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Heart of Texas RockFest something for everyone. Two outdoor stages located sideby-side at the intersection of 7th St and Neches will ensure 14 hours daily of seamless music and entertainment —when one act finishes, the next one begins. Indoor stages at Shiner Saloon (422 Congress Avenue) and Blue Moon (2200 S IH 35), will showcase the crème of unsigned acts providing the best continuous live music to converge in Austin.

15th Annual Heart of Texas Rock Fest Stays True to Mission of Music for the People March 4, 2014 (Austin TX) The 2014 Texas Rock Fest (TRF) takes over downtown Austin from Wednesday, March 12 through Saturday, March 15, with not one — but two outdoor stages— with the largest free lineup of the finest indie music and rock stars in town! Non-stop live music and entertainment will take to the stages daily from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., as well as at popular Austin venues Shiners Saloon and the Blue Moon. Exclusively sponsored by Peavey Electronics Corporation, one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world and David Komie, of Komie & Morrow Law Firm, the festival will benefit Caritas of Austin. Keeping with 15 years of tradition, the event is free for adults and any children accompanying them. Open to the public, no badges or wrist-

bands required and $5.00 for under 21. Celebrating the first annual TRF Hall of Rock Fame, will be a special performance on Wednesday night, March 12 by the 1st inductee Richie Turner, vocalist for Austin metal legends Agony Column. Turner will take to the stage to perform a few of Agony Column’s best known hits. Like a Phoenix rising up from the ashes, special guests Saliva are gearing up for a triumphant return to the music world, with a special hour long performance at TRF on Thursday, 13 March as they begin their U.S. tour promoting Saliva’s new CD Rise Up to be released April 29. Dedicated to the talent and not corporate greed, the Texas Rock Fest remains a free flowing, working man’s music festival. Featuring state-of-theart pro light and sound productions, courtesy of Peavey, the 2014 Texas Rock Fest has

The Heart of Texas Rock Fest provides an unparalleled musical platform for hundreds of the best independent rock acts and fan favorites from Austin, across Texas and throughout the country. The TRF Main Stages will be rocking with bands such as Austin instruMETAL outfit Eagle Claw, who play heavy, loud music and will feature performances by Austin alums Dirty Wormz, Oklahomos, Burning Avalanche, and Jake Andrews. Plus the music of hard rockers Powderburn, Nancy Silva, Memory of a Melody, and The Heroine. Not to mention the incredible talents of Joseph King, Three 33, Deep Ella, Dawn of Zero, Vallejo, Paul Renna, and Dehebegeebees will keep the streets pumping with the largest free rock show in downtown Austin. TRF also welcomes local supporter David Komie and the Dharma Kings to the stage and not to miss artist Kendall Beard, whose debut album “All Around Girl” is produced by fellow Texan and collaborator, AJ Vallejo. Or come get fired up by Afterburn, a hard rockin’ band comprised of FDNY firefighters or go international with Seis Pistos, Latin punk de Chihuahua Mexico, B-NERS, Mexico City’s top metal band with hard-fast riffs, cool grooves and blasting melodies or Please the Trees. the number one rock band from Prague. Among the many acts returning are The Vettes from New Orleans, Waco’s Beautiful Disturbance, Ventura California faves 8Stops7, plus Kings of Spade, who returns for their 3rd appearance. If you’re a football fan, you may also

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recognize the music of Against Grace, a dance rock trio from Petersburg, VA whose first single, “This Is Your Story,” was aired during the 2013 football season for ESPN/NFL commercials worldwide. Come check out the artwork of Wiley Ross of Dragon Blood Sex Machine, who is painting a mural on the once dilapidated shack in middle of the lot at 7th & Neches. The staff of TRF conducted a downtown beautification project by turn-

ing the drug haven into an openair clean installation that will be used as a bar during TRF, thus changing the whole atmosphere of the lot to improve the security and appearance of the area. To find out more of what’s to come from the 2014 Heart of Texas Rock Festival, check out the hundreds of acts who are performing at For more information contact

SOUTH BY EAST SIDE First Annual Show

Creamy Middles avant-garde sounds of indy punk, followed by the rocking Theremin of Awesome Death (no, that was not a guitar solo, it was a Theremin solo!) Next in the line up is the shredding sounds of SuperEtte! This trio has a unique sound with loud guitars and riveting lyrics!

3 Days of Music at El Leon’s

Join Rockstar Magazine for 3 days of great music from Austin locals and some touring acts as well. In this month’s issue there are several artists that we interview and talk with that are performing at our 1st annual South By East Side Showcase.

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Day 1

This year the event takes place at El Leon’s at 1910 E. 1st st (Cesar Chavez). Live music will begin at 5pm on Tuesday the 11th with our Blues showcase. Leading off is Austin local talent Jackie Venson, followed by Chicago born Andy Macintyre, and later the electrifying Chris Castaneda Project. Finally our Cover artist feature this issue, Woody Russell

who has just released his latest album titled Delicious Days will headline. Our Blues showcase is a great night of Texas Blues so come on by and check us out and have a cold one.

Day 2 - What do punk- psy-

chedelic, a Theremin, Reggae, Hard Rock and Texas folk all have in common? Our second day of South By East Side featuring The

Like the Black Keys or Jack White? Don’t miss SuperEtte at 6pm. Jamie Garcia band offers a great twangy folk sound with rocking guitars. A nice mix before Columbus Ohio natives SHRUB take the stage at 9pm! Shrub is performing all over Austin this week. If you liked Sublime or were a fan of REHAB then don’t miss out on the rocking reggae beats and hip hop rhymes of our feature out of state act. SHRUB!

Day 3 - Kicking off at 3pm are

nearby San Marcos’ own Hair Farmers. A psychedelic fusion of funk so silly you will smack yo own booty! Formed by Jon-O (front man for Funkotron). The Party

starts early with Farmers of Hair! Next, the biggest rock n roll extravaganza of the new millennium . . . Sciborg and the Robopimps take the stage at 4:20 pm with songs like “Gutter Punk Girl” , “I’ll Sell Ya” “Booty Booty Baby” and “Alien World” If you thought Frank Zappa was weird . . . get a load of these traveling extra-terrestrials! Finally, February’s cover artists, Dead Love Club will get you dancing. The band is making headway in the local scene and really have a “Ghostland” meets Goth flavor to their unique disc tech sound! That wraps up the night for our show . . .or does it? Stick around El Leon’s for the monthly Austin Blues Society jam session that begins at 8pm! Thank you to Chiefs BBQ, DWI Dude, Mayan Distribution, KOOP Radio, and Atwater Brewery for co-sponsoring the event! See Ya There!

The Music Ranch Presents

“Home Away From Home” UnofÞcial

SXSW Showcase

March 11th-16th

@ 5220 N 973 Austin TX 78754 (512 574 2767) This is a resource for musicians, festival goers and industry professionals that need a place to call home, want to play a showcase, park a tour bus, or just have a good time during SXSW. Arden Park Roots Shrub Pasadena Tugg Young Costello Kila Kali Red Cup Music Chinese Connection Dub Embassy Embassy Sol Tribe ¥80 80 acres Wise Eyes Oogee Wawa Bond & Bentley Sticky Longfingers and The Rusted Butter ¥¥Camping Camping Tropidelic Great Socio The Level Heads ¥¥Networking Networking Plus Many Many More...

