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Division 20

July 2012 Volume 1: Issue 3

A Message from Your Lieutenant Governor

Official July Key Club Division 20 Newsletter Hello Division 20, I hope you have all been enjoying your summer vacations! The past few weeks have been some of the most fun of my life. At the beginning of July, I attended my first Key Club International Convention. You can read all about it and see photos later on in this newsletter. Right now, I am actually volunteering with the Inter-exchange Foundation, at the Saint Thomas Aquinas College in New York. It is a program in which kids from all over China travel to America and take guided tours of numerous places across the East Coast. As I am very busy with the camp, I’d just like to appologize if I am unable to respond in a timely manner to e-mails, texts, and/or phone calls until I return on August 8. Looking to forward to seeing you all again soon! Sincerely,

In This Issue: A Message from Me . . . 1 PCM and OTC . . . . . . 1 ICON Recap . . . . . . . . 2 ICON Photos . . . . . . . 3-4 Important Dates . . . . . 5 Summer Tips . . . . . . . . 5 Advocacy Bracelets . . . . 6 Committee Chairs . . . . 7 Contact Information . . 8

President Council Meeting My first President Council Meeting (PCM) will be held on August 11th at the Panera Bread in Denville. Afterwards, I will be holding an Officer Training Conference (OTC) for the remaining officers who have not yet been trained by me. The President Council Meeting is mandatory for all presidents to attend. I highly recommend that all Vice Presidents attend, although any and all officers are welcome!

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International Convention 2012 Recap Key Club members from all over the New Jersey District landed at Orlando, Florida on July 1st for a three day district tour before attending the International Convention. On the first day, I went with some of my friends to Epcot and spent the day visiting one country after another. We had a total blast between going on rides, dressing up in Japanese kimonos, taking tons of group photos, and spending time together. The following morning, some of us went to Magic Kingdom and then to Hollywood Studios. I got to see the Disney Castle, ride the Tower of Terror, and then end the night by watching Fantasmic. The third day, we went to Animal Kingdom where we saw tons of interesting animals and got to ride Expedition Everest. On the fourth day, we took a bus to the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista hotel. The hotel was beautiful. From the fourth onward, we enjoyed all of the different parts of the convention. We got to go to the meet and greet, informative workshops, the service fair, caucusing, House of Delegates, and more! I hope you all attend ICON next year at Washington DC!

Our new International President is...

Rebecca Riley! Our new International Trustee is...

Colten Meisner!

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NJ District Tour Photos

More ICON photos can be found in my ICON facebook albums!

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International Convention Photos

There is also a slideshow of these photos at

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Important Dates! North Fall Regional Training Conference Roxbury High School September 23

First President Council Meeting Panera Bread in Denville August 11

Officer Training Conference Panera Bread in Denville August 11

Club Monthly Report Forms The 10th of every month!

Summer Tips! Schedule at least 1 Executive Officer Meeting to plan out fundraisers and events for the upcoming school year. Secretaries: Remember that CMRFs are still due during the summer, even if there are no activities taking place.

Educate yourself on the ELIMINATE Project. There is a wonderful new video about it on YouTube. Stay in contact with your Key Club advisor and with me!

& Remember to have fun!

The New Jersey District of KCI has a Flickr now! Check out our photos at:

The New Jersey District of KCI also has a YouTube channel where you can watch our daily ICON vlogs! Check them out at:

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Advocacy Bracelet Sale Advocacy Bracelets The New Jersey District Board is proud to announce that we will now be selling advocacy braceletes to raise money for the ELIMINATE Project! The braceletes will be the same size and same lettering as a typical "Livestrong" bracelet and will feature the saying "BElieve in YOUrself". They will be light blue and sold for $1 each.

Why should you get one? How can you get one? The bracelets were designed to raise awareness about this year’s advocacy focuses, which include anti-bullying, self-image, and suicide prevention. We hope that seeing this saying on someones wrist could give that person the will to fight for another day.

I have sent out order forms to all of the Key Clubs within my division. The bracelets will start to be distributed in the month of October.

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Committee Chairs The New Jersey District Board splits into separate committees, with each specializing in a certain area. There are standing committees, which last yearround, and special committees, created for a sole event. The following lists the contact information for the chairperson/chairpeople for each committee.

Standing Committees Public Relations Committee

District Project Steering Committee

District Programs Committee

International Programs Committee

Zachariah DeGiulio District Editor

Christopher Addonizio LTG Division 1A

Eric Smuda LTG Division 21

Zack Waldorf LTG Division 12

Lucas Dos Santos District Webmaster

Tracy Vollbrecht LTG Division 8

Sarah Thomas LTG Division 4

Leslie Castillo LTG Division 7

Special Committees Regional Training Conferences Committee

Fall Rally Programs Committee

Fall Rally Registration Committee

Celina Baquiran District Secretary

Mohammed Haji LTG Division 9

Joseph Toumanios District Treasurer

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Contact Information

District Governor Nicole Ventrone

District Secretary Celina Baquiran

District Treasurer Joseph Toumanios

District Editor Zachariah DeGiulio

District Webmaster Lucas Dos Santos

LTG of Div 20 Rocky Trifari

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July Newsletter 2012  

Official July Newsletter for Division 20.

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