more you read blogs, 2.6 million Brazilians blogging daily. Source: Infinite

around the world via Twitter, we are constantly looking for new tools that can be useful. In April this year developed an action together with the largest site of collective purchasing of Brazil: Groupon. Through it we offer a super discount for our customers and we had our brand exposed to various strategic markets within Brazil. Undoubtedly, the campaign has contributed greatly to increasing our online sales. Importantecomentar is that the action was a pioneer for Lufthansa in a global context and also a pioneer in Brazil. The success was so remarkable that Lufthansa is already planning other actions with the Groupon in other markets around the world. “Ends Flavio. Today for a company to have a website on the internet is not enough, must interact with the public and that social networks are capable, it is the individual entrepreneur and suaequipe set that is the best way to achieve its objectives and goals, and shaping discovering the best ways to use this new power.






Parceria de geração de conteúdos com as principais


Mais sobre a NetMarinha: Editora da revista segmentada Administradora do cartão de benefícios ao leitor Promotora e organizadora das feiras:



Union of the Bri bring benefits b by Mirian Gasparin


ic countries will but only complex Study by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), a comparison of Brazil’s trade relations with other countries in the bloc




alks between the BRICS countries, as they evolve toward the formation of an important trading bloc, but the union of these nations, along the lines of the European Union, it might happen but not anytime soon. In the teacher’s assessment of International Economics at the Federal University of Parana, Nilson de Paula Maciel, the big difference between these countries makes it difficult marriage. Coordinator for Graduate and MBA from Trevisan Business School, Olavo Henrique Furtado, although it is difficult for the BRICS countries will reach a level of structure similar to the EU, nothing prevents that a broad partnership business is closed, which is not far from completion. The economist and professor at the University Tuiuti (UTP), Consuelo Bednarczuk, draws attention to the fact that before some similarities presented by the BRIC countries, including their economic and social indicators such as GDP growth, reduction of social inequalities, although occurring slowly, and production levels and export growth, labor in quantity and qualification process, it is natural that these countries want each other to promote economic development and social as well as seek recovery via integration and strengthening of his nation. Both Consuelo Bednarczuk as Olavo Furtado agree that this economic integration process could result in a Free Trade Zone, a process that consists of an integration step in which the partner countries agree to eliminate barriers on mutual trade, phasing and other the liens and other barriers imposed on products traded between them, but maintaining independent trade policies in relation to other countries not members. “This integration process will bring positive consequences for the countries involved providing the opportunity for increased mobility of domestic production, diversify products offered in the market and that their companies may have the opportunity to conquer new market niches, regardless of size”, Consuelo justified.


Coordinator for Graduate and MBA from Trevisan Business School, Olavo Henrique Furtado, the closing of an agreement between the countries of BRIC could be done through tax policies, which would facilitate trade and through bilateral trade agreements. Professor of International Economics at the Federal University of Parana stands in a union of countries that trade is important, but you cannot just stay at that level. “Most countries defends free trade, but this is complicated, especially for the Brazilian companies that would be affected in the sense that companies in China are more competitive. In this sense, Brazil needs to have some protective mechanisms to compete with Chinese. The salary is much lower in China than in Brazil, since productivity is much higher there because of our technological development, “said

“It’s still cheaper for Brazilian businessmen to import products from some of the BRIC countries, particularly China, due to favorable exchange rate”. Paulo Ferracioli, professor in International Business from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

g Brazil & Russia In the case of Brazil’s trade relations with Russia which is observed is a plateau of little significance in terms of volume.

However, in terms of total value of trade be-

the past ten years, closing 2010 with $ 4.1 bil-

tween the two countries, growth was about six

lion, although in 2008, before the global crisis

times over the last decade, from just under one

had come to US$ 4,6 billion. For imports, there

billion dollars in 2000 to U.S. $ 6 billion in 2010,

was a degree of stability until 2005, then started

thereby increasing a rate almost two times fast-

to grow quickly until 2008, when it reached U.S.

er than the Brazilian trade with the rest of the

$ 3.3 billion. The crisis, however, impacted the

world in the same period. The participation of

flow of imports from Russia, falling to $ 1.9 bil-

Russia in the global chain of Brazilian trade was

lion last year. In the ranking of the main des-

1.58% in 2010, after a peak of 2.15% in 2008. Re-

tinations of Brazilian exports in 2010, Russia

garding exports, the share of Brazilian exports

occupied the 10th place, while imports in the

to Russia fluctuated between 2 and 2.5% during

country has been occupying the 20th position.