¥¥Skate Skate Ramp ¥RV Spots ¥Parking ¥Stage ¥Food

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Drainage Complaints

! (

Building Flooded Street Flooded Yard Flooded

( 69! 6


Study Streams

Preliminary FEMA Floodplains 500-year Floodplain 100-year Floodplain


69 7

*may not actually be true - Charlie Hodge

! (


! (

69 0

! (

Shallow Flooding

! (

2003 Contours

! (

! (

Index Intermediate

! ( ! (


! (

Preliminary 100-year Flood Elevations

! ( 69 3

! (

69 2




69 0


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! ( ! (

68 8

! ( 68 8

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! (

! (



68 7


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68 5


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68 3




! (

“When you see the object of your affection spread its eagle for money it hurts and the hurt comes from that fuzzy place inside you where things like ‘how grandma’s house smells’ and ‘what a hug feels like’ are stored… you taste metal… and then feel sick.”

68 6

! (

! (


! (


! (


0 Feet

This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-theground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries.



68 1

Grover Branch at Arcadia Avenue 680

This product has been produced by the Watershed Protection Department for the sole purpose of geographic reference. No warranty is made by the City of Austin regarding specific accuracy or completeness.

70 0



! (

0 68

I never understood that song until recently when I got a letter from the City Of Austin on behalf of FEMA declaring my property to now be in a flood plain which could cost me a cool $10,000 to $20,000 annually for the necessary flood ! ( insurance. “This has got to be a mistake” I said and immediately wrote the contact person listed, Mr. Karl McArthur with the City of Austin, Watershed Protection Department, who responded and assured me it was no mistake and then he reached into his bag of hypotheticals for this explanation as to why my property is being devalued: “The area draining to the Grover Branch has been fortunate to avoid the worst of the most extreme Austin area events such as Tropical Storm Hermine in September 2010 and the Memorial Day Flood in 1981. Had the heaviest rainfall from either of those two events been centered a bit further east over the Grover Branch area, they would likely have produced flooding similar to that shown on the new floodplain maps.” BOOM! Then and there as I stood slack jawed reading Mr. McArthur’s response about an almost in ’81, it hit me, and Mr. Geils lyrics became crystal clear - now my blood runs cold, my Austin is the filthy centerfold.

! ( ! ( ! (

I used to think ol ‘ J. Geils was off his rocker because how can seeing a naked centerfold be a bad thing? Now I get it and J. Geils IS right! When you see the object of your affection spread its ! ( eagle for money it hurts and the hurt comes from that fuzzy place inside you where things like ‘how grandma’s house smells’ and ‘what a hug feels like’ are stored… you taste metal… and then feel sick. After scraping the tin foil taste out of my mouth I spent a little time on the internet with my pal google and it turns out there is no flood danger to my property and this is just the standard way local city governments work with FEMA to devalue properties and run off tax paying citizens so they can swipe their land and sell it to greedy developers*. At least that’s what I’m going with.

! (



MY AUSTIN IS THE CENTERFOLD! You know the song Centerfold by the J. Geils Band? “My blood runs cold” sing it with me “my memory has just been sold” now ya got it “My angel is the centerfold” (chorus) “Angel is the centerfold…”. That felt good.

attacks on coastal towns requiring “monster insurance” and so on and so forth.

You may be saying “now Charlie that seems a little harsh calling Austin a filthy centerfold.” Well I believe that to be appropriately harsh since the City Of Austin is using the “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts” style of rationale to make its governing decisions. I suppose I should be grateful all I need is one financially crippling flood insurance policy and not multiple policies covering against any number of other hypothetical disaster situations. For example, using the City Of Austin’s rationale, had the sun been created closer to the earth there’d likely be no people alive thus resulting in “existence insurance,” had Deep Impact starring Tea Leoni been more than just a movie there’d likely be water over North America requiring “shark insurance,” or had sea monsters existed there’d likely be ! (

! (

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The original vape shop to the Austin area!

Let’s be plain, stop smoking and start vaporizing. All About Vapor wants you as a customer.

Here’s why:

•One-on-one service with a trained Nicologist who always wears gloves. •Individual flavor testing of our 200+ e-juice flavors. •Stringent, consistent mixing techniques for safest vaping experience.









* Pedal Modification & Repair * Home Studio & Gear Consultation * Quick Turn Around * Affordable Pricing

$5 OFF with this ad!

*applied cost of full pedal modfication

Austin Owned & Operated (512) 650-8657

visit us online at

512 Studios her tracks feature Brennan Temple on drums and Chris Maresh on the upright. Recording in Austin, we don’t have to look hard for great musicians for our sessions. The talent here is amazing. I’ve also started recording Resisting Vegas and we are doing pre-production on the Vitera project.

Rockstar Magazine: How affordable is it to have Omar Vallejo record and mix and master an album here? Rockstar Magazine: Welcome to Rockstar Omar. Tell us about 512 Studios in one Sentence. 512 STUDIOS: A great place to go to work.

Rockstar Magazine:For how long have you been recording now? 512 STUDIOS: The first project I

recorded was in 1999. I had always made band demos, but getting paid to record was a completely different experience. My brothers and I started back in 1987, recording live to a two track. We would record everything live and listen back and make mix adjustments from take to take. Then, we would make cassette mixtapes and hand them out at school. I like to call those mixes “Lo-fi”.

Rockstar Magazine: How is this new location on South Lamar? This is beautiful. 512 STUDIOS Thank you. It took a lot of sweat blood and tears to get things running. I’d like to give a shout out to everyone who pitched in and

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grabbed a paint brush. Thanx! We’ve been open since March 2013. Since we’ve opened the doors we’ve been recording non-stop.

Rockstar Magazine: Ok, so name some artists that you have had here in the Studio. 512 STUDIOS:To name a few we’ve had Jackson Taylor and the Sinners, Chris Castenedas, Jose “Sweet Tone” Ruiz, Cosmic Wolf, Matt Begley, Dawn Over Zero, Distant Lights, Poor J Brown, Clay Campania, Jelly and the Gruesome Twosome and of course we do all the Vallejo recording here.

Rockstar Magazine: Nice, I know Matt Begley and Jose and Chris. (see pg 24 for Chris interview). Who are you currently recording? 512 STUDIOS:Joanna Lee. She’s an artist from Oregon who now lives here in Austin. She’s a very talented vocalist with some great songs. She’s signed to Trippin and Rhythm Records from the U.K. Some of

512 STUDIOS: Every project is different so it’s hard to throw out a number but we try to make it affordable for the hard working musician that needs to get to the next level.

Rockstar Magazine: Are you totally Digital or do you record to tape too? 512 STUDIOS: We have both. We have an analog console and analog preamps that go to Pro Tools. Hardly anyone uses 2” anymore. It’s a shame but with the technology we have today, artists usually go digital because of the time factor involved.

Rockstar Magazine: Who else assists in engineering the artists that come in here? 512 STUDIOS: Kevin Abbenante has been my right hand man here

at the studio. He has been engineering with me over 4 years. I’ve recently partnered up with Josh Wooodhouse on the Joanna Lee project and it’s been great working together. Outside of that, I have two partners, Phillip Heard & John Olrech. Without them, 512 Studios wouldn’t exist and none of this would have been possible.

Rockstar Magazine: It was fun hanging out with you last month recording my Father Chris Kingsley. Pretty laid back in here. 512 STUDIOS: It was great working with Chris. Great songs and a pleasure to record. He came in and laid it down like a pro!

