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ROT Biker Rally Downtown There are many ways to be a part of this exciting rally addition! ROT Rally has expanded for 2014! The new event called “ROT Biker Rally Downtown, presented by Austin360º” is expected to attract tens of thousands of Rally goers, motorcycle enthusiasts, families and Austinites of all ages. The primary focus of the downtown venue is to emphasize motorcycle vendors, builders and national manufactures in a family-friendly atmosphere. This FREE event will include motorcycle demo rides, industry leaders, manufacturer

June 13-14, 2014

displays, vintage car show, attractions, vendors, food and live music. The new

r o t r a l ly. c o m

venue is an expansion of the ROT Biker Rally, held at the Travis County Expo Center, Austin, Texas for the previous 19 years. The ROT Biker Rally Expo

A two-day, family-friendly festival held on the grounds of the Austin American Statesman located near the Congress Avenue bridge, Austin, Texas.

Center is open to wristband holders only and attendees must be 18+ years and up. Dates for 2014 are June 12-15, 2014.

Downtown Austin

ol apit to C

Co lora do Riv er

e enu s Av gres Con

Sidewalk across Congress Ave. bridge

June 13-14, 2014 r o t r a l ly. c o m

Ba rt on

e enu s Av gres Con

Sp rin gs Rd .

Main Entrance

Staff Parking

Industry Demo Rides Industry Spaces Attractions Food Vendors Bars/Beverages Vendor Spaces Music Stage




Vintage Car Show Demo Ride In & Out to Riverside Dr.

Motorcycle Parking Patron Parking

The Eternal Debate: True Bypass VS Buffer the job but the quality of the buffers used in pedals are of varying quality, so I strongly recommend a single buffer. Again, keep in mind that one buffer is enough to drive the signal, so a huge collection of Boss pedals, or other buffers, doesn’t make any difference. For those who don’t want to spend the money on all of the boutique pedals that feature true bypass, but want to use your buffered pedals like boss and others there is always to option of a bypass looper that basically is an external unit you plug your pedals into that makes your signal chain true bypass…this is an option being used by many modern players.

The Eternal Debate: True Bypass VS Buffer By: Christopher Jordan As a musician there can be some hard decisions to make as far as gear is concerned. Guitar brands and styles, amplifier sizes and types and as far as effects go analogue or digital and true bypass or buffered. When it comes to the world of pedals and effects I’m not sure I have heard as many debates as I have about the later. True Bypass vs. Buffers has been a point of debate since…well since forever. As with most things involved with tone and sound it’s a case of how much butter to put on the toast a little or a lot. It all comes down to personal taste and listening pleasure. However there are a few considerations to make when spending your money. It all really comes down to some pretty basic points True bypass True bypass means that when the pedal is off, with no processing or colouring going on, the signal from your guitar passes through all clean via a separate path outside the circuit. This means that a true bypass pedal in itself won’t alter your tone but the fact that it doesn’t do anything to drive the signal (when it’s off) through long cables and to the amp, will cause tone loss and alteration. You will recognize this by a noticeable high end roll off and generally a less open and dynamic tone and picking response.

generally more dynamic and responsive signal.

Well, there you have a basic rundown of the types of switching available to your signal path. There are tons of details that could be gone into such as the length of cables in the rig, the number of connection points and even the types of pickups being used. But with this basic information you can be well on your way to making a few more decisions on your way to achieving epic tone.

There is a third option, the bad one. Hardwire bypass, employed by MXR among others, means that the signal is fed through the pedal’s circuit even when the pedal is off. Contrary to both true bypass and buffering, hardwire will affect your tone and cause considerable high end roll off and a generally less dynamic tone. We don’t want that, so let’s concentrate on the two other options. What’s the difference? The question is: do you really need to buffer the signal? Some guitarists prefer, and even depend on, the high end roll off you get from an un-buffered signal to achieve their magical tones. The point is though: you should be aware of the consequences of not buffering your signal. The reason is that other problems, like noise and dull sounding pickups and pedals, may occur as a result of a non-buffered signal. A buffer can either be a buffered pedal, like Boss, or a dedicated buffer unit or pedal. A Boss tuner or compressor first in the chain or a delay last, will do