Nilson de Paula. Professor of the MBA in International Business from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Paul Ferracioli, believes that the geographical distance of these countries is not an obstacle to unity. According to him, the shipping very fallen in price, in addition to the ports are receiving investments. “It’s still cheaper for Brazilian businessmen to import products from some of the BRIC countries, particularly China, due to

favorable exchange rate,” he argues. According Ferracioli, with the establishment of a free trade area would be cheaper for countries to export and import. In a report, Goldman Sachs Financial Group believes that the Brics are not organized as a bloc or a formal trade association, such as the European Union. However, understanding of the second group, there are strong indications that the BRIC countries have sought to form a political club



g Brazil & India The Brazilian trade relations with India remain rather weak, although the bilateral trade between the two countries have increased nearly 16 fold in a decade, from less than $ 500 million in 2000 to about $ 7.7 billion in 2010.

The participation of Asian partner in the total Brazil-

from India, they remained stable at about US$ 500

ian foreign trade reached only 2% in 2009 and 2010,

million by 2004, when they began an uptrend that

having fluctuated around 1% over almost the entire

lasted until 2008, the year he reached the milestone

decade. The participation of India as a destination

of US$ 3,5 billion. Since 2009, imports of Indian prod-

for Brazilian exports ranged between 0.5% and 1%

ucts have suffered the effects of the crisis, falling

by 2008, reaching more than 2% in 2009 and 2010,

to US$ 2,2 billion. In 2010, however, we re-growth,

totaling US$ 3,4 billion. Regarding Brazilian imports

reaching US$ 4,2 billion.

or an alliance, thereby converting its growing economic power into greater geopolitical influence. Goldman Sachs predicts that China and India, respectively, will become the world’s leading suppliers of manufactured goods and services while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials. Of the four countries which initially began to rally the BRIC countries, Brazil remains the only nation that has the ability to keep up with all the economic elements, or providing goods


industry, services and resources simultaneously, the report says. Cooperation is therefore a chance to be the logical next step among the BRICs because Brazil and Russia make up the most obvious commodity suppliers to India and China. Thus, the BRICs have the potential to form a powerful economic bloc, excluding the states currently dominant modern, formed by the “Group of Eight.� Brazil is dominant in soy and iron ore while Russia has enormous reserves of oil and natural gas justifies the document.

g Brazil & China The Brazil-China trade relations, between 2000 and 2010 had growth above the increase of trade between Brazil and the world, the study by IPEA.

Between 2000 and 2010, Brazilian exports to

gether accounted for 76% of Brazilian ex-

China totaled $ 1.1 billion (2% of total exports of

ports. Over the past 10 years, for every dol-

Brazil) to U.S. $ 30.8 billion, or 15% of the total,

lar that Brazil gained its exports to China,

while imports Brazil from China grew from $ 1.2

87 cents comes from primary commodities

billion (2% of total) to $ 25.6 billion or 14% of

and resource-intensive manufactures, sev-

the total. Since 2009, China is the largest export

en of medium-tech products and only two

destination in Brazil. And in 2011 it is expected

cents on sales of products high technology.

that China takes its first position in Brazilian im-

The Brazilian products that hold significant

ports, similar to what occurred last year.

shares in total Chinese imports are smoking

The products had the largest share of

(46%), oilseeds (35%), preparation of veg-

exports in 2010 were mining (40%), oilseeds

etables and fruits (21%), ore (19%) and wood

(23%) and mineral fuels (13%), which to-

pulp and cellulose (12% ).

Opportunity The difficulty of the construction company Hestia, Curitiba (PR) to find some construction materials in the Brazilian market has made it passed the import items from 2008. Over time, the business grew and

gave rise to a new arm of the company. Today, Hestia Import sells construction materials imported from China, India and Spain to 48 construction companies in Brazil and represents 22% of group revenues. Imports, which include porcelain, glass and crystal



g Brazil & South Africa Another emerging country with which Brazil is seeking closer ties to South Africa which is still farther than India and Russia to be a business partner of weight.

Throughout 2000 to 2010, bilateral trade with

vehicles, trucks and accessories, meat and

South Africa reached 1% of total Brazilian for-

edible offal, sugar, honey and vegetable oils.

eign trade. The value of exports from Brazil to

Among the imported products are silver and

South Africa fell from $ 1.75 billion in 2007 to

platinum, coal, lignite and peat, irons and

$ 1.3 billion in 2010. Brazil exports to African

combustion engines.

pads, saunas and ports, have grown so much that Hestia is preparing to open an office in Hong Kong within two years. As president of Hestia, Gustavo Selig, if indeed the project of uniting the BRIC countries is realized, the trade will grow even more. The idea of Hestia is to diversify its operations in those countries, bringing products to other segments as well. The entrepreneur provides double the revenue of the importing arm of the group, which should end this year with revenue of $ 5 million. The group H端bner which


produces auto parts and road, this year after announcing the opening of four plants in Brazil, plans to open in two years, units of production in Mercosur and China. According to CEO Nelson H端bner, Jr., in early 2011 the group opened a technical and trade in China to learn the best way of doing business in the country, which is quite different from Brazil. Currently, the company is importing components for road trucks and parts replacement of the Asian country.