Rockstar Magazine: How has being an artist for many years with Vallejo played a role in an engineer now? 512 STUDIOS: The band is on our 10th album so the brothers and I have learned a lot from recording with great producers over the years. We have recorded with Steve Peck (Prince/Madonna) Michael Barbiero (Guns n Roses/G Love) Neil King (Green Day/Elvis Costello) Kelly Donelly (Eric Johnson)

Rockstar Magazine: Do you enjoy what you do

more than ever now? 512 STUDIOS: I do. I appreciate the opportunity to make great music and help other musicians further their careers.

Rockstar Magazine: How can folks learn more about 512 Studios? 512 STUDIOS: You can go to and check us out.

Rockstar Magazine: Thank you for your time Omar? Keep Austin Sounding Great! 512 STUDIOS: Thank you Russell for the support and the support of all the local businesses here in Austin.







The Music Ranch

2014 Upcoming Shows MARCH

3.8-9.14 DXSW 3.10-11.14 TMR Home Away from Home David Isack is the the following Showcase promoter 3.12.14 Otonana Fest Showcase/ Slam Force Five Fest Showcase 3.13.14 Isick’s Freakshow 3.14-15.14 Regggae In the Hills & Jam Space Award Showcase


18-19th Austin Reggae Fest Camp-out Afterparty


Country and Bluegrass Festival Latino Festival


The Music Ranch Anniversary Party


Freedom Fest First Annual Rockstar Magazine Festival Classic Rock & Blues Festival Redneck Olympics

August to September TBA


WeirdFest Rocktober Fest Pumpkin Man Haunted Trail

The Music Ranch Unofficial SXSW Showcase

Home Away From Home By Serena Brown


he Music Ranch, on the outskirts, is only 10 minutes from downtown Austin. This year we are holding our own events outside the Annual SXSW Showcase that include Death X Southwest, Home Away From Home, Slam Force Five, The Otanana Fest and Reggae In The Hills Jamm Space Awards Showcase.

The Music Ranch will be opening our stages to all genres and musicians, especially those who don’t have a chance to play SXSW. We want all musicians to have a platform to network and promote themselves. We aren’t here to step on any toes, in the future, we hope to have the opportunity to work with the Annual SXSW Showcase. Our sole purpose is to provide resources for musicians, festival goers and industry proffessionals that need a place to call home. It’s all about networking. We are here for anyone that wants to play a showcase, park a tour bus, or just have a good old-fashioned Austin, Texas experience away from the downtown maddness. Every year we watch musicians struggle with the burn out affect at SXSW. It’s hard to handle sleeping in your car, having nowwhere

The Stage is set to park and having no family or friends here. At The Music Ranch that won’t be the case. Here musicians of all genres have resources and place to call home.

We offer two stages, camping, hike & bike trails. two outdoor movie screens, skate park, a dog park and we’re pet friendly. Come enjoy!

Staff & Volunteers Scott V.: Vice President Cathy Tabor: Atty Scott Durst: Consultant Mark Turner: General Contractor Chad Ward: Video & Photo Liason Serena Brown: Chief Editor Cindy Swanson: Contributing Editor Michael Patton: Sound, Reheasal & Studio Director

G. Cavazos: Owner and CEO Katt Aleman: Admin Asst.: Booking, and Promotions Director Ace and Leeza Stone: Camping & Volunteer Director BJ Carlton: Maintenance Director Trance Art: Art Director Mike Rad Vendor Liaison Tony Galbraith, Luke Jones, RJ Teel, Matthew Holly, Megan Legates Brady Price, Levi Patton Band Liaisons

Gavin Trashboat & Rachel Schoening: Arrowhead Gardens Directors Alex J. Pletz, Eryk Hurtado Rubizel Diaz: Push ATX Skate Shoppe Ken Davis:RV Park Director, & Paintball Director Under Par Golf: TMR Disc Golf Course Liaison Gabe Zapata: Metal Liason

Page 14 •



V Skate Park Airborn Action

The Music Ranch Liason Interviews Ken Davis Paintball and RV Liaison

J Tell us what your involvement is at TMR? I am involved in overseeing the development of the Apache Paintball Course, as well as the Stage Coach RV Park J What brought you to TMR? I met G, and learned about his vision and I decided to paticipate in his vision. J What would you like everyone to know about TMR? TMR is one of the last venues that like to ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ and it happens to be outdoors. The over 80 acres of nature scenery adds to the mix of art, music, and great times. David Isick Showcase Promoter and Creator

J Tell us a liitle bit about your Showcases at The Music Ranch’s “Home Away From Home Showcase.” My Showcase during the day is Otonana Fest celebrating the friends and family that we have made on the road. It is a a Party open to the public that features several bands we have played with. I manage the band so i throw this show in their honor, In order to network. the evening show will be

‘Slam’ associated with and put on by a sick unofficial party. The Force Five Fest is a heavier Showcase with several Texas bands 3.13.14 Isicks Freak Show Showcase. lining up the finest Freak Show Bands. J Why did you choose TMR? I chose TMR because it is a place of opportunity to showcase my artists in the biggest outdoor venue that hold hundreds to thousands of fans in the great outdoors, under those big Texas stars.TMR is a hidden gem with multiple stages, friendly staff, arts, and great atmosphere. I could help but choose TMR to break ground with my Showcases.By monitoring this growth and facilitating these opportunities, I feel as though we have potential to do big show in the future. J Anything else you want to add about your other ventures? I plan on picking up a couple of bands to add on our international tours. Especially to Japan. I also plan on sending many more bands there in the future. Gabe Zapata Metal Liason

J What is your position at TMR? I am the Metal liaison at TMR. I book different genres of Metal for TMR, not only that its my job to make sure these bands are taken care of, as well as the fans coming to our shows. We pride ourselves in making each show the best it can be for our fans. I leave them wanting to come back for more. J Tell us about the DXSW Showcase 2014? DXSW is going to be an annual Showcase during SXSW. We are doing some different things than the norm. We have incorporated some fun activities and entertainment for all our festival folk. With over 30 Metal bands showcasing on 2 stages for 2 days with camping, vendors, half pipe and mini street course by ATX Skate Ramps should make for a sweet time. Rebecca Creek Distillery, Super Happy Death Cult, Ladies Of Metal, Death District Booking, Rockstar Magazine, Push ATX, and The Music Ranch all sponsor DXSW. You can see more at J Tell us about your other ventures. Be sure to look out for TMRs annual Birthday Party 2014. Heavy Hitter coming....You can check out our apparel at Any final words to the Metal scene in Austin? Support The Troops!!! I Love America!!!! Lets Party!!!!! One of two outdoor movie screens

Eryk Hurtado, Rubizel Diaz, Alexandra Zane, Alex J. Pletz, Ember M. Furlough Push ATX

J Tell us about PUSH ATX? The day I(Eryk) met Alex, we knew what we had to do. We were two young artists with pockets full of visions and the world at our feet. With my love for skateboarding, and Alex’s love for art, we came up with the idea for Push ATX. Eight months later, Push ATX is now the proud partner in the skateboarding industry, and building the foundation for a new and improved ATX. Push ATX is the product of our passions. we want to give people the opportunity to take their passions from the streets to the billboards. We skate, paint, and manifest visions of our culture into our designs graffitt art . With a little Push and alot of heart we hope we can inspire people to keep pushing everyday, and never stop until they witness their visions come to life. J What brought you to TMR? Gino has given us the opportunity to build our vision from the ground up as he has TMR. no matter how young we are he has treated us with respect, and professionalism. we look forward to operating The TMR Skatepark, so come on out to skate. or be a part of Push ATX. J What can we expect in the future from Push ATX? Skaters can expect us to provide all your skating needs from shirts, to skate parts, and repair with a complete skate park featuring a street course, 2 mini ramps and a street course you can shred ....




