Rockford Christian Annual Report 2023

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A Legacy of Excellence in Christian Education Since 1961


it’s about Royal Lion students discovering

their God-given purpose and potential

At Rockford Christian, our community is a vital part of a legacy of excellent, Christ-centered education. Royal Lion families partner with dedicated faculty

it’s about a

and staff to faithfully cultivate biblically minded students who serve God to their greatest potential and impact the world for Christ.

As I reflect upon this last year, it is evident that Rockford Christian School abounds with incredible individuals who are committed to seeing children thrive spiritually, excel academically, and live boldly for Jesus Christ. Through the work of focus groups, strategic planning, and task forces, our community collaboratively provided a clear vision for our school over the next three years. We recommitted to impacting the next generation of Kingdom builders and world changers. We developed targeted, specific goals centered on our people, programs, and property to ensure the legacy of excellent Christian education that began on Hemlock Lane in 1961 continues for years to come. It is a privilege to serve the students and families in the Rockford region, and I look forward to seeing all God has in store for our school, our children, and the impact we have for God’s Kingdom in the future.

- Dr. Jahna Duda, Head of School

Thanks to quality A Christian, our son be 29 credits. He can





RC Fine Arts students celebrated over 100 achievements at events including ILMEA, RAM Young Artists Show, and Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition.

The Royal Lion community honored 2023 Legacy Award recipients Julie Rohl and Alan and Lori Granite for their outstanding service and commitment.

30 BNC art awards and 55 competitors in

62 years of Christian education 7 founding board members 2,113 HS graduates 60 Legacy Award recipients

“If I had not been put in the Rockford Christian community 13 years ago by my parents, I would be a completely different person. The people at RC helped shape my identity in Christ.” - Breana Pink ‘23

Solo & Ensemble Festival

25 ILMEA selections


class of 2023


Thank you to our

AP instruction at Rockford egan UW-Milwaukee with n finish his undergraduate degree in 3 years.


Royal Lion supporters!

Blue & Gold Society $50,000+ Anonymous Friends of Rockford Christian EMPOWER ILLINOIS

Legacy Society $25,000+ Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ancona


Financials 2022 Information per the audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022

REVENUE Tuition……………………………………$5,469,892 Fundraising & Donations………………...$541,428 Registration Fees………………………….$295,766 Summer Camp…………………………….$329,867 Other Revenue………………………….$1,500,793

Total…………………………………………...$8,137,746 (Includes extended care, lunch/vending, athletic/activity fees, misc.)



From thriving athletic programming to scholastic competitions, Royal Lions flourish in their God-given talents as they pursue their purpose.

A rigorous AP program and a wide variety of Honors level classes challenge students to pursue excellence as they prepare for life beyond RC.

45+ IHSA state qualifiers in 7 sports 1st & 3rd place state

at Science Olympiad

seniors sat for 130 AP exams with

over 70% scoring 3+

averaging over $135,000 in college tuition savings

EXPENSES Compensation & Benefits……………..$5,136,171 Supplies, Activities, & Athletics……….$1,113,691 Net Occupancy & Equipment…………...$507,463 Tuition Assistance Awards……………….$124,222 Interest Expense…………………………..$255,827 Depreciation Expense……………………$489,646 Debt Obligation Increase/Decrease……$510,726 Total…………………………………………...$8,137,746

Head of School’s Circle $10,000+ Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bennett Clinton Electronics Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cufr Dr. & Mrs. Hadyn Hollister Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kneller Mr. & Mrs. Dave Koch Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Koshi Mr. & Mrs. Tim MacKenzie McIntosh Family Charitable Fund Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orr Mr. & Mrs. Sam Otto Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sabin Frank & Margaret Shappert Charitable Unitrust Sosnowski Szeto, LLP Mr. & Mrs. David Stanfield Subway JPW Inc. Swedish American Hospital / UW Health Tuition Club $6,000+ Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Joel Dixon Dr. & Mrs. Eric Fulcomer Iron Arch Management Mr. & Mrs. Gary Love Drs. David & Beth Schleicher SCRIP Mr. & Mrs. Jason Sunday Founders Club $3,000+ Mr. & Mrs. David Anderson Mrs. Cheri Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Dan Clinton The Edwards Charitable Fund Mr. & Mrs. Steven Eitenmiller Forever Lawn Chicago, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Brian Helm Mr. & Mrs. David Hintzsche Dr. & Mrs. Brant Hulsebus Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Hunter John T. Wolf Charitable Trust Joiner Family Dental The Joy Box Foundation Kimberly Linden Photography Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kirkham Mr. & Mrs. Art Kneller Mr. & Mrs. Scott Krowczyk Dr. & Mrs. Doug Loughead Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Nelson Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Dr. & Mrs. Jason Rhode Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rock Rohl Dentistry Mrs. Virginia Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sosnowski Sunrise Pool Builders SVL Productions Mr. & Mrs. Jon Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wilhelm Alumni Club $1,000+ Advanced Pain Intervention Advantage Kwik Dry, LLC Anchor Wealth Management Mr. & Mrs. Chad Anderson Anderson Automotive Dr. Lee Sesslar & Mr. Dennis Bednarz Mr. & Mrs. Randy Benson Mr. & Mrs. Neil Brogren Mr. & Mrs. Ted Brolund Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Browman Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bucciferro Mr. & Mrs. Don Carter Cheng Orthodontics Citizens for Joe Sosnowski Clarity Counseling & Mediation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Justin Collett CPR Roofing, Inc.