Brazil and Japan so far and so close

by Eulália Vasconcelos

The Land of the Rising Sun, shown closer than you think, take long to make the first relationship, but then meshed and the partnership was established


ocated on opposite sides of the globe and also antagonistic cultures, Brazil and Japan took a while to start relationships with each other, but after they started, spent long years in the rise and now stand at a threshold of an important partnership for both countries. The year 2010 for example, represents, according to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil, a balance of slightly more than US$ 159 million. The two countries had US$ 14 billion on drives, making Japan accounts for 3.84% of Brazilian imports by Brazil and 3,54% of Japanese imports. Moving between the two countries was to provide a higher figure, in 80 years involving both reached nearly 8%, but currently it is noticed more stability and variety in trade. The Deputy Director of the Latin America Division of the Department of Foreign Research Jethro and the Organization of Foreign Trade of Japan, Yasushi Ninomiya, says that Japan imported from Brazil mainly primary products, industrial products but recently also joined the group imported goods. “Japan imports mostly primary products from


Brazil, such as iron ore, aluminum and chicken. But in recent years, some industrial products such as aircraft and ethanol has also grown. “Said the deputy director. In Brazil’s receipt of parts and cars assembled appears in the first place. Companies like Toyota is still as big exporters to the Brazilian market. Relations that began with the immigration Japan has long lived closed to any exchange with

File history | City of Saints

NYK Line, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, Japanese logistics company responsible for a portion of transport between the two countries. The company’s first ship to dock in Brazil, at the Port of Santos, was the Kanagawa Maru, 1400 as Japanese immigrants who would work on farms in Brazil, in 1912.

foreign countries, opening the door for global trade only in the year 1846. Until then, all that was produced was for their own consumption, which changed after the population explosion and the new policy of the Meiji Era. At that time the country felt the need to trade, and encouraging the emigration policy. Brazil was a distant country first, was not in the plans of the Japanese. Therefore, bilateral relations only began

to be discussed in 1880, coming into operation officially on October 5, 1895 with the signing of the Treaty of “Friendship, Commerce and Navigation”, in Paris. But there were exchanges of consumer goods, raw materials or manufactured products that marked the early years of the partnership between the two countries. At first came the immigration of Japanese of Sao Paulo as manpower for the coffee plantations in Brazil. On


File history | City of Saints


First Japanese to arrive in the city of Barueri State.

June 18, 1908 the ship Kasato Maru, docked at the Port of Santos with 781 Japanese who would go to the coffee plantations of Sao Paulo. The immigration process would benefit both countries, Japan, after leaving the feudal era, the policy of modernization of the Meiji Era, saw their cities swell and unemployment rates reaching impressive. Since then, historians and researchers of international relations, as Professor Alejandro Uehara, four phases to consider the relations between Brazil and Japan, with the peak in 1951, shortly after the Second World War, going up to 80 years. At this time, Brazil was the country that received investments from Japan, trailing only the United States and Indonesia. Intense maritime trade Since the beginning of bilateral relations between Brazil and Japan, shipping has always been the most effective means of sending and receiving products. Even before the trade, even at the beginning of the migration process was through the ports, with big


ships, workers who came from various parts of Japan The Bays of Tokyo (including the ports of Tokyo, Chiba eYokohama), Osaka Bay (including Port of Kobe and Osaka) and Ise Bay (Port of Nagoya) account for over half of the port handling of Japan to the international market . The largest volume of cargo to Brazil leaves the Port of Nagoya, a place that most boards assembled cars and parts. Followed by the Port of Chiba, on Tokyo Bay area. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, both ports are responsible for the largest volume of cargo entering and leaving the country. Support Technical Cooperation Brazil and Japan has a very strong relationship that is reflected not only in trade issues, but We’ve also exchange knowledge and support of technical cooperation. Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), conducted several projects and activities both in Brazil, and Japan in their own training courses or even research are developed through the provision of scholarships.

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Brands of destruction after the tsunami occurred in March.