Decker l




H l

H 35





Del Valle

l 512-574-2767

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SHRUB Rockstar Magazine: Highceratops is my first introduction to the band. How many albums are there now? Shrub: Two. We released our first EP, Senorita, in 2010. At the time, we weren’t really a band yet; it was more of a solo project started by Jay that quickly morphed into a full-band once Senorita started gaining interest and traction. Then in September of 2013, we released our first full-length album, HIGHCERATOPS. Although it took us over 3 years to release our 2nd album, we’re glad we waited. Getting the right personnel was a priority. Once we had that in place, working on the album became more organic and fluid. Fresh creative energy poured out of us, and the whole songwriting process no longer felt forced like it had with past members. The end result was an album we’re all proud of. Rockstar Magazine: Your sound is unique, yet distinctively familiar. The Genre of Reggae. Rock. Dub. Hip Hop has grown since the years of Sublime. Your sound is absolutely yours. What are some influences of the band? Shrub: Where do we begin. Ha. As a teenager, Jay listened mostly to hip hop; but while working at a record store in college, he discovered the vast world of reggae music. Of course, Sublime helped bridge the gap, but artists like Buju Banton, Atmosphere, Iration, and Johnny Osbourne influence the sound you hear today. Benny was mentored by Eustace Bobb, legendary bass player for The Ark Band; so as you can imagine, he lives and breathes reggae music. I’d say Clinton Fearon is on the top of his list these days. He comes from a very musical family too, so he grew up on artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Yes. Rockstar Magazine: Welcome to Rockstar Magazine. And Welcome to Austin!

Shrub: Glad to be here. We’re Rockstar Magazine virgins, so we’re glad you’re popping our proverbial “cherry”. Rockstar Magazine:Man you guys Rock! Great to have you performing our Show on WED March 12th! EL LEON’s on E. 1st Street, also a gig at Shiners Saloon for Texas Page 16 •

Rocksfest 3/13, as well as the Music Ranch’s “JamSpace Show” on the 15th, and finally in San Marcos Sunday the 16th at Goldcrown Billiards! Staying busy!

Jay Shrub: Vocals and Merchandising. The Businessman.

Shrub:We’re stoked as well. You rock too man!Thanks for your support!

Kevin Oliver: Guitar. Former guitar player for Parliament-Funkadelic. The Legend. Josh Altfater: Guitar. The Quiet Storm. Alex Willard: Keys and Vocals. The Wizard.

Rockstar Magazine: Introduce the band members and his respective instrument. Shrub:

Benny Coles: Bass and Vocals. The Microphone Cupid.

Jasen Baskette: Drums. The Foundation.

Josh rocks a My Morning Jacket or Incubus shirt at almost every other show, so take a guess. LOL. If I was Kevin Oliver, I’d probably be listening to Kevin Oliver. And the rest didn’t answer their phone when I called to ask them. Haha. Rockstar Magazine: This whole ALBUM simply Rocks! MAN!! EVERY TRACK!! I like the first two songs . GO RUN, FAST LANE,

HERE WE GROW AGAIN! Many of them have reference to God’s favorite plant, Marijuana. How much does cannabis play an influence in Shrub’s music? LOL

Shrub: Well.... Benny never stops smoking weed. Ever. And in case Josh’s mom is reading this, I’ll refrain from commenting on him. Jay doesn’t smoke weed anymore, but he eats brownies for breakfast. Kevin’s cool. And the rest didn’t answer their phone again. Hahaha. We all smoke weed. We smoke weed when we work. When we play. When we write. And sometimes we smoke weed just to smoke weed. And if people really enjoy listening to our album when they’re high, that’s the perfect payoff. Shrub love.

Rockstar Magazine: “SUPER-GIRL” features friend of Rockstar Magazine and Austin’s own Kimberley Freeman of One Eyed Doll and C-Money from Slightly Stoopid. How did you come to collaborate with C-Money and Kimberley on this track? Shrub: We met Kimberley when we were recording at Radio Star Studios in beautiful Weed, California. One-Eyed Doll was recording there as well, and when the time came to lay down the vocals for our song, Supergirl; naturally we asked Kimberely if she’d help out. She’s brilliant. And honestly, one of my favorite performers I’ve seen in years. As for C-Money, Sylvia Massey (Tool, Deftones, Prince) reached out to him on our behalf, and thankfully, he agreed to jump on board. I know it’s cliche, but we’re truly blessed to have both these folks on our album. Rockstar Magazine: Are you guys signed with a major label? This album is FUCKIN’ INCREDIBLE!!

Who engineered this? Where did you record? Shrub:The only major label we got, is that we’re potheads. Hahaha. And nerds, too. And speaking of nerds, BJ Davis at Sonic Lounge Studio in Columbus, OH engineered and co-produced most of the album. Weirdest dude you’ll ever meet, but he’s absolutely great in the studio. He recorded our first album too. Monday.

Rockstar Magazine: How long has the band been together, Jay? Tell readers how this project got started?

Shrub: The Shrub project started in late 2009 as a mid-life crisis for Jay Shrub. He was a software developer living the “american dream” by most people’s standards; but the truth is, he was growing quite sick of the monotanous, day to day Fortune 500 company rat race. At the time, he was writing music in his basement, recording vocals alongside loops and samples, but he quickly realized that he needed a

full-band to create the sounds that he heard in his head. Fast forward four years later, the band has had wholesale changes. And Shrub has now grown into a collective of talented msuicians. I think the new album, HIGHCERATOPS, showcases the changes. Rockstar Magazine: Here we

Grow again! How did the name of the band and the Album title come together?

Shrub: Everyone thinks we’re named after weed, but I promise that we’re not. Like I said, people label us “potheads” for some reason. The band name actually comes

from a nickname that Jay’s older brother got in college because their last name sounds a lot like “Shrubbery” when you’re feeling tipsy. Rockstar Magazine: Who do you guys listen to? What CD is in the Van right now?

Shrub: Flamingo Cantina and Touche on 3/11 El Leon’s on 3/12 Shiner’s Saloon on 3/13 Burnside’s Tavern and Amped on 3/14 The Lodge and The Music Ranch on 3/15

You can also find all of our shows listed at:

Shrub: Right now, the van is bumping Iration. A definite band favorite. But we’ll probably throw in Pasadena out of Maryland on the ride to Texas. Great guys and killer songs, too. They’ll be playing quite a few shows with us in Austin, check them out. We’re friends, but we’re absolutely fans as well. Rockstar Magazine: OK, so

whose daughter is SUPERGIRL Written for?