Dr. & Mrs. William Cunningham Mrs. Norma Jean Davis Mr. Tad Davis Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Derry Ms. Marlana Dokken Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Dornink Dr. Jahna & Mr. Bret Duda The Eric C. Edwards Charitable Fund First Evangelical Free Church Fitzgerald Funeral Home & Crematory, Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. David Forward Mr. & Mrs. David Gillis Mr. & Mrs. Linden Griesbach Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Groenwald Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hoffman Mr. Brandon Hougan Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Hull Interstate Graphics Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Terry Joiner Mr. Michael Jones Kids Spot KMK Media Group, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Koch Dr. Kong & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kryder Dr. & Mrs. Kenton Lee LJ Fabricators, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jason Longley Matthew T. Young, Business Mr. & Mrs. Gene Maule Mr. & Mrs. Grant Moore Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Park Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Peterson Ms. Dawn Pink Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rockwell Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Rohl Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Sliva Mr. & Mrs. Heath Sorenson Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Swacina Sysco Corporation Senator Dave Syverson Mr. & Mrs. Chad Tuneberg Mr. & Mrs. Stan Valiulis Drs. Chris & Sarah Whelan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Williford Mr. & Mrs. David Wisniewski Principals Club $500+ Mr. & Mrs. Matt Bedows The Blackbaud Giving Fund - Thrivent Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Braun Mr. & Mrs. Tom Brown Mr. & Mrs. Tony Caruana Community Foundation of Illinois Covenant Insurance Group Mr. & Mrs. David Davitt Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Downey Mr. Gary Ecklund Ed Sharp Memorial Fund Edward Jones Investment FIRST Illinois Robotics Fitzgerald Equipment Co. Goodwill Mr. & Mrs. Henry Happ Header Tool & Die, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Heinisch Mr. & Mrs. Charles Helsten Dr. & Mrs. Jason Jones Kaizen Accounting & Valuation, LLC Lahood For Congress Loves Park Scuba Lucha Cantina Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mathiesen Mr. & Mrs. Michael McIntosh Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Myers Mr. & Mrs. Mike Odling Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Opperman Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pobjecky Mr. & Mrs. Brett Polhill Mr. & Mrs. Rob Propst Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Reese Ms. Christine Regan Ms. Kristin Rindt Dr. & Mrs. A.P. Rosche

To support the mission of Rockford Christian School, contact the Advancement Office at (779) 771-7922 or for more information. Scan the QR code to give now.

S.J. Carlson Fire Protection, Inc. Safe Structure Triple Eleven, Inc. UPS Mr. & Mrs. Stan Valiulis Mr. & Mrs. Pavel Vassev Mr. & Mrs. Keith Vavra Mr. & Mrs. Randall Voorhies Ms. Dawn Vorel Friends of RCS $100+ 2080 Media, Inc. Miss Carley Adams Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Allen Amazon Smile Mr. & Mrs. Terry Amdal Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Ancona Mr. & Mrs. Steve Andraschko Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Richard Apgar Backyard Bar & Grill Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Baer Baer Chiropractic & Wellness BAIRD Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bamberger Dr. & Mrs. Mark Barba Mr. & Mrs. David Bartel Mr. & Mrs. Jim Battista Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bedows Beef-A-Roo Mr. & Mrs. Sarah Bellis Belvidere Dental Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Binning Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Bjerke Mr. & Mrs. Gene Blais Ms. Tammy Boyer Mr. & Mrs. John Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brandt Mr. & Mrs. Trent Brass Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Brock Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Bruksch Ms. Nancy Bruni Mr. & Mrs. Jerrod Burke Ms. Kara Butler Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Butler Ms. Candace Cacciatore Mr. & Mrs. Shane Caiola Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Erik Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Carlson Caruana for Winnebago County Sheriff Ms. Abbe Castrogiovanni Mr. Al Castrogiovanni Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Cayo Mrs. Irene Lee Chan Charity of Top Foundation