The JICA has offices worldwide. InBrazil is a representation located in Brasilia and a regional office in Sao Paulo. Besides technical cooperation, financial cooperation also exists through the loans for the project execution. In the year 2010, conducted nearly 22 projects in Brazil, some are still running and involve technical cooperation, scientific cooperation, development studies, community projects, financial cooperation and additional technical assistance. The Ministry of Education of Japan also conducts scientific exchange, with undergraduate students, academic research or practical projects. Currently, there are dozens of Brazilian students doing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Japanese universities, through scholarships funded by the Ministry of Education of Japan External Trade Organization Japan (Jethro), also has headquarters in Brazil and supports Japanese companies interested in investing in the market Brasileirões vice versa. Conduct market research, industrial and trade regulation laws to facilitate and enable the installation of companies.

Relations after the earthquake and tsunami With an export market and import from Brazil and Japan and stabilized with a greater variety of products, the tragedy which occurred on 11 March this year moved to the trading. The cause was not the radioactive leak at the plant in Fukushima, but problems with the ports immediately after it happened. But the products sold are the same and the non-suspended trade. According to the deputy director of Jetro, Yasushi Ninomiya, relations between the two countries have not suffered any damage, but there was a decrease in goods exported by Japan “If we can analyze the trade statistics of Japan, the export to Brazil fell by 7.7% in March. Some major products showed a decline, but I’m not sure if the earthquake is influence or not because there are many products growing. We have to wait and see in detail the statistics for April to draw a conclusion, but I believe that our partnership will continue and be strengthened more and more, “concluded the deputy director.


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To the right the couple Richard and Priscilla with members of the group Rescue Outreach.

Scenes of destruction and solidarity On March 11, 2011, at 2 hours 46 minutes, Ricardo Sampaio and Priscilla were a little less than 36 hours for the most important day in the life of any couple, the wedding ceremony. Both are graduate students in Japan and on this day were in Brazil, but did not suspect that the country that hosted them for the studies was facing one of the greatest tragedies of história.Priscila Yukari Sewo Sampaio is an occupational therapist and a staff Ph.D., University of Kyoto. She is in Japan for over 3 years and was known aquique Ricardo Sampaio, physical educator, comespecialização in physiology and is now preparing to start the Masters in the same laboratory of Priscilla. When they saw the scenes in the Brazilian press did not believe it and immediately sought information about friends and relatives. “We decided to go back, because our life is in Japan right now. Study, income ... and besides, we knew how much Japan is a country prepared and organized. But upon hearing the news we were concerned international “... Our final decision was to talkHow our teachers and friends in Japan and see that all was well in the region where we would live, “said Richard


about the possibility of not returning to the country. Even when returning the two did not realize the enormity of the tragedy. “The desire to volunteer in Tohoku began when we received an e-mail recruiting volunteers. As this invitation was at the last minute we could not accept, but the idea stayed in my head. I wondered how it would be nice to help the country right now so peculiar, also my curiosity to see firsthand the region and deconversar with the residents there. I felt the desire to help in any way. It was when we accept another invitation”, said Priscilla. The couple headed to the region of Miyagi prefecture, a city of Ishinomaki, but stayed on Oshika Peninsula (Oshika Hanto). Priscilla and Richard spent three days in the region, slept in tents, ate what they gave and count on the solidarity of those who were counting on them at the time of recovery.The scene impressed them, crumpled cars, boats on top of houses, mud and much destruction. For them, even seeing images on television, being there and witnessing the whole thing is impossible to describe. Ricardo scored a fact that was a story of a girl who lost her mother. “As a mother she was old she could not run, then they just went up to the second floor and waited. The two were taken by the wave, but after that she found no more save the mother, “said Ricardo. The two students now integrate the many groups of volunteers who went to the northeast of Japan with three working days they make sure that a lot has changed in the way of living of the two. Moreover, already making plans to return. “With this experience much has changed. The value of life.Knowing that everything can end in seconds. After this experience I came to believe more in the goodness and solidarity of people, “says Priscilla. “We want to go back, mainly to see what happened there with the people we met and the site itself. The difference of a day’s work for the next day was immense. What first seemed impossible to get all that, some time after the vision was different. When fewer people realize, the site will be back, “Richard concluded.


Trade Partner’s Club. O cartão de benefícios do NetMarinha. O NetMarinha, o maior portal de notícias do segmento de logística, transportes e comércio internacional do Brasil, lança o cartão de benefícios exclusivamente para os profissionais/leitores que atuam neste setor. Descubra como ter descontos e benefícios sempre à mão.

Acesse e cadastre-se.