Buffers A buffer is basically a small pre-amp that will electronically strengthen or enhance the weak high impedance signal from your guitar and help driving it through long signal paths. The buffer is active regardless whether the pedal is on or off. Contrary to what many believe – and will claim – a buffer will not alter or colour your tone but rather restore the original signal of your pickups. You will notice this by a more pronounced high end and a

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~Christopher Jordan has been a live audio/ video engineer and recording artist for over 15 years and owns an Austin,TX based pedal modification and repair company.~ Have a comment, technical question or an article suggestion? Visit our contact page on and let us know.

Nasty Nathan’s Waterloo Underground arena rock that ever was! Point is pick a show! ANY SHOW! Some venues are better suited for late nights. Some shows are suited more for happy hour. Cool thing about the “New Austin Music Scene” is you can pick where and what time you want to see your show. You no longer have to wait until eleven thirty, almost midnight for a forty minute set, downtown with sticky piss floors and bug infested booze to see a show. Those places are being shutdown left and right for drug laundering and/or the Gods of Rock have given them the “oldtimer-herpe-aids” and they got tangled in their metal and lace. NASTY NATHAN’S WATERLOO UNDERGROUND So here we are again! Time for another week of “Let’s beg my friends to come see a show”! Yes, that time again where you get to put aside your dignity and swear that this week’s show will have bigger and better explosions than the last show! Maybe even have that friend who is in a bigger band to come sit in so you can get that once in a lifetime photo op. You can then hit the share button and try and make people envious and wish they had gone to the show. Case in point was the Van Wilks show on a given Wednesday at Strange Brew when Billy Gibbons showed up! I know I went for about a month hoping lightning would strike twice! But alas, it didn’t, but that sure is a great picture on Vans Facebook page. The truth of the matter is that you have been working your ass off all week for that photo opportunity. Rehearsing and writing the next show’s set list. Coming up with the right combination of originals and catchy cover songs that will get the bar slinging drinks and generating enough buzz to make people want to show up again and again. Don’t forget the making of flyers; do people still hang those? I see more people ripping them down than I see putting them up. Plus there is no place to hang them anymore without fear of a

littering fine or defacing public property ticket! I was just rudely tapped on the shoulder last weekend with a “heavy, hippy beating, lezzie poking, homo strangling, you ain’t having no drum circle here, APD flashlight” letting me know, with no words spoken, that I had no business posting flyers anywhere in his town. Virtual flyers seem to be the way to go and don’t forget to bomb your favorite social networking web site with automatic reminders of said shows. God forbid you have two or three shows in one week! What a pain we are making of ourselves, and now I have a new CD and new t-shirts to push? Do you make a whole different invite and link for those? Now, it makes it imperative that I get you to the live shows so I can sell you my wares and the products of my blood and dreams. My life depends on it! My financiers, my band and their families depend on me getting paid and last but not least, don’t forget about the club! I am just a giant snake oil salesman! The more booze I sell, the more chicks show up, that helps the guys show up to buy the bar’s alcohol so I have the opportunity to start from the very top of this column and do it all over again with enough grace, wit, and finesse that you do not “unfriend” me. Next, is what show to pick. I would say one of mine, but I think I play the meanest twelve string

New venues, far from condos and the dangerous “give me anything” bums, have ample, well lit parking and usually have a late night taco truck somewhere near. So with all of that said, yes, festivals are cool, but fuck that! Why would you have Slim Ritchie playing to three people and the soundman on any night of the week at nine PM. You are getting spoiled Austin! Don’t let our way of rock go the way of pay to play! You have to make a conscious effort to support music! So just do it! AND HEY ALL YOU TRANSPLANTS TO AUSTIN! WE SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC! WE SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS BY GOING TO AND STAYING AT THEIR SHOW! WE HAVE