Mrs. Lisa Ginnane Giordano’s Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gissol Ms. Dawn Glass Mr. & Mrs. James Goodin Mr. & Mrs. Mark Graf Mr. Jacob Gragg Mr. & Mrs. Alan Granite Mr. & Mrs. Gary Greenlee Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Greenlee Mrs. Cheri Grennan-Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bret Hagerman Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Halfman Mr. & Mrs. John Hall Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hansen Hanton Family TRT Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hanvy Ms. Dawn Hartzell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hatton Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hawkinson Mr. & Mrs. Danny Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Heinzeroth Mr. & Mrs. Peter Held Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Henderson Mr. Jeffrey Hermansen Mr. & Mrs. Jason Herron Ms. Karla Heuer Mr. & Mrs. Jason Heyerdahl Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hintzsche Mr. & Mrs. David Hodge Mr. & Mrs. Don Hoff Mr. & Mrs. Dave Holmertz Mr. & Mrs. Keith Holmertz Mr. & Mrs. Randall Holt Mr. & Mrs. Michael Homan Mr. & Mrs. Matt Honson Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hougan Mr. & Mrs. Terry Houghton Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Huber Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Michael Huston Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Ingram Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Iversen Mr & Mrs. Justin Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Scott Jensen Ms. Danielle R. Johns Mr. & Mrs. Greg Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Isaiah Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Johnson Ms. Linda Jones Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Keene Mr. & Mrs. Jared Kehl Ken-Z Roofing Kiwanis Charities of Rockford, Inc. Kona Ice of Rock River Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Korcek Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Kostenbader

Mr. & Mrs. George Maza Dr. & Mrs. Michael McCarthy Mr. John McInerney Mr. Corey Williams & Ms. Theresa McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Rich McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Richard McMahon Mr. Clayton Midtsem Mr. & Mrs. David Miller Mr. & Mrs. Roland Miller Mr. Justin Milnes Mr. & Mrs. Adrean Mineau Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mirakian Mr. & Mrs. Jonathon Molchin Mr. & Mrs. Scott Mooney Mr. & Mrs. Randy Moore Mr. & Mrs. Terry Morehouse Ms. Denise Morris Mr. & Mrs. John Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Jason Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Steven Munch Mr. & Mrs. Craig Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Todd Nalley Mr. & Mrs. James Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Troy Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Newton Rev. & Mrs. Loren Nielsen Mr. & Mrs. Matt Nyberg Ms. Jean Olson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Otto Mr. & Mrs. Barry Packard Mr. & Mrs. Scott Palmer Ms. Michele Pankow Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pansegrau Mr. & Mrs. Steve Pavell Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Piasecki PlayOn! Sports Mr. & Mrs. George Pleshkewych Portillo’s Hot Dogs Mr. Kent Powell Mr. & Mrs. Cary Proper Mr. & Mrs. Michael Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Racanelli Mr. Barry Raders Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ramsden Mr. & Mrs. Brian Reck Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Reese Rhode Family Revocable Trust No 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth Rhyne Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Riggins Mr. & Mrs. John Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Rohl Ms. Bobbi Roser Salamone’s Cherry Valley Mr. Marandus Williams & Ms. Yesenia Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sawdey

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson Tom Harmer Sports Ms. Dana Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ullrich Mr. & Mrs. Brik Volk Mr. & Mrs. Adam Walsh Ms. Leigh Warkins Mr. & Mrs. Todd Westberg Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wheelock Mr. & Mrs. Mike Whelan Mr. Neil Whitby Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Whitson Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wicklund Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wilkins Mr. & Mrs. Chad Williams Mrs. Jennifer Winberg Mr. Joshua Woker Mr. & Mrs. Randy Woker Ms. Robin Young Mr. & Mrs. Tony Ziegelbauer Mr. & Mrs. David Zierke Dr. & Mrs. Michal Zlowodzki Gifts In Kind Mr. & Mrs. Brad Anderson Artale Wine Athletico Physical Therapy Mr. & Mrs. David Bartel Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bedows Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Brown Mr. & Mrs. Guy Bucciferro Mr. Al Castrogiovanni Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) Mr. & Mrs. Dave Currie Mr. & Mrs. David Davitt Mr. & Mrs. Creig Day Drive Right Forest Hills Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Alan Granite Mr. Ryan Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Brian Harty Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Hartzell Mr. & Mrs. Jason Heyerdahl Mr. and Mrs. Don Hoff Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Homan Mr. & Mrs. Matt Honson Dr. & Mrs. Brant Hulsebus Dr. & Mrs. Mike Hulsebus Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Hultman Iron Arch Management Mr & Mrs. Justin Jacobs Mr. Coe Johnson Miss Hannah Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lentini Mr. & Mrs. Robin Letsinger