Physical inactivity and poor posture: the villains of back pain by Fernanda Fontoura

The rush of everyday life, lack of leisure time and technological evolution, which ends up overriding the automated facilities for physical activities, are contributing to an increasingly sedentary population. And a sedentary lifestyle is one of the principal risk factors for certain diseases. Low back pain or back pain, is one.


ccording to WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 85% of the world had or will have back pain. The intense pain, malaise, fatigue, appearance of disc herniations and even heart disease, are some of the consequences related to the physical and mechanical changes of the spine. Rafael Cardoso, Physical Educator, says that inactivity leads to a series of changes in the muscles. They are smaller (between 25 and 80 years, sedentary subjects lose 40 to 50 percent muscle mass), less strong, less tough and less ability to stretch, making the execution of tasks seemingly as simple as climbing the stairs or carrying shopping, an extremely tiring. Muscles less strong, sturdy and less ability to stretch, can cause instability of the joints.


Leaving Sedentary Physical inactivity is common at any age and the causes are related to the lifestyle of patients. Body aches, weak muscles, poor immunity and poor respiratory capacity, may be signs that the person is in need of physical activities. Treatment of low back pain is related to the type and cause of pain, says Cardoso. “More important than maintaining the upright posture during the day is to stretch the spine and the muscles constantly,� he adds. The practice of regular physical exercise at least 30 minutes a day and some changes in attitudes may decrease by 50% the risk of illnesses linked to sedentary lifestyle, and preserve the physical well-being and mental health. Relief that comes from the hand One way to reduce factors such as postural changes

Chiropractic is a profession in health care that addresses the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of problems in the neuromuscular system and skeletal. Everyone at one time or another, have felt a little pain. It may be a stiff neck, a shoulder or a throbbing migraine. For chiropractors, the source of these annoyances is the same: the skeleton out of the shaft. Physical inactivity and poor posture take a mobile column. When the spine is crooked and stiff, a vertebra can leave the place, shifting the intervertebral disc, which ends up squeezing a nerve branch. Chiropractic treats back pain with maneuvers accurate in joints, particularly the vertebrae, in order to reposition them correctly according to scientific parameters. With over 20 years experience in the area of health, physical therapist and chiropractor,

Raul Pomba, highlights the importance of this treatment, combined with physical activity. The professional account, which many people find his work in search of pain relief, but this is not the role of chiropractic. The goal is to locate the vertebra that is misaligned and compressing the nerve (the consequences of inactivity). Through an interview and using some special criteria the professional makes the diagnosis of subluxation (misaligned vertebra pinching a nerve). The provider performs tricks with his hands at the site of attachment called the joint fit, which returns the bone alignment segment misaligned joint, allowing a correct movement, easing pain and thereby removing the compression on the nerves. Even with these benefits, please note that only chiropractic is not enough to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary physical activity needs.



HEALTH Bad Posture The poor positioning increases the natural curves of the body and can even lead to lateral tilt of the spine, which brings us twitch, much discomfort and pain. Maintain good posture when walking, sitting, sleeping, driving, exercising, make all the difference and improve the quality of life. In the opinion of the orthopedist Leir Birth, to feel some discomfort, it is important that you seek advice from an expert. The monitoring of a professional determine the best treatment to solve the problem. “Some people take medicines without prescription, and mistakenly think they are fighting the cause of this evil,” he says.

Raul Pomba: “The treatment must be combined with physical activity.”

g Tips Adopting a few simple steps, you can leave aside the sedentary lifestyle and prevent back pain: ^^Do not use the elevator or stairs rolante.

and walk around the office.

Use the ladder.

^^Forget where you saved the television remote ^^Leave the car in the garage to

control. Get up to change channels.

go walking to nearby places of work or home, so in addition to contributing

^^If you use public transportation,

to your health, you also help preserve

get off and walk before point.

the environment.

^^On weekends, avoid spending hours ^^If you work out, use the lunch hour to do short walks, and get up every 30 minutes


in front of the television. Opt for a jog in the park is also a great option.

Europe Special Report

The link between the United Kingdom and continental Europe by Stefanie Chasseraux

Since the opening of the Eurotunnel transport or about 265 million passengers, more than 53 million vehicles, including 16 million in transport of cargo


n 1802 the Frenchman Albert Mathieu-Favier presented the project of a tunnel under the English Channel linking England and France. A similar bill proposed by the English designer Henri Mottray in 1803. But it took nearly eight decades to in 1880, excavations began in both countries. Some years later they were interrupted by political objections. Almost a century after the project was abandoned and resumed again in 1975 due to a crisis in combustĂ­veis.Os British and French governments have opened up international competition in 1985, to: design, construction, financing and operation of connecting via the Channel . Two years later, has begun construction of the tunnel as it is known today. The inauguration of the work, occurred in 1994 in the presence daRainha Elizabeth II and Francois Mitterrand.

Eurotunnel Group has also built a shop-


Pictures | Eurotunnel

The tunnel was opened in 1994.