DONE IT SINCE THE ARMADILLO HEADQUARTERS AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO IT! WE WILL SHOW YOU THE RIGHT WAY TO TIP A BAND AND HOW TO SHUT YOUR CALIFORNIA FAT FACE OR AT LEAST FOR FUCK SAKE, TALK IN THE BACK OF THE CLUB! WE WILL NOT PAY TO PLAY AND YOU WILL SUPPORT BY BUYING OUR SWAG! IT’S WHAT KEEPS AUSTIN WEIRD AND KEEPS AUSTIN THE LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!! So, why wouldn’t I do everything in my power to get you to the next show! SEE YOU AT A SHOW SOON! Nasty Nathan waterloounderground@yahoo. com Catch Nathan at Maria After Hours (Maria’s Taco Xpress, 2529 S. Lamar) every Wednesday through June from 9:30 pm to 12:00 am.

Nathan is the main songwriter/ guitarist/singer for Austin’s Acoustic Rock Band NATHAN’S STUPID DRAMA and a veteran of the Austin music scene since 1987.

* * * *

Pedal Modification & Repair Home Studio & Gear Consultation Quick Turn Around Affordable Pricing

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*applied cost of full pedal modfication

Austin Owned & Operated (512) 650-8657

visit us online at

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presented by

meet arlen & zach ness


biker games

military bike by zach ness lathan mckay’s evel knievel collection

after parties

DoUg Danger jUmp austin

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“This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl…” - J. Brown/B. Newsome


t a time when Motherhood is celebrated multilaterally, there lies a well-placed opportunity to shine light on a few mothers who have persevered in a profession which is largely male dominated and which offers a culture that is not necessarily conducive to child rearing. We, too, boast a lack of sleep and an abundance of bodily fluids, but it is not because we were up all night partying. We balance late nights with early mornings and lean pay scales with stifling costs of childcare and daily living. It would seem that the odds are somewhat stacked against us, and yet we have found ways to follow our hearts, stay true to our art and bring up independent and inspired children...alone.

As single mum to six year-old Theo, I know the trials and tribulations of solo parenting well. I was 33 years old when I gave birth to my boy, actively playing gigs up until two weeks before he was born and returning to the stage just two months later. I have been singing professionally for over

20 years and marveled at the idea of leaving the supportive comforts of our Colorado home to relocate to awesome Austin, Texas. Since arriving 5 years ago, I have found it quite daunting to navigate this new territory as I feel unsupported, at times alienated, and utterly alone. Money is very tight, and attending my colleagues’ gigs, or networking at local events has become a thing of the past. I find myself mourning after my time on stage, craving a band-family and a show schedule as one might crave a beach vacation, a sumptuous meal or a life partner. I have adapted to a more modest quality of life and have had to relinquish my pride as well as a host of hard-earned material belongings in order to get by, and it has taught me humility that I never imagined I would experience in this lifetime. As I sit smack dab in the middle of some of the hardest times I have known, I remain cautiously optimistic about what the future holds, exceptionally grateful for my wee man and for every careful step I take. I have only just begun the process of finding myself again. Along the way I have learned that there is no predetermined course, and many weary travelers are sharing the road with me. Many of us are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, continually seeking out creative child care solutions, dealing with last minute kid-tastrophies as we run out the door to a gig and strategically placing our phones up on stage in case of emergency. We have become proficient jugglers as we walk the tight rope of everyday life, teetering to and fro, trying to maintain our balance and flow, and we all agree that you cannot take a bar tab home to pay the babysitter. Would that the club owners would be more sensitive to that. We also know what it means to be acutely aware of the depth of our own strength while simultaneously feeling like we are not strong enough to carry on at all. Wanting to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes when we are not up on stages entertaining you, I embarked on a brief journey of single mum sisterhood and found that our experiences bore many commonalities, yet each woman I spoke with provided a poignant view which was slightly different from the last, creating a communal landscape that was comforting to look at. Our talks focused on the challenges and lifestyle choices, survival and successes with each woman being asked to share advice for any others who