Shrub: Jay’s daughter. And she’s even cooler in person. ;) Rockstar Magazine: Really excited for you guys! Thanks for stopping by to say hi to Rockstar Readers! List some of your shows here in Texas this Spring for your SXSW tour! Page 17 •

Rockstar: Welcome to Rockstar Magazine Woody. How is the music sounding? Woody Russell: Good to be here. The music is ever evolving, ever growing, and I think the sound reflects that forward movement. Rockstar: Well i have been listening to the new album Delicious Days. Very soulful, jazzy, fresh sound on this new CD. Why the name Delicious Days? Woody Russell: Thank you. The title track relates to a conversation I had with an old friend that took place over 10 years ago. My wife and I had just moved to Austin from Seattle, leaving a lot of history behind us, as people sometimes do when they move. This friend of mine and I were speaking on the phone shortly after I’d settled in Austin, reflecting on times past in our lives, and he simple stated that “these are delicious days we live in, my friend”. I have never forgotten the poetry of that statement. I feel like it was a way to shine a positive light on what it means to change, to shift one’s path, you know. The song itself is a personal reflection on that sense of uprooting your past and moving on. Most people have that moment, or several moments, in their lives when a big change alters nearly everything about the road we think we’re on. Also, it would be safe to say that I find a lot of song titles and ideas in conversations that I have with people; some amazingly poignant and poetic things are spoken in conversation nearly every day if you listen for it. Rockstar: In this 5th studio album release. Delicious Days has great production work and a very Steely Dan, jazzy appeal to it. What was your motivation for this new sound compared to the more bluesier release of “Up Against It” in 2010?


By Russell Dowden

Woody Russell: Well, I am a big jazz fan. I’m a fan, in general, of more harmonically rich music. The blues has also been very important to me; like a close friend. But, I was also allowing for more pop elements to be a key ingredient in a lot of the songwriting on Delicious Days. So, finding that balance between harmonic and melodic sophistication and the sort of easily accessible, listenable songs is what I was striving to achieve. None of which comes together without straight up heart and soul being at the center of it all. And, I really dig a big sound, too; which, for me, means a proper bit of production. I like to reveal layers in the music to my listeners; the kinds of sounds that are simply the result of a bigger band with more instrumentation. My motivation was certainly based in producing an album that has a big sound with the broader use of more instrumentation, but also one that was emotionally charged, first and foremost. I can’t write music without a lot of heart in it. Even in the lighter stuff, it’s got some weight to it. Guess that could be attributed to the Irish roots I have; a subtle sense of melancholy, of a social consciousness. That strength found in the struggle is appealing to me. The characters that inhabit my songs represent those feelings, those passions. Conversely, I’m not averse to a sense of humor, either, so I love to write about situations that carry less weight, too. It’s all in the human condition, so I consider every emotion to be fair game. I have heard the Steely Dan comparisons quite frequently with this album, which is very good company to be in, in my opinion. Rockstar: I look forward to the Brass House show this month and Strange Brew next Month (March 20th). What can folks expect from a Woody Russell Live performance in 2014? Maybe you’ll be including the El Leons show as well as the Strange Brew date? Woody Russell: I like to think that my fans have come to appreciate the diversity of the live shows, as well as, the quality of the musicianship. My band is truly a group of superb musicians. Working a variety of venues is a challenge to the continuity

Page 18 •

of a bigger show. That said, my focus is always on listening rooms, theater type settings, where the music can really be taken in by an audience. That connection is what my particular music is geared for. However, those bookings are not always available to a working band, so we simply bring what we do to every venue. We’re planning some regional touring in support of Delicious Days and will be to Louisiana and up the east coast this fall for some select dates. As always, we’re performing throughout Texas in various band arrangements. We just shot a music video with director Ray Schlogel ( for “Light Like That” at The Brass House (, which is a beautiful venue here in Austin. I’m very excited to be releasing that in the coming weeks. And I’m constantly writing new music for the next project. So, it will continue to be a very busy year with traveling and more writing and recording for another album. Rockstar: Delicious Days has great tracks. What was your motivation for the track “You Should See it from Here”?

because, like I said earlier, even the lighter songs have some weight to them. This would definitely be one of those examples of an upbeat, funky song that also carries some fairly serious lyrical weight to it. Rockstar: Where has success taken you as a writer and performer in this phase of your career? Woody Russell: It’s never been a one man show. I’ve been very fortunate to have had some great turns in my career. I’ve been on some great stages in front of wonderful audiences. I spent a year on national television with the program “Troubadour, TX”. I was the recipient of The Bugle Boy Talent Trust Award in 2013, which has been very important to me. I’ve had some very generous support for Delicious Days from my fans who fully funded our Kickstarter campaign which made a huge difference in the release of this album. We’re in a place right now, with the

Photo by Steve DeMent

Woody Russell: “You Should See It From Here” began as a line or two that was inspired by a conversation I has with a friend, again – the influence of conversation on my lyrics. It was written from the perspective, initially, of an astronaut looking down on Earth from the Space Station and pondering that vision. But, it morphed into something that was a lot closer to home for most of us. It was then focused inward, addressing the beauty of our lives that we often take for granted. So, the song essentially suggests that we should stop every now and then to take a moment to look at our lives and our relationships to not only each other, but our own internal relationship with ourselves, as well. I suspect, as humans, we are too easily distracted by everything in our daily lives; which probably relates back to the earliest survival instincts. We forget to put the brakes on sometimes and just assess where we’re at and, at minimum, acknowledge the wonder of it all, even in the hardest times in our lives. Rockstar: Listening to Delicious Days makes me feel like I should be drinking Chardonnay on a sail boat in the middle of the Caribbean? It’s just happy. (listening to Next Move). Woody Russell: That works for me! Well, “Next Move” in particular is a song about getting older, about making choices that shift you into new phases of your life. It’s empowering. It’s a bonus that it has a “happiness” quality to it, as well! I’m glad to hear that

music industry being what it is, where, as artists, we have to be very proactive with our careers. I have to wear many hats because I am, at this stage, entirely independent. So, I look forward to meeting new fans while we’re out on the road and with each new release. I’m very fortunate to be able to keep doing this work and to have an incredible band, dedicated fans and a very supportive family. Like raising a child, it’s takes a village to pull off this kind of career with any level of success and I’m grateful every day for the support from all involved. Again, my name may be on the marquee, but it’s never just a one man show. Rockstar: How can venues book you or readers learn more about your music Woody? Woody Russell: My website is the easiest connection: But a simple Google search will pull up a lot of links for my work. Rockstar: Thank you for your time and your music Woody. We wish you great success in 2014. Woody Russell: Thank you, it’s been my pleasure.

For music, video, show info, press and more, visit |

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Scorpion Ranch Studios Artist Feature by Francois Larosa Being that we are at the Cat Ranch, the outdoor area is just a fun place to hang out. Everyone adores Agnes. Rockstar Magazine: How do you Market your studio? It’s in Manchaca, so what gets your Artist to come here to record Music or Score Film? LM: We are word of mouth and referrals, and I do internet marketing and guerrilla marketing for my film work. Rockstar Magazine: What instruments can you play? Scorpion Ranch StudiosBest Kept Secret. by Francois Larosa Rockstar Magazine had the opportunity to visit Scorpion Ranch Studios in Manchaca, Texas. Where is the Studio? In South Austin, past Slaughter Lane. It’s the Best kept secret for professional musicians as well as those who are just starting to experience their first time Recording. Filmmakers seek out Scorpion Ranch for the Original Scores for their Films too. The founder, and Composer, Lauren Morris, attended the Berkley School of Music, her experience as a Musician, Touring, and experiencing first hand Recording Studios gives her the experience as a Producer when an Artist comes in. Rockstar Magazine: Hi Lauren, so good to see you, Love the place! Lauren Morris: Hi Fran cois, Thanks. We love it, and we love the setup. Rockstar Magazine: Scorpion Ranch Studios has a good vibe, and love the Pig? LM: LOL, Yeah that’s Agnes, we also have Chickens? Rockstar Magazine: It rePage 20 •