Europe Special Report

Truck freight train embarked in exclusive trains.

ping center with about a hundred acres surrounding the French side of the tunnel as counterpart to the concession contract. Dubbed as “Cité Europe,” the center is one of the largest in France. More than € 220 million of foreign investment are intended directly and indirectly, in criaçãode about 5,000 new jobs in the region. The group is also partnering with the region’s development manager “Pas-de-Calais, also in France. England built to accommodate local teams for the 2012 Olympics in London. In 2010 faced two crises, one in the global economy and in other European rail system. After the accident in Buizingen (Belgium) on 56

February 15, 2010, strikes demanding better conditions trabalhose spread throughout Europe, including Belgium and France, countries that receive much of the flow directed to the tunnel. This year the number of trains has fallen 13% compared to previous years. Among the types of freight are: conventional trains for a single client, conventional trains with individual wagons (freight) trains built specifically to transport wagons, crates and intermodal containers. Cargo services fell in 2010, reflecting mainly the reduction of traffic during the year. But the segment fulltrain “remained the transport of goods like steel and mineral Bulk or water.

Aerial view of the terminal on the French side at Coquelles.


Europe Special Report g Great proportions

The cars are shipped to make the crossing in the trains.

Here are some figures from Eurotunnel: ^^During construction were produced 16 million cubic meters of rubble.

^^12 000 people worked on site. ^^11 machines worked together to dig tunnels. ^^The distance record: 1,7 meters excavated in a month.

^^The Coquelles terminal in France has 650 hectares.

^^Terminal Folkestone in England has 150 hectares.

^^Rail tunnels connected to the service tunnel every 375 meters by 706 cross passages, each 3.3 meters in diameter.

^^Each tunnel is divided into three

General control room.

intervals of approximately

^^17 km for two Crossovers, each 200 meters long and 20 meters wide.

^^A fleet of 15 trucks, nine buses and 57 passenger locomotives for commercial operations.

^^Every day, over 300 trains passing in the Channel Tunnel. The equivalent of an average 49 000 people, 5900 cars, 180 buses and 54 000 tons of cargo, 54 June Eurostars and rail freight trains. Eurostar: boarding


Pascal Rossignol | Reuters

French and British workers are in the English celebrating the completion of excavations in December 1990.



Aparecido Mendes Rocha, insurance broker specializing in international insurance. – Twitter: @amrocha2011

Opportunities in Africa and insurance possibilities by Aparecido Mendes Rocha

A África é o segundo continente mais populoso da terra, atrás da Ásia. Com cerca de 900 milhões de habitantes, representa aproximadamente um sétimo da população do mundo Africa is the second most populous continent of the earth, behind Asia. With about 900 million people, representing about one-seventh of world population The continent consists of 53 independent countries is known for the enormous physical and socio economic diversity, but also by poverty and poor living conditions. Still, the continent arouses the attention of entrepreneurs around the world and presents with huge buying potential, making it an excellent alternative for Brazilian companies to sell their products. African countries are lacking in almost every type of product, more than 90% of which are consumed and used is imported. Data from the ministry, in 2010 Brazil exported U.S. $ 8.7 billion to African countries. Brazil’s exports to Africa are heavily influenced by the works carried out by Brazilian construction companies on the continent. Exports of services motivates the sale of products such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, building materials and others that are not directly connected to the industry. The main difficulty in exporting to Africa is the credit. Banks resist accepting the assurances offered by African importers. Leading the way for competitors in Brazil, especially China, which has easy credit to their business overseas. Business opportunities for Brazilians in the continent, can not be ignored by developers who tend to judge Africa by negative aspects. For well-intentioned investors, the continent has become an attractive alternative.


Insurance may be an important differential The Brazilian insurance market offers three types of insurance applicable to business with foreign countries that may be important to exchange goods with Africa. The “international transport insurance” guarantees that goods exported from the risks of loss and danosmateriais which goods are exposed during the trip. However, insurance for Africa have some limitations, among them, termination of coverage at the port or airport of landing. For countries that live in constant conflict, as Angola and Nigeria, the insurers will not provide coverage for war and strikes. For countries with related trade embargo by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), among which are the Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sudan and Zimbabwe, in them there is no availability of insurance. Then we have “liability insurance products” that is an extra guarantee for exporters and damage caused to third parties for product defect. Finally, yet importantly, the “export credit insurance, which guarantees the exporter of final compensation for net losses to the limit of the sum insured as a result of not receiving credit granted to customers abroad. However, insurers are very strict in credit analysis of African enterprises and restricting the number of countries. The insurance enables exporters in taking risks and challenges in trade with Africa, one of the most dynamic region of the world economy.




g Council of the Institute of Logistics

Ilog has new president

addition to streamlining the process, another intention is to reduce the possibility of