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might be walking in these same shoes. It was an enlightening experience for me and I hope it will be an enjoyable read for all of you. I began my journey with my dear girlfriend, Ms. Paula Robinson, vocalist and leader of Austin’s Roots and Bohemian Blues band, Rogue Gypsies. She has been singing professionally for over 31 years and her daughter Mariah is now 24 years old. Paula is in the sweet spot now, as her daughter is one of her best friends and shares the stage with her in her current band. She was 25 when Mariah was born and found it very difficult to cultivate work/life balance at that age due to what she labels as “conflicting lifestyles”. When out at a gig, it was time to let her hair down and feel young and free. Upon returning home after, she found herself alone with her baby, faced with stress and concern about her child’s well-being. Scheduling babysitters was tough, but the contraindicative lifestyle and the mental aspect that goes along with it were what became hardest for her. She struggled to balance her career and parenthood and ended up stepping off stage for almost six years to become mom only. She advises that you don’t change your ride for your child even if it means strapping them on your back and walking to a gig. Her biggest regret is not following through on her dreams back then and not letting her daughter know who she really was, always hiding a piece of herself from view. When her daughter grew up, she returned to music, and they, mother and daughter, had to develop a whole new understanding of each other. “We’re always telling our kids to be themselves, but often we don’t allow ourselves that same freedom, and it is a mistake. My biggest regret is that I let anyone tell me how I was supposed to be. Humanity seems to stifle creativity and not reward it. I missed out on a lot by adhering to the wrong philosophy. It takes a lot of personal fortitude to fight the feeling of the whole world working against you and come out okay.”

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The Music Ranch

2014 Upcoming Shows May

10th Janie Balderas for the Betty Downs Mothers Day Celebration 16-17th “RAD” Art Show 2014


The Music Ranch Anniversary Party


Freedom Fest First Annual Rockstar Magazine Festival Classic Rock & Blues Festival Redneck Olympics

August to September TBA


WeirdFest Rocktober Fest Pumpkin Man Haunted Trail

May at the Music Ranch By Serena Brown


s the rest of Austin gentrifies, hipsterfies and futurizes itself, The Music Ranch is maintaining the weirdness that this city is known for. TMR has a special weird vibe. The land is beautiful, gentle and spiritual. The music flows sweeter here.

Its the kind of place you want to stay after the show is over and explore when everyone has left. It’s the kind of place where the owner remembers the name of every musician who plays his stage. TMR is outside the theme park weirdness found downtown. It embodies the old Austin style, original and wonderfully eccentric. Each event that we hold here is unique and has a vibe that cannot be created anywhere else. We were very excited to host The Wooden Nickel Carnival held on May 3rd - 4th, by Austinites, Bailey Moore and Ilya Tinker. It was set up in the woods, down a winding path, surrounded by nature. On May 10th TMR will be hosting the Betty Downs Memorial Mother’s Day Celebration, headlining Janie Balderas. We will be providing free food for moms with music and a moment of silence for those of us who have lost a loved one. On May 16-18th The Music Ranch is hosting R.A.D Art and Music Fest, the first of it’s kind. It’s a BYOB, camping, art and music festival. An art feast for the eyes will be displayed in our beautiful natural setting. This event

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Janie Balderas for the Betty Downs Mothers Day Celebration A Thank you We also want to acknowledge our Volunteer Coordinator, Leeza Stone and our Band Liaison, Ace Stone for all their hard work this year. Thank you to all our staff for all the sweat and tears that goes into the building of The Music Ranch.

is going to be a H.I.P.P.I.E. (Highly Intelligent People Pursuing Intellectual Environments) event. It will include local art, glass art, jewelry, paintings and great music form different genres. It’s a going to be a great weekend to camp out, hang with good people and enjoy the beauty of The Music Ranch grounds. May is the best time of year to come out to The Music Ranch. Arrowhead Garden, our massive vegetable garden is popping. We have a garden stage, and two other stages available for booking. Also come on out and enjoy camping and the outdoors with your pet.

Also.... The Music Ranch is always looking for volunteers, contact G 512574-2767 and like us on facebook to follow our event schedule.




Decker l




H l

H 35




Del Valle




V V Over 80 Acres R.A.D Art Show May 16-17

Interview Bailey Moore and Ilya Tinker, Wooden Nickel Carnival J What brought you to The Music Ranch? We were brought to The Music Ranch by my little brother and friends. They had been to a few events there and just raved about how awesome it was and how I needed to meet Gino. I finally checked it out.