minds me of Paul McCartney’s’ Studio setup after the Beatles. I saw a lot of photos of his place. Here it feels comfortable, and has it all. LM: Yes, but technology is even more amazing now. Rockstar Magazine:Tell me about your setup here, what does the studio provide the Musician or Filmmaker? A State of the art hardware and software capable of a 5.1 surround sound mix utilizing Logic Pro and a vast collection of virtual instrument libraries including Omnisphere, LA Strings, Native and Heavyocity for starters. The room is tuned. It’s large and comfortable and has a nice natural live sound and vibe. Rockstar Magazine: What makes this studio & you different than the others? LM: Well, I’m a female and not only am I a very well trained engineer with a gifted set of ears, but I am a lifelong musician. I’ve had a long and vibrant career before making it to where I am now. I offer sound design, which is a great niche for me, and Foley. We do a lot of horror films around here. We are a great studio and what also makes us different is Agnes and the chickens.

LM: I play Guitar, mandolin and Piano and I Sing. I can program drums, play most all of the instruments especially in the virtual work and combining them all to seat in the mix. It can be a real challenge, but very rewarding. Rockstar Magazine: Who are the Artist you have with here at Scorpion Ranch? LM: Other than the directors I work with, Robert Mitchell who is my studio partner and he’s multi-instrumental and great with arrangements. This year, it has been Redd Volkaert who is coming back in to sing next month, James Desautels (founder of Austin Pops, and whose toured with David Byrne) on Violin and Viola who has been working with me getting ready for Billy Pon’s Circus of The Dead, Jessica Valls on Double Bass, John Moyer (from Disturbed and Queensryche) has been here a few times, and Brett Reeves (really great Austin songwriter and close friend). I’ve worked also with Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard (of Velvet Hammer and Dreamtrybe), and Cliff Howell, one of our djembe players. Rockstar Magazine: Those are some awesome credentials in my book.

LM: I am producing a Didge player who comes up from San Antonio, called Medusa Vil. I’m looking forward to having Ernie Durawa in very soon as well. He also has a pig and is a good friend. I have several other producers I’m starting to work with around the country including an old friend, Josquin De Pres from San Diego, a great Engineer. I also work with the incredible Justin Durban, a local film composer whose resume starts with A for Avatar. I do vocals for him on his epic stuff. Rockstar Magazine: What about those just starting out and wanting to do a CD, or maybe even one song? LM: Even Though, I have worked with these Artist, I also work with those just starting out, and showing them options. Being a Vocal coach if needed, or a Producer, instead of a button pusher, and looking at the clock. I like to say I don’t do computer music but, “Artist Music.” Rockstar Magazine: The future, what’s developing down the road? LM: I have others coming in, but don’t want to jinx it, because we have yet to get to tape. All I can say is, I’m very flattered by who is coming in here to record with us. Rockstar Magazine: How can Artist contact you? LM: Lauren Morris http:// www.laurenmorrismusic. com. Composer, Sound Designer, Mix Engineer, Scorpion Sound Productions Cat Ranch Studios in Austin, Texas. Company Number: (512) 797-2504 Rockstar Magazine: Thanks so much Lauren, and Congratulations on your new Book,

“The Singer’s Journey” A Guide to Finding Your Best Vocal, which is available on and your new CD, “The Reincarnation of Jesse Belle”. Rockstar Magazine: Man, I thought I was busy! Ok You won! LM : Francois and Rockstar Magazine thanks you guys! If you are thinking about Recording or seeing some of my work from Filmmakers , check out the website above, and come see me, and let me give you a tour. __________________________ Your not hardcore, unless you live hardcore…..Francois Larosa

Rockstar Magazine: Hail! Enter the Creamy Middles! The Creamy Middles: N: Hail, Russell! Thanks for having us. T: Thank you.

Rockstar Magazine: Introduce the band members! The Creamy Middles: T: Traviss Thomas, vocals and keyboards. N: I’m Nikki Preciado, and I’m the other vocalist. I’m originally from Panama. B: I’m Brian Cox, the drummer. I grew up in the Austin scene and am also one of the band’s five songwriters. N: There’s also the wonderful bassist Jerry “Moldy” Moldenhauer, and our awesome guitarist Vanessa Gonzalez.

Rockstar Magazine: As I jam “Opposite Town” I feel like I need to be smoking a left-handed cigarette. There is something totally 1967 about this song.

The Creamy Middles:

T: I try to write songs that are a little quirky, whether in terms of the lyrics or musical changes. Opposite Town is a good song for pondering. As for the retro sound, that is often intentional, especially when it comes to my songwriting. B: Yeah, this one has a slow tempo

Page 22 •

but is still high energy, which I think is kind –of hard to pull off for a band, especially live. The crowds really pick up on this one and move to it.

Rockstar Magazine: Why the name The Creamy Middles?

Rockstar Magazine:

N: It comes from a quote from the Simpsons: I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles.” It’s referencing Homer’s obsessive behavior, which I think speaks a lot to our obsession with music. Besides, it’s a delicious double-entendre.

What are your influences? You have a very psychedelic sound. 13th Floor Elevatorsish.

The Creamy Middles:

N: Thank you, that’s quite a compliment! I like to say that we borrow a lot from oldies. I can certainly see a little surf rock and 60s/70s in our sound. Vanessa and I tend to write more 80s/90s punkish stuff. It’s quite a mix, but it works. B: 13th Floor Elevators is quite a compliment. We love you Roky wherever you are! I would compare the vocals to The New Pornographers with male and female vocal harmonies in a lot of the singing. The Pixies dissonance is always a bit of an influence in the guitar parts and overall energy of the band too. Traviss might not agree but I think his songwriting is reminiscent of early Elvis Costello too, very witty and tongue in cheek. T: I find your comparison flattering; thank you. I think it’s fair to include psychedelia among our many influences, but for me, the main ones are oldies with great harmonies, bubblegum pop, and surf stuff. The rest of the band adds more indie and punk influences, I think.

The Creamy Middles:

B: Traviss, Vanessa and our first singer played in a band called The Dizzying Highs and they got their name from the same quote, and Traviss, Jerry and I played in a teacher/punk/cover band called The Referrals, so when those bands disbanded we were left with The Creamy Middles. I think Traviss and I both thought of the name separately but at the same time. It was fate.

Rockstar Magazine: You are the early show on the Big day 12th of March! What can readers expect from you guys at the El Leon’s show?

The Creamy Middles:

N: Energy! Our shows aren’t the type where you’re meant to sit in the back table and listen. You’re supposed to become part of the show by dancing, singing along, and catching our cream-filled projectiles. T: And a drummer with a bull horn. B: Cream filled projectiles sounds gross unless you realize they’re snack cakes. I think that people will see our show early in the day, be blown away and spend the rest of their SXSW comparing other bands to us. Hopefully we’ll set the standard for music and energy for the day.

Rockstar Magazine: What

Genre is your music? Indie, Punk,? Kinda Unique.

The Creamy Middles: N: Err…pop punk?

T: Indie twee, pop meets punk, something like that? B: That’s the biggest disagreement in the band. So, like a psychiatrist, I’ll turn it around and ask “What do you think we sound like?”