The engineer and


clearance and in obtaining documents. In

differences between buyer and seller.

logistics expert, Antonio Wrobleski Filho (pictured) is the new chairman of Council of Supply Chain

g Project will enable producers to

act in the international market of organics

and Logistics at the

The International Business Centre (CIN) of

Institute of Logistics

the Federation of Industries of Paraná (Fiep)

Logweb (Ilog). Wrobleski, who served for ten

launched in Curitiba, the Service Center

years as president of Ryder in Brazil and was a

in Organic Products. The idea is to provide

director of Hertz and companies DHL, is now a

advice on food production, beverages and

partner at AWRO Investments and Logistics. Ilog

organic cosmetics, and also support the

The Institute aims to broaden the relationship

marketing of these products in foreign

between professionals and companies in the

markets. The initiative was developed

logistics industry, and conduct research and to

through a partnership of Senai, who has the

develop sectoral specialization and updating.

technical knowledge, with the RCN, which owns the commercial expertise. It is part

g Camex suspending effectiveness

of the new set of conditions of sale

of AL-Invest Programme, the European Union, which supports initiatives for the internationalization of Latin American companies.

The Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), the Council of Ministers of Foreign Trade Chamber (CAMEX) decided to suspend for sixty days, the duration of the

g Bruno will preside Syndarma Sergio Barreto Motta

current list of International Terms of Trade, also known as Incoterms. The cause of the change is

White smoke came out in the Syndicate of

the need to update the Foreign Trade Integrated

Maritime Navigation Companies (Syndarma),

System (SISCOMEX).

regarding the replacement of Hugo Figueiredo,

The aim is to encourage the use of more


after 12 years, decided not to seek re-election

modern terms and spread internationally, but

in the entity. By consensus, will be elected

the operator is allowed to trade to enforce any

Bruno Lima Rocha, director of institutional

kind of sale that suits you through the OVC

affairs of the group Wilson, Sons. The decision

Code (Other Condition of Sale). Incoterms are

will be announced in the coming days and

terms that make contracts for international

exchange of Presidents will take place in

sale, covering the transportation services,

June. Lee Richardson, 64, is an economist

insurance, handling at terminals, customs

and president of Navigation Flume and was

later managing director and financial Norsul, Lorentzen Group company, of which Hugo Figueiredo is a partner. Lee Richardson is

g Cdrj Announces Expansion Sergio Barreto Motta

in charge of negotiating with the presidency means for recovery of the sector, especially the

The chairman of the Dock Company of Rio

PIC - Incentive Plan and the Pro-Cabotage REB

de Janeiro (CDRJ), Jorge Mello, announced

change the Brazilian Special Registry (REB) to

important updates to the system port of Rio

make it more effective.

de Janeiro. He pointed out with enthusiasm, investment - private - from $ 1 billion for the two

g Panalpina launches second weekly flight Divulgação

on the route Hong Kong-Huntsville

container terminals in the Port River - Libra and Multiterminais. Another fact is that until July, will end the dredging of 4 million cubic meters in Rio, which will increase to 15.5 meters depth along the two terminal terminais.O Pound will grow toward the Rio Niteroi Bridge, while the Multiterminais will expand to the inside and take the terminal area of vehicles, as compensation, the terminal will have a vehicle parking garage. The two container terminals could receive four ships while at berth of 380 meters. In addition to the renewal of the concession of the terminal reel and paper, will be made two bids in the Port River: a steel terminal and a bulk liquid, this being located opposite the island of Pompeba.

Panalpina, a leading global provider of logistics and cargo management, has launched a new direct flight from Huntsville, Alabama, to Hong Kong, further strengthening its own network of

g Fund Approves Three Yards To The River Sergio Barreto Motta

air freight. The new weekly flight strategically enhances the Dragon Wings, air service from

At its first meeting of the last 18 months, the

Hong Kong to Huntsville, and strengthens

Merchant Marine Fund (FMM) has granted

the Brazilian Wings Express service, which

priority in the approximate amount of $ 11

offers 30 hours of traffic among the airports

billion. Among the projects that have gained

in Hong Kong and Sao Paulo, via Huntsville.

three yards are green, all in the State of

Dixie Jet Service Enterprise air cargo linked to

Rio de Janeiro: OSX from Batista and Alusa

Panalpina, has its main entrance gate to the

/ Galvao, both in the North Fluminense,

U.S. in Huntsville, Alabama. This gateway offers

and Inhaúma Shipyard in the capital. The

flights that connect regularly Luxembourg,

OSX is the unit that has been rejected by

Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, North America

environmentalists in Santa Catarina and

and Latin America.

won full support of Governor Sergio Cabral.