J How did you start doing the Wooden Nickel Carnivals? The WNC was the brainchild of Bailey Moore. Bailey is an incredibly talented performer and has such great ideas. She has connections to so many

amazing musicians. I am a the builder and dream creator behind her brainchild. One day she started talking to me about this idea. I looked at her and said “let’s do it”. Thus The Wooden Nickel Carnival was born.

J Why is The Music Ranch the right place to hold these events? When we met up with Gino it seemed like the perfect fit. We had two previous carnivals, the last of which was shut down by police. We were really looking for a place in the woods, close enough to

town, that we could hold the amount of people we want to bring. We also didn’t want to have to worry about sound violations. TMR is perfect for that. Not to mention Gino is just awesome. Come check out our Wooden Nickel Carnival, like us on facebook and keep track of our progress. We are launching a kickstarter in May to raise funds to create the biggest and best carnival ever. One of our goals is to have a bicycle powered carousel, its just going to get bigger and better. - S. B.

Interview with Kat Aleman

Betty Downs

J Who is Betty Downs?

J How did she find the folks at TMR?

My mom was mother of three, survived by six grandchildren. She always loved music. When I was little she sang to me when she was cooking or doing anything really. She adopted everyone she met and stole their hearts one way or another. She was a firecracker and had the mouth of a sailor. She wanted to help anyone and everyone and that is exactly what she did that first day we were at TMR. She was so proud of what I had found and the exciting things we were doing here.

She found the venue when she came to the second Austin Music Marketing show. She fell in love with the place the second she got there. Betty loved what I did for the Ranch and loved Gino’s vision.

J What inspired this event and why is TMR the perfect place to have it?

She wanted to do everything in her power to make our vision a reality. Sadly she wasn’t able to. The Music Ranch is a beautiful location to celebrate her life and all Austin moms. She didn’t just love the venue, she believed in it as well. - S. B.

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Corporate Events Concerts n Festivals n Vendor Booths n Private Parties n RV Park n Camping n Hike and Bike Trails n Skate Park by ATX Skate Ramps n Pedicabs n BYOB (No Glass) n Multi-Day Events n 1 stage, 3 stage and multi stages avail. n Camping avail. for SXSW, ARF, ACL, Fun Fun Fun Fest n Dog Park & Day Care n All Friendly Pets Welcome n Multi-Day Events n Southern hospitality in Austin Weird n Musicians and bands Welcome to Rehearse on our Stages Anytime n Blank Canvass for Painters, Sculpters, Carvers and Artists n Disc Golf by Underpar Golf n Paintball by Ken Davis and TAZ n n

themusicranchatx1 512-574-2767

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hands-on training in digital filmmaking

Pursue an exciting career in Production

Learn basic to advanced aspects of producing commercials, music video, documentaires, TV shows and feature films. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at MediaTech cannot guarantee employment or salary.

512.447.2002 4719 s. congress ave austin tx • 78745

financial aid available to those who qualify comprehensive 1-Year Programs Job Placement assistance after graduation approved for Veterans training

ROT RALLY 19th Year.

Omar and the Howlers: Austin, besides being the

Texas state capital, is home to much of the best in American roots music. Since the 1970s, gutsy blues players, renegade country pickers, and raw-voiced rockers have mixed & matched their musical styles in Austin ’s thriving club scene. And that’s where Kent “Omar” Dykes holds court too. He hails from McComb, Miss. , a town with the distinction of being home turf for Bo Didley. Omar started playing guitar at seven, took to hanging out in edge-oftown juke joints at 12, joined his first band at 13 – the next youngest player being 50 – and started honing his music. He was still Kent Dykes in those days, but by the time he hit 20 he had hooked up with a crazy party band, called the Howlers, looking back, he says, “We had two saxophone players on baritone and tenor who wore Henry Kissinger masks. They were called the Kissinger Brothers. Not on every song, mind you. Sometimes it was Dolly Parton playing saxophone. Or Cher. And we had these cardboard cutouts from record stores for skits.” They even did fake ads for Sunshine Collard Greens and Howlers’ Fried Chicken – “for that old-fashioned taste that tastes just like Grandma.”

by Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Megadeath, etc.) and James Michael (Alanis Morissette, The Deftones, SIXX:AM, Saliva, etc), sold a very impressive 10,000 physical copies through extensive touring. The self-financed follow up album, 2012’s “KGO!”, is outpacing the debut, enabling the band to bypass record companies, publishers, and other middlemen as they bring their music directly to the people, unchained and unrestricted. The band has toured with and played shows with bands like: Jet, Hinder, Fuel, CKY, Saving Abel, Camp Freddy, Danko Jones, Ratt, The Plain White T’s, Yellow Card, LA Guns, Steel Panther, and many more. Warner Drive was hailed as highlight of this year’s Sunset Strip Music Festival where they tore up the Roxy stage for a sold out house. Finally, bringing the year to a grand finale, Warner Drive co-headlined The Roxy Theatre with world renown “Semi Precious Weapons” on New Years Eve 2012!! At last year’sSouth By Southwest in Austin TX, Warner Drive took the festival by storm with 6 different showcases and packed venues every time that teamed with energy when Warner Drive hit the stage. A personal highlight for the band this year was their performance in their home town at one of LA’smost prestigious venues, Club Nokia, with Sebastian Bach. As the band arrives back in the states after a second European Summer Tour which took them to 8 different countries and more than 20 shows (many of them festival plays), Warner Drive’s momentum is taking them on a fast and furious ride down a road that is destined for international recognition and success.

THE Departed:

The Departed: Cody Canada and The Departed: The studio environment for a working musician is equal parts laboratory, man cave, and holy place. On a steamy day in Austin, Texas at Yellow Dog Studios, there was a reverent hush that made it feel like a sacred service was underway. When the studio door opened, a song tumbled out. “Better get right, before the Lord gets ready,” a Gospel-drenched refrain; deliberate and

Warner DrivE:

WARNER DRIVE is an original rock based outfit from Hollywood, CA that features catchy riffs, a rock/punk edge, and an incredibly energetic performance. The group has built a reputation as one of the country’s most relentless touring acts, playing 200-250 shows each year for the past three years running. Their completely independent debut album, produced

HEAVEN BELOW: “Number 1 in sales at, top 10 on New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice.” These positions are usually acquired by established household name rock bands, but new comers Heaven Below have already taken home these accolades in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Jesse “Bawls” Billson, and rounded out by rhythm section John Younger on bass guitar & Shad Wilhelm on drums, the band is considered an upcoming force from the Sunset Strip. It was no surprise when the lead off single “When Daylight Dies” began making waves on active rock stations across the U.S. in the winter of 2010. Syndicated radio shows such as Hard Drive and The Rock 30 are no stranger to the Ben Moody (Evanescence) produced single which has been spun on over 50 stations across the country. Press outlets such as Hard Rock Haven have hailed Heaven Below as “the next Guns N’ Roses”. The New York Examiner described the live performance as “unbridled balls to the wall ferocity”. With the buzz and momentum of the band growing, the opportunity to tour and spread the word beyond radio and internet hype has been inevitable.

soulful stuff. Through the glass, The Departed was playing live, facing each other in a circle, with Steve Littleton on Hammond B3 in a separate room, and Seth James singing with a world weary voice in the booth. For more info visit for complete line up.

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SERVICES 512-459-5253 POSTERS - $.79 ea

13 x 19 Full Color printing- Same day service

1000 CDS - $999.

Fully Packaged- 50 buttons, 50 posters add $49.

100 CDS - $295.

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100 CDS - $199.

On-Disc Print in Vinyl Sleeve with Color Insert

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100 CDs F C

ull With Slim

olor JeWel



With your print ready art and master color 12 X 18 posters .50 cents each

Rockstar Magazine - May 2014  

This May edition features the music of John Gaar, while salutes several single Moms who work as singers and artists in the Austin area. We a...

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