Rockstar Magazine: Like I said it layers in punk, indie, and psychadelic. What Color are the Creamy Middles?

The Creamy Middles:

B: Caucasian and light brown? N: Brian, that’s terrible! T: Our aura is green. N: Even though I run all our social media campaigns in orange-yellow. It reminds me of bakeries.

Rockstar Magazine: Final thoughts to readers this March?

The Creamy Middles: B: I’d glad that music is becoming a way to have fun again, not just a channel for brooding. Our sound really lends itself for a good time, which is what it’s all about. N: Come out and support local artists, and not just during SXSW. It really brings the Austin community together. T: Don’t forget to come see us play!

Rockstar Magazine: How can we reach the Creamy Middles for media, shows, booking Etc?

The Creamy Middles:

N: I’m the official social media rep, so the best way to get a hold of me first is via Facebook or Twitter, facebook. com/thecreamymiddles or @ CreamyMiddlesTX , respectively. You can also email us at thecreamymiddles@gmail. com . B: Don’t be afraid to come to a show and bring twenty friends too. We’re very sociable.

Chris Castandeda Artist Feature by Russell Dowden Rockstar Magazine: You have shared stage with Los Lonely Boys and Al Green and many others. Fondest moment on stage in recent years? Chris Castaneda:There are so many. One that comes to mind is opening up for Nazareth with Pride and Joy. We killed that show and those guys came up after us and annihilated us! We LOVED it. We we’re front row the whole time jamming out. Fun night.

Rockstar Magazine: How was the response of the album Church 4 Lovers? Chris Castaneda: The response was awesome. I really had a lot of support from friends and fans throughout the whole process. I think everyone was curious to hear what is was about. Shout out to everybody who gave their “last two dollars”. Y’all know who y’all are!

Rockstar Magazine: How young did you start playing music and or singing? Rockstar Magazine: Welcome to Rockstar Magazine Chris. How is life treating these days? Chris Castaneda: Thanks for having me! No matter how life treats me, I can’t complain. It’s great.

Rockstar Magazine: Give readers a little background about your music. You are quite a versatile artist. How many years have you been getting your “Grind On” (song) here in the Austin area? Chris Castaneda:Well over 10 years now. Gigging here since high school. I’ve always been in love with Austin. I have a family band called Pride and Joy with my brother and dad. We have been gigging for

Page 24 •

almost 18 years now. They are my roots and always keep me grounded. There is nothing like family. Especially in a blues band! My other family is The Castaneda Project. Those guys are my brothers from another mother.

Rockstar Magazine: ou still gig at Primos in Round Rock? Where else do you perform regularly? Mijo’s? Chris Castaneda:I do. I host a small jam session every other Thursday at Primo’s in Round Rock. I play MiJo’s once or twice a month. I’ll be there March 25. I have a few other residencies also. Every other Tuesday at Cedar St Courtyard. Every 3rd Saturday at Stardust in south Austin. My full calendar is at

Chris Castaneda: I started around 13 yrs old. Pretty much self taught. My grandfather knows a few songs and chords and he taught me my first song riff.

Rockstar Magazine: Blues, R & B, and Latin Jazz are all part of your mantra. Name some of your influences who have inspired you over the span of your musical career. Chris Castaneda: God, People, Love, Roberto Matta, UGK, Prince, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Metallica, George Strait and of course all of the greats. SRV, Hendrix, The Kings (Albert, BB, Freddie), etc. The list could go on forever. Oh, and pretty much every musician from Texas.

Rockstar Magazine: What are you working on now?

What project is keeping you busy the most these days?

Rockstar Magazine: People call your shows Electrifying. What does Chris call his on Chris Castaneda: I’m working on show? a new album called The Electronoids. I’m so excited about this project! Totally new sound. That along with the record label Gold Man Records and my family band Pride and Joy, I stay pretty busy.

Chris Castaneda:Fun. I give it my all. The stage is my church. It’s a giving experience for me. My job is to make sure the audience is entertained and enjoying themselves.

Rockstar Magazine: We are glad to have you performing at El Leon’s for the Rockstar Showcase March 11th our Blues night. You open up for Woody Russell after Andy McIntyre. What can folks expect from this show?

Rockstar Magazine: Have a great year Chris. “Get on Top”!

Chris Castaneda:Superdope awesomeness!

Photos- By Studio 7 Waterloo

Chris Castaneda:You too man. Digging the mag. Thanks for supporting live music. Peace and blessings! - CC

SuperEtte Stripes might have. That just, Loud, Rocking, Sound! Name some of your influences. What inspires SuperEtte?

Rockstar Magazine: Welcome to Rockstar Magazine. How is the band doing? Superette: Matt: Definitely gaining some momentum. Happy to be alive Susie: Excited to finally record. 6 songs at EAR with James Stevens. Looking forward to doing more recording and of course more writing and playing live. Dom: -It was great recording with James Stevens ..He really brought a new zing to the band we are learning the new harmony parts ..HA!

Rockstar Magazine: We caught you guys at a great show a while back at the Sahara! Really dig your sound. Introduce the band members.

SuperEtte: Matt: Transplant from Fort Collins, CO. Still adjusting to the heat. Susie: I grew up in a small town in So Tx (Hebbronville). Moved to Austin in early ‘80’s. been here ever since. You can say I’m an Austinite now. Dominique: Born in L.A. moved to NYC at 14 years old ..Lived there 10 years .Landed in Austin where the Real Estate is Rad and the music scene is the BEST.

Rockstar Magazine: In your own words, describe the sound of Superette.

SuperEtte: Matt: Thanks for coming to that by the way. We had just finished recording and were exhausted. My name is Matt Phebus and I play guitar, and attempt backup vocals. Susie Martinez: drums. Some backing vocals. Dominique: Rock Star__

SuperEtte: Matt: We do a little bit of everything, mostly rock. We like to keep it fast and loose. Susie: A little bit of everything kind of like a little grocery store of music! Rock, pop, punk, blues. Think Drunken Keith Richards if he played Bass and Joan Jett maybe with a little more melody and way out there shredder guitar player. Latina tuff gal on drums with BV’s of an angel.

Rockstar Magazine: Where are you guys from? Anybody from Austin?

Rockstar Magazine: You guys have that same thing that The Black Keys , or The White

Page 26 •

SuperEtte: Matt: To even be mentioned in the same sentience as the King, Jack White, is… flattering. I would say White Stripes have always been a huge inspiration of mine. Everything he does is amazing. I really dig the early Black Keys as well, not so much lately. My other obsessions take the form of David Bowie, Tom Waits, Mark Mallman, and Josh Homme. I love the blues of course. Gilmour and Page can’t be beat. Susie: Love Jack White and the Keys! For me anywhere from the Beetles to The Pixies, Nirvana or just about anything I’ve happened to absorb by listening. I also love the big band era and Latin music.

early Madonna but dont tell anybody :0) “Stones,The or for some reaCramps,Iggy son I dont like Pop,Pretendto admit I like ers 1st record. Howlin Wolf. Judy Coldplay . I secretly roll up my Garland. windows in the Memphis car and blast Minnie.Tons of ColplayIknow I 70s R&B. I could go on for know I have real a decade(Guilty deal wimpy girly side.” Pleasure Dominique : all of the above! Too many bands to mention If I have to pick then the ones on top of my head ...

take my seat..I really do feel like he is a little police man. Suddenly its his house and Im a guest..not to mention all the hair all over everything ...SNEEZE

Rockstar Magazine: I hear there is a new EP. I love these tracks I have. Honey Bee, Don’t Really Matter, Pieces, and Mr Quilty. When can folks pick up a copy of the CD? SuperEtte: Matt: Its being mastered right now. Hopefully we can shop it around fairly soon.