it’s about ensuring Christian education remains viable for today and the future Ms. Sarah Chevrier Ms. Rebecca Childs Chipotle Mexican Grill Citizens to Elect Joseph V Chiarelli Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Clapp Mr. & Mrs. Gary Clinton Mr. Josh Cook Mr. & Mrs. Roger Corrigan Corrigan Manufacturing Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Cortese Mr. Bruce Currie Curtis Woodworking Mr. Ryan Dailey Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Dale Mr. Glen Dallman Mr. & Mrs. David Dammon Mr. & Mrs. Creig Day Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Kent Drews Mr. & Mrs. Don Elliott Ms. Jenna Ewing Mr. & Mrs. Paul Farkas Mr. & Mrs. Justin Fern Mr. Robert Flink Sr. Marie Flores Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fryer Mr. & Mrs. Greg Gargani General Mills Mrs. & Mr. Jessica Gentzel Ms. Dawn Giles Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gilmore

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kroeker Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kroger Mrs. Zhanna Ksenafontova Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Kuitems Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kulavic Mr. & Mrs. Ben Kullberg Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lamb Lands’ End Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Langejans Mr. & Mrs. Brad Larson Mr. & Mrs. Ted Lawver Mrs. Hwa Lee Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lentini Mr. & Mrs. Robin Letsinger Level Up! Lawn Service Mr. David Demo & Ms. Kelly Lindell Mr. & Mrs. Steve Linden Lino’s Restaurant Lonnie’s Carpet Max Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Loy Mr. & Mrs. Adam Ludwig Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mallo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Manke Mr. & Mrs. John Mann Dr. & Mrs. John Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Marske Ms. Cindy Mathison Mr. Larry Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Mattingly Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mattson

Mr. Stephen Schupp Ms. Nancy Scoviak Ms. Veronica Seehawer Mr. & Mrs. David Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Duane Sherman Mrs. Macey Shyam Mrs. Princy Shyam Mr. & Mrs. Larry Simmert Skateland Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Sliva Miss Catherine Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jack Smith Mr. & Mrs. James Smith Miss Mary Smith Mr. & Mrs. David Sommerfield Ms. Mary Sosnowski Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Sotelo Ms. Joan Stadel Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Steinberg Mr. & Mrs. Reed Strutzenberg Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sughroue Ms. Jenny Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sweeney Mr. & Mrs. Mel Swinford Mr. & Mrs. Sid Sytsma Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tartaglia Tavern On Clark Mr. & Mrs. Michael Theisen Mr. & Mrs. Odis Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Trent Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Craig Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Love Lucha Cantina The Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Club Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mulder Mr. & Mrs. Matt Nyberg Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Park Peak Sports Club Prairie View Golf Course Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rans Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Riggins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Riley Miss Sophia Riley Rockford Country Club Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sabin Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sosnowski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Steffen The Studio, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Jason Sunday Troy’s Lawn Care, Inc. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ullrich Mr. & Mrs. Brik Volk Mr. & Mrs. Adam Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wells Mr. Christian Zierke

While we strive to maintain accurate records, if a name does not appear on our list as it should, please contact the Advancement Office at (779) 771-7922.

The mission of Rockford Christian School is to cultivate biblically minded students who serve God to their greatest potential and impact the world for Jesus Christ.




college 100% acceptances





grad rate





Non Profit Org US Postage Paid Rockford, IL Permit No. 360

1401 N. Bell School Road Rockford, Illinois 61107

OFFICERS Chair: Gary Love, BAIRD Vice-Chair: Dr. Beth Schleicher, UW Health/SwedishAmerican Hospital, University of Illinois, and FHN Secretary: Shurice Hunter, City of Rockford Treasurer: Dave Stanfield, Sunrise Pool Builders, Inc.

BOARD MEMBERS Phil Harris, Roscoe Police Department Mark Kneller, Service Machine Company, Inc. Chris Reese, Reese and Reese Roxanne Sosnowski, Sosnowski Szeto, LLP Maribeth Speckman, RSM US, LLP

LOWER SCHOOL Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4 220 Hemlock Lane • Rockford, Illinois 61107 (815) 391-8006

UPPER SCHOOL Grades 5-12 1401 N. Bell School Road • Rockford, Illinois 61107 (815) 391-8000


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