The yard is the old Inhaúma Ishibras, that

environmentally friendly - hybrid electric

Petrobras will retire, primarily to mount

or aerodynamically modified - it is part of

platforms. This shipyard was responsible

the overall program strategy Gogra DHL

for building the largest ships ever produced

Deutsche Post, which aims to improve the

in the country of 313 thousand tons were

company’s carbon emissions worldwide by

underemployed and lately, for repairs.

30% by the year 2020, compared with the

Petrobras is expected to bid for the operation

levels identified in 2007.

to a private group. The third benefit is the yard Alusa / Galvao, Quissamã, also in northern Rio. After getting priority, applicants must seek BNDES, Banco do Brazil and Caixa

g Jamef has a new manager in Campinas

Economica Federal to become the priority in

Rose Bombarde has just taken over as branch

credit firm. The FMM has just published the

manager of Campinas Jamef OrdersUrgent

Resolution 82, which reduces the validity of

cargo transportation company that operates

the priority of 450 days to 365 days.

fractionated in the country for over 47 years. The new manager has the goal of increasing productivity and profitability of the branch

g Dhl Presents Fleet “Green” In Brazil

Campinas. To do this, search for more


interaction between the various sectors of the company, making processes more efficient. The Jamef is present in Campinas since 1990 and major regional areas for the company are computer products and electronics, which will remain the focus of activities in 2011.

g Marcos Couto en Tempo Assist Divulgação

DHL is also implementing in Brazil, its

On April 25, the executive Marcos Aurelio Couto, former

fleet “green” vehicle that will help reduce

president of ACE

CO2 emissions and their impact on the

Insurance, took over the

environment. Due to the change in the

president of Time Assist

selection of engine engineering, from 1.8 to

company with more

1.4, and the reduction in fuel consumption,


than 2000 employees

DHL Express believes the new fleet will

and its shares listed on the Stock Exchange SP.

provide a significant advance in reducing

With a strong presence in the sectors of health

CO2 emissions, with a total reduction of

plans, skilled care services 24 hours, dental

10% of emissions by 2014. The multimillion

plans, homecare and medical management of

dollar investment in modern vehicles and

chronic diseases.


Willian Mac-Cormick, a specialist in organizational psychology and institutional. – – twitter: @wmaccormick

Social and digital networks by Willian Mac-Cormick

Productivity tools, professional interaction or declining?


oday, with ease, I establish professional connections, sending resumes, do courses, I think friends and family, no more forgetting birthdays, I can conduct online meetings being in different continents or states. Few objective questions remain unanswered to use search tools. And Twitter has recently reported death of Osama Bin Laden before Obama. Today battles are fought and revolutions are fueled by these tools, social networking. But we must remember that they connect and interact is not that information is not knowledge. Being connected does not mean being in a network Perhaps the greatest challenge: making connection in interaction and information into knowledge. And accordingly the scope of this challenge to share this knowledge network. It is in consonance with the ideas of Augusto de Franco, author of “The power in social networks” and “Fluzz” and a great thinker on the subject in Brazil. Tell him you do not need to be connected to interactive tools for people to be on the network. What we call social networks are actually digital tools for interaction and networking is to be the product of these interactions should be. The capital is the network itself, which is between people who interact and mobilize. The proof of this were the Apaches, they organized themselves in networks. Using smoke signals resisted the Spanish, Mexicans and Americans. But this phenomenon is that in which we connect to thousands of people, but we feel lonely?Where are the real relationships? Where is the knowledge, unlike information?


Loneliness I always say the worst is the loneliness we feel when we are surrounded by people. And loneliness is really down when we cannot be good company for ourselves. I see families in the same house, but quite distant, isolated in their rooms with their computers, TV’s, smartphones, talking over the Internet. We turned the islands into our homes. Job Search Another phenomenon in contemporary organizations is that the new generation of executives prefer these tools in time to find a new job. It reveals that the research firm Michael Page announced in April. In that 65% of professionals between 26 and 30 years prefer social networks on career opportunities. Many companies already use and Orkut Facebook to research candidates, Skype for interviews over long distances and Twitter to dynamic. Whether that’s valid or not as a practice of selection, we must be aware of what we publish and with whom we interact on the Internet. It’s like a glass to let our digital touch wherever we are. Therefore, we cannot judge whether a technology is good or bad, but about how we use it. We can produce, learn, do know, grow, divide, and interact in a healthy way or we boycott. The over-stimulation of my distresses me anesthesia generating other, worse. The fact is that the tools created to improve communication are used to avoid meetings, contacts and links. The Internet is a worldwide network computer, is a worldwide network of people, but still do not know how she behaves and does not know to behave in it.


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Na segunda edição a revista aborda as redes sociais.

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