Rockstar Magazine: What is going on with Mr Quilty? SuperEtte: Matt: You are going to have to ask Dom about that one, she is the primary lyricist. The song is pet related. Susie: that is definitely a Dom

thing but ill say its about a pussy. Cat that is. Dom: I have been dating someone who moved in with his cat MR Quilty named after The cop in the original Lolita Movie . First of all Im not crazy about cats second of all the cat HATES ME..... stares me down ...pushes his paws at me and wants to

Susie: As soon as possible. We probably will have a Little CD release party somewhere. We will let Rockstar know when we do.

Rockstar Magazine: Yeah. Please do. We are big fans of the bands sound. Tell us about the name? How did you guys come up with this Idea?

SuperEtte: Matt: The ladies basically came up with that one on their own. It’s definitely two against one from time to time. But that’s the price you pay I suppose. Susie: Jan, Doms good friend who managed bands in town. I’ll let her tell the story. Palmer & Jan Early very good friends and Austin entrepreneurs were driving up from the South Texas beaches and saw a rusty old 60’s sign of a Launderette... that read Superette Jan called me right away and said you have to call your band we did.

March 11th. Still working the details out but the show will be in the evening. Come check it out Susie: the above and now that we have this CD we will be actively seeking out clubs to play.

Rockstar Magazine: Thank you for your time. You guys rock! How can readers look you guys up and find out more about SuperEtte? SuperEtte: http://www.reverbnation. com/superette?profile_view_ source=profile_box Susie: the above link or FB like

Rockstar Magazine: What Gigs are you performing this Spring? We booked you for our 3 Day show at El Leon’s on March 12th! SuperEtte: We are also throwing a little shindig at the Gesiha Room on

Page 27 •

Nasty Nathan’s Waterloo Underground

Nasty Nathan’s Waterloo Underground So here we are Austin,Texas during spring break, once again. I must first say, welcome to all of the musicians, artist s, movie makers and yes, even you tech people. Welcome to our humble little growing city that’s starting to feel like about a million and poppin at the seams, ready to host one of the biggest music festivals in the world! Now what I want to talk about is what it takes to put the shows on and whose back this is riding on. I want you to think to yourself what it took for music to get here. How much gas, blood, strings, guitar amp tubes and batteries did it take for you to come to this little town during South by Southwest. I know it has cut deep into the “Austin working musicians” pay check! But how much was your hotel, your parking and your food, just for the chance of being a rock star? Playing in front of the right person who’s going to take you to the top. Oh yea! Who is ready to drag their half stack through the streets and alley ways to get to the next showcase to play your 35 minute slot? You can tell the veterans with their suitcase dolly used for a makeshift drumming platform on wheels or the guitar player with his 12 inch boutique amplifier and/or trusty bad ass pod.

Page 28 •

I must admit, I have done that for the past almost thirty years as being one of the first bands to play South by Southwest. I remember the feeling of finally someone looking out for the unsigned bands. We had the Austin Chronicle bringing people here to see the best of what Austin had to offer. My my, that idea has changed to let’s see how much money we can make off of the sweat and dreams of every guitar slinging, bass thumping, screaming banshee that could bang on a drum. Just tell me where to plug in! I’m ganna be a star! But alas! after doing my share of showcases for South by Southwest and doing every Rockfest, Gorilla, whatever parking lot gig that was, I have come to the conclusion that no matter how you slice it, it is just another pay to play scheme. Yes, I bought into it and I must admit I’m feeling a little left out only having one showcase this year, but it truly is a pay to play. The City of Austin itself is scheduled to make billions, yes with a B, of dollars off of pay to play. Hotels are full, restaurants are packed and coffee, can you imagine how much money is being made on coffee? The clubs are packed and selling alcohol while South by South-

west says your getting paid with wrist bands to get into exclusive South by Southwest showcases. Showcases that you should be allowed to see for free anyway because you are the music part of the “music” festival!! WHAT?

My my, that idea has changed to let’s see how much money we can make off of the sweat and dreams of every guitar slinging, bass thumping, screaming banshee that

could bang on a drum. Just tell me where to plug in! I’m ganna be a star! Now some folks like Adam Brewer, who runs probably the longest running thorn in South by Southwest’s side, has ALL his “TEXAS ROCKFEST” shows free! So then it is your decision to pay to play in front of the people in those venues. My answer to that is, “hell yes” because I get to see a lot of bands I wouldn’t normally go to see and he has some great unsigned Texas bands in his arsenal. See page 6 for his line up!

So let’s be kind Austin,Texas and let’s throw one heck of a shindig for a week or two and what the heck, let’s get Apple to bring in some big dogs and let’s do this Texas style. And remember it’s not about getting signed, it’s about who you meet at that show that is going to help take you to the next town, to the next venue, to the next recording studio so we can all be rockstars! SEE YOU AT A SHOW SOON! - Nathan Olivarez

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crafted with an equal sense of musicianship, thought-provoking themes, and infectious grooves

Honestly, it was hard for me to write a review on this album because I felt the music more than I could describe in words. I believe it was crafted to do just that….so, pardon me while I take you on this ride through The Nimbus. The record is full of ambient layers and electronic haunting rhythms. Even though the songs have a similar vein of darkness with clever, subtle atmospheres and lyrics, each one has it’s own vibe and mood. The common thread is the deep beats and alluring vocals that draw you in. This is the kind of music you would listen to loud with headphones and your eyes closed; taking in each facet of the melodies and electronics. Funny as it sounds, if you listen to this album with your eyes closed, it transcends your senses because you focus on nothing but the sounds. It sinks in and takes you to another place. The album opens up with “The Party”, a dark song with a commanding rhythm that resonates like a heavy heartbeat. It’s hard to describe, but you can feel this song in your chest… it’s heavy and it surrounds you.

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With your print ready art and master color 12 X 18 posters .50 cents each “The Impasse” is a moody dramatic tune with spooky vocal effects. The entire song is a slow spiral of sounds that draws you in. I love the way the song wraps around you. The song “Little White Lies” is one that pulled me in immediately. I love the deep driving vocals on the chorus. The vocals give the sense of pleading, while still maintaining an edge of a torturous emotional battle. It’s almost like standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a stormy, angry ocean. The final song on the album, “Breaking Ions”, starts with heavy bass that goes into a super catchy reggae beat coupled with guitar. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the upbeat energy of the music will keep this song in your head for days. This album is soothing and moving in the most pure musical way. The emotional edges and sensuality really shape the album’s experience. If you’re drawn to and moved by music, this one will be on repeat. It’s obvious that The Nimbus’ band members, Ritch Napierkowski and Martin McCreadie, are intelligent creatives. The songs are crafted with an equal sense of musicianship, thought-provoking themes, and infectious grooves. That combination makes this a must hear from a talented Austin-grown band. Artists I would compare The Nimbus to: Depeche Mode, NIN, Recoil, Crosses ++ Rona Rougeheart, Drummer • Dead Love Club

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Rockstar Magazine - March 2014  

This issue printed before SXSW this year and featured Austin's own Woody Russell as well as Chris Castaneda, The Creamy Middles, SuperEtte,...

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